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No Exit

Posted on February 03, 2023 by

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  1. Al-Stuart says:

    Excellent Chris.

    Though I bet Nicola Sturgeon will find a title and entitled exit marked “Ambassador Sturgeon” UN Raporteur for FUBAR.

  2. robertkknight says:

    Nice one!

  3. twathater says:

    Sturgeon standing in her version of hogwarts where the stairs all revolve and you end up back in the same rancid corrupt place

    Or is it sturgeon’s version of the hammer house of horrors where sanity and common sense is unknown

    Another thought provoking example of where we are today no words needed

  4. Neil Mackenzie says:

    You’re too kind, Chris.

  5. Scozzie says:

    Great use of Escher’s Relativity artwork, depicts she/her’s situation perfectly.

  6. Kevin Cargill says:

    Brilliant. Just brilliant. ?

  7. Glenn says:

    …I think even Escher would be impressed with Sturgeons ability to think in other dimensions….

  8. Tom Halliday says:

    Very clever, but Chris might need to study some Hieronymus Bosch for what is to come.

  9. Effijy says:

    Great to see Chris sum up the situation in one picture!

    A stairway to heaving.

    Sinister sicko’s smothering Scotland’s priorities.

  10. Luigi says:

    Things were looking precarious last weekend but she may yet hang on folks. She’s now a certified asset for the British establishment and there is no way this lame duck is ever going to step out of line again. This week will be telling- will the MSM double down to finish her off, or will they back off? They will have been handed their instructions. When unionist commentators and bloggers start saying they hope she stays (and they have), then you know the independence

  11. Luigi says:

    Things were looking precarious last weekend but she may yet hang on folks. She’s now a certified asset for the British establishment and there is no way this lame duck is ever going to step out of line again. This week will be telling – will the MSM double down to finish her off, or will they now back off? They will have been handed their instructions. When unionist commentators and bloggers start saying they hope she stays (and they have), then you know that the battle for independence is over as far as this FM is concerned.

  12. Effijy says:

    Transgender Song to the tune of If you are happy and you know it clap your hands.

    If a person has a penis he’s a man
    If a person has a penis he’s a man
    If he doesn’t want to loose it
    Even though he doesn’t use it
    If a person has a penis he’s a man

    If a person has a nutsack he’s a man
    If a person has a nutsack he’s a man
    He can tuck it to conceal it
    or let it dangle to reveal it
    If a person has a nutsack he’s a man

    If he amputates his bits it’s a man
    If he grows a pair of tits it’s a man
    If the chromosome is a Y
    He will always be a Guy
    If he isn’t born a woman, he’s a man.

    If he’s violent in a frock go see a Doc
    If you look between your legs that’s a cock
    Chicks with dicks should leave our politics
    Go and buy a kilt cause you know your different built
    If a person has a willie he’s a man.

  13. Robert Louis says:

    Excellent cartoon. THIS is exactly the nonsense Sturgeon has fallen for. Stuck in her own conundrum of ridiculous artificial constructs, which fall to pieces when exposed to the harsh light of reality. Her ridiculous ‘all transwomen are women, except when they are not’, is right up there with Orwell’s ‘all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’

    It is truly hard to think of any other major politician, who has so willingly and gullibly swallowed this type of ridiculous nonsense. And for what? Seriously, for what?

    What has she or the independence movement or even the SNP gained by indulging this gender nonsense? Nothing.

    What a waste. It is time she went.

  14. Frank Gillougley says:

    The logic of madness, stupidity, hubris …

  15. Tommo says:

    That oily little sh1t from the LibDems (I know that doesn’t narrow it down much but you’ll know the one I mean ) is frantically trying to retreat from the party’s position on ‘Todgergate’. Hopefully all those who enthusiastically supported this shambles will have their hats nailed on by the electorate.

  16. Bob Mack says:

    A game of political jenga. Your move Nicola. Bring the house down.

    Brilliant as usual from Mr Cairns.

  17. Lorna Campbell says:


  18. Colm says:


  19. Ottomanboi says:

    One of the English translations of the title of the Sartre play Huis Clos is No Exit, the source of the totemic «hell is other people» line.
    The ontologic matter of seeing ourselves as others see us…

    «Their position in space is always relative. In the perspective of their own world, everything is correct, but they cannot place themselves in the perspective of the others»

    Sturgeon’s milieu is a hellish self-creation.

    Mr Cairns stimulates the grey cells.

