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Let’s be alert out there

Posted on May 27, 2014 by

Ever since our insanely successful fundraiser we’ve been pondering on the best way to get printed materials and promotional stuff spread across Scotland without spending hours every day lugging boxes of stuff down to the post office, what with us still being an inconvenient distance from the action.


We may have just solved the problem.

Above is our cool new button badge that we’ve just ordered hundreds of (in tastefully discreet one-inch-diameter size). We’ve got plans in place to get them to certain areas already via existing networks of shadowy agents, but now there’s an excellent way to make sure everyone can get some for themselves and their friends and neighbours.

(And not just badges, but other stuff too, like postcards and flyers and window posters like the ace Hamish one we made a couple of weeks ago that nobody liked, you gits.)


If you click the badge image above, you’ll find a custom page at our badgemakers (they made the Wings shield ones we gave away at the indy rally last year, so we know they do a nice job), where you can buy a load at super-bargain prices – you can get 50 for just 13 quid including postage, and they get cheaper the more you buy.

(A3 posters come in at under 26p a pop in quantities of 100 or more.)

If you’re an active campaigner and you think you can use big numbers, get in touch and we’ll order and pay for them and have them delivered direct to you. But if you want to just get a few dozen to hand out randomly in pubs and whatnot, the bonus is that that won’t count towards our campaign spending under Electoral Commission rules.

(We sent our application off today, so we’ll be official any minute.)

So far only the badge page is live, but now that we’ve discovered it can be done we’ll be working on printed stuff too, and that’ll be our distribution problems solved. Result!

After all, if we’re going to campaign, may as well do it properly.

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    1. 27 05 14 23:00

      Let’s be alert out there | Scottish Independence News

    148 to “Let’s be alert out there”

    1. Croompenstein says:

      What’s not to like about the Hamish poster??

    2. marion collins says:

      I shall certainly be investing in some advertising materials 🙂

    3. MD says:

      I hope you had a suitably senior official sign off the Electoral Commission notification.

    4. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “What’s not to like about the Hamish poster??”


    5. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      That would be Hamish.

    6. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I hope you had a suitably senior official sign off the Electoral Commission notification.”

      I got it done by the Executive Chief International Vice Managing Director, and also the guy who makes the sandwiches. (As they’re both me.)

    7. Smith says:

      Nice! Ordered.

    8. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      Any chance of employing Terry Butcher Stu?

    9. Democracy Reborn says:


      The Hamish poster is a belter!
      Get it printed!

    10. Could you publish the little handout booklets in the same way? The little green book or whatever we decided was the best name?

    11. handclapping says:

      Who didn’t like Hamish? We need to know as they are obviously BT moles sent to cause confusion in our ranks.

      A6 Hamish postcard with an extract from the wee blue book on the back, perfect for keeping in the breast pocket for enthusing and confirming the newly converted

    12. Lesley-Anne says:

      I can’t believe no one liked Hamish I think he is just simply…AWESOME.

      If Hamish and his poster can be made in A4 size I can see a few might be purchased , laminated and stuck onto the Jeep’s windows replacing the adverts for this Thursday’s debate. 😉

      I’ve just been and ordered 50 badges. I’ll be spreading the *ahem* love with them as soon as they arrive. Hopefully before Thursday, we have Jim Sillars, Ash Regan-Denham, Richard Arkless and Mark Frankland giving speeches to undecideds then. 😛

    13. MJ says:

      Nice one about getting registered, hopefully there will be full media coverage, here’s hoping.

    14. haud on the noo says:

      Still, her cough has lifted..

    15. haud on the noo says:

      Yer not her…

    16. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      I think some people thought the lion was a bit threatening or imperialistic for the precise purpose being mooted at the time. Without context, it’s nice.

      I don’t really go for the colour scheme though.

    17. X_Sticks says:

      You manage vices? Can I have some, please.

      Seriously, excellent idea. I’ll be getting some ordered shortly.

    18. Hugh Wallace says:

      Badges ordered! A4 posters & wee book pretty please!

    19. turnip_ghost says:

      Talking of badges and what not, have the badges for the fundraiser etc been sorted out…? 🙂

    20. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      Not delivered yet, Stu said on Twitter. Still waiting for them to arrive.

    21. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Why is “Loose Women” on BBC 2 scotland at the mo?

      Very curious. I thought there was some flagship new current affairs show scheduled?

    22. Croompenstein says:

      O/T – Scotland 2014 like driving past a car crash you know you shouldn’t look but find yourself watching. Half an hour I won’t get back..

