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Leaflet (price) drop

Posted on March 07, 2014 by

The newest version of the “Aye Right” flyer publicising a whole raft of pro-independence websites and produced by Gavin Lessells and Robert Allan is now available.


If you want to print some out yourself the full PDF file is attached below, but you can also contact Gavin or Robert and take advantage of a discount professional printing rate for the next few days.

Because they’re already ordering in bulk, if you get in before Wednesday 12th you can get 10,000 A5-sized copies for just £66. Email Gavin at or Robert at for more info.



Also get in touch with Gavin or Robert to ask about postcard/business card versions.

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33 to “Leaflet (price) drop”

  1. alexicon says:

    Good idea and I will be getting involved in this.

    Just a little question.

    Would it not be easier to pay for advertising space and get this leaflet printed in the next edition of the YES newspaper?

  2. Desimond says:

    Can’t this Listing image replace Sealand Gazette ( and that awful flag) in its prime placement on Wings site?

  3. Chris Darroch says:

    Have to agree with Desimond and others. The Sealand Gazette ad seems very much out of place.

  4. cearc says:


    Click on Sealand Gazette any day and it will neatly show you exactly what that flag stands for and what ‘status quo’ means.

    Apart from which it is Stu’s site so it is up to him.

  5. Desimond says:


    I know exactly what the Sealand Gazette contains thanks.

    The point raised was purely a suggestion that undecided\newcomers ( the very people The Rev. asks us to be thinking of the most) may benefit more from seeing these clear valuable links rather than seeing a Union Flag and getting confused.

  6. Bill McLean says:

    I agree with Desimond about the Sealand Gazette – the first comment I had from someone I had directed to this site was “what the f… is the Butcher’s Apron doing on the page?” Agree also it’s entirely the Rev’s decision.

  7. Chris Darroch says:


    Yes but. I think that since a number of people have commented on that flag being a visual aberration then some respect for their opinions should be considered.

    I know that it is Stu’s site; however the community that has developed around his venture has become part of that venture and again, it is only respectful to consider their opinions validity without the response: that it is mine and I can do what I want.

  8. Desimond says:


    No offence meant there ( Tone(or lack of) an issue in text at times). I know its the Revs site,of course, but he is open to suggestions. I hope the click-through from Sealand Gazette stats are worthwhile and justify the placement which irks a few of us despite its very worthy content. First Impressions and all that.

  9. AnneDon says:

    I agree, I’ve never clicked on Sealand Gazette. I think I have a phobia about the Union Jack!

  10. Chris Darroch says:

    Flags and colours are very totemic as they are immediate to our most dominant sense…

  11. Oneironaut says:

    I clicked on it once out of morbid curiosity.

    Can’t remember what happened, but I remember a vague feeling of disappointment and confusion.
    One of my less lucid days there…

    But yeah, when I first visited Wings and noticed that, I’d assumed it was some sort of joke link to one of those unionist send-up cartoon sites or something.

    Still not too sure what Sealand is exactly…

  12. Famous15 says:

    Could I make a plea for reducing confusion in the message. Somewhere on these leaflets have the “official” YES logo without alteration or decoration. I am left with some early SNP YES stickers with the squiggly writing and they cannot be read as YES even up close. A clear readable message as per the YES site is best.

  13. Fergus Green says:

    Got to share I share many of the above views. I was not impressed first time I visited Wings and found myself staring at a Butcher’s Apron. Luckily I persevered and I love this site, but first impressions could have been lasting impressions.

    How about moving the Sealand Gazette ad further down the page?

  14. Embradon says:

    A shout in support of the Sealand Gazette!

    It’s a splendid antidote to complacency and the more powerful by concentrating in one place so many of the stories which must make everyone but the most psychopathic angry.

    This is broken Britain.

  15. Desimond says:


    Its the placing and image of Sealand Gazette not the content within.

    The lack of a mouse-over description also contributes to confusion and possible beliefs that its a link to a pro-Union site rather than a site showing the truth about Union issues.

  16. Jon D says:

    The Sealand Gazette is utterly fantastic.

