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It’s the love that makes it worthwhile

Posted on December 30, 2017 by

Scottish people are the BEST at compliments 🙂

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    97 to “It’s the love that makes it worthwhile”

    1. David Smith says:

      Haven’t you been a “necessary arsehole” before?
      Still, you can’t do it right without pissing somebody off! ?

    2. jimnarlene says:

      Nice to be wanted, eh?

    3. IZZIE says:

      We are here and aware they are not going to silence us Watch out rev remember Willie Macrae and GrAHAM KELLY

    4. Betty Boop says:

      Hey, those are mild in my circle. 🙂

    5. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      A “necessary arsehole” – a rare backhanded compliment. Heh, heh. Just to keep anyone from getting too full of themselves, ye ken.

      And on a different plane entirely from the anonymous “some other arsehole” beloved of the “Scottish” =cough= mainstream media.

    6. Normski says:

      You hang in there big chap. If you could just ease back on the anti-Rangers stuff for us die-hard Rangers indy supporting republicans then we can all be real cool fonzes.

    7. Morag says:

      Wasn’t it “a necessary wanker” before?

      Willie MacRae shot himself and DAVID Kelly was also a suicide. No wonder Wings gets tarred with the “conspiraloon” brush.

    8. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Mind you, Rev Stu is not of the “some @r$€hole” clan – he’s OUR @r$€hole.

      May his lum lang reek!

    9. Conan the Librarian says:

      Result. When they go to the lawyers, you know they have something to hide.

    10. Clootie says:

      …but do you care?

    11. Arbroath1320 says:

      I’d much rather have someone who is a “necessary arsehole” detailing the LIES and FALSHOODS from the ignorant incompetent usealess earseholes in the Unionist media than be left with only the useless earseholes of the unionist media to rely on for my TRUTH and other information.

      Keep it up Stu.

      They only abuse you because they have no answer to the TRUTHS you pour forth.

    12. Alan says:

      All arseholes are necessary. Otherwise we’d all be full of shite.

    13. Helena Brown says:

      Arseholes are necessary indeed useful, they dispose of waste.
      Stuart does the same job.

    14. Muscleguy says:

      I am regularly very glad you are on our side Rev. Imagine if the Yoons had anyone like you. Everybody needs an arsehole or they just either fill up with shit or spread it everywhere.

      I have a Physiology PhD so I know about such things. Oor arsehole is pointed straight at the right targets and they dinnae like it up ’em.

    15. shiregirl says:

      Fair enough. You are doing a fab job. Keep the heed – the nutters are out and taunting.

      You threatened to block me for saying I liked buns on men…

      I still think a bun might be nice….

    16. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      The Centre will be unsettled with the last two postings on Wings, exposes what they are and they can’t defend it , without the silent running from the TV Broadcasters and the Newspapers.

      The RTE report regarding the attempt by the English Government to murder the Irish PM must also cause discomfort to the Centre.

      They will have to lash out as they have few options, how will this go down with the Brexit negotiations will the UK try to murder there way out of the mess?

      Watch out for the lash out.

    17. Robert Kerr says:


      This does not compute.

      Tories are arseholes.

      Tories are full of shite.

    18. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Sorry their. Wine cursed stuff.

    19. frogesque says:

      Ignoring any anatomical references:

      Stu, you are the dog’s bollocks when it comes to us YESers!

    20. Conan the Librarian says:

      @ Normski

      A good joke. Ha. Ha.

    21. Arbroath1320 says:

      I posted this on the previous thread but I’m reposting it here.

      It looks like oor Stu is not the only one who is about to upset the unionist media.

      Apparently Martin Keatings has something he has been working on since 2014 that he plans to publish after the bells tomorrow.

      How can the unionists survive this double onslaught I wonder, getting slapped aboot the face with a fresh wet fish on a daily basis from oor Stu and now to be be on the receiving end of a severe kicking (possibly) from Martin Keatings. 😀

    22. mark robertson says:

      We owe this man our support as he is the only news outlet that is actually accurate and free of bullshit

    23. Bawheid Bragg says:

      The most feared man in Scottish politics.
      Keep up the good work!

    24. Lollysmum says:

      We love you really Stu but don’t want to embarrass you!
      Just glad you’re on our side & not the unions.

