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Taking sides

Posted on April 08, 2015 by

It was very tempting just to pull a neat soundbite out of Tory minister Michael Gove’s comments on Scotland to Evan Davis on Newsnight last night (from around 15m), but we think the whole five-minute segment bears watching.

You’ve probably already picked up the gist of it (the Tories would prefer Labour to win in Scotland rather than the SNP) on social media, but as Gove calmly and rationally lays out the view, the last remaining tattered shreds of Labour’s “vote SNP get Tories” line disintegrate before our eyes.

Readers will of course be highly sceptical of ever taking a a Conservative minister’s word at face value, but that’s why we’ve put the whole thing up rather than just a snappy ten-second clip. We invite anyone to find fault with the logic of his position.

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72 to “Taking sides”

  1. Thomas William Dunlop says:

    Another tour de force in blinking

  2. kenzie says:

    Well, well, who’d have thought it, eh, Jim? :-)))

  3. iheartScotland says:

    What has the world come to when this man is the voice of ‘reason’…

  4. iheartScotland says:

    Sorry, missed the smiley face thing 🙂

  5. I’m getting fed up with the terms “break up the UK” and “destroy the UK”.

    The other night I was in a bar I don’t particularly like, so I decided to leave. As far as I know the bar is still there. My act of leaving did not destroy the bar or break it up, they simply had to get used to the idea that my decision to leave deprived them of some income.

    I’ve not heard a single voice calling for any harm to come to the rUK, which would be silly given our trading and familial links.

    I can find no fault in Gove’s logic, which, sadly, leaves me to draw the conclusion that Mr Murphy has been lying to the electorate… far fetched though that sounds!

    Seems saying something in a soft, sincere voice is not enough for it not to be a lie, the statements have also to be factually accurate…

    Loved Mr Murphy claiming to have abolished tuition fees, last night.

  6. Insturgent says:

    Honey I shrunk the education budget

  7. heedtracker says:

    Vote SNP. Simple as that. If red and blue tory UK dont want SNP MP’s in Westminster, tough.

  8. Grizzle McPuss says:

    And we remember, in convoluted fashion, that old proverb:-

    “The enemy of my (greatest) enemy is my friend”

    …because at the end of the day, the threat of progressive politics via the SNP outwith the two-party clique makes them the greatest enemy to all.

    Result? All shades of Tory friends together when all said and done.

  9. Kes Smith says:

    At the very end Evans asks him about the Conservative campaign and he answers “i’m a qualified optimist”. Strange answer. Gove says himself Cameron and Osbourne are “died in the wool unionists” and that he would rather see Labour do well in Scotland before the SNP. Are we actually going to see a Conservative Labour merger to freeze Scotland out of politics?

  10. Fiona says:

    I suppose he has to say that his neoliberal position is mainstream, and that the prospect of a move to the left is anathema in both England and Scotland. Yet Ms Sturgeon did well, he says, when she proposed exactly that.

    Incidentally I wonder where the “we know you have explicitly denied supporting the SNP, but we all know it is what you really think” mantra is for Mr Gove? Conspicuous by its absence in this intereview, unlike in Mr Cook’s effort with Ms Sturgeon, I think

  11. KennyG says:

    Remember Michael, when making a point, do a little half fist, with your thumb tucked in and your index finger sticking out a bit, it really makes all the difference.


  12. Callum says:

    It’s the exact equivalent of which party SNP prefers. Obviously it’s Labour not Conservative but people recognise some (if spurious) tactical positives from a Tory win.

    Likewise for the Tories, in their heart of hearts they would prefer Labour (because they are politically slightly closer) and are unionists so Gove showed some refreshing honesty in that sense. Where he was disingenuous was to deny that the Tories are talking up the SNP. They recognise they’re only opportunity of forming a govt is reducing Labours numbers such that they then need SNP support and simultaneously de-legitimising that support as somehow ‘anti-democratic’ or outright unworkable, which of course it isn’t.

  13. HandandShrimp says:

    Vote SNP

    They don’t like it up them Captain Mainwairing, they don’t like it up them.

