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No (“Kidding” – Ed), Sherlock

Posted on May 06, 2015 by

From our latest Panelbase poll.


Really? You don’t say.




Let’s see how that pans out.

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    1. 06 05 15 22:32

      No (“Kidding” – Ed), Sherlock | Speymouth

    189 to “No (“Kidding” – Ed), Sherlock”

    1. Thepnr says:

      No surprise to me, just watched a woman on Sky News saying she couldn’t make her mind up between the Conservatives or Labour.

      Ignorance of the highest order, so no surprise that 15% of those polled believe the “tone has been more positive”.

    2. Natasha says:

      Well, Scottish barbarian hordes can be a bit frightening, especially when they get out the blue face paint. 🙂

    3. Natasha says:

      Oi, Thepnr, that was my slot! Pipped at the post again.

    4. Richardinho says:

      Are you sure? I’ve seen none of this in the dark cave that I live in.

    5. Lewis says:

      Stu, a serious question, if you want to make it public of course. Who are you voting for (or would be voting for) in Bath? Maybe this has been asked before in the comments but well, I never saw it

    6. Marcia says:

      They (Westminster Establishment) are about to reap what they have sowed.

    7. Fiona says:

      Only 54% think it is more hostile. My immediate reaction was surprise. Then I remembered the referendum and realised that the 17% who see no change are probably right. It has been this bad for ages. I assume the don’t knows are undecided between whether the love bombing interlude in the referendum counts as slightly less hostile then, overall: or was an insult to the intelligence such that there is no change.

      The rest? No freaking idea where they live at all

    8. heedtracker says:

      It was the SUN wot won it. Takes you back. Red and blue tory, if the whole UK meeja can save Jim Murphy, he should be a very grateful chap. Useful idiot more like.

    9. JamesS says:

      The thing I noticed about the Daily Fail was that now ‘opinion’ and ‘comment’ are seen as relevant material for a headline above the fold.

      To use an expression of theirs, thy must think that ‘hilarious’.

      News needs journalism, like this site and Stu in the first instance, have been demonstrating so well to an ever enlightened audience of (initially) sceptical readers.

    10. Croompenstein says:

      Crash Gordon the ghost of Scotland past, no place in Scotland’s future. Gordon Brown.. fuck right off

    11. AnneDon says:

      To be fair to the 17% who said there was no change, a lot of it was pretty hostile before the referendum. Some of them could easily have meant that.

      There was a repeat of the “10 Days To Save The Union” headlines noted on most blogs last week.

    12. BrianW says:

      Shaking my head in despair.

      There must surly be a limit on how much shit they can throw at us – not just as SNP voters, but all of as people. We are a nation of folk, a’ Jock Tamson’s Bairns and all that. It’s a slur on all of us.

      You’d not stand for this level of abuse on a personal level from another individual. If this hysteria and hype was directed at you in the work place there would be dismissals.

      There are anti-discrimination laws in this country but what the press are printing and alluding to seems fair game.

      Sad times..

      There must be folk out there though that are happy to be subservient to those who are more than prepared to further quash their aspirations and the right to be an equal.

      Hey ho.

    13. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Don’t knock it – this MSM hostility will ultimately lead to independence for Scotland.

    14. Chic McGregor says:

      Even Charlie Brooker is at it with his “Trident is in Scotland cause it is nearer to Russia.”

      Checked it and London is 63 miles nearer to Moscow than Faslane as the missile flies and hundreds of miles nearer by road.

    15. Chic McGregor says:

      PS London is 108 miles nearer to the nearest Russian city, Kaliningrad, than Faslane is.

    16. Auld Rock says:

      Couldnae save Kirkcaldy Tesco, couldnae save Scottish Red Tories and hopefully be unable to save himself. Mind you given his ‘STASH’ he should be quite comfortable, so much for ‘son of the Manse’.

      Auld Rock

    17. yesindyref2 says:

      This anti-Scottish thing is very easy to explain. It’s the Desso turf – they want us to return Wembley to them.

    18. mr thms says:

      Watching BBC News 24 and.. wait for it.. the presenter claimed that the Conservative view is that the largest party wins, and then gave the Labour view which is.. Who commands the House of Commons.


    19. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Thepnr those 15% should stick ah wet finger in ah light socket, then they would know what positive is.

    20. jimnarlene says:

      In the name o’the wee man (or whit e’er ye believe in).
      The race is run, I hope for f”#&’s sake (not yer riced based beverage), the people of Scotland have woken up, and vote for a voice.
      A guid strang shouty voice, yin that lets them ken we exist, that we’re NAE too chuff’t. For yinst in three hunner&eight year, we get a shout, in this coalition of countries, this bestest thing afore sliced bread.

      Let us, the “wee” folk; tell the “big” folk,
      Time ye wur aff wur backs, an let us thrive.

    21. Take Independence says:

      What I have learned from this is that there is people with peanut as a brain or a void they keep there bingo pens in at leased the skill is used for something.

    22. Vince says:

      Really don’t know what to say tonight except good luck to everyone who holds Scotland dear to their hearts.

    23. galamcennalath says:

      15% …. “The tone has been more positive” …. astonishing.

      Who are these people? Perhaps they are hard core BritNats who are still on a high since the ‘relief’ of winning in September.

      I honestly just don’t get that. One in seven think attitudes have improved.

      One thing is for sure, whoever they are, we can forget about converting them to the Indy cause!

    24. Robert Graham says:

      Well as in the first failed devolution vote the brain dead were allowed a vote and indeed were counted as voting against the proposal these people walk amongst us and as we watch they will in full view vote again will there be fraud you bet there will

    25. Clootie says:

      They don’t fire the missile from Faslane. The sub patrols from very warm climes to very cold climes and from longitudes much further West than Faslane!

      …is Russia the target?

      On a brighter note it is best to think of Faslane/Coulport as a TARGET!!
      …given the likely warhead yields that would be used it will get quite toasty across the entire central belt. As you fry it brings real comfort to know that millions of other innocents will shorty get vaporised in retaliation.

    26. Marian says:

      I see Boris Johnston is saying that a federal solution is now needed.

      Wonder what made him think that?

    27. Ian Brotherhood says:

      This kind of stuff has been appearing as the first result on YT, no matter what’s being searched-for.

      Compared to the usual quality of material coming from SLab, it looks/sounds quite slick, so it may have been prepared a while ago. Just posting link here for reference. Might be worth keeping an eye out for variants.

    28. Macart says:

      It would make a stone weep.

      Our country is being used to manipulate England’s voters. They are making us hate figures and second class citizens in our own homes. This is the truth of the establishment and their media.

      Utterly contemptible.

      A second chance to end this abuse doesn’t seem too big an ask about now.

    29. Kevin Evans says:

      Is it just me who is completely shitting themselves and praying to not repeat September?

    30. Robert Peffers says:

      @BrianW says: 6 May, 2015 at 9:40 pm:

      “There must surly be a limit on how much shit they can throw at us – “.

      Why worry, Shit makes great fertilizer, just spread it on the growing political change going on in our fair country and watch the growing political movement flourish and grow ever faster. Nothing succeeds like an idea whose time has come and by God this movement is succeeding like never before in my lifetime and I was a supporter but not a voter when our first lone member was elected.