    25. yesindyref2 says:

      When God created the body, all organs of the body argued over who should be the Boss.
      Brain said he controls all parts of the body, he should be the Boss.
      Eyes said the body would be in the dark without them, they should be the Boss.
      Heart said he circulates blood, he should be the Boss.
      Stomach said he digests foods, he should be the Boss.
      Legs said they take the body wherever he wants to, they should be the Boss.
      And when Arsehole applied for the job, all organs of the body laughed at him.

      Arsehole got very angry and closed up.
      After a few days, Brain got rusty, Eyes got foggy, Heart got lazy, Stomach got dirty, And Legs got wobbly.
      In the end, they unanimously accepted it and Arsehole became the Boss.
      This simple explanation proves that, you don’t have to be brainy to be a Boss, but being an Arsehole is more than enough.


    26. David Anderson says:

      Stu, for what it is worth, i fucking love that you get right into these people, i also love there are those aiding you in that quest, in these days when we hear of the usual cabel being ‘honoured’ and the constant stream of evidence of those acting for themselves it is heartening to see this type of exposé, make me feel glad that at the very last some will be persuaded of their mendacity and hopefully vote accordingly. If you piss off a few who need it badly then all the better. If bad publicity comes to those who hide behind their money and positions then great. The Scottish media is for the large part a complicit bunch of sycophants, they make me stick, i want ont for you To continue to show them up for what they are. A fucking happy hogmanay To you from this appreciative man.

    27. winifred mccartney says:

      You must be doing something very right and its got them very worried – they have been rumbled – they are losing big time and they know it. Keep up the good work and take care.

    28. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @David Anderson (9.56) –

      Hear hear.


    29. ScotsRenewables says:

      Paying for lawyers on a Saturday night must have taken quite a slice from their campaign funds . . .

      Keep up the good work, as someone said before, we all have your back Stu.

    30. Colin Alexander says:


      Nice poem. Alex Clark (Thepnr) will appreciate it.

      Just wondering, are you your own boss in your business?

    31. Macart says:

      @Helena Brown

      Post of the day. 😀

    32. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Arbroath1320 at 9:46 pm.

      “Apparently Martin Keatings has something he has been working on since 2014 that he plans to publish after the bells tomorrow.”

      I am also paraphrasing from what I posted on the “Secret” page, now hingin’ on in the cyberether. Here’s the jist of it…

      In your link “forward as one” is mentioned. Have a look at the web site.

      That page mentions a conference on 17th December. Was anyone here at that conference?

      You can Google “Martin Keatings” and “Forward As One” for further info.

    33. Donald anderson says:

      He’s a hero in my book.

    34. Thepnr says:

      The last couple of days reading Wings have been very enlightening and also highly entertaining.

      I really can’t see SiU surviving this after the Green Ink episode and now the data protection breaches. Who in their their right mind among the elite would want to bankroll this lot now?

      You can be sure though that the money will just be diverted elsewhere because for them there is too much to lose. These Islands maybe hahaha I hope they are the benefactors.

      Peoples eyes are being opened, it’s becoming obvious who those are that are most vehemently against Independence and it’s those that have plenty not those that have nothing. Get that message out wide and far and the YES side will be home and clear.

      There will be another referendum before 2021 so get ready now as this is the best chance and last chance we will ever have, or at least I’ll have.

      Great work Rev, your work and that of your supporters really will be the difference.

    35. Peter Brunskill says:

      It’s essential to have an arsehole otherwise you end up exploding shittily

    36. Thepnr says:

      @Colin Alexander

      “Just wondering, are you your own boss in your business?”

      Yes I am, Open Seas Engineering. Why you asking do you want to buy me out?

    37. wull2 says:

      See if we can make it a hat trick of lists before the end of the year, and make this year the last as we know it.

    38. Thepnr says:

      @Colin Alexander

      It’s all online Colin as I’m sure you’ve already found out. Name, address ect ect. I’ve nothing to hide from nosy bastards like you.

      Are you as confident?

    39. defo says:

      With recently disclosed papers informing us that MI$ gave the UVF more than mere moral support in their murder campaigns Morag, what’s a Nat and a Dr here or there to them.
      No bacofoil required here.
      WMcC was such a good shot, he managed to pull the trigger twice!, and DK slashed the ‘wrong’ wrist.

      Single ply foil for the late, great Robin Cook though. Maybe.

