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Well, that’s odd

Posted on July 22, 2014 by

Yesterday a number of news outlets including the Scotsman, the Courier and STV all carried a scare story from Gordon Brown about independence ending cross-border organ transplants. Curiously, none of them had thought to check the allegation with NHS Blood & Transplant, so we did it for them, and got the unequivocal and unambiguous answer back that Scottish independence will not affect organ donation and the system will continue as it does currently.”

You’d imagine that the publications concerned would have wanted to put their readers’ minds at rest by publishing that categorical reasssurance today, wouldn’t you?

You know how the rest goes by now, readers.

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  1. 22 07 14 11:07

    Well, that’s odd | Scottish Independence News

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  1. Grendel says:

    It goes with – Oh! Look! Squirrel!

  2. Drew McMorrin says:

    Thus it has always been, unfortunately. I see no mention in the MSM retracting it this morning.

  3. Davie says:

    I’m certain they’ll issue a correction and an apology once they recognise their mistake

  4. Tattie-bogle says:

    Nest of scheming bastards.
    No surprises though

  5. X_Sticks says:

    But surely the whole point of propaganda is to mislead people?

    We are in a propaganda war with the british establishment and they are not known for playing fair. Their whole house of cards is under threat and they will do and say anything to preserve their privilege.

    Just as well you are there to hold them to account Stu.

  6. TYRAN says:

    Brown just needs to snap his fingers and they come running to report what he says. It’s been going on like this for months. Every time he spouts lies. Job done.

  7. yerkitbreeks says:

    Can’t really add to that, but OT today’s GMS had an interview with one of the organisers of a business meeting in Glasgow on Commonwealth trade, and he ( from London outlined, amongst other things the opportunities for healthcare, and specifically mentioned BUPA !!

  8. goldenayr says:

    Ca’ me paranoid…but I see a pattern emerging here.

  9. galamcennalath says:

    If a Yes win is announced on the 19th, will they actually report it?

  10. Hil says:

    Much the same as the pensions scare – happy to print the scare but bit the DWP letter of reassurance.

  11. goldenayr says:

    Y’know,I’m beginning to feel we are(especially me) more and more like the Tortoise from Aesop’s fable.

    Lets make Westminster “Hare” today and gone tomorrow.

  12. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy) says:

    Have to give a Hat Tip to Fife News Online:

    Editorial comment: This is one of the clearest cut cases we have seen of trying to scare people into voting No in the referendum. It is all the more disappointing that it comes from a former Prime Minister from Fife.

    A letter originally addressed to Tory MSP Nanette Milne set out the position clearly as far back as August of last year and we would encourage our readers to click the link below and read the letter in it’s entirety. It emphatically disproves Mr Brown’s position on the matter.

    Nanette Milne MSP letter from NHS Blood and Transplant

  13. ianmc says:

    And they wonder why the press in this country and particularly the printed press are on the decline. They have given up any pretence of investigative journalism. Given up on checking atories and instead print and report press releases verbatim. I know. I used to write such press releases and they’d print them word for word. Saves them the effort.

  14. Brian Powell says:

    As I wrote on a previous thread, I put the letter in the comments in the Guardian, and may have uncovered a genuinely homicidal psychopathic personality among the other commentators.

    This person replied to my comment, containing the letter, with, “they could reverse the decision later”, but this wasn’t said in a spirit of concern.

  15. Indy_Scot says:

    For the Scottish Independence referendum to be won by the unionist media based on continuous daily lies is so wrong it cannot be allowed to happen.

  16. Cath says:

    It’s actually worse than this as the UK company responsible debunked the same scare over a year ago as well. Let’s call a spade a spade: the media is Better Together’s most major arm, and complicit with them in lying to the people of Scotland. Including telling lies designed to terrify some of the most vulnerable and sick people into doing what’s right for the elite.

    It could be a close result and those scared they won’t get organ donations, or their kids might no longer be treated at GOSH could just swing it for no, so long as they can be effectively enough scared and lied to. The media are happy to oblige Westminster and their landed proprietors on that.

    How individual journalists sleep at night I have no idea.

  17. ianmc says:

    Incidentally these “champions” for Scotland are so desperate to find new ways to shaft Scotland. It is sickening. Truly sickening at how they seek out yet another kick in the teeth for the people of this nation and gloat over the fear and pain they cause. And somemugs will continue to say they are good men and women.standing up for us.

  18. Ekindy says:

    @ Scott Minto 9.32

    A good attempt but why not call it what it is. Blatant LYING not scaremongering.

  19. Muscleguy says:

    I note the Courier article has a byline saying the article is from the Press Association. IOW ‘nothing to do with us guv’. Oh and Yes are allowed rebuttal, right at the very end of the piece that few readers get to, sadly. So it is ‘balanced’.

  20. Cath says:

    This person replied to my comment, containing the letter, with, “they could reverse the decision later”, but this wasn’t said in a spirit of concern.

    I’ve seen that as well. The other thing I’ve seen unionist commentators (ones connected with Westminster parties) BTL say which really concerns me is that all Westminster parties will try to make negotiations as torturous as possible, including continuing to veto a CU regardless of UK interests. They’ll do that so in 2016 Westminster/unionist parties can fight the Scottish election with the background of chaos and a total mess and say, “See Salmond lied to you about how easy it would be; vote for us and we’ll cancel this whole thing and nullify the referendum result.”

    I can quite believe that is exactly what many in Westminster and Westminster parties would do, so really hope the negotiating team are prepared for that. But that kind of thing also means I want to know NOW from unionist politicians in Scotland what they’d do in the event of a Yes vote. What is the policy of Labour and Tories in Scotland about the currency of an independent Scotland? Is it really, “We’ll be intransigent because we don’t like the result and want it overturned”? If not, what would they do if Westminster and their HQs in London take that approach following a yes vote?

  21. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

    I were closely involved in organ transplants (or anything to do with health and wellbeing) I’d check with my doctor. The aim of such stories is not to inform but alarm.

    I almost phoned my doctor this morning to check whether I was hearing things. Good Morning Scotland was on and there was what sounded like John Beattie. Jings, no him again. However there was a very inspiring comment from a sportswoman saying she’d vote Yes even if it curtailed her own chances. It would be worth that, she said, rather than let future generations down.

    Contrasting comments of a typically more self-interested kind came from the next speaker, a sporty No-type, who’d moved to Nottingham 16 years ago because Aberdeen didn’t have the right facilities. That would turn him into whatever he felt he needed to become.

    So rather than help to change a system shamefully out of kilter he would stick with what suits himself…

    Rather like the newspapers.

    An organ (of the press) transplant would help cure the Scottish body politic: but meantime, we’ve got their number. Thank you Wings.

  22. Sinky says:

    Shody journalism at best by not checking veracity of Better Together’s continual scaremongering.

    As with the Deloitte’s recent survey on business uncertainty:

    “The quarterly Deloitte survey of 112 chief financial officers rated the 2015 Westminster election the riskiest event at 55 out of 100, followed by a possible EU referendum at 50. The Scottish referendum was rated at 38.”

    pro Yes findings never see the light of day on BBC or are hidden at bottom of page five in our newspapers.

  23. Tom Platt says:

    This latest porkie underlines the value of sites such as Wings.

    Unusual though it may seem though to some heavy social media users, not all voters are heavy users. We must carry the truth to the other people in conversation and in other ways in the last few weeks. It is OK winning the argument we must also win the vote.

  24. Robert Kerr says:

    O/T sorry but important.

    This one disappeared from previous post.

    The money-men now factoring in YES.

    iScotland is a RISK to Sterling.


  25. Derek Kerr says:

    Out of interest, does WoS contact the media outlets to correct their so called “facts”?

  26. G H Graham says:

    It used be comics like 2001 AD or anything from the Marvel offices that one would reach out to, when looking for a moment of fantastic escapism.

    But the Scottish media had chosen itself to replace comics with equally bizarre & unlikely set pieces of playground propaganda that have made the industry look small minded, parochial & simply, quite ridiculous.

    When the next title closes its doors for good, surely only a few of the extremist BritNat zealots & bigots will suffer any sense of loss.

    So, will it be the champion of the west coast, champagne socialists’, “The Herald” or North British Labour’s favourite hymn sheet, “The Scotsman” to collapse first?

    Or perhaps the favourite go to title of the arthritic subculture that is the tweed festooned, Angus farming community, the “Press & Journal”?

  27. Taranaich says:

    Had enough of this. Really, I have.

    “Juncker ends Salmond’s dream” – except he didn’t.

    “Our children will have to go on a waiting list for GOSH” – except they won’t.

    “We won’t be allowed to use the pound” – except we will.

    “We won’t be allowed back into the EU” – except we won’t be leaving in the first place.

    “The SNP’s ‘leaked document’ says one thing in private while they say something else in public” – except both things were public domain and there are zero contradictions.

    “SNP voted against an energy price freeze” – except they didn’t.

    “Alex Salmond ducked out of debate with Darling” – except he didn’t.

    “Mark Carney said currency union impossible” – except he didn’t.

    “A currency union requires a single government” – except it doesn’t.

    “The UK doesn’t build warships abroad” – except it does.

    “The UK won’t share its embassies – except it ALREADY shares embassies in multiple countries.

    “We’ll lose our pensions” – except we won’t.

    I just…

  28. Gordon Hay says:

    The Scotsman site has what looks like an edited letter from Alex Neill correcting this, but I don’t know how much prominence they have given it in the print edition. I doubt they will have drawn attention to the letter with a news item though.

  29. Quentin Quale says:

    Alex Neil (Health) has a cracking letter in the Herald this morning shredding Brown’s ridiculous outburst and stating the facts. Can’t find any apology or setting the record straight piece in the rest of the paper however. There is also a super letter from a NHS for Yes GP.
    Also, here is a wee coffee-break read:

  30. desimond says:

    You dont need a KGB when you have the BBC – Ken Loach

    Extend that as appropriate.

    As a Celtic fan I can remember the biased and blinkered Club magazine getting called Pravda by the Scottish Football media ( waves to Hugh Keevins and alike) due to its selectiveness in only publishing Board-friendly stories and constant pro-Board (which included our friend Dr. Michael Kelly) coverage.

    It seems the UK Media may have been taking notes!

  31. goldenayr says:

    Robert Kerr

    Here’s the Bloomberg take on that.

    Personally,I think your ones a spoof.

    How else do you explain the fact that name of one of the authors is an anagram of..

