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The Arrangement

Posted on April 14, 2021 by

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92 to “The Arrangement”

  1. Mac says:

    How long did it take to eliminate the common flu virus… oh wait.

  2. Al-Stuart says:

    Sad fact is these pi55ed Amadans in London will cause the next lockdown and many more deaths.

  3. Robert Graham says:

    As usual Brown taking the piss .

    Campaigning will resume ha ha now that’s really funny eh you need to have started a campaign to resume it after you have paused it ,so that’s the first lie .

    And where’s the fkn money Broon ?

  4. tartanfever says:

    Presumably the upcoming Holyrood election is deemed as necessary simply because it’s going ahead, despite potential Covid risks.

    Unlike an Independence Referendum which will be held off until, well, maybe when the SNP run out of excuses.

  5. It’s a weird virus that leaves folk alone as they go to the polls for a Holyrood election yet smites them by the thousand when they go near an indyref.

  6. Andy says:

    So no indyref for the next 10 years… Pathetic. ALBA is now needed more than ever

  7. Stuart MacKay says:

    With the virus sloshing around in large populations like India and Brasil and the immunity offered by the vaccine looking like it’s going to be measured in months, it’s time to face the reality that Covid-19 might be with us for a very long time to come.

  8. Ian Mac says:

    Don’t worry: when the pandemic is ‘over’, there will be the post-covid rebuild of the economy to consider and we can’t possibly consider a referendum then. After that, well there’ll be an election and that will be a proxy ‘referendum’, with no action required afterwards. Simples. And so it goes on.

  9. Robert Graham says:

    The words that can’t be mentioned

    A Independent Scotland

    A totally Alien concept within this SNP

    I think everyone is due a refund for the money they have contributed over the years to a party that’s never had any intention of either preparing for a Independent Scotland or attempting to upset Westminster ,their mantra of good governance is looking pretty shaky as well now I don’t think it could stand any close scrutiny we are led to believe we do things better than Westminster , really I do wonder about that little bit of nonsense.

  10. Tony Hay says:

    They dont even bother to try to fool the faithful now…..a weird kind of honesty after 7yrs of lies.How the he’ll have we allowed ourselves to be conned by these devolutionist troughers.

    If Alba can’t get to at least 8% on the list we are absolutely fucked and may as well chuck it,the days we have left till election day are as crucial as any we have faced in our history.

    For the love of God Scotland get off our knees.

  11. Dave Hansell says:

    That reminds me. Must get that long grass on the lawn cut.

  12. Pogrom69 says:

    The next IndyRef will happen when the missing money shows up in the SNP accounts. Does anybody have Paul Daniels’ number?

  13. Andrew F says:

    Just happen to be in the middle of reading this very good rundown of the whole COVID narrative from a Doctor:

    I’m more and more inclined to the view that a lot of people have been played, and I’ve been sceptical about the whole thing from day one.

  14. auld highlander says:

    It’s going to be around forever with new variants as and when required so another referendum will be in the very very distant future.

    Meanwhile the seat polishing squatters continue to pocket easy cash until the next general election.

    Hopefully Alex the Innocent gets elected on the second vote and really rattles their cage.

  15. Neil Wilkinson says:

    Antibody protection fades over a few months , T cell immunity lasts years. The focus on only antibodies is…misguided

  16. Cynicus says:

    Of greater significance, surely, is Mr Brown’s statement at the end:
    “There will be no referendum until [the pandemic] is over”
    Expect the Sturgeon Cult ( that third letter is “L”) to extend definitions of the terms “pandemic” and “over” in wondrous ways.

  17. PacMan says:

    Just because we are currently being vaccinated with vaccines that were developed for the virus in it’s state a year ago, it doesn’t mean that the pandemic is over.

    The pandemic will be over when we get to a point where we are able to adapt vaccines to handle variants. Until then there is every possibility that there will be lockdowns when there is a threat of the medical systems becoming overwhelmed.

    This is going to take a couple of years at least provided of course we don’t mess things up in the meantime. As mentioned with the current variant spreading over London at the moment, it doesn’t look good.

    Anyway, it’s all in the meaning of when the pandemic being over. Does that mean just the medical aspect of the pandemic or the economic aspects caused by it as well?

  18. colin lees says:

    i have to feel sorry for all those who with great passion,have donated money to the snp.”ring fenced indi ref fund”it seems that its all been are being kept in the dark and treated as disposable fools.i understand they are sending out pleas for more (2nd indi ref ring fenced funds)there are some that will give, i”m sure.for me,i could not,would not,will not give snp even a sniff of a vote.with major institutional failings & not fit for purpose scotlands politics has a long way to go.the alex salmond enquiry has brought it all out into the daylight.

  19. Wee Willie says:

    I watched Blackford on PMQs today. The man is a joke .

  20. Luigi says:

    There wont be another referendum until the Scottish population is vaccinated against independence. Don’t worry – they are working on it.

  21. Dan says:

    I understood the amazing symptom reducing injections have been administered to pretty much all the aged and vulnerable people already.
    And if those injections aren’t any use and the pandemic is still so serious, why the fuck are we about to come out of lockdown as that will only exacerbate things.

    Can I vote for the New Zealand Government at the upcoming elections…

  22. Big Jock says:

    Apparently some of the vaccines don’t work on the S Africa varient. So already some vaccines are becoming redundant. If you look at Canada its the under 50s now on ventilators as variants run riot.

    This virus will take years to slow down. So Scotland’s democracy is left to events outside Scotland’s control yet again.

