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So, yeah, this happened

Posted on March 14, 2015 by


More than two weeks still to go. We don’t really know what to say, readers.

We honestly thought the annual fundraiser might have a bit of a battle to reach its target this year. Instead you smashed in in a record five-and-a-quarter hours, doubled it inside a week, and we’ve now had almost 1000 more donors than our previous record of 1,714. It’s less than two years since we just scraped through a £30,000 target on the last day of a 45-day appeal, and now this in a third of the time.

We’re going to have to think of some whole new ways to spend it. We’ll do our best. Because hot diggity, if anyone deserves the very best we’ve got it’s the extraordinary readers of this website. You’re quite something, folks.

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    1. 14 03 15 20:42

      So, yeah, this happened | Speymouth

    273 to “So, yeah, this happened”

    1. Croompenstein says:

      The candle wasn’t snuffed out on the 18th Stu, we have come too far now to go back. You have done more for our cause than can imagine, I know you think you are just a banger with google and a blog but 100,000 quid says it’s much more… thanks Stu

    2. David McNeill says:

      Honestly, start your own push into politics. You know more than enough. Give it some thought!

    3. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

      Because you’re worth it!

    4. Capella says:

      It’s a message Stu! We really appreciate what you are achieving and want you to keep on analysing the parlous state of politics and the press. No-one else is able to do it.

    5. RogueCoder says:

      Well, first of all, TAKE A PAY RISE because even though your living expenses may be modest, you have to think about your retirement and you can’t do this for minimum/living wage for the next 3 years.

      I know you won’t, but it’s our duty to shout at you every year.

      Secondly, think seriously about a data entry clerk or a PA of some kind. And maybe somebody to filter the enormous amount of communications arriving at Cybernat Control.

      And finally… well done, as always, Stu 🙂

    6. Flower of Scotland says:

      Wow! Oh Wow! Well done Wingers!

      You deserve every penny Rev Stu!

    7. Steve Bowers says:

      Excellent stuff, looks like we all want you to keep going Rev. have a great Saturday night.

    8. Dr Jim says:

      As long as Will Podmore chipped in it’s worth it
      after all he’s on here enough

      C’mon Will you know you want to, I mean where else is so much fun with actual people to talk to

      Well, virtually actual sort of…

    9. Thepnr says:

      Well done Rev, there is nobody I would trust more than yourself to put the funds raised to good use.

    10. Jeff Duncan says:

      How about some Wings Over Scotland ad vans outside Downing Street on May 8th?

    11. Bob Mack says:

      The debt you are owed is greater than money Rev.It is beyond price.

    12. JLT says:

      Well, personally Stuart, I think you need to reward yourself with a very good bottle of Glenmorangie, a nice baguette and your favourite cheese of Black Crowdie, and then to think about taking a relaxing holiday after the GE.

      Then you can worry about what to spend the rest of it on.

      Well done in the meantime. You bloody well deserve it!

    13. mumsyhugs says:

      It’s really simple Stuart – we trust you to tell us the truth and would rather fund you than the corrupt, biased and lying MSM. Keep doing what you’ve been doing and our support is guaranteed – thank heavens we have you and your fantastic team! 🙂

    14. steveasaneilean says:


    15. JayR says:

      You’re more than welcome, Stu. You provide a great service to democratic debate in Scotland. Thank you.

    16. Elaine Cree says:

      You’re worth every penny!

    17. The Man in the Jar says:

      Congratulations Stu. Like Gillian says above “because you’re worth it”. Wings has become very special to many of us so just keep on keepin on.

      I remember the squeaky bum time in the last couple of days for the first £30,000 crowdfund. Ah the good old days when 100 comments on an article was like “Wow” and you weren’t killed with hammers if you omitted a paragraph break. 😉

    18. Stormchase King says:

      Spare cash you say.

      Wings over England.

      Now that would rattle ’em good n proper.
      Trouble is – there ain’t exactly a champion of the plebiscite – unless SNP rebrand as UK People’s Party
      (Well indyref was always about the people v Westminster).

      Take the gingham tories away and your
      currently left with…erm…umm…Mönster Raving Loony.

    19. Marie clark says:

      Well Stuart if it wasn’t for you and the other wingers, we might all have been in the depths of despair. Aye the 19th September was a sad sad day. I don’t think many of us really believed all the proud scotbuts and the fearties would deny us our freedom.

      But, there we all were, comforting each other. Dusted ourselves down and got back to our feet.we realised that there was still a job to be done. Your decision to carry on with wings was the philip we all needed.

      Go Rev, you deserve every penny. The work that you put into the site, and the shite that you have to plough through, it must take a very strong stomach indeed.

      Look where the unionists are now. Even more feart than the referendum because we are going to take our democratic place at Westminster. They don’t like it, do they?

    20. When I think how little the so-called Scotsman does for Scotland and that two-faced rag The Herald, your wonderful efforts make my blood boil…..many, many thanks.

    21. Sandra says:

      You’re quite something too. And we need you this year more than ever, with the rising tide of media lies and distortions. So keep up the good work.

    22. The Man in the Jar says:

      I sometimes wonder if Stu realises the effect that Wings has had on Scottish politics. There must be literally thousands of ordinary folk who have never campaigned for anything in their lives. After reading Wings they have been given the confidence and the accompanying facts to get out there and make a difference. Even if it is only over the garden fence or the works canteen. The ripple effect must be immeasurable.

      Its coming yet for aw that!

    23. Helpmaboab says:

      The independence movement is blessed with an abundance of fine writers, journalists, artists and activists.

      If you’re struggling to find ways to spend the surplus cash I can’t think of a better solution than to commission these people to do their work in the way they think best.

      Paul Kavanagh, Stewart Bremner, The Peat-Worrier, Greg Moodie, the News Shaft team. People whose names aren’t yet widely-known will certainly outnumber them.

      Start employing some staff, Wings!

    24. Black Joan says:

      This is a thoroughly deserved vote of confidence in your work, Rev, and speaks for itself. Thank you.

    25. Vince says:

      Thank goodness there was someone around to put the other side of the ” debate”. For all the great work of Salmond ande Sturgeon, the rest of the SNP, and the SSP, Bella Caledonia and the Wee Ginger Dug etc. etc. we just couldn’t have been where we are now without you.

      Thank you.

    26. Doug Daniel says:

      I demand you use it to take out an advert in the Record, saying “why does Murray Foote not want to take credit for The Vow?”

      Or just “You’ve read the Record’s version of events, now read the true version.”

    27. Luigi says:

      Jeff Duncan says:
      14 March, 2015 at 7:14 pm

      How about some Wings Over Scotland ad vans outside Downing Street on May 8th?

      Yep, something so outrageous the MSM won’t be able to ignore it.

    28. IAN MASSIE says:

      I only found your blog about 4 months ago.
      Well i think it was 4 might have been 5 can’t remember.
      Maybe i sniffed glue when in my younger days!!
      Or i might have not!!
      Well done to all your financial supporters, it is an amazing effort, and says so much about how they feel about yourself and what you write.
      I also have the utmost respect and admiration for the way you challenge and debunk the propaganda written all around us
      I do not have the means to support you with money but i will always support you with love and admiration for what you do.

    29. Breastplate says:

      I’m very proud to say that I’ve been with you when your dinner choices were what flavour pot noodle to have.
      You’re worth every penny Rev.
      To infinity and beyond 🙂

    30. John H. says:

      Well done Rev. Without this site, I don’t think we could have bounced back so quickly…or so successfully. You have helped us to show the rest of Scotland the truth about this great union we are in.

      Like RogueCoder I think you should give yourself a decent rise. A wee pension fund might be a good idea too. Though I think you’ll be kept busy for the forseeable future.

    31. drawdeaddave says:

      You cant put a price on hope Stu, & this site gives us that. I have been very much educated and kept up to speed on the latest political issues on this site, so you could say my donation was a kind of tuition fee albeit a voluntary one.

    32. Morag says:

      Well, first of all, TAKE A PAY RISE because even though your living expenses may be modest, you have to think about your retirement and you can’t do this for minimum/living wage for the next 3 years.

      I know you won’t, but it’s our duty to shout at you every year.

      Secondly, think seriously about a data entry clerk or a PA of some kind. And maybe somebody to filter the enormous amount of communications arriving at Cybernat Control.

      Some of us have been saying all this and more for about two years. All we get is a string of excuses. But do it, Stu. Look for a gopher of some sort, and do something about a savings/retirement fund.

    33. Iain Henderson says:

      I thought about this a bit. You could donate some money to another site, but I think that’s maybe a little dishonest.So why not take on staff?

    34. Valerie says:

      Well done, everyone, and richly deserved, Rev.

      I would feel quite lost without this site. It gives focus, support, balance and a laugh. Even when I’m not posting, I have to visit every day.

      I think it is a huge accolade to you and the site.

    35. TJenny says:

      Nobody does it better than Stuey and the Wingers. 🙂

    36. Triangular Ears says:

      I was never one for donating much to anything, bar the odd collection tin at funerals and so on, but then Wings came along (and the Yes campaign in general) and there was suddenly something worth contributing to.

