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Moodievision: Ask Nicola

Posted on June 17, 2015 by

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  1. 17 06 15 13:17

    Moodievision: Ask Nicola | Speymouth

123 to “Moodievision: Ask Nicola”

  1. Holebender says:

    Is it just my connection or is the sound really crap?

  2. No no no...Yes says:


    Great idea to target the 3 Musketeers. Their ineffectiveness is captured brilliantly, and Ruth the Tank Commander’s voice is particularly good.

  3. Tartan Tory says:

    Much as it pains me to say this, that sketch is about as realistic as it gets when it comes to some of the ‘debates’ in the Scottish Parliament. One day, in my personal utopia, the unionists in the minority will begin to accept their position and attempt to work with the SNP to make things better, rather than sounding like a bunch of feckless whingers.

  4. Holebender says:

    It seems it was just my connection.
    As you were.

  5. call me dave says:

    Yes, that’s about how it goes every Thursday.

    I don’t always get Mr Moodie but today was excellent. 🙂

    Hmm! I am not au fait with Korky, who he??
    Be gentle with me.

    Loved this on Bella.


    Thanks for the malware link a few days ago it’s working fine on both my laptops.

  6. Muscleguy says:

    Corkie used to be leader of the Scottish Accounting Branch of the misleading named Labour party. Before Smurph. The one who claimed to be simply a puppet of Westminster, or treated like one, hence . . .

  7. Doug Daniel says:

    “That’s unnecessarily hurtful!”


  8. handclapping says:

    Just tell us where, Kez. No refunds, no returns. If I can’t afford it I’ll crowdfund it just for you.
    And Willie as baggage.

  9. MajorBloodnok says:

    Aha – curiously, Kezia’s voice on this was less annoying than it is in real life.

  10. call me dave says:


    Thanks: A pink jaicket.
    I must pay more attention. 🙁

  11. Chic McGregor says:

    If Nicola’s the nippy sweetie, Kezia’s the soor ploom, Ruth’s the gobstopper and Wullies the soft mint.

  12. wee_monsieur says:

    Great music, by the way. Must check out these Defamators!

  13. Chitterinlicht says:

    Thought I was watching the real thing.

    Opposition perfectly captured though but flaterring to Ruth ‘the Tank’ Davidson

  14. heedtracker says:

    I would like Keiza on my tomtom navigation voice thingee, whining at me, “you have reached your destination, vile separatist, in too small, poor and wee Scotland. Jim Murphy is a legend.” but I’ll be somewhere in Germany.

  15. broonpot says:


    However, I will need to watch the “transmitted” version tomorrow just in case it is edited so the embarrassing bits are droppoed

  16. call me dave says:


    Aye no left turns only u-turns and driving on the right.

  17. Dr Jim says:

    That was really good

    Rockstar Politics Eh

    Amazing how we’re all religiously blinded by Nicola being a normal human being
    What does that say about the opposition
    Dippity Dug now wants to have the “lead” or she’ll whine
    Ruth Davidson Really does want her own tank to shoot Nicola
    Willie Rennie just wants somebody to “give me a chance eh”

  18. Bob Mack says:

    Greg—- you are only supposed to parody these people,and not show them in real life.
    What ? My apologies Greg. I have to stop watching FMQ.

  19. Lollysmum says:

    Greg -that was exceptional & so funny 🙂

    Thank you to you too Stu for hosting these videos-such a good idea.

    Right off now to check out what the Abstention Party is up to -if anything.

  20. DerekM says:

    ooof nice one guys it would be hysterical if it wasnt so near the mark.


    I dont know if anyone has posted about this but chunkymark has a 3 part interview with Mhairi Black on youtube worth a watch 🙂

    Sorry no link as i dont want hit with Revs hammer as i am always worried it embeds lol

  21. call me dave says:

    labour abstention saves Cameron. Story in Observer.

  22. call me dave says:

    Chilcot delayed. Angus asks the question. George agrees

  23. Tackety Beets says:

    Aw iss plaice Cwacks me up !

    In the mist of economical truths(WM Lies) , the best bit o fun C C’s Rubens on a Setirdi mornin and Moodie vision .

    Keep it up folks it raises our spirit no end.

    Thank you.

  24. tartanarse says:

    Tremendous. I would gladly pay a subscription to watch a half hour version of this weekly.

    Should be on telly in my opinion.

  25. heedtracker says:

    call me dave says:
    17 June, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    Aye no left turns only u-turns and driving on the right.

    Red tory right or blue tory very very further right?

    It is a tory boy UKOK world though

    A mate scoped this hammer of the Scots in Embro a couple of weeks ago with his MBE. Wonder why he got that.

    Other tory boy hammer of the Scots doesn’t know what a flower is though, 8 mins ago.

    I’m in England where there is now a complete teamGB media blackout on anything Scottish, so #disappeared_Scotland_bored. Its very weird watching England simply erase Scotland from teamGB.

  26. fred blogger says:

    yep great.
    moodie teenagers, nothing like ’em.

  27. Jim Morris says:

    The original hokey cokey was a sectarian anti-catholic parody of the then Latin Mass and the phrase Hoc est Corpus (This is my Body). The right hand made frequent cross-shaped movements. There was never a left hand or any leg involved, hence the parody. It is still offensive to some, myself included.

  28. heedtracker says:

    Hope Keiza gets the top red tory job and here’s a blast from the past

    I’ll miss working with Jim Murphy – handled so many tough situations with grace and humour. A lot of respect for that.

