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Speking there branez

Posted on October 19, 2013 by

Experienced readers will know that it’s a rare and special day when the BBC deigns to open up a Scottish story on its website to reader comments.


The results are invariably to be cherished, as our friends elsewhere in the UK share their considered, informed and thoughtful views on why we’re all better together.

“Let the Scots have
their independence. It will save the rest of Britain £50billion pounds a year. Then in the ensuing years we will watch them crying over their porridge for making such rash decision.”

private eye
I dont think many people this side of Hadrians Wall would be too upset if all those Scottish chappies voted for independence because their unhealthy drinking and eating habits are an ever increasing burden on our NHS, and their leaving would free up more money for us more deserving English folks who would reap the benefit.

Let’s have independence for London?! That will shaft the lot of you.
The whole country scrounge off London and yet London has all the brains and creates all the wealth.”

For Gods sake let them go. I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing this self serving grinning hyena bang on about scotlands independence. But when they go, make it complete. No retrospective “payments” no more handouts, leave their shipyards to rust, separate our armed forces, protect ENGLISH OIL, make them apply for visas to come here. In other words treat them like any other foreign country.”

The man is an embarrassment – I only hope when he loses that he takes himself and all his haggis bashing, claymore rattling mob with him to somewhere more suited to his style of government – Cuba, North Korea, Iran or Zimbabwe for example”

All your voting for is EU rule he want’s to be ruled by the EU. That’s not Sovereignty. Scotland should vote UKIP with the English and send a message.Control the boarders and handle our business. They are hook winking you into a not elected and undetected United states of Europe”

Vox Pop 2014
It’s a no brainer..why would you want to form a country with a smaller population than Yorkshire. A country that would be so small it couldn’t produce a car, have an airline..even a supermarket ( the big 4 are all English ) small it wouldn’t even have a broadcasting service – think about it 90% of the TV you watch is English. Oh and another thing taxes will rise!”

Please for the love of God just go. Fund your own Socialist paradise, have Salmond as Chairman, sorry, President and we can all laugh as he bankrupts the country in a timescale that would make even Labour blush. Will be interesting to see what excuse they come up with when then don’t have the English to blame.”

Your certainty about oil is amusing. The oil belongs to the UK. If a part of the UK cecedes, then the basis on which it cecedes woud be negotiated, so there Iis no guarantee of any oil at all. Maybe later, Aberdeen will cecede from Scotland, Would that mean that all the oil would then belong to Aberdeen?”

The Scottish continually visit London cap in hand asking for hand-outs; and then complain about Westminster – what hypocrites?! London would be better off without Scotland (but we do need somewhere for our nuclear bases). The sensible Scottish electorate will vote NO because they know Scotland is nothing without London.”

norman mccreery
this country is a disgrace,micky mouse parlys costing millions,no wonder there are food banks and poverty.they should turned into flats,we didnt have amount of whafflers in the 60s 70s 80s,and the uk was great scottish and this rubbish should binned,THINK COST OF BORDERS, CURRENCY,PENSIONS,NHS.UK HAS FAR TOO MUCH GOVT”

If we are British then as a person living in England I demand the right to vote for Scotland’s Independence. To save time and money as we English are a bit short at present lets just tell as from midnight 31st December 2013 you are a stand alone Country with no aid.”

Firstly, a majority of jobs in Scotland are public-sector, meaning they are 83% funded by the English tax-payer.
Secondly, Scotland has the highest percentage of people on sickness benefit (ESA).”

we see many small countries fall, greece, iceland, cyrus, Scotland will follow if they choose YES”

S.N.P. N.S.D.A.P. B.N.P. All claim as part of there banner nationalism ! you have to play with the word for a while, workout what it mean’s what nationalism is it they offer ? it can once sucked to see leave a very nasty taste behind indeed. Nationalism seem to me a blanket that many a scoundrel wrap themselves up in. I would always advise you poke it with a very big stick before picking it up.”

If those Scotland ever leave ‘Mother England’ it’ll be the biggest mistake since William Wallace got totally ‘owned’ at the Battle of Falkirk. 

Scottish people you have been warned!!! :(“

Ive been going to Scotland every year since I was ten on holiday. I hope the repulsive Sturgeon does not win the vote. I would miss going to Scotland a country I love on but I won’t go to a country where as an english person I am not welcome”

I’m guessing Scotland economy will be relying on North Sea oil then? Can’t support a whole country by exporting whisky.

That’s all well and good.

I’m just waiting for someone to tell Mr Salmond that you can’t claim an Exclusive Economic Area that already has an established claim. That would be the UK’s claim on the North Sea.

Are they scared to tell him? Might want to do it before the vote.

Truth logic sustainability the final frontiers
For Salmond/SNP to clean the windows of Holyrood (Scottish Parliament) they would 1st have to produce a risk assessment, including a comprehensive list of all positives & ALL negatives & how to achieve SAFETY

For Alex/SNP to create an independent Scotland, their risk assessment excludes vast majority of negatives, which they leave for opposition to provide.


Major Dennis Bloodnok
I look upon this as English liberation rather than Scottish independence.

Just think of the jobs and housing that will be created in England when all the scots have to go back home to their newly independent land

I am available for any scot who wants a lift to Carter Bar when England’s great day comes”

The trouble is the first sign of economic trouble and an independent Scotland will turn to the rest of the UK for help. ‘Oh remember the good old times’ will be spouted by all. Also what will Salmond do if he loses the vote? His whole career is based on one vote. Finally I am sick of hearing about how I have somehow wronged the Scots due to the fact I am English. Stop complained and go away!”

I fully expect to be shouted down but the only way Scottish independence will work is if the rest of the United Kingdom financially support it as well as aid and concessions from the EU, if the UK leaves the EU then Scotland will face massive problems as will the UK, this is a political sideshow to get the SNP re-elected and they cannot fail with so many promised may be’s if they gain independence”

Socialists destroying the UK and supported by the BBC.
Business as usual.”

David Butterfield
Not too many years ago A S was boasting about Scottish banks being larger than English ones, i.e. Natwest & RBS. If he had got independence then, Scotland would have made Iceland look well off after the banking crisis. He call is an emotional one & probably irrational for their are two parties in such a divorce and we do not have to reward his ingratitude. Independence or self delusion?”

Why is it that all of Europe is pushing to be one united nation, but Scotland is pulling in the opposite direction of Independance? Surely in 10 years we will have a Unitied States of Europe (that Scotland will be a member of) possibly though not the remainder of the UK, which will be independant!”

The only winners in any split from the UK will be Salmond and Sturgeon. They will have gained near absolute power which they will no doubt find irresistible to abuse.”

2 thoughts on this:
1 Scotland is a wonderful country and people and in harmony with the rest of their citizens in The UK.
2 An independent Scotland would no longer be a burden on the English taxpayer and the Midlothian question would be answered!
So The UK would remain a happy place if the vote was NO, no more weighted taxes to Scotland if the vote was YES.”

Faith Misplaced
United we stand, divided we fall. Centuries of détente and harmonious cooperation, culminating in fighting two world wars together with special Scots Guards regiment’s etc… should not be undone by the foul stench of this nationalist cancer. Spoken as someone of Scottish heritage.”

Scotland is a part of an Island Nation, how can they be ‘independent’ ? OK, They have their own culture, which gives them individuality, but independence means separation, and financial and social isolation from the rest of us. Whoopee!”