    23. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “have the badges for the fundraiser etc been sorted out”

      As I’ve said several times now, they’ve been ordered but custom shaped enamel badges are quite specialist and they take a while.

    24. crisiscult says:

      purchased a few wee badges.

      By the way, and hope I’m allowed to do this, here is a link if anyone wants to chuck a few quid the way of Mark Coburn’s Yes collection, who cycled from Rome to Scotland to raise funds. He’s the partner of a colleague of mine and the fund raiser closes in 33 hours (he’s back by the way).

    25. steviecosmic says:

      wouldn’t it be prudent to have the wings address on there too? At least on the printed stuff, it might mess with the badge design.

    26. Ronnie says:

      Badges ordered, should pin nicely with the shiny wee Albanach one. These are gonna be collectors’ items soon, to be left in wills!

    27. Alba4Eva says:

      Badges ordered 🙂

      That will go nicely with my Greg Moodie badge collection that I received today, my Sterling Silver Yes pin (currently in the post from YES Scotland), my Proud Cybernat Badge… and of course my WoS 2013 Rally badge 🙂

    28. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      O/T looks like no more Vote NoB orders adverts…

      From Guardian with normal spin – “might”have been complaints about Yes adverts?

    29. Macandroid says:

      Could I have a wee badge I could give to Johann next time I bump into her? It would say:



    30. Kestral says:

      Looking forward to some fact sheets that can be posted through doors

      Done the rounds with the yes papers but think that we could do with something much more concise and hard hitting but not too much to read

      Barnett Scraped
      Tories winning next GE
      Out/In = England want out

      Maybe a wee bit on JL going straight to England to tell them – don’t worry we are not offering more money to the Scots

      Maybe 2 pie charts
      current spending on what
      next saving on spending when independent (must be more savings than just defense (need to highlight money we save)

      bit of fishing maybe – how many and much EU countries make from our sea

      Bit bout wind power – might be worth pointing out EU wants to build a grid under north sea to get our power, and you really think they want to throw that away

      All with links to the factual websites which will provide the unbiased source for the data

      Oh and might wanna throw in an abbreviated version of the McCrone report

      You would be utterly amazed how many don’t know what it is

    31. Clydebuilt says:

      Rev Stu. don’t wan’t to appear bolshy….BUT why not have the name of the site on the badge. OR is the thinking folk will be intrigued and want to find out what the badge carrier is reading.

    32. Andy Borland says:

      “Loose Women” was a bit incongruous, but anything that gets Janey Godley on the telly is a vote-winner for me!

    33. gordoz says:

      New State broadcaster late night coverage of Ref >

      Same old, Same old – hopeless revamp & rehash of the BEEBS view of Scotchland politics and other crap!

      G4S story ?

      Complete guff – first interviewee (Labour / Westminster MP)
      Second (Liberal / Westminster MP)

      Nice to see UKIP’s set colours (no gaff there)

      Sarah Smith – really ??? finger on the pulse ??

    34. Big Al says:

      Just found your page ” BRILL “

    35. Colin says:

      Just before I purchase some natty little badges, please tell me the company making them doesn’t also do work for those no people?
      They really pissed me off today distributing those crappy booklet things full of lies in the Aberdeen evening express grrrr

    36. velofello says:

      Great initiative as usual Rev.I will propose purchase to our Yes group.The wee lion is tops, I wish Chris would arrange posters of his earlier sketches of our wee lion.

    37. ronnie anderson says:

      Awe Rev, ah could hiv signed that Electorial Comm application
      ave goat a letter fae the Cycobabblers at the Sth Gen tae say that am a loony, a good disclaimer fur You lol.

    38. Murray McCallum says:

      I’m prepared to give Sarah time to settle in to the new role. Sure she let Beaker “speak” (dividend, pool and share, risks and resources, … soudbites) while simply pointing out that no one would believe his numbers.

      The thing I found really odd was watching a daytime TV chat show so late at night? Is Glasgow in a new time zone?

    39. Kestral says:

      Now how about with the commonwealth games coming to glasgow a wee leaflet explain in a couple of languages about our desire for independance with a little sticker badge as well

      rest of the world says
      be free scotland

      oh I can just imagine it – thousands of foreign visitors walking around telling us you’d be mad not to grab your freedom

      How about a free tree – lots of printed postal tags with our flag on one side and a wish for scotland on the other side filled in with our desires for our free country all tied to a big tree in george square during the games

      mmmm course would have to have some volunteers to tidy it up afterwards – not good for the tree to leave things tied round it’s branches

      Do think we are missing a trick by not putting out counter adverts to the vote no borders cinema ones- so so easy to debunk what they say, yet we don’t seem to be hitting back by making a laffing stock of their adverts

      Even just doing a single one that hits all their adds quick and fast and to the point (gotta think cinema adverts are dammed expensive)

      any other idea’s folks???????

