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Onwards to victory!

Posted on April 01, 2016 by


Not for the first time, readers, you’ve blown us away. We were apprehensive about this year’s Wings fundraiser, for a variety of reasons. There’s no referendum on the horizon, the Holyrood election currently looks like a foregone conclusion, we said we still had money in the kitty, and of course we spent much of the last year methodically enraging various groups like “Rangers” supporters and Gaelic speakers one by one.

But despite all that, at the official close of the appeal at 7.00 this morning, the grand total – and it really is grand – was a whopping £87,171.

(Including, as always, “offsite” donations from people who for one reason or another couldn’t use Indiegogo or PayPal and sent us cheques, direct bank transfers etc.)

It should go without saying that the future of Wings Over Scotland is thereby secured for another year, which will presumably be welcome news for the 309,088 unique visitors who came to the site in March. But, um, we’ve just said it anyway.

As ever, we’ll endeavour to put your money to good use. Should a second indyref loom quicker than expected as a result of a Brexit vote, we’ve got a decent warchest ready for it. (We also need to think in the near future about the Wee Black Book, and whether we print it with the fighting fund or sort out something separately for it.)

But for now, all we have to say is “thank you”.

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    170 to “Onwards to victory!”

    1. Antmcg says:

      Excellent news and congratulations.I look forward to reading you for another 12 months?

    2. Fran says:

      Worth every penny Rev!

    3. Stoker says:

      AYE, they say money talks and bullsh!t walks, eh!
      AYE, WOS continues talking as the Yoons ah keep on walking, away!

    4. Bob Mack says:

      No. Thank you. We owe you so much.More than could be paid by mere cash.

      If any journalist in this world can look themselves straight in a mirror,it is you.

      I ,like others no doubt ,will demand your contribution is fully recognised by an independent Scotland.

    5. Clootie says:

      …great value for the money.

      Thank you

    6. Bill McLean says:

      Brilliant! Excellent! Well worth it for real journalism!

    7. mealer says:

      Well done everyone.

      I’d like to see some money spent on polling again.One question I’d like answered is whether Yes supporters among the elderly have held that view since younger years.

    8. RogueCoder says:

      Another astoundingly successful crowdfunder, due to the Rev’s diligence as a journalist, and this site’s supporters who continue to dig deep to allow his sterling work to continue. Well done all!

    9. Itchybiscuit says:

      I couldn’t imagine going through another Indyref or even a ‘normal’ week without Wings being around to expose the unionist guff/lies/distortions.

      More power to your elbow, Stu. 😉

    10. Rod Robertson says:

      As one of those “offended”RFC I was still happy to make my modest contribution.

    11. sarah mackenzie says:

      I agree entirely with Bob Mack at 10.26.

      I think do a fundraiser for Wee Black Book rather than use up this running costs fund – this may be needed for, oh, I don’t know, legal fees?

    12. Sassenach says:

      Like everyone else there are times when I go through periods of thinking “We’ll never beat this powerful establishment in London” – then I come to this site and invariably have my spirits lifted again.

      More power to your elbow, Rev.

    13. Lanarkist says:

      Hearty congratulations!

      Do you think this illustrates some demand amongst the population for the articles and service you provide?

      An Independent Media is essential but in the meantime…

    14. X_Sticks says:

      Well Rev Stu, the people have put their hands in their pockets to show how much respect they have for you and Wings.

      As you say, onwards!

    15. Brian Powell says:

      If another Ref does come up sooner rather than later, then another fund raiser would be fine by me.

    16. Nation Libre says:

      I just popped in to say, what Fran said

    17. Stoker says:

      Rev, re; Wee Blackie, i think when the time comes you should attempt to raise separate funds for that project and if we fall short of our target you could back it up with the warchest.

      Building the warchest for another indy campaign is the best idea, and for any unforeseen circumstances along the way but it is important to get Wee Blackie into circulation as soon as possible.

      On another note, Rev, i’ve been trying to contact you recently for the go-ahead on a wee promotion idea i’m working on but i’ve received no response. I’ve also been doing a lot of work on my PC, chopping n changing things and deleting stuff etc etc so i think i may have unwittingly terminated my email contact to you?
      Will you have a look please, if i need to submit a new email, OK! No problem!

      OH, and btw, i think you better use the funds for your salary also.

    18. Bob Mack says:

      Is that Ruthie the tankette Commander sitting on the rocket in the background?.
      Probably leaving for England.

    19. scotsbob says:

      Excellent. The best response to those who said we were finished after the referendum.

    20. Arbroath1320 says:

      Well done Stu.

      Yet again the incredible generosity of those nasty Cybernats have blown away those in the meejia. 😀

      The now, most probably, world famous Frenzied Wings Mob have done it again! 😀

      WE are Masters, and Mistresses, of our own destiny and so long as we have sites like this one to read every day WE shall overcome whatever adversity Porky and the rest of his motley crew of unionists throw at us. 😀

    21. mumsyhugs says:

      In the words of a well known advert – “You’re worth it!” – every single penny, and ready for the next call to action whenever more dosh is needed. 🙂 Thanks for all you do for our bonnie wee country.

    22. packhorse pete says:

      Many thanks to you, Rev. The only journalist in Scotland I trust. The pretend ones really hate it up “em!

    23. galamcennalath says:

      Well done all, and Stu in particular for all his work.

      Have to say, that Chinese poster at the top … what the Hell are they trying to achieve with that wee Massey?

    24. Bill McLean says:

      Well done Rod Robertson – I’m a Pars fan but see no reason why allegiances to ANY football club should deter us from the fight for freedom. That’s how the Empire survived for so long in many places – “divide and rule”!

    25. Joemcg says:

      Great news! Imagine what life would be like without wings?? Doesn’t bare thinking about. No one to combat the lies and deceit. What a nightmare that would be.

    26. One_Scot says:

      ‘It should go without saying that the future of Wings Over Scotland is thereby secured for another year’

      I may not know much, but I’m pretty sure you’ll never have to worry about the future of Wings Over Scotland.

    27. Stoker says:

      Rod Robertson wrote:
      “As one of those “offended”RFC I was still happy to make my modest contribution.”

      Well said Rod! The vast majority of both my side of the family and the boss’ side are all supporters of that lot and are forever taking stick off me about them but here’s the thing, the majority of them are ‘Yes’ voters and they’d never dream of throwing their rattles out of the pram when it comes to priorities.

      And to those who would put a football club before their country i would say away and take a long walk off a short pier or simply GTF! Country first, everything else second.

      BTW, Rev, there was a time during the fundraiser i thought we’d struggle to top £60K. Utterly brilliant to be proved wrong!

    28. Alasdair says:

      From a small acorn a mighty oak has grown,luv it really luv it!

    29. Nana says:

      Wonderful and not surprising how many folk support this site.

      I’m not in any way religious but I daily give thanks to Stu and Wings over Scotland.
      After the horrid no vote without this Wings community I think I would have gone completely insane.

