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Old habits die hard

Posted on March 31, 2013 by

It’s hardly a new phenomenon. But poor old Tom Harris just can’t stop fibbing:


Ian Davidson, as we’ve already noted, was in fact absent from BOTH votes on the bedroom tax. (Tom Harris missed the February division for personal reasons, but 214 of Labour’s 258 MPs evidently didn’t consider it “meaningless”, turning up to vote in favour of the opposition motion put forward by the SNP and Plaid Cymru.)

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8 to “Old habits die hard”

  1. Steven Luby

    As can be seen from Glasgow Council and Labour Councillors across Scotland (not excluding MSPs & MPs of course) they have lied for generations. Poverty is their breeding ground for votes,hence a job,they just can’t stop lying as they know not how to speak the truth.
    I can only hope at the 1st Scottish General Election there is a clear out within the Scottish Parliament and the MSM in general,then Scotland can begin ridding itself of the ‘career politician’ with a broadcaster that says it as it is…………………ah,dreams eh!

  2. Barontorc

    Why should it be a DREAM? It’s a human basic right to have HONEST politicians, who you can TRUST and that’s why YOU vote them into power.
    If you then take the view that it’s a peril of the politician’s job and it’s just a fact that any and all politicians need to keep light on their feet and be cunning in their actions, then you’ve joined up to the cynical, but realistic brigade.
    However, here you DO EXPECT proper ethics to surface through the containment of, way – too wayward, individuals who have besmirched the values of their political PARTY which was elected on PROMISES to do this or that, for the society you want to live in.
    And therein ‘LIES’ the problem and the debasement of democracy. It’s a black and white issue.

    In the final analysis, you will get the politicians and the media you vote for; so do you want lying politicians you cannot trust, political parties that are cynically dishonest, a state media that is on par with North Korea, a justice system little better than that enjoyed by a banana republic and a relationship with a dominant neighbouring country which gleefully milks your resources dry and then charges you for the privilege of letting it happen and fights illegal wars in other countries exposing you to revenge terrorist attacks. Do you really?

    Well, if have you really thought this through then vote NO to keep the STATUS QUO with the assured comfort of knowing that it’s going to get a helluva lot worse!

    Or vote YES to be shot of it all!

    Tough decision, eh?

  3. Albalha

    On the disgrace that is the ‘Labour’ Party, Ian Bell in todays Sunday Herald detailing the snout in the trough antics of DMilliband. Only the ‘here’s a wee peek’ version I’m afraid.
    This in addition to his ‘the referendum in 2014 is not a vote for the SNP’ article should be distributed from lowlands to highlands and over the seas to Skye, Orkney etc.
    Damn shame he is not a man for the spoken word.

  4. GH Graham

    The “facts” are whatever Tom Harris or indeed any of his duplicitous colleagues in the Labour party say they are, whenever they so choose for whatever, illogical reason they can imagine.
    The party that reached the apex of such counterintuitive philosophy, bizarre reasoning & extraordinary twisted logic, all wrapped up & presented to appear as structured determination to be executed for the benefit of the people was of course the Nazi party. And it was it’s increasingly inconsistent & barking mad decisions that led to being unable to deal with the largely singular focus of the allies. Overwhelming numbers were instrumental too.
    Nevertheless, it might be said that Labour are a corolary of 1940’s Germany; teamed with increasingly incompetent, yet fanatically loyal servents, so desperate to remain in power that they will simply say whatever comes into their heads, no matter if it’s rubbish or flat out lies. The facts don’t actually matter any more.
    And the more contradictory & incompetent one is, the more one’s profile is raised. How else does one explain why the ineffective, antithetic & downright miserable Alistair Darling & Johann Lamont reach such positions of supposedly gifted authority?
    And we might then ask, when Scotland chooses to return to full sovereign independence, which one of them will be first to step up out of the bunker & put the career ending gun to their own head first? 
    My money is on Darling.

  5. Arbroath1320

    I gave up on Labour a LONG time ago.
    For me to use words like ethics, honourable, understanding, considerate, supportive, promises and Labour in the same sentence does not bear thinking about. Labour are the most underhanded political party in the British political system. They have no concept of what it is like to tell the TRUTH and until they do they will continue with their LIES, DECEIT, MISINFORMATION and continuous non evidenciary attacks against the SNP. Labour are, I’m sorry to say, no longer a political party in my view they are solely a gang of greedy individuals who’s sole intent is to grab as much money as they can for themselves from the Westminster money trough!
    Labour have now reached the point in their evolutionary cycle that they are MORE right wing than the right wing of the Tory party and yet people can STILL not see this. I think however the times they are a changing. With all the ABSTENTIONS by Labour in Westminster and Holyrood recently people are finally finding out for themselves just how underhanded and duplicitous Labour really are. In some ways I believe that recent events supported by Labour have done MORE for the Independence campaign than 10 years of Independence campaigning.

  6. naebd

    “The party that reached the apex of such counterintuitive philosophy […] was of course the Nazi party”
    Fucksake. Go and have a lie down.

  7. Patrick Roden

    Whatever the Labour party/better Together movement is up to,  the Ian Davidson Video interview and the follow up row, shows us clearly that they cannot stand up to any kind of genuine scrutiny without lying, then backtracking then simply falling appart.
    Remember “If we win the arguaments, we will win the referendum”
    We are winning the arguaments. 😉

  8. Labour politicians get away with so much because of a complicit media,the “journalists” should start from where they can make a difference,by using that old thing called integrity coupled with honesty,hold all politicians to account no lies by omission,would be a great start.I’m sure that if they could they would be able to tell it all as it is.There are far too many newspapers who spout for a certain political party,and steer the general public along the way that they prefer,spouting what the “party” tells them,but they DO NOT HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY of their actions.Some of them should be held accountable along with “the party”.

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