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Telegram for Mr Brown

Posted on November 29, 2014 by

It needs saying as much today as it did last month.

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    132 to “Telegram for Mr Brown”

    1. Grouse Beater says:


    2. Ken500 says:

      Retiring because pension rights are changing. Last year of final salary pension rights.

    3. frazer allan whyte says:

      He is “re-setting” Scottish politics?

      “Time to stop talking about the constitution and concentrate on economy and well-being?” That was what the “debate” was about not power for power’s sake.

      The arrogance of the man is unbelievable.

    4. Croompenstein says:

      BBC hanging on his every word give you the boak, do you think he’ll be able to reset all the lives destroyed in Iraq the rotten f*cker

    5. Sinky says:

      When Labour calls for increase in upper income tax band to 50% you know they are just playing politics as this is mere window dressing and easily avoided by the very rich through switching income to dividends which will reduce the amount of income available to the Scottish Parliament and nothing compared to the main way the country could get more revenues which is to stop the “non doms” tax avoidance.

      It’s all talk just like Ed Milband’s onslaught on “zero zero” Britain, where it’s zero-hours contracts at the bottom and zero tax at the top, missed the two big fat tax zeros at the very top. The only zero tax rate for the rich is the ‘”non-domiciled” tax break.

      This enables many of the ultra-wealthy, including almost all the upper reaches of the Sunday Times Rich List, to pay no tax on income they keep offshore and to find dodges to ensure what they do bring into the country stays tax-tree.

      Yet when Miliband’s shadow chancellor Ed Balls followed the ‘”zero zero'” speech next day with a plan to counter tax dodging, there was no mention of tackling the non-dom break.

      The two Eds are hoping that the many non-doms who lined up behind Tony Blair such as Lakshmi Mittal, Ronnie Cohen and Lord Paul etc are ready with their Chequebooks once more.

      There was Labour silence on the other big tax zero, as the rate the largest multinationals can achieve by moving profits into tax havens through financing arrangements thought up by tax advisers such as Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PwC) usually through Luxembourg. Asked if this dodge would be closed, Balls’ spokesman simply referred to an old paper on corporate tax with no proposal on the matter. Btw, Ed Balls gets much of his tax advice from PwC!

    6. Blind Squirrel says:

      Brown to say “delivered” several times, “vow kept” at least twice, “don’t mention it again erm… unless you are pointing out how I did something good” and “SNP bad”. “No questions.” “Goodbye.” “See you in the house of Lords.” He won’t say “don’t worry as I will not rest until I make sure that these proposals are fully implemented” or “I am listening to the STUC who say this is not enough.”

    7. Croompenstein says:

      Maybe we could send the git a candygram.. 🙂

    8. One_Scot says:

      Gordon Brown is a clown. The man thinks he saved the world. He’s clearly mentally deluded and has a thought process which lies out with the parameters of a normal functioning brain.

      Unless he has just purchased a massive country sized neuralizer, his new reset brainwave will find difficulty getting off the ground.

      If it were a crime to waste physical space, the man would be serving multiple life sentences.

    9. MajorBloodnok says:

      Normally resetting something requires you to try turning it off and on again. My prediction for Labour in Scotland is that the button will get remain in the ‘off’ position, permanently.

    10. David Agnew says:

      So his plan to reset Scottish politics is to get us to forget he ever made a vow, while making the same promises that led to the vow? That takes a neck of solid brass. I am glad that he is resigning to pursue a career as after dinner speaker, as frankly the man is a disgrace.

    11. Bob Mack says:

      I had an uncle who served in Military Intelligence during ww2.(I know some find that a contradiction in terms),but he had a brilliant intellect and contributed enormously to my education. The thing he could never get his head around when training agents was to have to remind, and enforce on them, that not all peoples who had been subjugated by the Nazis were unhappy with that situation especially in the ruling elite. He often cited the “Vichy”. regime in France, and the “Quislings” in Norway. It seems to me that Labour in Scotland fulfil that role within our country and we should give them a name commensurate with that role.Any ideas?

    12. Macart says:

      Couldn’t agree more.



    13. fletch49er says:

      If I said publicly what I truly thought of Gordon Brown I think I’d be arrested forthwith!!

    14. Grouse Beater says:

      His inability to perceive the public mood is worrying.

      Now we know Thatcher suffered from dementia in her later years, some still when prime minister, it isn’t going too far to suggest Brown might be a casualty too…

    15. Lollysmum says:

      Retiring maybe but not to a seat in the Lords. Oblivion yes.

      Can’t be offered a seat on the red benches because Tony Blair has refused his so no-one behind him in the queue can take up their place in the wealthiest retirement home in the land.

      Just do as the petition says you miserable lying apology for a man.

    16. Bill McLean says:

      Preaching to the converted – no questions. No access for the ordinary people to ask questions. Megalomania??