  14. galamcennalath says:

    Hatred of ‘separatists’ runs deep. Whoever thought we’d hear a Tory minister say vote Labour. I believe he means it … He’s saying that party politics is important, but the Union is even more important. A position which doesn’t surprise me.

    All along I’ve thought that some sort of loose Lib-Con pact to protect the Union is a distinctly possible outcome of this GE. An extension of Gove’s logic would be to agree with Labour at WM to snooker the ‘separatists’.

    I have also always been of the opinion that freezing out the SNP, and thereby ignoring the democratic will of Scots, is not necessarily a bad thing for IndyRef2.

  15. Sandra says:

    A Labour/Tory coalition is on the cards. There’s no difference between them anyway.

  16. Stoker says:

    KennyG says @ Michael Gove – “ARSEHOLE!”

    We have nothing further to add, m’lud.

  17. Colin Church says:

    “interchangeable” = Labour in Scotland is disposable at no real political cost to centre left ambitions. Bye Jim.

  18. Robert Peffers says:

    Let’s not beat about the bush on this, when a presenter feels the need to begin an interview with, “I genuinely don’t know what you are going to say in answer to this question”, the fact he feels he needs mention it indicates he, or his producer, has set it up so he knows exactly what the answer will be.

    Furthermore, among the last people in the World I’d trust a single word as truth from are Establishment TV presenters and Establishment Tory Government Ministers.

    What is more, anyone thinking last night’s debate was other than an Establishment set-up is as deluded as Spud.
    Spud thinks the Establishment Labour clapped-out auld cuddy will come good in the final furlong and streak from the back of the field to the winning post passing the thoroughbred SNP filly in the final 10 yards, is as deluded as Spud.

    There are more large holes exposed in that clip than in the red-light district in Amsterdam.

  19. rongorongo says:

    It seems odd to me that Michael Gove – Scottish born to a Labour supporting family before turning Tory – has figured so little in the referendum debate. He is somebody way more attuned to Scotland than Cameron. Other than this interview – and one made as the referendum results came in – the only other news link I could find was a barking mad Telegraph article from June last year where he was worrying about the boost a Yes vote would give to Putin. I wonder why he been so much in the background.

  20. think again says:

    They – all of them – loved us so much they begged, lied, cheated,and pleaded so we would stay. WHY?

    Now the Tories are saying better to vote Labour, Labour seem to be saying opposition is better than government if it means we don`t have to involve the SNP and the LibDems, bless, say under no circumstances should the SNP have any power what so ever. WHY?

    Is it because they are greedy, duplicitous, lying, hypocrites or is it because they need our resources, human, financial and natural to prop up the rotting carcass of a long dead political entity?. Perhaps it is all of that. Perhaps I am missing something.

    The solution lies with us, leaflet, canvass, write letters. Speak – nicely – to every one you know, even those outwith Scotland about our hopes, beliefs and intentions for Scotland and the people who live and work here.

    The unionists are scared of us, we should take away that fear, as soon as possible.

    Vote SNP – get Scotland, not the devolved, diluted version but the real thing. Scotland, the newest member of the United Nations. It has a nice ring to it don`t you think?

  21. bookie from hell says:

    GEORGE Osborne has said if the Tories are victorious on there will be no extra welfare powers devolved to Holyrood.

    bfh–red rag to a bull–Scottish electorite

  22. Fiona says:

    galamcennalath says:

    He’s saying that party politics is important, but the Union is even more important. A position which doesn’t surprise me.

    I disagree. He is saying that neoliberal economic policy, which he describes as “mainstream” with some justification, is more important that party politics. I think that is precisely what he believes. He is defending the elite who fund his party, and that is really what this is all about for Westminster. The don’t give a toss for the union in itself: but they do care that no alternative model to austerity is tried and seen to work: they do care that the progress of plutocracy is not challenged in any way.

  23. jethro says:

    Who in their right mind would vote for any party endorsed by Michael Gove, apart from the Margaret Thatcher fan club (Scottish Branch)?

    Of course, he could be being really devious and know that he has just given Jim Murphy the electoral kiss of death, but personally I have never credited him with having that much intelligence.

    I think he really sees Labour on their own = Red Tories (perfectly acceptable to him), Labour + SNP = progressive alliance (his worst nightmare).

