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Posted on April 03, 2023 by

In June of last year, I started work at Transport Scotland. It wasn’t the best job I’ve ever had. It was pretty much an entry-level post and it was only a temp gig through an agency, but after spending almost six years out of the workforce following a bout with cancer, two frozen shoulders, and chronic knee and hip pain, it was a huge relief just to be earning my keep again.

Of course, June is Pride Month, and Saltire (the Scottish Government’s intranet) was full of news and blogs about “LGBTI+” issues.

Also on the Saltire front page was a prominent invitation to two training sessions to understand the issues facing these groups: “LGBT+ Awareness 101” and “Trans 101”.

These were both run by the LGBTI+ Network, one of several “affinity networks” for civil servants belonging to different groups. With the GRR Bill on the horizon, and having heard stories about how difficult it had been for gender critical groups to get a hearing from the Government in relation to it, I was very curious to hear what this training involved, and I signed up to attend via Teams.

The first session was “LGBT+ Awareness 101”. This session was fairly inoffensive. The content regarding gay people was about what you would expect, and the T+ stuff was clearly biased, but not terrible.

However, the tone of the event suggested quite strongly that you weren’t meant to disagree with anything that was said. Towards the end, when questions were invited, I typed my question into the chat:

“How does the Scottish Government handle conflicts between TERFs and trans people?”

And there my troubles began.

I’d chosen my words consciously. I didn’t just want to hear an answer to the question, but also to see how the host would respond to my casual use of a slur. The response was startling. I was told that because the Scottish Government wanted everyone to be able to bring their whole selves to work, it would be better if “people like that” were to “leave those beliefs at home”. I began to wonder if the Scottish Government knew what irony was.

A few days later was the second session, “Trans 101”. I was actually in the office that day, but my headphones were broken and so I decided not to join the session so as not to have the sound disturb my colleagues. I got back to work, but just over an hour later I received an email from the host containing links to a selection of additional reading materials.

One of these, alert Wings readers may recall, was the Trans Language Primer.

This was a shock to me. I had expected that the Scottish Government would be quite strongly “pro-trans”, as so many of our institutions are, but I never imagined something quite so offensive and extreme would actually be recommended to civil servants.

I raised this issue informally with my line manager who then passed it to HR, but HR said that as I was technically an employee of the temp agency, I would have to make any complaint through the agency. So I did.

The agency then put my concerns to the Scottish Government, who did accept that the TLP was not appropriate material. They assured me that the content of the training itself was “consistent with [their] corporate position” and that the session had previously been run without any problems.

I was told the link had been “removed” and the LGBTI+ Network had been recruited to develop new tools to ensure that the same kind of thing would not happen again.

As far as the Scottish Government was concerned, that was the end of the matter. I did not agree. It seemed to me that the very fact that this material had been sent out to others previously, and that I was the only person who had ever raised a concern about it, suggested a wider problem in the Scottish Civil Service.

Moreover, it seemed extraordinary that even after accepting that the TLP was highly offensive, there was no effort to tell people who had received the same email I did that the TLP should be strictly disregarded.

On top of all that, I thought it was bizarre that the very people who had delivered that offensive material were then recruited to ensure that such offensive material wouldn’t slip through the net again. To me, it seemed like asking the Orange Lodge to ensure no anti-Catholic sentiments sneaked into the Union Bears’ songbook at Ibrox.

The Scottish Government disagreed though, and refused to take any further action. At that point, it was nearly the end of September, and I felt that raising a formal complaint was my only option.

I sent a pretty comprehensive complaint to the agency, mentioning not only the incidents at the two training sessions, but also the corporate urgings to add pronouns to our email signatures and other items on Saltire that seemed to demand “inclusion” at all costs, even if that meant excluding gender critical people.

I touched on the open hostility of both Nicola Sturgeon and Lorna Slater, since I felt statements like theirs could only have a negative impact on gender critical civil servants. For good measure, I also mentioned a deeply insulting email I had received from Patrick Harvie after I wrote to him as a constituent about the GRR Bill, since he has transport responsibilities and therefore held some power over me.

The following week, I attended two more training sessions. These were both run by Stonewall and as you might imagine, they were not good.

Two issues in particular really bothered me. The first was that Stonewall’s definition of “gender” was nonsensical. They claim that gender is “often expressed in terms of masculinity and femininity”, and that it’s “largely culturally determined and is assumed from the sex assigned at birth”.

(“Sex assigned at birth” was itself defined in a very ambiguous manner, claiming that “sometimes” it meant the same as “gender” – although it was not clarified at which times this was the case – and elsewhere in the presentation sex and gender identity were depicted as entirely separate things, with the terms “man” and “woman” independent of the terms “male” and “female” in such a way that one could logically have a female man and a male woman.)

At the second session, one of the trainers made mention of the “gender critical narrative”, and I posed a question about how the Maya Forstater ruling might affect these issues. I was then subjected to a diatribe about the “barrage of hate” faced by trans people, but assured that “we will create those inclusive spaces” no matter how long it took, and that “we are on the right side of history”.

My actual question was never answered.

In a rather disturbing coda, at the end of both Stonewall sessions we were signposted to various other organisations for further information, one of which was Mermaids. At the time, Mermaids had just been exposed for having employed a paedophilia apologist as a secret trustee. I could scarcely believe that.

Next, the agency informed me that because my complaint was “not directly related to my employment” that it should not go through them but should instead be sent to the Scottish Government’s Central Enquiries Unit. I objected strongly to this, since I felt my complaint was very much about my employment, but I was given no other choice. So, under protest, I sent an expanded complaint (now including the Stonewall training problems) to the CEU as I was told.

At the beginning of November, I finally received a response to my complaint. A member of the People Advice and Wellbeing team told me that all my employment-related complaints had already been addressed and resolved, with apologies already given. This was clearly not true.

The other aspects of the complaint, regarding widespread Civil Service Code violations and the general hostility of the Scottish Government to my legally protected beliefs, were then passed on to the Complaints Handling Team, another public-facing department which deals with all manner of complaints from the public. At the end of the month, they replied that all my complaints had already been addressed and therefore they could add nothing.

In the meantime, I attended another instance of the Trans 101 training. This included a lengthy discussion of “intersex” using the infamous Scientific American infographic to claim that sex is a spectrum. (Click to enlarge.)

This image is wildly inaccurate and deeply offensive to people with DSDs (Disorders of Sexual Development, sometimes unhelpfully referred to as “intersex” conditions), and I told this to the manager responsible for arranging the session.

The manager in question barely seemed to understand my problem and refused to take any action about it. I also raised a victimisation complaint over the way my initial complaint had been handled, as well as a complaint about the Complaints Handling Team’s failure to follow the official Complaints Handling Procedure.

It’s worth noting at this point that at every stage of the process, I had asked people at the agency, in Transport Scotland HR and various people in the Scottish Government to tell me under what policy we were operating, so that I could have some understanding of the process and some idea of what to expect. I never got answers from any of them.

Then, in the first week of December, I made a post on Yammer, a social network on Saltire. I’d just heard that at the time, the new gender-critical affinity network for civil servants, SEEN (Sex Equality and Equity Network), was not open to workers in the devolved administrations. In my post, I pointed this out and asked if anyone knew of something similar in Scotland.

Over the next two days, a series of extremely hostile replies appeared. This included claims that merely discussing SEEN could make trans colleagues feel “stressed and threatened”, that I was “ignoring the trauma” of trans colleagues, and even that it was the duty of civil servants to challenge such anti-trans attitudes at all times. I regarded several of these comments as harassment based on my gender critical beliefs, and I raised a complaint about these.

I also sent emails to some of those who had replied, asking them to clarify their positions. Later that afternoon, I got a call from the agency to say that my assignment had been terminated due to my “harassing” emails to various colleagues. I asked what was meant by “harassing” and was told that the problem was not the content of my emails, but only the number of them I had sent.

Believe it or not, what you have just read is only the barest bones of my story. Even the shortest complete timeline is almost five times as long as what you’re reading now. There’s a lot more detail to most of the incidents I have described, and some issues I haven’t even mentioned at all. I hope what I have written makes it clear enough that there is something rotten in the state of Scotland.

I plan to take the Scottish Government, Transport Scotland, and the temp agency to an employment tribunal. I am not just seeking compensation for the loss of my job, but more importantly, to force the Scottish Government to change its ways and provide a more honest, respectful and tolerant environment for those of us who believe in the reality of sex and who believe that sex matters.

Thanks to the wonderful Maya Forstater, it is settled law that my beliefs warrant the protection of the Equality Act. I believe I have a strong case.

Fighting the Scottish Government as well as two other organisations will be expensive. The Scottish Government has far greater resources than I do, given that they’re a national government and I’ve only had six months of employment in the past seven-and-a-half years. We already know that reasoning with them doesn’t work, but legal action gets results. That’s why I need your help.

If you feel able to contribute to support my case, you can do so here. If you can’t afford to help, you can still make a big difference by sharing this article and/or the CrowdJustice page with your friends and family.

I believe publicity may be almost as powerful a weapon in this fight as money. It’s not a battle I wanted to have, but it is one I think I have to fight.

If I win, I should receive some small compensation for all the stress and frustration I’ve been through, but more importantly, I may force the Scottish Government to reconsider its “corporate position” on the rights of sex realists like me (and two thirds of the rest of Scotland). That’s definitely a prize worth fighting for.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Kenny has been keeping Wings updated on this story since it first began to unfold, and I can confirm that this article only barely scratches the surface of the astonishing Kafka-esque nightmare of hostility and intolerance he’s been put through for trying to make the Scottish Government uphold its most basic responsibilities of equality, human rights and freedom of belief.

At every turn he tried to do things properly through the official channels, with superhuman patience, civility and endurance, and was treated with contempt. Please help him if you can, because if you don’t, it’ll be coming to your workplace too.

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0 to “Inside The Cult”

  1. SusanAHF says:

    I’m on UC so sorry I can’t help financially, but I support your stance morally. It’s coercion on the part of SG, nothing less and should be stopped

  2. Karen says:

    I wonder if Kenny has Aspergers Syndrome (I wonder if I have it myself), like Greta Thunberg, and so is unable to participate in a lie? I wonder if he could sue on neurodiversity grounds?

  3. Liz says:

    Well done you for refusing to back down.
    The @scotgov are fully captured.
    Sick to death of these wee self centres children.
    Good luck.

  4. Marvinator says:

    The Scottish Government’s first mistake and an indicator of extreme incompetence was to have you, an agency worker, taking part in employee training.

    This leaves them open to the charge of disguised employment.

    Stupid morons.

  5. Liz says:

    Well done you for refusing to back down.
    The @scotgov are fully captured.
    Sick to death of these wee self centred children.
    Good luck.

  6. Glenn says:

    … Don’t know if it’s just me, but noticing there aren’t any comments on this,I wonder if it’s because people are missing it?

    I was checking regularly for a new post over the weekend and managed to miss this one until now, thinking the newer one was the only post there’d been since the cartoon.
    It’s maybe just me, but just thought I’d say….

  7. Peedoff Scot says:

    This is a situation whereby minority views have been able to hijack the equalities debate.

    Of course, it is vitally important that ALL views can be expressed and heard but what they cannot do is override the human rights of others whose point of view is equally valid – even it it directly opposes the views of the minority.

    Everyone has human rights and deserve equal treatment and that includes EVERYONE! However, human rights for one group of individuals cannot be realised at the expense of another group’s rights!

    The imposition of an ideology on others is not a realisation of their human rights, it is however exactly what that group complains is happening to them!

    The insistence that others must undertake training in order to comply with their ideology is authoritarian nonsense akin to what happens in rogue states around the world.