    17. Indyracer2014 says:

      This is the first time I’ve ever heard the word ‘reset’ used as a derogatory sexual reference. As in ‘I’m pressing the I’ve f**ked Scotland button’. Every day’s a school day with Mr Brown.
      His vow, his promise of commitment to delivering ‘as close to federalism as possible’ has suddenly become just ‘the old issue of bigger powers for the Scottish Parliament’ and we’ve to bow down, put aside out petty ‘gripes’ against Westminster and move on because he’s only just noticed that there are some social issues in Scotland that might need some improvement.
      And having decided previously that he could commit to delivering the Vow for Scotland, and having manifestly failed, he has now apparently decided that, even though he is stepping down as an MP, he can now somehow unilaterally set the Labour Party Manifesto – in fact reading his words he appears to think that he has already achieved this in contradiction to every single utterance from the Labour Party North and South of the Border over the last 2 months.
      Planet Brown is a very strange place indeed.

    18. Molly says:

      So Gordon Brown tells us this morning, we’ve to stop talking about the constitution, we’ve to talk about what effects peoples lives.
      Well Gordon if you actually came out from hiding behind your activists at meetings and maybe had answered some questions , you would realise that for many of us , improving peoples lives is what the majority of Yes folk were discussing over the last two years.

      It wasn’t Independence for Independence sake, it was for a purpose.

    19. Gallowglass says:

      If I have any children I’ll be sure to tell them what a disaster this man has been for their country.

    20. Jimbo says:

      Gordon Brown: “”I am resetting Scottish politics today, for with the combined resources of Scotland and the UK we are showing we can take action in five key areas.”

      Where’s he get the power to do that then?

      This deluded clown must think he’s still a Prime Minister presiding over a Labour Party led Holyrood executive.

    21. MajorBloodnok says:

      I think it’s no coincidence that ‘reset’ is a Scots legal term that means to be in possession of stolen goods, because stealing Scotland’s democracy is what Labour and the British Establishment are all about.

    22. galamcennalath says:

      Thinking back through the centuries, when was there ever such a Scot who did more damage to his own people and country than Federal Broon? I really am finding it difficult to find any candidates.

    23. When did he get the sargeant stripes?

    24. Buidseach says:

      So Gordon is the person who decides when to press the reset button for Scotland! I doubt they even let him near the TV remote buttons at home, never mind deciding the channel or program to watch.

    25. Neil Burke says:

      I have so much contempt for this clown. He has knifed his fellow countrymen for personal gain. He has lied through his crooked teeth again and again to deceive the vulnerable, the ignorant and the elderly to shamelessly promote the interests of himself and his corrupt party. And just when he might be called to account for the promises he made he decides to retire.

      Now the arrogant fuck has the cheek to talk about ‘pressing the reset button’ on Scottish politics in a blatant attempt to steer the talk away from his incompetence.

      My mother always told me that if you can’t say something nice…. But I’ll make an exception for this c**t.

    26. Macca73 says:

      How’s he going to reset politics from the retirement home??

      Speaking to his own labour council folk eh? Like the ones that lost in Aberdeen perhaps?

      Gordon Brown is still living in an age with the “vote labour or the tories will end up in power line” is dead. Can’t wait to see them lose seats all over Scotland come May next year.

    27. fred blogger says:

      he’s too cowardly to make his pronouncements in public.
      the bbc give him a platform coz they know he is not popular with the general public, he is an establishment mouth piece.
      tis the worst of orwellian propaganda.
      ‘orrible people.

    28. norrie says:

      MajorBloodnok : thanks for the idea.

    29. heedtracker says:

      He’s but he has won. Vote NO for devo max/federal UK on one channel, devolved income tax to Scotland is a blue Tory attack on Labour on t’other

      “Gordon Brown has called for the creation of a ‘powerhouse’ Scottish Parliament – which would be in charge of raising 54% of its own revenue.

      Browns proposals would mean the money Scottish Parliament would have to raise would go from the current amount of £4billion to £18 billion by 2016.

      Brown also suggested that the Scottish Parliament wouldn’t rely on one tax (but would keep income tax as a shared UK tax), floating the idea of adding 50% of VAT revenues.

      He has also criticised the SNP’s plans, saying “fiscal autonomy would mean no transfers of resources within the UK, ending UK pensions, ending UK help for Scots when unemployed, ending UK support for Scottish health and education – all of which Scots on September 18th voted to keep. It would also end the Barnett formula to which all pro-devolution parties have committed. Their plan adds up to separation by another route.”

      Crash Gordon will have a very big smile on his face today, shameless and tawdry cynicism, but its worked.

    30. Jim Mitchell says:

      the man, (as I have said before), reminds me more and more of Richard Nixon, the way he goes on. Like Nixon he is desperate to be remembered for something by history, so desperate he will use any means to achieve it and he doesn’t care who he damages on the way.

      It’s no excuse for his actions past or present, but I seriously beleave that the man is mentally flawed and others must know it, but so long as they think he is an asset, they won’t do anything about it.

      He IS deluded!

    31. Stoker says:

      Gordon Brown you are a ("Tractor" - Ed), liar, bully and coward.

      Now do as the petition says – Go f_ck yersel.

      I dedicate this song to you:

    32. Training Day says:

      ‘I am pressing the reset button’.

      Are you indeed, you arrogant, presumptuous, habitual liar? We’ll see how many are prepared to be ‘reset’ by you.

