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The Shooshening

Posted on February 06, 2021 by

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108 to “The Shooshening”

  1. Morgatron

    Top stuff and spot on Chris.

  2. Astonished

    Woooooft for indy ?

    Great Cartoon.

    P.S. Blackford needs to go too.

  3. Achnababan

    Nice one Chris…no wie nae mask ina

  4. MaggieC

    Excellent once again Chris ,

  5. Contrary

    Haha, very well put Chris – yes, the lack of political nous within Nicola Sturgeon’s circle really is astonishing.

  6. daodao

    Well portrayed, but why has Joanna Cherry been muzzled? What is the “unacceptable behaviour” (to quote an SNP official) used to justify her dismissal from the SNP’s front bench at Westminster? She is a passionate advocate for Scottish independence and recognises the clear need for a plan B; she also campaigns for women’s rights. She argued strongly against Brexit. What is there to dislike from a Scottish perspective?

    It reminds me of the disgraceful way RLB was treated by Keir Starmer a few months ago.

  7. ahundredthidiot

    Since we’re referring to facemasks…..

    Every single year of the 20th Century from 1900 right up to 1999, with the exception of three years (1953, 1967 and 1994) EXCEEDED Scotlands death rate for 2020. (some of us were around in the 20th century)

    Next we’ll have facemasks with earplugs, so we can block out the truth.

    Source – Demography of Scotland on wikipedia (re deaths per 1000 of population, for that is the ‘death rate’ which needs total deaths to be weighed against population size….obviously)

    SARS 2 was a storm that blew through, time to get a grip.

  8. lekraw

    Oh, very very good.

  9. Bob Mack

    What was Joannas “unacceptable behaviour”?

    Probably talking about Independence.

  10. robbo

    Yep. Defo sounds like it Chris..

    I don’t really get involved much with this woke or non woke stuff, but couple of points to make that I see happening here.

    I think maybe the SNP have reached critical mass destruction now. If your face don’t fit into this weird liberal thinking that all men can be women, then you’re not in the click. You’re a transphobe, a terf, bigot or whatever that needs to be assimilated like a fecking ‘borg’ from Star Trek.

    It’s a ridiculously insane position now. Had enough of it now. I will not be assimilated by no man in a dress thinks he’s a women. There’s plenty of drag joints where you can live out these fantasies in peace. The whole society doesn’t need to conform to it. Women’s spaces like toilets and changing rooms is not the place for it. STOP CONFUSING OUR KIDS!

    What happened to this fair equal society that the Indy movement was based on? Seems this woke cult want the lot and everyone else cast aside. “Like or lump it” was a term I heard many years ago from granny when that’s all there was to eat.

    Stop sending us backwords.

  11. Dave M

    Good work, Chris 🙂

  12. kapelmeister

    That nicely depicts the stupidity of Sturgeon

  13. The Dissident

    @daodao, Bob Mack,

    I’m afraid it is much worse than merely talking about Independence.

    She is guilty of that most heinous of crimes, DOING STUFF LIKELY TO DISTRACT ATTENTION FROM THE FIRST MINISTER.

    She has got off lightly too. The last time someone tried that by hosting a TV show, they nearly landed in jail.

  14. Muscleguy

    Measures taken against Covid-19 are also effective against other infections such as Flu (well done last Southern Hemisphere flu season), Norovirus (which kills elderly folk) etc. A GP told me during 1st lockdown mononucleosis was eliminated from Scotland. Came back witht he Students.

    So taking raw unadjusted numbers is highly misleading.

  15. kapelmeister

    Bob Mack @8:33

    “What was Joannas “unacceptable behaviour”?”

    Heresy, I think Bob. She refused to acknowledge the FM as a divinity.

  16. Tom Kane

    Nicely drawn, Chris. And superb.

    Fabulous association with the determination of Naomi Osaka to name black people who were victims of violence. Loved what Naomi did. Love what Joanna is doing for women facing the threat of violence in safe spaces.

    Glad Joanna is smiling. And I hope to see her FM one day soon.

    And Chris… Wow! Just wow!

  17. Ottomanboi

    Mrs Murrell and Mr Johnson have between them effectively muzzled democracy.
    What is so disturbing is the ease with which they have accomplished the muzzling.
    Democracy here and in the rest of Europe appears to be have shallow roots.
    All it needs is the judicious application of a liberal smear of fear.
    Boris, Muslim women look like letterboxes, Johnson now wears his niqab with pride.
    Politicians are such a dangerous and contrary breed.
    More so when who and what is pulling their strings is taken into account.

  18. ahundredthidiot


    yeah, yeah, you just keep believing you haven’t been scammed.

    Unless of course you have proof that lockdowns work? – please point me to that….

    They work to destroy economies and livelihoods, but do fuck all to mitigate against a virus. Particularly one which killed a couple thousand people and managed to eliminate flu along the way.

    Morons like you will be remembered by history.

    ‘highly misleading’ – they’re the fucking death figures per head of population you fucking imbecile.

    People like me are fed up pandering to people like you. We’re trying to be nice, respecting your fear, going along with your shite.

    Our patience is not inexhaustible.

  19. Breeks

    FINALLY joined NowScotland after a lengthy battle with ReCapcha “I’m not a robot” bullshit. Jeez.

    Gave up on the tablet and lit the gas boiler on the old PC… didn’t even ask if I was robot. Probably because the PC was pre-robotics era.

  20. Breeks

    In fairness, it might be my network. Internet seems to be holding on by it’s fingertips this morning. Oh to live in a country with great infrastructure…

  21. The Isolator

    Oooooooft,indubitably accurate Chris.

  22. Famous15

    9.09 and 9.10 AM!

    “Stand by your beds! Get in to that keyboard you ‘orrible lot”

    BTW Urban dictionary “Stonewalled” = to be silenced by non science.

  23. Grouse Beater

    Ah, a dyptych, Chris. Very nice.