  8. Lorna Campbell says:

    Heavens, you are one brave man, Kenny. I honestly do not believe that anyone in the SG, from civil servants to SPADS, from politicians to researchers even stop to think about what is happening. They have no knowledge of any of it, it appears, or, if they do, they turn a blind eye, leaving it all to the Greens and professional Stonewallers. I have often lost patience with Westminster and railed against its flagrant injustices, but, by God, this SG takes some beating. It totally ignores all legal advice, as we know from the Salmond debacle, and has a deep cognitive dissonance in relation to ‘trans’ issues and many others. It is very likely, as Kenny says, much, much worse than we know.

    The remaining SNP support must have had their brains removed through their nasal cavities if they still think this is fine and dandy. The SG has, quite literally, devolved all government work to Stonewall and its Scottish arms because this bilge taints every aspect of governmental practice. The ‘trans’ tentacles have infiltrated every public service. I just read something the other day about their attempted infiltration of Africa, via the UN, which they have also infiltrated, but the Africans are not as malleable as we are – or, were, because we, too, are starting to get the measure of this pile of ordure and its totalitarian propensities. They stole our party of independence and turned it into something that few now recognise. They STOLE it, having no interest in its core values and raison d’être.

    Good luck, Kenny, and be prepared for the onslaught. These creatures are sacred cows. Don’t have much to spare, but will help, if I can.

  9. Geri says:

    Shocking but not at all surprising.
    It’s totally captured in all departments.

    It’s like the Labour files & a cabal has taken charge.

    What exactly is it that these thugs fear?

  10. helen says:

    I had a lengthy exchange with the Government over its use of pronouns in emails which went right up to the head of People if they’re of any use to your case.

  11. Stuart Campbell says:

    I am going through a similar problem with Glasgow School of Art. I attended zoom courses in trans gender rights and made a throw away comment in a team tea break about the validity of the mandatory course. Soon afterwards I was informed that complaints of Racism and Misogyny had been levelled at me in a team meeting that I was not present at. My boss informed me that only hours after the meeting the complaints had been escalated to a formal investigation by HR, no advise, warnings, no arbitration.I was only in the job 4 weeks at that point and soon after I suffered a mental health crisis. After 2 months on sick leave I declared myself fit to take part in the investigation process and I was immediately suspended, thankfully with pay. I am in my 7th month of suspension. Unite the Union were useless, the rep claimed he had a conflict of interest as we had the same boss, go figure, thankfully the retired rep stepped in to help and attended meetings with me, but another rep has stepped into my shoes and has taken over my job. I raised 9 of my own complaints for breach of process, management misconduct etc all of which have been dismissed. I requested copies of communication between the complainers to management and HR to prove breach of process but this was denied, so I submitted a gdpr subject access request to force them to release the info but they have so far failed to give me a date for the release of the data, I have made a complaint to the ICO. If anyone knows who can help me with advice it would be appreciated.

  12. Republicofscotland says:

    Thank Ken for the interesting info, I just knew before I got to the end of your article that they would remove you from your post. This is how they get rid of folk who speak out or have concerns they threaten their livelihood, and most folk backdown because they have families to keep and bills to pay.

    As for biological sex, it isn’t a falsehood, and its a falsehood to say it is. The sooner we remove the SNP from Holyrood the better, and safer it will be for our children, grandchildren and women folk.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba get the SNP out.

  13. Astonished says:

    Well done, Kenny.

    Donation made.

    I hope this brings down Sturgeon’s puppet government.

  14. Stuart Campbell says:


  15. PhilM says:

    Interesting to see the ‘People Advice’ people enter the fray. Does Kenny have any info on why this faintly Orwellian-sounding dept – People Advice and Well-being – got involved when they did?
    It’s almost like ‘we need a dept of last resort whose job is to give people advice and the advice is “f*** off!” but we say it nicely so that they don’t get too upset’.
    Anyway ‘Go Kenny!’ I hope you win and you have the right legal team. I would contribute handsomely but…and there hangs a tale of public sector corruption…

  16. Mark Boyle says:

    Kenny, I despise the Trans-Covenanters and the poison they inject into society at large, not least of all in their determination to shut down by violence and intimidation all discourse which doesn’t comply with their “sound doctrine”.

    But having read your story, your plan to take the Scottish Government, Transport Scotland, and the temp agency to an employment tribunal, could easily be construed as someone with an eye for the main chance.

    Every alarm bell is ringing with me just now that this sounds too similar to those asshats who targetted B&Bs and hotels run by Wee Frees in order to seek “homophobic butthurt compensation” for being refused to book a single room with a double bed.

    By your own words, “it was only a temp gig through an agency, but after spending almost six years out of the workforce following a bout with cancer, two frozen shoulders, and chronic knee and hip pain, it was a huge relief just to be earning my keep again.”

    So why the hell were you doing your best to push buttons to get your contract terminated?

    You knew what “the culture” was, you were just in the door, but instead of keeping quiet, keeping note, and reporting what was going on to others who have been campaigning against this madness for years, to all intensive purposes you started shouting the odds and red-flagging yourself, “LOOK AT ME, I’M TERFY MCTERFFACE!”

    And then wondered why the agency fired you? As they’d every right to do, because YOU – WERE – ONLY – A – TEMP! Read up on Employment Law, champ, and weep.

    So either you were incredibly naive for someone out of work as long as you were. Or you were doing what I’ve saw a billion fools do in my time, attempting to engineer a situation where they could file a “Free Money” claim at some No Win No Fee dubious lawyers. This is not going to go the way you think it is.

    Put it down to experience, consider it a lucky escape from a place that would have made you miserable, and get on with your life.

  17. KLF says:

    FFS this guff boils ma pish….to think this is happening here but in th holyrood / government / civil service bubble…creates a 2 tier society….those who believe and those who dont !

  18. Ottomanboi says:

    It is now a secular sin to be normal.
    Every deviance, evil has a rationale, a sympathetic/empathetic hearer.
    If the Nurnberg trials were held again the criminals would certainly walk free.

  19. Stephen O'Brien says:

    SNP in such dire staits, only drastic action could recover the situation. In my opinion, that would necessitate the end of their MPs based in Westminster. A whole new tactic is needed to recoup any credibility.

    An early Holyrood election to utilise both Edinburgh & ex-London camps, certain MPs could be put forward to run as MSPs.

    Speculate on the above notion. Yousaf’s days numbered as First Minister, an intermediate solution, to a massive problem. The status quo, no longer an option!

  20. KLF says:

    FFS this guff boils ma pish….to think this is happening here but in the holyrood / government / civil service bubble…creates a 2 tier society….those who believe and those who dont !

  21. d wade says:

    One small consolation is that Stonewall will, if their conduct in the Forstater case is any guide, run briskly away from any responsibility for promoting their own views. These tend to be based on what they want the law to be, not what it is.
    Good luck and good stamina.

  22. KLF says:

    Greens hate normal people and useless kisses harvies arse…anyway nats / greens agenda is divorced from normal reality and will sink useless and harvie

  23. Milady says:

    If this is typical of the public sector, and I am sure it is, a wheen of Employment Lawyers are on the cusp of making an absolute bloody fortune out of all the court cases that will shortly ensue. And worst of all it will be our money getting spent on all the defence costs and subsequent awards! I’m so spitting mad.

  24. Den says:

    Stuck a few sheckles into your crowd funder Kenny, we need more people pushing back at these fuckers at every turn, Silence / compliance due to political correctness needs to be eradicated, how the fuck do we get to a point were the civil services using tax payer funded roles are doing the bidding of a lobby group ? Stonewall can fuck right off.

  25. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Fundraiser now at £1740 of £2000 target.


  26. AnneDon says:

    I’ve made a donation to your cause, Kenny. Well done on having the courage to take it on! The lack of scientific rigour in this cult, which operates by policy capture really annoys me. All they have to do is get the high heid yins to support the Scottish Govt stance and everything else falls into line. Prison officers, teachers, police officers and NHS workers are all suffering because of this.

    Why does the government do it? Because they’ve abandoned the working class and underprivileged, but their “brand” needs them to look “progressive” to garner votes, so they take up this causes, and allow the most privileged people in society to pretend that their the oppressed ones.

    How much longer than they get away with it? The Maya Forstater case turned the tide in Scotland, but naturally Harvie and Sturgeon (and now her sock puppet Yousaf) have just doubled down on it.

  27. Dorothy Devine says:

    Good grief! What has our wee country come to? How in the name of the wee man did we allow Stonewall and co to cause this fankle?
    Bye bye sanity , bye bye biology. Where the hell are all the doctors , nurses , scientists ? Can they not shout with one LOUDER voice on this idiocy?

  28. Caroline Wilson says:

    Good Lord, what a terrifying account! I have the hugest admiration for Kenny’s tenacity & courage. I know, from experience, how powerless one can feel in dealing with a public body in Scotland. It’s basically a monolith; the urge to comply, or at least shut up, just for a quiet life can be overwhelming. Well done for digging in. I’ll be happy to contribute in a couple of weeks.

  29. Chas says:

    I might be unusual in that I have never ever seen a man pretending to be a woman far less having spoken to one.

    I did see the video of a man in Vancouver Canada with one of these obnoxious creatures in his face, screaming abuse at him, before the thing attempted to punch him. I cannot understand why the man did not give the thing an affectionate ‘Glasgow kiss’ long before the pathetic punch. It would have been well deserved.

    No doubt I am in the wrong for stating the above………….
    as if I care!

  30. Ottomanboi says:

    The English/American language is the vehicle for Wokery. The cult began in America and has taken root everywhere the language is spoken or understood.
    It is one of America’s most pernicious, subversive, irrational exports, the true pandemic.

  31. Republicofscotland says:


    She would fit right in with the current SNP.

    Vote Alba Join Alba, get the SNP out.

    “UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman has “milked” the expenses system to get taxpayers to foot her household bills, a report has revealed, as ordinary citizens are struggling to pay their bills amid the cost-of-living crisis.

    A damning report, published by The Mirror newspaper on Sunday, has revealed that the senior Tory minister has claimed nearly £25,000 in five years for her house in London, despite staying rent-free in her parents’ home, whilst the country is grappling with skyrocketing energy prices.

    The investigation has revealed that Braverman, who has been accused of exploiting a loophole in the system, uses governmental handouts to pay the household bills on her £1.2 million family pad in Bushey, Herts.

    Braverman, who earns £67,505 on top of her MP salary of £84,144, told watchdogs that she “fully funds” the home she stays at in Fareham, Hants. However, the mentioned house is her parents’ house and so costs her nothing in rent.”

  32. Wee Chid says:

    Thank fuck I’m no longer in the workplace. There is no way I could put up with this total heap of crap that they are trying to gaslight everyone with. Well done for taking a stance.

  33. Anton Decadent says:

    Donation made same as I did with Maya Forstater.

  34. Shiregirl says:

    The NHS are following closely behind.
    Ive been questioned as to why I don’t wear the ‘free’ LBGT+++ lapel badge. The flag is on signatures on emails. Often pronouns too. The flag is on the TV screens in the foyers. It’s everywhere.
    I’m a nurse. I treat everyone with unconditional positive regard. I treat everyone as I would want treated, with empathy and care.
    But I often wonder how some NHS staff would treat me, a terf for believing a woman is an adult, human female.
    Do I get to wear a badge with my beliefs on it? Or the logo as part of my email signature? Not a chance.
    I suspect I’d be standard set and sent on a similar course to be assimilated.
    It’s heartbreaking how such a small minority have captured those in management and I – and many colleagues- are in the wrong for questioning the validity of their crazy constructs.
    You are a brave man and I wish you well. The law is on your side.

  35. wull says:

    The SNP does not belong to either Scotland or the Scottish people. It represents neither.

    It has been fully captured by a particularly deviant and totalitarian form of the Worldwide Reset. The Set New Party is not the means for independence but for the Resetting of Everything.

