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Sticking to the script

Posted on March 06, 2014 by

Johann Lamont attracts a considerable amount of criticism – largely, it ought to be conceded, from SNP and Yes supporters, but also from the media – for her inability to deviate from her prepared text at First Minister’s Questions when the FM’s answer isn’t what she was expecting it to be.


But she’s not the only one in her party with that problem.

Here’s a snippet from today, starring list MSP for the Lothians, Neil Findlay.

NEIL FINDLAY: “To ask the First Minister when the waiting time standard of 98 per cent of patients being seen and admitted, transferred or discharged from accident and emergency departments within four hours was last met across the whole country.”

A good clear question. There can be no mistaking the information that’s being sought from the First Minister – a date for when a target was last met. Will we get an equally straightforward and direct answer?

ALEX SALMOND: “The 98% four-hour accident and emergency performance level, which relates to patients being treated, admitted, transferred or discharged, was set by the previous Administration in 2004 and was never met by that Administration.

An Information Services Division sample survey for April 2006 showed performance at 87.6%. ISD statistics show that the standard of 98% was first exceeded in May 2008 and last exceeded in September 2009.”

Indeed we will. The target was last exceeded in September 2009. Now what?

NEIL FINDLAY: “I think that what the First Minister meant to say – I am sure that it just slipped his mind – is that the A and E waiting time figures are worse than they were in 2007, and that the last time the standard was met across Scotland was almost four and a half years ago.”

Wait, what? That IS what he said. September 2009 is four years and five months ago. Nobody asked him if the figures were worse than in 2007, so why would he bring that up? Findlay never did actually go on to ask, so we don’t know if it’s true or not.

We’re not entirely sure what purpose was supposed to be served by the question in any case. How the current figures compare to 2007 (rather than 2013, or 2012, or 2011) seems a matter of only the most abstract academic import – Mr Findlay may or may not be aware that there’s been a global recession and substantial budget cuts since then. What seems more to the point is whether they’re currently moving in the right direction, and we never got to find that out.

But Labour’s entire political strategy at the moment seems to be ask questions, get the answers, and then flatly deny that it ever happened. Even now, if readers were to donate £1 to the Wings fundraiser every time a Labour MP or MSP said “They won’t even tell us what currency we’d be using in an independent Scotland!” (the most recent being Margaret Curran on Tuesday’s Newsnight Scotland), we’d be writing all of April’s posts from our private Learjet, despite the question having been unequivocally and unarguably answered – “Sterling” – at least a thousand times.

(Unarguably, of course, because even if George Osborne and Ed Balls are telling the truth about refusing a currency union – which no sensible person believes they are – the rUK couldn’t prevent Scotland from using the pound without permission anyway.)

The unfortunate Neil Findlay was just following his pseudo-leader’s lead. He asked a simple factual question, got precisely the answer he ostensibly sought, and either wasn’t listening, suddenly lost the power of comprehension or simply didn’t have the wit to think on his feet and cope with the FM giving him exactly what he’d asked for.

Scotland deserves a better opposition holding its government to account than that, and the only way to bring that situation about is for Scottish Labour to have to stop sending all of what we must loosely refer to as its “talent” to the big-boy Parliament in London. And the only way that will happen is if Scotland is independent.

As far as the likes of Neil Findlay go, meanwhile, we’re sure there must be a small municipal authority somewhere in the Pentlands missing a Parks & Recreation Officer.

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217 to “Sticking to the script”

  1. David Agnew says:

    They can’t go off script. Its been obvious for years – regardless of the answer they keep pushing the pre-arranged talking points and lines of attack. Even when they are clearly in the wrong, they still don’t seem to know any better.

    Just keep asking the same question, ignore the answer and just keep asking the same question, ignore the answer and just keep asking the same question……

  2. Croompenstein says:

    It’s like that doofus Gray asking where the oil fund money will come from, they just open their mooth and pish comes out

  3. Clootie says:

    FM on good form today. I think he saved his best for Anne McInnes. She is obviously trying to raise her profile and she may have done so today (not quite as she hoped though).

    I wonder what her next career will be?

  4. gordoz says:

    Oh dear Labour :

    If Johalola can win debater of the year for saying, “lets have an honest debate” every time she’s asked for a YES / NO answer, then the James Kelly ‘sharp as a pin award’ must go to the incisive brain of Neil Findlay.

    How do they keep getting elected ?

  5. colin mccartney says:

    On behalf of all Parks and Recreation Departments in Scotland I would just like to say – WE DONT WANT HIM.

  6. Gordon Hunter (@GordonHunter11) says:

    I Despair.

  7. handclapping says:

    Out of interest are they allowed to have a prompter in case they forget their lines? Political theatre and all that.

  8. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

    Labotomy: it’s their keyhole qualification.

  9. Iain says:

    Wrt the second line – I hope I’ve been missing something: my impression has been that the media hardly ever comments on Lamont’s inability to deviate for her script. I reckon she’s been treated very generously and gently: no SNP leader or spokesperson would be.

  10. Flooplepoop says:

    He had his rebuke waiting, it didn’t matter that the FM answered concisely and accuratley. All these hours would have been wasted writing it, just like Aberdeen council

  11. handclapping says:

    @colin mcc
    He’d not get the job anyway; he’d be in the line behind Danny Alexander who has got previous

  12. David Sharp says:

    There will be able attack on the SNP administration by BBC Scotland off the back of this. Elanor Bradford has previous on taking statistics and twisting them to create an attack.

    The last one being patients in Aberdeen waiting for ct scans. It doesn’t matter if underneath the headlines, the content of the article is correct, as long as those negative headlines keep getting pumped out.

    Thing is rev, labour don’t HAVE to be better than they are when every misdemeanour or poor bit of politics is dealt with by a compliant state broadcaster. They get away with murder and they know they can, so why bother improving yourself?

  13. Baheid says:

    Record FMQ’s every week, I had to rewind when I heard Neil Findlay, (just to make sure he was as thick as I thought).

    Alex Salmond must hop/skip all the way through the corridors of Holyrood on his way to FMQ’s, they make life so easy for him.

    An independent Scotland will have to produce a better opposition to the government of the day.

  14. Nick Heller says:

    It was all going so well until you suggest that Labour’s “talent” might turn up in Holyrood after a Yes vote. We should probably keep that quiet. The idea of Alexander, Davidson and Donohoe turning up in Edinburgh in 2016 is one scare hat really will have voters reahing for No.

  15. Davy says:

    Well at least Johann is consistent, as she leads with her “chin chinny chin chin” yet again at todays FM’s question time.

    Do you think her script writer has a bet on with someone about how many times he can get her to make an earse of herself. If so he must be worth a fortune.

  16. bunter says:

    Why do folk elect numpties such as this.

    They would have been better sticking to the standard issue chimp wearing a red rosette!

  17. Nick Heller says:

    “one scare hat”
    I’d buy one of those.

  18. Twenty14 says:

    Just in – Cold and wet.

    Whose leaving us today ?

