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Something for everyone

Posted on May 29, 2014 by

After our series of massively successful fundraisers, and the many others we’ve helped push over the line from various distances, as you might imagine we get a lot of people asking us to plug theirs. We can’t do them all, because otherwise we’d be constantly nagging readers for money day after day and that would get really annoying, but for some time now we’ve been keeping a list of those we know about on our Donate page.


As everyone just got paid, though, here’s a special roundup of current ones.

They’re listed in alphabetical order and are mostly pretty self-explanatory in terms of what they’re about. If you’ve got a few spare quid kicking about, pick your favourite cause(s) and see if you can’t do them a wee favour.

This, folks, is what an actual grassroots political movement looks like.

1000 Car Stickers For Yes

43% funded – needs £575 in 24 days

Aye Talks!

71% funded – needs £430 in 4 days

English Scots For Yes

38% funded – needs £625 in 34 days

Generation Yes – Reaching All Of Scotland’s Youth

11% funded – needs £19,590 in 17 days

Radical Independence Govan

48% funded – needs £260 in 39 days

Radical Independence Glasgow West

16% funded – needs £590 in 16 days

Scot Hub Leaflet Fund

7% funded – needs £935 in 34 days

Scotland’s Conversation With The World

24% funded – needs £4,303 in 6 days

Scotland Yet: Post-Production And Distribution

53% funded – needs £3,762 in 11 days

Scottish Independence Live Events

37% funded – needs £1,900 in 26 days

Yes Advert Trailers

33% funded – needs £840 in 12 days

Yes Badges And More

50% funded – needs £248 in 11 days

Yes Banners Everywhere

1% funded – needs £4,960 in 16 days

Yes Bo’ness Shop

91% funded – needs £134 in 37 days

Yes Dundee Bus Adverts

72% funded – needs £1,398 in 10 days

Yes Fife Leaflet Fund

7% funded – needs £2,323 in 10 days

Yes Indy Balloon

19% funded – needs £18,650 in 15 days

(As a rule, incidentally, our approach is to publicise fundraisers we feel are especially worthy, or which have already proved their appeal by attracting decent sums but need a shove to get the rest of the way before their deadline. If you want us to punt one with a £50,000 target that’s so far made £8.50, the project better be amazing.)

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    1. 29 05 14 14:03

      Something for everyone | Scottish Independence News

    59 to “Something for everyone”

    1. Grouse Beater says:

      Do you have time left to cook dinner, or is it all meals on wheels?

    2. heedtracker says:

      Couple of quid to each one. Except Dundee, I hate Dundee. I’m kidding I love it. I love Dundee! It’s a good thing.

    3. Colin Cameron says:

      What about National Collective’s Yestival?

    4. heedtracker says:

      Yes Balloon looks great. Couldn’t they just untether Bliar MacDougal and float him around Scotland?

    5. Tom says:

      Yestival. Don’t forget Yestival.

    6. Mary Bruce says:

      Remember folks, there are lots of perks to be had in return for dontations, like car stickers, badges etc. If you give £20 to the Yes Banners campaign you get a 2′ x 6′ banner.

    7. TYRAN says:

      Yes condoms

    8. Grouse Beater says:

      Yes condoms

      Not required.

      Good, caring sex ensures the lady says, “Yes, yes, yes!!!”

    9. Thepnr says:

      O/T But all in a good cause.

      Pick up points and approximate timings for the bus through to CH2:

      1700: The Swan Restuarant, Swan St, Brechin DD9 6EE
      17:25 Vicocchis Coffee Shop, High St, Kirriemuir DD8 4EG
      18:00 Discovery Quay, Riverside Drive, Dundee DD1 4XA
      19:15 McDonalds (Roundabout at Asda entrance), Central Way, Cumbernauld G67 1NF

      Arrive George Square Glasgow around 19:35

      Return, leave from George Square at 22:30.

      I will meet the bus at the first pick up point in Brechin. Hope to see you all soon.

    10. Stuart says:

      National Collective!!!!!

    11. Anon says:

      “Something for everyone,

      A comedy, tonight!”

    12. rab_the_doubter says:

      Lots ‘n’ lots of photos on the bus please. Let the world see that we are real normal people. (I’m almost tempted to drive to Dundee just so I can get on the Bus)

    13. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Yestival. Don’t forget Yestival.”

      I left it out because I only cover trackable fundraisers, which is also why I left the two Newsnet Scotland ones out of the total when I tallied up Yes fundraisers in that article a couple of weeks back. I’ve tweeted it a few times, though.