    30. Andrew Davidson says:

      Can only say that I could not imagine living my political life (far from Scotland or the UK) in the vacuum that existed before Wings Over Scotland and of course some of the other new media that popped up around referendum time, but in particular Wings.

      It’s heartening to know you’ll be around for another year at least. Honestly, being remote and with the complete absence of balanced – or rather “other side” – reporting was awful and the thought of going back to it? Too terrible to imagine.

    31. Training Day says:

      Magic stuff Rev. Your voice is indispensable to the self-determination movement.

      And the continued flourishing of Wings will hack the Yoons off big style.

      So much the better.

    32. Valerie says:


      Well done everyone.

    33. Morag says:

      Absolutely brilliant result. I well remember the 2013 fundraiser when we were on tenterhooks as to whether the target would be met at all. For a while it looked as if it might not be, and Stu was wondering whether to do it part-time or whether to go full-time for six months and then run another appeal. It passed the line on the final day. And that was with a referendum happening in 18 months time.

      Wings is here to stay.

    34. Dan Huil says:

      Well done all. Thank the gods [and the Rev] for WOS.

    35. carjamtic says:

      Yoons politicians are on the ‘endangered species’ list,whit about funding a better together sanctuary for them,on a wee island somewhere.

      I hear Gruinard is free from anthrax now,would make a lovely spot,self sustaining they could grow GM crops, rear pet pigs,hold weekly donkey races (donkey’s like pastilles)and fracking would provide energy and create jobs.

      A little Yoon paradise,they would luv it. ;-j

    36. theMadMurph says:

      It’s all very well, and glad I could pitch in.

      However, there is the negative side! As one of the Yoons on twitter tried baiting me, it was less than 1% of your readers (should that be followers) thought you were worth paying for!

      I pointed out that some football clubs would love to get that level of support!

      Keep up the good work. You obviously annoy the hell out of them!

    37. Wonderful work make the MSM look quite sick. Without you we would have little reality around us..only the crude deceit of the Mail, Herald, Express etc. Not to mention that joke of a newspaper, laughingly called the Scotsman.
      Bear in mind that we have a lot more money, should you need it unexpectedly. You will never be short.

    38. Flower of Scotland says:

      What a great family Wings is. Well done everyone.

      Rev, you do such a great job. I was at an SNP hub last night picking up leaflets and discussing activities for the next few weeks. They were all on Wings and had downloaded the Wee Black Book. All agreed it would be fantastic in print to target at certain wavering families.

      Thanks to you and your team for all your hard work.

    39. gerry parker says:

      Well done Stu and well done all wings supporters whether you contributed financially or not.

      We’re going to be independent, everyone from the top down knows it, they may have a few dirty tricks up their sleeves still, but they know they are fighting a loosing battle.

    40. Tackety Beets says:

      Q What price is my sanity ?

      Like many of my generation here , I have scrambled around harbouring this iScotland craving in ma belly for too many years. watching the “establishment” destroy Scotland , its people and democracy. Its been drivin’ me nu-utts !

      Every day I wish I could do more.

      Rev you have brought me back from the brink , reminded me I was not imagining things and there is a vast amount of people to share my craving with.

      The posters / contributors are equally important to the cause.

      So to all , I will be for ever grateful .

      Sadly no amount of money I donate can repay you.

      iScotland is on the horizon .

      Thank You

    41. Stoker says:

      Morag wrote:
      “Wings is here to stay.”

      Ain’t that the truth and not a penny from the JRRT!
      Dirty Cash (Money Talks)

    42. Alison Rollo says:

      Many thanks for all!! We need Wings to help get us there!! Let us know how and when we can get our hands on the hard copies of the Wee Black Book.

    43. Frank Lynch says:

      First site I read before wading through the lies and half truths of the dead tree press. Keep up the good work.

    44. shug says:

      We have to think of what it is that makes no voters be that and what would change most of them. There is then a case for how do we get them on the slope up to independence
      How do you get main stream no into reading wings

    45. Morag says:

      The Wee Black Book? It looks as if there won’t be hard copies for distribution, or a co-ordinated plan, in time to piggy-back on the Holyrood election leafleting. There is the EU referendum, but that has its own problems. Maybe only one leafleting run planned, and patchy coverage because a proportion of the volunteers are in favour of leaving the EU and won’t leaflet for In.

      We mustn’t forget the EU referendum, and the fork in the road it represents. It may throw up the possibility of another independence referendum sooner than we imagined, or it might not. It might ramp up the political instability in the UK as a whole. It’s difficult to tell. To me it feels as if we’re in some sort of political eigenstate, waiting to observe our fate at the Euro referendum count.

      I’m not persuaded that huge effort and expense to distribute the WBB2 before the Euro referendum is a productive use of our resources. It’s not EU referendum campaign material and it’s unlikely to influence voters in that respect. I have vivid memories of the distribution of the original WBB. We half-killed ourselves getting it out, but even so we probably managed only about 10% of the houses in Scotland. Repeating that and doing it better is probably something for indyref2, not 2016.

      I don’t think we should do anything until we know the result of the EU referendum. If it looks as if there’s a chance of indyref2 coming on to the horizon it may be better to save our resources for that. On the other hand if that isn’t on the cards the decision is different.

      One possibility would be to re-write the chapter of the book that deals with the EU issue in the light of the actual result, and think about printing that to go out gradually as people have the time.

      There needs to be better co-ordination though. Doug Daniel spoke about affluent streets of hard No voters in Aberdeen getting four copies of the WBB from four different enthusiasts who didn’t consult with anyone. Given that less than 300,000 were printed and there are 2.5 million letterboxes in Scotland, where are the areas that were completely missed?

      How many can Wings realistically afford to print, and how much money is it realistically worth spending on it? Will the enthusiastic declarations of “we stand ready to get it out” actually translate into significant action? All questions that need some sober contemplation.

    46. TheItalianJob says:

      Great news. And well done to all contributers. On here every day and the only press articles I read are those posted by contributers here.

      Keep up the good work. We all need you and WOS.

    47. Dorothy Devine says:

      Delighted but as others have said , what price our country , what price our sanity?

      You could never be repaid for the work you have done for Scotland.

    48. Macart says:

      Great result.

      Onwards and upwards. 🙂

    49. Dunks says:

      mealer says:
      1 April, 2016 at 10:35 am
      Well done everyone.

      I’d like to see some money spent on polling again.One question I’d like answered is whether Yes supporters among the elderly have held that view since younger years
      Supported and voted for no other party than SNP at Council, Scottish and Westminster for 43 years. I don’t know if 61 is classed as elderly these days but I’d be happy to be the first entry on your spreadsheet!

      Well done again Rev for keeping half of Scotlands’ voting population out of the psychiatrists chair for at least another year. I’m currently unemployed but still managed to donate a fiver. It’s a shame 300,000 couldn’t have done the same but a massive well done to every last supporter of Wings whether you donated or not.

