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Strength through joy

Posted on March 02, 2012 by

A photo-gallery of excited, enthusiastic Labour supporters at Dundee’s Caird Hall for the Scottish Labour conference and keynote speech by Ed Miliband this afternoon.

(All these pics are taken from live BBC web coverage. Most of them are during Miliband’s address, but a few were also shot in the 20 or so minutes of speeches immediately preceding it, featuring Jim Murphy and various others.)

Incognito spies: Kate Higgins, George Galloway and Tommy Sheridan.

“Hang on, this isn’t The Muppets. Or is it?”

Traffic was probably very heavy. Yes, that’ll be it. Traffic.

“How did my life come to this? I wanted to be a dancer.”

Plenty of room upstairs.

“We’re never going to win again, are we?”

Punk’s not dead.

“So this nun walks into a lesbian – wait, that’s not it.”

These guys are actually being ironic.

“Apparently they’re sacking Wee Coisty and getting Fabio in.”

“Ah ken jist who pinched ma false teeth, ya basturt.”

“Sucka better not come down here and mess with my bitches.”

“This is the last place they’ll think of looking”, chuckled Rushdie.

New Scottish Widows advert: disappointing.

Worst stag weekend ever.

“Is that a bee?”

“Which one’s Jedward?”

“Christ, is THIS what we’re going to have to try to sell folk?”

“Did I leave a tap running?”

Jackie Baillie sneaks a look at a concealed copy of Playgirl.

…or is this just fantasy?

“Hello Scotchland!”

“I should have asked for more than 20 quid to come in and sit here.”

Raring to go. (To the chip shop.)

“Hmm, wonder if I’ve got time for a quick 40 winks before he’s finished?”

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29 to “Strength through joy”

  1. annie says:


  2. Andy Martin says:

    Never, in the field of politics, have so many, been bored to death, by so few !
    Their rapt attention is wonderful to behold. 
    Is this all there is ?  The SNP must be thinking it's too easy !

  3. ratzo says:

    witty & devastating.

  4. daretodare says:

    Wit….no! The ideas alright- but the comments are sometime a bit snide. One or two are overly personal as well. By all means have a pop at the politicians but not at individual members of the audience. We should be raising our game not adopting unionist traits!

  5. Meek says:

    Yes, I totally agree, daretodare. It's a bit horrible to poke fun at people who are unaware they're being photographed. Childish.

  6. Bob Duncan says:

    daretodare: I couldn't agree less. Hilarity justifies everything. Thanks for making my week, revstu.

  7. ron edinburgh says:

    to summon up!  the scottish labour party conferecnce, like a political timeshare sales pitch! the reward? you get a day off from work, but must attend two to three hours of pish you'll never buy! 

  8. RevStu says:

    Where have I had a pop at individual members of the audience?

  9. Scottish republic says:

    I actually felt sorry for some of them – while I wasn't chortling and sometimes laughing.

  10. Scottish republic says:

    They put themselves on TV and the nonpoliticians had gentle ribbing – no more

  11. paperbhoy says:

    Andy Martin says:
    March 2, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    Never, in the field of politics, have so many, been bored to death, by so few !
    Or should that be 'so few bored to death by so many?'


  12. allymax says:

    Good laugh; thanks.

  13. Caadfael says:

    Universally underwhelmed!

  14. maraki says:

    Hilarious, cheered me up no end on this dreich Saturday morning 😀

  15. TYRAN says:

    Are these photos from Dens Park?

  16. Longshanker says:

    Tenth post for AhDinnaeKen now completed RevStu. Sorry about method of communication. I'll only post this link once. Hopefully you'll consider this site to take over from the missing Burdzeyeview. If not, I'd be interested to hear what you think regardless. (We'll never see eye to eye politically, but something tells me you're not a grudge bearer). You did inspire the blog though. So I suppose I've got to thank you for that. Regards.

  17. Desperate Fishwives says:

    You should be ashamed, these people offer a vision of a bright future for Scotland and you make fun of them. They laughed at the dinosaurs too and they went on to…..

  18. douglas clark says:

    I managed to watch two minutes of JL on the telly just now. I hope you are clearing the decks for an update on "Positive-case-for-theUnion".
    Is it just me, or is their attack on the SNPs idea of fiscal stability through continuing to use Sterling not a bit hypocritical? After all they all want us to continue using Sterling, don't they? We have as little influence over B of E monetary policy now as we would in an independent Scotland, so what's the beef?

  19. Ken Johnston says:

    Oh, these captions. Great. Pi****g myself, well not quite but you get my drift.
    Stumbled in on a link from the Hootsmon forums. Oill be back.
    Hall was quite empty. Eh. Now to keep a record of EBC airtime for these people V SNP

  20. Siôn Eurfyl Jones says:

    Never before in the field of human politcis has the  abject boredom of so few been so inspiring to so many! 

  21. TYRAN says:

    Seems Johann Lamont's conference speech has been delayed because there are not enough people in hall to hear it!! 

    She told the 700-strong audience

  22. Janos says:

    Bwhahaha.  This is brilliant xD

  23. Jimmy McP says:

    Aye cause it would be much better if folk were in stitches laughing when the leaders of the party outlined their vision for Scotland. P.S – How typical of a cybernat to spend their time on this drivel! Quite laughable really.

  24. daretodare says:

    RevStu says: Where have I had a pop at individual members of the audience? You asked me that question and I provided an answer. You have subsequently removed my response without explanation. My answer was factual and curtis. So let me give you a piece of advise – don’t ever ask a question of someone unless you’re prepared to accept that the other person has a right to answer! You might not agree with the answer but in a democratic forum one would expect that having asked a question, the answer would at least be accommodated for others to consider. 

  25. MajorBloodnok says:

    Johann outlined her 'vision' and then most people laughed.  It was the polite thing to do.

  26. RevStu says:

    "You asked me that question and I provided an answer. You have subsequently removed my response without explanation."

    I've done no such thing. I'll have a look and see if the spam filter's been over-enthusiastic again.

  27. RevStu says:

    Just checking: is this the response you're referring to?

  28. Chic McGregor says:

    On the other hand, they do seem to enjoy a game of football with their mates:


  29. The Man in the Jar says:

    Photo no. 16
    “Is that a bee?”
    No it’s a squirrel!

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