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The bag lady

Posted on July 27, 2019 by

We’re pretty sure we can’t be alone in being a little perturbed by this paragraph from a story in today’s Times.

It’s public knowledge that Davidson worked for BBC Scotland before becoming a Tory MSP, but we don’t think it’s ever been revealed that she was also working as a lackey, chaffeur and seamstress for a politician.

(Presumably in her spare time, but honestly who knows?)

BBC staff – especially those working in news departments – are supposed to be impeccably politically impartial, including outside of work hours, for extremely obvious reasons. We can’t help but wonder whether there are any current BBC Scotland news broadcasters running around the country fiddling with the flies of Conservative MPs while they’re on party-political business.

Is Glenn Campbell making tea for Ross Thomson? Does Isabel Fraser polish Alister Jack’s shoes on speaking engagements? Does Andrew Kerr have to keep Bill Grant’s sash and apron nicely ironed? Is it Gordon Brewer’s job to brush Kirstene Hair’s hair or remind her to breathe in and out?

Unfortunately, as it’s the BBC there’s very little point in asking, so we’ll never know.

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    1. jimnarlene says:

      I’d like to say I’m surprised at this, but I’m not.

    2. Sandra says:

      Is there any difference between the BBC and the Tory Party any more? I’m reminded of Robbie Gibb’s promotion to Downing St after his sterling service producing the anti Corbyn Daily Politics.

    3. Capella says:

      And the person she volunteered her services to was Annabel Goldie who has just been shooed into the Scottish Office ahead of any of the Tory MPs from 2017.

    4. kapelmeister says:

      It’s a stitch up!

    5. call me dave says:

      Excellent!… Cartooning and lampooning on the same day. 🙂

      No-one is safe from the initial hot breath of bravado from Boris, ‘all’ Scots of whatever political hue are treated equally with disdain.

      Maybe some on the Union side will reconsider their options as the stark reality of the new cabinet and their ‘friends’ in America loom large. 🙁

    6. Street Andrew says:

      It’s well past time we stopped pretending that the BBC is any less guilty of political bias and infiltration than any other media organisation.

    7. Merkin Scot says:

      Rooth the Mooth in ‘Fiddling with Flies’ the new west end musical.
      Brian Rix at his Whitehall best.
      Can’t wait.

    8. Scotspine says:

      I saw what you did there….”does Isabelle Fraser Polish AlisterJack’s…”

    9. kapelmeister says:

      Once more into the breeks dear friends.

    10. Joe says:

      Glenn Campbell is a well known Tory food chewer.

    11. kapelmeister says:

      Davie Mundell prepared for TV debates???

    12. Effijy says:

      The First Ministers Independence petition continues to grow in numbers thanks to the WoS
      Community and their contacts.

      Just went through 259,600 signatures.

      The Tories would cut Mundell’sTrousers for that number of Scottish votes at the next


    13. Darren (D Doc) Docherty says:

      “Does Isabel Fraser polish Alister Jack’s shoes on speaking engagements?”
      That must’ve been tempting, sir.
      “Shoes”, is far less offensive, but far less funny.

    14. galamcennalath says:

      This would have been the 2010 General Election where the SNP started and finished with 6 seats. The SNP majority government in Holyrood in 2011 and IndyRef1 weren’t on the cards.

      So, we hadn’t quite entered the era of Scottish politics being firmly split on the constitution. Davidson’s activities were probably purely party political rather than being in tune with her employer’s stated and open position to support the Union. IMO that makes her extra curricular activities even more unacceptable.

      No one should now be surprised that BBC staff act on behave of the UK. However, having a blatant party political bias and campaigning on it, should be considered a straightforward breach of employment rules. She should have got her jotters!

    15. Karen Ann Donald says:

      I don’t believe she ever stopped working for the BBC. She is a BBC stooge masquerading as an MP once a week. She doesn’t hold surgeries. She is never asked difficult questions in the media. She is only expected to answer pre-prepared, set-up questions. She is never pressed on very important issues. And she isn’t hounded to respond to current pertinent news topics. In fact she just disappears from sight till any crisis blows over. And she is never, ever asked to explain her twists and turns and lies.

    16. Corrado Mella says:

      Yet, when we say that the BritNazi Broadkasting Korporatzion is an arm of the BritNazi Establishment we’re told we’re lunatic conspiracy theorists.

      Meanwhile, all the teleprompter parrots and earpiece drones polluting our airwaves decry their editorial independence.

      Some poor bastards wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them in the face with a kipper.

    17. Ann Rayner says:

      I think Isabel Fraser has more integrity, but this is not true of them all.

    18. kapelmeister says:

      A cruise ship named Britannia has a mass brawl among the passengers after an evening of alcohol and “patriotic” singing.

      The perfect metaphor for brexit England. The thick man of Europe.

    19. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Rev, There are some rather disturbing mental images in that post. Gordon Brewer brushing Kirstene Hair’s golden tresses is particularly boak-inducing.

      Andrew Kerr ironing Bill Grant’s sash and apron I find particularly funny, seeing as he is from Rankinston – the rough end of Drongan, the most-Orange village in Orange County.

      capella “Auntie Bella,” Baroness Annabelle Goldie of Bishopton has been made a Minister of State at the Ministry of Defence, she has not been sent to the Scottish Office.

      Having known Annabelle for over 20 years, while I disagree violently with her politics, she is, I would say, one of the few Tories I would trust. She is certainly a rare case of Boris promoting someone with talent. She will never fit-in with this lot.

    20. Clootie says:

      Explain how she achieved her Rank in the Army after becoming a Tory Msp. No one questioned that little political support propaganda boost !

    21. James McLaren says:

      It used to be that the Church of England was the Toory Party at prayer.

      Now the BBC News and Current Affairs has become the United Unionists at work, in Scotland.

      Anybody but the SNP

    22. Greannach says:

      I dread to think what services Kay Adams provides.

    23. macnakamura says:

      She provides the e.

    24. manandboy says:

      Ruth Davidson, prostituting herself for the sake of the Party & the Union. No lie too big, no envelope too small. A working girl who knows the industry. And yet, here we are, with her odious sidekick David Mundell, she has well and truly backed a loser by not supporting PM Johnson (PMJ). From this point on, Ruthie will have to get used to her new status as an abandoned failure living on the sidelines, for ever more before an audience of the hard of hearing. All thanks to her complete lack of political judgement. Pleased for her. She deserves it.

    25. Astonished says:

      Greannach – Brilliant! Just sublime. well done.

      Now I am going to clean the coffee from the screen. Still laughing.

    26. Richard Hunter says:

      It’s useful to remind oneself from time to time that the BBC is run on basically the same model as Russia Today.

    27. Sharny Dubs says:

      Wonder how it would look if people received promotions purely on merit?

      But I guess there’s no point wishing for the impossible

    28. Hamish100 says:

      Didn’t Annabelle Goldie tutor the Alexander brothers at Bishopton church at Sunday school?

      Their old man was minister and best friends of Donald dewar who then used one of them as their research assistant who then became MP’s MSP’s , who then…………

      Ahh the Tories and labour. How to get on in life.

      The Church of Scotland has a lot to answer for. As for Gordon Bruin.(old man a minister)……..he worked for the BBC, the current speaker at Holyrood, also, Davidson, Jardine of the lib Dems……., the Smiths etcetera., please add to the list!

    29. Colin Alexander says:

      Interesting article from Peter A Bell.

      He is scathing about an article from Angus Robertson, which suggests that despite a triple mandate and a parliamentary vote for indyref, we would find the SNP looking for yet another electoral mandate for indyref with the SNP’s apparent belief that by magic the UK Govt will next time roll over and give in, allowing an indyref.

