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Standing room only

Posted on December 01, 2013 by

We’re going to enjoy this one while we can, because there’s a big barren fortnight across the last week of December and the first week of January when no politics happens at all, so we probably won’t see these sorts of numbers again for a while.



So, that’s not bad. Compared to October we’ve got:

PAGE VIEWS: up 22%


VISITS: up 27%


You know all the stuff we always say at times like this? Well, that, with bells on.

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    125 to “Standing room only”

    1. Tinyzeitgeist says:


    2. Douglas Guy says:

      You ain’t seen nothing yet.  I hope your hosting will scale without you having to remortgage.  

    3. Douglas Guy says:

      Also, plan ahead for the almost inevitable DDoS attacks.  Know what you can afford to do when it happens.  

    4. cearc says:

      Well done, Stu.  keep up the good work.

    5. mogabee says:

      You’re gonna need a bigger boat……!

    6. Training Day says:

      Only the beginning Rev.

    7. Morag says:

      Did I mention that a technician at work saw my Yes badge and asked me where he could buy a copy of the white paper?  I gave him the contact details for his free copy, and then gave him one of the Aye Right cards and pointed to Wings as being the place where all the really cool people hang out.
      Lots of these wee interactions add up you know!

    8. Hetty says:

      Excellent work, yes it will be interesting to see how things pan out beginning 2014. Of course it business as usual for the banks and greedy folk at the helm. Xmas must be a great distraction for some. 

    9. Fab001 says:

      Those numbers are very impressive, almost 150,000 uniques is fantastic, have you ever thought about putting a little advertising on your site, 2 million pages views would equate to a couple of thousand pounds at least, money which could be used to promote your website and spread the word.

    10. Morag says:

      I’d rather donate a bit more to keep adverts off the site, although if donations couldn’t raise what was required I suppose there wouldn’t really be any choice.

    11. Oldnat says:

      After Sept 2014, you are going to have to rescale those graphs, as even more folk will want to see if the MSM are accurately (that would be a first!) reporting the negotiation process between us and rUK after the Yes vote.
      Both you and Newsnet Scotland could start a circulation war by giving away lots of goodies to attract us?

    12. Ken500 says:

      Wings etc could swing the YES Referendum for Scotland. An amazing effort. Great. Thanks a Billion.

    13. steviecosmic says:

      Good things beget greater things, in a good world. There is hope here.
      The devil’s greatest lie is not that he didn’t exist, but that it is folly to attempt to prove that. In the end, all there is, is truth. 

    14. benarmine says:

      You have done and are doing an amazing job Stu. Making the difference. Well done.

    15. Patrician says:

      Is it just me or is it getting a bit crowded in here? 😉 I suppose it would be good to know where all these new (and very welcome) visitors heard about WOS.
      I suggested on here some time ago about getting some advertising as page views were rising but now I am not so sure that is such a good idea.  Just think about it, would you want to see some No Scotland ads on here?

    16. Fab001 says:


      I’d rather donate a bit more to keep adverts off the site, although if donations couldn’t raise what was required I suppose there wouldn’t really be any choice.

      Yes then can be a bit ugly although you can make them blend into your site and not be too much of a nuisance.

      At least 50,000 people a month search on Google for terms like “Scottish Independence”, “Scotland Independence”, “Scottish Independence Referendum” etc and I’m sure this will increase over the coming months. You will notice that there is no advertising whatsoever related with these terms, it’s a shame there isn’t a little ad on the side or on top promoting WOS,  NNS or any other pro-independence website, especially as the search results all point to the mainstream media.

    17. kininvie says:

      People ask: Who do you write for?
      I say: I write for Wings, now and again
      People say: Ah, I’ve heard of that
      I say: Why not go and take a look?
      People say: I’ll do that.

    18. TJenny says:

      Fantastic Rev. Where would we all be if you hadn’t started this site, I hate to think. (I know there are NNS, Bella etc, but this is this best and my favourite, by a long way).
      Of course, if you have the inclination and aren’t worn out by then, you have to continue it even after the Yes vote.  I’m sure there will still be those in the MSM who will work against us, hoping we fail, and we’ll need this site to keep exposing them.
      I’m with Morag on the no ads thing. Some online newspapers have rolling and flickering ads up the sides that have the same effect on me as motion sickness and make me feel quite ill after a few seconds.  Ugh 🙁
      When you know how much you need for the next phase – you know what to do – just give us the call and I’m sure we’ll collectively rise to your/our occasion. 🙂

    19. Morag says:

      Fab001, we’ve had this conversation a couple of times already.  One of the things I really like about Wings is the absence of adverts.  I just hope that Stuart will see whether the required cash can be raised from the readers directly, first, and only go the adverts route if that proves to be impossible.

    20. Stevie says:

      It’s really the first 2 weeks of January – the BritNats lost their mojo at the start of this year and never recovered; I suspect it will be even harder for them this time since they are in only in response mode to any story with a silly scare story at best.