  24. heedtracker says:

    Rancid old Guardian takes its daily long hard widdle all over possible Scots SNP MP’s, with their usual Sturgeon is a lying old fraud. But they also link back to their ancient union jock shill, who also took many a long hard peepee over Scottish democracy, this one back Aug 2013

    Graun’s proof that Sturgeon said no ref for a generation, well done Libby Carrell for your sleuthing

    “So there we have it. Or not quite, because Sturgeon adds that a no vote will probably mean the end of the purchase that the Scottish government presently has on Westminster. “The UK government for a long time after will think Scotland’s been put back in its box. I don’t think there’s any chance after a no vote of Scotland getting any significant new powers.” A neat trap: vote no and things do not stay the same, they get worse.”

    “End of the purchase” Clearly virtually no one expected the actual people of Scotland to vote NO and then possibly vote SNP majorities May 7 2015.

    And cue BetterTogether Project Fear 2.

    Its up to the BBC and co now to make sure we definitely don’t vote SNP. That’s how teamGB democracy works.

  25. galamcennalath says:

    Donald Urquhart says:
    “The other night I was in a bar I don’t particularly like, so I decided to leave. As far as I know the bar is still there. My act of leaving did not destroy the bar or break it up, they simply had to get used to the idea that my decision to leave deprived them of some income.”

    Your analogy is a good one. Indeed, it’s probably the way most of we ‘separatists’ think about it.

    However, for most hardcore BritNats (Gove being as hard as it gets) it’s not only about income, economy and taxes. What is probably far more important to them is prestige and standing.

    If Scotland becomes independent than we are saying ‘your system wasn’t good enough for us’.

    We are disrespecting institutions and a system which BritNats see as something wonderful.

    We would diminish their standing on the world stages, which they so love striding.

    Add to this the confusion in BritNat minds about the difference between England and Britain/GB/UK and it potentially make the issue worse for them.

  26. TD says:

    Donald Urqhart

    “Seems saying something in a soft, sincere voice is not enough for it not to be a lie”

    Is that Murphy you are referring to? His patronising way of speaking, trying to appear sincere, makes my skin crawl. There is not a drop of sincerity in him.

    Fortunately, it would appear that the Scottish electorate shares my opinion.

  27. Fireproofjim says:

    One day, when the London media have poisoned English opinion to the extent that the average Englishman is saying ” let these subsidy junkies go”, and the penny drops for the Conservatives that they could have a permanent majority in England, and No voters in Scotland realise they have been conned, the perfect storm will break for the Union.
    It’s coming yet for a’ that.

  28. indyme says:

    STV Debate?

    Don’t ask where they got the audience from but what year they got them.

  29. Malcolm says:

    Isn’t democracy wonderful?
    The last time I checked, and despite the best efforts of Blair Mcdoughnuts et al, the following is true:
    1) the SNP is not a proscribed organization.
    2) the SNP can afford, and will timeously lodge the correct documentation and required deposit.
    3) the SNP will, therefor, be on the ballot paper in each and every Scottish constituency in the 2015 GE.
    4) a number of SNP MPs will be elected by the tired and tested mechanism of UK democracy.
    5) there is nothing the existing Westminster cartel can do to stop it.

    So let’s wait for the Grand Coalition to Save The Union!!!
    Gordon and the Daily Record will be spitting out “Vows” like a Xerox machine!!!!
    It’s coming for sure.

  30. manandboy says:

    Michael Gove, speaking from the heart.
    Words, words, words.

    With this man, talk is cheap.
    With his Government, talk is cheap.
    With neo-Liberalism, talk is cheap.

    This man is committed to brutal austerity,
    and to Tory, Unionist neo-Liberalism,
    which believes that denying food to the poorest in Glasgow,
    so as to put caviar in the mouths of the super rich in London,
    is absolutely the right thing to do.

    Speaking from the heart, as always, Mr Gove.

    A heart of stone.

  31. Fiona says:

    If they form a grand coalition I don’t think we will be seeing any “vows”. Why would they? It would annoy some of the rUK voters who have been persuaded, rather laughably, that Scotland has too much of their money and too much power. If the form a coalition they have calculated that those rUK votes are more important, AND that they will not suffer a backlash from their own support in the future.

