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Paint a vulgar picture

Posted on October 27, 2014 by

Owen Jones in the Guardian today:

“If Scottish Labour does indeed die, historians will ponder just how the party of Keir Hardie allowed itself to be outflanked on the left by a Scottish National Party committed to George Osborne-style cuts to corporation tax.”

You know where we’re going with this one, right?


(Brown also promised to cut the rate further “when we are able”.)

Of course, “Gordon Brown-style cuts to corporation tax”, which would have been every bit as appropriate a phrase as “George Osborne-style”, doesn’t sound quite so good when you’re trying to attack the SNP for being right-wing in order to make Labour look a bit better. But hey, who’s counting?

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291 to “Paint a vulgar picture”

  1. Murray McCallum says:

    Owen Jones says many decent things, but when it really comes to the crunch he can’t see beyond “Labour Party” solidarity being the answer to everything.

  2. Seasick Dave says:

    I doubt if Owen Jones knows the difference between Keir Hardie and Oliver Hardy.

    He certainly struggles with Curran and Lamont.

  3. Kalmar says:

    I’d like to see a sensible article about the consequences of corporation tax policy, rather than it being endlessly (and hypocritically) bandied around as something to beat the SNP with.

    Personally I’d far rather see a lowered rate, encouraging SMEs, where there are no cosy deals arranged to allow favoured mega corps to avoid paying anything at all. But how likely is that in corrupt UK politics?

  4. desimond says:

    Hasnt Owen found a nice Labour seat yet?

  5. Matt Seattle says:

    He’s young, so he knows everything. Maybe he can learn if he meets a few people who can give him a different perspective. I’m baffled how anyone believes anything good can come out of the Labour party post-Blair.

  6. I had a couple of Twitter ‘conversations’ with Owen this Summer and in one I suggested that when he ventured north of the border he went from being on the left of English politics to being on the right of Scottish politics, without changing his stance on anything. He got quite upset and blocked me. Aren’t people funny?

  7. One_Scot says:

    I have always thought that Owen Jones was a bit of a school boy twat.

    Maybe when he starts to shave, he might be mature enough to play with the grown ups.

  8. Luigi says:

    Hasnt Owen found a nice Labour seat yet?

    Does such a thing still exist?

  9. Atypical_Scot says:

    The demise of SLab is a new beginning, a fairer path to deliver the Labour message.

    Because what Scottish Labour voters need, obviously, is a more direct connection to the Labour message of one Britain.

    SLab is/was a mistake.

  10. Bubbles says:

    Perhaps Labour in Scotland should form a football team. Their supporters behave in exactly the same way. Tribalist arseholes, the lot of them.

  11. Luigi says:

    “If Scottish Labour does indeed die, historians will ponder just how the party of Keir Hardie allowed itself to be outflanked on the left by a Scottish National Party committed to George Osborne-style cuts to corporation tax.”

    Historians will also ponder just how the self-proclaimed party of devolution allowed itself to be outflanked, even by the anti-devolution, anti-Scottish Conservative Party, which is now offering to devolve more devolved powers than Labour.

  12. AuldA says:

    @BBC Scotlandshire
    I suggested that when he ventured north of the border he went from being on the left of English politics to being on the right of Scottish politics, without changing his stance on anything.

    You mean that crossing the border he started to walk backwards?

    (It was right that he left)

  13. Doug Daniel says:

    It’s fascinating the way Owen Jones remains so doggedly loyal to the party he used to work for as a researcher. Unfortunately I can’t quite get as excited about Owen as many on the left do, because for all his good analysis, he somehow keeps coming to the same conclusion: vote Labour and somehow everything will be fine. People like Owen are arguably worse than right-wing commentators, because they enable Labour’s drift to the right, by providing cover and excuses for them. There’s only so many times someone can keep adding two and two together and coming up with five before I lose all interest in their analysis.

    Any true left-winger in England would have ditched Labour long ago and started backing the Greens, or even Ken Loach’s party Left Unity. Owen’s excuses for refusing to ditch Labour are the same woeful stuff we hear from various Labour apparatchiks.

    BBC Scotlandshire: You should see some of his arguments with MediaLens, like when they recently highlighted that he had conveniently turned a blind eye to his previous and current media employers in his recent book looking at the establishment.

    Like many media darlings, he can dish criticism out, but he absolutely cannot take it. He believes his own hype a bit too much, so when someone criticises him, he gets in a bit of a tizzy. In such situations, he becomes a big fan of the ad hominem attack, and just generally turns a bit Hotherlolzy. Nae nice to watch.

  14. gillie says:

    “From the diminished ranks of a once mighty movement, the most talented opted for Westminster; no wonder the Scottish party in Holyrood – with a few striking exceptions – is so barren of ideas, of ability, of inspiration, of anything.”

    That made me laugh. The Labour party are the X Factor of politics, where we know X stands for “shite”.

  15. donald anderson says:

    Keir Hardie’s policies of, abolishing the House of Lords, Home Rule all Round, anti War, etc, have nothing to do with the (Maggie( Current Lumpen Party. Owen Jones’s former boy revolutionary Unionist career has everything to do with the opportunism of former “revolutionaries”; Murphy, Darling, Benn, etc, etc, etc.

  16. Training Day says:

    Jones is so out of touch with what’s happening in Scottish politics that he sees the easily wound-up, angrily inarticulate Neil Findlay – yes, really – as the saviour of the party in Scotland.

    Or perhaps he’s been told to see Findlay as the saviour of the party in Scotland and he actually doesn’t know who Findlay is.

    Yep, that sounds more likely.

  17. John H. says:

    Just another part of the attempt to rebrand Slab as a left wing party under a “new” leader. Completely different from the one that betrayed Scotland so recently. It might even work.

  18. Cath says:

    It actually annoys me that no one is willing to look at corporation tax on a regional basis. It seems for people like Owen and the left generally, a UK-wide cut in corporation tax, which benefits the city of London and large, global corporations generally, and is likely to lead to more overheating of London and the SE is just fine.

    But a regional decrease, as suggested by the SNP, which would allow regions furthers away from London and all the infrastructure investment, all the airports etc is somehow a terrible idea.

    It isn’t – it’s a very good idea, and one which could help re-structure the over-centralised UK economy and bolster regions which need more inward investment. Why on earth would Labour and the left – strong in those northern areas which could benefit – not recognise the benefit of differing regional tax rates, not to undercut and have a “race to the bottom” but to enable areas to compete? Norther areas, and far flung regions like the Highlands are already hobbled by having the highest air tax duty in Europe – a tax policy that works for London and the SE and nowhere else. They need the ability to compete with London.

    If a so-called, self-sytled “trendy lefty” like Jones can’t see that, he really isn’t any of those things: he’s the typical new Labour establishment mouthpiece.

  19. heedtracker says:

    Its just another day in the life of fraudster propagandists like red Tory Graun. Everyone even remotely interested in teamGB politics knows Crash Gordon did the City’s bidding let alone his corp tax cuts. Mind you, I bet the most unpopular prime minister ever wishes he been what? a progressive liberal, a real live Labour PM, a decent man and so on. Whats their legacy, a million dead in the middle east, an insanely greedy teamGB super rich elite, unrepayable national debt, soup kitchens and slave wage economics with a billionaire queen that purrs…

  20. Ken500 says:

    Oil sector pays up to 90% tax. Increased by 11% (£2Billion) in 2011 Budget. Now Scotland has lost £4Billion a year in Oil tax revenues. Multinationals (foreign) tax evade £Billions through the City of London losing Scotland £Billions in taxes. Two different tax rates being operated in Scotland and the rest of the UK that benefits the City of London and London S/E. HMRC not fit for purpose. Westminster corruption. No taxation without representation. Scotland outvoted 10 to 1. No free and balanced Press. An affront to Democracy.

    Owen should grow up and stop being so arrogant and ignorant, or get the facts right, along with the censored Guardian.

    Lying censored Media under Westminster’s thumb.

  21. JayR says:

    “(Neil) Findlay offers the possibility of a charismatic, inspiring alternative. The SNP should fear him.” – Owen Jones

    Anyone who even remotely believes that, never mind pouts it into the public domain, is utterly clueless about politics and Scotland.

    Neil Findlay represents a large part of what is wrong with SLAB. Thick, over-promoted, left-wing poseurs who think their party still shares their values.

  22. chalks says:

    Doesn’t matter what the SNP’s policy on corporation tax is, we don’t have the power to change it, so people don’t really care.

  23. Kenlong500 says:

    Owen is a useless idiot like most of the Labour Party politicians. Ignorance is not an excuse.

  24. desimond says:

    Andy Kerr on BBC yesterday summed it up “This is pointless…they have to tear it all down and start from the very beginning or else we will just be back here in a year talking the same talk!”

    I was going to cite Fight Clubs quote of “Self destruction before Self improvement” but I like this idea for a follow up

    Labour Club (released 2014)
    Narrator: ‘I am Johanns inflamed sense of rejection.’

  25. Valerie says:

    @Doug Daniel, great comment! Of course people like him when he is analysing the elite etc., and he looks like a young idealist, but blocking or deleting comments that are fair shows his inexperience and immaturity in his own stance.

    Why the guy can’t see Labour have lurched so far right is beyond me. It’s painful realising your chosen party has lurched too far for you, but the mature dust themselves off, and search for those deserving of their support.

    The English that have realised this are now supporting the Greens, and pleased to see them getting more support down south.

    I hope that a lot of the Labour party’s woes are down to the fact that they cannot thrive in our left leaning country, as much as their own ineptitude. They have been deprived of money, had a slap from some of their heartlands, and are outclassed by the SNP, and others. I don’t think that is lost on some left wing observers down south.

  26. Robert Louis says:

    ‘Rebel, radical leftie’ Owen Jones. I thinketh not.

  27. Cuilean says:

    Owens: Keir Hardie advocated independence or ‘Homerule’ for Scotland. Hardie’s idea of ‘Homerule’, of course, being totally different from Gordon Brown’s idea of ‘Homerule’, the latter being one big con. i.e. promise them anything and everything until they vote NO, then quietly forget about and hope the MSM whitewash over all the lies.

  28. Robert Louis says:


    You raise a god point regarding varying corporation tax. The response from the brain dead of Labour is that it would lead to a race to the bottom – something which is manifestly untrue and unfounded, when the facts are actually considered, as shown in this article by Wings;

    Of course, the Labour party, will never let the truth, common sense or facts get in the way of a right good whinge about the SNP.

  29. Jimbo says:

    I don’t get how cutting corporation tax to create much needed jobs for Scotland’s people is considered right wing.