      Re. postponed posting. What HAVE you done Stu!
      Effing excellent exposurising.. Worth a whole % point upwards. Potentially.
      Will the SH be splashing on P1 ? The National New Years day?
      Please make them sue.
      They’ve plenty, but i’m sure we could crowdfund a Hutz for them, out of the kindness… 😉

    40. Dr Jim says:

      Thanks to the Internet Stuart’s too well known to accidently shoot himself with his secret Glock in a fit of depression or kill himself with a polonium sandwich

      Before the fame created by the Web accidents like that used to happen to lots of folk

      Accidently of course

    41. Stu you are a true antiestablishmentarianist

      a political philosophy that views a nation’s or society’s power structure as corrupt, repressive, exploitative, or unjust,

      when I first supported Independence I always thought the enemy was the English,

      then I started to read Wings (thanks to the ordinary mum)and then I thought the enemy was Westminster,

      once I became more enlightened through reading Posts by Stu and the comments(although if no paragraph breaks i scroll through) i realised the real enemy was/is the establishment,

      even with Independence the parasite that is the establishment will try and infect our reborn nation,

      there should be NO amnesty for the Yoons,they need kicked out passports withdrawn never to return,


      Morag is correct,MacRae shot himself in the head,

      then threw the gun 60 yards away from inside the car,


    42. Colin Alexander says:

      @Alex Clark

      I’m no a nosey person. I’ve no interest in your personal identity or anyone else’s on here. Likewise, I’ve no interest in promoting my identity to others on here.

      Good luck to you and your business for 2018. Here’s hoping The Wood Group disnae drive you out of business.

    43. Bob Mack says:

      Arsehole = Rectum = wrecked em. You see what I did there?

      You are slowly but surely nullifying these creatures.

      Like others I want you to look after your personal security Rev. These vermin have strong links to Orange and therefore paramilitary organisations. Do not forget that some of their committee were in control of armed forces during the joint operations with loyalist organisations.

    44. Juan P says:

      Keep up the good work Rev.

      Some of your investigative journalism is second to none e.g.the expose of nasty wee bigoted xenophobe Eric Simpson which seemed beyond the wit of the Press and Journal to uncover.

    45. Thepnr says:

      @Colin Alexander

      Save your good wishes they’re wasted on me. You’re a joke and a fraud.

    46. Arbroath1320 says:

      Think there is only one thing to say about the ludicrously named Scotland in Union bunch of ignorant incompetent greed driven bauble chasers.

      They are all shitting themselves so much that they are living in the bathroom sat 24/7 on the loo. I think what oor Stu has uncovered so far can only be best described as scratching the surface of the corrupt unionist fasination with spewing shite about independence.

    47. shiregirl says:

      Anyways… best wishes for the New Year from Cullen to all. xxx

    48. yesindyref2 says:

      Not sure if this of some previous relevance:

      The exemption breaks down into four elements:
      (1) the data is processed only for journalism, art or literature,
      (2) with a view to publication of some material,
      (3) with a reasonable belief that publication is in the public interest, and
      (4) with a reasonable belief that compliance is incompatible with journalism.

      The focus will usually be on elements three and four. In essence, there should be a reasonable argument that the public interest justifies what would otherwise be a breach of the DPA.

    49. Valerie says:

      Quite a few times, and it seems more so recently, alleged Indy supporters on Twitter state ‘s by are you supporting this guy, he’s a liability to independence.

      I give them the benefit of the doubt, that they are Indy support. However, I tell them butt out with telling others what to think, tweet, read etc.

      They generally don’t respond, which is fine, it means they accept or don’t have a robust comeback.

      I don’t agree with Stu’s every utterance. How could I? However, I recognise hard work, intelligence, commitment to a cause I believe in, and a resource we desperately need.

      We should remember that Stu has willingly made himself a target, and that takes cojones and bravery to stick to the course. This year alone he went through a very scary experience, due in no small part, I’m thinking, to his notoriety.

      I respect the guy. I contribute what I can to the Crowdfund. I share material and learn much from discussions here, most of the time.

      I’m so glad he’s on our side.

    50. yesindyref2 says:

      He also seems to think GFY means “Good For You”.

    51. TheItalianJob says:

      @Valerie at 11.02pm

      Well said. Couldn’t agree with you more.

    52. Clootie says:

      @Colin Alexander
      ….you really need to decide on your cover story/image.
      Didn’t you finish the course?

    53. jfngw says:

      I’m pretty sure we are all arseholes in many ways, you just need to find the right person to ask. If someone doesn’t think you are an arsehole it probably indicates you have no opinion on anything.