I think the two biggest things that will guarantee a No Vote is the thought to many Scots that Salmon and Sturgeon will be running the gaff.
Scotland produce the best politicians on the planet.
How did they get stuck with these two idiots?”

We have spent years building a strong union (UK) and the EU could learn a lot from this but people want to break it up. What next Huddersfield, Torquay, Norwich, Cumbria, Essex etc all go independent – back to dark ages, and tribal feuding etc. (a bit like football then) not to mention the power hungry greedy dictators who will lead the tribes to destruction”

It’s a myth that all the North Sea oil is in ‘Scottish territory’ – it isn’t. Yes the majority is landed in Scotland, but as National boundries follow the line out into the sea surrounding them there is a very sizeable amount in English waters. Of course this has never been an issue as it is all British waters.
The SNP are playing with figures, again being very economical with the truth.”

Who will pay the huge cost of a split. Imagine the effect on business, hospitals, schools and the amount of paperwork alone would cost billions.? We all know the answer of course England will pay. We seem to pay for everything else.”

Green Soap
Been promised plenty by Salmond & pals, all in the crude attempt to tempt me to vote Yes.
Yet there are still far too many unanswered questions, like what will happen to my UK national body pension, to just how will Scotland have any say in a foreign countries economic policy if the pound is kept by Scotland.

If Scotland votes Yes, that economy will always be run by the Tories. 
So I’m voting No.”

Who are these idiots who comment on England vs Scotland finances?

Simple lesson in finance for you.

Generally, you can only accumulate debt if: (a) you are credit worthy; and (b) you have a reason for the loan or investment. Debt can be a symbol of prosperity than poverty. 

Scotland have LESS debt because they have LESS reasons for investment and a LOWER chance of paying it back. Fact.”

Robert Sinclair Shand
The Scots have very a serious problem in that they have never developed the capacity to think ahead wth the help of a positive knowledge of realism. I would suggest they read Ofsted’s reports on teaching religion in public, and private schools by indoctrination and see the Scottish governments precis of that report. Then decide who needs the English royals, or, Europe after Independance.”

A Wheel Busted
Goodbye Scotland 
once your gone so will the headache and constant whining in our ears be gone.
and I am sure our public purse will be healthier”

Of course the main aim of Salmond is not to improve the lot of Scots, but to weaken the standing of what he sees as the enemy – England. His dream is that the change will weaken the stance of England in the UN etc. and that this will then put it on a par with Scotland as an independent nation. Salmond doesn’t care who “rules” as long as it is not the English.”

giveme a job
Does anybody know the answer to this – if Scotland gets independence, who will control the revenue generated from the many North Sea oil fields off the coast of Scotland? UK (minus Scotland) or Scotland?”

Its Salmond who is the clown. no policies except independence at all costs and what a cost millions spent on his personal ego trip all based on the around 375,000 who voted YESNP at the last Holyrood elections, the 375,000 being the 25% of the 30% turn out at those elections.
Still at least we will be ride of him after the NO vote next year, when as we think he will be off to the House of Lords”

How can Scotland retain sterling and be financially independent when the BoE sets interest rates? That’s not Independance. 

I also cannot see any countries having the same currency and having different interest rates. Something Alex Sammond has failed to explain. It’s a great tragedy Donald died so he could have led a better independance campaign.”

We haven’t made any of those up, folks. Those are real people, with real votes, and there are plenty more where they came from. If you want them to keep deciding your government, vote No in September 2014.

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175 to “Speking there branez”

  1. I thought someone had hacked you twitter account earlier.

  2. IainB says:

    Many of those comments display a rather confused picture of what the global status of England is .. don’t they?

  3. Murray McCallum says:

    The sad fact is – would Alistair Darling, Blair McDougall, Margaret Curran, and many SLAB activists disagree with any of those comments?

  4. orkers says:

    There’s the odd contributor on most of their comment pages who wish us well, but in the main it’s just the usual display of gross, self deluding ignorance.
    Probably the same thousand odd arseholes regurgitating their bile on a daily basis.
    Rather sad really

  5. Mchaggis says:

    A combined IQ lower than my collar size

  6. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Shakes head in incredulous disbelief.
    Given a YES vote I wonder what they will say then and 10 years on what would they say?
    A PhD in that for someone.

  7. Keef says:

    That’s not The Major in there surely not:-)
    Someone’s nicking your moniker Major?

  8. Les Wilson says:

    Funny how it available to comment JUST AS the SNP big speeches!
    The BBC at their best again.
    Also, the truth is  that the English in general have the view of Scotland that they have been  fed for generations,so they are pretty well brainwashed.
    However, it is them, who cannot see the future. A very differe.nt rUK will emerge than they imagine, and that will give them serious challenges.
    If they expect the truth from Westminster, they better think again.
    The truth will be unavoidable after a YES , vote when they  are left diminished in so many ways, let them cry in their beer, or better,  they should challenge THEIR government as to why they have been fed all  the negatives for Scotland, for a millennium, when it was factually, very wrong.
    They don’t realise just how much they need us, but they sure will wake up.

  9. scottish_skier says:

    I’ve been trying to find a BBC HYS article talking about English politics which only pops up on the Scottish section of the website for Scots to comment on.
    So far unsuccessful.

  10. HandandShrimp says:

    What is remarkable is the political ignorance displayed with such shameless abandon
    I am doing battle in my JimRampant mode but trying to stick a finger in the dyke os stupidity is a fruitless battle.
    If these people really do believe this appalling nonsense and we secure our Yes vote I can only assume that there is going to be some seriously nasty branes spoked in the press and BBC with outraged voices demanding to know “How the Hell can they do this and what bastard moved Adrian’s (sic) Wall to Newcastle.”

  11. Cheryl says:

    That saddens me more than anything.  

  12. none of them seem to have actually read Salmond’s speech, but just taken the rare chance to comment on an independence story.  The utter ignorance is breathtaking. and the Midlothian question.. hm I wonder what that is? 

  13. MajorBloodnok says:

    Anyone with the ridiculous name Bloodnok is obviously a complete fool and an imposter, er…. but, aha, who is doing the hook winking now, eh?

  14. Kevin John Braid says:

    FYI Scotland pays more than it takes so get your facts right.

  15. CameronB says:

    @ Major Bloodnok
    It looks like your brother(?), is a no-nonsense sort of chap. He comes across as the very backbone of Britain and I bet he wears Tweed.
    What happened to you? 🙂

  16. southernscot says:

    Does the BBC open comments just to checked they’ve poisoned the debate enough?

  17. tartanfever says:

    anne says :
    ‘and the Midlothian question.. hm I wonder what that is? ‘
    BINGO !
    Thats  the full set. Tam’s ‘West Lothian’ Question, which is the ‘East Lothian’ Question according to the Herald some months back and now some punter on the BBC calling it the Midlothian question.
    So we’ve done all the Lothians – Hands up who wants to go next ?

  18. Roseanne says:

    OMG unbelievable nonesense!

  19. creag an tuirc says:

    I’ve been saying for some time now that the nearer we get to the referendum the more national TV coverage it will get. Down South they forget they are broadcasting to us and we will see more of this rhetoric, which will push some definite NO’s to YES and all of those undecided. Remeber this from Question Time:

  20. Aipp says:

    delusion down south you aint living in the real world…..we are fed up giving you our money and getting shrapnel back….we don’t need your help we never did , press ganged like the rest of the commonwealth into it in the first place……your maps getting smaller and your populations getting bigger… the thistle and watch it grow

  21. John White says:

    Could this be an instance of Astroturfing?