    If one has a conscience and a smidgen of decency, alarmed at the SNP’s present chaotic condition, a determined independence voter has to ignore the SNP’s corrupt practices to vote for them.

    My thoughts on the Cherry assassination. Your essential weekend reading:

    ‘A Shakespearian Tragedy’:

  24. Intractable Potsherd

    Very clever! Bravo 🙂

  25. Tommy

    I’m ever hopeful that, given the fact Joanna Cherry hasn’t yet quit after being humiliated,(for a very public humiliation it surely was), it’s due to the fact that she can see Sturgeons downfall in the near future, and she’s (Joanna) biding her time, I can think of no other reason she remains in the party.

  26. wullie

    Breeks says
    Oh to live in a country with great infrastructure

    Try China. They have a global state tv channel CGTN . Britain is now going to stop any broadcasts by the channel in the UK, lest the people of the UK see how backward the UK infrastructure is. Ive been there a few times when you come back to Scotland or the UK you have walked into the stone-age by comparison.

  27. 100%Yes

    When a leader during and election year stops caring what the general public thinks, then they are truly past their sell by date and needs to go and go quietly and with no fuss.

  28. Indy


    I LOVE that Alyn Smith couldn’t resist not being part of the media scuffle surrounding Cherry and just had to release SOMETHING. Showed his hand. Feart for his position in the succession to the throne.

    That reminds me, how nasty was the statement from an unknown SNP minister. They seem like a lovely person. The toxic language preemptively suggesting how Joanna will again see her self as a victim etc, sounds like something a very abusive person would say and I can’t believe they had the courage to say those words out loud.

    Any idea when Chris Mc, Cathcart be chucked out the party for raising concerns/ inviting discussion over GRA reform/Self ID & routinely criticising the party policy on the campaign for independence?

    The FM publicly supported Baroness Ruth when she was facing homophobic abuse online, showing that she can in fact bare sympathy through gritted teeth. Can we assume then that the FM is absolutely raging and threatened by Joanna Cherry’s popularity and can’t see what a golden opportunity she has to unify the party by supporting her?

  29. Indy

    Unifying the party would also require some words to the effect of ..”stop threatening & harassing women for questioning the conflation of sex and gender. I too see the dangers in the conflation.. read my interview here.. (that I had release the morning of, or before, the SNP conference so no-one really noticed.)…”

  30. winifred mccartney

    Joanna’s crimes – defending women and wanting independence.

    Time for a referendum on the gender/sex issue so that the feelings of all women are heard and not just the vocal few surrounding the FM. I’m sorry to say snp have lost the plot about women’s rights and hate crime having taking out sensible amendments to appease the Greens.

  31. susanXX

    Well said winifred mccartney!

  32. The Oui Coupar

    I wonder if Iain Blackford could be reformed as a bagpipes. Robo-puff-Jimmy.

  33. Daisy Walker

    Tommy says:
    6 February, 2021 at 9:37 am

    I’m ever hopeful that, given the fact Joanna Cherry hasn’t yet quit after being humiliated’.

    Thing is, while that was the intent, it very much backfired and the SNP have been the ones left with egg all over their faces.

    Very good cartoon from Mr Cairns, particularly with so little happening this week!

  34. Scot Finlayson

    `In employment law, constructive dismissal, also called constructive discharge or constructive termination,

    occurs when an employee resigns as a result of the employer creating a hostile work environment.

    Since the resignation was not truly voluntary, it is, in effect, a termination.`

    the misogynists and their woke handmaidens at the SNP are trying to create a hostile work enviroment in the hope Joanna
    will leave the party and let them get on with abolishing the rights of all woman,

    whether through coercion from the Green Party or the Trans activist cabal.

  35. Daisy Walker

    @ Winifred McCArthy re ‘Time for a referendum on the gender/sex issue’..

    Ah but you see, they only want to hold one when they know they can win it… now is not the time… they cannot hold an advisory referendum unless Westminster agrees… they cannot risk a ‘wildcat/Catalonian style referendum, it would not be recognised internationally, the voters would boycot it, it needs to be a Gold Standard referendum, not until the polls are showing support at over 60%.

    There, think that’s everything. No wait,

    Not until the terms of Brexit are known,
    Not while Covid is ongoing,
    Not until the economic damage of Covid/Brexit are sorted….

  36. Effijy

    100 idiots,

    By God you gave us a clue in your name.

    Of course the 1900’s had high death rates.
    Pneumonia, TB, Diphtheria, where rife.
    People died as nothing could be done with cancers
    and heart disease, kidney failure people even died with measles.
    There were 2 world wars, our diet and relationship with alcohol was killing.
    AIDS, Sepsis, Legionairs disease,
    Given a few weeks to kick in, Every time we have a lockdown the Covid new
    Cases and deaths fall significantly.
    If not the lockdown, what do you think makes the figures fall in this manner?

    You can deal with the virus in your own way, but others can read the signs and make their own path.

  37. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Apologies as Off Topic (a wee bit too early):

    Can all Wingers get an email off to Kate Forbes MSP please?

    Let her know we agree with her position to remove 100% of Covid relief from the Deadtree press in Scotland and don’t want our taxes supporting a hostile lying media!

  38. Effijy

    Daily Hail Special-

    They’ve got us.

    In order to save the Union they want parasite Prince Edward and
    wife to relocate to Scotland.

    That’s it. We are beat.

    How could we want control of our own country when Betty has sent
    the runt of the litter to Lord over us with the blessing of Boris.

    PS they are to be known here as Earl and Countess of Forfar!
    I think the locals might call her Bridie!

  39. Morag

    That’s a cracker. I literally hadn’t thought of that until that one image said it all.

  40. kapelmeister

    As Chris’s cartoon implies, the removal from a party post allows Joanna total freedom to say what she wants.

    Let Cherry blossom.