    40. Steven Duncan says:

      Badges Ordered for my little bit of Glasgow.

    41. caz-m says:

      Iain Gray’s Subway Lament,
      “Why is “Loose Women” on BBC 2 scotland at the mo?”

      Iain, That was not Loose Women, that was BBC Scotland’s new hard hitting political debating programme called Scotland 2014.
      Presented by an ex Labour leaders Daughter and who’s mother is a member of the non democratic House of Lords.

      And it was one load of shit. I’ll be turning channels tomorrow all right,

      Family Guy wins it hands down.

    42. Colin says:

      Scotland 2014

      I recorded it and just watched it, what a load of guff. Ask beaker a question, let him answer but don’t challenge anything.
      I don’t know why I expected better from the BBC but I won’t be watching it again.

    43. Sinky says:

      Scotland 2014 was dreadful dumbing down by BBC Scotland who have got rid of all their serious journalists and replaced them with interns.

      The trending bit on something from Devon was totally bizarre and irrelevant to Scottish viewers.

      No chance of any serious in depth investigation into the latest ludicrous claims by the Poorer Together UK government.

    44. GrahamB says:

      Seems that everyone was watching Auntie UKBC’s new flagship referendum programme. I have an inbuilt aversion to anything that has to be trailed every 5 minutes for the past two weeks and by all accounts it was a wise move to avoid it.

      Meanwhile over on Scotland Today we had Wee Nicola against Stairheid. Prof Dunleavy’s rejection of the Treasury’s interpretation of his report was a godsend to NS, not just because of the content of his comments but it allowed NS to hit Stairheid with some relevant numbers – not Stairheid’s strongest suit as we’ve seen often before.

      Quite an easy session for NS on UKIP, Treasury report, welfare/pensions and jam tomorrow if there’s a NO vote. Final result Sturgeon 4 Lamont 0, no need for extra time or penalties!

    45. Colin says:

      Badges bought, but I am still hacked off at bitter together today.

    46. caz-m says:

      I turned Scotland 2014 over as soon as I heard the opening sad story about someone who got killed and something about G4S.

      What was that all about?

      She should do a piece about the House of Lords one night and get her wee mammy in to justify her appearance money and ask her mammy about all the un-democratic votes against Scotland that they take.

    47. Dr Ew says:


      Can I just say I’ve been waiting YEARS to use that!!!

      THANKS REV!!

      (c) Ygorra, 1973

    48. Alba4Eva says:

      BBC’s news ‘Flagship!’ Programme? …Was that it?

      What a load of pathetic guff!

      At least its’ on at 10:30pm… I suffer insomnia, and this might just save me a fortune in Horlicks.

    49. Dr Ew says:

      P.S. Loved Kestral’s idea about the wish tree at the Commonwealth Games. Let’s do it!

    50. Dr Ew says:


      I’m a lert and so’s my wife!

    51. ronnie anderson says:

      Rev we do need a refference to Wings site other than the Logo

      on the Badge.

    52. Pat says:

      Good day today, especially after Sunday. Looking forward to tomorrow .

    53. Garrion says:

      Does Obama have the rights on ‘yes we can’?

    54. Lesley-Anne says:

      I think I can see another badge design coming up here. 😛

      “I’m a Lert

      are you Alert?” 😉

    55. StevieMcB says:

      A low cost solution on hard copy,

      A micro publication pamphlet, using WOS articles of the week, digesting and debunking the lies, especially concentrating on BBC Scotland.

      Copy provided by respected Wossers etc, edited by the Rev (if he can fit another couple of hours in to his 26 hour day)and sent on Friday evenings to those of us with home printers willing to print and distribute in our own localities over the weekends.
      I’m sure lots of printers could be dusted down & booted up, even if just to print 10 or 20 to hand out

      If we get our bums in gear we could get at least 16 weekends at it.
      The Scottish Weekly Truth

    56. Garrion says:

      Okay, a bit O/T, but can anyone direct me to any organizations in Canada, pref around Toronto, that are doing their bit for Scottish independence? I don’t know what we could be doing apart from donate, but I’m SURE all of us undesirable immigrants on far flung shores could be doing something more concrete than throwing the occasional comment onto threads.

    57. Cindie says:

      @ Garrion, I think the original rights to that quote belong to Bob the Builder. 😉

    58. Cindie says:

      @garrion this is a group on Twitter that may have some links or be able to help

    59. cearc says:

      Love the poster.