  22. They still think they have an empire, they still think they are a world power, they still think they have money trees, they still think they subsidise the rest of us, they still think we’d be better off being ruled by London.

    We have a front row seat to watch the crumbling of the most evil empire the world has ever seen. Piece by piece, colony by colony it is falling apart.

  23. scottish_skier says:

    Credit must also be given where due. To rated Editor’s pick
    9. Tim
    As an Englishman living in the south east, Scottish Independence will make little if no difference to me, so I am not really qualified to comment.
    However, in my general opinion, less centralised government is always a good thing. London a long way from Scotland with little in common.

  24. Juteman says:

    A snapshot of UKIP members.

  25. dinnatouch says:

    These will be the positive cases for the Union then?

  26. scottish_skier says:

    Och pants cut my post…
     …I do not think that a yes vote would be a bad thing for the Scottish people, I do believe it would empower them.

  27. david says:

    most of those comments are made by the poorly informed public in england. doesnt matter what they think, they are powerless in our referendum.

  28. gordoz says:

    This rubbish (even if its views sincerely held by the parties concerned) compounds my point on the previous thread, re no need to improve links with the southern neighbour surely.

  29. Mad Jock McMad says:

    If ever there is a good reason to vote Yes, it is simply the uniformed and ignorant bile that appears on most comment sections across the UK media when matters to do with Scotland are discussed.
    The ‘sweaty jock’ racism is so institutionalised amongst posters to the extent it is deemed ‘normal’.
    Buddhism suggests you should not enter discussions with angry people because they do not know it is themselves they are angry with. Discussion can only advance positively where there is empathy and compassion, neither state is evident in any of these posts. Taking part in a one sided angry discussion will only make you angry as well. Life’s too short, we have something more important to do, so let us get on with promoting a vision of a better Scotland with a ‘Yes’ vote to the people who matter, ordinary Scots voters.

  30. Jimsie says:

    It”s something in that awful bilge water called English beer that makes them rabid.

  31. Tattie-Boggle says:

    Ignorance Is Bliss

  32. Craig Stewart says:

    I’ve been commenting recently on a pro-union Facebook page and this is often the level of debate you get. Easy to refute most of it but so many not willing to at least view things with an open mind. Still, I hope some of the less brain-washed readers there can see some validity in my points, enough to make them do a bit of research… 🙂

  33. Doug Daniel says:

    Oh the hilarity. “ENGLISH OIL”? What’s that, sunflower oil? What a bunch of tubes. Most jobs are public sector so we’re 83% funded by England? They’d save £50 billion by us leaving?
    The sad thing is, too many folk in Scotland believe this pish as well.
    As for 90% of the programmes we watch being English, I think they’re getting confused with America. Certainly in this household, most programmes are either American crime series, Scandinavian programmes, or Scottish (poorly funded) news and current affairs. Although as trips to the continent have shown, Scotland will still get the few English-made programmes we watch in this house (Poirot).

  34. BuckieBraes says:

    BINGO !
    That’s the full set. Tam’s ‘West Lothian’ Question, which is the ‘East Lothian’ Question according to the Herald some months back and now some punter on the BBC calling it the Midlothian question. So we’ve done all the Lothians – Hands up who wants to go next ?

    Well, not quite. Someone might yet refer to Dundee’s erstwhile band leader and dance hall proprietor by citing ‘the Andy Lothian Question’!
    But really, all we can do is laugh at the ignorance on display here. It would sadden me much more if it turned out many of these commenters were actually in Scotland.

  35. simian hoofer of the daily mail says:

    The funny thing is despite all there rage and bile they are powerless to do anything and they know it. A lot of these types never left the empire, there empire left them. Colonial scumbags the lot of em.

  36. HandandShrimp says:

    I suppose to be fair, just about every HYS topic is filled with ranting loons. An EU topic or immigration one really brings the swivelled of eye out from under the bridge.

  37. Gayle says:

    Wow, talk about racist and ignorant. These people truly are deluded fools who have absolutely no idea about the reality of these isles. 

  38. Votadini Jeannie says:

    Midlothian question indeed! It’s the West Linton question, as any fule kno.

  39. Peter A Bell says:

    What is most disturbing is that the vile attitudes to Scotland and abysmal ignorance evident in these comments is not confined to England’s knuckle-dragging fringe. Much of what they say could just as easily have come from the likes of Maggie Curran, Jim Murphy, Anas Sarwar or Ian Davidson.

  40. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Midlothian question indeed! It’s the West Linton question, as any fule kno.”

    With Germany’s federal setup, I always thought it was the Westphalian Question.

  41. Raven Alexanda says:

    I am ashamed to call myself English after reading all of those putrid comments. I cannot wait until i move to Scotland, i hope you won’t hold my birth nationality against me :0/
    Scotland, land of the free!

  42. Seasick Dave says:

    I thought that we were erm, Better Together?
    I’m not feeling the love.

  43. Tattie-Boggle says:

    Next it will be the just Lothian Scotland Question

  44. Atypical_Scot says:

    Why ar the BeeBeeCee not modarating hte comeents is this ther ideeya ov a jock 

  45. george says:

    What a sad, sorrowful, thoughtless, ignorant and uneducated load of comments!!

  46. Bobby Mckail says:

    BigSmart* was using another name in the Scotsman yesterday. He comment above of only 25% and 375,000 only voted for the ‘YeSNP’ is the exactly the same misinformation he’s spreading in the threads there. I put him right of course.

  47. Roboscot says:

    A wonderful endorsement of the English education system and England’s highly informative and balanced media.

  48. Inbhir Anainn says:

    Apologies to the Rev for going O/T just a wee reminder that there will be live coverage of the SNP Conference on the BBC Parliament channel commencing at 1435 hrs.  Sure this is the day the First Minister Wee Eck gives his big conference speech.

  49. this aggressiveness is so similar to the attitudes from abusive partners.  The marriage analogy really is appropriate.

  50. Gordon Hay says:

    Very strange that all these ranters turn up on a thread that’s very, very rarely open for comments – any bets that there is a link to the BBC story on the Daily Wail online?

  51. Keef says:

    Hey Raven it’s not being English that is the problem. No the problem is, in order for these people to come out with this bile, their social and cultural ideology must first be ingrained by the system they live in. It’s the system they have been exposed to that has made them as they are.
    You’ll be made to feel welcome in Scotland. (Just remember, Scotland has her fair share of knuckle draggers as well).

  52. MajorBloodnok says:

    Raven Alexanda says: I am ashamed to call myself English after reading all of those putrid comments. I cannot wait until i move to Scotland, i hope you won’t hold my birth nationality against me :0/ Scotland, land of the free!
    Don’t be ashamed.  You will be welcome here because Scottish Independence is about where you want to go, not where you come from.