    33. Croompenstein says:

      This arse Crash Gordon the Fedaralist Home Rule ya fool Broon the Loon has put us and the Rev in major grump mode 🙁

      FFS I hope Stu remembers to watch the Aberdeen game this week or there could be carnage 🙂

    34. Bob Mack says:

      Yep, I must admit Gordon has a point. It is at the top of his head !!!.Of course we want fiscal autonomy. The difference lies in where we know it will lead. Making our own decisions with our own revenues. Everyone, but everyone, must know that something is seriously wrong when the Establishment are trying so hard to keep hold of a country whose insatiable need to be subsidised is preventing England and the rest of its partners from surging ahead. Methinks there is much hidden from view with regard to revenues accrued, and Labour are doing their utmost to prevent having this revealed by allowing Scotland independence and therefore access to examine the books!!!

    35. GrahamB says:

      He’s an ex-politician is he not? He’ll be off to the red seats in his vermin robes pretty soon along with his fellow failure Flipper.
      He’s only trying to get the YES side to give up because he knows we have all the arguments and his lies will be exposed to more and more people as time goes on. Presumably he is advocating the post-Thatcher Labour policies of abandoning all your socialist principles, latching on to market driven ones and re-launching as a totally different party.

    36. galamcennalath says:

      Federal Broon speaks for very few people in Scotland. Look at the submissions to Smith, the pro-Scottish parties, trade Unions, charities, the public … FFA/ DevoMax across the board. In a within-the-Union context, three quarters of Scots want Devo Max. Half want to move to Indy.

      The ONLY social and political organisations who don’t agree with this concensus are the London parties.

      Broon speaks primarily for the London establishment. The Smith fiasco suggested the most that group would agree to. DevoFA.

      Solution? Simple. Clear out the London parties from Scotland in May 2015. Then they cannot claim to speak for Scotland in any way whatsoever. Shame Broon won’t be standing!

    37. Fred says:

      Federal Broon adresses assorted careerists & crooks at the City Chambers as the Gravy Train heads for the buffers. Cue Aly Bain’s “Waiting for the Federals”, then kerrrrashhhh. 🙂

    38. JillP says:

      “I am resetting Scottish politics today, for with the combined resources of Scotland and the UK we are showing we can take action in five key areas.

      He will add: “Our manifesto will be the only one of all major parties to stand for the principle of a Scottish Parliament that is enhanced by the benefits for Scotland of stepping up our sharing across the UK.”

      Who gave him the responsibility for anything?

      Why does he think he has the right to reset anything?

      Benefits of stepping up our sharing across the UK ???

      Arrogance is putting it mildly. The worrying thing is he’ll probably get away with it.

    39. caz-m says:

      The BBC reporting on the Brown speech. James Cook telling the world that the SNP could win some seats from Scottish Labour at the General Election.

      Is that an understatement or what?

      Brown didn’t mention resigning, didn’t mention that he was against more tax powers for Holyrood. It was just an exercise in SNP bashing by the sound of it.

      Cook didn’t mention where the meeting was held. BBC Scotland and Scottish Labour doing their usual double act. I am just waitin on that buck-teeth bastard David Clegg from the Record to put in his tuppence worth.

      No video of meeting yet.

    40. Ananurhing says:

      The SNP need to make more of an issue of the fact that Smith’s report, as limited as it was always going to be, was hijacked, diluted, and hamstrung even further by westminster unionists and whitehall orcs in the 48 hours before it’s release.

      Smith was Cameron’s man. Even he wanted to go further than his final report.

    41. fred blogger says:

      the offer is such a grievous insult that it has caused recoil which the establishment are hoping to get “in” on, and dispirit us.

    42. Macca73 says:

      Just catching up on FMQ’s and all I can say is that the Labour party is now so out of touch that there’s just no way back and it doesn’t matter a jot WHO speaks now. They might as well have a shovel!

    43. Bob Sinclair says:

      I had an interesting visitor this morning. None other than Tom Harris MP, out liefleting (sic) in Shawlands. Very difficult not to hit him with a barrage of my choicest sweary words but I managed to hold it back.

      I just asked him if he was serious, and why he doesn’t respond to my emails. His response to my comment that he had betrayed Scotland and given the chance he would betray the rest of the UK – ‘you’d like that wouldn’t you’.

      A deeply unpleasant guy.

    44. Bawheid Bragg says:

      Amongst all his meanderings, Brown related an anecdote about a Labour politician who, in 1945, promised to build new housing (sorry I can’t remember exactly where & I’m not about to watch it again). Come 1948 and the houses still hadn’t been built. So, Labour politician organises for lorryloads of bricks to be dumped at the site ‘so they’ll think we’ve started doing it’.
      As Mrs Bragg said, that’s Labour to a ‘T’.

    45. cearc says:

      Hey up, everyone.

      Greg Moodie cartoon in The National on monday!

    46. caz-m says:

      I posted this 14 second video on the last post but is so relevant to this one.

      It shows what Brown’s true feelings are regarding Scottish Devolution.

      “This far and no further”.