  19. Jim T says:

    @Croompenstein 7:12pm

    Jings, that’s one for the urologist :-S

    Now struggling with the image … please nurse, make it go away …

  20. Wp says:

    Neil Findlay, an absolute clown.

  21. TJenny says:

    Flooplepoop – Yeah – YES 76% on the Twitterendum gauge.

  22. Papadox says:


    Ok let’s get a wee bit smarter hear. Let’s open mouth wide, check nothing has fallen out. Good now put your right foot in, your right foot out, your right foot in and we’ll shake it all about. You do the hockey kockey and you turn around that’s what its all about. Stop stop, F****** STOP just go back tae askin where the f****** ile fund is gonna cum frae! Fur F*** sake!

  23. RenateJ says:

    Unfortunately the poor standard of MSPs is being used by a number of people I know as a reason not to vote yes, believing they would be unable to lead an independent country. Naturally I counter argue this, but let’s face it, by being inadequate, the labour MSPs are helping their cause.

  24. Vincent McDee says:

    To be a good lier one must have an outstanding memory so no contradictory messages are given.

    Labour doesn’t have an outstanding anything.

    O/T This is response from GCU to my query:

    Glasgow Caledonian University

    6 March 10:44

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us. The Commonwealth Tree was designed to celebrate Commonwealth Day on March 10 and features the flags of the 53 members of the Commonwealth, one of which is the UK, as listed on the Commonwealth’s own website

    However, 70 nations and territories of the Commonwealth, including Scotland, compete under their own flags at the actual Commonwealth Games. The tree graphic has been amended to reflect this and GCU’s website will be updated accordingly.

    Lets go and check.

  25. edulis says:

    Johann has been intensively trained in public debating, I will have you know.

    Here is the proof:

    1) Spoiling tactics (Sarwar attended the same classes). When you don’t have an answer or even a repost just go La-de-dah
    2) Ask your question after a long preamble to keep them guessing for dramatic effect.
    3) Ask the first part of the question three times, again for dramatic effect.
    4) On hearing the answer, say he didn’t answer the question yet again.

    Alex, not to be seen to be ungracious, doesn’t put the knife in to Johann as he did with Findlay. He should say that, “he is ‘astonished’ that Lamont didn’t hear the answer. I will spell out yet again”.

  26. TJenny says:

    Vincent McDee – posted this on another thread. There’s now a Saltire on the tree, but is there also a wee red lion rampant 2 above the Saltire? My eyes aren’t always the best. 🙁

  27. Misteralz says:

    You’ve just reminded me I’ve a few episodes of Parks and Recreation that I still need to watch. Thanks for that. 😀

  28. west_lothian_questioner says:

    To be fair… he had a fairly good local reputation when he was on the cooncil. He seemed to have a hand in pushing for a few things that have been for the common good in my neck of the woods which is in his (former) ward. Sadly, since the shift up the SLAB career ladder to Holyrood, it looks very much like Mr. F. has now moved beyond his level of competence. Even more sadly, some folk would happily continue to vote for him and take his political opinions and views as veritable gospel.

  29. galamcennalath says:

    Remember, some of our fellow Scots actually voted for these numpties.

    Well, reality is they most probably voted for the Labour party rather than the individuals. A haggis with a red rosette can get elected in Scotland. I rationalise this by nostalgia – a folk memory of a time when Labour did good things. A time when Labour championed the common person. Attlee, Morrison and Bevin did amazing things, but you have to be 90 to have voted in the 1945 election!

    Personally, I gave up on Labour when they fixed the 1979 referendum and went on into the 80s to become a bunch of chocolate fireguards in the face of Thatcher’s onslaught. Labour in Scotland had a clear mandate to stick up for us and oppose Thatcher – they did nothing.

    Nothing, yes. When did Labour last do anything of significance for Scotland? When did they last show the spirit and vision of Attlee, Morrison and Bevin?

    Now, I hope large numbers of grassroots Labour voters, supporters and activists take this opportunity before us, abandon the stance of Lamont, Curran and Darling, and back Yes. Because through Independence will be built the fair and just Scotland REAL Labour of times past would want.

  30. Nuada says:

    I vote for “simply didn’t have the wit”.

  31. Flooplepoop says:

    I could do with a little bit of help, where was this balanced Independence discussion filmed and who by?
    Could we ask them to come up and help BBC Scotland/STV?

  32. Croompenstein says:

    @TJenny – It’s the flag of Sri Lanka

  33. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @Twenty14 says:
    Just in – Cold and wet.
    Whose leaving us today ?

    Aberdeen City Council.

    They have banned themselves from Scotland.

  34. Albaman says:

    Rev, I posted this a while ago but it must have got lost among the airwaves , so here goes again, what I noticed while watching First Ministers Questions was the dour and expressionless faces of the Labour M.S.P.s behind Joann Lamont , then I suddenly realised why, it was because they all could see that her head does indeed button up the back!!, which explains her weekly “car crash”.

  35. Albalha says:

    O/T Another shout out for the Kirrie fundraiser

  36. Albalha says:


    It was on the BBC News Channel around 9.15pm last Thursday.

  37. heedtracker says:

    “Pentlands missing a Parks & Recreation Officer” If only. Most of them would barely make good door stops.

    The Simpsons elections slogans for their lot does just as well for BetterTogether and vote NO Labour, “We Want What’s Worst For Everyone” and “We Hate Life and Ourselves”

  38. Murray McCallum says:

    O/T I see BP shareholders have gone off script and criticised BP CEO Dud Bobley’s 300% pay rise.

    Dud’s total pay has gone from $2.65m to $8.73m.

  39. Alastair Wright says:

    Here’s a thought, we could start a campaign “Vote YES for a better Scottish Labour” bound to catch on with all the disaffected Labour supporters, given the party is incapable of working it out for themselves.

  40. TJenny says:

    Croompenstein – Thanks – I thought maybe they were compensating for original faux pas by giving us 2. 🙂

  41. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    Somebody send Neil Findlay this link:-

    He clearly needs this sort of help to get fast-tracked to the ermine before Game-Over on September 19th.

  42. TJenny says:

    Alastair Wright – shurely that’s the Labour for Indy slogan. 🙂

  43. AnneDon says:

    Findlay had a reasonable reputation as a local councillor. He was a list MSP, and wasn’t expected to get into Holyrood, because Labour were really unaware of the dooking they were going to get in the 2011 Holyrood elections, so he got in “by accident”, as he told a member of my family.

    He’s done good work on blacklisting, but has the usual Labour blindspot where the SNP are concerned. And has become a party hack since his elevation to the Shadow Cabinet.

  44. Big Jock says:

    Oh dear brain dead twit in parliament…

  45. cynicalHighlander says:

    If you sell your soul to the Party just like any gang tribal instinct prevails and any negotiating team after a Yes will be not have any member from that lot of untrustworthy members.

  46. heraldnomore says:

    Oh bugger, the hairy bikers are doing sumo – it’s so awful it’s almost a re-run of the JoLa and Findlay show, but far too many cheeks of too many arses. When is the Slab conference?