    If you vote for it, you are voting for the agenda of organisations like the World Economic Forum, and ideologies like Trans-Humanism. These are the people who took it over – i.e. bought it over – and colonised it. It is not working for the Scottish people but for its Masters, whose intention is to colonise Scotland and every other country in the entire world, subjecting it to their agenda.

    The SNP belongs to a combination of worldwide organs which exist for the propagation of evil on a worldwide scale. What was once our organ for independence has been transformed in the course of 8 or 9 short years – ever since it was Sturgeonised – into the primary organ for our colonisation and subjection to the Totalitarian Kingdom of Political Unfreedom and Unrestricted Evil.

    Coming down your way at an enormously rapid and exponentially increasing speed.

    Nowhere else has been captured quite as much or quite as comprehensively as we have, through the agency of the SNP. Sure the USA is very much going the same way, and so is the whole of the Western World, but the Reset SNP wanted to make sure Scotland would be the First – and Worst!

    The whole thing needs to be exposed for what it really is. Since it is totally irrational, and incoherent, the only way it can impose itself is by sheer force. And that is what it is doing. The more it succeeds in such imposition, the more it will do it. It has to be stopped in its tracks. Alba in particular, but not only Alba but all of us together need to go on a full-out offensive against it.

    We should not be afraid to join together with all rationally-minded Scots, including those opposed to independence, in attacking and opposing this monster. There can be no compromise with it. It has to be eliminated altogether. Of all Scotland’s current political enemies, this is by far the biggest threat of all to our liberty – the biggest destroyer not only of our inherent human rights but also of our very humanity – than any other. We CANNOT subscribe to these kind of agenda. If we do, our country – our Scotland, and all its heritage – will be finished.

  36. Roue Badly says:

    Donated – the more fronts they have to fight on the better.

  37. Robert Hughes says:

    If there is anyone out there who thinks the term * Woke */*Trans * Totalitarianism is mere hyperbole I suggest they apply whatever intelligence they have left to Kenny’s ( and many other’s ) story and ask themselves how else can this shit be described .

    People losing their livelihoods , being marginalised/excluded , attacked – at times physically ( eg Posie Parker ) and – if the lunatics get their way – subject to criminal charges because they don’t comply with this poisonous ideology …Thought Crime , is the very definition of Totalitarian .

    That the imbeciles in Nu SNP & ScotGov not only accept this but actively promote it is just one more – albeit a major – reason why they need to be slung at the earliest opportunity . And saying ” the other Parties are just as bad ” is no get-out . The other Parties are not the vehicle to Independence the SNP ( allegedly ) is .

    Nu SNP’s sloth and bad faith regarding the pursuit of our ambition is bad enough , but to be belabouring that ambition with this mindrot is unforgivable . They have to go

  38. Jim Thomson says:

    Stuart, can you update that last graphic to show the stretched target please. That might help with further donations.

    Ta much 🙂

  39. Maxxmacc says:

    Bonkers stuff going on in (un)Holy-rood. But i am not surprised. The whole thing is a trap for the left and is there to destroy parties like the SNP who have fallen for the madness. But the people now in charge of the Scottish Government could barely organise a raffle so I am not surprised they’ve let this nonsense flourish.

    Good luck with your case, but as you have been employed for less than two years, you have zero rights. You can be sacked at will. Contact Acas before you do anything and they’ll reveal the grim truth to you. The tories have fixed the game against from the workers.

  40. Muscleguy says:

    I have just seen this on Kenny’s twitter and thrown some coppers his way and retweeted it. I second Kenny’s call for folk to copy post/retweet this all over the place. Nil desprandum carborundum.

  41. Anna says:

    I’m also a civil servant on Scotland. There are many of us who speak in hushed tones about our gender critical views. I’m Ashamed to say I’m not as brave as Kenny and haven’t spoken loudly about this. I am 3 years from early retirement and am hanging in there. I work within the health directorate, which seems particularly captured, within the National Care Service programme. I have changed, a few times, the protected characteristics on some of our internal documents from gender to sex, pleading ignorance but it’s always changed back. These documents are for some codesign work we are going to be carrying out. Basically people will be agreeing not to same sex care, but same gender care and it’s going unnoticed because the press have rubbished it all so much that people, ordinary people who it will affect, are ignoring it. So I urge you all, take up every opportunity offered to influence this programme, because it is going to happen. Make your voices heard.

  42. Peter says:

    I’m beginning to lose the will to live at the amount of dross that has now infiltrated society as a whole. The future on every front gets bleaker by the day.

  43. twathater says:

    The REASON all this utter bilge and garbage is allowed to grow like the proverbial cancer is due to us all having a captured media , newspapers , radio , television all broadcasting outlets are CAPTURED, the lies and diversionary tactics are OBVIOUS for anyone with a functioning brain

    HTAF was sturgeon allowed to GIFT newspapers £9 million pounds of OUR money to stay solvent, every politician should be made to answer that question , newspapers are owned by tax exiles who are capatilists and deliberately minimise their tax payments if any is paid at all

    IF we had investigative journalists and reporters telling the TRUTH instead of made up lies the electorate would know what bastard politicians and their funders were up to and would take action , instead people are entertained and brainwashed by attention seeking arsewipes in non reality shows who in all probability are destined to become our next politicians

  44. Geoff Anderson says:

    Small donation made….good luck

  45. David Hannah says:

    It’s so captured.

    Then they claim to be oppressed. And play victim.

    I personally find it humiliating. They are obnoxious pricks.

  46. Natal XY and proud says:

    Well done Kenny.

    I am employed by the same outfit of jokers. The SG computer system forces me to ascribe a M/F sex on personal records I create as part of the job. That’s my get out of jail card (snowflake that I am). I am truly traumatised by having to do that(LOL).
    My advice to anyone in the same situation is to give the ‘training’ a very wide berth- why support Stonewall etc.
    Best of luck with your case.

  47. William Habib Steele says:

    Related to this is the indoctrination of kids in schools. I just read an academic paper on the pedagogy of Drag Queen Story hour.

    “Drag pedagogy: The playful practice of queer imagination in early childhood.” It’s by Harper Keenana University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada, and Lil Miss Hot Mess, “a performer and board member for Drag Queen Story Hour, and the author of the children’s book The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish (Running Press Kids, 2020). She is also a PhD candidate in Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University.”

    The Abstract states that the article argues that Drag Queen Story Hour provides a generative extension of queer pedagogy into the world of early childhood education. It also states “Ultimately, the authors propose that “drag pedagogy” provides a performative approach to queer pedagogy that is not simply about LGBT lives, but living queerly.”

    People need to know what the goal is when Drag Queens perform in schools and libraries.

  48. Shrugging says:

    Here’s a question fir ivirybody: how much ay an impact hus this trans shite hud oan yer life? Zero, lit’s face it. Gied yese suhhin tae sweetywife aboot fir YEARS noo. Seems tae me tae go like this: first weird cunt thit freaks oot a woman or wean in a cubicle wi his cock oot will get his/her/whitivir cock/cunt kicked, prosecutit, n let oaf cos the vast majority ay the general public agree wi thir stance. If they dinnae get oaf, thill be a martyr, thir prosecution protestit, then thill be celebratit n respectit n bought free beer fir the rest ay thir lives.

    So whit the fuck IS aw this shite? Seriously. This article is stupit, obsessive, n boring. Fuck thir stupit laws, deal wi thum is they affect you. This country’s politics ur FUCKED, n that INCLUDES sites like this. Dinnae even ken how ah still read this fucking site onymair. No done an anti-Tory or anti-Labour story in fucking firivir. Waste ay time n space, jist a way for folk tae let aff steam, really. Achieves fuck aw, nae maitter whit it says aboot onyhing.

  49. John Main says:

    Craig Murray putting the boot into Yousaf on his latest blog. Here’s a wee quote:

    His Cabinet consists solely of those who wish entirely to limit the SNP to those who meet their measure of ideological purity – which for some inexplicable reason means commitment not to Scottish Independence, but to an absolute, unmoderated right for everybody to change their gender by declaration

    If I had to summarise it in three words, these would be:

    SNP Game Over

    But have a read yourself. You may be able to find a shred of silver lining somewhere to cling to.

  50. Red says:

    Kenny, it’s not just the public sector that’s falling down the rabbit hole, this kind of thing is becoming mandatory in big corporates too.

    I find it’s best to simply not engage with the Gender/Pride/Racism/Climate Change/Whatever HR ladies on Twitter are crying about this week sermons and just get on with the job. But I’m sure zey haff ways of making me care.

    Organisations, once infected with woke activism, tend to become progressively paralysed by political struggle sessions, infested by comically incompetent rainbow-hair people and then lose the ability to function.

    Take the Scottish Government, for example. Can’t even buy a ferry. But they’re going to fix global weather patterns.

  51. Andrew scott says:

    Have we heard about Karen Adam’s Claim that she received an email to have a bikini wax in December
    She claimed a “hate crime”
    Reported to polias alba – they say a nonsense
    How big a snowflake is she and she/her/they rule over us

  52. John C says:

    All of this rings so painfully true. I’m now self employed so I no longer have to deal with this nonsense, but still come across the fringes of it all too regularly. When I was working for companies this had not long started coming in with pronouns being the first sign which started with an astonishing ‘awareness’ session where some 20-something right out of uni was telling a group of people (including several LGB people who’d grown up in the 70s-90s) about the ‘plight’ of Trans people and how they’d worked to gain civil rights for gays and lesbian men and women. Needless to say this didn’t go down well.

    One needs to remember during all this cultish indoctrination that Trans or Transgender as a concept (One which is tied directly into Queer Theory which itself has links to multiple types of fetishism) is 25 years old more or less. Prior to that there were transexuals who were rare and generally incredibly fragile people who, mainly, wanted to just live a normal life which is a way to help them deal with their dysphoria.

    Also there were AGP men who fetishised women and girls, plus all the other abnormal aspects of sexuality and perversion including paedophiles. What Trans ideology did was tie all of this under one umbrella term and weld it uncomfortably to LGB knowing fine well that were they to even try to fly as their own civil rights movement they’d be run out of town but attached to LGB saw them leech off the warmth and sympathy of most people who saw that a people who’d been demonised for centuries deserved the same rights as everyone.

    Trans is dragging that sympathy for LGB back into the stone age thanks to nonsense like the stuff listed in the article, and of course, the rush to medicalise children and introduce ‘acceptable’ paedophilia into the mainstream. It’s also astonishingly regressive in terms of gender roles (I’ve heard young women say they couldn’t cut their hair until they transitioned to a ‘man’) not to mention racist, ableist and homophobic.

    It’s a sad indictment of the left that the Communists are the only part willing to come out to state simple truths about sex and how women as a class have been exploited for centuries because of their sex. Trans want to make themselves ‘the most oppressed people ever’ even though as an umbrella term they’ve not existed that long, and they’re also (on the whole) made up of mainly white, middle class people from more comfortable backgrounds. However, like any good religious evangelists they’ve managed to spread their cult into more vulnerable backgrounds, especially children who may be autistic, from a deprived background, and those who’ve lived a large part of their lives online which is where this cult is spreading.

    So to get back to the first paragraph in my post, the reason why this is to be feared beyond the awareness courses HR departments have run in the past about disability or LGB people is the added strain of authoritarianism. If you know this stuff is nonsense and make it clear you do as what happened in that group I was in, what’ll happen is you’ll be reported to HR, and management, even maybe lose your job or be bullied outwith of work. This is one of the reasons the Trans ideology needs to be challenged and reversed.

  53. Keith says:

    Modest donation made Kenny.I had the good fortune of escaping from teaching just as this utter nonsense was beginning to raise its ugly head in education. I suspect if I had stayed, I’d have punched someone by now. It, along with many other issues, was not good for my mental health.

