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Forewarned is forearmed

Posted on June 18, 2015 by

From an interview with Labour MP Kate Hoey in yesterday’s New Statesman:


Even Labour expect Tory rule to last (at least) 15 years. Just so you know.

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    Forewarned is forearmed | Speymouth

72 to “Forewarned is forearmed”

  1. Donald MacKenzie says:

    Oh, what a lucky little region we are up here in North Britain. The Tories love us. They told us so.

  2. handclapping says:

    It will crack in England as well but so too will the Tories over the EU. GE2020 could end up as UKIP vs the Greens.

    The SNP should get busy backing a SNP affiliated “Northern League” down to Manchester / Sheffield which would give them the extra Westminster clout that 56 out of 59 doesn’t.

  3. heedtracker says:

    Hoey’s Labour is Snatcher Thatcher’s greatest achievement, as Maggies estate taxdodges like only the tory boys can in teamGB

    Thatcher’s children, Sir Mark and Carol, are among those to benefit from the arrangement as it means the overall inheritance tax bill on her £4.7m estate will be reduced.
    The offer of the papers was accepted by the Arts Council, which is run by Sir Peter Bazalgette, after an independent valuation.

    Sir Peter Bazalgette FFS.

  4. Calgacus says:

    Feeling sorry for NO voters,I dont think they meant us to suffer decades of tory rule but that’s what will happen if we don’t get out of this abusive relationship.

  5. mogabee says:

    What a godawful thought. 🙁

    First they came for the “feckless and workshy”
    Then they came for the sick and disabled.
    Then they came for the under 25.
    Then they came for——–?

    Fill in the blanks. But eventually we will ALL be on the Tories “lists”.

  6. Macart says:

    Well, it shouldn’t come as any surprise. People voted no in the referendum and guaranteed future Tory government over Scotland.

    With no viable or ideologically differing opposition in England that basically means Conservative government for the foreseeable future.

  7. jethro says:

    I take it the remaining Scottish Red Tories still think this is a price that those who rely on foodbanks to fend off starvation should happily pay, for the mysterious delights of being “Better Together”?

  8. t42 says:

    Its called lulling the Tories into a false sense of security.
    The Labour party is well aware that just a few weeks ago, millions of voters paid to vote…for a dancing dog.

  9. Joemcg says:

    I see the rubbish kiddies book writer is stirring again about the anti-English SNP. She wouldn’t let it lie.

  10. Connor McEwen says:

    Time for another rundown on blogs and sites to visit as well as the renowned Wingsoverscotland.
    McCronereport, Oilofscotland
    Chunkymark, Westmonster
    Plenty others I suppose

  11. HandandShrimp says:

    Won’t bother Ian Smart. He was happy with 100 years of Tory rule as long as got to be a loyal unionist.

  12. gillie says:

    Labour are buggered.

    Effete leadership, disconnected party and blind ignorance of what matters.

    Why even today a Labour source told the BBC that a “disproportionate” amount of subsidy paid by all UK taxpayers goes to Scotland projects. Again buying into Tory propaganda.

  13. Nuada says:

    Whether you like it or not, the Tories ARE the natural party of Government – in England. I could go through a doctoral thesis of reasons why the Union has lasted three hundred years: all about the Empire causing people to look outward and not to be so concerned about domestic issues, wealth flowing in through the shipyards and Scottish industry in the imperial provinces, how, for practical purposes, Scotland was quasi-independent until the merger of the old Scottish Unionist Party with the Tories and all the rest of it, but in the end, it all comes down to one thing. Scotland and England are different counties. They rubbed along together for a while, but they’re still different countries and it’s time for them to walk different paths. It happens, get over it. The Union was an imperial construct, and the Empire is gone.

  14. Croompenstein says:

    They rigged the referendum to keep us shackled to this shit, we will not get out of this any time soon. I don’t know about the nameless person but I really feel like a stateless person in limbo for fuck knows how long.