  41. Bob Mack

    Just joined Now Scotland. seems well supported and organised.

    In this waiting period you have do so something otherthan taking Bute House apart brick by brick.

  42. kapelmeister

    Effigy @10:51

    Forfark’s sake!

  43. holymacmoses

    The illustrator is mightier than the grenadier.
    Luverly stuff Mr Cairns.

  44. true scot

    most political cartoons just look phoned in – Cairns is easily the best political cartoonist I’ve seen since Punch used to be a thing.

  45. Strathy

    An astute observation, Chris.

    It’s a one-sided battle.

    Knowledge, intelligence and integrity v Sturgeon.

  46. Margaret Lindsay

    Brilliance, sheer brilliance!

  47. Effijy

    Daily Hail report on the British Army

    1st Battalion Scots Guards should number 603 troops, has 339

    3rd Battalion Scots Guards should number 515, actual 342.

    4th Battalion Scots should number 603, actual 354.

    The good news is that their numbers were to be cut again but
    fear of that weaponising SNP may prevent it?

    Westminster seems to have forgotten that in every war since Waterloo to World War 2
    they have used the Scots as first wave to use up enemy ammunition and tire them before
    the glorious England regiments appear.

    At Waterloo the Iron Duke instructed the Scottish General to send his bastards in and soak up the French cannon. In world war 1, 25% of U.K. military loses were Scottish soldiers. Did we ever have 25% of the population?

  48. Effijy

    Daily Hail propaganda special

    Nearly half of our over 70’s await vaccine appointments?

    I wonder if that might be due to the more difficult care home’s
    and vulnerable being prioritised up here.
    The remainder of the over 70’s can be vaccinated over the next 10 days
    which pretty much puts the whole thing on target- snow permitting.

    Another Scotland bad, over 70’s with appointments are having to go out in the snow.
    Why didn’t SNP cancel the snow for this year?

    Here we go with their favourite- an NHS worker told them over a 100 doses were wasted out of 4,000.
    It’s a disgrace although Westminster hopes waste can be limited to 5%.

  49. Alf Baird

    Perhaps JC discovered that ‘Scottish justice’ is run by MI5?

  50. Alan Mackintosh

    Effijy, Scots Guards do not have 4 Bn, are you sure you don’t mean the Royal Regiment of Scotland?

  51. Alan Mackintosh

    Effijy, with regard to your earlier reply(10.27), I would be surprised if cancer and heart disease played much of a role in the first part of the century. They are very much a consequence of the increase of carbohydrates in the diet replacing fat, so I would guess from the 50’s and 60’s onwards.

  52. Dorothy Devine

    The Daily Express turns up as headlines on my MS feed and not only are we getting Edward and Sophie rubbish we have Jeremy Clarkson telling us about how we are purloining English money.

    Ms Forbes should be denying all aid to the dead tree press.

  53. Wee Chid

    Is there any point in joining Now Scotland if we aren’t going to get a referendum anyway? Some of us have continued to canvas and promote independence on street stalls etc and are beginning to feel we have been had. What’s the difference with this group?

  54. Daisy Walker

    Went to join Now Scotland, came away deflated.

    We know that we cannot do door to door stuff, or marches.

    We know that we need to educate the public and that info posters are a proven way to do so. And we need a Plebiscite Election for Indy.

    How fucking hard would it be for them to start their campaign by saying here’s a great big poster showing the dangers Holyrood is facing due to the IMB.

    And here’s how much we need to get it onto 10 Billboards across the country for the month of March.

    Instead they want our money for yet another ‘umbarella’ talking shop.

    Led By Donkeys showed how it could be done, and yet in Scotland ….

  55. cirsium

    @effigy, 10.27
    If not the lockdown, what do you think makes the figures fall in this manner?

    the Gompertz curve and seasonality.

  56. kapelmeister

    No Wessex Please, We’re Scottish.

  57. Wee Chid

    Effijy says:
    6 February, 2021 at 11:13 am

    There is an issue regarding transport though. Vulnerable are advised not to use public transport yet many in rural areas have no option. Our CC offered the use of the local centre, as they did for flu vaccinations, and it was turned down. 35 mile round trip to the nearest point. Those without cars have to take, possibly, the first major risk they have taken since March.

  58. Jason Smoothpiece


    You are right old bean the English regime have us beat. The independence campaign is on its knees they are deploying his gracious majesty Prince Edward to Scotland.

    The dream has died the campaign cannot continue in the face of such an action.

    Get down on your knees and shout hurrah to the royal prince.

    The regime certainly can hit our weak spots when they want.

  59. Stuart MacKay

    Just joined Now Scotland.

    Since every silver lining has a cloud I was disappointed to see on the payment page that the default country was “United Kingdom”. D’oh!

    Looks like the payments are handled by a third party like Stripe so that’s probably outwith their control but it’s the little details that matter 😉

    One small step for man, one giant leap for detaching the independence movement from the SNP.

    The first green shoots of Spring for Scotland are such a welcome sight.

  60. Republicofscotland

    Nice on Chris.

    Meanwhile Johnson’s government plans to put the Butcher’s Apron on all new car registration plates. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said it would reassert our independence from the EU.

    I can’t say if it will happen or not but its been touted that Prince Edward might move to Scotland, in an attempt to let the plebs feel closer to the royals and the union, and deflate our feelings for independence, quick pass the sick bucket.

  61. Daisy Walker

    So, things we know.

    Highly unlikley that between now and May the SNP are going to be able (even if willing and that’s not a given) to clean their house.

    They are not going to change leaders or policy, and the 11 point plan has already been debunked.

    De’Honte was always designed to prevent one party getting an outright majority, so all the polling showing the SNP waltzing into one seems somewhat dubious.

    Even if you want it to be true, both votes SNP – is conter productive for Indy.

