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Ken Loves Laura

Posted on February 27, 2016 by

If you’ve ever heard people talking about the “Scottish cringe” but don’t really know what it is, you could do a lot worse for an example than this:

Jeez, Ken, Valentine’s was a fortnight ago, you had your chance.

As we noted yesterday, we couldn’t give a monkey’s about a BBC “Scottish Six”. But that’s because of the “BBC” part, not the “Scottish Six” part. While we’re absolutely certain that Scottish people could do a great job of creating an excellent national evening news bulletin covering Scotland, the UK and the world, we’re very much less convinced that BBC Scotland could.

Ken Macintosh, on the other hand, appears to be revolted by the very idea of Scots getting their hands on the grown-up news, with their Scottish accents and their stupid parochial refusal to be interested in the latest exploits of the England cricket team.

His incredulous horror at the thought of someone who sounded excessively Scottish, rather than the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg (brought up in Glasgow, degree-educated in Edinburgh, with a Scottish father, and described by Wikipedia as “a Scottish journalist”) covering, say, news relating to the EU referendum is made even more remarkable by the fact that Macintosh himself is a former BBC producer.

Oddly, he seems not to have noticed that most of the time Kuenssberg is deployed on air as a reporter, not a presenter. If the notional Scottish Six was being anchored by Scottish presenters from the BBC Scotland studios in Glasgow, it’d therefore still be perfectly capable of going to the exact same outside broadcast by Kuenssberg that the BBC London news was.

(Indeed, in most circumstances it would be an absurd waste of resources for Pacific Quay to send its own reporter to duplicate her work.)

The point of a Scottish Six would be to have what Mr Macintosh’s party are normally so keen on describing as “the best of both worlds” – where a story was deemed to be of interest in Scotland, the Scottish Six could still slot in the UK BBC package like a Lego piece, but it wouldn’t have to waste any of its airtime on issues of no relevance to Scotland, like English sport or devolved issues.


What makes the hysterically overwrought protests all the more bizarre is that it’s 2016, and nobody who finds the idea of a Scottish-focused news programme simply mortifying would have to watch it. All they’d need to do would be switch to the BBC News channel, available on all Sky and Freeview boxes, which broadcasts the UK news bulletin at 6pm regardless of where you are in the country.

(Alternatively, most people now have access to all BBC regional variants anyway. On our Sky box we tune to channel 1 if we want the London version of BBC1, or channel 951 if we want the Scottish version. We also have iPlayer set to always default to the Scottish versions, despite the fact that we DON’T EVEN LIVE IN SCOTLAND.)

Ken Macintosh’s objection to a Scottish Six appears to be entirely based around Laura Kuenssberg, but as such it’s entirely groundless. Nobody is going to take her away from him. And even though we don’t actually care either way, if the debate’s going to be had at all then at least let’s have it without the schoolboy crushes.

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171 to “Ken Loves Laura”

  1. Itchybiscuit says:

    Tweeted exactly the same thing on the 25th – ‘Ken Luvs Laura’.

    Can I join the gang now? 😉

  2. MajorBloodnok says:

    Labour has lost the battle over control of social media and is afraid that its control of the MSM, and in particular its regular collusion with the BBC newsroom, will be next.

  3. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Best suggestion I heard was to sub out the production to Channel 4 News with production from within BBC? Paul Mason to front?

    Cat amongst pigeons?

  4. heedtracker says:

    “It might mean the loss of national and international news.” Is there anything, anything at all about Scotland that SLabour wont out right lie about?

  5. Jules says:

    This whole Scottish Six ‘backlash’ is pretty much the perfect example of The Cringe.

    Makes us realise how far we’ve come, in some ways.

  6. Tam Jardine says:

    Lesley Riddoch nailed it from the Dundee studio on Scotland 2016. She pointed out the equipment had not changed in 30 years. Sitting in front of a picture of the Discovery everything about the broadcast screams ‘budget’.

    You want to copy Iceland- you want (shit TV) like Iceland (I paraphrase). These unionists do not get it- the point is if Iceland can have its own TV stations surely we can aspire to have our own, modern, vibrant television dedicated to Scotland.

    The lack of ambition involved in delegating another country to show us news from the rest of the world from their own perspective is as risible as it is outdated.

  7. bookie from hell says:

    THE collapse in support for Labour in Scotland is driven by social media and the “grief” of independence supporters, according to shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander MP.

    Alexander told a conference in London that Scottish voters were suffering from an irrational grief amplified by information from social media.

    He said: “Among the 45 per cent of those who voted Yes there’s a great sense of grief and grief sometimes presents itself with anger.”

    In the speech he blamed the rise of social media for making it difficult to get through.

    bookie—funny how he never mentioned BBC

  8. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Stuart Cosgrove made a serious error of judgement in using the word ‘grievance’ in relation to this issue – if he ever comes up against someone like Lesley Riddoch in debating anything related to ‘Scottish Six’ then it’ll come back to bite him.

  9. Thepnr says:

    Why does the BBC feel it important “To shape the days news in a way that’s relevant to a Scottish audience”

    I don’t want my news shaped or bent in any way, I would just like it be be presented as what it is, News. Shaping the news is what they do now, so no change proposed then.

    Can’t see me renewing my TV license anytime soon, and by the way, so many Scots ditching the TV license is the main reason for the rejuvenated idea of a “Scottish Six”. They are feeling the heat.

  10. How’s this for sheer cheek, British logic and fair play? Just landed in my inbox.

    Hello there,

    I just signed the petition “BBC: Stop the SNP taking control of the BBC” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

    Our goal is to reach 5,000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

  11. jimnarlene says:

    An absolute useless example of a “Scottish” MSP. It’s all about trying to save his party, from the on coming extinction level event in May.

    A true, well made, Scottish 6 could be great, as long as the BBC don’t hobble it with cringe fuelled SLabbers. And make a genuine effort of being impartial, as much as that is unlikely.

    But why stop at the 6pm broadcast, why not breakfast, midmorning, lunch time and 10pm broadcasts. If they are going to do it, do it right.

  12. Blind Squirrel says:

    Interesting. The question I would pose is how much the current UK news at 6 will change when it no longer has to cater for Scots watching. The answer I suspect is not one iota thus proving how much it caters for us now. And allowing those who wish to, can watch it as they do now. it really is the best pf both worlds 😉

  13. Eddy Cavin says:

    They were against Scottish history and literature being taught in our schools because they saw it as “back-door nationalism”, now they run from the idea of a Scottish news programme for the same reason.
    I listen to Radio 4 news in the morning and often find myself asking ‘what country is that’ – yes, I’m an old git – when they refer to stories on education, health, sport and the weather as being ‘across the country.’

  14. Johnny says:

    Ken might have well have said, ‘I wouldn’t want to be Iceland for six minutes, frankly’. What sneering.

    Regardless of programme quality (I’ve never seen any Icelandic telly, so I don’t know how good it is), Ken seems unable to understand that (whether he likes it or not) Iceland is ‘better’ than us because it has its own channels, as Lesley mentions, and can decide what goes on them as of interest to its people.

    Finally, Ken’s needing a dose of the smelling salts if he thinks the BBC is impartial or that that’s a commonly held-truth nowadays. It’s news from London’s perspective and would retain some credibility if it admitted that. It’s the pretending it’s ‘the impartial true news that represents everyone’ that gets people’s backs up.