      Just keep getting the message out there.

    50. James D says:

      I’m a little disappointed – I was hoping to see yon Big Babe banging away on the drums again to the bewilderment chip eaters. Frankly it’s just not the same!

    51. Morag says:

      However, there is the negative side! As one of the Yoons on twitter tried baiting me, it was less than 1% of your readers (should that be followers) thought you were worth paying for.

      It’s roughly the same number as had contributed by the close of the 2015 fundraiser, and substantially more than gave to either the 2013 or the 2014 appeals. Which were before the actual referendum.

    52. Janet says:

      Even though you are wrong about Gaelic, I am delighted to have supported Wings. Best political site anywhere…and it annoys the Yoons big time!

    53. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Congrats to the Rev, Wingers and the 309.088 U.Vs for supporting the only, daily hardcore website/Indy media dedicated and prepared to take on the hard grind of getting the real facts out to the people of Scotland.

      A strong elbow to you all. 🙂


      IMO we should keep the warchest full and mostly use it for the biggest target of all – Indyref-2.

      At the moment everything is concentrating on the SE16 and thanks to the really nice efforts of sLAB/Tories/Lieing Dems the general direction for the SNP looks quite reasonable.

      SE16 is about Scotland, its daily governance, infrastructure,
      SHS, education etc. Things that effect everyone’s lives, day-in, day-out.

      “Wee Blacky” has everything to do with Indy-1. What was said and promised before and what happened afterwards. The list of disasters gets longer every day.

      It would be nice to have a printed version now for campagaining but will it really matter to the SE16. You know, make the big difference? The SNP have done a magnificent job of running the country, folk see that and that’s why they want more.

      In the summer is when NS/SNP are going to launch their Indy “warm-up” campaign, that’s the time when “Wee Blacky” will really come to the forefront.

      That’s my opinion for what it’s worth.

      SNP x 2

    54. Glesca Keelie says:

      as one who posts very infrequently, because others say it better and more succinctly, have a serious think on this.

      None of us are getting any younger and you, I mean YOU, have to think of the future. I think you should ask for a lift in salary. No one here would grudge it. If you don’t use it now, great, put it in the bank, a wee buffer for the future.

      No that I’m sayin your auld, ye ken.

    55. winifred mccartney says:

      Great news, so glad. As others have said only voice of truth -would not believe any newspaper or media outlet at the moment especially reporting scotland. They spin so hard looking for snpbaad they should be dizzy. Others have said it and I agree – how they can look in the mirror I don’t know. They don’t know what truth is and the yoons are definately running scared – they know the dirty tricks they played – we were innocents abroad but not any more – you are our hero. Thanks.

    56. carjamtic says:

      Frankie Boyle is on Netflix today :-))

    57. Paula Rose says:

      As regards a printed copy of the Wee Black Book – you can always get one here…

    58. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “it was less than 1% of your readers”

      If you look at ANY sort of fundraiser of this sort, whether it’s for a website or a band releasing an album or whatever, you’ll do well to get 1% of the supposed number of “fans” contributing. That’s just the way it seems to be.

      On one level it’s obviously sort of disappointing, but on the other hand we’ve doubled our target and we’ve got all the money we need, so it would seem absurd to complain. It’s nice to think about what we could do if just 1 in 10 readers contributed, but for whatever reason that’s simply not how fundraisers go, for anyone. Around 1% is the norm.

    59. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I think you should ask for a lift in salary”

      I took an increase this year, and remember people bung me a few quid through the year too. I’m doing fine, and I’ve got a couple of quid saved up in case of emergencies. (But thanks.)

    60. skozra says:

      Thank you Rev and all at Wings, thank you so much.

    61. Takeourblueback says:

      Well done to everyone who donated & of course the man himself… well done Stu!

    62. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “All questions that need some sober contemplation.”

      And they’re getting some. We haven’t rushed into anything.

    63. jimnarlene says:

      Congratulations. Keep on, keeping on.

    64. Sam Stilton says:

      Although I very rarely comment I read this site daily and love it. My thoughts are another fund raiser for the wee black book to be printed. Well done everyone!

    65. G H Graham says:

      It’s statistically normal for about 1% of a population to respond financially to a request.

      Anyone that’s leafleted door to door or has distributed sales & marketing materials will also be familiar with this typical response rate.

      Meanwhile, that 99% or so of the visitors chose to come here & read the content for free is not against the rules. Instead, we should celebrate that so many do so, often as their first port of call for news & opinion.

      Many newspaper proprietors, editors & journalists must look at Wings with deep envy as their own print sales continue to steeply decline while they struggle to find the magic internet bullet to halt the inevitable visit by the administration team from the bank.

      It is amazing isn’t it that almost every newspaper sold in Scotland either ignores or insults large segments of it’s potential readership yet continue to moan about their lousy circulation numbers?

      Wee tip newspaper journalists: try printing some accurate, balanced, truthful, meaningful column inches & less puerile rubbish about the cost of Sturgeon’s coffee machine or Joanne Rowling chatting about the weather on Twitter.

    66. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Did anyone catch the name of the SLab automaton who’s currently annoying the people of Stirling in The Big Debate on Radio North Britain?

    67. HaggisHunter says:

      Amongst other things, Scotland’s national media watch.

      You have carved a niche that was desperately needed.

    68. smallaxe says:

      @ mealer 10.35am

      I am a 65 year old man who had no interest in politics until the chance of a referendum came up,I then started to pay attention to what was happening in Scotland.

      I have to admit that I was at first shocked,then the shame and embarrassment and anger kicked in, mostly at my own ignorance of the way our country was being shafted by
      Westminster(and still is).

      I am now a very proud Grandfather and I sure as hell don’t want my Grandchildren to be subjected to the tender mercy of any union of any colour.

      I am not one of those people who who think Scotland will turn into some kind of Utopia when we are separated from the rUk,but I do know we are quite capable of Governing ourselves and in the process sometimes we will get it wrong but if we do at least it will be our OWN mistake.

      Ps.IDS,DLA,PIP.etc I have terminal cancer,when I called the DSS to see if I was entitled to any benefits I was asked “How terminal are you” ffs!

    69. skintybroko says:

      Well done to everyone who contributed to this excellent site, it is worth every penny.

      I seldom post but visit daily and really enjoy reading both the excellent destruction of unionist arguments and the comments from contributors and will be happy to continue my support when the time comes around next year.

      I hope that this site and the Rev continue as there will be a need for this site to keep us all informed with impartiality on the different policies and parties that will emerge post independence.

    70. maxxmacc says:

      An online forum would be a good use of the cash. Only through a forum can people genuinely connect and grow a mass movement. Fair enough, it would take more time to police the comments and posts, but it would be the next obvious evolutionary step of Wings.

      Well done!

    71. Chic McGregor says:

      The Wee Black Book is something that folk need to read. Especially No voters; although they most probably would not enjoy the experience, some of them may well learn from doing so.