  20. Turnbulldrier says:

    That’s a cracker

    Cannae beat a bit of Escher 🙂

  21. Geoff Anderson says:

    Tick-tock and the people slowly wake from their slumber.

    Meanwhile Sturgeon places her throne at the waters edge and demands the tide not to turn.

  22. 100%Yes says:

    There isn’t any exit where we can ask her to leave.

    I really do not what this woman to repersent Scotland or be our FM anymore, I’ve just had enough of her and the SNP.

  23. Dramfineday says:

    Ha,ha,ha. Very good Chris, I enjoyed that.

  24. Willie says:

    Faulty Towers perchance.

  25. Alison+Ross says:

    Brilliant Chris

  26. Jock Scot says:

    This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Take a bow, Sir.

  27. AnnemarieD says:

    Superb work. Sums it up perfectly. She will not go easily but at least now this shitshow is in the open. I always fully believed that once the general public grasp what this means in reality we will start to turn it.

    Those who fell for the Be Kind brigade need to step up. This is a movement that hates women. I still don’t know why Sturgeon has been captured but she is certainly unfit to lead. Her demeanour lately is very telling. She is raging that she has to explain herself to the plebs.

  28. Alf Baird says:

    ‘Gang oot’ = exit, in Scots, and much the same in German (uitgang), Norwegian (gang uit) etc.

    Postcolonial theory (Fanon, Memmi etc) tells us that a compromised dominant national party only brings forward laws which ‘mystify’ the people, in part to make it look busy as it further delays independence and deceives the people. ‘Condemned by its own hypocrisy’, it ‘behaves like a gang, becoming an ‘instrument of coercion’. Much as we see. At least we know we are still in the ‘decolonization’ process.

  29. Lollypop says:

    This political era will be known for its paradoxical, tautological slogans which eventually cause the downfall of those who declare these meaningless mantras because eventually reality will destroy them. Theresa May with her “Brexit means Brexit” and now Sturgeon with “Transwomen are Women”. Let this be a lesson for future politicians trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the electorate.

  30. John H. says:

    Why the confusion when this explains it all. I hope this works. ????????

  31. Bob Mack says:

    Just saw several members of “The sisters of perpetual indulgence sneak into Perth railway station. Must be on a day trip to Glasgow. Full costume but sneaking along a wall.

    I hope my native city gives them a warm welcome

  32. Republicofscotland says:

    Brilliant Chris absolutlely spot on.

  33. Morgatron says:

    Class Chris , spot on as usual.

  34. Wilson McBride says:

    Furries Convention

    3-6th February 2023

    Crowne Plaza


    Will be interesting to see how many of the great and good of our Holyrood politicians turn up at this event.

    I’m sure the intrepid Rev Stu will be keeping a close eye on what happens in Glasgow over the weekend.

  35. Peter C says:

    That is one brilliant cartoon. Well done!

  36. James Barr Gardner says:

    “You realize, of course, that nothing we do will be able to keep out You-Know-Who indefinitely?” squeaked Flitwick. “But we can hold him up,” said Professor Sprout.

    I’ll jist go an’ git ma coat……….

  37. Cuilean says:

    I think Sturgeon’s SNP Cult will be closely watching events in George Sq tomorrow.

    So please go there and show your support for women’s rights.

    If there are only a handful of women there being drowned out and intimidated, pushed, shoved and spat at, Sturgeon will assume the silent majority of the public are on her side.

    She and the ‘Beths’ will certainly spin it that way.

    What have we come to?

    The SNP showed no enthusiasm for any ‘All Under One banner marches, did they? You never saw the inner higher echelons of the SNP urging support for AUOB.

    But. BUT, incredibly, unbelievably, the one thing, the ONE thing, they all urge you to protest, is AGAINST women daring to voice their fears that their rights are being destroyed by Sturgeon’s Stasi. It’s nuSNP and Harvie’s Green Goons who are the fascists; not ordinary women!

  38. sarah says:

    Excellent cartoon, Chris – spot on. I just wish she would take a hint and leave us to manage somehow without her “assistance”.

  39. Oneliner says:

    Excellent work Mr C.

    A perfect graphic depiction of the parallel universe which exists down the back of Sturgid’s filing cabinet.