  15. Training Day says:

    Ken loves Laura only because, in his serf’s mindset, she’s graduated to the ‘proper’ news. If Laura was working at Pacific Quay he’d regard her as parochial and most probably Icelandic to boot.

    Cringing fool.

  16. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi MajorBloodnok.

    You typed,
    “Labour has lost the battle over control of social media and is afraid that its control of the MSM, and in particular its regular collusion with the BBC newsroom, will be next.”

    On that topic of the incestuous relationship enjoyed by Labour and the BBC in Scotland, and the hero of this piece, this is a snippet from the 2014 link below:-

    “Then there’s Ken or rather was Ken. Ken Macintosh, like many before and since, has found his career slipped seamlessly between the Labour Party and the BBC. Currently Ken is a Labour MSP with an eye on leadership if only Ed Miliband could remember who he is. Ed Miliband lives in London where lots of Scots migrate to from wee Scotland to enhance their careers, and why not. You’ll be familiar with Andrew, Andrew Marr…”

    “Lenathehyena’s blog”, from August 2014. You can refresh your memory here:-

  17. Lesley-Anne says:

    I love it!

    Well done Lesley.

    For anyone who has NOT yet watched “the news where you are” firstly … WHY NOT? 😉

    Secondly for your *ahem* private perusal I give you … 😀

  18. Joey Del Sal says:

    I’ve always thought the remit of Reporting Scotland was to inform Scotland’s English community of matters affecting them and their areas. Hence most RS stories are from Edinburgh, Highlands and east coast.

    Most of the people they interview are English, and 50% of the reporters are English. Even the bottom-of-screen graphic used at the top of a piece to give the name of the reporter is red, white and blue. We won’t even go into the daily Unionist slant they peddle.

    With this in mind, not sure if the BBC are the people we want to handle a dedicated Scottish news service.

  19. Patrick Roden says:

    Sexually Motivated Politics!!!

    The reason that cringers like Ken hate the idea of a Scottish 6, is simply the word ‘Scottish’

    When people like him see anything that was once uniquely British, becoming uniquely Scottish, they see it as a boost for Scottish confidence, and more worrying for them, another step towards Scottish Independence.

    Evidence, if anyone needed it, that the Labour Party in Scotland and the UK, really do want to crush Scottish aspirations and self confidence, as part of their political strategy to keep us downtrodden enough to keep voting for them.

    Labour set themselves up all thise years ago, as the party of the poor and downtrodden, they needed to keep people poor and downtrodden in order for them to keep voting Labour.

    Simple, but disgusting!

  20. Stoker says:


    If that’s how we’re operating these days can i have Leanne Wood presenting our news and Priti Patel reading our weather please?
    All in the interests of multiculturalism you understand.

    Seriously, fact about his beloved Laura Cooend, she is a very untrustworthy choice. You only have to look back at a piece done on this very site last year, regarding Slabbers membership numbers.

    And as well as various other Slabber promoters such as Campbell and Cook you’ll find that Cooend also reported wildly exaggerated numbers as more or less proven on here.

    If i remember correctly she, out of all the lackies, pushed the highest figure which was, i think, around 17,500?

    When i complained through the BBC complaints procedures that she was, along with the others, passing off highly questionable figures as fact and asked them to provide her source for the figures she was quoting, i was told that she was basing it on the last figures available to them, which turned out to be from several YEARS previously.

    And Cooend reported those figures under her newly awarded title of “BBC Political Editor” – YEAH, good old honest Cooend indeed!
    She had just taken over from that other major liar, our old friend Nic-Pic-Robin-Son.

    I was told the exact same thing when i complained, separately, weeks prior to that about Glen Campbell’s lies on the Slabber branch figures.

    Hey ho, each to their own, whatever floats yer boat but no way on this earth would i want any of the current crop of gophers reporting anything to me.

    Sink the good old SS BBC and all who sail in her rotten timbers.

    SNP x 2

  21. katherine hamilton says:

    I am dumbstruck again. Mr. McIntosh exemplified the problem with Labour and it’s spin. Ms. Riddoch spoke of Iceland’s number of channels, he accuses her of wanting Iceland’s standard of TV (not as good as the BBC of course, tho he’s probably never seen it).
    He is a charlatan, an opportunist and a boor.

    I’m pretty sure whoever saw it must have cringed for him. (See what I did there!)

  22. msean says:

    Valued members of the uk,invited to stay and lead the uk,in charge of our own road signs(even though I don’t know what we could do signs about that isn’t already signed)it seems though,that we aren’t good enough to run our own broadcasting,but here,you can have an hour of telly that we held back for twenty years. We’ll even let you run half of it from up there.

    It seems that some aren’t ambitious for Scotland even within the uk,and seem content to bear down on Scotland having any broadcasting at all. Looks like broadcasting is too important to give up for some reason.

  23. Brus MacGallah says:

    Laura KuenSSberg (aka Lady Haw Haw) did a journalism course at the well known CIA recruiting ground, Georgetown University.

    (from wikipedia)
    Georgetown University is a private research university in Washington, D.C with auxiliary campuses in Turkey and Qatar.

    No wonder she’s part of the Indeyref and Corbyn takedown team.

  24. The Rough Bounds says:

    I didn’t know there was such a thing as a ‘Logic and clear thinking By-pass’ operation. When did Ken Macintosh get his?

  25. Almannysbunnet says:

    Ken, rather unwittingly, gives us an insight into just how terrified he and his like are of losing even the smallest control of broadcasting. As has been said on here many times, television is the only source of “news” and information for a large part of the population. If these older folks become better informed the unionists are buggered and they know it.

  26. Legerwood says:

    Icelandic TV – new TV crime programme ‘Trapped’ made in Iceland by RVK – Icelandic film studio – and first aired on RUV – Iceland’s public service broadcaster.

    Iceland has film studios, who knew? Not Mr McIntosh

  27. panda paws says:


    You’ve never seen Icelandic telly? Well get yourself over to BBC iplayer and watch Trapped. It’s fabulous, some brilliant photography.

    Anyway Ken McIntosh may be trying to make himself relevant. Recent polling has him losing his constituency seat and he’s fourth on the Labour West list. They are predicted to have 3 list seats, oops.

  28. Stoker says:

    BTW, heads up, apologies if this has already been posted, take note warriors, BBC QT is coming from bonny Dundee in March (10th i think?), some may want to get their bahookies ringside.

    Arrivederci troops!

    SNP x 2

  29. Valerie says:

    I saw this, and thought he was just embarrassing himself. I’m pretty sure even lukewarm Yessrs would see him that way.

    I can’t even get angry anymore. Watching them just insult everyone’s intelligence, denying Scotland jobs, creativity or a tiny bit of responsibility.

    Too wee, too stupid, Ken.

  30. Domhnall Dods says:

    His outburst suggesting the snp wanted us to have the news presented in Icelandic was a particularly random and deranged moment.

  31. boredtaefuc says:

    Can we no just fire up our ain wee satellite and beam doon our ain news?

    We invented the TV FFS!

