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Logic in reverse

Posted on June 07, 2018 by

We’re having a lot of trouble with this one, to be honest.

The Record, along with Scottish Labour and a lot of the left of social media, are up in arms that a mystery benefactor has donated a £230,000 Rolls Royce to Glasgow City Council for the use of the Lord Provost. But nobody can quite manage to explain why they’re so angry about it.

The car will replace the Provost’s current ride, a leased Volkswagen Phaeton (list price £80,000). So the council, which is short of cash and having to make some very difficult budget decisions, will no longer have to pay to rent a provostorial limo, putting a few thousand much-needed pounds back into its coffers every year.

(It’s hard to say how many thousands exactly because you can’t lease Phaetons any more as far as we can tell – the model’s being discontinued. But something roughly comparable like an Audi A8 will set you back anywhere from £600 to £2,900 a month depending on terms and specifications, which is £7,000 to £35,000 a year.)

Which in a normal sane world would be a good thing. The donor is even stumping up for two years’ warranty and servicing, and – despite the Record’s lurid headline about “pollution” – the car meets the council’s stringent new environmental standards, which the Phaeton doesn’t.

But because the Roller is fancy, this welcome cost-saving has somehow become a scandal. Normally-rational people are demanding the council rejects or sells the gift, which would presumably result in this headline appearing in the Scottish press instead:


(We have no idea if the terms of the gift would even allow it to be sold off.)

But this is the flat-out maddest bit:

The Record’s editorial explicitly fumes that the car is a “waste of money”, despite the fact that it literally isn’t costing any money at all, and is in fact SAVING money. No explanation is offered in the column for this inexplicable polar reversal of the truth, and the paper invites shocked readers to imagine what it would be like if Labour provosts did something similar.

Which, of course, is exactly what they did do.

When the city was run by Labour, the chief dignitary WAS conveyed to their duties in a Rolls-Royce (a 1972 Phantom VI, to be precise, with the same “G0” numberplate the new one has), which is now on display in the Glasgow Riverside Museum. The main difference, obviously, being that that one WASN’T a gift from a generous donor – the people of Glasgow had to pay for it.

If people want to make the argument that Scotland’s biggest city having a ceremonial figure like a Lord Provost at all is an unjustifiable extravagance in difficult times, or that she should show up to grand openings and receptions and such dripping with sweat in a shellsuit on a knackered old pushbike, that’s one thing.

But to misrepresent a responsible cost saving as an expense and fabricate an outrage around it is just straight-up idiocy, and even by the Scottish media’s famously rock-bottom standards of SNP BAD straw-clutching it’s desperate stuff.

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134 to “Logic in reverse”

  1. Brendan says:

    Just wait for the follow-up report on Reporting Scotland!!

  2. Gary says:

    Caught the tail end of this on the TV news, I was wondering why this was newsworthy, even with the ‘lacks transparency’ line they kept pushing. But now I understand COMPLETELY, it was an SNP COUNCIL!!!

    Remember, ‘SNP BAAAAAD!!’

  3. Donald anderson says:

    They are also gleefully and joyously proclaiming the SNP are shifting Public Housing money to private landlords. I am too lazy to keep chasing up their onging black propagands

  4. Macart says:

    Free car. No hit on council budget. For the office of the Lord Provost, so presumably any Lord Provost. And this is a bad thing???

    Have the press gone mental?

  5. Capella says:

    Also, by saying the Lord Provost “refuses” to say who donated the car the Record implies some shady connection when elsewhere they admit the donor requested anonymity.

    I expect the donor will have to step forward and confess to this heinous crime.

  6. Adrian B says:

    It gets better or even dafter…..


    a) this is a civic gift by a philanthropic donor. No one in the the administration had any involvement & won’t be using the car b) no additional public money has or will be spent c) I understand it was a Labour Cllr who facilitated the donation[/quote]

  7. Macart says:

    Taking it a step further. If this is a gift to the office of Lord Provost, its also arguably a gift to the city and people of Glasgow.

    Surely a good thing?!?

  8. Zeebeving says:

    Are they trying to suggest that it’s a personal gift, and that Eva Bolander will be taking the car home to keep when she is no longer Lord Provost? What a stupid article in an irrelevant newspaper.

  9. S. Perspective says:

    I would normally come to the SNP‘s defence, but this one was plainly a bad call.
    1. Who donated the car and why? What strings are attached? Knowing is in the public interest.
    2. What are the maintenance costs of the new ride, and who‘s to pay for them?
    3. Is it really the appropriate style and image for a city like Glasgow to have their heid bummer drive around in a car like that? A Cinquecento would have done just as well.

  10. Proud Cybernat says:

    And so the ever downward spiral of DR sales continues.

    Platinum-plated clackerbag.

  11. Arbroath1320 says:

    I’m thinking the Daily Record is still smarting from the £80,000 fine imposed on it by the courts last year and are so desperate to get back on their bucking bronco that is SNP BAAAD they were unable to carry out any research into this “story.”

    If they had carried out even the briefest of research they would most surely have uncovered the news that the whole gifting of the Roller was due to a Labour councillor facilitating the donation … resulting in this being never spoken of again!

  12. Corrado Mella says:

    Don’t get angry, because this is what the pressitutes working for British Labour in Scotland really want.

    They’re poking and probing to find the point when and where one of them will get a slap in the face – even figuratively – to scream of “violent separatists aggression”.

    Leave them where they lay, in the gutter.

    Desperate and destitute, with a debt the size of a planet, the Britnat press will keel over and succumb if we don’t get them any oxygen.

    In the meantime, every time you see someone at the shops buying one of the rags, express you disgust moving away from them as if they reeked of death.
    Be as theatrical as you fancy, engage with bystanders and point out the paper.

    Subtle, but effective, I can tell you.

  13. Greannach says:

    I can already see Jackie Bird’s curled lip on Reporting Trivia tonight.