      However, I agree with Morag, that especially at this moment, where rapid and unpredictable change is likely due to the EUref, that it would be prudent to conserve funds for a possible indyref2.

      Completely up to the Rev. of course and I suspect the salient decision factor will be his assessment of the possibility of the SNP (+other indy parties) not retaining control of the SP.

      If he decides that the ‘last minute’ usual tsunami of smears, scaremongering and ‘vows’ with a nauseating veneer of the second coming of JC and his disciples with attendant Damascene epiphanies could prevent another SNP or at least pro-indy Scottish Government.

      May I suggest an android app could be a cheaper, quicker distribution vehicle.

    72. ronnie anderson says:

      19th September 2014

      All around with some in disarray ,they cryed What happens to Wings over Scotland now,we had the answer the same day.

      Onwards n Upwards
      Thanks to all the Wingers past & present & our Rollicking Rev & Little Helpers.

      Dont forget we can contribute via subscription & dont have to wait on Crowdfunder.

    73. Simone says:

      What you do is essential, and greatly appreciated.

      A Tory acquaintance of mine visibly recoiled when she spotted my Alert Reader badge. You must be doing good to get that reaction.

    74. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood I though it was Malcolm Chisholm

    75. Capella says:

      Great result. WoS is my first stop daily and it towers above other news/politics blogs. In fact, it’s unique. Please spend whatever it takes to keep the site safe, and get some extra contributers if needed (so you can have the occasional short break!).

    76. Almannysbunnet says:

      Some slap happy unionists thought 18th September was the end of the road for wings but it was only a bend in the road. We rounded the corner on the 19th, sped up and just kept on going.

      Holding the unionists to account. Viva la wings. Never crosses my mind not to donate.

    77. Gavin Barrie says:

      Rev, you are an indispensable part of the Independence movement and it’s our job to ensure you stay that way. Many thanks. Proud to have done my wee bit to contribute and help.

    78. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Chic McGregor (May I suggest an android app could be a cheaper, quicker distribution vehicle.)

      Way to go Chic Im sure the Rev will take that onboard.

    79. ronnie anderson says:

      O/T Camerons Tories will finnish what Maggy Thatcher started. The closure of the Steel Industry & the Steelworkers getting led by the nose by the Unions again.

    80. Morag says:

      I’m doing fine, and I’ve got a couple of quid saved up in case of emergencies. (But thanks.)

      You’re fine at the moment, but I seriously worry not just about you but about every self-employed and modest-waged person who doesn’t have anything much in a pension fund.

      The state pension is derisory, seen in the context of the cost of living, and likely to get more so. People who haven’t been in a position to save for retirement (and that includes people with big student loans to pay off and people stuck with massive housing costs) are going to be right up against it when they hit their three-score-and-ten.

      Maybe you think you can go on writing forever and never need to retire, but it might not be that easy. None of us knows what limitations older age might bring. I’d feel a lot happier if you were putting away at least something for later.

    81. Morag says:

      And they’re getting some. We haven’t rushed into anything.

      I know you’re thinking about it. I’m just trying to work out in my own mind what might be the best thing to do with WBB2.

      It’s a really great resource, but how to utilise it? If we could magically cause one to materialise within every home in Scotland, at minimal cost, we’d do it in a heartbeat. But we can’t. Significant penetration would require great cost and great effort.

      I tend to trust your strategic nous, so we’ll see what you come up with.

    82. Mike says:

      WEE BLACK BOOK please don’t give it away.

      Don’t give it away, sell it, even at a loss 15p a copy or whatever. Get it shifted through an official bookseller even amazon (tax dodging barstewards). At least this way it will make it on to the best sellers list and should attract some publicity.

    83. K1 says:

      I always check in first thing, throughout the day, during the evening and last thing at night.


      Damn right I am!

      Could not have made it throughout Scotland’s ‘dark night’ without Wings ‘n Wingers.

      Eternally grateful Stu.

    84. DerekM says:

      Ha your worth every penny Rev without your guidance and ability to teach us how to look beyond the headline i dread to think where we would be at just now.

      Wings is the voice of Scotland long may it continue 🙂

      Though i do think you brilliant writers of the indy movement should not be shy to write for each others blogs,i would love to see you guys do guest appearances on each others blogs just an idea 😉

    85. dramfineday says:


      What Fran said plus what K1 and abody else said, init.

    86. Anagach says:

      Consider me an enraged Gaelic supporter and offended feminist.

      The work you do is still worth the contribution.

    87. Onwards says:

      Well done Rev.
      IMO the wee black book is better used as a ‘targeted’ resource, printing out personally for friends that were soft No voters.

      The way I see it, the immediate priority is to get a pro-indy majority in 5 weeks time, and any campaigning cash should be spent on that. If there is no chance of a second indyref on the horizon then its all pointless, for another 5 years at least.

      I just wonder if shaming No voters is the best way to get an SNP vote for the constituency at least. Being the only practical path.

      As independence won’t be the only issue for the Holyrood elections, and perhaps it would be better spending £10k or so on adverts for WoS itself. Wings isn’t just an SNP site, but it is certainly anti-unionist.

      I don’t know the cost of a Facebook campaign, but the ability to target individual seats and voting groups is possible through postcodes and demographics. Pointing them to relevant articles here could be a very powerful campaigning tool especially in the days before the Holyrood vote.

    88. weeangus says:

      Not bad for a ” not very reputable website”

    89. gus1940 says:

      Ian B @12.19 & Ronnie A @12.52:-

      The Labour Balloon on today’s Big Debste was Craig Miller.

      If you thought Kezia was laughable this tube trumped her.

    90. HeehawBaws says:

      That just effortlessly trolled the Better Together campaigners.

    91. MJack says:

      Cheers Wings, keep it up. To your question, fundraise the WBB sepeately or try a cheeper format to be delivered to every house in Scotland. You know Yessers still have the ability to deliver on mass and in every community.

    92. Morag says:

      IMO the wee black book is better used as a ‘targeted’ resource, printing out personally for friends that were soft No voters.

      That’s certainly a good use for it, but it relies on soft No voters having friends who read Wings. The penetration might not be hugely significant unless something more than that is done. Sorry, I’m just thinking aloud here.

    93. Callum Macdonald says:

      Hi Stu
      As a supporter (financially and politically) I’m intrigued re your upsetting Gaelic speakers! I wasn’t aware that you had so give me a clue! I am a native Gaelic speaker,

    94. LesRoches says:

      Well done to everyone, very best regards from France and keep up the essential work.

    95. Amanda McGinley says:

      The yoons will be apoplectic, loving it. You and your team are worth every indy penny , keep it up xx

    96. Cherry says:

      Well done Wings and Wingers! Couldn’t go one day without my dose of WOS. All of you at one time or another has made me laugh,cry and shout in anger or agreement. All of Scotland is represented on this wonderful blog and come Independence you will be part of that history…Gaberlunzie will be singing folk songs about you at the Bannockburn yearly kneesup!