  32. Casper1066 says:

    Ken’s “mock shock” at Lesley’s comment on if other smaller countries can have 11 channels, why can Scotland not achieve the same or better. I cringe more and more at this level of professionalism or ability from Ken. I raise my hands in horror that this person represents Scotland in ANY party. Time his snout was removed from the tray, he talks Scotland down at every opportunity. This is not the level of MSP Scotland should aspire to have, Scotland demands better more quality MSPS. His day’s are over, he needs put out to pasture as he lacks vision, drive and energy to pull Scotland into the future.

  33. louis.b.argyll says:

    It was a while ago, but I remember reading that Laura Keunnsbergs’ Great/grandfather was the last British Imperial governor of an African state.

    Sorry, can’t be arsed researching again, but check it out.

  34. Chic McGregor says:

    He disna ken whit he’s bletherin aboot bit that disnae stoap him makin tosh.

  35. Thepnr says:

    Seriously the clips below are what Ken wants to hang on to, the so superior output of the BBC. This is what the BBC thinks about the level of intelligence of the average Scottish voter.

    This first one many of you will remember for it’s particular cringe worthiness. After watching this I immediately sent a complaint to the BBC.

    Almost want to scream watching this again.

    “Scottish independence: What’s the defence debate all about?”

    Just as bad (or even worse), surely should be renamed Independence for Dummies.

    “Scottish independence referendum: Are we there yet?”

    These clips are an insult and an absolute disgrace, I’d rather have Icelandic TV which must be superior to this guff.

    THIS though is the BBC that Ken and fellow Yoons cherish. You can shove yer BBC with or without a Scottish Six.

  36. JaMur says:

    This sort of behaviour makes my blood boil.
    Pathetic weasels who dislike their own country.

    The brassneck as well. We all know it’s bbc scotlandshire/slab.

    Let’s get tore intae these cretins come may.


  37. Thepnr says:

    Those earlier clips are in the “news/uk-scotland” section of the BBC, ironic or just taking the piss?

  38. Ken500 says:


    Many people object to listening to a mikey mouse voice, making a mickey mouse argument.

    Hopefully soon that problem will be overcome. May 2016.

    BBC Labour/Unionist Dunces. Another wasted programme. An example of what people do not want to watch. Total bias and misrepresentation.

  39. JLT says:

    Pretty much agree with the MajorBloodnok above. This is the start of the Scottish Labour Party screeching …for it knows that this is the beginning of the end of its domination of the media.

  40. Ken500 says:

    The only one’s greeting and grieving are the useless Labour has beens. The majority are up beat can’t wait to give them another election verdict. ‘Another doing’. May can’t come soon enough.

    Aye Labour can’t control the Internet.

  41. Thepnr says:

    Apologies for bombing the thread with links but this has to be seen to be believed. It’s a piece by Martin Patience, BBC foreign correspondent broadcast on BBC “News” on the 10th September 2014.

    This is his reporting of the Referendum for the BBC from China.

    Undoubtedly the most serious case of the Scottish cringe ever broadcast, warning guaranteed to make you boak.

    Scottish independence: Why is China wary of the referendum? BBC News

  42. Ken500 says:

    Snidy Kuenssburg is a turn off as well. Trouble with these BBC puppets, they think they are a personality. More important than unbiased ‘News’. Overpaid charlatans.

    Anyone can watch the BBC 24 News Channel, anywhere in the world. If they choose.

  43. Ken500 says:

    So, so proud of Nicola Sturgeon,

  44. Clapper57 says:

    Oh is this Ken Macintosh who previously worked as a television producer for the BBC.

    Before Macintosh became an MSP, he was from 1987 to 1999, a television producer for the BBC News Network.

    He also worked on Breakfast with Frost, Breakfast News, and the Nine O’Clock News.

    He was also worked as a researcher on election programmes for both David Dimbleby and Jonathan Dimbleby.

    So frankly , shot in the dark , is he managing to remain impartial in his opinion of his former employer ? You decide.

    Me thinks he doth protest too much , what exactly is it that he and other yoons fear…well… since he brought up the word AGENDA in this discussion it is obvious to us that it is the Yoons who have the real AGENDA in their collaborative opposition to this idea.( Just like Robots aren’t they ! )

    And we all know what their agenda is in maintaining the status quo in regards to the UK (ahem) National news ( i.e. English news with sprinkling of international news ) and regional news in Reporting Scotland is (i.e. regional , as in same kind of regional news in English regions, news usually more beneficial to SLAB & BT partners when able to include any SNP no so good slant/accusation/non story ).

    However I feel if there is no REAL changes and it is same mob who dictate/produce current news in BBC RS then the yoons need have no fears that an extended length of news from Scotland will be detrimental to their yoon cause .

    Whatever happens , if anything does , then it must be totally produced in Scotland , unbiased and some of the current dead beats shifted off to more Yoonier climes and replaced with REAL reporters/Directors/Producers minus BT agenda (if they still exist).

    I suspect however that just like the political (non) Vow , we will be offered and served a sub standard alternative to what we currently have and then be telt ….you’ll have had yir changes they’ve been delivered , now stop whining.

  45. Robert Louis says:

    Ken Mackintosh, a proud Scot but. Honestly, in no other country around the world, would ANY self respecting politician ever sit on TV and argue that his own country shouldn’t have its own dedicated news bulletins.

    It beggars belief watching a Scot sitting talking his own country down like that. It really is absurd on every level.

    Is it any wonder the British Labour party in Scotland cannot get elected anymore. Cringe turned all the way up to eleven.

  46. Famous15 says:

    “Scottish” Labour have no ambition for Scotland so cannot give that required uplift needed for a better,fairer society. They have voluntarily hobbled themselves to make sure that the slightest pride in being Scottish is not betrayed to their Imperial Masters.

    Ken is not your ordinary Labour MSP . He was BIG for a Scotsman in the BBC structure. OMG!

  47. TJenny says:

    If, as posted above, Ken’s predicted to lose his constituency seat in May and is 4th on Slab’s West Scotland list where Slab are only (only, eek) expected to take 3 list seats, have we not just witnessed Ken pitching for a job back at the BBC? Obvs not on the Scot6, though, or mibbees?

  48. Iain More says:

    The BBC used to love Ken but that was until Jo Lamont handed him his head in his hands and he also had the temerity to stand against the Saviour Murphy that was.

    God what a pathetic excise for a man he is!

  49. David says:

    Labour’s Ken Macintosh is busy toeing the unionist party line here, mockingly comparing Scotland to some other wee country that unionists think is backwards, or a banana republic, or just ‘too foreign’.

    Macintosh shows himself to be a small man, insular, petty, ignorant of other places, other peoples, other ways of running a country. He is lacking in the qualities that should be expected and required of all our politicians – the willingness to observe, to learn, to change.

    Today it is Iceland, during the runup to IndyRef, it was Panama that we were scornfully being compared to.

    Hey Ken, Iceland jailed their banksters, and protected their fishing industry. Iceland uses its advantageous physical location to host communication & internet links between Europe and North America. It is a modern progressive country that we can learn from.

    Oh, and Panama? It is modern and booming. Just look at the pics of its skyscrapers:

    Update your thinking, Ken, or get kicked out by the voters.

  50. Iain More says:

    Off topic but media related.

    I was watching the coverage of the Irish Election on Irish TV until I detected a very definite Sinn Fein BAD vibe from some of the media whores.