    I know some-one is going to tell us that it’s a tax break for the rich and gives a boost to corporate greed, but there are a great many small businesses which pay corporation tax too.

    Creating employment in the private sector for Scotland’s people can only be a good thing – As opposed to the Labour Party’s way of creating thousands of non-jobs in the public sector at the taxpayer’s expense.

  30. Helena Brown says:

    Have always said that we should wire up Keir Hardie’s grave to produce electricity because he must have been spinning now for one hell of a long time. Labour has not been a party of the left for so long that I doubt any of us in our sixties even remember them being so. The nearest and that wasn’t that far to the left was Harold Wilson and the only really good thing for me was that he did not follow the US into Vietnam.
    Labour has been for as long as I can remember the established party for Scotland. Here to keep the natives from getting restive. Trouble is they over stepped the mark with the Referendum, and here they are. The Tories are laughing their socks off. I would too but then they have another few years to spend our money on their pet projects.

  31. farrochie says:

    According to Jones, the boy wonder, “The yes campaign repeatedly conjured up the Iraq war as a bitter memory of Westminster injustice”.

    Does Jones really have no thought for the consequences for the people of Iraq, whom he seems to represent as an inconvenient distraction to the progress of his party?

  32. Neil Dorward says:

    Thanks for cutting through the red mist

    Ego is a major issue for too many politicians and political commentators. Why is it that those who shout and scream the most think they must be listened to?

    Thank goodness for WoS

  33. caz-m says:

    Owen Jones is the English version of Terry Kelly. Let the idiots hear what they want to hear and they will keep voting Labour, because we are all “Family”

    You can just hear Mags Curran shoutin across the road at Parkheed Cross at a constituent,

    “you better be votin fur me Jeannie, coz your faimlie huv voted Labour aw thur life”

    Anas Sarwar was trying to promote the new buzz word yesterday, aided by BBC Scotland.

    Over the course of the day, how many times did we hear the word “Family”.

    Sunday Politics interview with Brewer, Approx 46mins in:

    “We have kept the UK Labour Family together and I am going to keep the Scottish Labour Family together as well.”

    Best of luck with that one Anus.

  34. Yeah Scotland : The ref’s over ! Normal ‘Labour/ Tory ‘service will resume ..

    “Labour in London are going to sort this ‘Scottish Leader’ guff thing out amongst ourselves and get back to the business for UK Social justice & working class people you wait and see!” (Psst – Dont mention the Bedroom tax though!)

    However –

    The only newspaper in Scotland to back the Yes vote for independence in last month’s referendum, the Sunday Herald, saw its average circulation increase by 64 per cent year on year in September.

  35. Rod Robertson says:

    The entire Corporation Tax rate is one big red herring.
    The rate of CT is not relevant the majority of globals do not pay ANY tax .
    The entire UK tax system needs ripped to bits and rebuilt so that the rich pay their fair share.

  36. heedtracker says:

    They’ve spent £37bn in middle wars slaughtering peasants but here in red and blue Tory teamGB land

    “The shortage of affordable homes

    The country is in the grip of a housing shortage. And soaring rents, poor conditions and rising homelessness are the end result.”

    But we do have super rich elites farting about in their many mansions. Here in Aberdeen, filthy rich/profiteering UKOK unionist developers throw up mile after mile of hideous single skin densely packed housing estates that easily and completely out price social housing renters or as the Red Tories call them, their loyal voters for life.

    Thanks again Crash.

  37. fred blogger says:

    i’m old enough to know that rarely (last 35yrs) has politics done any goo,d mostly it has been very harmful.
    yet people still go on as if these money grabbers are victims.
    “The old political order is a dying patient: each week brings new convulsions, more symptoms of approaching morbidity. All three main party leaders have ample reason to spend the next six months howling in the foetal position in some lonely corner of Westminster.” they are NOT victims, but bullies, the cause of our downfall.

  38. gillie says:

    The Scottish Labour party dinner is going to be a real hoot now.

    Invites have now gone out to unionist journalists by the two hosts Ed Miliband and Johann Lamont.

    Will Jim Murphy or Gordon Brown turn up? Now there is a question.

  39. Macart says:

    ‘Historians will ponder’?

    There’s no mystery and nothing to ponder. When a party wages a propaganda war on a people it abandoned, when they tar almost half the population as a something for nothing, xenophobic, virus incapable of running its own administration, then it kind of stands to reason that they may become a tad unpopular with said electorate.

    What’s to ponder?

    They are are unfit to serve, lead or care for that electorate.

  40. gillie says:

    I hear some places at the Scottish Labour party gala dinner have become available.

    If you would like to attend please contact Scottish Labour on 0141 572 6900 or email

  41. muttley79 says:

    We really need a proper debate about corporation tax. All that happens in politics is people spout clichés, like the dreaded it is “a race to the bottom.” These kind of clichés tell you nothing about the subject, there is no knowledge offered, just a stock phrase. I am not sure about the pros and cons of cutting corporation tax, I am open minded about it.

  42. caz-m says:

    Owen Jones wants the Scottish people to help cover the bill for things like:

    Afghan War– £37 Billion
    Trident Renewal– £100 Billion
    HS/2/3/4– £60+ Billion

    Owen, what good will a fast train from London to Leeds do for the Scottish economy?

  43. muttley79 says:


    Is the lad with the rickshaw going to turn up at SLAB’s gala dinner, and take the piss out of Labour again? 😀

  44. gillie says:

    Dither – dither – dither.

    Gordon Brown doesn’t like any of the proposed candidates for leader of Scottish Labour, but he can’t make up his mind to throw his hat into the ring.

    Does he give up his lucrative role as an ex-politician or become Ed Miliband’s Scottish bitch?

    Decisions – decisions – decisions

  45. chalks says:


    Did you see a planning application was thrown out because the developer refused to invest in community facilities?

    I’ve no idea why councils don’t make this a must if you are building 10,000 identikit new homes, invest in infrastructure and include shops around the area.

    Fairly simple yet our planners and councillors are paid off with brown envelopes.

  46. a2 says:


    “a UK-wide cut in corporation tax, which benefits the city of London and large, global corporations generally”

    Does it though? It only benefits those who pay it and pay all of what they should be paying. The real benefits are for the smaller firms that don’t off-shore their profits.

    The real problem (as illustrated above) is the whole idea that cutting corporation tax is inherently right wing.

    It simply ignores the situation we are in where we have competion between B&Q and your small-town ironmonger, Starbucks and The independent coffee shop.

  47. chalks says:

    I’d have corporation tax bracketed based on your turnover.

    Rather than one blanket rate, the larger the company, the more tax it should pay.

    Akin to people’s tax rates.

  48. A normal labour supporter on the morning call this morning after Owen Jones said Jackie Baillie in his view would be the saviour of Slab. I laughed at that but I took note of what he said next. He was at a meeting last week where it was packed to the rafters with labour supporters who had joined the SNP and had left the labour party for good. I liked that.

  49. I also wonder how many of us are now under the watchful eye of the security services?

  50. Rab Hay says:

    I had never seen a photo of Jones or any quotes until he came up here to sell his new book. A great writer no doubt but he is a Labour supporter who said we should vote No showing he knows nothing about Scotland.

  51. X_Sticks says:

    gillie says:

    “decisions – decisions”

    Perhaps an ermine retirement might be enough inducement for Gordy. Would save him having to do all those bloody boring after dinner talks.

  52. Helena Brown says:

    James Caithness, my Hubby has been waiting on the knock at the door for me for years,

  53. Macandroid says:

    If there are any tame economists out there I would like to know whether there is a positive or negative effect on the economy from reducing corporation tax which encourages a large company to come to Scotland when you take into account the increase in income tax revenue (if it all comes to Scotland) combined with the reduction in benefit payments as more people are employed, plus the knock on effects of purchasing raw materials, import or export of goods, etc.

  54. Jimbo says:

    @ Muttley79

    The benefits of cutting corporation tax encourages inward investment and creating much needed jobs. The shortfall in taxation lost through the cuts is made up by thousands of people off of benefits, in employment and paying income tax and national insurance contributions – plus the employers national insurance contributions.

    Where it falls down in the UK is the number of large corporations doing deals with the Westminster government to avoid paying corporation tax. We have a situation in the UK where small/medium sized companies all have to pay 100%, no ifs or buts, while the big boys get off Scot free.

    I think the amount they are (collectively) let off with is in the region of some £50 billion per year – Yet the London political parties punish the sick, the aged, the low paid and the unemployed with their austerity cuts to save a fraction of that sum.

  55. muttley79 says:

    Owen Jones thinking Neil Findlay is the answer is laughable. I assume he has heard Findlay is left wing, and that is why Jones thinks he is the saviour. If you read Findlay’s article in the most recent edition of the Scottish Left Review, then you quickly realise he is just another Brit nat lefty.

  56. Alt Clut says:

    One point concerns me about all this. SLAB is in the weakest and most vulnerable situation that it has probably ever been in. We have a YES movement strong in the arguments against it and not at all bound by the ‘niceties’ of conventional electoral politics.

    WE SHOULD BE OUT THERE HITTING THEM HARD at every turn of their miserable attempts to slide out of responsibility for what they have just done to the people of Scotland !

    The moment that they choose their next, stooge leader YES leaflets should start dropping through doors in Labour held constituencies explaining the record of whoever it is and exactly what they intend.

    Unfortunately I live just a handful of miles outside the bloc of YES territory in and around Glasgow but we could soon get there to support our friends. LET’S HELP SLAB OVER THE EDGE AND INTO THE DUSTBIN OF HISTORY !!

  57. Macandroid says:

    @ Jimbo

    Thing is – if you don’t let them off paying Corporation Tax you don’t find any seats on the Board becoming available when you need a little extra bit of income to supplement your meagre MP’s salary!

  58. gillie says:

    Nobody wants the feckin’ job. Everyone is pulling out fast.

    It appears that dithering Gordon Brown is putting everyone off, even Jim Murphy.

  59. HandandShrimp says:

    I see the latest Groaniard piece says Sarwar has bowed out of the race and that the Eggman is the frontrunner.

    I am not sure Ed even trusts Jim Murphy.

    Can we really be that lucky?

  60. bookie from hell says:

    Will be embarrassing if the only two candidates are MPs

  61. gillie says:

    I can confirm I am not standing for the position of Scottish Labour leader.

    You better all pile in because the last person who doesn’t will be left with job.

  62. cearc says:


    I agree.

    Businesses should be taxed on income rather than profit, with a zero rate, standard rate and higher rate tax. Afterall, all costs are factored in their pricing of goods or services.

    This may initially look harsh for small business but it actually puts them on a level field with large companies who can pay huge tax deductible fees to their offshore divisions for ‘design and procurement work for office bog rolls’ etc.