    Bangin,a ran

    By Jemima Kelly and Anirban Nag

  32. galamcennalath says:

    Why would anyone retract propaganda? They know it was lies when they publish it. It is published to spread a carefully chosen piece of misinformation, and to have a specific effect on a particular group of people.

    From a BT perspective … Deed done, hopefully effective, ignore critcism and bedunking, what nasty is next?

    It’s a vile and disgusting strategy, day after day. No matter how the vote goes, those involved in this behaviour are going to be condemned and detested for a very long time by a lot of people. Yet, this legacy from what should have been a purely democratic process doesn’t seem to worry BT. Hell mend them.!
    {angrily hits submit}

  33. ronnie anderson says:

    we need to get more smarter & start hounding Brown / Darling / Blair Mac Dougall.

    Rev could we have a seperate thread to keep abreast of their Timetable / Place of Event / & where we can attend these Events & shout then down, Its going to get worse,orginized Event at the Daily Record STV ect, there are no signs of the SNP opening up soon with counteraction to these Lies.

  34. goldenayr says:


    I knew I wasn’t paranoid.

    BTW,do you have a landrover 110?

  35. Indy_Scot says:

    Can you imagine trying to explain to your grandchildren how Scotland was cheated out of its Independence by our own TV and print media. It does not bear thinking about.

  36. heedtracker says:

    There’s already an ongoing EU law court case from over 30,000 Scots excluded from voting because they live in England.

    It going a while ago and organised by another rich tory Scot. They’re especially annoyed that temporary residents can vote but they cant, students etc,

    Prof Adam Tomkins is the legal expert to ask about this particular vote No action but he’s a bit busy this morning

  37. goldenayr says:

    Robert Kerr


    Just seen your post on the previous thread.

    Still can’t believe anything by an author with that name though.

  38. Tommy says:

    Schiehallion! Schiehallion! it was Connie Ramsay from the judo team – wasn’t so good to hear that

  39. liheartScotland says:

    Please erase your memory and stop thinking for yourself.
    If you don’t, it could lead to an independent Scotland.

  40. Free Scotland says:

    Time to get this out there in one-to-one conversations with people who rely on newspapers, radio and telly as their sources of information. Even people who seem to have made up their minds to vote “No” will think twice if they think they’re being used as pawns in a propaganda war. Nobody likes to be lied to.

  41. John Jones says:

    It really is amaxing how our “respected” ex PM can deliver such fearmongering tosh supported by the media who should be challenging his comments. Also re your leader on the site “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they come to fight you, and then you win.” (M.K. Gandhi) I have just came accross a site ahdinnaeken which truly gives meaning to the above. More power to your elbow as your are obviously upsetting a lot of people by highlighting the lies of people who should know better.

  42. Robert Kerr says:


    Click the link as the Rev keeps reminding us.

    Oh well shoot the messenger if you must.

    Too nice a day to waste on line.

  43. thoughtsofascot says:

    Those whiny overseas Scots should, IMO, shut up an accept that they gave up their right to vote when they left Scotland. I say this as an overseas Scot myself.

  44. Peter Macbeastie says:

    The only thing I would find hard to believe about our media is if they all jumped on the lie and immediately screamed that Brown was lying through his teeth ‘and here’s the proof.’

    Current situation? Absolutely normal. Nothing but lies, reported as truth by the media, and when the truth turns up, routinely ignored by the media. They are shameless.

    Also heard the refreshing athlete on the radio this morning; very impressed by her belief that her personal achievements are less important than independence. Would also have been good if someone had told that douche from Aberdeen now living in Nottingham ‘because that’s where the training facilities are’ that there’s nothing to stop him still training there when we are independent so long as he’s still getting funding from somewhere. Although perhaps he shouldn’t be so f’ing short sighted and should be asking where the facilities are going to be built in Scotland to aid his sport rather than being a pillock.

    Same report also used the phrase ‘Andy Murray left Scotland to further his career.’ I’m sure he’d be surprised to hear that he did that; what I think he did was moved to the national tennis centre to further his training which is not quite the same as ‘leaving Scotland.’ Athletes of all types go to where the best training facilities are. Borders are a factual irrelevance.

    Same shit, different day from the media.

  45. Bunter says:

    And that’s why I will never part with a penny for these rags.

    You get all these so called journalists attacking this site to defend their right to feed you pish.

    The YES campaign should turn their sights on these scum after the referendum. If any MSM ”journalists” are reading, we wont forget and we wont be going away.

  46. Robert Kerr says:


    Click the link on Reuter’s page. As the Rev keeps reminding us!

    Oh well shoot the messenger if you must.

    Too nice a day to waste on line

  47. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

    Hi Tommy

    Connie Ramsay was it. Thanks for letting me know. I admire her.

  48. heedtracker says:

    Sorry about the double commenting today too:D

  49. heedtracker says:

    “The injustice of the hostile media Labour faces means its discipline must always be titanium-tight, if not twice so. No such scrutiny for the Tories.”


  50. caz-m says:

    O/T but very important,

    I have just phoned the Glasgow Science Centre,

    Tel 0141 420 5000, Option “0” to talk to customer services.

    And they have just confirmed that there will be NO restrictions regarding it’s car park or roads leading up to it on Sunday 27th July.

    This is the car park that you would use if you are thinking of attending the Protest against BBC Scotland Bias rally.

  51. Leo Foyle says:

    Looking for the silver lining, I wonder how many have been converted to Yes by noting the sinister difference between half the electorate voting for pro-indy parties, but NOT ONE daily newspaper supporting them.
    And how many more people can be switched to Yes in the next eight weeks when that little point is put to them?

  52. Luigi says:

    It is OK winning the argument we must also win the vote.

    A very good way of putting it. We have been winning the arguments for two years, but the vote is much harder to crack. I believe we are getting there, but it’s an uphill battle, and with only two months to go, it could be very close.

  53. No no no...yes says:

    I get the propoganda machine, but I am disgusted that the MSM are also frightening people through neglect of duty. Forget the politics MSM, you should do your job, check the basics, then add some depth and breadth to the story and keep your readers informed. By failing to do so is self destructing: your credibility is going down the pan and so are your jobs. Have a look at the circulation numbers, if you can’t see the connection, it explains your predicament.
    Have a good long look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “Why to I have such a negative view of Scotland, and everything she has to offer?”
    That is the question your readers are asking.

  54. crisiscult says:

    I heard someone on GMS today re Ukraine plane crash saying that the Russian media only presents one side of the story. I smirked at that. While it appears to be true in my experience (i.e. Russian media often just gives one side’s opinion or position), the big difference is that educated Russians don’t trust their media and exercise a level of critical thinking. In my experience equivalent level of education Brits do not. Also, telling two sides to a story doesn’t make the media unbiased, as all those who visit here well know.

  55. No no no...yes says:

    Oops, typo.

    “Why do I have such a negative view of Scotland, and everything she has to offer?”

  56. crisiscult says:

    Also, if anyone interested

    Dr Amy Todman, a recent graduate of the University of Glasgow, is curating a Referendum open day at the National Library of Scotland ( on Monday 28 July between 11:00 – 14:00 in the NLS Boardroom (George IV Bridge, Edinburgh).

    This is a drop-in event, no need to book!

    The event will be open to the public and include representatives from the major Scottish political parties on both sides of the Referendum campaign and the Scottish Youth Parliament as well as displays of current referendum material and historic items from the collections.

    This event is part the NLS ‘Collecting the Referendum’ project, which aims to build a collection that is un-biased, representative and inclusive of the varied and often complex angles surrounding the debate on the constitutional future of Scotland. ‘Collecting the Referendum’ will include materials in different formats: publications in print and digital, analogue and born digital archives and records, moving image and sound, websites and social media streams.

    Recognising the significance of this event regardless of the outcome, ‘Collecting the Referendum’ aims to create a valuable record for future generations of researchers which builds on their significant collections of Scottish home rule and independence campaigns.

    For more information please email:

    Please share with anyone you think might be interested.

    P.S. bring along any material (leaflets, flyers, stickers etc.), particularly from local campaigns, for the archive.

  57. Robert Peffers says:

    @ronnie anderson says: 22 July, 2014 at 10:04 am

    “We need to get more smarter & start hounding Brown / Darling / Blair Mac Dougall.”

    Well,Ronnie, We have all heard that Napoleon said, “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making mistakes”. However, the actual quotation came before the battle of , “Austerlitz”. The allies, (enemies), attempted a outflank, by a march in column, to turn the right flank of Napoleon.

    He restrained his marshals, (who were eager to attack), and said, “The enemy is making a false move, why should we interrupt him?”

  58. Cath says:

    ‘Andy Murray left Scotland to further his career.’

    Andy Murray went to Spain to train, did he not? And he uses foreign coaches. So by that token, the UK isn’t fit to be independent and should cede all sovereignty to Madrid, or maybe Brussels.

  59. Colin says:

    @Indy_Scot 10:08 am

    “Can you imagine trying to explain to your grandchildren how Scotland was cheated out of its Independence by our own TV and print media. It does not bear thinking about.”

    Or worse, trying to explain to them why they are standing in line for the food bank with holes in their shoes, after you voted no.

  60. Jiggaboo says:

    I have never believed a thing I have read in the papers since the day a reporter from the Daily Record walked into my place of employment the day after Andy Murrays 1st Wimbledon appearance (gives you a clue where I live & work) and asked how many people were in watching the game … my reply was “I don’t know, it was my day off” next day the quote was ” Jo **** from Dunblane ****** said there were loads here supporting Andy and the atmosphere was amazing” I immediately emailed the lying scumbag and demanded a printed apology for it. Surprise surprise he didn’t reply and I didn’t get my apology.

  61. Robert Black says:

    You cannot hope
    to bribe or twist,
    Thank God! the
    British journalist.
    But seeing what
    the man will do
    Unbribed, there’s
    no occasion to.

    By Humbert Wolfe, from The Celestial City.

  62. Robert Peffers says:

    @Colin says: 22 July, 2014 at 10:54 am
    “Or worse, trying to explain to them why they are standing in line for the food bank with holes in their shoes, after you voted no.”

    My first wife died in the mid 1960s.(Labour Government of 1964-70). I was left with an adopted boy and my own son, a babe in arms. The Fife Council was Labour. The only solution they offered me was to take my boys into care. I refused to allow them to do so. They refused me child day-care or even daily home-help. I was trying to continue working so that was a killer.

    I knew I should have had more financial help via benefits and allowances and the killer blow was made by the Local Council Social work department. They assessed my income from my previous year’s earnings but I was on maintenance work and thus lots of extras such as unsociable hours and call-out allowances. etc. So no chance of keeping those earnings as I had kids to look after.

