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Scotland deserves better

Posted on October 01, 2015 by

An extract from First Minister’s Questions earlier today:

That was Kezia Dugdale’s opening question. Despite the Presiding Officer making it absolutely clear that the question was improper and outwith Holyrood’s remit, the Scottish Labour leader went on to use her entire allotted time on the issue. She was then followed by Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson doing the same.

The people of Scotland are being done a grave disservice.

There are many pressing issues facing Scotland today. Indeed, the opposition parties constantly shout about the SNP neglecting them in favour of independence, although there isn’t a single bill concerning that subject on the Scottish Parliament’s timetable.

For the two main opposition leaders to waste all the time intended for holding the government to account on pushing a smear against an individual, relating to an ongoing police enquiry (in which that individual is not even currently under question), is an insult to every man, woman and child in the country whose concerns are ignored in the pursuit of political point-scoring.

FMQs is supposed to be just that – questions to the First Minister, not questions to the leader of the SNP. Michelle Thomson’s affairs are none of Holyrood’s business even if it were to be found that she’d done anything wrong – she holds no office of any kind in the Scottish Government.

(And as the FM noted in the chamber, as she’s currently not an SNP member either it wouldn’t be Nicola Sturgeon’s responsibility even if it was LOTSNPQs.)

Ruth Davidson in particular had quite a nerve raising the issue – it’s only a day since she was finally cleared of involvement in criminal activity after a police investigation into illegal ballot-sampling at the independence referendum, and she didn’t stand down from her position as Tory leader while she was the subject of that investigation.

For the two leaders to persist, even in the face of an explicit warning from the PO that they were in dereliction of their duties and in effect wasting everybody’s time, while also recklessly endangering a police enquiry (Davidson at one point even suggested putting the ongoing investigation “to one side”) is a burning, shaming indictment of the state of Scotland’s official political opposition.

Both appear unperturbed to be leading parties which are both at all-time lows in the polls, and cavalier in their disregard for the part they’ve played in making them so.

Now, we can’t say that we’re unduly bothered about the abominable current state of the Labour and Conservative parties in Scotland. Nor are we even all that fussed about their failure to properly represent the hundreds of thousands of people who voted for them. Caveat emptor, as the saying goes.

But Scotland as a whole is shamed by this pitiful calibre of politician. If every Labour and Tory MSP was to be replaced by randomly-selected Syrian refugees from the camps in Calais, the nation would almost certainly be better served.

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    185 to “Scotland deserves better”

    1. FiferJP says:

      So where was the Presiding Officer after telling Kezia off? Why didn’t the Presiding Officer stop the questions or rule them illegal or warn Kez and Ruth?

    2. Martin Wood says:

      very well said

    3. FatCandy says:

      “If every Labour and Tory MSP was to be replaced by randomly-selected Syrian refugees from the camps in Calais, the nation would almost certainly be better served.” – Oooooftya.

    4. george says:

      well said

    5. michael diamond says:

      I think the people who voted for these blue and red tories should be feeling cheated, because they are certainly not being represented.

    6. Training Day says:

      Bang on, Rev, but really this farce is intended to serve only one purpose – to allow a grinning Jackie Bird and ‘I’m John Mackay’ to feed the gullible with ‘ferocious onslaught on an embattled Sturgeon’ lines.

      The ‘Scottish’ media do a far more effective job in opposing the SNP, and both Dugdale and Davidson, empty vessels though they be, at least understand that.

    7. Anne Bruce says:

      Their behaviour is insulting to the Scottish electorate.

      It makes me more determined than ever to vote SNP twice in May.

      The MP referred to is innocent until evidence proves otherwise. The 2 attack dogs should shut up and stop embarrassing themselves.

      What a complete joke they are.

    8. Murray McCallum says:

      I don’t understand (from the perspective of being declining/failing political forces) their ongoing tactics.

      Surely best to pick a clear policy area, question the government’s approach & record; and take the opportunity to promote your own policy as notably superior?

      Obviously this approach depends on having superior policies to promote. Ah! ….

    9. Tony Little says:


      Once the First Minister agreed to respond, she effectively took that decision out of the PO’s hands. Of course if Nicola had said, “I agree with the PO” and sat down saying nothing, can you imagine the faux-outrage in Holyrood and across the MSM?

    10. Jim says:

      Just watched the FMqs and have to agree this is a disgrace of the highest order.

      Dogdale continued like a Dug with a bone keeping up with the pretense that Michelle Thompson was guilty of something without actually saying it.

      There is a police investigation but it does not involve Michelle Thompson so what are these gimps prattling on about.

      Guilty until proven Innocent was what I got reading between the lines of Davidson’s questioning and that from someone who was indeed under investigation herself.

      Dogdale and Davidson should resign for being a disgrace to Scottish Politics and wasting 20 mins of my life.

    11. Les Wilson says:

      Yes, and once more a concerted attack by both Dugdale and Ruthie. This just goes to show how closely they work together.

      It is almost every week now, as it was before Indy ref, that they are hand in hand against the SNP and those who voted for them.

      They are indeed national disgrace, with no respect for Scotland.

    12. Colin Church says:

      FMQs becomes the Daily Mail letters page. SNP very BAD.

      What is going on that has to have this co-ordinated MSM BBC STV Lab Tory smear on at volume 11. Squirrel tactics?

      On the other hand could it just be that they have really gotten that low? Desperate, depressing stuff.

    13. Jim says:

      Oh, I forgot to say, Ruth Wank Commander. chortle, chortle.

    14. call me dave says:

      I was pleased to see, and hear, that Sturgeon had no objection to answering the questions that Kezia Dugdale was about to ask.

      The folk who were tuned in must wonder how low the labour party can go, it was dreadful. Still they had to put on a a bit of a show for Jeremy. Was he in attendance in the chamber?

      As I said on a previous thread Sturgeon, in my opinion, played it well leaving the opportunity open to take action in the future if required.

      As for Ruthie..aye quite the brass neck!

      Here is another labour sniper, he was chief usher in Glasgow to the Imperial Masters when they came up to convince us all in Scotland to vote NO. “An inadvertent error” he says.

    15. I had suspected this issue of Ms Thomson’s property dealings would be raised at Holyrood by both Labour and the Tories.

      The opportunity for them to continue to smear the SNP MP and show the SNP in a bad light was too good an opportunity for them to miss.

      My concern in this affair is, that if the police were to evidence against Mr. Frank Kilbride, this will only encourage the press, Labour and the Tories to continue to attack Ms Thomson in order to make her position untenable forcing her into the position where she has to resign.

    16. Andrew McLean says:

      Actual our saintly and perfumed first minister should have answered the rumptious mrs Dugdales actual question, “what did she or anyone know of Michelle Thomson’s allegations?” Oh What allegations has Michelle made? I demand to be told!
      perhaps mrs Dugdale read her question incorrectly, or was she “Self Talking”?

    17. James Kelly has just had a ruling against him for making claims about Alex Salmond. I hope I an correct when I think that it does the Cons/lab real damage in the country.

    18. Macart says:

      Just stunning.

      2016 is opportunity aplenty to clear this nonsense and appalling behaviour out of our politics.

    19. Taranaich says:

      It’s pretty clear that none of the secondary parties in the Scottish Parliament are the opposition – it’s Westminster itself. The “Scottish” Labour, Tories and Neoliberal Democrats are merely the viceroys of their imperial masters down south.

      But Scotland as a whole is shamed by this pitiful calibre of politician.

      And to think, New Labour thought of their Westminster MPs as the cream of the crop, and Holyrood the mere “B” Team: Alexander, Brown, Darling, Murphy, and all the others playing at the Big Boy’s Parliament, while the likes of Dugdale, Gray, and Baillie have to make do with the Wee Pretendy Parliament. Now their star players are all but gone, save some sneaking into the Lords, and they’re stuck with the least of their politicians… for now.

    20. Free Scotland says:

      It won’t be long before these two buffoons are forced to do the walk of shame, rejected at the ballot box, slithering away to political oblivion like a pair of salted snails.

    21. muttley79 says:

      Up until today I thought that it was a iron clad rule in politics that, if you are an elected representative, you should never ever comment on a ongoing police investigation. It should be regarded as a procedure to follow, and it extremely unwise to flout this in a parliament, as it puts yourself and your party into very difficult and dangerous territory. I am amazed that Dugdale and Davidson co-ordinated this smear, after all that has happened in Scottish politics over the last few years. They truly are scrapping the bottom of the political barrel now.

    22. jimnarlene says:

      They have no policies, suited to the Scottish Parliament, so try and smear the government by any and all means.
      Keep it up, as according to poling, it ain’t working.

    23. As none of the unionist parties have been able to lay a glove on the SNP since the referendum, nobody should be surprised by their desperation to try to use the smear tactics which were seen today. I was very pleased with how Nicolas Sturgeon handled the matters concerned. She really is a politician of the highest order.

    24. Johnny says:

      Murray McCallum, spot on.

      Of course, if someone actually has done something wrong, it should be looked into. But if Kezia imagines that I am going to think, ‘oh, an SNP MP might have done something naughty, so I better vote against them and endorse the UKOK neo-liberal concensus and all that entails instead’, she has another think coming.

      I care about policies and their implementation and how these will effect myself, my family and friends, and other people like us. I am not interested in personality-led, smear-fest, politics. So just stop it, Kez and Ruth.

    25. bunter says:

      Well it did just allow STV news to run the headline “FM faces further questions”, while editing out what the PO said.

    26. Sinky says:

      OK this should be posted under NAILING DOWN THE TRUTH

      ON Labour claims about college discontent, can SNP MSPs please note and read the following:

      Survey of Further Education Members

      UNISON Scotland

      In June 2015 UNISON Scotland asked members working in further education colleges for whom they had an email address (923 members) to fill in an electronic survey about changes in their workplaces. Two hundred and sixty-six members responded from 16 different colleges.

      This survey was undertaken to check whether the issues/complaints that UNISON reps were dealing with on a day to day basis in colleges was reflected in the experiences of our wider FE membership. The vast majority (65%) of those who responded believe that the service has got worse over the last two years. While 15% believe it has improved.