    The only tax deductible expense allowed being wages paid for contracted hours on permanent contracts. Thus removing all the advantages of zero hour and temporary contracts for corporations.

    Being very simple it is also very cheap to administer. The only downside is for specialist tax avoidance accountants for whom, of course, my heart would bleed.

  63. Ken500 says:

    Corporation tax for many (foreign) multinationals in the UK making vast profits is Zero under Westminster governance. HMRC Laws are not enforced and losing £Billions in Corp Tax. Not 16% but zero. Individuals and small businesses are hounded to death for alleged tax they often do not even owe. HMRC is not fit for purpose and is losing £Billion in evaded tax often by Media companies, Unionist politicians (eg Blair/Brown) and most of Westminster and their associates.

    16% is better than nothing at all under Westminster.

  64. Capella says:

    @macandroid 12.13
    You might find interesting info on the Jim and Margaret Cuthbert site. The are both Economists and particularly interested in an Independent Scotland and how it might be economically viable..
    Their “Papers on the Scottish Economy.” e.g.”How to Use Tax Policies Effectively: Lessons from Abroad” might have some pointers.

  65. Macandroid says:

    I wonder if and how the constitution of the Scottish Parliament can be changed to only allow MSPs to belong to actual Scottish Parties not branches of UK parties. Independents excluded of course from this rule.

    As we know there are no such parties as Scottish Labour Party, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party or Scottish Liberal Democrat Party.

  66. Broch Landers says:

    Jimmy Krankie would have been the mix-up scenario to die for, obviously. But this will do. The question is, does it merely illustrate the metropolitan Brit media’s same old, same old MO of contempt for Scottish issues. Or does it poignantly illustrate the fact that Labour’s Scottish leader was relegated to Division 12 of the Sunday League of St Kildan village politics during the actual referendum campaign BY HER OWN PARTY. Hence the automated Guardian picture editing machine does not compute who the heck she is.

  67. Robert Peffers says:

    Can I offer a wee warning?

    “Rumours of the imminent death of the Labour Party in Scotland may have been greatly exaggerated”. It comes under the same heading of not counting chickens until after the eggs have hatched.

  68. Dcanmore says:

    Owen Jones is really not that much different than Duncan Hothersall. He can’t see past the Labour Party even when they are at the nadir of their existence. The apparatchik is taught at an early age that there is no alternative to the Labour Party, therefore you must be in it to change it. While this can have some credence to it but only if you accept that change comes at a glacial pace. But then Hothersall’s criticism of the Labour Party is behind closed doors while Jones has a newspaper column. The disappointing thing is Owen Jones’ critique of the Labour Party only goes as far as ending his column with a bigger criticism of everybody else so his argument is always ‘Labour maybe poor right now but they are better than everyone else’… he can never avoid letting his ‘liberal left’ thinking down.

  69. Ken500 says:

    Labour Mafia, the Masonic Brown. Dr Evil, the world destroyer.

    Who would chose the Labour Mafia for family or friends? Dinosaurs.

  70. One_Scot says:

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why no one wants to become leader of Scottish labour, the party that betrayed Scotland and its working class, and stood shoulder to shoulder with the Tories.

    It’s certainly a mystery.

  71. HandandShrimp says:


    I think that is a fair point. Political parties are like weeds, they soon spring back up again. We need to make hay while the weather is fair and the opportunity presents itself.

    If they do elect Murphy then the right wing will have prevailed in Labour. That is something we can major on.

  72. Luigi says:

    I am not sure Ed even trusts Jim Murphy.

    Which is why he will be sent north. If Murphy does build up his wee empire in Scotland, however, he may even stand up to London one day. Especially if he knows he will never be invited back.

    You never know.

  73. Onwards says:

    @Cath says:

    “It actually annoys me that no one is willing to look at corporation tax on a regional basis. It seems for people like Owen and the left generally, a UK-wide cut in corporation tax, which benefits the city of London and large, global corporations generally, and is likely to lead to more overheating of London and the SE is just fine.

    But a regional decrease, as suggested by the SNP, which would allow regions furthers away from London and all the infrastructure investment, all the airports etc is somehow a terrible idea.”

    Exactly. The city of London does benefit, all other things being equal.
    Wages will generally be higher, but this is a price that companies are willing to pay.

    But generally there isn’t a level playing field, when you have a country where the southern part has all sorts of advantages to attract major investment – natural and planned.
    Population, networking, direct flights, fast rail to Europe etc etc

    Look at the long term growth compared to other parts of Britain. Nothing is going to stop that unless other areas can compete effectively.

    In the USA, states can compete with each other and still have a federal structure.

  74. Jack Caramac says:

    I’ll be quick. I worked in Ireland for a German software company. Prior to Ireland’s decision to decrease Corporation Tax – a policy developed at least in-part by the Irish Labour Party – said company did not have a presence in Ireland so, obviously, did not contribute to the Irish economy. The company in question now employs over 2,500 people in high quality jobs, complete with the attendant tax revenues for the Irish government. The same tale is true of many technology companies with a presence in Ireland.

    For Owen to suggest that a reduction is Corporation Tax is, by definition, a right-wing policy suggests either that he is simply unfamiliar with the practical consequences of this policy or he is guilty of simplistic, dog-whistle politics.

    I’ll go for the latter.

  75. Luigi says:

    Will the last contender for the leadership of the Labour party in Scotland to leave please turn off the light?

  76. Macandroid says:

    Thanks Capella – interesting reading.

    It seems the UK economy was and is being run by idiots – who’d have thought?

  77. Murray McCallum says:

    Surely there are several potential “Scottish” Labour leaders that could be nudged awake in the House of Lords?

    The new leader MUST be a candidate for radical change.

    If you really think about it this fits for Labour in Scotland.

  78. Capella says:

    I also used to think the Labour Party was left-wing when I was was 12. So Owen, the “enfant terrible” of the fashionable Establishment left (do they still live in Hampstead?), will one day realise his error.
    Until then, let us continue to develop the progressive politics we want to see in Scotland and leave those corrupt Westminster chancers to fight amongst themselves.

  79. gillie says:

    So it is between ‘dithering’ Brown and ‘less than enthusiastic’ Murphy.

    Since they are the best of enemies this will be interesting.

    Murphy doesn’t want the job and Brown doesn’t want Murphy to get the job.

  80. Ken500 says:

    Why doesn’t Owen apply for the position. Looks like the ideal candidate – out of touch and doesn’t have a clue, just like the rest of them. Scrapping the barrel. No one voting for him might be a problem. It usually doesn’t London plants, The HoL.

  81. caz-m says:

    Jim Murphy is only considering the Scottish position because Ed Miliband hates the site of him. He will not be getting offered a Ministerial position in London Labour after the 2015 GE.

    Ed has ordered him to head North out of his sight. It seems nobody loves oor Jim.

    Personally, I want the bastard back up here, because he has a few questions to answer regarding the Referendum.

    So, I hope he gets up here fast and repeats his 100 towns “lets all laugh at Jim” tour.

  82. ticktock says:

    Alt Clut @ 12.23pm

    Yer bang on right there, LET’S DO IT!!!

  83. heedtracker says:

    Rancid old Guardan sticks HS3 story in their pathetic Scotland region section for lunch. It’s going to cost us a billions here in this region of cringers and Tory boys, hundreds of miles away from HS3 but it’s what the proud Scot buts voted for. Wonder what Sevrin Carell’s up to these days. HS3 payments from my taxes will help UKOK dudes like Sevein zap around England so much faster and he for one did earn our sucker tax money.

  84. cearc says:


    Did he actually do the 100? It all went a bit quiet.

    Exactly how many he did might be useful to know.

  85. Murray McCallum says:

    SERPA would be eggstatic at the prospect of Jim Murphy leading the Scottish Labour Branch.

    Apologies …

  86. Stoker says:

    The Red Tory ("Tractor" - Ed)s to announce new manager for their
    Scottish branch on the 13th December.

  87. Ken500 says:

    Don’t forget the rest of the UK borrows and spends (pro rata) £10Billion more on the private sector than Scotland. £110Billion. Nice little investment fund. While Scotland is expected to pick up the £4Billion a year loan repayments.

    While Scotland has lost £4Billion a year in Oil revenues since 2011 because of different levels of Westminster taxation. Different tax rules in Scotland and the rest of the UK, especially London S/E. From which London S/E benefits, unfairly.

    An equal Union never. Not forgetting the historical £Billions that were secretly extracted from Scotland to benefit London S/E while Scotland was left in poverty. The illegal wars, tax evasion, Trident etc on an illegal scale. £Billions from Scotland a corrupt Westminster have wasted.

  88. James says:

    Cath and Chalks both neatly capture the issues relating to CT in a Scottish or ‘regional’ context. Why the SNP proposed a potential cut is precisely to offset the London investment black hole effect. It is simply one tool in the fiscal box a ‘normal’ government has to stimulate investment. Again, in the Scottish context the cut would be tied to corporate commitments on research and development, training etc. Corporation tax is based on location of activity. Companies receive the greatest benefit by being more productive – the idea that tax-dodgers or shareholder driven plcs derive greatest benefit from MODEST cuts is false; companies geared to innovation, growth, and improved productivity are the principle beneficiaries. In addition the idea that control over CT is moot due to endemic levels of corporate tax avoidance – sorry but I’m not even engaging with that argument.

    What you then DO as a government with the increased receipts from higher levels of activity and a strengthened and growing economy defines your credentials as socially democratic, socially just…or just the pal of big business. Growing the economy and redistributing are not mutually exclusive unless your AIM is to do one and simply hope the other happens by magic (eg Labour and Tory 80s trickle down retro-nomics). I’d argue forcefully that when you assess the SNP’s commitments across the board to growing and building a socially just economy they wipe the floor with the red and blue tories. In making a commitment to a ‘regionally reduced’ CT level the SNP was providing a framework for business to plan within. CT is also one of the easier taxes to model and make commitments around.

    The party is also committed to progression within personal taxation but would make changes in a STRUCTURED way upon review of the system in the round and with full sight of the Treasury books. Labour’s progressive tax measures, despite being part of the Establishment with full insider knowledge of the Treasury workings, are gimmicky and unsustainable. Ultimately Chalks is correct; it is only a sound political brickbat (a) if your target had the ability to actually carry out the commitment (b) those that should use the brickbat weren’t a bunch of hypocrites who bloody defined corporate plutocratic government in the modern era. And who specialised in refining City-lead trickle down economics. Aye that’s bloody Labour not just the Tories.