      I’m happy to fund such an amazing website, which I honestly believe made one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, contributions to the campaign.

    37. Morag says:

      I know this is off-topic, but I’m a soft touch. I was browsing Indiegogo as being more fun than watching rugby, and I came across this appeal.

      A lady in Cambridgeshire is trying to raise money for surgery to save the eyesight of a stray cat she has taken in, and the appeal is close to closing with just under £300 still required.

      Entropion is a frustrating condition – so easy to fix, but without that wee surgical nip and tuck it WILL lead to blindness. This cat was so lucky someone noticed he was in pain. He looks like a lovely fellow too.

      My pet cat Caramel needed eye surgery a year ago. Fortunately I was able to pay for it (and no I didn’t get mate’s rates either). Anyone else want to chip in a shekel or two for this boy?

    38. Doug Morrison says:

      It warms my heart!

    39. Mealer says:

      Well done,Rev.

    40. Dr steinberg says:

      Congratulations Stu. First up, a pay rise. You need to plan for your future, pension, old age etc 😉 Seriously, a living wage is not enough for what you do. Thanks always.

    41. mogabee says:

      Without you we would be struggling to make our voices heard.

      You’re kinda like the “big brother” standing up for us and fighting all-comers.

      Besides, sarcasm sounds better coming from you.. 😀

    42. KEU says:

      Due recognition of the invaluable service you provide. An incisive mind, clear comprehensive analysis and always cross referenced to the FACTS. Many thanks indeed for all you do

    43. Bidge says:

      You could have several dinners with Fanny Alexander!

    44. Richie says:

      Best £50 I’ve spent on the internet for a long time. You’re worth every penny and more Stu.

      OT, I was paid the ultimate compliment this morning when someone compared a post of mine on facebook to the “shite” that you write. Still smiling.

      P.S You’ve left another typo above (I’m away to hide in the corner of the room)

    45. Meindevon says:

      Thank you for all your efforts, Rev. Will send some more dosh just to pee off the establishment.

      The pain you felt on the 19th September seeped out of my iPad. I really wondered if you would carry on, but the Scottish spirit really quickly dusted itself down and got on with it and carried you along too. Thank God.

      My only worry is for the state of my marriage. I am so addicted to Wings and checking out to he papers, recording all the politics shows etc. my family is convinced I need help! Oh well, maybe after the next part of the job is done on the 7th May I can ease off a little…on the other hand!

    46. Campbell: “We’re going to have to think of some whole new ways to spend it.

      Clearly, seed money for a crowd-funded leverage buyout of the Scotsman. Johnson should be tickled to death.

      The publicity generated along may be worth more. All those talking heads exploding live on air.

      IMMEDIATELY becomes the largest selling broadsheet in Scotland. Include the permanently affixed “Scotland’s Journal of Record”, to trigger more exploding heads.

      They have to include you in the mix of political journo pontificators, dispensing received wisdoms. Just think of the the fun you might have.

      Then of course it’ll be off to Bute House for a cup of tea and a Caramel Wafer.

      ‘Cmon, what’s not to like?

    47. ErinT says:

      Wow! Very well done!

    48. Connaich says:

      Personally I am very proud to be connected with, and able to support the magnificent work you are producing. I have the good fortune to reside in Danny Alexander’s constituency and relish witnessing him being booted out of front line politics before he has the platform to do even more disservice to the Highlands. This constituency does not declare until well into Friday morning so plenty time to catch some snooze prior to eyeballing the ginger rodent getting his just deserts.

      Wings is a much needed antidote to the relentless bias of the establishment media we are forced to endure each and every day.

      Just keep going, because this matters.

    49. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      thats what you get for being popular, innit

    50. Catherine says:

      I agree with whoever said take a pay rise. I think your reader are trying to send you a message of appreciation Stu.

    51. Lollysmum says:

      Very well done.This is a demonstration of the trust people have in you to tell the truth. Unlike the so-called journalists who couldn’t do that even if their lives depended on it.

      Jeff & Luigi
      Unfortunately, Downing Street is gated. No vehicles allowed through. Everyone has to go through on foot.

      Damn- good idea foiled again 🙁

    52. Morag says:

      The full-page ad in the Record is a cracker of an idea, except I suspect they’d refuse it.

    53. Nana Smith says:

      Wonderful, just shows how much we appreciate you.

    54. Dave lewis says:

      Well done stu and thanks to all donaters this web site keeps me going a must visit many times a day.

    55. scotsbob says:

      Amount raised was never in doubt, thanks for all you do Rev and thanks to all fellow donors

    56. velofello says:

      Dammit, I’ve been holding off hoping to be the one to break thro’ the £100K. Oh well.

      You really are a pain in the arse – to the Establishment and MSM. You are contributing greatly to the awakening, and the reality of politics, to Scotland’s people. i’m chuffed to be a follower and to modestly fund your efforts.

    57. Chitterinlicht says:

      “Money talks and bullshit walks”

      If you were shit or just waving a saltire shouting ‘freedom’ you would not get any money( well not much)

      Well done. You do a very important job.

      Ps I like the daily record advert and Wings over England ideas

    58. Kenny says:

      I still haven’t even stuck in my contribution yet! 😮

      Congratulations to everyone for making this happen. If you feel like your cup runneth over though, there are plenty of other things to donate to, from WGD to Common Space to Independence Live to Newsnet. These are all parts of the new media landscape we need to develop to challenge the old order, so if you’re thinking of throwing another tenner at something, maybe look at those.

      I think there’s something to be said for spreading some of the “extra” cash around anyway. I know some of it was assigned to other writers anyway but maybe some could go towards, say, co-funding a Holyrood correspondent for Common Space – someone who can get into the corridors of power, dig around for stories and ask the questions that the rest of our compliant media don’t want to ask. Having someone who’s actually at press conferences could be a great help in actually holding people to account for their bullshit.

      I also heartily agree with people above suggesting you give yourself a pay rise and employ some admin help. Firstly, you work hard. There’s no reason to pay yourself a bit more when the people paying the bills are actively suggesting that you do. Secondly, paying someone to go through your emails, deal with lawyers letters and site admin will give you more time to do the work we’re paying you for AND create a wee bit of employment for someone else. That’s got to be a good thing. Hey, you could even outsource that job to the colonies and have someone in Scotland do the job! 😉

    59. Ben Donald says:

      The contribution of this site, and its author, will be remembered forever now.

      Thank you.

      BTW that seed fund idea to buy The Scotsman is a stoatir.

    60. mogabee says:

      Yes your right Morag, that needs a little push..

      Come on folks, few pennies more.

    61. Xaracen says:

      As a frequent reader (and very infrequent commenter) this site keeps me sane during the day. Knowing what I know now as that frequent reader, I’d be beside myself (easier for me than most! I have a twin brother. 😀 ) if I had to rely on any of that MSM tripe for real information about what is going on in UK and Scottish politics.

      Given the sorry state of UK/Westminster politics it seriously needs someone like you, Rev, to show up its inhabitants for the cloven-hoofed, tight-arsed, ham-handed, black-hearted, spineless, brass-necked, pea-brained, chinless, bloody-minded wechels they are. Did I miss any body parts out?

      It’s long past time for their richly-deserved come-uppance, and you’ve shown that you are exactly the chappy to serve it up to them.

      More power to your keyboard and your gimlet, piercing glare. Well done, and please award yourself a pay rise, you have already more than earned it.

    62. Effijy says:

      Arise Sir Rev Stuart!

      You would be an absolute steal at £25K per annum Stuart.

      If we can keep the money coming in, I’m sure we would all be delighted if you took that very well earned little bonus.

      Another little idea for yourself Stu, how about we pledge to
      buy a WoS T-shirt to increase awareness and give you a little something extra for your indefatigable endeavours.

      It is obvious that you are a modest man, but we don’t need to buy the merchandise if we don’t believe in the cause.

    63. G. P. Walrus says:

      Yay! Congratulations on breaking the £100K. More power to your elbow.

      Don’t buy the Scotsman though. It’s a failed loss-making black hole.

      Maybe fund another journalist (if you can find one) to go beyond Wings’ media commentary remit and start scooping the MSM on Scottish politics. Their coverage is ridiculously narrow.

    64. Now's the Hour says:

      Christian Wright says:

      14 March, 2015 at 8:02 pm

      >>Then of course it’ll be off to Bute House for a cup of tea and a Caramel Wafer.<<

      I sincerely hope not a Tunnock’s caramel wafer after Tunnock’s came out for Bitter Together back duting the ref campaign. Call me small-minded, but since then not a single Tunnock’s product has found its way into my home. Nor will one ever do so again.

    65. Doug says:

      Just do us a huge favour and read every word of the UK election spending regulations. Maybe talk to some experienced electoral agents. Don’t fuck it up or the unionist rags will be all over you.