    The ISP has come out, making really big noises about the need for plebiscite Indy election, but with every day getting closer to May, there is little confirmation of that ever becoming their Actual Manifesto. More bloody carrots.

    And more insulting BS, if their reason for not doing so is to say, well we’re only standing on the list, so there’s no way it could win, so….’ When you only stand on the list that is true for every single one of your policies. You are a protest single issue party – and there-in lies your strength.

    ‘Now Scotland’ has started up, with good intentions, but 3 months before the Holyrood election, nothing like a plan for actually doing stuff. And sorry to be a grouch, but its a stupid, stupid name… all anyone needs to do is put the word ‘not’ in front of it and it’s null and void.

    The biggest problem Scotland has, is that a large chunk of the Indy movement are scared of actually achieving it.

  62. Stuart MacKay

    cirsium @11:26am

    > the Gompertz curve and seasonality.

    A Gompertz curve or function would only apply if the virus had reached some kind of saturation point and had infected everybody that was vulnerable or accessible. The number of reported cases is obviously way less than the actual number but I doubt if it is close to the 70% ballpark figure that is used to describe herd immunity.

    As for seasonality. You do realise it’s February. If it were May then I’d agree that would be a factor. If you look at the graphs on the worldometers site then the decline in the first wave for northern European country only really began in late May / early June.

    Look at the graph of deaths in Portgual, The lock down had flattened the curve for most of December then they opened up things for Christmas day for 36 hours or so and all Hell broke loose.

  63. kapelmeister

    RepofScot @11:35

    As long as you leave the registration number alone, I’m sure it would be alright to put a black mark over the wee union jack. That would rebound on the britnats if half the cars in Scotland had the UJs defaced.

  64. Unfaithful Servant

    @Cirsium 10:27
    Genuine question, would you mind elaborating? Like most on here I don’t have much expertise in biostatistical modelling!

    Still laughing at that 100thIdiot keyboard hardman by the way, what an absolute VL.

  65. Anonymoose

    Daisy Walker says:
    6 February, 2021 at 11:42 am

    re: the ISP.

    I’m in agreement that the ISP needs to put a plebicide front and center of their campaign, I’d contemplate signing up if they did that.

    The “we’re only on the list so it doesnt matter” arguement is crap at best.

    If they had a plebicide on Scottish independence in their manifesto, not only does it state in no uncertain terms what they stand for, it also gives them bargaining ammunition to use should the SNP need their help in gaining a majority to form a government or to aide in pushing indy related act’s through parliament.

    Additionally they will be in opposition whether or not the SNP get a majority or a minority government with or without their assistance so there is nothing stopping them from putting an independence plebicide front and center other than themselves.

  66. Eileen Carson

    Effigy says 6 February, 2021 at 11:13 am

    I’ve heard nothing about an appt for vaccination I’m 74 and have COPD and scarring on my right lung.

  67. Alan Mackintosh

    Stu, did you track down the letter in the Vancouver Globe that was mentioned a couple of days back. I did have a look, but didnt see a way of searching the letters, it just came back with articles.

  68. Meg merrilees

    Muscleguy @8.48 and onehundrethidiot at top of thread –

    Do you know anyone who has had a cold this winter? I don’t.
    Apparently this winter has seen the least flu in 130 years.

    Statistics eh?

  69. Bob Mack

    @Daisy Walker,

    This is by no means over. I hzve friends in other political circles who are openly talking about forming pacts and not fielding candidates to stop an SNP majority. It is not just about the SNP merely turning up.

    Bear that in mind. They will take seats if they agree to this.

    Secondly I remember when the SNP were short in numbers both of elected officials and members. Look how that grew. ISP have that same opportunity but in a much shorter time frame

    We must have umbrella organisations for those who currently see the inactivity of the SNP, and those who though committed just now will eventually have the scales fall from their eyes.

    There has to be a focus for those people to maintain momentum rather than descend into apathy and disenchantment and that aim includes AUOB as well as Now Scotland.

    We keep our own fire burning rather than sit watching embers slowly burn out.

  70. susanXX

    I’m going to post this from Terry Pratchett’s “Jingo”. I think it’s important.

    He ought to stay here, and do the best he could.
    But…history was full of the bones of good men who’d followed bad orders in the hope that they could soften the blow. Oh, yes, there were worse things they could do, but most of them began right where they started following bad orders”.

  71. Meg merrilees

    Regarding vaccinations:

    I was phoned at 11.30 this morning, can I attend local GP for vaccine dose at 11.55. ( I’m a surviving liver transplant patient). Also, brother-in-law aged 70 got text message yesterday to go locally for vaccine on Monday.

    Be prepared!
    It might not be a letter notifying you, especially as we go into next week and approach the 15th.
    Neighbours and another friend in the late 70’s getting dose mid-week and friends in the 65-69 age group getting done on Monday (4 separate GP practices).

  72. Craig Jones

    The Yes Movement, the Scottish Parliament, our political leaders, have all drifted miles off course.

    The Greens have forgotten all about the environment and saving the planet, so they can concentrate on saving the Woke brigade.

    The SNP have gone down the same road as the Greens and are equally determined to save the Woke brigade.

    If Sturgeon and Harvie are not talking about Covid in the Scottish Parliament, they are talking about the poor old Woke brigade.

    Independence is kicked miles into touch.

    Brexit has been kicked miles into touch.

    The whole Yes Movement and what we are all about, has been dragged miles off course. We now find ourselves in the middle of nowhere with just a few months until the Holyrood election.

    Someone on our behalf has to make a move very very soon, and I mean like, yesterday.

  73. lothianlad

    From Ian Lawsons blog. yourse for Scotland
    ( Thanks top Alf Baird above)

    “We would be wise to recognise that Independence threatens the future of the United Kingdom and as such will involve efforts by the British State to disrupt and damage the SNP and Scottish Government.

    That is to be expected. What is not expected is just how easily prominent members of the SNP can find themselves aiding and abetting such disruption motivated by petty political jealousies or insecurity.