      In 1945, The SNP secured its first ever parliamentary seat when Dr Robert McIntyre won the Motherwell by-election. He lost the seat three months later in the general election.

      I voted SNP in 1967 when Winnie Ewing won the Hamilton by-election and was still voting SNP when Winnie Ewing went on to serve as an MP, MEP and MSP and still voting SNP when Winnie, in 1999, was the first convener of the Scottish Parliament.

      It’s been small beginning’s but now the idea’s time has really come.

      Sae gawn yersels Wingers, gie thaim laldie.

    31. fred blogger says:
      7yr old girl has a rant about politics/politicians, sums them up with shining clarity.

    32. Lenny Hartley says:

      O/T Couple of peeps on Arran have received two polling cards with different (1digit difference) unique number, post code was different in one, don’t know about the other.

      I don’t know if two entries in electoral register but if there is sounds very dodgy.

      Talking to sister in law who lives in Paisley, apparently Alexander has been cold calling people urging them to vote Labour, obviously panicking. she was talking to her Lib-dem Counciller yesterday and the Lib-dem Counciller advised her that she was voting Labour.

      can’t wait until tomorrow night thanks to rev stu and wossers for keeping me sane last six months. the police told me they were nearly kicking in my door after the referendum as I had not been seen and no lights on in the house for three days, they thought I had topped myself, they will hear me tomorrow night 🙂

    33. One_Scot says:

      Hard to believe there is now less than 24 hours to save Scotland from Westminster.

    34. Robert Peffers says:

      Latest poll and seat predictions have SNP taking 50 seats.

    35. highseastim says:

      I pray to God that the poll forecasts are spot on, I just do not trust these Tories/red tories/LibDems with their tactical voting!! I would love to see us win every seat in good old Escocia, but that just may be a step too far, unfortunately.

    36. Cuilean says:

      It’s Groundhog Day.

      Banks leaving. Tick.

      Pensions at risk. Tick.

      Britain falling apart. Tick.

      JK Rowling threatened. Tick.

      Prices rise. Tick.

      Country teetering on abyss. Tick.

      Right wing press, owned by 5 billionaires, becomes hysterical, over Scots thinking independently. Tick.

      Fire & brimstone. Tick.

      Eddie Izzard insults our intelligence. Tick.

      Last minute intervention by socialist millionaire Gordon Brown, to save the day. Tick.

      Ignored/scorned/forgotten if we chicken out, again. Tick.

    37. Iain More says:

      Like many others I hope the polls are pretty close to right in relation to Scotland. I fear for us if they aren’t.

      I will class what is coming out in most of the British Press and Media as verging on neo Nazi bile.

    38. Cadogan Enright says:

      Nick Robinson just on the BBC explaining that it is not necessarily the biggest party that forms the government but the coalition that can make a government . . . .

      some other gobshite at 8pm did the same

      and they pandered to Murphy even though they knew this for months

    39. Meindevon says:

      Lewis. I think the Rev has always said he truly doesn’t know who he’s voting for. Down here it’s a rubbish choice. It will maybe be a tactical vote. Anyway I wouldn’t expect him to say giving his ‘noteriety’, so to speak. He would get lambasted from all sides if he did.

      Probably, like me, he will end up choosing on the day in the ballot box.

      If only, if only there was an SNP Devon branch!

    40. yesindyref2 says:

      ITV – Comres I think it is, analysed by Colin Railings. Con 269, Lab 288, Lib 15 – SNP 55. Lab + SNP = 343 – well across the bar of 325, and Lab being the biggest party.

      I hope so. Well, I’d prefer 59, and SNP to get 58% of the vote but who’s quibbling.

    41. Sinky says:

      YouGov / Times Scotland poll to-night
      SNP 48
      Lab 28
      Con 14
      LD 7
      Ukip 1
      Green 1

    42. Les Wilson says:

      Well, I expect the treasury will be shredding documents just in case we hold a position of power in their hallowed chambers of Westminster.

      They may well have a wee Scottish Glasgow woman demanding to see some more of the ” secret files” as there is sure to be much more interesting stuff about Scotland to be found.

    43. Free Scotland says:

      54% said the tone has been more hostile. Hmmm … I seem to think I saw a figure of 54% quoted in connection with another recent poll. Oh, yes, it was a poll of voting intentions, showing 54% support for the SNP. Their hostility seems to be reaping an interesting dividend.

    44. Iain More says:

      I hope PC can make gains in Wales as well.

    45. yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, Herald removing posts it doesn’t like. Quelle surprise.

    46. laukat says:

      You know its bad for Labour in Scotland when the Daily Record haven’t come out for them. Plus its probably a hint that the survation poll they are about to release isn’t great news for SLAB.

      P.S. Didn’t both linking to the Record. Not worth dirtying with!

    47. Chic McGregor says:

      “They don’t fire the missile from Faslane. The sub patrols from very warm climes to very cold climes and from longitudes much further West than Faslane!”

      TBF if they were just leaving as the war started … ???

      Plus if they can fire from any arbitrary location, their port of origin is rather irrelevant, except to those living close to what would be one of the first bit of the planet to be obliterated in that eventuality.

    48. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Here we go folks – let them rail, scream and rant all they like. Our communities, all across Scotland, are just about to shed a lot of useless baggage, and no-one can stop us. (Kind of a major spring-clean!)

      Van Morrison, ‘These Are The Days’ –

      ‘Days Like This’ –

    49. Have a look at front page of tomorrow’s Times. Looks like queen is set to lad a rightwing coup to install Cameron as PM.

    50. Cactus says:

      Hmm Daily Mail (all that value for just 60p) in response to their headline above.. you can’t destroy an economy that’s already been destroyed many times over by badly managed Westminster governments.

      A bit like ‘the vow’ promising to deliver (singular tense) OK, but many moths and months have passed now and nothing has been ‘delivered‘ (past tense)..

      ..funny hehe here’s a question for you Mr UK Labour leader:
      Q) Your vow, when are you going to ‘deliver ED‘?

      With the leading presence of a powerful Scottish Government in Westminster (reserving their seats by Friday,) we will be entering into the new era of recovery.. see the horizon.

    51. IvMoz says:

      Douglas Alexander on Scotland 2015 just now – I hope the polls are right & he gets binned tomorrow. I detest him more than murphy.

    52. Andy Hay says:

      45 seats. That’s my guess.
      Let’s drown them in their xenophobic bile! I cannot wait to see Labours coupons tomorrow night as the results start coming in. This is the second battle in the political war for Scots independence and this time the Onionists will get a doing.

    53. yesindyref2 says:

      One more on the list from the Herald, extremists, conspiracy theorists Operation Scallop, “WARNINGS about potential flare-ups at polling stations have been issued after conspiracy theorists drew up detailed guidance designed to prevent today’s general election being rigged.”

      Herald did the same thing before the Referendum, that time they were condemned by the SPF – Scottish Police Federation.

      It’s groundhog day, did you read the news?

    54. Cadogan Enright says:

      anybody know if there are exit polls so we can spot apparent numerical anomalies?