  53. handclapping says:

    Vote No for pity’s sake! Can you imagine the faces of these poor wee souls after we’ve gone? It’ll be worse than when you were told there wasn’t a Santa Claus and it was all a trick by your parents to keep you good. It may not be a positive case for the Union but at least we’ll be able to be proud of being Scots, looking after our neighbours like that.
    By the by, I’ve got 3 million “Proud Scot” doormats to sell

  54. The Man in the Jar says:

    Yee Gods! Rev. Stu that should have started with a health warning.
    I noticed that a lot of the comments accuse Scotland/ Salmond/ SNP of being anti English. If that stinking heap of bile isn’t anti Scottish then what is it?
    Oh to see the look on these bigots faces when a successful independant Scotland flourishes and they are still wallowing in austerity. GIRFUY

  55. Karen Martin says:

    Beyond belief! The level of ignorance leaves me speechless.

  56. Roland Smith says:

    What always surprised me is how many people commenting on Hadrians Wall have no idit’s out its geographic location.
    Geography down south is clearly in the same league as Maths and English.

  57. Seasick Dave says:

    Yeah, how did all these comments make it past the BBC’s anti bile filter?
    Wrong kind of Nat, obviously.

  58. sionnach says:

    “Cowell for PM by 2030”? Now there’s a reason to vote YES!
    Seriously, though. If these comments are typical of what you get if you allow Joe and Jane Public to “have their say”, it’s just a waste of media resources, printers’ ink, and readers’ time. It is a sad reflection of democracy that these people will cast their votes based on such ill-informed ideas.

  59. Training Day says:

    The fact that there’s little difference between the attitudes on display from our UK chums here and the prostrate subservience offered by the self-loathing serfs of BT says much.
    My favourite is the guy who says he’ll vote No because a Yes vote means he’ll be ruled by the Tories.  Sarwar will be cribbing that one as we speak.

  60. Tommy says:

    I never knew there were such stupid people world

  61. kininvie says:

    Even aiming off for the comments reflecting ignorance etc, you do have to worry a bit about the English collective state of mind at the moment (if there is such a thing). Oppressed by the EU, swamped by immigrants who are taking their country away from them, ripped off by benefit scroungers, betrayed by ungrateful Scots…..there is a sense that they are lashing out in all directions. Where’s the self-confidence gone? Where’s the sense of fair play? Where’s the stiff upper lip?
    It’s a curious day indeed when you feel that Scotland is more forward-looking, poised, hopeful, and comfortable in its skin than our cousins down south. But, increasingly, that’s the way it is.

  62. Mighty Midge says:

    The one thing that strikes me whilst reading their postings is that if they have had a so called “good education” and  offered good constructive criticism why are there so many of them making simple gramatical errors?

  63. Jimbo says:

    We should not denigrate these people. Nor should we be too harsh in our condemnation of them.
    Although breathtaking in their ignorance, the knowledge of Scotland that they so proudly display has been gleaned from the likes Alan Cochrane, Severin Carrell et al. 
    retorting in the same vein does our cause no good whatsoever. Better that we gently point out to them the true facts in a polite way. Not that they’ll believe you (being so sure of their facts), but it will help the Scottish ‘Don’t knows’ who do actually have a vote to learn what they’re voting for.

  64. creigs1707repeal says:

    FFS I gave up reading half way through this utter bile. Grow a brain you bunch of unreconstructed numpties!
    YES Scotland.

  65. tartanfever says:

    SNP conference:
    FFS – interview with Stewart Hosie being cut due to ‘satellite link’ issues in the BBC.
    What do we pay our licence fee for ?

  66. kininvie says:

    O/T  Out with Yes, this morning in Livi (& thanks to the Wings folk who came along). A definite sense that things are moving – people now much more eager to accept leaflets, ask where to go for info – the Aye Right mini leaflet with all the favourite websites is a winner – . A sense also that people are slowly waking up to the fact that it’s not all about Salmond, but is a momentous decision about their future and that of their country.

  67. WallaceBruce says:

    Most of these people seem ignorant in their comments and in their grasp of international law, territorial waters, the fact that some islands already have different countries on them (Ireland), how “prosperous” England is and that they are part of one of the most centralised democracies anywhere.  I could go on but what’s the point. This time next year I have a feeling that the harsh reality of their own little country will start to dawn on them!

  68. Keef says:

    Kininvie. I read a tweet form East Ayrshire today saying much the same.
    They said it seems like something has ‘clicked’ as they had never had so many people wanting to sign the YES declaration. So much so that they ran out of sheets!

  69. HandandShrimp says:

    The +s and -s are not for favouring the deranged trolls though

  70. Dcanmore says:

    Earlier this week a work colleague, who’s from Cumbria originally and has a great affection for Scotland, told me that Scotland couldn’t possibly survive independence because we don’t have any infrastructure. I asked her to clarify, and bear in mind that she is an academic in her 50s, she said Scotland doesn’t have motorways, proper airports, seaports and institutions, oh and everything that we do have is paid for by the English taxpayer! Since then I’ve noticed on her desk a copy of The Telegraph. Explains it all really. This is how people in England are informed, a rabid right-wing press with politically fascist-motivated editorial. They are being lied to, they believe those lies because it taps into their fears and prejudices.
    People in England are frightened of Scottish independence, it makes them confused and irrational because it is a subject they have never needed to think of before. They certainly feel that independence will make England more vulnerable to the ‘evil forces’ of Europe. If independence is carried through there will be a sense of loss. To them Scotland is like the pet dog of the family, they believe that it is fed and watered from their own hand, groomed and looked after, and in return we must give undying loyalty. This is why we get accusations of Jocks not being grateful. Think of Hudson in Upstairs Downstairs, that’s how we are seen, happy to be in servitude. It’s an attitude of the middle classes, a suffocating snobbery where the Union Jack is a comfort blanket and the George Cross reminds them of an ugly side that they pretend doesn’t exist. So the Union flag becomes the English flag as well.
    This is how certain elements in Scotland want to treat the Saltire, they want it to be an ugly symbol for extremists and should be consigned to history. Labour wants us to love Big Brother, it just happens to be wrapped in a Union flag as well. The problem that these unionists in Scotland have is the rise of English nationalism. I will always remember the question that was put to me after a couple of weeks arriving in London to live and work five years ago: ‘Why can’t you Scots be more like us‘, we’re not supposed to have a culture, language or an identity and apparently SLAB agree with that!

  71. John grant says:

    Hahaha dear me some people are in for a real shock , GOOD

  72. Gordon Bain says:

    Actually, TC sounds right up my street. I could go for his suggestion.
    This stuff is dynamite Stu and precisely what we need to be publicising more. Turn the spotlight on “them”. Sad, mis-informed wankers. Our masters!

  73. The Man in the Jar says:

    Dont fool yourselves into thinking that this is a tiny minority voicing these opinions. Just the other day I commented that a friend of mine spent a couple of days visiting a friend who lives just outside London. 
    My friend only spoke to a few people during her two day visit. She asked them about their views on Scottish independence and was shocked by their replies. Apparently their views were not dissimilar to those in the article. My friends host is married to an (very non budget) airline pilot. So not someone that you would associate with being a knuckledragger.

  74. Gordon Bain says:

    @ Raven Alexandra
    You don’t need to be English to be ignorant. A good many of those posts will likely be from “Proud Scots”.

  75. scotty says:

    @ raven alexandra
    not at all,you are more than welcome to come and contribute to our future booming economy and help uor country readress the balance of fairness helping us become a more equal society….ye can even stay at ma hoose till yer sorted :D.honestly tho its always good to hear an Englishman that can see the nonsense for what it is.