    14. Dan Huil says:

      “Yes” beer mats.

    15. heedtracker says:

      YES beer!

    16. galamcennalath says:

      You know what I find really annoying when contributing?

      Having to select ‘United Kingdom’ …..

    17. desimond says:

      Hows about this : Total Cost £5

      Take your old footwear ( flit-flops might be apt for Mr Darling), a sponge, a knife, 2 elastic bands and, a paint tray and a tin of paint.
      With knife, carefully half sponge.
      Now carve out reverse YES on each half.
      Go to busy place and put on footwear.
      Using elastic band, attach spnge halves to sole of footwear.
      Pour some paint into tray.
      Dip sponge into tray.
      Walk and spread the word YES all over the pavements.
      Repeat until paint finished or you get caught.

      *Alternative is YES template on end of a walking stick!

      People dont look up, but EVERYONE looks down!

    18. Grahame says:

      Thanks for promoting the yes trailer campaign Stu,

    19. Grouse Beater says:

      What I find really annoying when contributing – having to select ‘United Kingdom’

      Scotland No-Moar grousebeater.wordpress

    20. galamcennalath says:

      We have got to get that YES balloon off the ground , I mean, Wings and all 🙂

    21. Mary Bruce says:

      Desimond, you could just carve the reverse YES into the flip flops, rather than attaching sponges.

    22. john king says:

      Galamcannalacthacththacth says (get an easier name to spell for pities sake)

      “You know what I find really annoying when contributing?

      Having to select ‘United Kingdom’ …..”

      I had to give a bank I was phoning for information about a transaction I have with them(Barkley’s bank)personal details for security,
      and was asked my nationality, I nearly said British, but stopped my self and said SCOTTISH in fact I liked the sound so much I repeated it and said “I am SCOTTISH”.

    23. desimond says:

      Considered that but its helluva complicated, you have to reduce the rest of the flip and the flop to above the stencil. Glue and cardboard stencils may be the way ahead but with my back im thinking Zimmer frame, double dunts 🙂

    24. Pin says:

      I plumped for Scotland Yet. Their short film last year was really excellent- better than anything the major TV channels or the Yes campaign have come up with

    25. galamcennalath says:

      john king says:
      Galamcannalacthacththacth says (get an easier name to spell for pities sake)…..I liked the sound so much I repeated it and said “I am SCOTTISH”.

      Something I always done, have done for years. I think every Scot should. Even the ‘proudScot’ ones, every little helps.

      BTW ‘gala’ does for short, and well O/T, Galam Cennalath was a Pictish king around 550AD. I have, with considerable uncertainty, traced my ancestry back to him.

    26. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Bliar MacDougal is, thankfully , a lead ballon.

      Long may he reign.

    27. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ TYRAN

      I like that.

      Where is. T Jenny when you need her?

    28. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Me at 13:35

      Incomplete post above.

      For an opinion only

    29. Democracy Reborn says:

      Grouse Beater@12.36pm


      Only 3 yes’s though?…

    30. heedtracker says:

      BetterTogether blitz in the vote no or else Press and Journal. It must cost the shysters a fortune but why oh why oh why is Bliar MacDougal and co splashing all that cash on huge ads for vote NO in a newspaper that does if for them completely free everyday? Another UKOK puzzle that will never be answered. Guaranteed more powers over NHS and schools, security strength longer lasting new improved think big be part of it just do it got to work on an egg etc

      Easy money protecting and fighting for the super rich elite of teamGB

    31. Grouse Beater says:

      why is Bliar MacDougal and co splashing all that cash on huge ads for vote NO in a newspaper that does if for them completely free everyday?


      A fool and his money are soon …

    32. Greannach says:

      Could you maybe persuade Acanchi of London to help with fundraising? There are interesting pictures of them at work. My favourites are at the bottom right hand corner here:

      I hope they’re not just dead wood.

    33. Marcia says:

      I like the Banners for Yes one. Having banners in fields up and down the country would be quite pleasing on the eye.

    34. Dcanmore says:

      why is Bliar MacDougal and co splashing all that cash on huge ads for vote NO in a newspaper that does if for them completely free everyday?

      Typical New Labour approach to anything really, chuck loads and loads of cash at something, wait till the desired result has not materialised … then chuck more and more cash at it until the money runs out, then repeat with more cash from credit at Wonga rates until you’ve ramped up a massive amount of debt, then blame someone else for the failure. Move onto next project.