      Keep on doing your great work. The yoons really have nothing that you can’t turn around on them. If you make them all look like fools all the better!

    97. yesindyref2 says:

      Oh God, another year of that bigoted h’phobe who lives in Bath in England and spends too much time in his bedroom.


      That will annoy some people, now ain’t that a real shame?

    98. Morag says:

      You know Yessers still have the ability to deliver on mass and in every community.

      But that’s not actually true, is it? The communities who are covered by dedicated Wings readers can probably be managed, but that still leaves vast swathes of the country not included. Bear in mind that if every WBB that was printed in 2014 had ended up in a different house, still only 10% of houses would have got one.

      Stuart estimated somewhere how much it would have taken just to print the 2.5 million copies that would have been needed for blanket distribution. If was more than any crowdfunder could possibly raise. We might try to do that for a real WBB2 for indyref2, but realistically we’re not going to do it for the Wee Black Book in 2016.

      So it’s going to have to be selective, and we need to think about the best way to proceed. Or Stu does, and he’s obviously on it.

    99. John H. says:

      Not bad for a wee cult Rev…. I said ‘cult’ 🙂 :-).

    100. Andrew Mclean says:

      smallaxe says:12:19
      I was sorry to read your news, you look after yourself mate!

    101. CmonIndy says:

      Aw shit. I was looking forward to canvassing and leafleting for IndyRef#2. AND I’ll have to change my Wings username.

    102. Conan the Librarian™ says:

      I’ve just got back from Dublin, having had a great time enjoying the Easter Rising commemorations.(Having dozens of armoured vehicles revving up outside your hotel room early in the morning was brilliant.)

      “small nations might be free”

      I’m sure the BBC covered it.

      Aye, right.

    103. Jack Murphy says:

      I don’t know if Wings will allow a full Copy and Paste from earlier in this thread,but I’ll give it a try.

      A letter from a true gent….Walk tall smallaxe—be assured Independence will come. Take good care of yourself. Jack.

      “smallaxe says:
      1 April, 2016 at 12:19 pm
      @ mealer 10.35am

      I am a 65 year old man who had no interest in politics until the chance of a referendum came up,I then started to pay attention to what was happening in Scotland.

      I have to admit that I was at first shocked,then the shame and embarrassment and anger kicked in, mostly at my own ignorance of the way our country was being shafted by
      Westminster(and still is).

      I am now a very proud Grandfather and I sure as hell don’t want my Grandchildren to be subjected to the tender mercy of any union of any colour.

      I am not one of those people who who think Scotland will turn into some kind of Utopia when we are separated from the rUk,but I do know we are quite capable of Governing ourselves and in the process sometimes we will get it wrong but if we do at least it will be our OWN mistake.

      Ps.IDS,DLA,PIP.etc I have terminal cancer,when I called the DSS to see if I was entitled to any benefits I was asked “How terminal are you” ffs! “

    104. Conan the Librarian™ says:

      @ Jack Murphy

      Definitions of utopias may differ; a republic where the unemployed and disabled are actually helped rather than demonised seems Arcadian to me.

    105. Returnofthemac says:

      As another ‘offended’ winger. I will fight for independence till the day I am no longer here. I know where you are coming from regarding the ‘eejits’ we will never win them over. We can do this without them as they will be too busy getting free prescription band aids for their knuckles.


    106. Chic McGregor says:


      Chan eil mi tuigsinn cuideachd. Ach, tha e a’deanamh ceart gu leor airson Tonal Trump. 🙂

    107. Onwards says:

      Morag says:
      1 April, 2016 at 2:28 pm
      IMO the wee black book is better used as a ‘targeted’ resource, printing out personally for friends that were soft No voters.

      That’s certainly a good use for it, but it relies on soft No voters having friends who read Wings. The penetration might not be hugely significant unless something more than that is done. Sorry, I’m just thinking aloud here.

      Morag, I’m thinking this Holyrood election isn’t solely about independence. Seems like the WeeBlackBook would be a better campaigning tool in the run up to a second referendum, not a Holyrood election.
      I dunno. I can see it both ways. They need the base vote of the 45% firmed up, but it might be easier to target extra votes from No voters who think SNP or SNP/Green is the best option for the Scottish parliament, instead of necessarily trying to convince them of independence *at this time*.

      There is enough of an argument that SNP is worth FPTP votes simply because the alternatives are absolutely incompetent.
      eg I think a facebook campaign slamming Labour for taxing low earners more would be extremely effective.

    108. robertknight says:

      88k? Pah! Small beer…

      A brace of lying LibDem MPs could outstrip that sum by merely making a phone call…

      But given you’re not one of the above, bloody good show old bean!

    109. velofello says:

      Hi folks, ever considered life politic without Wings?

      Just 1% of readers contributing is a shock for me. I’ve been with Wings from the outset, and have always contributed, though modestly.

      And now I think to myself, how much would I be prepared to pay ensure Wings continues? I’m of the 1% band contributing to ensure information is provided to inform the 99% balance of readers? How much are the 99% prepared to contribute I wonder, if faced with Wings about to expire through lack of funding?

      What potential is there with Wings should much more substantial funding be provided?

      C’mon folks, a good deal is right before your eyes. dip into your pockets, let us enable Wings to soar.

    110. Morag says:

      Seems like the WeeBlackBook would be a better campaigning tool in the run up to a second referendum, not a Holyrood election.

      I think Stu has in mind a new Wee Blue Book for another referendum. I think. Something like that.

      We’re not having another referendum this year though, so whatever it is will have to be written nearer the time taking into account the situation on the ground then (including the result of the EU referendum).

      There has to be a role for the Wee Black Book, but it’s a question of how to place it for best effect.

    111. Les Wilson says:

      It has all been said already, just well done Rev.

    112. Lass fi' Dalkeith says:

      Better late than never. Contribution made, albeit after the deadline. I live abroad, and no longer have a vote, but I am most happy to help by supporting sites like this in the quest for independence.

      While I tend to lurking more than commenting, I find Wings and its commenters truly inspiring. Been reading since before indyref1, and its my daily go to, to understand what’s really going on at home.

      Well done Stuart and thank you for all you do.

    113. Jas says:

      Given the now very obvious strength and influence of Wings, how important or how ‘big a player’ is the site in terms of Scottish politics? Sometimes it seems a bit invisible: rarely mentioned in the media (where ALL truthiness resides) and not too well known to those whose interest in politics is minimal.

      A rhetorical but intriguing thought. Compare and contrast the strength of, say, the Quaker Party, sorry, The Libdems.

    114. G H Graham says:

      Blow for Sturgeon.

      Apart from the >300,000 unique visitors every month, Wings Over Scotland is completely unheard of.

    115. Croompenstein says:

      Weel din Cutty Sark..

    116. Tacky Beets says:

      Apologies if already been suggested .

