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Ironic juxtaposition

Posted on April 25, 2015 by


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    1. jimnarlene says:


    2. Paula Rose says:

      Is that the Scotlandshire Sun?

    3. Blackhack says:

      If they are bringing up things she did as a child, then they really are beginning to panic…

      We should just get used to it for the next couple of weeks, then it will all be over ( For them at least )

    4. Scoatch says:

      This must be what North Korea’s like.

    5. Molly says:

      OMG ! My sister did the same thing to my doll AND it was a Sindy AND it was Christmas Day !

      Now I read someone else did that to their sister ?

      What kind of country is this ?

    6. muttley79 says:

      I reckon they do not have the intelligence or sense of irony to see the issue.

    7. StevieMcB says:

      Imagine these papers reported real news..naw, neither can i.

    8. Niall Duncan says:

      MSM show their true colours yet again. I’m amazed that they are able to find so many “hateful cybernats ” but are unable to find any of the hateful unionist sites comparing the SNP to “Nazis”
      You’d think they had some sort of agenda!

    9. Marko says:

      Child cuts hair off doll, how did this not make the front page? I was going to vote SNP,but it’s ukip after this revelation.

    10. Fiona says:

      The prurient sexual smear is conspicuous by its presence as well.

    11. Harry McAye says:

      And more flat out lies about Neil Hay. UK press are scum.

    12. Brian Powell says:

      Folks, the irony is the ‘Scotweiler’ beside ‘Hateful abuse by cybernats’.

    13. Dal Riata says:

      These rightwing, misogynistic, racist, hate-filled, abusive ‘newspapers’ produced by the British state and their actors are fucking disgusting.

    14. grahamlive says:

      “because the elderly are less likely to back the SNP they should be banned from voting” . This is an outright lie. Neil Hay did not say or imply this. It’s disgusting that papa’s can get away with this crap.

      To juxtapose this nonsense with their pathetic attempt to make something of #dollgate is beyond contempt.

    15. Fiona says:

      Och I don’t know: I like “Scotweiler”: fine dogs, rotweilers. I am surprised they didn’t go for a wee-er, yappier breed. Quite respectful, for the MSM. And a measure of how scary they wish the FM to seem

    16. Tattie-bogle says:

      FFS shameless

    17. Capella says:

      RT covered this recently in an item on the British Press’ inability to stray from the narrow agenda of the corporations. Rupert Murdoch seems determined to kybosh Labour (and so also SNP) to stop controls on his media empire:

      “Sources told the Independent Murdoch had told journalists at the Sun that the future of his company was dependent on the Conservatives winning the election and criticized them for not being harsh enough on the Labour leader.

      He is reported to have spoken to journalists on a trip to London in February, where he told them that a Labour government would attempt to break up his News Corp monopoly.”

    18. Croompenstein says:

      Is this the kind of country we want to live in where the FM cuts off her sisters dolls hair? Well is it!!

    19. andy says:

      Holy crap…. shes a monster!!

    20. taurian177 says:

      Sad. I foolishly believed whilst living abroad that our press at home was honest and dependable. How naive are we all?
      Scotland is changing the poitical landscape forever.
      No longer will all our four countries tolerate the Tory Labour stranglehold on our poitical system.
      It cant come soon enough.

    21. gordoz says:

      Laughable as it is in an attempt to smear, this still displays the creeping xenophobic attitude of the British establishment through the media lense. This is classed as acceptable down south.

      I wonder if this escalating intolerance would be acceptable if Ms Sturgeon was lets say … hmmm … from an ethnic minority ?
      How long would thes attacks last then I wonder?

      To her credit Dianne Abbot of Labour is not amused.

    22. heedtracker says:

      Now these reprobates are attacking Sturgeon when she was little girl. What lovely people become teamGB hacks. It’s not hard to picture every one of the UKOK media creep show desperately raking around for anything at all. Gads.

    23. Sandra says:

      Vandalising a sexist icon sounds like an immensely commendable thing to do, especially at such a young age. Young Nicky doubtlessly recognised the loathsome Cindy’s potential for corrupting her sister and all other young women. She should be applauded, but what can you expect from Page 3 hacks.

    24. Calgacus says:

      Ffs, we will have to come up with a new word, hypocrisy doesn’t really cover it anymore.

    25. Gavin says:

      From the same paper that allowed one of it columnists to call migrants “cockroaches”

      A vile, disgusting excuse of a so called “newspaper” that reeks of hypocrisy.