    55. gillie says:

      Only 54%? Now that is a surprise. I would have thought it would higher than that.

    56. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Lenny Hartley (10.16) –

      Mister, good to see you, haven’t noticed you around here much lately. Hope you’re okay. I can’t even remember your old handle here…

      Pity you couldn’t make CH last week – hopefully there will be other chances for ever-growing WOS readership to maybe do more localised shindig. (If you build one on Arran I’m sure they will come!)

      Have a guid yin the morra nicht! Hoots the noo.

    57. Chic McGregor says:

      I hope and indeed expect that the (pulease) forthcoming destruction of U-Scotland politicos and pundits will bring about a new and rather more honest and circumspect behaviour from those of that ilk when indyref2 comes along.

      The old brigade, denied Scots a fair, honest and fully informed referendum.

    58. call me dave says:

      On radio 5 live

      The ‘sniff test’ comes into play if the 2nd largest party can form a majority with another smaller party.

      Apparently it’s got to smell right to the general populous.

      I kid you not! Moves are afoot, make no mishstake! 🙂

      Ed better gird up his loins “Hell yes I’m tough enough”

      He better be! 🙂

    59. geeo says:

      May 8th….

      SNP has won all 59 seats in Scotland.

      Labour need 50 seats to form a government.

      Milliband is begging Nicola for help to get his foot in No.10

      Nicola reminds him of his rhetoric and abuse of the Scottish voice.

      Ed says sorry and begs really hard….

      Nicola tells Ed to put forward his Queens Speech and she shall see how she feels on that day.

      Couple of hours later Nic puts out a statement that due to the utter lies abuse and pish aimed at Scotland, she is considering UDI.

      Would be a glorious hoot just for the reaction….????????.

      Ah well, can but joke.

      It would be utter lunacy if Ed ignored the SNP, his MP’s would kill him.

    60. heedtracker says:

      One last BBCr4 10pm vote anyone but SNP news thing from Inverurie this time and two young women grinding on about the hell of the election, division, misery, fear, loathing and more division. One says you cant put election posters in your window for fear of it, well you know the rest. Very dirty little attack by BBC shill but what exactly are they attacking? UK democracy.

      Rule BBC, BBC rules the waves, with fear. A disgusting outfit at £4billion a year.

      Inverurie might even vote Alex Salmond tomorrow. BBC shills will be very angry.

    61. muttley79 says:


      This anti-Scottish thing is very easy to explain. It’s the Desso turf – they want us to return Wembley to them.

      If you mean in regards to 1977, then they aint getting it back so there…

    62. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      I prefer the Aussie media – far more supportive of our Aussie SNP candidates and MSPs…

      Go Deidre !!!

    63. Effijy says:

      That Panel base poll was carried out at Pacific Quay’s canteen!

    64. Defo says:

      Jims after party arrangements come unstuck…

    65. call me dave says:

      @Lenny Hartley

      Many have been there, but hang in the results will be good.

      These cold calls are on orders from ‘two Eds are better than one’ who decreed, early last week, that as part of their duties all Scottish MP’s must call at least 5 people every day.

      A bit like doing their lines at school…don’t think Ed was pleased about the state of the labour branch in Scotland.

    66. yesindyref2 says:

      @Cadogan Enright
      Yes thtere’s an exit poll, STV will be carrying it apparently and giving seat predictions based on it.

    67. Effijy says:

      Some 86,602 people so far have signed this petition against BBC Bias. Only 100,000 required for a Public Enquiry.

      Please sign and stop them in their tracks.

    68. yesindyref2 says:

      Yes, I was there too, curiously with an English guy I was working with who’d got tickets. Great atmosphere, as were the pubs afterwards, specially around Kew Bridge I think it was. The English in them thought it was a laugh too.

    69. Louis B Argyll says:

      The information age has exposed a deep rooted elitism, alive and well in the 21st century.

      Like the early Medieval hatred of the Scots by English Kings.. so modern elites see Scotland as something to be contained.

      A nuisance, a parasite to be endured as harmless, jock fools.

      Well aren’t they in for a shock..

      Scotland can be relentless in her resistance to the establishment.

      Our culture demands it.

      Our culture survived through the ages and gave us the backbone to see ourselves.

      If we dont like something we see…


    70. Harry McAye says:

      For those that haven’t seen it yet, the front page of the Record tomorrow is a wow, just wow moment. No mention of Labour, Miliband or Murphy just a plea to England(!) to kick out Cameron with a big pic of Post Dave in full Posh Dave regalia. Stunning.

    71. Roll_On_2015 says:


      Spud Murphy Scottish Patriot My Erse.

      Starts about 3mins in

      And heres a wee bit of light entertainment before the fray.

    72. The Man in the Jar says:

      Oh well win or lose at least we have seen the back of the abominable No man. We all know that Brown will end up in the Lords but FFS £300.00 attendance money. The great clumping fist wouldn’t get out of bed for such a paltry sum.

      Brown was the lowest of the low during the referendum. Lying to the parents of sick children, people on the transplant list and pensioners. All to frighten them into voting against their own self interests. Brown is an utter low life piece of shit.

      A big regret of mine is that the bastard is not standing for election tomorrow and so we are denied the spectacle of watching him being voted out.

    73. Thepnr says:

      @Robert Peffers

      “Why worry, Shit makes great fertilizer, just spread it on the growing political change going on in our fair country and watch the growing political movement flourish and grow ever faster.”

      Some great posts throughout the day from many great Wingers, I particularly liked the above.

      Let’s hope to earn the chance through the ballot box to expose all that Westminster shit that has been hidden for so long.

      No more cover ups of scandals for those that represent us!!

    74. crazycat says:

      @ Lenny Hartley

      Due to the confusion surrounding the change to Individual Voter Registration, it was quite easy to get on the electoral roll twice by mistake.

      You’ll remember that lots of people were convinced that they had been removed from the register, despite assurances that no-one who had been on it in September would be removed without evidence that they had moved house, for instance.

      As a result, there was encouragement to use the on-line form to make sure you were registered. If someone did that, but was in fact automatically transferred, there would be two entries for them – the new one with both date of birth and National Insurance number, the old one with neither of those unless a postal vote had been applied for at some time, when date of birth would be known.

      Without this extra information, the Electoral Registration Office could not know whether there were really two people with the same name at any given address, so both would have had to be included. They may not have had time to check all the records yet; they should have by next year.

      That may not, of course, be the explanation for your people having two listings; the roll has always contained errors (which is one of the reasons for the change to IVR).

    75. Dr Jim says:

      Funnily enough it’s Willie Rennie I dislike the most, yes even more than Murphy
      Rennie is like the Shitty little guy in school who starts the fight by going between one to the other with the wee rotten sneidi remarks you know, the he said you said guy but plays the not guilty look (whit did ah dae?)

      I think it was ever since he called us Ultras with a rotten smile on his coupon and gets away with it

      Anyway ahm gonny see im it 4… Bastirt

    76. R-type Grunt says:

      !5% think things are more positive? FFS!

    77. Robert Peffers says:

      @Louis B Argyll says: 6 May, 2015 at 11:00 pm:

      “Well aren’t they in for a shock..