    Been there: did that. Couldn’t afford a T-shirt. So yes I starved and walked on my bare feet through the bottom of my shoes. That’s Old Labour for you. It turned out they had colluded with the Benefits Agency to starve me into submission by restricting my benefits. I had to give in and both my boys were sexually abused while in the care of Fife council.

    Labour have been a sham party claiming to be for the poor and working class throughout my entire life.

  63. Cuilean says:

    Given how MSM & Project Fear smeared Salmond over innocuous & out of context Putin remarks; does not the audacious hyprocrisy by Westminster over their new stance on the Litvenko murder in 2006 (which it turned a blind eye to, so as not to deter Russian billionaires investing £47 billion in their pals in the City of London)beggar belief? Then there was another ant-Putin Russian billionaire suspected murdered (found hung, open verdict by coroner) in England last year. That too was a stone left unturned, UNTIL NOW! Suddenly it is OK to not like Russia, again! Salmond did not turn a blind eye to two UK murders whilst in its interest to do so. Mention this any time NOs voice Salmond as in favour of Putin! That’ll shut them up quick!

  64. Cuilean says:

    Robert Peffers, have just read your last post. So sorry to hear that. Shameful. Shameful.

  65. Flooplepoop says:

    O/T The BBC being more truthful?

  66. muttley79 says:

    The referendum on independence has shown us how power is practised in the UK. You have the political establishment at Westminster and Whitehall. You have the City of London, big business, wealthy landowners etc. Then you have the BBC and other various forms of MSM. The political establishment opposes independence, the second group mentioned funds the No campaign, and the third group runs the propaganda for the first two groups.

  67. goldenayr says:

    Robert Kerr

    I too gleaned that from the article.Someones seen the £300,000 poll.

    His name was just too good an opportunity. 😀

  68. Nuada says:

    Perhaps, Stu, you might think about creating a new website, one dedicated to simply restating whatever lie unionists are telling today and then publishing the refutation of it in the simple manner of this story. No need for comments or replies, just put up the facts.

  69. heedtracker says:

    Here in Aberdeen. Press and journal went big with Crash Gordon and you’ll die etc, but nothing today except letter from Alex Neil Secretary for Health explaining the reality behind Crash and his fear mongering, things like 7,600 patients from out with Scotland treated each year, EU wide health care, English docs won’t turn away yes voters and vice versa.

    So maybe at least one journalist in teamGB media firestorming Scottish democracy, has a sense of decency.

  70. Dan Huil says:

    Boycott the unionist media – both print and internet formats.
    Oh, and BBC “Scotland”.

  71. heedtracker says:

    P&J also have bizarre hypocrisy going on with massive warning from Charles Kennedy and Common Wealth Games must not be political football, he’s worried that the games will be hyjacked by you know who for you know what and again, another rancid hypocrite report from a UKOK freak show that went Union Jack crazy at the London Olympics.

    Plus half page photo of AlicSamin waving Scotland flag at Wimbledon. TeamGB will never forgive AlicSamin for that outrage against teamGB.

  72. Helena Brown says:

    Robert Peffers, so ashamed that anybody was put in your position. My Cousin in Wales, his wife left him with his two kids circa 1970’s. He allowed his children to be put with Foster parents whilst he worked. I know he had problems with the Foster Parents wanting to adopt his children but nothing like your children had. So much sympathy for all of you.

  73. goldenayr says:

    Robert Peffers

    Braver men than I have fought before me.

    You impoverish my ego with your resilience.

  74. Capella says:

    Nobody trusts journalists or politicians:
    “The survey results…show that only 3% of the 2,044 adults who were polled trusted journalists. Bankers managed a 2% rating while estate agents and politicians were trusted by only 1%….Why, I wonder, is the public so disenchanted with journalists?”
    Roy Greenslade in Guardian re 2009 poll.
    The figures will be so much worse now!
    See also the hysterical demonisation of Putin the day after the plane crash with no evidence to back it up, the British press speak with one voice, (Washington’s ?)
    Journalists clearly aren’t taught to use Google.

  75. Gordon Lynn says:

    ‘Just sent Mr Brown an email.

    Dear Mr Brown, it has come to my attention here in Australia that you are apparently being misrepresented by the mainstream media in so far as they are accusing you of spreading an erroneous scare tactic concerning independence ending cross-border organ transplants. I am sure that a man of your integrity would have checked the efficacy of such a statement before making it and would have known it to be an untruth.  I worry that if you do not correct these media outlets personally they are in fact guilty of libel against you.

    I beleive thtat the NHS Blood & Transplant service have made it clear that “Scottish independence will not affect organ donation and the system will continue as it does currently.”

    I trust that you will do the right thing and challenge the failing integrity of the uk media by correcting this injustice as soon as practically possible. 

    I look forward to reading about it online as here in Australia it makes you look like a person lacking scruples and prone to spread lies for their own self interest and personal benefit.

    I am pleased that I have been able to inform you of such an apparent travesty foisted upon you by the mainstream press and I hope that my observation has been of assistance

    Yours in socialist solidarity.

    Gordon Lynn (Scottish expat Brisbane)

  76. Macart says:

    “You know how the rest goes by now, readers.”

    Yes, sadly we do. 🙁

  77. creag an tuirc says:

    Oh well, it’s official. There are NO journalists in Scotland, just employees that do as they’re told. Independence is the only way to rectify this and remove the shackles of the Great British ‘lie to your own people’ machine.

  78. heedtracker says:

    And check out how far right attack machine goes after Scotland, Scottish education, AlicSamin, Yes. Voters.

  79. BigRik says:

    I have no problem with the papers spouting and repeating whatever mince they like, i just don’t buy them. My big problem is when the BBC do it, as i pay my licence fee. So , i have a choice… pay for lies and propaganda, or go to jail. Iam not a journalist, but i would have thought, on page 1 of the first text book, would be… CHECK YOUR FACTS..obviously i am mistaken.

  80. gordoz says:


    Came across this / sorry if this has been posted before; (just for some inspiration).

    A certain Rev features 1/2 way through, at last years March.

  81. Nana Smith says:

    Hope this works

    The UK Govt response to #GazaUnderAttack vs. the Scottish govt. Speaks volumes.

    I tried to copy and paste but no can do. Please go to the twitter link above to see the difference between right [Scottish response] and wrong [UK government]

  82. goldenayr says:

    Are they having a laugh?

    There’s a reason businesses locate where they do in the first place.

    Wonder if they’re breaking any EC rules?

  83. Lesley-Anne says:

    Sorry for going O/T here folks but there are two televised independence debates going to be happening in Dumfries in August. Any one who wants to attend can e-mail the BBC or ITV for further details.

    The BBC debate takes place at the Brigend Theatre on 18th August in Dumfries but as yet the BBC have not released any details of panellists.

    The ITV debate takes place a week later on the 25th of August at the Crichton in Dumfries David Mundell and Joan McAlpine are two of the panellists on this debate with further panellists to be advised later.

  84. goldenayr says:

    Nana Smith

    Here’s the link to the FB page you want.

    Stunning stuff.

  85. goldenayr says:


    Mind and give us a wave when the camera is on you.

  86. alexicon says:

    On newspapers propaganda.
    My elderly neighbour is an avid Scotsman buyer and I suspect old Labour. In the past I have given him photo copies of the McCrone report (newspaper version) etc. to read and told him about the media lies.
    Today he told me that he is voting YES.
    The moral of the story is that you can never tell and if you target your voting audience with the right information then things will come around.
    Today I’m off to give a voting registration form a young shopkeeper I was talking to yesterday who said he would want to vote YES, but he wasn’t even registered to vote.
    I’ll make sure he fills it in, in a nice way, and give it to the local YES campaigner to lodge with the electoral registration office and to make sure he will definitely vote YES I will give him a copy of the McCrone report to read also.
    That’s 2 YES voters in 2 days folks, so remember to target your voting public in your area with the information that stops them voting YES.

  87. heedtracker says:

    On the one hand you have Glasgow uni law Prof/Slovene BetterTogetherNo thanks campaigner in a Glasgow uni study savaging everything Scottish but on the other hand, the UKOK Westminster education system that Prof’s like Jezereena are defending are

    The entire student loan system is nearing a point where it is financially unworkable, the group of MPs in charge of scrutinising university policy has found.

    In a scathing report, the Commons business committee called for an urgent review of the system, amid predictions the government is heading towards a multibillion-pound black hole in the funding of universities.

    In their report, the MPs questioned whether the sale of the loan book would lead to a good return for the taxpayer, since the government’s own analysis has now found it would raise only £2bn rather than the £12bn originally expected by the government with “an unusual and potentially costly deal made to protect the private investor”.

    “With the prospect of a large potential black hole in the government’s budget figures, the government need to get its act together and properly calculate how much of these student debts are ever likely to be paid back. The government needs to set out a clear timescale for pushing ahead with a review of the overall student loans system because the alternative is an unfunded model which would leave students, universities, and taxpayers with a very raw deal indeed.”

    Deranged law Professors pretending to be Slovene women aside, everyone considering going to college and uni Scotland has to read up on what England’s done to itself and at the hands of women like Prof Tomkins, currently teaching at Glasgow university.

    Please ignore all of the above if Mum and Dad are minted:D

  88. caz-m says:

    “So , i have a choice… pay for lies and propaganda, or go to jail”.

    And it’s similar to what the BBCs James Naughtie said to someone he was interviewing,

    “If you don’t pay my wages you will go to jail”.

  89. Robert Peffers says:

    @Cuilean : 22 July, 2014 at 11:40 am:

    @Helena Brown says: 22 July, 2014 at 11:52 am:

    @goldenayr says: 22 July, 2014 at 11:54 am:

    Also anyone who I missed reading who replied.

    You don’t know the half of it. My motive, though, was not seeking sympathy but to highlight that both the Labour Party and MSM, (not forgetting the BBC), were at it back then too. They have changed not a whit. If you do not believe me check out this cite :-

    Fife Labour vote against free school meals for youngsters and that’s only a scratch on the surface.

    Incidentally I only managed to haul my family out of their clutches after meeting a wonderful lady who was also in their grasp. She, though, managed to keep her lad with her by getting domestic work where she could live-in and have her son with her.

    We met, helped each other, married and had a good life together. May she ever rest in peace in the knowledge I still make sure that step-son is a credit to both of us.