    21. Franariod says:

      We are all spreading the word Rev 😀 

    22. Midgehunter says:

      Come on folks, loosen up, take it easy.

      Darlings “black hole”, Cameron and Rajoy, BT’s maths problem, Beeb – MSM journos taking bias to new untold hights of perversion …. they’re reactions trying to stop one very basic fact – they are not winning the arguments and certainly not the hearts and minds of the Scots.Fear is driving them, cold naked fear.
      And my favourite, the WP has really put the cat among the pigeons and boy can those pigs squeal  😉
      YES is creeping upwards in the polls -published or not, oh so slowly but it is.

      Why? – because folks want to know what they’re going to be voting for, they want information and no Bulls**t.

      Hence the WP from the SG, and more importantly over the long run, the only alternative source of information to the MSM, the Internet. (Grassroot leafletting, eye-to-eye talks etc are more individual methods than quick mass distribution)

      The figures above prove it.

    23. Fab001 says:

      TJenny says:
      I’m with Morag on the no ads thing. Some online newspapers have rolling and flickering ads up the sides that have the same effect on me as motion sickness and make me feel quite ill after a few seconds.  Ugh 

      Yes those ads are really ugly and off putting, but you can do it a lot more subtly than that, but anyway if donations suffice then that’s preferable. Here’s hoping that by early next year WOS will get over the 200,000 uniques.

    24. Lanarkist says:

      Sincerest congratulations on the success of WOS. 
      I couldn’t help but notice how the bar graph representing the growth of unique views resembled the bar graph of the stratospheric rise in UK debt Posted in an earlier thread.
      For every bad action their is a good reaction. We seem to be the natural antidote in the system. The more crap present in the media body the more antibodies that are created, ie, us.
      I know which growth chart I prefer.
      Again congrats Stu and all contributors, posters, readers and forwarders.
      Tipping point soon.

    25. Jingly Jangly says:

      Great Rev,I  pointed  a few people  in the direction of the site who had not heard of wings tonight as im  just back from Yes Arran St Andrews  bash over £600 raised for the cause in raffles  , not bad for a smallish island. Several people I have seen about but did not know were on the right side at the  dinner, spoke to them, recent converts. its happening!!!!
      Arran is so bluenose its unbelievable if we can raise that amount in a couple of months and with other craft events this last six or so months raising another  £1200 to Yes Arran then you have to believe its happening. Thanks to all who contributed to prizes and those who bought raffle tickets and congratulations to Tommy Gilmore of the the Ormidale Hotel Brodick who won the main prize,  He has been on the right side since I was in shorts in primary skool  (And his dad Fisher who was a crony of Ian Hamilton of the Stone)
      Even had a couple of Arran  malts first  alcohol since the march!!! (By god its good)
      Only downside of the evening is hearing that a guy from Arran was in the Helicopter that crashed , cant say names as nothing released yet but RIP, and to the family my thoughts are with you all.

    26. Jack Beck says:

      OMG – I started following the good Rev way back when – and look where we are now?
      A very happy St Andrews Day from SW Virginia, USA

    27. Wayne says:

      How do the numbers compare to the official BT website?  Is there any way of finding out?
      Keep up the great work Stu!

    28. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Ive got a question for project fear what happens to all the monies in Scotland after independance,we arent going to be able to use the pound LOL all the monies dissapears all the debt we just start afresh is that what their saying,because its simple to me any one that wants to trade with us i would take their currancey and as we have a massive trade SURPLUSE we can use every currancy in the world.

    29. Craig says:

      Don’t waste any money on advertising in unionist media.

      Instead, independence supporters should regularly print out WOS articles (with the Rev’s permission of course) and drop them into the letterboxes in their neighbourhoods.

      Only determined direct local grassroots action in bringing the truth to the masses can win us this referendum.

      WOS has been doing an excellent job online but its work must be extended to the non-online community which relies on the unionist media.

      Anyone who regards the Tories, Labour, Lib-Dems and the Establishment as incompetent and stupid is gravely mistaken. Don’t underestimate them for one moment.

      Look at their actions at the time of reluctantly giving independence to the colonies. They implanted Westminster style corruption and divide and rule into every single one of them and none of them has recovered from it yet.

      In fact we don’t even need to look at the colonies – we can look at our own backyard in Northern Ireland.

      Stuart, I seriously believe that if you were to come under a bus, the likes of Margaret Curran would not want to know who the driver was. Be very careful, for your own sake and for Scotland’s.

    30. Bryan Beattie says:

      Dear Rev. Stuart Campbell,

      I just want to let you know, I have never commented on here before yet I visit this website more and more frequently as I delve deeper into the Independence Referendum. I’m very passionate about a yes vote (this is evident in my debating style which is very… abrasive? At times, but in a manner which shows I very much care about the future of Scotland and the people within it) and I tend to try Google or research things when I can as soon as I learn about it. I won’t pretend to be an expert on the subject, but I believe I am smart enough to understand everything presented to me in regards to the topic of discussion, the question we will answer next year.