      Scotland can be relentless in her resistance to the establishment.

      Our culture demands it.

      Aye! Louis, wir aa muckle thrawn, richt enuch.

    78. HandandShrimp says:

      A flurry of polls today. I see there a late Survation one in the Record that has a headline set of figures of

      SNP 49%
      Labour 25%
      Con 15%
      Lib 6%

      and a ballot paper version which attempts to be more sophisticated

      SNP 46%
      Labour 26%
      Con 15%
      Lib 7%

      So all the final polls are showing a 20%-24% lead as we go into the final hours.

      Pretty incredible given what has been thrown at us in the press. I see the Record has not come out for Labour on the front page tomorrow either but focuses on England and the result there.

      Strange days indeed.

    79. X_Sticks says:

      Lenny Hartley says:

      “thanks to rev stu and wossers for keeping me sane last six months”

      Seconded Lenny.

    80. icyspark says:

      If the polls turn out to be correct and the Tories have a few more seats than Labour, then will someone from the MSM please ask this question to Murphy:

      “So Jim, you’ve said throughout the campaign that the biggest party gets to form the government. The Tories are the biggest party, will you now accept defeat?”

    81. Dal Riata says:

      Nate Silver has now forecasted the SNP to win 52 seats, which, if it were to be the case, would be a fantastic result.

      Interestingly, when the Panorama programme was broadcast on BBC 1 on 27th April, the forecast was SNP on 48 seats. Ten days later and it’s now on 52! We can but only wait and see what the 8th of May brings.

      He also has Conservatives with most seats on 281, followed by Labour on 266, and Lib Dems on 26.

    82. ronnie anderson says:

      Jeremy Vine,s practising for Robotic dance routine,next stop Come Dancing lol.

    83. Chic McGregor says:

      If pro-indy parties end up with >40 seats I will be absolutely delighted.

      I will still be happy and rel;ieved if it is over the 30 majority line.

    84. Marga says:

      “Our country is being used to manipulate England’s voters. They are making us hate figures and second class citizens in our own homes. This is the truth of the establishment and their media.

      Utterly contemptible.

      A second chance to end this abuse doesn’t seem too big an ask about now.”

      It’s uncanny, and I know no-one is thinking about Catalonia at this moment, but it’s 100% what Catalonia has been suffering for decades. The difference being that we haven’t even been allowed the first chance to end the abuse, it’s that bad.

      Anyway, good luck tomorrow, whatever happens. If the Scots stick together, things can only go onward and upward, with Nicola at the helm.

    85. Barontorc says:

      The Record’s saying labour is burnt toast – that’s got to be a real shock-a-roonie for Spud and his gang of torags.

      No matter what this puny gesture is -the Record’s still a pile of sh*t and somebody somewhere is waiting for it to pop out the toaster too.

      Good bloody riddance.

    86. Alan says:

      Just told my sis she spoils her dog too much!(I mean come on the dog can lick its own balls)lmao….just keep calm n FTU

    87. Fireproofjim says:

      As we go into another historic day for Scotland I want to thank Stu and all the Wingers for keeping my spirits up and for giving me the ammunition to keep one step ahead of any Unionist arguments.
      I think I can successfully argue with anybody on the merits of Independence and the many faults of Unionism.

    88. HandandShrimp says:


      I agree, to take 90% of the seats would be unprecedented. Labour are going to be shock if we take 40.

      I opted for 41 in the local branch sweepstake….but I won’t mind losing if we get 52 🙂

    89. Lenny Hartley says:

      Cadogen enright panel base are doing a poll on how you voted tomorrow, they asked for volunteers last week.

      Ian Brotherhood, cheers Ian,was hoping to get up last week but could not make it, hopefully next time, think there will be a few wosers on Arran , SNP has around 210 members on the island now.
      Lenny aka jinglyjangly aka liquidlenny

    90. Stoker says:

      Effijy wrote:
      “Some 86,602 people so far have signed this petition against BBC Bias. Only 100,000 required for a Public Enquiry.
      Please sign and stop them in their tracks.”

      And a cry of ((PISH)) was heard.

      A wee word of warning to any newbies who may be lurking.
      Beware of folk trying to get you to sign any petitions from the company known as “38Degrees” because they are untrustworthy.

      They did the dirty on us with a 120,000+ signature petition which they let Crash Broon high-jack for his own ends AND not only that, it came to absolutely nothing.

      It’s a trap to gather your details and before you know it you will be wondering why you are being inundated with all sorts of junk.

      Most of the regulars on WOS closed their accounts with that company as soon as they did that with Crash Broon.

      So just be aware, no-matter how worthy the cause, you will be well advised to resist all temptation of using 38Degrees.

      btw, folks, the claim of “Only 100,000 required for a Public Enquiry” is a blatant lie. Be aware.

    91. Alan says:

      BBC parliament around 20:20pm Ed said “the people the people the people”… Did warmonger Tony Blair not say the same kinda speech but used education instead of people? Please correct me if I’m wrong 😀

    92. Louis B Argyll says:

      Ooooo… Nearly midnight.. One more sleep… Or maybe camp out on the pavement outside the polling station.. is that allowed?

    93. Capella says:

      Six hours till the polls open!

      Nicola was in great form at FMQs today and there seemed to be a bit of an end-of-term atmosphere. It’s going to be a long slow day tomorrow, and a long night.

      Thanks to Stu and all you Wingers for keeping the spirits up and the info flowing. Let’s hope Friday brings an end to the long trial by neo-liberal media we’ve had to endure. Perhaps not immediately but at least a beginning.

      One day this will be over and we will be living in a peaceful, productive, happy country.

    94. liz says:

      Maybe the Record poll was the last straw for Murphy as he blocked the official East Ren twitter account today.

      However still not counting any chickens.

    95. liz says:

      @Stoker, thanks for that. A lot of people wonder how Lab got their email addresses well 38 degrees was one of those sources.

      The only way the WM gov have to debate a poll is if it is from the official site.

      Thanks to all the bloggers for their informed reports.

      Everything crossed for tomorrow.

    96. Dal Riata says:

      It’s always been us against them, ‘us’ being the people who populate the country of Scotland, ‘them’ being the arrogant, xenophobic-if-not-racist melange of Norman-descended aristocracy, Germanic-origined royalty, Anglo-saxon imperialists and the descended-from-God [sic] Church of England of old, combined with the present-day neo-con corruption of corporations, bankers and 1% upper-bracket money hoarders and their right-wing propaganda ‘newspapers’… ie the British Establishment.

      Tomorrow, the 7th of May, will be but the latest of Scotland’s battles in The Long War to free itself from the tyranny of the British Establishment.

      Let’s make it one of Scotland’s biggest victories. Get into the voting booths throughout Scotland and vote for the SNP.

      Scotland will have its independence. Your vote for the SNP brings that reality just a little bit closer. Let’s do it!

    97. Doug McGregor says:

      Here’s a scenario I thought about , the three unionist parties agree to come together to proportionately sacrifice voting numbers at WM to counterbalance any effect the SNP has , effectively reducing the number required to create a majority and freeze the SNP out as and when required.

      Tell me it can’t happen , please.