      I don’t have the time ready even post 100% these days.

      A wee suggestion REF th Black Book

      Copy & Paiste wee bits into your tweets or F’ Book post every now and again as hitting a NAW with the too much just makes them switch off. “Non so blind etc ”

      Small Axe @ 12.19 Sorry to hear your news.

    117. Lollysmum says:

      Just seen the total Rev & would also like to say thanks for all that you do on Wings. Congratulations young man, you are worth every penny.

      Looking forward to getting my Cybernat bags so I can annoy the hell out of people 🙂

    118. Phydaux says:

      Delighted to donate and be part of this campaign.Stuart’s forensic analytical skills and journalistic integrity are inspiring and help to shine a light on our journey to freedom.

      I have come to appreciate and understand the deep respect and trust Stuart has earned from Wings supporters for his unfailing efforts to seek out the truth.

      We got rid of the Tories and now it’s Labour’s turn.We are on our way.

      Heartfelt thanks Stuart for your efforts.

      Love and Light

    119. Bevrijdingsdag says:

      @Rev Stu

      Had the pleasure tae meet you in 2013.
      Our moment tae treasure, Wings movement on scene.
      We gave you a Twenty, despite protestations,
      For chips, salt and sauce. Nae vinegar sensations.
      Noo we chip in each year, the Naesayers tae convince.
      Eighty Grand… Menu planned.
      Drive a steak through their mince.

      Jeez I’m hungry!
      Thanks Stuart

    120. Robert Sneddon says:

      Morag @ 14:46 – re the costs of 2.5 million leaflets:

      plenty articles about uk gov being costed at 720k to target every household with a leaflet. from the heraldo for reference 🙂



    121. gordoz says:

      Journalism be here ; not so in hardcopy or state tv ( public or private).

      Think about life without this scrutiny of imperial masters propaganda and united efforts of red/blue Tory alliance ?

    122. proudscot says:

      Congrats RevStu on yet another successful fundraiser. You’re worth every penny, especially in the way you debunk and expose the lies and false claims of the regiment of Yoon journos, commentators and politicians who infest the press and media.

      Re the Labour Balloon on Brewer’s Big Debacle earlier, who called himself Craig Millar. He was coming out with such uninformed crap in his SNPBad ranting, I think he was using a pseudonym to hide his real ID. He’d have been as well choosing Govan Hill, or even Fanny Mann!

    123. Moleskin Joe says:

      Indyref2 is coming: your contribution, Rev Stuart Campbell, to this fine nation’s steady, measured but inexorable march towards independence is a fine one. No matter how many bear traps, smoke screens, false trails, lies, obfuscations the Westminster elite continue to throw at us independence will be ours. The brave examples from across the globe and across time of nations who have thrown off the British Imperial Yoke show it can be done. The nation of Henrysoun, Dunbar, Douglas, Burns, MacDiarmid will once again stand independent. But…nothing can be taken for granted and our collectivefoot can never be taken off the tractor pedal as we turn over the furrows of freedom. Let a thousand thistles blossom!

    124. alexicon says:

      Regarding a fighting fund to prepare for a second wee blue book when a second Independence referendum occurs.

      Before the outset I agree the WBB was an effective tool in the first referendum and I’m all for a fighting fund to prepare for a second referendum.

      I handed out many a WBB and I also delivered several thousand YES newspapers on a 3 month cycle. I felt that the newspapers were much more effective, even though I thought the articles were a bit tame to say the least.
      Many people, including the elderly and the young, don’t and can’t be bothered reading books of any sort, whereas they do have the time to look over a small edition newspaper. You know the type with glorious headlines and succinct pictures etc.
      So maybe a small newspaper edition for wings would be a better idea in the run up to a second Indy referendum.

      Well done on the funding folks.

    125. Smallaxe says:

      @ Andrew Mclean/ Jack Murphy

      Many thanks for your good wishes,much appreciated.

      I would like to also give Rev Stu,Wings, and all Wingers who I am sure are playing a big part in extending my life (chemo for the spirit), I suppose I will have to thank Kezia & Ruth also as the piss they spout has brought on a severe attack of Scottish dourness which will no doubt see me a bit further along the way. SNPx2 EU in

    126. dramfineday says:

      Thumbs up to you smallaxe (and chums Jim and Connan in their comments). Like you I have (two) small persons I’m concerned about as they are AfroScots. The level of vitriol being pointed at immigrants at this time is very scary and I’m concerned for the wee ones future in this, increasingly strident, right wing “union”. I’m hoping we find the ejector seat handle soon.

      The road ahead will be bumpy for you, but I hope it is long and holding a mitigation. Meantime I would caution about this site. That daft bugger handclapping nearly put me in my box during my recovery from surgery early last year. He decided to wax lyrical about Kezia blowing dandelion clocks, just as I was swimming back to the surface following a plunge into the morphine pool. Maybe you had to be where I was but it was a definite “nurse the screens” moment… beware, wings contributers can be bad for your health and wellbeing.

      Best regards to you and yours, Dram.

    127. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      I suspect “Craig Miller” would have been this one:

    128. Bill McLean says:

      Smallaxe at 1219. We, in this family, wish you the best of everything. Just now we are dealing with a similar problem and love and concern are about all we can offer. My age will probably preclude me from seeing our freedom but while I can i’ll do what I can to bring it about so that our people whether young, old, fit or ill have a decent life and treatment.

    129. Morag says:

      plenty articles about uk gov being costed at 720k to target every household with a leaflet.

      Isn’t that the cost of having it delivered, commercially, though? I was talking about the cost of printing 2.5 million copies of the WBB. I can’t remember what Stu said but it was a lot.

    130. Morag says:

      I felt that the newspapers were much more effective, even though I thought the articles were a bit tame to say the least.
      Many people, including the elderly and the young, don’t and can’t be bothered reading books of any sort, whereas they do have the time to look over a small edition newspaper.

      My feeling was the exact opposite. I trailed round with these bloody papers but the content was poor. Also, papers aren’t kept so they weren’t much use when Project Fear started telling people they’d lose their pensions and the reassuring pensions article had been in the paper back in the spring.

      The WBB was more substantial and more likely to be held on to. It certainly convinced people who’d had all the papers and still weren’t Yes. I did print out some larger print versions for the local sheltered housing though.

      There’s probably a role for both formats, but Stu should stick to his winning formula.

    131. YesENL says:

      Well done Wings 🙂 Think a separate Wee Black Book appeal makes sense. If groups and individuals could pledge to take X amount of the book, it would be great if Stu could get the lowest mass-production cost for the booklet … we’d buy it at that cost + postage (unless they can be distributed in bulk even more cheaply to a few designated locations for pickup)

    132. arthur thomson says:

      Thank you Stu and all Wingers.

      Some of our number may simply be unable to afford to contribute financially. I can in a small way and will always be happy to do so.

      Wings is my first and last port of call each day and I love it.