      So 265 responses from a 13,000 membership and as usual only those who are unhappy respond which could be argued that the vast majority 66% on those who responded are content with life.

    27. Sorry typo in my post at 1.53pm should have read as, if the police were to find evidence

    28. Andrew McLean says:

      Free Scotland

      Fantastic metaphor! “slithering away to political oblivion like a pair of salted snails.” still laughing!

    29. K1 says:


      Can you imagine if the SNP had raised the conduct of Gordon Matheson, the Glasgow Council Labour leader, who was discovered retaining the services of a man, who’s penis his mouth was found wrapped around, being raised at FMQ’s at that time?

      Can you imagine if the case of Stephen Purcell, the Glasgow Council Labour leader, who was out his face on cocaine and in cahoots with the darker side of the city’s nightlife had been raised at FMQ’s at that time?

      Nah, didn’t think so. And even if they did, at least it would have had some relevance to Scottish based administrations.

      Both Kezia Dugdale and Ruth Davidson are a pair of sleazy smearing infantile sock puppets.

      Let’s get the whole lot of them out next year. SNP/SNP.

    30. Proud Cybernat says:

      They really don’t get it, do they? The 45%+ are alive and well and sharing news and views all over the net. The spin and lies of SLABBC are only preaching to the (un)converted; the ‘some of the people, all of the time’ who unquestioningly take in their cobblers. These numbers will dwindle over time as more and more people have their eyes opened and finally see through the web of Unionist deceit.

      Their problem is that they will find the 45%+ are immune to their propaganda; that we are well informed with a steely, unshakeable resolve and that is all we need to smash the Unionists in Holyrood in SE2016.

      And boy do they know it!

    31. Grendel says:

      I’m sure McPravda will be gearing up to milk this little concerted performance at half past six tonight…

    32. walter scott says:

      It was very depressing. The same tactic was used against Salmond regarding Putin. Lamont used up all her questions (so did Davidson) asking why Alex loved Vladimir when the Russian leader was utterly beastly. This behaviour hasn’t exactly yielded pay-dirt. Why do they persist? Is it because they just can’t help being hateful of the snp? They have been punished by the voters for this kind of thing. Smear,innuendo & totally wasting the parliament’s time. Also they give ammunition to their uglier natured followers by showing zero respect for Holyrood & the office of the 1st Minister. Holyrood needs a total clearout of there cretins.

    33. Dr Jim says:

      The First Minister is a Star she didn’t have to answer but she allowed them to dig their big giant Bitter Together Chasm and show any doubters in Scotland exactly what their respective political leaders are made of

      And both Labour and Conservative and Unionist obliged

      They’re made of Brown Smelly Stuff

      Nicola Sturgeon: Quality Class and Poise, not to mention impeccable manners

      Well I did mention them, but still

    34. Anne says:

      Disappointed on watching BBC Reporting Scotland lunchtime news, that no mention was made of the Presiding Officer stating that the subject was outside the remit of Holyrood and also inappropriate. Agree, Nicola Sturgeon did the right thing to answer it as she was able to nail down the inaccuracies of Dugdale and Davidson. I reckon Dugdale was reading a script as she wasn’t debating any points.

    35. X_Sticks says:

      @James Caithness

      “James Kelly has just had a ruling against him for making claims about Alex Salmond.”

      Can’t have happened, it’s not been reported on our wonderful national broadcaster bbc!

    36. David Agnew says:

      Even on a good day, Scottish labour and reason…well lets just say they are not on talking terms right now. You could say they were estranged some time back.

      A desperately pathetic attempt to insinuate criminal wrong doing upon an entire party structure is the politics of the pig sty. But when you are bereft of any moral compass, suffer from a poverty of imagination. When you are a political weather vane. When you find yourself standing on top of a sheer mountain of crud, fashioned by your own hands…what do you do?

      Scottish labour are now so completely and utterly beyond redemption, that this belligerent imbecility is all they have left. They are cartoonishly inept and pathologically stupid.

      But if you think this is as low as they can get…think again. They are now minds forever voyaging the lands of the nabob. They are now operating outwith the bounds of common decency and humanity. Frankly it may take decades to consign them to the dustbin of history along with their fellow travelers, the Scottish conservatives and the liberal democrats.

      But one day – one glorious day, we can finally remove them from their perches, open the windows and get the smell of their stupidity out of the seats.

    37. skintybroko says:

      Dugdale also has a nerve stating that Michelle Thomson was taking advantage of vulnerable people. WAF nerve, that’s what Labour in Scotland have been doing for the past 70 years.

      The PO couldn’t really do anything after NS said she would answer the questions but the spin from the BBC and STV is outrageous.

      If Michelle Thomson has don something illegal it will be dealt with in the correct manner but am damn sure there will be no apology from the media or the opposition if she is found to be vindicated.

      Cant wait for 2016 SNP & SNP lets wipe the last vestiges of those hypocrites from our political and media landscape.

    38. galamcennalath says:

      Why is everyone from every party working so hard to achieve Scottish independence?

      I’m serious. I’m not even being sarcastic. Labour, Tories and LibDems are working their arses off persuading Scots that Indy is the best option for our future. They actually are!

      Neither am I complaining. The events in Parliament today were a disgrace, yes, but everything leads to one increasingly inevitable outcome.

    39. Before my time runs out on my computer session can I mention OT that the Kinglassie by-election is taking place

    40. Janet says:

      Rev, indeed the only opposition in the UK is the SNP. I’m sure that they must have a file on you!

      I see that the Carmichael story appears to have disappeared and replaced with the MT alleged scandal.

      Next May, I will not be wasting my time to give my second vote to any of the smaller parties: it has to be SNP/SNP.

      Nothing else could possibly get up the noses of these Establishment b’stards.

    41. Andrew McLean says:

      Another day another smear attack!
      However it will take a long time to get the image of David Cameron standing naked beside the pigs head out of my mind!
      Actually what happened to the link to that, I wanted to get a tshirt made for my holidays?

    42. Tinto Chiel says:

      An excellent analysis of how low the Unionists will go.

      They embody shameless hypocrisy and a desperation to smear because they have absolutely nothing positive to offer the Scottish people.

      Was Kezia showing off for Corby Baby?

      At least we got the chance to see Labour and Tory arm-in-arm again. Just like old times, eh?

      Roll on next May and the Unionists’ Graveyard.

    43. Giving Goose says:

      It is tempting to rise above this sort of behaviour or to treat it with a certain amount of intellectual snobbery. It’s similar to a scenario (and I’m sure many will have found themselves in this position) where you find yourself being intolerant of someone who is intellectually challenged; you make the right noises, swiftly change the subject or ignore them in the hope that they go away. It’s embarrassing.

      It’s really difficult to get your head around what is going on in Dugdale’s mind.

      Conspiracy theorists may find themselves thinking that the questioning by Dugdale & co (I use the phrase “& co” because essentially the opposition in Scotland is a single issue conglomeration, despite any artificial monikers such as Labour or Tory) is deliberately framed to Dumb Down the Scottish Parliament.

      If only it were that simple.

      An alternative theory is that Dugdale & co still regard themselves as the legitimate heirs to the original Dewar administration, and therefore the SNP as some sort of illegitimate interlopers who do not belong. It’s lazy thinking if this is the case but perhaps helps to explain their seemingly amateurish and insulting treatment to the institution that is the Scottish Parliament.

      Therefore In Dugdale’s world the people she is facing across the chamber should not be there. They are illegals, to be treated with disdain. And because they, the undesirables of the SNP, are beneath her contempt, then any line of questioning goes, because the Scottish Parliament has failed her, Dugdale, and should in itself be open to be treated with the same lack of respect.

      Dugdale displays arrogance, bitterness, hatred, wounded pride, disbelief and naked anger and hatred of an institution (Parliament and the Scottish electorate) that has inexplicably (in her world view) ungratefully turned its back on Dugdale & co.

      Kezia didn’t sign up for this. She, Kezia, should be gracing the stage as First Minister of a Scottish Parliament. Well if that’s not the case then Yaa Boo Sucks to it all and she’ll stick two fingers up to it for good measure.

    44. Marcia says:

      Politics back to normal with the opposition down in the gutter with their smears.

    45. One_Scot says:

      FFS. Is that the best the unionists have got, and I mean on all levels.

      Just where do you start with pish like that. I was actually happy to wait six years, but I think I’ll be F’in insane by then.

    46. heedtracker says:

      This display is for the BBC Scotland rolling teatime poliical news attack propaganda his evening and throughout the week. All edited to make it look as awful as its meant to look. Well the BBC and all the rest of them. Let’s just face it. Kezia particularly will be top story teatime broadcast with Jackey Bird near jumping out of her seat.

      The actual opposition to SNP is the BBC led media. Kez and Ruth are merely bit part players in a far larger unionist assault on Holyrood and Scottish democracy. It’s never going to end either. BBC can’t seem to get SLab back in so they have to shut down Holyrood, denigrate, belittle, mock and sneer, it’s all there. SNP bad, Holyrood’s shite, vote SLabour says BBC vote NO Scotland.

      It’s that UKOK simple

      Even historic liars and weirdos at far right Torygrpah creep show are boosting alll new but not red Tory “JC takes back Scotland for Labour.” Funny that.

    47. Clootie says:

      Kezia really enjoys rolling in the gutter and is obviously encouraging the behaviour given the questions of Rhoda Grant and Co following her.

      I have nothing but disgust for such cheap theatrical stunts.

      Why not focus on improving the lives of your fellow Scots Kezia instead of trying to revive your support by such vile attacks.

    48. North chiel says:

      Beginning to ponder if “left wing Jeremy” will in fact lead the “Scottish labour”
      campaign for Holyrood 2016 ?Could it be the case that Dugdale will be the
      campaign “front runner “, however if she makes no impression in the polls,
      the “better together shock& awe “westminster media onslaught will be similarly
      used late in the campaign with a London/Westminster “invasion” of “journalists and
      media ” to instigate a ” propaganda blitz” on behalf of “slab” .
      The desperados are aware that if they can prevent an SNP majority then 2nd referendum
      Is thwarted.Thereafter “job done” Jeremy will be ditched.

    49. Proud Cybernat says:

      A thought crossed my mind today. No doubt others here have probably had a similar thought over the years.