      Unfortunately, the ONLY mandate the SNP sought was the right of the Scottish Parliament to hold an indyref if a significant event occurs such as Scotland being dragged out of the EU.

      It looks increasingly like Scotland will be dragged out the EU despite the SNP already capitulating on NO Brexit cos the people of Scotland voted Remain, to: the SNP Scot Govt will accept a softer Brexit, but prefer Remaining in the EU.

      Assuming the mandate is activated by Brexit, if the UK Govt want to prevent indy they just stop Holyrood holding an indyref.

      An indyref mandate by Holyrood is THE ONLY MANDATE THE SNP have to achieve indy. They effectively bound their hands and signposted it to the UK Govt in their manifesto in 2016.

      All of Scotland’s MSPs failed the people by allowing the devolution power stripping by the House of Lords in the EU Withdrawal Bill. I hold Labour MSPs especially guilty for their capitulation, as devolution was their project and that devolution agreement has been destroyed by unelected Lords ( that includes Labour Lords).

      I accept the SNP have put out the challenge by their Referendum Bill. Let’s see what Boris does to prevent indyref via Holyrood. Will he legislate to block indyrefs via Holyrood or simply abolish Holyrood altogether? Full abolition is less likely: lots of colonial administrator MSPs and civil servants in cushy jobs would not be happy.

      But then again, I doubt Boris give a fig about Scotland and her people (including those in Scotland who support and/or administer colonialism), as long as the assets of the Scotland colony remains in the control of the British Empire.

    30. Lintonbairn says:

      Johnson pledges new northern high speed rail route from Leeds to Manchester. Estimated cost – up to £39bn.

      Now where have I heard that figure before? Ah, yes – how much is Johnson saying he’ll withhold form the EU if there’s ‘no deal’? £39bn.

      There’s a coincidence. Who’d have thunk it?!

    31. manandboy says:

      “I know the UK has a long tradition of partisan newspapering, but the truth has nothing to do with partisanship. Facts are facts, words have meaning, and people can’t make informed decisions about their own government if they’re not being informed properly. ”

      Scotland hasn’t made an informed decision about England’s rule over Scotland for over 300 years. And still ongoing.

    32. manandboy says:

      Still the same boring leftwing chants on the AUOB March ‘Tory, Tory, Tory, Out Out Out. On Independence live.

    33. Joe says:

      You couldn’t make this shit up ,,,,,, ?

    34. Hamish100 says:

      AUOB in part, the remnants of the Sheridan, fox and Rosie era!

      Still they always knew how to campaign and then shoot themselves in the foot! Lol

    35. Iain says:

      So … that connection explains why Ruth was so easily shoehorned into the No.1 ranking slot for Glasgow ‘list’ Tory MSPs – and thus into the Scottish Parliament and the leadership. The established No.1 was conveniently accused of some sort of irregularity of which he was later exonerated.

    36. Margaret Brogan says:

      Isabel Fraser doesn’t belong in this company. She is a journalist of intelligence and integrity who was on this programme for a long time with Derek Bateman, another journalist of the same quality.
      Ruth Davidson is a completely different matter.

    37. Andrew says:

      Take a look at Carpetbagger for North Devon Peter Heaton-Jones (Con). He was campaigning while employed by the BBC to unseat Nick Harvey (LD). An FoI was rejected for personal data reasons. The follow up for the same. The two questions were what was his salary during the run up to the election and the second was ‘was he on gardening leave in the run up to the election?’ It does make you wonder how ‘impartial and transparent’ the BBC are…not really.

    38. manandboy says:

      Things are obviously not going well for the new PM, with lots of bad press about Brexit. Enter Dominic Cummings, to change the points, switch the rails, and set off on a new track. We are now going to think as a mind-controlled UK about investing in poor towns and building a new railway to Leeds, ‘cos Dominic Cummings says so – it makes the PM look better in the Press, but above all on the TV news.

      Everytime the media shows PM Johnson in a bad light, Dominic Cummings will switch track by changing the story. Its strictly Punch and Judy for public entertainment and brainwashing. Johnson is the puppet and Dominic Cummings is the puppet master.

    39. Republicofscotland says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if BBC staff in Scotland are cosseting Scottish or English politicians. You just have to see they get a very easy ride during interviews to know where their allegiance lies.

    40. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Reposting this from previous thread in hope that someone may have full version of the Portillo & Guests extract it features.

      If you haven’t seen this before and you’re already in a bad mood, please don’t watch it.

    41. Jack Murphy says:

      Off Topic.
      I don’t like posting direct Facebook links onto other sites but I can’t find this very short interview elsewhere.Please indulge me. [smiley]

      It’s Gavin Esler the former BBC Newsnight journalist and presenter interviewed on radio.
      No other info available.

      Brexit and Scottish independence:

    42. Lenny Hartley says:

      Hamish100 u forgot the Gord!
      Socrattes , re Annabelle Goldie, have only met her a few times and got to say she comes across as a decent person in a matronly way, she was at Glasgow High with one of the Ultra Yoons here so used to visit Arran now and again. Was talking about her after the appointment the other night to a mate who told me he had good banter with her when he was working at an SNP stall in Ayr about twenty years ago. I guess we just have to blame the upbringing for her turning out a Tory.
      We have to ask why Boris did not have her in the Scotch Office, im sure everybody on here will have a different theory, to me its obvious he is putting a message out there that he sees us as a Colony and not an equal partner.

    43. Gfaetheblock says:

      The times article is wrong.

      Davidson left the bbc in 2009.

      This is very easy to check on line.

      There is no conspiracy theory to be looked into here.

    44. Abulhaq says:

      The image of Ruth Davidson being ‘dispatched’ has much to commend it.
      Sewing a straight seam, a prerequisite for Scotch Tory ladies? What about piano shifting?
      As for Mundell’s pants, definitely not for those of a delicate or nervous disposition.

    45. robertknight says:

      BritNat Brainwashing Channel

      Ye cannae whack it!

    46. Artyhetty says:


      Looks like AUOB has been sabotaged then, and I have heard some say it’s questionaable whether it is or has been useful to independence in fact.
      Anyhoo, looks like ‘left wing’ have infiltrated it no? As if it is a march about crazy lefties, or about party politics,
      (the ‘Tories are scum’ banner last time, bringing it down a tone or ten) so a good distraction from the actual point of it all, ie, INDEPENDENCE.

      Possibly, maybe even likely, all orchestrated to portray Scotland and independence supporters as narrow crazy lefty ‘nationalists’ rather than peaceful, measured and respectful internationalists, welcoming to all in support of independence no matter your party politics.

    47. Mac says:

      @Jack Murphy 3:29 pm

      Thanks for this. Much appreciated.

      Brexit and Scottish independence:

    48. JMD says:

      Richard Hunter 2.17

      “It’s useful to remind oneself from time to time that the BBC is run on basically the same model as Russia Today”.

      Christ you must be so thick that it hurts.

    49. Mac says:

      @Manandboy 0241pm

      “Still the same boring leftwing chants on the AUOB March ‘Tory, Tory, Tory, Out Out Out. On Independence live”.

      The British establishment already have form for infiltrating marches and demonstrations with false flag operations. It’s entirely possible that this is being encouraged by covert officers.

    50. Jack Murphy says:

      Mac at 4:32pm.Thankyou—-at least one person has had a look at my Post !

    51. kapelmeister says:

      Ultra right crazy Priti Patel a.k.a. Norma Tebbit will, in the course of her new duties as Home Secretary, have to regularly phone and consult and no doubt argue with Scotland’s Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf.

      Humza will stand his ground all the way and tell her to get on her bike whenever he needs to.

    52. Calum McKay says:

      We all knew about labour in Scotland”s association with, it’s a big big list!

      Like others not surprised the tories are at it too and we know liberals have form in Jardine going from bbc reporter to mp.