    35. heedtracker says:

      Hi Grouse Beater, I filled out Bliar’s RSVP thing at the back of his vote no grot with “I strongly believe Scotland should be independent from the UK” box ticked but even that’s a shysters con trick. BetterTogetherBBC etc language is all about Smoking is good for you style marketeers cunnng as in –

      “More powers are already guaranteed for the Scottish Parliament, with new powers to raise taxes and borrow already transfered to Holywood” and “plans have been put in place which guarantee more powers for the Scottish Parliament from 2016 including more tax raising powers, from 2016 there will be a Scottish rate of income tax, Powers to borrow money…”

      Then Jacky Bird, Ponsonby, etc swing in behind that and you get yourself a huge sales pitch that’s flogging a hell of a lot less than you think you’re getting.

      Bliar then follows through with “THE NEXT STAGE OF DEVOLUTION” “More power to raise tax without undermining the ability to transfer money to Scotland in times of need, Bringing the delivery of benefits to local areas including things like Housing Benefit”

      I swear I’ve not invented any of the above pack of lies. Only the UK thinks it can get away with staggering garbage like this.

    36. Madir Mabbott says:

      Don’t just fund them yourselves, also email the list to your close friends who are strong Yes voters. I’ve created a fund-raising email that I’ve sent around my family – who are all fully committed Yes voters, but don’t spend much time on web-sites.

    37. Stuart Black says:

      Hmm, beginning to wish I’d ignored this page, reading has been somewhat to my cost. 😉

      All of them are worthy causes, but can I just give a big shout for Thistle and his Scottish Independence Live Events fund? He will be covering CH2 on Friday, and the fund-raising seems to have tailed off recently.

    38. Thepnr says:

      I’d love to see Thistle reach his target. I know a good one when I meet one. He deserves our support.

    39. Alba4eva says:

      Is there going to be any fundraising at the counting House II?

      …what about a raffle? …Maybe dinner for 2 with Johann Lamont as the top prize? 😀

    40. john king says:

      watching a rerun of FMq’s
      Willie Rennie (always a joy)
      “What will the First Minister say to Scotland after a yes vote and the set up costs are more than he said they would be”?

      Willie you weary little get,
      if arsehole Alexander says 2.7 billion and Dunleavy says 150 to 200 million, if it turns out to be 350 million who give a right royal flying fuck?

      One off set up costs offset by the 1 billion (each and every year) dividend by not paying for the privilege of having a giant target painted on the map of Scotland then it matters not one jot if we build the tax office, the home office and the foreign office with bricks of gold,
      we could provide the staff with diamond encrusted phones,and desks,
      and never have to listen to your little fweind Danny every again,
      GOT THAT?

    41. Peter Macbeastie says:

      Yes Beer.

      Both a cracking idea for a name, and with the simple addition of a comma you could consider it a request.

      If only my fledgling brewing was at the stage of doing full scale brew; I don’t think my currently home brewed hoppy IPA is going to generate quite enough beer… not doing it in 23 litre batches. Regretably, that’s the biggest I can work with at the moment.

      Surely there’s an operational brewery out there somewhere that could be persuaded to run an Independence Ale? Even as a one off. And in the horrible, horrible event of a No vote, they could just switch the labels for something more appropriate for a No politician.

      I Hope You Choke on This Ale.

      One day you will see a new microbrewery in Mid Argyll. Once the Lady Beastie and I have slipped the bonds of Glaschu and escaped back to civilisation, that is.

    42. Grouse Beater says:

      I swear I’ve not invented any of the above pack of lies

      I believe you. But now that they have advertised a pack of lies they will need to hold tight to them, bolster them, and as the lies are hollow promises, all they can do in answer to challenges is bluster.

    43. Sergio Casci says:

      Thanks very much for publicising the AYE TALKS fundraiser in honour of Margo MacDonald, Rev. Much appreciated! If anyone’s wanting to know more about the event itself, there’s info at the following link:

    44. john king says:

      Come to think of it what was idiot Rennies response to this

      Did he send Ian Duncan Smith a stiff letter of protest on behalf of his constituents left starving because of that evil man’s careless actions? did he hell.

      And that was just ONE fucking department, 143 fucking million pounds and that little shit wants to know just how far down Salmond can bow down in apology if there’s a cost overrun on setup costs.

      Even if there was any sodding reason to assume cost overruns wouldn’t it be courteous to allow Salmond to fuck up first before he attacks him for something he hasn’t yet done,

      Why doesn’t he have a wee word with Wendy Alexander about her wee vanity project which she stopped Salmond from abandoning because she insisted the trams would come in on time and on budget, we all saw how that little prediction worked out didn’t we?