  51. Proud Cybernat says:

    Does this ‘Scottish Six’ mean I won;t get to hear about the crisis in the NHS in England or the classroom crisis in Wales or, FFS, the cricket!!

    FFS – what the hell am I gonnae do?

    Lesley banged that nail right on the heid with the word “relevance”. We don’t get “UK News”. We get 85% of the time news that is relevant, by and large, only to people in England.

    That simple is not good enough.

    But, of course, if all we end up with is double-time, yoony-biased SNPBAAD relevant news, then they can stuff it. Just scrap Misreporting Scotland altogether and I’ll just continue watching Al Jazeera.

  52. thomaspotter2014 says:

    Ken Mackintosh epitomises every ounce of what’s wrong with these snivelling cringy unionist dogs,

    May’s elections should put him in the picture,tosser,

    It’s not just a Scottish news programme we need ,it’s the full bhoona-total broadcasting control for Scotland just like every other nation on the planet,

    They’re talking about a ‘Scottish Six’ news slot as if it’s some kind of astonishing revolutionary wonder ffs,

    The Saville/Hall loving BBC needs ended asap They gotta go and hell will freeze over before I pay them any license money

  53. panda paws says:


    here is the UK elects graphic

    it also has us saying goodbye to Willie Rennie in mid region. Less cheering at the back please. And saying hello to 2 UKIP, more booing in the back please. Of course things might change before May.

    I suspect Ken is very much pitching for a job. He’s seen Jim Murphy go after all…

  54. Graham MacLure says:

    Ken loves Ken .

  55. Hugh Kirk says:

    BBC Scotland at six excites me because….actually I couldn’t give a fuck.

  56. Chic McGregor says:

    Akt’lly, furbye the missus an masel baith hivin a muckle like’n’ fur yon ‘Nordic Noir’, in the main, wur in accord thit ‘Trapped’ is jist a wee bitty alow the yazeyil staunarts fur the genre.

    Comparitively speakin mind. It aye bears the gree ower the likes o ‘Mad Scunner Murders’ an sic like.

    In fact, is it no the case thit Scottish tv crime is mair like Scandinavian onywie?

  57. Dr Jim says:

    It’ll be shit, because the BBC are shit, and they’ll make sure they deliver shit,….BUT… given the choice of our shit versus their shit I’m happy to give our shit a chance to see if it improves over time or descends into diarrhea

    SNPx2 for pushing the agenda though, all forward thinking is important to get folk to understand who they are and where they live and they’re just as good as anybody else in that big London where only the people who make it big go

    Ken McIntosh is like a 1940s miner wae a suit on
    Stay humble and know your place Ken and mibbees you’ll dae well in life, who knows mibbees back to the BBC once you’re kicked out of Holyrood

    Keep that nose sharp so it fits in aw the cavities

  58. mealer says:

    Is this not just typical of the Labour Party? They see Scotland as second rate.They have absolutely no ambition for Scotland.Sad.

  59. Jack Murphy says:

    OT. Thousands march in London to Trafalger Square Anti-Trident Rally and Speeches.
    BBC UK News Archived:-

  60. Ken500 says:

    It’s pathetic when folk have to watch every national sporting coverage with the sound down because of BBC ridiculous bias.

  61. Ken500 says:

    BBC Scotland website more lies on the Trident coverage. Underplaying the cost. BBC Labour/Unionist liars.

  62. yesindyref2 says:


  63. Croompenstein says:

    Found this old footage of Ken before the referendum…

  64. Breeks says:

    Well I for one cringe at the thought the Scottish Government would even consult with the BBC over the future of Scottish Broadcasting. The BBC is unfit for purpose, and a clear and present danger to Scottish democracy.

    I don’t actually care about Boris Johnston or Donald Trump; we have survived Reagan, Bush, and a busted flush of UK also-ran PM’s. I am much more troubled with the government we do have, and alarming signs of impotence that anything can be done to dethrone the BBC and set up a suitable replacement service in waiting. I stress the word replacement.

    How many more election and referendum campaigns do we want sabotaged before the penny drops? IndyYES wrecked, a UKIP slug as an MEP, and we stand on the brink of exiting the EU with the BBC making so as to make the decision for us.

    Enough of the feeble wringing of hands, I want a plan of action now. How do we confound this hostile propaganda and free our airwaves? It is perhaps the one issue which transcends all others. It really is that important.

  65. Provost Sludden says:

    Aye Ken it would be rubbish, like the Outer Hebrides Broadcasting Corporation calling civilisation.

  66. yesindyref2 says:

    Best quote of the year from an English rugby player, Dylan Hartley. Being interviewed and asked “lineouts scrums, captain, isn’t there too much going through your mind?”. Reply from Hartley: “Not too much going through my mind, babes”.

  67. DerekM says:

    Why are the red yoons all in a mad frenzy over this,aw have they figured out that the blue yoons are trying to screw them ,jeez it will be a first if they have.

    Popcorn anybody as the rights to broadcast pish to a nation is fought over by our better together opponents,of course we dont get a say this is a yoon civil broadcast war.

    Lets just let them get on with it as no doubt it will all be the SNP`s fault anyway,but got to say as a neutral i dont fancy the red yoons chances.

  68. Cuilean says:

    Ken McIntosh, ‘It’s about controlling the agenda.’ i.e the BBC wants to keep control of what we talk about and what is brought to our attention.

    It was exactly the same during the Referendum.

    Notice too how the BBC Scotland interviewer supports McIntosh and actually feeds him what to say, by putting the BBC agenda into his mouth.

  69. galamcennalath says:

    Not everyone is aware that not only all variants of BBC1 can be seen from anywhere in the UK, you can also tune into any ITV channel too. I have spoken to several Scots resident in England (or Borders) who have wanted to watch STV but didn’t realise they could on their Sky box!

    All ITV free to view channels can actually be received everywhere.

    It is a little less convenient because out of area station frequencies aren’t allocated channel numbers by Sky, as the BBC are.

    You need to input the details into the Other Channels option on the Sky box. The Frequency etc data you need is all on

  70. Papadox says:

    Ken told a Labour Party meeting that he is a “devolutionist not a unionist” (Wikipedia)

    Unless it has anything to do with Scotland apparently. Then he is just a creepy wee unionist, EBC LICKSPITTLE.

  71. IvMoz says:


    I think you need to google Shelley Jofre.

    I’m pretty sure I know where her sympathies lie.

  72. Dr Jim says:

    Has anybody ever seen any Icelandic telly, maybe it’s good

    Canada get treated badly by America constantly laughed at, their money sneered at and ridiculed and look what Canada have done with their Telly and film industry

    Half the shows on Sky Atlantic and Universal are made in Canada and several of them are Award winning and the Yanks don’t like it Ha Ha

    So it can be done
    But I think it’ll be More Independents and bringing people in to keep the BBC at arms length or we could end up with the BBCs version of what they think Scotland’s about and that’s got to be highly dangerous in a kind of Hoots mon White heathery kind of way

  73. galamcennalath says:

    Perhaps one of the Icelandic companies might make a decent job of putting together relevant and unbiased news for Scotland. However one thing is certain – they couldn’t make a worse job that EBC Shortbread!