    Scotland’s democracy is secondary to every bump in the road.

  23. Breeks says:

    The Pandemic is over… as a political cudgel.

    Except for viewers in Scotland.

  24. WeeChid says:

    Dave Hansell says:
    14 April, 2021 at 12:28 pm
    “That reminds me. Must get that long grass on the lawn cut.”

    Let us know if you find Nic’s can.

  25. Vestas says:

    I was looking at the infection rate for Scottish regions and its miniscule in comparison to any other European country. Even areas affected by the Ranger supporters breaking the law a few weeks back have tiny infection rates.

    Its no more going to be eradicated than flu is.

    So what the SNP is actually saying is “no indyref2 in the foreseeable future”.

    No surprise there as they can’t afford it – they’ll be bankrupt (and some of them likely facing criminal charges for the theft of “ringfenced” funds) without the short money they get from Westminster.

    Anyone (who isn’t a moron) voting SNP who wants independence WILL regret their vote in the months and years to come.

  26. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Shitting on sectarianism for the fun of it. 🙂

  27. madridjim says:

    Hey SNP 2 voters in MSF, here’s who the SNP think should be responsible for us yessers wasting 120,000 votes on on the AMS ballot.

    Did you hear independence being mentioned? Naw, me neither.

    In 2016, 120,000 votes, divided by 9 (8 constituency seats +1) = net 13,300 votes carried forward to seat distribution, didn’t get the SNP anything here. For SNP to get 1 poxy list seat ( assuming they still get 8 cos Brexit, Johnson & IMB are gonna cause a huge drop in the 59 FPTP seats they won in 2016 aren’t they?) they’ll need 160,004 of us to vote SNP2 (17,772 votes once we do the dividing bit)to mibbe, fingers crossed, get #7th spot….wasting 142,000 votes along the way.

    Where are those extra 40,000 votes going to come from?
    With Tories lending/colluding with Rennie in North East Fife constituency seat to get him reelected it means his party won’t get anything on the list. Who does that leave MSF libdem voters to vote for on the list?
    With their indigestion Tablet returned by unionist collusion via FPTP they’ll reciprocate the gesture and 10,000 lib dem votes will go to inflating the Perth, Stirling, Clacks & Kinross Tory votes as well as the spam valley Tories from around the region to the incredibly high number of 75.000.

    If we want 4 ALBA (and mibbe Martin Keatings too) we’re going to have to really get the indy vote out. But it can be done if we look at what is going on in Tory central. They might collude with libdems but not with Rowley n Baker… No Tory /Labour auld pals act this time.

    Libdems not a threat to either of them on list. Unlike them Rennie takes a D’Hondt coefficient of 2 to the AMS table. Tories n Labour only one… So fighting with each other for perhaps the most treasured part of their glorious union….. their HR pensions !!
    Before the adults in the SNP room like Eva Comrie & Neale Hanvey moved to Alba our list votes were wasted. Vote SNP2, get tories…wtf??

    The Tories were having a wee dance with Fraser Smith Stewart & Lockhart all happily contemplating another 5 years of undermining Scotland and getting paid for it. Then Stephen Kerr turned up announcing he was standing in Stirling… What did the hardcore Perth Tories do? punted him to Falkirk West in Central region. Lockhart moving to Stirling last minute… See what they did? No fuss. Ex MP from Stirling shifted west and out of their hair. They know how the system works. It’s their only hope after all with SNP getting 95% of the Constituency seats (69/73 – latest survation poll 2 Tory, 2 libdem)

    Can’t yessers do the same? Can’t we see that ALBA has the same 0+1 advantage as Tories n Labour enjoy on the AMS ballot? That every ALBA vote will go to electing MSPs who believe in independence , simultaneously reducing the numbers of Vichy Jocks who don’t is a fantastic opportunity, indeed our last opportunity to push WM for indy the #SuperMajority of 86 seats gives us.

    Enjoy the video and ask yourselves…. Is this what 160,000 votes we can’t possibly find gets us or will you vote Alba and enjoy reducing the Tories to just 2 and Labour to 1 wet fart up the back waving their flaccid butcher’s apron?

    Note to ALBA supporters from regions outwith Mid Scotland and Fife…. check out your 2016 results, find out who your unionist oxygen thieves are and go after them & If you’re feeling brave enough highlight your gerrymandered SNP2 #1 candidate for your region too and what %age increase in SNP2 votes your regions need to elect them.

    We have to vote SNP1, of course.If France could elect Chirac to prevent Le Pen becoming their Presi we can hold our noses n vote for them one last time on the constituency ballot.

    The supermajority won’t happen without them but can we vote ALBA and keep the careerists like Stefan, you’ll all have Stephans on your lists, obediently punting SNP1&2 to absorb our AMS votes allowing 50+ unionists back in to the HR 50:50 pantomime. Vote ALBA 2 to keep the careerist Stefans out of our councils next year as that’s where their party loyalty will take them before, heaven forbid, they appear as FPTP candidates for the High Church of the Wokus Dei in 2024 GE or 2026 SE

  28. Dan Fyffe says:

    Lockdowns will continue until there is the political will for them to stop.

  29. Mist001 says:

    So, you can vote in an election but can’t vote in a referendum?

    This ‘virus’ can tell the difference between the two?

  30. Lady Lyon says:

    Oh well that’s that then, campaigning is only unsafe when it’s for Indy

  31. Eileen Carson says:

    Swine Flu pandemic 2009-10 lasted 19 months from January 2009 until August 2010. I caught it in June/July of 2010 and got pneumonia which incapacitated me for 8 weeks and left me with permanent scarring to my right lung.