  47. tartanfever says:


    Inspiring piece from Lesley Riddoch published over on Newsnet.

    Her take on the Big Business announcements of the last week.

  48. Alastair Wright says:

    TJenny – I wouldn’t know to be honest, I do like your Sean Connery impersonation by the way.

  49. JLT says:

    All the Scottish Labour MSP’s are reading off scripts (or just tell lies), thanks to the Labour spin doctors.

    A prime example of Lamont ‘reciting’ was during the Sturgeon-Lamont debate (if we can really call it that!).

    Review the whole episode on line. When Lamont speaks, she refuses to look Nicola in the eye. Instead, her eyes wander up, or they wander down. It’s obvious she is trying to recite from memory. She must have practiced for weeks in preparation for that event. Basically, in my book, she was told to recite, and if floundering, screech to end any chance of a debate. It was no wonder that Lamont’s answers didn’t make any sense to any question put to her by Nicola.

    The only time Lamont stares Nicola in the eye is the moment when her own question ricocheted off Nicola and scudded Lamont right back in the face.

    The question? …Shipyards.

    Lamont is caught stone-cold as Nicola bats the question right back at her, and for the first time, you can see Lamont has no answer. She is actually stunned, and in her best endeavours (if you can call it that …plus, she is now going against party doctrine for that evening) by trying to actually answer Nicola back.
    That was the moment when Nicola won the battle on the night. Lamont just goes to pieces as she can’t defend her own actions, nor her party, against what will happen post Yes (or No) for the naval yards in her own constituency.

    Independence …without a shadow of a doubt …would be a breath of fresh air for the Scottish Labour party. Get rid of these numpties, and the clown spin doctors with them…

  50. Flooplepoop says:

    Tartanfever – i like the lesley Riddoch piece especially this small paragraph
    Secondly, moving to London means higher salary, office and staff housing costs, longer journeys to work, and lower retention of relatively less qualified staff. As one fund manager wrote; “In a people business, the wholesale relocation [of Standard Life] would not only be enormously costly, it would require the near-reinvention of the company.”

  51. heedtracker says:

    That dude Robert Kilgour’s a very aggressive NO but he’s made his money in old peoples homes then sold them. Fair play to the dude but its not exactly captain of industry time here. They make a lot of money by paying peanuts for starters so why would he be so against change up here in North East, or does his trade say it all for him?

  52. Paula Rose says:

    Hi folks – more stuff through letterboxes, what are we wittering about tonight? Oh them!

  53. TJenny says:

    Alastair Wright – we all get special elecution lessons from Cybernat HQ. 🙂

  54. Onwards says:

    >Flooplepoop , thanks for that youtube link.

    I like how Michelle Thomson repeatedly uses the word ‘OPPORTUNITY’ to counteract the constant ‘uncertainty’ allegations.

    It seems like the media is reporting on one side only at the moment.

  55. Onwards says:

    >Alastair Wright

    I’m surprised the YES page doesn’t have an online ‘suggestion box’ for slogans and campaign ideas.

    Maybe some folks out there have a real cracker of an idea that could be used in the final months.

  56. X_Sticks says:

    The Herald is running a “Twitterendum”

    Currently 25% No – 75% Yes

    Broughton High Independence Debate packed – Yessers asked to leave.

    According to Alexandra the Glasgow Uni Boyd Orr meeting was good too, she’ll maybe give us an update when she gets home.

  57. Linda's Back says:

    Flooplepoop at 7.23

    Who was the lady on the clip saying Aberdeen Council’s political stunt was justified because the Scottish government spent money on the White Paper?

    Should Aberdeen not be reported to the Standards Commission?

  58. kininvie says:


    To be fair on the spin doctors…what can they possibly do, apart from what they are doing? If you’ve got (two) complete losers to coach, ‘wreck the whole show’ is your only possible option.

  59. Marcia says:

    I have noticed in the past weeks or so that the Yes public meetings have attracted quite a crowd. Edinburgh Central meeting tonight had more people than they could accommodate so they asked Yes people to make way for undecided;

  60. Greannach says:

    I used to imagine I had an interest in politics, but I have to admit that Neil Findlay MSP is a new name to me. I wish I had been awake when he was explaining how he is going to improve his constituents’ lives. I don’t think it’s dawned on Mr Findlay that he is a member of a national legislature, AKA national parliament. He might still think he’s the cooncillor for the Calders, but it’s time to grow a pair and realise he’s in a national parliament. I don’t want to use the word “wanker”, so I won’t.

  61. alexicon says:

    That is some crowd, well done to all those involved.

    I’m sure the bbc would simply under report these glaring gaffs by the amateurish Labour party in Holyrood, they just feed the people the sound bites and the mis information the Labour party spouts.
    Saying that STV is certainly showing its unionist credentials lately also.

    Meanwhile the bbc comes up with a decent headline, then there’s this.

    First Minister Alex Salmond’s fiscal commission working group said a formal currency union in the event of a “yes” vote was in everyone’s best interests.

  62. velofello says:

    @ heedtracker; excellent bit of sleuthing. I felt like wringing his neck as I listened. That he is a care home “entrepreneur” adds to my ire.

    There is a distance between being a wealth earner and wealth creator.

  63. X_Sticks says:


    Better Together London Telephone Canvassing Session (Local Telephone Canvassing Session)

    Despite being 363 miles from Scotland, supporters in London can still play an important role in making sure our home doesnt become a foreign country.

    Better Together London is made up of activists from all three main parties as well as those who have never been involved before.

    On Wednesday 30th April, we will be phoning up fellow Scots to let them know why we believe Scotland is stronger and better off as part of our United Kingdom. Will you join us that evening?

    We will be phoning from offices in central Westminster at 29 Great Smith Street from 5:30pm. If you would like to come along, just drop an email to


    I do hope I get a call…

  64. alexicon says:


    McTernan in fantasy land again. To him the referendum is all, but won. Let’s prove him wrong.

  65. Marcia says:

    Aviva don’t have an issue with Scottish Independence;

  66. Croompenstein says:

    McTernan – Scotland has one of the most powerful devolved parliaments in the world eh! FFS not powerful enough to get rid of heinous WMD though ya fucknut!

  67. Croompenstein says:

    @alexicon – Jeezzzuuss after reading that diatribe of SNP hatred from McTernan I am going to have nightmares tonight please please Let’s prove him wrong

  68. BuckieBraes says:


    ‘I’m surprised the YES page doesn’t have an online ‘suggestion box’ for slogans and campaign ideas.

    ‘Maybe some folks out there have a real cracker of an idea that could be used in the final months.’

    Indeed. Not sure if it’s a ‘real cracker’, but I for one certainly have an idea.

