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Some things that happened this month

Posted on April 25, 2017 by

Leopards don’t change their spots, folks.

Especially when they’re in the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party.

Because the fat ones probably aren’t these kids, Edwina.

But hey, vote Tory in case the SNP give you another referendum or something.

Because the bad stuff could never happen to YOU, right?

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175 to “Some things that happened this month”

  1. Martin

    Some of them may well be the obese kids though, as the infrequent meals they do get are often outrageously unhealthy and lack any meaningful nutrition.

    The truth is likely to be a mix, but of course a commitment to healthy diet for all children would fix both hunger and obesity problems…the only problem is it would disproportionately benefit the poor, as young Tarquair already gets his organic 5-a day. And what Tory is going to vote to help those grubby little kids from the “council school” down the road?

  2. Bruce L

    I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s under her lot, and my family was so poor we frequently went hungry (and occasionally had the electricity cut off). It was horrible.

    I don’t know what’s more worrying: the fact that there are people like Currie who think there’s nothing between obesity and starvation, or that she actually held high office in the government of a developed country.

  3. Desimond

    Love how the wheelchair looks like a sad face..very apt

  4. Macart

    I think we’re all familiar with the despicable evils of Conservative government by this point. We’re also all very familiar with their campaign strategy, but just how many people d’you reckon have considered its inevitable and eventual conclusion?

    Ms May’s rhetoric, which is scarily reminiscent of V for Vendetta’s ‘Strength through unity, unity through faith’ (shudders), doesn’t really stack up now does it? May’s campaign strategy is to scare the bejebus out of England’s voting electorate by threatening them with…

    … Scots.

    The evils of Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish Government, the Scottish electorate. A government and a people who have done them NO harm. A party of government who would indeed insist that Scots do not and should not have a say in how England’s electorate wish to govern themselves. Yet we are used as cannon fodder by a UK PM. A whipping boy and bogie man all rolled into a neat marketing strategy and political campain for Theresa ‘Strength through unity, unity through faith’ May.

    But let’s take a look at a mere smidgen of what Conservative government brings to the table:

    They’ve done all of that and so much more over the decades to ALL of the peoples of the UK. What they’ve done and are continuing to do with their narrative of division, demonisation and othering of the Scottish electorate is beyond despicable.

    It’s way past time now that this farce of ‘partnership’ was ended. The UK government doesn’t do partnership. It NEVER did. It doesn’t give a shit about unity, societal cohesion, tolerance or inclusion. It thrives off precisely the opposite. It needs society divided. It needs opposition DIVIDED.

    Duty of care, public service and public accountability doesn’t apply to a parliament which claims total sovereign power of the state. If this is the state as we see it today, what do you think a UK labouring under Brexit, a Great repeal Bill, a British Bill of Rights and the enactment of the Henry VIII clause will be like?

    Think about that. A state body with unimpeachable power to legislate at ministerial level with no parliamentary oversight or debate.

    Not quite what Better Together or HMG promised only two and half years ago… is it?

    People can still change this, but the choice is yours. No one is going to make it for you and no one can make it all go away for you. It’s going to take all of us together and all the help we can get.

  5. Bob Mack

    The whole situation in the UK is of grave concern just now. It is very strange to watch history repeating itself whilst the population looks on approvingly. Those who are sick or classified as “workshy” are having their lifeline benefits cut or minimised, and as you rightly point out their ability to travel cancelled.

    There is intolerance towards foreigners and the media constantly pump out propoganda stating that anyone who dissaproves of these hard line measures is a ("Tractor" - Ed). Even the rule of law is an inconvenience and something to be changed because it does not suit.

    The Government (Tory) want the ability to have an almost dictatorial stance on any decision totally avoiding the involvement of Parliament and any Regional input.

    Devolved nations and their leaders are monstered and portrayed as enemies deserving of ridicule.

    This island is on a very dangerous road, built for political ends and destinations. The people are gradually being coerced into a state of mind where the totally unacceptable is accepted as the norm. There must be a reckoning at some point before we lose completely our sense of humanity.

    I can only imagine the German people in the 1930′ started on the road to Hell by allowing similar practices in their country be become normalised, as is happening here and now in the UK.

    Not in my name.

  6. Cuilean


    poverty i.e. ‘no enough money’, causes 3 million ‘Better Together’ kids to be hungry. It isn’t caused by poor eating habits, which also infers, Daily Mailesque/Channel Fivesque, glaikit and feckless parents.

  7. Marcia

    The increased use of foodbanks because of the poverty caused by austerity appears to be the front page news of the Dundee Courier and Aberdeen Press & Journal today. Tories starting to find their conscience at last?

  8. heedtracker

    For fucks sake. In my day, parents would scare you with “children in Glasgow have never seen the sea.” Now its “children have nothing to eat.”

    Vote psycho tory, we said no, we are the people.

  9. John Walsh

    “It could never happen to you” Most people never think it will happen to them ,me included.
    Well when it does you see the other side of life quickly. From the sudden death of my business partner two years ago, lost the business and therefore my job .I have moved city (Oil downturn) my own health has deteriorated and I am living of savings that if I had a long life expectancy wouldn’t last. So when I see the way this TORY government is treating people I can’t understand how “working class” people can vote for them. About 80% of working people are 6 paydays away from loosing their house. Ask yourself how much cash do you have in the bank. Divide by 6 months outgoings! The “I’m alright Jocks” are in for a shock.

  10. mike cassidy

    There is an inexplicable, social blindspot from which many people suffer.

    Lynton Crosby encouraged the use of wedge politics by the Conservatives – in this case exploiting perceived resentment among working workingclass people to those living on benefits.

    It never seems to occur to those attracted by this aspect of the austerity message that they may not always be on the sidelines cheering the stricter regime and subsequent pain of the ‘benefit street’ dwellers.

    And when they are forced to move there, the regime they voted for is not going to give any more of a fuck for them than it did to the earlier occupants.

    When you vote for the foodbank party, don’t complain when they make you use them.

  11. manandboy

    O/T Latest poll from Kantar, whose CEO is a consultant for the Tories.
    (Another Tory ‘coincidence’)

    Kantar, formerly called TNS, contacted 1,060 people between March 29 and April 11, the period just after the Scottish Parliament backed Sturgeon’s plan to seek a new vote, though before May called a general election for June 8. The survey found 46 percent of respondents had no desire for another plebiscite, with 44 percent supporting one either in the fall of 2018 or sometime after. Ten percent didn’t know.

    Mr. Eric R. Salama is a Consultant of the British government on the questtions of education, industry, creation and e-business. Mr. Salama serves as Chief Executive Officer of The Kantar Group Limited since April 2007. Mr. Salama served as Chief Executive Officer of TNS Group.
    (Bloomberg Brexit Bulletin)

  12. Proud Cybernat

    And yet Slab’s Murray is telling his constituents to vote for this lot.

    FFS – wake up Scotland. Time to bolt.

  13. Weechid

    Because, Ms Currie, it’s a lot bloody cheaper and easier to buy filling,cheap, but fatty stuff from Farmfoods or the basics end of supermarkets than it is to feed wee Jimmy on hummus or quinoa – which he probably wouldn’t like anyway as he’s already addicted to high fat, high sugar, low nutrition foods. When you haven’t eaten properly for a while this kind of stodgy stuff is not only filling but comforting too. You should remember your eggs fiasco and shut up when the discussion turns to food.

  14. Peter McCulloch

    The use of food banks rise to records levels, with the continuation of austerity and Brexit its only going to get worse.

    Meanwhile we have had Corbyn come up to Scotland and bleat about the Scottish Government passing on Tory cuts.

    Though he doesn’t explain as the Scottish Government’s budget is being cut as well can possibly absorb all those Tory cuts.

    Oh I forgot, the solution in Labour’s fantasy world is by increasing the higher rate of income tax to 50p.

    Because its only the rich that would have to pay more in taxes to protect our public services the poor and vulnerable from those Tory cuts and welfare reform

  15. manandboy

    US Hit Squad hired by May

    Prime Minister Theresa May has hired President Obama’s former deputy chief of staff Jim Messina for her election campaign, reuniting the winning team behind David Cameron’s unexpected victory two years ago.

    Messina and his colleagues arrived in London to begin work on May’s bid to secure a bigger majority for her Conservative Party and a fresh mandate for her vision of Brexit, a person working on the campaign said.

    His appointment brings together the key figures in the team behind Cameron’s success in 2015. May has also hired Lynton Crosby, the political strategist, Mark Textor, the pollster and Crosby’s business partner, and the digital media specialists Craig Elder and Tom Edmonds, all of whom worked for the Cameron campaign.

    With her decision to re-hire key figures in Cameron’s campaign team, May will be hoping that experience and a track record of success will deliver her a bigger majority in Parliament and put her in what her Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond called an “unassailable” position ahead of Brexit negotiations.

    During the 2015 election battle, Messina was credited with playing a critical role for the Conservatives by targeting messages at specific voters who could be persuaded to switch from the Liberal Democrats.

    In addition to helping the party with digital engagement, Messina developed fine-grained analysis of voter types, enabling Tories campaigning on the ground to contact the right people in the run-up to polling day.
    Last year, Messina advised Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who took charge of a minority government in October.

    Is it any surprise her UK staff leaders left No.10.

  16. mike cassidy

    Rapeclause Ruth And The Foodbank Party.

    What a band!

  17. Glenn Miller

    Currie is talking nonsense as usual. Obesity is a sign of poverty and malnutrition, which means many kids aren’t obese because they’re constantly eating but because they’re eating the wrong type of foods.

  18. Mike

    Duncan Hothersall telling folk on Labourhame that the GE is about defeating the SNP not the Tories.

    Labour in Scotland are going to ignore the Tory threat in order to concentrate their efforts on taking seats from the SNP even if that means giving them to the Tories.


  19. JaceF

    Scottish Tories. Basically split into two camps.

    People with aspirations to be actual Tories proud scotsbut. But actual Tories occupy a specific geography with an alternative U.K. economy that doesn’t exist here and never will. They would probably not be tolerated within any actual Tory circles. How did Ruth put it “Usually they put the Scots in a place where nothing can be broken. Or stolen for that matter!”

    Years of Tory and Labour geopolitical engineering in Scotland produce the other group. The politics and policies are not a factor. Instead years and years of low investment and continued sectarian separation have bred generation after generation to whom specific narrow sectarianisms out shadow all else. There is literally nothing that can be said to a union flag draped, Jimmy Krankie photo sharing zoomer to change their mind. They will literally vote to flush the toilet in which they dwell. How did Lamont put it “We are not genetically programmed in Scotland to make political decisions.”

    The question is how do you break through to anyone in these camps? If for example the continued existence of a specific football club was under threat by staying in the U.K. is the only scenario I can see which might have an effect, and yet they seem indestructible.

  20. Proud Cybernat

    I remember a year or so after Ref2014 a pal of mine (NO voter) was complaining about a pal of hers having some benefit or other cut. I reminded her she could have helped prevent that happening to her pal had she voted YES in Ref2014.

    End of conversation.

    And so here we are again. It’s simple. If you vote for this shower of evil bastirts don’t effing dare complain when they then shaft your family or friends because it would be YOUR FAULT, YOU taht brought it upon them. And you will have NO EXCUSE, no pleading “Ah didnae know” because you have been told what these Tory bastirts are planning.


  21. Capella

    Yet Jeremy Corbyn thinks the SNP has been in control of the social security system in Scotland. It’s the SNPs fault that there are hungry children, homeless people and disabled people without mobility vehicles?
    Listening to Kezia and Neil again?

    JC: “It is a disgrace that the SNP hasn’t fought against poverty and inequality in the same way that it fights for independence.”

    Another Westminster attempt at diverting Scottish voters from trouncing the Tories.