    47. Alan Mackintosh says:

      OT, from Revs twitter. Greg Moodie is busy this weekend… doing cartoon for Mondays National

    48. biggpolmont says:

      I wonder what it is that makes broon think that anyone other than the poor deluded sods who are too stupid not to have left the lame duck labour party gives a flying **** what he thinks.

    49. Xaracen says:

      From the STV article: “Many respected organisations are feeling that an opportunity to tackle poverty and inequality in Scotland has been missed this week.”

      Wasn’t missed, it was deliberately dodged.

    50. Quentin Quale says:

      If by ‘reset’ Broon thinks that all the hard work done by the Yes movement is irrelevant and that this is the starting point for a Labour resurgence in Scotland then he will be shown to be, as is often the case with a man who seems to believe his own press, completely wrong.

    51. Stoker says:

      Annual SNP women’s conference in Ayr:

      Note how the filth that is the BBC quotes yet another
      unnamed gutless Slabber “spokesman.”

      Lets rid Scotland of the BBC and the LibLabCons.

    52. heedtracker says:

      BBC R4 bonkers/creepy as ever today, certainly boosting Gordon to high heaven, from worst ever PM to “Scotland now been given most devolved Holyrood ever” whatever the hell that means.

      Proud Scot buts and UKOK Britnats explode with bettertogether rage when you say Scotland is an English colony BUT now we have to listen to same cringers and givers of “most devolved parliament since ever” command us, must stop blaming the English! Confused? Well tough luck, shadap and vote Labour. While our neighbours continue to take 80% of our taxes, all our resources and call us scrounger jock no more? eg

      Rancid Guardian really trying patience with this shite basically, ok Libby Carrell et al, you won, Britannia still rules the waves from Lands End to John o Groats and not Carlisle.

      “The biggest irony of all is that, if you go by what it says on the tin, the Scottish Nationalist party should be the biggest reactionary populists of all. One of the less charming aspects of Scotland in the recent past has been its habit of blaming England for its problems

    53. Dorothy Devine says:

      OT may I make an appeal to anyone who bothers to comment on the Herald site to resist the temptation?

      I am sick and tired of OBE and his obsessive ,puerile plethora of anti Alex Salmond and now anti Nicola Sturgeon .
      It appears that he can break the so called house rules at will and in lengthy widths.

      Once upon a day we boycotted the Scotsman because of its willingness/dishonesty in comment.
      I see the Herald in much the same vein and certainly in its ” free speech ” for the cretin with the OBE.

    54. fred blogger says:

      curran now with the deluded dreadful ids/dwp mantra, often used to bully sick and disabled people “focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t do.”
      totally ignores that before human beings can do anything the basic vitality energy needs must be 1st in place.

    55. jaygee says:

      I think the drowning Labour party in Scotland is clinging to this straw man hoping it can keep afloat with his over inflated ego.What a sad end to a once principled party trying to hold on to political leverage.

    56. Clydebuilt says:

      Red Tories out!

      Get To it

    57. jimnarlene says:

      “Next May the people of Scotland have the opportunity to make their voice heard on the powers Scotland needs to build a fairer, more prosperous country. We look forward to their verdict.”

      As do I, a kicking for your party, Gordon, will be a huge step forward.

    58. Proud Cybernat says:

      Brown you are a fecking ("Tractor" - Ed). Careful when you reach for that reset button–you’ll find it’s been booby-trapped.

      We, the PEOPLE, will decide what and when we debate, not YOU, you self-important, egotistical, narcissistic, pompous, lying piece of….

      You’ll find in May 2015 that the “reset button” is jammed. You betrayed Scotland, Brown, and THAT is what you will always be remembered here for.

      Now piss off.

    59. JayR says:

      “I am resetting Scottish politics today”

      Who the f@ck does this delusional b@stard think he is?

    60. manandboy says:

      If I was going to be a TROLL I’d call myself HEEDTRACKER.

    61. Geoff Huijer says:

      If Brown genuinely wanted to help the Scottish people he would have backed a YES vote (although him backing YES would probably pushed more to NO) or just kept his mouth shut.

    62. Chitterinlicht says:

      Is there a way to record just how MUCH time BBC give the British Labour Party? (Or UKIP )

      Would love to see this analysis.

      My perception is more than any other party but I may be wrong

    63. Clootie says:

      A liar of renown. A warmonger of repute. A thief by reputation.

      …but above all a ("Tractor" - Ed).

    64. heedtracker says:

      Here in England, proud English no buts pretty much like what they here, Scotland is British and they have control over their income tax so everyone’s happy now, which is music to the ears of the BBC propaganda machine. Can Scotland believe the fraudsters though. Why do they want pensions then? is a query. I cant be bothered answering personally as how to tell them that might increase Scots pensions from the lowest in Europe and then even proud Scot but pensioners might not believe Crash Gordon’s major lies over no pensions if you vote YES. He is an incredible lying fraudster is Gordon Brown.

    65. Clootie says:

      manandboy says:
      29 November, 2014 at 1:49 pm

      …really 😛

    66. allan thomson says:

      Does anyone remember the accusations of bullying directed at Prime Minister Brown by senior Civil Servants? Any old school chums out there like to comment on his conduct in that era?