      It has to be on purpose–there’s no other explanation. What am I talking about? The complete ineptness, diddiness of ALL the Unionists parties and their MSPs. Think about it. If you are a Labour voter who supports independence but who would prefer a Scottish Labour Govt after independence, the sheer incompetence of this lot would be enough to put you off supporting independence, lest they actually get their hands on power.

      Keep the Unionist parties in Scotland filled by numpties and now one would ever want and independent Scotland where they might end up in charge.

    50. Lesley-Anne says:

      So the Branch manager asks not one, two or Three but FOUR questions around a live ongoing police investigation and a former S.N.P. M.P. (having surrendered the whip temporarily until the matter is resolved.)

      Could this be an attempt by the Branch office to kill off the police investigation because they, the branch office, know they will get nowhere with the outcome?

      Obviously I’m no lawyer but surely what the branch manager and wee tankette driver did today came extremely close to causing the current police investigation to be shut down due to outside interference.

      I think from a persnal level the longer the branch office manager and wee tankette driver carry on down this road of holding hands and, in effect, asking the same question SIX times every Thursday the better it is for us. We can then turn round next May and say to the electorate that they have a choice:

      1) vote S.N.P. twice and get a government that actually cares about the people of Scotland and is doing as much as it can under extremely dire financial constraints from WM without any help from the other three main parties.

      2) vote for the RED or BLUE Tories and get a bunch of Primary school children into Holyrood who are incapable of behaving like grown ups and don’t give a damn about the people of Scotland. Let’s face it if they DID give a damn they would be asking genuine serious questions about what is happening in Scotland and NOT about a police investigation the F.M. has no input into or control over!

      I’ve seen 5 year old children ask more serious questions than this pair of Widow Twankie sisters!

    51. yesindyref2 says:

      I was thinking when I saw the clip having read the article, that Sturgeon should have said something like at the end:

      “I will answer this question, but as this is improper business for Holyrood and FMQs I won’t answer any more questions on it”. (perhaps looking pointedly at Dugdale’s sidekick Davidson).

      But she’s better answering openly and sensibly.

    52. Lollysmum says:

      Bet the MSM were all set to run with articles saying “Sturgeon refuses to answer questions on MT”

      Love the way that she changed that by saying she was happy to answer! You can bet a few journos were cursing her for that response & needing to do a quick rewrite of their pre-prepared articles.

      Fact is that the more they play those stupid games, the better SNP looks for not descending to those same levels.

    53. Tinto Chiel says:

      And did Kezia not sneer, “Is she not going to say anything?” after the FM said she would be happy to respond?

      She’s a complete embarrassment: even the two MSPs behind her looked uncomfortable.

      I think some of them are getting the feeling that they’re all roped up to Kezia but she’s blithely heading for the snow cornice.

    54. Les Wilson says:

      Was watching the reporting Scotland snippet after the lunch time news. Wall to wall SNP bad.
      What the f… are we going to do about this?????

    55. Luigi says:

      Sigh, what did you expect every Thursday, when Buckie Thistle take on Real Madrid?

      The cream of Scottish unionism, Ms Dugdale and Ms Davidson, would not even make the SNP B team sub’s bench. Mr Rennie would make appropriate daft mascot, however, if suitably dressed. 🙂

      No offence intended, to that great Highland League team!

    56. Charles says:

      There is a Unionist offence in full swing right now.

      Leading up to Labour Party Conference we saw the disgraceful use of Janet McKays death to imply further incompetence from Police Scotland.

      We then saw further attacks on the NHS via Labour and their BBC Eleanor Bradford.

      We then had blatant lies and spin at Labour party conference against SNP, which BBC faithfully repeated without question and no right of reply.

      We then saw the manufactured scandal of T in the Park and the 170K given to support the event, BBC again repeated Labour lies that D F Concerts made ‘ millions of pounds in profits’ and didnt need any funding, this was the basis of their outrage – but if you actually look at D F Concerts retained profits in their last accounts they made a profit of…191k, and the year before a loss of 461k.

      They sound desperate, they look desperate, they are desperate and as much as they continue to add insult to injury…ultimately they will be punished at the ballot box.

    57. Free Scotland says:

      Every time old Jezza Corbyn utters a word in praise of Kezia Dugdale, it hammers home the impression that labour are heading for the scrapheap. (Sighs of relief all round).

    58. Robert Peffers says:

      @FiferJP says: 1 October, 2015 at 1:34 pm:

      “So where was the Presiding Officer after telling Kezia off? Why didn’t the Presiding Officer stop the questions or rule them illegal or warn Kez and Ruth?”

      Probably, FiferJP, it was due to Nicola stating she didn’t mind answering the oppositions questions. In any case, as the Scottish Media, within minutes, was already spinning things Establishmentwise it made sense for Nicola to get at lease some chance of reply. She sure as hell will never get such a chance on the Scottish Establishment media outlets.

    59. yesindyref2 says:

      Thinking about it, it’s almost certain the MSM won’t report Marwick’s comment, just “Sturgeon accused …”. But presumably the National will report it accurately, won’t it?

      Which brings me to something we can all do in that engagement “out there” with NO voters. Perhaps 5% of them are hardened activists, waste of time, but the target is the 95% who don’t really care, but just accept the MSM.

      So the tactic could be, instead of putting the other point of view, just suggesting they buy the National and the Scotsman, or whatever, and compare how the same story is presented in the two papers – something I used to do in the 80s to try to find out the truth. A pro-Tory against a pro-Labour Sunday was my way. Over a few pints of course.

      They might say “But the National is pro-indy and pro-SNP”, to which the answer is “Yes, but the X is anti-indy and anti SNP. Just see for yourself how different the story is in the two papers, that’ll show you that there is bias, there is distortion, and you can decide where the truth lies, somewhere in-between”.

      That’s what we can use our pro-indy paper for – get the general public to compare, not believe, just compare. How the papers report FMQs is a prime way of doing that because, if they can then be bothered to try to find out the unvarnished truth themselves, they can find the recorded FMQ themselves, on BBC or youtube, and make their own minds up.

    60. Sandra says:

      Kez no doubt trying to impress her new boss, up from London on a wee jaunt to check out the branch office. What a shame she hasn’t the brains or talent and has to resort to mudslinging. Her party really is bankrupt if she’s the best they can muster.

    61. Nana Smith says:

      Spotted this earlier re Corbyn’s visit to the northern shires

      and according to Corbyn’s senior advisor Axelrod

      Respect agenda going well there.

    62. One_Scot says:

      Do they not realise we can all see how pathetically orchestrated this is between the unionist media and Slabber.

      ‘Does the Fist Minster or anyone she knows, or anyone she is likely to know in the future, or any people who have not yet been born….’

      Does this women not realise she is taking up space that someone else can use.

    63. Ruby says:

      Training Day says:
      1 October, 2015 at 1:43 pm

      Bang on, Rev, but really this farce is intended to serve only one purpose – to allow a grinning Jackie Bird and ‘I’m John Mackay’ to feed the gullible with ‘ferocious onslaught on an embattled Sturgeon’ lines.

      I totally agree with that. I just wonder if the MSM are handing them their script.

      The problem both ‘Wunderkind Kezia’ and ‘The Tank Commander’ have is they are too obvious.

    64. yesindyref2 says:

      Just an afterthought for that. It wouldn’t fit on the Rev’s website, but someone who had time, slight web skills, and a regular daily routine (unlike me), could set up a website with two columns, with the sole purpose of having the front page picture of the anti-SNP newspaper on the left, and the equivalent from the National on the right – probably with no commentary. Perhaps just a couple of lines underneath – “spot the difference between article XXX on the two papers”.

      The website would then grow and grow and grow. I can think of a suitable name or two to register for the domain name 🙂 The domain name could be forwarded on to a wordpress blog (if they allow that).

    65. G H Graham says:

      The opposition in Holyrood is actually the BBC; a propaganda channel working on behalf of the British Establishment.

      Consequently, all it needs are a few choice lines from the Dugdale & Davidson Show so that it can edit in to its next broadcast yet another dreary negative narrative.

      Propriety, procedures, facts & morals are cast aside, just so long as the BBC can penetrate the living rooms & car radios in order to undermine the legitimacy of the Scottish government & indeed the Scottish parliament.

      All it takes is one member from any other party with nothing more than a pulse & a prewritten script to provide all the justification the BBC needs to continue with this shocking pretence of editorial fairness & balance.

      There are only two but important actions you can take; 1. withdraw your funding from the BBC License Fee, 2. Vote SNP/SNP at the 2016 Holyrood elections.

      I say this, not because I think the SNP are perfect because I don’t but if nothing else to make the task of the BBC just that wee bit more miserable.

    66. Macart says:


      My what a wit Mr Axlerod is… Any sharper and that fella could accidentally cut himself with a wit like that.

      Keep it coming Labour.

      You’re batting a hundred so far today in the charm offensive.

    67. Graham MacLure says:

      Sorry t be a bit off topic but according to the Press and Journal this morning,

      “Michelle Thomson who is under police investigation”

      If this is untrue I am willing to support Mrs Thomson through crowd funding to sue them if she chooses to take that path.

    68. Lesley-Anne says:

      Respect agenda going well there.

      I know this bampot of an excuse for a Labourite, I assume, was trying to funny there Nana but really … calling us Scotch???

      If he had wanted to be *ahem* humourous there are far better words for him to use.


      I forgot we are all too stupid to realise that he is actually talking about US. He is obviously discussing some new blend of Scotch Whisky … apparently! 😀

    69. yesindyref2 says:

      Same thing as the newspaper comparison could be done for the BBC political reporting, against BBC Parliament live, when it shows FMQs. Compare these two minutes of what really happened, with how it’s reported by the same broadcaster.

      It would need to be a dedicated website, no opinion pieces to dilute the message. The clips would BE the message.

    70. Iain More says:

      Scotland deserves better, well it deserves rid of the Brit Nat Labour and Tory Party permanently. They would give even Scottish gutter a bad name. They just aren’t performing the role of an opposition at any level.

    71. call me dave says:

      Article in the Herald:
      She’s helping police with their enquiries says Aamer Anwar. Who also warns certain folk to be careful not to prejudice a live case.