  22. manandboy


    With so many overseas election specialist advisors on Mrs May’s GE17 team, the voters will soon be asking ‘Is this a truly British General Election?’

    And isn’t this the same Tory Party which is xenophobic about the free movement of foreign workers?

    Seems like one law for the Tory Party but a different law for the rest.

    Nothing new there.

  23. Graham Peter King

    Would this be the same sainted Edwina Currie of sound and responsible judgement who, as a junior Minister, elevated “Jimmy’S a vile” (sexual predator) to a position of trusted responsibility and ready access to victims in hospital?

  24. DerekM

    The tories are despicable never take responsibility for anything is their motto.

    The latest photo shoot by little miss shouty big gub Ruth is just an astonishing level of insensitivity towards disabled people that her conservative party have not stopped attacking financially.

    lol and there is no tory surge what we are seeing is referendum bounce,they have this way of polarizing the electorate on the constitutional question.

    So we always wanted to see just how many hardcore yoonbats there were,well we will get to find out.

    And if they can not get 55% of the electorate to back their 2014 no vote,which is what the tories are asking for,then we have another referendum lol we will have another one anyway but it is fun to watch them clutch at straws.

    Hey tories it was not us that wanted to turn the council elections into a referendum poll but since you have lets see you get that 55% no vote and put us in our place,that is if it ever existed in the first place.

  25. heedtracker

    Worst part of having hungry children is the fastest solution is keeping school kitchens running over the holidays. Its what the army teaches you, spot the problem, fix it first and fast.

    There is money council money available to run school kitchens over the hols. Here in Aberdeen, ACC’s finance catastrofuck of the millennium Wullie Young, blows money on white elephants like there’s no tomorrow, hundreds and hundreds of millions of pounds, blown on complete and utter shite.

    Keep school canteens open over the hols, get tae fuck, vote tory, red and blue, we said no, we are the people.

  26. mogabee

    How can there still be a place for Edwina Currie to mouth off her ignorance?

    How many eggs can Edwina eat in one minute?

    Answers to these questions I do not need to know! 😀

  27. arthur thomson

    The population of Scotland are being manipulated day in, day out to despise and to attack the perceived inferiority of others. The Tories of today are the same strain as their predecessors who promoted the mob mentality to enable them to burn women as witches. What chance that they would balk at treating rape victims as being responsible for proving their innocence. It would appear that some of the Scottish population are engaging with this barbarity and they have no excuse. They have a choice and they need to make the civilised choice.

    We have been deliberately caught out by the short notice of the GE but we have to use every way possible way to challenge the Scottish people. They need to be challenged to question whether they truly are so uncivilised. Can they really justify giving their support to a Tory Party that impoverishes the vulnerable to give to the rich. They need to be challenged to consider whether they have personally degenerated to that degree.

    Each home in Scotland has to receive a check list of the awful hurt that the Tories have already inflicted and a checklist of the expected horrors to come.

    There must be no room for anyone to say that they didn’t realise what was going on – because that is going to be their excuse. ‘We didn’t know what was happening’ while wringing their hands like that nice, useless union apologist.

    I hope the SNP/Greens are getting onto this right now. Maybe Wings could help.

  28. Black Joan

    Perhaps Mrs Currie should listen to this morning’s The Life Scientific.

    Around 18 minutes in she can be reminded how her secret bonking partner, J. Major, declined to support a campaign to reduce salt in food because of threats that the puppet-masters behind big food would withdraw donations to the Tories.

    Post-2010, another, unnamed Tory Food Minister, is in the frame for resisting sensible (and seriously cost-effective) measures to improve nutrition.

  29. ScottishPsyche

    A lack of empathy and awareness of the personal abilities and circumstances of others has always been the defining characteristic of Tories although they learned to hide it. Now it is displayed in all its glory.

    If you didn’t do well in school, you should have worked harder –
    ignoring the fact you may have been hungry, tired from caring for siblings or a parent, or grew up in chaos.

    If you cannot afford a house, it is because the minimum wage job you slave at is not paying you well enough – have you no ambition? Why didn’t you have desire and nouse to be an entrepreneur – because wealth is the only measure of success, didn’t you know that?

    If you have to visit a foodbank, it is because you cannot shop well enough and manage your money. What do you mean you have no money?

    Are you completely worthless? Has it got through to you yet Scotland?

  30. Artyhetty

    Is Edwine Currie, dreadful woman, suggesting it’s ok that kids go hungry, because there are some overweight kids. Is she saying it is good to then starve kids, is that what she is saying.

    Healthy, properly healthy and nutritious food is very expensive! For anyone, in this so called UK, in 2017, to not be able to afford the basics, or to the feed their kids, never mind a healthy diet, is absolutely criminal. For a government to starve their own people, to make them destitute, is beyond any notion of unity, or humanity.

    The tories wouldn’t know what unity meant if it slapped them in the face. Community to them, means starving the already poor. Anyone condoning this is also a criminal.

  31. manandboy

    At this point, England and Wales have pretty much got full blown Tory-itis. It has developed rather sooner than might have been expected but the condition has now taken a firm hold due largely to a much weakened immunity system, aka the Labour Party.
    Tory-itis is terminal for UK-wide unity, with no hope of recovery. Further deterioration is both inevitable and fairly imminent.

    Nothing lasts forever.

  32. Graeme McCormick

    The Scottish government requires a different narrative on this. Blaming the UK government for the cuts is correct but the message is wearing thin.

    With the negative has to be a positive and not just the aspirational goal of Independence.

    The Scottish government has it in its existing powers to abolish poverty and the need for foodbanks if it will raise the public revenue required. What it needs to do is identify what it requires to achieve a result. Then identify how it can raise the funds.

    If the Scottish Government was to award a weekly Citizen’s income of £200 to everyone in Scotland that would cost £55billion . That’s twice what is spent on social security, pensions, etc in Scotland according to GERS.

    The challenge is how to raise the total GERS figure with all its imperfections) plus the extra £27.5 billion.

    That can be achieved through replacing all existing taxes with an annual ground rent charged per square metre at a rate according to different land types.

    Positive public revenue action is required instead of mitigation of UK cruelty.

  33. Brian Powell

    I say again, the Tories don’t hear arguments, criticism, they don’t do dialogues, take away any power they have over you, that works, only that.

  34. Iain More

    @John Walsh

    So true. It isn’t just the I’m alright Jacks though that refuse to smell the proverbial coffee. The Proud Scot Buts are not far away from having their pensions cut or just plain taken away as well from them by the Tories and they will still vote for them.

    I have noticed that there are folk who depend on Social Services provided by Councils yet the Yoons will vote to elect Tories and closet Yoons who will look to cut those services.

    I had to give up the job to become a 24/7 carer and the savings go fast and when you have to admit defeat and admit the person you are caring for to a care home then the Yoon vulchers descend on you fast to grab what they can.

    The Yoon Tories don’t care who they reduce to poverty and have no mercy about grabbing what they can from folk.

    I had some warning of what was going to happen in my care situation but there is no amount of planning that folk can do for that rainy day when it comes and there is another bigger storm coming.

    I still haven’t forgiven those folk I know who voted Naw in 2014. The Deil Tak Them all because they are going to vote Tory twice in the space of a month!

  35. heedtracker

    The Scottish government has it in its existing powers to abolish poverty and the need for foodbanks if it will raise the public revenue required. What it needs to do is identify what it requires to achieve a result. Then identify how it can raise the funds.”

    Simplistic nonsense. If you have no economic abilities or powers, all currently Treasury owned, what is these magic non economic bullets?

    They wont even give up any control of Scots oil and gas industry. They’ve been promising to “give” Aberdeen the UK energy ministry for decades. Or they used to, they’ve gone mute over that giant fraud alone.

  36. Free Scotland

    PM vows to keep her promises on free movement and sovereignty. Hmmm. Doesn’t she have form on breaking promises?

  37. Artyhetty

    Re;black Joan@10.46

    Not surprised one bit, these criminals in the tory party, self servatives, are a disgrace. We can be sure the same will be happening today, donations to their coffers come with with conditions, no matter the cost to the population who pay your freaking wages!

  38. Ian McCubbin

    Already covered the Ruthy thing on Twitter
    . Well done for easing it.
    Edwina Currie, too long spent in rich suburbia to know better.
    Like other retired Tories needs to stay quiet till she has a sensible point to make.
    Says it all though vote Tory and increase poverty and austerity but not for them.

  39. Tinto Chiel

    mike cassidy: could I amend that to The Foodbank and Rape Clause Party?

    That should be a vote winner.

    Ironic that it will be the low-information, Daily Heil/Express-reading struggling pensioner who will suffer along with the unemployed and the disabled.

    “But Lord, I didnae ken!” whined the sinner sent to Hell.
    “Well, ye ken noo!” saith The Lord.

    May I repeat: an independent, progressive, prosperous Scotland or Endless Tory Night?

    Is that really such a difficult question, voters?

  40. Artyhetty

    Meant ‘their’ wages of course! Very bad nights sleep, son thought he heard intruders, cat woke everyone very early. Cat not understanding why she has a grumpy mum today.

    Taking no prisoners when it comes to criminals in tory/red tory party hitting the poor, sick, disabled, starving, down on their luck, not born with a silver ladle to ladle all the peoples’ cash into their mouths, (ie undeserving rich gits) folk.

  41. Muscleguy

    The almost horizontal wet snow seems to have finished falling here now. So it would seem time, howling Northerly or not to pop to the supermarket to amongst other things buy something for the foodbank trolley. That these have become fixtures in Supermarkets is horrible. A horribly necessary evil thing, but needs must.

    The really sad thing is you have to think about the fact that stuff which requires cooking might not be the best due to energy poverty which goes hand in hand with food poverty.

    What a terrible country.

  42. ClanDonald

    That comment by Edwina Currie is utterly disgusting, what contempt she has for people who can’t afford to feed their children.

    “Hungry, little child? No you’re not, you’re an over-fed fat wee liar.”

    What a hateful witch.

    As for the hypocrite, Ruth Davidson, pretending to be all jolly friendly whilst denying people the exact same things that she’s endorsing in public.

    They are wicked, these people, wicked.

  43. jfngw

    Meanwhile BBC Scotland site runs another McGarry/Thomson story. It looks like they are going to run this one every day until 8th June.

  44. Desimond

    @Proud Cybernat

    “First they came for the Benefit claimants..”

  45. Robert Louis

    Sorry for going O/T early on, but just soooo angry today at rape clause Ruth of the Tories, cavorting around with a big grin for the cameras on a motability scooter. According to Motability, 51,000 disabled people have had their disability vehicle taken away from them by rape clause Ruth’s TORY Government. But hey, but it’s all a big laugh, eh Ruthie?

    But what REALLY makes me angry, is so-called ‘socialist’ labour supporters telling people to vote for these evil tories.

    Honestly, as despicable as it is, the Tories are doing what Tories do, but Labour? Really???? Wanna take a good long hard look at yourselves, Labour. All because of a petty minded, idiotic, irrational, blind hatred of ANYTHING that might involve Scotland being a real country.

    If I say anymore, I might starts swearing.

  46. Dan Huil

    It’s all one big photo-op for Rape-Clause Ruth. What larks! These invalids don’t know how lucky they are!

  47. Sarah

    Back again to the same old problem – propaganda in all the media and from Unionist Parties. No heart and no brains from any of them.

    What, WHAT, can be done to get the truth out?

    In the short term [6 weeks until June 8th] can there be large posters/ads – like those that the Rev proposed in 2014 [denied permission by GCC, if I remember correctly]? And as Inform Scotland did. Such things do make a big difference – remember “Labour isn’t working”?

    Longer term, a radio station [pirate would be better than nothing] and a TV.