    If anyone is interested in how a left of centre party does proper, sustainable, costed, meaningful, redistributive, progressive taxation just compare and contrast the SNP’s radical overhaul of UK Stamp Duty vis Labour’s pathetic short run tinkering gimmick – the Mansion Tax (now about to explode in their face). That’s indirect and only benefits those on the property ladder, however, as a signal of intent (“here’s what we can do given the chance”) it highlights good governance, clinical calculations, and an impulse to visibly redistribute wealth in this country; whilst Labour tinker at the margins too afraid to upset the middle class.

    Owen Jones – with head in the sand assessment such as yours, you should be pals with the SNP-hater par excellence, John McTernan. To quote Forrest: “stoopid is as stoopid doe

  89. chalks says:


    It would be in tandem with closing the tax loopholes available to the multi-nationals. Only way to encourage local businesses all over Scotland to take them on. It’s how things should be, local produce being bought locally.


    You’ll find that no policies that harm the city of london will EVER be allowed, so a lowering of corporation tax across regions to compete with london, just won’t happen.

    The City of London corporation have people actually sitting in the House of Commons that are there to scrutinise legislation and how it will affect london…google house of commons remembrancer.

  90. desimond says:

    I cant see Gordon Brown entertaining Holyrood..doesnt he despise the place..has he ever been in the building?

    As for Jim…how many defence jolly-boys outings can he and Anas Sarwar go in sunnier climes if his remit is “Scotlands pocket money”..not a lot I would suggest unless trips to Govan shipyards count.

    I can see Kezia getting the deputy pressure, no need for an individual mind ( see Sarwar yesterday for perfect display of “Party first and foremost”), big media exposure from her friends at BBC and papers and it will tick most of the Focus Group quota boxes too.

  91. cearc says:

    I doubt that he will do it for less than a peerage, a directorship with the Weir group and a substantial ‘after dinner speaking tour package’.

    Payment after he leaves, of course.

  92. heedtracker says:

    Oops HS3 Graun story overrides Anas withdrawal. Cometh the hour, cometh the man! So Ian Grey your party needs you. Be great to have another ex teacher being chased around city streets by a voter. Both Lamont and Grey are ex teachers which speaks volumes about Scotland right now,

  93. jackie g says:

    This just in..

    Jackie Baillie, Jenny Marra, Anas Sarwar and Kezia Dugdale are not expected to stand for the leadership whit a surprise eh? step up JIM THE EGGMAN a man hated even more than Lamont.

    Yes folks you could not make this up..

  94. chalks says:

    I think an MSP will have to get the deputy gig.

    With a view for murphy standing up here in 2016…unless he somehow just makes a deal with a sitting labour msp to stand in his seat for 2015 and vice versa.

    Can you imagine 40,000 yes activists on the streets of the area he decides to go for…..would he risk a by election? Doubtful.

    So it looks like he’ll be in westminster for a year before coming up to ‘save us’

  95. jacksloan2013 says:

    I can confirm that tickets are still advertised as available for the Labour Party Gala diner:

    “Our Gala Dinner will be our first major event since the referendum. With Scotland voting a firm No to independence, the voice of Scottish Labour will be crucial in the debate over Scotland’s future, making this year’s dinner more important than ever. The event attracts a variety of supporters, business people and celebrities, and promises to be an enjoyable evening.”

    But just not sure such an enjoyable good laugh would be worth the money!

  96. gillie says:

    Maggie Thatcher is the latest deceased person to turn down the job as Scottish Labour leader. Contacted in the spirit world by Lord Foulkes, Mrs Thatcher said in a spooky voice, “Better dead than red”.

  97. manandboy says:

    It’s a bit like needing new staff, but the only people available reside in Barlinnie & Peterhead.

    One can only wonder what they’re going to send.

    In Labours’ case, and by definition, the person will be a compulsive liar and ambitious for personal wealth.
    Add to that, will be filled with hate for the SNP and the Yes voters, and have the very boring habit of talking in shredded sentences.

    In short, the individual will be the very antithesis of a decent human being.
    Does the name really matter?

  98. gillie says:

    The ex-Pope Benedict XVI has turned down the job as Scottish Labour leader. Joseph Ratzinger was reported to have said, “I’d rather be a Proddy”

  99. Murray McCallum says:

    As far as I am aware Boris Johnson has not ruled himself out of being Scottish Labour leader.

  100. Stoker says:

    Meanwhile, who are Labours two representatives on the DevoComm reporting to and taking orders from, Sarewart or Milipede?

    Given the current circumstances, with the Slabber office currently rudderless – or are they being guided by the odd tug from London – should they not be removed from the Commission and replaced with two SSP representatives immediately?

    These filthy ("Tractor" - Ed)s are still playing games with the future prosperity and wellbeing of our country and they’re doing their utmost to destroy any form of progress.

    This will NEVER be forgotten or forgiven.

  101. gillie says:

    Ed Miliband not going to the Scottish Labour’s gala dinner. He forgot he is washing his hair that night.

  102. Capella says:

    Why don’t they appoint Ruth Davidson as leader? Better Together after all.

  103. Dave MacIntyre says:

    I actually like the idea of getting lots of leaflets printed once a new leader of SLAB is appointed just to let people know what their record is. How do we get YES campaigners organised and ready to pull this off. It’s the best way to get our message out there. It would be worthwhile funding some humorous billboards too.

  104. GrahamB says:

    Now that declarations of interest are allowed everyone is falling over each other to rule themselves out. Poisoned and Chalice spring to mind. Oh what fun, but they were warned what would befall them for going into bed with the Tories.

  105. Jim Mitchell says:

    Re Labour Leadership, given the time scale and those who have already declined to stand, I am convinced that it is a stitch up.

    Someone has already been approved and has agreed to take the job, I smell the hand of London here, making sure that everyone within the party knows exactly who’s in charge and that there will be no more rocking the boat prior to the general election.

    i predict that by this time next week they will all be saying what good pals they are, (Labour family anyone)? and that it was all the fault of those nasty nats, oh and of course how they can all unite behind the new boss.

    In other words same old Labour cack backed up by their pals in the media!

  106. gillie says:

    A dead slug is the latest invertebrate to refuse the job as Scottish Labour leader following the withdrawal of of Jackie Baillie, Jenny Marra, Anas Sarwar and Kezia Dugdale.

  107. desimond says:

    Scottish Labour deny turning to Alex Salmond for advice on who to appoint as new leader.

    A party insider said:
    “We have never before consulted with someone who is intelligent, open minded and experienced at both Scottish and Westminster politics so we sure as Hell wont start that nonsense now!”

    Ian Smart and John McTernan

    PS. It is just the Scottish Unions who vote as “Affiliates” or all UK Unions?

  108. Luigi says:

    gillie says:

    27 October, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    So it is between ‘dithering’ Brown and ‘less than enthusiastic’ Murphy.

    Since they are the best of enemies this will be interesting.

    Murphy doesn’t want the job and Brown doesn’t want Murphy to get the job.

    Another almighty storm brewing.


  109. desimond says:

    Simon Cowell has condemned Scottish Labour for scheduling in December 13th for the final of the new leadership campaign.

    A scowling Cowell said “This is X Factor final weekend and and will cause havoc with the voting public. This is yet another example of Labour neglect causing us all pain. I fear this could affect the X factor claiming the Xmas number 1. After all the British public so love a novelty act around Xmas!”

  110. gillie says:

    Gordon Brown decides not to stand ……… hang on a minute, Gordon Brown decides to stand ………….. hang on a minute …

  111. joe kane says:

    It looks like it’s going to take the red tory scabs at least 7 months to find a single candidate to stand this time round never mind elect a leader.

    Scottish Labour Party leadership election, 2011 Timetable,_2011#Timetable

  112. HandandShrimp says:

    Is it possible to OD on schadenfreude?

  113. HandandShrimp says:

    Ed will be sorry if Gordon takes the job. Gordon is not particularly noted as a team player.

    Hell one spat too many and Gordon could declare UDI

  114. gillie says:

    Neil Findlay has indicated he “might” put his name forward, then again he “might not”.

    Gordon Brown has got his own Mini-Me.

  115. MajorBloodnok says:

    HandandShrimp says: Is it possible to OD on schadenfreude?

    I dunno, but it’s fun finding out.

    By the way, I’m still so not standing.

  116. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    Rumours of massive pressure and even threats being used to see off those the London Labour leadership deems ‘unworthy’ to stand as ‘scottish’ labour leader.

    It would be extremely interesting to find out precisely what is going on as the scottish labour civil war rages right now. Of course the supine westminster bubble media and unionist BBC have no intention of putting any pressure or applying real scrutiny to their beloved scottish labour party lest the ‘natives’ see how much of a shambles it really is.

    Imagine the kind of wall to wall 24/7 media uproar there would be blasting out constantly if it was the SNP falling apart at the seams and tearing lumps out of it’s own leadership. What an absolute fucking disgrace the ‘scottish’ media are at times like these.

  117. Cadogan Enright says:

    As an accountant, I have been toying with the idea of how difficult it would be for the Scottish government to create its own digital currency. It could start like paypal but on a voluntary basis. Then its critical mass could be slowly advanced and spread though the population by giving (for instance) those on social welfare their own bank cards free, and spread though the retail community like paypal (see link below) but at a lower charge with no tax.

    It would not be difficult to have a virtual Scottish currency and State owned ‘owning’ a mass of the transactions in the Scottish Economy. And as a transition tool to the exit door.

    I recall the Blair government was frightened away from this policy by the City of London. If I recall correctly they were going to build on a (state owned) post office as a bank.

    Just a thought

  118. Chic McGregor says:

    If they are not careful they will have Prof. Curtice on saying:

    “Indeed, the truth is, I’ll do it”

  119. Alba 46 says:

    I never thought I would live to see the day that I would agree with anything that MacLeish or McConnell had to say. Their view that the Branch office needs total autonomy from UK labour is absolutely correct. The politics have changed in Scotland and labour have NOT adapted to that change. They just don’t get it. They are stuck in a time warp. This London based operation worked for them before devolution, however now that we have our own government in Hollyrood, London Labour can’t / won’t contemplate any changes to the status quo. They are spineless and lack conviction.

    If there was someone in the current crop of MSP’s with enough backbone to stand up for total autonomy they would, I think get a lot of support within the Labour community in Scotland. This is a golden opportunity once and for all to sort out this mess that they have been in for many many years. Will they take this once in a life time chance – I doubt it. They are so London centric in their views and attitude that even a crisis as large as this will not make them focus on anything other than a “united” UK labour party.

    The Labour policy is Party before Country and sod the rest of you.

  120. heedtracker says:

    Ruth Davidson’s too much of a leftie for NEW new Labour in Scotland so hows about Lady JK Rowling. Here’s Rowling flogging her book via VisitScotland tourism board today which is very weird considering how hard she attacked Scotland actually running Scotland, spent a million UKOK pounds to Scotland even existing and so on.