    Yes Kayleigh, grace and humour in tough situations is what creepy Jim will be remembered for.

  29. Dr Jim says:

    Not got anything new to say just thought I’d come on and
    rubbish the SNP
    Well everybody else is doing it you can see them practically scratching their heads trying to come up with rubbish to say about them

    There must be a new directive been handed down from Government Broadcasting Headquarters
    It’ll be on Emmerdale or Coronation Street next (Did you hear about that terrible SNP they’re rubbish aren’t they)

    Two more milk stouts Mrs Walker, Anything for you Mr Wilkes
    Is Florrie Lindley still in that? Or did she go off with Amos Brearley?

    Still not long to wait coz according to the real people in Scotland every one of them is going down coz they’re fed up listening to it

    Time for another Wee Rock Show “Nippy” stick it to them

    Maybe open air this time, how about Hampden Park

    Go On Say you’ll do it

  30. mr thms says:

    there’s far too much carping in that episode.

  31. Dan Huil says:

    @ Dr Jim. Alistair Carmichael as Stan Ogden? But without Stan’s decency.

  32. heedtracker says:

    UKOK fascism goes after an actual leftie candidate for Labour leader, shock

    Daily Heil reprobates also point out big flaw in Labour 3 quid membership, loads of blue tory boys piling in to get an actual leftie leader.

    The Labour party is to launch a purge of Tories posing as supporters in an attempt to rig the leadership election.
    Conservative supporters have launched an online campaign dubbed

    ToriesForCorbyn’ to sign up as affiliated Labour members to vote for veteran left-winger Jeremy Corbyn. Outspoken author and columnist Toby Young are among known Conservatives encouraging people to pay £3 to join the party and take part in the leadership campaign.

    Mr Young posted online an image showing how he filled in the membership form answering the question ‘why did you sign up as a registered supporter?’ with ‘to consign Labour to electoral oblivion’. Others have promised to ‘destroy the Labour Party’ and said they ‘despise’ the party.

    “However, supporters of Tories for Corbyn will be left of our pocket. ‘If you have given the £3 and you then fail the verification process, we keep the money,’ a Labour source said.”

  33. Donald says:

    I thought you did parody. That’s reality.

  34. HandandShrimp says:

    I shall look forward to this when I get home.

    O/T I see that they are not releasing the Frenchgate memo report because they don’t want to upset the French

    Is that some sort of euphemism for “we must protect Mundell at all costs”?

    Something smells rotten.

  35. yesitis says:

    Love it!

    It`s all there, and spot on 🙂

  36. heedtracker says:

    Memo gate farts along with usual UKOK liars trying to cover up like er um er ah um Sunday Times Snowden attack tory boy here. Should have gone to the Bliar MacDougall school of lying through ones teeth with out blushing or anything, Alistair Carmicheal passed Bliar’s course with honours,

  37. Luigi says:

    Wee Willie complete with the gap teeth. Such detail!

  38. Mosstrooper says:

    @ Jim Morris Hokey Cokey

    Jim, your assertion about this song/dance being anti Roman Catholic is complete balderdash and has been disproved time and time again.

    Get a life and stop seeing insults where none exist.

    Lord above do we not see enough sh**e being written without inventing nonsense. Don’t go to a rugby match Jim or you’ll think that the players in a scrum are talking about you.

  39. Lesley-Anne says:

    As usual great cartoon from Greg. 😛

    For those who have a liking for Chunky Mark a.k.a. the Artist Taxi Driver here he is interviewing Mhairi Black. 😀

    Fantastic interview by a down to earth individual with down to earth Mhairi. 😀

  40. Lanarkist says:

    Scottish Politics is now officially the largest Elephant in the known room, Officially!

    MSM has cast an invisibility cloak over any activity involving Westminster or the words Scotland, SNP or Smith Commission.

    Only on Scottish MSM are these words or combinations allowed but only to be used in a negative combination in order to undermine any sense of Scottish self worth.

    Political/media Gaslighting, don’t mention the Scots!

    Maybe we could start an online petition along the lines of the Claim of Rights or a Scottish Covenant Mark2.

    Let’s give the Cabinet and SSof S. Lots of homework to do, let’s keep them very busy and ask for legal advice of our own Legal Establishment, a Government and European Union.

    Any European Citizen can ask for assistance from any other European Nation if in doubt of their own Government being able to offer assistance.

    Perhaps we could start a campaign of Requests for Information and Assistance from our European Cousins.

    Surely the political situation, constitutional crisis, media manipulation, outrageous asset stripping and the very visible absence of any thing close to Democracy are noticeable in many other Countries around the World.

    Can our extended Scottish Diaspora not assist by bringing it to the attention of their own Countries Governments?

    We live in strange times!

  41. john king says:

    Dr Jim @ 4.08pm
    “Two more milk stouts Mrs Walker, Anything for you Mr Wilkes
    Is Florrie Lindley still in that? Or did she go off with Amos Brearley?”