  14. Peter says:

    What is the NEED for the provost to be chauffeur driven in a swanky car at all? I don’t care if it’s free , paid for or otherwise , it’s an affectation that belongs in yesteryear.
    I can’t defend this in any way , the ins and outs of cost are secondary to the ‘better than you’ message that is sent. I suggest the Lady Provost could attend official functions just as efficiently in a Kia Picanto , which she can drive herself.

  15. Craig P says:

    Well I was going to anonymously donate a helicopter to Aberdeen City Council but won’t bother now.

  16. K1 says:

    Manufactured pish from the Record…they’ve nothing else to cling on to but lies and utter drivel…how anyone can read/buy this moronic paper is beyond belief. If that’s an ‘editor’ writing such infantile nonsense it really does show up the lack of intelligence in these so called journalists. Also they honestly must belief that people are thick as shit…projection much? 😉

  17. What little shit wrote this editorial?
    The DR plummets the depth yet again.
    Roll on Free Scotland.

  18. K1 says:

    If you’re going to argue ‘NEED’ basis then best apply that to every single city and government on the planet when it comes to their ‘rides’. Give it up you two…fooling no one wi this weak argument. And if you’re going to demand that the Provost in Glasgow should just show up in a wee self drive car to city functions et al, again you have to extend that argument to every Provost in every city.

    And where were you two presenting these pompous points when Labour were in power driving around wi their ‘fancy’ cars over the last few decades in Glasgow?

  19. Endrickwater says:

    I don’t have any problem with the car and, as you say, it saves the Council money in the short term. Must admit, though, that my first question on hearing the news was ‘who’s given it?’ Followed quickly by ‘what’s the catch?’, being old enough to know that there are no free lunches out there. I have no problem with the posh ride — if Glasgow’s going to have a provost, then you need the chains of office and all that so that you know you’re talking to The Provost and not to plain Ms Bolander.
    But, honestly, The Record is really sounding like Our Friends Across the Atlantic. And it’s a pity the paper can’t even check their facts before they fall in the elephant traps before their feet. (But then it wouldn’t be so fun, now, would it?)

  20. ClanDonald says:

    Although I agree with your point that the Daily Wreckord is talking shite about the cost, I still don’t like what a roller represents. It’s a symbol and statement of a extravagance and a them-and-us attitude. The SNP are supposed to be more egalitarian than the other parties. I like the fact that they reject knighthoods and gongs, and I can see why accepting the roller would raise eyebrows. That doesn’t mean the provost should be driven about in an old banger but just about any other make of car would’ve had made less of a social class statement than a rolls Royce.

  21. Proud Cybernat says:

    If it had been a Labour Council looking to get a fancy motor for the Provost, they’d have spent twice as much and ended up with nothing to chauffeur it!

    Okay–I’ll get ma coat.

  22. ScottishPsyche says:

    Mmm. I think it was a mistake to accept this as an anonymous gift. I think it should have been politely declined precisely because the donor wanted it to be anonymous.

    As for needing nice transport for visiting dignitaries, I’m sure there are high-end eco vehicles which could have been made available to lease, promoting green credentials and money saving. A savvy donor could have done this without the secrecy.

    Maybe it was donated to cause controversy?

  23. Arbroath1320 says:

    Sorry for O/T here but I came across a wee bit of upcoming news regarding a constituency surgery that I am sure the whole Britnat media will want to be covering as top TV news item or front page news. 😉

  24. Derick fae Yell says:

    In the same vein, of barely human hacks histrionically hyping normal life into the End of Civilisation and general catastrophe

    – check out the letter that that the headteacher of Merkinch Primary has had to have printed on the Highland Council website, because said bottom feeding, and wiping, paper has declined to print it, as it corrects their moronic hatchet job(also printed in all the usual rags). What sort of scumbag seeks to distort a school sports day, just to sell their pathetic paper? The sooner they all close the better

  25. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “The SNP are supposed to be more egalitarian than the other parties. I like the fact that they reject knighthoods and gongs, and I can see why accepting the roller would raise eyebrows.”

    The SNP haven’t accepted anything. It’s not a gift to the SNP, it’s a gift to the office of the Lord Provost.

  26. Blackhack says:

    Driving (Or being driven) about in a roller is a slap in the face to the hundreds of families in Glasgow who are having to go to food banks just to survive.
    I spent the last 30 years of my working life piloting a Hackney cab in Glasgow and the council regularly hired taxis for councilors transport requirements.
    The TOA used to send the newest cabs for councilors and bigwigs whenever they were needed.

  27. John Lowe says:

    I feel a SPARTACUS moment here.I DONATED THE CAR.

  28. Legerwood says:

    Proud Cybernat says:
    7 June, 2018 at 2:21 pm
    If it had been a Labour Council looking to get a fancy motor for the Provost, they’d have spent twice as much and ended up with nothing to chauffeur it!

    Okay–I’ll get ma coat.


    Already been done. Just Google ‘ Stirling Council and Provost’s new car’.

    Happened during the Tory-Labour Coalition Council. Provost was a Labour Councillor. Car was top of the range Audi if I remember correctly, but second hand you understand.

  29. J Galt says:

    The SNP in Glasgow should have seen this coming – I’m not a politician but my guard would have been up the minute I heard of this – the donor should have politely been asked to provide instead a more modest large saloon, perfectly acceptable for official business, costing say around £30k and to give the rest to a foodbank charity.

    And I say this a an SNP member.

    We have to be one step ahead of them I’m afraid, this was bad judgement.

  30. jim says:

    used to occasionally see the old roller picking up a labout councillor from his close in the gorbals,i beleive if you were a labour loyalist this wee,show off to the neighbours, perk was the reward

  31. handclapping says:

    In the light of the calls for the Provost to drive herself to receptions, may I suggest we ressurect the ‘Foulkes for Provost’ campaign

  32. Muscleguy says:

    Driving herself would mean because of the recent lowering of the drink-drive limit that the Lord Provost would be unable to partake of an alcoholic libation at receptions thus potentially offending the hosts etc as well as likely raising the DR to complain that she is a wowser and going off on a rant about the SNP being killjoys.