    Why is involved with this character, I do not know. SO make JK Rowling Lamonts successor and we can all watch another super rich liar denigrate Scotland over and over and over.

    Oh look Rowling’s also flogging her new book. Its un UKOK unionist to NOT make money from suckas everywhere.

  121. Chic McGregor says:

    “As an accountant, I have been toying with the idea of how difficult it would be for the Scottish government to create its own digital currency”

    A kind of ‘non-Brit Coin’?

  122. Murray McCallum says:

    Ken MacQuarrie is Scottish based and a Labour man. Think inside the bigger box …

  123. Juteman says:


  124. Capella says:

    @ James 1.15
    Interesting comments. Thanks. We need to keep ourselves informed about these issues as the debate so often hangs on soundbite catchphrases that “journalists” use to mesmerise us. Well, possibly Owen Jones doesn’t know what it means either! “Race to the bottom” sounds very very bad.
    I once heard Mick McGahey describe Thatcher attacks on the Trade Unions, “pricing themselves out of the market”, as the “competition for poverty” which was much more apt I thought as she drove down wages. We need a new Dictionary of Received Ideas!

  125. Valerie says:

    Cameron got jostled in Leeds today, when he was up promoting the latest vanity project of his trains. So the Scottish question has been forgotten.

    So Anus will remain as the mouthpiece meantime? They will need to draw straws soon.

  126. gerry parker says:

    @Alt Clut and Dave McIntyre.

    For a start, this should be going through every letterbox in Scotland.

  127. gillie says:

    Johann Lamont has decided to stand as Scottish Labour leader. The former Scottish Labour leader has said, “It is not often one gets a chance like this. If I am elected leader nothing will be off limits – there will not be one policy, one rule, one way of working which cannot be changed. Our one test will be what is in the interests of the people of Scotland – not what is in the interests of ourselves. If that doesn’t happen I will resign and blame my best friend Mags Curran.”

    What is French for deja-vu?

  128. jackie g says:

    Labour MSP Jackie Baillie will represent the party at this week’s First Minister’s Questions.

    should be interesting..

  129. gillie says:


  130. ronnie anderson says:

    Noo am gone way oot on a limb here,whits the chances of Edinburgh Zoo releasing the Panda’s fae they’re contract,Leader & Deputy Leader in one go ( weil the PG monkeys are retired )look at the benifits, housing cost taken care of,nae expences,oh whits the price of Bamboo,ah know the rite man tae ask Ur you there Bugger the Panda.

  131. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

    Incidently, the only reason Findlay is being touted is because the unions despise Murphy and the rest. They see Findlay as being easy to manipulate and slightly more left wing than the other candidates. (Just like they thought Ed Miliband was. LOL Fucked that one up didn’t you Labour?) The only reason Lamont was elected was because the unions favoured her too.

    So perhaps the wee lad Owen might care to explain to us all why having the backing of the unions made Lamont (or indeed wee Ed) such a great leader? Or better still maybe the wee mite Jones could have a word with the Grangemouth workers to see if they share his enthusiasm for a union stitch up candidate, considering they nearly lost their jobs due to Labour’s inept and corrupt relationship with some in the unions.

  132. Luigi says:

    Gordon Brown has got his own Mini-Me.

    If Bottler Brown decides not to stand (predictably), you can bet he will want to have his own man running the Holyrood show for him.

    If Eggs Murphy does agree to go for it, he may find himself continually undermined by his “friend” in the shadows, Bottler Brown, who has form in such matters.

  133. manandboy says:

    Every now and then my local fishmonger puts a monk fish on display.
    Whenever I see one, I think of Johann Lamont.

    It’s a member of the shark family. Well that fits.

  134. Stoker says:

    Jim Mitchell says:
    27 October, 2014 at 1:44 pm
    Re Labour Leadership, given the time scale and those who have already declined to stand, I am convinced that it is a stitch up.Someone has already been approved and has agreed to take the job, I smell the hand of London here, making sure that everyone within the party knows exactly who’s in charge and that there will be no more rocking the boat prior to the general election.
    i predict that by this time next week they will all be saying what good pals they are, (Labour family anyone)? and that it was all the fault of those nasty nats, oh and of course how they can all unite behind the new boss.
    In other words same old Labour cack backed up by their pals in the media!

    Some good points, Jim.

    They’re also using this delaying tactic in the hope that all the animosity towards them will subside – they’re in for a big shock.

    We cant afford to let this momentum slip from our grasp.

  135. Luigi says:


  136. cearc says:


    I think the penguins would be better.

    Then they could change leaders regularly and no-one would notice. Easier for the Graun as well, they would only need one stock photo for the lot of them.

  137. handclapping says:

    The Labour answer would have been Alex Rowley but too many people know where his skeletons are buried and you can’t trust the media any more. I mean have you seen what’s happened to the Sunday Herald since they stopped printing our press releases? The SNP have a lot to answer for that we should be in this predicament.

  138. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Luigi Then would the real Sparkless of the British labour party in Scotland please stand up FFS,the suspenders are killin me.

  139. desimond says:

    Has anyone asked Blair MacDougall to run their campaign yet?

  140. jackie g says:

    reminded of a blackadder episode Dish and Dishonesty..where they put Baldrick and his turnip up for election.

    Maybe an idea for a new labour leader! the brain dead in Slab would vote for the turnip..well would it make any difference.

  141. Colin Mccartney says:

    O/T jogger runs into Cameron in Leeds.
    West Yorkshire Police later tweeted that no threat had been made, adding: “Nothing sinister, just a man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”
    That just about sums up Cameron apart from the sinister bit.

  142. X_Sticks says:

    Whatever happens, they have to have at least a pretend leadership contest.

    Otherwise their bleating about Nicola’s ‘coronation’ will come back to bite them.

    The probability that it will be a sham, we’ll know it’s a sham and they’ll know it’s a sham will just make it all the funnier.

    It’s better than the Chinese State Circus. Much more of this and I’m going to have to investigate incontinence pads. Seriously.

  143. bookie from hell says:


    Iian Martin

    “Scotland and its alleged woes were featured prominently”

    “moaning that Scotland is being ignored or patronised only gets louder”

    “after the referendum it is getting a reputation for being boring and self-obsessed”

    “Scots sound like a bunch of whining, navel-gazing whingers. It’s a bad look. No complaint is too small”

    “headbanging Nats say pretend that 45 (the Yes campaign’s tally in September) is a bigger number than 55 (the No vote in the referendum)”

    “Nationalists lost, decisively”

    “They enjoy the grievance too much”

    “The real miracle is how tolerant the English have been throughout this process”

    bfh– #45%+ need to send him a birthday card yearly

  144. donald anderson says:

    I first met the boy wonder on the UK left facebook. None of the Brit lefties saw any irony in supporting a Kingdom, or Queendome. Owen was very worried that if the Scots won Independence the English WC would be left wit the Tories, I explained that in Scotland Labour was our Tories.

    I left after wasting too much time debating with Brit Nat lefties, with a parting photie of their queen in undies, suspender belt and wearing her Croon. He was shocked at the “sexism”, or any suggestion that Ken Livingstane was a London Nationalist.

  145. jackie g says:


    i agree i huvnae laughed so much in ages.

    my work collegues were looking at me this lunchtime as i was pissing myself at a quote on here about Douglas Alexander..keep up the good work

    as per my previous remark i think we should keep our fingers crossed for the Turnip..whichever one it is canny be worse can it?

  146. Fred says:

    The Labour Gala Dinner organisers would be well advised to issue plastic cutlery only. 🙂

  147. Linda McFarlane says:

    Peter Arnotts article on Bella Caledonia on September 22 says it all
    “They are going to break up the Union for us. And we’ll help, of course. We’ll join political parties. We’ll use the formidable machine of participatory democracy we’ve invented to focus on the new target of May 2015. But the arena we’ll be working in is still being defined before us and not by us. Deliciously. For a week or two, counter to our activist instincts, brothers and sisters, I suggest we pull up a chair and crack open the popcorn.

    This is going to be good.”

    I’m eating my popcorn right now!!!

  148. schrodingers cat says:

    re-what is really going on in labour?

    Malcolm chrisholm yesterday said he was going to ask Keza dugdale again to stand
    she has again said no today….

    Foulks said their was a long list of mps and Msps who wanted rid of jola
    If the msps wanted rid of jola, how come they dont have a candidate in place?

    if Jackie Baillie is temporary leader, who is lined up? it has to be someone in holyrood…., the only other option is a contrived by election to get an mp into holyrood.

    I think curran, sarwar and murph were trying make a place for them to go to in the event they lost their westminster seats. this backfired when jola left them carrying the can. none of the important labour msp’s want the job, leaving only the dross
    “Rumours of massive pressure and even threats being used to see off those the London Labour leadership deems ‘unworthy’ to stand as ‘scottish’ labour leader” this is because all of the main candidates have said no

    i think that they will induce massive pressure and even threats to force those the London Labour leadership deems ‘worthy’ to stand as ‘scottish’ labour leader.
    It would appear baillie has been strong armed into this position of temp leader, expect the dirt to follow on dugdale or marra if they continue to refuse

    the only other option is a forced by election, which i doubt mcternan wants at the moment

  149. JaceF says:

    There’s more Tory MP’s in Scotland than Scottish Labour Leaders.

  150. fred blogger says:


  151. ronnie anderson says:

    Cameron Milliband in Parliament just now, he must be making a statement BBC Parliament

  152. Juteman says:

    I have this mental picture of the housekeeper from Father Ted going around every Scottish MSP. Go on go on go on.

  153. donald anderson says:

    Being a Labour banquet they will all be brining their doggy bags.

  154. JBS says:

    Please let the next Scottish Labour leader be Skeletor Murphy. Sturgeon will be so terrified of a man who spent nine years at university without getting a degree.

  155. fred blogger says:

    donald anderson
    they are.
    and we are having far too much fun watching labour evaporate before our eyes.
    we must stop it, soonish, say 2016 or thereabouts.

  156. Jimbo says:

    @ Gillie

    “What is French for deja-vu?” Lol

    Incompétence du Parti travailliste

  157. galamcennalath says:

    JaceF says:
    “There’s more Tory MP’s in Scotland than Scottish Labour Leaders.”

    the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country

    A Scottish Labour Leader, have we every actually had one of those?