  90. Flower of Scotland says:

    Sorry! O/t usual J Beattie stuff ” do you feel excited about the games. Do you feel they,re Glasgow,s games or Scotland’s games. Do text in. Oh lots of texts blah, blah”

    However something new. He interviewed a London business guy who does business in Russia and Ukraine. This guy was out in Ukraine when they had their ” revolution”. He was on the streets and saw what happened and who was there. He said when he came back to the UK, he saw the same videos but an entirely different story as to what had happened and who had taken part! Surprise, surprise! He literally said that we were NOT being told the truth!

    Please attend the protest at PQ this Sunday. It will be difficult to get there, but we have to show people there that the BBC is a propaganda machine!

    Anyway thanks J Beattie for all the negative stuff about the games!!

  91. goldenayr says:


    “That’s 2 YES voters in 2 days folks, so remember to target your voting public in your area with the information that stops them voting YES.”

    You could’ve worded that better,it reads like something I would write and then get pelters for.

  92. Lesley-Anne says:

    goldenayr says:


    Mind and give us a wave when the camera is on you.

    Oh I don’t think any one will have any problems identifying me goldenayr. I’ll be the mad blonde nutter wearing the YES shirt in the wheelchair giving it laldy to the NO supporters on the panel. 😛

  93. panda paws says:

    @Robert Peffers

    What a dreadful story. I hope and your sons have received whatever help you need to try to come to terms with what has happened and not let it destroy the rest of your lives.

  94. Nana Smith says:


    I wonder if highlighting those responses from the 2 governments could persuade don’t knows to Yes.

    Shows how the UK are warmongering while the Scots are peaceful and want to help those poor souls caught up in hell.

  95. David Wardrope says:

    Amusingly, was on Gordon Brown’s website and noticed that on the right side of the page near the top there is an ad for Fife Today, and shows the top headlines from their site. Second headline is about how more people are shifting towards Yes vote. Also noticed though that there is no noticeable mention that he’s a Labour MP, the site has no Labour logos and there is no link to Labour site in the ‘Useful links’ section. Sorry if I’m rambling some rubbish here but I thought it interesting.

  96. alexicon says:


    Yes I could have worded it better as I worded “I’ll make sure he fills it in” but I’m sure you all get my drift?
    All done in a nice way, I can assure you. 🙂

  97. goldenayr says:

    Robert Peffers

    Didn’t reply in sympathy Robert.I replied in empathy,we will stop these things,condoned by the british state,ever happening again.

  98. muttley79 says:

    If anyone has any spare cash then there is the Margo MacDonald fund raiser, it seems to be struggling a bit:

  99. goldenayr says:


    Gave me a chuckle.

  100. JGedd says:

    @Robert Peffers

    I’m so sorry for you and your sons, Robert. Your story is heart-breaking.

    I am also sorry to say that I went on voting for Labour until the 90s before the election of Blair as leader of the party became the last straw. Labour became ever more corrupted by the idea of power and became part of the establishment. That establishment is capable of hiding the vilest of human bahaviour exhibited by its members and seems aloof from the concerns of ordinary society. I’m afraid that we are simply viewed as voting fodder.

    It’s time to be done with the UK and its establishment. Let’s build a better system and one which does away with patronage and career politics.

  101. goldenayr says:

    Nana Smith

    Judging by the replies..yes.

    Won’t work completely on the doorstep in some of the more impoverished areas of Scotland but might go down well in the more libertarian areas.

  102. goldenayr says:


    Don’t forget your Wings banner. 😀

  103. crisiscult says:

    @Flower of Scotland

    The BBC constantly peddled the line that the protests in Kiev (and elsewhere) started when Ukraine pulled out of the association agreement. While that is true, what was the point in constantly repeating it when things moved on so dramatically that it had almost zero connection to the protests?

    I laughed when BBC reported not so long ago that Britain admitted placing a camera in a rock (I think it was in Moscow) to spy on a Russian Government building, considering that back when it happened (early 2008 I think), they were using lots of language to make it clear t the reader that this was Soviet era paranoia.

    You see, we all know our media don’t need to actually make stuff up in order to mislead. I wonder if the British government are worried that there is such a large section of the public actively against them internally and externally.

  104. thoughtsofascot says:

    On the subject of Student loans, when I was still a Liberal, I spent time and time again pointing out how the student loan system they claim to have “introduced” to cover the tuition fee hike was fundamentally unstable because they were creating debt that could never be paid back, because the students would never earn enough to cover it before the bubble burst. At the time I was verbally abused by a dozen or so rabid party activists with absolutely no grip on reality. Lo and behold. Exactly that is happening, and its likely those delusional fools are still drinking the kool-aid.

  105. goldenayr says:


    You were a liberal?

    Any admissions,I make on here,will now pale in comparison. 🙂

  106. goldenayr says:


    Please tell us that Christine Jardine was one of the rabid activists.

  107. Jock Scot says:

    Maybe slightly O/T…suggested to Ninja Penguin at the Edinburgh get together on the 4th of July..looking forward to hearing T Jenny and Lesley-Ann leading the sing along on Sunday…’BECOME THE MEDIA’ as the young guy suggests

  108. thoughtsofascot says:

    Indeed. The young idealist that I was. Always thought Clegg was a suspicious fellow, but I thought in my younger days the party stood for something. The naivety of youth.

  109. goldenayr says:


    Lewis MacLeod News on radio Scotland,spot on.

    Even managed to get in “Scotlandshire”.

  110. Devereux says:

    B/TT I think BT is kicking itself in the teeth with its emphasis on the NHS/SNHS and pensions. The aim, as ever, is to hit the community that is older and not on-line and susceptible to headlines and the BBC. BT may yet win on demographics. However, they are taking a bizarre risk by ignoring the many thousands who actually work in the NHS and are soft No’s. These people know or will be contact with people who know, that Gordon Brown et al are not just spinning but lying. I have a friend who was a definite No who works as a nurse and is slowly reviewing core beliefs (kindove helped along by me forwarding the email from Great Ormond Street to Rev). I think this is a gift to the Yes campaign and we should get printing and copying these rebuttals because these are not from politicians or activists but from neutral professionals – the only true neutrals in this whole debate and therefore gold-dust. Let’s keep targeting anyone we know in the health service. Drip, drip as they say. If Yes prevails the ammunition from this site will be an enormous factor.

  111. thoughtsofascot says:

    the name doesn’t ring a bell I’m afraid.

  112. liheartScotland says:

    Ok Muttley79,
    Done, I double dare you to mention another indie cause to contribute to… no beer or whisky for me this weekend…..

  113. goldenayr says:


    Knew it.

    I’ve only just stopped believing Santa is bringing me a light sabre.

    Fat red git,guess who’s no getting milk and biscuits this year?

    And as for Rudolf…!

  114. heedtracker says:

    Its a bit adictive compare/contrasting ukok shite basically in the newspapers etc but this is fun with yo Bliar and his lies over his wealth

    Followed by this and check out enraged UKOK CiF unionists leaping on to Leanne Wood from Wales.

  115. goldenayr says:

    thoughtsofascot says:
    the name doesn’t ring a bell I’m afraid

    Probably got it wrong again.The failed candidate and activist they keep trotting out.Last seen on Sunday Politics Scotland.

  116. muttley79 says:


    Keep some cash back for beer. The referendum is important, but so are other things. Don’t worry I have no intention of mentioning any other fund raisers.

  117. Capella says:

    @heedtracker says 12:25 pm
    How odd that the Guardian graphic illustrating the story shows the Student Loans Co Ltd letterhead HQ at 100 Bothwell Street Glasgow!

  118. Martin says:

    This is all excellent. For months now I’ve been upset that Scotland will narrowly vote no. All this MSM nonsense being hyped up convinces me we are on our way to a yes.

  119. Robert Peffers says:

    @panda paws says: 22 July, 2014 at 1:03 pm:

    “What a dreadful story. I hope and your sons have received whatever help you need to try to come to terms with what has happened and not let it destroy the rest of your lives.”

    I got no help whatsoever. I’m not going to bore folks with it either. My motive was to highlight that both Labour, and the Establishment have been at the same game since at least the Treaty of Union.

    I will tell you this. Even after I did manage, (without help from them), to get myself out of trouble Fife Council, still demanded I pay the backdated keep for the boys. It took years.

    I got out of trouble by being introduced to a neighbour’s daughter who had divorced an abusive husband and who had kept herself and her son together by taking live in hotel work that allowed her to keep her son with her. She lost her job after the holiday season and was homeless.

    We helped each other out of our troubles. Got on like a house on fire and eventually got married. We had a great marriage. Sad to say we could not sort out the boy my first wife and I had adopted, (but he was always a bad lot anyway). The other two are a credit to us both. May Wee Jessie forever rest in peace for if anyone deserves to it is she.

  120. goldenayr says:


    Unless you’re already doing it,or live in a tory stronghold,get out canvassing.

    That’ll dispel any doubts that we’re going to win.

  121. Martin says:

    Robert, your story is heartbreaking. I hate to use it for political gain so please keep this in mind if my meaning doesn’t come through so clearly. In life we will, some of us, unfortunately be forced into the jaws of the “safety net” that is the benefits system. From what I have seen of the UK government, it doesn’t work to help people. Some starve, others gain dependence and are held back and prevented from ever moving on. What your story highlights so well is that we as people are often the ones who make the most difference to the lives of others.

    There’s a lot of talk about nastiness after the referendum whichever way it goes. Remember Robert’s story and how it affects us. Scottish people are many things (especially with a drink in us) but we are compassionate. I work with very poor people every day and the compassion and help shown by friends, neighbours and even strangers within these communities is startling. If there’s a yes vote we must work to build a better country, but lets all try even if there’s a no.

  122. gerry parker says:

    Yep, contributed right at the start but disappointed that it’s only 18% towards its total.

    Maybe everyone’s waiting for pay day, I know I’m struggling this month although I did manage to get another couple of Wings banners.


  123. Martin says:


    I do plan to start canvassing as of job change on 6th August. Currently I don’t think my neighbours would approve of me going round their doors at 4am when I’m not working. From speaking to my immediate neighbours (Dennistoun) it shan’t be a hard lot to convince.

  124. liheartScotland says:

    Apologieive overseas and the gap between rich and poor is much closer.

  125. Robert Peffers says:

    @goldenayr says: 22 July, 2014 at 1:10 pm

    “Didn’t reply in sympathy Robert.I replied in empathy,we will stop these things,condoned by the british state,ever happening again.”

    Thanks for that, Perhaps, though, these things happen for a reason. After I got out of bother I became a Union Steward and was the only Non-Labour steward in the then biggest branch in Scotland. I have done charity work all my life.