  54. tricia young says:

    Replying to Shiregirl.. I’m in the NHS too, frontline. I had avoided diversity courses which are now mandatory but will probably have to do them. My defiance consists of wearing a suffragette coloured lanyard, otherwise totally professional. No-one has been stupid enough to challenge me on this (yet). I know a few people that have refused to wear rainbow badges etc. but no one has offered me one! I think there are more people questioning and rejecting this ideology, I see it as a war to divide everyone, American imported shit. Donated. Vote Alba.

  55. Stoker says:

    Kenny wrote in the article above btl:

    “It seemed to me that the very fact that this material had been sent out to others previously, and that I was the only person who had ever raised a concern about it, suggested a wider problem in the Scottish Civil Service.”

    I wouldn’t exactly call them Scotland’s Civil Service. Other than that, thanks for the article Kenny, very good read. And here’s to wishing you all the very best with your health problems. Stay safe! And thanks again.

    In other news: I see Fergus Ewing is talking out against the SNP’s agreement they have with The Greens. Bit late now, Fergus. All through Sturgeon’s destructive reign you sat on your arse with your mouth firmly shut. You are as guilty as all the rest of them. So why make waves now? Hoozat Useless a much softer touch? You all sat back saying nothing while Skanky Sturgeon soiled the hard work of all her predecessors, to get the SNP to where it was pre-Sturgeon & Murrell, including the immense efforts of your mother. You and many others helped Skanky Sturgeon destroy mandate after mandate and divide the indy movement. We will never forget nor forgive. Utter shame on you all.

    Also in tonight’s Scottish news there’s another demonstration of the national embarrassment that is the Scottish legal system. A guy who raped a 13-year-old girl when he was 17 was given community service, and a jolly good old tongue lashing (sarcasm). Lord Lake told the beast that had he been an “adult over 25” he would be facing a “jail sentence of 4 or 5 years”. Sorry, but it’s way beyond time these “Lords” were stripped of their positions when they pass ridiculous sentences like that.

    What sort of message is that Judge sending? If you’re going to rape someone make sure you get it off your bucket list before your 25th birthday? I’ve had a theory for roughly 10 to 15 years now. I think these Judges who pass unbelievably ridiculous sentences are doing so because of their private political beliefs. In other words they’re doing it to tarnish the image of an independent Scotland. Getting folk to think that they’re in for a hell of a lot more of this kind of sentencing if we ever vote for indy.

    That sentence is disgusting and disgraceful. It’s also a severe slap in the face to that young lassie who’s been through 4-years of utter f@ckin’ hell. Not to mention all the hard work the police and medical professionals have put in to secure a conviction. Then some dittery c@nt in a wig & gown treats it all as if the beast stole some money from his school? Just think how that’s going to make every young lassie feel who reads about that. That Judge should be removed immediately from such a powerful position. This country’s a fuckin’ joke. A perverts paradise.

  56. Michael Laing says:

    Woke ideology needs to be confronted, stamped out and eradicated altogether. I don’t underestimate the difficulty in achieving that goal when woke propaganda is all-pervading and is being enforced top-down by politicians and businesses everywhere. My fear is that this woke totalitarianism will give rise to a public backlash which will give legitimacy to and be exploited by the sort of low-life political figures who talk about ‘cleaning up society’ and ‘eradicating degeneracy’. We may want genuine equality and unity to prevail in our society, but we could end up with draconian authoritarianism and concentration camps or worse.

  57. HadEnoughNow says:

    How have Stonewall and Mermaids gotten such a stranglehold on the country?
    The SNP/Green coalition: “Putting the ‘nonce’ into nonsense”.

  58. Maureen says:

    SNP politician caused innocent woman to be investigated for a hate crime over bikini wax mix-up.

    Karen Adam claimed gender critical activists were attempting to intimidate her.

    She called in police who found a simple admin error was in fact to blame.

  59. Lorna Campbell says:

    These people are parasites in the full meaning of that word. They first latched on to the LGB community, then on to women. It is less than ten years since the term, TWAW, came on the scene because they knew perfectly well that this was the way to try and break down women’s resistance. They must be the most selfish and narcissistic people on the planet – and driven by porn and sexual fetishes in the main. The vast majority are not dysphoric, which is why the medical assessment had to be dispensed with, and even if they are, it is BODY dysphoria they suffer, not gender dysphoria, which does not exist. They are conning all those who listen to them. They have moved the goalposts at every step. We need to keep on asking why they need access to female spaces and why third spaces are not acceptable to them? They can’t answer coherently and logically, because theirs is an ideology driven by sexual feelz and they cannot admit it or the whole house of cards falls. Saying that you are in the ‘wrong body’ without any explanation as to who has yours and what they are doing with it is more acceptable to the gullible than saying that you are obsessed with your teenage daughter’s knickers. That just doesn’t ring all the right virtue-signalling bells.

  60. Breeks says:

    twathater says:
    3 April, 2023 at 6:22 pm

    The REASON all this utter bilge and garbage is allowed to grow like the proverbial cancer is due to us all having a captured media , newspapers , radio , television all broadcasting outlets are CAPTURED, the lies and diversionary tactics are OBVIOUS for anyone with a functioning brain…

    IF we had investigative journalists and reporters telling the TRUTH instead of made up lies the electorate would know what bastard politicians and their funders were up to and would take action , instead people are entertained and brainwashed by attention seeking arsewipes in non reality shows who in all probability are destined to become our next politicians…

    I believe it is much, much, worse than that.

    This video below is from 4 days ago, so it’s current and topical. South African MP from the Economic Freedom Fighters Party.

    It’s not just what he says, though that is compelling enough, but look at the comments below, from Jamaica, Zambia, Morocco, white South Africa, black America…all over.

    No dissent. Granted it’s YouTube and I think the account holder can remove negative comments, but all the signs are saying there is something brewing here, and we are fools to be going along with the false narratives we are being sold in the UK.

    America next, and this is kinda scary, but cut to 2:35, and you see the US beginning to panic about BRICS, and the US dollar losing reserve currency status. The mask slips, and we see a glimpse of the real reason the US, and it’s poodle the UK, is stoking the embers of war.

    The “world” has tired of “rich” Europe, but they have especially tired of the US and the UK’s attitude towards poorer nations.

    There is a big phenomenon happening here, a seismic shift in the techtonic plates of global economics, and I very much fear we are standing on the wrong river bank.

    Scotland needs, repeat NEEDS, decisive action on Independence, but also needs strong and courageous leadership to diffuse this ticking time bomb.

    Right now, Finland is moving towards joining NATO.

    There is an economic war looming large on the not too distant horizon, and Scotland needs to speaking up for itself, now, while the situation can still be de-escalated. Sadly I see no sign of it happening. Not one. Maybe it’s already too late.

    The demise of the United Kingdom needs to happen, because we cannot be party to “Briddish” warmongering and sabre rattling. – Not through cowardice, fear of defeat or any belief in pacifism, but because it is fundamentally wrong and repentance might be the only thing that might save us… and our neighbours in the south.

    Wasn’t it Winnie Ewing who said stop the world, Scotland wants to get on? NEVER have those words been more prophetic…. it’s just the World is now shaping up to be run by the BRICS Conglemeration..

  61. H Mac says:

    This is unhinged. Like, I am all for freedom of speech but what the fuck was it you were expecting when you went to work for the Scottish Government lol?

    Most folk, because they want a tea on their table at the end of every night, generally tend to put up with corporate bullshit bingo from their employers.

    No one is discriminating against you for your views, I can’t see any evidence of harassment towards you. What you do admit though is sending unsolicited emails to colleagues you did not necessarily know in order to “debate” a controversial issue in Scotland at the moment. People expect civil servants to be impartial, objective and balanced. They should leave their own views at the door. This is like someone going to work for Celtic, despite being a Rangers fan, then greetin cos it turns out Celtic doesn’t like Rangers all that much.

    Get a fucking grip and then maybe get yourself into a support programme that helps people get back into work.

  62. John Main says:

    @Breeks says:3 April, 2023 at 8:33 pm

    Shite. I sure hope his grasp of Scottish Indy politics is better than his grasp of geopolitics and economics.

    Here’s some wee quotes from Unherd:

    “The USD share of the world’s official foreign exchange reserves is 60%; the Yuan’s is 2.76%. The dollar has been around the 60% mark since 1995, and — even more telling — a comparison of data from the Bank for International Settlements compiled by Brent Donnelly shows that since 1989 the USD share in international transactions has been steadily around 90%”

    “Chinese financial institutions need the same degree of transparency and global trust as their US counterparts. None of this seems likely, and it is not even clear if China trusts its own currency. A majority of its Belt and Road Initiative projects are funded and denominated in USD”

    “the idea that India — both a regional & global competitor of China’s — will allow Beijing and Moscow to have a say in its fiscal and monetary policy is at this point political fiction”

    Sleep easy, Breeks. The USD is sound.

    The real reason you can’t support the rights of other countries to be free, independent and sovereign just has to be cowardice, fear of defeat or some half-baked belief in pacifism. What the fuck else could it be?

    Sleep easy again, Breeks. Others are prepared to do your fighting for you.

    But please go ahead and get some repentance in if still shitting yourself. You can do mine also, cos I sure as fuck don’t intend to do any for myself.

  63. Lothianlad says:

    Kenny, I empathise, I really do. I have had blatant bullying from nhs lothian and the unions are useless. They are in partnership with the management. My issue was patient care, but they now have the trans flag on all electronic communication. People are scared to speak up.
    I will try to contribute to the fund.
    All the best, and well done!
    Stay strong, with the wings family on your side, the SG will crap it!

  64. George Ferguson says:

    O/T to the author of this article. I support you 100%. But I can’t donate to your cause. I have recently withdrawn my monthly subscription to Stu. Not because I dont think he is doing a brilliant job but I wanted to tidy up my financial matters for my wife. I have railed against avoidable deaths in the SNHS. Only to almost become one myself. I had an ill health adverse event categorised A and E ambulance. None available. Wife threw me in the car and saved my life for now. I will donate in future. Last time I was in hospital over 60 years ago. Tonsillectomy aged 5. It’s no us that have spent the public service money. Keep it up Stu.

  65. David Hannah says:

    The nursing unions are pathetic. I got an email from the RCN reminding me that it’s trans day of visibility.

    They kicked me out one of the LGBT staff pages for my opposition to the 12 day delay to the pay deal for the death of the Queen.

    I also said 40 days and 40 nights is a long time to go without chocolate. Someone should buy the protesters a bar of dairy milk and I think they’d be a lot happier. Solidarity with my sisters. Adult Human Females. To which some woke Doctor had to remind me that trans men get pregnant too. And humiliated himself.

    I wouldn’t be signing any Statsi Stonewall pledge.

  66. David Hannah says:

    All these people are corrupt. In it for themselves. Instead of negotiating for the workers. They have their heads so far up their own arses on equality and diversity pish they fail to do anything meaningful for the majority.

    Sick eh it.

  67. Jab64000 says:

    Shared and donated Kenny. Good luck with this, we need more people to do things like this so thanks to Rev Stu for sharing your story.

  68. David Hannah says:

    Woke I.e authoritarianism, rebranded under a shiny rainbow with more stripes than zebra. An intolerance of other people’s belief systems, and the arrogance to believe they are better I.e. Progressive.

    These idiots, in turn are creating a racist, mysogynistic and homophobic climate. In which the blue collar, heterosexual white male is the devil of all evils of the world.

  69. sarah says:

    Cautious optimism about rebellion within SNP – Robin McAlpine’s latest article confirms that there are 15 backbench MSPs who are sick of the state the party is in due to bullying, pet projects, and cliques.

    So perhaps there is some light at the end of the tunnel, and this gender lunacy may be booted out.