  158. Dr Jim says:

    The Labour Party?
    Who is to be sacrificed? cause make no mistake there’s no election process going on here
    Name after name gets touted around with seemingly no takers, so, i think Moribund has to make the ultimate decision
    “Murphy”? rips of too much money where he is, he’d rather jump off a bridge “Crash”? although a proud patriotic Scot better together, think of the risk
    I’m kinda swithering towards “Stairheid Curran” as the sacrificial lamb, whether she likes it or not, i mean she is a complete and total embarassment to Westminster Labourites and Moribund so she will probably be honoured to serve the country and her glorious labour leader in this new and exciting role of bringing the labour family message home to “Scodland”and all its “servants”–Eh, people

  159. Schrödinger's cat says:

    Ian subway gray stayed on for months until they could get kola trained up, mcternan is not about to let Neil Findlay loose in FAQ without any training, I have only seen him ask a few questions in holyrood and he has not been on news night or any other politics shows,

    The only one who has done FMq s is bailie and Ian gray,
    If dug dale or Marrakech said yes, they would be up in front of salmond on Thursday, lol

    Any talk of mp’s is a red herring, mcternan is not about to precipitate a by election

  160. gillie says:

    Author Irvine Welsh, “Gordon Brown has great debating skills and a keen intellect, but is an inept failure of almost unprecedented levels as a politician. Also lost the election to a muppet. All of his failures have greatly negatively impacted on the people he purports to represent.”


  161. AuldA says:


    @ Gillie: “What is French for deja-vu?” Lol

    Incompétence du Parti travailliste

    Not “incompétence” but “impéritie”. Sounds posher… 😉

    Thanks for interest in French!

  162. AuldA says:

    Oops, I forgot the “your” in the last sentence.

  163. ronnie anderson says:

    Ur yous lot gonie stop mentioning Turnips you’ll cause a price rise & wie Burns Night roon the corner Haggis is dear enough.Neep neep get oot the road Jackie Baillies at the heid o the table, efter awe she is wan o the Lasses O .

  164. Murray McCallum says:

    If Jim Murphy was promoted to Branch Office President (job title subject to intense negotiations) there are several attractions for President Murphy:

    1. Can finally complete some kind of university course in Scotland
    2. No tuition fees
    3. Access to Irn Bru crates
    4. Closeness to WMD photo ops

  165. gillie says:

    Ed Balls taking balls, “We’re a UK party but have a really vibrant and dynamic Labour party in Scotland”

  166. Tamson says:

    Might have been noted already, but isn’t there a party rule that the Deputy and leader must be from different parliaments? As such, if Murphy won, wouldn’t Sarwar have to resign?

  167. Schrödinger's cat says:

    Mcternan will have phoned all msp’s and told them to shut it, we should fill social media with rumours of Richard baker making a bid for the leadership, mcternan will go ape at him, lol

  168. Schrödinger's cat says:

    Mcternan will have phoned all msp’s and told them to shut it, we should fill social media with rumours of Richard baker making a bid for the leadership, mcternan will go ape at him, lol

  169. handclapping says:

    Way O/T
    From BBC Scotland Live on replacing JoLa at FMQs
    It is not known at this stage how long Ms Baillie will carry out the role.
    Now if only that last e had been an l, we could have told them the answer; as long as it takes for her to get over the threshold so she can evade the VAT.

  170. Viking Girl says:

    He’s a nice enough lad, Owen, although he does remind me of the boys in P7: he’s got that fresh faced look. He’s just polishing up his left wing credentials. You know what I’ve said about the devotion some folk have to Labour. It’s where they put their hopes, and in the past it was a good place to put them.
    You have to cut Owen some slack. He misunderstands Scotland in the same way that most southern media hacks do.

  171. galamcennalath says:

    Whoever draws the short straw to drink from SLab’s poisoned chalice must be….

    A fool who doesn’t know it will end their career

    Someone close to retiral anyway

    An exceedingly courage person willing to make great personal sacrifice for their cause

    Conclusion … A fool or a retiree!

  172. Helena Brown says:

    Tend to think it is the wrong time for anyone to want this particular job, well unless you know you will not be around politically after 2016. I am sure they know they are in for a bashing from the electorate and whoever is the ahem Leader, will be out after that. So it is not a job with promotion prospects.

  173. gillie says:

    Katy Clark, the Labour MP for North Ayrshire and Arran, “My view is the ideal choice would be someone on the left and someone that is an MSP, so I very much hope we are given that option.”

    No chance of that now.

  174. ackie g says:
    27 October, 2014 at 2:19 pm
    Labour MSP Jackie Baillie will represent the party at this week’s First Minister’s Questions.

    should be interesting..

    If Lamont isn’t there why is she collecting her wages?

  175. joe kane says:

    It’s an ugly sight watching so many wounded getting bayoneted today. And I thought Ian Davidson was referring to the enemies of Labour as well.

  176. Kev says:

    I have it on very good information that Cara Hilton will be stepping up to the plate shortly….watch out Nicola!

  177. Luigi says:

    There’s gonna be a nasty rumble at the Scottish Labour party dinner this year. Conditions are now perfect for a right old barmy. The organisers ought to ban any consumption of alcohol at the event, just in case the fists, bayonets and handbags start flying.

    Ah to be a fly on the wall. It’s almost worth joining the party, just to get a ticket!

  178. GrahamB says:

    Has anyone seen or heard of Flipper recently? Is he quietly waiting for his vermin robes or is he going to come galloping out of the darkness on a white horse to rescue his beloved party from oblivion?

  179. gillie says:

    Labour heavies doing the rounds and frightening off any potential leadership bids from MSPs.

  180. Stoker says:

    All day long i’ve had one helluva urge to run up and bang on the front doors of Slabber HQ and shout, ((( IS THE MANAGER IN )))

    Wonder how that would go down at their gala banquet!

    I still can’t believe these filthy ("Tractor" - Ed) b@st@rds are going to be stuffing their faces right under the noses of some of Scotland’s poor.

    Is there going to be any media involvement at this banquet?

  181. Luigi says:

    GrahamB says:
    27 October, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    Has anyone seen or heard of Flipper recently? Is he quietly waiting for his vermin robes or is he going to come galloping out of the darkness on a white horse to rescue his beloved party from oblivion?.

    He is lying low, terrified in case he gets asked. Still in waiting for his ermine, he knows fine well that Miliband has some leverage there!

  182. gillie says:

    Any suggestions for the menu for the Scottish Labour Gala Dinner?

    Starter –

    Main Course –

    Sweet –

  183. Schrödinger’s cat says:
    27 October, 2014 at 4:14 pm
    Mcternan will have phoned all msp’s and told them to shut it, we should fill social media with rumours of Richard baker making a bid for the leadership, mcternan will go ape at him, lol


    You av juist told him wot you intend to do Monsuier

  184. Valerie says:

    I saw Flipper sitting statue like at last week’s Pmq s, that was the first sighting I had since the Ref. He has ruled himself out – quelle surprise

  185. Schrödinger's cat says:
    Mcternan gets his revenge on jola, note that this herald journalist publishes this labour press release without asking for the names of any of the informants

  186. Colin Mccartney says:

    Ms Baillie has denied there were factions of Labour MSPs and MPs within the party, and insisted they were “joined at the hip”
    If you sit anywhere near Baillie you have no bleeding option – even if you are skeletor Murphy

  187. Luigi says:

    If McLeish and McConnel have so much to say about the perilous state of the party, why don’t they offer their services? For the sake of the party an all that. The Labour MSPs might even find a spine to crawl up if one of their own heavies takes control.

  188. Schrödinger's cat says:

    James, use your imagination lol

  189. gillie says:

    Brown is not standing.

  190. desimond says:


    Starter – Cock a Leakie Soup

    Main Course – Stewing Stake, Plenty of Dumplings

    Sweet – Humble Pie

  191. Ian Brotherhood says:

    What about Jacob Rees-Mogg?

  192. desimond says:


    Very good point, why does it have to be an MP or an MSP…cant the Unions just elect a Lord or Lady and be done with it. The circle is complete.

  193. desimond says:

    Imagine your organising that Dinner at central Hotel. Your all ready to go, everythings looking good…champagnes on ice…Then you open the paper to see Jola gone!


    a: Do Jola and her Councillor hubby still go and where do they sit?

    b: Does Jola get a refund is she “resigns” her place at the top table?

    c: How many secret phone recordings will be going on?

    d: How many times will the words “I couldnt possible comment” be uttered that night

    e: The foodbank collection outside, will a laughing Margaret Curran even notice?

  194. Tamson says:

    The starter would surely be Sour Grapes…

  195. cearc says:

    Damp Squid,

    Followed by Sacrificial Lamb,

    and just desserts.

  196. Lollysmum says:

    Have to say that the wit is truly sparkling on this thread today-absolutely brilliant. WoS Twitter feed is running a close second. Great that everyone is enjoying SLAB disarray so much. Such disarray couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people. Loving every moment of it 🙂

  197. donald anderson says:

    JBS says:
    Please let the next Scottish Labour leader be Skeletor Murphy. Sturgeon will be so terrified of a man who spent nine years at university without getting a degree.

    Murph, the Boy Revolutionary, finally went on a six weeks “holiday” to the States. Did he get a degree course from the CIA

  198. ronnie anderson says:

    @Gillie, Pigs snouts n trotters very gelatious that should help to stick the family back together, mind nae turnips.

  199. Schrödinger's cat says:

    In light of mcternans character assassination of jola in the herald

    Is her position in the Labour Party untenable

    Perhaps she should resign, especially with so many of her colleagues expressing dismay, albeit anonymously, in the herald

    Ha ha ha ha
    By election anyone?

  200. GrahamB says:

    We’re in danger of going into schadenfreude overload here!

  201. Robert Kerr says:

    Perhaps she should apply to join another political party.

    Who would have her?

  202. Schrödinger's cat says:

    Jola is defending a majority of 623

    Love to see curran try

  203. Schrödinger's cat says:

    @ Robert

    Already happened lol

  204. Marie clark says:

    So it’s no gone tae be Broon either. Well well, we seem tae be fast runnin oot o’ candidates.

    Cowards, aw runnin away. Ha Ha. Fearties every one.

  205. nigel says:

    joe kane says:
    27 October, 2014 at 4:33 pm
    It’s an ugly sight watching so many wounded getting bayoneted today.

    No Joe-its a truly wonderful sight watching the ugly being beyonnetted today,and any other day……….

  206. No no no...Yes says:

    Looks like Jackie Baillie is going to get a doing on Thursday at FMQ’s, all because she has selective memory recall:

    I’m running out of popcorn..

