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Something’s not right here

Posted on March 05, 2014 by

Can you spot it?


Glasgow Caledonian University sponsored David Cameron’s recent “lovebomb” speech in London. We’re sure this is just an unfortunate misunderstanding, though.

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128 to “Something’s not right here”

  1. Jim T says:

    They’re obviously just trying to save electric ink, and being “inclusive” while they’re at it.

    Just how far up the league table of “bright” universities are they?

  2. the Penman says:

    Oh no! They’ve missed out the England flag!

    Wait a minute…

  3. Erchie says:

    using the Union flag when the Home Nations compete seperately

  4. Bobby McPherson says:

    Nae saltire

  5. Edward says:

    Good grief for a university they really are thick, why the union flag instead of the flags of Scotland, England, N Ireland, Isle of Man ?

    Or is it just another misunderstanding?

    (PS Whats my prize?)

  6. msean says:

    The UK doesn’t compete at this event,no matter how you try to make it so.

  7. Brendan Hamilton says:

    Team GB…, um,er….eh, wtf?

  8. themadmurph says:

    oh dear! Is team GB competing in the CG? I think we should be told.

    Maybe after their wee love in with Cameron, they have some inside info!

  9. boglestone says:

    Butcher’s Apron!

    Keep wishing GCU.

  10. David Smith says:

    Get that sh*te off our tree!

  11. Bigdrone says:

    I can see England’s flag but where’s the Saltire?

  12. Grant says:

    The Union Jack.

  13. Coinneach Combe says:

    No Scotland flag? I’m embarrassed I studied there now.

  14. PatrickJB says:

    Sir, Sir, have some flags been combined? Team GB competing again?

  15. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Union Flag, no Saltire, Welsh, N Irish or English Flags.

  16. bookie from hell says:


  17. Tom says:


  18. annie says:

    This is shocking an insult to Scotland , no saltire

  19. Colin says:

    Hmmm, UK not in the Commonwealth.

  20. themadmurph says:

    Even better when you click the link and it’s advertising an event in the Saltire Mezzanine!!

  21. halftracknat says:

    if you look at, you find that in Europe the member countries are Cyprus, Malta and the United Kingdom.Website for the Commonwealth Games federation gives a different answer. Funny, that. Or maybe not.

  22. Bigdrone says:

    Perhaps the students are not genetically programmed to make appropriate observations! What a waste of our money!!

  23. CameronB says:

    As Glasgow Caledonian University is an academic institution, I’ll assume this most basic of ‘mistakes’ was well researched and thought through before being published. Kind of nailed their colours to the mast, haven’t they?

  24. SquareHaggis says:

    Embarrassing design, the saltires better aff oot o it.

  25. AnneDon says:

    Yes, no saltire – they’ve put the union jack on in place of the Home Countries individual flags

  26. Jiggsbro says:

    Just how far up the league table of “bright” universities are they?

    They’re fourth in the Glasgow league.

  27. Edward says:

    Suggest you all get on to GCU’s facebook page as they have it there , and complain

  28. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Wood you beleave it? The Union flag! They should have known someone would twig. Some budding students need to ask some thorny questions of their leaders. Whats needed is a root and branch review of this. This really goes against the grain! GCU senior staff should bough out now.


  29. Dinnatouch says:

    There’s nothing wrong with the picture, they made it quite clear by their support of Cameron’s ‘love bomb’ speech that their wish is for Scotland to cease to exist.

    If we vote NO in September, the home nation football teams will be getting merged into Team GB as well.

  30. Donald Macleod says:

    On the GCU site we are invited along to the SALTIRE Centre on March 10th to make our wishes so that’s nice, they haven’t missed it out completely.

  31. Mary Bruce says:

    The students at GCU voted overwhelmingly in favour of yes (Y-62%, N-18%, DK-20%). The pro-unionist behaviour of their senior officers must drive them crazy.

  32. IainB says:

    Graphics must have been put together by lowest bidder … by someone unaware of who competing nations are … perhaps they aim to be paid twice?

  33. Seriously! Is that real?

  34. call me dave says:

    It’s a wind up right…a spoof, a joke! I thought we had 4 universities in the World’s top 100. Oh not this one then.

