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Painted out of a corner

Posted on October 29, 2014 by

Jim Murphy has finally announced that he’ll stand for the leadership of the Scottish branch office of the UK Labour Party. Tonight he told the Daily Record that:

“I am not going to shout at or about the SNP, I am going to talk to and listen to Scotland.”

For any of you who might have forgotten, here’s some recent footage of how Jim listens to Scotland and avoids shouting about the SNP:

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    1. 29 10 14 22:42

      Painted out of a corner - Speymouth

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    1. Croompenstein says:

      He has designs on becoming the First Minister the guy is deluded. If he ever becomes FM we are all leaving.

    2. Johnny says:

      This disgusted me. At the time, I remember wondering who he thought he was disrespecting that wee woman who had given him more respect than he deserved in the first place.

    3. DougtheDug says:

      Jim appears to have given up on Westminster and now wants to be in opposition in the Scottish Parliament.

      A minor Labour post in a regional dead-end parliament for an ambitious Labour politician.

      I don’t quite get his career strategy although the BBC will put his face on screen for every episode of Reporting Scotland and punt him and Labour relentlessly in the Spring of 2016.

    4. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      Scottish branch of the Labour party RIP.

    5. Looks like Murphy has chosen the poison Chalice. He is a careerist and has no principles. What can he do for Scotlands people but keep Unionist policies to keep Ed Lab happy who see us as a colony. For the #45 per cent he is a lying parasite we don’t respect & he represents all we despise in what labour has become. Looks like greedy expenses Murphy has been told jump or be pushed. Hobsons choice to save his skin

    6. Andy Nimmo says:

      Let’s have a Competition to see who can get closest to Daily Record Front Page
      Me first
      ‘Murphy VOWS to listen to and talk to the whole of Scotland’

    7. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      Nicola will be writing to Murphy in six months time. Come in from the cold Jim. Mission accomplished.

    8. Indigo says:

      Soooo hope Sarah wins, that’d be hilarious 😀

    9. Swami Backverandah says:

      He was waiting until he saw who else nominated.
      That should inspire confidence in the SLAB members.

    10. RandomSwitch says:

      Murphy said OK to the woman in blue question on Brown’s transplant lie, a full acknowledgement.
      Then pointedly ignored her.
      It won’t wash.
      His technique is blatant and obvious to the million and a half from whom’s eyes the scales have fallen.
      Simply a bully and little more.

    11. Grizzle McPuss says:

      Watch out Scotland, here comes Two-Crates Murphy, the dude with the integrity of a rattlesnake.

      To para-phrase that infamous speech of ’79 for Murphy to quote:

      “Where there is discord, may we bring humour. Where there is error, may we bring entertainment. Where there is doubt, may we bring more. And where there is despair, may we bring hope…for Independence”

    12. Ian Brotherhood says:

      The woman in that footage is Alison. I met her a couple of times just before the referendum, at street events in Ayr.

      She is utterly delightful, and as sharp as a carpet tack. She knew exactly what she was doing that day – she gave The Murph enough rope and he duly stuck his equine napper through the noose.

      He wants to ‘talk to the whole of Scotland’? We’re all ears, Jim. Be assured mister, you will hear us loud and clear. Eventually, you WILL answer Alison’s question, and many many more besides.

    13. gillie says:

      Jim Murphy will destroy Scottish Labour. We should cheer him on.

    14. gillie says:

      I wonder how the Scotsman will report it?

    15. Paula Rose says:

      Does he want to be the first bud on the twig?

    16. Marsi says:

      I haven’t been able to watch this footage since I shot or that day. I think he broke my phone with his shouting! He never asked the question still.

    17. Gary C says:

      I keep asking but nobody can give me an answer how is it possible for a guy to spend 9 years at University and not get a degree. I think he’s a spook.

    18. Naina Tal says:

      Great news for us, but from what I hear, he’s no’ exacly a shoo in! Only one person I know of that rates Murphy at all is Jim Murphy.

      Wonder if he’ll try to get a seat in Holyrood, or will his remote control be working overtime getting the Scottish Branch MSPs voting by numbers whilst he sits in Westminster raking in the expenses doon there?

      Listen to Scotland? He’s set to “transmit only”.

    19. YESGUY says:

      Chuckle chuckle

      Oh how the mighty have fallen 🙂

      Labour are deid. Corpses , ZOMBIES , Lets play a game of “are you voting for jim ..Jim? ”

      No one in their right mind likes the guy. And was he not under investigation for expenses

      You cannot make this up 🙂 🙂 🙂

    20. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      All hail the Eggman.

      The reluctant would be leader of the London branch office. 😀

    21. Natasha says:

      @Gary C 10.12pm
      Bet he wouldn’t have spent 9 years at university if he’d had to pay tuition fees. Still, he voted for them, so it’s obviously okay for other people to have to pay them.

    22. galamcennalath says:

      From a Miiliband / Head Office point of view, Labour must realise they have BIG problems in Scotland. And, the restless natives could cost them the GE 2015! So perhaps Murphy has been told to try to do something about it. They don’t have much of a shortlist of ‘big hitters’ to chose from. From a Labour perspective, something still needs to be done.

      Well, if his message is “forget more powers, obey your Imperial Masters”, then he’s going to crash and burn!

      They could save the Labour Party and the Union all in one swoop …. Completely disassociate SLab from London and come out for Devo Max/FFA. However that would courage and take forward thinking which they totally lack.

    23. Brotyboy says:

      Deep joy.

    24. Marian says:

      The more I see and hear Jim Murphy the more I see an utterly despicable self-publicist who would sell out his own granny and his countrymen in order to advance his own career.

      Which is why I hope he does become leader of the Labour branch Office in Scotland so that every Scots voter also sees and hears him for what he really is so that they can ensure that the self-destruction of Labour in Scotland is completed.

    25. fairmersloon says:

      I don’t think that Murphy has any intention of standing for Hollyrood. His job will to try to stop the SNP gaining seats from Labour at the next GE.

      With the amount of support Labour can expect from MSM, I would expect that any positive movement in the polls and GE result will be regarded as a victory for Murphy.

      Murphy might not want the job at Slab, but the fact that he did the review of Slab will have made Milliband point the finger at him.

      It’s our job to make sure Murphy fails.

    26. Andy Nimmo says:

      Och there’s so much fun to be had.
      This his interview speech

      First of all I would like to assure the panel that I am not an eggomaniac or a big oeuf as people claim
      I can assure you that I will be a succeggsful addition to the team as I am an eggcellent communicator who eggcels in creative accountancy and I have an eggsemplary record in politics

    27. JimnArlene says:

      Dear Spud, welcome to the end of your career. No ermine jaikit for you, no big pay off; Ed may have promised you these things, but we all know; Labour are feked, get it richt roond ye.

    28. fred blogger says:

      he’s going to listen to scotland and then tell us what scotland says.
      the 2nd word is off, will he listen?

    29. bookie from hell says:

      Jim wipes slate clean Vow,Iraq

    30. chalks says:

      The descent of labour continues.

      Is it really so hard to campaign for devo max?

    31. Shuggy says:

      I wonder what “pre-nup” he negotiated out of the boy Milliband to take this on.

      Future deputy leadership? Ermine?

    32. Stoker says:

      Jim Murphy is a bigger bum than ten arses.