      Wings over Scotland has been an intricate part of this and is slowly becoming a daily routine for me, I personally want to send my sincere thanks to you and the other writers for the effort put into each article. I’ll be honest that I reference your website an awful lot and while some people might not like the more… personal style of reporting on the political arena, I find that it’s more straight talking and comprehensible in it’s depiction of the evidence for and against Independence.

      We still have a long way to go and I strongly believe that your work is far from over. It is my belief that this website has to spread further a field and reach more people than it does now (even with the trend being set for more and more visitors to the site growing) and we will only be better for it. 

      So, thank you for everything and I wish all of you here at WoS the best for 2014.

      Kind Regards,
      An avid Fan.

    31. john king says:

      crowdfund before they all bugger off a quid each, jings,
      thats eh thats , thats a a lot of money 
      polls , posters, articles in the press 
      whats not to like 🙂

    32. john king says:

      Patrician says
      “Is it just me or is it getting a bit crowded in here? ”
      Who pinched ma seat?
      ah always sit there,
      (psst its one of the newbies on this site) 
      yer welcome friend,
      onyhin else a kin help ye wi? 🙂 

    33. john king says:

      Franoid says
      “We are all spreading the word Rev”
      If the people at me work don’t have the words
      Wings over Scotland
      emblazoned on their brains by now they never will I have the site up on my computer the minute I log in in the morning and have it up on my screen at every break. 

    34. Saltire Radge says:

      Excellent stats Rev. The well-deserved fruits of your (and your contributors’) labours. I only post here occasionally but visit daily and spread the word about the site whenever/wherever possible. Fantastic work. 

    35. seoc says:

      Wonderful. It shows the greater demand from Scots for real information pre-referendum and also reveals the Unionist desperation to feed us porkies.
      The Union is over – get used to it.

    36. The heat has got to hot for some.

    37. Alba4Eva says:

      I wear ma wee badge that I got in Edinburgh.   Quite a few folk have asked; “What’s the badge?”
      I just reply; “It’s Wings over Scotland… It’s a website.”

    38. James Kay says:

      “Page not found”
      Perhaps it has melted?

    39. JLT says:

      Well done, Rev.
      These days, I tell everyone to come to this site. Everyone that I know, know’s of this site.
      They want answers; go to ‘Wings’
      They want truth; go to ‘Wings’
      They want to know what ‘No’ really means; go to ‘Wings’
      Rev, believe me …I think your viewing figures will go stratosphere next year!

    40. Thistle says:

      Amazing figures. Well done Rev and all the contributors and posters who make this such a great resource.

    41. thomas says:

      Well done stu and all those who contribute to wings. 
      I first heard of this site from a fellow independance supporter on a political forum , and since then have been giving links to this site and mentioning it to everyone i can.
      Great stuff and once again thanks.

    42. Brian Mark says:

      As a newcomer to Wings I must say these stats are most impressive. Keep up the good and valuable work

    43. Adam Davidson says:

      I need to take a taxi once a week to a networking meeting that starts at stupid o’clock. I have managed to get the semi regular taxi driver from No to maybe to Yes. Wings was what swung it. He says he mentions to every single passenger that he was an confirmed No until he started reading Wings and got a real understanding of the issues. I went into my meeting with such a spring in my step that someone commented on it.

    44. breastplate says:

      Well done Rev with jingle bells on

    45. Tattie-Bogle says:

      The Figures have been faked oh wait this isn’t the better together fakebook page. Congratulations sir

    46. ronnie anderson says:

      Back on my feetthis week .Tues morn Airdrie train station Tes papers, BT mob out as well I got a couple of their papers, ( james mortons chocolate brownie reciepe was the attraction, Science centre later on in the day, SAT Airdrie Graham St with the same BT guy from Tues , I spent a hour handing out newspapers in competition with them my YES group were at Sth Bridge St ( I need to read my e mails ha ha ) anyway I went round the corner got 3 members to gome with me to the main st BT disapeared within 2 min spent another hour talking to people handing out papers good reception YES PEOPLE want information I always point them to This site  ( I need Buis Cards REV for WINGS ) Tues thisweek Door to Door as the Rev says things will be taling of till Jan we should comeing out letting the people know that the Information is there for them But that the  BBC / MSM are bias in favour of the pro Unionist we need to attack them at every oppertunity AS/NS/JS/ the whole of the SNP at every interview need to mention this fact ( not at the end of a sentance where its edited out )  Rallys in Glasgow early next year  My thought and prayers are with the bereaved familys of the Clutha Vauls tragety

    47. Congratulations!
      The more regulars we have….the more they recommend others
      ….the more new visitors becoming regulars…the sky is the limit.
      No adverts please. With these numbers?…Crowd fund any projects.
      I find it extremely helpful to be able to recommend WOS. 
      Being, first and foremost a Media Watch Site, any Don’t Knows,
      but more importantly potential No Voters, will not feel they are
      going to be subjected to YES “propaganda” by visiting.
      Then we sit back and let the TRUTH do the rest.
      Your work is vital, Many Thanks.