      It is remarkedly similar to the one that has been on my car since just after the fund raiser!

      Except mine has the wings address as well and is not so striking having a white background as I didn’t like the image cleanly enough for a dark one.

      Time for a new one methinks.

    60. Dr Ew says:

      Just like to say:
      a) Stevie McB’s idea for hard copies printed off by WOSSERs for local distribution is v.good.
      b) Be Alert – Your country – Scotland – needs lerts, along with a WOS logo would make a good badge, and
      c) I realise I’m milking this “Be a lert” joke, but it does seem strangely apposite, plus
      d) it still makes me chuckle.

      Anyway, time for this lert to shut down for the night.

    61. The Man in the Jar says:

      Hmm one of those banners would come in handy. Especially as I live close by the busiest road intersection in Scotland (J5, M74) 🙂

    62. Chic McGregor says:

      I repeat.

      ‘The subtled will of the Scottish People’

    63. mr thms says:

      “Mr Alexander said the figures on start-up costs were based on research by Professor Robert Young from Canada.”

      Is this the same person?

      “The Inconvenient Truth About Seceding States

      Robert Young, a professor of political science at the University of Western Ontario, is the author of “The Breakup of Czechoslovakia” and “The Secession of Quebec and the Future of Canada.””

    64. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry for going O/T but I’ve just watched a video of Tommy Sheridan at the re-arranged Kelty event. I don’t care what anyone thinks about his politics there is certainly one thing you can never deny, Tommy is probably the MOST passionate speaker you’ll ever hear talk about Scottish independence.

    65. Garrion says:



    66. 1707 Rescinded says:

      Sorry Hamish..nothin personal like…but I’m in a top flat and need BIG BAD BOLD PRINT…or nothins gonna get seen.Simples.

    67. The Man in the Jar says:

      Keep alert. Scotland needs lerts!

    68. Taranaich says:

      That “Avid Reader” badge is INCREDIBLE. Would order some if I was back home (have I mentioned lately that I’m in Arizona? 😛 ), but will get my Wings-reading friends & family to get some.

      Oh man, imagine meeting a fellow Avid Reader on the street, how amazing would that be? After all, there are only… how many million Wings readers? I already know a few in the Inverclyde area, but if I’m out and about elsewhere it’d be grand to have it. I will wear it pride of place on my Yes badge (also in Arizona, thinking of making a wee sticker saying “Ask Me About Scottish Independence”)

    69. Andrew Morton says:

      I’m on a P&O cruise in the Med. Yesterday we were about to leave port in Ajaccio in Corsica when the tannoy announced that we were going to be be having a ‘Great British Sail Away’ with patriotic music and free Union flags to wave. You can’t escape on a cruise, but I declined to take a flag.

    70. Kyle Mackay says:

      That Hamish poster is great! Hadn’t seen it before. At the risk of pissing off the Rev though I agree with others that it would be good if it had the web address on it.

      It’s a really nice image the way it is and I think I remeber Stu saying that web address’s spoil images but I think we’ve got to really spell it out to people.

      Can’t wait to get Wings flyers and posters and stickers and everything 🙂

    71. Kyle Mackay says:

      Andrew Morton, unlucky man, trust a britfest to spoil your holiday, I hope it gets better 🙂

      To be honest, if I ever somehow find myself in that situation I think I’ll take my chances jumping overboard and swimming for the shore.

    72. Grouse Beater says:

      What’s a “lert”?

      Okay, I’ll get my coat.

    73. bunter says:

      Looks like neither STV nor BBC think the fiddled figures of the UK Gov is worth highlighting this morning.

    74. Grouse Beater says:

      I’m on a P&O cruise in the Med.

      Worth researching who owns P&O and his or their political allegiance. The “All British” day isn’t an event I recall from past crusies.

    75. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Rev Stu

      As you know I live outside the UK and don’t have a bank account in the UK.

      I am flying up to Scotland tomorrow for the CH2 swally.

      is there any way I can send a PO or flding ones to you; a PO Box perhaps.

      Delivery back to an address in the UK, if it is quick but if they miss me, someone will send it onwards, after taking what they need.

    76. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      folding ones

    77. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ Taranaich

      (have I mentioned lately that I’m in Arizona? 😛 ),

      Maybe, possibly

      Is that somewhere near California, beside Falkirk or Huston in Renfrew or Mount Florida?



    78. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      So one Woser in on a fekin cruise and another is in Arizona, looking for Lobby Dosser, and I am going to fekin Glasgow?