    The full story of the Holyrood Inquiry remains to be told. What is certain is that the Scottish Government has behaved very badly, is heavily involved in a major damage limitation exercise involving a host of delaying and blocking tactics, which reveal their undoubted guilt, but which they accept as preferable to an open and honest Inquiry that would reveal the whole truth.

    Not sure what I want as an outcome, the revelation that it was motivated by envy and insecurity, that run out of control and escalated to disaster level or our poor wee leaders were outsmarted and played so easily by the security services of the British state. The truth is probably both”.

    “It does matter, it is totally unacceptable and must never ever happen again”.

    I am, as always

    Yours for Scotland

    I have been posting for ages that the Brit secret service are heavily involved in the highest levels in the SNP, to much derision by posters who write me and others of as ‘conspiracy theorists’

    The above summerises this by Ian in a way I could not, and is the most accurate description of whats been happaning.

  74. Meg merrilees

    Had to laugh – DRoss has been printed on the front page of the Herald saying that the BBC in Scotland is TOO biased towards the SNP – surely he’s taking the proverbial???

  75. Saffron Robe

    Brilliant Chris, simply brilliant. The cartoon speaks entirely for itself so there is nothing I can add but to compliment you on your artistry.

  76. Ottomanboi

    If you don’t die from « Covid-19 » you’re not on trend and may be counted among the undead. Creepy!
    Amazing how the common cold and seasonal flu have been airbrushed from stats.
    Had a car crash! musta been Covid symptoms addling the brain.
    All grist to the Great Scare ‘em Shitless project.
    Turn them hypochondriac.
    Like putty in a hot hand.

  77. Meg merrilees

    They are losing the plot about the Union and keeping Scotland subjugated – Do you think ‘Proud’ Edward will bring an army with him this time?

    Re the Butcher’s Apron on number plates – I remember about 20/25 years ago at the BBC we all had to get new ID cards, all 35,000 of us because some bright spark had suggested that the BBC crest should be taken off all the ID cards except for those people who were on the Board at the BBC.
    Apparently THIS would incentivise the lower echelons to work hard and aspire to get promotion so we could be rewarded with the BBC crest on our ID card.
    Needless to say, I carried on doing my job but never regained the crest on my ID card.

    I’ll just put a sticker over any foreign flag on my number plate.

  78. Sensibledave

    Breeks 9.15

    You could move to England quickly, I’ve got 50meg here …. after Indy, you won’t be able to!?

  79. Graham

    “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

    ? George R.R. Martin

  80. Republicofscotland

    Meg & Kapelmeister, re the Butcher’s Apron, I have one on my driving licence as well. I also dislike pulling up behind the mini’s with Butcher’s Apron lights at the back. Union Jackery in Scotland is on the up I think.

  81. paul

    Meg merrilees says:
    6 February, 2021 at 12:18 pm

    Muscleguy @8.48 and onehundrethidiot at top of thread –

    Do you know anyone who has had a cold this winter? I don’t.
    Apparently this winter has seen the least flu in 130 years.

    Statistics eh?

    I certainly have had one this year, runny noose,sneezing etc and I wear a mask in public areas.
    I’ve avoided the covid thing but still got the common cold.

  82. wull

    Some doggerel, most of which (but now adapted) I posted in the early hours a few days ago. By the time I did so, two more articles had appeared so probably hardly anyway saw it.

    Probably not many will want to see it anyway. So, just scroll down, if this is not your sort of thing.

    The content does seem relevant to some of what Chris is saying in his, as usual brilliant cartoon.

    I should acknowledge that I did borrow one brilliant idea (“an’ nae fond kiss”) from someone else posting btl on Wings. If the owner of that phrase wants me to take it out, please let me know, and I will remove it. Sorry, I can’t remember who it was, and have been unable to trace it – but it was certainly someone commenting here on Wings.

    wull says:
    2 February, 2021 at 3:56 am

    Sturgeon slipped, on her banana,
    When she thought to oust Joanna!
    Careful, Nic, at whom you toss ’em:
    You’ve cut her loose … Let Cherry blossom!

    And that she will; just wait and see!
    From Blackheart now you’ve set her free –
    And from ‘You Too’ … and all imposters
    Whose pretence-Indy ‘Me Too’ fostered.

    And Yes! It’s you I’m thinking of
    And ‘Me-First Murrell’, your hubby-boss,
    And all your gang of fake-news Misses …
    Good-bye tae a’ that – an’ nae fond kisses …

    Tosser Sturgeon, OUT she tossed ’em –
    But went too far wi’ Cherry Blossom.
    You cannae stop her now, … you cannae:
    Neither you, nor your fake manny …

    You’ve put the cat amang the pigeons,
    An’ feeneshed aff yer ain wee minions
    Wha’ staun’, as chancers, on yer List,
    Tae testify tae chances missed

    Throughout yer ower-lang six-year reign –
    When you poured Indy doon the drain!

    Alang, like buses, mandates came
    As Indy-voters gie’d you fame,
    Yet never aince anticipated
    That mandates a’ be dissipated

    By you! … Wha’ acted like you’d been mandated
    Tae oust guid indy-fowk ye hated!
    Tae impose imposter-rule,
    An’ use oor movement as yer tool

    For gainin’ other, wokey ends –
    As if oor minds, tae yours, would bend!
    But we’ll no’ hae it – never ever!
    An’ nae fond kiss, as aye we sever!

    For Sturgeon’s oot! Then in comes Cherry!
    Th’imposter’s boot e’en maks us merry
    For now there is no hidin’ place:
    The Party split’s richt in wir face!

    This heralds Nic’la’s-woke-demise
    Real Independence fowk arise:
    The Thistle’s Cherry’s – run the race:
    Let all imposters be disgraced!