  69. Alba4Eva says:

    Substitute the word ‘Terrori(st/sm)’ with the word ‘Uncertainty’…

  70. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Oh dearie me. Another Labour numpty finally completes the “how to be a Muppet without really trying” course and is determined to prove to the world, or at least Holyrood, that he has passed with flying colours. 🙂

    I wonder what his response would be if we told him that we don’t care, don’t want to know that information because we’d rather have an intelligent opposition member than him and his numpty cohorts! 😉

  71. Edward says:

    Look Skye Walker
    My friend,, Joseph Sope found it quite easy to sign up to

  72. alexicon says:

    I’ve got many, but I very much doubt the YES campaign would use them.
    Why not make up your own and get them printed up and post them around your locality? Just don’t use the YES campaign logo.

  73. Giving Goose says:

    Re Onwards and Alastair Wright

    I can think of lots of suggestions for a post Independent Scotland.

    See the last paragraph at;

  74. Marcia says:

    A bit of balance – pity BBC don’t do this – an article from the Centre Group for Independence – Wealthy Nation. It would nice to find one place where you could see all contributions from all pro-independence groups, be they left, right,centre and no politics. A stop shop.

  75. Desimond says:

    Scottish Labour…putting the PAWN in Pawnee

    Wee Parks & Rec joke for viewers there!

  76. Twenty14 says:

    Neil Findlay was just lamonting

  77. Marcia says:

    it must be the cutbacks – Centre = Centre Right in the post at 10.21

  78. Arbroath 1320 says:

    X_Sticks says:


    Better Together London Telephone Canvassing Session (Local Telephone Canvassing Session)

    On Wednesday 30th April, we will be phoning up fellow Scots to let them know why we believe Scotland is stronger and better off as part of our United Kingdom. Will you join us that evening?

    We will be phoning from offices in central Westminster at 29 Great Smith Street from 5:30pm. If you would like to come along, just drop an email to


    I do hope I get a call…

    Like you X_Sticks I can not wait until 30th April. In fact I have already marked this date on my calender as a RED letter day. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, will be permitted to interfere with my chance of receiving a phone call from a “concerned” unionist living in London. 😉

    I never received a phone call from the last lot of unionists when dear old “call me Dave” urged everyone dawn Suff to phone a friend/relative/Scot to beg them not to vote for independence so I’m twice as eager this time not to miss THAT call from London on 30th April. 😉

  79. mato21 says:

    Giving Goose

    I take it you are supplying the feathers

  80. Macart says:

    They may not be the brightest, but you have to admire their consistency. 😀

    FFS, seriously. We have a chance to change this in September. To actually put our house in order. If you’re thinking of voting no just tune in to any old FMQs and consider the ramifications of letting the opposition benches make decisions about your future.

  81. alexicon says:

    Sorry for the O/T again.

    Prince Harry is to hold a para Olympics games in the UK for soldiers who were injured and disabled in the line of duty. Hoping to invoke memories of the 2012 Olympics the reporter said. ITV news.
    Guess when these games are to be held? Yes you’ve guessed it in September.
    No doubt he’s been put up to this by Cameron.
    Using injured soldiers for politics is beneath contempt.

  82. ronnie anderson says:

    REV, Just put £30 in the pot, £10 kirriemuir, £10 borders,

    £10 at your choice.

  83. Twenty14 says:

    @Alistair Darling ” Its not some kind of game ” – you don’t fuckin say ! This man makes my blood boil

  84. Mealer says:

    Off topic.I keep hearing abou the £1 billion Shell invests in the North Sea.But how much do they take out of it?

  85. Desimond says:

    A Daily Mail and a Times jounalist on the London Panel of Question Time. Old Man Heseltine and regular London pundit Simon “What you gonna do eh?” Hughes. Rachel Reeves for Labour representing to try and bring some very-pro-capitalist thoughts.

    Aleksander Nekrassov will probably walk off thinking hes walked into Fox News

  86. Desimond says:

    Watch Question Time and every time a panelist says Russia, think England, and every time they say Ukraine, think Scotland. Actually seems to make sense.

  87. Arbroath 1320 says:

    alexicon says:

    Sorry for the O/T again.

    Prince Harry is to hold a para Olympics games in the UK for soldiers who were injured and disabled in the line of duty. Hoping to invoke memories of the 2012 Olympics the reporter said. ITV news.
    Guess when these games are to be held? Yes you’ve guessed it in September.
    No doubt he’s been put up to this by Cameron.
    Using injured soldiers for politics is beneath contempt.

    Personally alex, I couldn’t give a flying whatsit about the ginger heided nutter and what he does. In my view the best thing that we can do is win the referendum in September. Only by winning the referendum can we stick two fingers up at Cameron and his pathetic cowardly cohorts. WE are better, FAR BETTER, than this bunch of numpties. By winning in September we have the power to show Cameron that not even the use of a useless naebody fae some big empty palace can save his broken union! 🙂

  88. ronnie anderson says:

    rev,why am I in moderation,is there Ddos attacks, my log in

    keeps changeing

  89. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Easy-peasy poll if you’re on Twitter, but since X_sticks linked it at 9.46, we’ve dipped to 74%

    Get on it…

  90. Greannach says:

    So, Prince somebody or other is going to parade some guys who were mutilated in the defence of the empire, is he? What a fuckin disgrace. I am so ashamed to have a British passport. I wish I was Douglas Alexander and had no morals, then I could sleep at night comforted by the thought of a career. On the other hand, I would be ashamed to be like them. And here’s me, a Labour supporter…

  91. X_Sticks says:


    Hey! Don’t blame me ;-?

  92. Murray McCallum says:

    I think Gordon Brewer seriously needs to reduce the amount of hair product he uses to maintain his spiky do.

    The fumes seem to make him a bit hyper and he can’t seem to let anyone answer his questions.

  93. SquareHaggis says:


    Nah, blame the other 26%

  94. Desimond says:

    Question Time is showing exactly how badly the Union isnt working. “These Immigrants” about a total lack of unity.

    Reallyy sad viewing.

  95. SquareHaggis says:


    Nah! Blame the other 26% 🙂

  96. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @X_Sticks –

    A drop from 75% to 74% Yes?

    I’m sorry, but it’s plainly your fault, and something will have to be done.

    Beware enormous translucent white balloons when you’re next out and about…

  97. Oil companies cut corners says:

    Shell or anyone else doesn’t invest one penny in the North Sea. There are operational costs, but they get it all back and pay corp tax on the profits which go to the UK Exchequer. If they are not tax evading.

    The Scottish Oil sector is taxed at 60% to 80% which goes to the UK Exchequer. Multinationals (foreign) tax evade in the City of London on massive profits made in the UK and pay no tax at all.
    Wall Street calls it, ‘taking the tax home’. (worldwide). There is a two tier tax system in the UK. Scotland pays more than the rest of the UK, and the rest of the UK borrows and spends more (pro rata). Scotland has to pay off the debt.

    Shell gets away with murder.

  98. yerkitbreeks says:

    Sad again tonight with Crawford Beveridge not shown respect in being given time to answer questions – constant harrying.

    Die Hard 4.0 just now said it all ” I never listen to mainstream media since all that it’s there for is to keep the population SCARED ” !!

  99. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:

    @X_Sticks –

    A drop from 75% to 74% Yes?

    I’m sorry, but it’s plainly your fault, and something will have to be done.