      The BBC web site paints it a different shade…Good old Auntie!

    72. muttley79 says:

      ^What G H Graham says above. The BBC are there to protect the British state, they apparently did it during the General strike, they certainly did it during the Miners Strike, their management protected Saville during his horrendous reign of abuse, as he clearly had the dirt on members of the establishment; and they are about to run a Panorama programme on smearing and trying to discredit the alleged victims of an establishment paedophile network (according to Exaro News). This is an organisation that does the British establishment’s bidding. To think otherwise is to be extremely naïve imo.

    73. heedtracker says:

      Bet the MSM were all set to run with articles saying “Sturgeon refuses to answer questions on MT”

      Far right Press and journal beat you with their “Sturgeon breaks silence” monstering. It’s full on that lot as well. These are the good times for Tory propagandists but they’ve a huge electoral mountain to climb. P&J’s a harder right attack machine on Holyrood than even the BBC, tending to similar non reporting of Holyrood at all, or full on monstering. It doesn’t exist, SNP bad, cat stuck up tree.

      They have a huge boost today for JC too who says its “Better Together blamed for polls battering” For such a far right paper P&J give a double page spread to Lab leader but they have it all wrapped with JC insists ” politics north of the border not about nationalism versus unionism”

      You have to hand to JC, he’s got an amazing capacity to play his UKOK games in Scotlans, unitl anyone asks him anything about what exactly they’re trying to get away with in their Scotland region.

    74. Ken says:

      “If anybody in the SNP … were aware of Michelle Thomson’s allegations before they were printed in the Sunday Times.”

      Dear God, Michelle Thomson has not made any allegations, rather they are being made against her.

      Is Fifi so utterly stupid that she cannot even get a simple smear right?

    75. Robert Louis says:

      So, today, the Scottish branch manager for both the red AND blue tories, had the chance to hold the Scottish Government to account. They could have tackled Education, health, transport, welfare, housing, schools, the courts, child poverty, in fact a vast number of subjects which are important to the people of Scotland.

      Instead what we saw, was the two, to use Thatcher’s notorious phrase, ‘Moaning minnies’ of Scottish politics, girn and whinge their way through twenty minutes of THEIR time on live TV, in order to smear the First Minister of Scotland.

      Michelle Thomson, Westminster MP, is not accused of anything, she has not been cautioned, she has not been charged, indeed, she is as innocent as you or I. yet here we saw the truly pathetic spectacle of supposed adults, wittering on regarding a Westminster MP at FMQ’s, which is not under the remit of the office of First Minister of Scotland.

      These Scottish branch managers of both the red tories and their blue tory chums, with whom they work (as they did again today), are not fit to run an Avon party, never mind the Scottish Government.

      It seems all this talk of a new politics from Jeremy Corbyn, is just the same old usual Labour bull. Kezia Dugdale, is fast becoming an open joke in Scotland.

    76. Big Jock says:

      Also interesting that better together are actually still in operation in the Scottish Parliament. They are both coordinating and feeding their attacks against the SNP in unison. So much for Dugdale and Corbyn saying they regretted propping up the Tories.

      Can the three unionists parties not act independently of each other. In effect it is one opposition in Scotland not 3. And they have the cheek to complain about a one party state.

      This is their plan smear, attack the NHS and the police. More of the same in 2016 I suspect. With BBC making sure they get their message out , SNP BAD!

    77. Lesley-Anne says:

      call me dave says:
      1 October, 2015 at 3:17 pm

      Article in the Herald:
      She’s helping police with their enquiries says Aamer Anwar. Who also warns certain folk to be careful not to prejudice a live case.

      The BBC web site paints it a different shade…Good old Auntie!

      Oh please, please, PLEASE some legal bigwig make the decision that Pinky and Perky from FMQ’s have overstepped the mark and have indeed prejudiced this case.

      Just for once I would love to see a politician, or two 😉 , up in court bang to rights on a case of prejudicing an ongoing police investigation. 😀

      If there are problems identifying anyone I’m sure some of us can come up with a couple of names. 😉

    78. Luigi says:

      “politics north of the border not about nationalism versus unionism”

      Damn right it aint. It’s all about two types of nationalism:

      One civic, inclusive and socially responsible.

      And the other a nasty, ugly, xenophobic, bigoted form that denies its’ own existence.

      Up here in the wild north, you takes your pick, Jeremy.

    79. Nana Smith says:


      Scotch heathens apparently. As Macart says “what a wit”
      I do wonder if he came up with that all by himself.

      I like your description “bampot of an excuse” and what is that on his top lip, could it be a Michael White tache?

      Just another clown then.

    80. Robert Louis says:

      Oh, and just on the Michells thomson non story, let’s just remember, as a previous solicitor acting on my behalf enjoyed telling me, ‘A house is only worth what somebody is prepared to pay for it’.

      That is it in a nutshell. It matters not, what somebody paid yesterday, or last week. The price is what somebody will pay now.

    81. donald anderson says:

      Ruth Davidson is no airhead and a lawyer to boot, so why did she mimic Cheezzie Dugtail’s irrelevance?

      Dugtail’s Fairy Tails that passed for a Political Broadcast yesterday saw her telling wee primary weans that they future will be secured if they vote her as the next Mother Theresa. None were old enough to ask how, or bring up Labour’s criminal record in office. Absolutely no substance to her silly assertions and vague aspirations. Wot a dumpling. She really needs a compliant and unquestioning loyalist meejah,

    82. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I thought Wee Nippy handled Dippity Dug and the Strap-On Kid well at FMQs today. But, how I wish she had gone on the attack more.

      She might, for instance, have pointed-out that Michelle Thompson voluntarily stood-down when these allegations first surfaced, but, that, at the moment she is not being investigated by the Police, whom she (Ms Thompson) is only too willing to co-operate with.

      The FM might then have compared with Ms Thompson’s conduct with that of the Strap-On Kid, who, even though her conduct was being investigated by the Police regarding irregular conduct during the Referendum, did not stand down from her position as Leader of the Scottish Tories.

      The FM was quite right to be fairly ambivalent with Dippity Dug, it is never wise to interrupt your enemy when they are making mistakes, as Dippity Dug does, all day, every day.

    83. Iain More says:

      Big Jock says:

      1 October, 2015 at 3:26 pm

      “Also interesting that better together are actually still in operation in the Scottish Parliament. They are both coordinating and feeding their attacks against the SNP in unison. So much for Dugdale and Corbyn saying they regretted propping up the Tories.

      Can the three unionists parties not act independently of each other. In effect it is one opposition in Scotland not 3. And they have the cheek to complain about a one party state.”

      I don’t think they can. Their coordinated attacks come right out of certain Brit Nat FB pages or so it seems to me. I am beginning to suspect that is exactly where the BBC (Brit Nat Brainwashing Corp)and Britannia TV Aberdeen take their headlines as well.

    84. Robert Louis says:

      I do think what we are witnessing today, is what you might call a ‘dry run’ for the smear onslaught that will be unleashed by the Media and britnat parties, in the run up to the 2016 election.

      The blue and red tories are completely unable to win on the basis of their policies (do they have any?), so will rely on the likes of the BBC Britnat propaganda machine, to do just what it did in the run up to the referendum.

      Make no mistake, we will see more of this kind of rubbish – all of which will be found post election, to be unfounded.

      Seriosuly, the sooner we are independent, and free from this pro britannia, London worshipping hubris, the better.

    85. Angusthedug says:

      “If every Labour and Tory MSP was to be replaced by randomly-selected Syrian refugees from the camps in Calais, the nation would almost certainly be better served.

      They will almost certainly be better educated.

    86. yesindyref2 says:

      Just finishing off on that idea of the two column website comparing both sides, or relity with the BBC, the first couple of domain names I thought of are gone, but there’s an even better one available, both .com and, a good aggressive descriptive name.

      I’m not going to post it here for obvious reasons, but could do it via the Rev by email, or some other intermediary email addy – I’ve not currently got a throwaway email addy (could get one I guess).

      Only for someone who’s actually going to go with it, and probably even can show a wordpress blog with it running.

    87. Giving Goose says:

      O/T apologies but important.

      While Kezia and her fellow Tories attempt to smear the First Minister, people in the Highlands are starving and having to resort to stealing to survive.

      Thanks Labour Tories, thanks to the other Tories and the LibDem Tories.

      People are starving because of you. I hope you are proud. Rule Britannia….

    88. yesindyref2 says:

      A wee correction about the Herald article, it’s title is:

      “Solicitor: Michelle Thomson has offered to help police with investigation into property dealings”

      which had a very different meaning from “X is helping police with their enquiries” (usually meaning they’re a suspect)!

    89. gordoz says:

      Its a kinder politics Jeremy – but not as we know it!

    90. Tony Little says:

      @LA and others

      Isn’t that Axelrod twitter account a spoof one?

    91. scotspine says:

      Again, with this obviously co-ordinated attack on SNP / FM by MSM and Labour and Tories, we need some kind of popular voice media presence (Radio / TV) to counter it.

      Folk getting their news from the Internet is one thing, but a lot of (and I don’t use this lightly) “lazy folk” are happy to listen to the drip feed united front of BBC et al.

      Give folk a popular alternative to listen to (rather than having to find it and read it – No offence meant here Stu, you are indispensable, but we need a broad front) with a debunking stance (like this site) and we may capture more voters.

    92. dakk says:

      ‘If every Labour and Tory MSP was to be replaced by randomly selected Syrian refugees’

      Sounds good.A kind of benign ‘ethnic cleansing’. 🙂

    93. K1 says:

      The comments btl on that article, are disgraceful, who is this prick Terry Kelly, what a monstrous little nyaff, he’s all over the comments, with snide and utter derision.

      Is he the Labour councillor that everyone on social media seems to know? You can be sure this is a full ‘operation smear’ campaign that is co-ordinated at every level. That prick hasn’t been about for a while and never seen him so ‘vocal’ since the referendum.

      They think they have some ‘moral high ground’ wi this story. They are pushing it very very hard. Bunch a craven shit bags the lot of them.

      When you consider this seriously. They really are crapping themselves, and are gonnae go lower than a ground worm’s hole to try to gain some traction back in their Northern British region.