    48. Bunted says:

      Sunday Herald a good read today and McWhirters article is interesting and makes some good points. I think he is getting frustrated that the pro Indy campaign needs a kick up the bum, but hey, when your up against the British State and it’s broadcaster, it’s never going to be easy.

    49. Bunter says:

      Er not bunted but bunter lol.

    50. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Yesterday was the 90th anniversary of the death of John McLean. A friend sent me this piece on YouTube

    51. ronnie anderson says:

      Jist reviewed my previous post , sos about he spelling heids still not 100%, but I ve had 4/5 Bt papers since Tues every time I get them somebody wants them of me,( no bloody consideration atall I need a good laugh tae, & that bloody reciepe fur chocolete Brownie,s ChocaMocha kin you help me oot lol

    52. gordoz says:

      Congrats to Stu & the team; where else will we hear the truth (or even close to it!)

    53. Marion says:

      Well done sir.  More power to your elbow.

    54. Bill McLean says:

      Congratulations Rev – absolutely marvellous figures. If only……. – I can understand the English press being against us but where in the world does the press of a country spend all it’s time running down their own country like those “proud Scottish” journalists who infect most of our daily and Sunday press. We must surely have the most despicable so-called journalists on Earth – with one or two notable exceptions! Despicable, dishonest hypocrites and maybe they are not that good! Keep up the good work.

    55. Jim Mitchell says:

      O/T but story in this mornings Sunday Herald:
      Hacker took over Yes email to taunt top campaigners.

    56. Patrick Roden says:

      Well done Wings 😉

    57. Dramfineday says:

      Good to see the numbers of new readers rising, it gives me quiet satisfaction. I’ve been sticking the Aye Right leaflets in with the Yes newsletter as I do the rounds. I’ve also been dropping them in pubs,busses, trains, libraries etc. The little business card sized one is very good for casual placement.So thanks Rev for the great content and the Aye Right guys for a great tool to get the message out. As they say, Mony a mickle maks a muckle.
      Monylacement! So well done Rev for the excellent content and Aye Right for the great tool.

    58. Horacesaysyes says:

      Is that graph a projection of how the figures would look if we continue under current institutional arrangements? 😉
      Well done, Rev, and everyone else who has written an article.

      And hello to anyone who has recently joined us here – you’re all very welcome.

    59. Albert Herring says:

      Google “Scottish independence” and all you get is MSM sites. The top pro-indy site is National Collective away down on page 3. This means the first two-and-a-bit pages are solidly No.
      Surely somebody knows how to get Wings and others up nearer the top. I think we’re missing a trick here.

    60. Dramfineday says:

      Loops forgive the gibberish at the bottom of my last post ……trying to send from a blasted phone and I thought I’d fixed the text…argh

    61. Dan Watt says:

      OT but the Daily Heil has ran a predictably awful poll and Blair McDougall is jumping all over it. Any way to refute it, besides that it was in the Daily Heil?

    62. Les Wilson says:

      Well, I have been following WINGS from pretty well the beginning. It has become a 4 times a day visit now, I like most of us. are always looking for the REV’s next expose’.

      I now longer buy newspapers as I cannot abide the shameful MSM, a casual scan at the news stands tell me all I want to know, I do not contribute to their anti Independence stance any more, and that gives me a some satisfaction.

      But what annoys me much more is that by law, I HAVE TO BUY A TV LICENCE THAT HELPS GIVE FUNDS TO THE BBC THAT ARE USED AGAINST US.  STV, is also a disgrace at being just a little less, ever so slightly, bias than the BBC.

      So we can turn to WINGS, my first stop, then NNS, my second stop, then Bella and others. I find out all that I need to know about what is happening right now, within the great debate.

      Without WINGS and the other sites where would we be?, how could we be enlightened, fact is we would not be. The Unionist claptrap would have given Scots little to choose from. By helping all pro yes websites we are empowering our people, they are supplying our intelligence requirements per say.

      So well done to the Rev, his passion shines through and is helping to keep us all going, where some may have weakened. Let us continue to grow our community here as that is what it is now becoming, but also to be grateful to all the pro websites, combined the give us a clearer path to move forward.

    63. themadmurph says:

      Brilliant Stu. My daughters are now out spreading the word and they point everyone they talk to about independence to here too.  They work on the train, so they get to talk to lots of people.
      Convert one and then tell them it’s their responsibility to enlighten at least one other.
      That way we’ll get there!