  40. James Che says:


    Sorry I did not manage to get back to you the other day re the topic of problems with posting on wings, my apologise, and many thanks for taking the time out to respond,

    I have had the same provider and network for years, I have also posted here for years, I also have the same computer/ ipad for years, all have worked perfectly well for years, and there are no problems when in other sites not connected to Wings,

    It seems to be a very specific problem to access wings site,
    I see a numbers of others mentioning having this problem also over the last year or so?

    So being as I am not having a problem posting anywhere else throughout the year, one does tend to see the point that Willie was making.

  41. panda paws says:

    Excellent Chris. This toon from Matt is rather good too!

  42. Ottomanboi says:

    The self styled Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an American group, call their coterie of weirdly dressed men a charity. They deliberately set out to offend through parody. Parody is never innocent, at root there is detestation of the thing parodied.
    Catholicism, the religion they choose to caricature, Islam they leave alone, is an easy, soft target and Catholics generally dismiss this exhibitionist nonsense except when these people attempt to disrupt church services, which they are known to do.
    This Wiki link to a «transwoman lesbian» academic puts their mash-up of sexual dysfunction into a context.

  43. Ruby says:

    I think she is looking skywards hoping for the helicopter to land and hear the pilot saying ‘beam her up Scottie’

    Her only other choice is to go back downstairs to ‘Fantasy Land’ where ‘transwomen are women’ and everyone can self-id even the ‘transwomen who are rapists’

    You know for sure the world of politics has gone crazy when Donald Trump is the only politician who is making sense.

  44. panda paws says:

    The following video link is absolutely heart breaking. I’d read this American mother’s story of what happened to their child who got caught up in gender ideology before. But watching her read it was much worse. We have to bring sanity back. Support children who either are confused, caught up in social contagion or gender non conforming until they are adults and can decide for themselves but never allow anything like this to happen again.

  45. Republicofscotland says:

    The SNP MP trougher Mhairi Black reinforces the Westminster parliaments false hold over Scots, by asking Alister Jack when can we have an indyref, and Jack give his usual condescending reply.

    If we didn’t have Sturgeon the Judas as FM, but someone who really wanted independence we’d be out of this onesided prison of a union by now, all those wasted years may yet be our undoing.

  46. Liz says:

    This is genius. ??

  47. Liz says:

    Sorry dont know where the ?? came from

  48. Merganser says:

    All roads lead to nowhere with Sturgeon. Pity she can’t disappear up her own arse.

  49. Cactus says:

    Scottish Independence 1 ~ was in effect from the Year 0000 till the early 18th Century.
    Scottish Independence 2 ~ comes back into effect when the Scottish people say Yes.

    What other worldly countries are still in a ‘political union’ with another, here in this 21st Century?

    The next article is game ball:

  50. gregor says:

    Shame on you WEF Mi5-SISSY-GIMP


  51. Tinto Chiel says:

    Merganser: “Pity she can’t disappear up her own arse”.

    From Escher to one of these:

    Either way, Nikla is sure losing her grip on the real world.

  52. Merganser says:

    Tinto Chiel.

    Ah the Klein bottle. Mobius I should have thought of that.

  53. Anne Johnston says:

    Great Chris!
    M C Escher himself would have loved it.

  54. gregor says:

    Fire Exit (2013): Time Wall (Last Laugh Records):

    “…I know which way I am going…

    We’re going all the way…”:

  55. gregor says:

    Thank God for ‘THE NORMALS’ (@Love You)…

  56. PacMan says:

    @James Che

    It’s just a problem with this site but TBH, it’s turned out to be good one as the BTL section is a better now without the usual suspects carpet bombing it with nonsense.

  57. Stoker says:

    LOL! Thanks, Chris!

    Did you get your inspiration for that toon from ‘The Winchester House’ in the USA? The house owned and built by the wife of the inventor of the Winchester Rifle. Yon hoose is the weirdest i’ve ever seen.

    Hundreds of thousands of stairs and staircases deliberately leading to nowhere. She just kept getting extra stairs and rooms added over the decades and deliberately designed them to go nowhere, sometimes even leading to a bare brick wall.

    I wonder if she’s related to the Sturgeon’s? 🙂

  58. Muscleguy says:

    Thanks for the kind of viable exit to Biology Chris.

  59. Cactus says:

    ‘No Exit’ has now suddenly became an ‘Emergency Exit‘.

    Into a trap-door of their own making:

    “A secret dungeon with an opening only at the top for the admission of air, used for persons condemned to perpetual imprisonment or to perish secretly, such as exist in some old castles or other buildings.”

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