    Meanwhile, Mr McBride, well done for standing against the brainwashing.

  70. David Hannah says:

    The RCN wants to investigate it’s members for rejecting the pay offer. The people at the top want to build their own empire. Totally disconnected from the people they are meant to represent.

    And if you are gender critical. They will hound you put. I watched Adult Human Female.

  71. John C says:

    It is less than ten years since the term, TWAW, came on the scene because they knew perfectly well that this was the way to try and break down women’s resistance.

    ‘Trans women are women’ sprung up in the 2000s when Queer/Trans ideology started making serious footholds into society. I first saw it as a meme & because I wasn’t questioning what was going on like most people, just accepted it to ‘be kind’. I didn’t realise then it was a mantra designed to eliminate thought whilst selling a lie.

    Of course had I listened to feminists and lesbians who were the canaries in the mine on this I might have avoided a lot of personal strife with losing friends who’d been totally consumed by the Trans cult to the point where their child was being ground into compliant meat by the Sandyford and by organisations like Stonewall after being groomed online by people on Tumblr.

    I wish as a society we’d been more alert to the rise of this during the 2000s as we could have cut it off before it became as bad as this. That sadly is hindsight but the thing is now to break down this cult and the authoritarians in any way we can including non-compliance with insane phrases like ‘trans women are women’. If you say that to me I know not only are you a liar, but you’re not to be trusted on anything else you say. You also probably either suffer from severe mental illness or you’ve been so completely groomed that you don’t know what reality is anymore. Or indeed, both.

  72. Effijy says:

    Trans rights has to be the same as everyone else’s rights.
    We all use the facilities provided for us based on what we have between our legs.

    Good Luck to them but the world isn’t turning itself upside down for them.

    By a long chalk the majority won’t ever accept male realists get to chose what men’s prison
    to serve their time.

    Dangerous straight men being incarcerated for very long spells will abuse that card to gain a captive audience in Cornton Vale.

  73. Stephen O'Brien says:

    When Sturgeon said.. SNP1 SNP2, she wasn’t kidding!

    Which version will be the continuity party and the other the independence party?

  74. Lenny Hartley says:

    John Main, Breeks is the one who has got a grasp with what is happening via the brics reserve currency v the defacto usd reserve currency.
    you can keep on swallowing the US and its poodles propaganda if you wish , but gtf with insulting people who have a far better grasp of geo politics than you will ever have.

  75. Graham says:

    “We are all free to believe whatever we wish. What we are not free to do is compel others to believe the same thing, to silence those who disagree with us or to force others to deny reality.“ Maya Forstater

  76. jockmcx says:

    the madness of snp policy,
    Trans: Ideology Meets Reality – Parallax Views

    the madness of working class support of the snp,

  77. Philip Patrick says:

    I’d advise contacting the Free Speech Union. They have fought and won cases like this and can help you with top notch legal advice.

  78. Robert Hughes says:

    Breeks @ 8.33

    Superb post , B .

    Yes , the times are def a-changing , the ” old order is rapidly fading ” .

    The so-called * victor * at the so-called * End of History * ( lol ) had a chance to be a genuinely benevolent , magnanimous force for good in the world , to promote understanding of ethnic/cultural/political differences/conflicts with the sincere aim of ending , or at least , reducing them to a minimum .

    It chose not to . It chose instead to use it’s immense economic/military power to bludgeon it’s perceived/imaginary enemies into submission , where it couldn’t bribe , manipulate or coerce them by threat alone . It behaved like the schoolyard bully who , not content with * beating * his weaker opponent , seeks to humiliate him by pressing his face into the dirt , after spitting on it .

    Looks like nations across the former U.S dominion are saying ” fuck you n yr bloodthirsty regime-changing hypocrisy ” .

    You may have seen another recent statement by an African leader ( forget his name ATM ) in response to that * almost * embarrassingly vacuous Veep Harris having the breathtaking conceit to come to Africa in order to lecture them on Democracy – hahahaha .

    You’re right B . * Scotland * has to have a clear understanding of the likely consequence/s of this massive geopolitical shift represented by the growing reality of BRICS and the end of U.S hegemony and give great consideration to where it positions itself . Alas , not only are we majorly constrained in having a position outside the mainstream * Western * worldview by our continuing Dependence within Union , the – once – Party of Independence has been taken-over by poodles-pretending-to-be-hawks who delight in rattling their wee plastic sabres from the comfort of well-padded HolyMinster benches .

  79. John Main says:

    @Robert Hughes says:4 April, 2023 at 7:04 am

    Scotland has just been given Yousaf as leader. The idea that anybody is listening to Scotland or modelling their behaviour on Scotland is risible. The people of third-world nations are falling about laughing at Scotland.

    A period of quiet and humble reflection is what Scotland needs right now. With the “useful idiots”, whose behaviour and beliefs over the years helped to put Yousaf where he is today, taking the lead.

    And in other news, a huge day for the people of Finland and a great day for the rationalists and realists in the EU, Europe and the west.

    By a remarkable coincidence, 5.5 million Finns. A free, sovereign, nation. Not a man, woman or child among them who hasn’t forgotten more about independence than most Scots, including many of the regulars on here, will ever learn.

    Do you think the Finns are shitting BRICS today?


    Do you think the Finns are lining up a Yousaf figure to lead them?

    Naw again.

  80. John Main says:

    @Lenny Hartley says:4 April, 2023 at 12:05 am

    gtf with insulting people who have a far better grasp of geo politics than you will ever have

    Stats are in my post, Len.

    Plus some cold, hard, facts. Maybes you don’t know about the India-China border conflicts. TS, I do.

    Any time you want to argue facts, bring them on.

    Soz you feelz that the USD is on the way out. But, the bottom line is, it’s not about what anybody feelz.

    Learn from your heritage, Len:

    Facts are chiels that winna ding, and downa be disputed

  81. President Xiden says:

    Folks, this us clownworld and it will only get worse before it gets better. Those of you who think that a useless tool like Humza will be kicked out at the next election havent been paying attention to what been going on in the US. Never have so many incompetent jackasses been place in positions of power as there are today. Clownworld still has much to achieve.

  82. Alf Baird says:

    John Main @ 7:34 am

    “Finns. A free, sovereign, nation”

    And with the Finnish language a critical factor in their liberation from imperialism, like maist ither doun-hauden fowk.

    Whaur’s oor Scots Langage Act, Humza?

  83. Mac says:

    The so called ‘Progressive’ movement is really the most regressive movements I have witnessed.

    Take racism. I have not seen open, fulminating, racists like this since the 70’s. But this time it is against white people. And that is where public attitudes towards racism against white people are right now, the equivalent of the 1970’s, where it is socially acceptable to be a racist as long as it the right kind of racism. This seems to be the real end goal of ‘political correctness’. Just look at the Yousaf video again… it is right there.

    Sexism. Hate men. Sturgeon clearly did and does. Some of her comments about men again could also easily have come from the 1970’s. Once more it is the polar opposite of ‘progressive’ and in fact is highly regressive, 50 years regressive.

    Ageist. Hate old people and none more so than white old. Openly use terms categorizing people by the colour of their skin, Gammons etc. Don’t see any irony in this or any hypocrisy.

    The levels of general hate emanating from the progressive / woke movement is off the charts. How many people have they threatened now. I have lost count. We are already seeing this hate start to manifest into acts of violence.

    They are out of control and have been empowered by the lunatics in the SNP and Greens and now will continue to be so under Yousaf who pretty much spat out the term white people like he was talking about shit.

    Remember folks… DARVO – reverse victim offender.

  84. Republicofscotland says:

    Breeks @8.33am.

    I recall when several folk resigned from the SNP on a vote for the SNP backing Nato membership, unfortunately Scotland is part of the warmongering bullyboys club.

    Now no one resigns from the SNP unless they really really need to, or are pushed out, changed days indeed.

  85. Republicofscotland says:

    A metaphor for our current situation.

  86. KLF says:

    You know what maybe Enoch was right afterall..

  87. Garavelli Princip says:

    “Where the hell are all the doctors , nurses , scientists ? Can they not shout with one LOUDER voice on this idiocy?”

    They are largely employed in the public sector: universities, NHS, Scottish Government etc.

    Now, who is it that is applying this madness? All of the above acting as employers.

    I know from bitter experience that academic freedom is a myth.

    Universities are now run by idiots in HR, Finance etc.

    Speak out and HR will be on your case!

    This is how Fascism works!

  88. SusanAHF says:

    Mac I agree with what you’re saying but would add that the woke hate women, especially white women, too. Seems to me they want a sterilised, genderfluid, coffee coloured world where everyone, or the proles certainly, is vegan and carbon neutral. No meat, no travel, no fun, except for the chosen ones

  89. KLF says:

    Scotland has elected a Political Islamist as their new leader.

  90. Mac says:

    I even forgot.

    Religious bigotry. They openly hate Christians as we have just seen. It is a long list if you really sit down and think about it.

    It really takes a special kind of idiot to scream at people, that they have never met, that they are all racists, based solely on the colour of their skin… Wow. They are so indoctrinated and thick and these are the plentiful foot soldiers of the woke movement.

    The people pulling the strings of all this woke crap are very smart and very evil and are playing a long game but the useful idiots are really fulfilling their role as idiots here. You can see why they are called so.

    Personally I suspect one ulterior purpose of all of this is to drive Europe and the West to the extreme right.

    All actions have an equal and opposite reaction. What will be the equal and opposite reaction to woke agenda, that no one wanted, yet appeared all across the West simultaneously. (Political correctness was clearly a precursor for it hence why I say it is
    a long game.)

    What I find very sinister is if you look at all the things wrong with the woke movement today they are very similar to the things the Nazis were complaining about in the 1930’s. So I suspect the woke movement is designed to nurture a new 1930’s and pave the way for the emergence of the new far right in Europe.

    That is why they are rubbing everyone’s noses in their woke degeneracy. They want people to lurch to the right. If you look at politics in Europe it is slowly ‘working’ and will intensify.

    Mass uncontrolled immigration was weaponised to achieve a similar result IMHO.

    The whole of Europe needs to decouple itself from the US and become independent. This is the true independence battle right now and Europe is losing it badly.

    It is ironic that the nation that fought for its freedom for Europe has in turned enslaved Europe. But again they think their shit does not stink.

    We have seen all this cynically played out before on mainland Europe by the same players… Question is, will people in Europe fall for it a third time. Looks to me like they might.

  91. Dorothy Devine says:

    Garavelli princip , then a takes a big group of them to shout it down and long passed time they did.

    Time for the teachers to do the same as they are now ‘grooming’ for this idiotic , dangerous anti science.

  92. Mac says:

    Yes you are right Susan, I could have added women to the list as well and did think about doing so but did not want it to be too long.

    If you look at the ‘intersectionality’ of who the Scottish wokes hate the most it is very interesting what profile emerges.

    (And this is true of all the woke movements in all their own countries.)

    Hate Whites
    Hate Heterosexuals
    Hate Men
    Hate Women
    Hate Christians

    That intersectional profile above is reducible to simply…

    Hate Indigenous Scots

    And this is what it all amounts to but dressed up in a lot of woke blah blah bollocks.

    Then you add in things like the continual sexualization of children, the nuts conversion legislation, the hate bill, the GRRB, getting rid of juries…

    None one voted for this, we voted for independence, but instead this woke poison was foisted upon us by psycho Sturgeon, and now like a disease it has hold of the SNP. We have Sturgeon 2.0 and the Humzafix and the woke death march of the independence movement into the desert continues.

    Whatever ‘woke’ is, it the badge of either an idiot or a betrayer.