    66. Gary45% says:

      Well done Stu,
      This web site has been a source of comfort / understanding, since last September, long may it continue
      Welcome to the “Rev”olution.

    67. Take Independence says:

      The truth is worth paying for.

    68. Mick Carty says:

      i made a tiny donation that does not come anywhere near reflecting the education, and entertainment, that Wings has provided me.

      You have, as much as anyone, kept my spirits up and helped me refocus on the task at hand.

      Keep up the good work!

    69. Andrew Morton says:

      Yeah, yeah, now stop mooning around and get on with it. It’s what we pay you for!

    70. jimnarlene says:

      Keep on, keeping on! An gerrit richt intae them.
      My deepest thanx and respect.

    71. Now's the Hour says:

      C’mon wingers, chip in a few bob!
      It reminded me of a local stray who adopted our household a few years ago. He would turn up regularly for a bite and bed for the night. Best pal we ever had. Was with us for a few years till his time came. We still miss him.

    72. IAB says:

      Now’s the time to break out into newsprint.

      It would reach out to those wavering and spread the word far and wide.

    73. TJenny says:

      Morag, thanks for link, just made a wee donation to the stray cat’s eye operation fund. Hope they get the full amount needed, before the time runs out.

    74. Fixitfox says:

      Fantastic effort by The Wingers Gang. How about a wee donation to the SNP East Renfrewshire SNP fighting fund to boot Coykte Murphy into oblivion?

    75. Bill Ross says:

      If carlsberg done political blog sites ?

    76. Fiona says:


      While I would love a print outlet it seems to me that Rev Stu can’t do everything. It is only rags run by megalomaniacs which imagine you can produce newspapers with two men and a dug and a load of different bylines for them to use.

    77. Thistle says:

      Well done Rev 🙂

    78. Wee article on today’s quote from a Labour insider in The Sun (England) about the “Scottish monkeys” who have failed the party …

      Whoever can the source in question mean?

      One guess …

    79. Cuddis says:

      @The Man In the Jar 7.30
      Just thought I’d say I am a good example of the amazing effect you suspect this site has had. I started looking in about four months ago and became hooked. I access the site every single day at least 6 times.

      I am 61 and thought I knew a thing or two about politics. That was until I discovered WOS. It is clear that many of you have been working away for years, never giving up. I have found that positivity infectious, uplifting and ever present. You must all be so happy at reaching the £100k.

      It is exciting to think how this money might be used to advance the cause. Well done Stu. You should set aside some time to enjoy the warm glow of your achievement. Like others, I think you need to give yourself a pay rise. Taking on a PA seems like a sound idea too.

      Ever onward.

    80. K1 says:

      What you do is priceless Stu. Scotland will be eternally in your debt.

      Think that wee cat is going to be just fine. Now less than £160 to the target.

    81. Aidan says:

      Pleased to see this site raise a fighting-fund without trouble.

      Great new media and a thorn in the established one’s side.

    82. liz says:

      Well done Stu, as others have said, we would have gone mad with the lies and spin of the BBC/MSM but you were here to refute the rubbish getting spewed.

      have used links to here against BT comments, they then have to play the man and not the argument

    83. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      Chucked in a couple of quid for the pussycat. Only £134 to go.

    84. Oscar Taime says:

      Stu, with RogueCoder, Morag & everyone else advocating you take a pay rise, as far as I’m concerned my entire contribution is for you. We all realise that taking minimum wage is a powerful principled stand but this may yet be a marathon so, aside from pension considerations etc, you probably need to pace yourself.

      That includes the odd break in the summer & eating as healthy as you can until May.

      Look at this as basically selfish because, as this fantastic result shows, we need you to stay fighting fit.

      Failing that please get that passport renewed for May so we can send, or if necessary drag, you off on the holiday you should have had back in September.

    85. ianbeag says:

      The response is indicative of the effectiveness of Wings in defending Scotland’s interests and the political corner which we occupy from the the daily onslaught of Unionist fear and lies, being readily promoted by their willing partners in the media.
      Nowhere is this better done than in ‘Wings’ and it would be unthinkable to lose the incisive, probing demolition that disembowels every Unionist argument.
      Rev. Stuart – we salute you and be assured that your contribution is valued above all others.

    86. DCheekwind says:

      you have done such a lot to keep everyone informed about what’s going on. Exposing lies, deceptions and political manoeuvring with regard to Scottish and Westminster proceedings. Holding newspapers, reporters, politicians and engaged individuals to task with solid logic coupled with a wicked sense of humour. The website is a must for Scottish Independence minded people. Well done to you.

    87. Greg says:

      We’re all in this together Stu! 😀

    88. Liz loudon says:

      Well done! You deserve every penny.I started reading ‘wings’in the run up to the referendum looking for facts. Since then my eyes have been well and truly opened to the propaganda and lies in the media. You have taught me to scrutinise what has actually been said, rather than what the media says it means. Thank you and keep up the good work!

    89. ClosetJambo says:

      Brilliant news, Rev! Proud to have contributed my wee donation to your work.

    90. Oscar Taime says:

      Darn dupe comment.

      Still now I know it’s working I’d just add that maybe we should organise a wings holiday fund.

    91. heedtracker says:

      Well done WoS. How many idiots and liars have had their arses monumentally handed to them just this month alone, starting with the ridiculous Daily Record twits.

    92. Billy says:

      Well done Stuart for the monumental work you do, on our behalf.
      This is hurting “THEM” so bad.

      mon the nats

    93. Suzanne says:

      Stu you’re vital to the fight. Happy to throw in what I can although it’s not a huge amount. Much appreciation and many, many thanks.

    94. Lynne Grieve says:

      Cheers Stu. You have saved my sanity many times. Keep up the stupendous effort. Scotland needs you.

    95. John Cunningham says:

      A donation to Common Weal where the 12 journalists, analysts, lobbyist etc are all working for peanuts and doing a very good job would impress me.


    96. Morag says:

      Sniff! You Wingers are such lovely people. This afternoon I was just idly browsing on Indiegogo and saw the appeal for the cat’s eye surgery. It was sitting on £397 with only 24 funders and I chucked in a tenner. Then it started to prey on my mind.

      The appeal had been open for a couple of weeks and it closes tomorrow. It wasn’t much over half way. It was getting a couple of donations a day. I didn’t think it was going to make it.

      I understand exactly what that surgery is, and it will be absolutely transformative. It’s a wee bit of plastic surgery to the lower eyelids to stop them turning inwards so that the eyelashes don’t rub on the eyeball any more. The cat’s eyes can defnintely be saved, but it needs to be done soon.

      I tweeted it about half past six. Stu and a few more people retweeted me. I mentioned it on this page. More people took it up. The appeal has put on close to £250 in less than three hours. (It’s going to make it because if it’s still short tomorrow I’ll make it up myself. DOWN with high Indiegogo percentages!)

      I’ve still got the flu but you know what, I feel so much better.

    97. Croompenstein says:

      @James Forrest-

      Good article James but where you say Murphy tried to get himself in front of the TV cameras as much as he could what you should have said is that with the complicity of our supine media, and I mean BBC and STV, he would have been called out for the absolute chancer that he is and not been allowed to disgrace our screens on a daily basis.

      How the fuck did they think this guy would win back the Labour vote in Scotland…

    98. Suzanne says:

      Threw in a bit for the pussycat too.

    99. Fireproofjim says:

      On the 18th of September, like so many of us, I was totally depressed, and without Wings and Wingers I would have still been depressed.
      You bring us all together and we realise that we are not alone but part of a huge movement.
      I don’t think your contribution to the Independence cause can ever be over estimated.
      Look after yourself. What would we do without you?

    100. Croompenstein says:

      @Oscar –

      eating as healthy as you can until May

      Wishful thinking Oscar, he put a picture of his tea tonight on twitter earlier..

    101. Morag says:

      I know. Ghastly beyond belief, wasn’t it?

    102. Albaman says:

      Remember Stew,
      On the 19/20 September last, you wondered what the reaction of your “wingers” would be, even wondering if you yourself would want to go on.
      Well, you’ve got your answer now eh?!!.
      (And there’s another 16 days to go!).

    103. K1 says:

      Only £60 to go for the wee cat, let’s finish the jobs Wingers! 🙂

    104. Lollysmum says:

      Re the funding for the cat-only £63 to go till it hits its target. You Wingers are such lovely people you know.

      I chucked some in as I thought of one of my cats that went missing. She was gone for months & then one day just turned up at the kitchen door still in good condition. I was just thankful to think that someone had obviously fed her whilst on her travels.

    105. Milady de Winter says:

      Bloody well done. And well deserved. Got to keep Wings flying but yes, for heavens sake, employ some help so you don’t wear out!

    106. cearc says:

      Croompenstein, Morag,

      Perhaps he could have a part-time cook rather than help with admin?

    107. ronnie anderson says:

      Wings Over Scotland has Impeccable green credentials

      No Tree’s were harmed in the making of this site

      & many Tree’s were saved from being pulped for Newsprint.

      What a legacy You leave Scotland & us Wingers

      REV keep on keeping right on & we,ll keep wie You.