    98. Almannysbunnet says:

      Honourable mention for Jon Snow tonight on channel 4. He gave Chuka Umunna and William Hague absolute hell for the way Scottish people were being portrayed during the election. Hague looked particularly uncomfortable. “We have no control over what the Sun says blah blah.” Sno “never mind the papers one of your party called them the stinking Scottish.” Hague, “abwuh no way, but yes but.” Sno looked genuinely pissed off and got stuck right in. It’s been so effing long since I’ve heard any interviewer with balls I was genuinely shocked and chuffed all at the same time.

    99. Thepnr says:


      Us that voted Yes do think of Catalonia Marga and how the Spanish government treats the rights of the Catalonian peoples right to self determination.

      It does not go unnoticed!

      Fear not, it will take time, patience and a lot of hard work.

      If the people want it though then it cannot be stopped.

    100. Cactus says:

      Late/morning call going out to y’all..

      YOU, Linda in Leith
      YOU, Isobel in Inverness
      YOU, big Angus frae Aberdeen
      YOU, mad Malky frae Montrose
      YOU, Mo in Motherwell
      YOU, Alice in Ardrossan
      YOU, wee Danny frae Dundee
      YOU, wee Wendy frae Wick
      YOU, auld Bill frae Maryhill
      YOU, pouting Paula frae Peterhead
      and YOU..

      Do something amazing today, vote with and for Scotland’s voice!

      Here’s a hand.. have a nice day.

    101. Cadogan Enright says:

      Mol an latha maith gu dheireadh. Gàidhlig na h-Caesar!.

      moladh an lá go maith ag an deireadh é. Gaeilge na hÉireann.

    102. yesindyref2 says:

      I used to read the Record and enjoy it years ago, even know people who worked there. I think perhaps it’s Labour, but has come to realise that the party in Scotland isn’t. Could be as simple as that.

    103. Cadogan Enright says:


      moladh lá maith ag an deireadh é.

    104. yesindyref2 says:

      Oh yes, here at last, happy Election Day!

    105. Tîm Criced i Gymru says:

      Best wishes for tomorrow my Celtic cousins – you make us SO proud! What a FANTASTIC campaign you’ve fought! Never seen anything like this tidal wave in my lifetime! SAOR ALBA.

      I wish it to be 59 seats, but I’m trying to dampen down wild aspirations to 35+, so that anything over and above 40 will be a HUMUNGUS bonus (can’t believe we’re even contemplating these types of numbers!!!)
      Looking forward to seeing masses of grinning Scottish faces on my screens all through tomorrow night and anything up to 41 really red ones drowning in tears and not knowing where to turn in sheer embarrasement!

      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make our evening’s entertainment 5***** by kicking out especially Curran, Alexander(the Doug), Sarwar, Davidson and Murphy…not forgetting Carmichael (how’s he been able to keep such a low profile?). I WOULD JUST LOVE TO SEE THAT – I’m not a vindicitve person, but their sheer audacity and total disregard for their own people and nation deserves to be truly and honestly punished.

      Btw…down here in CYMRU/Wales… we (Plaid Cymru) are fighting hard to keep those 3 seats of ours, and pinning hopes on another 3 –

      i.Llanelli in Labour’s South Wales heartland – PC is giving them a heck of a run for their money…

      ii. Ceredigion could be wrenched back from LibDems, although stubborn BritGreens, refusing advice from Greens HQ in London to stand aside to co-work with Plaid…

      iii. Ynys Môn – the island constituency which has had all 4 parties representing at Westminster over the last 60 years, so they are a bit all over the place (!) – however, Plaid’s momentum gained by their famous by-election win last August for Welsh Senedd and strangely enough, elements within the Labour stronghold of Holyhead veering towards UKIPpers, you just never know…

      A credible increase in PC’s overall vote will put us on a sure footing to tackle Labour at Senedd elections May 2016.

      Nicola, Leanne… and Alex – we salute you


    106. kestral says:

      Nothing Worthing having was ever won easily

      As a little spider will tell you

      15% require us to educate them ..

      We define ourselves by our ability to
      Pick ourselves up after defeat
      To stand strong to our morals even when it hurts so much to be demonized and the wish to lash out is strong
      To not do what we do because we hate another but rather to do it because we know that when we do it others can as well

      That defines a strength nothing can stand against

      For that my friend is the true of heart

    107. CardiffJock says:

      So the Record has wimped out of supporting Labour then. A pathetic and cynical attempt to shore up collapsing sales as (on current polling) 70-75% of the country won’t be voting Labour, and it belatedly realises its Vow/Broon/BetterTogether pish no longer chimes with the Nation.

      I wouldn’t wipe my revver with that rag after a dodgy Bhuna from the Shali

    108. Deontas says:

      A…..Huge big thanks to Rev Stu for keeping me informed post ref vote upto this election.

      Best wishes to all and well done all for the hard work.

    109. James123 says:

      @Chic McGregor says:
      Even Charlie Brooker is at it with his “Trident is in Scotland cause it is nearer to Russia.”

      Apologies if I’m wrong, but you do realise that Charlie Brooker is a comedian and that sounds very much like a joke.

    110. Still Positive. says:

      Happy Election Day too.

      More than 40 years I have been voting SNP in my Labour stonghold and I feel so close to victory that I can almost taste it.

      Earlier this evening my son took my car on the SNP calvacade and he reported many SNP posters in windows in the Clydebank area which bears up with the number of people in the shop /hub asking for posters/badges.

      We CAN do this.

    111. Valerie says:

      @Almannysbunnet, Jon Snow is very fair, and before the referendum wrote a few pieces which were very supportive of what Scotland was doing, although he said it would be sad if we left.

      Don’t think he agreed with his stupid unionist son over what he was doing, gathering all the luvvies to tell us how much they wanted us to stay!

      I saw him getting quite angry in an interview saying the Scots had every right to determine their own future.

    112. Skip_NC says:

      Greetings from Raleigh, North Carolina. I was busy at work today so I was unable to do any campaigning to turn the the Tar Heel State yellow. However, to those who have worked hard to put the SNP into this position, thank you. You have taken everything the BritNats can throw at you, yet you are still standing.

      There is work to do tomorrow (Yikes! Today in Scotland now!) Most important, I suspect, will be getting out the vote. In the polarized US political system, that is a crucial part of winning elections. Whatever you do, you must get your base to the polls. Many people view driving voters to the polls as menial. It isn’t. It could turn out to be the most important day’s work you will ever do.

      I wish so much that I was there with you right now.

    113. Robert Peffers says:

      @Capella says: 7 May, 2015 at 12:00 am:

      ” … One day this will be over and we will be living in a peaceful, productive, happy country.”

      Aye! Capella, but Robert Bruce said that in 1328, when he signed the Edinburgh-Northampton Treaty.

      Ye canna trust Perfidious Albion.
      Especially now.

    114. Thepnr says:

      Here we then polling day. So that was it then?

      The might of the British establishment, no more power than a wet fart.

    115. Skip_NC says:

      Thepnr, it’s not over yet. We have to get people to actually get out and vote rather than hanging out in George Square. I’m confident, but there is still work to do.