    It’s beyond believe…init! 🙁

  35. SquareHaggis says:

    The colour scheme is a mockery to trees!

    Ents! Ents! Rise up!
    Mirkwood is under attack!

  36. call me dave says:

    Alan Mackintosh

    I finally twigged your response… 🙂

  37. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:


  38. Ed says:

    Easy! The nations of the UK compete under their own flags in Commonwealth Games.

  39. Meindevon says:

    Unbelievable! How many people must have been involved in the design and yet no one noticed such a basic error.

    O/T Robert Peston has just been on BBC news stating that it’s not all bad news for Scotland if banks and insurances moved south. It would mean ENGLAND would be liable if they needed bailing out again. Only England.The people of Wales and NI must be mighty relieved!

  40. heraldnomore says:

    er, should that not be I fianlly twigged your response, bud

    ok, I’ll leave it now

    but to crown it all, is Eve Pollard officiating?

    where’s Stick Man?

  41. SquareHaggis says:

    JuniorHaggis; Da, da whits that thing they’ve drawn?

    Ma guid sel; (pat’s heid n sighs) It’s Tree son…

  42. gordoz says:

    They’ve missed out Eire … Dohhh!

  43. CameronB says:

    I have a good bit of experience working with universities, in relation to graphic design and printing matters. Not an easy task, as academics can have powerful egos as well a intellects. As deign by committee is never a good idea, design guides are very important in such an environment. They take a lot of decision making out of the process. However, this effort was for GCU itself, not a subordinate department. As such, EVEN MORE ATTENTION WILL HAVE BEEN PAID TO THE CONTENT, COMPOSITION AND DESIGN.

  44. CletusIRL says:

    The Fijian flag is there, but Fiji are suspended from the Commonwealth of Nations – they can’t take part in the games!

  45. AnneDon says:

    Wait until someone as GCU realises all those countries used to be ruled from Westminster! That’ll be a right bare tree!

  46. gordoz says:

    @Mary Bruce 🙂

    Now that is good news, cause the students at GCU are really up against crack troops of BT in their Uni, (students, staff & senior management).

    Noticed a new YES GCU facebook page so give them a like if you have a minute to spare.

  47. Garry Henderson says:

    They’re barking up the wrong tree…..

    Is that my coat?

  48. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @Jiggsbro says:

    WHIT!, the are above Maryhill Harp?

  49. Croompenstein says:

    GCU’s tree of pishes

  50. call me dave says:

    Sent a polite email to said uni.

  51. tartanfever says:

    Ok kids, clear message here. If you want to study history, geography, sport or politics avoid Glasgow Caledonian University at all costs.

  52. Flower of Scotland says:


    Ok complained to GCU on facebook. What can you say? Just another big sigh!

  53. Croompenstein says:

    Saltire banned at Sochi, no saltire on Commonwealth Games poster.. who the fuck are these people!

  54. Kevin Lynch says:

    There was something about a Team GB for this years Commonwealth games. It was voluntary though. Don’t know how many athletes they got to sign up for it or if it’s even going ahead.

    All the same. GCU isn’t going to do well out of this. They should think again.

  55. Davy says:

    Any university that can have its name in front of Camerons “love bomb” speech, certainly can forget it own flag, DOH.

    I do hope its students are not so dumb and perhaps they should rectify the mistake, with a little word to their lecturers etc.

  56. Ron Burgundy says:

    I smell a conspiracy
    Check out the leadership of this place – who are the names and the faces. Have to be SLAB placemen and placewomen running this thing with one braincell between them.
    GET THIS OUT THERE ON FACEBOOK and shame them.

    A worse example of the lack of emotional intelligence or just basic self awareness than that of Napier College as it was called in the 1970’s who ran off the whole set degree parchments for issue on graduation with
    BATCHELOR of ARTS ( as in the soup ) as opposed to

  57. Mabemrys says:

    Bigdrone says:

    “I can see England’s flag but where’s the Saltire?”

    Really, where? Do you have special glasses?

  58. Croompenstein says:

    ‘Brighter futures begin with GCU’ eh! if we stay in this perfidious union it’ll start with 9 grand tuition fees!