    If you cannot understand this then I fear for your level of education and intelligence. This is why a lot of high heid yins get chauffeured about.

    Not to mention that such a personage can conduct business using a portable computing device, engage in distance conversations using a modern telecommunications device thus the time spent travelling can be a work time.

    And all that is before realising many receptions etc end late at night. Driving tired is a known risk factor in accidents.

    Has none of this ever occurred to you? Personally the idea that we can work our representatives hard because they can now work on the train/plane/automobile to be a good thing. Why don’t you?

  33. Jack Murphy says:

    The Record confirming it’s a joke of a paper. 🙁

  34. Sandy says:

    One decent car. How many has betty windsor & her acolytes have at their disposal?

  35. Sandy says:

    Sorry, sycophants.

  36. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    K1 @ 14:14,

    Damn right. Just when we thought it wasn’t possible, presstitute double standards plummet to an even lower level. Accompanied by a rash of new “I’m SNP” concern trolls quibbling about a free gift. Jeez.

  37. Walter Hamilton says:

    What happened to the old adage, never to look a gift horse in the mouth?

  38. Marie Clark says:

    Oh dear, must be another slow news day eh.

    What a non story, as far as I can see the “gift” is to the Lord Provost/ city of Glasgow. It seems running costs and warranty are covered for two years, so no cost. What’s the big deal.

    It also would appear to be a deal brokered by a Labour cooncillor so why are the SNP getting it in the neck.

    Oh I forgot SNP BAAAAAAD. Joab din.

  39. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    Walter Hamilton: “Whatever happened to the old adage, never to look a gift horse in the mouth?”

    The Trojans.

  40. Auld Rock says:

    Now correct me if I’m wrong but is there not a waiting list for these of several years? So, if a Labour Cooncillor was involved it seems to me that he had hoped that he would be donating it to a Labour Administration and having got it he had little option to gift it to the Cooncil even though it’s now SNP!!!

    Any thoughts?

  41. Dan Huil says:

    The britnat media once again shows itself to be not only anti-Scottish but monumenatally stupid.

    Boycott all britnat media. Leave it to the Rev to expose this britnat hypocrisy.

  42. Artyhetty says:

    Re; Capella@1.45pm

    It might have been a ‘she’. 🙂

    ‘Shell suit, knackered old bike’ ha ha, love it.

    Didn’t Labour reject or vote against an SNP provost in a west Lothian council or something like that recently? Maybe they feel really really guilty at shafting the SNP, again, so thought how nice it would be to make amends and facilitate a nice car for Glasgow’s provost, yeh, must be the reason.

    Surely they must be livid that the media have picked this up as an SNP bad story, again. Agenda, ulterior motive? Don’t trust Labour one tiny, tiny bit.

    I can think of a few people in the UK where costs to the public purse are unimaginably extortionate, but it certainly is not the SNP clawing every penny for themselves. It’s not the SNP who embellish their residential grand mansions, adorn themselves in jewels, and privelege themselves with ridiculously costly travel around the globe!

    Anyone who takes any article in that rag seriously needs their head examined.

    Off to my allotment on my knackered old bike, lol!

  43. Pentland Firth says:

    Can’t but help thinking that the anonymous donor is no friend of Glasgow’s current administration. The “generous” gift bears all the hallmarks of a carefully constructed trap. Refuse the offer and the anonymous donor would complain loud and long to a very attentive media, accept it and many folk will be outraged at the hopelessly insensitive display of privilege in a city pock marked by social injustice and poverty.
    Just picture the scene as Lord Provost Bolander arrives in her chauffeur driven Rolls Royce to open a new food bank. Folk would be disgusted, and the media would have a field day.
    The days of crowds of poor people cheering their “betters” as they drive past in their big motors are long gone.
    A “thanks, but no thanks” response to the donor would have been the savvy thing to do.

  44. gordoz says:

    Let me get this straight.

    Some wealthy Labour Councillor (who loves his / her city & its public personna), wish to gift (free gratis) a fancy car to their City (Provost Office), of which they are proud (& have an affinity for); even despite an arms length SNP administration being in office, (So no SNPBad on their part).
    Just want to do something flash essentially (but in another sense nice/good) for their city ? And Said Labour & Lefties are not happy with it?

    CHURLISH in the extreme !

    Remember no cost to City, but big publicity and gravitas for City when welcoming dignitaries etc.
    Charitable Statement / photo opps for kids etc ? Or has everything to be from the back of a Transit ? Come On ?

    Smacks of either principles gone Maaad ! or Labour not Happy one of their own not seeing SNP as an enemy of the people in all things.

    This is political garbage folks

  45. Peter Mirtitsch says:

    You are now bo doubt aware that it may have been a LABOUR councillor who facillitated this,,,.

  46. Returnofthemac says:

    S. Perspective. As Mr Mcenroe would say “you cannot be serious” that’s all.

  47. Jim says:

    This will be the Lord Provost’s new ride if the tories and labour had their way:

  48. jfngw says:

    The propaganda is reaching fever pitch.

    We have a Tory complaining that a promo film for immigrants is unacceptable, presumably because it doesn’t say Scotland is actually shite. He will be satiated at 18:30 when he watches Reporting Scotland, it normally fulfils the requirements to keep a Tories blood pressure down.

    Then we have a Labour politician complaining about a free gift to the city of Glasgow. This appears to have been initiated by a Labour person but somehow is a MSM SNPBad story.

    Lots of new posters on this thread, strangely lots seem to be SNP negative.

    As the UK nears EU meltdown, journalists in Scotland are fixated on a car donation. I seems to be getting more coverage than the removal of Scotland’s devolved powers. I wonder why that is?