    The wind farm subsidy is now another knife in to Scotland’s back, the tories say take that for not getting back in your box and eating your cereal. Newsflash we are not going back in the box so keep cutting us like this and you will live to regret it.

    Nemo Me Impune Lacessit

  15. Luigi says:

    Even Labour expect Tory rule to last (at least) 15 years. Just so you know.

    And when that critical group, the remaining soft NO, Labour supporters, finally wake up and realise this (and they will), no prizes for predicting what is going to happen. The clock is still ticking………..

  16. Keith Hynd says:

    Labour will make no in roads anywhere until they “grow a pair” and offer the electorate a markedly different alternative to the tories in rUK. They need to shed their “tory lite” stance, but that will not happen simply because they still delude themselves that the glorious union of nations will be revived and the establishment will live on.There are people who wear jackets with sleeves that tie at the back have a better grip on reality than Labour.

  17. No no no...Yes says:

    Watching Iain Gray at FMQ and it is clear Labour have no talent, roll on Holyrood 2016

  18. Doug McG says:

    I have just forced myself to watch , courtesy of Peter Curran , Scottish Questions. If anyone is in any doubt as to where Scotland’s best interest is not then this is compulsory viewing.
    Surely the title would indicate a predominately Scottish discussion but it is hijacked into English concerns and SNP baiting at every turn. What is it about the position of Scottish Secretary of State that we end up with such a**holes in the job , Mumbly Mundell looks like a coronary candidate as he huffs and puffs his way through it.

  19. Democracy Reborn says:

    But remember the sentiments of ‘leading’ SLAB activists such as ‘Dr’ Scott Arthur : Tory governments are a price well worth paying for Scotland in order to achieve social justice “in the long term”.

    Right on, Doc.

  20. Stoker says:

    As i’ve said before on here – London Labour have seen the recent televised debate success of the 3 females, Sturgeon, Wood and Bennett and they want a piece of that.

    They witnessed how those 3 wiped the floor with the hopelessly inept and inferior male competition who were all selling the same dodgy goods in different packaging.

    I believe London Labour will do all they can to appoint females both north and south of the dyke.

    I wonder how long it will take them to realise this move alone is not going to be sufficient to aide their recovery. They are going to need policies of their own, policies people can buy into.

    They will also need talented females and they just don’t have any, especially north of the dyke.

    We, on the other hand, have talent and progressive policies in abundance. Our only problem is hoping Nicola remains inspired because constantly wiping the floor week after week with hopelessly inept opposition gophers could become tediously boring and somewhat embarrassing.

  21. One_Scot says:

    Dam, if only Scotland hadn’t fallen for the ‘Better Together’ shit last year, things could have been so different.

    Maybe next time.

  22. Joemcg says:

    They were warned and still voted no. Will never forgive them. I remember asking a young guy with a child to vote yes at a stall and he replied “sorry mate I’m thinking about my kids future” aye cheers pal. Thanks a million.

  23. DerekM says:

    Labour are finished in England as well it will only be a matter of time,while they have been giving it large SNP bad on the leash of the tories during indyref the tories have set them up beautifully.

    They are seen as incompetent with the finances from the electorate and the tories stick the knife in every chance they get,and it doesnt matter if its true or not the damage is done.

    And still we see them wonder just what happened after us screaming at them to watch out, but no all we got back was SNP bad in many different shades,still think you are better together Labour.

    Now this brings in some questions

    1 Are they really that stupid?

    2 Do they actually know and are just to scared to admit it?

    3 Or are they just the conservative party in disguise and we dont live in a democracy and at some point the principles of why the Labour party was created have died.

    So Labour whats it going to be are you going to go whimpering into the night or are you going to show some god damn backbone and join with us to fight the evil tories,your choice but dont hang around we aint stopping the battlebus anytime soon for stragglers.

  24. scott says:

    No no no…Yes says:

    Saw this as well,subway calling I think,does anyone know why Jackie Baillie was not there to ask her question??