    It confirms totally what a basket case the UK is and supplements the main articles on the site giving added balance, gravitas and credibility.

    Doubleplus proof.

  17. Morag says:

    I don’t think I can use 10,000 leaflets unless others within our Yes group also want to take some. I could use 1,000 though. Can the orders be split?

  18. Morag says:

    (I’d put the Wings logo with the Gandhi quote above the Sealand Gazette or something like that, but Stu is notoriously unpersuadable so it may not be worth the electrons discussing it.)

  19. jim arnott says:

    I have an email signature that reflects 4 of my favourite sources of information on the Referendum. All four are reflected in the above list of information sources on the leaflet.

    It is easy to do and I would hope that all of us have email signatures that point recipients to good sources of information

  20. theycan'tbeserious says:

    alexicon says:

    In West Lothian we have been delivering the Aye right leaflet along with the yes papers. The more people become aware the alternatives to MSM and bbc/itv the better.

  21. Velofello says:

    Moran, Gavin may sell you 1000.YesTroon recently bought 2000 for a small price increase over the rate for 10,000

  22. kininvie says:

    @ Morag

    Yes West Lothian is putting in an order for 10,000, and we could probably drop you off 1,000 at a suitable border post (West Linton?) Just email so we don’t forget.

    As for the Sealand Gazette, all it needs is for the Union Jack to be replaced by an rUK flag (since it’s about rUK) Maybe one of our talented designers (Kendo?) could have a wee word with Stu if they were willing to do the work.

  23. castle hills chavie says:


    Gavin will sell them in batches of 1000 (that’s how I buy them) e-mail him and he will probably post them to you.

  24. patronsaintofcats says:

    Wasn’t there a business card size version of this? If anyone has a link I’d be grateful…

  25. Morag says:

    Thanks, Castle Hills Chavie, I’ll do that. I just spoke to Team Folding and there isn’t too much resistance to putting leaflets in the papers at the same time. I’ll check if anyone else in Yes Borders wants any first though.

  26. Donald Kerr says:

    I cannot help but think that you should aim big here and get all the Yes Scotland groups to order what they need from direct from them. Or, maybe get the guys to organise some crowd funding using the auspices of Wings Over Scotland with a grand plan to print off enough for every door in Scotland. We have enough volunteers across the country to makes sure they go to every door.

  27. john king says:

    “I agree, I’ve never clicked on Sealand Gazette. I think I have a phobia about the Union Jack!”

    Do you know?
    I’ve never thought about it until now but I’ve never clicked on that before either, does the union flag have such an effect?

  28. Gray says:

    It obviously does. First time I’ve been persuaded to even have a look, but then I’m a blinkered cybernat who has no interest whatsoever in seeing the other side of the argument.

    Similar to Peter Bell’s Referendum 2014 scoop thingy it presents a “Worst of British” view but each article scooped has that off-putting wee logo at the top.

    It’s all rather depressing though and why us positive minded individuals are so keen to see we go a different way after September.

  29. Derick fae Yell says:

    Anent the Ghastly Flag. I also have never clicked the Sealand Gazette. In two years.

    It’s Stuart’s site, but hey, we’re paying for it. I demand editorial control for my 2 x £10!

  30. Morag says:

    Yes Borders has decided to get a big order in and distribute locally. The consensus is the leaflets are a good thing, and we can also use them for street stalls. And we can put printed stickers on them advertising particular events too.

    Like the “Wings tours the Borders” thing we’re working on.

  31. Morag says:

    Look, only click on the Sealand Gazette if you’re feeling like wanting to slit your wrists. It sucks the life out of you.

  32. Elaine says:

    Saves me making this. I will be printing a bundle off and delivering them, and leaving them behind in public places!

  33. tartanpigsy says:

    And meanwhile the last 1000 of the old run will be put to good use along with Yes business cards at The Scottish Bike show at Ingliston tomorrow.


    God luck to everyone out and about for Yes at the weekend.

    BTW I posted a link on the article about getting Wings out on the road to a cracking potential Yesbus, possibly the best that could be found ready to use if anyone is serious about going down that route. Comment is right at the bottom.

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