  49. Jim says:

    @ jfngw

    The propaganda is reaching fever pitch.
    That is the state of things with the unionist parties that because the SNP are now in power at GCC and not the troughing labour party, the position of Lord Provost means nothing and is now so unimportant that the current incumbent should cut about the city in a cart made from a fish box and pram wheels.

  50. twathater says:

    Shurely as a respected Scottish based newspaper ( stoap laughing at the back ) the daily wrecker would have done a fair and appropriate comparison of all the models of cars and their age ,in use by ALL cooncils across Scotland , their initial costs , and their running costs , then do a fair comparison relating to overall figures . EG what vehicle or vehicles are available to our most gracious viceroy of Scoatlund and his wee lackey lord duncky and who pays for them

    Would these comparisons be outwith the capability or research of genuine INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS of which unfortunately Scotland is severely lacking , or is the daily wrecker just engaging in its usual ESSENPEE BAD PISH

  51. Douglas says:

    The car is for the office of Lord Provost…

    I presume there are no restrictions regarding who she can give a lift to?

    Maybe it would set an interesting tone if the Lord Provost were to offer a lift to some folks using a service (say a food bank or a clinic) when she is on her way to officially open it?

    It’s a nice car with plenty of space (including a big boot), no sense in not using it to the full… I also think a lift home with the messages after the opening might be appreciated.

    Just a gesture, I know, but sometimes symbols are important. This could say something regarding who serves whom.

    If the car is a gift, certainly use it -but maybe share it… it would make a helluva dial-a-bus ?.

  52. Dan Huil says:

    SNP baaaaaad because Glasgow council saves money. True rabbit-hole britnattery. Desperate droppings slurping out of the britnat media.

  53. Colin Alexander says:

    I can explain: I got fed saying: “my other car’s a Rolls Royce.”

    Now, I just say: I’ve only got the one wee car.

  54. Colin Alexander says:

    I can explain: I got bored with saying: “my other car’s a Rolls Royce.”

    Now, I just say: I’ve only got the one wee car.

  55. Clapper57 says:

    There is allegedly an understanding that a Labour Councillor facilitated this…so DR goes for tittle tattle wrapped up in SNPBAD as opposed to why, who and when…….silly me to think investigative journalism is a ‘thing’ in Scottish MSM…..hardly Pulitzer prize journalism…more fitting for a SICBA award.

    Facilitate = make (an action or process) easy or easier.

    So if true and was facilitated by Labour Councillor then if they, the DR, are SO concerned about it then they should find out who Labour Councillor was , why he/she did it and when he/she did it. End of.

    Much better than their current non story about a donated car costing sweet fanny Adams to Glasgow tax payers.

    Thus the resulting story is, once again, just a blatant excuse to publish contrived shit with the target being yet another SNPBAD tabloid edition to add to the many others published by this ‘newspaper’ that actively seeks to insult the intelligence of all who scan it’s pages. Unionist pish on tap.

    The above opinion is my restrained response to this…..but sadly will probably not be my last as far as the Daily Hun is concerned.

    At least the SNP are serving the people of Glasgow unlike the Daily Hun that serves only it’s colonial masters pockets darn sarf …who owns the Daily Hun again ????? Rest my case.

  56. Dan Huil says:

    I get my rolls at Ashers

  57. Archbishop of Dork says:

    Print edition sales of the DR have been going down by about 20 000 copies a year for several years. You would think it might have occurred to them to give fair honest reporting a try to see if it worked.

  58. t42 says:

    Do you want a rolls royce for free?
    Keep it quiet though eh?”

    How about….naw.

  59. ScottishPsyche says:


    I like the idea that the car gets used for ordinary Glaswegians. I don’t know if it sits well with going to a food bank although I get your point that these souls might need free transport more than anyone.

    Maybe it could be used for Glaswegians being honoured in any way or Glaswegians could nominate people who might like to arrive somewhere important to them in style?

    Whatever happens, the Provost’s Office needs to turn this into more of a positive.

  60. galamcennalath says:

    We live each day as Groundhog Day!

    Initially, a non story occurs in the real world. Then Scotland’s anti-media, in their desperation to generate a negative story about the SG / SNP / Scotland, spin and warp and fabricate some fake news based loosely on the real event.

    The sun sets, the sun rises, repeat ….. until Indy Day!

    Thing is, folks eventually see through this rather pathetic propaganda. And once they do, they can’t ever un-see.

    So while the anti-media probably do keep the more gullible in the UKOK fold, they drive others out into the sunshine. It’s a one way process.

  61. Clootie says:

    The unionist sycophants and the nutty left just don’t get it (…or don’t want to get it).
    The car is free and will do very little mileage every year.

    Will Scotland ever shed this “…who do you think you are” mentality?

  62. Archbishop of Dork says:


    Nick Eardley of the BBC tweets that he’s 99% certain the UK government will press ahead with the devo elements in the Withdrawal Bill without the consent of the Scottish Government. After talking to a UK gov source.

  63. Truth says:

    All this tells you is to beware Labour geeks bearing gifts.

    Quite clearly a set up with this councillor and their mates at the Record.

  64. Ghillie says:

    Headline in a parallel universe:

    ‘ How lovely! An amazing gift to the City of Glasgow :)’

  65. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Archbishop of Dork @ 17:57,

    Another day, another chip off the fond illusions of the PSBs. Every little helps!

    This UKGov is pitching to be the most arbitrarily stupid, incompetent and self-destructive of the new century. (Even though there’s still plenty of time and Corbyn to go.)

    As for the Daily (Broken) Record, what does their proud banner claim to be “Scotland’s Champion” actually mean? (Other than an empty slogan, that is.)

    Is the paper now going to resolutely campaign against powers being unconstitutionally stolen from Scotland by London, or is it just going to continue instead to moan uselessly against every mote in the eye of the SNP?