  25. G H Graham says:

    The power of the right wing propaganda in Britain, should never be underestimated. With no substantial grass roots activism, unlike that which emerged in Scotland during the referendum campaign, England’s voters remain easy game for the staunchly isolationist, BritNat media.

    England is fed daily with a rich diet of jingoistic & xenophobic hyperbole on an industrial scale: e.g. floods of immigrants in Rochester, Liverpool estates populated exclusively with benefit cheats, jihadi John taxi driver firms in Skegness, ISIS grooming salons in Aberfoyle.

    The BBC, the most pervasive vehicle for British propaganda even commissioned TV programs that focus exclusively on benefit cheats to amplify a falsely disproportionate burden on the British State.

    Meanwhile, the cosy corruption & criminality within its own ranks, in the City & within the House of Lords barely merits an occasional mention.

    With a £5.4 billion information budget, no company anywhere in the world, has the resources or political framework to match the volume of group think, “One Nation” marketing that is at the disposal of the BBC.

    As long as newspapers & indeed the BBC are permitted to operate as they currently do, expect the propaganda to have a substantial & real effect upon the population.

    No more evidence is needed that the re-election of the Conservatives which under any other circumstances would have been hammered at the polls.

    Ed Milliband’s elevation to leader of the Labour Party was simply an accidental gift to the media. So one can hardly blame them for savaging a dork & his sycophantic brethren who indulged themselves with the blinded idea that Milliband was leadership material. Poll after poll, some of them published right here, told them all they needed to know but their salacious lust for glory blinded them all.

    Consequently, we should expect almost no change for the foreseeable future at the BBC or in London’s print media. The electorate in England, just like the electorate in Scotland has been taken care of.

    It really is back to business, as usual; “Fuck Scotland”. “Fuck Europe”. “Fuck the Middle East”. “Rule Britannia”. “God Save The Queen.”

    Tea anyone?

  26. msean says:

    They pleaded pre indyref for Scots to vote no and we’ll get a Labour government next year in 2015, then it will all be OK and the nasty Tories will be beaten. Meanwhile,the nasty Tories were learning all the time the inner workings of Labour and the LibDems.

    NO voters voted NO and got Tories for at least the next two general elections,just like we all told them would happen,they never stopped to think that they might’ve been wrong. Vote NO and get Tories didn’t have the same ring to it.

  27. Joemcg says:

    Graham- that’s a pretty depressing post but totally true. Looks like we are snookered I’m afraid.

  28. Les Wilson says:

    labour – no talent, no policies, no guts, no opposition for the Tories. They have nothing to offer having lost their souls in pursuit of middle England votes.

    We will all suffer due to their incompetence, and on every level. Voting regularly in support of the Tories means they have learned nothing and will suffer even more from the grass root voters.

  29. K1 says:

    Oh that’s right, didn’t they tell us if we voted Yes that we would condemn rUK to total Tory rule?

    Turns out rUK did that without us anyway. And now we have to suffer with them, pooling and fucking sharing their miserable mean spirited, bereft of humanity policies. Red and Blue both.

  30. Dr Ew says:

    Kate Hoey is more right-wing than Cameron. The fact she is probably more comfortable in the Labour Party than Jeremy Corbyn tells you all your need to know about the post-Blair, post-Brown, post-Murphy “People’s Party”.

    Speaking of Jeremy Corbyn, I thought he did far better than the other candidates at the leader hustings in Nuneaton last night, judging by the audience applause.

    Oddly he appeared to come second on the night to Nicola Sturgeon, who seemed to have more support in Nuneaton than all four Labour contenders put together.

  31. Calgacus says:

    Scotland’s representatives at Westminster should come home and form an upper house at Holyrood,have a debate,then vote to dissolve the union.

  32. gillie says:

    The cost to save Westminster has been put at £7.1 billion.

    Is it worth saving?

  33. Robert Louis says:

    I honestly believe matters will move faster than most expect. By next May, there will not be a demand for an independence referendum, in fact there will be desperate screams for one, considering what this Tory Government are planning to do.