    No no you’ve got it all wrong, it was Ena Sharples that went off with that Albert oh whats his name again? Tatlock that’s it, well it seems he and Ena went off and formed one of those commune thingys in French Guyana and somebody spiked Ena’s Port and lemon, and Albert, well you know what his temper was like, so he gets into a gunfight with these Argentinian caballeros now he’s spending time making coconut rafts and picking weevels out of his hard tack biscuits for protein trying to get off devils island, but heres the thing right, now you didn’t hear it from me ok, the word is it was the SNP who spiked Ena’s drink when she and Albert were hiding out in a fleapit in Santa Cruz de la sierra in Bolivia (you know kind of place) when they were being hunted by the policia for running a house of ill repute in Cayenne, well anyway it turns out it was SNP pistoleros who tried to get Albert to start a revolution, now he’s gunning for them so God help Willie Wolfe when he gets off that island.

    Thats all I’m saying

    Eh I’ll get ma hairnet. 🙁

  42. Dugdale's piehole says:

    It’s a bit like the old bbc3 show monkey dust. Anybody know where I can find more of the defamators music? I’ve tried googling it but no luck so far.

  43. ArtyHetty says:

    Westminster really is the opposite of how things should be being done with the toffs sitting there, except the SNP of course, supposedly debating serious issues, aye right. Great vid, gave us a laugh, a much needed laugh at the troughers’ incompetence.

  44. Dr Jim says:

    @John King 5.55pm

    There’s a book in this if we introduce Butch and Sundance

  45. Robert Kerr says:

    Just noticed the “Tank on the Lawn” or rather the Scottish parliament benches.

    Subtlety your name is Greg Moodie!

    And for fun.

  46. scotspine says:

    Just watched some dick from the BBC visiting an oil platform.

    They / he reports that the FM was asking for action from Westminster to assist the industry. He then reports that “of course, the Westminster Govt gave the oil companies what they wanted in the last budget” (subtext is.. The oil is running out and there is nothing else to do)

    The same chump then reports that the North Sea is dwindling, but the expertise gained is being sold worldwide. Alas he adds, that will only last for another 40 years.

    Why 40 years? Will the Oil Fields in the Middle East, Brazil, Gulf, Far East, Central Asia run out then?

    Or is it just another made up load of pish from these lying propagandists. (Notice I didn’t add a question mark there)

    Then a random tory about a failed armed robber.

    Then the tool in the studio presents a story that unemployment in Scotland is (ever so slightly) up in Scotland and is higher than in the rest of (the Utopia of) the UK.

    This shite is going to continue being drip fed between now and 2016 Holyrood elections.

    That and the suppression of any good news or stories about SNP MPs fighting for Scotland in Westminster.

  47. Legerwood says:

    Did I just hear Sarah Smith on Reporting Scotland that her programme tonight will be about the gas and oil industry and how they have been told to get ‘used to oil at 65 dollars rather than the 200 dollars it was before’!!

    Not a factual programme then.

  48. Lanarkist says:

    Looking at all that is going on at the moment and all that is not being covered or reported on makes me realise that the Establishment have taken to meeting in the bunker!

    Do these tactics of media blackout and negative propaganda strike you as the products of Parliamentarians, media moguls and Corporate Millionaires that are in a happy place?

    They seem consumed by confusion and crisis, so happy, giddy even, by their unexpected Majority that they have to reissue a budget built on a hung Parliament Principle to suit their unfettered power and confused by the alien landscape of politics in the country.

    Everything changed whilst the weren’t looking!

  49. Lesley-Anne says:

    Morag giving her talk in Edinburgh about Lockerbie live now.

  50. Lesley-Anne says:

    I’ve just seen the panel ist for BBC QuestionTime on Thursday. 😉

    Lionel Barber … journalist (apparently) but really a TOFF

    David Davis … BLUE Tory

    Caroline Flint … RED Tory

    Melanie Phillips … journalist (apparently)

    Oh and some young up and coming newbie to Westminster and British politics … someone called Alex Salmond. Personally I’ve never heard of the man but hey might be worth a wee squint tomorrow night to see if he is any good. 😀

  51. A MacRitchie says:

    Greece …….. Alexis Tsipras

    Stand strong my man for you fight the good fight for the same cause as we do……..I only wish we could/would show you more support than we do.

  52. Clootie says:

    Legerwood says:
    17 June, 2015 at 7:00 pm

    …it was 60dollars I think but your point still stands.

    I’ll wager on $85bbl by year end.Experts are split as usual on this. However the Government is going to push through change before it does rise. It is a tactic used by Maggie Thatcher with the miners …cripple the industry and you defeat the opposition. In this case miners are replaced by those seeking Independence.

    Do I really think Westminster would cripple the Oil Industry to hold Scotland….YES. If they don’t win this battle to keep Scotland under the thumb they lose a great deal more income forever.

  53. Dr Jim says:

    Funny thing just happened on BBC 2 Newsnight Labour Leadership Debate

    It seems the new Labour Candidates all aspire to be Nicola Sturgeon and I mean the men Jeremy Corbyn was positively orgasmic in the fulsomeness of his praise for our First Minister
    As was, to a slightly lesser degree but nevertheless Andy Burnam

    It would seem that Nicola Sturgeons policies are the very epitome of their desires
    And to emulate these same policies and enact them in the Big Engerland would be their ultimate goal in life in order to halt the death throes of the almost juddering corpse that is (was) the Labour Party

    And it makes you wonder why they hate us so much that they won’t even vote with us on matters that we agree on

    Maybe I just misunderstood everything I just heard

    Us SNP folk must have different ears

  54. Lesley-Anne says:

    On the Greek “will they leave the Euro or will they stay” question I seem to recall quite some time ago on Max Keiser that the idea was promoted that Greece only gained entry to the Euro thanks to, at best, questionable accounting carried out by Goldman Sachs.