  76. Edward says:

    On the idiotic comment I saw on the BBC comments section regarding Hadrian’s Wall, First thing that comes to mind is this. What do the English that actually live north of Hadrian’s wall think when they see stupid comments like that? Apart from ‘eyes rolling up’ I wonder if many in that area between Hadrian’s wall and the actual border with Scotland think perhaps the actual border SHOULD be Hadrian’s wall

  77. Douglas says:

    What a load of vitriolic condescending, stupid rubbish from ill informed bigots.
    Just as well very few of them are allowed to vote in OUR referendum.
    The more this sort of propaganda is used against the people of Scotland, the more it will convince our voters that  we do not want to be associated with those self important morons.
    The reason we are in this situation has not been for the want of neglect by Westminster..   

  78. Yodhrin says:

    Man in the Jar has the way of it, I’d further suggest that people not get too complacent about these attitudes being present up here, and just as ingrained. Sure, we have access to the UK media, and that means all the Unionist hypocrisy is open for all to see, but it also means that a fair portion of our own people get their information from the same sources that informed the bile on show above, and accept those sources just as uncritically.

    I’m still depressingly unable to dismiss the idea that we’re going to end up with a Quebec scenario.

  79. Inbhir Anainn says:

    White Paper released on Tues 26th November 2013.

  80. Mr.Ward says:

    They actually believe all this nonsense don’t they?
    I had to stop reading for fear of developing anti-English feelings I’ll stick now with shocked pity that the Daily Mail sways so many minds.

  81. joe kane says:

    These comments remind of the serial twitter comments by so-called journalists pouring out their bile on the #snp13 hashtag during FM Salmond’s conference speech today. 

  82. Faltdubh says:

    We will regret every single day after a No vote.
    Yes – I cannot wait to get back and help win this thing.

  83. The Man in the Jar says:

    In my experience the English folk north of Hadrian’s wall is that they would dearly love the scenario that you suggest.
    Incidentally when the continents and islands were being formed and the bit that became Scotland bumped into the bit that became England a natural barrier was formed as the ground rose up. Just like the Himalayas formed when the Indian subcontinent bumped into Asia. The Romans exploited this natural barrier and built Hadrian’s wall on top of it. So perhaps the folk in “no mans land” could have a claim to be Scottish after all.

  84. Albalha says:

    In an independent Scotland can we please feel free NOT to drown out political conference applause and football crowds with bloody music.

  85. Frazer Allan Whyte says:

    Please put a (mental) health warning on such things – by the time I read the lot I was suffering from severe brain cell loss. Isn’t reprinting such drool Britannia slop a kind of anglophobia? The next thing you know they’ll be denouncingn you as a fanatic cybernat.

  86. David Smith says:

    I really do feel for the good people of England; forced to share a country with these bigoted, educationally sub-normal imbeciles.

  87. John Hannah says:

    The biggest pile of ignorant drivel I’ve seen in a long time. Being from WL my favourite bit was ‘the Mid Lothian question’ …ffs.
    Thank goodness these people have no vote in  the referendum.

  88. Oneironaut says:

    I can only imagine that these comments are just made up by BT propaganda merchants posting under various names.
    No-one could possibly be that stupid in real life.
    Those posts show the IQ of someone whose brain would be physically unable to process more than one action at a time.  If they tried to learn to walk, they’d forget to breathe!
    And to think I was just starting to regain a little of my rapidly-fading faith in the human race…  There it goes again!
    I suppose the picture of Simon Cowell should have served as a warning that this article would likely cause me severe anger-management problems just by reading it!

  89. Juteman says:

    Last chance saloon? WTF?!!

  90. Papadocx says:

    watching prof. John Curtiss reporting on Ecks speech to conference. Looks like he’s been banging his head off a wall. Talking about heed bangers that sums up most of the contributors to the bbc web site.

  91. liz says:

    These comments don’t surprise me at all as a number of others have suggested, they get their info from the MSM and BBC.
    A few years ago I used to believe the beeb as well.
    The fact that beeb scotland opens this up to the whole UK is no mistake either, they are trying to create anti-English feeling on this side of the border so they can say ‘we told you the ‘seperatists’ were racists.’
    What does make me dislike the likes of stairheed rammie et al even more though is that they know the truth but are happy to play along. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  92. November13 says:

    The level of ignorance and inverted bigotry is quite astounding.I suppose it reflects the English media albeit the media are more subtle in their bigotry.However the irony is lost on these types.To claim a right to self determination is somehow compared to the bnp or Hitler’s Germany.I suppose they said the same about Ghandi….How dare they Question English rule ungrateful fools.

  93. Seasick Dave says:

    I’m greatly encouraged by the fact that the death rattles are getting louder.

  94. annie says:

    I preferred the twitter comment from someone who said after listening to Alex Salmond’s speech that they wish we could move the border another 300 miles south.

  95. Juteman says:

    Typical BBC. Now talking about the possible rape law change.
    We can’t leave the viewer on a high, can we?

  96. Andy-B says:

    O/T Rev, I do apologise.
    SNP white paper to be released on the 26th of November.

  97. Douglas Young says:

    Perhaps this is like a Shetland Reel?
    How can we bare to leeve the Onion?

  98. Iain says:

    ‘I suppose they said the same about Ghandi…’
    Indeed they did.

    Churchill 1931:
    ‘t is alarming and also nauseating to see Mr.Gandhi, a seditious Middle Temple lawyer of the type well-known in the East, now posing as a fakir, striding half naked up the steps of the Viceregal palace to parley on equal terms with the representative of the King Emperor.’
    ‘India is a geographical term. It is no more a united nation than the equator.’

  99. david says:

    its not right scottish people share their resources with people who see us in such a negative way, im quite sure some of those commentors would quite happily see us suffer.

  100. kininvie says:

    Lovely – I’m having that!  What’s the source?

  101. sneddon says:

    Those comments saddend me.  I worked in London for 20 years and knew many kind, thoughful people and many of them still wonder why Scotland would want to leave or wish to join us :). The commentator’s world view is been taken away from them by the very people they voted for and they are hitting out as directed by westminster.  The unemployed, the disabled, immigrants, ‘jocks’ etc…  When they look at us doing something they wish they could do it drives some of them bat shit crazy.  Hopefully when we vote YES and reject westminsters way of doing things it will trigger the reforms they need in rUK.

  102. Gordon Bain says:

    @ Oneironaut
    Do a shift in my work and all will be revealed. Ignorant, racist, sexist arses, the lot of them. I’m in Scotland.

  103. Iain says:

    @ kininvie
    Wikiquotes, the 1930s section. Some crackers on Mussolini and Hitler too.

  104. Juteman says:

    Am I the only one to find the BBC coverage ‘strange’?
    I didn’t spot one reference to rape law in Alecs speech, yet 5/10? minutes were given over to discussing it. This was surely a programme about the First Ministers speech?

  105. Daughter of Evil Reindeer says:

    Frightening to see one’s self as the object of a racist ideology.

    These comments are made by sad ill informed people but from the nature of the responses you can see where they are getting their lack of info. Straight from the Labour BBC better together pogrom.

    As Chomsky said –
    “Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.”

  106. faolie says:

    Who cares about them and their stupid comments? They’re only good for a laugh before we focus on the real task at hand: persuading the DKs to vote Yes. And if comments from the deranged ones help in this task then so much the better. 
    Better though to ignore them. 