      Put that in your red tory rag.

    33. HandandShrimp says:

      Oh God! Didn’t Johann not always go on about listening and having “a conversation” with the Scottish people? That invariably involved folding her arms and saying “I dinnae agree”.

      Murphy is a Blairite, right wing, weapon fetishist with anger management issues. Can we be so lucky as to have Scottish Labour vote for him

    34. Luigi says:

      How the mighty have fallen.

      Poor JM thought he could come up to Scotland, do his 100 towns for the union, get a NO vote, and then rush back to his nice life back at Westminster. Oh dear, never quite worked out eh? He almost managed to stay low and evade capture, but maybe Nicola’s salvo this morning panicked Labour sufficiently into pushing him over.

      GE in May – does he stand for election and remain an MP until 2016?

    35. Ian Brotherhood says:

      If anyone’s coming to the demo outside Glasgow Central Hotel tomorrow night and wants a topical subject for a placard, please note this figure:


      That’s how much The Murph claimed in expenses for 2013/14.

      And he got it.

      (Source: Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.)

    36. John Thomson says:

      Brown may not accept a Lordship but Murphy would sell his country for one

    37. Kenny says:

      Jim Murphy is my MP — when I first saw him on TV, I honestly thought he was a Blue Tory!

      I was hoping it would be Broon, but knew he would never allow himself to be humiliated by Wee Nicola at Holyrood…

      A Blairite possibly at the head of the Labour Party in Scotland, well, well, well…… I am convinced that Murphy will take the Red Tory Party to third place in Scotland.

      What on earth will he be like at FMQT? He will completely humilate himself, getting all shouty and worked up. And how is he going to get himself elected to Holyrood anyway???

    38. De Valera says:

      So his mighty Jimness has decided that Holyrood isn’t beneath him after all?
      I wonder if he’ll try the ignoring tactic with Nicola Sturgeon?

      He has always seemed to me to have the air of an undertaker about him, so he’s the right man to run the branch office until 2016.

    39. Mealer says:

      Jim Murphy.Does his family live in Scotland? Will they move here with him if he comes to Holyrood?

    40. PictAtRandom says:

      I personally think he would be crazy to leave his East Renfrew seat and try to stand for the Scottish Parliament. Still, these right-wing conviction politicians are funny folk.
      I did a calculation based on the SNP 42%, BritLab 25%, BritCon 16% opinion poll. If a third of the Lab vote and 40% of the Lib vote went to the SNP and the Con vote stayed more or less stable (with the addition of Lib and Lab fragments and the loss of a UKIP fragment) then it seems that BritLab would have just four seats in Scotland – Glasgow E, Glasgow NE, Kirkaldy and East Renfrewshire. (Glasgow SW would be decided by a fistful of votes). Maybe at the extreme end of the scale, but it shows you what he would be giving up.

    41. boris says:

      October 27 2014: What the Civil Service thinks – Having promised Scotland new powers in a panicky bid to secure a ‘no’ vote in the referendum, the three main parties now have to deliver on their vow – and throw England a bone too.

      Scotland is set for further devolution: the three leaders will have to stick to their promises, or they face meltdown north of the border and will have to concede another referendum – which they might well lose. But the shape of this devolution is not yet clear: the command paper published on 14 October set out the three main parties’ proposals, but brought us no closer to a resolution. “I suspect the changes will be pretty minor and procedural,” says Paun. “The irony is that if the Conservatives are ever in a position to impose English laws for English votes, then by definition – with their majority – they wouldn’t actually need to do so.”

    42. Kenny says:

      GaryC – because most of the time he was a Labour/NUS apparatchik, just waiting for the ’97 election to get his reward. He’s a scumbag of the highest order. People involved in student politics at that time may remember that the Tories planned to remove the right of students to claim Housing Benefit during the holidays. Murphy, as NUS Scotland President, refused to support the campaign against the move. He knew Nu-Labour didn’t care about students so he did what his real masters wanted. Fuck the students who voted for him. His attitude to the people of Scotland is exactly the same. There are few politicians I despise more than Murphy. At least scumbags like Thatcher stood on principle, even where that principle was utterly misguided and wrong. Murphy is a soulless creep who deserves nothing but contempt. If he wins this “leadership” contest, can I encourage every single Yes activist in the country to descend on Eastwood next spring? Even if every other Labour MP in Scotland survives, Murphy MUST be destroyed, humiliated and made to suffer. Worst cunt. (Pardon my French.)

    43. Tam Jardine says:

      So does anyone know the format for this election? I think Labour leadership votes are normally 1 round and one is eliminated. Then another round to select the ‘winner’?

      I canny see Jim getting the backing of the unions, MSPS or that many MPS if Ian Davidson’s attitude is shared by many.

      It’s bizarre though – I can’t see Jim putting himself forward if he thinks there is a chance he will lose it. Imagine the sniggers and ribbing from all and sundry as he crawls back to the Death Star? How will he live with the knock back?

      I suppose Jim thinks he is some kind of folk hero after his tour of Scotland, and that he commands great support.

    44. Training Day says:

      Boy, the Daily Record are being given maximum exposure by their Unionist chums at STV. Davie Clegg on now to deliver an obsequious paean to Murphy.

      Observe the fate of The Scotsman, Davie.

    45. Stoker says:

      gillie says:
      29 October, 2014 at 10:06 pm
      “I wonder how the Scotsman will report it?”

      With great difficulty, apparently.

    46. Wee Alex says:

      Why should East Renfrewshire vote for Murphy as MP if Labour are daft enough to elect him as leader.

      Vote Murphy for one year then face by election – that’s going to be some campaign slogan.

      You really can’t make it up.

      Mind you, his election as leader would be my preferred option. His right wing Blairite views will alienate even more Labour voters.

      Go Murphy go.

    47. Marcia says:

      He has to win first. A lot of union people are not as right wing as he is. The election should be fun to watch.

    48. Anne says:

      If Jim Murphy became First Minister I would have to leave Scotland.

    49. muttley79 says:

      I honestly cannot see the unions voting for him, surely they will back Findlay? On the other hand, would Murphy stand if he was not sure he would win? Seems unlikely…

    50. Jamie Arriere says:

      He’s coming home
      He’s coming home, he’s coming
      Skeletor’s coming home.

      Someone will need to compose a new slow air : “Jim Murphy’s Farewell to his Westminster Expenses”

      A mournful tune it will be – not a dry seat in the house

    51. Iain says:

      I think Jim will walk this and reckon that he will be a strong challenge to SNP at the forthcomining elections.
      Luckily Jim has some history when it comes to poor policy choices and the really important task of SNP is to focus on Jim’s commitment or otherwise lack of, to redistribution , reduce inequality and champion the the growth of an economy which favours high value jobs.

    52. Croompenstein says:

      I wonder if they asked Flipper to be his campaign leader. Flipper would have given it thrice Fuck Off 🙂

    53. Capella says:

      But if he stays an MP he can claim even more expenses travelling back and forth, maintaining two houses, two offices, maybe even have to have two wives to employ as researchers! Gravy galore.

    54. Luigi says:

      muttley79 says:
      29 October, 2014 at 10:47 pm

      I honestly cannot see the unions voting for him, surely they will back Findlay? On the other hand, would Murphy stand if he was not sure he would win? Seems unlikely…

      Perhaps he had no choice.