  74. Effijy says:

    Can we step back and look at (Dinae) Ken’s sneering and derogatory remarks about Icelandic TV, and Iceland in general.

    Do any of you think that he has seen any of the TV shows?
    Typical Slab, no nothing about it but its Bad!

    Incidentally, the EBC Bought an award winning Icelandic comedy show-see link below. I wonder if they ever bough any “Scottish” EBC shows-

    I greatly admire Iceland for imprisoning their corrupt Bankers while the UK gave them very large pensions and bonuses.

    You can understand Dinae Ken’s frustration though even with EBC
    waving the Slab Banner in one hand and the SNP Bad Banner in the other, Slab have around 20% support in the opinion polls.
    No doubt it would be less than 10% if EBC became neutral.

    Not much chance of the Ermine Robe and nice wee pension from there!

  75. dakk says:

    If it lies like an UncleJock,cringes like a UncleJock and attacks Scotland like an UncleJock, then it is an UncleJock.

    That thing in the BBC studio sitting on the left with the dark suit on is not Scottish.

    I don’t care what anyone says.

  76. Anne says:

    Thanks Donald Anderson for the link to the petition. Comments are an eye opener. Not one reasoned comment among them as to why they don’t want a Scottish Six. Just SNP bad.

  77. Croompenstein says:

    They are a puzzle alright, I need a yoon to answer this if Scotland was so shit before the union then why is it still so shit in the union? And if, indeed, Scotland was so shit before the union why was there no popular movement in Scotland pushing for union with England… makes no sense only a yoon or proud Scot-but can answer!!

  78. Ross says:

    The BBC already operate an internal market so it’s time to have the BBC in Scotland bid for for the Scottish Licence fee to produce content relevant to Scottish viewers.

    Pacific Quay’s News department could always run distance learning courses, in medja studies and manipulation, to North Korea to boost their income. Deposed Labour MSPs will be looking for jobs.

  79. dakk says:


    ‘I need a yoon to answer this if Scotland was so shit before the union then why is it still so shit in the union?

    That’s easy.

    I’ll answer on behalf of our Yoon brethren since they cannot,will not ever be able to mouth the words.

    Because it’s not English, that’s why.

  80. Croompenstein says:

    I loved this it’s the FM ripping Yoonssberg a new arse…

  81. caledonia says:

    scottish football does not get mentioned on the uk news
    cricket can get mentioned as a main item

    Is there a petition to get this 6 0clock news as i want to sign

  82. Capella says:

    Ian Macwhirter has already seen the pilots of the Scottish Six produced in 2004:

    A Scottish six o’clock news? Tartan nightmare. Wall to wall murders, stories about the SNP, couthy human interest tales replacing Nick Robinson and John Simpson – it would be like Newsnight Scotland, only much much worse. Well actually it wouldn’t.

    I’m one of the few people in this debate who has actually seen a Scottish Six. In 2004, BBC Scotland produced pilot programmes, for internal consumption only , to show what a Scottish-generated national news bulletin might look like. Surprise, surprise, it worked extremely well.”

    Macwhirter also deals with the issue of getting news from John Simpson etc:

    “BBC’s new computerised news gathering, foreign reports filed in advance by BBC correspondents can be accessed by any desktop terminal anywhere in the entire corporation. This means they can be transmitted simultaneously, if necessary, on different programmes or channels. Nor is there any technical obstacle to doing live interviews with BBC foreign correspondents abroad, since the satellite link is already there. “

    All the arguments being rehearsed today have already been trotted out before. Macwhirter’s article, written in 2007, is well worth reading for the deja vu alone.

  83. Ken500 says:

    Bullying player gets sent off. Commentator, ‘that’s a shame. It’s a great job he was doing’.

    No wonder the terraces are empty.

  84. Graham MacLure says:

    Dr Jim @ 5:11

    And don’t forget the wee lad from Deanston John Grierson the “Father of Documentaries” in both the UK and the National Film Board of Canada.

  85. AFewHomeTruths says:

    Apologies if this point has already been made but it was Laura who caused the BBC General Election coverage to take an unscheduled ‘advert break’. It only lasted a few seconds but on return Dimbleby could be heard saying ‘for God’s sake’. She had alleged certain Fibdem islands were not part of Scotland and laughed.Little doubt why such journalists are preferred by the North British Accounting Unit.

  86. Thepnr says:

    A lot of politicians, a lot of journalists and a lot of voters.


    bend one’s head and body in fear or apprehension or in a servile manner. “he cringed away from the blow”


    shrink, draw back, pull back, recoil, start, shy (away), wince, flinch, blench, blanch, dodge, duck, crouch, shudder, shake, tremble, quiver, quail, quake; get cold feet

    “I cringe in terror every time I have to face him”

    kowtow, bow and scrape, grovel, creep, crawl, toady, fawn, truckle, cower; be servile towards, be sycophantic towards, dance attendance on, ingratiate oneself with, curry favour with; flatter, woo, pay court to, get round; informal suck up to, make up to, lick someone’s boots, be all over, fall all over, sweet-talk, soft-soap; brown-nose

    In case you didn’t know already brown-nose and grovel are the true proud but Scots place in the UK. Else your a separatist.

  87. Marco McGinty says:

    Ken Macintosh, the man that lost the Scottish Labour leadership election to none other than Kezia Dugdale.

    And that says it all, people!

  88. Flying Scotsman says:

    Slightly off topic.
    Does anyone have a link to the salmond fone in from Wednesday?
    I missed it and can’t find it on the lbc site.

  89. Craig P says:

    Wonder what Ken’s betters think of their pet jock.

  90. Graham MacQueen says:

    Could his problem be that his Party will lose control of what gets broadcast?

    How on earth will Labour (et al.) manipulate voters if they can’t control what is transmitted?

  91. ScottishPsyche says:

    It’s the Yoons’ basic assumption that the BBC in its present form is the best at news and no one can make it any better.

    We know that is not true.

    There was a programme by Allan Little, before he left the BBC, about changing politics of Scotland leading up to the referendum. It was broadcast with little fanfare and was possibly the only balanced thing I saw in that period. Allan Little was supposed to be leading BBC Scotland’s coverage of the referendum, I saw hardly anything of him.

    It seemed strangely out of kilter with the histrionic Better Together propaganda which dominated most of the peak broadcasting slots. I wonder if he left because of that.

    We have an enormous choice of quite similar programmes across the channels but now all we see are the glaring gaps.

    Icelandic TV may not be what Ken McIntosh wants to watch but it is probably what most of Iceland wants and that is the point.

    Pan loaf accents are as much a give away as Yoon flags and Rangers logos when looking for the Cringe, as Ken McIntosh exemplifies.

  92. Broch Landers says:

    Ken Macintosh is a hero to provincial, dim-witted bellends everywhere.

  93. Thomas Valentine says:

    Why is this even an issue?
    The BBC or any news broadcaster should have decades ago adopted something like this broadcast. Just to encourage viewers. Young Ken’s panic sounds like UK power politics of control the flow of information control the plebs. In which case its more suited to the 1970’s and 80’s. Technologically the world has moved on.

  94. Iain says:

    Just watched Nicola getting interviewed by Laura Kunissberg, and I am left with the impression that Laura is a hopeless yoon who has been left behind by the people of Scotland. That’s sadly the position of most of the bbc’s commentators these days.

