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Still a few tickets left

Posted on March 02, 2012 by

…to see Scottish Labour’s leader and deputy leader, Johann Lamont and Anas Sarwar (um, party positions not necessarily in that order) address a packed crowd at the party’s annual conference in Dundee today.

Hurry! They’re going fast! (Just don’t ask in which direction.)

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10 to “Still a few tickets left”

  1. Seasick Dave says:

    There are a few seats filled in that picture.
    I take it that its raining in Dundee.

  2. Subrosa says:

    No it's not raining in Dundee.:)
    How stupid to book the Caird Hall. It shows how Labour manage finances by paying for such a large venue when there are plenty smaller, less expensive venues available in the city.
    I suspect the media will outnumber the delegates.

  3. Doug Daniel says:

    Subrosa's quite right, they could have booked a band rehearsal room or something. Or maybe a phone box? Not much use for them now that everyone has a mobile…

  4. Morag says:

    Murder.  I couldn't get into the Eden Court Theatre for Alex Salmond's speech in October, and when I did get in for other business, it was always very full.
    If that really is during the speech, and not a comfort break or something, well, dearie, dearie me.
    I know a lot of people were complaining that the Eden Court is too small for SNP Conference now, but the counter-argument is that it's the biggest venue in the Highlands, and people like to come to Inverness whereas they might not be so keen to go to Glasgow, say.  But really, the way it's going they're going to need the Armadillo.

  5. RevStu says:

    "If that really is during the speech, and not a comfort break or something, well, dearie, dearie me."

    It's during a Q&A session with Lamont and Sarwar. More pics coming up very soon.

  6. TYRAN says:

    It's packed out like a cinema for the first showing of Police Academy 7. 

  7. Scottish republic says:

    This does make one's day.
    Her speech will no doubt be filled with all the jolly aspects of her nature that she displays with such giddy abandon –

  8. daretodare says:

    Where have I had a pop at individual members of the audience? Try – “How did my life come to this? I wanted to be a dancer.” The reference to “my” is the giveaway. Or“Ah ken jist who pinched ma false teeth, ya basturt.” in both cases you have a pop at an individual and their appearance. In one its Chauvinism in the other it’s Ageism. The sad thing is that as the host of the site you missed the point I was making and others believe it’s keen perception and cleverly witty. Cut and paste those two shots and someone will suggest that they’re just another obvious example of cybernat mentality.  We have two years plus until the referendum and the independence movement has made great progress in recent years by positive campaigning. We haven’t won anything yet and at all cost must avoid offering others the opportunity to start a slagging match. This site is excellent – one of the best –  but as said we must all continue to raise our game and not adopt unionist traits. Repectfully yours,

  9. RevStu says:

    Think you’ve put this in the wrong thread. But in the “dancer” picture, the caption’s not supposed to be for the plus-size lass, but for the sad-faced bloke in the middle. It’s much funnier that way than just pointing out that someone’s fat. And as for the “false teeth” one, that’s hardly ageism – I know 25-year-olds with false teeth. It’s a picture of a grumpy old man, but the joke is his grumpiness, not his oldness.

  10. daretodare says:

    Correct was on the wrong thread – which is why I recalled seeing it posted but then felt it had been taken down. My mistake thanks for the link. Re the “dancer” picture, while the caption’s not supposed to be for the plus-size lass, you will not dispute why it can easily look that way! As for the “grumpy brothers” forget the teeth jib – they’re just doing an impression of the Miliband Brothers – Smug Ed & Grumpy Dave!

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