  55. gillie says:

    Labour are buggered.

    The leadership debate highlighted that the party have to choose between three Tories in comparison to an old fashioned socialist.

    Corbyn will not win the vote but he has done enough to embarrass the others.

  56. thomaspotter2014 says:


    The others don’t do embarassment I’m afraid

    They do a pretty good tory though!

  57. Legerwood says:

    Clootie @ 7.45

    Maybe they think mismanaging the oil industry damages Scotland but at some point they will realise that it also damages the rUK.

    As strategy goes it sort of like the person sitting on a branch sawing away merrily – in the wrong place.

  58. Kevin Evans says:

    For the last 2 years the oil price has been determined by political bullying by the UK and the USA (with the help of Saudi and other OPEC nations) to try and destabilise the Russian economy. It’s just pure luck that this has an effect in the UK and it allows Westminster and the media to make a big deal out of it. Basically in a nutshell “it’s all pish”

  59. Kevin Evans says:

    Infact remember these words and yous will all be fine “it’s all pish” yous got it.

    Every little thing that seeps into your heed from the media!!!! Use the mantra. “It’s all pish”.

    Comparing Scotland to Greece “it’s all pish”.

    Comparing the SNP to the nazis, “it’s all pish”

  60. thomaspotter2014 says:

    What I think we’re seeing right now,right there in Westminster is the ‘Grand Coalition’ deal that was worked out pre-GE between Con and Lab
    to stifle SNP on any and every front

    Labour seem to be playing the silent partner role and think nobody’s noticed lol!

  61. Kevin Evans says:

    Labour leadership debate – it’s all pish

  62. Kevin Evans says:

    Grand coalition – it’s all pish

  63. morgatron says:

    Jim Morris @3.33

    Get a grip and dont talk pish.

  64. Alan of Neilston says:

    I wish more of you WINGERS would see, watch and learn from MAX KEISER’S Show on R.T. to hear and absorb the reality of the U.K’s so called Economic policy Via George Osborne and what we hear AD NAUSEUM from Tory M.P’S in the House of Commons of the “LONG TERM ECONOMIC PLAN”. It’s based on “SAND” and how we ( The British /United Kingdom/ England/ which is the Real Power driving this via “The City OF London and it’s Bankers”. This is creating another Housing” BUBBLE” ie Buying Property by Owning and Selling it supported in “Budget Policy “via The Tory’s. Where is Industry and Wealth Creation!! In this an absolute “Sham” of a concept given credence by the M.S.M. (Robert Peston of the B.B.C. is an Intelectual Pygmy compared to Max Keiser. If I am wrong let me know! Let’s get out of this Union A.S.A.P.

  65. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘We live in an immensely rich nation: demand use of that wealth for the working-class majority population, not for the profits, perks and privileges of the stinking rich and their Tory henchmen.’

    From Richie Venton’s latest blog article, here:

  66. call me dave says:

    Mr Harris regrets:

  67. mr thms says:


    Yes, she did say $200 dollars!

    However, the chief for the new Aberdeen-based oil and gas body, Deirdre Michie, pointed out at today’s conference that only 10% of the producers were struggling with an oil price of $60. Which means the other 90% of the producers are still making profits..

    I wonder if tonight’s programme will mention the stunning Quad 204 project?

    If anyone has not seen the uncut BP film on You Tube, I highly recommend it.. it is stunning

  68. majestic12 says:

    Bloomberg is forecasting low oil prices because of a glut, for the next 10 years. OPEC, i.e. Saudi Arabia, has artificially depressed prices to undercut cheap American shale gas and oil. Prices will undoubtedly rise again, but when is an unknown at the moment.

    I doubt Bloomberg’s crystal ball is any more accurate than anyone else’s. Commodity prices are always manipulated to someone’s advantage. Nothing has a true value.

  69. msean says:

    Think Mr Salmond was on after the indyref with Caroline Flint MP. She said to him then,”but you lost,you lost”, so this may be QTs way to allow Mr Salmond to return the favour. 🙂

  70. Tamson says:

    I guarantee that if Dugdale becomes leader, she’ll basically disappear for a few weeks of intensive media coaching, and there will be some attempt to eliminate the whiny voice. But it’ll be in vain. You can’t polish a you-know-what.

    ISTR Lamont disappeared for a significant period not long after being elected.

  71. X_Sticks says:

    @mr thms

    Thanks for that – I hadn’t seen the video though knew of the development. Great video – I’ve put it out on twitter.

  72. RogueCoder says:

    Folks, apologies for the delay – Special Edition Wee Blue Books for the 2015 Wings fundraiser ARE SHIPPING NOW!

    UK addresses went out today and start landing on doormats tomorrow morning!!

    International addresses, Gold and Silver Wings badges, and Wings Works packages will take a few days longer because of increased complexity – BUT THEY ARE COMING!!

    Hope you enjoy as much as we have 🙂

  73. cirsium says:

    @A MacRitchie, 7.36

    Regarding the catastrophic situation in Greece, the following report has just been presented to the Greek Parliament.

    I have read Mike Hudson on the principle that debt which cannot be repaid, will not be repaid. This is the first time that I have seen it in an official document. I wonder what Tsipras will do.

  74. Xaracen says:

    Wow, that BP Quad 204 project is seriously impressive. They aren’t investing £5billion+ on a whim and a prayer, they fully expect to make solid and well justified profits from that project for at least the next 20 years.