    Second wife was a trained nurse and she too did charity work all her life. My step-son was a trained industrial chemist and the top man in his company’s R&D department but gave it up to become a senior social worker, ironically with Fife Council

    Perhaps the fact that you have suffered such depravation makes you want to help others less fortunate than yourself.

  126. goldenayr says:


    Glad to hear it,mind you,there might be a few lonely folk who wouldn’t mind getting knocked up at that time. 😀

    Got tae go folks,see y’later.

  127. Nowt more to say on Bias. Much to say on demonising Salmond by Scottish Labour

  128. goldenayr says:

    Robert Peffers

    Had to come back for this.

    Then you and they should hold your heads high.Money is only important when you have none.

  129. Lesley-Anne says:

    goldenayr says:


    Don’t forget your Wings banner. 😀

    I’m not so sure I’d be allowed a banner into the audience goldenayr, but rest assured I’m certain everyone will be able to recognise me if we get tickets. 😉

    There will not be that many blonde’s sitting in wheelchairs wearing YES shirts, or at least I don’t think there will be. If we get tickets to the ITV debate you’ll know we’re in the audience cause the normally cheerful chappie, the cabbage patch doll himself, David Mundell will have a face like it’s been slapped with a fresh wet kipper because he’ll have recognised me in the audience. After the strips I tore off him last time in Eaglesfield about the Euro and using the pound I don’t think he’ll exactly be overjoyed to see the *ahem* “intellectual in the wheelchair.” 😛

    The only problem I have now is trying to think up another question to ask him for the ITV show, should I get to ask one. 😉

    That’s a cracking song there Jock. 🙂

  130. liheartScotland says:

    Apologies for the last post, just trying to say that in more equal societies that working class folk have more spending money.

  131. heedtracker says:

    Another slice of teamGB propaganda from rancid old Graun. When we lived in Glasgow Labour Mayor Mathieson was witnessed having sex in his car in the street with his ex boyfriend near where we lived. Police called, nothing happened. The Orange Order lads made no comment which is interesting.

  132. seanair says:

    O/T but I’ve just discovered the recent story about Di Alexander being the father of our favourite LibDem, and in his capacity as Chairman of Lochaber Housing Asociation has criticised his son Danny’s addiction to the bedroom tax. Di Alexander has been involved in social housing in the Highlands for many years and it must have grieved him for a patently unfair tax to be introduced by someone he has spawned.
    Danny seems to be changing his tune over the bedroom tax although he has no power to do so. Maybe his faither gave his errant son a skelp in the lug to help him think again.

  133. thoughtsofascot says:


    Seems to be the correct name upon checking it out, I just haven’t had the “pleasure” of making her acquaintance, in person or online. For that I’m glad.

    And for all you guys and girls out there canvassing. Keep up the good work. Keep the pressure on BT and victory will be yours.

  134. thoughtsofascot says:

    Methinks those esteemed Labour minds don’t quite understand what the acronym “HQ” means

  135. heedtracker says:

    Graun says

    “Glasgow city council, and seven surrounding authorities, have forged a strong relationship with England’s eight largest cities, represented in the powerful Core Cities Group – and, more significantly, with the Westminster government. In a bold move, it has approved an English-style “city deal” that promises to deliver over £1.1bn in job training schemes and new infrastructure projects – such as a long overdue rail link to Glasgow airport, shelved by the SNP government in Edinburgh. “Historically, economically, socially, politically, geographically, the fact is that we have more in common with English cities than with the rest of Scotland,” says Glasgow city council leader Gordon Matheson.”

    How many piles of bullshit sticking out of that one vote no or else Guardian paragraph, £ 1.1 billion delivered to Glasgow is my “biggest UKOK lie of the day” but it’s not as big as Crash Gordon vote no to keep your organ transplant hopes alive.

  136. heedtracker says:

    Graun says vote no BetterTogether Scottish region on the one hand to us, but to everyone else“envoy

    “For the rest of us, Blair’s self-enrichment from corporations and dictatorships has degraded the office of prime minister. To undo the damage will require a profound change of political direction. Blair himself will never shake off demands that he be held to account for war crimes – even if the system is heavily stacked in his favour”

    What the direction the Guardian means could be anywhere nice and conservative but with Scotland dragged along too.

  137. seanair says:

    Rosa Albe Macdonald
    I find it infuriating in conversation with friends/acquaintances regarding their voting intentions when they say they will vote No “because of that Alicsammon”.
    I used to remind them of how the average person in Scotland has benefited from the SG, and has been shielded from some of the Westminster austerities, etc. etc., but all I say now is, if AS dropped dead on 17th September would they vote Yes? Much shuffling of feet and “er, well” but no change of mind even though their bete-noire has been removed from the scene. Pathetic.

  138. heedtracker says:

    Same UKOK Graun ligger that fluffed labour mayor of Glasgow today, bashed out this kind of non news to anyone oop norf

  139. Lesley-Anne says:

    Sorry for O/T here but it appears that the head of the anoying little insect that we all know as the Scotsman has gone. 😛

    According to the Press Gazette:

    Johnston Press’s managing directors for Northern Ireland and Scotland are to leave as part of a shake-up that will see the company combine several publishing divisions.

  140. Iain (orri) McCord says:

    So Gordon Brown knows more about tissue matching and how best to increase the chances of success of transplants than the experts in the field? The kind of cross-border cooperation being discussed is essential in ensuring that no organs go to waste and the chances of all recipients are maximised.

    The question to be asked is, as it always should be, just how far would the rUK go in its efforts to punish Scotland for having the audacity to opt for independence. I’ve heard of cutting your nose of to spite your face but to suggest that they’d go as far as to actually allow their own citizens to die is unbelievable.

  141. desimond says:


    Great link and the comment from DougtheDug within( see below) had me mouth “NOOOOWAY!!”

    The “City Deal” that Westminster did with Glasgow has to rank up there with one of the most blatant bribes on the planet. It actually says on the website that “We are giving England’s cities new powers and freedoms through City Deals.” England, not the UK.

    The powers were set up under the Localism Act 2011 which is specifically about English local government.

    The City deals were done in two tranches. Wave 1, which consisted of the 8 largest cities outside London and Wave 2, which were 20 cities who submitted proposals to the Government by February 2013.

    Guess what? Glasgow wasn’t on the Wave 1 list or on the Wave 2 list and isn’t in England but all of a sudden it pops up out of the blue as the next great City Deal.

    It’s all just a spoiler for the independence referendum cooked up between the Tory government in Westminster and their close allies in the Labour run Glasgow council.

  142. Papadox says:

    @seanair: says 2:46 pm

    Don’t waste your time with the “a hate Alicsamin” fearties. They are either totally ignorant to what a referendum is or they are terrified that they are going to loose their social or financial position in society as they see it. Where ever that may be, they just don’t want anything to change, cause we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. They don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, does anyone. They are very frightened and insecure people. Who really need pitied.
    The upper crust no’s just want to hold onto their privileged existence and make sure none of the rougher peasants can improve themselves by hard work and expanding their education.
    Very sad really. They have no morals or backbone they are just full of fear or greed.

  143. handclapping says:

    Spare a thought for Stu in the dentist’s chair. Is having toothache worse than having it cured?

    Is staying in the Union worse than Independence?

  144. heedtracker says:

    Everyone voting Yes has had to listen to no voters blow off about voting because they hate AlicSamin. Here in Aberdeen, this kind of vote no Graun CIF attacking Welsh devo is quite prevalent too but how to respond other than stifling laughter?

    “So how does a small country with no significant natural resources, a descimated industrial sector (who caused the damage is irrelevant here), a declining education system and a economically larger neighbour who will always suck away its best talent stand on its own in the 21st century. Answer me that and i’ll tell you Welsh independence is a good idea. Even better, give me an example for Wales to emulate. If im being fair the best example i could think of would be New Zealand but it’s a) not a perfect match and b) they’re not without their own problems.”

    Switch Scotland for Wales and it’s the core of Blair Macdoublewhopperwithcheeseextrafries BetterTogether campaign.

    To be fair no one says it like Gordon Brewer. I really miss old Sweatie Brewer snarling away at anyone wanting Scotland running Scotland and he should have got the newsnight job, god knows hes worked hard enough trying to shut down Holyrood.

  145. Dal Riata says:

    Sorry, O/T


    Do you know that the faux-Slovene Prof Abieboobela Tomjezernarosakins has a Twitter account?

    Yup, all her/his/their hatred and madness condensed to 140 characters or less.

    DialMforMurdo had this to say on CiF: AlbieSalba’s Twitter account description describes supporters of Scottish independence as Nazis. “Facing the nazis. Say NO Scotland” it says – in Slovene [Pred nacisti. Reci NE Škotska]. I don’t speak Slovene, but I do understand enough of it to comprehend her Tweets.

  146. desimond says:


    Is staying in the Union worse than Independence?

    Naw but its worse than toothache!


  147. Lesley-Anne says:

    desimond says:


    Is staying in the Union worse than Independence?

    Naw but its worse than toothache!


    I’m not so sure desimond. At least with toothache there is always a cure even it is not always enjoyable at first. We stick with Broken Britain I don’t think we will ever get another option for the cure in the future. 😛

  148. Clarinda says:

    seanair – 2.46

    I don’t even think it’s their “bête noire” – more like a sad excuse to mask their lack of knowledge of either side of the Independence debate (yes I know there is only one side with any decent rationale) – but I’m afraid I pursue each one who alleges to ‘hate’ Mr Salmond and ask them in an over-interested and concerned fashion to give their top reasons.

    This unexpected question usually results in silence, apart from some silly reference to his appearance – which, when voiced, makes them look rather shame-faced. Like yourself, and no doubt countless others, I then quietly outline the list of proven benefits (past, present and future) from the SNP majority government and pitch in a good number of NO smear tactics (I’ll have to add in organ transplantation now – thanks Mr Brown)- we have without exception parted on good terms and the once anti-Salmond pretender leaves armed with a number of blog links to study.

    One even wrote them on his arm in ball-point so that he wouldn’t forget. Perhaps WoS could produce transfers for easier application.

  149. Iain (orri) McCord says:

    The Glasgow city funding is in line with the recommendations of the Strathclyde Commission, advised by the “independent” Tompkins, of how to undermine Holyrood. The fact that in order for Glasgow to get the cash (only 5M a year for 5 years) Holyrood has to match it is simply a way of twisting it’s arm. Where the money is coming from is any ones guess but mine would be that in replacing Barnet with a “needs based” method each devolved administration will receive a per-capita amount equal to the average in London before additional spending to be spread over the UK is taken into account. Then some of the amount cut will be given directly to specific regions rather than to the devolved parliaments.