      It worked with Neil Hay? You think these bastards aren’t doing this deliberately, that it’s some ‘incompetence’. Naw, this is targeted…smells emanating from a lot higher up in the political food chain than that fucking idiot Dugdale today in FMQ’s.

    94. David McDowell says:

      Despite all of the recent devastating electoral judgements against these Labour clowns they are still being allowed to work their media sock puppets to create any alternative “reality” they wish and have it fed to the gullible public without any serious scrutiny.

      I am sick of saying it: we will never gain independence whilst they have the ability to manipulate political perceptions in this fashion. Something will have to be done about it.

    95. Richard Smith says:

      Friend “Axlerod” is a spoof – clue in the misspelled name. David Axelrod advised Miliband in the GE, but I don’t think he’s doing anything with Jeremy.

    96. Dr Jim says:

      Does David Axlerod know that us Scotch are white as well
      most of us that is, that usually makes a difference to the Red and Blue Tories from the deep south

      I know Cameron doesn’t like dark people
      Well, or Olive people
      or Black people
      or well, everybody that isn’t born and bred white English

      Anybody noticed how he’s getting rid of Jamaicans he’s sending them back to Jamaica +30 million quid for their government to imprison them over there

      We’d best watch out it used to be Australia for us

    97. Macart says:

      @Richard Smith

      Beat me to it.

      Thought the name looked wrong and went for a search.

      That does appear to be a spoof site.

    98. Sassenach says:

      Lesley-Anne says @ 2.39pm

      “and wee tankette driver”

      One must not make such untrue comments, she is becoming a seriously massive Ruthless the tank driver!

    99. Haggis Hunter says:

      Why do the LabServatives not ask questions about the more serious allegations of the Westminster Paedo Ring?

    100. Big Jock says:

      It’s very important that Michelle stays on as an MP, if she is cleared of any wrongdoing. If she resigns due to smearing and pressure of opposition. Then the enemy will see this as a sign of weakness, and a tactic which is successful.

      They will quickly move to the next target and do the same. Bear in mind that most people have done a few things they have maybe regretted. This will go on until it’s nipped in the bud.

      If Nicola is reading this. Please stay strong and stand beside your MP’s.

    101. heedtracker says:

      Make no mistake, we will see more of this kind of rubbish – all of which will be found post election, to be unfounded

      It may be rubbish but it’s all been a spectacular success in both blow torch neutering SNP response in any media to the JC arrival and reclaim of his Scotland region and blitzed anything that may have been critical of SLabour and JC.

      Dugdale’s done her bit today, all down to and in the British media propaganda but t’s going to be devastating for that whole ukok shebang, if Scottish polls don’t move much. It’s even going to be interesting to see if say the Sunday times goes a Scottish poll Sunday. Or, Lord Ashcorft of Belize, quit counting your tax free billion for moment and give us one of your polls. Your Scottish region needs you. I wouldn’t trust any British press poll from now on anyway.

      A whole of winter of BBC monstering, pig fancier Cammers eases in EVEL, The Vow fizzles out into nothing but “why don’t SNP bad raise taxes for scourgers/little school children unable to read or write unless, it’s SLabour in charge” They’ll maybe take Xmas day off,

    102. scotspine says:

      And another thing…

      I said it before, but there must be folk employed at Pacific Quay who are pro Indy and I have no doubt that they will read this site.

      To these folk…”I was only following orders” is a defence strategy that has been utterly discredited.

      To believe in Scottish Independence and to continue to work (without speaking out) for an organisation that will fight tooth and nail against Independence is wholly indefensible. Quisling comes to mind.

    103. galamcennalath says:

      “It’s all about two types of nationalism:”

      Yes. Excellent way to put it – a clash between a civic campaign for self determination, versus xenophobic elitist imperialism.

    104. Big Jock says:

      This is how silly some ill informed people are. Guy in work:”SNP are in freefall”. I despair. BBC doing it’s job for the ill informed.

    105. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sassenach says:
      1 October, 2015 at 3:54 pm

      Lesley-Anne says @ 2.39pm

      “and wee tankette driver”

      One must not make such untrue comments, she is becoming a seriously massive Ruthless the tank driver!

      That may be true Sassenach but the last time I saw a photo of her she was sitting astride the wee pop gun on her tankette.

      I did used to call it a tank but was corrected about that as it was an Abbott self propelled gun she was on apparently hence my correction to tankette! 😀

    106. sensibledave says:

      Here me out!

      This thread, and many others, shrieks the indignation and anger of commenters in reaction to “attacks” from opposition parties.

      The current subject, FMQs, is the latest example of, what I am sure will be, continued sustained attacks by all opposition parties in the run up to the Holyrood elections. Sometimes the attacks will be opportunist in response to “events”, others will be sustained shouting about SNP failures, Isn’t that always the way?

      So, some questions:

      1. What did you expect them to do?
      2. Why do you think they wouldn’t do it?
      3. Why is everyone so shocked, surprised and indignant?

      IF you were responsible for the Labour, LIb Dem, Conservative or Green vote in the next election – given the SNPs success at the last Holyrood election and at the recent GE, how would you set about it?

      As discussed previously, the SNP has a record of Government now – so expect attacks based on that record – Education and Health will be sure to feature regular attention. The SNPs Trident policy, SNP Spending priorities, SNP hypocricy on Fox hunting inaction. The SNP non-use of new powers, Oil prices and Independence finances, etc, etc. are things that spring to mind
      (BTW I am not commenting on whether the attacks are fair or justified, I am just telling you that they are coming).

      Is anyone not expecting attacks on all of the above?

      It doesn’t matter whether die hard SNP supporters hate the attacks – to be honest, they will revel at your anger and discomfort. Their aim will be to get you on the back foot and have to defend the attacks – rather than promote your successes or policies.

      Labour, in particular, are fighting for their lives. Surely their only option is to pursue the SNP on its record in government, the gaps between what the SNP said they would do – and what they have done and all the other stuff, mentioned above. In these days of fast news, sound bites, etc, the opposition will be looking to take advantage of any, perceived, SNP weaknesses. They have no alternative.

      The SNP is not the “underdog” any more. It is the party of government. It is there to be shot at – and will be, regularly and often. If people here go into apoplexy every time they feel slighted – then its going to be a long 6 months or so for you!

    107. Nana Smith says:

      Ooops! re the twitter spoof, mind you its how they think of us I’m sure.

    108. K1 says:

      Ye know I find a lot of contradiction within the general commentary on this site at times. On the one hand it’s clear after May’s general election that we wiped them (Labour MP’s) out of Scotland. We. Did. Do. That.

      And when it comes to this sort of smearing shite and the Rev debunking the utter pish, he is the only journalist that is really tackling any of these lying, smearing gits, in a factual, comprehensive way.

      The reason these ‘tactics’ are being employed, is because these so called ‘political parties’ have their own internal polling too. Which means they Know what is happening here. They Know that they are losing, they see what’s coming and this is the only ‘avenue’ left for them.

      So why the constant moaning about the lack of ‘media’ and the message needing to get out there, and y’know Stu’s does a ‘grand job’ but it’s ‘not really enough’, because ‘people believe this shite’ et al?

      I know I just cited Neil Hay’s case, a co ordinated smear campaign, just before the GE. They got One with that, I’ll give them that, most likely cause they targeted that area of Edinburgh so heavily, it made a ‘small’ difference against the tsunami of gains by the SNP.

      My point is, their shite isn’t working IN SPITE of the full blown array of media rallied against us. The polling is clear, and it’s accurate. And while they may turn a few heads, those gullible enough to ‘fall for this’ are already on the ‘other side’ anyway. But the reality is we are actually winning this!

      Can we please acknowledge we have never had this kind of media savvy electorate ever. We have altered the landscape, not just Wings, but all the other fantastic sites, and iScot, The National, and they are making an impact. CLEARLY.

      The staggering faintworthy polling predictions are no less shocking than the lead up to the GE results. They underplayed the polling, and look what happened?

      Please, I know we all have a ‘tendency’ to ‘downplay’ our expectations since the referendum. But can we equally ‘upplay’ our achievements in spite of the toxic ongoing role the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media are playing in disseminating the utter pish that is emanating from the ‘establishment’?

      We’re winning this. Let’s just keep calling them out and have some faith in ourselves.

    109. Alex Waugh says:

      I had to listen three times but she did, she said “Michelle Thomson’s allegations”. Then she compounded her folly with a snide wee “Is she not going to say anything?” while Ms Sturgeon was in the very act of standing up to answer her! The FM standing slowly after agreeing to answer was masterly: just slow enough to establish who was dominant and also just long enough to let Dugdale make a tit of herself. Ms Sturgeon has clearly got the measure of her opponent. Obviously the script had been written on the assumption that the FM would refuse to answer and it appears that wee Kezia doesn’t think too fast (some would say ‘at all’).

      Not only has Ms Dugdale got a most unfortunate whining voice and a petulant, sneering expression, she also appears to be totally incompetent. Here was her big moment; a chance to have a go; a chance to show what a big, tough, grown-up politician she is and she couldn’t even read her question off a bit of paper properly. She gabbles like a nervous schoolkid and has about as much gravitas as the average fifteen-year-old. This is not a random ad hominem attack – the woman is out of her depth and falls well short of the demands of her well-paid, influential position. If I did my job as poorly as she does hers I would be fired.

      It’s not nerves (she’s had lots of practice); it’s not youth (Mhairie Black is younger and wouldn’t have cocked it up like this); it’s just sheer, toe-curling ineptitude and it is embarrassing to watch. How, in the name o the wee man, did this jumped-up, second-rate, not-even-good- enough-for-a-school-debating-team chancer ever get elected to anything at all?

      I know this has all been said before, and in many cases better expressed, but I was so utterly gobsmacked by this performance that I had to say it to someone – and the dog’s not very political 🙂

    110. AlbertaScot says:

      Hey, wasn’t this the day the Corbynator came to town to save Scotland from itself?

      That’s what all that grandstanding by Kez (who gives her that cockamamie hairdo, by the way) in FMQ’s was about, right?

      So, like, has he done anything?

      I understand there was a story about a can of IrnBru – he refused to drink it apparently.