      Our road are like ploughed fucking fields because every bloody penny we had was spent of that idiotic tram project,

      But when Salmond went ahead with the new Forth crossing they screamed the place down about pointless expenditure when we have a perfectly good bridge already,
      which if you stand on it you can hear the strands of wire in the cables snap like banjo strings,
      Anyone fancy a wee trip over the bridge?
      there’s no guarantee you come back alive though.

      As it happens as we speak the bridge construction is under shedule and under budget,
      and I think Im right in saying the SNP’S capital projects have all come in either on or under budget and on time, compare and contrast with the profligacy of the Labour crew who pissed OUR money up against a wall with the wonderful idea of Gordons with PFI,
      meanwhile when they got bored spending they sent back the money they couldn’t be arsed spending,
      then theyve got the breathtaking fucking cheek to complain that its taking the SNP far too long to dual the A9

      What has this country done to deserve political pygmies like this?

      Sorry about the Language but it was either get out here or get arrested in the public gallery in Holyrood,
      time and again I’ve had to sit quietly in the gallery when I want to let rip at those clowns, anyway if I as much as look as if I’m about to say anything,
      my wife digs her nails in my hand,
      and she’s got sharp nails.

    45. Calum Craig says:

      I don’t get paid until tomorrow…

    46. john king says:

      “…what about a raffle? …Maybe dinner for 2 with Johann Lamont as the top prize? :D”

      I’ll get the wife right onto it. 🙂

    47. fairiefromtheearth says:

      Hey Rev you forgot about mine Fairie Needs Monies for Dope, i need to get high or else i would go on a killing spree.

    48. fairiefromtheearth says:

      everybody just leave 20p under your pillow tonite i will try to get as many as i can 😉 cheers

    49. Mealer says:

      I’m partial to a drop of “Independence” brewed by Inveralmond Brewery.

    50. john king says:

      the wife says
      if there’s a dinner for two prize she would like dinner with Willie Rennie and she enjoys a wee fondue, just somebody warn Wille to wear asbestos breeks. 🙂

    51. john king says:


      PMSL 🙂

    52. john king says:

      OR BTW EVEN 🙁

    53. goldenayr says:

      Aplologies if anyone else has posted this link.

      It just struck me as a bit odd,especially for a beeb story.It’s almost balanced and fair(apart from Prof.Bell)

      What’s going on over at Pacific Quay?

    54. Ken500 says:

      Sending £100 saved from not buying papers. Send it to Mark Coburn the cyclist. Thanks.

    55. stuart s says:

      Beer’s been done. Did it for fun. Wee local brewery with a good bit more than homebrew levels. Not advertising it here!! (We’re selling all we can make). You might say it’s a limited edition. Short lifespan: expires September 18th.

    56. David Wallace says:

      I noticed the poster and badges do not seem to have “” on them surely that’s a must Stuart.

    57. Charles Kearney says:

      So impressed by the sheer number of these Groups, certainly puts Bitter Together and No Borders, both Funded by Rich Labour and Tory Voters in England, wee efforts to Shame! BT have now shifted their Campaign to London!!!

    58. galamcennalath says:

      Just thought I’d go through and see how each campaign is getting along.

      1000 Car Stickers For Yes
      needs £575 -> £528

      Aye Talks!
      needs £430 -> £160

      English Scots For Yes
      needs £625 -> £275

      Generation Yes – Reaching All Of Scotland’s Youth
      needs £19,590 -> £18,654

      Radical Independence Govan
      needs £260 -> £210

      Radical Independence Glasgow West
      needs £590 -> £500

      Scot Hub Leaflet Fund
      needs £935 -> £850

      Scotland’s Conversation With The World
      needs £4,303 -> £3,980

      Scotland Yet: Post-Production And Distribution
      needs £3,762 -> £2,960

      Scottish Independence Live Events
      needs £1,900 -> £1,850

      Yes Advert Trailers
      needs £840 -> £810

      Yes Badges And More
      needs £248 -> £238

      Yes Banners Everywhere
      needs £4,960 -> £4,800

      Yes Bo’ness Shop
      needs £134 -> £ZERO!

      Yes Dundee Bus Adverts
      needs £1,398 -> £216

      Yes Fife Leaflet Fund
      needs £2,323 -> £2,215

      Yes Indy Balloon
      needs £18,650 -> £18,350

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