    55. If Jim Murphy is elected leader of Labour’s Scottish Branch Office, I presume he’ll try to get reelected as an MP in 2015 but will stand down in 2016 to get into the Scottish Parliament (unless Labour allows members to be an MP and an MSP at the same time — does anybody know?).

      This means that a by-election will be called in East Renfrewshire in early 2016, so it’s really important that SNP’s two branches in East Renfrewshire elect a really good candidate this time, because the candidate will get a second chance a year later if they fail the first time (and imagine the scenes if they won the first time!).

    56. Willie Galbraith says:

      Murphy has a healthy majority in East Renfrew.
      Which means he might be the only ScotLab MP left.

    57. Harry McAye says:

      I don’t have it handy but there is a youtube clip of him telling a heckler in Shawlands that “your arse is bigger than your argument”. Classy stuff for a future First Minister, no, stop chuckling you lot.

      And it was only 99 towns, he came to Hamilton twice for some reason.

    58. Stoker says:

      fairmersloon says:
      29 October, 2014 at 10:24 pm
      I don’t think that Murphy has any intention of standing for Hollyrood. His job will to try to stop the SNP gaining seats from Labour at the next GE.

      Nope, and neither do i.

      For the same reason you state AND i also believe he has been sent as a distraction. To divert most of the referendum fallout away from the other 2 candidates.

      His appointment would also be a severe slap on the face for all connected with the Scottish branch – it would send a strong message that nobody in Scotland was capable of doing the job.

      Keep London out of Scotland – kill off the red tories – vote SNP

    59. Davy says:

      The thing is will his fellow red tory MSP’s & MP’s actually vote for him, will the union’s vote for him. Who would like to have him as their boss, is he not a bittie too slicked for most people even the red tories, and its not like they have much morals in the first place.

    60. Balaaargh says:

      I almost wish I lived in East Renfrewshire so I could help campaign to bring him down. How hilarious would it be if he was branch leader at Christmas and unemployed by June?

      OT, but reading these comments about the branch got me thinking. Could we take that people have been posting and add a couple of stock photos of young people and put them in the foreground? Then we could sell it as the latest dark teen angst drama TV show with a bunch of unknowns and has-beens that will never be seen on TV again.

      You know, like the real Labour party… 😀

    61. Geoff Huijer says:

      So this is part of Murphy’s ‘admirable & successful’ speaking tour of Scotland that the TV and Press keep harping on about?

    62. Stoker says:

      I blame Stu for all of this.

      A few days ago he claimed it was a slow news day.

      Its been non-stop laughter ever since.

      Keep London out of Scotland – Kill off the red tories – vote SNP

    63. No no no...Yes says:

      The woman in the video and all others he verbally abused on his tour should be attend his hustings,if he is brave enough to face the public. They have a right to be heard. If that fails, interview them and post online.

      Murphy’s video rants should be circulated in all Labour circles to let them see the quality of the man. That could help to prevent him from even getting elected.

      Daleks have no place in Edinburgh, Exterminate…

    64. liz says:

      As someone else said, I think he’s been forced to stand cos Ed will have a lot on him.

      They might hope he gets voted out at the GE and then not selected for Holyrood.

      One way of getting rid of him

    65. joe kane says:

      Here is some more video evidence of the genuineness of Murphy’s willingness to listen and talk away from the news media spotlight he loves so much.

      A female questioner in Wishaw Main Street, during Murphy’s egg crate tour, tried to ask Murphy about Gordon Brown’s lies about the threat to the organ donation service in Scotland in the event of independence. Murphy pretended to listen and gave a caring response but then completely ignored the questioner after she dared to contradict his lies. She only asked him as she had a relative who was a patient in hospital awaiting an organ donation.

      The question about Brown’s organ donation lies starts at 36:15 mins. Murphy turns round with a snarl at the woman at 39.15 to claim Brown wasn’t lying and completely ignores the question of organ donations and the concerned woman with a relative in hospital thereafter.

      wishaw part 2: Jim Murphy @ Wishaw

    66. Onwards says:

      Perhaps Johann Lamont will do him a favour and resign before the GE, so that he has an opportunity to stand in a by-election in Pollock.

      Would a right wing Blairite go down so well there?
      Would be want to give up his Westminster gravy train?

      If he doesn’t intent to stand as an MSP, that leaves the Scottish Branch with no credibility, after Lamont’s leaving remarks.

      She might actually emerge with some respect, if she doesn’t take her backstabbing lying down, and gets one over the guy who conspired against her.. leaving her humiliated at Holyrood.

    67. Clootie says:

      As has already been said Murphy has no intention of moving to Holyrood. A simple distraction technique to try and prop up the Labour vote next year.

      Murphy is a sycophant and will do anything to please Milliband.

      Murphy can appear as all things to all men…”rent a principle”

    68. Valerie says:

      The man is an embarrassment as a Scot, but will fit right in with Labour right wing of course, so gaun yersel, Eggman.

    69. Tamson says:

      @Willie Galbraith:

      Jim’s majority in East Renfrewshire is over the Tories though, which complicates things. As does the constituency’s makeup: you’ve got the “New Labour” middle class vote in bits like Busby, a solidly old Labour vote in Barrhead, the crusty old Tory vote in Newton Mearns and Eaglesham, the biggest Jewish vote in Scotland, and a growing Asian vote.

      Jim only needs about 6000 Labour voters to switch to the SNP to lose the seat – to the Tories. Could happen.

    70. fred blogger says:

      he’s just a piece of work.

    71. Annette says:

      I used to loathe the likes of Franz Joseph Strauss and Chancellor Cabbage. That was a loathing slowly grown over the years. In this case, I had never heard of Jim Murphy until he appeared on telly in the last few weeks of the referendum campaign, and I can tell you, I have grown a loathing for him really, really fast. Apparently I’m not alone.

    72. caz-m says:

      For Murphy travelling between Glasgow and Edinburgh sure would put the brakes on in his huge travel expenses bill.

      A 1st class train fair costs under £5500 for the year.

      Last year Jim Murphy earned Over £66,000 and claimed £197,000 on expenses.

      That’s over £260,000 a year. FFS.

      Does anyone know of ONE thing that Jim Murphy done on behalf of Scotland last year? He had that much spare time, he wrote a book about football.

    73. Joe says:

      Has he been set up for a fall by millibland, if he doesn’t win the nomination, and, that’s possible with the system being used , is it ed’s way to knock him down a few pegs , or am I giving ed to much credit here. If he gets in can he sit in holyrood and take any part in debates or votes or FMQT , and if he cant what’s the point of him getting the job in the first place. Interesting times ahead.

    74. Morag says:

      He doesn’t have to give up his Westminster seat anyway. He only has to commit to standing for Holyrood. He could retain the Westminster seat in 2015 and simply stand for Holyrood in 2016.

      Of course SLab could force a Labour MSP to stand down so that he could fight a by-election, but which one? I’m not sure any of them has a majority that could be trusted under these circumstances. So I think he’ll wait for 2016.

      That means some sock puppet will have to face Nicola every week for 18 months. That should be amusing. In a blood sports sort of a way.