  107. Andy-B says:

    Dont these ill-informed people realise that when we go, they’ll be losing billions every year in windfall tax from North Sea revenue.
    I guess not its the old southern attitude, “We subsidise you poor jocks ”
    Boy are they in for a shock.

  108. K Mackay says:

    Wow! I’ve seen some pretty disturbing anti-Scottish comments before but that was unbelievable, couldn’t read to the end of them. These people are fucked in the head, it must be hell living in such a hate filled mind, poor bastards.

  109. Andy-B says:

    Had too laugh at “Toodle Poop the Noo” aka Brian Taylor, when he said the hall in Perth was so packed out he had to sit on the stairs, Toodle Poop the Noo followed it up saying, everyones away for there tea except me Im starving.

  110. The Man in the Jar says:

    Ah the photie of Simon Cowell reminds me of something that Lauren Laverne said about him.
    “Simon Cowell, the man who single handedly cut the throat and drank the still warm blood of British popular culture”
    Seems fitting! 

  111. Albalha says:

    You may be interested in the theory of inverted totalitarianism, Sheldon Wolin, the academic behind it, is the same vintage as Chomsky. Of course it may not be new to you.

  112. Ian Brotherhood says:

    If you’re not sure what this Grangemouth palaver is all about:
    A demo has been called for tomorrow, mid-day, at Gate 4 (Bo-ness Rd), Ineos plant, Grangemouth.

  113. gordoz says:

    On one point what is this aspect of “stand alone Country with no aid” what is the said aid; that the posting comments on ??
    Only contribution / ‘aid’ I’m aware of heads south in the form of the revenue from Scottish oil. 
    And I’m pretty sure I pay my fare share of taxes – think this lot have been watching too much BBC and listening to too much Naughtie.
    Can we clear up one thing once and for all though.
    No one form  YES Scotland or the SNP has any issue with the fact that anyone hails from England. Many of us on have English friends and family, (in fact many English people, in both organisations are the best contributors and most enthusiastic towards a YES vote).
    The very fact that they recognise the failing’s of the UK, has led them north to Scotland for a different view of life and sense of community, suiting their social attitude, which is sadly now missing from England via the politics of Westminster.
    So please can we move forward ‘everyone’. I cannot speak for individuals, as Im sure the comments above do not speak for ‘normal’ English people, but there is no discernable ‘anti-english’ aspect of the YES campaign or SNP, (even though we hear the accusations often from the ‘No Scotland’ campaign).

    It’s Scotland’s restrained political situation that is the problem and the campaign for NO where our opponents reside, most being those strange creatures ‘The Proud Scots’.  I hesitate to use the word enemy, but I can think of no other for the greatest threat to our political aspirations of statehood.
    YES Scotland welcomes all comers escpecially our ‘Engilsh friends’ who understand the social justice and cultural differences that encompass the Scotland we love and hold dear.

  114. msean says:

    Seems our friends in the south need to learn some basics,like nhs in Scotland is run seperately and always has been.Don’t they know how international borders are drawn for instance?I think their media have not been keeping them informed.

  115. CameronB says:

    “It is alarming and also nauseating to see Mr. Gandhi, a seditious Middle Temple lawyer of the type well-known in the East, now posing as a fakir, striding half naked up the steps of the Viceregal palace to parley on equal terms with the representative of the King-Emperor.”
    Winston Churchill – Comment on Gandhi’s meeting with the Viceroy of India (1931).
    Has the English psyche evolved?

  116. ewen says:

    Just goes to show how all the propaganda that was meant for Scotland as in subsidy junkies, can’t go it alone etc is totally believed outside Scotland. They are all in one for one helluva shock when we do go.

  117. Jamie Arriere says:

    When you read through a litany of comments like that, the only deduction you can reach is that these people live in a completely different country from you already (different planet some of them).
    Might as well make it official!

  118. Simon says:

    What is this veiled allusions to anti-English?

    I was born and brought up in England to English parents, I have a nice well-spoken south-east accent, I have lived in Scotland for a decade, wear a Yes lapel badge, and have no problem at all with associating with all kinds of Scots. Who are these supposed “anti-English” people?

  119. Daughter of Evil Reindeer says:

    @ Albalha
    Thanks for the link, I had not encountered Sheldon Wolin before, very much the sort of thing I am interested in. I will have a proper look this evening.

  120. Gordon Bain says:

    @ Simon
    “What *are these* veiled allusions”.
    I see my coat. Sorry. 🙂

  121. Yodhrin says:

    Arrg, bloody beeb.

    If we do end up with a new state broadcaster after independence, its number one priority should be to get in some management who actually have a clue about how to run an online service. What’s the point of an internet catchup system like iPlayer if they refuse to put the bloody videos up until after they get their 10pm rerun on BBC Parliament?

    Everyone’s talking about how brilliant the keynote speech was and I missed it while I was at the shops 🙁

  122. Albalha says:

    If you’re keen to look into it here’s another link to get you going. Chris Hedges is very much a Wolin prodigy and the person who talks and writes a lot about IT.

  123. Gordon Bain says:

    @ Yodhrin
    Welcome to the worlds’ only publicly funded private sector company.

  124. Taranaich says:

    Two things.
    First: why are they so angry? If you really think the Scots are whinging subsidy-junkies, surely you’d be happy to see the back of them? Yet even though they talk about the bloodsucking Scots as if they’re destroying England, they are somehow angry at the very prospect of Scotland leaving.  It’s like they’re ANGRY at the idea of Scotland finally cutting the apron strings even though this should make them better off! Why would that make you angry!?!
    Second: why do they insist on making this all about them?  Certain subsets of the English seem to take the idea of Scottish independence as a personal attack on them, as if wanting self-determination and autonomy was somehow anti-English. Sorry, UKIP voters, much as you’d like to think otherwise, this isn’t about you. This isn’t about your wants or needs, any more than local English politics is any of our business.

  125. MochaChoca says:

    So.. do they want us to stay or want us to go?

  126. msean says:

    just saw blair mcdougal on telly,but no rebuttal for his comments,very fair coverage .eh?

  127. Stevie...Edinburgh says:

    The fact is that people in rUK have been lied to as much have we have by successive UK Govs and the MSM, being told the reason their industry and public services have been decimated is because of ‘scrounging j*cks’.  It’s no surprise they believe it, why wouldn’t you?

    You see NHS services in England being privatised and you’re getting charged for prescriptions, eye tests, care for the elderly etc and hearing talk of charging £20 for GP appointments and Scots are not and your kids are getting charged £9,000 per year for higher/further education and Scots are not.  Even many of us here believe it as well.

    Hopefully when we VOTE YES these same people will see that they have been lied to and will start to ask real questions of those corrupt politicians in Westminster…and they’re votes DO count.

    A big part of the Independence movement is an education programme, educating ourselves  and our communities.

  128. dpict says:

    I was a regular ‘cybernat’ for a few years on a Labour propaganda outlet (Huff post UK) until recently, when I rumbled a couple of their regular nat bashers. I pointed out that they were the same person who probably lived in NI, my right to post there on any article about independence was suddenly withdrawn with no explanation, my posts just disappeared. I was growing sick of reading some of the ignorant bile posted there by unionists anyway. Funny how they see fit to leave that verbal up for all to read. There are a great deal more people who support independence posting on there now anyway so I can take a welcome break. I sincerely hope we win next year, but I refuse to get my hopes built up too high only to be devastated if we loose (god forbid).