    This Covid-19 pandemic is much more deadly and it’s NOT over yet!! I expect us to be still experiencing ‘waves’ through to next summer. At least 2-2.5 years by any reasonable analysis.

  32. Vestas says:

    Also doesn’t this make it somewhat impossible for the SNP to “spend” £600k this year on indyref2 campaigning?

    I mean we all KNOW they stole the money and used it to enrich party members but hasn’t Brown just blown any pretence of this out of the water now?

  33. solarflare says:

    Meanwhile we are supposed to be overjoyed when tiny bits of freedom are meted out like war rations.

    We’ve gone from a situation where the SG’s unlocking roadmap said that even into middle of June you wouldn’t be able to have meetings of more than 8 adults/3 households outside, to meetings of 6 adults/6 households outside by Friday on just a few days’ notice. Quite the turn-around.

    The excuses of “the pandemic” are beginning to wear thin, particularly when you look at the Scottish data.

  34. Republicofscotland says:

    Covid is unfortunately, an ideal situation for our FM to delay any real activities with regards to Scottish independence. Sturgeon has stated that she’ll definitely remain FM if reelected on May 7th until 2026, after that she’s reticent on her intentions.

    With very little real movement on the independence front from the SNP, it appears to me that the next five years will, if Sturgeon is reelected, not see an indyref, for Sturgeon won’t risk holding one without Westminster’s consent, nor will she risk the possibility of losing an indyref and in the aftermath having to resign. I mean why would she, she has the Scottish political scene all wrapped up why risk an independence referendum, that if won would change the political landscape, or if lost, it would surely she idol like status diminished.

    No she’ll play it safe, not for Scotland’s interests but for her own interests and the interests of her party. This is where the ALBA party comes in, ALBA MSPs can ask those difficult questions on why there’s been no movement on the indyfront, we cannot expect the the utterly trans captured Greens to ask those important questions for they’re singing off the same hymn sheet as the SNP on those matters.

  35. Stuart MacKay says:

    Neil Wilkinson

    You are correct that T cells provide long term protection. However the data on how effective the vaccines are at triggering a T cell response are not yet available.

    This paper from Nature discusses the issue,

    If you can tolerate the jargon, skip to the last section “Durability and future challenges” there the authors discuss the risk posed by variants. While the mRNA vaccines should help us adapt there is no certainty we will rid ourselves of this menace. With a bit of luck it will just become the new influenza.

    With regards to the referendum, the persistence of Covid-19 and the variants is the Get Out of Jail Free card the SNP were looking for to avoid having to get off their comfy chairs and actually do something. That means there are five more years of posturing, platitudes and independence jam to look forward to.

  36. Muscleguy says:

    So we can have an election on May 6 amidst lockdowns albeit loosening but we cannot possibly have a referendum which involves very much the same sort of stuff except for a bit longer.

    During lockdown and before it was clear they had beaten the virus NZ held a General election alonside not one but two referendums. On weighty subjects Assisted Dying (won) and Canabis Law reform (Lost).

  37. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    So we will have a Tory/Boris recovery plan instead of a Scottish recovery plan!

    Boris will bleed us dry. Neuter Holyrood and enjoy their Brexit celebrations
    Nicola will have a Rainbow festival with lots of men in dresses. She will continue to put our children at risk to the poison of queer theory.

  38. WeeChid says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    14 April, 2021 at 12:54 pm
    I’m now more concerned with the damage she will do rather than what she won’t do. five more years of her madcap policies? JFC

  39. Clavie Cheil says:


  40. Rikali says:

    Imagine if the English Tories decided to “give” Scotland its independence the SNP would be beside themselves with terror and scrambling to find any number of reasons to reject it.

    But it wouldn’t stop them campaigning on “supporting” Independence. Haha

    Shameless liars and hypocrites.

  41. bipod says:

    Anyone who has actually been out and about in Glasgow over the past few weeks will know that virtually no one paid any attention to the groups of 4 max from 2 households rule, nicola updating it to groups of 6 from 6 different households is more a reflection of what is actually going rather than a great return of our freedoms.

    People need to get used to authoritarian government control over our lives for years to come, they will always be able to find some new variant in some corner of the world that makes the hyper cautious “experts” nervous. After the second world war rationing lasted all the way until 1951 when the public got so sick of it they voted the labour party out. I suspect a similar thing will happen here, the constant fear mongering will keep the largely useless restrictions and government controls going until people get so tired of it they vote them out.

  42. Neil Wilkinson says:

    Hi Stuart, agreed there’s a lot we don’t know about SARS Cov-2, but as I understood it, there has to be a big variation in the variant for it to evade T cells, and the current variations don’t get anywhere near big. Apologies I don’t have a reference to hand, but this one from Israel is interesting

    I will follow up your link, thanks, and wholeheartedly agree that Sturgeon, Boris and co have hidden behind the virus

  43. AndyH says:

    So we can have the Euros but not a referendum?


  44. Garavelli Princip says:

    I have to conclude that the Brit Deep State has well and truly penetrated the SNP.

    Marine Brown has an interesting back-story:

    “Born in Edinburgh, Brown attended Tynecastle High School in the city, before joining the Royal Marines and serving in the Falklands War. Upon leaving the Marines he attended the University of Dundee where he joined the SNP, graduating in Politics in 1988.”