      I have no issue with an employee from the bbc taking up a career in politics. I do have issues if they are an active political activist whilst working for the bbc, that includes being an SNP activist!

      The news we view must be impartial other use it is propaganda, and for whom?

      As for Davidson, her bubble was popped in Scotland a long ago, good to see the the good folk of England catching up and seeing her for what she is, a tool to be manipulated by London!

    53. twathater says:

      @ Ian B 3.24pm thanks for that link Ian , although it is massively anger inducing it to me highlights the mentality that Scotland is not in any form of union but has been subsumed into engwaland , and I would like to know how that cringing barsteward Mc Leish has ANY position or credibility within Scotland’s governance , he is a self serving trougher desperate to be considered relevant , he should be cast aside and ignored as the tractor that he is

      The only one fighting a rational corner for Scotland was Michael Fry with Mc Leish coming away with the usual liebourite pish of being an internationalist , the condescension from the other fuckwits was palpable

    54. call me dave says:


      I didn’t acknowledge your post,but I read it and it supports other information that has been written. Thanks!

      Very heart warming in a week where Boris is given much space in the papers and on Auntie’s Radio and TV.

      Shurley there will be a big spread in all the Sunday papers for the gullible Scots tomorrow. 🙂

    55. call me dave says:

      Jack and Mac. Hmm! my mishtake (two links).

    56. Giving Goose says:

      The BBC is an apprenticeship for British Establishment politicians.
      It allows media and communications skills to be developed.
      Think of it as a prep school where they prove their loyalty whilst they get paid.

    57. kapelmeister says:

      The SNP opened their Shetland by-election HQ today and had a big Stop Brexit sign. Wouldn’t Keep Scotland in EU or Keep Scotland European be more appropriate slogans and send out proper signals at this time?

    58. No Fun in being good says:

      It’s a shame you put lady at the end of the title?

    59. Mogabee says:

      Can I just remind folk that if you were frae one of the poorer areas of Scotland, calling the Tories scum is not unusual or unwarranted.

      FFS folks, we are all on the same journey!

    60. Golfnut says:

      Campbeltown March was great today, I stood on the sidelines today, our wee Frenchie not quite fit. Comments really interesting from people on the pavements, all bar 1 pro Indy. Nobody batted an eyelid at the Tory out chant. Bikers were brill, the numbers of older people marching was noted by just about everyone. The internal problems of the organisers isn’t visible on the streets.

    61. cirsium says:

      @kapelmeister, 5.24
      Keep Scotland European

      That sounds more like it. The formation of a cabinet of disaster capitalists or their servants led by Johnson signals that the “phoney war” is over and real hostilities have begun. Voters should now be thinking about the remedial action which needs to be taken.

    62. twathater says:

      Artyheggy , manandboy , and others , as one who has taken part in lots of the AUOB marches I take issue with the assumption that it is turning into a LEFTY induced partisan gathering , I have found that the people who have chosen to participate in these “questionable” beneficial gatherings , the elderly , the disabled , the families , the dugs , the poor , the rich , the English Scots for YES , are giving up their time and energy to UNASHAMEDLY support their desire and drive to free their nation and country of Scotland from English Unionist Parties , and if people are offended by chants of tory tory tory out out out they should ask themselves are the people justified in chanting it .

      As for the organisation behind AUOB I have looked at the criticisms and questions being levied against it and can admit I too am not enamoured by their organisational or administrative skills , but the question to be asked is who else would be doing it , what other group or organisation has came forth to organise these displays of support , and displays of support they are IMO, what other group is coordinating mass people support and protest , NONE ,So we can all get our knickers in a bunch and feel superior that the great unwashed are daring to chant ( horrid ) slogans , what about the REAL HORRID slogans that the UBER BRIT NATS are shouting at the PEACEFUL marchers

    63. Wendy says:

      I think the Gavin Esler clip was from the latest Remainiacs podcast.

    64. Mac says:

      There has been a tendency in Scotland over the last few years to think that the Irish problem has, to a large extent, been sorted. We have paid scant attention to them as any kind of comparison to the Scottish quest for Independence.

      Northern Ireland and Ireland (Not Eire) have seem extreme troubles over the decades that Scotland has avoided. In many respects, the Irish have had centuries of worse treatment at the hands of the British (with Scottish regiments involvement, I might add) and in more recent decades, the UK Establishment.

      With Johnson, insisting on a removal of the backstop, and threatening that NI will have to return to “Direct Control”, there has to be some recognition that Scotland and Ireland are in similar boats, headed in the same direction.

      Both Scotland and NI voted to remain in the EU. The UK establishment response is to tighten up control, to refuse any sort of reasonable discussion and to threaten Northern Ireland. Seriously?

      Of course, the current Johnson cabinet will try to conquer, rather than compromise. They want to control, rather than communicate. They prefer threats to treaties.

      There is a piece of fake news floating about, which claims that Johnson said of the Irish Taoiseach, Varadkar, “Why can’t he be called Murphy, like all the rest?” In one sense funny, in another, it further informs you what people think of Johnson, and what he thinks of the Scots and the Irish.

      Here is the interesting part. Go onto the Telegraph or other right-wing publications both in the UK and NI and you will hear two things… One, they are enthralled by the bold Johnson sweeping into office and instigating great change, and two, they are scathing that “Varadkar is taking the EU side.”

      Varadkar is being monstered for not respecting the long history and relationship between Ireland and Britain. Again, seriously? This must be a joke. Leaving this aside, it is clear that Ireland has done very well out of the EU. And the EU countries respect Ireland (No, I am not going to call them Eire or Southern Ireland). Scotland would do well to look at how the EU has treated Ireland, a similar country to Scotland in many respects.

      And there must be increasing numbers in Northern Ireland who feel that remaining in the EU, is an attractive option. Reunification has never looked so good. Who cares about the ancient flutes and drums of yesteryear? (The answer is, only the bigots, Unionists and the British Establishment) By the way, for avoidance of doubt, I am technically Protestant by birth. I despise all this religious guff that is weaponised against the people.

      Left alone, in both Scotland and Northern Ireland, the majority of the people would naturally drift to Independence and Reunification. It is only the interference of the British Government, backing up the Unionists and Sash wearers that prevent the natural inclination of the majority to govern themselves. The whole Scottish Referendum result is a reflection of British propaganda, nothing more.

      And although I will never countenance violence, I find myself understanding the Sinn Fein and being awed by the ability of the IRA to stand-up to the British political and military machinery, and yet reaching a peace accord that is likely to be ripped asunder by a man like Johnson. I cannot help wondering what the Irish support in the US must think.

      Westminster and the UK establishment should think very carefully about the direction they are taking. It is extreme. It will backfire. If not immediately, then in the next few years. Who are these people who think that they have the right or the moral authority to make Brexit decisions on behalf of and against the wishes of the majorities in other countries, or indeed the whole of the UK now.

      Johnson will surely make the history books as the PM who reignited the troubles in NI and tried unsuccessfully the quell the democratic right of the people in Scotland to remain in the EU and to Govern themselves. Boris, you cannot cage an idea whose time has come.

      So, Scotland should look to the lessons of the Irish situation. There are huge parallels. Both countries are threatened by the British Establishment. One must imagine that the DUP are wondering what they signed up for when the supported the Conservatives. Arlene Foster should be nervous about Johnson’s cavalier approach to the backstop.

      Scotland should reach out to Varadkar. British-Irish council meetings should be replaced by Scottish-Irish Council meetings, after all, there is a shared history, a common enemy, lessons to be learned and EU and trading friendships to build.

      Finally, Johnson and his cabinet are probably the most undemocratic Government that these islands have seen since Cromwell. Sure, there are a number of PM’s who inherited their predecessors’ position, including Brown from Blair. But this time, it’s nothing less than an extreme Right-Wing coup that has come at the one of the most difficult times and decisions. It’s a desperate act of piracy rather than any reasonable political change. ‘No matter what… the people in power, the establishment, will always get their way’.