  59. heedtracker says:

    Unionists in Aberdeen ban Scotland’s First Minister from Aberdeen premises, GCU ban the Scotland flag. Willie Young in Aberdeen that banned SNP from Aberdeen, so whose doing all this at GCU? Is it possible to write and complain to the Principal personally?

  60. Vestas says:

    Just as well there’s no tuition fees in Scotland really.

    Given the number of parasites (solicitors) its only a matter of time until universities here (E&W) get sued for various failings*.

    Sounds like GCU “graduates” may have a case for being unemployable in a future Scotland due to their “political education” (whether they know it or not).

    *and yes I know that *in theory* that is impossible/exceptionally difficult now it won’t be when several cases progressing in Europe become law.

  61. Colin Morrison says:

    Can the vexillologists out there tell us, apart from the obvious, if they have managed to insult the flag of any other commonwealth nation.

  62. Gayle says:

    Blooming Nora, what a disgrace to the Scottish education system. You’d think these numpties would know that the 4 countries are represented separately. I would want a refund if I was being taught at GCU. If they can’t even get a simple tree of flags right, what else are they getting wrong?

  63. handclapping says:

    No need to complain to the Uni; get complaining to the Charity Commissioner on the grounds that they are not educating. Cue swift change of poster.

  64. G H Graham says:

    It’s a “Tree Of Wishes” so it obvious what they are wishing for.

    And it’s not independence.

  65. Alfresco Dent says:

    It’s a “tree of wishes”, clearly the Union is their wish. A strangely narrow-minded position for a seat of learning to take.

  66. Arbroath 1320 says:

    call me dave says:

    Sent a polite email to said uni.

    Done the same here. I wonder how long it will take them to realise that having the GCU promoting “unionism” at every opportunity may not be the best idea they have ever had. 🙂

  67. Gizzit says:

    Speaking of totally mental – this popped up in my phone’s News aggregator


  68. Training Day says:

    This is no accident. It stems from the views of the Principal, Pamela Gillies, friend of David Cameron and member of the British Council. As others have said it simply reflects the views of many ultra-Unionists that Scotland should cease to exist (although to be fair to Gillies she may subscribe to the Westminter legal view that Scotland ceased to exist in 1707).

    O/T the loathsome BBC Radio Scotland talking of ‘yet another blow’ to the Yes campaign on its news there. The BBC is now indistinguishable from the basest right-wing tabloid.

  69. ColinK says:

    Posted on their Facebook comments, suggest everyone do the same 🙂

  70. Big Al says:

    Let’s take a ‘leaf’ out of their book and place it where the sun doesn’t shine

  71. Alba4Eva says:

    Not even shocked any more… but everything changes in September.

  72. john mellon says:

    we should ask for an apology to the Scottish people-have they apologised yet?

  73. Taranaich says:

    I’m sure it’s just a gaffe. That’s part of the problem: that mistakes like this are so common.


    Speaking of totally mental – this popped up in my phone’s News aggregator


    From that link: “Not forgetting that the UK has already engaged in several highly dubious if not outright criminal recent wars that required far less justification (Iraq and Afghanistan) than would the annexation of several parts of Scotland”’.

    Holy hell, the rUK annexing Scotland would be less justifiable than Iraq or Afghanistan? And how come the article brings up Alaska being a part of the USA for a shorter period than Scotland being in the UK (not sure the point of that, since Scotland’s been an independent nation for twice the length it’s been part of the UK) when Iraq was controlled by the UK “only” 70 years ago?

    The article has a few interesting points, though:

    We could also suppose, perhaps, that if Scotland had the unhappy lot of following the example of the last UK state to gain independence, Ireland, it would be open to English political manipulation aimed at splitting it into nationalist and Unionist camps, the latter wanting to rejoin England. This would likely result in Civil War. Anybody pursuing that line of reasoning can check up the action of the Churchill brothers stoking the early phase of the 1918-1923 Irish Civil War. Apart from their English nationalist rhetoric and racism, this was by arming the so-called Ulster Volunteers with 25 000 free 7.62 mm Lee Enfield rifles direct from the World War I trenches.