    Believe me, you ain’t seen nothing yet. A cursory glance at the Tory cabinet ministers and MP’s shows us people who, now freed from the confines of coalition, are literally punch drunk with their power. The sneering contempt which Mundell exhibits to his own country at the dispatch box, is just the tip of the iceberg. Cuts that will make your eyes pop are coming down the line, with the very first due with the budget in July.

    Many have forgotten or were not around for the last full Tory Government, so have no idea just how vicious and nasty these people can be. They care nothing for most people, and simply regard the ‘Scots’ as some kind of dumb, problematical pet.

    Make no mistake, a year of genuine true blue Tory Government cuts and vindictive behaviour against the weakest people in society, unfettered by the Libdems, will have Scots (and likely most of England) literally pleading for independence.

    Here’s a question though, if there were another referendum soon, could Labour really be as effective running another project fear? More importantly, would their Scottish branch office really want to? Perhaps another referendum soon, will be the very best thing.

  34. gillie says:

    Scotland’s chief medical officer has found “no evidence” of waiting times manipulation or bullying at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee.

    This is of course was one of BBC Scotland’s regular “NHS in Crisis” stories.

  35. dakk says:

    We’re all Torie now.

    That is the default position of one nation Brits.

  36. Joemcg says:
    18 June, 2015 at 12:35 pm
    They were warned and still voted no. Will never forgive them. I remember asking a young guy with a child to vote yes at a stall and he replied “sorry mate I’m thinking about my kids future” aye cheers pal. Thanks a million.


    Well he better be well off. Because Cameron and his Government will be at the child allowance, that his kid is entitled to now. Then they’ll get TTIP in and he’ll be paying £17 (like they do in New Zealand TPP is the same as TTIP) to see a doctor. £50 for one xray. With kids you just know your going to need to see a doctor (everyone is). There is so much more that that guy is going have to cope with.

  37. Robert Louis says:

    G H Graham,

    Talking of British Nationalist jingoism, we have ‘celebrations’ of Waterloo, when the French army were slaughtered on the battlefield.

    Last year, when Scotland celebrated one of our greatest military victories by King Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn, where the Scottish army defeated the aggressive English army which had invaded Scotland. We were told such celebrations were racist, it was terrible to celebrate such carnage, where thousands were killed, etc.. etc..

    Now, here in 2015, we are being fed British Nationalist fluff about how great the battle of Waterloo was and the defeat and slaughter of the French army.

    In essence, according to our British nationalist media and unionist cabal, celebrating Bannockburn was bad and racist, Waterloo was good and should be celebrated.

  38. Luigi says:

    Labour cannot possibly recover by the same old tory-lite policies. The people are screaming out for a radical alternative. Que the popularity of NS during the UK-wide debates. Labour have been brainwashed by the media (and their silly focus groups full of “real” people (right)) into thinking that the left cannot succeed in England. Of course it can – less than 10 years ago people used to say that the SNP would never be trusted by the people in Scotland. Things can change but you have to be bold and the people will follow. There is huge potential support out there, currently disenfranchised and apathetic. Unfortunately, Labour are currently like the Lion in the Wizzard of Oz, all smart talk and no action. People see right through it.

    The real problem I think started with the 1983 and 1987 GE defeats, which still haunts the party. Although other factors (Falklands effect in 83, the Kinnock effect in 87) were at play, the left got blamed and we ended up with “New Labour” which after initial success, has led them to the current mess. The need to go back to their roots and rediscover that inner socialist. If someone leads, the people will follow. The cannot out tory the tories, so what’s to lose?

    Either a long, hard slog back to the left is required, or a centre-right oblivion awaits, competing with the LibDems for crumbs at the tory master’s table. Their choice.

  39. Luigi says:

    Robert Louis says:

    18 June, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    Here’s a question though, if there were another referendum soon, could Labour really be as effective running another project fear? More importantly, would their Scottish branch office really want to?

    Good question – would they want to indeed, would the do it all again, knowing that their tory masters shafted them within hours of the result?

    You know the crazy thing? I think they still would!