    (Answers on a microdot, please.)

  66. Allan Watson says:

    Don’t worry folks if Labour make a miraculous return to power in Glasgow they will no doubt get rid of the Rolls – aye right

  67. r esquierdo says:

    More waste expulsion pipe material from the Record and the viscosity is getting lighter and the smell unbearable

  68. HandandShrimp says:

    It is a gift to the city of Glasgow not a particular administration and it could ferry dignitaries for the next 40 years. If it is a waste of money then it is wasted by the benefactor not the current administration or any subsequent one that uses it.

    The Record position does smack a wee bit of Judas’ lament over the gift of ointment to anoint the feet of Jesus. All show over concern for the poor but in fact motivated by another agenda altogether.

    Of all the issues of the day, in particular the complete car crash that is Brexit, this does seem a rather odd story to lead on. However, the Record is nothing if not parochial.

  69. Douglas says:

    ScottishPsyche says:
    7 June, 2018 at 5:40 pm

    ‘Maybe it could be used for Glaswegians being honoured in any way or Glaswegians could nominate people who might like to arrive somewhere important to them in style?’

    I really like your idea ScottishPsyche… it’s nice, simple and gives a bit of recognition to those who deserve it.

  70. Alba46 says:

    BBC Alba at 1925 Scotlands womens world cup qualifier against Belarus.

    STV going with the England friendly against Costa Rica. They couldn’t get off their arse and cover the Scotlands men team in South America.

    A media disgrace – again

  71. Alan Crerar says:

    Right. Enough about the car already. If an annonymous benefactor had donated a piece of artwork to that value, it would have been gratefully received, put on display and recognised as an appreciating asset.
    Well the nice nearly-new Roller will be in this category one day – low miles, interesting history, and (eventually) kept in a heated and dry transport museum for 50 years as a valuable exhibit. In fact, it should be kept there now for Glasgow folk to go and see it anytime when its not in use.
    Get real – its a freebie.
    Gift horse – mouth etc.

  72. North chiel says:

    “ Reporting all Scotland so bad “ in “ overdrive “ tonight with Aileen Clark’s
    diatrade against ScotRail tonight . What a petty porochial lot at “Pathetic Quay” .No credit whatsoever for trying to improve& modernise the service!

  73. jfngw says:

    I can only assume that I will hear Labour demand the Burrell Collection is sold off , after all this is a drain on the city that could be used to alleviate all these areas that Labour claim to be so concerned about.

    After all a Rolls is small fry compared to what could be raised by the Burrell Collection.

  74. Cactus says:

    The Phantom Phaeton’s FFS, pull ah wheelie!

    One is back east coast.

    Ride on Glasgow.

    Love ye xx.

  75. msean says:

    How long does it take for a Rolls to be ordered,paid for and delivered? What kind of power do Labour cooncillors have these days in order to bring in a roller? 🙂

  76. Cactus says:

    It’s like that mission on GTAV where you go to get the high performance vehicle…

    Aye aye.

  77. Capella says:

    @ Arty Hetty – probably J K Rowling. That’s my guess anyway.

  78. Gfaetheblock says:

    Not convinced re the cost argument, once tax, insurance, fuel, security and the servicing after the initial two years pass, but is probably a minor issue here when budgets have a £20m gap to fill.

    But if the SNP provost could not see how bad this looks, then you have to wonder about her. This website was slagging of the wife a moderately successful indie rock star for highlighting issue with increases in childcare costs, but don’t recognise as this being a massive self own. Bizarre.

  79. Cactus says:

    Don’t be shy… show us yer pie.

    Reversin’ logic.

    Cars R cool.

  80. I remember Nicola getting savaged by our slavering brain dead Scottish media for having an expensive coffee machine in her kitchen,

    anyone involved in Scottish Media,tv/print,should be thoroughly ashamed/embarrassed to work in such a vile business.


    A new Rolls Royce has a 4 year transferable unlimited mileage warranty,

    not sure why this one has 2 year warranty unless not new.

  81. louis.b.argyll says:

    Capella, indeed, true honorable charitable donations are always anonymous
    ..something lost on our middle-class generations.

  82. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    Something lost on you, louis, is that it could be a massive bribe.

  83. Cactus says:

    Indeed Scot Finlayson, one is supping an infrequent coffee of this year… lovin’ ra east coast air.

    We’re coming north soon…

    For you Inverness.

    First, Bannockburn, Stirling.

    The sun is shining.

    It is warm.

  84. Croompenstein says:

    It’s not conspicuous enough for the Yoon to park clandestinely in Linn Park or to ogle dusky young girls from. Yoons wha’s like them!!

  85. Gfaetheblock says:

    Scott – read yesterday that it’s 2 year old, so that makes sense.

  86. Roert J. Sutherland says:

    Reluctant Nationalist @ 20:08,

    A reasonable concern, but according to the article in today’s National, the whole deal was vetted in advance by council chief exec Annemarie O’Donnell to ensure that this precisely wasn’t the case. Only on that basis was the gift, including the anonimity request, accepted.

    One can’t help but wonder what if anything would have been said by our wonderful Fourth Estate if the whole deal had taken place under the previous administration.

    It strikes me that this whole media SNPbaad campaign is explitictly designed to keep all the doubters and pessimists disillusioned and disconnected, and thus neutered. That’s the best that the BritNat cause has ever been able to muster.

  87. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Reluctant Nationalist @ 20:08,

    A reasonable concern, but according to the article in today’s National, the whole deal was vetted in advance by council chief exec Annemarie O’Donnell to ensure that this precisely wasn’t the case. Only on that basis was the gift, including the anonimity request, accepted.

    One can’t help but wonder what if anything would have been said by our wonderful Fourth Estate if the whole deal had taken place under the previous administration.

    It strikes me that this whole media SNPbaad campaign is explitictly designed to keep all the doubters and pessimists disillusioned and disconnected, and thus neutered. That’s the best that the BritNat cause has ever been able to muster.