    133. arthur thomson says:

      Smallaxe, my thoughts are with you and yours.

      I’m not getting any younger so don’t expect to see indy but I will do what little I can for the sake of future generations.

    134. arthur thomson says:

      Smallaxe, my thoughts are with you and yours.

      I’m not getting any younger so don’t expect to see indy but I will do what little I can for the sake of future generations. I don’t want any wee Scottish child to have to live under someone else’s yoke in the future.

    135. Quinie frae Angus says:

      Here’s my tuppence-worth. It’s long but I don’t post often so please forgive me or just scroll past.

      I don’t think anyone should fret about only 1% of readers contributing – that is not what this site is about and Rev Stu has consistently emphasised that he’s grateful for any monies that people feel able to pay. Even a £1 is an important gesture from a grateful but cash-strapped reader. Or just reading and thinking, frankly!! Such readers will still be able to recommend Wings to friends and family – and that’s what needs to happen. We absolutely do not want readers, lurkers or the just plain curious feeling guilty that they’re partaking in something and not paying for it – that’s Johann Lamont territory. Let’s not go there. It’s eyeballs on articles and comments that matter.

      I spent a lot more this year on the fundraiser that I can really afford (caveat: Rev Stu always makes sure we know we shouldn’t do that). However last year I was only able to contribute a fraction of what I wanted to contribute. This year, after a few lean months as a freelancer, I’m finally on quite a good temporary gig so I thought “Feck it!” (Got paid with only hours to spare to make the deadline too – phew!) But next year I might be ontae plums and if so I will still send in £1, just to show those Yoons. But it’s a personal thing.

      So how to spend the war chest?

      1/ First of all, I would like to see Rev Stu take a massive pay rise.

      He is working all the hours on this crucial and unique resource. It’s political dynamite – we know it and THEY know it. He deserves his just rewards and I want him to look after himself and live in comfort and ramp up his security and his holiday time, and pay other journalists to take the load off him so he can have a life.

      2/ NOT Opinion Polls.

      Personally I’m not a fan of spending money on opinion polls. Polls, schmolls, is my view. Yes they’ve all been interesting but the press still ignore them and who, really, out of the punters out there who are NOT reading Wings, ever see them or care about them? I don’t personally they’re a good use of the money – in fact, I think they’re a waste of money – but then it’s Stu’s site and I’ve given him funds with my blessing and he’s at liberty to choose to spend them as he sees fit.

      3/ Adverts, promotion of Wings, and printed copies of articles and Wee Books of every hue is where I really want to see the money being spent.

      For the non-internetty soft No voter to have and feel it in their very hands is an extremely powerful enticement. I have experience of this countless times: out of around 11 boxes of WBBs I and my wee nieces and nephews posted through doors on 17th Sept 2014 around Dundee and Broughty Ferry (possibly adding to the multiples as Doug Daniel said up the thread), I was left with a third of a box of WBBs. To this day I am still eke-ing them out to the curious persons and soft Nos I come across in my life. People are so grateful for them! (One a young man I have been working with this week who said he went from No to Yes just before IndyRef, but still struggles to be able to explain why he did so, to his mates. His eyes lit up this week when I gave him a WBB.)

      4/ Car banners – big, long, easily-read, “in-yer-face” ones.

      I have spent hours over the past few weeks stuck in traffic jams behind people travelling up and down to England from Scotland on the M1 and M6. I have already got my Wings stickers kindly made by a fellow Winger some time ago (Kendomacaroonbar? Sorry if I have got that wrong). But for Version 2 I would LOVE to have a long blue banner stretching the length of the bottom of my rear window saying “Get the news the media’s preventing you from hearing” (in smaller text so it fits), then underneath a massive stretched out “ (in bigger text). We could all get these and create a bit of a cult following and curiosity about about them (or at least toot our horns when we see a fellow Winger!) I am going to love my Vile Cybernat bag as it’s a wee in-joke among the Twitterati but I think something more straightforward and easily-understood would be good for a car banner that is going to be seen by thousands of car drivers who’ve never heard of “Cybernats” or Wings!

      5/ The Wee Black Book 2016 & the Long-Term Building of a Wingers’ Database.

      If we decide we can’t do a massive distribution thing (however piecemeal) before 6th May, then I think I agree with Morag that we should wait and see what the EU referendum brings and update that section before printing off a massive run of them. We should also maybe change the title in that case, to “What happened when Scotland voted No in the Scottish Independence Referendum 2014” so as not to confuse with a “No” vote in the EU Ref!

      As for the distribution of printed copies, well we learnt a lot from the Frenzied Wings Mob distribution of the WBBs for IndyRef1. I agree any such distribution needs to be better co-ordinated and targeted next time for maximum impact – but if we’re not going to be doing this before the EU Ref, then we have a bit of time to get our ducks in a row.

      The wonderful iScot magazine (an incredibly good quality product) has started the ball rolling. Thank you, iScot!

      But long-term, we need to start, build and co-ordinate a comprehensive geographical database of Wingers in every nook and cranny of Scotland who would put their hands up and volunteer to distribute in their area, and/or act as “hubs” for mass supplies. I know this will take time and effort but surely worth doing? We will then gradually be able to build up a “hub map” and “street atlas” of areas either more-than-covered, or less-than-covered by Wings volunteers. Then we can divvy out “double areas” to those with the time and inclination to put in the legwork. I would much rather do it this way than go through Amazon distribution or whatever – let’s not sully ourselves with the multi-national corporations who stuffed us in the IndyRef. Let’s do this properly, thoroughly, and beltingly – as a true part of the “grass roots”. Preparation and planning will be key.

      Don’t know how soon we could get this done but if we can’t get it done in time for the “currency” of the Wee Black Book 2016, then we should certainly be starting this database up now for IndyRef 2.

      Anyway my gas is now at a peep. Love to all my fellow Wingers, whether they threw a penny into the fundraiser or not. Love especially to Reverend Stu, for whose personal sacrifices I cannot thank him enough.

      (Mind you, I did disagree with him about the Gaelic too. But that’s fine!)

    136. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Rev Stu.

      Thanks for another year’s offering from ‘The Lord Of The Wings’.

      Another wee Jiffy bag of badges (updates from last year) will be subjected to the vagaries of Royal Mail in the next week or three, for onward delivery to Bath.


    137. Quinie frae Angus says:

      Jeezo, now I’ve seen my comment on the thread I must apologise for its ridiculous length. The time it took me to write it probably means most of my ideas have either been written or disagreed with already. Sorry, Stu.

    138. tarisgal says:

      Darn good show, folks! Can’t imagine trying to get through the political flim-flam without your amazing ability to cut through it all, Rev Stu!! I wish I had your ability to see through all the jibber jabber and lies so quickly and to have the truth right there at my fingertips as you do! But I’m LEARNING…

      Also… I want to thank so many contributors here who really do add so much with their amazing knowledge and understanding of Scottish politics that they have shared with us who aren’t as savvy… And thank you for all the laughs! 🙂 This site is worth EVERY DARN PENNY I’ve put in!