    64. Dan Watt says:

      @Les Wilson
      You don’t have to buy a TV license, it isn’t the law. There are several videos on YouTube showing people standing up to the inspectors and police at their door and point blank refusing to let them in. The poor guys at the door just have to leave and have no recourse.

    65. handclapping says:

      Poultice has a piece on “What Scotland Thinks” about a Daily Mail poll saying that the WP hasn’t worked for Yes. There’s a smashing comment BTL that nobody’s read the WP yet so all the poll shows is that people dont believe what we’ve been told about it in the MSM! That’s what Wings and NNS have done. More power to your elbow.

    66. Macart says:

      Outstanding Rev.
      Onwards and upwards. 😀

    67. Susan says:

      Well done! 

    68. Heather McLean says:

      “TJenny says: Fantastic Rev. Where would we all be if you hadn’t started this site, I hate to think. (I know there are NNS, Bella etc, but this is this best and my favourite, by a long way).”

      Mine too Jenny! My first stop for keeping informed about the Referendum and a source of reassurance amid all the scaremongering, misinformation and downright lies of the mainstream media.

      If all I was reading and listening to was newspapers and TV it would be so easy to become depressed and disconsolate about the possibility of a positive outcome next year. Wings keeps me focussed and optimistic about the future and reassured that we are going to win independence for Scotland next year.

      I’m a Yes Ambassador for Dundee and anytime I’m out and about canvassing for Yes or attending an event we’ve organised, I always point people in the direction of Wings as a source of excellent information.

      I feel informed and confident when speaking to people and this is almost entirely due to reading sources of information like Wings Over Scotland, Newsnet and BBC Scotlandshire ( my second fave!)

      Please no adverts unless you really have to, I only access Facebook on my phone these days because of all the adverts, I’m convinced its the advertisement which slow down Facebook on my PC.

      Well done Rev Stu, you are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the great work!

    69. JLT says:

      ‘We’re going to enjoy this one while we can, because there’s a big barren fortnight across the last week of December and the first week of January when no politics happens at all..‘ – Rev
      Ho ho ho …famous last words! (see what I did there …a wee bit Santa for the start of December)
      I’m sure there will be plenty of things to talk about over the festive period. After all, for one thing, Darling and Carmichael can’t help it; Darling especially. Put a camera in his face, and he can’t help but begin foaming at the mouth and blinking like crazy!
      To me, Darling is now looking more psychotically delusional as the weeks go by (he is starting to remind me of Maggie Thatcher’s puppet on Spitting Image. You know, when she finally did go mad! When the pupils in her eyes were no more than pin pricks in giant white orbs. That’s Darling these days!)

      And as for Carmichael …well, he will be trying to mend his shattered reputation (if he can…).
      The Scottish Lib Dems must be bricking it as in who will be the next Secretary State of Scotland, especially when they have to go up against wee Nicola (I still hee-haw at watching that wee clip from Jurassic Park in the piece ‘About Last Night’ when Carmichael is lowered into the pen to face Nicola and Rona. Love it too when the big game hunter says, ‘When she looks at you, you can see she’s working things out …brilliant! Puts the absolute fear into every Unionist!)
      Seriously though. I do agree, Rev. Once you’ve had a verbal kicking on all fronts, the sensible thing to do is be quiet, just vanish for a while, let the dust settle, and hopefully people will forget. Not with Darling and Co. As I said, put a camera in front of Darling and he just has to start. You’ll get plenty of ammo from him!
      I would just keep hammering the message home, Stu! People will still come here, even if the politics do decide to go on a two week holiday.

    70. cjmasta says:

      With so many enthusiastic wings readers can we organize an official leafleting campaign ? Maybe even join with Newsnet and Bella with a simple leaflet  saying  what the MSM don`t want you to know about Scotland.
      The YES campaign is going to be the biggest grass roots campaign Scotland has ever seen and it`s up to us all to point people in the right direction. The more wings readers the better. We could specifically target colleges, uni`s, many places.

    71. JLT says:

      I’ve been sticking the Aye Right leaflets in with the Yes newsletter as I do the rounds
      That’s a brilliant idea! I’m going to do that too! Absolutely Brilliant!! I’ve got about 60 to post in my street (had no chance to do it last week, Kininvie. Was working late most nights, but it will get done!!), but I tell you what, I’m going to do that too. Well done Dramfineday!

    72. JLT says:

      cynicalHighlander says:     
      The link to the Mail. 
      CynicalHighlander ………aaarghhhh!…don’t do that to us! (LOL)

      Honestly …the Mail! I wouldn’t believe a goddamn thing in that rag! Even if it said, that the Earth revolves around the Sun, I would be questioning it!!!
      My dad reads that mince and honestly …the arguments that we have on politics.
      So, CynicalHighlander …gonnae no’ …just gonnae no!!!!