    Beware enormous translucent white balloons when you’re next out and about…

    I am a person not a number! 🙂

  100. X_Sticks says:

    Beat me to it Arbroath, but I think you might be on thin ice with the 1320 thingy 😉

  101. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Sorry about beating you to the point there X_Sticks. 😉

    I suppose I could always change my name couldn’t I?

    How does Arbroath Thirteen Twenty sound? 🙂

  102. Twenty14 says:

    @Ronnie Anderson

    Ronnie we’re all fine – you must have pissed the Ddosser off big time 🙂

  103. X_Sticks says:

    @ Arbroath

    Bit of a mouthful compared to Arbroath 1320 😀

  104. Giving Goose says:

    Re Greannach

    Think of the bank balance and the salving of the ego.
    Duggie has it sussed.

  105. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Think I’ll stick with Arbroath 1320 and be damned X_Sticks! 🙂

  106. Murray McCallum says:

    The unionists are really concerned about the RBS name plate and screws that may move to London.

    I don’t quite get why the better together people are harping on about RBS becoming “RBE”.

    RBS was founded in 1727. That’s 20 years after the Act of Union where “Scotland certainly was extinguished as a matter of international law” if you are of a U-KOK mind.

    Technically RBS, a bit like the BoE, is a misnomer?

  107. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Murray McCallum says:

    The unionists are really concerned about the RBS name plate and screws that may move to London.

    I don’t quite get why the better together people are harping on about RBS becoming “RBE”.

    RBS was founded in 1727. That’s 20 years after the Act of Union where “Scotland certainly was extinguished as a matter of international law” if you are of a U-KOK mind.

    Technically RBS, a bit like the BoE, is a misnomer?

    Perhaps when the new Scoban name is unveiled by the end of this month it might be able to “nick” the RBS title. What I mean is perhaps it could be called the Real Bank of Scotland! Surely this would kill stone dead any further screams from the Better crowd about losing the RBS name. 🙂

  108. SquareHaggis says:

    The guy who accidentally landed a job as an MSP asks a question about accident and emergency, twice – then accidentally forgets to listen to the answer? WTF. Disdain.

  109. X_Sticks says:


    I think you’re a prisoner of circumstance 😉

  110. Arbroath 1320 says:

    You’re right about me being a prisoner X_Sticks just not sure it’s as a prisoner of circumstance, probably more along the lines of being the prisoner of stupidity. 🙂

  111. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @X_Sticks & Arbroath 1320 –

    Titter ye not…

    The big white balloon fears no man, be he half-name/half-number, or anyhoweverotherwise concealed – it will roll across, nay over clouds, mountains and oceans, defying all weather, then hunt ye down, bounce you to the deck, flop across you, give you the best dry-ride you’ve ever had in your life, then smother you and your final screams into eternally damned oblivion.

    In The Prisoner they cried it ‘The Rover’, but that do not be the thing’s real name. It has a name, but it cannot be spoken, and it cannot be written…again I say, titter ye not, and name it not, lest ye find it waiting for ye when ye do emerge from the shop tomorrow after buying the paper and some rolls…

  112. Murray McCallum says:

    Arbroath 1320

    It seems to me that virtually every bank job would stay in Scotland.

    The RBS Securities operations trading in London would continue to take risks, lose money and get paid bonuses. That’s what they do. I’m glad they will be ring-fenced in English registered companies.

    The unionists seem desperate to protect and reward these risky ventures.

    You know, I’d be happy with The Really Boring but Safe Bank of Scotland!

  113. ronnie anderson says:

    twenty 14,my log in kept changing,uppercase appearing after my name,& e mail addy, spookeee

  114. Arbroath 1320 says:

    To be honest Murray, I don’t think this new bank that will soon be open to the public can NOT do any worse than the current crop of untrustworthy bunch of roguish companies that currently pass as banks.

  115. X_Sticks says:

    They’re on to you Ronnie! Is there a big white ba’ ootside your windie?

  116. ronnie anderson says:

    O/T, can anybody suggest a free download site for stencil

    Printable lettering, upper case, lower case for

    Wings billboard, 4″ 3″ 1″.

  117. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Holy smokes…we’re ALL a prisoner in our own wee lifetime! 🙂

  118. Morag says:

    Ian, buying a paper? Us?

  119. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Hey, it’s just a wind-up lads.

    Some moons ago I woke up in the middle of the night. (Can’t remember if it was a dark and stormy night, but I’m in Stevenston, so it probably was.) Right in front of me – too close to focus properly – two big hairy blue-white globes. At first I thought it was a monster’s arse, then realised I was sitting on the pan and it was just my own knees.


  120. Tîm Criced i Gymru says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood at 11.28
    Two interesting snippets for you regarding ‘The Prisoner’… it was filmed at Portmeirion, the Italianate village on the north-west Wales coast; designed by eminent architect Clough Williams-Ellis. Now run by his grandson, Robin Llywelyn, a Welsh patriot through and through (beautiful place – well worth a visit!) Also… the main actor was Patrick McGoohan, who acted Edward Longshanks in ‘Braveheart’ – don’t blame the deceased actor for that, just that Edward Ist was the scourge of both our nations in his time…OUR time has now come!!

  121. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Morag –

    My mistake there. I should’ve said ‘papers’ as in Rizzla.

  122. TJenny says:

    Murray McCallum – So would that make it the RBS RBS (Really Boring but Safe Royal Bank of Scotland.

  123. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Just as well Stu has gone to bed folks otherwise some of us might have received our marching orders for the night! 😉

  124. ronnie anderson says:

    @Ianbrotherhood 11.28, whits wrang wie you Ian, kin you no do

    karaoke whitoot the bouncing ball, sos nae smilelys.

  125. X_Sticks says:


    were the papers for Arbroath’s holy smokes?

  126. Murray McCallum says:



    That’s supposed to be a “squared” sign there if it doesn’t work.

  127. Twenty14 says:

    O/T – just watched FMQ’s ” and let me say … and let me say………..and let me say – I am astonished….I am astonished……. I am astonished .

  128. Arbroath 1320 says:

    X_Sticks says:


    were the papers for Arbroath’s holy smokes?

    As my holy smokes are always round and regular then obviously the papers must be round and regular as well. 🙂

  129. TJenny says:

    Murray McCallum – Aye but you just know folk would call it RBS the Second. 🙂

  130. Arbroath 1320 says:

    TJenny says:

    Murray McCallum – Aye but you just know folk would call it RBS the Second. 🙂

    Mind there are quite a few things that are a lot better second time around TJ. 🙂

  131. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Xsticks, naw theres nae white ball ootside ma winda

    bit theres a White van, an men in White coats

    There coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha, noo follow the bouncing ball.

  132. X_Sticks says:

    Ronnie, you just stay outa the Happy Home for now, we need you for the cause!

    Had a look for stencils, but not having much success…

  133. call me dave says:

    Today’s Scare: BBC Website.

    Scottish independence:
    Danny Alexander insists currency union refusal ‘is final’

    He will go on to argue that independence would see the break-up of the current domestic market for pensions, and other financial products, driving up costs.