  40. ArtyHetty says:

    Labour are quite happy being in so called opposition, which is no opposition. Jobs for the boys and a few girls. A one party state is ukok, the folks South of the party haven’t woken up, yet.

  41. ArtyHetty says:

    Meant South of the border, not party though it makes as much sense.

  42. ClanDonald says:

    @Gillie “The cost to save Westminster has been put at £7.1 billion.”

    That works out at £4.5 million per MP and Lord to renovate their place of work. You could buy them a Scottish estate each for that.

  43. call me dave says:

    Tories are cutting away now at Scotland and it’s people.

    “We have a mandate and it was in our manifesto” says Amber Rudd, the UK Energy Secretary on GMS this morning.

    In other words suck it up Scotland!

    Just heard the dulcet tones of Johanna Lamont who is appearing on
    ‘The fall of Scottish labour’ BBC Scotland tv programme some time soon.

    Missed the scheduled time as I was coming in to a neighbours house as the advert was ending. Saw the red rose fading from red to a withered flower. Must look for it. 🙂

  44. thedogphilosopher says:

    I remember during the referendum period talking to a close friend (leftwing/republican) who advocated that the YES campaign should just ram home mercilessly the message:


    I couldn’t disagree with him, but at the time the simplicity of his idea was almost too obvious amongst a host of other arguments. But on rainy days like today with nothing but Tory hegemony stretching far into the future, you look back and go … Yeah, that should’ve been the one.

  45. thedogphilosopher says:

    @ ArtyHetty

    Yeah, noticed that Burnham said last night that he puts Party before Country. Sums it up.

  46. G H Graham says:

    Robert Louis points to yet one more example of a seemingly countless number of instances of hypocrisy that substantially defines the BritNat narrative.

    Thus, expressions of uniquely Scottish culture such as the Bannockburn anniversary celebrations are deemed by London as deeply parochial & irrelevant to the idea of “British” history. Thus, it is accused of being little more than a racist’s celebration of anti-English aggression.

    Nevertheless, to make sure that Scottish culture is properly contained, London superimposed it’s own idea of British culture, resulting in a deliberate clash of events with the celebration of Armed Forces Day in the same place & on the same day as Bannockburn.

    The confident among us might consider this to be a display of nervousness by London because the idea of a One Nation Britain is a fragile one, made more vulnerable by the rise of Scottish Nationalism.

    Meanwhile, the juxtaposition of an idea that is an England, illogically recalled by wistful historians as a “sceptered isle” with “Britain” is deeply ingrained in English culture & is perpetuated by the London centric media, especially the BBC.

    reveals with magnificently blatant exclusion almost all of Scotland’s history when examining the account of Britain going back to the occupation by Rome.

    And so it continues with the theatrical puffery & Disneyworld style of the reburial of King Richard III. Just last week, we witness another fine example of induced cultism, mass amnesia & stupefying delusion with the celebration of the production of Magna Carta; a document written in Latin by French people.

    I rest my case.

  47. Arabs for Independence says:

    Also heard Andy Burnham say that the Labour Party is more important than anything and I think it was Yvette Cooper who butted in and said it was the country that was the most important thing. Big mistake by Burnham but we knew that already

  48. CameronB Brodie says:

    It’s Labour’s “Southern Discomfort”. Why would anyone need two Tory parties? It would appear that not even the aspirational living in the south of England, are that needy.

  49. Chris F says:

    Connor McEwen @ 11:59

    Newsshaft, to name but one ????

  50. Jim Thomson says:

    O/T – according to the BBC, the Daily Record publishes lies.

    Now I’m really confused. Who do I believe? Probably the Cypriot police.

  51. Tinto Chiel says:

    Quite right, GH Graham. The ignorance, arrogance and hypocrisy of the Establishment are truly breath-taking.