    73. crisiscult says:

      Great news about the high figures, though I’m not sure how that compares to other websites such as newspapers? I certainly recommend this site, newsnet, and Bella to anyone I can.
      As for TV licence, can I add my name to the list of frequenters here that doesn’t have one. If you don’t watch live broadcast TV it’s not required, and I hardly watched live TV from UK anyway. Not sure what I’ll do when the world cup starts though.

    74. Training Day says:

      Good to see our enemies are as predictable as thought (viz Daily Mail poll post WP).

      Watch as this is now treated as orthodoxy by the BBC and the rest of the MSM.

    75. Dave says:

      Congratulations on the growing readership – great stuff.
      Here’s an idea for a future article that may explain why the BoE are keen to talk about a currency union. You can use the link below to check the 10 year government bond yield for lots of countries. Click on the button at far right for each country to see the change over time. Uk is currently at 2.8% while Ireland is at 3.5% and falling. I wonder what Project Fear will say if they overtake us?

    76. John H. says:

      Congratulations Rev. Your site is now a vital part of the campaign for a Yes vote.

      Incidentally, and off topic, I’ve noticed that in all of the interviews I’ve seen of the Glasgow helicopter tragedy, the people interviewed have been clear and articulate.

      Twenty years ago, the average Scot faced with a microphone would have been tongue-tied, stumbling all over the place.

      A sign of growing confidence I think.

    77. Linda's Back says:

      Albert Herring says: 10.31
      Better Together uses Google Ads to get more prominent rankings in the search engine.

    78. heraldnomore says:

      That poll in the Mail is brilliant.  Let them believe.  Complacency sets in.  But Cameron’s given up and he won’t be surprised, secretly pleased perhaps, when what we all know comes out in the only poll that matters.
      Leave them alone; let them believe what they want.
      Then we’ll have the last laugh, on the first day of the brave new world.  Because it’s happening.  And the more we get of Darling’s black hole, internet letters, and BT’s leaflets, the bigger the margin will be.

    79. Faltdubh says:

      Lots of great, hard and top work from Wings. People are becoming engaged in the referendum and I hope it goes from strength to strength here. We need as many new faces as possible and with almost every community and area with at least access to the internet via phone, home or down the library. I’ll try to promote this place e.g last week, met a pal who’s ‘swaying to yes’, but wants further info (he read the short version of the white paper). He had no idea about Wings, Bella, or Collective plus the other decent blogs out there.
      Met him again last night, and he’s convinced that Indy is the way to go and reading Wings ”every couple of hours.”
      The MSM in the UK/Scotland is a joke e.g Naughite last week and so on, but more and more people are turning away from it and finding their news from other methods and not just the internet, people are swaying from Sky, BBC to the likes of France 24, Russia Today and Al Jareeza etc for a want of balanced reporting.
      It’s a shame Christmas is coming up. Actually, nah it’s no – it’s great fun and a time to put politics aside, but I dunno, I just feel a wee touch of momentum coming our way, yet nae doot BT will released a Yougov poll.
      Slow and steady wins the race. We are now trudging on. A HUGE percent of Scotland is undecided. I’d guess around 35% of the electorate and from a few Yes folk’s canvasing I’ve met, it’s almost 50% in certain areas. Didn’t one poll have Glasgow at 42%.
      More and more and more Wings please as Red Bull doesn’t give me enough of a kick.

    80. Vincent McDee says:

      Lets have an eye on the competion now, should we?
      The SNP needs a thriving Scottish newpaper market
      “Look at newspaper readership and circulation north of the border. The Herald in Glasgow has 109,000 readers a morning, compared with a 160,000 in the same NRS survey a year ago: 32% down. The Scotsman in Edinburgh, with 108,000 readers, has lost 16%.

      Sales statistics (from ABC) don’t chime too neatly with any of this because there’s no simultaneous accounting. But if, as hypothesised, the Scotsman is only selling 23,000 or so a day, then its circulation is a mere quarter of what was claimed when the Barclay brothers sold it to Johnston Press eight years ago. Oh calamity! All Scotland’s dailies are now, in essence, regional papers owned by regional or local groups. Scotland doesn’t have an Irish Times or Irish Independent. There’s less and less of a national voice.

      Meanwhile, the Telegraph sells 18,650 in Scotland,
      the Times 18,269,
      the Guardian 10,565
      the Indy some 2,885.
      The Mail, at 93,470,
      the Record, at 219,390,
      and the Sun, at 255,742,

      are the biggest cheeses to put on your oat cakes. A “free” Scottish newspaper industry dominated by Fleet Street and (for the Gannett-owned Herald) Arlington, Virginia? It’s a very odd prospect. But every time Salmond takes centre stage, the press safety curtain behind him seems to twitch and slip.”

    81. Xander says:

      Well done Rev, and community.