  32. Helena Brown says:

    I have always held to the view that the Establishment have Labour as their party in Scotland and the Tories in England, and Mr Gove is just maintaining this.

  33. Adrian B says:

    In closing at the end of this part in the interview; when asked how the general campaign for the whole of the UK is going for Labour – he replies that he is happy as he is a qualified optimist.

    I think the Tories are more concerned that they cannot get a working majority, therefor they will quite possibly lose the 2015 general election next month.

  34. Alastair says:

    What was interesting about last nights debate was what wasn’t included.

    No Memo/Frenchgate. (and lets not let that one disappear), No SNP Leader defects, No full fiscal autonomy, after months and months of it in Scottish Parliament No crisis in the NHS Scotland. And of coarse No bring back booze at football matches.

    Round two – where’s my new bingo card?

    ps Jim has the gitters. Looks like a lad who as got been caught nicking a mag off the top shelf.

  35. Nana Smith says:

    Malcolm says So let’s wait for the Grand Coalition to Save The Union!!!

    Chunky Mark is also waiting for a lab/tory coalition

  36. Helena Brown says:

    May I also add Michael please come up and campaign for the Tories, they are having such an easy time I am sure your presence will only make it harder.

  37. Shuggy says:

    Apologies in advance folks:

    I read the first line of this fully expecting the next word to be “arse”.

  38. schrodingers cat says:

    angry salmond

    “Willie Rennie again. Piss break. #ScotsDebates”

    “And I thought the absence of the Green Party meant we wouldn’t have any plants in the audience! Ho! Ho! #ScotDebates”

  39. The Earthshaker says:

    Off topic, the Lib Dems in Wales didn’t want us to feel left out of the baseless smears against nationalists, so they’ve accused a Plaid Cymru candidate of calling English incomers Nazi’s when he, the candidate Mike Parker, born in Kidderminster was a travel writer 14 years ago, his original piece was about the rise of the BNP in Mid Wales

    The Daily Wales link is sound and share if you think it’s worth it and thanks again Rev Stu for letting us post links

  40. manandboy says:

    I’m sure there is no need to explain the placing of the following:-

    The main causes of the American Independence war were as follows:

    (a) The main underlying cause was Britain’s attempt to tighten imperial con­trol in the economic field by regulating American commerce and industry to suit British interests (by policy of Mercantilism).

    (b) English Navigation or Trade Acts required goods to be shipped to and from America, only in English ships.

    (c) Many goods like tobacco, cotton, sugar could be sold only in England, where they were taxed.

    (d) European goods sold to America had to be landed first in England, taxed and then transported in English ships.

    (e) Americans were discouraged from manufacturing iron and textiles, which were supplied from England.

    (f) Colonists were prevented from settling in West America as these lands had been bought by the English aristocracy.

    (g) The Stamp Act increased the tension, as colonists were forced to pay a tax on stamps which were to be fixed on many kinds of documents. This led to the demand ‘No taxation without representation’.

    (h) Americans objected to British taxation on consumer goods, particularly tea that led to the Boston Tea Party and the beginning of the revolution.”

  41. galamcennalath says:@ 11:56

    Are you suggesting the bar did not derive prestige and standing from my presence?

  42. bookie from hell says:

    off topic

    London jewlery raid

    Hatton Garden jewellers ‘were uninsured’


  43. Dr Jim says:

    Whatever the permutations

    The Scots must be made to vote what we (The Establishment)
    decide and not what they actually want
    There must be no thinking for themselves allowed that just leads to this damn democracy thing they keep bleating on about

    For Gods sake the Scots are ruining our supremacy and it has to cease, i mean they’re not the same as us are they
    Look i’m a dyed in the wool Unionist and i’ve even adopted the same accent as you in order to be accepted

    I dress like you, i walk and talk like you, i look like you
    i’m one of you
    Please don’t think of me as Scottish

    (Except when it suits me)

  44. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    When’s the Record front page on “Top Tory minister tells scots to vote for Ed Miliband to stop Nicola Sturgeon!”