    108. Brian says:

      I would love to see you find away of undermining BBC Reporting Scotland’s continual distortion of the truth. Some part of the NHS always seems to be “in crisis”. That constant dripfeed of misinformation must eventually brainwash the unaware.
      Also looks like Ponsonby’s book will deserve max coverage.

    109. Lenny Hartley says:

      You deserve every penny, since the referendum, Wings is the only online site I read on a regular basis. Think I have been on Newsnet, Bella and others at most twice since then.

      As a wee celebration, think I will send you the Best Cheddar in the World , Isle of Arran Extra Mature White from the Torrylinn Creamery , Kilmory. It really is the best and if you don’t like it I’m sure the Rats will.

    110. Morag says:

      I don’t know if Debbie White is watching this, or if she’ll log in to her appeal later and get the shock of her life, but it fair warms the heart so it does.

    111. jackie says:

      fantastic! first time poster but have loved Wings pre referendum and so loved the wee blue book which I gave to so many people and managed to convert
      some! first place I go to when I want to get to the truth of what is going on and love the posters, McCart especially and Nana, keep up the good work Rev 🙂

    112. Robert says:

      Pay rise for the worker!

    113. Worth every penny and more Stu.

      Regards the stray cat, I think the vet should make up the difference now , they are meant to care, aren’t they ?

    114. Morag says:

      Some vet definitely will, trust me.

    115. Now's the Hour says:

      Only 40 quid to go! Let’s finish it before midnight.

    116. heedtracker says:

      “Vile Scottish separatists save English pussie, shock!” Sunday Times front page.

      “Jim Murphy promises to save 1000 English pussies!” Sunday Mail.

    117. K1 says:

      Och…that cat was taken under Wings wings. 🙂

    118. Morag says:

      Woot! Nameless pussycat is fully funded! I love you guys!

    119. DavidDesu says:

      I’d love to see a good fully featured mobile version of the site. Then again I’ve not actually donated (yet) so disregard me for now. So happy to see your efforts really paying off. Amazing how useful WOS has been and how relatively little money and donors it needs to survive. Considering it single handedly deconstructs all of the bull from an array of establishment media and politicians its a marvel of cost effectiveness.

    120. Lollysmum says:

      Well done folks-the cat’s surgery is sorted. Fund now at £785

    121. Nana Smith says:

      My wee westie dug popped some dosh into the kitty for the cat.

    122. Tackety Beets says:

      Hi Morag , do you realise the power ?

      I was brought up in the wild country of ABZ on a ferm , beasts a wy an its 24/7

      Some how I’m generally immune to such pleas etc

      I contributed to yer cat .

      It’s over the line Now .
      So well done Morag and well done to all contributors .

    123. Brian Fleming says:

      As I see the sum approaching £100,000, I keep wanting to send something to take it over the top. But I gave all I can possibly afford right at the start of the appeal, so all I can do now is wait and watch. But it’s gonna be a whopper this time, of that there is no doubt.

      I remember when there used to be this guy, the Rev. Stuart Campbell, posting comments on the Herald website back in the day. Little did I know there was a giant in the making.

    124. Barbara Watson says:

      Thank you Rev, like many others I would be on the happy pills if it were not for you and all the fabulous people who frequent this site.

      You have taught all of us to question and analyse, and given us the confidence to speak up.

      That is quite an achievement.

    125. TJenny says:

      And the pusskiss fund now has £820 (at 22.03)so enough for wee treats for him and his carers. Maybe they’ll name him Wings or … Hamish, ’cause he’s a real Wings’ emergency kitty. 😉

    126. Barney Thomson says:

      I hope all you ailurophiles will forgive me for declining to contribute to the medical fees of the blind cat. I have bit of a down on the creatures at the moment as the ones in my neighbourhood are busily (and quite cruelly) amusing themselves with the frogs from my pond.

      I do have a few quid spare which I shall donate to some of the many appeals about at the moment which I regard as more deserving than a sick pet – this one first –

    127. ronnie anderson says:

      @ cearc. Carve another £25 on the TotemPole for Paule Rose’s Gold Badge.

      money saved from Bbc Demo cancellation.

    128. Tackety Beets says:

      This IPad sends my posts walkabout into cyber space for about 20 mins , very frustrating .
      The Cat has already exceeded £800 !
      I wonder if Debbie White will ever realise the source of her sudden popularity ?

      Anyway hope the Op is a success, thanks Morag .

    129. Brian Fleming says:

      Oops, I didn’t notice.

    130. Nation Libre says:

      Pats on the back all round. Fantastic

    131. Morag says:

      Funny how things come full circle. It was because I was browsing Indiegogo for election fundraisers that I found the pussy-cat appeal in the first place.

      I chucked a wee bit at Plaid Llanelli for old times’ sake and a wee bit at one or two SNP ones (having already chucked quite a lot at the DC&T one Barney mentions because that’s my own constituency), and I reserved a copy of Stewart Bremner’s book. Then I idly clicked on “animals”….

      I see Emma still hasn’t made that total though, and it would be a real shame if she had to pay the higher commission rate….

    132. Hector says:

      Hot diggity, dog ziggity……might need further crowd founder to send you to a health spa for a few weeks after 8May get you in shape for the 2016 election! N’you’ll be worth every penny!

    133. iain taylor (not that one) says:

      You’re very welcome, and the feeling is mutual.

    134. Capella says:

      I can’t resist a moggy. Added my tuppenceworth. Aftercare!

    135. R-type Grunt says:

      Just keep on keepin’ on Stu. You’re work is priceless.

      Having said that.. I agree with @DavidDesu above – a mobile version of the site would be an excellent addition.

    136. K1 says:

      Happy to contribute a wee bit toward ousting the only Tory MP in Scotland Barney…there’s a stray that needs to stray elswhere 🙂

    137. TJenny says:

      Got the Thank You email from Debbie White from the pussycat crowdfund.

      She says they are looking for name suggestions, so what about,

      Wings, or,

      Hamish? 😉

      Presumably we just email her with our suggestions?

    138. K1 says:


    139. K1 says:

      Has a nice Scottish ring to it Morag 🙂

    140. Grizzle McPuss says:

      I feel quite chuffed for Stu and all of us Wingers.

      We all needed this morale boost…when you think back to September 19th, 2014.

      Onwards & upwards all you bumfaces

    141. mumsyhugs says:

      PS the total at the top is already £400 out of date! 🙂

    142. crazycat says:

      @ Morag

      Do you happen to know if there are any campaign offices/hubs/whatever in the Clydesdale part of DC&T? I have tried several times to contact Emma to offer to help, after discovering that the border is a mere 5 miles from where I live in Ayrshire, but I’m not getting a response.

      I’ve already made a donation via indiegogo.

    143. Vasey says:


      I think the unionist parties in Scotland and the print media are still at stage 3………

      “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

      ? Mahatma Gandhi

    144. Morag says:

      Crazycat, I don’t know what the arrangements are for Emma in Clydesdale. I know she’s doing her best to get around the constituency but of course it’s huge. She was in Lockerbie today and I think she is coming to us on Monday to visit Whitmuir Farm with Alyn Smith.

      I’m co-ordinating the West Linton area which is part of Tweeddale, but I don’t know what the Clydesdale area is up to. You could email Emma.

    145. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      Can’t see this getting any coverage in the Daily Record somehow, unless…

      “Bath based cult castrates cat horror”

    146. Almannysbunnet says:

      It’s all about trust. People trust you to dig out the truth, you deliver time after time and we are willing to support you financially. I’ve never felt more sure about money well spent. I have no advice on how you spend it but have no doubt it will be wisely and for the cause.
      Of course you realise that you are trapped and cannot retire until we have our freedom 🙂

    147. dakk says:

      Utmost respect for you Stuart.Huge Thanks

      You are the’glue’ that binds us.

      Small favour.I’ve been needing my ears pinned back,a nose job, and a hair transplant for quite a few years now.Any chance some of you guys could help me out a bit ??

    148. Mealer says:

      No…But I could ask Jeremy to give you a punch in the puss if that’s any help.

    149. crazycat says:

      @ Morag

      Thanks for the rapid response. Unfortunately, I have been e-mailing her/her campaign (three different routes, none of them direct) and have not received any answer. I have been helping in my own constituency, but parts of yours are a shorter round trip! I’ll keep trying; there are still a few ways I haven’t explored yet.

    150. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      As I have argued before demonstrations at BBC in Glasgow are less than effective. A mass demonstration outside BBC at Bush House would be seen world wide. Thousands of us went down to London on specially hired trains for the debate in Westminster on Gartcosh (which was cancelled as we got there).
      A similar jaunt organised by Wings to BBC House would be a great idea

    151. Joemcg says:

      Like many wingers on the 19th I was depressed suicidal and very very angry but this site has eased the pain and kept me going. Thank you Stu.

    152. The Man in the Jar says:

      And they are doing it deliberately!