      It’s clear by Johnson’s promises, from transport and broadband to subsidies for poorer cities that he is being driven by Dominic Cumming’s social media / analytical data to try to get the electorate to forget the truth and see only the promises of a ‘nice guy’ who cares about the people. Fuck, he is even getting a dog in number 10. Just google how many world leaders, past and present have dogs, and the effect on the public. *slaps forehead*

      People need to desert the BBC in droves and to seek the truth elsewhere. Turn off all British Media sources because the propaganda is going to be devastating. Many times worse than Project Fear, Smear and Sneer. Instead, focus on what Scotland can do, can be and will be.

      Scotland is a country debilitated by decades of poverty and economic migration. It was always going to be tough to fight against the ‘better educated’ and ‘more advantageous’ upbringings of some of the Southern Politicians and Commentators. One thing is for sure, we need to push hard for Independence before the many impacts of whichever flavour of Brexit hits us. And we should not be afraid to approach the EU and the European Court of Justice for help, while we are still in the EU. (Yes, I understand the argument that it is the UK that is the EU member, not Scotland) But it is clear that dragging Scotland out of the EU is a gross miscarriage of justice.

    65. galamcennalath says:

      I don’t find the ‘SCUM’ bit offensive, for me it’s the ‘OUT’ word.

      The last time Scotland voted Tory was 1955. They’ve been OUT since the 1959 general election, seventy long years ago!

      So, what do people mean by Tories Out? I can only assume they mean, out of government at a UK level and Westminster.

      I sounds like some folk memory from the 1980s when Scotland wasn’t on the verge of achieving independence.

      What do they want the English to replace the Tories with? Labour? And what possible help could that be to the Scottish Independent movement? Labour are as big a part of the problem as the Tories. IMO, I would say they are a bigger problem. The Tories, in their own perverse way, are turning out to be an asset!

      ‘Scotland out of the UK’, that’s a valid aspiration.

      ‘The Tories are Scum’, an opinion which is probably true.

      ‘Tory Scum Out’, doesn’t make much sense!

    66. hackalumpoff says:

      From Young Scots for Independence, delighted to be joined by @NicolaSturgeon in sunny Shetland as we head off to Sandwick to campaign for @tprwills today!


    67. Thepnr says:


      Thanks for the info re Campbeltown March, good to hear that it was a success.

    68. Col.Blimp IV says:


      Considering countering the Unionist rationing of IndyRefs to “once in a generation”, revolves around demonstrating some kind of material change. One would have thought the last thing the SNP would want was for Brexit to be scuppered.

      It is not our job to make the UK less unpalatable to the masses, we should be trying to convince them that it tastes like dog-shit.

      A badly managed shambolic British retreat from Europe is just what we need … The SNP would be well placed to re-group Scotland and send us back in as a full member rather than as a region of England.

    69. call me dave says:

      Boris Johnson has declared war on Scottish nationhood

    70. Blairtawheelie says:

      I too was at tha Campbeltown Rally today with three generations of our family. I can report it was a wonderful event for all with a remarkably large turnout considering mixed weather and the out of the way location. We were told from the stage that it was the biggest ever political gathering in Kintyre. Thanks to all involved. Keep at it, Folks!

    71. galamcennalath says:

      call me dave says:

      Boris Johnson has declared war on Scottish nationhood

      James Kelly says “….this is Boris making a statement. He’s saying that London owns Scotland, and that he sees no reason why Scotland should be governed any differently from Worcestershire or Hampshire or Nottinghamshire.”

      I completely agree. This break with tradition is totally intentional. It’s a message. As subtle as a brick across the forehead. “Know your place, Jocks. The English Nationalists are now firmly in control of all the UK”

    72. CameronB Brodie says:

      OT from the Rev’s twitter, re. The @ScotSecofState having divested his £70,000+ shares in Jardine Matheson Holdings in October 2017. Jardine Matheson is a name with a deep history of involvement in British imperialism, may well still be, so I’m not surprised, frankly.

      Opium and Migration: Jardine Matheson’s imperial connections and the recruitment of Chinese labour for Assam, 1834–39

      ….The recruitment of tea cultivators from China in the 1830s also impacted on colonial concepts of racial hierarchy and the perceived contrast between savagery and civilization. Ultimately, Jardine Matheson’s extraction of skilled labour from the China coast informs our understanding of the evolving private networks that became crucial to British imperialism in Asia, and through which labour, capital, people, information, and ideas could be exchanged.

    73. Robert Peffers says:

      @Richard Hunter says: 27 July, 2019 at 2:17 pm@

      ” … It’s useful to remind oneself from time to time that the BBC is run on basically the same model as Russia Today.”

      Wrong! RT is run on the same lines as the BBC.

      The BBC was the original state funded broadcaster with a Royal Warrant and an annual Government Grant for the original BBC wireless station with the call sign 2LO in London. It was the very first government wireless propaganda radio station and has remained to this day the World’s biggest propaganda channel. Far bigger than ever Radio Mosgow or Voice of America ever were.

      They all, including Joseph Gobbels, learned from the BBC. Not to mention that the Government forces the people of the UK to pay not only for propaganda to be beamed into their homes but to pay to have propaganda broadcast to the rest of the World. The BBC World Service has always been the largest propaganda broadcaster in the World.

    74. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      galamcennalath @ 18:14,

      Yes, I feel the same. It’s a wierd throwback to the 1980s and essentially Unionist in nature. Why should we care any longer whom the English choose for their government?

      Those particular banner-wavers give a good impression of being out-of-touch old-style leftards who would rather tilt futilely at their obsessive old windmills rather than actually promote something practical and effective like “London out”. And some of these slogan-chanters are just kids. Meh.

      If the point of these indy marches is (in part at least) to convince apolitical onlookers that Scotland is on the move to a better future, this is not a good look.

    75. Confused says:

      getting a bit para here – but on classic FM – a LOT of ELGAR, enigma variations “nimrod”
      – if you dont know the name, believe me, youve heard it plenty
      then HANDEL zadok the priest “god save the king”

      they used to do a lot of mendelssohn – hebridean overture

      getting our minds right, no doubt

    76. Robert Peffers says:

      @Mogabee says:27 July, 2019 at 5:34 pm:

      ” … FFS folks, we are all on the same journey!”

      Are you absolutely sure about that, Mogabee?

    77. Bob Mack says:

      What is it with these media people and the Tory and Labour party? I was sickened to read Lorraine Kelly describe Mrs May as being too decent a person to be PM. Yes, the same decent person who created Windrush and developed “go home” vans.
      The same person voted for every austerity measure and the legislation to deprive the disabled of their income.

      Too decent? My arse in parsley. Lorraine Kelly needs a reality check. Most of them do. Hob nobbing with these people infects you permanently with the same afflictions.

    78. Robert Peffers says:

      @twathater says: 27 July, 2019 at 6:00 pm:

      >” … Artyheggy , manandboy , and others , as one who has taken part in lots of the AUOB marches I take issue with the assumption that it is turning into a LEFTY induced partisan gathering , I have found that the people who have chosen to participate in these “questionable” beneficial gatherings , the elderly , the disabled , the families , the dugs , the poor , the rich , the English Scots for YES , are giving up their time and energy to UNASHAMEDLY support their desire and drive to free their nation and country of Scotland from English Unionist Parties.”

      I’ll keep this short my eyes are going already – That’s one big nail you just whacked there Twathater.

      The government of the day are the Tories. Ergo mit is the government of the day we need to get out from under – if not by ending the union then by voting them out. Why these numpties think that is unacceptable they have yet to satisfactorily explain but I won’t hold my breath..