    26. handclapping says:

      The “Cardboard Boxes” of our childhood was funny done by Monty Python. This is pish even when done by someone whose name references one of comedy’s greats, Oliver Hardy.

    27. bob sinclair says:

      The media are just plain Trolling & yet they fail to see any irony in their accusations. They disgust me.

    28. Fiona says:

      It is lucky for us that Ms Sturgeon abandoned her original wish to be a hairdresser, though, isn’t it? They would liken her to Sweeney Todd if she had pursued that.

    29. yerkitbreeks says:

      Even the Westminster press is beginning to show alarm as anti-SNP metamorphoses into anti-Scots.

      The Tory grandees for once are right.

    30. carjamtic says:

      Another example of UK MSM inhabiting the much talked about ‘Supervoid’

      A dark,dark,light absorbing place,devoid of any positivity.

      These sad people need to get out more,utter tripe.

      Tick Tock

    31. proudscot says:

      If this rubbish is all the mighty media can dig up in a pathetic attempt to smear our First Minister, then she really has them soiling their BritNat nappies!

      Of course, in the interests of fairness and balance, this same media will now doubtless publish photographs and comments about Cameron, Gideon, Johnson, et al, in all their Bullingdon Club finery, with comments on how that part of their childhood and upbringing imbued them with the principles of sharing and caring, etc.


    32. JLT says:

      Seriously …what next?

      Sturgeon’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather joined a Scottish raiding party and sacked several villages in the North of England. Now she intends to do the same to modern day England.

      Sturgeon is related through various bloodlines and is a descendant of Attila the Hun, the Emperor Nero and the Emperor Caligula. This is a seriously deranged lady with a bloodlust and sexual prowess to match!

      This is getting truly nasty. There are various insinuations in that article, and it has been done deliberately. Are they trying to provoke her into a reaction, because if she does bite, then the media would leap on it and announce that she definitely has something to hide, or is trying to silence the freedom of the press.

      Each day, this is looking more like a medieval witch hunt; admit your guilt or prove your innocence by being drowned. Simply put …she can’t win with the newspapers. They have had tried, judged and sentenced. So much for the sense of British fair play, common decency and innocent before being found guilty. Another myth of the British sense of itself extinguished.

      Seriously, someone with a wee bit common sense needs to step in here and stop the insinuations and allegations. It has got to a point where the whole election is slowly turning into a Scotland versus England scenario; only this time, the wounds will fester badly as Parliament kicks off …no matter who has won! There will be a real deep rancour between both nations, and all because Scottish voices should not be heard.

      If Cameron was to be PM again, he can truly forget about pacifying the Scots afterwards with any promises, or words of what a ‘great people we are’. So angered will the Scottish nation be, that I can see every local SNP meeting clamouring for another referendum straightaway. And that might be the worst thing we could do at that point. Reacting in anger may cause us to make the mistake of pushing for a second referendum that will probably fail because it wasn’t planned properly and done too quickly.

      But ‘we are Better Together’ …pah! That’s another myth blown away…

    33. Fiona says:

      Ms Sturgeon tweeted that the doll story made her laugh. I suggest we do the same

    34. Buidseach says:

      OMG these articles really take the biscuit when it comes to vile vitriol and muck raking.
      Do these supposed journalist’s even realise that they themselves are actually partaking in the deeds they accuse others of (with no factual proof)? As per their standards they think it’s all right!

    35. desimond says:

      These tactics have worked well so far havent they?

      Some may picture Kezia reading the words Hairdresser and staring confusedly at the screen but I couldnt possibly comment.

      I repeat my main worry out of all this…Ian Murray ends up as Sec of State for Scotland.

    36. muttley79 says:

      I had to laugh seeing this tweet on Wings Twitter:

      The tactical voting wheel of the SNP Pouters has been “contaminated.” 😀 😀

    37. Proud Cybernat says:

      O/T – Apologies

      Just a wee crowd in Buchanan Street, Glasgow at 11:30am today…

      (Spud take note).

    38. Mike says:

      Just when you think this rag has hit a new low!

      Merely an idea but I wonder if it would be possible to crowd fund a libel case against this rag on some of it’s more serious false allegations?

      Any lawyers in the house?

      Come on if Brew Dog hope to gain £25 million from crowd funding for beer related projects (cools as they may be), I’m sure enough of us would pay to bring a case against this disgrace to journalism.