    And Rev, are you working on something in either of these timescales?

  48. Dr Jim

    I smoke,and it’s bad for me and as a consequence of my bad habit the government keep putting the tax on my bad habit up Not satisfied with that the government now makes the fag producers wrap my habit in plain packaging covered in nasty photos of bad hearts and other degenerating organs

    The sugar argument we’re having at the moment has already caused the producers of the popular colas to start increasing their prices with the chocolate people following suit by either reducing the size of their product to maintain the current price or just do a hike

    Why not as in cigarettes do we not see pictures of fat kids with bad hearts and predictions of death by obesity on the sides of our lovely treats do the government not think this would work telling the parents of fat kids they’ll die if they keep stuffing their faces with lovely stuff
    They’re happy to tell me I’m a gonner if I keep smoking why don’t they want to tell the kids the same thing

    Artificial sweeteners are causing bowel cancers and even dementia we’re told and we know that the producers of our favourite nice things are just going to inject as much of that stuff into our sweeties and drinks to compensate for the sugar they take out

    So that’ll all happen, and once it does everybody and his/her scientist granny will start the process all over again and it kinda makes me think

    Leave everything alone and stop consuming so much of it and we’ll be fine and the government only really interferes if there’s money in it for them nobody seriously believes the UK government gives a toss about peoples health do they
    They like it when we’re sick and dying because it gets them closer to their dream of private medicine for all
    So get with the program and take out a huge insurance policy against everything and lets make the UK rich richer

  49. Effijy

    At Primary School in Drumchapel in the 1960’s we had an Upper-Middle Class Maggie Thatcher type who was geared up to drag the working class waifs and strays into being nice little Tories.

    The woman had no right to work with kids like us as she had no idea of the realities that faced the working class, nor those who were unable to work.

    She had persuaded the generally drunk Headmaster to have a competition between classes on dress and hygene. Really!

    You got a point for wearing a clean white Shirt, one for wearing the school tie, boys got a point for wearing grey shorts-long trousers should be for men only, clean shoes another point- although fortunate enough to pick up the other points, the lads all played football every chance they got, so our school shoes were used as football boots.

    The next marks were for cleanliness.
    Were boys finger nails clean and shaped, and filed?
    No they were not, and never and unlikely to change as a result of the humiliation that she tried to apply to the worst casualties.

    She checked your teeth were brushed as though she was a horse trader, she was horrified at cuts on our knees, again a battle scar of honour from the football, has gone undressed, and then she checked face, neck, ears and hands for cleanliness.

    One wee lad, Tommy, had one of the poorest upbringings.
    His family had absolutely nothing.
    At 9-10 years old we didn’t know why this was but it now seems that his Mum and Dad had drink issues that didn’t help with the money problems.

    Tommy was a nice wee lad, and with what little we had, we tried ensure that if we had sweets, he got a good share.

    If we didn’t like our school diner. Tommy got it.
    He and ate everything, even when it was just the stuff none of us ate like boiled cabbage.
    Probably the last thing he was going to get that day?

    One Day, Mrs Hughes, sod changing her name to protect her,
    anyway she must be resting in a very warm place by now, really tore into Tommy as the circles on the pie charts shown on the walls had more points than ne had.

    She called him some really disgusting names which should have seen her permanently dismissed from teaching.

    She said his family were a disgrace, they lived like animals, his family probably didn’t know what soap was, his clothes were rags, he smelled, etc.

    Wee Tommy roared up like a 4 stone bull. He took off a boot that was far too big for him and started pounding at her with all his might.
    She took a few blows to her back from a 9 year old child but she shrieked like she had been savaged by a bear.

    We kids knew even at this age that Tommy’s situation had nothing to do with Tommy. How could a 9 year old support his parents, buy in food, pay the ‘lecie Bills, buy new clothes in his size, etc.

    I’m very proud of my classmates who all sided with Tommy
    and smiled the whole day through at Mrs Hughes being educated in a way we never thought possible.

    Some of those kids went on to become £Millionaires, but they never lost contact with their old mates, or their working class background.

    Wee Ruth is just another Mrs Hughes.
    She will advise the dirty wee working class savages on how to better themselves, just like her.
    They really should do more with less as its what they re supposed to do, or else the rich would need stop becoming richer.

    Can’t you just see Disabled people who are adversely affected by the Bedroom Tax, the life changing cuts to their mobility allowances, increasing inflation and energy bills, just planning to visit the Trossachs and hire an adapted Quad Bike to look at the hills??

    More likely to look at their Bills and tell wee Ruth to stick her Quad Bikes up her Trossachs!

    Maybe they could try the Caribbean next year!

    Please God let Scotland free itself of these condescending parasites who are collectively known as Tories!

  50. galamcennalath

    jfngw says:

    Meanwhile BBC Scotland site runs another McGarry/Thomson story.

    Allegations against them don’t relate to their work as MPs, as I understand it.

    However, a bucket load of MPs ARE being investigated for alleged election malpractice! With
    another election only weeks away, is this not an infinitely bigger story?

    But wait, the BBC’s job is to attack the SNP and protect Unionists. Alleged wrongdoings play no part in it.

  51. heedtracker

    “They’re happy to tell me I’m a gonner if I keep smoking why don’t they want to tell the kids the same thing”

    The do Dr. There’s endless advice everywhere about sugar and children.

    Cheap food is bad food, low nutrition, high fats and sugars. Who can afford lots of expensive high nutrition food?

  52. Nana

    I worked at a charity and collected food for foodbanks. I find it difficult to put into words how I feel about the Westminster government without the lump in my throat choking me.


    Woman breaks down on National Television, in tears. She works every day but needs Food Banks to survive.

  53. skintybroko

    jfngw – “How the BBC stole the referendum” will now have a sequel “How the BBC stole the election”. Their SNP and Labour Bad stories are supported by the lunatic fringe who are out in force spreading their lies on any BBC HYS associated with a negative story.

    Our biggest problem is the MSM, had to correct a colleague who believed the SNP were making us the highest taxed country in the UK etc, so bloody frustrating that those sound bites dont get any explanation etc, when I told him it was only those in the 40% tax bracket that were affected and that they are paying no more than they did last year the penny started to drop.

  54. misteralz

    What a hateful woman she is. I wonder if it’s possible to be a tory and not be a hateful person? I suspect not.

    Couple of questions for you all today – can anyone remember the link to how best to use your council vote?

    And I got my new (hopefully last) ‘British’ passport this morning and the whole thing is basically FUCKING ENGLAND IS THE BEST, BLAH BLAH FUCKING BLAH and it has a fucking Butcher’s Apron on the page opposite the photo page. Now, is it legal to redact that flag? Because I fucking hate that flag.

  55. Macart

    The philosophy of Conservative political belief is simple. The people serve the needs of the state and the party serves the needs of the parliament and system it feeds from.

    The machinery of state, the system is all. It protects and empowers the few.

    The Scottish government have a somewhat different view. The parliament and government serve the needs of the people, the many. The people ARE the power, they ARE what makes a country, a country. Without the people? What are you?

    Whatever empowers the people is good.

    Almost time to make your choice. So, which is it to be?

  56. Black Joan

    SNP looking for suggestions for potential candidates to stand against Mundell in Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale.

    Snap election renders usual 70-day selection procedure unworkable.

    Names required by 5pm tomorrow.

    Please can we find someone to oust the Viceroy?

  57. Dan Huil

    @skintybroko 11:50am

    You’re right. The britnat media is the enemy, along with those eejits who are too lazy to think things through and almost take pride in their own ignorance.

    Boycott all britnat media.

  58. mike cassidy

    If you are approached by any tory campaigner over the coming weeks, simply say

    “Oh,you’re a member of the Rapeclause Ruth and The Foodbank Party.”

    ” GTF!” is optional.

  59. Sarah

    @skintybroko at 11.50 – did you see my post at 11.42? WHAT are we going to do about the BBC and MSM?

  60. Walter Scott

    People who decide to vote tory over independence won’t lose any sleep over hungry children

  61. skintybroko

    Hi Sarah

    Just catching up on various posts, wish i had the answer, we do need an in your face 6 o’clock news that tells the truth warts and all and gives a fair crack of the whip to all and makes damn sure everyone gets questioned in the same manner, none of this softly softly approach with the Unionists and all guns blazing against the SNP – am all for impartiality.

    Main problem with that is that it would need to be on one of the main stream channels.

    We have the SNP being the 3rd largest party in Westminster and running the government in Scotland but he MSM treat them like the Minster Raving Loony Party – no respect from Westminster or their MSM Lackeys – why or why has it all gone so quiet on the election fraud cases, particularly when the only sitting Tory MP in Scotland has also been mentioned in the scandal – need to rid Scotland once and for all of all Unionist MPs. FFS

  62. Ken500

    Is just s digusting beyond reason that UK has beeen so reckless and uncaring to kill, maim and starve innocent people, wporldwide since 1928 and before. The disgusting Unionist crooks and liars have been carrying on like this and getting away with it. Robbing the pubblic purse. Currie just another greedy lying troughter. Another disgusting Tory hypocrite. Lining her pockets on other people’s misery. Attacking the vulnerable, especially children and careers.

    Illegal wars,financial fraud and tax evasion.The rest of UK in Trns of debt.

    Scotland will not survive another Tory onslaught.Scotland now has a chance to get out of it.Grab it while it is possible. SNP all the way. Vote for Independence. For a properly,caringly, more equally, fairer run country.

  63. galamcennalath

    The food ‘industry’ has a lot to answer for. They pack things with sugar, sweeteners, dodgy fat, and unnecessary chemicals. As soon as they are forced to tackle one thing, they start using something just as bad.

    My solution to most of the issues is to buy individual cheap healthy ingredients and not ready mixed concoctions.

    Then cook something. And therein lies another problem, many people can’t cook food from scratch.

  64. ClanDonald

    @Black Joan

    I really, really hope they find someone good locally to stand against Mundell, the last thing DCT needs is a candidate from outside the constituency parachuted in by SNP HQ, that would go down like a lead balloon by the residents of Dumfries & Galloway, they don’t take kindly to being told what to do by the central belt.

  65. jimnarlene

    Tories, of all hues, are bastards.

  66. Legerwood

    Obesity and malnutrition often go hand in hand.

    Here is a fairly clear explanation of this

  67. Scott

    Barry Gardiner Attacks Adam Boulton

    I don’t know how many people saw this but I only wish some SNP people would do the same to the likes of Brewer and Taylor.Boulton did not really like it.
    It’s on youtube

  68. Peter McCulloch

    Should anyone really be surprised that Labour here in Scotland attacks the SNP rather than the Tories.

    After all they are simply continuing with there better together strategy.

    As well as taking their lead from an interview given by the son of the manse Brown who in an interview with Sputnik International 14.09.2014 said he
    Preferred a UKIP/Tory Government to Scottish independence.

  69. Ken500

    If Lesley Riddoch is up for it healthwise.She would get great suport.

    To finally get off the fence join the SNP and stand in the Borders against Mundell. If no other suitable candidate comes forward.

  70. Black Joan

    @ClanDonald @Ken500

    DCT is a huge and odd constituency shaped in a way that doubtless favours a Tory divide and rule strategy.

    It encompasses Coalburn, Kirkconnel, Sanquhar, Thornhill, Annan, Gretna, Peebles, Innerleithen, West Linton and Carlops, with Biggar and Lockerbie in the middle, but very little of Dumfries itself.

    Not much logic or sense of unity there, so difficult to find a candidate regarded as “local”.

  71. Vestas

    Bloody hell on the “things I’d rather not have discovered this week scale”, finding out Edwina Curry was still alive is pretty near the top 🙁

  72. manandboy


    There are two reasons to be extremely cautious about the British polls this time.
    The first, subject to much chat wherever poll geeks gather, is the margin of error.
    But the second could in principle be even more important. The pollsters have next to no idea whether they are interviewing a representative sample of voters or not.