  150. crazycat says:

    @ Dal Riata

    I’ve just followed your link to the supposed twitter account of the supposed Slovene.

    Since I don’t do twitter, I may well be missing something really, really obvious, but…..

    Said supposed Slovene is called AlbieSalba. Abies alba is the botanical name for silver fir (hence the CiF avatar, I assume) and the lack of a sense of humour leads me to suspect (s)he wouldn’t spoof it her/himself.

    Also there are retweets from the spoof A_DarlingMP.

    Isn’t the whole thing a spoof? If that’s what you are pointing out and I am just being dense, apologies.

  151. Iain (orri) McCord says:

    Divje kure v tem norem svetu. Pred nacisti. Reci NE Škotska

    Google translates as,

    Grouse in this crazy world. Before the Nazis. Say NO to Scotland

  152. Dal Riata says:


    Is that Twitter account a spoof? It could be, I really don’t know. In the mad world of the rabid anti-Scottish independence faux-Slovene one anything’s possible!

  153. heedtracker says:

    @ Dal Riata, Do you know that the faux-Slovene Prof Abieboobela Tomjezernarosakins has a Twitter account?

    I did but can’t be arsed with the silly man on twitter. He’s certainly a WoS reader though as he’s eased off on his Graun CIF ferocious “you’re all fascists and sheep and iScotland is a dictatorship” abuse. Although he was still trying to deflect this morn with his Wee Ginger Dug got him wrong as Labour activist in Motherwell. As if anyone in lovely Slovenia has ever heard of Motherwell.

    Actually Graun mods deleted that Aliesbadas rant oddly. If you’re out there Adam and you are, keep sticking it to us Scottish sheep Baaaah or as Slovene sheep say, Baaaaski.

  154. Luigi says:

    Don’t waste your time with the “a hate Alicsamin” fearties.

    Just politely ask them why they hate Alex Salmond, and then watch them squirm.

    If you are in a mean mood, you can keep challenging their reasons (you won’t get a coherent answer), but eventually, you may wish to put them out of their misery with a gentle: “You know, this is not really about Alex Salmond”.

    It’s mildly entertaining.

  155. chalks says:

    Without Scotland, the UK would be the size of Greece.

    New report on the BBC website.

    I’ve just climbed back up onto my seat after falling off it laughing.

  156. gavin lessells says:


    I attended last demo and fully intended to attend this one.
    However, on a note of caution. It is during Commonwealth Games which Alec avoided for THE debate.

    The Beeb are hosting games related events with an audience present who may not necessarily share our views although might be persauded by other means.

    We had a good press today from the Herald. We possibly run the risk of a bad one on monday no matter how well behaved as we always are.

    Needless to say, I know of others who share this view.

    If it goes ahead I will be there. Just saying like…..

  157. bookie from hell says:

    id postpone it till after the games

  158. biggpolmont says:

    o/t I know but still media oriented there is a bit in the Herald saying that to open ,close or tilt the blinds at BBC PQ the Staff MUST phone an office in the English Midlands
    300 miles away and get the property management company to do it for them electronically! Someone else who believes that they cannot be trusted with the simplest of tasks!

  159. bald eagle says:

    anybody good with very very big flagpoles one is sitting in ruchill park in glasgow just crying out very loudly for a wings or saltire flag

    google it and see how high this beauty is it must be the highest in scotland any penguins about to take up the challenge
    it sits atop a very large mound and you can see every housing estate in glasgow


    just some of the places that can be seen from this location was up the other day and the view is bloody fantastic google it and have a look ronnie anderson right lad up you go i like brave volunteers

  160. bald eagle says:

    and did i mention it’s a nice distance from the flight path for planes coming into glasgow airport and it’s just up the road from partick thistles footy grounds

  161. TJenny says:

    Jock + YCs, I too hope to be at PQ on Sunday, and after listening to your fab ‘Radio Blah, Blah’, which is an excellent depiction of all that’s wrong with ‘Aunty’, I think we should all sing it on Sunday.

    As I suspect it’s too late to get permission (like we’d get it :-() for a big screen to show the whole vid, would it be a good idea if those of us going who have printers (I unfortunately don’t), could print out pages of the lyrics to be distributed throughout the crowd, for those who may no have seen the vid, with Jock, Nod et al at the microphone? Shurely we couldn’t get bad press for, gulp, singing, could we?

    Lesley – Anne – I hope you’re getting in full voice for the chorus, if not the verse: D although I agree with you that sometimes older eyes (or should that be ayes?) don’t find it easy to follow the lyrics whilst viewing the background.

    I’ll post this on OT too.

  162. Nana Smith says:

    Feeling your pain Rev….its the gnashing of teeth that does it.

    I have a deep rooted dislike of dentists, bit a finger one time and they have not forgiven me.

  163. heedtracker says:

    Queens Park has a perfect flag pole up its hill which is usually empty. A huge Saltire flying over South Side Glasgsow, would be lowered in minutes by the council. Here in Aberdeen there’s hardly any Scotland flags and certainly none on Aberdeen City council property. And that’s because Aberdeen is also rather badly run by a unionist council. Someone went to Court to get Saltires removed from Aberdeen County council properties, like libraries but don’t know how they got on.

    After imdependence though…

  164. John H. says:

    Sorry O/T.
    Something unexpected happened this afternoon.While walking my dog I met a man I’ve known for several years who was walking his dog.That’s how I got to know him.

    He is a complex character, sort of Jekyll and Hyde. O/O all his life, a knuckle dragger who travels to Belfast regularly for the O/O marches etc. Yet has proven to be kind and decent on occasion, when he thinks nobody’s looking.

    I happened to mention that I was working on my house just now.This got us onto the subject of houses.Out of the blue, he told me that he was buying a house in…Belfast.He and his wife are moving there in September.

    I didn’t have to ask the reason why.He has been talking to his mates and they have reached the conclusion that independence is coming.This is the sort of guy who can’t live under any flag but the UJ.To make such a huge move in his late sixties, he must really believe that we are winning.

  165. crazycat says:

    @ Dal Riata

    I don’t know either!

    I just thought it odd that she would retweet the A_Darling one, which surely is a spoof – she can’t be that stupid. And messing up the name didn’t ring true either, but who knows?

    Off to hear Leanne Wood now; I’ll catch up with this thread later.

  166. desimond says:

    @John H

    Sounds like your passing acquaintance is jumping from a frying pan into the fryer. With rising Republican votes in the North, it may not be too long before that guy is facing another vote he doesn’t fancy…next stop Isle of Man ( can 3 legged men march faster?)

  167. Minty says:

    OO march in Edinburgh in September gets the go ahead.

  168. bald eagle says:


    Ruchill park is’t in the southside it’s in maryhill at the top end of firhill road anyway the GCC have no idea they have got a flagpole in maryhill they cant see past the city chambers

    anyhoo the parkies would tell them to go stick their arses out a window and throw stones at it

  169. heedtracker says:

    Instead of Belfast why not England? Rangers should play in England. Simples. More money for Rangers, the fans get to show their loyalism to the country they love and Scotand gets a permanent break from all that Ibrox fun, no matter how the referendum goes. Swansea have done well in England so it’s not like it can’t happen.

  170. liz g says:

    caz-m says:
    22 July, 2014 at 10:43 am

    O/T but very important,

    I have just phoned the Glasgow Science Centre,

    Tel 0141 420 5000, Option “0? to talk to customer services.

    And they have just confirmed that there will be NO restrictions regarding it’s car park or roads leading up to it on Sunday 27th July.

    This is the car park that you would use if you are thinking of attending the Protest against BBC Scotland Bias rally.
    The “GOSSIP” I am hearing is that the Science Center has hiked its parking charges to £15,for the duration of the games.
    So if this would be beyond you’re means and leave you skint please check on the above number.

  171. YESGUY says:

    Robert Peffers.

    There are no words i can give .

    Your honesty caught me out a wee bit there. I know we have not met but like all Wingers i regard you as a friend. You are not alone.

  172. mr thms says:

    Hope everyone going to the Commonwealth Games has a good time. Is this the first Games to banish the National Flag from the TV and mainstream media?

  173. seanair says:

    Edinburgh’s first lady Lord Provost Eleanor McLaughlin (LABOUR) will vote Yes. Seems like lots of unlikely people are doing this!
    Doesn’t seem to be a flood towards No….

  174. Harry McAye says:

    I also hear today from local MSP that it’s £15 to park in Science Centre car park. Coupled with the obstacles that weren’t in our way the last time, I think it’s best left alone. We made our point at the last one. Time would be better served going out campaigning anyway.

  175. bald eagle says:

    liz g

    why dont the car parks at the secc not get used they are just across the bridge from the bbc+stv studios or even the big hotel carpark

    just asking like

    other carparks include

    the st enoch shopping centre
    transport museum down river a wee bit
    king street
    iBrox stadium
    glassford street

    hope some of these help

  176. Harry McAye says:

    Heedtracker, it can’t happen. Swansea City (and Town) have always been a member of the English League structure, Celtic and Rangers have not and will never be allowed to play down south.

  177. heedtracker suggested Rangers should play in England.

    Too-late, the time to have done that was in the close season between the old Rangers going bust and the current tribute act being formed and rushed into the Scottish League, Third Division.

    If Charles Green had really wanted to make money and had two working brain cells, he’d have got Rangers into one of the leagues in the English pyramid, and let them work their way up.

    However, without Celtic to hate, Rangers are just another club (and vice versa).

    Sadly, up here, bigotry sells and makes money for both sides of the Old Firm.

    Both will go or neither will go, and, while Sky and some of the big clubs might like them in England, there are a lot of clubs who would have to stand aside and let the Bigot Brothers in – which will not happen.

    And, I know – this comment is off-thread.

  178. John H. says:

    Further to my post at 4.58.
    When he told me he was moving I felt relief more than anything else.When the ref. campaign started he had said that after a Yes vote he and his mates would be on the streets with guns.I’m not trying to chase anyone out of Scotland, but anything’s better than that.

  179. Croompenstein says:

    OT – Soor Poos Sarah was wondering if the FM was going to politicise the Games but lo and behold the state broadcaster is doing just that tonight on EBC2 at 9.00 with John Beattie’s programme 🙁

  180. galamcennalath says:

    Politicising the Games. Let’s face it, the London media have absolutely no idea how to be apolitical when it comes to sport! Yes/SNP just need to hold tight and the London brigade will be dropping clanggers all over the place!