    116. kestral says:


      So us so rofl

    117. dakk says:

      Good luck to all today in this important step in reclaiming democracy for our country.

      If all goes well,Slab will be emasculated, and just as importantly, the MSM will be exposed as a virtual political irrelevance in Scotland.

      Let’s do this.

    118. Thepnr says:


      You picked me up wrong my American buddy, I was referring to the campaign made by the British state. Believe me I expected much worse than a handbag fight in Glasgow to be the highlight.

      It’s now plain to see, the opposition is divided and gave out conflicting views. let’s hope they remain so.

      On second thoughts, it’s probably too late now. The last arrow has been fired and they have burst their own balloon.

    119. Vicki G. says:

      I am cheering you on fron New York City as I was in September.
      Better result this time, I hope, and I agree with Skip from NC—-Turnout is key!

    120. Capella says:

      @Robert Peffers

      Perfidious Albion. R.I.P. May a more enlightened Albion emerge tomorrow. (Hope over Fear!)

    121. Alan says:

      O/t IMHO but fact police/MPs etc don’t speak our “language”,what they speak is ” legalese “as not to incriminate themselves,that is why you will never get a straight answer,so when a policeman asks:” do you understand”?..what they actually mean is “do you conform to me do you want to sign your rights over to me”…. If yes then you are guilty hence the automatic fine after a weekend in the cells….the poor get poorer the (lords)rich get richer….please do more research fellow Scots,we plus our English friends can fuck up the establishment,as for banks saying they will leave the UK AYE RIGHT!!they will leave the strongest currency? Really? MY FUCKING CHOCOLATE STARFISH!

    122. charlie says:

      Cadogan –
      b’fhéidir anti-austerity govt

    123. Skip_NC says:

      Thepnr, maybe it’s just me being 3,200 miles from home but I think the British State has chucked quite a lot of muck our way. I fear some of it may stick when people are faced with a ballot paper and a stubby pencil. That is why I strongly believe we need to finish the job tomorrow. I cannot imagine anyone has been better-organised than the SNP in this campaign. So we know where the voters are. Now we just have to get them to the polls. That, I suggest, is tomorrow’s task.

    124. yesindyref2 says:

      Driving people to the polls is indeed important. Even 10 cars driving 10 people each, is 100 votes if they’re SNP supporters.

      In 2007 the SNP got a 1 seat majority, to form the minority Government at Holyrood from where all this has happened since, the 2011 majority government which secured the referendum, and the hoped for progress in this election.

      In 2007 North Ayrshire was won by the SNP, by just 48 votes. 100 votes the other way would have given it to Labour.

      Every vote counts, one person, one vote.

    125. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Hi Skip_NC,

      greetings to our Independent cousins.

      look out for our pal Jan in Rayleigh – she will have a big flag pole with the Saltire flying high.

      From Dateline Scotland – Shame the SNP never took NC but you cannot win them all. We will send a few SNP Yessers across for your next elections.

    126. Skip_NC says:

      Hoss, any idea where the Saltire will be flying in Raleigh? Alas, I must work tomorrow, but I have Friday off to recover/celebrate.

    127. Skip_NC says:

      Oh and BTW I’m not so much a cousin as One of Us. I campaigned for Mungo Bovey in Edinburgh East in the 1980’s.

    128. Onwards says:

      Scottish Sun front page is pretty funny.


    129. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      A post I’ve done on various Facebook pages tonight.

      It would appear, from comments on TV in the past few weeks, that the ‘English’ have a problem with MP’s from one part of the UK being too numerous.

      This has been the mantra of David Cameron and the London-centric media during this time of electioneering.

      Why should this be? After all, every constituency in the UK elects an MP to represent them in the UK parliament at Westminster. If enough of those MP’s support the views of one of the larger parties, then a government is put together.

      We should remind ourselves here that both Wales and Northern Ireland have their own assemblies and Scotland has the Holyrood Parliament, reconvened in 1999, after a wee break since 1707.

      We elect representatives to those assemblies/parliaments – but we also elect MP’s to the UK parliament.

      Why should a plethora of SNP MP’s in the UK parliament cause a problem for English voters?

      It’s simple. For decades, if not centuries, the British establishment has promoted the idea that the UK parliament at Westminster is actually the ‘English’ parliament. There is no English parliament. England is the only nation in this United Kingdom which doesn’t have its own parliament.

      Hence ‘the English’ are led to believe that the parliament of the UK is THEIR parliament, and uppity Celts should be seen, enjoyed, their mountains climbed, their fish caught, their seas and islands explored and so on, but they should not be laying down the laws (in the UK parliament) that tell them, the English, what they can and can’t do.

      This is not just me seeing this. The clip below is from ‘Reporting Scotland’, broadcast on 5th May, 2015. There was a feature on how people in Yorkshire viewed the prospect of a substantial number of SNP MP’s heading down to Westminster on Scotland’s Dragon, the YES Bus.

      Compare the comments of Yorkshire businessman Adam Sinclair, with the ignorance exhibited in the comments from Philip Metcalf, proving that the problem is not Scottish – the problem is an English perception of the function of the United Kingdom parliament. And that perception of Westminster being the ENGLISH parliament is encouraged by the English based media.


    130. crazycat says:

      @ Valerie

      Dan Snow’s father is Peter Snow, not Jon (I think Jon and Peter are cousins).

    131. Michael McCabe says:

      Jim Murphy The face that lost a million votes. Ha ha ha

    132. Michael McCabe says:

      @ Grouse Beater Well Written good read.

    133. Macart says:


      Brekkie, then a brisk walk intae town.

      Time for a vote. 🙂

    134. Shex says:

      Fingers crossed today, big thanks to rev and fellow wingers for the last six months…..that is all 🙂

    135. Skintybroko says:

      Vote A.B.U.

    136. Graham Macqueen says:

      Good Morning Scotland!!!

      May today be the last official day of the Union as we know it!!!

      Prosperity is only hours away!!!

    137. Fergus Green says:

      Voting SNP today and SNP/Green next year. Joy in my heart this morning. Its coming…………

    138. Ghillie says:

      Come what may, we will always move forward =)

      Today, a HUGE leap forward!!!

    139. Jet-123 says:



      VOTE SNP

    140. says:

      Well, here goes.

      All the best to everyone involved today, take care.

      Hope we get the result that pushes Scotland’s hopes and aspirations to the fore, pleasure working with you all.

      A big thanks to you Stu.

    141. john king says:

      Les Wilson says @10.31pm
      “Well, I expect the treasury will be shredding documents just in case we hold a position of power in their hallowed chambers of Westminster.”

      Why wouldn’t that surprise me?
      @ Ian More @10.34 @Fiona @9.25
      “I hope PC can make gains in Wales as well.”

      I mentioned Leanne Wood to one of my customers from Wales yesterday saying what a good job she had done on the Leaders debate, she hadn’t a clue who I was talking about, and was barely even aware there was an election on.

      There are a great many people out there who are totally unengaged and will (if they can be bothered) go out and vote for the party that their family has always voted for because “that’s what you do, right”?

      Im with you on that one Ian I really do hope Plaid do get an uplift in their support on the back of the leaders debate, Leanne is great.
      yesindieref2 @10.34
      “Mmm, Herald removing posts it doesn’t like. Quelle surprise.”