      Then, 2016. List or constituency? When Salmond did the same thing he stood for Gordon, but was also #1 on the North-East list, so there wasn’t much chance of him not getting in. Presumably Murphy will do the same, Slab having learned its lesson in the “no dual candidacy” department. And we may mock his lack of confidence, but it will be hard to sustain that when Salmond took the same line.

      So the Westminster by-election won’t be till the summer of 2016. A week is a long time in politics. I remember when that was a safe Tory seat. Half my schoolmates lived there. Some of them thought Ted Heath was a GREAT MAN. Airheads. How times change.

    75. Doug Daniel says:

      If he wins, Sky News says Murphy will not stand for East Renfrewshire in 2015, but will instead fight a by-election to get into Holyrood held on the same day – so a seamless transition from Westminster to Holyrood.

      That basically means someone has agreed to resign their Holyrood seat if he wins, and you’d have to think it would be Ken Macintosh in Eastwood, the sister seat to East Renfrewshire. But the Tories have twice come second in Eastwood with more votes than Ken got in 2011, so there’s potential there for them to nick it, which would be hilarious.

      SNP voters in Eastwood might just have to hold their noses and put their cross in an unfamiliar box…

    76. Capella says:

      Munguins Republic has some good pics of Murphy and his voting history. Link in centre panel.

    77. caz-m says:

      Daily Record nailing it’s colours to the Murphy mast. He seemingly has a two page spread in the rag tomorrow.

      The other two contenders, Findlay and Boyack, weren’t so lucky. BBC Scotland also giving glowing reports about Murphy’s referendum tour and how brave he was.

      The lot of them make me sick. The political Holy Trinity is alive and kicking. They are of course,

      The Record
      BBC Scotland
      Scottish Labour

      Murphy will tear Scottish Labour apart. Would you like some eejit burstin in the door and shoutin,

      “Get oot ma road and I’ll show you how it’s done ya shower of crap.”

    78. Tamson says:

      @Doug Daniel:

      going by the 2011 result, it would only take about 2000 SNP voters tactically switching to the Tories to deny Jim. But of course, an additional factor to consider in the scenario you’ve outlined is turnout: having the Eastwood by-election on the same day as the GE would boost turnout above 2011 levels, and we’ve got all those newly-engaged post-referendum voters too. If they’re in Anyone But Labour mode, Murphy would have no chance. Labour would end up 3rd, I reckon.

    79. Midgehunter says:

      @ Annette

      O/T where are you from in Germany?

      Pure Neugier meinerseits. 🙂

      Nice to know “Das Mädchen” got Kohl’s job, I couldn’t stand the guy.

    80. Midgehunter says:

      If Murphy does get the leaders job then FMQs is gonna get a lot more interesting.

      He gets to ask a question but then has to sit down and keep his trap shut till NS is finished. No shouting NS down otherwise he gets a reprimand or chucked out. Hollyrood has manners and he won’t be used to that unlike the bull-pit in London. 😉

    81. ronnie anderson says:

      Mibbes Jim could make a start listening to Scotland & go back to Ayr & answer that Wee Wummins question.

    82. a2 says:

      Is he actually intending standing for Holyrood though? there’s nothing to say the party(branch)leader should be a MSP is there? they can have a seperate “leader” in holyrood if they so choose.

      If we take the Unionist Logic the leader will be the most Senior politician and MP’s are more important than MSPs given that mindset.

      Aside from that, if he does want to be a MSP (or looses at the GE) that’s a shoe in if he’s first on the list rather than risking standing as constituency candidate.

    83. A few weeks back I spotted The Murph in a store called B&M in Glasgow’s south side. He wasn’t suited and booted but was doing his best not to appear famous. Thing is, B&M is a store which caters for (thrives upon?) those of us who exist on low incomes. So either Murph …

      a) is already close to this year’s allowance limit
      b) wanted to buy up the whole shop with some loose change
      c) dared to mingle with the great unwashed just in case a certain job came up
      d) was returning his two crates for a refund

      Dontcha just love multiple choice?

    84. Grouse Beater says:

      ‘Jim Murphy MP’ – grousebeater-wordpress

    85. bookie from hell says:

      jims tour of Scotland was a MSM brigadoon,no questions asked,and a cybernat free for all

      reality will hit in scottish parliament,FMQs,

    86. Macart says:

      Murphy certainly shouts, but does precious little listening.

      Isn’t that the definition of a dictator? But then Blairite leanings and all that. This nasty individual must never see any real power or responsibility in Scotland.

    87. Barontorc says:

      Of course, the eggman cometh and Lamont the lamentable will slip into even more than the total obscurity she thrived on. – But what’s to happen to dear wee Paul Sinclair, he of the poison pen – caustic speech writer for Lamont’s Thursday recitation at FMQs? He certainly won’t be attractive to the readers of the People’s Friend – and Murphy will have his own coterie supporting his every excruciatingly turgid utterance. After all he had to be spending his 196,000 plus expenses on somebody – it couldn’t just have been spent on the extended hire of two Irn-Bru crates. Happy days ahead. The guy is pure odious.

    88. Capella says:

      O/T John Pilger article on the Gough Whitlam sacking is worth a read. Link from a comment in Bella Caledonia article. As noted, many parallels with Project Fear, a pattern that is repeated in Greece, Scotland, Catalonia and many other places.

    89. Morag says:

      If he wins, Sky News says Murphy will not stand for East Renfrewshire in 2015, but will instead fight a by-election to get into Holyrood held on the same day – so a seamless transition from Westminster to Holyrood.

      That basically means someone has agreed to resign their Holyrood seat if he wins, and you’d have to think it would be Ken Macintosh in Eastwood, the sister seat to East Renfrewshire. But the Tories have twice come second in Eastwood with more votes than Ken got in 2011, so there’s potential there for them to nick it, which would be hilarious.

      SNP voters in Eastwood might just have to hold their noses and put their cross in an unfamiliar box…

      I’m not sure how I missed this first time through. That’s not what I was expecting and would be a truly fascinating situation.

      A Holyrood by-election on the same day as the WM general election. And the bold Jim, the retiring MP, standing for the MSP’s ticket. And no list to rescue him if he fails, either.

      That is positively pregnant with possibilities. I don’t live there but I swear I’d vote Tory just to see him fall flat on his face. One more wee Tory in Holyrood wouldn’t matter all that much anyway.

      On reflection, I wonder if he’ll do it. The Salmond approach of standing for a winnable seat but also being #1 on the regional list is well-nigh foolproof, and surely much the more prudent strategy. I suppose the risk there is that he might not hold his WM seat at the GE, if people resent the idea that he’s going to resign it in a year’s time once he’s got into Holyrood in 2016.

      Given his majority though, that doesn’t seem to be a huge risk. Standing in a by-election for Holyrood, having abandoned the Westminster seat, oh dearie me.

      Do it, Jim!

    90. Ian says:

      He probably has done a deal for a peerage or a cabinet post in the next Labour government (I know its Labour that is deluded not me)

    91. Morag says:

      He can’t get the latter if he resigns his Westminster seat – as seems to be the plan. Maybe a peerage. If they can make Jeremy Purvis a Lord, anyone can get in.