    Anyone wondering why the Scottish government are so hardline on sectarianism, take heed: the sectarian poison in Scotland is going to be used as a bludgeon – it already has been by the likes of Galloway and Paisley – and unless we resist it hard, it will continue to be used as a bludgeon, regardless of the vote. I sincerely doubt it would get to the point of civil war – if that was a danger, it would’ve happened at the height of the Troubles – but this is the British Establishment we’re talking about here. They’re happy to set the people against each other: against the disabled, the poor, the immigrants, the disadvantaged. Divide and conquer, history as usual.

    That’s why Yes’ campaign of inclusion and diversity is so crucial: the only lines dividing us are who we choose to govern us. No ethnic, religious, cultural, linguistic, or even party political – just how we want to run our country. Very hard to make sectarian issues out of that.

  74. Arbroath 1320 says:

    I think that this excerpt I do not think that Standard and Poors would consider the idea of Lloyd’s and RBS relocating to London to be a major problem, in fact if I understand this extract correctly they would see it as a bonus to Scottish independence.

    The composition of Scotland’s external balance sheet is as yet hypothetical, but our initial observation is that the Scottish financial sector is unusually large, with total assets estimated at 12.5x GDP. We would therefore likely view the financial sector as a significant contingent risk to the state. At the same time, a large part of this activity could be re-domiciled to the U.K.

  75. Roboscot says:

    Seems to be a case of politics before accuracy. Not the best advert for a university.

  76. Claire McNab says:

    The lack of a Saltire, Baner Cymru, St George’s Cross etc, is bad news and ignorant.

    But I don’t those as bad as the abysmal failure of the core design. It says nothing about sport, and unless I knew in advance that was for the CG I would have assumed that it was some sort of British Empire tree-planting club.

    With all those colors it will be expensive to reproduce in full colour, and a monochrome rendition would be meaningless.

    Fail, fail, fail.

  77. west_lothian_questioner says:

    Big -OUCH- for GCU.

  78. Lanarkist says:

    On clicking the link and watching the video at the bottom of the page, advertising the build up to the games, there are lots of Saltires featured, opening title, winning athletes, loads of Saltires!

    You’d think there would have been a bit of a clue there, you know, joined up thinking, strong hints!

    Just saying!

  79. Bigdrone says:

    Ffs Mabemrys, you must be a student at GCU – don’t you recognise irony and pathos when you read it!

  80. Breastplate says:

    I suppose it goes with the rubbish logo we already have that cost over £100,000 if memory serves. It should have been given to the school kids who would have done a much better job by not coming up with the mutant offspring of the OCP and Granada TV logos.

  81. ronnie anderson says:

    when I 1st saw that Tree, I didn’t see the bottom part,I though

    it was to represent The Tree Of Life,whichever way it is WE don’t

    as a Nation exist. All change on 18th Sept 2014.

  82. galamcennalath says:

    Obvious mistake …. It should have been 2018 Gold Coast City …. Because they have assumed a NO vote in September and all the home countries’ teams being merged as part of the future Unionist project to erase anything Scottish.

  83. velofello says:

    Wood that be their grey matter I see on that sketch?

  84. john ferguson says:

    Looks like GCU bombed big time

  85. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Glasgow BRITANNIA University?

  86. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I think Jackie Baillie studied there. Says it all?

  87. Anna says:

    They have used flags of the 52 countries instead of the 70 nation/territories.

  88. Les Wilson says:

    It is incompetent and Insulting, who are these people!

  89. Alastair Wright says:

    Oh I get it they spelt commonwealth wrong, it should be spelt O-L-Y-M-P-I-C.

  90. Look Skye Walker says:

    Where’s Wally?

  91. Vincent McDee says:

    What can be expected from an University that do this:

    On 8 July 2009 Magnusson received an honorary Doctorate of Letters from Glasgow Caledonian University

    Is Dr.Sally Magnusson for you Wingers.

  92. gordoz says:


    Jesus – your logo is from the Simpsons – I was being ironic or attempting to be – doh!

  93. Alba4Eva says:

    FCUK Caledonian University… Scotland are on the rise.

    Ps. Poland 0 : Scotland 1 (full time)

    Yaaassss 😀

  94. Clootie says:

    Perhaps they thought we wouldn’t notice,

  95. whatastramash says:

    there’s plenty o wee gaps in the branches there for an English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh flag.