    54. Sinky says:

      I trust many have achieved and continue to circulate the Scotland In Union donor spreadsheet.
      Disappointed Stuart has removed the article as he would have been backed to the hilt by his readership.
      Call their lawyers bluff as SiU and their donor don’t want publicity

    55. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Keep up the good work Stu.

      Looking forward to “The lost art of keeping a secret” reappearing.

      The problem SiU and the Entitled classes have in this battle is simple.

      They have always depended on the workers/lower classes and the ‘Jocks’ doing the heavy lifting and hand to hand combat.

      Their chronic uselessness shows they are now left to hold the fort on their own.

    56. Jockanese Wind Talker says:


      BoJo goes and talks tough in Moscow ‘cos you know Russia & Putin are Bad (aye, I know it was on the BBC) 😉


      “UK buys Russian gas from US-sanctioned company amid freezing winter”

      Imagine what Englands energy security will be like when Scotland is independent.

    57. mrbfaethedee says:

      Necessary arsehole?!

      So frequently it’s “called him out”, not “we disagreed but my moral high-horsing won’t let me see it as a simple disagreement”

      Anyway – keep on trucking Stu.

      Tangentially, why is that whenever there’s a whiff of legalities on your timeline that Doleman character appears like a fly roond shite?

    58. Training Day says:

      More power to ye Rev. Last couple of articles have the colonials and colonised alike spinning.

    59. Morag says:

      If we’re thinking about what the establishment might do to neutralise Stu, we don’t need to imagine it, we’ve seen it. Arresting political dissidents on trumped-up allegations is straight out of the fascists’ playbook. And I still say he needs to consult a specialist human rights lawyer about this, preferably before they do it again.

      There’s no need to indulge in fanciful, melodramatic scenarios based on false reports of things that didn’t happen.

    60. Thepnr says:


      Always a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected/expected.

    61. ScotsRenewables says:

      Well I’ve got a secret, I cannot say
      Blame all the movement to give it away
      You’ve got somethin’, I understand
      Holding it tightly, caught on command
      Leap of faith, do you doubt?
      Cut you in, I just cut you out

      Whatever you do
      Don’t tell anyone
      Whatever you do
      Don’t tell anyone

      I look for reflections, in your face
      Canine devotion, time can’t erase
      Out on the corner, locked in your room
      I never believe them and I never assume
      Still can’t believe there is a lie
      Promises promise, an eye for an eye
      We’ve got something to reveal
      No one can know how we feel

      Whatever you do
      Don’t tell anyone
      Whatever you do
      Don’t tell anyone

      Whatever you do
      Don’t tell anyone
      Whatever you do
      Don’t tell

      I think you already know
      How far I’d go not to say
      You know the art isn’t gone
      And I’m taking this all to the grave

      Whatever you do
      Don’t tell anyone
      Whatever you do
      Don’t tell anyone

      Whatever you do
      Don’t tell anyone
      Whatever you do
      Don’t tell

    62. Cactus says:

      24 hours to go till midnight Scotland.

    63. Robert Peffers says:

      @Morag says: 30 December, 2017 at 9:21 pm

      “Willie MacRae shot himself Allegedly

      ” … and DAVID Kelly was also a suicide.”


      “No wonder Wings gets tarred with the “conspiraloon” brush.”
      That’ll be allegedly too I suppose.

    64. Alex Wright says:

      It was a while back 2012 (I think), I said, that at the end of this journey, you would be considered one of the most influential figures of the Yes Movement. At the cusp of this year, I can feel a resurgence of belief emerging, a tangible feeling of ” We will win this”. This is in no small measure due to you. Many thanks for refusing to be intimidated by the hostility that emanates from all of the Media outlets. It takes courage and balls to keep on persevering and facing up to the onslaughts, abuse and still inform us with indisputable facts. This will be one the reasons that when I make my first toast at the bells, you will be included.

    65. Hamish100 says:

      Nae harm to you sinky but stu has to go ca canny.

      The unionists want this site to go to the wall and others. It is important we don’t let them force us into any error.

      I saw and read enough to know they are Cr**p** themselves. Even spanner woke up to attack on twitter.

      Look forward to our big papers to discuss.

      Any delay just extends their discomfort

    66. heedtracker says:

      Its the things you love the most that will destroy you.

      But all that aside, is not now the time to get an actual Wings over Scotland newspaper up and running?