      Any thoughts?

    39. Stoker says:

      The Hillsborough Scum prints:
      “As a child, Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, is said to have devilishly hacked the hair from her sisters doll.”

      Sad bastards and weirdos, looking into someones childhood.
      Couldn’t and wouldn’t read any further.
      I note, however, The Scum uses the words “is said to have..”

      Och well, what more can we expect from a rag which has survived and thrived, for decades, off pictures of topless females.

      Sort of gives us a clear idea of the type of gormless sados behind the running and ownership of The Scum.

      Have a great weekend everyone, i’m offski, ciao for now.

    40. proudscot says:

      If this is all the BritNat press can dig up in yet another pathetic attempt to smear the First Minister, then she really has them soiling their nappies.

      Of course, in the interests of fairness and balance, they will now print similar photographic images of Cameron, Gideon, Boris, et al, in all their Bullingdon .finery, with comment on how that part of their childhood upbringing imbued them with the principles of sharing and caring they now exhibit. Then again … maybe not …

    41. hopper69 says:

      Cutting the hair off the doll isn’t even news.She outed herself by talking about it on a radio show nearly a month ago.

    42. Chris Foster says:

      This is so way over the top that it’s almost laughable.

      Will anybody really read this and decide not to vote SNP on the strength of its leader having been a bookish, ‘strong-willed’ child who cut the hair off her sister’s doll? Shock, horror.

      The establishment is very afraid. God knows what nonsensical lengths they plan to go to (for it is surely without doubt that these ‘exposes’ are designed to strike at strategic points in the campaign) between now and 7 May. Brace yourselves.

    43. KEU says:

      Advised as a child to ‘ignore ignorance’, but man, it can be difficult. Heads held high, lips clamped, one foot in front of the other, not long now. Thanks Rev for keeping us in the wider picture. Knowledge is strength

    44. Mosstrooper says:

      HA HA HA! anyone who has girl children will recognize this behaviour My three daughters spent their childhood terrorising each other on the one hand and defending their sibblings against all others on the other.

      Cut the hair off a Sindy doll? Nothing to the mayhem my three got up to. Now, closer sisters it would be hard to find. One is in Psychology and living in Australia, one is a Senior Staff Nurse and the third is a Primary School teacher. All are nationalists and believe in Scottish Independence and bringing their children up the same.

      As for the term Scotweiler. number three said
      “Too true, and don’t bloody forget it!”

    45. Yvie says:

      Errr….didn’t we ALL do that or have I just exposed myself as devilish and ruthless too?

    46. jethro says:

      You can tell that the Establishment are crapping themselves when you see the results smeared across the pages of their tame press.

    47. Dorothy Devine says:

      Is this Oliver Harvey the maker of chefs trousers and a wee sideline in trying to be a journalist?

      Think if I wrote ordure like this I’d stick to the chef outfitting bit.

      How in the name of the wee man can this be considered journalism , worthy of print in anything more than the school magazine – primary version?

      As a very belated confession , I piddled on the face of my big sisters china doll – china was all the rage when I was wee.

      I don’t know what either the doll or my wonderful big sister had done to deserve this retribution.

    48. Iain More says:

      The daily Brit Nat smear!

    49. I was utterly and totally wrong and I hold my hands up to being so mistaken…

      … two months ago, I said.. “they’re scrapping the bottom of the barrel, now”

    50. pussy nancy says:

      Hmmm…..So Nicola’s haircut performed on her sister’s Cindy doll shows her true character? Oh, okay then…….
      Nuff said!

    51. ian says:

      The solution is in the hands of all the members of the SNP, get out there and double your eforts to speak with as many people as possible.And importantly go armed with the facts.

    52. Fiona says:

      two months ago, I said.. “they’re scrapping the bottom of the barrel, now”

      No, you were absolutely right. They scrapped the bottom of the barrel, right enough: it wasn’t deep enough. They are scraping the bottom of the Mariana Trench for the next two weeks, I think

    53. Macart says:

      Just when you thought they couldn’t scrape much more from the bottom of that barrel.

      Their politics, their narrative, their media, their abuse.

      There’s only one way to end this culture. The change can start on May 7 by sending a very loud and very clear message to Westminster and its pet dog whistle media.

    54. Dr Jim says:

      I’m astonished !!!

    55. Les Wilson says:

      Things aledged to being done when she was young, well what about some of what the “others” have done by comparison.
      Let us start with George Os

      First a run down of how he got where is and the tacky trail he followed.Well explained here.