    But wait a meenute – let’s look back,
    Now that Joanna’s got the sack …
    How did it ever come to that?
    What are Nic and Blackheart at?

    These two, how did we ever let them
    Destroy the Party that had set them –
    The Unionists – a-shiver in their beds at nicht,
    All wet and clammy, at the sicht

    O’ Scotland’s onward, heady march
    Tae freedom, justice – mind an’ heart
    At last regained, set free
    With hope revived, and SNP?

    But enter Nic’la: ‘That’s ME! That’s ME!’
    Aye, you – Nic’la! How they played you, let you be –
    The deep yoon state, I mean … So clever:
    They’d let you be … FM, for ever …

    Or just as long as you might like,
    So long as Indy’s out of sight.
    ‘Dumb it down, but let them sing …
    And for yourself, there’ll be great things

    ‘O’er yon rainbow, at end of day:
    When you bow out, you’ll get your pay
    For a job well done! Even if you didn’t mean to
    You’ll have served us well, though you didn’t seem to.

    ‘All unseen, we’ll guard your cover:
    At least while you’re useful – till it’s … all over!’
    ‘You think you’re clever, but you’re easy meat, Miss!
    Take more care. We’re very good at this!’

    ‘Of course, you thought we’d play it fair:
    They always do, till they’re ensnared.
    Thank you for being such a ‘good sort’ chap!
    But now, it’s time … to smash … YOU … apart!

    ‘Of course, WE won’t do it – we’re ‘good sorts’, too!
    Instead, we’ll leave it all to YOU!
    Won’t lift a finger, as you self-implode.
    We read you right! The Scots we over-rode.

    ‘They’ll never recover – you have done them in.
    But that’s a virtue – not a sin!
    We get what we want. And we use who we will.
    What a nice plant you’ve been – on OUR window sill.

    ‘Unbeknown to yourself, perhaps. Not your intention?
    So don’t beat your breast about it, or even mention
    The way we got you, which would be your shame –
    You can’t now save your tarnished name!’

    How they outplayed you, Nic’la dear!
    You outplayed yersel’, like silly King Lear!
    The best-laid plans can aa gang awry
    An’ yours went flat, as you fell frae the sky

    Where ye dreamed up yer plans, in a fantasy land,
    Of a Scotland ye hoped for – completely unmanned!
    Which you thocht would be perfect … and so utterly nice!
    What a mess … in the nest … o’ yon wee mice.

    Your vanities on fire, you’re now undone:
    The Party’s over, England’s won.
    Maybe you meant that: no disaster for you?
    But how will you leave? An’ what will you do?

    I hear your mind stir? Imagine you’re Samson!
    Big, muscled-up – so strong, an’ so handsome.
    Like him, you once ruled, with a glorious crown:
    Like him you will lose it, be locked up (or locked down)!

    You and him both, you went wrong in yer heid,
    Got captured, and so – aa’ yer pow’r went deid!
    He got a haircut from his lady friend
    An’ your ain inner circle brought you tae yer end.

    A dead end it was, but ye widnae let go.
    Self-destruction it is then; you’ll reap what you sow.
    Yet, I hear you imagine, a way to bow out;
    A last battle cry in your heart you do shout:

    Why not, like Samson, pick a glorious end?
    One final message, to the world you will send:
    ‘I may be caught, in my own petard …
    But I’m not finished yet; so be on your guard!’


    Remember how many, once-wonderful friends
    Under a bus met their political ends!
    Well, the last bus is yours, Nic. And now it is running
    As nearer and nearer – to YOU – it keeps coming.

    ‘Before it arrives’, Nic said, ‘I’ll show you my might:
    Never go down without a good fight.’
    So, Samson Sturgeon, what will you do?
    ‘If “Me-too” must go, then “So-too” must YOU!’

    She’ll bring the house down, saying ‘Watch ye my strength!’
    Oh the weakness of will of that terrible wench!
    For weakness it is to kill off the cause
    That aince was her ain, and even her maw’s!

    The pillars, her arms, she held all around!
    With a grunt like A. Murray she made a great sound!
    And with the strength from her hair, she lifted them up
    And down crashed her Party! It turned intae pulp!

    The house, it was ruined; piles of SNP dust.
    Brought low by her pride, her ambition and lust
    For power. That leader was weak, all yellow and serious:
    Asserting herself, aloof and imperious,

    O’er Party and people, the entire Scottish nation …
    Her ‘imposter complex’ sought its compensation …
    But nothing and no one could ever assuage it
    For whoever opposed her, further enraged it.

    Whoever she feared might soon take her place
    She defenestrated, and spat in their face.
    Tarred them and feathered them, splashed them in paint
    While telling the world that she was a saint.

    Alas! Poor auld Scotia, the pilloried nation
    Covered again in smeared defamation.
    Betrayed from within, attacked from without –
    Will she ever recover from her wound of self-doubt?

    So, must we now leave it, this sad scene, at that?
    Survey all the madness, where hope had once sat?
    And sit like a Job, among the SNP rubble,
    Accepting defeat, in our burst Scottish bubble … ?

    But wait – what is that? – all hope is not dashed:
    The Phoenix is rising from out of the ash!
    The Sturgeon has gone! I hear Psalm Salmon’ singing
    Up the stream flying, fast, forward flip-flinging …

    New birth, an’ new life … An’ here is the YES
    The Sovereign Scots rise, they can’t be suppressed:
    The air, it is clearing … so fresh, purified ..
    What has been, it has been … But the Dream’s still Alive!

    The stench has been quenched. And the split has occurred:
    The time has now come for the YESSERS to purr.
    Not in hate or revenge, but riding so high,
    As they cut through the muck from the piles of The Lie.

    Look! Over there! Yes, that’s Angus MacNeil!
    While the Robertson Angus has been brought to heel.
    He’s vanished, and gone! As has many a rascal.
    And wha’s in their place? It’s Kenny MacCaskill!