      Mighty arsholes grow out of little ones:D

    67. stewartb says:

      Jockanese Wind Talker @ 11:21 pm

      Says: “The problem SiU and the Entitled classes have in this battle is simple. They have always depended on the workers/lower classes and the ‘Jocks’ doing the heavy lifting and hand to hand combat. Their chronic uselessness shows they are now left to hold the fort on their own.”

      But not completely true! As you will recall, this ‘Entitled class’ is benefiting from the support of the Green Ink Gang. And this Gang in turn appears to enjoy ‘solidarity’ with certain luminaries of the Scottish branch of the Labour Party – was Edinburgh Counsellor/Doctor/Professor etc., etc. Scott Arthur not listed amongst the Gang members?

      Who would have thought that protesting a common cause of workers in e.g. Glasgow and Liverpool as a defence of British Nationalism could end up finding common cause with the ‘Entitled class’ in SiU against self-determination for Scotland?

    68. Highland Wifie says:

      Well said Valerie at 11.02 from me too.
      Sums up my feelings exactly.

      More power to you Stu.

    69. John O says:

      Said it before and I will say it again, yir Scotland’s I.F. Stone min keep it up.

    70. Four days ago Morag would have said that `The Green Ink Gang` was a conspiracy and we were all embarrassing the Yes campaign with our tinfoil hat pish.

    71. Meg merrilees says:

      23 hours to go till 2018 – will this be the year for Scotland?

      If so, it’s in no small way down to your Herculean efforts Stu – you have worked TIRELESSLY to get the truth out, at great risk to yourself. You are an inspiration.

      I hope the weekend passes off safely for you – maybe even that you are visiting friends for a few days. Have a Guid New Year and All the Best for 2018.

      I second Alex Wright above and will raise my glass to you at the Bells. Well done, man.
      Here’s to 2018…

    72. Edward Freeman says:

      From a fellow arsehole

      Dear Stu, I would be proud to be counted as an arsehole right alongside you.

      Maybe this coming year will be the year Scotland becomes a normal country again, and if not next year, then soon. Either way, we will owe you a great debt of gratitude.

      So, you have my sincere thanks, and my sincere best wishes for a happy and successful new year.

    73. Aye, Stu, yie’ll dae fir me. Get right intae the bastards.

    74. Robert Peffers says:

      If you guys and gals think things are bad now you should be very glad you were not involved way back in the 40s, 50, and even the 60s. Just about everyone’s hand was against the SNP and we were regarded much like the Eastern Europeans, Muslims and IRA were now. We were thin on the ground and thought to be the loony fringe.

      You get used to the abuse and the hate – the first 40 years are the worst.

      Goodnight everyone and, for those still up and about, don’t stay up too long.

    75. Capella says:

      I would challenge the epithet “arsehole”. It is entirely inappropriate.
      You are an investigative journalist. That is a legitimate and worthwhile endeavour. Would that the majority of journalists in Scotland had your integrity.

      But they don’t.

    76. Petra says:

      @ Stu….. Suffice to say we’d have nowhere near 49% support for Independence without you Stu and I for one can’t thank you enough for the work that you’ve done. Keep it up, it won’t be long now, and take care of yourself as I reckon that you’re on their top ten list of individuals that are the greatest threat to their beloved, totally disfunctional Union. The man who’s capable of robbing Westminster, already practically bankrupt, of their cash cow and that won’t do.


      @ Thepnr at 10:18pm ……. “You can be sure though that the money will be just be diverted elsewhere because for them (SiU) there is too much to lose. These Islands maybe hahaha I hope they are the benefactors.”

      I see that These Islands are having problems too, Thepnr. Hahaha. Over 50 Oxford professors, researchers and lecturers have signed an open letter relating to Professor Nigel Biggar trying to rewrite the history of the Empire. In other words they’re livid about him spouting his propaganda far and wide. Regius Professor Nigel Biggar who also spouts his propaganda about an Independent Scotland on the ‘These Islands’ site. All in it together. The Better Together liars.

    77. yesindyref2 says:

      My wife calls me an arsehole and my reply is “Once an arsehole, always an arsehole”.

      It’s just going through the motions, helps to pass that time of day!

    78. Petra says:

      @ Capella at 1:39pm …. “Challenge the Epithet.”

      Totally agree with you Capella. The term is entirely inappropriate and totally demeaning, imo.