      But what a humiliation he may have to go through to get that! He might not win the leadership in the first place (though Stu thinks he’s a fairly sure thing, I note). If he does, he might fail to secure the Holyrood seat, having resigned the Westminster one. That would be pure magic I have to say. I’d love to see them give him a peerage after that! Or if he gets past that hurdle too, he then has a year of being used as a floor-cloth by Nicola to get through.

      Then – anybody seriously think he can lead SLab to victory and become FM in 2016? (I know I said I’d never leave Scotland again, but I swear if that happens all bets are off.) Whoever loses to Nicola and the SNP in 2016 will have to fall on his sword. That’ll be Jim, then.

      Oh Jim, what does Ed have on you to make you agree to go down this path?

    92. manandboy says:

      For Murphy to win the SLab leader contest;
      preside over prep for GE15;
      then resign as MP pre GE15,
      to then win a bye-election as an MSP the same day as GE15; then to preside over SLab through the 2016 Council elections; before overseeing the EU referendum in Scotland.

      This timetable means that London Labour need ScotLab
      and that no MSP is up to the job as London sees it. So far so good.

      However it is anticipated in Scotland that Labour will suffer very badly in elections over the next 3 years as the price for shagging the Tories over IndyRef.

      But, and this is the important bit, Murphy’s timetable is based on success at the polls, not failure. London therefore is planning for success, while Yes & SNP think they are going to win – just like Indy.

      Enter the BBC & The Press.

      London is planning to repeat ‘Lie,Fear & Smear’ Indy-type campaign over the next 3 years. They think that by denying the SNP & Yes access to TV & press, by scaring the grannies again and again and fixing the postal vote, and finishing off with a bribe, they can win any election.

      That’s the Plan – the McTernan Plan.

      Without that, Murphy’s move makes no sense.

    93. Alastair Wright says:

      Any one know what jims majority and the westminster voting intentions are? If Alex Salmond were to stand in his constituency – mmmm

    94. Ken500 says:

      The only hope for Jim and Scotland is that those who take part in the process are not so deluded as to elect him. The guy is a disgrace.

      It was a Labour/Unionist Administration which bankrupted Britain and causes misery, suffering and migration all over the world. Policies which threaten the well being of Scotland and the rest of the world. Policies which Murphy still supports. Ideals non, idealistic? more delusional. Just like the ‘VOW’ They destroyed their Party to save themselves. It is all about their self interest not about the interest of others. Save the world? They couldn’t even save themselves. It doesn’t have to be like this. Scotland is still financially self supporting and would be even better off helping the most vulnerable, without Unionist interference.

      Bankrupt Britain, bankrupt politicians more interesting in lining their own pockets and demonising the vulnerable, than sorting out the countries problems. Delusional, distrusted, disruptive and dishonest.Secrecy and lies. Unionists politician are a threat to democracy and peace.

    95. Luigi says:

      What if the SNP decide not to field a candidate for JM’s seat at the GE?

      Labour would require clean pants.

    96. boris says:

      Sir Jeremy Heywood. The most powerful man in Britain?

      An analysis of Heywood’s career makes it very clear that he has an uncanny knack for placing his manicured fingers on the levers of power. ‘The fact that he’s been in the inner circle of Labour and Tory prime ministers, and had the ear of both Blair and Brown — even when they weren’t speaking to each other — tells you everything you need to know about the skills he brings to Downing Street,’ says one insider. ‘Heywood sees where the mood is, identifies the most powerful person on whom his future depends, then works his way into their inner circle.’

      He operates out of a tennis court-sized room at the Cabinet Office, which has discreet internal access to Downing Street. On an average day, Heywood is believed to spend between two and three hours with David Cameron — making him a senior member of the so-called ‘chumocracy’, that small cabal of privately educated, Oxbridge graduates who make up the PM’s clique. “Mr Cameron trusts him implicitly,” I’m told. “He’s one of the first people he calls each morning and last people he speaks to at night.” In addition to attending Cabinet meetings, Heywood is one of the group of four — along with Chancellor George Osborne, press chief Craig Oliver and head of staff Ed Llewellyn — who attend the PM’s daily 8.30am and 4pm strategy meetings.

      His influence is such that Cameron is said to have once asked, only half in jest: “Remind me, Jeremy, do you work for me or do I work for you?”

    97. heedtracker says:

      Great, one more Labour in Scotland imperial master to tell us we lost the referendum. I think I have heard them all say it a million times each and all just on the You lost the referendum so pay your licence fee now/BBC alone.

      To all imperial masters/UKOK unionists out there, we know we lost the referendum. Hows that for an exercise in futility. Who will be the first unionist to say it over and over today?

    98. Ken500 says:

      Alex Salmond will stand in his own Constituency area. Gordon? Where he is much appreciated. LibDem Malcolm Bruce is standing down (HoL retirement home awaits, or is he already there). A small majority – to keep the Tories out. A Labour Party candidate doesn’t often even stand. SSP has in the past.

      Malcolm Bruce’s happy retirement after doing nothing for the area for thirty years but hold the Region back. They colluded with their fellow Unionist to block the by-pass road. Colluded with Unionists to bankrupt the City and block majority supported affordable developments to predestrianise the City and improve infrastructure, roads. There was total underfunding by Labour/Unionists administration causing massive traffic problems. Major achievement managing to retain the overnight sleeper for trips to London.

      LibDems what do they stand for? Does anybody know? To break electoral promises. To lie about VOW’s , Home Rule etc. What a shower.

    99. Ken500 says:

      The difficulties (secrecy) surroundIng the publication of the Chilcott Verdict (5 years later) has been said to have been overcome. A con sensus has been reach. Are they delaying until after the GE 2015 for political reasons?

      Google (or whatever) it.

    100. Sandra Wilson says:

      I am very scared. I fear we will be subjected to a unionist onslaught in the same way we were over the referendum. They have a masterplan, Murphy has been parachuted in to make sure Labour keep their Scottish seats in the GE. Be prepared for all sorts of dirty tricks over the coming months. Some of our countrymen will fall for their lies and scaremongering they did on 18th September. We must not write Labour off, we must unite and campaign against them. If that man with his odious behaviour ever becomes FM I am leaving Scotland.

    101. heedtracker says:

      From our imperial masters at the Guardian newspaper. Funny guys, raging malice and hypocrisy but only a newspaper.

      From our imperial masters today

      “Yet Ms Sturgeon’s proposal is not just about Europe. It is also about Britain. It poses questions about the terms on which Scottish and other national identities can be better respected in a continuing political union. ”

      to these examples of their respect for Scottish and other national identities

    102. caz-m says:

      Scottish Parliament today:

      Thursday 30 October 2014

      As it stands, we are aiming to cover the Scottish Commission for Public Audit with Caroline Gardner discussing Audit Scotland’s budget proposal for 2015-16.

      General questions will be followed by the highlight of the week, the all new first minister’s questions.

      Outgoing First Minister Alex Salmond will take on Jackie Baillie who is expected to represent Scottish Labour, following the resignation of former Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont.

      Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Alison McInnes will stand in for her party leader Willie Rennie for this week.

      The lunch time member’s debate will be led by Tory MSP Jackson Carlaw and will focus on the Neilston and Uplawmoor first responders reaching their 100th emergency call out.

      The Scottish government will then lead a debate on supported business.