  75. fred blogger says:

    will commentators please stop influencing things by saying things.
    it’s not fair and you’re doing it deliberately.

  76. Grouse Beater says:

    Cirsium: Regarding the catastrophic situation in Greece

  77. Fred says:

    Sarah Smith, how many applications was there for that job?
    Bridget McConnell, ditto,
    Sarah Smith’s Maw, how come she sits in the House of Lords?
    Lord Ffoulkes & many others, ditto?

  78. heedtracker says:

    Cool BBC prog on now, BBC at War, how the BBC is so great today. Cant wait to see the bit where Dimbleby explains how the BBC single handedly destroyed Scottish democracy last year. Well not single handed, they had stuff like Gordon Brown live on stage raging away non stop vote NO or else all day 18th Sept 2014. It is interesting watching a ferocious UKOK propaganda outfit explaining how amazing and wonderful it is though.

  79. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Not sure if the line-up for tomorrow’s Question Time has been confirmed – Alex Salmond and Melanie Phillips definitely included?

    If so, the latter may have to endure the torture of winding-in her neck – any cheap shots about Scottish nationalism will not fare well, bearing in mind what her beloved ‘settlers’ are up to:

    ‘Israel’s Ultranationalist Right: Settlers On The March’, CH4 News, 16.6.15 –

  80. ArtyHetty says:

    Just a comment on the subject of economy and housing bubble someone mentioned earlier, something is afoot. When shops, and there are quite a few of them, close down here in the capital city, what appears? Yep, a property shop, you can’t get moved for them here, likes flies round s**t.

    Thoughts? The bubble is about to burst or is actually doing just fandabby doo at the cost of other small business’s in this here great wonderful city. Not sure how much longer I can stand Edinburgh.

    Also tons of student flats being built, why? Erm because its something to do with the fact the developers don’t have to pay tax…funny that.

  81. Les wilson says:

    Ref Bloomberg comments about the price of oil, do not take it seriously, they are sympathetic to Westminster. Noted that on the run up to Indy, so they follow the Westminster line. SNP bad inference, Scottish stupid.

    When it comes to this stuff, do not believe them.

  82. ben madigan says:

    thanks to A MacRitchie for the official report from the Greek parliament. i have summarized it here with a few pics as usual

  83. Hi again,

    Re-posting this from the last thread, for anybody who missed it.

    There’s now a forum for further discussion about putting up billboards or other adverts in public spaces to counter MSM distortions and agitprop.

    Go to and add your tuppenceworth please. cheers.

  84. Grouse Beater says:

    What is the community’s view off David Leask, chief reporter of the Herald, and self-styled composer and musician?

  85. Boorach says:

    Help… anyone got any idea of why my clicking on the twitter feed button I am suddenly being taken to the ‘sign-in’ page rather than directly to the time line as previously?

    Still able to access Angry Salmond.

  86. Al Dossary says:

    Quad 204 – impressive, but built almost entirely in Korea, and guaranteed staffed 90% by Teeside nepotism.

    Yet another mega project outsourced to the far east by a company which should be supporting our own industry. The tax take alone which has been lost due to most of the British workers being non tax status will run into many, many millions of pounds.

  87. Haggis Hunter says:

    Love the part where she mentions punch my pus. Good co. Angus word, less polite for Fizzog.

  88. Petra says:

    I’ve just been checking out the Daily Record to see if they had notified their Scottish readers that the Scottish Parliament is still not permanent and that purdah rules no longer apply during the forthcoming EU referendum. Well surprise, surprise no mention of either and therefore suppressing the fact that Labour politicians abstained on the purdah vote and in doing so technically supported their pal David Cameron.

    Torcuil Chrichton has decided instead to insinuate that a ‘new’ SNP MP is leaking information (to him?) and published the following:

    ‘SNP use Westminster muscle to ‘red light’ select committee candidates if they have been hostile to independence.

    THE new “traffic light system” was revealed as voting took place for chairs of Commons committees – with one SNP MP saying: “We got an email from Gisela Stuart. She called us Nazis so that was a red light.”

    NEW SNP MPs are being given a “red light” warning by the party leadership not to back candidates for powerful Westminster committees who have been hostile to independence.

    As secret voting took place yesterday among 650 MPs for the chairs of Commons committees it was revealed the SNP has given its new members a “a traffic light system” to approve candidates.

    With 56 MPs the SNP has a major influence on the outcome of the cross-party elections.

    Although the party has a tight discipline code it has not imposed a whip on who MPs must choose.

    Instead new SNP MPs have been given a traffic light guide to the candidates.

    Candidates sympathetic to the SNP get a green light and those who have crossed swords with nationalism in the past get a red card.

    One new SNP MP said: “The party whips have not told us who to vote for but they have helpfully provided a traffic lights system of green being sympathetic and helpful to us, amber so so and red absolutely not.

    MPs elected by the Commons take on the £15,000 a year job of holding the government to account on committees such as culture, foreign affairs and defence.

    The SNP have two committee chairs for the first time. Perthshire MP Pete Wishart was unopposed for Scottish Affairs and Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil unopposed for energy and climate change.

  89. SquareHaggis says:

    Here’s a comment from the BP Quad204 vid on YT

    Thanks to 789crafty. Sorry no para breaks, just cut n paste verbatim.

