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Lamont uncertain about uncertainty

Posted on June 19, 2012 by

To be honest, on the evidence we’ve seen on the rare occasions when Labour lets its Scottish “leader” speak to the public, we’ve been left with the impression that it doesn’t take all that much to confuse her. At the weekly joust of First Minister’s Questions, Johann Lamont is frequently exposed as unable to adapt her script to Alex Salmond’s replies, often leaving her haplessly repeating the question that’s just been answered.

Even in that context, though, the quote attributed to her in today’s Daily Record in regard of the latest referendum poll is a dismaying one for anyone concerned about the standard of Scottish political debate. With the stage set by an earlier quote from a “source” in the No campaign flatly asserting that the reason for the drop in support for independence was “There is just too much uncertainty – over jobs, defence, even the currency – everything, basically”, Lamont gallumphed in with her 2p’s-worth:

“This shows that the more people hear the arguments, the more they see through the absurdities of Alex Salmond’s case for separation”

Hang on. Is it because people ARE hearing the arguments and being convinced against independence by them, or is it because there’s “too much uncertainty” and people just don’t know where they stand, so they’re erring on the side of caution? We’re reasonably sure it can’t be both, and look forward to “Better Together” getting its story straight. We have a sinking feeling that might not be any time soon, though.


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7 to “Lamont uncertain about uncertainty”

  1. Thee Forsaken One

    What are the bets that Johann Lamont’s next line of questioning in FMQs will be about this or something similar? Heaven forbid she actually ask something to do with policy…

  2. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    I don’t think we’ve got any FMQs for a couple of months now, so we’re probably safe.

  3. Thee Forsaken One

    According to the Business Bulletin there’s FMQs for another two weeks at least.

  4. Scott Minto (Aka Sneekyboy)

    I see that tthe First Minister of Wales has asked for the Trident Nuclear Subs to be based in Milford Haven…

    … next to the LPG Terminals and Oil pipelines…

    Nukes + Large Scale Gas and Oil Termials responsible for 1/5 of UK fuel = Problem

    Still, thats Labour for you…

  5. Dal Riata

    Somewhat O/T, but it’s all related!

    Go to the Guardian and see Severin Carrell act as the No campaign’s spokesman and cheerleader. Prepare to get, at the least, fucked off with the MSM’s latest anti-SNP, anti-Scottish independence smearing and lying.

    First paragraph:
    “Alex Salmond’s plans to form a new currency union with the rest of the UK after an independence referendum could be blocked by voters in the rest of Britain, Alistair Darling has warned.”

    Christ al-bloody-mighty …

  6. clochoderic


     The SNP chap who was just on Radio Scotland’s 10 o’ clock show dealing with the Free Presbyterians’ objections to the prospect of independence was excellent – did not catch his name.
     He deserves a wider audience.

  7. Arbroath1320

    Pair wee Johannie.
    Here she is uncertain about the uncertainty about the uncertainty of being uncertain about the uncertainty!
    Perhaps she should watch this, it should help. 😆

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