    When GWS Barrow produced his brilliant work on Robert Bruce in the 60s, he was attacked by some English reviewers on the grounds that there was no such thing as Scottish history, it was merely an adjunct to the English/British narrative. Ironically, Barrow was a Yorkshireman. His mother, a Steuart, was Scottish and gave him his third initial. I like to think the severity of the attack upon him inspired him to write his other great Scottish works.

    If you really want to get your blood pressures up, try reading The Invention of Scotland by Hugh Trevor-Roper, a fanatical Scotland-denier. It ranks at 10/10 on the Condescending Tosh scale.

    Yes, THAT HughTrevor-Roper. Pity he couldn’t tell a Hitler diary from a shopping list.

    Hope you are well, GHG.

  52. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Reading the posts on this thread – anent Indyref2.

    I can see no way by which the Unionists could run another Project Fear.

    For a start Labour’s wipe-out last month has taken the so-called “Big Beasts” out of the game. Brown, Darling, Alexander, Murphy, Curran etc, not so-much beaten as whupped. Reid, Foulkes, McConnell, Forsyth, Liddell etc, even more Yesterdays Men and Women than back in September.

    Who could they field to big-up a continuing Union? Mundell, Murray, Carmichael – come on yer avin a larf. Deputy Dug, Subway, Jo-La, Daphne Broon, Wee Wullie, Action Krankie? Yer avin a bigger larf.

    Given what Cameron has done since 19 September, and the anti-Scottish legislation and behaviour of the Tory government – there is no way they could even begin to try to persuade us we are Better Together.

    Put Indyref2 in the 2016 SNP Holyrood Manifesto; further crush what passes for pro-Union opposition in Holyrood and, Scotland could be free by 2020.

    This time, Tory lies have caught up with them.

    Let’s make it happen.

  53. Scunterbunnet says:

    So the state buys Thatcher’s notepad for a million quid, to reduce Mark and Carol’s inheritance tax. And the most ‘critical’ comment the supposedly Left leaning Grauniad can muster is:

    “But the decision may prove controversial in some quarters given the tightness of the public finances.”

    MSM b******! Don’t get mad, get even:

  54. ronnie anderson says:

    Is that not the way of the political system of Westminster, when Labour Party IMPLODE, we suffer the consequences of a Tory Gov for two or three Parliamentary terms. So,s no change there then,suck it up People unless the SNP find a way of getting US out of this Curse’d Union.

  55. Clootie says:

    The quote from the senior Labour person. He should remember the old adage

    “If you think you can or you think you can’t. You will be right either way”

    I think Scotland will be Independent.
    He thinks Labour will be in opposition for 10 years

  56. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This renewables-related pish is just the latest slap in the face. They’re going for it now – someone, somewhere, will eventually crack, and the Establishment is gambling everything on it being one of us.

    If the UK Govt announced that PQ is to be shut, and all North-Britain broadcasting will henceforth be conducted from a freight container behind the London HQ, these garrisoned eejits would still try to blame the SNP.

    They are beyond help or hope.

  57. Luigi says:

    Clootie says:

    18 June, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    I think Scotland will be Independent.
    He thinks Labour will be in opposition for 10 years

    You are both right!

  58. Robert Peffers says:

    @Clootie says: 18 June, 2015 at 3:49 pm:

    ” … I think Scotland will be Independent.
    He thinks Labour will be in opposition for 10 years.”

    As for me, Clootie, I don’t give a damn if Labour are in opposition for 100 years … provided the do so in an independent Kingdom of England.
    Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Boing!

  59. G H Graham says:

    Tinto Chiel,

    I would say that the London Establishment is, rather than ignorant, wilfully neglectful, disrespectful & blatantly confrontational in many matters of Scottish culture.

    The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow last year was an obvious display of London exerting it presence & influence in all matters of organisation, marketing & display.

    I only watched surreal highlights & then only on rare occasions because it felt like I was observing the narrative of the festival from another country.

    The same perception is felt watching PMQ’s, Question Time, BBC News or indeed most of what is claimed to be fair & balanced journalism & current affairs.

    Thus, I no longer watch TV or agree to pay the License Fee. Why support the very propaganda that injures me?