    Thae twa’, an’ Cherry, ha’e cam through the test
    That Sturgeon had set them, as three o’ the best!
    The guid folk o’ Scotland, awoke, an’ were scunnered:
    An’ pit Nic, an’ her Blackheart, oot on their bummers!

    It’s Scots folk oorsel’s wha’ll set Scotlan’ free:
    We dinna’ mair need a fake SNP!
    With or withoot it, it’s up tae us
    Tae win oor freedom, withoot muckle fuss.

    Imposters are oot; they cannae dae it.
    An’ liars be gone; ye’ll nae wrest us frae it.
    It’s honest folk maun, i’ the end, win the day:
    So here we come, Yessers – Aye, we’re here tae stay!

    Independence is on. Wha’ thinks he can stoap it?
    It micht cam sae fast, like wan big scooshin’ rocket,
    Or, more slowly … but still, we’ll just juggernaut it
    For naebody noo can e’er pit a stoap tae it.

    For neither the yoons, nor yon loony lobbyists
    Will ever again rob us a’ oot o’ ony’ o’ it,
    For sovereignty’s oors, and now comes the hour
    When naebody else has the slightest wee power

    Tae tak it frae Scots – the people – that’s us!
    Or smash it or drive it unner ony damned bus.
    So listen ye up, all lyin’ dud politicians,
    Wha’ filled yer pouches by sowin’ divisions,

    Ye’ll be exposed, on yer trough-snouts ejected:
    Fun’ oot – flung oot – oot an’ oot quite rejected.
    For aa’ the auld tricks, ye aince played, tae cheat us,
    Will turn back on you; ne’er mair to defeat us.

    An’ aa’ ye perverters, o’ true course o’ justice
    Ne’er mair will gang free tae knife us, an’ injure us –
    Or ony guid citizen – throughout oor land.
    For crime ye’ll dae time, till you understand

    That courtroom deception
    Will fa’ foul o’ inspection,
    For the guid rule of law applies tae us a’
    An’ liars an’ deceivers a’ stick in oor craw:
    They’ll rue the day they e’er paved the way
    To put innocent persons, for ever, away.


    MacCaskill, Cherry and MacNeil,
    Don’t let the liars Scotlan’ steal.
    It’s oors, no’ theirs! Come quick the day
    When sovereign Scots bear full their sway,
    As aince and always, aye, they did;
    Let Truth win through, of Lies be rid.

    And from this mess, we’ll learn the lessons
    Tae staun’ up weel, wi’ Independence!

  83. bipod

    Given a few weeks to kick in, Every time we have a lockdown the Covid new
    Cases and deaths fall significantly.

    You must have been asleep for the past 4 months we have had recurring lockdowns/”circuit breakers” and rules that have been tightened every week and the cases and deaths did not significantly fall they didn’t fall at all actually they kept going up. The January spike happened during a lockdown and remember all of the schools, restaurants were closed in December.

  84. Davy Smith

    @Paul; I have a permacold from October to April every year. It’s what you get trundling around in the cab of a bus for ten hours, three days a week.
    Nothing worse though. I take 2000iu of D3, a B Complex and a C every day.
    Never had the flu jab ever despite getting offered it every year.
    Never had a bad flu since my 20s either.

  85. Socrates MacSporran

    Meg merrilees, you said: @ 12:33 pm:

    “Had to laugh – DRoss has been printed on the front page of the Herald saying that the BBC in Scotland is TOO biased towards the SNP – surely he’s taking the proverbial???”

    Not at all, The Linesman is merely doing what he does best, waving a (Union) flag, from the sidelines, and talking pish.

  86. Ian Brotherhood

    @bipod –

    I’ve given up going on about it but still watch the ‘alternative’ news about what’s happening. Have you seen Vernon Coleman’s latest? It is genuinely distressing to see the man break down, he’s at the end of his tether.

  87. Alf Baird

    Daisy Walker

    There is only one party which is proposing that indy parties put a plebiscite election in their manifesto, and that is Solidarity, who say this:

    “If the SNP hierarchy is serious about independence, they can simply recognise that, include it in their Election Manifesto, and if a majority vote for Independence supporting Parties, then independence can be declared and an application to the UN can be made for international recognition. It’s that simple”! “Anything less is not good enough”!”

    If the SNP still aint up for independence come May, we should use the total regional list vote as a plebiscite vote and if that means voting for Solidarity, so be it. At least its a better name than ‘Now (now!) Scotland’ and its actually a party to vote for. It is telling that the only political campaigner in Scotland who has the courage to do this is Tommy Sheridan. As Fanon says, you can never trust the pampered bourgeoisie to deliver independence, it always comes through the proletariat.

    Lothianlad (and Iain Lawson) is right about who really runs Scotland, and that we can forget about democracy with this shower. So lets at least try to get 50%+ in favour of independence on the list and take that mandate to the UN for recognition.

  88. Strathy

    Stunning work, wull.

  89. Jason Smoothpiece


    You are quite correct to say that the security services are active and working against Scotland’s interests.

    That’s their job, to protect the interest of the state ie the English state.

    I can assure you they are certainly here.

  90. alistair x

    wull that was brilliant, crikey!

  91. wull

    Thanks Strathy! Once again, I seem to have posted it just when this article has been superseded by the next one! Still, better late than never.

  92. wull

    Thanks, Alistair. I quite enjoyed writing it (both on Feb 2, and re-writing / revising it for this article too).

  93. Cath

    How fucking hard would it be for them to start their campaign by saying here’s a great big poster showing the dangers Holyrood is facing due to the IMB. And here’s how much we need to get it onto 10 Billboards across the country for the month of March.

    Maybe that’s precisely the kind idea they need from their members. What an organisation can achieve depends entirely on who joins and what they can add. If someone has an idea like that and there’s someone else who works in, say advertising and/or design who can create a stunning poster, and others who know how to pitch stories to the media etc, then an organisation will get plenty done (so long as they’re willing to listen to their members and use their best talent to its best ability anyway, rather than trying to put them in jail)

  94. John H.

    Effijy says: 11.04.