  129. msean says:

    They don’t want us to go,they need our resources.However it seems,looks like we seem to have uncovered an undercurrent of anti Scotland bile.I believe england can go it alone.

  130. Robbie says:

    Racism ,ie the hatred of Scot,s is alive and well in some small minded ignorant soufern Britain (England) pea brained arseholes.
    Did these bigoted morons actually pay for their education doon sowf?

  131. Calum Craig says:

    And I live among people that think these things…

  132. Raven Alexanda says:

    Thank you :0)
    Reading back through those comments again i sense an underlying desperation and scripted at that. I am wondering how much each were paid to comment with such ignorance, all i hear are the same arguments over and over from Westminster and their ilk… perchance they all have the same speechwriter?
    The only real and honest reason i can see for Westminster not wanting an Independant Scotland, is the loss to their bank balances!

  133. Bubbles says:

    @ Raven
    No, they really are like that. No financial inducement is required. 
    Know thine enemy, for they are amongst us.

  134. K Mackay says:

    Bubbles, I thought the same, that’s what’s most disturbing. Real, actual people have actually written those things (without incentive) and deemed them worthy insights to share with the world.

    Can’t begin to imagine the state of mental distress I would be in if we didn’t have a chance to vote ourselves out of this madness next year!

  135. Daughter of Evil Reindeer says:

    @ payment and veiled allusions to anti-English…

    Part of the propaganda narrative – Independence as an extreme nationalist movement led by a despotic ruler who is untrustworthy just like the rest of the race, they are also  xenophobic, we nice people tolerate these poor stupid ones because that is “the white mans burden”, and so on!
    The BBC comments demonstrate how the message is interpreted!
    Basic but useful article on propaganda here…

  136. Morag says:

    BBC led with Salmond speech on Radio 4 6 o’clock news. Fair enough piece, but then in the subsequent comments said that support for independence is only 25%. Where on earth are they getting their figures from?

  137. Daughter of Evil Reindeer says:

    Sorry link is…

  138. J McIntosh says:

    I actually feel quite sick. I’m ready to go to a night out when i read these comments. They are full of vitriolic hatred for the Scots. I always said I don’t dislike the English, I just want our country to make decisions for ourselves but after reading the hate fueled comments it’s hard not to dislike them if that’s the way they feel about us.

  139. Morag says:

    It’s not all of them….

  140. TYRAN says:


  141. john king says:

    jimsie says
    “It”s something in that awful bilge water called English beer that makes them rabid.”
    I like English beer
    mind you it gives me the awfiest tex ritters  🙂

  142. john king says:

    seasick dave says
    “I’m not feeling the love.”
    Ah cumon guys a group hug for seasick dave. 
    he’s not feeling the love 
    we love you dave 🙂

  143. john king says:

    Major Bloodnock says
    ” who is doing the hook winking now, eh?”
    Eh I dunno Major you call yourself Major Bloodnock but you have an avatar that suggests an urbane bon viveur 
      heres what he really looks like folks
    cant seem to downlaod a picture so look it up yourself go to google images and put in major bloodnoc
    be prepared to have your preconceptions nocked 🙂

  144. Keltyboy says:

    If england could vote for scottish independence it would have happened years ago, they see us as nothing more than scrounging halfwits who eat haggis and wear skirts.

  145. john king says:

    Major Bloodnoc says
    “Don’t be ashamed.  You will be welcome here because Scottish Independence is about where you want to go, not where you come from.”
    hear hear Major

  146. ianbrotherhood says:

    It’s mischievous to suggest that Simon Cowell is going to be the PM in 30 years from now. Abody kens fine it’s going to be ‘Ant & Dec’, although most still won’t be sure which is which.

  147. Is it just me? Or does the YES message feel liking a shining new light getting brighter in the sky. While the NO arguments feel dark, nasty and hellish, like a nightmare you cannot forget.
    Maybe Scotland has turned a corner and will make the proper decision next year.

  148. Patrick Joyce says:

    Just as a wee bit of cheering up here. All of my English pals are fully supportive of Scottish independence. They are republican socialists though. They’re envious if our opportunity to create a more just and equal society.

  149. ScottyC1314 says:

    These comments are bad enough….now picture the unionist Scots reading this and giving it the big “that’s right” and “listen to the English, they ken whit they are taking about….we are feckn useless spongers”

    If we lose this….and I don’t believe we will…I will seriously consider leaving Scotland. It will break my heart if it comes to that but I will be so ashamed of a NO outcome – after all the bollix that has been said and written about our country and our people – I will really struggle to face it every day. 

    one thing is for sure…..I need to get off my arse and do more…..and more I will do! 

  150. Gray says:

    Dear BBC Visitor,
    Further to your complaint about some of the content on a BBC web site (reference number P34597253), we have decided that it does indeed contravene the House Rules and have removed the offending material.
    Thank you for pointing this out to us.
    BBC Moderation Team.

    Unfortunately only one out of too many 🙁

  151. JGedd says:

    The analogy of a bad marriage comes to mind.

    Imagine it’s before the Married Woman’s Property Act. Husband married little woman many years ago but always felt that he had married beneath him, though she was comely to look at. After many years of the union, he, of course, pays no attention to the wife, they have different interests and they rarely encounter one another except on family ceremonial occasions. He has his own friends and his good lady stays at home managing the household budget while he works in the City and stays over rather a lot at his club.

    Then suddenly, disregarded wife comes into a fortune which legally is now his. His lifestyle is vastly improved. (Truth be told, the windfall was timely as he was finding himself a bit short of cash.) Husband can now fund a more prosperous lifestyle and proceeds to spend fortune while he continues to demand frugality from his wife and insists that she gets by on the meagre allowance she is given while she watches him spend her fortune. He laughs scornfully when she tries to remind him of this and states haughtily that her fortune is his and it is his legal right to take charge of it. 

    Now imagine what happens when the little woman decides that this is an injustice and demands divorce. Outrage. (He is exercising his legal rights.) Indignation. (Who does she think she is?) Scorn. (She was a pauper when he took her in and if she leaves the marriage, she will be a pauper again, because she will leave without a penny since her fortune is his legally.) Her Scottish relatives, who often dined at his table and at his club, now rally round the husband, scolding the wife for being ungrateful and reminding her of the parlous state she will enter if she leaves his house and the marriage etc, etc…

  152. GrutsForTea says:

    With neighbours like these…. in the event of a NO vote I’m moving to Darien!

  153. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “It’s mischievous to suggest that Simon Cowell is going to be the PM in 30 years from now”

    Dude, you SERIOUSLY need to check your calendar.

  154. alan j says:

     us scots are going to have to accept the damage that westminster have in store for scotland . we’ll just have to suck it up. i’m afraid it is or own fault as we as a nation have been sleepwalking for decades.rbs was just the beginning and now grangemouth. this just proves that scotland needs the reins . we ought to remind ourselves that it is not the english people to blames but it is us to blame. we must rebuild all the damage westminster have done ,and will do,  with dignity. realise though that scotland will be enemy no.1 for the foreseeable future post independence.

  155. Morag says:

    Parcel of rogues?

  156. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Parcel of rogues?”


  157. James Morton says:

    And there you have it. The end product of 30 years of endlessly traducing a nation, so Thatcherites don’t have to face up to why conservative politics got its ass kicked from 1981 to the present day. Never thought I’d see the day when Labour would join in as well. 
    You know I don’t have a Scottish Cringe, never had – Bit I do have a British cringe.