    We often read that there is a plus or minus 2 or 3% statistical margin of error in a poll. But what we are rarely reminded of is that this error applies to each party’s vote. So if a poll shows the Tories on 40% and Labour on 34%, this could mean that the real situation is Tory 43%, Labour 31% – a 12 point lead. Or it could mean both Tory and Labour are on 37%, neck

    But the statistical margin of error is only part of the problem. It is a purely mathematical construct and tells you what the error might be (strictly what range 95% of predictions would fall into) even if the pollsters were interviewing a representative sample of the population at large.

    The pollsters cannot know that they are interviewing such a sample. The reason is simple: most voters when approached by a pollster refuse to answer. The pollster has very little idea whether these non-respondents are or are not differently inclined from those who respond. In the trade, this is referred to as polling’s “dirty little secret”.

    This problem is getting worse. There used to be clear demographic factors that predicted how someone would vote. Working-class people were much more likely to vote Labour, for example. So if you got the right proportion of working-class people in your sample, you would probably get a more or less representative result. But the link between social class and voting has gradually weakened: Labour had more middle-class voters at the last election than working class. And so the simple demographic adjustments no longer work.

    Professor Patrick Sturgis in his magisterial report on the polls’ 2015 failure identified improved sampling as the key to better poll performance. Indeed: but how is it to be achieved? Anyone who has the holy grail to hand can expect a warm welcome from nervous pollsters.

  73. HandandShrimp

    Struth Clause’s jolly image is a tad tarnished and her media touch seems to have deserted her. She may have had no control over the 3rd Child clause and it was a target painted on her behind by her London colleagues but given what is happening with PIP and disability vehicles this seems massively insensitive…but good for the opposition so I hope she continues in this vein.

  74. heedtracker

    Lovely, another lunchtime BBC Politics show BBC2, absolutely no SNP whatsoever again. Just another complete BBC SNP blackout.

    But these tory beeb frauds did give Carbuncle a long time to be all lovely and FibDem on their show. Carbuncle is a proud Scot and he’s very jolly too. FibDem’s are the only opposition to hard Brexit tory stuff, waffles the jovial slob.

  75. galamcennalath

    Just got a Tory leaflet, delivered by Royal Mail, I think.

    Appears to be of a Holyrood election, though doesn’t actually say. However, the sales pitch is all Davidson and constitutional issues.

    Very odd. Don’t the Tories know there is a council election next week?

    And, there’s a General Election and I’m fairly sure Davidson won’t be standing in it.

    Of course it’s obvious what it is about – an attempt to firstly avoid having to take responsibility for all the toxicity of Tory policies at every level, AND try to rally hardcore Unionism around the Tory banner to the exclusion of all other politics.

  76. Big Jock

    Heedtracker – Just wait until there are 5 Tory Mp’s. The BBC will put them on a round conveyor belt. The SNP won’t ever need to speak to them. They have done pretty well spinning their one MP around so far. He is never off the telly pointing a finger at the 55 times his majority.

  77. Proud Cybernat

    All those effing Tory leaflets telling us what the Tories are AGAINST (2nd Referendum).

    Where are the Tory leaflets telling us what they are FOR? These Tories will never tell us what they are FOR on a leaflet because what they stand FOR is just too horrific to put on a leaflet and would make even the likes of Nick Griffin (BNP leader) blush.


  78. Lochside

    Edwina Currie appointed Jimmy Saville as head of a’ task force’ in Broadmoor and gave him master keys and his own room…..that’s all you need to know about this disgusting individual.

  79. Macart


    Pretty much.

    Or to be more precise DTBs. 🙂

    Just to be perfectly clear though, and because we know a lot more folk read these threads than those merely supportive of its views or aims, this is how it ACTUALLY is.

    If you vote Conservative. If you are a Labour or Libdem voter considering lending your vote to a Conservative because of some tribal hatred of the SNP? Then you underwrite everything the Conservatives have done to our populations to date and everything they will do.

    Mind you and having said that, everything they’ve done to Scotland’s population since 2014, every insult to our representation, every media headline, every person who has lost a job, every benefit cut or slashed, every person who is going without because of austerity legislation enacted, is pretty much all about the choice not taken, isn’t it? About Tories misusing and abusing the memberships and voters of other parties during indyref.

    So the question is, do they want it to continue, or is it now time to make a different choice? To make an actual positive difference to people’s lives. Is it time to STOP being the Tories get out of jail free card?

    Were I them, I’d not take too long to ponder those questions though.

  80. heedtracker

    Big Jock says:
    25 April, 2017 at 1:14 pm
    Heedtracker – Just wait until there are 5 Tory Mp’s.

    BBC r4 lunchtime vote tory news show, endless vox pop parade of ex Labour voters, now tory, were UKIPer and they all think Teresa’s an amazing wonder of leadership, and we are far better off out of the EU.

    BBC Tory propaganda hard core now. If only they could get into France, Le Pen would be the next Pres of France and they’d destroy the EU. Neo fascism BBC style. But the French are not fascist, tory or UKIPer wise.

  81. cearc

    Graeme McCormick,

    A lot of the difference in cost of a basic income would be from the huge savings in admin costs. Means-tested benefits are very expensive to aminister.

  82. Robert Peffers

    @Graeme McCormick says: 25 April, 2017 at 10:57 am:

    ” … The Scottish government requires a different narrative on this.”

    Sheesh! I won’t dignify this tainted urine with any further comment than:-

    Never argue with unionist idiots – it only lowers yourself to their subterranean level.


  83. Dr Jim

    On Sunday I visited a hustings for the local council elections in lets just say, the borders where my brother lives
    The candidates were lined up on view ready to pitch their arguments the audience was ready too and then the presiding person asked for questions to be written down with the names of the questioners in advance, I pointed out this wasn’t the BBC and why would you warn a candidate in advance to prepare their answer
    This was dismissed then I realised why as the audience was seeded with the relatives of the candidates

    From right to left we had angry Labour man who really didn’t want to be there as he reckoned he was entitled to win just because…
    Next was Independent posh woman who made clear she was a Tory just so there was no mistake who warned everyone they must vote for her or they were all doomed
    Green woman who told us lovely stories of her children, the end
    Next was completely irrelevant train spotting candidate who informed us he thought somebody with no experience of anything would be a good idea
    Followed by another posh Tory woman who had more plums in her mooth than an Amzonian fruit bat who told us she was best pals with the other Independent Tory woman and they were both just great people

    Two men at the end, one Independent and one SNP both Scottish I hasten to add and the only two on the panel who had a clue about anything and made all the relevant arguments and points, plus they were both business men and successful people, one an ex top cop

    The audience then began their questions and most of them were retired posh folk from somewhere else and as I said relatives of the already seated plums in the mooth posh candidates
    The questions were almost all on health and libraries and how much free stuff they should be entitled to while maintaining their desire to be part of the UK

    So if you recognise the area I have outlined or live there do yourself a favour and vote for the Scottish SNP guy and the Scottish Independent guy and send these freeloading big mouthed Tories the message the country they came from doesn’t give free stuff so don’t come to ours and demand it then vote against the country who gave them it

  84. Balaaargh

    Tory boy Torrance has a new opinion piece up on about how the Tories are finally losing Thatcher’s shadow in Scotland and Malky Rifkind is some kind of Oracle for predicting a revival from a wipeout.

  85. Macart

    A wee anecdote of my own.

    I dropped off clothes to a local clothing charity last week. I pick them up at bargain basement sales and such. If we’re not so flush, Mrs M and I fill some bags with store’s own brand food and cart them to the nearest foodbank collection. So it goes.

    TBH I didn’t know whether to cry or cheer when dropping off the latest bag load.

    The charity shop was busy.

  86. Proud Cybernat

    These Slab voters supposedly coalescing around the hard-right blue Tory banner.

    If true, I simply fail to grasp it. Surely these Slab voters know what the Tories are doing to the welfare system, their plans to privatise the NHS by the back door? Do these Slab voters not have family or friends reliant on welfare or the NHS?

    If they DO have family/friends that are dependent on the welfare system or the NHS then just HOW the eff can these Slab voters possibly vote Tory to condemn their own family/friends to a continuing nightmare of further Tory austerity misery? Does their hatred of the SNP run SO DEEP that they would much rather condemn their family and friends to such a dystopian future under Mayhem’s hard-right government?

    Has the SNP put their Slab noses to far out of joint at taking their ‘birthright’ that they would happily hurt their own as revenge on the SNP?

    FFS WHY?

  87. Robert Graham

    Whole sections of society in Scotland are blissfully unaware of how a lot of people live , They dont live near them , their children dont attend the same schools , they dont interact unless they are being served .
    To this lot the Tory party are safeguarding their money , being thrifty by denying these feckless wasters access to their hard earned cash , so whats a bit of humiliation and degrading embarrassment if these people wont help themselves well to bad .
    Kind of sums up the Tory way , sharp elbows and to f/k with everyone else we are doing quite well thank you .

  88. izzie

    Tory spokesman on BBC Scotland ‘the majority of people use foodbanks only once’. EH EXCUSE ME ONCE!!! If I swore I would do so. Once is once time too many. For God’s sake Tory voters get some emphathy.

  89. john young

    It is all there in “A book of ideas”from the Common Weal you do not have to look anywhere else to get a vision of where Scotland could be free from political dogma/agendas,a must read for all inmo.

  90. galamcennalath

    I believe many older people vote Tory, not because they like current policies, but because in their mind they confuse the modern entity with the past.

    For decades there was no suggestion that the Tories would sell off national assets in one big bargain yard sale. Neither was there any suggestion that the Tories would begin to undo the NHS.

    The Thatcher metamorphosis did give rise to a party which did sell off the family silver and change society from collective to individual focus. And we are all the worse for it. However, I would suggest that only took them half way to where the current lot are.

    Holding right of centre views doesn’t make you a bad person. But let’s face it, the current mad Brexiteer xenophobes are so far from the centre they have lost sight of it. They are in a bad place!

    I would suggest older life long Tories, in a great many cases, don’t quite appreciate what they now stand for.

    Usual story … media hides the truth … and alternative media is less likely to get through to that demographic.

    The solution? Young people need to talk to their granny and grandpa about politics!

  91. jimnarlene

    Macart. Agreed.

  92. Martin

    “Cuilean says:


    poverty i.e. ‘no enough money’, causes 3 million ‘Better Together’ kids to be hungry. It isn’t caused by poor eating habits, which also infers, Daily Mailesque/Channel Fivesque, glaikit and feckless parents.”

    I get that, but poverty doesn’t just mean no food. It also means bad, cheap, empty calorie food. My point was more that Currie is assuming fat kids must have loads of money, whereas the truth is quite different. Fresh fruit and veg at a reasonable price? Not in poverty stricken areas.

    Impoverished people lack the luxury of choice. The chronically impoverished lack the luxury of choice, and the benefit of life skills. It enrages me that Currie thinks that the entirety of child poverty can be summed up in one pithy soundbite. Her ilk have caused the frankly horrendous conditions for many people and all the smiles and photo opps won’t hide that they have zero urge to improve things. Labour are equally unwilling to actually help.

  93. Clootie

    People vote Conservative because it legitimises selfishness. They pretend to be exercising their democratic vote while in reality knowing that they will gain and those who have least will suffer.

    In the end it is not the Union or strong leadership it is simply greed.

    Those thinking of voting Tory need to examine their personal motives for doing so. One day it may be your child or grandchild who has to live in the World you leave behind. Do not be fooled by the “the cheerful Ruth” she is of the same mould as the rest.

  94. yesindyref2

    Great story, thanks for that.