      George telling live on Andrew Neil show how to avoid inheritance tax and more.

      Let us start digging up the shite on all these people, let’s show everyone what they have been up to, the more important they are, the more embarrassing for them.

      Over now, to those who are better than I am ,at doing this

    56. The Rough Bounds says:

      I remember when we got Margaret Ewing, (Maggie Bain at the time) elected in 1974 she told us that one of the news rags had been in touch asking her if she would pose for them wearing a tartan bikini.

      The Press hasn’t changed in those 41 years. They are terrible.

    57. The Rough Bounds says:

      I remember when we got Margaret Ewing, (Maggie Bain at the time) elected in 1974 she told us that one of the news rags had been in touch asking her if she would pose for them whilst wearing a tartan bikini.

      The Press hasn’t changed in those 41 years. They are terrible.

    58. a2 says:

      I wonder how many sun readers of both genders may be thinking
      “I did that”.

    59. heedtracker says:

      UKOK broad sheets are actually even creepier than their gutter press chums, as in goons like Guardian Steve Bell this week and Graun’s Sturgeon is the penis in John Major’s y fronts, along with whatever the grinching shill below thinks the best way to close down Scottish democracy is. He wants to embrace vile separatists, piss all over anyone who wont vote SLabour then embrace.

      All of this sneering sexist hate dripping hypocrisy, for just a couple of dozen possible SNP MP’s getting elected in their Scotland region, that they begged, lied and threatened to stay with. Lovely bunch of world class hypocrites.

      “The tone has to change. Those who believe in the union need to speak respectfully of the choice their fellow citizens are about to make. It doesn’t mean they have to agree with it or like it. But the onus now is on unionists to prove the union is a hospitable, inclusive place for Scots – that they are seen not as an enemy within but as equals. If we believe in the union, we have to prove it works”

      Or, same week, different teamGB twits.

    60. Jamie Arriere says:

      Only 11 more days of this shite to thole.

      Keep the heid, keep the humour, vote SNP.

      They KNOW they’re losing

    61. SquareHaggis says:

      Filling up nicely

    62. bowanarrow says:

      Pot, kettle, black. Westminster really should not
      open cans of worms like this, it will make a lot
      more mess than they bargained for. You would
      think they would learn, but they are called
      Conservative for a reason.

    63. galamcennalath says:

      I’ve only just realised that The Sun has a North Korean edition! Now things become clear!

      I should have guessed. The word ‘Sun’ does have a certain oriental ring to it . 😉

    64. Stephen Armstrong says:

      Ugly British propaganda. Would Thatcher have been given this treatment?

    65. YESGUY says:

      Unbelievable pap.

      The sun doesn’t do irony eh .

    66. De Valera says:

      My my, is this what “Great” Britain has come to? Why are they using the Krankie thing as a term of abuse? They were hailing them as unionist heroes a few months ago.

    67. Bob Mack says:

      It would seem adopting the tactics of Dr Goebells is not beyond the MSM after all.
      It amazes me when I read Unionist posters telling me the SNP members are all brainwashed.
      The Rev is succeeding in his mission to make people look beyond the story, at the facts,and is doing a brilliant job in introducing critical appraisal from his readership.
      This tells me many things.Firstly it is a concerted effort from all media sources.Secondly,the Establishment are very very scared.There is no requirement to demonise an ineffectual opponent.
      The real fear they have,is that Scotland is spearheading a revolution on these islands,and has become a danger to privelige and custom.
      They fight for their very existence,and it will be no holds barred,and no-one spared.
      Someone has to lose,and it will not be the SNP.

    68. gillie says:

      Nicola Sturgeon gets the Hillsborough treatment from the Sun “The Truth”.

    69. ErinT says:

      The attempted sex smear is really horrible. Gutter press filled with hatred.

    70. Fiona says:

      @Erin T

      Agree. Far worse than the doll stuff, but somehow not so much mentioned. Probably proves Rev Stu’s point that most do not read very far into the article

    71. Valerie says:

      It’s disgusting, but it’s also scraping the barrel.

    72. orri says:

      Are we sure Neil Hay was actually talking about OAP’s? I can see why Labour might jump to that conclusion given the assumption he was implying hordes of Labour activists tromping through retiring homes in orders to secure postal votes. The kind of postal votes we’re assured might make all the difference.