  95. muttley79 says:

    It is pretty obvious watching that clip that Ken McIntosh is a British nationalist. Nothing wrong with that of course if that is what you believe. However, as somebody said above, he said he was not a unionist, but a devolutionist. If McIntosh really was a devolutionist then he should have no problem with a Scottish Six after all. But many unionists in Scotland never admit what they actually are, which is British nationalists. If they cannot even be honest with themselves, how on earth are they ever going to be honest with the electorate in Scotland?

  96. Nana says:

    @Flying Scotsman

    Mmmm that’s strange, there doesn’t seem to be a direct link to the whole show. Looks like its just wee snippets now.

  97. scotsbob says:

    Huge amount of time devoted to a discussion on the BBC this week about the debate over shops opening on a Sunday. Not once was it mentioned that it happens in Scotland and no contributor from Scotland on the programme.

    Later on I had to listen to a reporter on BBC news at 6pm talk about the housing situation in the north east. He meant Newcastle not Aberdeen.

  98. michael diamond says:

    Theres a lot of “pet sweaties” in ermine.

  99. Bob Mack says:

    Unionists and BBC. Same bird, different feathers.Get rid.

  100. frogesque says:


    Launch of Jenny Gilruth campaign for MSP for Glenrothes and Mid Fife today. Nothing taken for granted, need every vote we can get. Stuart Hosie at the official launch in Markinch.

    Very impressed by the candidate and Stuart. Also, brilliant location for the Campaign Hub in the High Street. Right on the corner where all the traffic has to slow down. You can’t miss it.

    Location Location Location! SLABbers eat your heart out!

  101. Thankfully not that Ian Murray says:

    So Westminster does not want anyone else trying to brainwashing Scotland
    If this news program does its job and actually gives some air time to all the stuff that Westminster does to block Scotland from moving forward then the next referendum vote will not even be close.
    For example Westminster blocking foreign Scottish university graduates from being allowed to remain and work in the Scotland country. I would have loved to see Ruthie or Kezia explain that logic or even someone from dan saff

  102. onelessday says:

    Labour appear to be getting a scudding in the Irish election Not that I know very much about the makeup of their parliament but their votes are pretty low Shame

  103. Flying Scotsman says:

    that’s all I can find too.
    Typical,the first week I miss it,and they don’t put the whole show on the site.

    Thanks for trying anyway…..wonder what was said that they don’t want repeated.

  104. Iain says:

    The prospect of a Scottish six news hour is probably too late for most people in Scotland. It will probably be run by the same anti Scottish people that produce reporting Scotland which will turn the majority of Scots off. Probably the majority of people in Scotland so distrust the bbc that any thing they say will be doubted by most of the population. They have lost any credibility because of their lies being found out. They are are an organization that lacks any credibility. Anything they do will be a damage control exercise.

  105. Ken500 says:

    It’s easy for a bunch of cheats on steroids to intimidate the referee, and win. No drug tests. Prima donnas.

    A bore. No wonder the terraces are empty.

  106. Nana says:

    @Flying Scotsman found it

    I rememeber after the show Mundell was on talking to Dale and then phone in on the fiscal farce and the caller was none to happy. Followed by a Scot who said we had subsidised England for years. Did not go down well with Dale, he poo pooed it of course!

  107. liz says:

    @Croompenstein – LK was appalling.

    You said oil was the basis blah, blah, total nonsense as we all know.

    They either believe their own lies or she was mixing it

  108. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Graham MacLure.

    You typed,
    “And don’t forget the wee lad from Deanston John Grierson the “Father of Documentaries””

    Everybody should watch this every couple of years.

  109. yesindyref2 says:

    OT “MP Natalie McGarry reveals ‘terrifying’ Turkish detention”

    Herald seems to have covered it quite fairly, compared to the BBC.

  110. Onwards says:

    Iain says:
    27 February, 2016 at 7:38 pm
    The prospect of a Scottish six news hour is probably too late for most people in Scotland. It will probably be run by the same anti Scottish people that produce reporting Scotland which will turn the majority of Scots off.

    Yeah, I would cautiously support it, and as mentioned we are talking about a single slot instead of a proper BBC Scotland channel.

    But going by the BBC apparent preferred format it will be even more cringeworthy. Instead of hosting the show from Scotland, they are talking about switching between Glasgow studios for the local news, and London studios and presenters for international news.

    So it looks like the natives here can’t even be trusted to host a major news show. A big of Holyrood news and a high court trial or two, thens its “back over to London” for the big stuff.

  111. Jim says:

    @katherine hamilton

    Ms. Riddoch spoke of Iceland’s number of channels, he accuses her of wanting Iceland’s standard of TV (not as good as the BBC of course, tho he’s probably never seen it).
    Precisely, I am sure Mackintosh can speak fluent Icelandic and has completed a comprehensive study of Icelandic television so as to be able to use it as an insult, simply staggering.

  112. Croompenstein says:

    No one has mentioned this so I’ll put a link on. It’s Joanna Cherry asserting our sovereign rights as Scots but apparently the MP for S Leicester the uncle Tam to beat all uncle Tams put a point of order in against her for stating it…

    I would ask Rock if Joanna is guilty of pedantry for asserting the sovereignty of Scots in the home of the union..

  113. Thepnr says:

    A lot of politicians, a lot of journalists and a lot of voters.


    1. bend one’s head and body in fear or apprehension or in a servile manner. “he cringed away from the blow”


    cower, shrink, draw back, pull back, recoil, start, shy (away), wince, flinch, blench, blanch, dodge, duck, crouch, shudder, shake, tremble, quiver, quail, quake; get cold feet

    “I cringe in terror every time I have to face him”

    kowtow, bow, grovel, creep, crawl, toady, fawn, truckle, cower; be servile towards, be sycophantic towards, dance attendance on, ingratiate oneself with, curry favour with; flatter, woo, pay court to, get round; informal suck up to, make up to, lick someone’s boots, be all over, fall all over, sweet-talk, soft-soap; brown-nose

    In case you didn’t know already brown-nose and grovel are the true proud but Scots place in the UK. Else your a separatist.

  114. yesindyref2 says:

    Just watched the video. Ken Macintosh used to be a promising politican.

    Don’t think I need to say any more.

  115. Robbie64 says:

    About the petition – may I suggest that those (like myself) who do not believe the SNP are trying to take over the BBC go to the bottom of the petition and click on the policy violation tab and complain about this petition. Just a thought

  116. yesindyref2 says:

    Just for interest I noticed the competition on STV during coverage of the rugby. For £20,000 and tickets for England v Wales.

    Say no more!

  117. yesindyref2 says:

    Ah, is that why the cybertwitterscottishcringers have started targetting Joanna Cherry? I did wonder.

  118. Nana says:


    Thank you for that. I mentioned Joanna’s tweet re Scottish sovereignty and her warning to Cameron sometime this week.
    Thank goodness we have Ms Cherry on our side.

    I should have looked for the speech at the time, wearing support bandages on my hands is making things difficult as can easily be seen for my last post…crikey the spelling, fingers like bunches of bananas!