    67. heedtracker says:

      Great response from National Collective summing up the madmen at BBC and Crash obviously.

      “Scotland is more politically engaged than ever before and yet Gordon Brown wants Scottish politics to be ‘reset’. The UK political class is still completely out of touch with the appetite for change in Scotland.

      National Collective is going to continue its mission to dispel political apathy, inform electorate and encourage political activism through arts. We will be moving forward by continuing to put progressive social change firmly at the heart of everything we do.”

    68. Bob Mack says:

      Fact is I do blame England not just for recent events ,but for 300 years of them. Imagine this little fact if you can.
      Last year Norway and Denmark accrued 20 billion pounds in oil and gas revenues each. Check that for yourself. The U.K. government claims oil and gas revenues from the north Sea only came to 6 billion pounds. Why? Our fields are much more extensive than those of Denmark, and because they produce a thinner and sweeter oil, are much more in demand. I could be just a suspicious sod but I know the truth Is out there. I know exactly why they need us in the union. To survive financially.

    69. caz-m says:

      Watching RT TV and they are giving good reports on todays Edinburgh Rally (Better than the BBCs).

      Goerge Galloway was on about Tony Blair and a new film Galloway has made called “The Killing of Tony Blair”. It is going to reveal all of the Blair government’s dirty deeds.

      Galloway also said that if the film, along with the soon to be released “Chilcot Inquiry”, brings down the present Labour Party, then so be it.

      That is the most honest statement I have ever heard Galloway make. It will also give us plenty of ammunition to attack Murphy and Co with during the run-up to the 2015 GE.

      Murphy and Miliband will not be looking forward to the release of the Chilcot Inquiry OR the George Galloway film.

    70. heedtracker says:

      Its even worse now its actually happened.

      “That so many Scots, lambasted from all quarters as fools, frauds and ingrates, have refused to be bullied is itself a political triumph. If they vote for independence, they will do so in defiance not only of the Westminster consensus but also of its enforcers: the detached, complacent people who claim to speak on their behalf.”

    71. Helena Brown says:

      No Mr Brown you are not resetting Scottish Politics today it was reset at least two maybe three years ago by the Scottish People, Mr Brown. I think you were out of the country when it happened, even the sane in Kirkcaldy are part of the reset. You are leaving I trust, you have nothing more to add that anyone with sense would listen to.

    72. Christian Schmidt says:

      The Nats must be falling over themselves laughing … again.

      By all means, let’s have a discussion on how to improve the lives of ordinary people. The SNP will outline their detailed, costed and thought through (though perhaps not very radical) plans – they can’t implement them though as none of the necessary powers are (or will be devolved).

      The labour Party will be big on principle but light on details, because they don’t know what they actually want…

    73. Paula says:

      Remember the total slating that Brown got when he was prime minister after Blair left? Now the meeja thinks that he’s awesome!

    74. Yesitis says:

      Gordon Brown makes me quite angry.
      The BBC makes me quite angry.

      Put them both in a big bin bag and send them into space.
      That would make me happy.

    75. Stoker says:

      Dorothy Devine says:
      29 November, 2014 at 1:34 pm
      “may I make an appeal to anyone who bothers to comment on the Herald site to resist the temptation?”

      You’ve got my unflinching support Dorothy.

      I don’t contribute to ANY of the Unionist media.

      And i’ll give you all another thought to contemplate – i believe, in ‘The National’, we are witnessing the birth of the Heralds replacement.

      Think about it, sales are plummeting faster than a lead balloon at the Herald.

      A few weeks prior to the referendum the Heralds owners run a little experiment and they allow its sister paper to test the waters and declare a pro-independence stance.

      The Sunday Herald sales start to rocket as the Herald continues to fall out of control.

      Next thing you know, The National is born.

      The National will probably go 6-days per week with its sister paper, the Sunday Herald, taking up the Sunday slot. Therefore, giving pro-independence supporters a paper 7-days per week and a couple of nice little earners for Newsquest.

      As Del Boy would say – lovely jubbly!

      So, by my reckoning, the sooner people stop contributing to the Herald the sooner its owners will pull the plug on it.

      Help make the Unionist rags history – don’t contribute to them.

    76. Valerie says:

      @caz-m saw that report on RT, sounds like a total shitstorm, headed towards Blair, and Labour.

      Finally explained why Blair got that Save the Children award – his pals are all involved in the Board of Trustees, but as Galloway said, they have probably destroy a very good charity.

      Galloway is sometimes a nutjob, but even they talk sense now and again.

    77. Jack Murphy says:

      OT.I see there’s a book coming out on,’How The BBC Stole The Referendum’!
      An excerpt from Chapter 1 is on this link.
      Says it exactly how it is—–the British Broadcasting Corporation in Scotland.
      A wakeup call to all demoocrats in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

    78. Stoker says:

      The creature from the black lagoon tells us:

      “I am resetting Scottish politics today”

      Oh really!

      Good luck with that one you obnoxious coward.

      Slabber are dead, there’s a new party in town and you’re not invited.

      Now away and take a long walk off a short pier you filthy ("Tractor" - Ed).

    79. Westie7 says:

      And Labour still dont know they lost power in 2007!