    79. Bill McLean says:

      Confused at 8.04 – yes! noticed that too on Classic FM – they did the same in the run up to the 2014 referendum! We are simply objects to be kept in our place by whatever means the establishment can use!! We’ll win in the end!

    80. Jedburgh says:

      Befor Robbie Gibb took the Theresa May Job. Did she not ask James Landale another BBC man first – he turned her down but it makes you think why she asked in the first place.

    81. Robert Peffers says:

      @Mac says: 27 July, 2019 at 6:12 pm:

      ” … There has been a tendency in Scotland over the last few years to think that the Irish problem has, to a large extent, been sorted. We have paid scant attention to them as any kind of comparison to the Scottish quest for Independence … “

      Sorry, Mac but I stopped reading after that point because there is absolutely no comparason between the Irish and Scottish situation in regard to the union.

      The United Kingdom was constituted by the 1706/7 Treaty of Union and in 1706/7 Ireland had no part in signing the Treaty of Union

      In 1706/7 the whole country of Ireland was an integral part of the Kingdom of England while the Kingdom of Scotland signed the treaty as an independent and equally sovereign PARTNER in the United Kingdom.

      When Scotland ends the United Kingdom the Status Quo Ante is a return to the status extant on the last day of April 1707. That is the Kingdom of England will still have as an integral part the part of the country of Ireland that opted to remain as part of the United Kingdom. There simply can be no comparisons made.

      There simply are no other examples of a treaty of union between two kingdoms who happened to have the same monarch wearing two independent crowns in World history.

    82. DerekM says:

      I thought her and fluffy was common knowledge,that wee shit runs the Tory lie machine in Scotland or he did.

      Secretary of state for Scotland to a tory means running the Scottish branch offices of the British nationalist parties and the media construct created to keep the Scottish people from the truth.

      I guess on that note Boris was right to sack wee Dave since he failed miserably at that.

    83. cirsium says:

      @confused, 8.04

      Not to mention Elgar’s “Land of Hope and Glory”, Parry’s “Jerusalem”, Walton’s “Crown Imperial” and Holst’s “Jupiter”

    84. mike cassidy says:

      The thing that worried me most about that Davidson article was the claim that she postponed her wedding in order to pay an unplanned vet bill.

      Given the average cost of a wedding

      Maybe I should have trained to be a vet.

    85. doug_bryce says:

      Mass brawl onboard a cruise ship ?
      After a patriotic party ? Check the union jack waving insanity in this video before the brawl.


    86. mike cassidy says:

      The Classic FM playlist is heavily influenced by the listener-chosen annual hall of fame 300.

      And Elgar and Vaughan Williams are right up there in the popularity stakes.

      That’s a more prosaic explanation, I know

      But it is what it is.

      And FYI here’s a contemporary Scottish composer in that ‘chart’.

    87. Footsoldier says:

      It always amazes me how people like Kirsty Wark and Laura Kuenssberg appear on TV and present politics as if Scotland does not exist. I suppose it’s a case of who pays the piper but certainly not much self-respect.

    88. Confused says:

      @bill mclean, cirsium – not just me then!

      aye, it’s sneaky – there’s the ones you DON’T notice … but it hits you

      mental images of spitfires soaring over the south downs
      david niven in a smoking jacket
      bridge on the river kwai at easter bank holiday
      the death of gordon (the mahdi played by olivier)

      – but mike cassidy says “it just be the algorithms” – hmmm ….

      there’s serious deep emotional currents here – consider siblius finlandia
      – does scotland have an equivalent musical work that fits such purpose?
      – could we not do with one??
      imagine we had someone of the status of wagner (- maybe that’s going a bit too far)

      I think I will watch “If … ” * (1968 lindsay anderson) – just to cleanse myself

      – my favourite bit is where christine noonan shoots the headmaster in the head with a revolver

      dont ask me why.

    89. DerekM says:

      I wonder how wee Ruthie feels about sitting in the Scottish peoples hot seat now.

      Defenseless her master and protector gone booted in the sack by Boris,is that the sound of tory back stabbers sharpening their knifes i hear.

      I am off to buy some popcorn and see if i can get odds on who does the deed lol

    90. Mac says:

      @Robert Peffers 0845 pm

      “….stopped reading… after first paragraph…”

      Really, and you present this as intelligent analysis?

      Perhaps if you’d continued with an open mind you might have learned something. You are always so eager to prove your knowledge, you miss the point a lot on these threads.

    91. kapelmeister says:

      Colin Clark has been made a junior minister at the Scotland Office to help Jack Al and Bertie Worcester.

      What a team.

    92. Effijy says:

      Wonderful WoS posters and friends have taken the Independence potion through
      The 260,000 mark!

      It’s sending out a very loud message that we are ready for Indy Ref 2, the Final Chapter!

    93. Euan Whazermy says:

      Massive March for Welsh independence in Caernarfon today.
      Things are shifting in Wales also.

    94. Republicofscotland says:

      Regarding Classic FM Elgar is never off the airwaves, no surprise there then, however I’ve also heard Hamish McCunn’s Land of Mountain and Flood, a few times, a beautiful piece of music.

    95. Legerwood says:

      Confused at 9:53 pm

      With regards to your question about a piece of Scottish music then as Republic of Scotland says at 10.28 pm Land of Mountain and Flood.

      Also worth noting that quite often the recordings played on Classic FM are by the Scottish National Orchestra.

      Wonder if the SNO features on Radio 3 as often as Classic FM?

    96. call me dave says:

      Swinson Bounce? What Swinson Bounce?

      Despair for overrated new Lib Dem leader as three new BOMBSHELL polls show her party flatlining

    97. stonefree says:

      @Bob Mack at 8:22 pm
      Lorraine Kelly certainly changed her tune, from memory, when she first got the full time gig she was slated for her accent,deeply hurt, and the Scottish versions of the papers defended her,Little point in saying anything else about her

    98. Willie says:

      Boris has used Davidson like a piece of toilet paper.

      Covered in you know what, Davidson and her equally doo doo covered chum Fluffy Mundell will know doubt carry on as if nothing has happened. Strong and stable. A voice for a Scotland. Telling the FM to get on with the day job.

      That’s the Conservatives for you!

    99. robertknight says:

      Those from here who catch sight of, and are then mesmerized by, the bright lights of the London-centric BritNat meedja, soon morph into the typical ‘House Jock’; quick to fall into line behind the Brit establishment mantra of chilly Jockoland being too small, too poor, too stupid.

      They’re brainwashed, like other Yoons, into thinking we’re lucky to be in this ‘precious’ Union, given we’re only good for oil, whisky revenues, somewhere to park the ‘Boomers’ and to be on the receiving end of a put-down whenever Mother England’s ego needs massaging.

    100. Confused says:

      @legerwood etc
      Land of Mountain and Flood is pleasant, as is elgar, williams, all the rest of them.

      I find english/british classical music to be a bit lightweight – ok, alright, fine – but – off the top of my head

      wotans farewell – last few minutes
      siegfrieds funeral march
      beethoven 7, 2 movement

      – that’s mindblowingly powerful emotions – way, way above anything english

      you can associate with music at an instinctive, subconscious level the notion that

      – my country, Scotland, is a serious place, of importance and character, deserving of its place among the nations, even to the forefront
      – my countrys a bit of a joke, a comedy act, hardly a real country at all – wit ur we like, eh? – tryin to dae stuff, oan ur ain … that has no relevance other than as adjunct, a relation to “something better” – england, UK, britain …

      formerly, your problems are all but over, indeed, would never have begun, but latterly you have the cringe written in your dna running thru you like a stick of rock – and you can never free yourself

      – if minister of culture in iScotland I would like to do a “find a genius” program, give them a pension for life and tell them – 20 years – a new anthem and suite of national music (stay off the atonalism) – research the gaelic folk songs, sorley macleans poetry, celtic myths, the velvet underground, orange juice – and just do it

      – I mentioned “outlander” the other night (aside with braveheart) – and how good and popular this can be – but WE are never allowed to create it for ourselves, instead outsiders come in and use the cultural gems just lying on the ground; another example – maybe the best, smartest director out there atm is nicolas winding refn – he made bronson and drive – he also made valhalla rising with mads mikkelsen set in scotland 1000 years ago – arthouse ultraviolence with a heavy metal soundtrack … a wild movie – and shame to say, no one scottish could have made that, or rather – would have been allowed to make it

      Culture is War. Its also money in the bank – consider how popular scifi movies are – and yet no one has ever filmed an iain (m) banks novel.