    153. gerry parker says:


      Having been owned by a few cats, most of them wandering into the house then deciding to take up residence, I put in a tenner in for the Tom, and in the comments asked that they call him Hamish.

      Currently cat-less, though there’s a wee black and white DSH lingering about the garden.

      Here’s hopein’

    154. dakk says:


      Anyone but him !

    155. Morag says:

      Emma is looking for another £1349 in three days.

      This is to get rid of David Mundell, chaps. And I know you wouldn’t want her to have to pay the higher Indiogogo commission if she falls short, would you?

    156. An Teallach says:

      I replied to Debbie suggesting Wings but your suggestion of Hamish would be great too!

      Aftercare – always good! 🙂

    157. Tackety Beets says:

      Hi Dave M H

      I kinda agree about Demo @ BBC down sourf .
      Success could be helped by our Celtic friends .
      Hopefully , we get a view / thoughts from our Welsh friends who participate here ?

      Cat names : Hamish , Winger , Rev and Morag , duly posted to Debbie White

    158. Marco McGinty says:

      I was going to give a small donation for the cat, but I’ve noticed that the target has already been met, undoubtedly as a result of the good people on this site.

      However, you do all realise that the UK media will somehow spin this, and the headline will read as “Nasty Scottish separatists pay to inflict pain on stray cat”.

    159. Morag says:

      Ach, let Debbie call her cat whatever she wants. He’s a boy, so certainly not Morag!

    160. Taranaich says:

      May I also echo the Reverend’s sentiments about the fine contributors! All my money and effort has been going towards the Cowan for Inverclyde campaign, but just as Wings has been instrumental in getting Inverclyde to a statistical dead heat, it’s been invaluable in the campaign to put the first ever SNP MP in Inverclyde.

      Here’s hoping Project Red could help change Scotland forever!

    161. haud on the noo says:

      Cat name ? “Away and crap in yer own garden” ..

      Sorry but they are the devils spawn.

    162. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Morag And your point is


    163. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Marcia Thanks Marcia you on the ball,we might even see more of this INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM from the Herald or maybe not.

    164. ronnie anderson says:

      @ daKK 10.54 Awe the Rev,s gonny dey fur you is pray,but stay on Wings you,ll blend in fine lol.

    165. Author_Al says:

      Great total. Will go up I am sure. Tonight in my local pub was interesting. I was introduced as this is Al, he is English and SNP.

      Shocked looks from various people around me then the local postie shakes my hand. He turns out to be a lifelong Labour supporter who voted No. Says he just wanted everyone to be together and stay British.

      I reply that as we live on the British Isles so we will always be British. The real issue is how the wealth and resources are shared. That Scotland has been shafted over the past 40 years regarding the oil. That GERS does not take into account Scots having to pay Trident, unwanted wars, share of a deficit on things Scots don’t get, etc.

      I added that I have always been Labour but can’t stand the lies of Jim Murphy.


      Postie reckoned it’d be Tories in when May comes. I replied that SNP and Labour will stop that from happening and that Labour will have to be more socially aware and take Scots for granted less. SNP = good thing. A mitigating force instead of Tory+ Libdem which equals austerity and shite.

      He drank his pint and left. My pal said he is probably ashamed that an English person has shown more knowledge and passion for Scotland and self-determination than he.

      Interesting night 😉

    166. Patrician says:

      Stuart, spend most of it on wine, women and song. Then waste what’s left.

    167. ak says:

      Great news. I like the idea of using the money to seed crowdfunding a buyout of the scotsman. That would make life interesting.

    168. Betty Boop says:

      @Ronnie, 11:55pm

      Love that song!

      Anyways, just to add my appreciation and thanks for our most excellent Wings over Scotland. I’ve added with pleasure another wee bit to our family contribution.

      This site, as I have commented before, was my solace after some depressing days canvassing during the referendum campaign and especially in the early hours after the count.

      Even more so, it provides inspiration and encouragement to carry on especially when I think of Stu and others working so hard to keep us up to date, guiding us through the midden that is MSM. Thanks for helping to change media, Stu, because I am sure no one ever felt this way about the DR or Scotsman, etc.

      I’ve met some wonderfully interesting and friendly folk via Wings for which I am grateful.

      Apart from that, Stu and Ronnie make me laugh and we all need that! Thanks 🙂

    169. Betty Boop says:

      @ Taranaich

      Here’s hoping Project Red could help change Scotland forever!

      I couldn’t agree more and can hardly wait for this!

    170. gerry parker says:

      @ Morag.

      Of course Debbie can call her cat whatever she wants,


    171. Morag says:


    172. Robert Peffers says:

      Dammit! Turn my back for a wee spell and this happens.
      Wha’s like us?

    173. sunshine says:

      Just a wee thought.
      The Rev is obviously never going to pay himself a lot, never mind ask for money for a pension. He might write a book about these years and I am sure it would be a best seller. But if he ends up burned out, if he comes into unforseen illness or circumstances, then why don’t we at that time, crowd fund for him and explicitly for him. He might not like it and he might not take it, but as the Reverend should know, sometimes it’s better to be humble and receive a gift with the kindness in which it is being given.
      It’s just a thought for the future.

    174. dakk says:


      No worries.I’m a Winger for life,or as long as Stuart can hack it,which will hopefully be longer than cocky Bain’s tenure at WM.

      Author Al

      I had a virtually identical run in with a Grateful Jock from Brighton today.Its like groundhog day sometimes.

    175. indigo says:

      So, so pleased to see the £100k boundary being smashed.

      I will always be so grateful for Wings giving our family a voice last summer with the Duncan Hothersall / Kathy Wiles twitter-storm. My great grandfather was one of the founding members of the Labour Party in Galloway and when those purporting to follow in his footsteps disparaged his great-great grandchildren, Stu was the only media outlet I trusted enough to speak to.

      Having a media channel that would stand up against the vile words that were said was empowering in so many ways, the start of a magical summer, which may have ended in disappointment, but only temporary disappointment.

      Cheers Stu

    176. Gods Country says:

      With a tear running down my cheek and real hope in my heart, all I have to say is thank you Rev. Thank you.

    177. Caroline Corfield says:

      Very pleased to see the new total. There is just something about the Wings site, a combination of Stu and the below the line contributors that makes it, for me deeply addictive. The sheer weight of referenced evidence and relevant Off Topic links is also why I keep coming back. But there is always a laugh ( John King amongst many) and good info ( Robert Peffers and Nana to name but two).

      A thoroughly deserved crowd fund, which we all know you’ll put to good use.


    178. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      I was blind and now I can see.
      Thank you Rev Stu.

    179. Morag says:

      No, that’s the cat….

    180. ScotsCanuck says:

      Ace !! …. how are BT going to ‘spin’ this ? … we are on our way to the “great prize”, well done Rev Stuart and mair power tae yer pen.

    181. john king says:

      Bugger, Im too late,
      its all been said,
      let me add my tuppenceworth
      gaun yersel bigman!

    182. Ghillie says:


      Even before the results were coming in I said to my family, come what may, we are on our road to independence.

      Thank goodness Wings was here to hold us together just as our steps may have faltered.

      I’m not sure, Rev Stu, that you will ever fully appreciate the enormity of YOUR contribution to the Independence Movement(We are nearly there!). The £100k plus is maybe a clue!!

      Sunshine @ 1.13am, what a lovely idea, shows you suit your name!

      Morag, big cuddles for you for saving Hamish Morag Macwings!

      OT Happy Mother’s Day to all mums with Wings!

    183. john king says:

      TJenny @ 7.48pm
      “Nobody does it better than Stuey and the Wingers.” 🙂

      Hmm it has a ring to it

      DavidDesus says @ 9.57pm
      “I’d love to see a good fully featured mobile version of the site. Then again I’ve not actually donated (yet) so disregard me for now. ”

      Eh naw, putting into the crowdfund is not the criteria for having a say on here.
      You put your point pal, put into the fund if and when you can.
      morag says@ 9.55
      Woop! (fixed that for you) 🙂 Nameless pussycat is fully funded! I love you guys!

      Does this mean we’ve just got ourselves a mascot?
      can we give him/her a name?
      Barney Thompson says @ 10.10pm
      “I hope all you ailurophiles will forgive me for declining to contribute to the medical fees of the blind cat. I have bit of a down on the creatures at the moment”

      Know what you mean Barney,
      horrible creatures!
      Does that pic remind anyone of this?
      Conan_The Librarian says @
      “Can’t see this getting any coverage in the Daily Record somehow, unless…

      “Bath based cult castrates cat horror”

      Bath based cult castrates cat horror with rubber band!
      fixed that for you.

      I’ll …eh.. just get my Kool-aid. 🙁
      Haud on the noo says @11.52pm
      “Cat name ? “Away and crap in yer own garden” ..

      Sorry but they are the devils spawn.”