    Mr Alexander will also say members of defined benefit schemes in Scotland would no longer be protected through the Pension Protection Fund.

  134. Arbroath 1320 says:

    I’m thinking that MR. Alexander should not plan on returning North of the border any time soon otherwise he might find himself confronted by a rather angry group of individuals. 😉

  135. kininvie says:

    In defence of Neil Findlay, he did some very good work during the blacklisting scandal. He also forced the Scottish govt to think a bit more clearly about their planning policy in respect of wind farms as a consequence of the debate he instigated in parliament.

    He’s not unintelliegnt or unaware. But he is extremely ambitious. He’ll not break away from the script so long as he thinks there’s a chance of a ScoLab govt within the UK. That’s where he’s placed his stake – for the time being.

  136. bookie from hell says:

    which site do u go to to find nearest meeting?

    might go to a gordon brown one,to test how much fear I can take

    mind u I’ve already got so much fear resistant anti biotics are nae good

  137. Arbroath 1320 says:

    Careful bookie, you’ll probably have to pre-register with the local Labour group first, sign the official secrets act and promise to agree to a full body search to ensure yo have no cameras or other recording equipment secreted about your person before entering the room where GAWD will be lecturing. 🙂

  138. ronnie anderson says:

    Xsticks, ma daughter kin get me intae the happy hoose any

    time she deals with Dementia Alzheimer patients every day

    in Dundee, she wiz PHSL when I told her about the

    Neurologist diagnosis, thanks for looking for the letters

    I,ll get some somewhere.

  139. Garyjc says:

    O/T but really sad news. Ailsa McKay died yesterday. Feminist, economist, Scot, architect of governments childcare reforms. Only 50 FFS, cancer. What a bugger – a real force for good, gone.

  140. john king says:

    Handclapping says
    “Out of interest are they allowed to have a prompter in case they forget their lines? Political theatre and all that.”


    I think I prefer the “Or”. 🙂

  141. john king says:

    “I’m sorry, but it’s plainly your fault, and something will have to be done.

    Beware enormous translucent white balloons when you’re next out and about…”


  142. Albalha says:

    Magnus G in the Herald, D Alexander surely he cannot be serious, yes he references McEnroe.

    Pity he didn’t file the Aviva reaction as well, after all they employ 5 times more staff in Scotland than Aggreko.

    And the Lib Dems in confident mood, on the face of it

  143. gordoz says:

    Sad to hear of the passing of Professor Ailsa McKay.
    Know Glasgow Caledonian has had pelters recently, regarding Principals Vanity (poor judgement), but Ailsa McKay was an inspirational voice for women throughout Scoltand.

    Her input will be greatly missed from all our futures.

  144. Doug says:

    Talking about sticking to the script, one positive aspect of the Coalition, at least from George Osborne’s perspective, is that it gives him a little Lib-Dem messenger to keep the Currency Union Refusal fires burning, thereby removing the need for him to sully his hands any further with the subject…

  145. LibDem lies and betrayal says:

    Carmichael is delusional. LibDems keep their seats? In Scotland Danny Alexander’s collusion with Osbourne has lost Scotland £5Billion in Oil Tax revenues a year, since the 2011 Budget. The increase in Oil tax by 11% (£2Billion) to 60% to 80% has meant production has fallen. Projects were cancelled. Multinationals (foreign) in the City of London making vast profits tax evade and pay no tax at all. Wall Street calls it, US multinationals, ‘taking the tax home’.

    ConDems elected to protect NHS/Education cut funding. The Deficit has not been cut. Taxes have been cut especially for the wealthiest. Westminster is starving the most vulnerable, in a land of plenty.

    Floods, famine and fury.

  146. Croompenstein says:

    Beaker is coming – lock up your daughters!

  147. Albalha says:

    BBC GMS if you didn’t hear worth comparing and contrasting the soft interview between Hayley Miller and Danny Alexander after 7am, (worth counting how often he gets in Best of Both Worlds and Better Together). From what I heard he accepted there will be currency negotiations after a Yes vote.

    And the Naughtie interview with John Swinney after 730am.

    And as for Panama and the constant pejorative references from what I can see they are doing rather well.

  148. Hotrod Cadets says:

    X_Sticks says:
    On Wednesday 30th April, we will be phoning up fellow Scots to let them know why we believe Scotland is stronger and better off as part of our United Kingdom. Will you join us that evening?

    Need to brush up on my “undecided” act. The longer we keep them on the line, the fewer people they’ll be able to call…

  149. Boorach says:

    @ Ronnie

    For stencils have a look at

    Hope this meets requirements

  150. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    I thought John Swinney was brilliant on GMS earlier.
    He sounded like somebody who really is running a country’s finances, and who has been thinking and planning for a very long time for what will happen after the YES vote in September.

    Danny Alexander was his usual smooth PR-speak self, with a little of the faux Tony Blair man-of-the-people intonation being introduced into his voice.

    Danny got slightly rattled when unexpectedly given a less than totally easy time. In the end he was just trotting out the same-old same-old scary risky fear-bomb stuff.

  151. john king says:

    “Beaker is coming – lock up your daughters!”

    I had a vision of that twerp finger wagging and lecturing us only to turn round and find his (tory) mates had buggered off and left him outnumbered,
    wee soul. 🙂

  152. SquareHaggis says:

    Beakers coming? Aw Feck!

    Lock up your daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, maws, pops, grunnies, grandas, cats, doags, and other livestock if you have any.
    Pull doon the shutters, draw the blins, unplug the tully an bar the doors!

    Now tae get thru the day withoot eatin anything wi ginger in it.

  153. Albalha says:

    And perhaps Danny Alexander’s constituents in Nairn, Inverness, Badenoch and Strathspey can be asked if indeed they do think we’re Better Together as he claimed on their collective behalf.

  154. Malc says:

    Swinney was excellent , despite Naughtie haranguing him and constantly interuppting him. Nice to see SNP being a bit more forceful and highlighting that if they stick to their “it is our currency plan” they get to keep the debts as well. All YES should be highlighting the impact that will have. Personally it is the best option for Scotland, start afresh and leave them to it.

  155. Dorothy Devine says:

    OT but RT has just had a scary bank/business story for Scottish independence .
    Seems we are too wee and too poor – and very stupid if we don’t get to hell away from Westminster rule.

  156. Linda's Back says:


    BBC bias knows no bounds huge publicity for Alliance Trust latest to say will register companies (have a brass plate) in England but no headlines for Aviva which has ten times the number of staff in Scotland that they are not fussed if Scotland votes Yes.

    Due higher property rentals etc, the average overhead cost in London for each employee is over £11,000 (compared to £3000 for Scotland) and that’s before the much higher salaries required and the corresponding higher NI and pension contributions.

    As BBC continue their Project Fear campaign Morning Call at 8.50 is dealing with Companies leaving Scotland.

    Call 0500 92 95 00. Text 80295.

  157. Albalha says:

    Ivan McKee coming up on Morning Call at 0850am.

