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The end of a bad song

Posted on December 31, 2017 by

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    30 to “The end of a bad song”

    1. Ghillie says:

      Out of the mouths of bairns =) Or voting with his hands and knees I guess!

      Aw jings, we need you 2018 !!

      What a year 2017 has been, couldn’t have made it up.

      Onwards and upwards folks =)

      Chris =)

    2. Macandroid says:

      A’ the best for 2018.

      Hope it’s as uneventful as 2017!

    3. Ken500 says:

      Grime reaper. How much more people will the UK/US political class illegally kill. They will reap what they sow and be out of Office soon. Hopefully, no doubt definitely in Scotland. For Scotland there is a better way, and it is going in the right direction. Good riddance and good luck to the political class, crass criminal losers and their media abusers. Hypocrites and charlatans.

    4. heedtracker says:

      2018 already, its not looking that great but the beeb gimp network says Prince Harry will save us all.

    5. gerry parker says:

      Great cartoon Chris. It doesn’t worry me that all the toffs will re-locate to their continental hideaways after Brixet, what worries me is the scum they’ll leave behind in charge when they do.

    6. Stan Moore says:

      Think we’re gonna need a lotta tin foil for 2018, but do keep the popcorn handy eh 🙂 Cheers ‘n Happy New Year…

    7. Highland Wifie says:

      Trump: Well I’m not sure we can do that deal but let’s see what we can do here.

      John Bull doesn’t look too worried. That maniacal grin says it all. We’re up the proverbial without a paddle and there’s only one way out. Vote Yes when Indyref comes as it surely must.

      2017 was the year I finally understood what Wings is all about. So thank you everyone for all the info and support. I feel quite at home now.
      All the best for 2018 Rev and all Wingers. Lang may yer lums reek!

    8. Bob Mack says:

      Reviewing the past year through the media has taught me much.

      Although the good ship “middle east” is ablaze from stern to bow through Britain’s foreign interventions, the SNP are bad.

      Though there is death and deprivation on our streets through Tory policies ,the SNP are bad.

      As the far right won power and influence down south, the SNP are bad.

      Whilst Donald Trump threatens WW3, the SNP are bad.

      Whilst the rest of the UK, especially England want to isolate themselves on an island, cutting themselves off from fellow Europeans, the SNP are bad.

      Thousands of column inches and endless hour’s of newscasts to tell us that in spite of everything happening in the world today, the SNP are bad.

      I have heard famous media types say they hate all nationalism, of any type, and yet they ignore that very thing happening around the globe and especially England ,where an MP lost her life to a guy supporting a right wing group.

      But, the SNP are bad. They help the needy, they help ordinary people cope through mitigating for Westminster policy, with all sorts of freebies, but they are bad.

      Imagine, the SNP want the ability to further help Scottish citizens have a better life. Swines that they are.

      Sorry, but hating the SNP is nothing to do with being anti nationalist or anything else. It is to do with being a Unionist and wanting to keep the status quo, regardless of how punitive that is for your fellow citizens.

      So, to the media cauldron, I say this. Keep on printing your lies and deceits. I know what they are ,and I know what you are.

      Roll on 2018. With the new year there is renewed hope and determination. I am a Scot Nat and I am proud of that fact, because at least I can look myself in the eye in my mirror and know that every time I tick the box for the SNP , I am truly helping my fellow Scots towards a better future.

      Have a good New Year everybody. That includes the Trolls.

      To borrow a phrase “we shall overcome”.

    9. Ruglonian says:

      Good to see both Chris and Stu finishing the year on a high!

      All the best to you all in 2018 – hopefully it’ll be a good one 🙂

    10. Black Joan says:

      Well said, Bob Mack — perfect perspective there from you in words, and from holidayboy in pictures.

      2018? Here’s hoping. A good New Year to the Rev and all Wingers.

    11. Macandroid says:

      Chris – great toon. You have caught the Orange one perfectly.

      O/T or not O/T?

      A thought for 2018: Please consider installing a VPN on all your Internet devices as this encrypts the data being sent and received to and from the Internet. I’m currently in Scotland surfing via a remote server in the Irish Republic on my iPhone.

      I use a VPN not because I am up to no good, but because I may raise a flag at GCHQ or wherever who now have to consider whether or not they have to use some resource to try and find out what I’m up to!

      If all Wingers do likewise our masters will have a bit of a headache in 2018.

      You may have to turn it off occasionally to buy stuff in UK or to do banking, although BoS is fine.

    12. sassenach says:

      Excellent, Chris, and a great post from Bob Mack.

      Surely 2018 will be the year that enough scales are removed from enough Scot’s eyes to get us ‘over the line’.

      The thought of yet another year of Beeb gimpery would be too much, so shoulders to the wheel guys!

    13. sassenach says:

      ps Happy New Year to all Wingers!

    14. Arthur Martin says:

      The infant 2018 takes a look at the baggage of the old and decrepit 2017 and thinks, bugger that, I’m off to do my own thing.
      Let’s all hope that 2018’s handover to 2019 is a happier state of affairs. We can all do our bit to make sure that it happens, at least from a Scottish perspective. Ta Ta 17, bring it on 18.

    15. Dorothy Devine says:

      A great cartoon to end the year – thank you Chris.

      And Bob Mack a great post!

      It’s comin’ yet for a’ that!

    16. Clootie says:

      Bob Mack summed it up for me.

      The MSM in Scotland are a disgrace. The few stories which are not directly SNPbad are to portray a negative image of Scotland.