      Yea your right
      Caroline Corfield @ 1.49 am
      I..I…I blubsniffsnortcoughfaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrt
      cats name
      I think we should ask that lady if she would call her cat Taranaich. 🙂

    184. Donald says:

      We will be independent. And when we are, kids will be answering exam questions on the topic in school. And every one of them will talk about the impact of social media. And every one of them will understand the impact of Stuart Campbell in allowing us to make all our own decisions, via our own elected representatives. You deserve to be remembered long after we’re all gone, and you will be.

    185. Effijy says:

      I noticed Morag saying that Indiago’s fees where high?

      Any ideas how funds could be gathered without fees?

      Could Wings become a Registered Charity? (Guardian of the Truth)
      Blair and brown both have charities that seem to allow them to fill their pockets with what they call “expenses”.
      Brown takes out £10K per Week.

      Is there any way to allow advertising from companies who pay a living wage, green credentials and believe in the people of Scotland?

      The cash would be handy to pay a bit more to the Rev and the fighting fund?

    186. Nana Smith says:

      I know some of us don’t like 38degrees so if you don’t want to sign don’t.

      I doubt the actual petition will right this wrong but it will hopefully give attention to the blatant theft of Scottish seas by labour criminals.

      For this reason I signed.

    187. Effijy says:

      Just discovered that Indieagogo can take 4% on fees and credit card payments add another 3.5%.

      We need another £7,000 to truly have a £100K fund.

    188. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Cat’s name


    189. JLT says:


      Seems Danny Alexander has been caught accepting money from a millionaire who avoids paying tax. This is the same Danny who condemns anyone who does not pay their tax.

      A bit of a blunder there, then!

    190. john king says:

      “Cat’s name


      Thats a bit cheesy. 🙂

    191. Graham Christie says:

      For the last year or so, when I realised that I could navigate from ‘wings’to most of the sites I wanted to visit,I have had ‘wings’ as my home page. I am sure hundreds if not thousands of readers have the same arrangement. Your site Stu has by far the best layout and is clear and easy to navigate from, and of course it means you are constantly right in fron of us.
      You do fantastic work and I’m always happy to contribute.

    192. Tackety Beets says:

      Just been watching RT on Fracking .

      O boy , I have always thought it was a big risk to our water table .
      This documentary leaves me in no doubt .
      We must NOT permit a single Frack Drill in Scotland .
      Water is more important than Oil .

    193. David Stevenson says:

      O/T to this but pertinent to recent BS regarding the scarey thought of the insurgents giving supply and confidence arrangement to Labour. Farage bumping his gums about a Tory/UKIP/DUP arrangement post election. Right wing knuckle trailers day out…. I bet the London press are fine with that plan..

    194. cearc says:

      How about ‘Cybercat’?

      Does the lady know how much it was funded by Evil Seperatist Cybernats lurking in their bedrooms?

    195. mumsyhugs says:

      You know I love this site – it’s kind of like waiting in a queue for a bus in Glasgow – if you’re a bit fed up, give it 5 minutes and a comedian will join the queue and give everyone a laugh! 🙂 BTW mumsyhugs to fellow Wings mums everywhere – enjoy your mothers day with all your babies, both big and small 🙂

    196. caz-m says:

      Singer Michelle McManus doing her bit for the Glasgow South SNP candidate.

      I always thought of Michelle as a diehard Scottish Labour supporter.

      Changed days. Well done Michelle, you know it makes sense.

    197. gerry parker says:

      @ Tackety beets.

      Not only the water that gets contaminated.

    198. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Anybody else. Out there having problems downloading today’s Sunday Herald?

      My download was an insert to the paper and was about test papers for the Highers.

      They still took my money though.

    199. Bunch Paraka says:

      Congratulations, Rev Stu.

      In the vein of appearing more in print, I would love to see a collaboration with The National. Perhaps some of the money could allow you to offer them a twice-weekly print column?

    200. call me dave says:

      Here’s the Danny boy story.

    201. Bill Halliday says:

      Are those Idieagogo charges ok? Seem a bit steep for an automated service.

      More to the point, Cameron said in 2011, “Information is Power. It lets people hold the Powerful to account”. It must be one of the only times his lips were moving when he wasn’t lieing. The Intelligence Corps version was “Knowledge is strength to the arm”. We need somewhere, other than Google where things can be researched. Google only lets you see what “the Powerful” have told it to let us see. Like the news item about Darling taking up a position with a Company bidding for the largest ever NHS Contract has vanished.
      Back in the 70’s Labour and for that matter the Unions had helpful Research Departments that Members could access by ‘phone, letter or sometimes even Telex.

      How about articles from some Freelancers (not like Massie!!!) to give people some pointers on finding information?

    202. X_Sticks says:


      Just stop and consider that for a minute. It really is quite a feat to raise this sort of money for a political blog and just goes to show the level of respect that the honesty of Reverend Stuart Campbell has engendered with his readership. Mine included.

      @Nana – in spite of my reticence to lend any support to 38Degrees following the theft of OUR petition by Gordon Brown I have signed that petition to raise the profile of the THEFT of Scottish waters BY THE LABOUR PARTY.

      There seems to be a theme of theft and duplicity within the labour party and its members. The labour party are not to be trusted.

    203. boris says:

      O/T: Now the split: As is the norm the Labour Party is on the hunt, making mischief, blaming the Tory government for all the ills that society is suffering, but legislation bringing forward measures dealng with the problems of the increasing numbers of the “underclass and their feral children” was placed on the statute in 2004 by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown annd New Labour. The Tory and Lib/Dems simply picked up the cudgel created for them by the Labour government and weilded it with great gusto.

    204. Stoker says:

      I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, is it any wonder companies continue to crap all over our cause when there is no significant deterrent.

      We still have people, supposedly on our side, touting for business for these companies by trying to encourage others to use their sites.

      Thankfully most people now seem to be archiving links to Unionist articles but there are one or two folk still trying to encourage people to use the petition site, 38degrees.

      To all newcomers to WOS, i would just like to inform you that most of us closed our accounts with that company right after the referendum when they did the dirty on us.

      They allowed Crash Broon to high-jack a 120,000+ signature petition for his own Unionist cause.

      It’s all very well saying that if people don’t want to sign then don’t but repeatedly encouraging others to use 38degrees is going to inevitably send fresh customers to that site who are not aware of the situation.

      These petition sites also rarely achieve their stated aim and again, you only succeed in sending new customers to their business.

      There are also other petition sites operating out there, sites such as, if you feel that strongly about a certain issue there is absolutely nothing preventing you from starting a petition of your own with one of them.

      Nana, you state that it will “hopefully give attention to the blatant theft of Scottish seas by Labour criminals.” Really? Can you remind me again how, exactly, the Unionist media and system informed us all when the theft first took place?

      That’s right, they didn’t, did they, so what makes you think sending customers to 38degrees is going to change that now?

      If we, as a movement, don’t set an example and make it known that there will be severe consequences for any company who craps on us or our cause, then there is absolutely no hope for us.

      We must send them a strong message, crap on us and your business fails.

      Have a good day to all you mothers out there.

    205. Valerie says:

      @tackety beets, and others generally on fracking, please be aware of your areas group, there are now 26 around Scotland.

      If you are on Farceburke, please look and join the page. There has been really good co ordinates actions from groups, and there is no doubt, it has had a positive effect in getting a moratorium.

      We are not stopping at that, we need a ban in this country to protect its beauty, and protect our health.

    206. Nana Smith says:


      I was hoping it would achieve the same kind of publicity the child abuse petition got.

      I signed it through gritted teeth and I don’t expect lectures from any winger as we all try to do our best for Scotland.

      I would never ‘have a go’ at anyone on here and you having a go at me hurts.

      Now I’m off to spend the day with my sons.

    207. Wee Jonny says:

      Woke up hungover, switched on, saw you’d broken £100k, read Croompenstien’s post and couldnay agree more.
      You are thee man Stu.

    208. Lollysmum says:

      BtP @9.20

      You aren’t alone. Stu can’t get his either. Just saw a tweet on Wings timeline appealing to press reader to supply his copy 😉

    209. Effijy says:


      I would ask you to reconsider your assessment of 38 Degrees.

      Yes it was galling that Brown hijacked that petition, but I put it down to a lack of knowledge on the referendum.

      I confronted them and they can see what we are saying about it
      but they have had many success stories with various petitions that support the general well being. What is done is done!

      I have long banged a drum to reach the target 100,000 signature
      for BBC bias. It seems tragic to me that we only require less than 14,000 more names to guarantee a Public Inquiry.

      This would need to be announced to the public and it certainly should force the BBC to reduce the amount of propaganda we face as the election draws near.

      Please sign-

    210. Graham MacQueen says:

      Apologies for being off topic! In the spirit of information sharing I attach a link to the official blog of Yanis Varoufakis’ proposal for a better Europe. Happy reading!

    211. Lollysmum says:

      Just checked the tweet again & Stu has been asked to email: care [at] pressreader [dot] com

    212. galamcennalath says:

      Guardian projection

      CON 281 seats
      LAB 265
      SNP 53
      LD 25
      UKIP 4
      GRN 1

      SNP + Lab would not have a majority, it would need to include LibDem

      All sorts of possibilities, but only in Scotland’s interests if we have 50ish SNP MPs!