  181. caz-m says:

    Harry McAye
    “I also hear today from local MSP that it’s £15 to park in Science Centre car park”.

    Harry have you got a link to back up that statement.


    Coz the lady on the phone at the Science Centre today told me that it was still £3 for the car park on Sunday.

  182. YESGUY says:

    So a few days ago the Msm were telling us that the YES vote had peaked and yet every day since someone has come out as a YESSIR. Gotta hand it the Msm , they keep getting us votes.

    After a heated debate with a long time friend over the ref i also heard the old chestnut ” Aye and ah hate A. Salmond.” fine i said vote against him after the referendum when all parties will be up for election. He didn’t know that and i could see he was swithering. I asked why he didn’t like him and he said “i just do but that Nichola Sturgeon seems alright ”

    Eh ????

    How dumb are our folk. We boast of the best education and we have folk like that . They are clueless.

    Anyway I have 2 brothers and their wives, two son and their wives and me and the ex all being picked up and shuttled to the local school to vote. As well as a handful of friends ( 8ish) who will vote YES. Most in my local say likewise although the only two no-ers are rangers men and well who gives a shit about them. It;s a fitba thing.

    I will be a busy guy on the 18th and my poor son will be taxi to anyone i find hasn’t got to the poll booths yet.

    I know everyone else is doing their thing and THAT’S how we will win .

  183. Twenty14 says:

    O/T – 30 seconds in and the good old bbc manage to put a negative spin on The Games

  184. liz g says:

    @ bald eagle 5.33pm and Harry McAye also 5.33pm

    Don’t know about the other car parks but the footbridges between the SECC and PQ are already closed.

    I did post a few weeks ago that the BBC building is caught up in the security zone to protect the SECC complex for the games.
    Just to let people that the restrictions are not aimed at us,or to protect the BBC.
    And also that there will be more than the Glasgow police around.
    I must admit I did wonder about the logistics of this demo
    but will support it if it goes ahead, because I don’t want it to be portrayed as young troublemaker’s
    I think it is important to have a more mature element present.

  185. handclapping says:

    Everybody, mind your paragraph breaks; he’s still got toothache! 🙁

  186. IcySpark says:

    WTF BBC.

    Earlier I viewed this page:

    and noticed that the UK GDP would go down appreciably if Scotland was independent.

    Just had another look and magically the UK GVA ( what happened to GDP?) would now rise slightly without Scotland.

    I checked their figures and they don’t account for Oil.

    Seriously BBC, this is blatant bias.

    They now state at the bottom that “An earlier version of this article misrepresented some data on life expectancy and GDP. This has now been amended.”

    Can anyone link to the previous version please so I can complain to them?

  187. Not amused says:

    Can buy, won’t buy (dead tree press shite)

  188. Indigo says:

    We’ve decided not to go to the protest on Sunday, reluctantly, because the games transport complications and the lack of any sensible public transport from D&G on Sundays is making it just too much of a headache to get there.

    Really hope it goes well and that it’s another happy, positive event

  189. Dorothy Devine says:

    OT but for all of you travelling Glasgow has become a nightmare – sadly decided to go through Charing Cross to reach the Clydeside during rush hour and I can assure you nobody was rushing anywhere.

    The Games will be underway on Sunday so those aiming at Pacific Quay give yourselves plenty of time.

    I won’t make it but I’m still hoping that Ronnie will be my proxy when signing the Wings banner – pretty please Ronnie!

  190. Richard Bruce says:

    Read that in the Courier today, they’ve been spouting this nonsense for 2 days now.

    Has anyone noticed how the commonwealth games coverage seems to be about how “Team Scotland” will not be falling out with their “Team GB” mates. I seriously doubt their commitment to competitive action.

    Well it’s the usual Courier Crap for the crappy2014 games!

  191. Defo says:

    I mentioned R4s re-imagining of Scotts Red Gauntlet on another thread, just after listening on Saturday.
    It’s got the lot. Border posts with drones & women beaten for having babies with English fathers are a couple of its crackers. Prepare your gob to be smacked.

  192. IcySpark says:

    Cool, found the earlier page. No doubt Unionists didn’t like the GDP figures so changed them to suit their bias agenda.

  193. ronnie anderson says:

    Pacific Quay going ahead on Sunday AT 2pm, Jordi Mc Arthur & Moira Williams are vidioing at the moment in PQ the vidio will be available on the demo page Yes Scotland, I will ask Jordi to post it on WOS.

  194. heedtracker says:

    @ Harry McAye, well picture Premier League football grounds across Scotland when Rangers do get back up with all the jolly OO unionist triumphalist UKOK stuff, in the event of NO winning. SKY sport cameras will have a field day. Torture.

  195. Cal says:

    O/T Just prepared this list after another former Labour politician saw the light today.

    Pat Kelly Former President of the

    Sir Charles Gray Former Leader Of
    Strathclyde Regional

    Alex Mosson Former Leader Of Glasgow
    City Council

    John Mulvey Former Leader Of Lothian

    Eleanor McLaughlin Former Lord Provost Of

    George Mudie Serving Labour MP (N of

    Gordon McKenzie Former Labour Provost S.
    Ayrshire 2003-2006

    John Baillie Former S. Ayrshire Council

    Leslie Huckfield Former Labour MP in
    England, Under Sec. of
    State For Industry 1976/79

    Tommy Sheppard Former Deputy General Sec.
    of Scottish Labour Party

    Peter Kilfoyle Labour MP for 20 years.
    Former Labour Defence

    John Cowan Labour Councillor in

    Des Loughney Labour Regional Councillor
    in the 1990s

    Bob Thomson Former Chairman of
    Scottish Labour

    Jamie Kerr Vice Chair of Renfrewshire
    South CLP

    Mike Dyer Constituency Chairman of
    Anniesland Labour Party

    Colin Turbett Chair of Unison N.
    Ayrshire Branch

    Sarah Collins Chair of STUC Youth
    Committee E. Ayrshire

    Gary Wilson Former Better Together
    Coordinator within
    Edinburgh E. Labour Party

    Stephen Smellie Deputy Convener of
    Scottish Unison

    Anum Qaisas General Secretary of
    Muslim Friends of Labour

    Denis Canavan Former Labour MP

    John McAllion Former Labour MP now SSP

    Carol Fox 3 times Labour candidate

    Diana Turbett Unison Member Active in
    Labour Party

    Fiona Cook Greenock and Inverclyde CLP

    Denise Findlay Dundee East CLP

    Cailean Gallagher Glasgow Kelvin CLP

    Bob Holman Glasgow Provan CLP

    Willie Thomson Hamilton, Larkhall and
    Stonehouse CLP

    Amy Westwell Glasgow Kelvin CLP

    Rory Scothorne Edinburgh South CLP

    If anyone can think of any others I’ve missed….

  196. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Dorothy Devine, mind like a seave where,s that Memo pad.

  197. liz g says:

    @caz-m 6.22pm

    RE the £15 charge at the Science Center.

    I heard it from family who work in that area [both sides of the river] so that’s why I am calling it “gossip”that would need to be checked out if a charge like that would be unaffordable.

    Also on further “quizzing” [they will kill me if they find out why I was asking]

    I am told that the office that is next to the hotel is just shutting that day because the Marathon road closures will make it imposable to get in to work.

    Which seems to be at odds with what the Lady on the phone told you as they are on the same road.

    Like I said I could not confirm any of this.and would not even know where to start in finding out.

    I am only putting out information I am finding out in the course of trying to plan how to get there

  198. galamcennalath says:


    A video of a lot of these people saying who they are, using the word ‘Labour’, and saying they will vote Yes …. Would be a good pitch at Labour DKs and softNOs.

  199. ronnie anderson says:

    I spent a few hours with Julie Webster of Maryhill Food Bank along with Thistle ( kevin ) Mark Coburn,

    Anyone that hasent contrubuted to Marks Indygo Fundraiser

    Please,Please DO. You would’nt meet a better down to earth

    genuine Person than Julie. Passion oozes from her every pore.

    Lets get donateing, & make this Referendum a YES, as

    Julie says she wants to made REDUNDENT, as a Mother she wont be fully Redundent. She will be one of the Guest speakers on Sunday & other events in the future.

  200. Smithie says:

    O/T Is it me, or is this another drip drip affect. Why does the English cycling team have the union jack on top of their helmets for the Commonwealth games?

  201. Ken500 says:

    BBC export figures for Scotland are rubbish – £16Billion

    Oil & Gas is over £12Billion,Whisky £4Billion = £16Billion

  202. Bob Sinclair says:

    Ronnie, can you or Gerry e-mail me to let me know what time you are planning to turn up.

  203. Robert Peffers says:

    Where’s everyone been? Well I should put that another way.
    Welcome back I’ve had no ADSL connection all afternoon.

    Turned out to be a duff contact on the cable from the netbook to the wall socket.
    The symptoms were that symtoms it made contact and symptoms it didna.

  204. Dorothy Devine says:

    I’m relying on you Ronnie!
    Big hug.

  205. Hood says:

    I am thinking they are excluding exports to the rUK and only International. Figures from page 180 of the following pdf seem to tally with the £16 billion (with a quick mental count)

  206. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Bob Sinclair just trying to get my head round the route the the demo committee have put up,gerry will be in Dunoon,hopefully he can get someone over there to give him alift up,worse case I go down & get him at the ferry.

  207. Ken500 says:

    Scotland was exporting and importing £40Billion. (pre recession?)

    The rest of the UK has a massive balance of payments deficit.

  208. ronnie anderson says:

    Pacific Quay Demo.

    Jordi Mc Arthur will have more information tommorow,

    so people dont set of a chain reaction of panic, the Demo

    will go ahead on Sunday,olso there are Subway stations within walking distance 4/5min.

  209. goldenayr says:

    ronnie anderson

    A few big names would help.

    Time to call Bella and ask for hauners.

  210. Grouse Beater says:

    The press and media fire off falsehoods and fabrications almost every day. No wonder the Sunday Herald omitted to list even one of the factual correction Stuart researches.

    ‘Whatever It Takes’ is their motto.

    A weekly list of lies acknowledged and omissions ignored would put them to shame … if only they were capable of dignity.

  211. Rock says:

    ronnie anderson,

    “Rev could we have a seperate thread to keep abreast of their Timetable / Place of Event / & where we can attend these Events”

    They hold their events at secret places at secret times.