      And there was some kind of hush, hush meeting with the SLab pols. They don’t need any convincing, do they?

      There’s not a lot of love out there from the red-sox-and-sandals man.

      Wasn’t this the day the earth moved? So what’s be going to do on next week’s visit?

    111. Anagach says:

      sensibledave says:
      they attack

      Indeed they do but the SNP are still the underdogs.

      Because they have a relentless wall to wall media attack against them, they may be the Scottish Government but they have no media outlets.

      See the second article on the 4pm BBC Radio Scotland – snippets of Kezia and also of Anne Begg, so very balanced a Labour MSP and a ex Labour MP. Both kinds of comment.

    112. dakk says:


      I wouldn’t entirely disagree with you there.It’s to be expected from such poor excuse for politicians the unionist parties have.Some have already said on here they have nothing better to offer.

      What still gets me more angry is the MSM blanket coverage and spin doing the unionist parties bidding for them whilst pretending to be honest brokers.

    113. gerry.parker says:

      @ Big Jock at 4:05.

      Yep BBC doing its job.

      And the SNP media centre providing direct links to the BBC to help them maintain their ‘credibility’ as a news organisation.

      I think they should know how we feel about this, god knows I’ve tried to enlighten them about Archive.

    114. Bob Mack says:

      Yes, good old British trial by media,and guilt by inference.
      They think it will stem the tide.
      Only problem is that I do not see Ms Thomson as anything other than being accused by those who seem to have carried out a thorough investigation without police help.
      These super sleuths have come to their own conclusion.

      Perhaps we could hire them and make the Police redundant!.
      The battle will continue ,with or without Ms Thomson

    115. heedtracker says:

      So, some questions:

      1. What did you expect them to do?
      2. Why do you think they wouldn’t do it?
      3. Why is everyone so shocked, surprised and indignant?

      As you know full well sensible, the UKOK Toryboy media led and coordinated by the BBC, are the actual opposition in your Scotland region. So tonight’s Reporting Scotland at 6.30 pm from the creep show at Pacific Quay, full on monstering BBC style of Sturgeon, SNP and massive boost for UKOK saviour what walks on teamGB earth, JC. All that’s even remotely interesting about these abject con artists is, which order it’s all going to be blasted out across Scotland. BBC news from London will no doubt first soften up the vile sepratists with full on BBC hysteria media style JC royal visit to Holyrood and takes back their Scotland region from SNP bad people.

      But I could be wring sensibledave.

    116. Bob Mack says:


      You read,but don’t absorb. You will see from previous contributions on this page that there has been plenty of ammunition which could have been fired at Labour and the Tories in Holyrood,but this was not done. Wonder why ?.

    117. David McDowell says:


      “their shite isn’t working”

      This is exactly what we were told before the referendum and we all know how that worked out.

      They have this unbelievably powerful BBC “big gun” pounding away at us, whilst we have the media equivalent of pea shooters.

      I say that with all due to respect to Rev Stu and the rest of the pro-independence online media who are doing an incredible job given their resources.

      But I don’t seriously believe any of it influences the vast bulk of the public, most of whom would never visit a dedicated political website like this one.

      And before you ask, no I don’t have a solution. That’s the problem. No one seems to have anything constructive to say that might make a material difference.

      And worse, the current SNP leadership doesn’t seem to want to admit there is even a problem.

      I’m sorry, but I think there is a problem. One that will kill any realistic chance of securing independence for a long time to come.

    118. Lesley-Anne says:

      Just for a wee laugh folks.

      This is how Fluffy celebrated one year on from September 19th 2014. 😉

      Seven folk in photo. Are you all with me so far?

      Of the seven let’s discount Fluffy leaving us six. Oh wait a minute his son, expectant Tory M.S.P. for Dumfriesshire is in the photo so that leaves five folk.

      Of the FIVE folk at least three, I think, are I believe his office staff!!!

      So out on the “grand tour” of Dumfriesshire he ends up in a newspaper photo with TWO people not directly related to himself.

      Way to go Fluffy! 😀

      p.s. the blonde on the right hand side of the photo is the individual who drove Fluffy’s get-away car from Dumfries after he had that excellent reception at the Trussell Trust. 😀

    119. heedtracker says:

      So, some questions:

      1. What did you expect them to do?
      2. Why do you think they wouldn’t do it?
      3. Why is everyone so shocked, surprised and indignant?

      By the UKOK way sensibledave, if you’re curious about what’s happensjnf tomorrow, buy yourself the Press and Journal today. It’s a far right local daily up in Aberdeen, in the Norf of Scotchland land, calling themselves the “voice of north” leaving out the neo fascist bit. Anyway today’s P&J told everyone what JC said today in his Scotland region,before he got here

      P&j sez

      JC says “the Labour Party in Scotland is a very strong organisation” and JC “blamed labours drubbing at the GE in Scotland on its involvement in the Bettertogether campaign” and “Gordon Brown’s “very strong Labour message didn’t get off the ground quickly enough in the immediate run up to the vote” and so on.

      So sensibledave, why on earth is a far right local news paper in Aberdeen boosting a new and exciting far left Labour leader, and quoting JC before he even gets to Embro today?

    120. Iain says:

      Sturgeon played a blinder.

      I think that Labour and the Tories have overplayed their hand. It would have done them much more good to be restrained, taking a ‘let’s see what the outcome is’ approach. That would have looked controlled and considered,and they would still have been able to have their fun if things turn out as they really want. But instead they pre-empted the investigation, while Sturgeon deflated their attacks by pointing that out, agreeing with them about the seriousness of the issue and confirming that she would take action if required. And the opposition parties have just confirmed their immaturity and shallow opportunistism in the minds of those who have deserted them.

    121. yesindyref2 says:

      Sure, you’re right, the opposition will target the SNP in silly ways because that’s all they’ve got.

      It’s still neccessary for one source of information – Wings – to highlight it, and to have an article like this as a demonstration on how, indeed, the hostile media will distort it, and then distort their own distortions even further.

    122. Ruby says:

      It would seem the more biased the media are and the more Kezia opens her mouth the more popular the SNP become.

      If the SNP were doing badly in the polls then I think media bias/Unionist nonsense would be something to complain about.

      It’s definitely interesting to scrutinise their actions but perhaps it’s having the opposite effect to what they expect.

      It could well be that voters do not like manipulative mudslingers.

    123. Bob Mack says:

      You would imagine a lawyer would realise the importance of someone being given a fair hearing before being found guilty. However,I can only assume her legal skills are only matched by her parliamentary skills. Non existent.

    124. Tom Kelly says:

      Is it true that Glasgow council gave a £200,000 grant to T in the Park?

    125. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oh goody goody.

      It looks like NATO has come out to play in our coastal waters off the West coast and in the Clyde again folks.

      At the last count I had:

      2 Danish Frigates
      1 German Frigate
      1 Norwegian Frigate
      2 Canadian Frigates
      1 Canadian Destroyer ?
      1 Dutch Frigate
      4 British Minesweepers/Minehunters

    126. scotspine says:

      @ David McDowell & K1

      Which brings us back to POPULIST media.

      (Rev, at the risk of sounding a sycophant, you are good, very good, but we need a broad front.)

      To sit back and expect a majority of voters to seek out Wings, Newsnet, WGD etc. is just cloud cuckoo.

      Example: The sites above have “advertised” the Altered States film for the last couple of days. As of NOW, there have only been 7120 views.

      We need “overkill” to get us over the 50% + in this struggle.

      We need Wings etc advertised everywhere, but we also need “main Stream” access, where people can flick a switch or click a mouse and LISTEN to something that gives them a good experience and that needs to include a mix of music and current affairs (If a proper Radio channel is too expensive to set up, then an online presence to begin with – we are all into crowd-funding, lets fund something).

      As much as we would like, folk are not going to “tune” in to a wholly political site. Whatever it is, it needs to be broadly populist

      To continue with the “just enough will do” mentality is not enough.

    127. yesindyref2 says:

      Yes, in operation Joint Warrior they’re going to co-ordinate together to track and shoot down an SM-3 – an SRBM – Short Range ballistic Missile, fired from USS something or other, using the Aegis ballistic missile defense system. Sounds like fun.

      SM-3 is 4 stage, range 1350 nm. I daresay it’ll be a test one, rather than being loaded with a nuke warhead!

      Errr, I hope so anyway.

    128. scotspine says:


      Your list says quite a lot about the defence of our coastline in Scotland.

      The visitors can field a mix of eight frigates and destroyers, any one of which could sink all 4 of the Royal Navy Minehunters at the same time.

      Where are the Royal Navy Frigates and Destroyers? Oh yes, on the South Coast of England, The Gulf or The Carribean.

    129. yesindyref2 says:

      I presume they slipped up the Clyde while it was misty. Apparently they’ve been testing their new stealth technology called, appropriately, MSM – Maritime Stealth Mist.

    130. Lesley-Anne says:

      Aye well if Hambone has any input into Joint Warrior then anything is possible yesindyref2. I think I’ll just go double check our extremely deep underground nuclear shelter is fully operational. Just in case some eejit makes a mistake and loads the WRONG missile into the firing thingy you understand. 😀

      Didn’t you get the memo scotspine?

      I am sure you were on the list of recipients. Just in case you lost it the memo said that due to the superior knowledge and operational capabilities of the Scottish fishermen they were taking over the defence of Scotland and its waters.

      I am prepared to believe that the Frigates will have deployed their MSM 😉 to mask their manoeuvres on the Clyde and off the West coast. The Minehunters/sweepers I’m not so sure yesindyref2. 😉

    131. woosie says:

      If Corby has any brains – I’m not yet convinced – he’ll pull Kez to one side and tell her to sling her hook.

      Porky Cam doesn’t care about Babe Ruth, tories have nothing left to lose here.

      I’m angry that my tax pound is being wasted on irrelevant questions; surely something important can be discussed? If not, and that’s the most important issue in Scotland now, we’re in safe hands!

    132. yesindyref2 says:

      That’ll teach me to post while renewing my SSL cert. Wrong way around:

      “Networked sensors aboard several NATO warships will be used to track and destroy an Aegis Readiness Assessment Vehicle (ARAV) ballistic missile surrogate with a Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) fired from USS Ross.”