  119. Iain says:

    It seems so silly that sovereignty rests with the Scottish people and we still let the English nation rule us. Is it about time we called a halt to this wrong situation. Let’s end the union as soon as possible. The Scottish people are sovereign, sadly the English people are not. Time to exercise our sovereignty.

  120. Ken500 says:

    @ Nana

    Simply the best links,


  121. Paul Haldane says:

    Ken – ‘Leslie gave the game away, they want control’. Excuse me if I missed something but its already under London control Ken.

  122. Croompenstein says:

    @Nana – take care, you are a real star on Wos and I try and read all the links you put on… I don’t know what that arse Costa’s point of order was against Joanna but he really boils my blood as a ‘Scot’ he must be one of the cringers in chief!

  123. Flying Scotsman says:

    Thanks for the link
    Yer a legend.

  124. Paula Rose says:

    Nearly nine o’clock – time for Icelandic TV on BBC4, don’t tell Ken.

  125. Iain says:

    We must break free from this unequal union. That is a fact!
    The union of kingdoms is no longer working for Scotland.
    It is time to move on.
    We must be free.
    Scotland must progress.
    We are being held back by the union.
    Freedom is essential.
    Do we really want to be represented by these no marks!

  126. Ken500 says:

    @ Joanna Cherry QC

    Absolutely Brilliant. Go tell’em. Wipe the floor with them.

  127. msean says:

    We can get news channels from all over Europe and the world on satellite tv. Just wondering why a Scottish view of world events has to be okayed from elsewhere. A couple of Scottish controlled channels can’t be that scary surely.

  128. Thepnr says:


    Looks like Joanna Cherry may have been reading Wings. Might even be a fan of Robert Peffers.

  129. Provost Sludden says:

    Ken must be raging that Kez got to go down to London and get humiliated by superior English people.

  130. Iain says:

    The bbc needs to move on. The world has the internet. We do not listen to the bbc propaganda any more. We have the whole world to surf, they are living in the past. Life has moved on, they no longer have control of your mind. That’s a bastard but life goes on. The people of Scotland will be free, there’s nothing they can do about that.

  131. Ian says:

    What age is that clown? Four? And do these folk really think that a self conscious smirk makes them look world weary & knowledgeable? Some media trainer should tell them that it just makes them look incredibly stupid. A smart person can play the fool but not vice versa. A real insult to put someone like that on national TV.

  132. HandandShrimp says:

    Poor Ken, he seems to think that the BBC is some sort of hallowed ground. He needs a reality check.

    His attempted spin about Icelandic TV was just blatantly intellectually dishonest….although he was a journalist so I guess it comes naturally. Fortunately it was so obviously dishonest the bullets swerved straight towards his own feet.

  133. K1 says:

    Could he have been any further up the BBC corporations arse? Imparial? As someone else said I think too that this is his interview fur a wee joaby efter he’s kicked tae the kurb…

  134. I still think we should get RT to have a dedicated Scottish News and current affairs service

  135. crisiscult says:

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist but if I was, I’d be thinking about the rationale behind this being as follows:

    A. why are people still voting SNP when the Scottish media keeps saying how bad they are?
    B. hmmm, maybe it’s because some of them don’t watch or read or pay attention to the Scottish media and some of them do, but also follow the UK media so know the UK government are so much worse
    A. ok, so let’s deal with the second group – let’s edit out the shit stuff about the UK, keep in the good suff they’re doing, and there you go, a few more people thinking the SNP version of the NHS is bad cos now they don’t have the UK one to compare it to.

  136. peter says:

    Its obviously just coincidence that Keunssbergs dad has made donations to the Labour Party???

  137. Lollysmum says:

    Costa couldn’t get elected by Scots so had to go to England to win an election. He’s never going to forgive Scots for that rejection 🙂

  138. Ian Brotherhood says:

    What clowns like ‘Ken’ fail to recognise is how much cringe they are creating by their embarrassingly chronic denial.

    Dogs in any Scottish street could’ve told you, on Sep 19th 2014, that SLab was heading for the knackers yard. The results last May confirmed as much, and we’ve only a matter of weeks before they’re swinging from a hook, skinless, with sundry vessels still pulsing, but nae heid, hooves or guts remaining.

    Ken wants a job with the BBC? Good luck to him – they’re next for shaving, and he can fuck right off down the lavvy with the rest of them.

  139. Tam Jardine says:

    We have been living with this cultural cringe for so long now I find it hard to imagine our country without it.

    Having our cultural expressions banned, ridiculed, detested, demonised and patronised for hundreds of years will do that. We’ve been belittled for so long it takes a wrench for some to break free of it all.

    And now the masters are getting jittery we are to be fed a diet of propaganda of a more subtle variety- homegrown. More of Laura Keunsberg pompous, privileged class spinning every story with their see through war on Scottish Independence.

    Am tired of bitching and pontificating on Wings. I don’t want to spend the next 20 years trying to find ways re-express our sovereignty if the wind is blowing in the right direction and the planets align in 2021. I want to simply express our sovereignty.

    I want to express our resolution clearly and decisively 3 times in the coming months- SNP thumping majority, followed by a strong in vote up here (and hopefully an out vote down there) then a strong public demand for autonomy immediately after. A huge fucking rally. We need to start driving events (which is a strange thing to type from the bath)

    With the BBC in our way we got so far but failed to break free. I would suggest we all try and infiltrate but I checked their website and almost all the jobs going are in london.

    From one of Ian Brotherhood’s excellent posts a few days back, which I would struggle to add to or improve on, hence I merely repeat:

    ” We have the people and talent to do whatever we like in terms of ‘art’ – the matter of knocking-together a ‘Scottish Six’ would have much more to with cash and logistics than want of ability and is, frankly, a minor concern in the broader picture, but there is a central and inconvenient truth which Stuart Cosgrove and his supporters will have to face, sooner or later – in an independent Scotland there will be no place for the BBC and many of the people who have manned its Scottish garrisons in recent decades.

    I’ve met many of the WOS regulars. Between us we have enough experience and talent to do pretty much anything, given the resources, and we represent a mere fraction of the talent-pool in this country. Those resources will never ever be granted by a WM govt. We have to take them – constitutional independence would just be the first step.

  140. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Tam Jardine –

    Cheers for that. I’m blushing.

    Seriously though – another WOS Glasgow night is in the offing, although we still haven’t nailed a date, but I’d love to make it a chance to showcase some of the people we have here in WOS.

    Just t’other day, in The National, there were letters from Cadogan Enright, Dave McEwan Hill, and someone else whose name has slipped for now. And the crossword was one of mine.

    I hope we can make the next get-the-gather a wee bit different – perhaps start much earlier than usual and have an open-mike set-up where we can do whatever takes our fancy for a few hours before a ‘proper’ stage act in the evening?

    If you’ve any thoughts Tam, or anyone else, please bring them to O/T. We have to up our game a wee bit, and there are plenty of ways we could do it.

    Hoots again mister!

  141. Breeks says:

    Can’t say that I’ve ever watched Icelandic TV so it’s not something I can judge.