    79. Ken500 says:

      P & O have some connection to Norway. Started up there? Antlers on the bridge. History of mergers. Some ships have sickness and visa problems. Travellers need a visa to go into Indian waters now. Visas have been tightened up as a response to UK gov’s increased restrictions on foreign visas. The UK is one of the most difficult countries to settle in.

    80. Ken500 says:

      Banff is the holiday destination, for some. Not Canada.

    81. Ken500 says:

      Sailing away from Hong Kong is spectacular. The far east is impressive. Travel is just as important as education to broaden the mind. Small-minded kipper. Fish face. Damn them everyone.

    82. turnbull drier says:

      badges bought.. my lapel is already starting to sag 😉

    83. Wp says:

      P&O and Cunard cruises are a little like the elite visiting their conquered dominions and singing Rule Brittania to remind them how grateful they should be. I love cruising but would rather walk the plank than wave a Union Jack.

    84. Ken500 says:

      The 12th of July in NI would put people off excessive flag waving, forever. Wave the flag for months, object and get a bullet through the window. Sinister.

    85. David Smith says:

      Ironic how these big cruise concerns trump on about Britain so much but register their companies and vessels offshore to avoid contributing to the actual state they vociferously celebrate…

    86. Chipmonkey says:

      Looking forward to being asked what my badge is! Ordered some last night.

    87. Ronnie says:

      O/T – slightly,

      Are there any budding lyricists out there who can put together some words based on Max Bygraves song ‘You Need Hands’?

      Who knows, maybe ‘You Need Wings’ could become the ‘Wingers Anthem’!

    88. john king says:

      Ok since Dr ew stole the joke (not impressed)
      so your getting this

      So this tech adviser takes a call from a customer whose having problems with his broadband dropping out, and after exhaustive checks with no resolution,
      “do you have dogs “customer says “yes” “are they chipped” says the adviser,
      customer “yes”
      Adviser says “I think the micro chips in your dogs are the problem,
      what if you have your dogs put down”?
      With a heavy heart the customer complies,
      Two weeks later customer calls again and says
      “you told me the problem was the micro chips in my dogs and advised me to get them put down which I did, I really loved those dogs,”
      “and the broadband is still dropping out”,
      Adviser say “hmm I was so sure that was it, well lets try something else, do you have cats” ?

    89. heedtracker says:

      “There is an attitude in this country that people have had enough of the EU” John Humphrys BBC R4 news right now and one more news blackout on Danny Alexander blatant lying about independence costs on crap BBC flagship last night.

      Another day in teamGB

      Great posters!

    90. heedtracker says:

      Sorry BBC in Scotland reported Alexander thusly and just when you think they cant get any more bettertogether either

      The Treasury analysis will be published by Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander.

      Mr Alexander told the BBC’s Scotland 2014 programme: “One of the frustrations here is that the nationalist government has not set out any costs at all of setting up a new state – they seem to assume it’s free.

    91. Grouse Beater says:

      The Treasury analysis will be published by Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander.

      Danny Alexander has no mandate either to belittle or lecture Scotland.

      He joins a long list of carpetbaggers afraid they’re about to lose fat salaries, pensions, perks, job, and status.

    92. Dan Huil says:

      Badge ordered. O/T Just wondering what kind of reception the Scotland football team will get in London tonight when they play Nigeria.

    93. goldenayr says:

      ronnie anderson says:
      Awe Rev, ah could hiv signed that Electorial Comm application
      ave goat a letter fae the Cycobabblers at the Sth Gen tae say that am a loony, a good disclaimer fur You lol

    94. goldenayr says:

      Stoopid comp posted before I finished.


      Excellent,I’ve got a certificate of sanity from Argyll and Clyde Health Board.Doesn’t hold much weight but means I can confirm any claims of nuttiness.

      PS Good to see so many old YGorra readers on here.

    95. Gillie says:

      Best comment so far on Sarah Smith’s interview with Danny Alexander is on Derek Bateman’s blog.

      Davie Hay, “Well on the basis of that pathetic interview with Alexander it’s over. Forget it. Lassie couldnae grill cheese.”

    96. Ken500 says:

      Danny Alexander has cost Scotland £5Billion+ a year £1.3Billion a year cut of Scottish Block Grant since 2011. The increase of Oil tax 11% (£2Billion) to 80% has lost Scotland Oil tax revenues (£3 to £4Billion), a year since 2011.

      Scotland could have increased revenues £10Billion+ a year if Independent. £4Billion repayments on monies Scotland didn’t borrow or spend. £3Billion overpayment to UK Treasury. £1.5Billion+ saved from Trident, redundant weaponry, illegal wars etc. £1.5Billion saved by a tax on ‘loss leading’ cheap alcohol. Police/Fire/NHS/social services etc. The increased revenues would fund growth, more jobs etc.