    Not saying Marine Brown is an agent, but if you wanted to put an agent in the SNP it is likely that such an agent would have a back-story similar to that of Marine Brown.

  45. Stuart MacKay says:

    Neil Wilkinson

    Interesting article, a few too “mays” and “ifs” for my liking but there’s a lot of interesting research coming out of Israel as they were quick off the mark to get their population vaccinated – well the part they actually care about.

    @Muscleguy is the man who knows most about this stuff though.

    Back to the referendum – the example of New Zealand says it all – if you want it then you’ll get it. However if the government would rather pander to and pamper their paedophile protagonists then there are a million and one reasons for prevarication and procrastination.

  46. AWhiteLife says:

    Five’s a shout when the ‘pandemic’ starts. A grand total of 596 people died between 3/3/2020 – 1/2/2021 with no comorbidities! Yes the dates and numbers are correct & direct from Scottish government under FOI ref : FOI/20210060626 but still the little liar is telling you + 10,000. Now when I tell you any and or all of the 596 deaths could also have been murdered, RTA, suicide, fell off ladder +++. Are you seeing it now?. And still you will line up to be injected with an experimental clusterfvck of Bill gates choosing. Worse still is how many of you will still give her your vote next month. She wears red because she’s a dirty rotten closet dwelling lesbian communist globalist midwit. When the hell did Scots get so fvcking dumb to believe the utter sh1te you believe?.

  47. Soli says:

    If you don’t want the SNP (and who does?) then don’t vote for them.
    The decks need clearing, even if does delay Indy… With the SNP in power, Indy isn’t even on the horizon.
    With unionists in power, people will, hopefully, be galvanised to thinking more clearly about what the SNP are really offering. Then Alba will come into it’s own.

    I’d like to watch George Galloway taking on Wee Nicky, imagine the blink rate ?

  48. Charles Hodgson says:

    I pity anyone who still believes the lockdown is necessary for anything other than political reasons.
    F*cking mugs.

  49. Charles Hodgson says:

    …and they can stick their vaccines up their arse.

  50. John H. (The original one) says:

    Republicofscotland says: 12.54pm.

    “Sturgeon has stated that she’ll definitely remain FM if reelected on May 7th until 2026, after that she’s reticent on her intentions.”

    Arrogant little git, isn’t she? You can see it in the way she swaggers around these days. It’s all about her career plan, and nothing to do with the people of Scotland.

  51. Mac says:

    It is certainly interesting that the three people I can think of in UK politics who the ruling elite clearly consider an ‘enemy of the state’ are Alex Salmond, Jeremy Corbyn and also George Galloway.

    They came within a whisper of taking out Salmond, they did take out Corbyn and they have had a good few runs at Galloway who is very resilient and careful (remember that letter they ‘found’ when they invaded Iraq when they invaded for one example).

    Galloway has written recently ‘why is he a target of the BBC when he is fighting for the union’.

    It is actually a very good question, why are they targeting him?

    I think what binds these three very different but very similar cases is their support for Palestinian causes. More than anything I think that is what makes and made them a target.

    That would maybe also tie in with the theory it is our American friends pulling a lot of the string on behalf of their buddies down south, it is probably them driving it.

    I don’t know but there is certainly a strong whiff of outside involvement.

  52. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    We can’t have an Indy ref but other elections are okay.

    We can open the pubs and restaurants but can’t stick leaflets through doors.

    How do they attempt to explain this?

    Crystal clear the SNP do not want a referendum on independence.

    As far as I can see that’s the game over for about 10 years until a new party is in the independence driving seat.

    I am now of the belief that the opportunity is gone we were beaten by the SNP.

    Will always support independence but you have to face facts sometimes no more money wasted no more getting the hopes up, just mess up UKOK whenever you can starting with the old TV licence.

    Lots of things folk can do to frustrate WM but independence is now not coming.

  53. LaingB French says:

    Just incase you didn’t know, every year covid19 flu shots will be given out as it has replaced the common flu shot you used to get before. It seems two viruses cannot exist at the same time, covid won the battle which meant pharmaceuticals can make profit off it. Variants are neither worse or more infectious but the media is playing fear mongering with it.
    I REFUSED TO TAKE THE FKN VACINNE simply because they couldn’t answer my questions
    Have you isolated the virus in a sterile laboratory?
    Is it a dead flu virus in the vaccine or MRNA?
    Will it affect my Anti Tumor Necrosis Factor injections, has it been tested on other recipients?
    Strange how we cant get to vote because of the alleged pandemic yet USA can carry out an election amongst 300million people during the worst of covid.
    prepare for a dirty political war folks, the tricks are going to get dirtier and nastier. So no OH MY!….didnt see that coming …expect IT! SAOR ALBA

  54. Mia says:

    “Presumably the upcoming Holyrood election is deemed as necessary”

    Well of course. Sturgeon is finished. Everybody knows that. But she cannot leave until Robertson is in, just in case some of that pesky evidence inconveniently finds its way to the surface.

    And how is Robertson going to take over from her control of the Lord Advocate of the day unless there is an Holyrood election and he gets a seat?

  55. lothianlad says:

    If further proof that the SNP don’t want Independence, here it is! they are a truly despicable pro union, anti- female party!

  56. Vestas says:

    Mia says:
    14 April, 2021 at 2:41 pm

    “But she cannot leave until Robertson is in, just in case some of that pesky evidence inconveniently finds its way to the surface.”

    The Robertson family is a ticking bomb in political terms.