    213. Lollysmum says:

      About the cat surgery appeal
      I’ve just had an email from Debbie White in reply to one I sent last night saying that most of last nights donations came from Wings readers aka vile odious cybernats as the press & Labour call us.

      Debbie says “Thanks so much to all of you, you made a huge difference. I tend to avoid politics generally but maybe I need to reconsider as I have clearly overlooked an amazing group of people.

      Thanks again for your generosity.”

    214. Fat boab says:

      Totally support the cause mentioned by Nana but, like Stoker, I wouldn’t touch 38 degrees with a barge pole.

      If you’re going to petition then why not cut out the middleman?

      (I see you can even petition for the welfare of your pet rabbit, so I imagine that folk that are so inclined could petition for NHS glasses for cats or whatever, – or alternatively – for the nationalisation of vets who, it would appear, are so hard up they have to charge such obscene fees . . .)

    215. Black Joan says:

      There’s talk above of T Shirts. How about a Third Fundraiser Memorial T Shirt featuring the brilliant Hamish cartoon from the fundraiser page?

    216. Effijy says:

      Latest poll gives SNP 49 seats!

      Follow on:Now that we know the RBS brass plaque story was illegally leaked. How do we get justice and heads to roll????

    217. John H. says:

      After the Brown hijacking I turned against 38 degrees too. Then, when I had calmed down I asked myself what ignoring them really achieved. I’m more angry about the theft of our territory and oil fields than I am about Brown.

      If no one signs the petition then Westminster politicians will think we don’t care, which will only encourage further encroachments on our sovereignty. So I’ve reluctantly signed.

    218. dramfineday says:

      Well done everyone indeed! But it’s you Stuart that pulls us in and makes us want to contribute. Very well done to you. And to think you were swithering after last September. I promised you then that I’d chuck in a few bob until you’d made your mind up and I’m still doing it. Brilliant. Thanks for the island of sanity in a sea of utter lying and deceptive guff.

    219. Helena Brown says:

      Fat Boab, on the subject of high Vet fees, there are some I have to quailed at, just paid £1800 for my seven year old Pug’s cataract op. What I did object to was the length of time my wee lad suffered with Entropion due to my last Vet’s incompetence. Took a Locum to actually see what they could not see for nearly five years.
      I just wanted to say to Morag and all the Wingers who helped paid for the wee stray cat,that you are all marvellous. I only saw this today.

    220. gerry parker says:

      @ Lollysmum.

      That’s nice to know, many thanks for passing it on, and I hope the we cat gets a couple of extra treats for after its ordeal.

      (did you give her the wings website url?)


    221. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      Okay, a few things, folks:

      1. I’m super-proud of you all, but donating some money doesn’t give us the right to name Debbie’s cat for her, and unless she asks us to suggest some it’s a wee bit presumptuous to be debating it in public.

      [EDIT: Apparently Debbie did just that, so hush my mouth.]

      2. It’s very kind, but I don’t need a pay rise. As it says in the fundraiser, I get other donations throughout the year on top of the basic £20K and I have an inexpensive lifestyle. There’s money in the bank. I’m doing fine. If there’s ever an emergency I’ll let you know. (But eg I’ve got plenty to cover the eye-watering £2500 implant my dentist says I need to replace a knackered old tooth…)

      3. Now we’re (spectacularly) over the goal, an app is high on the to-do list. I want something that’s mobile-phone-friendly and ideally something that archives the entire site for offline reading and can be synced with the most current content any time you like, a bit like Pocket. I’ll be looking for coders and getting quotes ASAP.

      4. Donating to other sites. We’ve been over this. I regularly tweet and publicise other people’s fundraisers if I think they’re worth supporting. Wings readers got Chris Silver’s book over the finish line when it looked like failing, as well as saving the pussycat, and have done so with many others in the past.

      My view, therefore, is that people know about these other fundraisers and if they wanted their money given to them rather than Wings, they’d do it themselves rather than using us as an intermediary. (And of course many people will have funded both.)

      If they give their money to Wings, it’s because they want it spent on Wings stuff. If I choose to make modest contributions to other fundraisers with some of my OWN personal money (like I did with Chris’ book and the Cambridge Cat), that’s my affair.

      (Incidentally, people are free to publicise and link SNP fundraisers here, but I won’t be doing so or tweeting any myself, for Electoral Commission-related reasons.)

      5. As it says in the caption, we have around £4000 in other donations from people who can’t or don’t want to use Indiegogo. That covers their modest 4% commission, so we do actually have £100K.

      I’m very happy with their service and they deserve to be paid, so that they can continue offering it to countless other Yes groups. I think the Yes grassroots movement has now raised around three-quarters of a million pounds, and almost all of it has been through IG. They’ve been good to us when other places like Kickstarter didn’t allow political projects, let’s not put them out of business.

      I think that’s it for now. Thanks once again for all your donations, but also for the kind words, and for everyone who helps us in non-cash ways. We are one. We are Wings.

    222. Fiona says:

      @ Helena Brown

      I often think we should make more of vets’ bills, because they give direct evidence from most people’s personal experience of why privatising the health service would be a disaster. We have perhaps become too distant in time for the fact that folk could not afford a doctor at need before the NHS was established: but the actual costs are illustrated by medical costs for animals. I don’t think vets are profiteering much: health care is surprisingly expensive, is all

    223. Helena Brown says:

      Nana Smith, I have signed the 39 degrees petition, I never did sign the Gordon Brown one so whilst I think they did wrong with that, it was hardly as bad a Gordon did hijacking it.

    224. thomaspotter2014 says:

      Would you like us to do this every month-I’m in.

      Worth every panny ,a million times over.

      We’re not worthy .O Great One!

    225. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      ” Perhaps some of the money could allow you to offer them a twice-weekly print column?”

      You want me to PAY them to write for them?

    226. Morag says:

      Just to clarify, I wasn’t complaining about Indiegogo’s fees. I think they provide a good service for the price. They’re a class act.

      I was referring to the fact that the percentage fee they charge goes down significantly once the target is met, and suggesting that we might try to get Emma Harper’s fundraiser for the Dumfriesshire Clydesdale and Tweeddale seat over the line to reduce the fee payable.

    227. Croompenstein says:

      @Nana –

      Signed the petition Nana, hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day with your family 🙂

      and keep up the good work, your links are superb… (your square sausage probably also superb 😀 )

    228. K1 says:

      Rev, to be fair, at 10.32pm Tjenny mentions that Debbie had asked for name suggestions for the cat in her thank you email, which I received too, so it was ‘asked for’.

      As we were all just ‘talkin’ about it, was understandable that suggestions would arise on the thread 🙂

    229. Fiona says:

      @ Rev Campbell

      Please don’t even think about that. Working for nothing is what our neoliberals want for all of us. We should definitely resist this, because they are wise, and they NEVER do that.

    230. liz says:

      IMO 38 degrees is a waste of time and a way of collecting email addresses.

      The government can ignore any petition that is not on the official site.

      But I would not presume to tell others what to do.

    231. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Rev, to be fair, at 10.32pm Tjenny mentions that Debbie had asked for name suggestions for the cat in her thank you email, which I received too, so it was ‘asked for’.”

      Fair enough, I missed that 🙂

    232. Helena Brown says:

      Fiona, funnily enough we were just saying this the other day, My Husbands Mother had both her cataracts removed, now if this had not been on the NHS imagine some old people having to find £2000 per eye, people would have to go blind. In our case the dog is no longer insured, he is now seven and will be eight this year, they were charging us over £50 pounds a month and we have not claimed that often, so we decided to take a chance and do without. His insurance would be astronomical this year, it certainly was for our two previous dogs.

    233. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Just to clarify, I wasn’t complaining about Indiegogo’s fees.”

      I know you weren’t. But someone else suggested bypassing them.

    234. Bill McLean says:

      Contributed for Emma – “Tory free will do for me!”

    235. Stoker says:

      Nana Smith says:
      “I was hoping it would achieve the same kind of publicity the child abuse petition got.
      I signed it through gritted teeth and I don’t expect lectures from any winger as we all try to do our best for Scotland.
      I would never ‘have a go’ at anyone on here and you having a go at me hurts.”

      I’m too long in the tooth to be taken by emotional blackmail.
      Let me put 2 things straight, (a)-if you want to interpret my last post as “having a go” at you then that’s your choice, i think most people can see for themselves i was making very valid points, (b)-You seem to give the impression it’s ok for you to post whatever you like without question but i can assure you if i feel someone is acting against the best wishes of our movement i am going to say so AND i’ve every right to alert newbies to the situation. I find your attempt at emotional blackmail hurtful, especially since i have no real beef with you personally.

      @ Effijy.

      No thank you, i’ve stated my points clearly in my post.

      Tell you what though, it’s mind-boggling why anyone would use that particular site when there are very clear alternatives available. As Fat boab says, why not cut out the middleman?

      Have a good day Nana, and everyone else.