      Stu is probably the UK’s number ONE investigative journalist and will no doubt go far, if he so wishes, when we have control over broadcasting in an Independent Scotland. Being known as an ar*eh*le, however “necessary, is a term to be avoided. I’m sure we could all come up with dozens of more complimentary nouns than that to describe him.

    79. SCrossbill says:

      Better to be a necessary arsehole than an unnecessary arsehole. We already have more than enough unnecessary arseholes, as you yourself remind us pretty much every day.

      If you ever worry that you’re unappreciated, imagine the hollow feel of the bit of tin that LibDem woman got for services to politics haha, and ask yourself: would I rather I was that person?

      It’s better to be embraced as a necessary arsehole by us than weaponised as a necessary arsehole by them, I hope you agree.

    80. Thepnr says:


      Genius wouldn’t be far of the mark, that’s for certain. Call me a sycophant LOL

    81. geeo says:

      Is it actually true that the Sunday Herald are running with a story that Richard Leonard says “of course Scotland could be an independent country” ?

      If true…”you had one job Dickie”…lol!!!

    82. Big Phil says:

      yer a big pile o pish…..
      many times ye said that tae Family members.?
      OR…. Ya big lanky steaming pile o pish , but “A love ye”.
      Stu.. as above Big Chap. 😉

    83. Big Phil says:

      Im one o them Da’s that rip the pish oot ma weans, always have done, I’m eastend glesga, thought it would toughen ma kids up.
      My oldest daughter says tae her friends “Ma Da is lovely, he’s just a big fanny”, I LOVE THAT.
      And she’s ma wee wingman when we goto marches.

      Big Fanny……I love it. 😉

    84. yesindyref2 says:

      @Big Phil
      Same. Did it from about P1, probably before. Take the p a bit, a wee insult, a mock telling off and at that age backtrack quick and let them know I was kidding, then bit by bit get worse and slower to smile. Problem now is when I genuinely insult them they just laugh 🙁

    85. carjamtic says:

      Make no mistake about it Scotland’s/Wales’s/Northern Ireland ‘s long term futures in the union are at….how best to put it …an industrial/productive dead end,well maybe the gambling/drinking/sex industries as their only future,you know…the service industries.

      Scotland as The LA of the North complete with Big Game hunting for the high rollers, (oh deer) I suppose Wales could be the go to place,for the unmentionables and NI to get pished on a stagger/hen night.

      Get it all on a deal, a 4 night trip covers everything.

      Ok only joking….accept some blue beads as an apology,didn’t intentionally mean to fuck with you…after all it’s only business…right….nothing personal.

      Bottoms Up Campers.


    86. twathater says:

      As most have said be safe Stu, you are the fulcrum on which we are balanced , your readership attests to the importance we place on you , be under no illusion your defeat or weakening would signal celebration by the establishment , with this in mind you do know that you have the undying support both financially and morally from the rest of us ( ar**holes )

      Thanks from everyone here for all the stress you bring to yourself on our behalf

    87. Dorothy Devine says:

      It is the last day of 2017 and the hope and aspirations of 2018 loom.

      May it bring the freedom to rid ourselves of the pollution of WMD’s, of Westminster thieves and all things and folk who wish Scotland ill.

      A thousand thanks and more to you Rev Stu and as others have said tak tent!

    88. Ghillie says:

      Perfectly said Dorothy Devine :), and many others above =)

      Early hours of the last day of 2017.

      So much for this being a year of little news!!!

      Hey there Rev Stu, introduced to you on Calton Hill by my son, happy day =)

      I dont have rapier wit to offer on Wings, or tremendous political accumen, nor enviable knowledge of our history or culture (Oh. I wish) but I can give you and all Wingers this: my thanks and above all, my love =)

    89. Ken500 says:

      Never has their been a smarter, more talented person of high ability who puts these talents to good use. Totally altruistic who cares about justice, believes in right and wrong and cares about others, especially the vulnerable. than Rev Stu. Off wit and ability. A phenomenon. If he wasn’t there he would have to be invented. A class performance. Keeping people sane and exposing the corruption and duplicity especially in political matters. The political commentor of the century. Beating the dishonourable, greedy, lying political criminals at their own game.

      Thanks a Billion for all you do. Worth your weigh in gold. Thanks can be never enough. Who can count and read a balance sheet. Of exceptional ability. Amazing. Of excellent methodology and follows the guidelines to the letter. Unlike most of the so called ‘professionals’. ‘Professionals’ breaking the Law at every turn. Playing the game of corruption for the money. No matter who it harms, kills or mains. A treat to humanity.