      PS. Don’t worry about that dead spot at the turn of the year, Rev. I’ve noticed an untapped demographic that I hope to enlist to your cause, and readership stats. It appears that this group, part indiginous and part immigrant, are rather concerned about a sustained sciurophobic campaign being waged against them by her loyal highness of Pollok. They have plenty of time indoors this winter, plenty of time to check out WOS and bump up your figures. You heard it here first:


    82. gordoz says:

      Hate to sound like some kind of luddite but on the Daily Mail poll as I dont know how these work nowadays but very sceptical of the process particularly in relation to the right wing tendncy of such a paper and the repetative narrative of the findings surprisingly supporting the papers view, time and time again. Is Scotland this conservative really ?

      Why no fluctuation in their results … ever. Are they even really undertaking polls. Has anyone checked their last poll before the Scottish Election which returned a landslide SNP vistory. Did that papers polls at that time relfect this ?
      I am 50 +  and never been approached in my life to undertake a political survey for any paper.

      So in essence personally I will take this ‘reliable info’ with a bucket load of salt, especially since we in Scotland only ever hear from the 1 Stathclyde Uni pollster that the media system ever consults or take views from.
      I know Scotlands small but are there really no other psephologists in the land anywhere ?

    83. Hetty says:

      Thanks didn’t know about France24. Media Lens is another good site for reporting without the bias of the msm. 

    84. Fab001 says:

      Don’t waste any money on advertising in unionist media.
      The advertising wouldn’t be in the unionist media, it would be on Google when people search for “Scottish Independence” for example. The top search results point to the BBC, Guardian, Scotsman etc, do we really want people going there? A little ad on top or on the side could bring people to this website or NNS, which is far preferable.

    85. Les Wilson says:

      Dan Watt
      Thanks for that DAN I was unaware, probably most people are, I will certainly check it out. Hmm many more should know this !

    86. Dick Gaughan says:

      Just to say congratulations and a million thanks for all the hard work, Rev. My first act of the day (after making the coffee) is reading WoS, absolutely essential reading. I’ve directed several people here, hopefully they’ve become regular readers too.

      Keep fighting the good fight. We’re winning and with enough guid thrawn Scots willpower, we will win on the day.

    87. David says:

      Hey Rev, just what is the second graphic all about – is it a screenshot of someone playing Tetris? It sure ain’t a serious graph, because there is NO SCALE attached to it. 

      No scale, no parameters, makes it worthy of the mainstream media rubbish that everyone loves bitching about. 

      Please, if I want sloppy reporting there are many places to get it from. From you, I expect more. From you, we all deserve more.  
      P.S. I only complain because I care! 

    88. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @ David,
      Click on the graphic, and if you use your magnify tool you will see the legends detailed at the top and bottom of the columns.   The data is there, Its a large graphic compressed into a small window.


    89. MajorBloodnok says:

      Thanks Rev, some good news for the end of this week.

    90. Rev, in the name of Gawd, when are we gonie get oor bumper sticker wie the “Wings” website address on it?

    91. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @ Tree of Liberty
      It’s being worked on !  watch this space !

    92. Kev says:

      Wow, going by the % increase at this rate we could have a million monthly visitors by May next year and under 3 million by August!!

    93. kendomacaroonbar says:

      How do you post an image on here ?

    94. Marker Post says:

      Great stuff Rev. What the hell happened in June 2012 though? Did you take a day off or something?

    95. kendomacaroonbar, Christmas is coming and ah need them fir the weans.

    96. kendomacaroonbar says:

      @Tree of liberty…
      Art work has been done, Stu has no objection to the graphic, quotes have been received and the prices are high for the volume initially required.  Sizes are chose as 300 mm x 100 mm which is quite big, but hey ho….   I would post the artwork on line here but I cant work out how to do it. Opinions would be greatly appreciated since I have to fund several hundred pounds of my own dosh, and if there is huge demand then I’ll fund the extra volume run.  I will be offering them to wings members for a contribution to cover Post and packaging.

    97. Dramfineday says:

      Hi JLT ( back on the keyboard, thank goodness – smart phone consigned to coat pocket)
      Thank you for the kind words of support. Something else for you to think about. In our area (large labour vote in certain pockets) the Yes guys and I have also been putting the Labour for indi leaflets through with the newspapers (as well as the Aye Right material). I’ve also been thinking about adding the Business for Indi leaflets too. The aim being to let people know that YES is a coalition of interest that is giving them the info.
      Incidentally I received a Better Together newsletter yesterday, ironic really as after reading through it, I went to our local Tesco and there’s a collection going on for the national food bank. Better Together have no idea how embarrassed I am that this concept even exists in 2014.

    98. Cankert Callan says:

      Well done that man!

    99. Les Wilson says:

      I am sure the artwork will be fine. However I personally would like to see something like
       ” Want the Truth about Independence?
                       FIND IT HERE
          WINGSOVERSCOTLAND.COM ( bigger font )

    100. JLT says:

      Cheers Mate. Will do that too if I can get my hands on any Labour for Indy leaflets.
      Cheers again!