    Did I mention today that you’re a dickhead? No? Sorry about that, I forgot. You’re a dickhead.

    I had most of a long kind of depressing posting put together and deleted it. Feck that sh*t. We have to fight the Tories any way we can, and get Scotland back. I can not believe that the 33% if that’s what it is, really understand what the Tories are about. Perhaps some are against the referendum, but perhaps too some are now with the Tories over Brexit – hatred for the EU stirred up by the far right press and media, who even now talk about Le Pen resigning as leader of the NF (or whatever) to make a broader appeal. You can hear the drool and base hope in the news items.

    Michael Fry has taken a break from knocking Sturgeon and the SNP (and Peter Piper) and has a good article in the National, which gives another avenue which might influence some voters, particularly new converts. It tackles Conservative policies from the point of view that UK policies are bad for Scotland.

  95. Arbroath1320

    Before relating any comments to GERS perhaps Graeme McCormick might like to think on a couple of facts.

    1) GERS is only relevant if you are talking about how Scottish finances are working under the ultimate control of Westminster.

    2) 25 out 26 variables are only guestimates. They are NOT accurate figures.

    Blaming the UK government for the cuts is correct but the message is wearing thin.

    This message may be wearing thin for you but I will NEVER get tired of repeating the TRUTH to people who would rather stick their head in the sand.

    If Universal Basic Income is such a drain on resources then why are there more and more countries turning to giving UBI a serious run from Finland to Netherlands to Canada and yes even poor wee Scotland!

    So far as that bitch Currie is concerned all I can say is she must have been smoking some of those”TERRIBLE” eggs she warned us all about as being bad for us.

    Currie widnae know how REAL working people survive on the meagre salaries they receive from their grumbling toffee nosed bosses she mair used to living off mega bucks frae WM so making ends meet has never been a problem for the likes of her and her best mate wee Johnny boy!

  96. Nana


    Are the torys feeling that confident?

    Tory MSP resigning his seat to fight for one at Westminster – so we’re set for a Holyrood byelection in Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire

  97. galamcennalath

    Clootie says:

    In the end it is not the Union or strong leadership it is simply greed.

    Yes, undoubtedly the Tories are the party of greed and selfishness. A great many of their voters know exactly what they are voting for.

    My shaky faith in human nature tells me that it’s not quite enough to gain and hold power.

    To get into power they need to get some gullible folks to vote for them. In my comment above I suggested some older people still see the Tories as the ‘one nation’ moderate party of their youth.

    Beyond this, the Tories always manage to cast a wider net. Promising to sell off council houses was one of Thatcher’s tricks for success.

    Now they are trying to attract working class votes using xenophobia and nationalism. These are not people who actually gain anything from backing the Tories!

    They are a thoroughly dispicable party. It’s greed and selfishness for some enabled by seducing enough of the gullible.

  98. heedtracker

    Only way out of poverty is good secure jobs. But that’s what teamGB refuses to allow any Scots gov the ability to get even remotely involved in. Its all focused on the southern England zone, mostly.

    Tory free countries seem to be doing much better, not a coincidence

    “Napoléon always asked when nominating a general: “Is he lucky?” Macron is lucky to arrive in power just as Europe leaves behind the lost decade after the 2007-09 crash. As economic commentators like Hamish McRae and Ed Conway of Sky have noted, EU economies are beginning to grow solidly: 500,000 jobs will be created in Spain this year and 200,000 in France. Productivity is 20 per cent lower in the UK than in France or Germany. The euro is turning out to be an oasis of stability as the pound and dollar oscillate wildly.

    There are still major problems, not least the handling the flow of asylum seekers from the Middle East and Libya thanks to the US-UK invasion of Iraq, the Anglo-French initiated toppling of Gaddafi and the Western-supported uprising against Assad in Syria.”

    BBC tory gimps detest the EU and the Psycho tories are in there at the end.

  99. Fred

    Edwina is the gift that keeps on giving!

    A replacement for McGarry is wide open, branch open to suggestions.

  100. sensibledave

    manandboy 12:55 pm

    You wrote: “There are two reasons to be extremely cautious about the British polls this time!.

    …. I think there is something even more systemically wrong with the opinion polls. They rely on the idea that the sample is a representative sample – which is very hard, if not impossible, to actually achieve.

    Anybody who works and is at work is unlikely to speak to a pollster during working hours. When those workers that are unavailable during the day get home, and maybe get a telephone call in the evening or someone knocks on their day then, as a group, they may be more, or less, inclined to talk to a pollster or give answers that are truthful or thought out because they are tired or can’t be a***d (who knows).

    Alternatively, those walking down a High Street in the middle of the day have, by definition, a different lifestyle and may skew the sample because of that. It may be because they are wealthy and don’t work or because they are unemployed and have nothing else to do. It may be because they are factory night shift workers reliant for their jobs on being in Europe or they may be self employed musicians that were working until 2.00am at rock gig somewhere. Again, who knows?

    I am certainly not convinced that anyone really knows what a “Representative” sample really looks like and therefore the margin of error may be far greater than imagined.

  101. Greannach

    When Edwina Currie was in government two of my friends were primary teachers on opposite sides of the country. Both brought breakfast food in for all the pupils in their classes to make sure that the ones who hadn’t had anything at home got something, and the rest wouldn’t know. My friend in Glasgow brought shoes and clothes in in the winter.

    People like Edwina Currie and #RapeClause Tories in general make me want to vomit.

  102. ronnie anderson

    How any disabled person can bare to stand for a photo beside that Tory Bastard is beyond me . I hope they get a re assessment letter from Atos/Salus for the using their face muscles to smile & use of their hand & arm muscles to manoeuvre those buggies .

    If they can operate a cross country buggy, they can operate a grass cutting Tractor , or collecting Trollies in the Supermarket car park, with or without smiling & be of some benefit to the society instead of going on country rambles , or advertising the Fucking Tories for free.

  103. Nana

    Rape clause debate has started, tried to post the link twice.

    I can not watch any more of the Davidson creature

  104. heedtracker

    sensibledave says: you’re a hard core tory Leave nutcase sensible, as you’re always on here trying to sound all UKOK inclusive and us Brits must stick with it because we’re all proud loyal Brits really, so Another triumph of Leave psycho tory madness rolls along.

  105. heedtracker

    More psycho tory catastrofucks sensibledave? Stinky olde Graun’s got it all laid out for you, you tory roaster.

    EU referendum and Brexit
    Guardian Brexit watch
    Brexit economy: living standards are falling as the snap election looms
    The latest monthly Guardian analysis finds rising prices, sluggish wage growth and a mood of uncertainty among employers as the UK heads to the polls

    “To gauge the impact of the Brexit vote on a monthly basis, the Guardian has chosen eight economic indicators, along with the value of the pound and the performance of the FTSE.

    The dashboard for April shows retail sales have dropped, inflation is at its highest for more than three years, wages are falling in real terms and Britain’s trade performance has deteriorated. But unemployment remains low, house prices continue to edge up and businesses are expanding. The deficit of the public finances fell over the last year and the government hit its borrowing target. But the public finances were worse than market expectations for the latest month.”

    Psycho tories 2.5% VAT hike, June 10.

  106. ronnie anderson

    @ Fred 2.21 If Anne McGlauglins seat is going under the boundary changes she will step in to Glasgow SE , alternately they might get the 1st Rastafarian in Mr Graham Campbell her partner , late of RIC.

  107. Legerwood

    See the BBC has a story that John Lamont is standing down from Holyrood to stand as a candidate in the GE. This will mean a by-election for Holyrood if he is a constituency MSP.

    In the Herald today there was a report that former MP Mr Davidson is considering standing in the GE possibly in Calumet Kerr’s constituency.

    Interesting times.

  108. Robert Peffers

    @cearc says: 25 April, 2017 at 1:22 pm:

    “A lot of the difference in cost of a basic income would be from the huge savings in admin costs. Means-tested benefits are very expensive to aminister.”

    You are wasting your time, cearc, this guy won’t listen. Too far gone in the brainwashed part of his anatomy to ever be anything but a thoroughly disgusting individual. Bit like Davidson in fact.

    Only a Tory head-case could sit in a high cost ATV for a photo-op that is supposed to provide the means for disabled people to see the mountains when the Tories are taking away disabled people’s only way to lead an independent life at the rate of over 500 per week. The losers may then need more care or even be unable to go out to work.

    However, you make a good point about the high administrative costs of means tested benefits but there is also an equally high cost to police means tested benefits as well as the actual means testing itself.

  109. sensibledave

    Heedy … Various

    Sir, if you have some point that you wish to direct at me that you believe I may be responsible for then please be specific. Your ramblings are virtually indecipherable and your words read like the script of some incoherent drunk shouting at passers-by on a street corner

    For the record, once again, I am not personally responsible for all the ills in the world just because I don’t vote for the SNP (I live in England Heedy). If I lived in Scotland, I may well vote for an Independent Scotland.

    The idea that The Guardian is a “Tory Rag” is just laughable heedy.

    Heedy, you need to be honest with us all. You haven’t got a good word for anybody who is not an SNP voter – regardless of the fact that there are over 60 million of us that live in the UK – but not in Scotland. Grow up man.

  110. west_lothian_questioner

    That tweet from Ewan Gurr about the young lassie whose periods stopped due to lack of proper nourishment… that , all on its fucking own is enough to make my blood boil. That’s jst completely fucking disgustingly fucking wrong. Fuck!

  111. Robert Peffers

    @Balaaargh says: 25 April, 2017 at 1:25 pm:

    “Tory boy Torrance has a new opinion piece up on”

    Torrance – Who he?

    Is his opinions important?

  112. Macandroid

    John Lamont is a constituency MSP so there will be a by-election.

  113. geeo

    Just had an utter nugget say this…

    “I might be thick, but even i know that you cannot spend what you do not have”…

    My response seems to have blown his mind…he has went from being a pious all knowing zen warrior, to missing in action all of a sudden….

    Something i said maybe ?


    Uk DEBT before 2010 = £850 BILLION

    Uk DEBT after 5 tory years = £1.5 TRILLION


    THAT is in just 5 short years of tory rule.

    THAT is in a coalition with the Lib dems.

    THAT is AFTER the bank bail outs.

    THAT debt figure is expected to rise to around £1.8 TRILLION next year.

    “you cannot spend what you do not have” says Gordon Pittendreigh.

    Well…clearly, if you are a Tory goverment, YES you can.

    How they get away with claiming to be the party of fiscal responsibility is frankly, staggering beyond belief.

    Has the UK’s debt doubled? – Full Fact

  114. Robert J. Sutherland

    Fred @ 14:21,

    I reckon it would be great if Elaine C. Smith would stand, to represent the umbrella group Scottish Independence Convention. If the SNP were gracious enough to formally stand aside and get behind her in this one for the greater cause, it would be much to their credit. Show up the “one party state” lie.

    Always assuming she was willing, of course. She’s a Glaswegian and a great public speaker, and can really enthuse people.

    I make that suggestion entirely on my own account. I have no connection with SIC. But what’s to lose…?

  115. Cuilean

    You can’t vote ‘tactically’ for the Tories. That expression, ‘tactically’ seeks to absolve you from your sin, and I refuse to allow you that luxury.

    It is a sin to vote Tory; unless you want to:

    abolish Holyrood
    abolish free tuition fees to Further Education Establishments abolish living bursaries to students
    abolish free bus passes
    abolish free prescription charges
    close hospitals
    privatise the NHS
    close schools
    close nursing homes
    abolish social care for the elderly
    abolish free school dinners
    abolish free nursery places
    allow fracking underneath your now worthless house
    poison your water supply through fracking
    abolish workers rights
    introduce zero contracts in all employment
    increase pension age
    increase National Insurance (N.I.)
    increase self employed N I
    reduce pensions
    dismantle all state benefits
    renew trident

    If you wish to return to Dickensian England then you must be one of the 1% wealthiest in society.