    Too many people know the truth & if he ever gets to be leader then the ticking will stop because someone WILL tell the truth at which point the SNP is dead.

  57. WeeChid says:

    lothianlad says:
    14 April, 2021 at 2:42 pm
    “If further proof that the SNP don’t want Independence, here it is! they are a truly despicable pro union, anti- female party!”
    You missed out ageist and classist as well. They’re no keen on us auldies and the working class grass roots are really not “de rigueur”. “To much flag waving and, well, we’re awfy sweary.

  58. Mia says:

    “The Robertson family is a ticking bomb in political terms”

    And that is precisely what makes him the perfect, compliant puppet for the British state and their perfect leader for the SNP. I think the idea the British state did not have their finger on this since day one is naive.

  59. The Hot Needle of Enquiry says:


    Is it Robertson or wife no 2 that is the key?

  60. Vestas says:

    Mia says:
    14 April, 2021 at 3:04 pm

    “I think the idea the British state did not have their finger on this since day one is naive.”

    I don’t think you know what you’re talking about – or more specifically what I’m referring to. No offence intended.

    There was never any need for the Brits to get involved with the Robertsons. Its entirely personal with them.

  61. Karen says:

    My friend’s elderly, Tory, Edinburgh mother is voting Labour, because “Anas Sarwar seems like a nice man.”

  62. Mia says:

    “I don’t think you know what you’re talking about – or more specifically what I’m referring to”

    I wouldn’t be so sure.

    “There was never any need for the Brits to get involved with the Robertsons”

    Need is not the same as opportunity.

  63. katherine hamilton says:

    Pandemics are “called” by the World Health Organisation. Only they can declare it “over”. This is just more nonsense from the SNP. The present rates of vaccination worldwide are low, leaving aside any future complications from variants. There are around 6 billion souls on the planet who need 2 jags. Production capacity worldwide I think is 2 billion per year though again this may expand. However 12 billion jags at 2 billion produced per year, and that’s assuming the rich countries will help the poor ones. (Spoiler, they won’t). 6 years and counting.
    The WHO won’t declare it over because the white man is jagged.

  64. Stoker says:

    @ Keith Brown, you said:

    “The pandemic isn’t over yet and there will not be a referendum until it is.”

    Then may i suggest you SNP lot go take a flying fuck to yourselves and come back and ask me for my vote when it is over because until then yous have absolutely nothing to interest me.

    Pandemic hasn’t stopped yous from making sure this election goes ahead, has it? Now why would that be? Because it’s all about further securing your jobs and seats on the gravy train.

    Btw, who died and made you Captain of the ship?

  65. Donald Gleason says:

    I think Mac is right about outside involvement. Banana republic level shenanigans involving the USA and probably Israel wanting to keep the UK together for reasons to do with war.

    The woman who was not there may have personal motivations but someone was pulling her strings. We know this because she tried to back out.

  66. Patsy Millar says:

    Says it all really!

  67. wee monkey says:

    What kind of moron would take an infant, one that isn’t even swaddled properly, to a snow laden hilltop to watch a winter sunset, then expose the child to that environment further?

    A sturgeonist, that’s who; and there’s plenty more they’ve done in the last year that needs highlighting.

    As for the IT, start a crowdfund for the excess, hell you must be one of the last, if not the last, beacons of independent journalism in Scotland.

    No, not THAT independence…

  68. deerhill says:

    Lets face it the SNP have no intention of holding a referendum ever!

    Perhaps all the people who contributed to the “Referendum
    Fighting Fund” could start a class action to get their money back? It would concentrate minds wonderfully.

    Can a bankrupt political party continue in government?

  69. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Mia 3.04

    I just wish they would get on with it. Ticking is not enough for me. I can’t say because I don’t want Wings in trouble but everyone knows. And the rest… Really bad. Does he have man boobs??

  70. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    We all know what’s going on here.

    Booby all round. I’ve got a fucking plan as well!!

    Yes. Just get to the chase. Yes I have a plan.

    Soz I don’t have a plan. I was only taking the piss 😉

  71. Mikey d says:

    If the ‘Scottish’ people cannot come out in may and endorse a proper independence party, then hell mend ye. You deserve all the austerity, all the foodbanks, all the siting of cancer causing nukes, all the hurt that the etonian tory scum will inflict on you, lap it f*****g up and be grateful for your masters scraps. Wha’s like us? Aye, wha’s like ye indeed.

  72. Anna says:

    Did Covid came in handy? Makes you wonder where Scotland would have been without it?

  73. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Yes covid did come in handy.

    Alex is a star and for me a wonderful breath of fresh air.

    My God I’ve missed him.

  74. John Martini says:

    You are all neurotic. Follow the data, follow the science. We are doing brilliant.

  75. Kcor says:

    Mia says,

    “I think the idea the British state did not have their finger on this since day one is naive.”

    Mia’s scapegoat for everthing that is wrong with the SNP – “the British state”.

    The Rev. Stuart Campbell, Craig Murray and Gordon Dangerfield are on the record for writing that it was not the British state but Sturgeon and her very close circle who were responsible for the criminal conspiracy against Alex Salmond.

    And I don’t think the Rev. Stuart Campbell, Craig Murray and Gordon Dangerfield are “naive”.

    By the way, Mia, despite posting long essays full of waffle, have you ever suggested how we can overcome the British state to get independence?

    If, as you believe, the British state is so powerful and behind everything that is wrong in the SNP, there is no way Scotland can ever get independence.

    It seems to me that you are actually part of the British state.