  158. caz-m says:

    Kaye Adams (I love London), has a phone-in this morning about how scared are you getting due to all these companies leaving for London.

    8.50am GMS.

  159. john king says:

    Just had a thought,
    the Wings gathering In Glasgow Ians organising (no pressure Ian) we (most of us) have never seen each other before so how about we get badges with the wings logo and our names on them so we can tell who’s who
    I found this site,
    Asda price btw 50 badges made to spec for 42 quid

  160. SquareHaggis says:

    Lock up you radios!

  161. Alex says:

    Could be an interesting day.Alexander being quoted no currency union and thats final

  162. heedtracker says:

    Why does the BBC on Scotland even bother interviewing anyone in the Scottish government anyway? Naughty etc are just itching to demand out loud we vote NO but none of these BBC idiots seem to be capable of even acknowledging Scotland as new democracy next year. They’d be embarrassing if they weren’t so cringing/corrupted but hopefully Scottish history remembers these bizarre characters after independence the same way we think of cold war era Pravda.

  163. Edward says:

    Jim Naughtie discussing with Douglas Fraser on GMS , the interviews with Danny Alexander and John Swinney.

    According to Naughtie the Yes campaign has faced a ‘fusillade’ of attacks against independence, where as there were only a ‘couple’ of companies supporting, with Aviva being neutral.

    Kind of reminded me of the siege of Stalingrad during WW2 and we know how that turned out

  164. john king says:

    Know any good graphic designers Kendomacaroonbar? 🙂

  165. Albalha says:

    @Linda’s Back

    The Alliance Trust position has been trailed by them for around a week, Aviva was a comment on Sky News last night as I understand. Douglas Fraser did mention Aviva in his after 8am round up.

    As you say employee figures are interesting, Aggreko around 500 in Scotland, Alliance Trust 300 between Dundee, Edinburgh and London, Aviva 2500 in Scotland.

  166. caz-m says:

    During Danny Alexander’s interview this morning on GMS, he was about to go on a “border posts” rant, but got interrupted.

    Alexander must think the intelligence level of the average Scot is zero.

  167. Edward says:

    The other classic from Naughtie and Fraser on GMS
    ‘so they really mean that if sterling is not shared that they will not take a share of the debt’

    Some reason Naughtie actually didn’t believe that if sterling wasn’t going to be shared then the UK debt wouldn’t be shared

  168. Training Day says:

    Listening to the anguished repetitive monotony of Good Morning Scotland is reminiscent of being stuck on a ghost train in a particularly amateurish and ramshackle funfair.

    You go round the first time and are mildly surprised when bogles and boogeymen appear from the shadows. The second time they appear less surprising. The third and fourth times boredom starts to set in. After that it becomes the definition of tedium, and you can’t wait to get away. Eventually the funfair closes.

  169. Giving Goose says:

    One of the comments from Radio Scotland was of interest.
    I’ll paraphrase; essentially Danny Boy has to remember that he is still a constituency MP. Is he representing the thoughts and wishes of the people in the Highlands?
    I would imagine that the people of the Highlands are very low down his list of priorities.
    Danny has willingly sold himself to the Devil. His immediate boss is George Osborne. His ideology is Tory. He is anti-Scottish in outlook. I can’t imagine that his constituents share his views.

  170. You and My Comb says:

    It is interesting the difference in emphasis that is given by each of the companies. The most extreme headlines appear to be where Tory grandees sit on the board.

    I wonder how much of Aggreko’s business is actually in Scotland because I thought it worked across borders. For instance, did they not provide power to stadia at the Beijing Olympics and South Africa World Cup?

  171. caz-m says:

    Are there any of Danny Alexander’s constituents that use Wings?

    Could you let us know what you really think of him.

  172. caz-m says:

    Where did Ivan go to??

  173. gerry parker says:

    My online Euro account’s all ready. A couple of clicks of the mouse will be all it takes.

  174. SquareHaggis says:

    Oops! Here’s the direct link to the talking Beaker

    Hope it works

  175. HandandShrimp says:

    I don’t do twitter but is the Herald link the running total? It seems to be 50/50 as far as I can see.

    I would imagine Kezia, Duncan and crew have gone into twitter overdrive though 🙂

  176. X_Sticks says:


    Yeah, H&S I was having the same problem on my PC at work. Don’t know the cause. Currently 39% No 61% Yes.

  177. Albalha says:


    That’s all the time he could stay for.

  178. Stonefree says:

    Just listened to Kilgour, Best I can come up with is….. What a self centered individual, it’s all about him, Well suited to london

  179. call me dave says:

    Morning call with the real Kaye. Ivan did well as did some other callers even the Fraser was choosing his words carefully. Generally not as negative as it has been in the past programmes. Swinney as usual very solid and I would trust our SG rather than those from Westminster.


    Carmichael in the Herald prior to their Spring conference today (who knew?). He’s optimistic…

    Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael also said that, overall, the LibDems could even gain Westminster seats in 2015.

    In an interview ahead of the party’s spring conference in York, which opens today, he said his party had captured the new centre ground of UK politics.

    Despite lingering public anger over university tuition fees and the decision to enter a coalition with the Conservatives in 2010, he claimed that history would “judge us well”. He added: “But never mind history, I can’t wait for history. The electorate will judge us well in 2015.”

  180. HandandShrimp says:

    X Sticks

    Thought it looked like a glitch…really need to speak to IT about moving on from Internet Explorer 3 or whatever antediluvian version it is we use. 😉

  181. bunter says:

    Its not very good when pro YES callers on GMS are being challenged by a BT spokesliar and no one to challenge the other side. Shocking!

  182. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Listening to Kaye Adams’ callers, it’s striking how well informed the ‘Yes’ contributors are – where did they get all this data, these well rounded arguments?

    From the BBC? Nah. From the Herald/Record/Sun? Nah.

    They’re going into these debates armed with arguments and hard facts they found via WoS, NNS et al.

    We’re winning.

  183. Elizabeth says:

    Mary, a business woman talking to Kay on a very lively Morning Call – she was fantastic and bursting with ideas. Kay wanted to know what difference independence would make – Mary’s last word was that at present we have control of 7% of our money, with indy it’s 100%. Simple.

  184. call me dave says:

    Just love Wullie the caller just before 10:00.Walking the dog and demolishing Ruth, the better together, woman. I’m just an ordinary voter says Wullie! I think he’s Ivan’s cousin , crammed with all the facts and figures… Go Wullie!

    Brilliant. 🙂

  185. Iain Ross says:

    “Are there any of Danny Alexander’s constituents that use Wings?

    Could you let us know what you really think of him.”

    I’m one but having always been an SNP voter I have never had much time for him. I think it well known that he is an “Orange Booker” (i.e. on the right of the Liberals) but it would seem that his stint in the Treasury with the Tories has made him a Tory. If it looks like a spade, it is a spade.