      Danny Alexander is a dope. A free loader.

    97. chalks says:

      Reception for Scotland in London? Eh? It’ll be full of tartan army and nigerian nationals

      A UKIP nightmare

    98. ronnie anderson says:

      Am lertin on a lamp post at the corner of the street

      handing out Wings leaflets to the people passing by

      Oh me Oh my,I hear the people cry, alert alert

      We’ll be giving WOS a try.

    99. Oneironaut says:

      @Morag Graham Kerr
      “I think some people thought the lion was a bit threatening or imperialistic for the precise purpose being mooted at the time. Without context, it’s nice.”

      Maybe they should make another one with Duggy Dug! 😉
      There’s a dug you can trust!

      Definitely need to get myself a Wings badge for the growing collection now stuck to my jacket. I’m like a walking noticeboard here 😀

    100. goldenayr says:


      Nuttiness confirmed. 🙂

    101. X_Sticks says:

      Sorry O/T BBC website article – usual – comments open but article highlighted on front page of the website.

      “Scottish independence: New claims on economic outcome”

      “Contrasting claims about the costs and benefits of Scottish independence are to be put to voters.”

    102. gerry parker says:

      @Bugger, Aye Jim, but you’ll be in great company.
      See you on Friday night.


    103. ronnie anderson says:

      British Fear Factory.

      Hey ya choobs we’re no affraid
      your singin the the repeat songs
      We kin dey it better
      We let reason into our life
      with Wings, it just get better better better.

    104. Peter Macbeastie says:

      Hah… if Hamish is a bit threatening I suggest looking out the Valentines Hamish cartoon ‘Why don’t you wuv me?’


      The original poster that obviously inspired the Hamish poster here was rather more threatening, what with Haig’s massive lip caterpillar almost trembling while demanding you supply more meat for the cannons.

      Hamish is only demanding, politely mind, a yes vote.

    105. ronnie anderson says:

      @ goldenayr, nuttyness is a domotion fur me Am A LOONY

    106. bunter says:

      Apparently Salmond is doing a presentation on the benefits of indy, the noo, but nothing to be seen on screen, but SKY and BBC are gearing up for live coverage of Alexanders!

    107. ronnie anderson says:

      @ gerry parker whits the cost of they banners Email me

    108. Pin says:

      What do you call a Scottish guy half way up his driveway?



    109. Jim Bo says:

      I’ve recently moved to Ireland and have to say I haven’t needed a badge in order to bring up the topic of independence with the locals, although I will be purchasing some on my next trip home.

      On several occasions just by uttering a few words of introduction (albeit with only a mild Scottish accent admittedly) was enough to illicit firm handshakes and hearty default “best of luck to you!” type responses; never once asked which way I’ll be voting.

      100% excitement and positivity emanating from this neck of the woods. Would that it were the same back home.

    110. Gordon E says:

      I had some badges made up saying “How No” in blue and white to match the YES badges and have had so many comments about it. It is a great ice breaker to talk about the referendum.

    111. Ken500 says:

      Danny Alexander who has cost Scotland £5Billion a year in lost revenues. Alexander actually said, Independence would cost Scotland £5Billion a year in increased mortgages according to ‘JEFFREY’s Bank’. Jeffrey the Muppet’s invisible friend? The opposite would be true.

      Danny Alexander is a waste of time and space. So is Sky News.

    112. manandboy says:

      Danny Alexander is in shock.

      Look carefully at his face.

      His party has just been slaughtered in the EU election.

      His party leader is wobbling badly and may not survive as the head of the LibDems.

      Danny A. himself is staring at defeat in his own seat come the General Election next Spring.

      His world is coming to an end and he knows it.

      Right now all he has are the things he can say automatically like ‘pooling and sharing’.

      Don’t expect anything very coherent from Danny any time soon.

    113. bunter says:

      So the BBC summarises Salmonds presentation while beaker gets full on live propaganda fest.

    114. gerry parker says:

      @ Ronnie.
      I’ve covered the price o the banners Ronnie, no worries.

    115. Ken500 says:

      Danny Alexander is a pathetic liar. It would be laughable, if it wasn’t so tragic.

    116. Peter Macbeastie says:

      Jim Bo, I think perhaps the default setting of folk in Ireland is one of ‘if you can do it without lifting a gun more power to you.’

      God knows they had to shed blood to get their country, and even then they didn’t get all of it. I imagine there will be a distinct loss of respect from our bretheren across the water there if we return a No majority in a democratic vote gained through entirely political means.