  60. nodrog says:

    I think there was a poll not long after the GE which had YES at 47% but I do not think anything has been done since. It would be nice if we had one once a month and when it gets to 60% for yes we hold another Indy Ref. The Tories are now in a win /win situation and no doubt are and will continue riding roughshod over Scotland. They know labour are almost as impotent in England as they are in Scotland and due to this they, the Tories< will be in power for at least 15 years. Our task is now much more difficult because they do not want to let us go so they will fight tooth and nail to keep us. That is the legacy of the NO THANKS voters. Not sure what our 56 can do about it but we should start investigating and planning now because it is going to get worse.

  61. SquareHaggis says:

    Anyone know if they’re fracking in North Lanarkshire?

  62. Craig says:

    @ Call Me Dave 1.51pm

    That Labour programme you are talking about is on BBC1 at 9pm next Monday 22nd June

    Hope this helps

  63. Paula Rose says:

    Um – if they want to be an opposition then I would have thought Jeremy’s their man.

  64. Katie says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if labour have already agreed to the tories to be as sh1t as possible so the tories keep rule for dodgy backhanders!

  65. Rock says:


    “Labour cannot possibly recover by the same old tory-lite policies. The people are screaming out for a radical alternative.”

    Which people?

    They voted UKIP and Tory, not Green or Socialist in South Britain.

  66. Rock says:


    “Labour cannot possibly recover by the same old tory-lite policies. The people are screaming out for a radical alternative.”

    Which people?

    They voted UKIP and Tory, not Socialist or Green in South Britain.

  67. Ali says:

    I knew it on May 7th

  68. scav says:

    OK but seriously dude, the word is “women” not “females”.

    Short explanation: don’t use adjectives as labels for people. It reduces them to a single stereotypical attribute. Compare “black people” vs “blacks” for an extreme example.

  69. Itchybiscuit says:

    I have the fear already.

    I had to leave my job almost 10 years ago because of work-related health problems. They put me on incapacity benefit. For the past 10 years I have faced a grilling every single year by ATOS. The hoop they try to get me to jump through becomes increasingly smaller every year.

    The outcome of the ‘help’ I’ve been getting from the state to determine whether or not I’m ‘really sick’ has been severe depression and a couple of years ago, a heart attack. Neither of these conditions were present upon leaving the workforce. The pressure, the stresses and the strains of dealing with a faceless, uncaring, target-driven bureaucracy have made me even more sick and miserable.

    Now we have at least a decade of Tory rule where compassion and fairness are dirty words. The wee man help us all.

  70. call me dave says:


    Thanks for that been away most of the last two days.
    I shall look out for Johanna..

    “Johanna I can’t forget the one they call Johanna”…

    One of the Walker brothers 🙂

  71. Stoker says:

    @ scav (11.07am).

    Thanks but i think i’ll give your English lessons a miss.

    Spent what time i had in school day-dreaming about my English teacher, Miss Woods, and never learnt a thing.

    I’ve never been that good with foreign languages.
    Hated school back then and i’ve no intentions of starting now.

    And don’t even get me started on nit-picking mistakes on your Scavenger Ethic blogsite.

    More power to your quill, dude.

  72. Will Podmore says:

    Rock writes that the people voted UKIP and Tory. The Tories got 24% of the vote, UKIP far less.
    John King wrote (The left wing case for leaving the EU, New Statesman, 11 June 2015), “Despite the denials by our political and media elite, the most important issue of the 2015 election was Britain’s membership of the European Union. Nearly four million votes went to Ukip, a party that has been consistently abused and dismissed by our controllers, with much of that support coming from former Labour voters, while big numbers of people backed the little-loved Conservatives.
    Both parties offered referendums on Britain leaving the EU – Ukip powerfully, the Tories reluctantly. It is not hard to work out why they did so well, yet there is still little acknowledgement of this fact from the establishment. An arrogant refusal to listen to the public has left Labour and the Liberal Democrats in tatters.”
    King’s whole article is well worth reading.

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