    “its been conservatively estimated to be the largest reserves IN THE WORLD. perhaps this can rebalance our dependence on the middle east. If we dont have to go cap in hand to them, the influence they gain will be no more. 🙂  The information has been suppressed as they do not want the masses to know in Scotland, as they will quiet rightly vote yes to independence, the dirty tricks brigade stoop to anything to keep us in their clutches. When oil was discovered in the North Sea, a couple of years after, the Guinness book of records had a paragraph on oil countries, for Scotland it read. “Scotland, the only country in the world to discover oil, and the standard of living WENT DOWN”   Thats because the westminster government took it all and SQUANDERED it, whilst cutting money and services, dismantling and moving all the industry out of Scotland, and creating what they called ‘subsidy junkies’, their term for the Scots as they say we take more from the British economy than we put in. (research has since proved this to be propaganda lies). With all my heart I truly wish and hope that all Scots see how we have been ‘milked’ for generations, and come to their senses and vote YES.  I really do not want to see MY country becoming the very first nation to be offered independence and refuse it. NO-ONE else has ever refused it, and not one of the new independent nations has ever asked to go back. they have all raised their game because of the freedom. THATS what I want for my nation. Some of the projects under way are: BP is in the process of investing £4.5 billion to unlock around 640 million barrels of oil from the giant Clair oil field (Clair Ridge phase two), which was discovered back in 1977 and is said to hold reserves of seven or eight billion barrels. Oil is scheduled to start flowing to the Sullom Voe Terminal in late 2016. Peak production is expected to be in the region of 120,000 barrels per day, although some say it could be more. BP and its partners are also in the middle of a two-year appraisal programme for Clair Ridge phase three which involves drilling a number of appraisal wells. Total is investing well above £3 billion into the Laggan-Tormore project to tap into the huge gas reserves out west. Part of the project is the construction of the Shetland Gas Plant, which currently employs 3,000 workers. Laggan-Tormore is now due to come on stream in 2015, and there are plans in place to also develop the nearby Edradour and Glenlivit gas fields. BP is also redeveloping the Schiehallion oil field at a cost of around £3 billion by upgrading sub-sea infrastructure and replacing the floating, production, storage and offloading vessel with a new 270metre FSPO. The field is due to come back on stream in 2016. American oil company Chevron is meanwhile said to make an investment decision to develop the Rosebank reservoir in 2015. This could be in the region of £6 billion. The company plans to link into existing pipeline infrastructure, but there is also talk about Chevron looking at building its own infrastructure in Shetland. Meanwhile, BP received planning permission to build a £500 million gas sweetening plant at the Sullom Voe Terminal. This investment is in addition to a £250 million refurbishment of the 35 year old terminal to serve the West of Shetland oil and gas developments. Hurricane Energy is looking to develop its light oil Lancaster and Whirlwind reservoirs, discovered in 2009 and 2011 near the established Schiehallion and Foinaven fields. Premier Oil is currently investing £830 million to bring its Solan field on stream before the end of the year. Daily production is expected to be in the region of 20,000 barrels”

    Wished this info had been available to the public pre referendum.

    Makes ya think.

  90. john king says:

    Just saw Carol Kirkwood on the BBC this morning, and of course being royal Ascot she was sporting some (ahem) hats, the first one she wore made her look like John West, in fact every time she appeared all I could think of was this! 🙂

  91. john king says:

    Archived that for you Petra
    You’ll start a riot providing a live link to the Rancid. 🙁

  92. john king says:

    Sorry Petra its obvious the Record block archive is 🙁

  93. @Boorach

    Twitter seemed to change its format a week or so ago.

  94. Lollysmum says:

    Are you using Internet Explorer on a Pc or laptop? If so you have the problem I had yesterday. Twitter are moving people using older web browsers to their Mobile Twitter platform.Yes it looks terrible on a pc!

    I just downloaded Firefox & use that as my default browser instead & that’s fine.

  95. X_Sticks says:

    @Square Haggis

    Thanks for that George. If only the people of Scotland understood more of what is happening in the oil industry they might be more inclined to independence. The MSM of course is keeping a lid on any good news and especially what’s going on offshore. Many believe the industry is on its knees thanks to the media.


    Have you cleared you cookies recently or changed your security settings? That will affect your twitter login.

  96. Boorach says:

    Thanks CH and Lollysmum.

    Being a man of no fixed abode my sole access to the web is via a cellular ipad. So am stuck with Safari.

  97. Petra says:

    john king says ”Archived that for you Petra You’ll start a riot providing a live link to the Rancid.”

    John I noticed someone mention how to go about ‘archiving’ recently but never got round to actually following how to do this. Maybe someone could explain again and tell me if this just applies to newspaper articles.

  98. X_Sticks says:

    Also meant to say that I see WM is removing wind farm subsidies. Anyone else think this is mainly aimed a Scotland and is intended to prevent the SG from having any chance of meeting their climate change targets. This will become another club to bash the SNP with in due course.

  99. Cadogan Enright says:

    @petra at 9.40

    its not hard – even I can do it

    save this in your internet favourites if you cannot remember it

  100. Lollysmum says:

    Can you not download twitter for your ipad. It is a separate from Safari just the same as it is on iphones.Then you won’t need to sign in.

  101. Flower of Scotland says:


    I couldn’t get into Stu,s Twitter either from here on my iPad, so I went in via Google sent it to home screen and have it alongside Wings on my screen.

    Maybe that would help if you’re on a phone.