      If the mildly offensive tweet happened after Lord Janner’s diagnosis of dementia in 2009 it might simply be a comment on his position in the House of Lords voting on matters concerning the whole of the UK.,_Baron_Janner_of_Braunstone sheds a bit more light especially that he was examined by both prosecution and defense experts.

      Given that it seems kind of apt that the mail is pushing articles like this ….

      Get’s a mention of his being Jewish in early. Mentions Cyril Smith. Mentions Jimmy Saville because that might be noted. Fails to mention Wales because in conjunction with children homes they don’t want a reminder of McAlpine’s evil cousin Jimmy. Mentions a cover up as far back as 1993 without mentioning who was in charge of the UK at that point.

      So basically Neil Hay might be pointing at people who aren’t competent to vote, never mind stand trial. Meanwhile the Mail is putting all that to one side attack both Labour and the Lib Dems whilst omitting similar allegations against some in the Conservative party.

    73. gillie says:

      Gordon Smart, editor of the Scottish Sun, has come out in support of Oliver Harvey.

      Makes you think doesn’t it?

      Are all journalists scum bags? I think the answer is a definite YES.

    74. maureen says:

      I think this is going to bring hilarity to the peoples doorsteps as ordinary scots recall the daft things they did as children.
      No one in their right mind is going to take this seriously.

    75. ScottieDog says:

      Quite timely by Nafeez Ahmed. Thrown out the guardian for telling the truth about Israel…

    76. thedogphilosopher says:

      The thing I’ve always felt about most of the ‘national’ newspapers is that they are not representative of Scottish society or the Scottish mindset. Although this is a rather sweeping statement it is an idea I’ve lived with and thought about for most of my 50+ years.

      Scottish People are hungry for ‘news’ but they have now become pretty resistant and critical about what they read in most newspapers. The majority of people probably bypass the politics, mostly because they know it’s biased bullshit. But for years and years we have lived with it: newspapers which don’t reflect how we tend to think and feel about the world.

      Personally, I always found skimming through newspapers a bit of an alienating experience. Is this how I should be thinking? Is this what I want or need in my life? Papers contain ‘news’ but they are also crammed with all manner of ideology. Much of what is printed, especially in political columns, is now evil and sick.

      The above article sums up the shallow and perverted nature of the ‘alien’ press which proliferates our newstands. No doubt it is has had a perverse effect in recent times in terms of Scottish identity and self-confidence. But soon that will have to change as Scotland begins to assert its own political and cultural outlook and philosophy. They can’t go on printing material which is antithetical to how a nation largely thinks and feels about itself and the world beyond.

      An obvious musing perhaps, but that day is on the horizon.

    77. SquareHaggis says:

      I broke the door off my sisters’ dolls house by accident on christmas morning 1974.
      This was before she’d even got up.
      I found some evo stik in the cupboard and hastily glued it back on.
      When she came downstairs and opened said door it predictably re-broke.
      I scoffed and immediately blamed herself.
      BIG mistake…

      She smelt the wet glue and went berzerk.
      She in return, stamped on several of my super-striker blue team (including Bobby Clark, the goalie), snapped the goalposts at the beach-end and soaked the pitch with moray cup!

      I never did get over the shock.

      She’d make an excellent Branch Manager for the North British Accounting Office, in case they’re looking.

    78. jayd says:

      This is a totally disgusting example of gutter journalism, but sadly comes as no surprise.

    79. Croompenstein says:

      Chunky Mark has a film of the doll defiler on.. class act

    80. TheYESMan says:

      What a load of ******** . It’s sad this even made the paper clutching at straws haha. Starting to feel a little sorry for them 🙂

    81. Sinky says:

      You ain’t seen nothing yet from our press corp and with the Unionist parties having lost the political argument in Scotland the smears will just increase as we get closure to a historic SNP win.

    82. Free Scotland says:

      What, she cut the hair off her sister’s Sindy doll? If she still has the scissors, maybe she could offer some help to Deputy I-enjoy-looking-like-a-scarecrow Dugdale.

    83. Mo says:


      “Because if you have basic constitutional unfairness like we’ve had, if you have the people in one part of the UK feeling like they are getting a raw deal, then resentment festers, and that undermines the bonds and the fellow-feeling that are the basis of the United Kingdom.”

    84. shiregirl says:

      I laughed at the desperation the msm has sunk to with this awful article. I think the majority of readers will too.

      since others are confessing….