    After all you are dead against the idea of Sarwar unseating Sturgeon in the Glasgow Southside constituency, giving a very British state like excuse for it.

  76. Kcor says:

    Karen says,

    “My friend’s elderly, Tory, Edinburgh mother is voting Labour, because “Anas Sarwar seems like a nice man.”

    Good, anything to get Sturgeon out.

    For your information, Anas Sarwar is not guilty of trying to jail Alex Salmond on false charges of rape.

    In other words, there is no person in Scotland who is more evil than Sturgeon.

  77. Jacqueline McMillan says:

    Booby needs a rocket up her lying arse. Hopefully sooner rather than … are going to find out out 😉 😉

    What a nasty lot. We need Indy and you don’t wont it. Aye protect your perverted cash from us.

    Totally pissed off. Truth will out for women and children.

    Nicla’s family says she is a pour soul . Look after your children . really. just do it

  78. McDuff says:

    As has been mentioned before, NZ held two referendum`s and an election last year with no difficulty, yet the pathetic SNP is incapable of holding one ref.

  79. Ian McLaren says:

    New COVID-19 variant infects Scotland: an election is possible says the SNP government, but neither a census nor an independence referendum. None of the SNP election leaflets shoved through my door explicitly mentions a referendum at all.

  80. Mia says:

    “have you ever suggested how we can overcome the British state to get independence?”

    I am not sure, but happy to obligue. These are some ideas, but I got more:

    1. Fundamentally, by removing from the British state any opportunity to gerrymander our democratic process:

    a, for example by declaring that from now on EVERY election (being that councils, Holyrood or Westminster) will become a plebiscite on independence – for this you only need one political party that is willing to include in their manifesto a mandate to end the union. Just as the SNP had before they changed the policy. I very much suspect that if this was implemented, the powers moving the strings of the blond buffoon would be tripping over their toes to hand to us a referendum.

    b. By passing a bill in HOlyrood whereby from then on, only political parties with HQ in Scotland and with funding from Scotland are allowed to participate in Scottish elections and referendums. Why should money raised elsewhere outwith Scotland be allowed to interfere in our democratic process?

    c. By passing a bill in Holyrood that designates an independent Electoral Commission stating in law that no external organisation, including British state organs of the state, are allowed to interfere in democratic matters relative only to he Scottish people. It is clear as day that every British state apparatus, and the electoral commission is one of them, has a vested interest in preserving the union. They are therefore not impartial and should not be allowed to stick their fingers in our democratic process.

    d. by passing a bill in HOlyrood that establishes that for any plebiscitary election or referendum the franchise must be selected in a way that the natives’ vote cannot be overturned by settlers. If the natives’ vote is trounced by settlers, then you can no longer talk of “self-determination”.

    2. By starting to progressively eliminating the interference of the British State in Scotland’s government and life:

    a. By passing a bill in Holyrood that sets Scotland’s own civil service. From then on, the UK civil service is limited to deal with UK matters in Scotland and therefore evicted from the building where the democratically elected government of Scotland operates. Scotland’s civil service should take on everything else. Scotland’s permanent secretary should be hired as a Scottish civil servant, not as somebody recommended by Whitehall. When we were part of the EU we did not have EU civil servants breathing down our necks nor gerrymandering our business, did we? So why should it be acceptable to have UK civil servants sticking their noses in what is exclusively Scotland’s business?

    b. By evicting all “crown agents” from anywhere near Scotland’s democratically elected government. As with the UK civil servants, they belong in a complete different building dealing with UK matters, not Scotland’s matters.

    c. By passing a bill in Holyrood to forbid the imposition of UJs in any Scottish produce and to put in saltires instead.

    d. By passing a bill in HOlyrood to make law the flying of Scotland’s flag in the highest mast of every official building, including Scottish monuments and the UK flag in the lower mast. This is firstly Scotland, secondly UK. Scotland can exist without the UK. The UK cannot exist without Scotland so our flag is more important.

    3. By stopping the British state’s cultural interference in Scotland:

    a. By passing a bill in Holyrood that approves an independent national broadcaster for Scotland, controlled by Holyrood, produced in Scotland and for the people of Scotland.

    b. By passing a bill in Scotland whereby either gaelic or Scots will become mandatory to be taught in the schools alongside with English and in a progressive form, in a way that the final destination is for teachers to deliver half of the school time in English and the other half in the elected language, just like they do in Catalonia for example.

    c. By Making mandatory for a job in Scotland’s civil service or public service to speak Gaelic or Scots. Just as it is mandatory to speak Catalonian in Catalonia for those jobs.

    d. Every publication distributed by the Scottish government must be delivered in the three languages, just like in Wales it is in both in Welsh and English.

    e. Make the parliamentary sessions multilingual. A language could be used each day and translators could be put in place for those MSPs that are not multilingual.

    f. De-anglisize the history and literature that is being taught in schools and restore the teaching of proper Scotland’s history. I don’t see why it is more important that the Scottish children learn more things of Shakespeare, who predated the union, than from other Scottish poets and writers.

    g. add subtitules to every film/programme that is broadcasted via the Scottish national broadcaster, so people can read it in gaelic or scots if they so wish.

    h. Offer free courses in Scots and Gaelic to anybody living in Scotland and encourage the use of those languages as much as possible.

    i.By including positive discrimination in the hiring process for any position of power in Scottish universities, Public Services, etc. whereby Scottish people should have priority.