    “they have used the Scots as first wave to use up enemy ammunition and tire them before
    the glorious England regiments appear.”

    If I remember correctly, I read somewhere years ago that Scots casualties in the First war were around 26%, Approx. double the rest of Britain’s figures. The figures overall were so bad that after the war they brought in the 80 year rule. So it was the late nineties before we found out how bad it had been. If the Scottish people had known the truth at the time then our history since then might have been very different.

  95. bjsalba

    I’m over 70.

    Local surgery phoned Thursday to offer appointment for jag next week at the local Free Church – just round the corner from the surgery.

    The Free Church is big enough to accommodate lots of people who remain for observation for 15 minutes in case of a reaction.

  96. Wee Chid

    Republicofscotland says:
    6 February, 2021 at 11:35 am
    Nice on Chris.

    “Meanwhile Johnson’s government plans to put the Butcher’s Apron on all new car registration plates.”

    A friend who has one on theirs got perfectly sized Saltire stickers to put over the top.

  97. TheBuchanLoony

    How to deal with Union Jackery…take a black felt tip pen, or similar, and turn the red horizontal and vertical sections of the St George’s cross to black. I think that is more of a protest and more effective than covering it up completely. Try it and see what you think.

  98. Daisy Walker

    Cath says:
    6 February, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    ‘How fucking hard would it be for them to start their campaign by saying here’s a great big poster showing the dangers Holyrood is facing due to the IMB. And here’s how much we need to get it onto 10 Billboards across the country for the month of March.’

    Maybe that’s precisely the kind idea they need from their members. What an organisation can achieve depends entirely on who joins and what they can add.’


    Dear Cath, we are so way past that point now, its like someone falling down in front of you with chest pains, and someone else saying, you know, wouldn’t it be good if they taught first aid in all the schools and workplaces so that in a situation we’re in now, someone could do CPR.

    Dear Alf Baird, I appreciate that Solidarity has put Plebiscite Indy Ref in their manifest.

    Its just I’m not a socialist (not a tory either by the way), I don’t trust them and I won’t be voting for them. And from their point of view the problem is too many other people feel the same.

    Anyway, re the Billboards idea, its not exacly rocket science. I’ve already donated £100 to ISP (before I found out they were another bunch of loud talking carrot danglers).

    I’ll give you another example – a certain website we all frequent said, I need x amount of money to produce a wee book with the intention of getting enough published and into the hands of every household in Scotland. I need x amount, and its written and due to be published on y date, for distribution.

    Not, lets think about getting together, chewing the fat, arguing about ideas, different poster messages, maybes aye, maybes naw, maybes some time, oh and would you mind paying us some money and you can ‘join in the discussion.

    Dear Nill Point Scotland – Billboards NOW, Crowdfund if you have to.

    There you go, the idea is out there, feel free to use it.

  99. Hugh Jarse

    Black eyed brilliance CC.

  100. kapelmeister

    TheBuchanLoony @2:27

    Great idea!

  101. Alf Baird

    Daisy Walker

    “Its just I’m not a socialist”

    Neither am I. But we won’t get independence relying on mealy moothed neoliberals masquerading as ‘nationalists’.

    Independence is far more likely to be delivered by socialist republicans, much as history tells us. So if you want independence you need to take it when it is on offer.

    As for trust, do any of us trust our politicians?

    In any event independence is not about political ideologies or policies for this and that, these will all come into play after independence. Independence is about national consciousness and liberation of a people from oppression, which then allows for different policy options to be considered by the people.

    So we should take independence any peaceful democratic way it comes, assuming we desire national independence. And if that is what Solidarity and Tommy Sheridan are offering in May or whenever, I’ll gladly take it.

  102. Cath

    All fair points @Daisey

  103. Alf Baird

    Anonymoose @ 12:06

    “If they had a plebicide on Scottish independence in their manifesto”

    The List vote can be used as a national plebiscite on independence and, as Solidarity maintains, a majority vote in favour can then be taken to the UN for recognition.

    It disnae maiter a daw wha sits in Holyrood in May, for
    a UK ‘devolved’ Holyrood would shortly thereafter need to be dissolved and first elections brought for a new independent Scottish state legislature.

  104. Sarah

    @ wull: loved your poem. What about sending it into the National?

  105. Liz

    Brilliant Chris. Just goes to show NS cannot control her hatred against certain people.

    Otherwise she would have been more subtle

  106. twathater

    I’m with Alf Baird I DON’T care who gets us independence or how we get there (peacefully) if solidarity have it in their manifesto and ISP don’t I will vote Solidarity , and BTW Tommy Sheridan has spoken more eloquently and more passionately about Indy than ANY other politician and ANY other party

    These semantics are the same as the outrages against gaming the d’hondt system where many people were moaning that voting collectively on the list for other newcomers was unfair to the yoonionists , whilst the yoonionists were quite happy to encourage their supporters to vote for another party to support the union against the SNP , oh how they laughed when THEY gamed the system

    BTW Chris artistry and message tres fantastique

  107. Alf Baird

    twathater @ 5:26

    “I’m with Alf Baird I DON’T care who gets us independence or how we get there (peacefully) if solidarity have it in their manifesto and ISP don’t I will vote Solidarity , and BTW Tommy Sheridan has spoken more eloquently and more passionately about Indy than ANY other politician and ANY other party”

    Well said. Like you I don’t see what the issue is here. If a Scottish political party is offering a democratic route to independence we should take it. Policies on this and that and whatever else can wait until after independence, they are all immaterial. Its also true to say that if anyone knows the way the British state works it is Tommy Sheridan and few have suffered more from it. His recent sputnik interviews with Gordon Dangerfield have also been enlightening.

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