      @ Rev (11.28am).

      Shame you will not allow yourself a pay-rise but i admire your principled stance. Agree with the rest of your post also.

      Just keep sticking it to them and we’ll continue to support you.

      All the very best to you and yours.

    236. Capella says:

      The BBC is very good at some things such as this theme tune for the fundraiser, God Only Knows:

    237. YESGUY says:

      Well done REV,

      And a huge cheer for all you Wingers. I am so proud to be part of this unique wee family ( ok not so wee). Commenters and writers alike show with a lot of humour the bull we have in the MSM and politics in general.

      Your a shining star on the most bleakest of nights.. 🙂

      And a pay rise is a certainty . Come on Stu , we think your deserve it. Pop on another £5,000 a year minimum. Your worth your weight in gold. Bus drivers get £ 30, 000 per an. your getting less than that … come on you know it makes sense.

      Again well done Wingers.

      And we still have another two weeks to go to lift the total even further.

      Add another £5 grand and Stu gets his rise ?? YES.

    238. YESGUY says:

      Name the cat MORAG THE WINGER

      Morag brought the poor cat to our attention. it’s only fair we recognise what a bug softy she is. Who would have thought ha ha.

      Siitingn here and total is over the £1000 so it;s fair to say job done.

      Well done Morag. Our wee gem 🙂

    239. YESGUY says:

      bug ????? should read huge. 😀

    240. Wuffing Dug says:

      @Helena Brown 11.25am
      Helena, I too have a 7 y/o pug and am waiting for similar issues. Agree on the vet bills, would advise avoiding esure as they let me down and I had to stump up for the required treatment.

      I was fortunate to have the money to cover vet fees but really feel for people who don’t.

      Glad puss is now sorted 🙂

    241. Casper1066 says:

      Irrespective of how much support you got Stu you do two important things. You educate and you get people thinking for themselves. You can’t put a price on that….thank you Stu, you woke up a lot of people, people who were searching for something, which they couldn’t find in MSM or most Newspapers.

    242. Macart says:

      Perhaps another of Chris Cairns excellent cartoons portraying a certain lion’s paw re-lighting that candle?

    243. mumsyhugs says:

      Re. Stuart’s post above at 11.28 – can we have badges, car stickers etc with his closing remarks? ie “We are one. We are Wings.” Fantastic slogan! 🙂

    244. Gary says:

      Wings has proved itself time and time again. Sourced stories, reporting what the press refuses to and speaking to the people directly, not afraid to disagree either! Good on you! Soar higher!

    245. tooz says:

      Dont say this lightly but WoS is THE single
      point of cementing an arguement.
      All i’d say is thank you for driving on in the face
      of unionist pressures and dirty tricks.

    246. Craig says:


      After reading all the comments here suggesting that you take a small pay rise, I agree with them, I do not have any objections to you using some of the funds raised to top up your salary, the fact you are honest enough to list what the money raised would have went to should the original target be achieved.

      Seeing that the money raised was doubled shows the trust we all have in you and acknowledgement of your hard work in informing people the double speak and manipulation of the media into ways that we can counter the arguments of those that seek to lie to us.

      Do take a well earned break after the 8th May, we don’t want you to be burned out, go to Austrailia if you want, all we ask is that you share you holiday snaps with us all, we need you to be healthy.

      Many thanks once again for all the hard work that you do, since coming to this website last year, I have never been so more informed in my life, I am glad that there is a WOS website or I would have still been in the dark.

    247. Helena Brown says:

      Wuffing Dug, as he is eight in October he will not now be insured. We just put the money away for him. I should tell you Hektor has had his op on the worst eye and is seeing very well, we know because he had words with some very brightly clad joggers quite a bit away in the Glen this morning. The Vet said he will be a bit like us, unable to read the menu but able to chase his dinner quite easily.Don’t know about your Pug, but Hektor got what the ophthalmic Vet called sudden onset Cataracts, one has jet to mature, so we await it happening then it will be another two grand. He is too young to leave like that. We had him latterly with Argos but when we claimed for the Entropion they paid up but I could have paid out from what I paid them then they added £20 to the monthly cost.

    248. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Rev Stu.

      I can only type that I agree with all the commendations of yourself and Wings Over Scotland above this post.

      Well done on passing the £100,000. I wonder what it will be at the end?

      BTW: a wee present winging its way to you. Should arrive around the middle of the week.

    249. Effijy says:

      The cat’s called WoScars ?


    250. Rob James says:

      Rev. Stu

      Regarding ways of using money raised, has anyone thought about a WOS magazine, printed on a monthly or even fortnightly basis? From the comments on various threads, there is a wealth of talent amongst the readership, providing articulate, informed and not least of all humourous remarks.

      Your readers could submit articles for publication, to be proof read by yourself or an assistant. Topics could cover a wide variety of themes, not necessarily on the subject of Scottish politics. (eg: world affairs, history, Scottish tourist destinations, sport, the arts etc.)

      Limited advertising could help to offset printing costs, and you have a distribution network readily available within the readership.

      This could also provide an opportunity to get the views across to those who are not involved in social media.

    251. Marie clark says:

      @ Macart 1.27. I take it your suggestion for “a certain wee lion lighting that candle” would be for the Tshirt that has been taked about.

      Great idea, i’ll but two or three with that logo to give out.

    252. Macart says:

      @ Marie

      Probably one of the most moving cartoons post ref was Chris’ hope snuffed out.

      Perhaps another, hope rekindled?

    253. Craig says:

      Macart says:
      15 March, 2015 at 4:37 pm

      @ Marie

      Probably one of the most moving cartoons post ref was Chris’ hope snuffed out.

      Perhaps another, hope rekindled?

      I agree, I remember showing that picture to my family and said to them, “Do you know what Chris should do for the next one? He should draw a group of people standing one each others shoulders and the top person should reach out with a lit match, to relight the candle of hope”.

      That would show the candle of hope wouldn’t be snuffed out for long

    254. Thepnr says:

      This candle we lit can never be snuffed out. It still burns.

    255. Macart says:


      Well said.

      If May 7th goes the way we hope, I’m looking for that candle to be be turning into a beacon.

    256. Brian Nicholson says:

      Whatever you choose to do, I look forward to the day when the SUN has to print, “It was Wings wot done it!”

    257. Paula Rose says:

      Gosh – I return from a spot of campaigning and you’ve all been caring for a pussy, so sweet xx

    258. thomaspotter2014 says:

      Keep the fire burning Stu.

    259. Fred says:

      Well done youse yins superb effort!

      @Bidge, anent “Fanny Alexander”, we’re spoiled for choice, which wan?

    260. Marie clark says:

      Aye Alex, you’re dead right. The candle can never be snuffed out. It still burns, and will burn brightly till we get to the end of our journey, however long that may be.

      I have a feeling that it’ll be a lot sooner than Westminster would appear to believe. Mind you, they seem to be doing everything possible to help us on our way.

    261. Wuffing Dug says:

      Glad to hear Hektor is on the mend, love the name btw. I guess we will do the same and put money away.

      I have two pugs, unfortunately the youngest has an inoperable tumour in her throat. She is OK just now but we just hope she soldiers on for a while.

      I know what you mean about the barking, hence my moniker. With ours its birds, sight of them, or any tweeting usually produces a woofing frenzy. Its worse just now due to oyster catchers in aberdeen!

      As for the indiegogo thing, will throw some more money in the pot, level of fees a bit disappointing.

    262. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Oystercatchers are fine looking birds.

      There’s been quite a flock of them on the Ninewells Hospital campus for a number of years. Each pair usually has three or four chicks.

      Sorry for going O/T but I was led by the beak…

    263. IAB says:

      We will surely get updates on the cat.

      I vote to call him Clutha.

      The power of a positive crowd should never be underestimated

    264. Wuffing Dug says:

      Agree, I do like oystercatchers, but I caught one pecking my car, tap, tap, tap I heard. Must have been the reflection, my car’s black. I was like, bird, yer cards marked if ye chip mah paint 🙂

    265. Zen Broon says:

      Put it down to your fantastic advertising in the Daily Record.

    266. abbeu cocker says:

      Well done,fromNew subscriber

    267. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I see Morag did a hell of a job for the Cambridge Cat.

      Now sitting at £1,100 “raised of £750 goal”.

    268. mumsyhugs says:

      Don’t worry about that candle folks – it’s one of those like you put on a birthday cake that refuses to be extinguished, no matter how many times it’s put out. That’s us – an eternal flame 🙂

    269. Andy Drynan says:

      As has been said, its great to have some media on our side. I love how rattled MSM get with wings, and the free adsfrom the daily retard are invaluable. You have more than earned our trust, happy to keep funding. Guid job that man ????

    270. Phil says:

      I was listening, yesterday (Sunday) on ‘Crossfire’, for a commentator from Wings Over Scotland; alongside those from the Hootsmon, the Shmerald, whereever. Ooops; its BBC Radio Scotland. I forgot.

    271. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi mumsyhugs.

      For you.

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