      Rev Stu helps Scotland become a better society. Like the majority of countries.

    90. Ken500 says:

      UK unionist a Gov. A threat to humanity. A complete and utter disgrace. Of fraud, lies and non democratic.

    91. Les Wilson says:

      Well Stu, you will not be surprised at all this Yoonery against you, and suspect it will have no impact on you whatsoever.
      Not nice of course but I do not think you will be troubled about it, expected probably after the disclosures over the last few days you have hit weak spost in yoonyonist(?) hearts.

      You are very appreciated in what you do, and show the Yoons up for what they are. So up and onwards in 2018, keep up the good work and we will support you in all ways we can.
      On Independence you will get the recognition you deserve.

    92. Colin Alexander says:


      Things go missing in the post.

      Maybe that’s what happened to Theresa May’s reply to Nicola Sturgeon regarding indyref2.

      Or maybe the Tories are just going to ignore any letters from the devolution branch office begging their WM masters’ permission for a S30.

      What’s the answer to that when the SNP servants don’t get their masters’ permission to hold a S30 approved indyref?

    93. winifred mccartney says:

      I’m glad to say many, many people support you Stu and will come to your aid if necessary. The work you do on behalf of indy is superb and calling out the hypocrisy and downright badness of some people is the right thing to do. Because our MSM and newspapers are incapable of unbiased reporting we need you even more. The BBC is a busted machine for the state and more and more of us know it and once you see for yourself you cannot go back. I know everyone of us would spin a story to our own advantage but it will be a version of the truth. I cannot say the BBC is capable of even a version – it has spun out of control and is just an arm of WM.

      It just worries me what other lies we are told – if you read French papers or German of even some American you get a completely different story – they cannot all be telling the truth.

      Thank you for everything you do and keep up the good work.

    94. colin alexander says:

      Interesting as it is, is it such a revelation that the rich and powerful of the UK collude and conspire to maintain the status quo?

      But it’s a heads up at how, on a daily basis, they are already actively working to prevent indy , while the SNP are, well who knows what the SNP are doing. Even their MPs don’t know what Nicola Sturgeon’s plans are.

      WoS plays a good role, but it preaches to the hard core independists. It’s not going to turn undecideds or unionists into indy supporters.

      NO matter how good it is, by itself it can’t win an indyref.

      As for the SNP’s view of WoS, they always distance themselves from Stu Campbell and WoS.

    95. defo says:

      Save your typing finger bawbag.
      ‘SNP BAD’ is good enough for other Yoonatic desperado’s.

    96. TheWealthOfNations says:

      The trouble with being an arsehole to raving yoons is not the yoons in question. They deserve everything they get and were never going to change their minds anyway.

      It’s the soft No’s and Maybe’s that read this stuff, the hundreds of lurkers that we never hear or see that come to believe that cybernats and yoons are all the same and become harder to convince and don’t take the invaluable reporting that Stu does as seriously as they might as a result.

      I couldn’t give a rat’s ass if the likes of David Torrance ever votes Yes but I want his Auntie and his sister and his best friend, etc, etc to do so.

      Every ad hominem attack we make on him makes that less likely.

    97. Peter Macbeastie says:

      A necessary arsehole.

      We should all aspire to these heights, frankly.

      I have a couple of issues with a couple of the good Rev’s opinions, but as he’s an individual and his opinions don’t affect me in any way I’m perfectly happy to ignore those even if I’m inclined to think they’re unacceptable.

      Why? Because this guy provides an utterly invaluable service. We’ve benefited from both his polling efforts and his deconstruction of media spin which, especially pre 2014, taught a hell of a lot of people that the media cannot automatically be trusted; indeed, should automatically be distrusted on almost every article produced.

      Imagine what our campaigns would have been like without the necessary arsehole. A lot fucking harder, frankly. He collates and disseminates all the information we really need to combat the unionists. Damn near no one else has anything like the reach of this little website.

      Which is why it attracts DDOS attacks with depressing regularity. The unionists know the value of this website and their attacks on it are proof of that. DDOS attacks are not random, they are completely targeted and to find who’s responsible you only need to find who hates this website the most.

      Stand up, Project Fear, UK Government, unionists in general; all people with the finances for a large scale attack.

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