      I think there will be a loss of respect across the world, and we will richly deserve it if we fail to grasp this huge, incredible chance to be a different country.

    117. Grouse Beater says:

      SKY News: There’s a bit of a controversy over the Treasury figures.”


      A parliament built on a pocket of land too small to contain it, that’s controversial.

      The Treasury lifting LSE research data and exaggerating its conclusions at least 10 times then presenting it as truth – that’s a bloody lie!

    118. goldenayr says:


      One day,with practice,you might reach the same lofty heights as I did.

      Complete F****n Screwball.

      Toned it down now and I’m just an arse.

    119. Ken500 says:

      Who put up Scottish Oil tax 11% (£2Billion) to 80% and ruined the Oil revenues? Who cut the Scottish Block Grant. £1.3Billion a year since 2011?

      Who has not cut the UK debt or protected NHS/Education? Danny Alexander. What a wally.

    120. desimond says:

      Whats this ‘Alert’ and how do I get a copy?

      ‘Alert’, sounds like an in-house BBC magazine

    121. ronnie anderson says:

      @ gerry parker, ok I,ll wait to see you & patrician on Frid

      Im intending to catch the 18.51 Airdrie/Glasgow 19.14.

    122. X_Sticks says:

      BBC News frontpage banner:

      “Every Scot will be better off by £1400 annually by remaining in UK, Chief Secretary to Treasury Danny Alexander says”

      No article yet.

    123. ronnie anderson says:

      A Salmond on Bbc 24

    124. dkcm99 says:

      Grouse Beater @ 10.17

      Yesterday on Yahoo they’d headlined that Treasury says Indy Scotland would cost 2.7 billion or whatever it was. Having read the Rev’s article about the LSE guy refuting their misuse of the figures I commented on that on Yahoo.

      Check out one of Yahoo’s headlines today:

      (Not trying to suggest their turnaround anything to do with my comment lol).

      Maybe even some elements of the msm are getting slightly sick of peddling blatant misinformation?

      BTW excellent prog on RT today, Peter Lavelle’s “On The Money” has interesting discussion about the slow but sure decline of the Western mainstream media.

    125. msean says:

      FM on news24 debunking figures,lol,don’t you think when presenter talks louder trying to out fox Mr Salmond,who actually knows what he is talking about, rather than a hopeless voice in the ear piece in the presenters ear.

      Talk louder,and send more Tories please,not muppets.

    126. ronnie anderson says:

      Danny Alexander on Sky just now,

    127. call me dave says:

      Danny on the car radio in full ministerial mode it’s now working out at £1400 per person for 20 years to be independent

      It’s a lie of course. Mr Salmond to be interviewed in a wee while on radio 5 live. Meanwhile in Scotland it’s Fred Mac.


    128. caz-m says:

      Surely if you only going to broadcast one side of a debate, then that is bias.

      Why are they showing the FULL UK government outlook for Scotland and NONE of the Scottish Government’s views on the economic outlook of Scotland.

      I also think all these figures that both sides are stating, actually bore the arse off your average punter.

      They need to come up with something more imaginative and eye catching.

      Trying to buy your vote for this amount of money or that amount of money is actually quite a sickening case to put forward as your reason for Scottish Independence.

    129. msean says:

      How can you go on telly with these figures when everyone knows they have been discredited by a person who contributed to them. Hopelessly blinkered. Obviously giving this job to Mr Alexander because he is expendable. The Tory bosses want kippers for a partner now lol.

    130. Ken500 says:

      The £1.5Billion cost is estimated over five years. Half the cost of what is it for Westminster (excluding HoL, Scottish Office?).

      The UK Premium?? Oh Danny boy. The UK Treasury has been milking Scotland of the equivalent of £Billion for years. £200Billion+. The McCrone Report. Thatcher illegally off-shoring Scottish Oil revenues. Cancelling a pipe line wasting the equivalent of £Billion in Gas revenues. Devastating Scottish industries and taking the equivalent of £Billions to invest in London S/E in secret. The Westminster illegal wars and tax evasion costing Scotland £Billions.

    131. msean says:

      These are just figures they made up lol. Voting yes is about more than the price of a loaf a day or some such scary figure.It’s about making your own rules that suit your lives,not others.I won’t be selling my yes vote for ANY amount of cash.

    132. msean says:

      Although.I’m worried about the fact that they haven’t mentioned the war today.

    133. Papadox says:

      Danny Alexander EBC 14000 reasons.

      He is a natural. He is very uncomfortable, nervous knows he’s telling big porkies and knows everyone else knows it.