  207. desimond says:

    Latest candidate nominations:

    George Galloway

    John Barrowman

    Sir Alex Ferguson

  208. Clarinda says:

    Gala Dinner Menu

    Soup Course – Brown Windsor Soup

    Fish Course – Battered Cod Balls

    Entre – Mince Three Ways
    Parcels O’ Rogued Tatties
    Carrots on Sticks

    Pudding – Cabinet Pudding with Soured Cream

    Vegetarian Option – Oeufs au Murfee

    Coffee and Pity Yoose

    Red Wine – Cotes de Shooglie Peges
    White Wine – Chavbliss

  209. Luigi says:

    Schrödinger’s cat says:
    27 October, 2014 at 5:15 pm

    In light of mcternans character assassination of jola in the herald

    Is her position in the Labour Party untenable

    Perhaps she should resign, especially with so many of her colleagues expressing dismay, albeit anonymously, in the herald

    Ha ha ha ha
    By election anyone?

    Nah, she will hang on to her MSP salary. It’s the Labour way. They don’t do principle. If anth

  210. Luigi says:

    Nah, she will hang on to her MSP salary. It’s the Labour way. They don’t do principle. If JoLa did demonstrate anything during her two years as leader, it is that she has no dignity, no self-worth and no courage.

    Two years, and we are still waiting for her opinion on Trident 2.

  211. Dorothy Devine says:

    Husband bought his first SH on Sunday – it will be his last .
    He fulminated for many minutes about six pages of Labour news contained therein.
    Were he to even glance at the online Herald today he would probably kick the cat ( cat lovers worry not, we have no moggy!)

    It would seem that they are in overdrive ,producing one non story after another about who is saying what about whom , who is not standing for depute and someone somewhere is criticising Ms Lamont for being so rude about the party and that Curran wummin’.

  212. No no no...Yes says:

    So Broon the loon has ruled himself out. What a proud Scot and true Labour man he is. This self serving hypocrite was willing to step up to the plate and save the UK, but he is unwilling to save his failing party from electoral oblivion.I thought he loved the Labour Party?
    Gordon, what about all the guff you’ve spouted in the last few days of the campaign, about solidarity, pooling and sharing etc.etc….?
    What to you mean you just said it in the heat of the moment?

    I ask myself why has he done this and there is only one answer, Gordon has an ego the size of tyrannosaurus. He knows UK Labour rules over the Scottish Party and doesn’t want to be 2nd best.
    Yet another act of unforgivable behaviour, roll on 2015.

  213. Marie clark says:

    Ha Ha Clarinda, what a wonderful menu for the gala dinner.

    well done.

  214. Schrödinger's cat says:

    You are probably right

    They seem intent on stabbing each other though,

    A by election would be a gift to us though

  215. The Rough Bounds says:

    Gala dinner menu: Lamont Special…cold shoulder.

  216. Luigi says:

    Lamont chops?

  217. cearc says:

    It’s getting desperate now. They are running out of people that the population of Islington have heard of.

  218. donald anderson says:

    Latest candidate nominations:
    George Galloway
    John Barrowman
    Sir Alex Ferguson

    No, no.

    Eddie Lizard
    David Bowie
    Sir Paul McCartney

    all sent up from London.

  219. ronnie anderson says:

    Jim Murphy to make his mind up in 48hrs, Am only 24hrs from Tulsa,ah Fek it ah,ll take the long way roon,I,ll be hame in time fur the announcment.

  220. Robert Louis says:

    Does nobody else think it strange, that the man who headed up the anti Scotland and anti independence campaign, Alistair Darling, seems to be missing?

    Should he not be the man at the Smith commission?

    It really is quite odd. Anybody seen him?

  221. Murphy will be playing to the crowd. He loves being the centre of attention.

  222. ronnie anderson says:

    Wid you listen to the Piss on STV Broon being badgered intae being Leader even brought his Family in to persuade him,wid sombody come roon here an pull ma zip up ma backs cauld.

  223. gordoz says:

    Gala dinner and in fighting : Volatility

    I would advise that someone ‘remove the curtains’

    Remember Lord Watson.

  224. EdinScot says:

    What about the union joke Ian Murray as leader. Surely thats what yon lord baron Fffoulkes was alluding to when he used the phrase plethora of talent in the Labour party rofl!

    They really need that review to set up a commission to have that debate to have tha conversation to make that decision. What a crap rag tag outfit the labour party is. Im hoping they choke colectively at their gala dinner on thursday. They stabbed Scotland in the back in favour of tory rule. Revenge is a dish best served cold. So i hope we freeze it just for them.

  225. bjsalba says:

    As I recall from the white paper (Scotlands Future) , reduction in corporation tax was paired with a revamp of the tax code for business. The idea was to reduce the loopholes that allow large and multinational corporations to avoid tax. When they pay their fair share and everyone is on a level playing field, the general rate could be reduced.

    My own contribution to this notion is to avoid patronizing the big companies and corporations as much as possible. I buy local as much as I can. It has meant quite a lot of changes but it is doable and it does not really cost more. I am single, mind you, and that means bulk buy (a la supermarkets)is not cost effective for me anyway.

    If you want to know more about who pays and who doesn’t, this site is useful. – Warning: remove all food, drink and fragile objects from the vicinity of whatever device you are using before reading any of their stuff.

  226. JBS says:

    @donald anderson

    No, neither of those lists is correct.

    Latest candidate nominations:

    Popeye the Sailor

    Tweety Pie

    Wile E. Coyote

  227. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Love to see Jim Murphy as it. He doesn’t play well with people and only a blinkered media think he has anything to offer.

    He would be a sitting duck on any serious examination.
    If I was Labour I’d go for Iain Gray as the least worse option which says it all.

  228. bookie from hell says:

    When Tony Blair first asked him to be Europe Minister, he told friends that his first thought was “at least it’s not Scotlan

  229. bookie from hell says:


  230. Stoker says:

    I guarantee you’ll no find Carluke Steak on yon fancy gala menu.

    While the great Slabber socialists devour their devo dinners –

    some bairns on the street have very little to eat.

    Filthy Red Tory Traitors.

  231. Murray McCallum says:

    Alistair Darling is to provide the after dinner speech at the Scottish Labour Gala Dinner.

    Scottish Labour funding crisis …

  232. nigel says:

    Daphne Broons lack of talent in all departments was PRECISELY the reason the leaders in london engineered her leadership. They were looking for ANOTHER individual who could be reliably told to do their bidding at all times. The last thing they wanted was an individual with looks, intellect and personality who had a mind of their own and whose first priority was for the wellbeing of the Scottish peoples!

    To be fair to the labour party (and I hate to be fair to the mob who shit and pissed all over the poorest and most vulnerable Scots who were so deluded as to think they were voting for a party who actually give a toss about them) if either the lib dums or the tories had been in power, they would have acted in exactly the same way towards the Scottish peoples.

    So, I will not be speculating as to the future “leader” of this northern branch office of the london labour party may be, whoever emerges will continue to act against the very Scots they are supposed to represent. I, for one, will not waste a nanosecond in wondering what tenth rater and utter utter nonentity we will be saddled with!

  233. joe kane says:

    I’m sure it’s just a vicious cybernat rumour, as it implies Labour is able to make decisions, but I’ve heard the forthcoming celebratory Scottish Labour Party Gala Dinner in central Glasgow is actually to be held in the Subway cafe in the killing fields of Union Street.

    Iain Gray seeks refuge in Subway sandwich shop after being confronted by protesters

  234. ben madigan says:

    can’t compete with clarinda’s 5 star menu but as alternatives (liebour believes in choice for us) i suggest
    Entree – Toad in the Hole
    Pudding – Just Desserts or should that be Just Desert?

  235. desimond says:

    @Dave McEwan Hill

    Can you imagine Jim on a thursday at FMQ, his brain unable to comprehend the ridicule of “My Labour in opposition to a beloved SNP!”.

    I can see him effing and blinding away while wee Nicola pauses and does her wee Diana style half nod and smile to wind him up even more while the Chair screams “Order or ah’ll come over there and rattle them for ye Jimbo!”

    He wouldnae last 2 years.

  236. desimond says:

    Labour Dinner to be sponsored by Stornoway Black Pudding Lobbyists.

    Thats right, the menu is simply Offal!


  237. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ The Rough Bounds

    Served with a dollop of hot tongue.

  238. donald anderson says:

    Lament’s Last Supper, with Judas Escallops

  239. heedtracker says:

    Yay! Severin’s back on vote No Graun with vote No vote Labour Scottish types jibberjabber like this

    “But hours after Findlay said he was doing everything he could to convince Brown to stand, sources close to the former premier confirmed he would not do so. “For the past four years, on every occasion that he has been asked, Mr Brown has made it clear he is not returning to frontline politics,” a source said. “That position has not changed.”

    So what was NOT frontline politics about THE VOW and frightening the life out of Scots pensioners and transplant patients? UKOK versions of stuff gets weirder and creepier by the day

  240. JBS says:
    27 October, 2014 at 6:32 pm
    @donald anderson

    No, neither of those lists is correct.

    Latest candidate nominations:

    Popeye the Sailor

    Tweety Pie

    Wile E. Coyote


    Elmer Fud

    Yosemite Sam

    And I have just realised that Jackie Baillie is having plastic surgery to look like Daphne broon.

  241. muttley79 says:

    Looks like it is coming down to an election between Murphy, a raging right wing Brit nat, and Neil Findlay, a raging left wing Brit nat. I wonder if Murphy will even stand given he must know the unions will not vote for him?

  242. muttley79 says:

    Maybe they will both leave it to the heavyweight Jackie Baillie…

  243. ronnie anderson says:

    The entertainments provided by The Iron Maiden – the guitars.

  244. ronnie anderson says:

    Gibbets served outside on the pavement amoungst the adoring masses, ok ok ah bitty over the top wie adoring masses.

  245. One_Scot says:

    Dave, every other post of yours seems to be if I were Labour this, if I were Labour that. Beginning to think you are Labour.

  246. heraldnomore says:

    Interestingly Balls was talking about a leader in the Scottish parliament. He chose not to talk about a Scottish Leader. Is Murphy going to have to carry out another review, another task force? Whatever happened to the last one, the one that got JoLa the job as Scottish Leader, mistress of all.

    Someone earlier mentioned Flipper was in New York, but whether it’s a holiday or a lucrative speaking tour I couldn’t possibly speculate on.

  247. Tattie-bogle says:

    These corporation tax remarks grind my gears 5% collected at 100% is more than any % collected at hee haw %

  248. Tattie-bogle says:

    Friends Family Religion these are the three demons you must slay to get ahead in the Labour party

  249. Chic McGregor says:

    Maybe they’ll play spin the bottle after their dinner to decide, that is right after they have played find the bottle and before they star the charades.