    103. Ken500 says:

      London can’t successful smear, (as they did in the Indy) as they will have to apply the strict purdah rules – which they ignored in the Indy – of a black out of coverage 6 weeks? Before the Polling date. When no reporting is allowed in the Media/Press in case it influences people’s vote. People can make up their mind in peace, without undue influence.

      One of the reasons they achieved a higher ‘No?’ vote in the Indy was by totally ignoring strict electoral rules with impunity. Cheated. Cheated finacial contribution from outside influence and interest groups.

    104. john king says:

      Swami Backverandah says
      “He was waiting until he saw who else nominated.
      That should inspire confidence in the SLAB members.”

      Exactly the same words I said in seeing this first thing this morning,
      The mans a coward he waited to see if there were any big beasts he couldn’t bully before bravely throwing his hat in the ring.

    105. caz-m says:

      I don’t know about listening figures for BBC Scotland’s GMS radio programme. But they seem to put on Scottish Government rebuttals well AFTER 8am.

      Now most listeners will already be in their workplace after 8am and will not hear any rebuttals. So why do the Scottish Government keep going along with these time slots.

      The SNP have a press office and they really should start to become a little cuter than they presently are. You should be dictating to BBC Scotland when a minister will be available.

    106. Annette says:

      Midgehunter: I’m from Uelzen, Lower Saxony. Twenty-odd miles from the Gorleben nuclear dump, so you can imagine what my political roots are.

      Angela Merkel is practically a communist compared to Jim Murphy.

    107. caz-m says:

      BBC Scotland GMS really know how to infuriate their listeners. They have wheeled out Eleanor Bradford for the usual slaughter of the Scottish NHS this morning (which Jackie Baillie will run with at FMQs) and portray it as if Scotland had no other option but to stay within the UK and continue to fund our hospitals off of the pocket money we are given.

      They have forgotten already that we did have an option for change on 18th of September and they, BBC Scotland, campaigned against it.

    108. john king says:

      Luigi says
      “Perhaps he had no choice.”

      like this you mean?

    109. Free Scotland says:

      Since it is likely that, given the chance, the current contenders for the post of branch-office leader would bore us to death with meaningless claptrap, I suggest a much simpler approach to deciding the contest:

      All of the candidates will have an inverted Irn-Bru crate superglued to each foot and will race each other along the length of Edinburgh’s royal mile. The order of finishing will not be considered important, but the candidate arriving at the finish line with the least evidence on his or her clothing of having been pelted with eggs by the viewing public will be deemed the winner.

    110. john king says:

      Thomas Widman says
      “(unless Labour allows members to be an MP and an MSP at the same time — does anybody know?).”

      OMG he would be taking home his expenses in a wheelbarrow!

    111. Macart says:

      For those of us who didn’t normally do politics up until the referendum hove into view, his kind of politics was the reason. Back stabbing, tribal, venomous, mendacious and corrupt. A thug in a suit who regards us as no more than electoral currency and politics as a game.

      If that war mongering gangster gets any traction in Holyrood he’ll work from within to turn it into either a Labour cooncil tea room or destroy it altogether for his empire masters. This is our parliament and a home of a fully empowered Scottish government in waiting. Labour needs to be taught a very bitter lesson about betrayal of ideology and abandonment of their roots and people come May. The likes of a Jim Murphy need to know their kind of politics is not welcome.

    112. Scotspine says:

      Re the BBC, yesterday gms (Fuck You Scotland really)and call Kaye (or whatever) was about attacking SNP Govt over the A9. Today it is NHS. The only story about Labour is spun positively about the leadership contest. In fact ive heard the phrase ” and then WE will have a new leader” used several times( my emphasis on we)

      If the public at large don’t see through this, we deserve the BBC.

    113. caz-m says:

      We brought down the Scotsman newspaper, now let’s bring down the Ultra-Unionist, Murphy supporting, Daily Record.

      Jim Murphy and David Clegg of the Record are cut from the same cloth. Add to the mix, people like John McTernan and Eleanor Bradford. This band of low-life want to tell you how to run your country.

    114. Ken500 says:

      The Scottish Gov has no control over the BBC. It’s Westminster. They appoint the Governor decide finance etc. It is totally out of the Scottish Gov control. They can do what they like. The only way the punters can disagree, affect viewing figures, is not listening/watching. Or only when neccessary. Boycott. It’s no loss anyway. It’s crap. Get your ‘news’ from other sources.

    115. Mark J says:

      So am I right in thinking that neither the Labour leader (Scottish branch) nor deputy will be able to take any part in Hollyrood if it’s Murphy and Sarwar?

    116. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Do these Labour idiots seriously think we don’t know who started the whole privatisation ball rolling in the NHS?

      PFI not ringing any bells for Murphy?

      How about that ‘triumph’ of Labour NHS values in Stafford?

      Remind us which parties MPs have lucrative shares in private healthcare companies again?

      How about being paid tens of thousands for speaking and promoting a private healthcare company Mr Darling?

    117. Macart says:

      A report on Nicola’s speech from last night.

      She’ll do just fine. 🙂

    118. Grouse Beater says:

      John Pilger article on the Gough Whitlam sacking is worth a read.

      It was, and remains, an outrage, a significant example of the power of the British Establishment, helped along by a man who purports to hate it, Rupert Murdoch.

    119. Midgehunter says:

      12.00 is FMQ at the Scottish Parliament once again.

      Wee Alec verses “Heaven is a pie” Jackie B.

      No BBC – only the truth as it happens… 🙂

    120. Training Day says:

      I think we can forget any notion of a ‘contest’ for Branch Supervisor if Brian ‘I heart Murphy’ Taylor’s hagiography of the Eastwood Eel on GMS just after 8 this nmorning is anything to go by.

      This servile tribute would not have happened if Murphy were not already a shoo-in.

    121. caz-m says:

      This wee gem of a story from Newsnet Scotland is about how Jim Murphy was detested by the rest of his Party back in Sept 2011

      “Murphy goes to ground as cracks in Labour’s facade grow wider.”

      Nothing much has changed Jim, except that the rest of Scotland now realise how much of a self-serving little rodent you really are.

    122. @manandboy – at the GE2015 Tories (blue kind) and Lib dEms will be fighting for their seats so media coverage won’t all be brill for slabour (red tories).

      It’s from now until the GE that the BBC and others will be all for the slab

    123. Macart says:

      He shoots, he scores.

      Don’t be eating breakfast or drinking anything hot at this point. 🙂

    124. caz-m says:

      “The Empire Strikes Back”

      BBC Scotland have had enough bashing of their political wing, Scottish Labour. and decided to strike back at the enemy.

      They have went for the old favourite, the Scottish NHS.

      They have even dedicated a phone-in to it, so that they can really get their message out, which is SNP bad and any unionist Party good.

      Same old, same old. It’s a re-run of their Referendum Campaign.

      Please stop paying for this shit, cancel your BBC TV License today.

    125. Shuggy says:

      @Scotspine says:
      30 October, 2014 at 8:05 am

      “In fact ive heard the phrase ” and then WE will have a new leader” used several times (my emphasis on we)”

      Unless the presenters have been using that phrase in the context of “We in Scotland”, they’d be showing a blatant political bias.

      I would suggest that, if the public at large don’t ACT on this, by complaining loudly to the news editor/head of news programmes/BBC Trust then yes, we do deserve the BBC.