      When did they start doing that?
      Chic McGregor says @10.35
      “Plus if they can fire from any arbitrary location, their port of origin is rather irrelevant, except to those living close to what would be one of the first bit of the planet to be obliterated in that eventuality.”

      I think the first thing the SNP contingent should do is to raise a bill to get the sub fleet to pay a “courtesy visit” to the embankment next to the house of commons and stay there for , oh lets say a couple of months,(every year) then they can see what they’re paying OUR money for, its only fair we cant hog all that valuable hardware to ourselves. 🙂
      IvMoz SAYS @10.39PM
      “Douglas Alexander on Scotland 2015 just now – I hope the polls are right & he gets binned tomorrow. I detest him more than murphy.”

      I agree,
      Alexander is an odious little creep and I so hope Mhari rips him a new one,
      As far as Mr Hi Jumpy is concerned, Id rather keep that clown right where we can see him, I would love it if he keeps his seat he ends up as the SoS,(it’ll be the equivalent of putting him in the stocks and throwing rotten tomatoes at him) then we can taunt the life out of him when he has to publicly rip up the (mythological) Slab manifesto (dont laugh) cos Ed says no. 🙂
      Cadogan Enwright says @ 10.34
      “anybody know if there are exit polls so we can spot apparent numerical anomalies?”

      I asked Roger Mullin if the SNP were doing an exit poll and he said no.
      Call me Dave says @ 10.48
      “Ed better gird up his loins “Hell yes I’m tough enough”

      His “he man” act always makes me think of Piers from the New Statesman.

    142. Scottiedog says:

      I remember getting the Mungo Bovey leaflet though the door and us laughing at the name – in my defence I was a kid. My family were Tories at the time – sorry.

    143. Naina Tal says:

      Jist oot o ma scratcher, but jist thocht ah’d dae a wee post afore the big day. Thanks tae aw the Wingers, especially Stuart. Aye even the trolls. Wings has kept me focussed oan whit needs tae be done the day even through aw the daurk days and through the pish in the MSM. Vote SNP and gie the Tories blue, yella an ridd their burnie burnie feet.
      Awa noo tae mak toast …..SLAB toast

    144. ScottieDog says:

      It’s a lovely sunny morn here in the kingdom of Fife. The mild South westerly stirs the cherry blossom. Here’s hoping it’s the wind of change.

    145. Calgacus says:

      With the polls opening I would just like to thank Rev.Stu and all the wingers for helping get Scotland to this position where we can hold our heads up high again.

      Vote SNP

    146. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      Right. Aff tae vote.

    147. john king says:

      Capella says @12.00am
      “One day this will be over and we will be living in a peaceful, productive, happy country.”

      Amen to that.

    148. caz-m says:

      HERE WE GO,


    149. packhorse pete says:

      Good luck everyone. And many thanks to Stu for his relentless and forensic journalism. Today will be a major milestone in the annals of our country as we move towards Independence. I believe we’re moving towards the Endgame. Best wishes.

    150. Luigi says:

      Good luck everyone, and thanks to y’all for your great posts and support for the Rev’s fantastic work. There will be some disappointments today, there will also be great surprises. Such is the nature of the beast. What will happen will now happen and we take it whatever. This is just another step, another battle on the way. The war goes on. We will win one day soon, if we never give up.

    151. john king says:

      Skip_NC says@ 12.33
      “Greetings from Raleigh, North Carolina. I was busy at work today so I was unable to do any campaigning to turn the the Tar Heel State yellow.”

      Well maybe if you had spent more time pounding the sidewalks instead of chatting on here, we wouldn’t be behind in NC,
      so face palm. 🙂

      All kidding apart,
      welcome Skip,
      dont be a stranger.

    152. Marie clark says:

      Good morning folks, lovely day here in the south west.

      Just away to have some brekkie and then away and vote. Thanks to all the wingers, you help to keep the spirits up when they flag a bit.

      A special thanks to the Rev, for all the pish he ploughs through to bring out the truth. Above and beyond the call of duty sometimes.

      Here’s hoping that we get the results we all hope for.

      See you all later.

    153. Thepnr says:

      Just been to the local village shop to buy the National. Searched the rack and couldn’t find any. What none left at 07:00 in the morning.

      Wrong, big pile on the counter next to the till. Good start to the day.

      By the way big thanks to you Rev and all the Wingers for keeping my spirits up since September.

    154. Bob Mack says:

      Thanks Skip for your good wishes .A singularly momentous day for Scotland .I believe we have the courage to take the first step on the path to freedom today ,that we lacked during the referendum .Off to man the polling station in an hours time.
      To all fellow Wingers and believers in our destiny I simply give thanks for your dedication ,knowledge and inspiration.
      No matter the results ,you have rekindled my faith in my fellow Scots.
      Special thanks to the Rev.What a wonderful man.

    155. Ali says:

      well today is the day, i just hope that for once the polls are correct, they have had a bad habit of biting me in the erse many a time over the years, fingers crossed this time.

      best of luck and wishes to all our candidates

    156. john king says:

      Scottiedog says @6.49
      “It’s a lovely sunny morn here in the kingdom of Fife. The mild South westerly stirs the cherry blossom. Here’s hoping it’s the wind of change.”

      Jings I was on the slopes of Mount Fujiyama just there,
      very poetic,
      Where I am the mild (seriously?) south westerly is stirring the dandelions.

      Waiting to see my Granddaughter off to school then I’m off to stand outside the town hall all day, after casting my vote of course.

      Now, who to vote for hmmm?

    157. john king says:

      Thepnr says
      “Just been to the local village shop to buy the National. Searched the rack and couldn’t find any. What none left at 07:00 in the morning.

      Wrong, big pile on the counter next to the till. Good start to the day.”


    158. mumsyhugs says:

      Oh what a beautiful morning,
      Oh what a beautiful day,
      I’ve got a beautiful feeling
      Everything’s going my way!

      Hope you were all singing along there folks 🙂

    159. Andrew Walker says:

      Well it’s get out and vote. Then sit back, cross fingers and hope.

      Hope the numbers stack up.

      First, and most important they stack up to get the Tories out.

      Second, and almost as important that the polls ring true and we get a huge swathe of SNP MP’s. (Murphy out would be a nice bonus.)

      And third, hope that if all has gone well the Lib Dems have been trashed enough so as to not dilute SNP influence.

      If it all goes wrong, we can at least be reasonably certain that Scotlands voice will be the strongest it has ever been.

      Interesting times ahead.

    160. John H. says:

      Good luck everyone.

    161. Macart says:


      “Hope you were all singing along there folks

      Every line mumsy. 😀

    162. Louis B Argyll says:

      Yes Robert P…

      But whatever happens today…

      This is the beginning if the end for the right wing establishment and those hangers-on who are the biggest liars…

      I’ll shut up for now…


    163. Dorothy Devine says:

      Voted in bright sunshine at quarter past seven here in Glasgow but now it is cloudy and no doubt the rain will be hitting the cherry blossom soon.

      Fingers , eyes and knees crossed for the best result possible.

