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Merry Christmas, England

Posted on December 25, 2018 by

There’s a digital edition of the Times out today, but the normal Scotland section doesn’t make the cut. (There’s normally an Ireland section too – although it doesn’t get billed on the Contents list – which is also missing today, and there’s never a Wales section for some reason.)

Maybe if we all keep really quiet they’ll completely forget we’re here and not Brexit us either. Have a good one, readers.

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517 to “Merry Christmas, England”

  1. Undeadshaun

    The truth that for rich tory brexit supporters, it was all about crashing the economy and making lots of money…

  2. Legerwood

    Meg merrilees says:
    29 December, 2018 at 12:19 am

    Couple of points you omitted:

    Nicola Benedetti has given a lot of support to the Big Noise initiative in the Raploch and spends a lot of time with the orchestra and the Scottish National Youth orchestra which, given the demands on her time as a world class soloist, is to be commended.

    Ann Gloag, in addition to the charities she has set up, makes use of her spends time on the hospital ships that bring health needed health care to various parts of Africa. This may not be local enough for you but it certainly makes a difference in the communities where the charities operate.

    You also omitted from your selection the postwoman for Balqhuidder Glen who received an honour.

  3. Golfnut

    ‘Was it ” taken ” by a new law passed at Westminster ‘
    I’m disappointed Rock, its taken you nearly 2 weeks from the first time I posted that to come up with a response, poor, very poor.

    I’m still waiting on a comment regarding Britannica having sunk beneath the waves by 2640, and Scotland the last Kingdom standing.

  4. Meg merrilees


    thank you for adding to my post – however please note I did say at the beginning that I apologise to anyone I have left out – no snub intended to the invaluable postwoman from Balquidder Glen.

    My information was copied directly from the BBC article on its own webpage to highlight the fact that the BBC news bulletin on air was, and continues to be today, completely skewed to the South.

    At no point have they mentioned any people receiving awards other than English ‘heroes’ and in the news bulletins they actually described the remainder as ‘unknown people mostly serving their local communities’.

    Doddie Weir, Nicola Benedetti and many others are world renowned – hardly ‘relatively unknown’.

    In BBC eyes as usual, there is nothing worth any accolade in Scotland.

    Thankyou for pointing out Nicola Benedetti’s commitment to helping youngsters – I work in the Raploch, Big Noise so I can verify that she spends a lot of time with the children and they adore working with her.

    Amazing to think that a ‘relatively unknown’, world famous, Scottish violinist is currently on tour in China with a ‘relatively unknown’, world famous, Royal Scottish National Orchestra when clearly they should be back here working in their community!!!

  5. Robert J. Sutherland

    Terence callachan @ 21:07 (28.Dec),

    OK, whatever your extremely dodgy statistics, we are where we are. And since you don’t set the electoral rules and never will, what do you actually propose doing about it, eh?

    Besides your boring repetitive whining, that is, whose only possible consequence is alienation and disengagement, to the obvious detriment of the indy movement.

    Are you really a galactically idiotic self-harmer? Or is damage exactly what your purpose is about…?

  6. orri

    Hope I’m not being included in the same category of those who’d deny residents of Scotland the right to decide its future based solely on a misfortune of place of birth.

    To be clear the Scottish Tax Code requirement is an easy way to prove residence and a willingness to contribute to Holyrood’s finances.

    Not sure about having to wait a whole 5 years but think that’s similar to the period for qualifying for free tuition. That would introduce an anomaly though in that up till March next year EU citizens might instantly get a vote whilst those from the rUK wouldn’t.

    I in no way endorse an attitude designed to encourage hatred against the English or paint Indy supporters as xenophobic.

    Just think that refusing to talk about it is part of the aim of those opposed to independence.

  7. Hamish100

    bbc 1 news.(Scotland branch) Harry kane England Captain abd southgate manager gets a gong.

    I suppose the Police at Gatwick have been removed from awards since it is now reported that in order to spot an alleged drone , the Police flew a drone to spot it!! Guess what the police drone was spotted. Still took Brexit off the radar (no pun intended).

    Still immigrants are invading us –( well little England) Minister Javid has called a major incident when 220 folk tried to reach England. Images of D dAY springs to mind. Yip 220 not 200000, 20000 or even 2000. Where will they all go? Brexit will stop all this!! Of course most of the individuals come from outside the EU.

  8. terence callachan

    To Robert j Sutherland

    You need to get your temper sorted…

    I like discussion
    I like other points of view ,even if I don’t agree with them
    It’s good to see what other people think
    It broadens your mind

    Your mind never broadens, try discussion instead of rude insulting comments
    You never know ,you might like it

  9. Robert J. Sutherland

    orri @ 12:51,

    In my own submission to the SG’s electoral consultation at the beginning of the year (and which should therefore be in the public domain), I argued both for a tax requirement and a 5-year residence requirement, the first on the age-old principle of “no taxation without representation” – and just as importantly, the reverse – and the second on the grounds that only those who have the experience to understand the issues at stake and who are liable to feel the effects of legislation should have a right to the franchise.

    However that’s for the future, not least when we are free to choose our own arrangements for all elections without interference from anywhere else.

    That’s not at all what this small band of persistent whiners are about, though. They can do FA about the current electoral arrangements, yet never stop invading practically every thread with their O/T attempts to single out one minority for their unpleasant brand of “othering”, typically based on alt-facts entirely of their own invention. It is prejudiced mendacious shit-stirring like this which is damaging to the indy movement. And quite deliberately so, one suspects.