    80. Capella says:

      I don’t watch TV or read MSM but from the comments on this thread I can see what an avalanche of propaganda is being released over the Smith Report. That suggests that the level of fear in the Establishment camp must be very high. They have abandoned any pretence at balance. The VOW had to be offered to derail a YES vote. Now they have to somehow convince the public that the VOW has been delivered. An impossible task.
      The mechanisms of this propaganda campaign are fascinating to watch.

    81. Valerie says:

      Robin McAlpine just on RT talking about the rubbish Myth Commission, with coverage from the Edinburgh rally. Good to see!

    82. Spout says:

      Re: Dorothy Devine says:

      OT may I make an appeal to anyone who bothers to comment on the Herald site to resist the temptation?

      I agree – avoid the Herald online – don’t participate.

    83. Capella says:

      @ Jack Murphy 2.50
      That’s a very interesting read from GA Ponsonby. I hope he gets the funding to publish his book. Ordinary people need to know how the state broadcaster mesmerised them, and continues to deceive and manipulate. They have often been compared to Goebbels but it goes way beyond that.
      The BBC is the main source of news for the majority of people. That’s a very powerful position which they abuse.

    84. Pam McMahon says:

      He doesn’t get to reset anything to do with Scotland, not even his reputation or “legacy”. That’s for us to do, who live and work here, and try to fight for something better for our kids’ futures.
      Please shut up Mr Brown, because you are embarrassing everybody and even giving dementia a bad name.

    85. Clootie says:

      Dorothy Devine says:
      29 November, 2014 at 1:34 pm

      Fully agree – I do not visit any of their sites now – Scotsman / Herald / Guardian / etc

    86. Marga says:

      Apparently Iain’s MacWhirter’s new book post-referendum stoutly defends all the big names in BBC Scotland and the institution itself and quotes mitigating circumstances for any imbalance perceived.

      His recent articles (announced as 2 mid-week and one in Sunday Herald – surely many more than before?) talk up Murphy and Dugdale – maybe I’m just losing objectivity, now I don’t read Severin Carrell or anything in the Guardian any more, but have people read this book and are they convinced?

    87. Craig P says:

      I know the BBC like to believe they are unbiased, but imagine if, whilst in opposition, a backbench SNP MP announced they were ‘resetting politics’. There would be one or two more pointed questions than are ever asked of cyclops here.

    88. Cuilean says:

      Funny how Brown had to be ‘dropped’ secretly into Glasgow, like an American President’s covert visit into Iraq or Afghanistan! The BBC don’t report that this has to be done to prevent the civil unrest Brown would cause, if he appeared in public. It is quite incredible to live in this BBC propaganda state, where such truths are widely known but never uttered. fact: Tommy Sheridan’s ‘Hope Over Fear Rally’ (which I attended) in George Square commands thousands of peaceful protesters. But if Brown appeared in George Square, not only would he be ignored; he would require a police escort for his own safety; just as Jim Murphy et al required a police escort into The Central Hotel. One has to be ever alert for what the BBC don’t say. Brown and his party are dead men walking; walking the last mile to ‘Old Sparky’, the electric chair button is the only ‘reset button’ which the Scottish people are going to press, en masse, on 7th May 2015. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    89. Grouse Beater says:

      Someone should reset the dugs o’ independence on Broon.

    90. Grouse Beater says:

      How can anybody forget what a bloody disaster Brown was as chancellor and as prime minister?

    91. caz-m says:

      Valerie 3.13pm

      You and I are on RT watch today. lol

      It’s amazing the things you find out watching RT TV and Al Jazeera. Other things actually happen around the world, things that the British Establishment don’t want to talk about.

      P.S. A good turnout in Edinburgh.

    92. Macart says:


      Haven’t commented on a mainstream site since several weeks before the vote. They don’t represent me and have nothing to say about my country I consider worth listening to.

      Besides, we’re building our own media. 🙂

    93. One_Scot says:

      Nicola Sturgeon should just stand up and say,

      “I am re-resetting politics, Scotland is now Independent.”

    94. west_lothian_questioner says:

      Reset politics = Get back in yer box you lot!

      Aye.. right! Too late Mr Broon, the box has already been recycled.

    95. Capella says:

      I’m on RT too. Just watched the latest Keiser Report on the fracking scam and the privatisation of British public services to German and French state companies. Madness.

    96. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ Bob Mack


    97. Flower of Scotland says:

      I too watch RT instead of BBC and SKY news. Quite good coverage of the Edinburgh Rally.

      Thanks Jack Murphy for link to Ponsonby,s book. It was really interesting and seemed to share my thoughts on the BBC treachery before the Referendum.

    98. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      I have contributed to Ponsonby.

      I recommend we all do and ask for editor’s rights.

    99. john king says:

      Croompenstein says
      “Maybe we could send the git a candygram.”

      Ho ho remember to let us know what Belmarsh prison is like croompy,

      save me the bottom bunk. 🙁

    100. AuldA says:

      @BtP, O/T:
      Did you receive your SNP membership card? If yes, to which branch are you attached? Thanks so much!