      Oh well.

    133. ian says:

      I dont actually live in Scotland having left six years ago but i can feel a rising panic that if we dont get it right we are doomed as a people.The quality of the political opposition in Scotland and the UK in general is truly awful.They seem to have no moral compasse and are well supported by the press and BBC.Its going to be up to every supporter of independence to do their part as i cannot and do not want to think of the consequences should we fail.

    134. yesindyref2 says:

      Quite an amusing doc “brief for fishing vessels” found 2nd link for me (royalnavy) googling “JW15-2”. Runs from 4th/5th Oct to 16th. So daresay a few more arrivals to come, and 3 p8s and a CP140 arriving today (Maritime patrol aircraft). I daresay there’ll be a Sentinel or two stooging around as well.

      More RN ships? Still looking. Wouldn’t mind an invite on board something …

    135. Gary45% says:

      Duggers and Ruthie, the new Dick Dastardly and Muttley, in which ever order.(they always lose)

      Working out in the sticks today so no EBC Scotch-shire on the wireless, WOOHOO.

      Ornithologists were getting pretty excited in Scotch-shire today, as there was reports of a sighting of a rare,
      Wrinkly Grey Bearded Tit in the central belt.

    136. Rock says:

      Ruth Davidson is the most disgraceful and dishonest politician in Scotland, in my view.

      But it looks like Kezia Dugdale has almost overtaken her.

    137. JLT says:

      The Presiding Officer should have drawn a red line right across the issue after the first couple of questions got asked. Basically, you ask twice; you get warned twice; and then it’s the third strike; out the chamber you go!

      A brilliant scathing attack Stuart. I have no doubt a good many folk from all parties are reading this tonight. For those who sat in the chamber today gleefully backing Kezia and Ruth …hold your heads in shame. You let not only the people down; your country down …but your self down too.


    138. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Lesley-Anne.

      You typed,
      p.s. the blonde on the right hand side of the photo is the individual who drove Fluffy’s get-away car from Dumfries after he had that excellent reception at the Trussell Trust.

      You mean the ‘lady’ driver who gave the crowd the Churchillian salute as the car took off?

      I believe that it was reported, at the time, that she was his wife.

    139. Proud Cybernat says:

      We are winning the propaganda war.

      In spite of the BBC and MSM in Scotland throwing the kitchen sink at us in the referendum we increased support for Indy from around 30% to 45%.

      In spite of the BBC and MSM in Scotland throwing the kitchen sink at us in GE2015 we almost wiped out the Unionists in Scotland.

      In spite of the BBC and MSM in the UK throwing the kitchen sink at Corbyn, he still won.

      The BBC and MSM no longer have the power THEY think they have. And it clearly concerns them hence why they are now in overkill. But it simply will not work because they cannot stop us talking on Social Media. Only if they can silence us on Social Media will they have a chance of their proaganda working and that is simply NEVER going to happen.

      The BBC and the MSM in Scotland are losing the propaganda war and will continue to lose it as more and more people in Scotland becoem aware of what is really going on with the self-seeking, self-serving BBC and its accolytes.

      We are winning people. No doubt about it.

    140. Lesley-Anne says:

      Got it in one Brian, have to admit she had nice nail varnish on that day. 😀

      You should be able to track the ships on the marine traffic site yesindyref2. The flightrader site may enable you to track some of the aircraft up to the point they begin their attack profiles.

      I quite often am able to track the Falcons that are used in training against Hawks etc.,-3.91/8

    141. yesindyref2 says:

      Yes, marinetraffic is good, I was looking around it after your post. Ooh, I like flightradar, bookmarked. Some more kind of live info I found a twitter (if that’s what you say):

    142. Ken500 says:

      Dugdale, Davidson and Murdoch. MSM rubbish. What a shower. Dugdale should have a word with Willy Young. Bob the Builder. GCC – where to start? Line Dancers on £1/2Million expenses.

      Unionists sanctioning vulnerable people and starving them to death.

    143. Lesley-Anne says:

      Thanks for the link yesindyref2. 😉

      Some cracking photos of the Frigates etc and the P8s. I wonder what aircraft the U.K. are contributing to JW15 … oh that’s right … NONE. We have NOTHING that can operate in the ASW role. Well who saw that coming down the track … eh Hambone? 😀

    144. North chiel says:

      Seems fairly obvious what the “Labour trident strategy is
      now : the “Jeremy ” anti trident message until Holyrood election
      next May ( for consumption of the Scottish electorate ) followed
      by London Labour thereafter backing the Tories ” to the hilt ”
      on trident renewal

    145. Fiona Grahame says:

      Is this the new politics from Kezia & Ruth? Seems very familiar just even more crap than usual

    146. yesindyref2 says:

      Some more warships on the way, including the HDMS Esbern Snare, largest Danish warship, and the Niels Juel – off Harris / Skye at the moment.

      Apart from the minesweepers, no idea what RN ships are there, there’s at least 2 / 3 US ships on the way, an ammo / supply (Budweiser!) ship off Girvan. Mecklenburg-Vorpomme (German Frigate) off Islay.

      Not so far for UK ships to come though, I’d be surprised if there’s not the odd frigate turns up, and it’s near certain there’s be 1 or 2 Astutes around for anti-sub exercises.

      Just as well there’s a new thread, or the Rev’d be getting out his hammers. Again.

    147. An earlier poster asked what can we do well I have been posting on here for ages asking the S.N.P. To do something about all the blatant lies and misreporting that has been told about them please please sue the bar stewards all it will take is to win one case and they will need to start telling the truth it’s as easy as that I am at loss to understand why they they have not done this before now ?

    148. David McDowell says:

      scotspine at 5:23 pm

      Unfortunately the “populist” idea requires people with a specialist interest in politics to fund a populist station they’d have only a marginal interest in listening to, since they’d really want to listen to politics. I’m sure you see the problem.

    149. Robert Peffers says:

      @sensibledave says: 1 October, 2015 at 4:15 pm:

      “Here me out!”

      Why? I’d rather throw you out.

    150. Lesley-Anne says:

      I agree yesindyref2 a Type 23 will ultimately turn up at some point I’m sure. As for the Astute’s I’m not so sure. Remember they have a nasty habit of running aground off Skye! 😀

    151. Bill Fraser says:

      Neither Kezia Dugdale or Ruth Davidson are fit to hold office as supposed leaders of their respective office.They are a total disgrace to the Scottish Parliament They are there to question the First Minister in relation to business relating to matters affecting the running of the country.To waste the time on matters outwith the F.M.s control is nothing but glory seeking which neither will ever be capable of attaining.

    152. Gordon Walsh says:

      The representative of a Scottish Westminster constituency is under a criminal investigation and the opposition are asking questions about it. I doubt there’s a democracy in the world where that wouldn’t happen. It’s about as controversial as an episode of The One Show.

      What actually does the people of Scotland a disservice is this kind of odd, militant defensiveness that seems to have enveloped around the current government. It’s almost impossible to criticise them about any issue (mundane or important) without an army of supporters leaping to their defence. We seem to be hell bent on creating a society in which anyone who asks a difficult question of our elected leaders is shouted down and berated into silence.

      If we actually want to hold the government to account (which is the only way to get good governance) then you can never be too critical. An electorate that blindly defends their government is an electorate asking to be exploited by those in power. If we’re going to take it in good faith that Wings genuinely wants to hold the government to account (rather than lobby for them on a daily basis) then let’s start hearing about what the SNP are doing wrong. Let’s have at least one balanced article that states someone on the other side might have made a legitimate point once.

      Almost all politicians are insincere, manipulative and dishonest. The point is to pick the least bad option and hold them under constant scrutiny when they’re in office, not to support them like a football team and attack anyone who dares to raise an objection.

    153. ScottieDog says:

      Just for perspective, it’s funny, a former chancellor, better together chief and now a peer of the realm can earn pocket money from private health companies. Not that there could be any conflict of interest of course.

    154. yesindyref2 says:

      I was reading up yesterday on SDSR 2015 due by end of year (perhaps this month), and from the tone of saysing “we need more than 13 Type 26s, but at least for the order for 13 to be put in, And 1 every 2 years (as Danny boy told us so proudly last year before the Ref) isn’t good enough, it needs 1 a year at least, the T23 will go out of service before the last T26s come through”, it’s clear those who know are worried. Worried that there’ll be less than 13 T26s, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just 7 in the end. Currently only 3 have been partly funded.

      Currently there are a total of 19 escort vessels, 13 FF and 6 DD, but both carriers would be in service. They need I think 4 escorts, and frigates though general purpose are more anti-sub, where as the T45 is a (excellent) anti-aircreaft and missile attack.

      Add 2 subs for a carrier group, Horn of Africa, Falklands, courtesy trips to Gibraltar / Belfast, training, rest, refit, and you’d need about 24 escorts, not 19, and certainly not perhaps as few as 13 or 14. Then the need for the F35-B for the carriers, some sort of MPA.

      Basically speaking I think it’s Successor (Trident) and inadequate conventional forces, or don’t do Successor. And I’m on the fence regarding the nuclear deterrent, neither anti nor pro.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if there are no RN frigates in JW152, missing out on what should be a good learning and co-ordination exercise, they’re too busy having a navy lark with the Russians off Syria. 4 MCMs in JW152 doesn’t cut it.

    155. Robert Peffers says:

      @Ruby says: 1 October, 2015 at 4:56 pm:

      It would seem the more biased the media are and the more Kezia opens her mouth the more popular the SNP become.

      Very well put, Ruby, and well thought through.

      I’ve ng to get that across for quite some time now. Fact is that at this stage in a sitting government the usual is that the electorate are itching for a change. Yet the SNP are still getting more popular.

      The must be doing something right and/or the others must be doing something wrong. I opine that what they are doing wrong is acting like big spoiled children in a schoolyard and no one likes a spoiled bully.

    156. Phil Robertson says:

      “Despite the Presiding Officer making it absolutely clear that the question was improper and outwith Holyrood’s remit,” and “in the face of an explicit warning from the PO that they were in dereliction of their duties and in effect wasting everybody’s time, ”

      There much be some other footage that you have access to. In the clip, the PO simply makes the point that the FM is not obliged to answer the question.