    4. By reasserting Scotland’s sovereignty and continuous and interrupted right to self determination:

    a. By passing a bill in Holyrood that establishes Scotland as an independent state as the default position, in a way that it is the remaining as part of the Union what needs to be re-stated, like in the case of NI, every 7 years. In other words, if England’s government dares to abuse its power in order to stop any plebiscitary election or any referendum the sovereign people of Scotland gave a mandate for to exercise their self determination, then Scotland reverts with immediate effect to its natural status of independent state.

    b. To deliver an ultimatum to the monarch whereby either they instruct their UK government to step back and let Scotland proceed with its self-determination or a second claim of right will be passed in Holyrood, just as Scotland did in 1689, removing from the monarch the rights to hold Scotland’s crown for failing to stop their government and parliament to exercise absolute power over Scotland, and therefore terminating the union of crowns. Without union of crowns, there is no longer a place for a political union between Scotland and England.

    How am I doing?

  81. Jontoscots20 says:

    It’s quite clear if you read inform Scotland a group of sceptical scientists who unlike most of the modellers and behavioural panic merchants advising the Scottish govt, are actually life scientists this pandemic is at an end. It is now endemic and only over- testing is revealing any cases at all. PCR tests are identifying more and more false positives. Most variants will be more transmissible not critical and won’t evade vaccines. That’s because the variants are almost identical to the original strain. I prefer to listen to people who question the WHO, a thoroughly compromised organisation, and question the sagacity of Sage, whose almost comically inept modelling is treated as gospel by science journalists who act as PR officers. It’s quite clear that Johnson was prolonging things with Brexit in mind and Sturgeon is using it in the same way. The fact that Sturgeon can still use her Covid bully pulpit with her straight man the limelight loving dentist Leitch, during an election campaign is a democratic disgrace. It shows the broadcasters are beholden to the the Dreghorn Diva. Even worse her invertebrate political opponents say nothing. As people who are genuinely bright, sceptical and a bit cynical we should be questioning this Covid excuse much more.

  82. JimuckMac says:


    Nobody has died from Covid 19.

  83. Kcor says:

    Mia says,

    “for example by declaring that from now on EVERY election (being that councils, Holyrood or Westminster) will become a plebiscite on independence – for this you only need one political party that is willing to include in their manifesto a mandate to end the union.”

    And who is going to do the “declaring”?

    ALBA is NOT standing on a plebiscite manifesto.

    Previously, you were dead against giving your list vote to the pro indy list parties giving the stupid excuse that they weren’t standing on a plebiscite manifesto, knowing perfectly well that they would be lucky to get 10% of the vote.

    But your high principle about not giving your list vote has changed.

    I won’t even bother responding to the other points in your post because if as you insist the British state is responsible for everything that is wrong in the SNP and Scotland, no-one would be in a position to either promise or deliver what you suggest.

    The one thing that can be achieved is for Sarwar to defeat Sturgeon in the Glasgow Southside constituency.

    But both the British state and you are against that idea.

    Says it all really.

  84. Don says:

    @Robert Graham 14 April, 2021 at 12:18 pm
    “As usual Brown taking the piss .
    Campaigning will resume ha ha now that’s really funny eh you need to have started a campaign to resume it after you have paused it ,so that’s the first lie .
    And where’s the fkn money Broon ?”

    Why are you asking Keef about money ?

  85. Don says:

    @Dan 14 April, 2021 at 12:42 pm

    “Can I vote for the New Zealand Government at the upcoming elections…”

    Why people fall for this Bullshit is beyond me. NZ just has another populist leader who spouts big ideas but lets business decide (as in the 4 day week) NZ hasn’t performed well in the pandemic it has simply has the good luck of geography to be 2500 miles away from its nearest neighbours and isn’t a major world travel hub. Infected people can’t get there easily as illegal immigrants in rubber boats across 22 miles of English channel or drug runners doing day trips from the english coast to the Netherlands. NZ has nothing in common with UK or Europe for that matter.

  86. Don says:

    @JimuckMac says:
    14 April, 2021 at 10:08 pm

    “Nobody has died from Covid 19”

    All the Covid idiots out again ? The WHO and more than 200 other countries in the World say you are wrong, don’t forget to take your medication tonight again.

  87. Mia says:

    “And who is going to do the “declaring”?”
    The same individuals who are prepared to declare independence of Scotland. None of the amoebas and cowards currently in the SNP fulfil that description, unless they are simply biding their time to defect to ALBA once they win their constituency seats.

    “ALBA is NOT standing on a plebiscite manifesto”
    No. But they may stand for the General Elections 2024. They can put the declaration in their manifesto. 3 years is a long time in politics. We may not succeed in May, but we can succeed in 2024.

    “Previously, you were dead against giving your list vote to the pro indy list parties giving the stupid excuse that they weren’t standing on a plebiscite manifesto”
    Not exactly. I wanted the parties to demonstrate commitment to independence by including in their manifesto a mandate to end the union. Not a mandate for indyref, or a mandate for a plebiscite or a mandate for a mandate. I wanted a mandate to end the union. I listened very carefully at the statement made by Mr Salmond the day ALBA was launched and he spelled it loud and clear, ALBA was not campaigning for indyref, but for independence. Indyref is just a route and not necessarily the best one. There are other routes and ALBA was open to them all. That is what I was looking for because with a westminster lapdog like Sturgeon at the helm, indyref, if she ever feels forced to hold it, will never be fair on her watch. In the same way she stabbed us in the back by handing over to the British state a veto over our right to self determination with her con S30, with her rushing to embrace English convention against our will, by deliberately obstructing the Keatings’ case for the benefit of the British state and in the same way she is now working again for the British state by announcing she is going to pass a bill before it has been established if it is within the competence of Holyrood, handing an open goal to Westminster by giving them plenty of time to not only block it but to actually rewrite law to trash it as they did with the continuity bill, I have no doubt she will set up a franchise that will negate the natives their right to self-determination, just as it happened in 2014.