    It is perhaps no coincidence that their efforts on here have significantly ramped-up of late as the UKGov has found itself in increasing difficulty over Brexit. I smell Kippers.

  10. twathater

    Ronnie Anderson 8.29am Ronnie that Jinx yo guy had it right when he said the brutish should be known as the colon part of the body as everything they touch turns to shit, that is why they are renowned COLONisers, he is bang on

  11. K1

    Oh do fuck of TC…you are not here ‘discussing’ or ‘taking on other views’ you are here punting your own worn out drivelling rhetoric, no matter how many times others have corrected your faulty stats and challenged you on your nonsense regarding English voters getting a vote in indyref…you have persisted in wilfully ‘not taking on’ anyone else’s views and have not discussed but merely berated anyone who has told you to basically piss off with your drivel.

    So spare us the victim card eh? Cause that is all you are resorting to.

    We’ve heard your spiel, many of us have replied to it many times now. Take a hint, your ‘thinking’ is simply not ‘broad’ and it certainly is not in line with those of us who do not wish to see any one in our polity barred from voting on the basis of ‘where they come from’. It’s been explained to you a hundred times why not. It’s been literally pointed out a hundred times or more, it’s not going to happen. And still ‘you’ persist in ramming your ignorant nonsense down everyone else’s throat and then have the brass neck to complain and pull the victim card, when posters finally just tell you to piss off?

    Fuck off….and I mean that in the kindest possible way. Your views are anathema to the indy movement in Scotland.

  12. K1

    ‘They can do FA about the current electoral arrangements, yet never stop invading practically every thread with their O/T attempts to single out one minority for their unpleasant brand of “othering”, typically based on alt-facts entirely of their own invention. It is prejudiced mendacious shit-stirring like this which is damaging to the indy movement’.

    Precisely this.

  13. K1

    ‘Just think that refusing to talk about it is part of the aim of those opposed to independence.’

    Does anyone actually know about the survey? The majority views are there for all to see on many aspect of the franchise question.

    No one has ‘refused’ ‘to talk about it’. Ever. The idea that one is ‘opposed to independence’ on a false premise of ‘refusing to talk it about ‘it’, is a patent nonsense, we have spent years on here discussing this with the exact same outcome. The issue is with those who actually do want others to be prevented from having a vote on the basis of where they come from, which is precisely why TC and his ilk are getting short shrift…that doesn’t not mean anyone is refusing to talk about it?

    Begs the question, about those who hold those views wrt banning the English voters in Scotland, are those of us who object to those views and persist in decrying them are we then by refusing to ‘indulge’ those views and calling them out for what they are, is ‘our aim’ then ‘opposed to independence’?

    No. Obviously not.

    I reiterate what Robert J has said on the matter, those of us who were genuinely interested participated in this survey, where were all the people with view such as TC? His views are not in any way ‘common place’ wrt to ‘who’ gets the franchise. All other matter regarding residence et al where covered in these questions:

  14. Rock

    Rock says:
    28 December, 2018 at 10:04 pm

    “The only political power the pretendy “sovereign” “plebs” of Scotland have is the right to vote, given to them by Westminster, IF AND WHEN SOMEONE CALLS AN ELECTION OR REFERENDUM.”

    Golfnut says:
    28 December, 2018 at 10:16 pm

    “Westminster gives nothing, the right to vote was taken by the threat of a million soldiers returning from the trenches to the same poverty they had left.”

    Rock says:
    28 December, 2018 at 10:45 pm

    “Was it “taken” without a law passed in the Westminster parliament?”

    Golfnut says:
    29 December, 2018 at 10:32 am

    “I’m disappointed Rock, its taken you nearly 2 weeks from the first time I posted that to come up with a response, poor, very poor.”

    Stop spreading fake news.

  15. Thepnr


    Thanks for the link, I also took part in that consultation as could anyone that bothered. When it comes to the question of the voting franchise then those that grumble are well in with the minority.

    92% of organisations wanted the franchise extended to all that live in Scotland and 78% of individuals felt the same.

    When it comes to residency there is a great deal of support for some kind of minimum period, typically raging from 1 to 5 years from those that said the franchise should be extended and from 5 years to 25 years for that that don’t want certain people to vote. All interesting reading, the relevant page is here:

  16. yesindyref2

    Can’t remember whether I got my consulation in, I think the closing date was around the time my Irish wife was resuscitated and her life saved by a 3 hour emergency operation, so I may have had other things on my mind at the time.

    But I’d have gone for quite strict residence requirements, 1 year, happy enough with 2 years or 6 months, but think 5 years is way too long to fully enfranchise willing residents of Scotland.

    I mean, the mad fools want to actually live in Scotland, masochists all, rain and wind lovers, and some “people” want to tell them to eff off? Not in my name you don’t.

  17. Meg merrilees

    I have just read that Vince Cable has stated that the Lib Dems will not support any future VONC in T May or her government. In other words, the Lib Dems have now agreed to support the Tories. Wonder what Willie Rennie thinks about that?

    I have a cousin who is a lib-dem Councillor and occasionally when she visits, things can be a little bit strained as we have different political views.
    Recently we have been on the same side re the Brexit mess, No deal, etc… however, on a recent visit, she expressed concern – in fact was almost accusatory, that for some reason ( forgotten now) the SNP would do a deal with the Tories.

    I was really taken aback and emphatically stated that she should really not worry about that as there was no chance (currently) that the SNP would ever do a deal with any tory…
    ha ha ha.

    So now we find her Imperial Master in London has just agreed a deal with the Tories at the very time we need them to be resolute and stand against them.

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