    If you are not one of the 1%, then all I can say is, ‘You poor, poor sap’.

    Poor is of course what we all shall be.

    There is no comfortable halfway house anymore, in Scotland. The Tories wish to destroy all that the SNP has attained and ring-fenced safe in Scotland.

    For good measure, to keep us getting ideas above our lowly station, the Tories will happily ‘scorch earth’ Scotland into an utter wasteland, where we will never, ever dream, ever again of escaping their yoke of poverty, ever again.

    If that is what you want for you and your children then by all means vote Tory on 4 May & 8 June 2017.

    Hell bloody mend you.

  116. Breeks

    10 years from now, once we are well and truly comfortable in our Independent skin, we will look back on these times wondering how the fk we ever let our lives be ruled by the likes of Edwina Curry, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and their ilk, but it’s the bitter and twisted ever-so-proud Scotbuts that make me downright uncomfortable.

    I ask myself, what would I make of a Frenchman who hated the idea of France prospering? Or a German who would be relaxed about German kids going hungry? Or a Norwegian who would squander his wealth and knowingly choose poverty and deprivation for his own grandchildren. There is just something profoundly troubling about it.

    Yet here in Scotland we have veritable army of Scots who revile their own country, and loathe their countrymen who only want Scotland to prosper for the sake of the Scots new and old who live here. They seem to be bent double under the weight of their personal cringe, and unnatural, like a butterfly that would pull off its own wings. It’s almost like they’ve been indoctrinated to believe in an Indian caste system, where their “fellow” Scots should forever remain docile and obedient to their caste in the Empire, and never get ideas above their station.

    They can’t deal with Scotland’s civic nationalism without filling their boots with hatred and bile, and just cannot bring themselves to accept it for what it is. It has to be misrepresented into a deceitful hatefest, because only a deceitful hatefest suits their bitter narrative.

    If they win the next referendum, they will thoroughly deserve the miserable spineless pretendy wee country they will get. And if we let them win, then so will we.

  117. ScottishPsyche

    I cannot believe I am saying this but Kezia Dugdale gave a really good speech in the tax credit debate.I truly believe she is a much better single issue campaigner than leader.

    Ruth Davidson and Adam Tomkins were truly appalling, in fact, almost unbelievable in their defence of the policy.

  118. Jack Murphy

    jfngw said at 11:26 am:
    “Meanwhile BBC Scotland site runs another McGarry/Thomson story. It looks like they are going to run this one every day until 8th June.” 🙁

    The new boss at BBC Scotland was supposed to remove this imbalance and repetition.
    Last year she said:
    “My mission is to restore trust in the BBC”
    How’s that going I wonder?

    She added:
    “….All our journalists everybody has a point of view and they’re entitled to have that, but I’m sure we ask our journalists to leave these firmly at the door when they come in to do their jobs here.

    “I believe they all take that very seriously indeed and I would defend our journalists. I believe that integrity is there in spades.” [!!]

    So there we have it.
    Same old theme ad nauseum 🙁
    The National:

  119. heedtracker

    sensibledave says:
    25 April, 2017 at 3:10 pm
    Heedy … Various

    Sorry your majesty. You tory roasters in England are still in charge of my country, no matter how often the majority of Scots wont vote for you tories.

    Not surprised to see you hide behind your “over 60 million of us that live in the UK.” How very tory of you sensible.

    But this UK collective stuff is your thing isnt it? Its quite subtle really, for your average online tory roaster too sensible. “We’re all in this together now, UK for all, well all of us 60 million Brits, forget the SNP, vote tory,” stuff might be working sensible. Its certainly being rammed hard down our throats by your chums in every newsroom up here.

    If Ruth D does get her very dirty dozen Scottish haha toryboy MP’s June 9 sensible, you’ll have succeeded to some extent but Brexit is a tory catastrophe, you know it and Scotland voted Remain.

  120. K1

    I’ve seen it aw noo on Wings wi the resident Tory (well the only one willing to admit to being one) imploring Heed ‘you need to be honest with ‘us’ all’…is that you going for the ‘inclusiveness’ approach…something yer value system is completely at odds wi Davey boy?

    Heed is someone you have responded to from the beginning of you appearance on Wings, someone you regularly spar with…yet you claim his ‘ramblings are virtually indecipherable’…think what he’s saying to you is completely obvious else why get yer knickers in a twist and start in with the insults and personal slurs?

    You’re so out of yer depth on here it’s a wunner ye huvnae drownt in the spittle flecked backlash of yer ain howlin’ hysteria.

    You cannot justify your chosen party’s inhumane policies and the fallout that is everywhere to be seen from food bank increases that the working poor have to rely on to hate crimes increasing in your own country as a direct result of one of the most toxic ‘immigrant bashing’ referendum campaigns that the Tories unleashed upon the entirety of the UK because of their party infighting?

    You refuse to take any reponsibility for the policies that you obviously agree with and instead choose to come on to the number one blog in the whole of the UK that supports Scottish independence which by default is utterly against your chosen party’s entire raison detre?

    And we’re the one’s apparently that are the ‘bad yins’ because we disagree with your entire outlook and choose the only party we have as the vehicle by which we express opposition to your chosen party’s politics? You think that’s the ‘unfair’ part, that our chosen party isn’t legitimate in your ‘country’ England?

    Cause that is exactly what the ‘nub’ or your argument comes down tae Davey boy. You think that’s what’s unfair, not the horrific policies that your party is unleashing on those not of your class or outlook.

    Yeah…Heed’s got yer number alright…Davey boy.

    ‘So say we all’

  121. galamcennalath

    Jack Murphy says:

    The new boss at BBC Scotland…:
    “My mission is to restore trust in the BBC”
    How’s that going I wonder?

    Indeed! As the folks who actually pay for it (and I still do) we deserve to see some surveys showing fewer people regard the BBC as less biased!

    Personally I think it’s worse than ever!

    Not only is it openly anti Indy, it’s pro suicide-by-Brexit now too.

  122. ronnie anderson

    @ cearc What the cluck Eggsweena’s back on the scene , lock up your cocks especially the grey wans XX.

  123. Bob Mack

    Just hearing John Nicholson constituency office has been sealed off due to delivery of a suspicious package.

  124. K1

    Link Bob, If you have one please?

  125. starlaw

    If trust in the BBC is to be restored their will be a lot of P45’s winging their way to the news rooms and current affairs offices in the BBC. Without a clean sweep out Trust has left the BBC it will never return.

  126. Nana


    Here you go

  127. yesindyref2

    The Tories in Scotland are making the council elections AND the General Election about a second referendum, to the extent their material and campaign is all about that, not about local policies, what councils do, what the Tories would do for councils – no, it’s about the second referendum.

    Labour are a bit half and half, but do seem to be moving more against the Tories – just checked out Dugdale’s twitter.

    So it becomes, to me, blindingly obvious that the SNP should fight the few remaining days before the council election next week on council policies – for instance that idea of keeping open schools to feed the kids of those parents that are really struggling, which is many under the dreaded Tories. In this respect the Scottish Government can give and are doing, some support for councils and can use the idea that they are the Government and best suited to implement such policies at local level. But in my opinion, no knocking of Labour by the SNP, except in the normal non-extreme ways. Labour are NOT the enemy.

    As for the General Election the SNP should make it very clear it has absolutely nothing to do with a second referendum, but is all about standing up to the totally heartless and ruthless Tories at Westminster, and showing that Scotland will not tolerate the Tories stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

    That way, if Labour as well concentrate on the Tories appalling record in Westminster, the Tories will be caught out of place, and made to look like the obsessed nasty fools that they are.

    This is a straight fight against the far right Toryisation of Scotland, and indeed, the UK as a whole, and even Brexit, the EU and the single market is a bit of an unwanted distraction.

  128. K1

    Thank you Bob, hmmm, even if it turns out to be ‘non harmful’ it clearly raised flags sufficiently for the police to be called.

  129. John H

    I grew up in the sixties in a single parent family. My parents were divorced at a time when divorce was frowned upon. Women weren’t supposed to work, or if they did, it was for low wages for pin money to help pay for holidays or whatever. I was brought up on pin money.

    My mother struggled to keep a roof over our heads, and there were days when there was no food in the house. Free school meals saved my life, but some days my mother just didn’t eat, though I didn’t realise that at the time.

    We aren’t going back to those days, we are already there and worse. It will get worse still if, or when, these fascists are returned with a large majority. The tories are vile, and some in Labour and the LibDems are equally as bad.

    The Scottish people must see sense. Vote for independence as the only chance of getting out of this nightmare. You might think you don’t have much now, but you will have a lot less by the time the tories have finished with you, for their greed knows no bounds. They will continue to squeeze you even when you have no more to give.

  130. Faltdubh

    It’s quite amazing the lack of scrutiny the Tories are facing. We all have experience of ‘bias’ involved in Indyref and the lack of proper journalism, The BBC basically heralded the beginning of ”fake news” era, but anyhoos..

    The Tories last week called for a quick election yet throughout her job as PM and even four weeks before she called for, we were told there won’t be one; four of her key staffers have quit, I’m yet to hear/see any scrutiny of this, as of last night I don’t think I have heard anyone discuss this, yet I imagine if it was any other party or government and key advisers quit before an election, wouldn’t we surely be hearing about this?; and finally she refuses to debate or answer questions to the press.

    This is not a normal election. It is a second referendum on Brexit and that is why its vital if you live outwith Scotland you vote for the best possible candidate to beat the Conservatives. The Lib Dems are slimy, toads and Labour are just awful, but both are still a smidgen better than this current UKIP-Tory crossover that will come in.

    Although I don’t know if the public are listening. I think we will see SNP loses, and I hope at are a bare-minimum of them; but that poll in Wales plus the Tories on 28 and 33% in recent polls does show that there is a swing to the Tories. A national unity swing of Leavers basically who are putting their weight behind the Tories to ‘get the job done’.

    Whilst we can’t change the collision that the rest of the UK is heading down by voting Tory, we can at least make sure Scotland has as few Tories as possible, and whilst the SNP are still ahead in the polling we need to work like every seat is a marginal, as Scotland is not immune to the UK swing.

    If the local elections next Thursday prove to be modest gains for the SNP and big gains for the Tories, this will hopefully be the put up the arse for the SNP to mobilise the 120,odd thousand voters and get out there in June to vote.

    Whilst there are people who are just odd e.g my friend’s mother in law – previously Labour for a long-time, then voted Yes in the referendum, but the immigration/Brexit thing has completely fucked her brain and she’s now seemingly going to vote Tory in the next election! As my pal said its like being a Celtic fan and then deciding you are going to support Rangers! And no doubt there are a few voters out there like her. I seen a recent Pete Wishart tweet saying he’s up for the fight and will fight his P&NP seat like a marginal, there was one comment from an SNP supporter/activist along the lines of he was happy, but there are some swaying/long-term SNP voters swaying.

    If you are apathetic and I can’t imagine many of us on a political website are, but if you are, but we’ll know people who maybe voted in 2015 but didn’t in Holyrood or ‘I probably will vote’ – get hounding them! Take them to the polling station even.

    Nag soft unionist voices too. I have a lot of Yes supporters and SNP/Greens in my close circle and it’s a pleasant life 🙂 when it comes to political discussion, but I do know of a Labour voter who voted No to Indy, but lives in a Tory/SNP stronghold. Thankfully, he is one of those with a social conscious over British patriotism and will vote for the SNP, but of the sane Unionists out there, get them out to vote.

    Long tirade.

    Mon, let’s keep our heads up send a strong SNP army back to Westminster.