    He didn’t even bother to make it a “secret”

    LOL 😀

  45. Robert Peffers says:

    @Donald Urquhart says: 8 April, 2015 at 11:14 am:

    “I’m getting fed up with the terms “break up the UK” and “destroy the UK”.”

    Eh! There is absolutely nothing wrong with either the first or second term

    The first is correct as the United Kingdom is a legally bipartite union of two, equally sovereign, kingdoms and thus, if one equally sovereign, Kingdom leaves that union it is akin to that of a marriage of two equal adults getting a legal divorce. The Union in both cases ends.

    In the second term the destruction is the act of ending the union. A bipartite union’s Status Quo Ante, (a legal term), is the return of both signatory kingdoms to their pre-union status which, in the English kingdoms case was with Wales annexed in 1284, (Statute of Rhuddlan), and Ireland Annexed in 1542, (Crown of Ireland Act). Northern Ireland was thus part of the Kingdom of Ireland before the 1800/1 act which did no more than change the title to include N.I.

    “The other night I was in a bar I don’t particularly like, so I decided to leave. As far as I know the bar is still there. My act of leaving did not destroy the bar or break it up.”

    Not a good comparason, Donald for the UK is not comparable to a business nor Scotland comparable to a customer dropping in to spend a few quid. The UK is the marriage and Scotland one partner and England the other partner who got married but had two children by a previous marriage, (or was a twice over unmarried parent).

    I’ve not heard a single voice calling for any harm to come to the rUK, which would be silly given our trading and familial links.

    That’s because the Union does indeed end when one of two legally equal partners divorce. The idea that a single Kingdom that signed the Treaty will continue as a union is daft.

    You’ve been soaking up too much Establishment propaganda. That’s what they want you to believe but it is demonstratively false. Think on this they even brainwash you by saying, “The SNP want to destroy Britain”, yet Britain has another four non-UK administrations and Britain has eight countries of which only four are UK countries. They have been feeding Scots this crap since they claimed there was a union of the Crowns in 1603 – there wasn’t.

  46. Macart says:

    I don’t think there’s any doubt left really.

    They’re still campaigning on the referendum, still joined at the hip in Scotland and apparently more determined than ever to step on democracy.

    For unionism see establishment.

    Democracy is what they say it is.

    There is only one answer clean house in May. Reeboot the system and send a crystal clear message, democracy is what the ‘people’ say it is.

  47. call me dave says:

    Ha! Ha! “Tories are mid stream in UK politics” he says!

    Checked for buttons and zips and velcro fastenings on back pf head nope, nothing.

    At least he’s telling us the truth, vote unionist where it counts and Scotland remains a colony.

  48. Lesley-Anne says:

    Good old Gove … vote Labour get … erm … TORY! 😉

    Methinks the unionists who are desperate to return to Westminster are exactly that … DESPERATE! They can see that the writing is on the wall for a great many of them … hopefully 53 of them who were from Scotland! 😛

    Despite every denial we have ever heard so far I, like many others, would not be entirely surprised to see RED Ed Milliband after May 7th sitting next to BLUE Dave Cameron as Deputy Prime Minister. Well let’s face it folks all the talk around wee Nick Clegg is that he is out on his ear so someone has to take over his position as Deputy Tea boy don’t they? 😀

    Sorry for going O/T so early but for those who did not see the paper review on SKY last will have missed a classic statement, in my view, from Stig Abel of the Sun.

    Jim Murphy is likeable and positive in this campaign.”

    To borrow a phrase from the Artist Taxi Driver:

    You WHAT! 😀

  49. Lollysmum says:

    A poster asks why we aren’t seeing/hearing much of Gove. He was Education Minister but got caught funding his Free Schools & Academies projects (having overspent their budget) with money intended for state schools only & there was hell to pay.

    He decided he’d had enough of Teresa May trying to position herself for Cameron’s job (when his leadership was rather shaky last year,)so he challenged her & lost out big time. End of ministerial job for him-whoops! Pretty sure that he wanted Cam’s job for himself but it didn’t quite work out that way. Oh dear 🙁

    In recent months, he’s hardly put his head above the parapet, thankfully.