      *To Smallaxe – So very sorry to hear of the trials you are going through! I’ve had a taste myself so I have a little understanding. Take care of yourself. Your pals here at Wings are thinking of you and your family.

    139. tarisgal says:

      Quinie frae Angus says:
      1 April, 2016 at 8:53 pm

      Jeezo, now I’ve seen my comment on the thread I must apologise for its ridiculous length.

      Actually, there’s so many good points in yer post ye wrote, I never noticed the length! Agree with almost everything you wrote. Hope some of your suggestions are given some good consideration. 🙂

    140. Returnofthemac says:

      Best wishes to Smallaxe. I am sure all wingers are thinking of you.
      Like others who have posted I hope to see an independent Scotland, if not for me then for my children and grandchildren.

    141. Lollysmum says:

      Quinie frae Angus

      A wingers database is a really good idea. Right how do we get that off the ground? Folks aren’t going to want to put their locations online so is that an email to a central point with an admin adding them into a non public database?

      C’mon folks-thinking caps on. Suggestions needed.

    142. Smallaxe says:

      @ arthur thompson

      Thank you for your kind thoughts, they are very much appreciated.

      Peace love and happiness to you and yours.

    143. Marie Clark says:

      smallaxe, sorry to hear of your illness, my best wishes to you.

      I too have children and grandchildren, and it’s my greatest wish for them to grow up in an Independent Scotland.

      I’m doddin oan a bit masel noo, but hope I’m here long enough to see my country free.

    144. Stoker says:

      Quinie frae Angus wrote:
      “Here’s my tuppence-worth. It’s long but I don’t post often so please forgive me or just scroll past.”

      JEEEEEZ, you certainly got your monies worth, eh!
      You’ll be getting us Scots a bad name if you keep that up.
      😉 🙂

    145. Smallaxe says:

      @ returnofthemac & tarisgal

      Thank you so much

      Peace love and happiness to you and yours.

    146. dakk says:

      Well done Stuart.

      I hope the amount raised goes some way to making all your priceless efforts worthwhile.

      Eternal thanks.

    147. Smallaxe says:

      May I thank everyone who has sent me their best wishes,I am humbled by so many people taking the time to do so.

      As I have already stated,Stu, Wings & Wingers,”Chemo for the Spirit”

      Love Peace & Happiness to you all

    148. carjamtic says:

      Luv Quines rant/thoughts. :-)…Dis anybody have an update of Robert Pfeffers…excuse the spelling.

    149. HandandShrimp says:

      The fact that Wings will continue will be a source of joy to all those who profess to hate the site but read it avidly anyway.

      You know who you are – you scamps. 🙂

    150. Nana says:


      Tory scandal just broke involving culture sec John Whittingdale

    151. Quinie frae Angus says:

      Thanks to all for the tolerance and kind comments regarding my lengthy lengthiness.

      @Lollysmum, I have no idea how to actually pull such a database off. But it would obviously be a massive undertaking if we’re to reach every house in Scotland. What a feat it would be though!

      I know that Lindsay Bruce, Rev Stu’s right-hand man, is an expert in large IT matters. I wonder if he reads this, if he could advise? Can

    152. JLT says:

      Well done Stuart. Goes to show that we are still with you, and that you are still with us! A pretty damn good symbiosis, for not only does your site keep independence alive, but we are all out there fighting for it too …plus, we get the extra joy of knowing that it annoys the absolute f*** out of the Unionists to boot too!

      Anyway …well done again! I’m already looking forward to the next year to some wonderful posts and discussions!!

    153. Cactus says:


    154. Rock says:

      You are by far the best journalist writing about Scotland.

      Actually the only journalist.

      You deserve all the resources necessary for performing a first class job.

      When Scotland becomes independent, you will be rightly honoured for your enormous role.

      Thank you.

    155. Andrew Mclean says:

      Sorry I have stumbled onto this webpage by accident, I was told that this was the hiding place of vile nattrolls, or computernats, well some such horrible extremely nasty site.
      Instead I find those with the purest hearts, the kindest souls, and a desire for a better Scotland, that has its people first, all it’s people, not the richest or most privileged, but a national civic future, regardless of class, religion, sexuality, nationality, or race.

      If you lott keep this up I am going to stop believing what a read in newspapers!

    156. boris says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says: 1 April, 2016 at 7:08 pm

      I suspect “Craig Miller” would have been this one:

      Amazing the power of the Rev by 2230 my post recorded 300 hits.

    157. Willie says:

      309,088 unique visitors is a lot of readers. That’s a fair old readership of half. Well done because it reflects the fact that people appreciate WoS for the quality of it’s articles.

    158. boris says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says: 1 April, 2016 at 7:08 pm

      I suspect “Craig Miller” would have been this one:

      This is Craig Millers guidance teacher. They worked hand in glove exposing Scottish health Service shortcomings (almost always false) under the SNP government.

    159. Chic McGregor says:

      Given the date, I thought Distorting Scotland might have run with an SNPGOOD meme.

      Ach well.

    160. Al-Stuart says:


      You forgot to thank…


      Duncan Hothersall

      Ian S Smart

      Kevin Hague

      Any Other Unionist Dog Food Salesman

      Ruth Davidson and The Cripple Killers (IDS)

      Kezia Dugdale

      Willie Rennie

      Aliar Carmichael


      For every time they popped up with an irrational or stupid remark, I just popped another few quid in the Wings over Scotland kitty.

      Fair credit where it is due.

      This bunch of numpties are good at something – being recruiting sergeants for Scottish Independence 🙂

    161. Ken500 says:


    162. Craig says:

      Well done Rev an all the wingers that donated, I am so looking forward to get my badge.

      It’s brilliant to see that, yet again, we come together for the same cause and that Liar can’t even raise a third of what we raised and has to go to “Rowantree” for assistance.

    163. Chic McGregor says:

      “Thanks for another year’s offering from ‘The Lord Of The Wings’.”

      Eh ken it’s a Wee bit dated noo, but:

    164. Flying Scotsman says:

      Feels good to be part of the 1%
      How long do perks take to arrive? I’m dying to show off my shiny wings badge.

    165. michael diamond says:

      In sunny bnmth at 11.30. £20 for the cause rev, sorry its not more. But as the saying goes, every little helps.

    166. michael diamond says:

      Smallaxe you keep going mate. My brother in law who had terminal lung cancer was given 6 mnths. He went for 3 years. My sister with breast cancer 10 yrs ago, still in remission. Keep fighting.

    167. katherine hamilton says:

      Most important force for Independence – Nicola Sturgeon.
      Second – Rev. Stu Campbell.

      A double act the Yoons would die for.

      Heartfelt thanks, as ever. God bless you.

    168. Maureen mangan says:

      Wee black books on the way, ta. Any ETA on vile cybernat badges?

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