  96. Renate J says:

    Looks like that tree has a disease that is mutating the leaves. Could be serious, but might be rectified by some swift and timely loping followed by grafting.

  97. Desimond says:

    Has an institution ever been so badly named.

    Its got Glasgow AND Caledonian in the title and it reflects absolutely nothing of either with its Cameron befriending

    (and no need for any “Its no a real Uni either” gags please)

  98. X_Sticks says:

    Careful what you wish for GCU…

  99. Roll_On_2014 says:


    Perhaps they thought we wouldn’t notice,

    There again mebbee they thought they were dabbling in the Subliminal domain… if so its nae worked!

  100. Alba4Eva says:

    Understand one thing… this is not representative of those who go to this University or those (like me) who are allumni.

    This is nothing but the result of ‘Common Purpose’ Graduate Indoctrination of those who currently hold the top jobs in the university.

    ‘Common Purpose’, nothing more than an insidious organisation that is nothing more than a front for establishment control, will die in September and all those weak minded …self serving …fecked up ‘Collectivists’ will be run out… permanently.

    Do a Google search for “Common Purpose Exposed”

    …btw. The woman who is head of GCU is a ‘Common Purpose’ graduate… can’t remember her name, but those who can google can easily determine that no problem.

  101. Roll_On_2014 says:


    Great work… a small addition, and its location, speaks volumes.

  102. Thepnr says:

    O/T But promised a report of the Yes Glenrothes organised meeting held at CISWO tonight. Three speakers, Allan Grogan LFI, Brair Jenkins and Lorna Bett an SSP member from Women For Independence.

    Lorna spoke first and I thought she was great, she told us that this was her first ever public speaking event but you would never have known that. You could feel that she really connected with the ordinary person in the audience as she spoke with passion about her own situation and how a Yes vote mattered to her. Big thumbs up.

    Next up was Allan Grogan, he explained why Independence was important to all of Scotland and why the Labour party had left us not that we left them. He talked about LFI beliefs to return to traditional Labour values and how that would only be achievable with Independence.

    Finally Blair Jenkins, I’d only saw him on the telly before and hadn’t been impressed as he never was assertive enough in my view. Tonight though I was very impressed, talking to an audience of ordinary people he came across as sincere and very knowledgeable. Very impressed considering my first impressions from the telly.

    Next up the Q&A, I’ll be short because it was just very good, the usual questions but answered succinctly by all the panellists.

    Number of attendees, around 150 would be my estimate. Obviously pro Yes, I think I spotted only 2 BT people, ordinary folk but never clapped for anything and left halfway through the Q&A, so I was probably right.

    One guy right at the end mentioned Wings with regard to buying BBC programming and how ROI paid £21m for it’s programs. I caught up with him after the meeting and asked if he posted on Wings.

    “Nah, like to read it though, you get better information there.” Agreed said I.

  103. Thejourneyman says:

    Nothing is surprising anymore remember John Inverdale had Andy Murray playing in the Davis Cup for England while he was wearing his GB gear! Bad enough when this drivel comes from English commentator, no surprise, but a Scottish University getting it so wrong is unforgivable.

  104. Barney Thomson says:

    Oh dear! There’s nae Falkland Islands flag on their tree.

    Maggie will be spinning in her cryogenic capsule.

  105. Appleby says:

    GCU really determined to layer the egg on their face. What’s up with this recent distasteful turn for the worse? They’re making themselves look bad with this extremist effort.

  106. Steve says:

    If our universities don’t know what countries are in the commonwealth games, especially when they’re in one, it doesn’t say much for higher education.

  107. ScotsCanuck says:

    Oh! I don’t know, it fits well into my vision of Scotland post 2016 … a Republic.
    They can keep their mickey mouse games (used to be called the Empire Games) and delusions of greatness.
    We will be joining a couple of other “Colonies” … Australia & Canada who are questioning why the Monarch of another country should be head of theirs.
    Quite apart from the democratic deficit of having an “accident of birth” as head of State, there is no legal removal of said same.

  108. john king says:

    “This is shocking an insult to Scotland , no saltire”

    That just it though its not just insulting to Scotland its insulting to ALL the home nations.