  131. Scott

    O/T but I heard Roy Hudd sing this on the radio today song from 100 years ago but it could fit into today.
    While London Sleeps


    The greatest city of the world is London
    At least, that’s what the wealthy people say
    It’s very nice for some, who always get the plum
    I only get what people throw away
    It’s very nice for starving boys in winter
    It’s very nice to camp it out at nights
    A doorstep for a bed, another for your head
    Because you haven’t sold your blooming lights.

    Chorus: While London sleeps, and all the lamps are gleaming
    Millions of its people, now lie sweetly dreaming
    Some have no homes, and o’er their sorrows weep
    Others laugh and play the game while London’s fast asleep.

    There’s a lot of wealth and happiness in London
    There’s lots of starving misery as well
    There’s people good and true who can’t get work to do
    Who’ve stolen bread, and found the prison cell
    There’s some of ‘em can’t stand it any longer
    So, when they cannot earn an honest meal
    They seek the riverside and jump into the tide
    Because they’re far too proud to beg or steal.


    Now, have you noticed some of ‘em by daylight?
    The good young man who leads the army band
    Your heart he wants to save, although he needs a shave
    And the “tide-mark” round his neck looks very grand
    But see him on the Q.T. of an evening
    A-strolling round with someone else’s wife
    It takes a kid like me their little games to see
    For I’m a chap what’s seen a bit of life,


    The coppers get a name for being bad ‘uns
    I don’t mean “Browns” I mean the men in blue
    They’re called a shady lot, but some of them are not
    Although I’ve caught it hot from one or two
    There’s one of ‘em has been a pal to this child
    One night he found me dossing in the street
    He didn’t use his club, but let me share his grub
    And with his lamp he let me warm my feet,


    One night, when it was freezing hard and snowing
    I sees a woman trudging through it all
    So thin and poorly dressed, the baby at her breast
    Was only covered by a ragged shawl
    I followed her – I felt as how I had to
    When suddenly she pulls the shawl aside
    Then screams “My God, No, no” and sinks into the snow
    From cold and want her little one had died.

  132. galamcennalath

    starlaw says:

    … a lot of P45’s winging their way to the news rooms and current affairs offices in the BBC. Without a clean sweep out Trust has left the BBC it will never return.

    Agree completely. There must be no BBC in iScotland.

    All the popular ‘bubble gum for the brain’ shows can be bought under licence and shown (as usual) on the iScotland service.

    However all vestiges of the current news, political analysis, and current affairs which has been so anti Indy, anti Scottish even in some ways, must disappear.

    The replacement services must have a mission to be impartial, informative, and investigative. We should be willing to pay for good competent journalism. Newspaper reviews would not be part of that. Broadcast media must contribute to the democratic process, not continually try to undermine it!

  133. Breeks

    John Lamont stepping down as a Borders MSP is a break for the SNP, because Tory or not, Lamont is well thought of professionally and he is good at his job. As far as I can wish someone well who is pledged by party loyalty to keep my country subjugated in a defunct Union, then I do wish him well.

    To paraphrase Pete Wishart; John Lamont, good guy.

    If the right wing Tories have any kind of future in an Independent Scotland, then I kinda thought John Lamont would do very well and have a part to play, a much brighter future than the Thunderflash Allstars like Davidson, Murdo, and that village idiot Greene. With those goofballs in your squad, I’m surprised Lamont hasn’t made a break for Westminster long before now just for his own sanity.

    Be very interesting to see how the Tory vote holds up without the Lamont factor to flatter it.

  134. Black Joan

    From the BBC “Royal Charter” which took effect January 1 2017:

    The Public Purposes

    The Public Purposes of the BBC are as follows.
    (1)To provide impartial news and information to help people understand and
    engage with the world around them: the BBC should provide duly accurate and impartial news, current affairs and factual programming to build people’s understanding of all parts of the United Kingdom and of the wider world.

    Its content should be provided to the highest editorial standards.

    It should offer a range and depth of analysis and content not widely available from other United Kingdom news providers, using the highest calibre presenters and journalists, and championing freedom of expression, so that all audiences can engage fully with major local, regional, national, United Kingdom and global issues and participate in the democratic process, at all levels, as active and informed citizens.

    Yeah. Right.

  135. heedtracker

    K1 says:

    Sensibledave’s a nice example of subtlety in tory unionist grooming, we’re all in it together, lets all get the ("Tractor" - Ed)ous and horrified rotters that won’t agree with us Brits, is quite sneaky toryboy creepy.

    Its like that now in toryboy UK. Kids that aren’t being fed properly or at all, can’t learn properly too, but so what, on planet toryboy, that’s all fine because its these children are the other children, the slow, the thick, the disruptive, the bad behaved, holding the clever children back and the toryboy solution? More grammar schools on planet toryboy.

    Other daily examples of sensibledave collective “we” and you stuff,

    Angry Salmond Retweeted
    Kezia Dugdale?Verified account @kezdugdale 28m28 minutes ago
    Tories say you won’t have to prove you’ve been raped – here’s the form where it says that you do @RuthDavidsonMSP

    The tweet includes first page photo of the tory rape form that says, “We can pay any child supportive under these circumstances…”

    But who is the “we” in the form and why does it not say, “You will receive child support under these circumstances…”

    The “we” is UK gov, not some charity, agent or corp, but this is how planet toryboy works now. Your government is not yours, its theirs, psycho tories.

  136. pool9

    I agree with Macart on the Strength through Unity, Unity through Faith overtones of the glorious conservatives. It will only get worse the longer they are in power.

    That is their braying lecturing face as they attempt to bulldoze and shout down all opposition.

    The other side of the coin is their fear of being discovered, of being seen for what they are, and what they’ve done to the country.

    Instead of having to defend their indefensible actions they’d rather the media focus 100% on outside forces, on anything that is not the horriffic consequences of their planned and designed policies. This is the country they want, of foodbanks, child poverty and the discarding of the disabled. They just don’t want to be blamed for it. (Not because of any tiny fragment of conscience, you understand, but because to take the blame might lose them their grip on power, and that would never do.) So instead they craft a media campaign that ignores what they’ve done and focuses on what they want their voters to be afraid of, so they can remind the voters: “Why They Need Us!”

    Of course, the media is obliging. Its the EU, the immigrants, the Scots, its the scroungers and moochers who dare apply for benefits instead of getting a job. Its anything but the tory policies and actions that have led the country to the place where it now stands, or rather kneels.

    I hope reality finally intervenes and enough people see through the shit that’s being shovelled at them. That the disconnect between the media barrage and the lives people are actually living becomes too wide, and the gap between them is seen, and the lies noticed. Once that happens there is no going back to believing the propaganda. Or do we need to get to over 50% of the population dependent on foodbanks before enough decide the Tory way might just be a mistake? I pray that is not the case, because by then the country will be in a very very bad way indeed.

    In Scotland being free from the Conservatives means a vote for Independence. In England and Wales…, well the choices aren’t good.

    The Council elections are key for breaking the last vestige of Labour/unionist power in Scotland, the more councils that swing SNP the better.

  137. Big Jock

    After their gap years on daddies wealth. These Fettes toffs can now apply to be racist councillors in Scotland. Got to admire the Tories wealth creation.

  138. sensibledave

    K1 says 3:55 pm

    You wrote; “Yeah…Heed’s got yer number alright…Davey boy.

    … I think there must be two Heedies! The one I deal with doesn’t know his a**e from his elbow!

  139. Foonurt

    Daein history aboot Germany, whin six yurr-aull. “We hate thurr Nazis siz ah”, alang wae Jim Murdoch. “Staun up” sid Mrs Murray, in cum ower, in beltit us acraoss wurr lug.

    Whin twelve yurr-aull, ah widnae ‘Gay Gordon’ wae wurr tap-heavy gym-teacher. Sah agane, ah wiz beltit acroass ma lug.

    Fuckin fascists stull gaun, hunkurrt oan ah tank turret, urr kidddin uz oan ower disabullity. Vote richt, in reddiz ah ivrae last wan, com 4th Meiy & 8th Jin.

  140. AAD

    All Ms Currie has to do is to compare children coming out of a private school with children coming out of any state school, even a state school in a ‘good’ area. The private school pupils all, without exception, look well-nourished, good colour in faces, and well clothed.

    Some of the pupils emerging from the state school will look under-sized, grey faced and wearing much poorer clothing than their better-off fellows.

    You can see these children in our streets any day of the week. This level of deprivation was last picked up during conscription for the last two world wars when men were rejected for military service on grounds of poor health brought on by childhood deprivation. Do we need another war to make the Curries of this world realise they need to feed the cannon fodder better to make it fit for purpose?

    She is a disgusting woman who supports a disgusting party.

  141. geeo

    Some things ARE certain with independence.
    *(exact amounts may vary slightly, but are generally accurate to the best of my knowledge)

    An independent Scotland will get the Governments the PEOPLE vote for, EVERY TIME.

    An independent Scotland will gain FULL CONTROL of ALL fiscal levers required to grow the economy.

    An independent Scotland IMMEDIATELY gains £23 BILLION which is sent to WM via General Taxation, (£53Bn sent south, only £30Bn returned to Holyrood).

    An independent Scotland will have ZERO debt on independence day, ALL £1.8 trillion DEBT is LEGALLY WM DEBT. My source? WM Treasury.

    An independent Scotland will take 100% control of oil revenues, the tax regime will be changed to benefit the Scottish people.
    This will bring in £Billions in revenue.

    An independent Scotland takes FULL CONTROL of all revenue streams currently taken by WM and credited to English accounts.

    WHISKY is a prime example.
    Currently, whisky brings in £5.6 BILLION/YEAR.

    Only £800,000 is currently credited to Scottish accounts via GERS.
    £4.8 BILLION is classified as ‘English revenue’.
    Not after Independence.

    After independence, Scotland will no longer part fund non barnetted infrastructure spending like HS2, Crossrail (1 and 2, House of Commons refurbishment, london sewers and so on…thats around £5 Bn saved.

    An independent Scotland will no longer have to pay £5BILLION/YEAR to service Uk debt. (Debt interest payments).

    The Tories stated in 2014 they would refuse a mutually beneficial temporary currency union.

    Fine, no CU this time means no share of assets = no share of liabilities = debt free independent Scotland on day 1.

    An independent Scotland will use the pound short term until we introduce the Scottish pound. Any country on earth can use any internationally traded currency, simple legal fact.

    Oh..nearly forgot…there is £3.8 BILLION lodged at the Bank of England which guarantees Scottish issued banknotes, that money will be payable to the SG on demand upon independence.

    So…quick recap.

    Independence has an immediate net gain annually of….

    General taxation £23 Bn.

    Whisky £4.8Bn

    Not paying uk debt/interest £5Bn

    Not paying for non barnetted infrastructure spending minimum £5Bn

    Repatriated monies from Bank of England £3.8 Bn.

    That is £41.6 BILLION already, all available to an indy Scotland government, to be ADDED to the £30 BILLION we already receive from General Taxation returned via the block grant.

    The Scottish government already runs most major public services from the £30bn block grant, having an extra £41 Bn (minimum, there are many more revenue streams not quoted, notably OIL which i have not even quoted income from) would easily pay all other outlayings required to run a successful country.

    I am happy to invite evidence to the contrary. Real evidence though….not pish like GERS, which DELOITTE, in their state of the nation report, clearly stated were ABSOLUTELY NOT an indicator of the financial health of an independent Scotland.
    You unionists have a nice day now.

  142. Az


    BBC Radio Shortbread news at 5pm

    PQ items:

    1 – Kezia Dugdale, rape clause, we hear Kezia speaking in Parliament sounding angry/passionate. Way to go Kezia, have you remembered the real enemy? I’ll give that til the end of today.