  93. SusanAHF says:

    Mac your post of 9.53am is scarily plausible

  94. Garavelli Princip says:

    Dorothy Devine says:
    4 April, 2023 at 9:54 am
    “Garavelli princip , then a takes a big group of them to shout it down and long passed time they did”.

    Believe me Dorothy, I did. I was trade union activist and have the (mental) scars to prove it. Take them on and you enter the world of denial of promotion, vexatious disciplinaries, endless harassment and dismissal.

    Trying to get colleagues to fight in universities is a futile task.

    Someone correctly described universities as ” a hotbed of cold feet”

    “First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist
    Then they came for the Socialists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist
    Then they came for the trade unionists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist”

    You know the rest.

    I do not exagerate: we are in perilous times.

  95. Ottomanboi says:

    The issue with Woke, is that those who follow, perhaps unknowingly, its social attitudes think they are being «kind» and «caring» and «non judgmental», the secular holy trinity of the right thinking, NuPol, the new Globalist politics.
    Secular/political/societal indifferentism in practice, there is no God, no science, no norms, no normal; burn the books….and those who read them too.

  96. fruitella the hun says:

    Over 200,000 voters put Green stuff first in the 2021 List. They also endorsed independence though no doubt some were conflicted (English born, for instance – I didn’t know any who voted in favour in the Indy Ref). I imagine for some Green-first voters Independence is seen as the route back to the EU and away from the Tories. This number is about 10% of the required two million minimum to win.

    Some independence-first warriors argue pumping “Scottish” oil is the only alternative we have to living in caves or eating insects, or that we only stop when the last oil tank has rusted through and the last lorry has gone to heaven – otherwise we would be wasting resources (!). I find it hard to feel any common cause with them, knowing how that thinking is bringing us all to a precipice.

    The folk trying to pin the paedo label on the “Greens” are either stupid or know that neo-fascists get good results with it. There is some thoughtful stuff posted here but people who might be persuaded will not see it past the dafties’ bile – perhaps their intention?

  97. K.A.Drost says:

    As a Dutchman, I lived more than 20 happy years in Scotland and was sad I had to leave. What I read on this website, how the f… did it get so far? Keep up the good fight and do to trans activists what they want to do to what they call terfs, our mothers teached us men to protect and respect women. (the species with wombs) That is my two Euros

  98. Dan says:

    @ fruitlella the hun

    Is the issue not that that the “Green” Party, like many other political Parties, have been captured and thus steered away from their Party’s core objectives.
    Andy Wightman ex Green effectively got hoofed out of the Greens when he belatedly started to question the genderwoowoo.
    SNP, need we even go there…
    Lib Dems also took big donations from the likes of Ferring Pharmaceuticals to punt unnecessary gender “enhancing” drugs and surgeries to fuck folk’s as born bodies up.

    I’m pretty certain the industrialised chemical processes used to make superflous gender industry related pharmaceuticals, and rainbow coloured hair dyes ain’t exactly natural in ecologically sound terms.
    The radically green thing to do would be to live in your natural body as it is, not carve it up and alter it. Obviously sterilising yourself at least stops you procreating so stops that next generation using up the earth’s resources, but why wait to make a planet saving difference, simply jump onto a compost heap now and relieve the planet of the burden of sustaining your existence.

  99. Doug says:

    Support for independence stable – 48.5% according to latest Panelbase. Support for SNP falling. The people are turning against the SNP; they want a party and a leader which puts independence first and foremost.

    Patriotic politicians within the SNP must either stage a coup inside the party or split from it.

  100. Alf Baird says:

    Mac @ 10:17 am

    “That intersectional profile above is reducible to simply…Hate Indigenous Scots”

    What the Scottish people are subject to seems a form of Cultural Imperialism. Cultural Imperialism aims to obliterate national cultures, national ethnicities and national identities / national consciousness and replace them with something else. National cultures etc, so long as they exist, act as the main bulwark opposing the dominance and values of Imperial forces.

    Wokeism ideology/religion therefore seems to be another ‘tool’ of Imperialism and hence oppression, imposing new ‘values’ and beliefs on a people. It may even be considered a form of genocide as it appears to be used in order to hasten the eradication of national cultures/identity/ethnic groups.

    Because Imperialism is always, by implication, anti-independence, this means that wokeism must be rejected if we wish to see Scotland independent. This also confirms that the SNP ‘Scottish Government’ and its many institutions, by fervently prioritising and implementing wokeism ideology (whilst keeping indy on the back burner), is absolutely and incontrovertibly anti-independence, and anti-Scots.

  101. Gordon Gekko says:

    Dorothy Devine says:

    4 April, 2023 at 9:54 am

    Garavelli princip , then a takes a big group of them to shout it down and long passed time they did.

    It’s all GROUPTHINK Dorothy – The Asch Experiment

    This is the public in action and how you get them To believe their taxes fund things etc, etc, etc. All different types of propaganda you want to push.

  102. Gordon Gekko says:

    The Asch conformity experiments were a series of studies published in the 1950s that demonstrated the power of conformity in groups. These are also known as the “Asch Paradigm”.

    The Asch Paradigm is the reason why over 60% of Scots voted to be run by Brussels that instructs them how much they can spend and then tax that is embedded in their rules and treaties and yet stupid enough to call that independence.

    The Indy movement is full of these people in the experiment below.

    They voted for conformity. They’ll vote to be run by Brussels the most undemocratic parliament on the planet.

  103. fruitella the hun says:


    I’m talking about 200,000 voters not 5000 members (was 10,000 in 2014/15). I.e. 39 out of 40 of them are not party members. Rule of thumb – one in ten members will be activists (say 500) and plenty of them will not be signed up to this script but waiting for it to pass. Tarring them all with the peculiarities of the Rainbow Greens or the Marxist objectives of Maggie Chapman and her band is not good politics.

    I vote against them now because the literal interpretation of a metaphor is the road to hell – in this particular case TWAW. There are other examples about, sadly, as a look at some Christian sects can show. And Muslim, and Hindu, and Buddhist and Jewish…

    The issue is either we embrace a continuing oil economy or we get shot of it asap. I favour the latter, despite being an old biker.

  104. London Scott says:

    Mac at 9.52 said: “What I find very sinister is if you look at all the things wrong with the woke movement today they are very similar to the things the Nazis were complaining about in the 1930’s.”

    Actually I think a better analogy is Mao’s Cultural Revolution when, China’s history and culture prior to Communism was trashed and all social norms over turned. Reading, playing chess, painting and traditional opera were banned. Tombs and cemeteries were opened and ancestors thrown around. Science was labelled bourgeois, western, capitalist and decadent. Children, teenagers and young adults were encouraged to berate, beat and even kill people in authority or who indulged in ‘decadent’ activities – teachers and lecturers, pianists even their parents. Those unfortunates who survived the beatings were sent to work on collective farms as slaves. Read Wild Swans by Jung Chan who took part in this – she really believed playing chess or wearing glasses (intellectual) was evil.

    And of course Queer Theory evolved on Paris’ Left Bank. Foucault and Derrida (both paedophiles), Satre, De Beuviour etc. All post modernist Marxists. Taken up in USA universities who added Critical Race Theory to the toxic mix. All about creating mistrust and fear between people and breaking down barriers where there should be barriers.

    Gramsci said that revolution should focus on the “Long march through the institutions.” It seems this march has succeeded. Even the private sector has swelled QT and CRT – even though the people behind these theories want to smash capitalism. I am only consolation is that in the words of the French philosopher (whose name I forget) “The revolution, like Saturn devours it’s children.” One only hopes that this happens among the trans crowd.

    I have a Ukrainian family staying with me. I looked at the PHSE policies of the boys school. Totally captured by Stonewall et al. In the how do we deal with people from cultures where gay people are not accepted. Answer – we tell them that their countries were colonised by white homophobic European. So obviously that is why Uganda has introduced life imprisonment and even death for homosexuals this year. Though independent since 1962, they are still in political and cultural thrawl to the British! Patronising BS.

  105. Gordon Gekko says:

    The Asch Paradigm explains why they voted for Yousef and confirmity. To be part of the group even if they don’t believe in what the group is doing.

    It also explains why when an archaeologist digs up a coin and the coin ends up in a musuem.

    Millions of people will walk passed the coins in a museum and call them tax payers coins. Even though it is written very clearly on every coin. Where it came from and which government ISSUED it.

    That GROUPTHINK is what we are up against. It has been embedded in voters minds since they entered education camps at the age of 5.

  106. PhilM says:

    KLF…kindly take your racism to some QAnon corner of the interweb.
    Frankly, I’m amazed that no-one has mentioned the obnoxious character of your sentiments.
    Also, for the paranoiacs popping up here BTL every now and then, you don’t need to conjure up sinister covert plots that provide clues to what the extreme right are doing. They’re doing it in plain sight. Germany’s AfD, France’s National Rally, the succession of fascist parties in Italy which included Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, Greece’s Golden Dawn etc etc. are all engaged in culture wars to divide people and stir up resentment. The cure for political paranoia is ALWAYS detailed analysis which usually destroys any lingering nonsense that ‘they’ are up to ‘something’ ‘sinister’.

  107. SusanAHF says:

    Very interesting London Scott. It’s definitely toxic whatever it is

  108. craig murray says:

    London Scott,

    It is perfectly true that prohibition on homosexuality was introduced into many colonised countries, including much of Africa, by the colonising power, very often the UK.

  109. Anton Decadent says:

    Re this all being a cunning plan by the far Right, turning Western cities into white minority crime ridden slums filled with organised paedophile gangs does not strike me as an action they would be prone to take. Here in Glasgow the identified and convicted members of those gangs remain anonymous same as the alphabet women.

    I spent a lot of time amongst the people pushing pro trans, anti white woke agendas and there is a recurring theme of ethnicity along with membership of far Left organisations, I mean wearing tshirts and badges whilst in the workplace from meet and greet right up to management level. The web of influence is so embedded that despite being registered as charities they do not need to apply for funding, it is granted automatically every year. This requires an unbroken line of influence in politics, finance, the media, academia and charity sectors etc. Fighting whiteness is a fast track to success/promotion within this group. Brown and black nationalists are promoted by people who look white but do not identify as such.

    Re Alf Baird, cultural genocide is still classed as a crime against humanity but not against white people as they do not have a culture(s).

    I suggest that people start looking into the boardrooms of organisations such as the Tavistock and the judges who overturn findings against them on appeal.

  110. John C says:

    You know what maybe Enoch was right after all

    Go to whatever hell you deserve.

  111. London Scott says:

    Craig Murray. True, but after the Indian munity the British were careful not to ride rough shod over local cultural sensitivities. Suttee was banned, but Muslims could still have 4 wives etc. As a Colonial Civil Servant (Kenyan Education Service 1958-62) my father had to sit a written and oral exam in Swahili. He also attended classes and sat exams on the culture and social traditions of the Kenyan people – be they Kikuyo, Masai or coastal fundamentalist Muslims. Because of the high Indian sub continent population he also studied Sunni, Shia and Ismaeli Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, Parsee etc. The reason being is that the authorities did not want the local populations to be upset by some crass violation of social norms by a government employee. My father taught in an Ismaeli Muslim school. He knew not to shake hands with the wives of IM colleagues, or offer them pork or alcohol. The British authorities would have not made homosexuality illegal unless the measure was supported by the general population.

    Even so India, Pakistan etc have been independent for 75 years. Most African countries for 55 – 65 years. Plenty of time to repeal the legislation if they wanted. Those countries who have anti-homosexuality legislation still on the books have it because the people (or at least their leaders) want it. Indeed as I mentioned Uganda has imposed even more draconian penalties including capital punishment this year.

    If say hypothetically homosexuality was made illegal across the UK today, an independent Scotland 70 years later could not blame the “English” for laws they had not got round to abolishing yet!