    101. geeo says:

      Maybe WM should have built those promised warships on the Clyde instead of shitting on Scotlands Yards?

      Delicious irony indeed, yet oddly, no msm have mentioned the promised ships not being strange huh ?

    102. silverbuick says:

      Pete Wishart’s blog- “The Total Humiliation of Ruth Davidson”

    103. Mary miles says:

      From Tassie:

      Thanks for your input Robert (P). I always look forward to them and you always make the statements that I would make myself. You are sadly missed when you don’t contribute! Hope your eye problem is soon cleared up.

      Very kindl regards

    104. Reluctant Nationalist says:


      Winding-Refn is a bit naff now, although Bronson was great – mainly down to Hardy’s talent, and Refn’s attempt to channel Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange vibe.

      I tell you, Peter Mullan could do it if we gave him some happy pills.

    105. Robert Louis says:

      Silveruick at 206am,

      A good link. Have to say though, I am not a fan of Wishart, since he went all ‘Westminster’ and forgot why people elected him… (hint: Scottish independence, not playing games in Westminster).

      And I was fan when he was in RUNRIG

    106. North chiel says:

      “ Confused@1213 a.m.” . Great comment indeed “ culture is war” .
      I give you two versions of a song “ bequeathed “ to the world by Robert Burns, which defines our people and culture in the outward looking and international context as our national Bard so wonderfully envisaged :

      On U Tube ( sorry can’t link) , (1) Auld Lang Syne
      Dir. Andres Salgado Narrador.
      Juan Carlos Arnan 2 Coro Colegio Ponce De Leon

      (2) Auld Lang Syne
      Violinist Ji – Hae Park

    107. Muscleguy says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Actually I was heartened by how good Michael Fry was, backed up by the excellent Hardeep Singh Kohli. The point about the loss of Eire not affecting the English sense of themselves was well made. As was that about the confounding of the Czech assumptions about those rustic, industrialist Slovaks.

      The English think they have a ‘green and pleasant land’, they imagine themselves to be like the Hobbits of the Shire which got disfigured by Saruman’s factories in the books.

      Scotland was mining, using and exporting coal in the Middle Ages. Through necessity, we burned too many trees. But it stimulated invention. A coffer damn was constructed in the Forth and a chimney built and mined down to the extending coal mine for ventilation. Requiring not just the technology of a coffer dam but excellent surveying so it was bang over the mine.

      Scotland became an industrial powerhouse because we had the rudiments of it and people educated and experienced to put it all together. James Watt is portrayed as a boy in a rural blackhouse. But he was surrounded by industry.

    108. Ken500 says:

      Fiddling the figures. Taking all Scotland’s wealth. How can anyone vote Tory/unionist in Scotland. What a cabal of total crooks ruining the economy. The Tories will have to have a GE they can lose to get out of the mess. What a bunch of chancers. Lead by a dunce like Johnson. A total greedy liar. The Condem Gov led to this mess. A total embarrassment. A fool is ruining the economy and the world. They were fiddling the migration figures including foreign students totally funded bring monies into the economy. Going home after studying.

      Davidson has been awfa quiet. Soon to be a has been, The Tories are toast, especially in Scotland. There has never been such a bunch of dumb imbeciles. They are disgusting and pathetic. The only good thing to come out of it will be Independence and the re unification of Ireland.

      People can’t even watch it anymore. Not watching the ‘news’ does make it easier. What a catastrophe. Could there be another surge in SNP membership. To stop going down with the sinking ship of UK gross mismanagement. The universal nightmare of right wing corrupt Tory Gov. A majority of 2. They should not last much longer.

      Thank goodness for the SNP Gov standing up for Scotland. Johnston is reported to have offered the SNP full fiscal autonomy. Now reneged upon. Once again. Get rid of Labour take the fight to the Tories. The SNP will win. How can peooke who support Independence vote for unionist Parties who are totally opposed to it. Cutting off their nose to spite their face. Total ignorance.

      Johnston and ‘the Northern powerhouse’. More Tories lies. How can people fall for it. Osbourne was making the same promises ten years ago. Then the Tories cut all the budget. Spending the monies on projects in London S/E.

      HS2 is now projected to cost £85Billion and rising. A total waste of money. No business case or enough customer base. It will always be subsidised with public money, Journeys to Scotland will take even longer, changing trains. Scotland’s share £8Billion? Would be better spent improving the railways in Scotland and the North. Improving conductivity. Journeys in the North, take 1/3 longer than in the south. Improving rail times through Britain could cut flights and be more comfortable and cheaper for passengers. A more pleasant journey.

      £7Billion is spent decommissioning nuclear every year. Yet the Tories are still Investing in it. Cutting investment in solar abd renewables. Hinkley Point a total waste of monies. There are much better cheaper, safer alternatives. Tidal wave projects were cancelled at the Humber and Swansea. They were much cheaper and cleaner. There has been tidal facilities in France. Rance tidal wave plant in Brittany. Amazing and cost affective. Scotland could have led the way in wave power. The Tories cut the budget. Short sighted. Scotland has had hydro power since the 1960’s. Pitlochry etc, Highly successful.

    109. Terry callachan says:

      How did all these people just happen to have Union Jack flags ?
      Did they pack them in their suitcase before going on holiday ?

      Just shows you how dangerous this simmering Britnat pot of trouble is
      I hope the people who keep saying that Scottish independence will come to us trouble free are taking note of this

    110. Robert Peffers says:

      @Mac says: 27 July, 2019 at 10:09 pm

      ” … Really, and you present this as intelligent analysis?
      Perhaps if you’d continued with an open mind you might have learned something. You are always so eager to prove your knowledge, you miss the point a lot on these threads.”

      You began your argument by comparing two things that have nothing in common. Your argument ends there.

      The United Kingdom is a bipartite unit and the status quo ante is a return to two independent kingdoms with N.I. remaining an integral part of The Kingdom of England..

      This doesn’t change the Irish and England status as Ireland was annexed by England by The Crown of Ireland Act of 1542. There simply is no comparisons between the two events.

      Ireland signed away her sovereignty by the Crown of Ireland Act thus becoming a part of the Kingdom of England while Scotland only agreed to be an equally sovereign partner in a two partner United Kingdom.

      There is nothing common between the two events. England annexed Ireland but united with Scotland. To attempt to compare the two events is to weaken Scotland’s case and doesn’t help Ireland’s case in any way.

    111. Ken500 says:

      Goods were being exported from Culoss, Fife in the 14/15C to France. The auld alliance. The monasteries were central to production. They kept sheep and other animals. They produced honey, clothe and wool. Provided refuge, Recorded events. Written information. Brewed drink. Safer than some water. Wells. Fishing on the coast. Exported goods and imported wine and silks from France and the Continent. Culross now used for filming historical productions.

      The auld burgh towns in Scotland. Royal burghs were established in the 11/12 century, Beside rivers (water) and market/trade crossings. Edinburgh (Loch), Stirling, Perth Aberdeen. Aberdeen Dee Fishing Village Footdee and university. Defences castles and keeps on the Borders. Neidpath Castle etc.