  88. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Reluctant Nationalist @ 20:08,

    A fair enough a priori concern, but according to the article in today’s National, the whole deal was vetted in advance by council chief exec Annemarie O’Donnell to ensure that this precisely wasn’t the case. Only on that basis was the gift, including the anonimity request, accepted.

    One can’t help but wonder what if anything would have been said by our wonderful Fourth Estate if the whole deal had taken place under the previous administration.

    It strikes me that this whole media SNPbaad campaign is explitictly designed to keep all the doubters and pessimists disillusioned and disconnected, and thus neutered. That’s the best that the BritNat cause has ever been able to muster.

  89. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Oops, sorry for the double post there.
    (Everything seemed to stall for a while, and attempting a previous effort with a mistyped name didn’t exactly help.)

  90. schrodingers cat says:

    bumper sticker

    my other car is also a roller 🙂

  91. Dr Jim says:

    One can only assume the Daily Record and its little dwindling band of recordists expect the SNP to be in power for-e-ver
    and are thusly envious of an expensive automobile Labour are not likely ever to get their Arses into because it will be an antique by then as flying electric cars will be all the rage

    Let alone Grandmaster the worshipful Davie Clegg getting a lift to work of a morning

    Aah the SNP future looks back at the past and says up yours Labour as they brush the dust from their fossilised remains

  92. Cubby says:

    The media in Scotland is a national disgrace.

    A bunch of British Nationalists propaganda writers/broadcasters.

    These people are totally lacking in professional or personal integrity. Writing/broadcasting lies and and a load of crap. What a way to make a living. Do some of these people actually call themselves Scottish? If they do how do they sleep at night taking money from England to run down your own country. Pathetic human beings.

  93. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    ‘A priori’? It’s Glasgow City Council!

    I kid, I kid. The motive for this gift to Glasgow City Council being approved of as above-board by the chief exec of Glasgow City Council is all I need to quell any doubts.

  94. ronnie anderson says:

    Provest’s in every Town in Scotland why do Cities have Lordy Provest’s

  95. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Reluctant Nationalist @ 21:08,

    Do I detect just a hint of residual scepticism there, perhaps? heh, heh. =grin=

    You’ve obviously been exposed to the darkness of NorthBritLab local administrations for far too long. I advise a holiday in the sun.

    “Things can only get better”. Oh, maybe not that one, come to think of it… =laugh=

  96. Albert Herring says:

    Well I reckon a Roller’s better than a couple of fancy lamp posts any day.

    Glasgow 1 Edinburgh 0

  97. According to tv science pundit,Brian Cox,(not the great actor) on Mars they have discovered there used to be a form of one celled organic non intelligent life on Mars,

    they found the remains of a Scottish journalist.

  98. schrodingers cat says:

    they found the remains of a Scottish journalist.


    one celled organisms are far more complex creatures

  99. Albert Herring says:

    Scottish journalists – animal, vegetable or mineral?

  100. ronnie anderson says:

    Scottish journalist’s vegetation phst pass me the Roundup

  101. Hamish100 says:

    effen block

    cost to taxpayer £0

    cost to trolling brexiters pride -huge

    How does the quenny and her entourage get around? magabus?

  102. Scotland just beat Belarus,3 points well deserved with some great football,

    Poland away on Tuesday.

  103. Rock says:

    The unionists’ logic will always be in reverse.

    But will the “plebs” of Glasgow who see the SNP Lord Provost driving around in a £230,000 Rolls Royce know that it has come free?

    Is it a politically wise and principled decision to accept such freebies?

    It would be more sensible to politely request the mystery benefactor to take back this fancy car and donate a more modest one.

    Whether it is sleaze or not, it will stink of sleaze and give the unionists ammunition to use against the SNP.

    When is Nicola calling an independence referendum?

  104. Rock says:

    Macart says:
    7 June, 2018 at 1:49 pm

    “its also arguably a gift to the city and people of Glasgow.”

    Will the “plebs” of Glasgow get a ride in it?

  105. stewartb says:

    Robert J. Sutherland @ 8:30 pm

    You wrote: “It strikes me that this whole media SNPbaad campaign is explitictly designed to keep all the doubters and pessimists disillusioned and disconnected, and thus neutered. That’s the best that the BritNat cause has ever been able to muster.”

    For interest, I picked this up from a podcast published by the Intercept on the significance of repetition in political messaging by the media.

    (Source: from Journalist Allan Nairn on Trump’s Rise to Power and the Republican Party’s Extremist Agenda. )

    This from the journalist Allan Nairn’s contribution to the podcast: “… the rhythm of repetition is basically everything in politics. Because under the American system, there’s no centralized state censorship, unlike the old Soviet system. So, almost everything, …. is on the public record somewhere, but unless it’s repeated, hammered away, day after day on the big media outlets, it may be on the public record but it’s not in the public consciousness. And that’s all that matters in politics: what is in the public consciousness?”

    The ‘rhythm of repetition’: the basic strategy of British Nationalist press coverage of Scotland’s polity to influence the public consciousness?

  106. @Albert Herring

    Current Edinburgh Lord Provost is SNP`s Frank Ross CBC,

    as far as I know he declined having the Lord Provost lamp post erected outside his house.

  107. Hamish100 says:

    still shows the Daily Record continues to be pro labour unionist. Davie the clegg remains in No surrender mode.
    Rock has gone missing

  108. Rock says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    7 June, 2018 at 2:34 pm

    “The SNP haven’t accepted anything. It’s not a gift to the SNP, it’s a gift to the office of the Lord Provost.”

    And is not the current Lord Provost from the SNP?

    Why has this only been donated when the SNP have come to power in Glasgow?

    In my humble opinion, you have somewhat lowered your usually high standards in defending this sleazy gift.

  109. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    RJS: “I advise a holiday in the sun.”