      The BBC summed up below:
      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the ("Tractor" - Ed) moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the ("Tractor" - Ed) appears not a ("Tractor" - Ed); he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

      ? Marcus Tullius Cicero

    17. heedtracker says:

      Happy New Year to all! except really, to the great and the good UKOK media liggers, who get up every workday, trudge to their multi billion quid studios and sparkly office blocks, all to concoct more and more terrifying ways to get us all really really afraid, to make us live in fear and terror. And all because a frightened people do two things, fear each other and hate change.

      From massed ranks of the beeb gimp terror network, all the great Brit journos, columnists, commentators o the SUN, Heil, Express, P&J, Daily Record etc, via stinky olde The Graun’s endless Scottish SNP bad, Scots weather reportage…none of you can block progress.

      Even 5000+ letters to the ed, can’t stop progress now:D

      Who’s afraid of the big bad tory hack, with their tongues wedged right up that royals jacksie.

    18. louis.b.argyll says:

      Any journalists planning to sabotage Scottish Independence in 2018?

      Think very carefully, 20 years from now your target audience, your demographic deception will be gone.

      But we’ll still be here, fighting for a better future for our nation in a competitive progressive future.

    19. Fred says:

      Scholarly piece Clootie! Still stunned by the revelation that MI5 allegedly plotted to assassinate Haughey & that consideration was given to destroying the Irish economy by the surreptitious deployment of anthrax & other livestock diseases. Possibly what dissuaded them was the porosity of the Border?

      With such a monster for a neighbour getting under the wing of the EU was the best days work the Irish ever done.

    20. galamcennalath says:

      Great cartoon to end the year on!

      Bob Mack says:

      Reviewing the past year through the media has taught me much.

      Is there another country on the planet so ill served by ‘its’ media? Of course I say ‘its’ in inverted commas because we have virtually no media we could call our own.

      Fred says:

      With such a monster for a neighbour getting under the wing of the EU was the best days work the Irish ever done.

      A lesson there for Scots!

      My attitude to the EU has always been the same – despite it shortcomings it acts as much needed counter to a truly awful Westminster.

    21. Meg merrilees says:

      Brilliant cartoon again, Mr. Cairns. Sums up the scenario perfectly.
      However, only this morning we read that T May says she will make Britons Proud again next year and that she will focus on education, the NHS and making life SO much better for everyone – who is she trying to kid?

      The Times has named her as Politician of the Year.
      Why? – because she’s still in the job!
      So because all the rest of her motley crew are too weak to handle the poisoned chalice and oust her, she continues to steer the country onto the rocks and because of that the Times thinks she’s the best Captain of the ship??? ( sorry about the mixed metaphors) I guess that sums up the state of the government perfectly. Time to bail out!

      If I was 2018 I think I’d be wanting to miss my turn.

      Have a good one, folks. All the best for 2018 too.

    22. Les Wilson says:

      The diabolical absence of headlines across all UK media, in regard to the SIU debacle is a sure sign of their support for same.

      To blank bad news of anything to do with Westminster and it’s proxies is how they play it, until they find a way to spin it of course.

    23. Meg merrilees says:


      Hope it’s not too early in this thread, didn’t want to disrupt SiU thread above.

      Article in the Herald about Richard Leonard saying that he thinks Scotland could be an independent country however most of the article quotes Sillar’s response which in itself is an interesting read. …… can someone archive it please?

      Sillars thinks it’s a honey trap to try and woo back Yes voting ex-Labour supporters; but he also thinks that there is no way Corbyn can win in England and a Tory gov would be re-elected spelling disaster for Scotland.

      So in a roundabout way, Sillars says that, really, the only future for Scotland IS to vote SNP and independence, not federalism.

    24. Jack Murphy says:

      Replying to Meg merrilees at 11:33am.
      Here it is Archived as per your request. 🙂

    25. Meg merrilees says:

      Thanks Jack- I’ll re-post on the next thread as peeps seem to be running with that one now.

    26. Ian McCubbin says:

      Lets hope 2018 does bring us some sense and pave the way to independence.
      Guid nu year when it comes tae one an aw

    27. liz says:

      Run 2018 ,run for the hills and indyref2.

      Have a great Hogmanay, all wingers and the Rev.
      Next year should be very interesting

    28. Robert Peffers says:

      @Highland Wifie says: 31 December, 2017 at 8:50 am:

      ” So thank you everyone for all the info and support. I feel quite at home now.”

      Ach! Weel! Highland wifie, Ye were ayewise at hame here – Ye jist didna ken it. Ye micht weel hae felt a wee puckle as it ye were amang strangers, bit see and mind a stranger is jist a freen ye dinna ken yet.

      “All the best for 2018 Rev and all Wingers. Lang may yer lums reek!”

      Wi ma kin o luck the noo, it’s mair like Lang may yer rum leak.

      Dinna yet ower fu – – – afore the bells.

    29. john a ferguson says:

      Arthur Martin, my thoughts exactly. New wee Scotland has had enough. Off to do it’s own thing.

    30. twathater says:

      A wee idea to save the Brutish Bullshitting Corporation some money , instead of employing aw these tractors to spout endless lies and misinformation aboot Scotland and the Scots , hows about at the start of every broadcast just get jacksie kim ono to say Sc_____d is shite that way you can save money and we can be less angry at your obnoxious pish

      Clootie 9.51am well put and sooooo true

      A Guid new year tae abody Aw ra best for our future indy

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