    I have had the misfortune to suffer decades of bloated BBC self righteous propaganda which treats my country like a second rate interruption to its Britnat agenda. I doubt also that Icelandic TV berates it’s neighbours the way the BBC constantly stereotypes the French/Germans/Irish/Americans/Dutch or whoever…

    We shouldn’t be using Iceland as a yardstick anyway. We should be comparing the BBC to some other state funded monopoly to compare whether the £3.8 billion annual budget is money well spent, or overpriced, overrated, overpaid, overvalued horseshit. I rather suspect there is nothing which bears comparison to the BBC, and pound for pound, like for like, Icelandic TV might provide infinitely better value for money.

    I fully expect Icelandic TV is made by Icelandic people for Icelandic people. Something the BBC cannot claim about its captive audience in Scotland.

  142. FairFerfochen says:


    I had a swatch at the Leicester MP’s point of order and found this from 1999

    Shenanigans go way back

  143. Fred says:

    A man of straw. well, I say man?

    But for Slabs Byzantine electoral system he’d have been leading their party.

  144. Sweep says:

    Re Ken McIntosh’s “incredulous horror… is made even more remarkable by the fact that Macintosh himself is a former BBC producer.”

    I think that, on the contrary, that fact explains everything.

    New Labour, Scottish Labour, BBC Scotland… it’s almost incestuous.

  145. heedtracker says:

    C4 showing Braveheart right now. What ever you think of the movie, if you were either BBC England or BBC Scotland you went berserk either monstering it factually with enrage old buffer historians ranting over fact inaccuracy, for Holywood? or you came up with endless different ways of laughing at it.

    None of the BBC mockery was that great, as per, but French and Saunders went nuts with it and the then BBC Scotland comedy crew went even more mental, mocking Scots actually watching the movie, turned us all into a English hating mob you see, hilarious.

    Its 1995 but even then, BBC creep show was that shite at everything not UKOK. Especially considering the millions of hours of BBC endless English historic dramas, drama docs, docs, David Starkey etc etc.

  146. Ghillie says:

    Dr Spock eyebrows but nae brains.

    Jings. Ken Macintosh really hates Scotland.

  147. yesindyref2 says:

    Worth pointing out that Ken Macintosh is fourth on the list in Ayrshire, and if the Labour list vote drops to say 15% on the List overall, with a corresponding rise in SNP / Con / Green, Labour would very likely only get 3 list seats.

  148. yesindyref2 says:

    Sorry, how parochial of me! I mean West of Scotland, not just Ayrshire.

  149. Dorothy Devine says:

    I am so glad that Rev Stu did not hang up his boxing gloves after the referendum and so glad that the intelligent,informative,numerous gang that frequents this place continue unabated.

    My sanity depends on you and WGD – others too.

  150. Breeks says:

    So Ken McIntosh is a former BBC producer? Really?

    Is there anyone in Labour who doesn’t have BBC affiliations? Good heavens, perhaps we need a MacArthy type witch hunt; “Are you, or have you ever been, a member of the BBC?

    One for the conspiracy theorists; what if it isn’t the product of Labour’s infiltration of the BBC, but the BBC’s infiltration of the Labour Party? Perhaps, like all corruption, there’s a kickback running both ways.

    Is corruption too strong a word to use? Well, just suppose for a minute, say you had a free thinking apolitical news broadcaster, (such a pleasant fiction brother), and a political party or parties who placed their faith in honest presentation of the issues; a vital and free thinking democracy if you will…Then one party, and the dominant broadcaster colluded to wilfully subvert that democracy and see it cynically manipulated to suit their narrow ends from unseen puppet strings, then strive to maintain that unholy alliance for decades. The word corruption seems too meek a description. It strikes me you might arrest these people as criminal subversives.

    We have been so effectively brainwashed by this BBC trash for so long that our point of moral complacency has been shifted along the spectrum and is nowhere near where it properly should be.

  151. Breeks says:

    …and just to add one more question…

    At what point, and by what mechanism, would you impeach that broadcaster’s right to broadcast?

  152. louis.b.argyll says:

    bbc.. Coming soon…


  153. Andrew Mclean says:

    To be honest I don’t know anything about Icelandic TV,
    So I have decided to ask them, only fair that they are aware of the conversation surrounding them. this is the email address of an Icelandic monitor, I will post more later!

    I will let you know how I get on.

  154. Kevin Evans says:

    So Ken or labour as that who he is representing is arguing to keep us ignorant. Continue with the mushroom theme.

    There you go folks – the Scottish labour part – to quote a well know film he should have stood up and shouted “yous can’t handle the truth”.

  155. Early Ball says:

    Just downloading Trapped. Thanks Ken. Would never have known about it.

  156. A. MacAlister says:

    Rather than allow the BBC to deliver this why not open it up to tender so ITN or other independent production companies can deliver it. This might offer the chance for new blood to emerge and not allow the usual suspects to ruin it. I have never watched Scotland 2016 because it is so awful. The Scottish Government should set out a strategy for Scottish film and TV that looks at moving away from the current set up and letting new voices be heard.

  157. Meindevon says:

    Just watched that interview with Nicola and LK. How the First Minister keeps her cool I just don’t know.

    As for Laura, well it would appear her journalistic skills come from reading the headlines in the Daily Wail and the Express. No depth at all to her questions. Very, very poor.

    Been watching Trapped (coincidentally) which is really good. It has a similar feel to another one last year set in a cold, snowy Scandinavian(?) place, the name of which escapes me. The only downside to Trapped is I have to watch it wearing gloves and a scarf as I can feel that freezing wind and snow in my living room!

  158. wee_monsieur says:

    I used to admire Ken Macintosh.

  159. Fred says:

    Remember, Slab has an Iceland Baaaaaad, agenda, Gordon Brown invoked anti-terrorism laws against the Icelandic government during the crash when he saved the world.

  160. Macart says:

    Oh FFS!

    Seriously? This guy used to work in the media and that’s the scope of his ambition for broadcasting in Scotland?

    A disgrace.

  161. Ghillie says:

    I meant MR Spock eyebrows!

  162. Roger Hyam says:

    Rev. How about some stats on what percentage of news is England only? I certainly tune out of the BBC News website because so much of it is English only. e.g. the health section is all NHS England and the Education is all English Education just for starters.

    My personal solution is to listen to BBC World Service and/or Radio 3.

  163. Grouse Beater says:

    Macintosh is symptomatic of a whole cross-section of people who ‘process’ news.

    No point in me repeating past comments. It’s all here:

  164. Art Iculate says:

    Ken is talking on a program which, by his own logic, need not exist because it could be covered by Newsnight.

  165. turnip_ghost says:

    The minute he tried to manipulate Lesley’s words about the Icelandic Tv I realised either he is an utter buffoon or didn’t bother listening to her properly. Either way, he’s a twat. Can’t believe he died such a blatant lie!

  166. HaggisHunter says:

    I used to think Ken McIntosh was okay, until the way he behaved there, going on about Lesley wanting Icelandic TV, when it was obvious to everyone she used Iceland as an example.
    Is he really that thick?

  167. Greannach says:

    An impressive performance from Ken Macintosh there. Uriah Heep – look to your laurels: Ken feels even more humble than you do!

  168. Greannach says:

    PS. Wasn’t Laura Kuensberg’s father a great donor to the Branch? The Branch party and the Branch broadcaster really seem to be joined at the hip.

  169. Ali says:

    I hope this newfangled Jock-o-vision will pay proper deference to Her Majesty and her majestic progeny

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