      The Scottish kings and the Court travelled between towns and castles. Administering justice and collecting a tithe. (10% tax), in goods and services. There were also planned towns later for workers, beside estates. They are recognised by their layout, A central square or green layout, with the houses conforming to a line around. Crofting in the Highlands,

      Larger industrial towns/cities were established and grew later. Glasgow, a world engineering power house. Dundee, jute and marmalade. Now the V&A quite impressive. Dundee SNP improvements. Compared to the unionist waste Aberdeen. Grotesque monstrosity, no one wanted, ruining the City centre. Shops and offices sitting empty. Under occupied hotel. People wanted open spaces and pedestrianisation. A total waste of public money. The UTG project would have cost £20Million. A gift of £80million refused. It would have regenerated and renovated the City Centre. The unionist useless incompetents.

      Ross Thomson left the City £1.2Million in debt. Sold off on the stock market by Young. Now voted out. A by election soon could dilute the the unionist majority. The largest number of councillors SNP kept out of power by an illegal coalition. A renege LidDem and a two job Tory.

      Aberdeen Oil technology and fishing. Finally got a brilliant AWPR thanks to Alex Salmond, Forty years later, The Harbour expansion, the Bay wind turbines producing enough to supply the City.

    112. Hamish100 says:

      The stark reality for Scotland.

      Forever a northern sub region of the north of England with London determining when we go to war with Iran.

      Nuclear weapons to remain in Scotland for safety’s sake. It’s far from London.

      Agriculture ruined by the imports of GM modified food imports from the USA.

      Whatever the support for hill farmers and others from the EU there will be less from Westminster as they take their cut.

      The millionaire pelagic fleet captains selling their fishing licensing s to the highest bidder and to hell with their colleagues involved in inshore fisheries. Grimsby will be the centre of fishing.

      Our other resources such as oil, tourism, our people will be outsourced.

      The Scots Parliament will be neutered.

      Or we vote for Independence.

    113. kapelmeister says:

      The list of new polls on James Kelly’s blog bring a reality check to the Lib Dems if not to The Mighty Swin who’ll still be billing her upcoming speaking tour as a meet your next PM show.

      The public are seeing through her the same way most people can clock a dodgy salesperson whose body language, vocal delivery and facial expressions come across as phoney.

    114. Ken500 says:

      Lorraine Kelly ives in London now, so is out of touch. Advocated Davidson as a example of an influential politician. She wants supported Independence? Now officially a tax evading clown by choice, Davidson on the way out after all that false, fake publicity. Another one going, another one down. Another one hits the dust. Mundell demoted. A plus. Another imbecile appointed.

      The Secretary of State should be voted on by Scotland. Not non democratically appointed. A total lack of respect or democracy in Scotland. Bella getting promoted. What’s that about? She knows where the bodies are buried. Another greedy earner.

      ‘Britain a small island, without Empire or influence’ the Chinese, ‘Scotland the land of invention and discovery’. The Chinese premier came here first, from choice, when visiting the UK.

    115. Ken500 says:

      Ross Thomson left the City £1.2Billion in debt. Illegally sold on the stock market. Another clown.

    116. Dr Jim says:

      Todays newspaper report in Scotland

      There are no politics in Scotland today folks except for the Tory politics being done to Scotland from elsewhere which we mostly know is bad but we’ve all just to wait and see say the newspapers and supporters of the bright shiny future that England will provide, and if they don’t, well we’ll just not be happy about it, and we’ll eh something maybe perhaps er eh, foot stamp? but we certainly won’t talk about what we in Scotland could do about anything, because well, we don’t want any of that kind of divisive talk

      Oh and we’ve to all feel sorry for Ruth Davidson, apparently life’s hard for her what with losing elections, voting for the wrong president (prime minister) and also the new prime minister wanted to sack her but can’t because of some silly rule about her being elected by her party, so he decided just to undermine her by promoting other people over her head and the news media in Scotland are very unhappy about this because Davidson is one of their main sources of misinformation and now she’s been cut out of the loop they have to make up their own misinformation

      So might as well go back to bed till October folks because unless something enormously exciting and explosive happens here in Scotland all you’re going to get is Boris Boris Boris Boris Boris Boris Johnson, coz remember Scotland,

      You don’t count, and if the media has it’s way, you never will

    117. Hamish100 says:

      On BBC Scotland……. Davidson a real asset for Johnson at a “National”. ( UK) level states a political pundit from down south in londinium.

      Yip – they are so out of touch. As for Gordon Dewar ….. the Nationalists state this and that . Merging the SDLP with the SNP.

      We are so different and they know this.

    118. Ottomanboi says:

      All very ‘miserablist’.
      We do not need to move on from this sombre litany of woes to that of singing the lively song for an era of hope, vision, dynamism and renewal which we believe independence will initiate.
      When he visits Scotland that is what he needs to hear.
      Whinge and cringe no more. UK no more.

    119. kapelmeister says:

      Trouble for Richard Leonard. Labour councillor Ian McNeil, who represents an Airdrie ward on North Lanarkshire Council, has been appointed to a full time salaried post with the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland.

      A big embarrassment since Leonard is going to be standing as Labour’s candidate for the Airdrie & Shorts constituency in the next Holyrood GE.

    120. kapelmeister says:

      Airdrie & Shotts. LOL.
      Laughing out loud that is, not Loyal Orange Lodge.

    121. Heart of Galloway says:

      Heading back to Scotland today after a weekend break the In English Lakes.

      We had three brief encounters with politics – a ”free Tommy Robinson’ banner on flyover near Carlisle, a woman in a restaurant crowing: ‘Wasn’t that a fantastic speech by Boris Johnson?’ to nods all round from her table, and an otherwise affable bloke called John from Wigan who knew nothing of Scotland and moaned about ‘all these Moslems’.

      These trivial events are nothing in the scheme of things but may not be unconnected to the BoJoCons taking a 10 point lead in the polls over Labour.

      Meanwhile, BBC Engerland is in full love in mode with Blondie, if breakfast TV’s nauseating offering
      Is anything to go by.

      There is an election coming, probably before Brexit.

      And The SNP must grab the agenda by placing Indyref2 at the heart of its manifesto.

      No deal Brexit, any kind of Brexit – or independence in the EU? That’s the line where we stand and fight.

    122. Petra says:

      Mr Johnston is ….

      …”A person with no convictions, delivering a political project he does not believe in for a plan that does not exist.”..

    123. manandboy says:

      Under the Treaty of Union 1707, Scotland is not a Colony. But just try telling the English that.

    124. Ottomanboi says:

      Intrusive NOT in 09:58 comment..

    125. Ottomanboi says:

      @Manandboy 10:12
      Given the said treaty was obtained under ‘duress’ and was by modern standards undemocratic it might be deemed an act of annexation for that is how England interprets it; an opportunity to scotch Scotland’s political independence and allow unhindered access to the country to pursue its interests. Subduing and civilizing’ the surly locals being paramount.
      The whole thing was a mistake. The key to the process of correcting that mistake is within our grasp.

    126. galamcennalath says:

      Petra says:

      Mr Johnston is ….

      Thanks for drawing attention to that, I think Ian Dunt might be spot on there.

      For all the veneer of clownery, it would be wise not to underestimate Johnson. He is motivated primarily to promote himself and ensure self preservation – all else is just a means to that end.

      Right now, Johnson will see self promotion best served by delivering Brexit (any Brexit), saving the Tory party, seeing off Farage, ensuring Labour continue to be ineffectual, and ….. SAVING THE UNION.

      Johnson’s survival depends on delivering these and since his survival matters more than the how and why details of actually achieves that, he will be ruthless.