      Scottish justice is a devolved matter, as is property law, and, in the absence any charges (yet), the matter is still in the public domain.

    157. Davy says:

      Watched the sad show produced by dugdale & Davidson, its was pathetic. How the already lowly have fallen, it was one of the worst displays ever seen at FM’s question time.

    158. Ken Clark says:

      They have no shame Stuart, none at all.

      We drown in the anti- Scottish, anti-SNP bile Westminster floats on.

    159. CageyBee says:

      O/T but worth mentioning because he retweeted Kezia’s pics of Jezza on a train with IRN-Bru in hand
      I Met Ian (whom I have known for a number of years) in Waverley train station today debating with himself whether he could use the cheap day return ticket he had to go to Glasgow on the 4pm train. Now despite the fact that I was carrying a copy of the national prominently displayed we did not talk politics. I advised him he could and my guess was he was heading to the fitba with his boss and other pals. I feverently hope this does not make me a spad to the SSS

    160. Effijy says:

      Sinky says:
      1 October, 2015 at 2:03 pm
      OK this should be posted under NAILING DOWN THE TRUTH

      ON Labour claims about college discontent, can SNP MSPs please note and read the following:

      Survey of Further Education Members

      UNISON Scotland

      Are the Trade Unions following Labour’s lead in unadulterated

      The Number of “Colleges” appears to be reduced because various
      Colleges merged to use one collective name but with the same number of Campuses.

      Blatant distortion of the facts to mislead the general public cannot be a legitimate function of a Trade Union.

      This and my own Union Unite deciding that using Nuclear Weapons
      on innocent people is acceptable, if it provide jobs looks like
      I’ll not be renewing my membership.

    161. HandandShrimp says:

      They are nothing if not predictable. Ultimately they are desperate to gain traction on the SNP.

      They didn’t apologise over the smears regarding the dating site. Bizarrely it was Guido Fawkes that rolled his sleeves up and actually investigated to see if that story had substance and was honest enough to report that he found it didn’t. None of the supposed journalists of the “serious papers” bothered their arses to attempt some real journalism.

      If this investigation is closed and doesn’t even look at Michelle never mind investigate her they still will not apologise. They will simply look desperately for some other half a story to run with.

      As to holding the Government to account, Nicola probably can’t believe her luck at the calibre of the opponents she faces.

    162. John Moss says:

      Let’s just wipe out UK Labour and the UK Tories at the next election in 2016 and be done with this nonsense.

    163. Chic McGregor says:

      One wonders what her indy supporting parents, both teachers, make of this.

    164. Lochside says:

      scotspine @ David McDowell…..agree with you both..this feels like Groundhog Day….a weak Presiding Officer failing to preserve order and probity in the chamber and concerted carping from a united Ukok opposition….all suitably edited and packaged presented by a biased media.

      Remember the Referendum?….yeah 45% voted ‘YES’….but we lost…and according to good estimates, we lost at least another 8-10% in the week leading up to the vote because of the concerted campaign launched by the BRIT Gov.

      That’s the point…we have to stop the wall of lies and disinformation….and when I say ‘we’..I mean the SNP.

      Playing ‘NICE’ maybe worked well, up to a point…but at some point the gloves must come off…we want Independence…no we NEED Independence now.. and if it means upsetting some people, well tough!…..Scottish nationalists like me are very upset at the spineless non defence of us and our country by a gaggle of ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s masquerading as media and political opposition.

      If as some have suggested that the SNP media hub hasn’t even grasped the significance of not archiving links to the yellow press…then we are looking at a Blair Jenkins scenario all over again!

      Come on SNP,..Let’s fight back by going for the jugular of these glove puppets and imposters!

    165. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Och Chic, they’ll be saying to themselves, “We should have fed her porridge – the Coco-Pops and Rice Crispies have fried her brain. Cereal’s not the way forward for Labour Scotlandshire.”

    166. yesindyref2 says:

      Cat Headley (prosepetive Labour candidate) on Scotland 2015: “blah blah mypropertyshop website blah blah”

      Whoops, looking at Nominet, registrant in Manchester, from the website about: “We operate in the Greater Manchester area, in the North West of the UK”

      I guess she could get sued for that. Wrong website.

      I guess she means

      Website: completely bank page
      Nominet – registrant – Frank Gilbride

      Not Michelle Thomson.


    167. stonefree says:

      @ K1 3:47 pm
      “who is this prick Terry Kelly, what a monstrous little nyaff, he’s all over the comments, with snide and utter derision.”
      Labour councillor for Paisley possibly Ferguslie Park area.
      Typical of the political type like John Reid, Brian Wilson, George Galloway Pro United Ireland and Scotland within the UK, seriously anti Robert Burns and not liked in general within the area according to a Paisleyite friend , there was a couple of years ago an critism of him was on the “Rescue Rabbie” blog

    168. You are correct Rev.
      This is Kezia and Ruth putting (rather banal) party politics before the actual governing of the country. And it’s pathetic.

      Good government needs good opposition. We in the SNP are not perfect. I’m certainly not as a Councillor, and I’m quite sure our MSPs would say the same thing. Effective opposition is in our interests, to do a better job of running Government, Councils etc.

      If this is the poor excuse we’re going to see from Mssrs. Dugdale & Davidson for the next 9 months, they should knock off early for lunch on Thursdays and give their question to Patrick Harvie or the independents to scrutinise the FM. At least they might ask relevant questions.

    169. Sandy Henderson says:

      So Corbyne has stated Labour’s demise in Scotland was due to their snuggling up to the Tories prior to the referendum. God, he’s got lessons to learn. Don’t know if he was at Holyrood today but he must have heard something about First Minister’s questions Only one topic & damn all to do with Holywood. Looks like going back to Lamond time & others.
      Going to get to the bit that ‘I (Kerza) cannot answer that, am waiting for instructions from London’. Davidson, well, she just opens her mouth & let her belly rumble, like those so called personalities on quiz shows, all mouth & very little else. Wasn’t she on TV some time ago? Is that where she got her grounding?
      Then there is the question as to why there is no effective opposition to the current administration. Easily answered. they have all seen the light. As usual the most successful team snaps up the best.

    170. yesindyref2 says:

      To half correct the previous posting, it seems (from Herald) Thomson is a shareholder in yourpropertyshop. Ah well.

    171. stonefree says:

      @ donald anderson 3:36 pm
      “Ruth Davidson is no airhead and a lawyer to boot, so why did she mimic Cheezzie Dugtail’s irrelevance?”
      Not sure that Davidson is a lawyer, I thought she was just an uppity reporter with a Literature degree , but Dugdale has a law degree, That in My humble opinion is not necessarily an indication of intelligence just that you passed the exams

    172. Robert Bryce says:

      Whilst Dugdale Davidson & their compliant media continue prattling on in their echo chamber, Scotland (can I say that word Kezia?) is quietly moving ever closer to independence.

    173. David McDowell says:

      @ donald anderson 3:36 pm
      Davidson isn’t a lawyer.

    174. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “The representative of a Scottish Westminster constituency is under a criminal investigation and the opposition are asking questions about it.”

      No she isn’t. The police have said that they currently have no plans to interview her.

      Holyrood’s rules are simple and clear. FMQs is for questioning the First Minister on the affairs of the Scottish Parliament. Westminster is not one of those affairs. The opposition were clearly told that, and then wasted all of the time that should have been used on holding the Scottish Government to account on tittle-tattle that was none of their legitimate business.

      “If we’re going to take it in good faith that Wings genuinely wants to hold the government to account then let’s start hearing about what the SNP are doing wrong.”

      I have no idea where you’d have come by such a ridiculous notion. This is an independence-supporting website, not an SNP-bashing one. There’s no shortage of other media outlets if you’re looking for the latter.

      But the article is nothing to do with defending the SNP. It’s about the spectacular and shameful incompetence of the Holyrood opposition. It’s their job to hold the SNP to account, not mine, and they’re making a pig’s cock of it.

      Be aware that my patience with stupidity is notoriously short, and you’re just about at the end of it already.

    175. K1 says:

      ‘…and they’re making a Cameron’s pig’s cock of it.’

      Your’e welcome Rev.

    176. Colin says:

      5 Council by-elections in one day…..5 SNP wins. Your mud slinging was pretty efeective then Dugdale and Davidson !!!

    177. Andrew McLean says:

      Can we all please leave Cameron’s cock alone! I actually dreamt about it this week! Rev set up a help line!

    178. Derek Thomson says:

      I’m no being funny, but Socrates McSporran’s comments re the Strap-On Kid should be removed. It’s fodder for our enemies. My hatred for the Tories is absolute, but that kind of sexist nonsense gives us a bad name. Just saying like.

    179. Phil Robertson says:

      “Holyrood’s rules are simple and clear. FMQs is for questioning the First Minister on the affairs of the Scottish Parliament. Westminster is not one of those affairs.”

      This is not about Westminster, it’s about behaviour in Scotland concerning matters that are devolved to Holyrood. You have claimed earlier that this is a “political non-story”. Clearly it isn’t.

      Why don’t you bite the bullet and offer your “commentary and analysis” on the substantive issue?

    180. K1 says:

      Whit wis it like Andrew? Pork sausage?

    181. Andrew McLean says:

      Honestly it smelt! I thought you couldn’t smell in your sleep, but it was rancid cheesy willy smell!

    182. K1 says:

      Not had much experience wi that smell masel’ Andrew…but noo ah wish ah hudnae asked 🙁

    183. tombee says:

      Yes they were rightly cautioned by the Presiding Officer about the propriety of the subject of their questions to the FM. But when you’ve spent a whole week, looking for something to attack the SNP Scottish Government on, and this is all you’ve come up with. It isn’t easy to alter course, especially if you are blinded by loathing, or if you do not either, obtain the wit, or capacity, for political awareness. With which to enable you to change tack. They neither are professional nor are they adept.
      They had no plan ‘B’.

    184. Gary45% says:

      Burd on the aye player tonight, A once in 200 years flood happened in Alyth,
      she nearly slips out with, “SNP member leaves tap running, causing massive flood in Perthshire village .
      SNP baaaad”.

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