    126. Doug Daniel says:

      I’m guessing the idea behind the “win a by-election on General Election day” strategy is that it negates the possibility of the SNP (or the Tories, for that matter) throwing all their resources into winning it, since they won’t be able to focus on just one seat. It also allows them to tap into what they presume will be a general “vote Labour to keep the Tories out” mindset, so folk treat it like a Westminster seat, and not a Holyrood by-election.

      It’ll certainly be interesting to see what happens. Even if I didn’t already want him to win because it’ll fuck Labour up even more, I want him to win just to see how all that pans out!

    127. SquareHaggis says:

      So, someone will have to give up their seat to let the Murphoid in.

      Like most, I’d be quite happy to give up my seat on the bus for an auld veteran but see them in the Slab party?

      They’ll be queueing up around the block!

    128. Luigi says:

      Did Miliband not demote the eggman after the Falkirk fiasco?


    129. Ken500 says:

      Jim is possibly as detested by Labour/Unionists as he is everywhere else. Seems to have little support. The hierarchy are setting him up for a fall and he is so delusional he is going along with it. Maybe he was no given any choice. Given an offer he couldn’t refuse, to get rid of him. He is surplus to requirements. Sidelined out of the way. A step sideways to oblivion.

      The ‘winners’ lose it all.

    130. Luigi says:

      Like Bottler Brown, Eggs Murphy likes to come out into the light and shine when everything is going well. When the pressure’s on, he immediately disappears under the nearest stone, only to crawl out again when the dust settles. Like Brown, Eggs likes to be in control of things – he seems to melt when things heat up.

      Brown was a complete disaster when he finally got the top job. How will Eggs fare under the spotlight? There will be no places to hide, Jim.

    131. biecs says:

      Did the police catch the man who attacked Murphy?

      You remember, the man Murphy’s team allowed to stroll away unchallenged.

    132. gillie says:

      One more to add to the Boycott List

      Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow.

      Just walk on by folks.

    133. robertknight says:

      As hinted at already, if he does get the job I recon he’ll only be in post ’til June 2015, just long enough to see the Westminster election out of the way. Whichever MSP will have acted as his deputy will then step up to the plate for the remaining months leading up to the Holyrood election in May 2016.

      I suspect he’s only agreed to stand on the basis that it is a temprary move, after which he’ll be able to concentrate on carving out for himself another cozy wee number on the opposition front benches, under a new Labour leader.

      Of course I could be wrong, and a willing MSP in a sure constituency might just step aside to facilitate his entrance to Holyrood, but then again…

    134. caz-m says:

      Does anyone have any details about the demo planned for later at the Glasgow Central Station Hotel, where the Labour Party Gala is being held.

      I quite fancy giving the future leader of the Scottish Parliament a Glasgow welcome.

    135. Haggis Hunter says:

      He’s London’s man, Labour always make sure they have London’s man / wifie in the Scottish branch office.

    136. Doug Daniel says:

      Here’s Labour’s seats from 2011 (I’ve ignored Cowdeneath, because I can’t decide whether to take the 2011 numbers or the 2014 by-election numbers – it doesn’t matter anyway):

      (Constituency – MSP: Majority over SNP)
      Eastwood – Ken Macintosh (15.3%):
      Dumfriesshire – Elaine Murray (13.3%):
      Coatbridge and Chryston – Elaine Smith (11.7%):
      Glasgow Provan – Paul Martin (10.8%):
      Renfrewshire South – Hugh Henry (9.6%):
      Rutherglen – James Kelly (6.6%):
      Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn – Patricia Ferguson (6.3%):
      Dumbarton – Jackie Baillie (5.8%):
      Uddingston and Bellshill – Michael McMahon (2.8%):
      Glasgow Pollok – Johann Lamont (2.8%):
      Motherwell and Wishaw – John Pentland (2.4%):
      Edinburgh Northern and Leith – Malcolm Chisholm (1.9%):
      Greenock and Inverclyde – Duncan McNeil (1.8%):
      East Lothian – Iain Gray (0.46%):

      Looking at those, I can’t see past Eastwood. Hugh Henry could maybe be persuaded to retire a bit early, and I think the East Renfrewshire constituency in Westminster (Jim’s current seat) overlaps with Renfrewshire South in Holyrood; but unlike Eastwood it doesn’t have a high Tory support, so it’s maybe a bit too working class for Jim.

      But there’s a very real possibility, if he goes for Eastwood, that the Tories could nick it, which would be hilarious.

      Think it’s safe to say he won’t go for a Glasgow seat, or Iain Gray’s East Lothian seat…

    137. gillie says:

      From Sky News

      “Allies of Mr Murphy have told Sky News that if he is elected, he will resign his East Renfrewshire seat, which he has represented at Westminster since 1997, at next year’s General Election and fight a by-election in a bid to enter the Scottish Parliament on election day, May 7, 2015.”

      So which Labour MSP is going to sacrifice their seat for Jim Murphy in 2015?

    138. Haggis Hunter says:

      @biecs says:

      30 October, 2014 at 9:26 am
      Did the police catch the man who attacked Murphy?
      You remember, the man Murphy’s team allowed to stroll away unchallenged.

      Its a strange one isnt it, the egg thrower ended up in court and his name was not released, or more like it there was a media black out. It is looking like his own security!

    139. caz-m says:

      We must not forget that Murphy, Boyack and Findlay ALL voted NO in the Referendum.

      They would rather be ruled by a Tory/UKIP Government, than an Independent Scottish Government.

      And continued austerity.

    140. One_Scot says:

      Just read this tweet from the Sun,

      “Nicola Sturgeon launches tour by urging Nats to respect No voters & work towards One Scotland”

      She truly is an Angel.

    141. James Boag says:

      The only reason that Mr Murphy want to listen to all of Scotland is that he want to claim the bus fair back in expenses for visiting all of Scotland one at a bloody Time

    142. Nicola Wood says:

      Hi Wingers,

      Check out Murphy’s CV and latest achievements at Munguin’s Republic – if this is published and put through doors in whatever Scottish constituency Murphy stands in – he’ll lose!

    143. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      If Murphy stands for Holyrood in Eastwood, then I’ll vote tory without hesitation.

      Watched Neil Findlay being interviewed on Scotland Tonight. Absolutely abysmal! Without exaggeration Johann comes across a lot better.

      Murphy will be elected as branch manager. Can forget about rebellion by the bank clerks in Holyrood-they’re all cowards!

    144. Luigi says:

      One_Scot says:
      30 October, 2014 at 10:02 am

      Just read this tweet from the Sun,

      “Nicola Sturgeon launches tour by urging Nats to respect No voters & work towards One Scotland”

      She truly is an Angel.

      According to BBC Labour, NS will be very nervous indeed if JM comes to Holyrood. She seems to be remarkably relaxed, if that is the case!

    145. Awkwardboy says:

      In 1843 former Kentucky House Representative Cassius Clay was shot twice at point blank range while delivering a speech in favour of the abolition of slavery. Clay attacked his would be assassin cutting off one of his ears and gouging out one of his eyes and throwing him over an embankment, he then finished his speech before seeking medical attention for his gun shot wounds.

      In 2014 Jim Murphy was comprehensively routed (and went in to hiding) with an egg. This, I think, demonstrates most clearly why Mr Murphy is without doubt the perfect candidate for leader of the labour party in scotland.