  50. Lesley-Anne says:

    bookie from hell says:

    off topic

    London jewlery raid

    Hatton Garden jewellers ‘were uninsured’


    erm … OOPS! 😀

    I feel sorry, sort of, for those who had stuff in the bank vault that was stolen but really the vault owners were UNINSURED! What on earth were they thinking … oh wait a minute that’s right they were NOT thinking were they! 😛

  51. Papadox says:

    Dim Jim a total complete and utter parasite, no morals no scruples two faced con artist and although he is one of the worst, WESTMINSTER and the unionist parties are all in it up to their necks hence the panic to protect their golden egg.

    Mr Gove is just another pan handler and con artist who has all the same attributes as his ally dim Jim they detest the SNP because they are not tarnished (yet) by WESTMINSTER corruption, so they are loose cannons and not to be trusted. The truth can be a very dangerous thing and spoil your wee seam.

    WESTMINSTER is toxic.

  52. rog_rocks says:

    Ha ha, somebody ought to put Murphy in a chair and ask a similar question; “Who would you rather see win in Scotland, SNP or Tory?”

    I’d bet that would produce a rather long non-answer, lets face it; they’re all in it together!

  53. Casper1066 says:

    Anyone get the urge to slap this guy. Smug and arrogant.

  54. mac says:

    Would suggest that a CON/LAB coalition is on the agenda…if that is the case then i would expect that this would decimate Labour in the north England and only push the vote toward SNP in 2016.

    We would then see a rise in English nationalism and eventually the goal of another referendum by no later than 2020.

    The only issue is the fact Alistair Carmichael refused to close the loophole on Holyrood as theoretically it could be dissolved as devolved powers are borrowed powers…

  55. David says:

    Sorry for playing the animated character not the ball, but –

    Vote Gove, get Pob.

  56. Robert Peffers says:

    @Kes Smith says: 8 April, 2015 at 11:31 am:

    ” … Are we actually going to see a Conservative Labour merger to freeze Scotland out of politics?”

    Oh! Kes, wake up, go read history with an open mind and consider well what I’m about to point out to you now : –

    There has been an, “Establishment”, of elite rulers in the south of Britain for as long as there has been a written history of Britain.

    The first were the Romans and much of their written history is coloured by political self-seeking leaders. The Romans came for minerals and slaves. Thus they kept aloof and left little in the south British gene pool.

    They left and were replaced, (by invite), with the Anglo-Saxon Tribes. These came from a certain area of continental Europe and promptly began treating the aboriginal south Britons as their slaves.

    Then we had Vikings, Norsemen and Normans. All from the same basic area of Europe and the last gave us the Feudal System of which some hereditary Peers still sit in the HOL.

    The Establishment, from Roman Times has been feeding propaganda to the Northern Britons. The names have changed through the years but the Establishment are an always present southern elite.

    Think about it – they taught you in school that the Romans ruled Britain but the Romans only ruled Roman Britain and that ended anywhere between the Gask Ridge & Road and Hadrian’s Wall depending on when you cared to look for where it ended.

    BTW: How the Romans ruled has never changed either. They Romanised some Britons who then ruled Roman Britain for them. So what do you imagine the Labour Party Branch Office in Scotland are doing?

  57. thedogphilosopher says:

    I would really like to hear one of these Unionists explain why they want to ‘keep’ Scotland within this union, while at the same time bemoan the ‘fact’ that the English ‘quite obviuosly’ have to subsidise the Scottish economy?

    I take it the ‘love’ isn’t completely unconditional? Is it something do with ‘owning’ the whole mainland area, and therefore all its inhabitants? Or do they just like to keep us around because they feel sorry for us? Or in case a wee war breaks out because the Celts are jolly good at sticking it to ‘Johnny Foreigner’? Or perhaps it helps to maintain their superiority complex?

    Kidding aside, what is the Rationale? I’d really like it explained.

  58. Kes says:

    @Robert_Peffers it seems to be a possibility. The union, or rather their westminster remuneration package+pension seems quite important to them. They are politically closer to each other than either to the SNP and the clubed together for the #IndRef. Yes it is perhaps an outside possibility, but we don’t yet know fully the dynamics of May 8th.