      He looks like a rabbit in the headlights and the wrong end of a shotgun and knows what’s coming. A lot of hostile questions from Danny’s hand picked audience. EBC exit questions to Danny PDQ. SHAMBLES GOOD OLD EBC.

      Alicsalmon follow up interview on after Danny. The wee lassie trying to shoot ECK down with her list of notes making a complete fool of herself ignorant of the subject and of her “facts?” Will require investigative operation to get her notes back. She was raging.

      IMO EBC were trying to co-ordinate the anti ECK attacks for HMG today, when you herd ignorant Gary hacking John Swinney on GMS, then that was thrown into the interrogation of ECK by wee ignorant EBC news reader, was IMHO a set up which went badly wrong.

    134. gerry parker says:

      Sorry I missed that. Just think of what Danny feels like inside, must be hell.


    135. goldenayr says:

      BT appear to be still running with poll about £500 worse/better off.Good to see they’re still behind in the argument but not so good that they’re using it to stifle debate.Another plus side is the fact that they have highlighted their own incompetence.Use what they give us wisely in your arguments and we can boost the YES vote.

    136. chalks says:

      Yeh, but they’ve upped the £500 to £1400…..what a load of tosh anyway….cheap headlines and no substance.

      I honestly believe their new tactic is come out with as much bollocks as possible and know that we will respond and the undecideds will just not vote as they don’t know who to believe.

      Bit worrying.

    137. desimond says:

      Ao another £1400 to add to the costs…how much is that in total given our massive mortgage interest rate rises of around 7% we were told of last week. This sum is growing faster than the Blue Peter totaliser!

      I cant wait till we see the Sept 19th Mastercard advert

      Independence : Priceless!

    138. MochaChoca says:

      I’d have asked D Alexander if he thought it was good news that the set-up costs for indy would actually be 12 times less expensive than the Treasury thought.

    139. seanair says:

      I don’t listen to GMS but interested to hear Gary is attacking JS. Having been given the boot by Pacific Quay I had hoped that to get revenge he would turn the tables and give the Yes campaign a boost. Nothing to lose, unless he’s thinking of a career in EBC in London.

    140. HandandShrimp says:

      I didn’t hear the JS interview but I thought Gary gave DA a much harder time than usual.

      Danny was pretty much reduced to saying that Scotland is too poor, too old and too stupid to be independent. Pool and share my bahoookie. What Danny is saying is Scotland is the crap on the sole of the UK shoe and that without heavy subsidies we would all be as poor as refugees fleeing from war in the Central African Republic.

    141. Papadox says:

      @seanair says:11:56

      My sentiments exactly about Robertson, however he was like a broken record nip, nip, nip during Swinneys uninspiring answers. Robertson is either on a promise or a threat from EBC management, or else he is just crawling looking for some crumbs.

    142. TJenny says:

      Hmm – When I access Derek Bateman’s website, I’m still only seeing the article ‘Better Together, The Proof’ from 26 May as the top article.

      If there are others also using windows 8 laptops and Firefox who can’t access, could someone who posts on there, please ask him to check out the prob?

      This could be affecting his viewing figures without him being aware of the probs being encountered. Thanks. TJ

    143. dramfineday says:

      A whean of badges purchased!

    144. Oneironaut says:


      I can access Derek Bateman’s blog ok.
      Using the IceDragon browser which is a heavily-modified version of Firefox. Not using Windows 8 though, so I dunno if it’s a problem with that.

      (Personally I wouldn’t touch any Microsoft OS that came after XP. And now that they’ve discontinued XP I’ll probably be switching to a Linux OS permanently!)

      Have you tried clearing the browser cache/cookies/etc.? Sounds like it’s gotten stuck on an older version of the page there.
      Also do you have any script blocker plugins active? ‘cos that can sometimes interfere with pages that are script-driven (which most seem to be these days).

    145. Mark Coburn says:

      Sorry for elbowing in here folks

      My fundraiser for the local yes campaigns (a bike run from Rome to Glasgow) will end tomorrow morning at 7AM. I’m looking for a late surge. I’m sitting above £10,000 which is fantastic but would love one final punt.

      Facebook link:

      Fundraising link:

      and my speech on arrival at St Enoch Sq on Sunday evening:

      Please donate. This is for the crucial cause: the grassroots movements.

      I will be doing another one possibly in July or August.

    146. turnip_ghost says:

      Cheers Stu, I missed the info about them before! 🙂

    147. RenateJ says:

      Hamish postcards please :). We need a freed unicorn to rear up above Scotland too.

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