  102. HandandShrimp says:

    Melanie Phillips is a car crash on Scotland (and a fair number of other issues if truth be told) it should be entertaining if nothing else and another nail in the Unionist coffin.

    Another nail is the scrapping of onshore wind farm payments. Another Better Together, Best of Both Worlds lie chopped off at the knees. By the time we get to the next referendum they will be hard pushed to say anything other than SNPbad

  103. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Anent Wee Eck and Melanie Phillips being on the same QT panel tonight; this is now a must-watch.

    Melanie Phillips was dropped by the Daily Heil, for being too-right-wing even for them. In 40-years in the media game, I have encountered some real bitches of women journalists, but, Phillips is, by a mile, the bitches’ bitch.

    I look forward to Eck putting her in her place – I actually think Dimblebey will give him all the rope he needs to hang her, she is so-rancid.

  104. heedtracker says:

    Day 137, still no news down here from Scotland. So back to archives for another day of teamGB vote NO Project Fear shysting

    This ones rancid Graun giving it ProjectFear vote NO or else and its all about voting YES means no renewable energy for you sweaties and bagpipers are silly too with the wind it takes to play them you see.

    Another day for Scotland in teamGB farts along.

  105. Dr Jim says:

    OBR predicts if Scotland chooses Independence

    Greggs Sausage rolls will run out by 2020

    Pastry to become uneconomical to make due to the expense of raw materials

    SNPs Alex Salmond claims sausage rolls will remain a staple diet of Scots for years to come

    SNP MP Mhairi Black says chips are good too

  106. K1 says:

    Petra, bookmark this link:

    When you want to archive a link; right click the link on the article (highlight the address and right click if you are on the article page itself), a drop down menu will appear, click copy. Then open the link, place your cursor into the long rectangular box, right click and choose paste. Then hit ‘submit’ at the end of the box. Let it do its thing. Then you have created an archived copy of said article.

    In relation to ‘what’ to archive. The general principle is to archive any articles that come from the mainstream. When archived that article doesn’t generate click revenue for them, but also provides a snapshot should the article be altered at a future time, so in essence provides a permanent resource for others.

    Some sites, like the Herald have pay walls and won’t archive the article, though this seems to be intermittently the case. I don’t think anyone understands why this occurs. The golden rule is then, if it can be archived…do it, including articles found on the BBC and other mainstream news sites. It’s all about reducing their click rate, which reduces their income. 😉

  107. Snode1965 says:

    @x_sticks, you are probably correct that removing wind farm incentives will harm SG targets,although it is only onshore sites that are effected.
    The main reason is that the south of England has been earmarked for massive investment in off-shore wind farms, which will now receive the subsidies.
    Kinda works like connection charges to the Nation Grid, dan darf = good…jock land = bad!

  108. Helena Brown says:

    Dr Jim, will you stop with the sausage rolls thing, persuaded my Husband they had been banned years ago, and don’t mention bridies either. Now it is bad enough that the Pub on the corner has this delicious smell of chips issuing forth as well and me on a diet.

  109. SquareHaggis says:


    Aye Col, it’s enough tae bring a tear tae a gless `ee.

    It will go down in history as one of the biggest robberies ever perpetrated on a country, probably worse than Iraq.

    SNP would do well to push this issue in regards to the NW frontier and make the wider public aware of just how oil rich this area really is. Before it’s too late.

  110. Petra says:

    I see that Gordon Brown’s now admitting that a majority of Scots want out of the Union and the MSM is still bleating on about the Scots being subsidised; and ‘milk the English for all they’re worth and all that.’

    Latest from the Express:

    ‘Scotland voted to stay in the union and should stand by their decision says Peter Hill.’

    AS IF we hadn’t already heard more than enough from him and hoped he’d disappeared into the heather, Gordon Brown surfaced again last week to accuse the Tories of “playing the English card” and “writing off” Scotland and the 300-year-old union.

    “If the United Kingdom collapses it will not be because the majority of Scots are hellbent on leaving but because the UK Government is giving up on saving it,” he (Gordon Brown) said adding that the union was “on life support”.

    Like the Greeks, the Scots are living in a dream world believing they can enjoy special subsidies while snapping at the hand that feeds them.

    They should be made to grow up.

    Scotland voted by a convincing majority that it did not want to break away but within a few months overwhelmingly supported the Scottish Nationalist Party, whose avowed purpose is independence, at the general election.

    The Scots didn’t have the guts to go it alone and now they intend to milk the English for all they’re worth.

    Their new MPs treat the House of Commons as a joke.

    If we were asked (if only) most of the English would be delighted to see the end of this meaningless union and wish the Scots bonnie voyage.’

    Just sums up the whole damnable situation and if only it WAS down to them because WE would love nothing more than to see the end of this meaningless union right enough and to bid them all tatabella for once and for all.

  111. Luigi says:

    Snode1965 says:

    18 June, 2015 at 10:40 am

    The main reason is that the south of England has been earmarked for massive investment in off-shore wind farms, which will now receive the subsidies.

    If this is true, it must be shouted from the rooftops. And they will still be throwing money at nuclear I suppose?

  112. Petra says:

    Thanks Cadogan and K1 for the advice. I’ll try it out and see how I get on!

    ”It’s all about reducing their click rate, which reduces their income.”

    I didn’t realise that this affected their income (not very IT savvy). Does that mean that I’ve been contributing to the Daily Liars coffers?

    Awwwww Nawwwww!!!