  109. john king says:

    “Wood you beleave it? The Union flag! They should have known someone would twig.”

    Treating us like suckers! (gardening joke)
    I’ll get my coat 🙁

  110. john king says:

    “Speaking of totally mental – this popped up in my phone’s News aggregator”

  111. john king says:

    I added that before making my comment,
    understatement of the year Gizzit
    the comment in that ridiculous article,
    “assuming Scotland were stupid or frightened enough to vote for independence” WHAT?
    who the fuck are these aresholes.

  112. Kenny Campbell says:

    Go Team GB….Do the English Lady Curlers who won a medal at the Olympics play too.

  113. john king says:

    just filled in a Yougov survey about voting intentions in the referendum,

    in the questionnaire at the end it asked me to say what I was displeased with in the questions and I made the point that questions asking about how satisfied I was with government and it’s impact on me did not allow me to differentiate between the Scottish parliament and Westminster, but generally the questions were fair and balanced,

  114. john king says:

    Help me,
    has anyone got a priest hole?
    I used a comma where I should have used a full stop and I can hear the grammar police coming for me,
    oh no they’ve broken the door down aaahhh Ive just been maced, oh god they’re armed don’t shoot please don’t shoo——-

  115. Greannach says:

    Maybe the head of the “university” is hoping for an OBE upon retirement or a prestige appointment in the gift of the Westminster government.

  116. Alec K says:

    Many insults aimed at GCU students from a pathetic minority in the comments on this site who seem determined to alienate people in this debate. Get a fucking grip.

  117. Alec K says:

    Also, the elitism of people like Greannach suggesting that GCU isn’t a real university is embarrassing. Will you be attacking people for attending state schools which aren’t so highly regarded next?

  118. john king says:

    What is embarrassing Alec is a university who seem not to understand that Scotland England Ireland and Wales will all compete under their own respective flags and the lazy disrespect this displays is indicative of an establishment who have a sense of entitlement to disparage all and sundry,
    How proud were you when the Olympic officials quite disgracefully played the South Korean nation anthem when the North Korean ladies football team lined up before the match? that kind of arrogant dismissal of others is what gives the UK a bad name,

    Showing disgust at this kind of behaviour is EXACTLY how it should be, it is simply not good enough for a University in Scotland to display so little respect for not just Scotland but England Ireland and Wales as well who I’m quite sure will be just as unhappy at seeing their team being disparaged by not acknowledging THIER national pride in their own flags so get a grip,
    as they say.

  119. Bill McLean says:

    Calm Alec – he may be feeling just as upset as you – but for a different reason! As “university” has upset you, so “pathetic” may upset others. All universities are worthy of the name as are all “workers”! No grandness here please!

  120. Pin says:

    Ah, Caley Uni!

    See that big ‘C’ on the front gate? That’s what you need to get it. 😉

    Only joking

  121. TheeForsakenOne says:

    Reminds me of the old university student changing a lightbulb joke:

    Q: How many Glasgow Cally students does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: Seven. One to change the light bulb and six to throw a party because he didn’t screw it in upside down this time.

  122. tartanarse says:

    Glasgow Caledonian University The Commonwealth Tree was designed to celebrate Commonwealth Day on March 10 and features the flags of the 53 members of the Commonwealth, one of which is the UK, as listed on the Commonwealth’s own website

    This is the standard reply given to all those who complain on their site. Whatever way they play it, it’s still embarrassing. It’s not even an apology.

  123. Luigi says:

    Not long now, before some idiot Labour council tries to ban the Saltire from public buildings, at least until the referendum has been held.

    Where will it start? Well, the buffoons running Aberdeen must be in contention.

  124. Steve Bowers says:

    Ok , Phone number is 0141 331 8671, direct dial for Peter Meiklem communications dept. I called main number on web site and was put through to someone else then passed onto him…. no answer

  125. Matt Seattle says:

    FWFW – GCU have now added the Saltire to their facebook graphic and deleted the protest comments.

  126. Matt Seattle says:

    I meant FWIW…

  127. annie says:

    Just tweeted by Newsnet GCU have now replaced the Union Flag with home nations flags. Well done everyone.

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