    101. msean says:

      Ah a reset. Isn’t that what you do when stuff doesn’t work the way YOU want it to? Don’t try to change the country,its the Westminster MPs that need changing.

    102. yesindyref2 says:

      I think there are quite a lot of people who need to feel important, For some it’s enough to be a parent, or useful at work or play. Some perhaps daydream about their role in “saving the universe” being Luke Skywalker ot Hans Solo, or taking over the controls of a passenger jet and landing it after the pilots suffered from food poisoning or something daft like that. Or kicking the winning goal in Argentina.

      Gordon Brown, having become PM for a short time, really still lives that dream whereas reality has moved on.

      Wow, that was deep, time to go back to playing tiddlywinks.

    103. Macart says:

      @ msean

      I think Mr Brown is about to find out that the Scottish electorate have already hit the reset button on politics. 🙂

    104. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Can’t imagine why this popped into me heid.

      Lily Allen, ‘Wanker’ –

    105. yesindyref2 says:

      I think that’s a loss, you were always a great poster on CiF. I don’t think we’re mainly posting to other posters or even lurkers on these sites, we’re posting to the journos and the serious opinion watchers of whom there are a few.

      What I think we’re trying to do is to try to help form the opinions of the media opinion-formers themselves – or at least kicking them where it hurts, in however much conscience and regard for truth they have left.

      I think it works, to an extent.

    106. Ronnie says:

      Isn’t ‘resetting’ the crime of being in possession of stolen goods?

      How very appropriate!

    107. Macart says:

      @ yesindyref2

      That’s very kind of you.

      When I started posting on CiF it was mainly because of folks like your good self and dorice. The argument you just outlined is very much the reason I did so. I felt that we had to question the journalist and provide the alternate viewpoint.

      Today? Well, today I feel that concentrating on building our own new media and means of communicating with the Scottish public is the number one priority. I may go back for the odd visit, and certainly read the odd piece, but engaging with the Guardian’s core readership these days seems a zero sum game.

      Besides, Tenthred seems to be doing a damn fine job of having the kids minding their Ps and Qs. Say hi for me the next time you have a chat with her. I do miss the odd bit of banter. 🙂

    108. yesindyref2 says:

      Yes, there are very good posters on the Grun. I gave up some time after having the misfortune of getting post-moderated status on the Herald 2 years ago which kind of kidnapped me as post-moderated pro-indy posters there were few in those days. Now there’s a couple of dozen or more good pro-indy regulars on the Herald / SH so I’m nearly redundant!

      I remember also giving up in disgust with Severin, after someone posted a link to tweets where he was laughing and joking how he was going to screw the SNP and Salmond in an article. He used to have almost reasonable articles for comments, then totally lying and outrageous ones closed to comments. I did accidentallly do him a good one though, after finding a survey of SNP membership to use in the famous NATO thread. He used it for something else shortly after to have a go at the SNP, only for Dorice to point out that the survey was 2 years old 🙂

      Dorice only does the rare posting in the Herald, but does read some postings. I had an upvote from him today under his real name (initials ED) in an article about Tricia Marwick and Holyrood reform. The fight goes on.

    109. Croompenstein says:

      Have had a wee drink and have been thinking about this resetting stuff, well Crash I would love to reset Scotland to the mid 17th century and give them the knowledge and strength to resist the biggest criminal act ever perpetrated on our Nation in 1707.

      More importantly I would reset the Scotland team on the 3rd June 1978 and let Don Masson know which way to put that fucking penalty and we would have strode on undefeated and won the biggest prize in world football, the arse would have fell oot Argentina when they faced us, Brazil were majorly pants and England..oh thats right England weren’t there so no-one would have stopped us and Ally’s Tartan Army would have brought that world cup back from over there….

    110. Free Scotland says:

      Gordon Brown was recently described on Derek Bateman’s blog as the “self-appointed Governor General of Scotland.” Now he wants to reset Scottish politics. Does he think Scotland’s electorate have forgotten his pension-wrecking and gold-plundering activities of the not-so-distant past, and his support for illegal wars?

      It will take more than a reset button to reverse the accelerating downward trend of Scottish Labour’s membership figures.

    111. De Valera says:

      I think it is fitting that G Brown’s last political act is brokering a deal that betrays the few people left that believe in him.

    112. Free Scotland says:

      Have you ever watched Gordon Brown’s strange lower-jaw movements when he speaks in public? I’ve just worked out why that happens: he’s resetting his mouth in readiness for the next deception.

    113. Macart says:

      @ yesindyref2

      Yes, I’d heard about Severin’s wee indiscretion. A real piece of work and gave the lie to every piece he wrote thereafter. You simply couldn’t take anything he wrote as either commentary or journalism from that event onward.

      OK, it was fairly obvious prior to that what his political views were, but it was the sheer spite in that incident which was the turn off.

      Good to hear dorice is still active.

    114. Croompenstein says:

      @Free Scotland –

      Have you ever watched Gordon Brown’s strange lower-jaw movements

      He reminds me of an old cod the fish faced fucker….