    When I hear him speak he sounds like just another Tory robot. I always thought that Liberals were the honourable Unionists as compared to the other two. In this situation we are in I would be expecting someone like him to be striking a more cordial tone and trying to dampen down the rhetoric. Perhaps offering a fig leaf is too much to ask but simply parroting a line that is straight out of a Tory spindoctor’s notebook is contemptible.

    If you listen to the man he is basically has no faith in his own country or its people and is happy to say so (‘We need the broad shoulders of the UK to support us’ == Too wee, too poor, too stupid), these are not endearing qualities. Douglas Fraser actually brought up a very good point today, who exactly is he looking out for down there?

    Whatever way the vote goes I think he is finished up here and I would not be surprised if in the future he completes his journey into the London elite and takes up the usual directorships and maybe a seat in the Lords. As I understand it, although I could be wrong, he has moved his family down to London already.

    To broaden the discussion slightly I have a real issue with the Liberals. For a long time now they have played off history in this part of the world (land reform) and have a certain amount of core support, I guess similar to the Labour Party in the West of Scotland. However we now know that they are happy to jump into bed with anybody for a sniff of power and out go their principles. The Highland Liberals made a big thing out of the future of the Crown Estate in the last couple of elections and it did not take long for that to be kicked into the long grass.

    Apparently the talk is that Charles Kennedy was against the coalition with the Tories and given the fact he has disappeared into the ether lends support to this idea. As far as I am concerned if the man was against this then he should have had the courage of his convictions and resigned but as usual with all Unionists it seems to be Party first.

    Liberals in the Highlands, just more Tories, that’s all they are.

  186. Smith says:

    Here’s another script from another fantasy land, with our friend, Alistair Carmichael.

    Do you still believe him on the pound now?

  187. Ian Brotherhood says:

    A gigantic orange ball bouncing over Hadrian’s Wall, heading for Edinburgh.

    Boing…I’m a tough guy…boing…no compromise…boing…I’m important…boing!

    Anyone got a sharp pin?

  188. caz-m says:


    I met Ivan last week at a YES meeting along with Blair Jenkins. The energy and enthusiasm he has for the YES campaign is incredible.

    As he says, he has companies all over Europe, yet he still manages to put hours of campaigning every week.

    He is an example to us all of the kind of effort that is required to win us this YES vote.

    And may I also include the Rev as another example of the work we will have to put in between now and 18th Sept.

  189. SquareHaggis says:

    Equally applicable

  190. SquareHaggis says:

    Sorry, still trying to get the hang of this linking thing

  191. john king says:

    RE Morning call
    I felt for that Ruth as she has one hell of a wake up call coming,
    the man who worked in the NHS was trying to rein her in but she was getting away with utter nonsense.

  192. SquareHaggis says:

    Oops! Sorry for the duplicate posting Rev. Site playing funny buggers on me here.

    Equally applicable should have been;

  193. HandandShrimp says:

    I recall a report in the Guardian or somewhere that said a number of people in Westminster think that Danny “has gone native” (to use a rather antiquated and probably politically incorrect term these days). He is not only sounds like a Tory but he actually seems to relish the cuts and privatisations. He is in short not only Tory but right wing Tory at that.

    I have no idea what his constituents think but he is no longer a traditional Highland Liberal in the Charles Kennedy mode that is for sure.

  194. M4rkyboy says:

    I get a laugh out of your Twitter feed Stu.Can we organise a debate between you And Duncan H?I would pay to see this.

  195. mogabee says:

    Duncan Hotdogstall! won’t debate, but he loves looking for “issues” no matter how trivial…

  196. Stevie says:

    I, for my sins, have to watch FMQs each week and have watched almost every FMQs since 2010; despite stiff competition from Baillie and from Lamont and the other Labourite British nationalists, this guy Findlay takes the award for dumbest question and total stupidity of understanding the FM’s response so far. That is a remarkable feat given the Labourites to choose from.

  197. X_Sticks says:

    Last nights Glasgow Uni debate (which was not allowed to be filmed)

    courtesy of AyeHaveaDream

    Tommy Sherdidan on fire again.

  198. alexicon says:

    @Iain Ross.
    There’s a guy over on the Herald comments board, Richard Holmes Orkney, who said he voted for Carmichael last time, but never again.
    Maybe you know him 😉

  199. Desimond says:


    Does it beat Frankie Boys “Where will the Oil Fund Money come from?”

  200. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I get a laugh out of your Twitter feed Stu.Can we organise a debate between you And Duncan H?I would pay to see this.”

    I’m up for that anytime. I suspect Duncan might be less willing.

  201. alexicon says:

    I never knew the morning star, that bastion of anti capitalists’, were up for a bit of scaremongering on behalf of the Tories.

    I didn’t even know Shell had said these things.

  202. HandandShrimp says:

    I confess I thought the Morning Star had gone the way of all flesh.

  203. Luigi says:

    Kind of reminded me of the siege of Stalingrad during WW2 and we know how that turned out

    Stalingrad already happened, with the launch of the white paper (BT completely out-manouvered). We are now right in the middle of Kursk, with one last, desperate attack using anything and everything at BT’s disposal.

    They will exhaust themselves completely, soon enough. All the yes team has to do is hold the line (particularly the formal currency agreement). They are screaming for a Plan B but they won’t get it. Hold the line – it will be tough but it won’t last long.

  204. Luigi says:

    After Kursk comes the well-planned big counter-attack.

    BT are soon to be steam-rollered. I give it 3-4 weeks max before the real stuff begins.

    Get your popcorn ready!

  205. Barontorc says:

    Talking about asking questions leads me to think that in true Lamont/Sinclair style – this guy fixed upon the answer he wanted and then framed a question to suit.

    But isn’t that what they all do and then Alex Salmond bounces them all over the Holyrood floor for their gross stoopidity.

    The Disney character personna effected by Willie Bain as he refusniks his way through life on behalf of his constituents – what a laugh – has fatally holed the possibility of the “SS Labour Party in Scotland” ever being treated seriously again by sticking to his mantra of oppose all SNP/SG matters at every opportunity. People ain’t daft and they shouldn’t be treated as daft, or you’re daft for doing it.

    It’s like the Fire Chief who gains all the accolades for always being first on the scene at a blaze and that’s because he was the one who set the fire going!

  206. call me dave says:

    Mr Swinney finally gets to make his point as Naughtie frustrates us listeners by constantly interrupting.

    From BBC GMS today..

  207. liz says:

    I think the likes of the Morning Star believe in the class struggle and therefore want to remain in the UK to continue ‘fighting the fight’.

    Like that’s going to work.

  208. john king says:

    “Stalingrad already happened, with the launch of the white paper (BT completely out-manouvered). We are now right in the middle of Kursk, with one last, desperate attack using anything and everything at BT’s disposal.”

    That’s a salient point! 😉

  209. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “That’s a salient point!”


  210. john king says:

    ““That’s a salient point!”


    That reminds me of a Scottish brickie after visiting a hooker in Hamburg, makes to leave after partaking of her hospitality and she says
    “Hey vot about ze marks”?
    and he said
    “Oh aye 10 oot o ten hen ten oot o ten” 🙂

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