  113. Luigi says:

    Petra says:

    18 June, 2015 at 11:24 am

    Latest from the Express:

    How offensive. These insults have gone way too far this time. The GE has been settled. All we want at the moment is FFA, and yet we continue to be demonised and humiliated on a daily basis. How much more of this can the soft NO voters take?

  114. gerry parker says:

    Dr Jim at 10:29.

    Whit will the weans fae Coatbridge do efter 2020 then?

    (sausage rolls are known as Greggs dummies aboot here).

  115. Dr Jim says:

    Wee bit of light relief with the food thing there folks

    FMQs a wee birdy whisper don’t miss it today I’m told

    Nudge Nudge say no more

    I better be reliably informed on this or (well) I can’t do anything about it but I hope it’s right

  116. t42 says:

    Lots of reports about Greece exit from EU being dangerous for Greece.
    Project fear.

  117. K1 says:

    Petra, online newspapers make their revenue through advertising and subscription fees. Clicks onto other sites from an article that you read, lead consumers to advertisers that sell them stuff…the online news sites get a ‘kickback’ from those sales too.

    The big ‘cashback’ sites operate this policy as a means of ensuring custom. If you sign up to a cashback site, you look for what you want through their portal (website) and so click through to get your goods, all the clicks are traceable and have to be to ensure you are eligible for the ‘cashback’ on your chosen item.

    It’s the same traceability in use with how advertising works for online newsites, so the more clicks, the more revenue, and we all add to it. Which is fine if it’s a site that you support, you add to the numbers that make up the popularity, and therefore attract advertisers as there are plenty of ‘views’, and therefore increase exposure for those sellers whose sales increase in turn.

    To my mind, it’s all a big circle – jerk.

    We have become passive contributors to those that feed us crap.

    Archiving is a small rebellion, but that can work to our advantage too if we become aware of this then we can choose to withdraw our contribution by sharing one article with many, rather than just feeding their advertising revenues over and over again. If people don’t understand the why of it, then there is no incentive to do it, as it seems like a ‘wee thing’. But what if hundreds of thousands ‘got it’?

    Yes…I like to dream…the microcosm manufactures the macrocosm, we really can make a difference. If we wish to. 😉

  118. Robert Peffers says:

    @heedtracker says: 18 June, 2015 at 10:28 am:

    “Day 137, still no news down here from Scotland. So back to archives for another day of teamGB vote NO Project Fear shysting

    Thanks for that link, heedtracker. It is absolutely hilarious. I read it, (and the comments), and my ribs are sore laughing.

    If we think we Scots are getting propaganda the Little Englanders are getting far more, and if they believe this daft stuff, they really are stupid.

    First of all Scotland, (30,414 Sq Mls), is just under ? of the UK, (93,800 sq Mls), so Scotland is due ? of the investment.
    However, it goes far further than that for Scotland has been a net exporter of electric power to England since the very first national grid cross border grid connection carried power from the old Portobello power station over the border to England just as WWII ended.

    Scotland exported to England over 26% of her generated power last financial year. It doesn’t stop there though, for the scandalous UK Grid Connection Charge Scam that recent National Grid figures showed charged the Northern Scottish generators £25.546023 for each Kilowatt they add to the National grid and subsidise Central London, West Devon and Cornwall by £5.804749. That is a total rip off difference of £31,350772 on every kilowatt added to the national grid in North Scotland.

    Yet the economic status is that the London & south who are so desperate for electric power, (and is thus the cause of one of the biggest UK import deficits), are importing both power and fuel for UK generators, from Europe but are charging Scotland over £31 for every kilowatt we export to England.

    Does not the Tory mantra of free market economy dictate the customer pays an economic price for the supply plus a bit for profit?

    BTW: Those figures for grid connection charges come from a, (if you pardon the put), current chart of figures on the National Grids own website.

  119. cirisum says:

    thanks for the link, grousebeater. Interesting post on Greece. I think that the troika are precipitating a crisis to bring down the Greek government.

  120. A MacRitchie says:

    Re Greece

    Lesley anne 08:19 I remember watching that cant believe that it was 4 months ago …….time flies

    Cirsium 10:31

    Grouse beater 11.09

    Ben Magigan 12.44

    All good links they explained the situation better than I could ever have done people should read them to notice the similarities to this countries situation.

    There was a really good quote on Ben Magigan’s link.

    Change the wording slightly to make it more pertinent to Scotland’s case ie the Scotland bill etc and it would read something like this.

    And for the name, its called a democracy, for the UK government should be run with a view to the interest of all not for the elitist few.

    You could think of how to could be put better but off the top of my head its the best I could think of at the time.

    But all really good links enjoyed reading them.

    Stand firm for help may come in the forth coming Spanish elections and you wont be alone Vive PODEMOS

  121. A MacRitchie says:


    As for the name, its called democracy, for the UK Government is run with a view to the interest of all of its family of nations, not for the elitist few.

  122. heedtracker says:

    Robert Peffers, thanks for all the info. Its not in anyway general knowledge is it, lights go on, stuff works, its fine.

    I was being snide about teamGB media as Scotland has been wiped off the news and current affairs map down here in England. So if you’re still up there, greetings from England, where a clear policy of blackout Scotland UKOK style really kicks in, unless Salmond says “woman” at another tory goon.

  123. ronnie anderson says:

    @ gerry parker ((sausage rolls are known as Greggs dummies aboot here). well ah hud twa o them yesterday diz that expression still apply in Dumbarton lol.

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