    With plenty of sunscreen, of course.

  110. Albert Herring says:

    @Scot Finlayson

    Oh, ok, one-all then.

  111. Az says:

    A few people’s comments here are ridiculous. There seems to be an attitude in some in Scotland towards self-flagellation. Apparently the Lord Provost should drive themselves, and be in a Kia Piccanto or some such.

    Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest city. It has visiting dignitaries. I’m amazed anyone thinks they shouldn’t be chaufeurred around in style. And none of that is mentioning the fact that it was a f***ing gift.

  112. louis.b.argyll says:

    Rock, that comment proves you are an arsehole, sorry.

  113. Ian Brotherhood says:

    A friend of WOS has just informed me that Mundell Elder will be available for questioning (if you’re a journalist) in Arbroath tomorrow. (Aye, it’s a fish-related gig…)

    Details here:

  114. jfngw says:

    Is this complaint from Labour Party, the one with an unusual amount of millionaires and ennobled members within its ranks. The ones that despite the collapse of the financial system somehow managed to line their own pockets.

    The stench of corruption is always rife with Labour, remember how many were guilty of expenses fiddling at WM. They are Tories masquerading as politicians with compassion, the only compassion I can spot is for their bank balances.

  115. Capella says:

    So there is indeed one aspect of Scottish life that really is abyssmal and that is our media. Radio, TV and press are mostly propaganda outlets for a hostile political force. Apart from The National, I can’t imagine buying a newspaper in order to be informed about current affairs.

    It’s hard to define this force. It’s not just Westminster, the Tories, the oligarchs, Unionists. It’s a combination of all of these elements.

    Soon, they will have colonised the internet completely in their war against democracy. Now is definitely the time to come together and oppose this dysfunctional union.

  116. jfngw says:

    It’s rumoured that Labour has guaranteed to sell the Rolls if they regain Glasgow, it is believed they are to replace it with a rickshaw. They are certain this will provide four full time minimum wage jobs, helping to alleviate in poverty in the city. An affiliated Labour colleague has stated that she has a list of burly men that may be helped.

  117. Proud Cybernat says:

    After the recent catastrophuck of data protection of the Lords n Ladies in SiU, will Pamela Nash ever resign?

    Just asking cos I love the smell of nae Pam in the morning.

    S’okay–already got my coat.

  118. stewartb says:

    Without knowing who gifted the car; without knowing why they chose to make this gift; without knowing when the donor first broached the subject of the gift with GCC; without knowing what due diligence with respect to the donor the GCC undertook before accepting it, and when; without knowing what financial appraisal GCC officials undertook before the gift was accepted; without being able to confirm or otherwise the involvement of a third party (a Labour politician?) in facilitating the gift – there are those that immediately assume the worst.

    And then at rock bottom we are told its a ‘sleazy gift’ – note, not a ‘sleazy acceptance of a gift’ but a ‘sleazy gift’ implying something about the donor: no evidence provided just innuendo – for a malign purpose?

  119. Hamish100 says:

    rock explain a sleazy car. Actually don’t bother I’ll ask the car ps it doesn’t read the National but it aint all bad.

  120. Ian Mackay says:

    I read John Harvey-Jones book Troubleshooter some years ago. He related a tale of the time when as Head of ICI he gave up his Rolls for a normal car.

    The ICI employees complained. They stated that it wasn’t right that the head of their company was in a car like everyone else. They felt it wasn’t the image that a Chief Exec should have and it belittled the company.

    Harvey-Jones went back to a Rolls.

  121. Auld Rock says:

    No mention on the 22:35hrs – woder why?

  122. Cactus says:

    Da da da-ra da ra rah.

    Love yer Scotland.

    Times o change.

  123. Fred says:

    @ Ronnie Anderson, just a handful of cities with a Lord Provost, who also takes the place of a Lord Lieutenant in the coonties & of course Glasgow was a city county before the present district nonsense.(Brigton is a district!). As such she also represents her Maj on occasion & of course she should have a free Roller. Whatever upsets an arsehole like McAveety is a very good thing indeed. Having sneaked into the Lord Provost’s lavvy on a tour I can vouch for it’s magnificence, miserable, small minded bastards on here would have her peein in a pail!

  124. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Well, there’s one useful thing about such arrant media idiocy, I suppose – it’s great for revealing in its wake the self-inflated hypocrites, false flag operators and Nirvana believers on social media…

  125. Gordonjcp says:

    Tell you what, take about 1800 quid of my taxes, convert the nice new Rolls-Royce to run on LPG, and that’s the whole pollution issue sorted. Free car, running on the cleanest road fuel money can buy.

  126. Clapper57 says:

    @ Proud Cybernat says:
    7 June, 2018 at 10:31 pm

    “Just asking cos I love the smell of nae Pam in the morning”.


    I laughed out loud when I read your post. Nice one.

  127. Gary45% says:

    The Daily Rektum,
    Full of shit.

  128. Breeks says:

    Norway could thrive outside the EU because it had oil when oil was on the rise and demand was insatiable. The oil business is a mature sector now, so Scotland should not expect to thrive in the same way. While the product may not run out, environmental pressures will inhibit Scotland in ways that didn’t constrain Norwegian development. Oil can be good for Scotland, but let’s keep our heads about it.

    If Scotland wants a similar engine to drive its economy like oil drove Norway, I believe that it can still have one, through renewables. However, there is a really important difference. Oil is a global commodity and physical product, stick it in a boat or a tanker and take it anywhere, but power is restricted to a physical distribution network. Scotland’s energy will not be a globally commercial product like oil, and realistically will have to sell its power to Europe. That is unlike Norway who can sell oil globally, and it matters.