      When I was 8, I hated my dark haired sindy doll so used to take the head off my brothers eagle-eyes action man and swap them about.

      My brother went mental when he found his action man head on a sindy body with a wedding dress on.

      As far as I’m aware, such behaviours are not listed in the ICD-10 classification of mental and behavioural disorders.

      And I turned ok…I think 😉

    85. Luigi says:

      So Nicola Sturgeon turns out to be normal! What a sensation.

      I bet there are quite a few people reading this who, once upon a time, in a fit of kiddy revenge, mutilated their sister’s doll.

    86. desimond says:

      Nicola had A Sister with A Doll while poor Jim only had a drawer…shame on her..shame!

    87. dakk says:

      Surprised the Sun didn’t say she cut a Tin Helmet bob on the doll

    88. desimond says:

      Cant be long before someone asks The Union Loving Nicky Clarke for his expert views on FringeGate

      Is the The Political Fringe gone mad?

    89. Dr Ew says:

      I confess I’ve occasionally stumbled across Sun headlines / articles and wondered if its entire agenda is actually some super-subtle French situationist / Dadaist / anarchist mindfuck on the Establishment.

      They suck people in for decades then one day turn round and scream “RISE!” and every Sun reader will storm Buckingham Palace.

      Meanwhile I await further revelations about Nicola’s war crimes and other childhood atrocities.

    90. desimond says:

      Tomorrows Sunday Mail

      Nicola Sturgeons Primary Teacher admits the 5 year old Nicola sometimes coloured outside the lines during quiet-time.

      John Curtice confirms his latest stats check show this is a trait of a meglomaniac

    91. LizM says:

      I was very tomboyish and chopped all the hair off my Sindy dolls and dressed them in my brothers Action Man gear. They were regularly thrown out of upstairs window with hankie parachutes lol 🙂

    92. bjsalba says:

      oh my god! I’m not normal. I did not cut off my sister’s doll’s hair even when I was insanely jealous of what she had.

      However, that might be because her doll was a baby with a plastic skull with painted hair. In other word I couldn’t cut it off! I wonder how that deprivation stunted my growth as a person?

    93. Scots Renewables says:

      The Independent rips the pish out of this ‘story’ quite nicely :

      Nicola Sturgeon #dollgate shock lights up Twitter

      I can’t believe anyone imagined this would gain any traction. Serious desperation is galloping in now.

    94. Scots Renewables says:

      Whoops – link didn’t work

      Nicola Sturgeon #dollgate shock lights up Twitter

    95. Eckle Fechan says:

      FFS. They laboured over this for ages on the paper review last night, camera gawping in absurdity.

      Personally I remember her ice skating in the purple wellies at the Magnum Leisure Centre.

      Nearly ran ower ma fingers when I went down like a sack o tatties. Deliberate Ah’m tellin ye!

      Have pictures if anyone’s interested?

    96. R-type Grunt says:

      They call us Nazis yet I’m the one waiting for the armband and forced tattoo. Our enemy (and they ARE our enemy) are evil fuckers.

    97. stewart fae stoney says:

      If they are dragging up things from the past will they have a pic of jim Murphy with his polly bag and some UHU glue stonned

    98. Wuffing Dug says:

      The ‘british’ press. Grasping desperate weirdos.

    99. Fireproofjim says:

      As old Imperialist Kipling said-

      If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
      Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools.

      MSM journalists = knaves

    100. shiregirl says:

      Before you know it, they will have a ‘top psychiatrist’ giving their analysis as to what sort of personality does this to their poor dolls and what this means for the future of Britain….

      Desperate stuff, but let them get on with it.

    101. Guttersnipe says:

      When I see or hear such blatant carry on being peddled anywhere I keep an eye on the women around me and their reaction to it. All I’m saying is woe betide them. When you see most of the women smirking or some even laughing in that way where you just know that what they are really thinking is. Ohhh dae yi bloddy think so.. smart alec! I can sense the sleeves getting rolled up across the country as we speak.

    102. morgatron says:

      Their totally fucked.Lets celebrate how scared they are. They are scum.

    103. Dr Ew says:

      Shocking new evidence of Nicola Sturgeon scribbling with a BIRO on her sister’s copy of the ‘Jackie’, SMASHING her Mother’s best china mug while drying the dishes, and LOSING her Dad’s library card after BORROWING it to read NIGEL TRANTER novels.