    115. sinky says:

      Dont agree that we should ignore msm as they set the bbc’s agenda and we step up our letter writing to the print media to set the record straight for those voters who dont visit wings

    116. Free Scotland says:

      @Croompenstein at 7:32 p.m.

      Do you think he’d be able to breathe if held under water for a prolonged period of, say, 20 minutes?

    117. yesindyref2 says:

      I thought at first there was a good chance of “turning” Severin. He seemed to have a great respect for Salmond, but I guess he was just using that to ingratiate himself inside the defences to appear to be impartial, and then just twist every single thing he could get his hands on into an anti-indy article. He even used the schools statistics to try to make the point the ScotGov were useless.

      There were and are, far better articles on the Grun about Scotland and the Independence campaign from journos who are not the so-called “Scottish Correspondent”. He should be sent packing to the DM where he belongs, preferably under a stone with the other slimers.

      I remember being horrified that the Grun was preparing special educational packs for schools, largely absed on Severins distortions, but fortunately the kids in Scotland seemed to have more sense than be taken in, mostly. A credit it has to be said to the teachers, despite their union’s traditional Labour ties.

    118. Croompenstein says:

      @Free Scotland –

      I would hold him down for half an hour just in case 🙂

    119. yesindyref2 says:

      I agree. I was going to pack up, but now I just do the odd postings when I feel like it, and rarely get engaged within threads, particularly when they get to the usual “yes it is”, “no it isn’t”.

      It used also to be a whole lot of hard work during the campaign, as I had to read every stuipid flaming report before destroying not only its press release, but the even worse spin on it put by unionist journalists. Now it’s mostly opinion, with just corrections of fact easily found and linked to.

      Added to that the unionist posters are getting more and more desperate as it becomes more ane more obvious they “won” precisely nothing on 18th Sep. And more and more all they have to offer is personal attacks. Well, I can handle that with pleasure, and I do mean pleasure 🙂

    120. Bob Sinclair says:

      RESET, Definition in Scottish law:

      The receiving and keeping of stolen goods knowing them to be stolen, with a design of feloniously retaining them from the real owner.

      Could it be that Broon is admitting his guilt.

    121. Douglas says:

      Seems to be that “reset” is the word du jour with polictitians. IDS uses it often to try to reassure the sheeple that his UC fiasco is going to *plan*, so it seems that Governer-General Gordy Broon is trying the same technique to tell us that sorry, I did not mean to mislead you, but you better get used to it………..

    122. Macsenex says:

      Gordon Brown is going to write his memoirs: from St Vincent Place to Barrachnie X

    123. No no no...Yes says:

      Broon is likely to get a telegram from the queen about his knighthood and/or elevation to the House of Lords.

      He really is off his chump. I cannot imagine even Jim Murphy being happy at Broon shouting out from his protective bubble about policies for an election that he is not going to be involved in.

      GE2015 in terms of state propoganda is going to be a re-run of the referendum campaign:

      Vow delivered, SNP bad,vote unionist party to keep out pro-indy parties out.BBC Scotland wall to wall Labour.

      Part of the answer is another grass roots based campaign. We now have much more new material to work with to expose the lies. Add in the National and other new media, as well as the SNP and Green Party machines, we can secure a pro-indy victory.

    124. Cherry Loudon says:

      It’s Saturday night and my evening is so exciting I’m on here! Just read G.A.Ponsonbys chapter on the BBC. I’m so angry, I feel at a loss as to what on earth we can do to stop this “Machine” from working. So I’m about to ask a really stupid question. We have all this information that Scotland is being asset stripped, oil money is probably being syphoned off into some off shore bank account and government after government has had their grubby hands all over it for decades. The people have been lied to on far too many occasions and are about to be tag teamed once again. So with the info we have on all this, why can we not take it to the EU or another official body? There has to be something or someone who can push all this further. Also why are the SNP not saying any of this…is there some sort of gentlemans agreement in politics…not to talk about all this. I know Wings has been a wonderful tool for me…but I’m a seeker of truth and enjoy looking for stuff. What about people like my husband who just won’t look or care, as “it’s too much for me to take in”.

      Remember Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, two journalists who brought down Nixon just by printing the truth. Surely there has to be a way of getting the truth out loud and clear into the homes of the average Scot. I’ve never felt so helpless, this is my country and yet I feel strangely afraid of who or what is out there! Something HAS to happen soon or these b***s are going to get away with it again.

    125. Croompenstein says:

      @Cherry –

      with you all the way I also can’t believe we were so ‘nice’ in the referendum campaign.

      If it’s any consolation I wasn’t bothered my arse until about a year ago when I read the McCrone report and my life changed. I then found Wings, Bella, Newsnet etc and really felt like a fool for not knowing what was going on in terms of propaganda.

      Things have definitely changed Cherry and it’s now up to us to inform the 55, have a listen to this and remember we have been lied to for over 300 years…

    126. McBoxheid says:

      As Jilted John so eloquently predicted way back when,

      “But I know he’s a moron, Gordon is a moron”

      We should have paid attention!

    127. KennyG says:

      This whole reset thing could really catch on. Just forget everything that has happened and wipe the slate clean. I had no idea real life was like that. I’m going to call my bank right now. I’ll let you know how I get on!

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