    146. MochaChoca says:

      Would it be considered credible for a list MSP to be First Minister?

      Just doesn’t seem right to have someone in that position who couldn’t actually win in their constituency.

    147. Ali says:

      Wouldn’t it be delightful to see him parachuted into some ‘safe’ seat only to lose the by-election?

    148. ScottieDog says:

      Is murphy really a contender. Isn’t he there just to pretend that there’s ‘stiff’ competition.?

    149. Stoker says:

      biecs says:
      30 October, 2014 at 9:26 am
      Did the police catch the man who attacked Murphy?

      You remember, the man Murphy’s team allowed to stroll away unchallenged.

      He is 45-year-old Stuart MacKenzie from Fife.
      He was sentenced to 80 hours (unpaid work) pay back order.

      Notice how he was dealt with extremely quickly but NOTHING has
      happened to the violent Unionist thugs of George Square.
      That seems to have gone very quiet, hasn’t it.

      I wonder why Stuart MacKenzie has all his details released but
      the George Square Unionist cowards have theirs kept hidden.

      One of the bastards had his name exposed on facebook but his facebook account disappeared quicksmart – he was the one caught bullying the young woman and snatching the Saltire from her.
      His name is William Armstrong (i think) and apparently he runs his own business.

      The details of the ones who were denied bail and kept on remand have also been hushed up. I suspect these people to be well known scum fascists and/or loyalist terrorists.

      We should be demanding to know why Police Scotland allowed this to happen and why they have failed to arrest and jail the ring-leaders etc.

    150. Robert Louis says:

      I’ve read a lot of writing elsewhere recently, droning on at great length about the ‘problems’ with ‘scottish’ Labour, and oddly not one of them really hits the nail on the head, so far as I am concerned. The problem is not the people – although they are pretty piss poor individuals in general – rather the problem is the policies.

      I really don’t care who takes over as British Labour’s branch manager in Scotland, since no matter if they had the ghost of Kennedy or any other eminent world leader/skilled orator, the fact would remain that the policies are bad.

      The simple fact is, that ‘One Nation’ British Labour policies which may chime with voters in South East England, just do not match the expectations of Scottish voters. THAT is the problem.

      If Jim Murphy is made ‘branch manager’ for Scotland, the policies will be the same. Of course because of the utter nonsense has been involved in during his career (voting for Iraq etc), it will give the SNP plenty of ammo, but he will do no better, because he is still selling the same rubbish Lamont was selling.

      There is however another (and I think more important) issue, and that is simply this, we have more than 40 Labour MSP’s who have effectively been rubbished by the London management of Labour. Findlay and Boyack are just stooge candidates, put in place to give a pretence at a selection process, but with Murphy’s selection already secured behind the scenes (which is why it took so long for him to put his hat in the ring).

      In that light, I simply cannot see how this imposition of Murphy can do anything but harm to Holyrood Labour relations with London Labour. Rather than address the issues raised by Lamont, it actually makes them worse.

      All of this will make matters easier for Nicola Strugeon in the run up to the UKGE 2015. Interesting times indeed.

      On another matter, as regards the forthcoming demise of the ‘Scotsman’, I have an element of pity for innocent people losing their jobs, but I have nothing but joy at the demise of this tawdry paper, whose Sunday edition, chose to have a Saltire (MY country’s flag) dressed as a Swastika on its front page. Odious offensive, outdated, pro Britannia rubbish masquerading as a ‘serious’ newspaper, happy to rubbish our flag and country – Scots need it like a hole in the head. The sooner it and its ilk is gone, the better.

    151. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Scottie Dog ( stiff competition ) murph gets high on Irn Bru god knows whit like he,ll on Viagra.

    152. chalks says:

      I honestly think Murphy, the opportunist, is thinking, get out of London before Labour lose an election they should have won and go for the British Labour leadership when Ed is sacked.

      No he wouldn’t be an MP, but it wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility that he has made a deal with someone further down the road to effectively swap parliaments.

      The fact that London have ‘asked’ him is merely a front for him, he gets to be loyal stooge whilst plotting their downfall from Scotland.

      Simple stuff.

    153. Paula Rose says:

      That jim murphy character reminds me of a twiglet – sort of suitable for a branch manager.

    154. Haggis Hunter says:
      30 October, 2014 at 10:00 am
      @biecs says:


      To this day no-one in Kirkcaldy knows the eggman. It makes you wonder doesn’t it.

      Stoker – go to this website WHATDOTHEYKNOW and put a FOI request to find out from Police Scotland what is happening about those thugs.

    155. One_Scot says:

      You have to remember, the BBC is politically biased.

    156. john henry says:

      Quote from jim “skeletor” murphys milk crate n expenses tour, ” a no vote isnt a vote for no change, its a vote for MAXIMUM change” ok ya lying goat, please elaborate.

    157. gus1940 says:

      I see that BBC London has joined BBC Scotland in the Murphy Appreciation Society.

      Re Scotsman Publications can something please be organised to put JP out of their misery and take their propaganda bogrolls off their hands and turn them back into newspapers.

      Can Tom Hunter, Jim McColl and Brain Soutar not put up some of the necessary dibs supported by a crowdfunding campain aimed at the 45%ers. I would gladly bung a few hundred in the pot.

      Re the egg thrower I am still curious as to why none of our wonderful media has seeked him out for interview – it really makes one suspicious at whether it was a set-up BT stunt.

      PQ lunchtime propaganda bulletin has just started and predictably Murphy is starring.

    158. Graeme Doig says:

      caz m

      I’m meeting wi Ian B in Yes Bar, Drury St at around 5 ish.

      Think i’ve heard about plans to be at Central Station about 6 but don’t quote me on that.

    159. Blair paterson says:

      I’m sorry Nicola but you are asking to much of me to respect the no voters I hold them and their backers in utter contempt and I always will he’ll mend the lot of them

    160. Stoker says:

      James Caithness says:

      To this day no-one in Kirkcaldy knows the eggman. It makes you wonder doesn’t it.

      Stoker – go to this website WHATDOTHEYKNOW and put a FOI request to find out from Police Scotland what is happening about those thugs.

      I’ve had a wee look through that site and i see that
      a certain individual by the name of ‘James Caithness’
      has already submitted a successful FOI regarding “eggman”.
      Are you and that ‘James Caithness’ one and the same?

      btw, I’ve kept the link to that site – could be very useful.

    161. Morag says:

      But everybody knows who he was. It was on TV and everything. Someone named him further up the thread.

    162. Katie says:

      Hahaha! Any one remember the sitcom , ‘ In the Thick of It’. I think someone should think about making a new version based on recent events. With Jim Murphy flying high in the red tory ranks, it would be the best comedy show ever made!

    163. Alex Birnie says:

      Jim Murphy has been praised by the media for his “courage”, his “forthrightness”….blah, blah blah. It’s one thing to have a microphone and shout over the head of folk, ignoring valid points, and just shouting louder and louder, all the time surrounded by a few sinister thugs, ready to intimidate anyone who shouts back. Let’s see how the “bruiser” gets on in the Scottish parliament (as a Labour list candidate) when he has to ask questions, AND THEN SIT AND LISTEN TO REPLIES, given by a professional politician who will run rings round him….

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