  250. Tam Jardine says:

    Kezia has underwhelmed me by ruling herself out… thought she had a some ambition. But then the real ambitious move she should have taken was the high profile defection pre referendum that could have given her a cabinet position.

    If Jenny Marra accidentally became First Minister I would go into full blown apocalypse prep – tinned foods, shotgun, stock of medical supplies, the full bhuna.

    Gordon Brown cannot be Scottish lab leader after his treachery over the vow – he also thinks Scotland is shit so would not demean himself to lumber about Holyrood. He is an inconcievable choice.

    As for Murphy, he is the perfect choice (to further the cause of independence).

    The labour party need to stop listening to the BBC and start listening to the public. Wonder what Dewer and Smith make of all this? What a shambles.

  251. gillie says:

    If Jim Murphy gets (s)elected he will have to resign from Ed Miliband’s cabinet.

  252. Valerie says:

    I always smile at the Winger called Iain Grays subway lament, because that incident was SO funny, made funnier by his remarks to the STV cameras.

    Honestly, if anyone has not seen it, go on to YouTube, and have a hanky ready.

  253. caledonia says:

    John Barrowman has just ruled himself out
    apparently he would not like to laugh at his own jokes

    meanwhile Gordon Brown stood on a snail and squashed it
    said it had been following him about all day

    finally Ruth Davidson says the vote for the labour leader is going just fine

  254. Robert Peffers says:

    @HandandShrimp says: 27 October, 2014 at 12:55 pm@

    “I think that is a fair point.”

    Believe me it gives me no pleasure to say it. It’s just I’ve been around a long time and the fact is that it takes a very long time for a political party to die. Like old soldiers they need time to fade away.

    Mind you I do not think they will be in any way relevant but, no matter what else, no matter how good the party in power is, there will always be a faction that will say, “A’h jist hate yon, “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _”, (fill in the name of a good, honest political figure of your choice).

    I listened to Radio Scotland this morning and one obvious Labour supporting woman was going on about how Scotland really needed someone like Lamont who, “could speak the language of the ordinary people of Scotland”. I’d had a lie in, a late breakfast and I felt sick for hours.

    If Lamont speaks the language of the, “Ordinary Scot”, then the poor buggers are illiterate, innumerate and desperate.

  255. nigel says:

    If Lamont speaks the language of the, “Ordinary Scot”, then the poor buggers are illiterate, innumerate and desperate.

    Wonderful, Robert! hahahaha!!

  256. donald anderson says:

    How’s about a food bank demo outside the numpty’s banquet?

  257. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    @james Caithness at 12.00am

    I think a few of us may be on the list. That is why Rev Stu has kindly made up badges similar to his alert reader ones.

    You can get them here at the wings merchandise link above… and below…

    I got mine at a BBC demo from the wings guys.

  258. gillie says:

    Neil Findlay calls Jim Murphy a “wanker” at meeting of MSPs at meeting in Glasgow.

  259. StevieMcB says:

    Hilarious thread, its what i come t o WOS for as well as resetting ma sanity.

    Chewin the Fat style

    who waant’s the hat? Ahm no daeing that! Gonni? Gonni Dae it! 🙂

  260. Macart says:

    @Robert Peffers

    “If Lamont speaks the language of the, “Ordinary Scot”, then the poor buggers are illiterate, innumerate and desperate.”

    Line of the day. 🙂

  261. Inbhir Anainn says:

    If only Elaine Murray MSP would drop her name in the hat for the Labour leadership then Independence would be a certain shoe-in.

  262. joe kane says:

    No leader. No activists. No money. No policies.

    It’s quite apt that the beginning of the end of Labour in Scotland started with its first international war crime against Afghanistan which has seen the last British troops pull out today, of all days, Labour having done absolutely nothing for the people there despite squandering billions of pounds of taxpayers money on its foreign adventure.

  263. ronnie anderson says:

    @Donald Anderson there is a foodbank collection outside the Central Hotel

  264. SquareHaggis says:

    Labour Party Gala Menu



  265. Democracy Reborn says:

    Alex Massie, The Spectator, on SLAB’s woes:-

    Some good analysis about SLAB’s ‘divine right to rule’ mentality, taking their support for granted. Also that the SNP have eclipsed them as the party of aspirational blue-collar voters & middle class.

    But then…. Alex thinks there’s only one name that should be considered, & that name is Jim Murphy. You see, Murphy is a Blairite & Alex thinks that’s a good thing because Blair was “pretty popular in Scotland.”

    Yup, Murphy is just the man to sort us all out, no problem…

  266. jacksg says:

    SquareHaggis says:

    Labour Party Gala Menu



    bloody hilarious i think that guy should be the entertainment at the Gala..cmon faur’s ma mince

  267. CameronB Brodie says:

    That was a good list, but you forgot vast areas of Iraq and Afghanistan are now so irradiated by depleted uranium munitions, that human reproduction is being adversely affected. Thanks Labour.

    @ Owen Jones
    Would you try to defend the above, or have you already moved on?

  268. McBoxheid says:

    Anyone know what they are having for pudding at the Slab dinner?
    Crumble perhaps?

  269. Schrödinger's cat says:

    If Lamont speaks the language of the, “Ordinary Scot”, then the poor buggers are illiterate, innumerate and desperate.

    Wonderful, Robert! hahahaha!!

  270. SquareHaggis says:


    Aye, a seattie doon aroon the table widna be the semm athoot The MeilMeister 😉

  271. Tam Jardine says:

    I think it is time for Johann Lamont to return for an encore seeing as no one else wants the gig.

    I can just see her cuffing Anas round the lug and getting back in the chair.

    “Aye, ah’ll tak the job if nae other cant wunts it. Now James. Back tae lunnon son. And tell Francis ah’ll see her soon.”

    Enter Iain Gray who offers himself up as a foot-stool.

  272. nigel says:

    Enter Iain Gray who offers himself up as a foot-stool.

    Toadstool would be more appropriate for the subway (I’ve been to the killing fields) cretin

  273. Michael McCabe says:

    If it is going to be an MP and the egg man wont take it. A wee outsider could be Cathy Jamieson.

  274. I said a year ago or longer Owen Jones was not left enough,he got upset enough to respond.Owen Jones has no vision & plays party politics to serve his own ends IE sell books appear in BBC as a lefty.He’s anything but he is of the same mould of all talks the talk but does not walk the walk. Self interest is £££. Lets see him put his words ito action give up the talk walk the walk without £££ sign. Then he’ll be worth his salt

  275. Michael McCabe says:

    For a laugh can we not get a petition to ask Ed Milliband if he will ask his Brother Dave to be the next Manager of the North Brittish Labour Party. Ed could say Please Dave if you do it I will even take the Knife out your Back. Aye till I die.

  276. JBS says:

    Another suggestion for the Scottish Labour Gala Dinner menu:

    Forlorn sausage

  277. donald anderson says:

    Catherine McRorie
    I said a year ago or longer Owen Jones was not left enough,he got upset enough to respond.Owen Jones has no vision & plays party politics to serve his own ends IE sell books appear in BBC as a lefty.He’s anything but he is of the same mould of all talks the talk but does not walk the walk. Self interest is £££. Lets see him put his words ito action give up the talk walk the walk without £££ sign. Then he’ll be worth his salt

    He is well suited to his Sunday morning Hallelujah English TV chat programmes waffling on with religious airy fairies.

  278. Fred says:

    Wull the targe who made Oor Magrit greet eftir the sterrheid rammy even show her face?
    Revenge is a dish best served cold, cauld tripe anybody?

  279. Eric Blair says:

    It is not the voices you listen to that haunt your troubled sleep, it is the voices that you silence.

  280. Paula Rose says:

    I’m sure the main course will be stuffed turkey.

  281. chalks says:

    Ian Davidson for leader….or george robertson

  282. gerry parker says:

    “Aye, ah’ll tak the job if nae other cant wunts it.”

    Tam, ye’ve got a way wie wurds right enough.


  283. Robert Peffers says:

    Now don’t quote me but there is a rumour that FMQ’s, in future, are to have the other party leaders all stand upon the crate of their choice to quiz the new FM. The Tory leader will Stand upon a Dom Peringnon crate. The LibDem Leader on an empty soor lemon fruit crate and Labour is sure to use an Irn Bru Crate.

  284. CameronB Brodie says:

    donald anderson
    I have only communicated with him once, btl on one of his One Nation indyref articles. He started conflating my argument with an issue that hadn’t been mentioned, then he blocked me so that he could be seen to win the point. Apparently he knows his stuff but I wasn’t impressed. He’s definitely not the Messiah. 🙂

    P.S. I just checked, and this guru of the left is thirty (30) years old. Perhaps he’s a prodigy? Remember though, Evaluative concepts are phenomenal, which is to say that mastery of evaluative concepts requires having undergone a certain experience. Just like one needs to have seen red in order to master the concept ‘red’, in order to master the concept ‘dangerous’ one has to have felt fear associated with physical pain. In order to master the concept ‘moral’ one has to have experienced a whole family of emotions, such as remorse, empathy, guilt, etc. Mastery of a concept is more demanding than mere possession of it. Possession is the ability to identify things correctly, but mastery is the ability to identify things correctly in a particular way: by experiencing them.

  285. Clootie says:

    Owen is young. He will get older (and wiser hopefully)

  286. Cadogan Enright says:

    @ Chic McGregor – Non-Brit-coin indeed 🙂

  287. Tam Jardine says:

    Gerry Parker

    Cheers Gerry

    As you can imagine, to put myself in the mind of a labour politician I have to go to a pretty dark place. Time for a shower I think

  288. AuldA says:

    @Paula Rose:
    I’m sure the main course will be stuffed turkey.

    No, quiche!

  289. Will Podmore says:

    Cath claims that a cut in corporation tax would benefit Scotland. No, it would benefit only corporations. the SNP’s whole economic policy is designed to benefit corporations. Fergus Ewing urged ‘tax incentives’ (tax cuts) for oil corporations. The SNP’s ‘white paper’ promised that Scotland would give corporations ‘the most business-friendly and competitive’ environment in the whole EU. The SNP would keep the anti-trade union laws.
    Its ‘white paper’ didn’t pledge to take the energy industry in Scotland into public ownership.
    Arguably, the SNP has the most reactionary policies of any party in Britain. It is also the most pro-EU party in Britain, again a reactionary policy, benefiting only the corporations. It is the most pro-TTIP party in Britain. Alex Salmond described TTIP as ‘especially good news’ for Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon said, “the European Union and the USA announced that they would work to establish a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The announcement was a reminder of the massive opportunities that European Union membership brings.” TTIP was born of the unholy union between Wall Street and the European Roundtable of Industrialists. TTIP would destroy the NHS and all the other achievements of the British working class.

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