    “knowing perfectly well that they would be lucky to get 10% of the vote”
    That 10% of the vote would translate into a good number of seats in Holyrood. I very happily give my vote to a a real pro indy party with 5 seats that will expose Sturgeon and her cronies for the hypocrites, betrayers and political frauds they are.

    Sturgeon’s SNP and Harvie’s greens are not pro indy parties. They are simply riding the wave of independence to win seats. The actions of their leadership and how they have alienated and insulted women tell us they are anti-independence and anti-democratic parties. The only reason why many people still wrongly believe they are pro independence is because the England parties and the British state propaganda mouthpieces go to extremely long lengths to tell us they are and to portray them as such. But it is all deception. They have no intention of delivering independence.

    “But your high principle about not giving your list vote has changed”
    No, it hasn’t. I demanded serious commitment to independence in exchange of my vote. That is what ALBA is offering and that is why I am giving them my vote.

    “I won’t even bother responding to the other points in your post”
    The tool of the coward has always been pretending to take the high moral ground and hide behind a curtain of faux pride to avoid the embarrassment of having to admit they cannot defeat other’s argument.

    “because if as you insist the British state is responsible for everything that is wrong in the SNP and Scotland”
    And I stand by my words. The SNP was until 14 November 2014 the only real threat to the British state. And boy it was a threat. The British state infiltrated every pro independence party among their colonies. After having to go through the humiliation of deceiving the people of Scotland with a con vow that they knew would come back to bite them in the arse in order to preserve the union, after watching how over 50% of those who voted in 2015 in Scotland cast their vote for pro indy parties and sent 56 SNP MPs to Westminster that could end the union at any time, particularly when the SNP held the majority of the seats in Holyrood at the time too, it would be incredibly naive to think the British state would not get to the SNP too to neuter it. We are approaching that dangerous situation again: a potential pro indy supermajority in Holyrood and a majority pro indy MPs in Westminster. Sturgeon has to be the best Westminster lapdog in history. I think she has even surpassed Gordon Brown on this.

    “no-one would be in a position to either promise or deliver what you suggest”
    I disagree. The only thing we need is a majority of ALBA MPs in 2024 with a supermajority of independence in Holyrood and the Westminster lapdogs Sturgeon, Murrell, Swinney, Yousaf, Robertson, Smith, Blackman, Blackford, Black, Wishart, Oswald, McDonald and a few others evicted from their seats. It is perfectly doable.

    “The one thing that can be achieved is for Sarwar to defeat Sturgeon in the Glasgow Southside constituency”
    And what will that do to advance the independence cause? Nothing. Chuck a Westminster lapdog out to get in an even bigger one. Not good enough. They BOTH need to go. Now can you imagine if the people of Scotland ejected every one of the “leaders” of the colonial parties (I include the SNP on this)? Now, wouldn’t that be the strongest message yet that Scotland wants independence?

    “But both the British state and you are against that idea”
    I am against the idea. I am sure the British state is delighted with the idea. In fact, I am convinced it is precisely what the British state is after. I can only see Sarwar competing in the exact same constituency as Sturgeon and risking being humiliated having to lead his branch from the comforts of a list seat, if he knows he will not be humiliated because he has been advised to help fabricating an exit door for Sturgeon. That is why she did not put her name first in the list. I am convinced the coward is hoping she will lose the seat. It is clear as day the woman is finished as a politician. She has no credibility left. She is no longer trusted. She should have gone already, but she cannot until the next lapdog gets in. Robertson will get in in May. I am sure the British State may well have a stash of postal votes in standby to make sure this is the case. Attempting to deceive Scotland again by claiming Scotland does no longer want independence because they evicted the SNP “leader” will be just a bonus.

    The British state need another puppet in control of the SNP because the SNP still has a majority of MPs in Westminster that could go rogue and declare independence at any time without a compliant lapdog keeping them on a leash.

    I would enjoy nothing more than watching on 7th May Sturgeon, Yousaf, Swinney and Robertson losing the seats. I would celebrate it with a nice glass of wine. But I would celebrate it even more if the colonial stooges in control of the Scottish branches of Labour, LibDems and Tories were given the boot too. Now, it that came to pass, hell, I would probably drink the whole bottle.

    “Says it all really”
    No, it does not. Beyond saying you are voting for another colonial chief of an England party branch in Scotland offering a political fraud an undeserved easy exit, where are your proposals for bringing Scotland to independence?

  88. Pixywine says:

    No one ” needs” two shots of an experimental Gene therapy to protect from corona – flu- virus. Follow the money on this people. Please. You are generally politically well informed but this virus has scattered many wits.

  89. Pixywine says:

    Don. A majority voted against Independence in 2014.maybe you should go home and take Your meds.

  90. Pixywine says:

    The majority is not ALWAYS right. Am I correct on that point? Majorities are not always right. Is no one concerned that Bill Gates appears to be bribing all the useful people that oil the wheels for him.? The “vaccines” were not put through human trials before they were rushed to market. They’re effectively being tested on the public. The Human Race has lost its fucking collective mind.

  91. Sharon says:

    Re covid, for `data`, read `media`.

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