  59. rog_rocks says:

    My view is that an SNP win in Scotland with a hung parliament in the UK would bring out into the open the anti-Scottish Tory/Labour alliance/cabal that already exists.

    They may make it obvious to everyone by announcing it, probably in the name of national security i.e. Trident, or they may attempt to carry on as now, behind the scenes freezing out SNP and voting together for more austerity, keeping Trident, benefit cuts, high speed rail for England only etc.

    Either way it will then be obvious to all what better together really means.

  60. thedogphilosopher says:

    @ Kes

    Yeah, I’d like Nicola to point out at one of these big debates that you won’t find any SNP politicians queuing up for cushy titles and comfy seats in the House of Lording-It-Over-Everyone as do the Slab lot.

    rEd tOriEs aLL!

  61. yerkitbreeks says:

    The worst product ever of Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon’s College.

  62. JGedd says:

    A couple of days after it aired, I watched on iPlayer the recent QT with Michael Gove on the panel. Peter Hitchens actually put it to him that the Tories would consider a grand coalition and it was notable that Gove would not rule it out.

  63. heedtracker says:

    @ Robert Peffers, the Romans did vini vidi vici a lot of the British Isles but they did it with invasion and occupying armies that were not Roman but soldiers enlisted from other countries and tribes from the Roman Empire in Europe. We know a lot of non Roman soldiers stayed and became loyal Brits because that was part of the deal if you fought for Rome. they gave you conquered land to retire into.

  64. Wulls says:

    His politics are not the point here.
    He lays out a commonsense position.
    Something no labour politician has done recently.

  65. heedtracker says:

    Peter Hitchens actually put it to him that the Tories would consider a grand coalition and it was notable that Gove would not rule it out.

    Ruthie Babes said last night on STV debate, it looks like its going to be a minority Conservative government May 8. And she could be right.

    They’ll have full weight of rabid wildly over excited teamGB media and BBC still crazed after their vote SLab save the union/Stop most vile women in the universe campaign. Last enraged remnants of SLabour and Blairite Labour types, LibDems, UKIPers, all will no doubt keep Cameron and Osborne clinging in No.10, at a price.

    And all to stop the break of teamGB. It doesn’t get more UKOK quasi religiously loyal, than the saving of teamGB.

  66. Robert Peffers says:

    @heedtracker says: 8 April, 2015 at 4:10 pm:

    ” … The Romans did vini vidi vici a lot of the British Isles but they did it with invasion and occupying armies that were not Roman but soldiers enlisted from other countries and tribes from the Roman Empire in Europe.

    Isn’t that what I just described, heedtracker?

    Just what do you think the Establishment are doing just now? They are not the ones chapping Scottish doors, sticking posters up or catching their fingers in letter boxes? They leave that to the Romanized Unionised numpties. Part of that deal you mentioned is exactly what Murphy and co. are aiming for.

    A skunk tippit robe, a title and a seat on red leather in the best old folks club in the country at £300 a day attendance money an aw ye kin eat and drink plus entertainment.

  67. heedtracker says:

    @ Robert Peffers, you do indeed. All empires crumble and fall though. Actually imperial UKOK unionists like say oor Duncan Hothersall would look great in a centurions outfit, short pleated skirt, big plume helmet, trying to shut down rebellious native Picts. We should paint ourselves blue.

    It even looks like Dunc. Big helmets extra. Ooh missus.

  68. Brian McGrath says:

    I’d never vote Tory but he seemed to making some valid points from his perspective. If he hadn’t been interrupted while weirdly answering the questions put to him as he tried to explain his position he may have been speaking some sense……
    ITV reporter asked me about the NHS in Wales yesterday. She kept trying to get the point across that it was the Labour government in Wales that was making the cuts. I pointed out that yes it was devolved but the money coming from London is being cut then it’s obviously not the Welsh government that is pushing to cut funding to the NHS.

  69. Gary says:

    Politics was taken from the people and given to serve international business and group accounting. It won’t easily be pulled back but I think Nicola’s appearance in front of a UK audience has quelled the political propaganda, at least for a while.

  70. fatweegee says:

    Slimy little weasel, embarrassed he’s Scottish.

  71. By Jove! Mr Gove, what a snivelling little wretch you are.

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