      Further revelations of Sturgeon’s crimes against humanity to follow…

    104. HandandShrimp says:

      Out manning the SNP street stall today. Handed out bucket loads of leaflets and stickers and badges and chatted to people of all political persuasions. It was a beatiful day and pretty good natured too. Not one person mentioned a single thing about all the smears and weird allegations. I am not entirely sure the smearers are preaching to anyone but their own. I don’t think many others are listening.

    105. Robert Peffers says:

      @Proud Cybernat says: 25 April, 2015 at 11:55 am

      “Just a wee crowd in Buchanan Street, Glasgow at 11:30am today…

      I just wish those evil nationalists would stop taking those close-up carefully angled photos to make it look like big crowds.

    106. BornOptimist says:

      As an ex-pat I used to buy the English Sun once a week on a Saturday but only for the TV magazine as it is a crap newspaper, suitable for those with a reading age of eight. After today I am looking for another crap alternative but I doubt if I will find one that doesn’t produce similar scurrilous articles. I will probably end up relying on the on-screen guides. I trust other ex-pat Scots will consider doing the same.

    107. Robert Peffers says:

      @Mike says: 25 April, 2015 at 11:56 am:

      “Any lawyers in the house?”

      Isn’t that wee SNP wifie, married to Peter Murrell, a Solicitor? Perhaps she could take on the case for a reasonable fee?

    108. auldmack says:

      Oh dear, Oh dear, just wait a wee while and Westminster will find that they and their media friends have gone over the top, only to find that the voters in North Britain have this time had enough.
      a formal application to the U.N. for a seat in the U.N. and that a chair at the top table in Brussels marked Scotland will not just be a dream but a reality.

    109. Robert Peffers says:

      Sheesh! Is anyone with more than one brain-cell unable to see the links in this story?

      Wee lassie with ambitions to be hairdresser when grown-up cuts doll’s hair? Now there’s a surprise?

    110. Rob James says:

      As a child, I built model aircraft, stuffed them with toilet roll, set fire to them and threw them out my bedroom window. Didn’t stop me joining the RAF.

    111. mogabee says:

      Dear MSM,

      Stop being so silly. Sit and calm the f**k down.

      Yours Sincerely


    112. Robert Peffers says:

      @Scots Renewables says: 25 April, 2015 at 2:36 pm:

      “I can’t believe anyone imagined this would gain any traction. Serious desperation is galloping in now.”

      Had you not noticed I started posting, “May the FEAR be with you” long before this story was published?

      I just got the vibes of the feelings of abject fear emanating from Britnats on radio, TV, internet and newsprint. The high pitched sound of hysteria and the acrid aroma of fear are strongest when there’s a southerly breeze but it’s ever present among the early scent of spring blossom from Scottish gardens too.

      It’s becoming so solidified you can almost touch it.

    113. Robert Peffers says:

      @R-type Grunt says: 25 April, 2015 at 3:14 pm:

      “They call us Nazis yet I’m the one waiting for the armband and forced tattoo. Our enemy (and they ARE our enemy) are evil fuckers.”

      Well spotted, R-Type, they have indeed taken themselves from the status of opponent to enemy in a very small step.

    114. yesindyref2 says:

      Good grief! Peter Moseley, poster in the Herald, has got his picture in the paper next to Sturgeon’s!

    115. Dr Benway says:

      When I was about I think 6 or 7 years old I began to doubt the actual existence of Santa Claus. I asked my dad to prove it by getting Santa to leave a wee bit of his beard on my bedside table along with prezzies etc.

      I woke up and there was a little bit of white hair there. Later transpired what had happened was that dad had cut a wee bit of our cat’s white chest hair and left it there.

      I think The Scum should be told.

      btw today on Freedom Square liked the two guys – along with everything else – with the Laurel & Hardy routine – “Labour – another fine eton mess”

    116. ian says:

      Headtracker;You have summed it up very well why do they not just sell it to us in a positive way.It makes complete sense if you want to convince someone that your ideas are best,tell us the upsides and we will at least listen and consider.

    117. DerekM says:

      i think a lot of people were angry at this at first but then i think they realized that this is a massive own goal ,you do not attack a lady as it is seen as an attack on all women.

      i would not be surprised in the least if the only backlash to this is Mr Harvey getting a boot in the balls off passing ladies who recognize him in the street.

      keep up the good work MSM we were counting on you being a bunch of misogynistic assholes hehe you have just got to love all this free PR.