    101. kendomacaroonbar, naw, naw. You sell them to make a profit, whit yie dae wie the profit is up to you. Just tell me the price and the money will be in the post. 

    102. David Renwick Grant says:

      A huge ‘thank you’ to Stuart Campbell for providing us all with this excellent site, with  unbiased information that one can trust. It’s invaluable. Many many thanks indeed.

    103. Alabaman says:

      Aaaah, now I understand , in the beginning (as it said in a book somewhere !), it took me but
      about five to six minutes to read the comments, now!, thirty minutes or there-abouts, me no
      complain, looking forward to a full hour of information. 

    104. The Rough Bounds says:

      I see that the average visitor duration is about six and a half minutes. Is that good or bad and is there anything we can read into that fact?

    105. Morag says:

      As I understand it, it’s extremely good compared to most web sites.
      I don’t know how they tell though.  I might open a page with a substantial article followed by 100 comments, and not click on anything else.  How does this system know whether I ignored the page and went to make  the tea, or spent the next half hour reading every word?

    106. kininvie says:

      @Tree of liberty:
      I’ve put Kendo’s artowrk here for you to have a look at:

    107. Fab001 says:

      I don’t know how they tell though.  I might open a page with a substantial article followed by 100 comments, and not click on anything else.  How does this system know whether I ignored the page and went to make  the tea, or spent the next half hour reading every word?
      If you visit a website, visit one page then leave, the system counts that as 1 visit, 1 pageview, time on site 00:00:00.

    108. Aidan says:

      Congratulations, Rev Stu.  I just read the Sunday Herald and found it all a bit grim.  Then I come to Wings and immediately feel uplifted.
      I hope I can get one of those stickers!  

    109. Vronsky says:

      Well done, Rev – a pretty staggering achievement.
      NB – Ads:  Use Firefox as your browser and install AdBlock and NoScript.  Sorted.  At least I presume so, as I never see ads here.

    110. Morag says:

      There are no ads here.

    111. kininvie, that’ll dae fur me. How do I buy one?  

    112. Derick fae Yell says:

      Put a trendline on it and that’s a bonnie exponential curve.

      Why is this site so popular?  Facts. Facts Facts! 

      Interestingly a couple of my fb freinds that is rabid Brit Nats, have mentioned this site.  Only to slag it and the the Rev off, it’s true.  But they are clearly reading it.  And that wee worm of truth, once it gets in the ear….

    113. kalmar says:

      Thought I should finally register – I’ve been aware of this site since it started (I was a poster on a previous incarnation of WoS, when it stood for World of Stuart).  I must confess that despite living here, I didn’t have the slightest interest in Scottish politics until the referendum issue started to appear on screens and in the press, so it’s only in the last month or two that I’ve been reading regularly. 

      Anyway, well done Stu, this is worthy stuff and you’ve converted me from an uniformed “don’t know” with scepticism of the “nationalist” SNP, to a definite yes, who even takes the opportunity to gently enlighten others if they’ve swallowed what’s in the popular press and TV news..
      Keep up the good work.

    114. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Lads & Lassies,
      The Car stickers have been ordered, and I am waiting on the returned artwork proof for sign off, after which I could be in receipt of the vinyl car stickers within the next couple of weeks.

      I’ll post up my email address and you could make a donation via paypal, or we can work out a safe and zero hassle way of getting them to you.

      I have a gut feel that BEER MATS with an appropriate message would be a great idea for Wingslanders to leave on a few tables of their local, or any local for that matter…what say ye ?

    115. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Absolutely my friend.

    116. kendomacoroonbar: yir a guid guid man. And as fur the beer mats I’ll buy them tae. 

    117. Macsenex says:

      Yes Helensburgh had great reception at the Winter Festival this weekend. 150 people signed the YES declaration and many folk gave donations. Watch out for YES meetings in all the local villages with a stellar cast of speakers from February 2014

    118. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Just to avoid any embarrassment on my part the ‘stickers’ are vinyl and they are only for applying to the inside rear window (or any window for that matter) by a liberal application of one’s one slebber.  
      These are not the paint damaging yokes that are glued to the bumber or the paintwork !

    119. kendomacaroonbar says:

      bumper not bumber  (ffs Kendo..)

    120. David says:

      @ Kendomacaroonbar , yes I am indeed now sorted, so thanks for your reply about the bargraph! I can now see the numbers on the graphic.
      I hope a free Scotland has free eye checkups as well, ‘cos I’m needing new specs! Talk about reading the small print…
      @ Rev Stu, my apologies for not checking/putting on my specs, before posting.  

    121. kendomacaroonbar says:

      No problem, invariably if you click any schematic or pic on the post on this forum you’ll find more data.

    122. malcolm says:

      Great news and a merry Christmas and happy new year.  But what happened to the crowed funded ‘Scotland Tomorrow’ project?

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