    And male homosexuality was decriminalised in England and Wales in 1967. Not so Scotland as the Scottish politicians and the people were social conservatives, even if Labour, Liberal or SNP supporters. As a Conservative student activist in the 1970s it was a hot issue in University politics. (I made a speech in favour of decriminalisation at a FCS Conference.) It took an amendment by Robin Cook MP to a Criminality Bill (1980?1981?) which was accepted by the Conservative government before male homosexuality was decriminalised in Scotland. (1984 in NI).

  112. John C says:

    KLF…kindly take your racism to some QAnon corner of the interweb.
    Frankly, I’m amazed that no-one has mentioned the obnoxious character of your sentiments.

    There’s a lot more racism BTL in the comments section from people one step removed from the BNP. It is a sad part of the fight against Trans/Queer ideology that it also attracts conspiracy theorists and extremists looking for a cause to tag their own talking points onto and often these are either antivax idiocy, or just thinly veiled racism.

    There’s also an element of people supporting Scottish independence doing the same. Some of the absolute moon howlers BTL don’t do the cause any good at all and these people are again, just one step removed from a tartan version of the BNP.

    Also, for the paranoiacs popping up here BTL every now and then, you don’t need to conjure up sinister covert plots that provide clues to what the extreme right are doing. They’re doing it in plain sight. Germany’s AfD, France’s National Rally, the succession of fascist parties in Italy which included Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, Greece’s Golden Dawn etc etc. are all engaged in culture wars to divide people and stir up resentment. The cure for political paranoia is ALWAYS detailed analysis which usually destroys any lingering nonsense that ‘they’ are up to ‘something’ ‘sinister’.

    It is tiring to skim past comment after comment of barely educated nonsense that’s been cribbed from other people posting barely educated nonsense about how there’s a massive interconnected conspiracy that’s just the sort of nonsense you see on GB News or Russia Today.

    The facts about Queer/Trans ideology are all in plain sight. Institutions were captured by an ideology spawned in American universities. Entryism during the 2000s and early 2010s led to a ramping up in 2014-16 when Western gay organisations turned from supporting LGB rights (which had widespread support) to Trans (which was mistaken for transexuals and kids with dysphoria by many, including me) and you also had a mental health crisis, a men’s right movement (look up ‘Transmaxxing’) mixed in with a rise of misogyny like nothing in my lifetime.

    What happened was several different things all coming together not by design but by accident. Adding into this we’ve got the lockdown where people were stuck indoors online which radicalised so many people.

    The only thing that’s weakened Trans ideology has been shining a light on it with informed analysis, not to mention the end of ‘no debate’ has seen Trans talking points fall apart once exposed to anything slightly in opposition to it.

    What my fear is about some of the comments in opposition to Trans here is it’s not just dragging in homophobia, but racism and general stone age ignorance just as bad as the homophobia, racism and ignorance we see from the Trans movement. Things are in a bad way right now but the signs of things turning are there, especially with the weight of detransitioners seeking legal action and countries holding back on the use of ‘gender affirming care’.

    I still think there’s going to be a time in 10-15 years where a lot of Trans cheerleaders are going to be either in prison or will quietly change track. We’re also going to have to deal with a mental health crisis with 30 somethings who are teens, early 20s now who have to deal with what they’ve had done to their bodies. We won’t get there if we don’t understand what is going on and not a load of tin-hatted nonsense.

  113. Owen Mullions says:

    Apropos of nothing but we all need a laugh

  114. Dan says:

    @ fruitella the hun

    Most folk I know that vote “Green” seem to be doing it for the flimsiest of reasons. Often seemingly out of guilt as it some how offsets their foreign ski holidays, or vast collection of internal combustion engine powered vehicles.
    A cursory glance in their bins which I take out for them when they forget it’s bin day show they haven’t even embraced recycling either.
    So in my eyes they are just plastic hippies virtue signalling that they are the solution when they are the exact problem they claim to be fighting against.
    Re-wilding, don’t make me a laugh…

  115. Ottomanboi says:

    One of the principle high priests of the self-styled LGBT+ movement is this man.
    His selective worldview is also influential in « Woke» ideology.
    The nature of that worldview deriving from his particular orientation is rarely elaborated.
    Government agents, who frequently astound by the depth of their ignorance, are happy to place wolves in guardianship of chickens.

    «The truth is that Foucault knew very little about anything before the seventeenth century and, in the modern world, outside France. His familiarity with the literature and art of any period was negligible. His hostility to psychology made him incompetent to deal with sexuality, his own or anybody else’s. The elevation of Foucault to guru status by American and British academics is a tale that belongs to the history of cults. […] The more you know, the less you are impressed by Foucault»

    «The most serious flaw of Foucault’s system is in the area of sex. I view his hurried, compulsive writing as a massive rationalist defense-formation to avoid thinking about (a) woman, (b) nature, (c) emotion, and (d) the sexual body. His attempt to make the body passive property of male society is an evasion of the universal fact so intolerable to him: that we are all born of human mothers. By turning women into ciphers, he miniaturizes and contains them»

    Camille PAGLIA, “Junk Bonds and Corporate Raiders: Academe in the Hour of the Wolf,”

  116. Anton Decadent says:

    Referring to people as uneducated was, imo, one of the things which led to Brexit as was playing the race card against anyone who called out a culture of anti white racism.

    Re paranoiacs/moon howlers, I believe the official term for this is ableism/sanism, the same prejudice as was used by the Nazis.

  117. fruitella the hun says:

    Well thats’s me banged to rights re. the skiing and the collection of motors – which mostly just sit there consuming only a bit of O2 to rust. Haven’t been on a foreign ski holiday since 2019 though so am improving. People don’t like insufferables, which a fair amount of greens can be. I get that. I’ll bet you don’t know any paedos (convicted) or pervert greens – even though you have been through their bins – which some commenters seem to be referring to. Just the normal hypocrites like all the political shades we live amongst, except you, of course. Your virtue exudes.

    The issue is whether we keep the oil economy going or choose to curtail it – which only the greens favour and, currently, are dragging the SNP along too. That’s what people will vote for despite the commie/Stonewall nonsense they front with at the moment. The independence movement needs to attract them, not tell them they are despicable deviants or a bit fake.

    Or maybe there is a secret cache of oil pumping indy voters out there that can make good the numbers.

  118. Republicofscotland says:

    Humza Yousaf saying we shouldn’t question decisions made by the judiciary in Scotland, even if the defendant raped a thirteen year old girl and got community service for it.

    Lawyer on Radio Shortbread aka (Radio Scotland) said it was the first time in his long career in Scots courts servicing a criminal lawyer that he’d seen anyone not going to prison after being convicted of rape.

    I’d say even moreso that he raped a child., the excuse for not sending the rapist to prison was that he was under twenty-five years of age and his brain isn’t fully developed.

    This gives a green light to under twenty-fives to rape kids knowing only community service awaits their evil deeds.

    The SNP FM Yousaf doesn’t want you to question the punishment of the convicted rapist.

    Get the SNP out, Vote Alba, Join Alba save Scotland and its children.

  119. KLF says:

    Johnc : KLF…kindly take your racism to some QAnon corner of the interweb…….come off it Useless is the rascist mate or is he allowed to mouth off on so called white over representation. in scotland .white white white all spat out with in his infamous speech why should he get away with it

  120. President Xiden says:

    Re the Asch experiment. THIS is exactly what has been happening over the past few years. Everything we have been subjected to,every ’emergency’, every ‘crisis’ have all been used to enforce conformity.Once that was achieved people could be manipulted to believe utter nonsense. Educated people in particular never questioned things which were clearly contradictory, even when they flew in the face of common sense or actual science. You see, what the Asch experiment also revealed was that not only did the individuals fall in line with the rest of the group by providing answers they knew to be wrong but by the end of several sessions of complience they came to believe that these wrong answers were in fact correct.Now reflect on the past few years and it all becomes clear.

  121. Derek Mackay's Interior decorator says:

    John Main is the one who needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

    The future is BRICS, not the slavery of the banker tribe that control the West.
    They are getting their arses kicked in country404 despite what the BBC and the those who are slaves to the prescribed groupthink try to tell you.
    Big global changes are coming at us fast and frankly whether it is Humza Forbes or even Regan at the head of the SNP is of ZERO actual consequence in the medium term.
    The professional Unionists like Main are scared. They have every right to be.

  122. Dan says:

    @ fruitella

    We’ll need to keep the oil flowing to produce the fuel to power all the machinery used to mine and transport all the minerals used to build all these planet saving “green” leccy cars. And also power the huge ships that transport biomass from across the Atlantic to be burnt in Draxx power station so it can claim “green” subsidies…

    What materials are we going to use to build or renovate houses if they can’t come from or utlise oil in their production. All those UPVC windows, and quarrying of aggregates for making concrete building blocks will have to be made elsewhere then imported on big ships powered by… oil.
    Oooh, look at us, we’re so “green” as we burn no oil… ignoring the fact that all we have done is reduce our manufacturing industry even further losing more jobs, and instead burden other countries to burn oil to make and deliver the goods we consume here.

  123. Stuart MacKay says:

    John C

    Most of the borderline comments are either, frog-boiling attempts to slowly shift the discussion further to extremes and lower the bar to what’s considered acceptable, or to get the site onto the deplorable list and banned at some point in the future.

    It’s a pretty distinctive pattern that you can see repeated on any site which goes against the mainstream. It’s hard to say whether it’s done in any official or commercial capacity but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if “vested interests” were paying a reasonable wage for people to hang around and generally try to derail things.

  124. Dan says:

    Skiing at Glenshee will be hard work for full on greenies as they will have to climb to the top of the slopes for each run seeing as Glenshee has no electricity grid connection and is entirely powered by diesel generators.
    The recent red diesel eligibility usage changes also having an impact on business costs there.
    Best not have an accident whilst on the slopes and need airlifted as leccy choppers ain’t a thing yet.

  125. Republicofscotland says:

    Cancer waiting times at there worst ever, the data revealed that less than 72 per cent of the 4,262 patients referred were seen within 62 days, well below the Scottish Government’s 95% target.

    I don’t see the SNP or the new mediocre Health secretary Michael Mathieson making a difference to the figures. The SNP are far too busy with trans and gender ideas and policies and doing what the Greens want, the poorly thought out bottle return scheme and closing off ten percent of Scottish waters to fishermen etc, to care about the cost of living crisis, the lack of rentable homes, or good education that doesn’t include brainwashing kids behind their parents backs to take hormones and dress as the opposite sex.

    Nor does the SNP care about our folk living on the islands around Scotland, millions wasted on to hunks of steel that are supposed to be ferries servicing the islands that these folk live on, no outrage from the SNP on that but much outrage on Westminster issuing a S35 on the GRRB, the GRRB which the majority of Scots don’t want. No real plans from the SNP either on the skyhigh cost of energy except to sell of our Scotwind to the private sector for a pittance with Scotland losing out on at least £60 billion so far. The SNP have turned led Scotland into a terrible state and all we hear is excuse after excuse, now Humza Yousaf is FM a Sturgeon/Murrell puppet who’ll keep their dirty secret safe with the help of GCHQ, and he’s appointed a cabinet of dolts and cronies to watch his back, he failed miserably as Transport, Justice and as Health secretary now he’s in the hot seat we’re in big, big trouble.

    Its surely time to stop digging this hole any deeper and no longer give our votes to the SNP, they’ve lied and dangled enough indy carrots, lets now vote for the Alba party, and in doing so protect our women and children’s rights to safe spaces.

    If you want independence vote for the Alba party the SNP must be destroyed and replaced by Alba.

  126. Republicofscotland says:

    For anyone who still thinks Labour in Scotland is an independent party in Scotland its not, its a branch office and is controlled from England, a Fifth Column if you like, the same as the Lib/Dems and the Tory branch offices at Holyrood.