    Because therein lies the problem. Outside the EU, (and EFTA is outside the EU), but profiting from Europe’s increasing dependence on energy will put Scotland in the same position as Russia as it jostles to hold Europe to ransome over gas prices. If that’s going to be the deal, then I promise you, the EU will be much cooler about dealing with a lukewarm Scotland and it will insulate itself against developing too much dependency upon Scottish energy, and it will invest hard in its own wind and solar renewables.

    We Scots should wise up, quickly, that Scotland’s Energy if it really wants to thrive, will thrive best in a symbiotic relationship with Europe in ways that oil simply is not. It is in our interests to nurture the idea that Scotland is very much pro Europe and wants to stay in the family and conform.

    Despite my staunch ProEU beliefs, amongst ourselves, I can see the wisdom in not dividing ourselves over Europe. Not because I believe exiting Europe is a decision we should never take, (that belief is not going to change), but currently, we are all so poisoned in our beliefs about Europe after decades of BBC propaganda that our Scottish EuroRef would be just as jaundiced, pointless, and as dangerous a thing to do as Brexit.

    Independence and EU membership are different issues, but in some ways the same. We all know that Scotland, with its own free News and public affairs broadcasting, would have been independent decades ago. No brainier.

    I see Europe the same way. With our own free constructive discussions and perspectives on Europe, something we cannot enjoy until our affairs are no longer hostage to the BBC’s prejudices, we will understand EU Membership is vital for us. But, for as long as we are indoctrinated with BBC toxicity, then Euroskepticism will remain as artificially high and illogical in Scotland as the current faith which many unfortunates have in British Unionism. It’s the propaganda what does it.

    Let us rid ourselves of the propagandists and their manipulative agendas first, and then, and only then, start to address these important issues about Europe properly. But until such measured debates can happen unfettered, please, please, please, play safe and give Europe and Scotland’s full EU membership the benefit of the doubt. Back Europe. Always back Europe. If in doubt, back Europe. If you hear the BBC say EuropeBAD, choose to believe EuropeGOOD.

    Incidentally, Norway has twice tried to join the EU, or EEC, but it was the popular vote in a referendum which stopped them joining. The Norwegian people didn’t want Europe, but the Norwegian Government did… Norway has done very well outside the EU, but it’s very hard to screw up your economy when you have oil making you fantastically rich. Only Scotland has managed to do that.

    I liked the recent comment I read somewhere, forget where, Norway with</em oil, is Scotland without Westminster.

  129. Breeks says:

    Showing my age too, and I know it’s Brigadoon Nationalism too, but rather than a Rolls Royce for the Provost, what a pity that it wasn’t a brand new 21st Century Hydrogen/Electric hybrid Hillman Imp straight off the production line…

    Maybe with wee Saltires in its indicator lenses…

  130. K1 says:

    What say yoons now?

    Tunnock’s owner surprised by Rolls-Royce gift row

    Boyd Tunnock confirmed he was behind the gift of a Rolls-Royce Ghost to Glasgow City Council.

    The owner of the Tunnock’s biscuit business says he has been “surprised” by the reaction to his donation of a Rolls-Royce to Glasgow City Council.

    Politicians had criticised the council for accepting the donation of the car, which was initially anonymous.

    Boyd Tunnock confirmed he was behind the gift and said he just wanted to do “a good thing” for the city.

    He said: “All sorts of important people come to Glasgow. I thought it would be right to give them a nice experience.”

    Some politicians criticised the council’s decision to accept the car, with Labour MP Paul Sweeney suggesting that it should be auctioned off.

    ‘Auction it off’ He tweeted earlier this week: “It’s Dickensian to have the Lord Provost of Glasgow swanning around in a new 8 mpg chauffeur driven Rolls Royce while local council services are cut by SNP austerity.

    “Nursery fees doubled and free swimming for kids the latest cuts. Auction it off to fund services for Glaswegians.”

    Lord Provost Eva Bolander received the new council car on Tuesday.

    But Mr Tunnock said: “I have to say I’ve been a bit surprised by the reaction to this.
    “Glasgow always had a Rolls-Royce and I was able to give mine to the city so I thought, why not? “I really wanted this to be a good thing. I didn’t want any credit for it so I asked the city to keep my name quiet, but I’m quite happy for people to know it’s me.”

    The Rolls-Royce Ghost will replace one of the council’s Volkswagen Phaetons that was due to have its lease renewed. The council say it will save the city money.

    The car, which bears the council’s unique ‘G0’ number-plate, will be used by the Lord Provost and other city representatives for “appropriate civic duties” as well as VIPs requiring transportation.


    A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “It’s important to remember this is a donation which has not cost the council anything and in fact will save money.

    “It would clearly not be appropriate to buy a car such as this but having received it as a donation there will be occasions when it is appropriate to use it.”

    After receiving the car on Tuesday, Lord Provost Eva Bolander said: “I want Glasgow to show its best face to the world and this gift will help us do that. “It’s a show-stopping car and a tremendous asset.”


  131. Fred says:

    Any SNP austerity in Glasgow is due to the massive bill in finally providing equal pay for Glasgow’s women employees, Labour fought tooth & nail to maintain this iniquity & spent millions in legal fees to that end. Bastards!

  132. Patrick Roden says:

    A Rolls Royce!

    What a bloody disgrace!

    Doesn’t the SNP realise we are Scottish?

    Remember folks, us Scots are shite, and should turn up at events in ill-fitting rags, in a beat up old banger, so that we can show other Scots that we ‘know our place’ (where the rest of the shite dwells)

    Remember Scots…KNOW YOUR PLACE!

  133. Anya Lawrence says:

    Why look a gift horse in the mouth?

  134. robertknight says:

    Typical of the MSM in Scotland, ‘Useful Idiots’ to the British Establishment.

    SNP run local authority gifted expensive motor for benefit of local authority high heid yins and overall local authority budget = SNP Bad

    Donor of expensive motor turns out to be none other than major supporter of the Union therefore part of the British Establishment = Nothing to see here folks, move along.

    Ahm awa tae bolk!

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