    2 – More Labour – a plan for Brexit. BBC ligger explains the plan, followed by T May on how crap everyone else is and “coalition of chaos” soundbite.

    3 – “Rangers” – Craig Whyte etc yawn.

    News bulletin pretends the SNP is not the government.

    Pacific Quay – your local, news-where-you-are Labour Rangers cheerleaders.

  143. yesindyref2

    @John H
    Yes, I remember we’d get meat rarely, a lot of gristle, mashed tatties no gravy, and my mother did without, made her own clothes. You only got crisps or a fizzy drink when you were really ill (rarely happened to me!). Things got better when my father passed his exams and got promotion, got extra for being an interpreter in a couple of languages. Plus overtime of course.

    It’d be good to have a list of the “good guy” Labour MSPs – and any Conservatives if any. I notice at the time, then forget.

  144. galamcennalath

    Black Joan says:

    Public Purposes

    Section 4 it says “The BBC should bring people together for shared experiences and help contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom “. If that is interpreted as: fight for the survival of their Union, then they do fulfil that obligation with a vengeance!

  145. yesindyref2

    I’ve got to thank you for making things a lot clearer for me. I’m a moderate type, democrat, if people support a party then that’s democracy, and the party itself has a purpose – to represent those people and their aspirations.

    From that point of view my hope was in an Indy Scotland to have a Conservative party that represented the Scottish difference, rather than the Westminster view. And I never really joined in with wanting to see Labour in Scotland die.

    But your spririted defence of a totally evil Tory Government in Westminster that does all the things I listed yesterday, taking 50,000 motability from the disabled, stops child tax credits at two kids (we had two miscarriages as well as our kids), punishes people who fall on hard times, get sick, have accidents or just get disabled, has shown me just how sick the Tories are, and how sick are those people like yourself who knowingly support them in their disgusting inhumane and elitist far right ambitions.

    Thanks for posting here and showing me just how bad your party is, and its supporters like you who understand how evil it is, but support it anyway.

    I don’t do twitter, but would like to see a hashtag set up – #stopthetories – supported by the SNP, Greens, SSP, Labour, LibDems, Plaid Cymru, and any other parties or people that believe in the dignity and humanity of their fellow human beings, including any decent Conservatives around not just in Scotland, but all over the UK.


    Let’s do this thing

  146. Colin West

    John Lamont’s Resignation does raise an interesting scenario. He’ll be seen to have quit to fight an Election that only the Tories really want, forcing the people of his constituency to go through yet another Election as a result to replace him regardless of the result on the 8th of June and will be seen as arrogantly seeing the Election in his constituency as a mere formality on his road to Westminister by quitting his day job so far in advance.

    Let’s assume for a moment that by triggering the By-Election he’s badly misread the mood of his constituents due to “yet another unnecessary election” enough so that the Tories lose the seat at Holyrood and that the SNP manage to take the seat.

    By my count, that would make it 64 – 64 at Holyrood between SNP and the Other Parties, not including the Presiding Officer. Game on.

  147. Az

    My comment at around 5.10pm has never appeared 🙁

  148. gus1940


    Apparently there was a bed shortage crisis at the RIE last week and as night follows day our 100% Unionist Broadcasters and near 100% dead tree press(with the exception of The National) have gone absolutely mental over this matter.

    Correct me if my memory is failing me but is the real story behind this matter not something along the lines of the following:-

    In the sunny days before Thatcher came to power we had Convalescent Hospitals and Geriatric Hospitals.

    When patients had recovered sufficiently but were not ready to go home they were transferred to a Convalescent Hospital where there continued recovery took place under the supervision of qualified and properly remunerated medical staff but these did not require to be staffed up to the levels of a proper hospital/infirmary.Any patients subsequently suffering a relapse could be moved back to the main hospital

    Elderly patients who could not look after themselves at home or who did not have a family member to take care of them went to Geriatric Hospitals.

    This meant that the current serious problem of bed blocking did not exist to any serious extent.

    Along came Thatcher with her wonderful Care in The Community Scheme which led to the closure of the Convalescent and Geriatric Hospitals and the Nursing Home Boom which made many of Thatcher’s pals multi millionaires.

    It also led to the sad situation (which I can’t remember happening before Thatcher)whereby home owners who had to go into a nursing home often had to sell their houses to pay the extortionate nursing home fees.

    Unfortunately after Thatcher set this lot up, passed it on to Major and then Blair and Brown the whole thing went tits up as after the advent of austerity the local authorities on whom most of the nursing homes depended were no longer able to afford the nursing home fees resulting in a substantial collapse of the nursing home businesses with many going bust or just packing it in.

    This, of course is one of the main reasons for the current bed blocking situation.

    Long before The SNP government came to,power a decision was made to close the old Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and build a nice shiny new one at Little France (I can’t remember if this decision was taken under WM Tories, WM Labour or after Devo by Lab/Lib Coalition).

    However, in their wisdom it was decided not only to build it using a rip-off PFI Scheme but it was also decided that the new infirmary would have fewer beds than the old one – another reason for bed blocking.

    However, have no doubt that our wonderful unionist media will make sure that The SNP Government bears full responsibility for this situation.

    One more point – a new Edinburgh Sick Kids is being built at Little France (I wonder if it will have fewer beds than the old one)and Lothian Health Board are currently trying to flog off the old one.

    Would it not be an idea to hang on to the old Sick Kids and convert it into a Convalescent Hospital which would go a long way to solving the bed blocking problem.

    The cost of retaining the building and any upgrading could surely be financed to a great extent by the reduction of the costs involved and service reduction caused by bed blocking.

    In addition there is no shortage of land at Little France – could additional wards not be built – but not under PFI?

    If my recollection of history is wrong in any way I apologise and stand ready to be corrected.

  149. Robert Graham

    Investigated and criticised by the Red Cross .
    Investigated and Condemned by the United Nations .
    Investigated & fined the Max Possible by the Electoral commission.
    Investigated by 15 Police forces – 20 MPs could face prison .

    A record second to none .

    Vote for them ! i wouldn’t PISS on them .

  150. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “Rape clause debate has started, tried to post the link twice.”

    Nana, for the love of God will you LISTEN when I repeatedly explain the rules? The word “rape” triggers the moderation filter until I manually approve the comment, for hopefully obvious reasons. If you want to post the link leave the word out, don’t just repeatedly post it like I’ve asked you not to, because it just leaves me with a pile of cleaning up to do.

  151. Az

    Rev at 5.54pm – my apologies! I realise now I should have said the R* clause or the Ruth clause.

    I forgot that is a likely filter word.

  152. Nana

    @Rev I did not know the word ==== caused any problems.

    I’m done here

  153. yesindyref2

    Any danger you could be a bit more polite to Nana who posts – at great pain to herself – excellent links most days? I got caught by that word posting on an MSM forum, took a bit of time working out why.

    If you want to vent your spleen – do it on me, I’m over my weeks long viral infection and fit as a fiddle.

  154. Az


    Hi Nana – I very rarely comment here, but I’m sure I will speak for many lurkers when I say I actively look for your links. I frequently read every comment, as I am that sad lol…

    But see when I don’t have so much time? I use the function and search for the word Nana so that I can read your links. When you were missing for a while I really missed you and was worried about you. It’s been great to have you back, and I do hope you will continue to enhance this site and my day.

    Yours, Az

  155. Az

    Oops, showing my html ignorance – that should read the (ctrl + F) function

  156. Sarah

    @Nana 6.03 – I think Rev was being exasperated in a jocular way. He has known you for a long time so no doubt feels he can tease you a bit. Please don’t be offended with him – we would all miss you.

  157. Dave McEwan Hill

    A bit of over-reaction here today.

  158. Shinty

    O/T Came across this yesterday. Tory MP debunks myth of Scottish Subsidy (David Mowatt, Warrington South)

    Sorry don’t know how to copy from twitter – see Angus MacNeil MP twitter from April 21st (you’ll need to scroll down a bit)

    Maybe someone could provide a direct link as it’s well worth viewing and sharing. Thanks.

  159. Robert Peffers

    @Az says: 25 April, 2017 at 6:17 pm
    And @Nana

    Hi! Az, Now that you have posted, can we hope to hear from you more often?

    To Az & Nana, I didn’t know, nor would I have guessed, that the word, R**e was on the banned list.

    I can also understand Rev Stu’s POV.

    Let’s hope we don’t all fall out over this.

  160. Smallaxe

    Nana, please come back or I will have to come looking for you and you know that I’m very ill (and not averse to using emotional blackmail) I might even have to turn to crime just to get links.

    Nana: remember the time?

    Peace Always

  161. Lenny Hartley

    Nana, don’t go, however I think your being super sensitive, that wasn’t even a “paper” belt from the Rev:) look forward to Nana continuing to post links

  162. Meg merrilees

    Muscleguy @11.22 am

    Just been to central England for a brief visit.

    In the supermarket I remarked that there was no collection box for the food bank. My host didn’t know what I was talking about as he had never heard about food banks.

  163. Daisy Walker


    Please come back. I look forward to your links as much as the main article, and I’ve learned a awful lot from them.

    You are very much appreciated.

    Best wishes.

  164. Black Joan

    Please don’t go, Nana.

    I didn’t know about the R* word either, with the result that my post re Dugdale has vanished without trace.

  165. Shinty

    Nana, I know how you feel believe me I’ve been on the receiving end of Revs sharp pen – it put me off posting for over a year – (no great loss to WOS lol)

    You however, have much to contribute. One of the best things about this site is people like yourself who go the extra mile. Not many of us have the time or patience to scroll through the internet.

    Please don’t take the huff, man up and take it on the chin. Stuart did warn us all on his first article on the beep clause, so I’m sorry you missed it.

  166. maureen

    Come on Nana we need all the help we can get taking the Tories down, one at a time, look, I found another one!

  167. K1

    Pulhease come back Nana…we cannae dae wihoot ye, seriously he hates dain the chimney…puts him in a bad mood…and wi you it wis only a wee snap, he’s no realised ye missed his R ban post.

    We need yer sausages in the mornin’ tae strengthen oor hauns fightin’ their propaganda Nana… 😉

  168. dakk

    Nana’s voluntary research providing enlightening links on a daily basis will be sorely missed.

    Hopefully this spat will blow over.

    Mind you,think yourself lucky the beardy crab didn’t kill you with a hammer Nana.

  169. heedtracker

    Lovely boost for May in Wales from the Telegraph. Complete blackout of much as Telegraph, BBC etc do to the SNP. They’re not keen us at all, our chums in the teamGB media

    Just kidding, its The Guardian, with their total Plaid Cymru GE 2017, blackout. They may aswell not exist at all as far they’re concerned.

    Its all for our own good, to be governed by which ever tory it is England decides, in their precious precious etc.

  170. heedtracker

    Severin Carrell really wants Ruth Davidson to be our next FM. As the sheer horror of what the Scottish tories really are unfolded today in Holyrood, defending their rope clause, Severin of the Graun in Scotland goes massive with,

    “Food & drink industry
    Always fresh? Canada’s Tim Hortons coffee chain steams into UK
    Company fabled for donuts and sugary ‘double double’ plans more British outlets after European debut in Glasgow but is it here too late in the day?”

    Ugly time to be interested in politics and UKOK hackdom.

  171. McBoxheid

    Its a bit pathetic that a website that opposes the R+pe clause doesn’t let you use the word. Similarly with the tractor ed shite.
    I thought people could comment free of such limitations as long as they were not condoning anthing illegal or getting personal.

    Obviously this site is not as free as I once believed.

    I’ll look elewhere for my indy news in future

  172. Liz

    Folk need to get overthemselves.

    This is the Rev’s site and he sets the rules to make life easier than having to trawl through loads of tweets to delete words that trigger moderation.

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