    127. jfngw says:

      Johnson, like Cameron, will do what all Eton toffs do when things go titsup, they walk away safe in the knowledge that their personal fortunes are safe, even enhanced, and they can continue with their privileged lifestyle.

      It seems the BBC has turned from the broadcaster of the establishment to purely the propaganda unit of the Conservative. Their role now is to normalise a hard Brexit and promote its benefits, these of course are mostly fictitious but they don’t care, a place in the House of Lords awaits for some, a rewarding gong for others.

    128. ahundredthidiot says:

      BBC……military uniform……Tory with nae principles…

      …..perfect CV for a future British Regime Leader

    129. “… a new Fair Employment Act in 1989, which introduced a duty on employers to monitor the religious composition of their workforce, and created the Fair Employment Commission to replace the Fair Employment Agency. The law was extended to cover the provision of goods, facilities and services in 1998 under the Fair Employment and Treatment (Northern Ireland) Order 1998.[23] In 1999, the Commission was merged with the Equal Opportunities Commission, the Commission for Racial Equality and the Northern Ireland Disability Council to become part of the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.”
      This from Wiki iro Northern Ireland’s solution to discrimination on grounds of religion, the cause and effect of ‘The Troubles’ Over There. to this day, where there are still 40 + ‘Peace walls’ dividing communities in Belfast alone.
      Do we need similar measures here?
      It seems to me that The OO and the ‘Sons and Daughters of the Kirk’ predominate in p0olitics and the Media.
      Is this a throwback to the bad old days of the ’70s in Scotland where Journailism broadcasting the Law and senior ‘professions’ were closed to Catholics?
      I ask, how many Catholics present TV and Radio Programmes Up Here, especially at the BBC?
      I am serious about this.
      Is Scottish Society being held in a stranglehold by Middle Class Unionist bred ‘Christians’?
      BTW I strongly argue that the Catholic hierarchy are as controlling and Right Wing as The Covenanters.
      Organised religion has a lot to answer.
      Any reading here got ‘Fair Employment Act’ type stats for MSM hacks and broadcasters religious breakdown?

    130. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @muscleguy (8.22) –

      Thanks for that response, very interesting stuff.

      I suppose a set-piece like that, where it’s a formal dinner, recorded then edited, was never going to produce anything startlingly new or controversial, but it’s valuable documentary all the same. Some respondents (well, one) on Twitter defended McLeish on the grounds that he has since come out as a solid Yes.

      It’s not difficult to envisage a scenario where, in indy Scotland, these discussions become all-but redundant. Instead, we’d have the chance to dig a lot deeper into the cultural stuff on our own terms, not those dictated by metropolitan editors/producers – basically, all the same arguments which surrounded the Gray/Kelman ‘white setllers’ stramash. There’s a middle-ground to be found, somewhere between the propaganda manufactured in or via London, and the academic work which Cameron B alerts us to.

    131. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Ruth Davidson has been abandoned as the saviour of the union, replaced ontrial by Jo Swinson. It is also becoming clear that Richard Leonard has been recognised as entirely inadequate and we are seeing more of Anas.
      They don’t have a lot of choices.

    132. Jack Murphy says:

      Here’s another Tory who is now HOME SECRETARY in this Far-Right Tory Cabinet !

      Priti Patel the Tory MP for Witham in Essex appeared on Question Time a few years ago.

      VIDEO From the I newspaper on-line:

      Resurfaced VIDEO shows ian Hislop shutting down Priti Patel’s argument in favour of Capital Punishment.

    133. stonefree says:

      With all the comment on, Imperialist music coupled with similar under currents in Advertising, I recieved a newsletter titled “ESCAPE TO COLDITZ” from a Surrey based purveyor of Motorcycle Clothing and Helmets, complete with dripping jingoism, The full Boona??…
      Don’t know’ I couldn’t read it

    134. Breeks says:

      I think there’s a degree of vindictiveness in Johnson which was acutely aware of “Operation Arse”, and he absolutely loves seeing Davidson and Mundell getting their just desserts.

      But Ruth Davidson and Boris Johnson (Trump too for that matter), strike me as very similar narcissists cut from the same rather nasty cloth, and I think Davidson will now want vindictive, quid pro quo revenge upon Johnson for the humiliation of her personally, and to a lesser extent all the Scottish Tories….”Team Ruth Davidson” on election pamphlets don’t forget.

      Davidson will now withdraw to lick her wounds, she’ll say all the right things, go through the motions and bide her time, but the darkness within her soul will already be plotting and trying to engineer some damaging egg on the face for the new PM.

      That might be a breakaway Scottish Tory Party, but I think not. Johnson has stolen her thunder there already, and he’s already moved the centre of gravity southward with his English Tories parachuted in to strategic appointments. Ruth wouldn’t be splitting the Party as a General now, but merely leading a breakaway splinter group of disgruntled guerrillas forced into hiding in the hills.

      It might be Ruth Davidson suddenly “finding” a long mislaid principle, and all of sudden being a lot more vocal and obdurate about Scotland rejecting a hard Brexit. But that strategy puts her on a collision course with the Tory Brexiteer Brigade, and Boris PM has a bigger Tory gang than she does. It’s not that Boris would likely win that battle too, but it wouldn’t resurrect Ruth’s fortunes as a Tory.

      So, I think there’s a chance, a small chance I grant you, that Davidson might actually soften her resolve towards preserving the Union, – particularly if the demise of the Union can be squarely blamed on her nemesis, Mr Johnson, while she comes up smelling of roses and self importance saying “I told you so”…. or “you should have listened to me”…

      Relax now, I absolutely do not expect, or want, Davidson to suddenly declare her undying support Scottish Independence, but IF Scottish Independence was to happen, and it can all be blamed on the reckless buffoonery of Boris Johnson, then Ruth Davidson’s “cloud” has at least one very shiny, shiny, silver lining.

      As the saying goes, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned….

    135. Mac says:

      @Robert Peffers

      My comment still stands. You are out of line and out of touch.

      Have a good day.

    136. CameronB Brodie says:

      This isn’t rocket surgery folks. Scotland and England are not ‘One Nation’, and no amount abusive constitutional over-reach can change the fact that each nation comprising the Union, has a unique national character. The full-English Brexit suggests Britain can not accommodate such cultural difference, so we must all be English nationalists now, i.e. authoritarian xenophobes.

      N.B. Not all English folks support English nationalism.

      The Genesis of English Nationalism

      In the aftermath of Brexit, there has been an upsurge of interest in English nationalism. But what exactly is English nationalism, where does it come from, and what role, if any, did it play in the referendum outcome? In this extended article, Michael Kenny investigates. This article appeared originally in the September 2016 edition of Political Insight.

      English nationalism is best understood as a bundle of sentiments and convictions which are closely aligned to Euroscepticism, though not in any straightforward way a cause of anti-EU feeling. A stronger sense of Englishness represents both a manifestation of, and vehicle for, a gathering seam of political disenchantment.

      Perhaps the most important role played by English nationalism in the EU referendum was in relation to the terms and tenor of the campaign that led up to the vote. English nationalism primed audiences for some of the main rhetorical gambits of the ‘Leave’ campaign, and helped engender a sense of conviction and a greater commonality of outlook for groups of voters increasingly disenchanted with the political mainstream. Without the cadences, rhetorical flourishes and mental frameworks associated with a loose form of English nationalism, the referendum campaign would have felt and sounded very different….

    137. Iain says:

      Lenny Hartley 27th, 3.44 pm

      Annabelle Goldie was at Greenock Academy, not Glasgow High. Clear memory of her.

    138. Cadogan Enright says:

      Good video – pass it on and subscribe to the National so they can hit 8000 subscribers and launch their Unionist Rebuttal service.

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