      Why am i not worried because i know the 45 will stand strong they can fling as much pish at us as they want it will not change a damn thing we are beyond this now.

      i have never felt more proud of my fellow Scots than i do today ,you are all awesome 🙂

    118. Gary45% says:

      I have said this before on previous posts.
      Is that it.

      Is that the best the gutter press can come up with?
      man Westminster must be really Shit*ing themselves.
      Tick tock.
      Vote SNP get SNP, simples.

    119. Gary says:

      Simply picking up where they left off. They took the dirt to a new low in the referendum, now taking it ever lower. If cutting off her sister’s dolls hair makes it into the news you can see how far down into the barrel they’ve gone.

    120. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Desimond (1.52) –

      Aye, Murphy and his ‘drawer’ story. WALOFS.

      Imagine opening a drawer, and you find Jim Murphy in it?


      Worse – imagine waking up in the middle of the night. You have a powerful sense of being watched. You turn, slowly, and see Jim Murphy peering through your window, smiling…


      And you know what makes it even worse? You live fifteen-up!

    121. frazer allan whyte says:

      As a Scot defamed famously said in ages past, let the real Scottish prime minister say “They have said what they’ve said, let them say.”

      And let them know that however much muck they toss it will never make their hands any cleaner.

    122. frazer allan whyte says:

      ps Having emigrated from Scotland to Canada as a small child and then having lived in Germany for many years I feel I am entitled to claim the title of “Scotweiler” and after reading the malevolent crap of the MSM I feel ready and able – eager in fact- to “bite” someone.

      Please tell “outlanders” like me what we can do to make the “parcel of rogues” feel a Scotweiler’s bite.

    123. Fred says:

      Great day in the Square, well done Tommy Sheridan & Co.

    124. Jamie Arriere says:

      Any barbs that get thrown your way in life should be picked up and reused. Therefore :

      1. Any filleting of any Lab/Con/LD frontbencher by Nicola Sturgeon in the Parliament will now be referred to as a ‘Haircut’

      2. The SNP logo should now be changed to an upright pair of scissors

      3. All SNP backbenchers, in event of a ‘haircut’ (see 1), should make scissor gestures with their fingers.

      Better luck next time, Sun

    125. yesindyref2 says:

      A female who is/was going to vote labour I know emailed me with this, thought it was a laugh. She really didn’t like Sturgeon before for some reason, but thought a lot more of her because of her funny reply.

      Are we sure this wasn’t a put-up job by the Sun for precisely that reason? They can’t be that thick can they?

    126. Tamar says:

      I cut the hair from my own doll. Watch out, people!

    127. James Dow A voice from the diaspora Aust says:

      I worked for Rupert Murdoch for some twenty years alongside editors, sub editors and journalists. I believe it is important to know just who is responsible for inventing the news, especially in Britain, where it has been elevated to an art form never imagined or thought attainable.

      Just imagine a full expose on them, now that would be newsworthy, and I can promise you the fraternity would not let you down for all sorts of titillation. They would be fighting each other to stay off page three.

      If the public really knew the type of people that are attracted to media they would be horrified and never believe a single word, opinion, or proposition which is exactly what they should be doing anyway.

    128. Ghillie says:

      That just made me burst out laughing!!

    129. Ghillie says:

      Actualy, it’s really nice seeing the photos of younger Nicola and Nicola as we know her now.

      She still has the same the lovely smile and looks younger and prettier than ever.

      I think that comes from knowing you are doing the right thing.

      Somehow, I don’t think this is the reaction that publication was looking for.

    130. Allan smith says:

      FFS I had better not stand for parliament if they’re going to bring up things like cutting the hair of your sisters candy doll.

      I tried to send my sister to sea in an old tin bath, don’t worry it sank in the burn because of the holes in the bottom of it….

      At times I so wish I’d found a better bath

    131. Andrew McLean says:

      I demand to know labour ‘s stand on Sindy dolls, why are they keeping quiet! This is the most shocking story in 100 years of political journalism! I demand an immediate public enquiry. I shall write to the crown office, and procurator fiscal, the police, my MP! I could weep at the thought of the pain and suffering Sindy has had to endure, let us have a whip round and buy poor Sindy a wig, I know it’s not the same but it’s all I can think of in my state of hysteria! And I voted SNP oh how bereft I feel! Sob,

    132. Fred says:

      Talking about Sindy Dolls, wee Jack McConnell, that weasel in stoats clothing, thinks this is all a protest vote! 🙂

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