  158. Morag says:

    Oh. Oops. Sorry.

  159. Scott Gordon says:

    Makes you weep.

  160. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘Dude, you SERIOUSLY need to check your calendar.’
    Aha! You said ‘by 2030’. I get it now…
    So, we’ve only, erhm, eh, sixteen and a wee-bit years left?
    Well, he can’t be any worse than what we’ve got – then Prime Minister Ant&Dec will be swept into power to undo all the changes he’s made.
    But we won’t give a monkey’s – we’ll have been independent for, ehrm, well, I don’t know, but more than ten years anyway.

  161. X_Sticks says:

    WHen it comes to the BBC blog, I particularly liked this one:
    Let us not forget this is the National Socialist talking.
    Last time they got a Country to themselves they had dreams of Lebensraum und Arbeit Macht Frei.
    Obergruppenfuhrer Salmond would sell his Granny for a yes vote”
    It strikes me that much of what has taken place on BBC today has been/is quite seriously organised. This is all over and above even the usual bullshit from the british propaganda mouthpiece. Whether is is organised within the bbc or by forces outside who are just using through more subtle ways (I smell black ops here).
    Much of the dross is just ignorace and anger, but I really do detect more in this than the normal crap.

  162. Peter Stark says:

    I am not surprised by any of these comments (well except perhaps the Midlothian one, had to read that a few times just to see if I needed new glasses). It is the sort of comments that are all too prevalent on sites that generally allow comments; I have to wonder why the BBC has suddenly opened the Scottish news site to comments? Though I am sure there will be a perfectly irrational reason behind this. However the level of ignorance, not only about Scotland but of the UK in general never fails to amaze me. It only becomes irritating when elected representatives spout the same nonsense, which means of course that I am irritated increasingly often these days.

    BUT, as others have pointed out, this is not representative of the views of all of our southern neighbours, who shall remain our southern neighbours regardless. I kinda focused on one comment where the writer states that his/her love of visiting Scotland but will not again if everyone hates English people? I have to wonder why he/she feels that way when on their last visit they must have felt welcomed? Personally, I am rather looking forward to visiting England (& Wales for that matter) as a person from a neighbouring Country visiting another. I have some fond memories of my time of living in England, where it is true that I met some idiots, but they weren’t the source of the fondness. I have met just as many idiots on my side of the border, yet somehow I still want my Country to takes its place in the World. Is this something to be hated? Somehow, I just don’t see it that way.

  163. lumilumi says:

    At the risk of being accused of being anti-English, I must say some of those comments were… Well, anti-Scottish. Not to mention shockingly ill-informed (and full of bad grammar and spelling, but that’s beside the point), but that is not really the commenters’ fault. If the MSM/BBC will not tell the truth, how would they know any better?
    What I don’t get is the amount of bile. Yet these people want Scotland to be a part of their country???
    I know most English folks are nice and reasonable people and have no issue with Scotland going independent, apart from perhaps a slight, nostalgic regret, but they’re not the ones commenting on that thread. Most of the comments seem to come from UKIPpers and die-hard SLAB. Thank god most people aren’t like them.

  164. Tîm Criced i Gymru says:

    ‘We … watch the crumbling of the most evil empire the world has ever seen… colony by colony it is falling apart.’ 
    Gibraltar and the Malvinas will  be independent before servile Cymru does. We will be the last bastion, the last leg, the last hurrah, the last stand, the last straw … of this disgracefully behaved naval/navel gazing Empire, of which I’m embarrassed to be connected with – how degrading will that feel fellow Welshmen? Come on, wakey wakey, ALBA are already up and gone out on their morning jog, feeling fit and fresh as a dasiy to face the new day (Sept.17, 2014)… whilst we’re still wallowing in bed with some unsavoury company! 

  165. The Man in the Jar says:

    Tim Criced i Gymru and welshnotbritish. 
    Thats a pretty grim assessment  I think you will wait a long time before Malvinas waves goodbye to the union jack.
    Like yourself I cant wait to rid myself of the damp musky smell of empire. I have never considered myself to be British in any way, shape or form. 
    Good luck with your struggle and I hope that the bright light of an independent Scotland shines into your darkness and leads to your countrymen waking up to reality and a way out of the clutches of Westminster.

  166. dougal says:

    all i hear about is cameron banging on about better together & not once have i heard a reson why .do you think that if scotland was costing southern england money he,d still be banging on .no he,d say fill your boots

  167. Debbie Wood says:


    Yes of course there are people in England who don’t care if Scotland leave the Union – or would actually be happy. There are also people who do care – and in fact I only know one person who supports the idea – and I know quite a lot of Scots folk living on both sides of the Border…

    If you’re going to use this lot as a reason for leaving the Union then you’re as deranged as they are! What we need is a socialist UK with appropriate local autonomy – not a disparate set of nations with conflicting directions.. IMO

  168. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “What we need is a socialist UK”

    Bit of a bummer that there’s no socialist UK party for people to vote for, then, wouldn’t you say?

  169. ronnie anderson says:

    Jesus Christ nae wonder bbc scotland ur no givin any information in scotland its aw gon south o the border they ll aw be singin Rantin Rovein Robbie next  Aye tae the fat controller of BT er mob  The Auld Tunes Are The Best  ( TAMLA MOTOWN changed American music industry against all the odds)

  170. ronnie anderson says:

    Thanks to all those bros sis wishing me well Am no ill jist gone a bit loopy between you lot wings / yes scot  keeps me going 

  171. ronnie anderson says:

    Thanks to all those bros sis wishing me well Am no ill jist gone a bit loopy between you lot wings / yes scot  keeps me going                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                REV send awe they posts tae BT it ll make their day ha ha 

  172. William Steele says:

    There is a United Kingdom, but not a united kingdom. There is only England and its conquests. These comments by the English public demonstrate that truth. England conquered us by economic and trade warfare, threats, and bribes to corrupt and greedy Scottish M.P.s. The English had an army waiting at the border in case the vote in the Scottish Parliament didn’t go their way. Soon after the Union came about the Westminster Parliament began to violate the Treaty and Act of Union, thus violate the constitution of the U.K.. Within the U.K. Scotland and England are not treated equally. With such a small number of Scots in the Commons and Lords, our votes don’t count. The legislation that’s passed would pass anyway without the Scottish votes. In what other nation of earth would the people vote to be governed by their neighbour?

    Yes Scotland! We will be better together as two independent and EQUAL countries. 

  173. Ken500 says:

    There are 57millin people in the rest of the UK.

    These bigots are not representative and lack self esteem and so attack others.

    Totally insignificant. More posters from the rest of the UK, know the true facts of why people in Scotland seek Independence and support Scotland’s ambitions.

    Ignore the small number of bigots. They are not representative of anyone. There are more good people than bad in the world.

  174. chalks says:

    I wish they could vote in the referendum.

  175. a supporter says:

    Very odd. I never read the BBC comments pages because it is just an anti-Scot knocking shop. But I have seen most of the above comments btl on the Guardian, Telegraph, and Spectator. They are now repeating themselves with btl comments. I used to go regularly to newspaper comments pages for a bit of sport but have almost given it up to concentrate on Twitter where pro Indy and anti Union tweets are seen more widely. I use pro Indy blogs for ideas about what to tweet and Wings is excellent for this. Come and join us.

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