    After the ‘events’, they send the ‘news’ to UKIP TV and the media which report it as fact without any scrutiny whatsoever.

    The UK media, led by UKIP TV, are a willing accomplice of the massive fraud being perpetrated on the people of Scotland.

  212. goldenayr says:


    As I’ve been saying for the last,gawd knows how many,few years.

    For UKIP read Tea Party.

    Whaur the fech dae y’think they’re getting their money from?

    The rise of the fascist world order,no more,no less.

    It’s why they fear Scottish Indy so much,wrecks their plans for Europe.

  213. Thepnr says:

    The value of exports in the BBC article is obviously wrong if Scotland was an Independent country.

    As Ken points out Scotland would then be exporting not only oil but whisky exports sent from English ports would have to be imported from Scotland first.

    Also we have of course electricity, meat fruit and veg of which we export more to England than we import. I would guess (and it is a guess) Scotland’s exports would be double that figure. Maybe someone from Business for Scotland can look at this as an exercise worth doing.

    Lastly, here’s what the BBC were stating only 5 months ago when comparing GDP only 5 months ago. Scotlands GDP would increase by 18% while the rUK’s would drop by around 1.5%

    All “news” to be taken with a pinch of salt especially in these final weeks. Good spot IcySpark.

  214. caz-m says:


    See you on Sunday about 1pm.

  215. Grouse Beater says:

    Photographs of the Day: ‘The English Heatwave.’

    Guardian rag presuming not only that England alone in the UK is basking in sunshine, but also implying the sun is English.

  216. Thepnr says:

    I should have mentioned of course that we do import substantial goods from rUK. You know, things like steel and cars since our only steel plant and car manufacturing facility has been closed since the 80’s.

    We will just need to build new ones to suit our own economy.

  217. Paula Rose says:

    What does England have that we need to import, apart from people?

  218. Paula Rose says:

    HP sauce?

  219. @Paula Rose says:

    What does England have that we need to import, apart from people?

    Genes so we can make political decisions.

  220. Robert Peffers says:

    Wow! That was a strange one. I lost my connection to the net. Got fed up trying to fix it and walked the dog. We met a bloke and it turned out his Mum was a friend of Gordon Brown’s Dad. In fact the bloke was Gordon’s Dad’s God Son.

    Somehow, (Ahem!), we got onto the subject of the referendum. He said he, “didn’t know”, because no one could give any answers. With a deep breath, (and fingers crossed behind my back), I said, “I can – ask away”.

    Three hours(phew!), later we parted company and he went off with that chart the Rev published weeks ago of the Scottish revenues from the 1800’s saying he had learned a lot about Scotlsnd’s economic positionand would chap my door if he had more questions.

    I think he was more or less changing to YES before we started for his first question was about Blood and Organ donations and his doubt that Gordon had it right. This preaching in the wilderness is sometimes very hard work.

  221. liz g says:

    @ ronnie anderson 8.11pm

    RE Pacific Quay Demo

    Thank You for the post and hope to see you there

  222. Paula Rose says:

    So if the British state’s plan for a mass crash of all the Indy sites comes off they are going to be in for a big surprise Robert.

  223. Croompenstein says:

    What does England have that we need to import, apart from people?

    Kendal mint cake

  224. goldenayr says:

    Paula Rose says:
    What does England have that we need to import, apart from people?


  225. seanair says:

    Paula Rose
    Made in the Netherlands these days, although it still poses as being English.

  226. Paula Rose says:

    Sweet corn?

  227. Harry McAye says:

    caz-m- No I don’t have a link to back up that statement, I’m just saying what I was told today by my local SNP MSP. I can’t see the turnout for this being anything like the last one which means it will just be derided by the No side. Moving about Glasgow is seemingly chaotic, the area we occupied before has been changed to accommodate games stuff, and it may or not be £15 to park. I don’t see the point in another protest so soon, we made our point…surely better to do something positive with our time.

    heedtracker – I hear you mate. I hate the pair of them but no one wants them down south. Can you blame them!

  228. ronnie anderson says:

    @caz_m lizg we,ll be there around 1pm,caz n bob get yer neddles n threed oot you,s need tae sew on yer Embassador
    Badges curtesy of KendoMB.

  229. Croompenstein says:


  230. Paula Rose says:

    Arrogance, Croompenstein?

  231. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    What does England have that we need to import…

    HP Sauce – is actually imported from the Netherlands, where it is made. So if iScotland is in the EU and rUK isn’t, Scotland will get it easier than England!

  232. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    SNAP! Paula Rose!

  233. handclapping says:

    Newcastle Brown

  234. Macsenex says:

    I/t Out canvassing tonight snd spoke to a guy who advises Strathclyde pension Fund on property investments. He said the trustees had decided not to invest in Scotland until after the Referendum.

    Time for the Trade Unions to apply a bit of pressure.

  235. Rock says:

    Robert Peffers,

    “Labour have been a sham party claiming to be for the poor and working class throughout my entire life.”

    Sad to read what happened to you and your sons.

    Scottish Labour are wolves in sheep’s clothing and have been for a long time.

    Thankfully, a lot of Labour voters are now realising that and will be voting Yes.

    Folowing a Yes vote, Scottish Labour and all it stands for will be destroyed once and for all, to be replaced by a genuine socialist party.

  236. Rock says:


    “As I’ve been saying for the last,gawd knows how many,few years.

    For UKIP read Tea Party.”

    I was talking of the main promoter of UKIP, rather than UKIP itself.

    UKIP TV, the biggest enemy of the Scottish people.

  237. Croompenstein says:

    Arrogance, Sorry Paula Rose meant to say Walker’s pickled onion crisps 🙂

  238. Taranaich says:

    @Robert Peffers: Labour have been a sham party claiming to be for the poor and working class throughout my entire life.

    Part of the reason I’m glad I’ve been out canvassing is because I hear so many horrendous stories not too far from your own. I’ve seen people at death’s door because they couldn’t afford to heat their house and eat their food, folk who’ve lost everything due to beaurocratic idiocy, people worried for their homes, their families, their very lives at times. Inverclyde, like Glasgow, has been almost entirely Labour for the past century. What was that quote about repeating things and expecting different results?

    @goldenayr: I knew I wasn’t paranoid.

    BTW,do you have a landrover 110?

    Not only do I not have a landrover 110, I don’t actually have a car. At least not one that drives – plenty of tiny robots that transform into tiny cars, though.

    @liheartScotland: Please erase your memory and stop thinking for yourself.
    If you don’t, it could lead to an independent Scotland.

    Ach naws, ah didnae ‘hink o’ tha’!

  239. Paula Rose says:

    @ Goldenayr (9:03) – plenty of confidence around tonight xx.

  240. Paula Rose says:

    @ Coompenstein – careful dear, I don’t want to ruin my key board, I did ask about things we need to import!

  241. caz-m says:

    Harry McAye

    Are you a TROLL???

  242. Ray says:


    The STV story linked in the article says it was posted 00.01 on the 21st July, but also contains the response you said was missed out. Was it updated later on and the timestamp not changed or what?

  243. Paula Rose says:

    @ caz-m, troll dear? I haven’t had a square meal in ages!

  244. Thepnr says:


    Fe Fo Fi Fum!

  245. goldenayr says:


    Thank F… I didn’t introduce myself a few weeks ago in Dunkeld.

    Tell your doppelganger tae get the wings badges aff his motor.

  246. a2 says:

    @ liz g


    Just to clarify the pacific Quay situation and answer a couple of questions as I commute that way by bike every day.

    Science centre parking fees have indeed been hiked.

    There is no access from the SECC side of the river across the two bridges which are both shut. the SECC is one big compound so you have to go across the bridge at the bottom of Finneston street.

    There is however a FREE ferry daily from the Museum at the Kelvin slipway across to Govan. it’s still a bit of a walk if anyone has mobility issues.

    All the square at the front of the BBC is barricaded off for various entertainments fairground stuff,stage etc. I assume that’s there for the duration but don’t actually know that leaves essentially the wide walkway between the river facing side and the river so blocking access to the fair, um whatever it is (I haven’t had a proper look as had to take a diversion to get round the back)

    recommendation are

    Get a tube to Govan from somewhere and walk.
    Get a train to Exhibition centre and walk across the river and along the riverside
    both those walks are about the same distance.

    Cars :- Park in Partick somewhere and get the ferry or tube to Govan or park somewhere like Shields road or Cessnock and get the tube, really don’t recommend trying to get all the way by car. you might get somewhere to park on the other side of Govan.


  247. goldenayr says:

    Rock says:

    “As I’ve been saying for the last,gawd knows how many,few years.

    For UKIP read Tea Party.”

    I was talking of the main promoter of UKIP, rather than UKIP itself.

    UKIP TV, the biggest enemy of the Scottish people.

    Are you being deliberately obtuse?

  248. liz g says:

    @ a2 12.21am


    Thank You for the information

    Hope to see you there

  249. chalks says:

    ‘Robert Peffers says:

    22 July, 2014 at 8:50 pm

    Wow! That was a strange one. I lost my connection to the net. Got fed up trying to fix it and walked the dog. We met a bloke and it turned out his Mum was a friend of Gordon Brown’s Dad. In fact the bloke was Gordon’s Dad’s God Son.

    Somehow, (Ahem!), we got onto the subject of the referendum. He said he, “didn’t know”, because no one could give any answers. With a deep breath, (and fingers crossed behind my back), I said, “I can – ask away”.

    Three hours(phew!), later we parted company and he went off with that chart the Rev published weeks ago of the Scottish revenues from the 1800?s saying he had learned a lot about Scotlsnd’s economic positionand would chap my door if he had more questions.

    I think he was more or less changing to YES before we started for his first question was about Blood and Organ donations and his doubt that Gordon had it right. This preaching in the wilderness is sometimes very hard work.’

    Robert, could you point me in the direction of the rev’s post on the revenues?

    I have a No voter, he’s pretty hardcore, that I’ve battled on every point, he is now on the verge of voting yes, but wants re-assured on the economy.

    I’ve also got another hardcore no, or so I thought, swaying heavily to yes. Changed days, the seeds are beginning to sprout.

  250. Croompenstein says:

    @chalks – I think it’s this one..

  251. Rock says:


    “Are you being deliberately obtuse?”

    You responded to a comment I had made but I don’t really understand what your point is.

    My point was about the state propaganda unit which massively promoted UKIP for the purpose of making Scotland look like as much UKIP supporting as England.

    I don’t give a damn about UKIP because despite the hype it has minimal support in Scotland, thankfully.

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