      Defo, loved that! Wish I hadn’t been eating a Mortons roll at the time!

      Big thank you to you Rev Stu for my sanity and for all your hard work. Twixt you and WGD I survive the slings and arrows of outrageous ( mis) fortune – not to mention all the mightily humerous Wingers.

    164. McBoxheid says:

      It was like a multi guess test at school.

      4 possible answers to give, so if you didn’t know you ticked the same box every time and had 25% chance of getting it right. People that were asked and didn’t have a clue guessed rather than admitting they didn’t know.

      Statistically possible? Why not? In this case it’s middle for diddle, because no one wants to admit they don’t know something.

      If the question was asked “yes, more positive” in third place, there would probably have been an even higher number saying “yes, more positive” because thats the last thing the heard.

      I could be talking shite of course.

    165. Willie John says:

      Cuilean says @10:22

      Did you miss one at the end?

      Ballot paper SNP box. X

    166. dakk says:

      The future’s bright.

      The future’s yellow.

      Vote SNP !

    167. call me dave says:

      Third shop before I could get a ‘National’ sold out! What’s going on?

      Love the centre map, double page spread ‘colour Scotland yellow’
      Pencil hovering over No 20 Glenrothes.

      Good luck Peter Grant you have my vote.

      Anas Sawar’s phoney letter exposed…page 9.

      Oh and I read elsewhere that West coast Atlantic oil 2 X more than the North Sea…ReallY!
      That’s last years news but I’m a lumberjack and that’s OK.

      Fingers crossed wingers ‘too many to pick out’ enjoyed all the banter and the eloquent politics. 🙂

      Twiddling thumbs till the early hours now :-(………sigh!

    168. Rookiescot says:

      History may show that today was the day the dam burst.

      Hmmm would that make the Rev Stu and the team “The Dam Busters”?

    169. big jock says:

      That’s me helped Falkirk East & Linlithgow to get rid of that slob Michael Connerty! Adios you bam!

      Anecdotal evidence from Coatbridge that it’s 70% SNP so far. You know how these stories are exagerated. However there is an element of truth as the SNP rep was asking most folk all morning. Bass player with the Proclaimers I hear, and youngest brother of the famous Kane Family.

    170. Willie John says:

      Edit. That should have read ‘Cuilean @ 10:22’

    171. Thepnr says:

      @call me dave

      Did you spot the mistake on the front page map of constituencies in the National?

      Dundee (17&18) are colored Blue! Off to buy some tipex.

    172. call me dave says:

      Aye? Shurely shome mistake!

      Tipex it is then. It’s Jeremy Vine’s map on UK TV I’ll be watching. 🙂

      As usual nobody asked me to show my polling card…name and address only required… X completed.

      Watch out for the ‘sniff test’ factor being muted about 04:00hrs on Friday by the pundits

    173. McBoxheid says:

      Thepnr says:
      7 May, 2015 at 9:51 am

      @call me dave

      Did you spot the mistake on the front page map of constituencies in the National?

      Dundee (17&18) are colored Blue! Off to buy some tipex.

      The digital version is not blue and I doubt Dundee will be either after the counting is done!
      I a wee bit worried though, my computer screen is going to be all yellow to tomorrow. I only have one yellow marker pen, hopefully it’ll be enough!

    174. TheItalianJob says:

      Thanks to all Wingers and Stuart for all the great work over the past few months. Special thanks to all of you hard working canvassers.

      Two MPs I’m especially looking forward to getting their “jotters” are Mags Curren and Douglas Alexander. Not to worried about the Smurf holding on as we can handle him ok.

      Here’s to us.

    175. BuckieBraes says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon at 2.09 am

      Brian, are you sure that guy at the end isn’t William Hague?

    176. Fred says:

      “The only good Tory is a lavaTory”, like it! 🙂

    177. gerry parker says:

      @ John King.
      “Wrong, big pile on the counter next to the till. Good start to the day.”

      Lucky you John, couldn’t get one this morning, will try some shops this afternoon.

      Many thanks for your support on the letter writing. Managed a few in the local newspaper here, Patrician and Alex-M got some published too, and I’ve heard I made the Clydebank Post and the Wishaw Press along the way (not to mention the National)


    178. Effijy says:

      Scotland, Oh Scotland Please show us the sign your
      people have waited to see
      The Morning has come when the world is mine
      and Scotland once more is Free

      The People of Scotland they are Willing and Strong
      the Stag and the Oil Runs Free
      So gather together and Greet the Storm
      for Scotland Belongs to Me

      The Glens and the Mountains are Leafy and Green
      The Wind and the Wave Fuels our Sea
      and Somewhere a Glory Awaits Unseen
      and Scotland Belongs to Me

      The Babe in the cradle has opened its eyes
      the Blossom embraces the tree
      and there’s a whisper, Arise, Arise,
      For Scotland once more is FREE !

    179. Muscleguy says:

      @Chic McGregor

      Charlie Brooker was joking and quite well this SCND member thought. Of course that is not why it is situated here, but it’s about a good argument of what the Establishment does say. That was the point yet you seemed to let your prickliness get in the way of it. Brooker is clearly one of the good guys, he gets it and doesn’t deserve to in the list.

    180. Big Jock says:

      Oh Dear Rushy caught lying again.

    181. Effijy says:

      Link below from the bigots at the Independent:

      They claim that there is widespread intimidation at polling stations across Scotland????

      The Polling Stations have experienced staff on had and a police presence and they have reported no incidents anywhere in Scotland, but there we go again expecting some degree of truth from the Elitist Parasites that purchased the UK media outlets!

    182. MrObycyek says:

      That 15% believe the tone has been more positive just beggars belief. Have they been locked in a vault these past few months? I wonder if JK Rowling is one of those?

      I will be colouring in my map of Scotland, hopefully all yellow, that I got in The National later on but I can see it mentions a free yellow pen. I did not get a free yellow pen with my copy. Is there anyone who got a free yellow pen?

    183. Chic McGregor says:

      The humour detection error was not on my part.

    184. Effijy says:

      Well Done Scotland!

      Magnificent Results beyond all realistic expectations across the Nation.

      The Red Tory Party, formerly known as new Labour, have been brought to book and have been wiped off the Scottish Political Map

      Their MPs have for decades put their Westminster Masters, and their won pockets before the well being of this nation.

      Murphy as their main representative has no morals, Dugdale no clue, Alexander devoid of decency.

      There is no talent in Labour, no better replacements for the abject failures that they have put in place.

      I predict that they yet again will wheel out how they must learn to listen to the electorate and how only they can deliver a just society, when in fact they have not been listening for 50 years and supported some of the most unjust austerity measures in my life time.

      I respected, and voted for old Labour, and very much appreciated, and benefited from their social reforms, but new Labour abandoned everything that I respected them for and I will vote SNP for the rest of my life.

    185. Andrew Walker says:

      With a Tory majority in the UK, and SNP wiping the board in Scotland only one thing for it. Referendum number 2.

      No doubt wee Nicola will wait a wee bit for an ‘event’ before pulling the trigger.

      Unlikely the Tories will give agreement so Holyrood will have to go it alone and hold the vote, and then declare unilateral independence if the vote goes our way.

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