    “Keir Starmer admits he ‘ruthlessly sacked Richard Leonard”

  127. Geri says:

    Detransitioners will knock this on the nut.

    Absolutely heartbreaking what they’ve done to themselves. They were sold a lie & they’ve came out to warn others of thier horrific experience to a barrage of abuse from thier so called *trans siblings* who want everyone to shut up so it continues.

    You’ll never win a fight against nature.I hope they take them to the fecking cleaners & prosecutions start happening.

    This isn’t about genuine trans who suffer gender dysphoria – it’s a free for all & a pass for every sick deviant to crawl out from under thier stone & demand acceptance or else. It’s a terrorist organisation.

    This bullshit doesn’t help ppl with gender dysphoria who are being lumped in with all the psychos who are pushing thier abhorrent agendas.

  128. Wee Chid says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    4 April, 2023 at 2:56 pm

    Republicofscotland says:
    4 April, 2023 at 2:56 pm
    “Humza Yousaf saying we shouldn’t question decisions made by the judiciary in Scotland.”

    Does that apply to his former leader?

    ” the excuse for not sending the rapist to prison was that he was under twenty-five years of age and his brain isn’t fully developed.”

    Yet they are to be allowed, at a much yonger age, to be able to make the decision to have themselves genitally mutilated and made sterile.

    What a ccountry we live in.

  129. Breeks says:

    fruitella the hun says:
    4 April, 2023 at 2:50 pm

    …The independence movement needs to attract them, not tell them they are despicable deviants or a bit fake.

    To a diminishing number of people, being “green” means the likes Andy Wightman.

    To a growing number of people, being “green” means the likes of Maggie Chapman.

    The problem for the Greens is the same as it is for the SNP. They have been infiltrated by divisive insurrectionists who are very adept at stealing their clothes, embedding themselves deeply in the Party’s nervous system, and exploiting the popularity of sound political ideals to push forward their own basket case delusions in it’s place.

    This is orchestrated and deliberate, because they know full well their delusional nonsense will be as popular with the electorate as a bucket of cold sick, and so the bait and switch style “democracy” must be adopted to hoodwink and confuse the voting public and cover the subterfuge.

    They are charlatans and frauds, currently in the process of destroying everything the SNP and Scottish Greens have spent decades trying to create, and it is quite possible they have set back Scottish Independence at least one decade already.

    May they rot in Hell, every last one of them.

  130. Ron Clark says:

    Dan, Re: Drilling for Oil and Gas.

    Scotland has some of the largest Oil and Gas fields in Europe.

    It is a multi TRILLION POUND industry.

    It supports thousands of jobs.

    It is what an independent Scotland could use as assets in the banking sector.

    It would help us borrow to pay for our new infrastructure that Scotland desperately needs,,,creating many more thousands of jobs.

    For those advocating a pure Green agenda are living on a different planet from the rest of us.

    Oil and Gas can be drilled , at the same time as utilising our wind, wave and hydro power.

    We are blessed with having an abundance of energy resources, and ALL must be used to give us one of the strongest economies in Europe.

    What Scotland is going through regards high energy prices today is an absolute disgrace.

    All of this can only be achieved once Scotland becomes an independent nation.

  131. fruitella the hun says:

    Jeezo Breeks

    You must realise I was referring to the 200000 voters who endorsed the greens last time out. They should rot in Hell? Really?

  132. Veritas says:

    Number of points on the original article & some of the comments-
    1)Expenses are not normally awarded in ET proceedings.They can be obtained for various reasons – usually connected to how one the parties has conducted the case- but it’s very much the exception- you’re also usually given a big heads up in a Case Management Discussion if you’re heading for the rocks & need to back off.
    Good news for Kenny is that he shouldn’t worry about getting stuck for the high end lawyers the Respondents will hire- we the taxpayers are funding them!
    2)on the face of it he has a good case so chances are they will settle because the award will not be huge given the short term contract- they will offer a Compromise Agreement – giving cash & NDA to boot – therein lies the rub- for various and some obvious and not so obvious reasons.
    3) Kenny – if you have household insurance check your legal expenses cover – you have good prospects of securing cover if you have that provision in your policy.
    4) I would have liked to hear more about the impact this has had upon you on a personal level. I appreciate that you have ( quite properly) stuck to the facts to ensure a broader understanding of what you’ve been through, but I imagine this has been a very trying time.
    Good luck.

  133. Charles Findlay says:

    If the human brain isn’t sufficiently developed to know the difference between right and wrong until a person is over 25 years old ( Really? ) who’s bright idea was it to let 16 year olds vote in elections?

    My father, back in the 1950’s, had a very effective way of teaching right from wrong. It wasn’t pretty, but it was definitely effective. He wasn’t my friend, he was my father, which is an unfashionable notion nowadays, I’m told.

  134. Shug says:

    Having a minister for trans rights, taking on Westminster to get a slap and bringing in a bottle charge for whisky and no minister for our nearly our biggest industry tourism shows the SNP and Humza are not fit for government.

    This from a former member who joined in the 1970s

    What an absolute fu….. Car crash and set up by Nicola.

    I do hope they give her a good job so her betrayal can be seen clearly.

  135. fruitella the hun says:

    Ron Clark 5.47

    “For those advocating a pure Green agenda are living on a different planet from the rest of us.”

    The work has been done and we do need three planets to sustainably live the way we do now.

    Obviously moving off oil will not happen all at once but I do see it is easier to lampoon greens if you say that’e what they are advocating. The concept of a “Just Transition” is about reshaping our industrial infrastructure not perfunctorily whipping our tackle off.

    I’m guessing the pumpers here believe that Scotland can get independence complete with all the North Sea oil reserves to spend on building a competitive capitalist economy. I don’t share that fantasy.

  136. Republicofscotland says:

    Scotland the only country to discover a wealth in oil and gas and for its people to become poorer, more recently the same can be applied to wind and water technologies, we have them but our people haven’t benefitted from them.

    Westminster and their House Jocks are partly to blame for this, but the bulk of the blame must fall on Scotland’s ain folk for letting this happen.

  137. twathater says:

    @ John C and all the other self appointed moderators of WOS I was under the impression this was Stuart Campbells blog and he was responsible for moderating the comments and posts

    I wonder what has caused the explosion of so many out there demands and lunatic policies that we are FORCED to adhere and submit ourselves too , could it be that people are totally FORBIDDEN under threat of violence or denigrating name calling to speak what is on their minds as they see it

    It is becoming the norm that no one is allowed an opinion except for those whose opinion is right on and acceptable to their moral standards
    It is not surprising that the pervert party and their accomplices feel enabled and entitled to force their will on to others when anyone who dissents or disagrees is roundly turned on by the righteous and denigrated and demeaned for NOT having the RIGHT thoughts

    Are we in the place where the HCB will be enacted for thought crimes, is John C and the other moderators taking names for later reporting to the police , do we have a list of things that we are not allowed to comment on for fear of reprisal from the opinion police

    Scotland is a cesspit of moral indignation where if you have the audacity to voice your opinion or thoughts you can only do so if they are deemed acceptable to others who hold the same opinion, if they conflict with their opinion or thoughts they are unworthy or labelled

  138. Dan says:

    @ Ron Clark

    Aye, our unique geographic location does indeed offer an abundance of energy source potential.
    It isn’t that windy at the moment but Scotland is still generating over 6GW of leccy power, of which we are using approx 3GW, and we’re exporting the same amount to England.

    Also worth noting that the future potential generation capacity of last year’s ScotWind auction giveaway to big corporate interests and rampant profiteering will be ten times our approximate current demand.

    If the leccy price of renewable energy of which we have an abundance of was decoupled from the fossil fuel derived power then clean, quiet, reasonably priced energy could be supplied to every house single connected to the electricity grid.
    I add quiet to that list seeing as the ongoing infestation of subsidised heat pump installations seems to be gaining traction. Turning once quiet villages into what sounds like industrial estates.
    So if our houses used the surplus of renewable energy we are exporting to England to heat our homes instead of burning fossil fuels we’d be greener, and only have to fall back to using fossil fuels until the renewable generation capacity increases so that we are always able to power all our leccy needs from renewable sources.

    But as Energy policy is reserved to London Rule, fuck all can be done to really address the issues here in Scotland. London will not allow Scotland to be seen to flourish as that will create a situation which might motivate Scots to move towards returning to self governance.

  139. Dan says:

    At the moment 48% of GB Grid demand (basically England’s needs as Scotland is as previously mentioned generating enough for ourselves and exporting the same amount)) is being met by burning gas in the Combined Cycle Gas Turbines located in England.

    And a lot of that gas is coming from Scotland and Norway…

  140. fruitella the hun says:

    Dan 3.45

    We can reduce oil burning in transport, heating and agriculture by a variety of methods which you are obviously capable of figuring out if you are not already aware. Do you really believe we have to keep production at current levels to survive (for a while more)?

    I’m an analogue mechanical-age guy, keen on reestablishing a modern form of the traditional industries that will help us live within ecological limits without the ‘back-breaking” bit of the physical work we’ll need to do. We don’t have to keep on down the road to destruction because some imagine the alternatives are worse (how could they be?). I think you know that.

    The cheap oil economy gas delivered a world where the climate is worse, poverty is worse, security is worse, health is worsening, justice is failing and, the biggie for me, we are wiping out wildlife.

  141. SusanAHF says:

    Well said twathater, you can always be relied upon to hit the nail on the head

  142. Tinto Chiel says:

    @President Xiden 3.21:

    “Everything we have been subjected to,every ’emergency’, every ‘crisis’ have all been used to enforce conformity. Once that was achieved people could be manipulted to believe utter nonsense. Educated people in particular never questioned things which were clearly contradictory, even when they flew in the face of common sense or actual science.”

    Or, as an old school janitor once summarised it to me, “Bullshit baffles brains.”

    The last three years have been an orgy of such complete bullshit, mainly because there isn’t a free press in most countries of “The West”. Globalist money ensures proprietorial compliance.

  143. fruitella the hun says:

    typo 7.08

    should read”

    The cheap oil economy has delivered a world…etc.

  144. Dan says:

    @ fruitella

    Approximately only 25% of Scotland’s rail network is currently electrified, so it means using diesel propulsion anywhere above Dunblane. Timescale to fully electrified is mentioned in link.

    The poor can’t afford Teslas… and ignoring the true carbon cost of creating new battery powered leccy vehicles, charging logistics are nowhere near good enough. My pal works at a remote windfarm and his boss took an extra day to get there and back to HQ as he had to find charging points for his leccy car in isolated rural area. Get a fucking hybrid…
    A pickup truck when fully loaded or towing often halves its range.
    The Forestry Commission got a leccy Kia to tick “green” credentials box, trouble is as one would expect it was used on their forest tracks and scuffed the battery pack on the underside rendering the vehicle unusable as a new pack is on back order and £15K!
    A Macmillan nurse couldn’t get to administer urgent end of life care as their car needed charged so delayed hours. Virtue signalling over realities of actual need.

    Good luck going up against bigAgri in changing the way our food is produced. Big tattie harvester from the likes Grimme cost several hundreds of thousands of pounds and can use 1100 litres of fuel a day. Big tractors ploughing can use 400 litres.
    These sort of machines have serious energy consumption requirements to propel themselves and operate complex hydraulic systems. Battery packs capable of releasing that sort of sustained power ain’t happening anytime soon.
    And if folk are going to continue to eat out of season food instead of locally grown seasonal food then there is big carbon impact with all aspects of importing and haulage.

    Many beavers try to go up against Big Agri in my area and get brass in the ass for trying. I’m not overly bothered about that as the beavers’ exploits have trashed the ecosystems of my wee local once trout streams. Oddly SEPA ain’t that bothered but pretty sure if I mucked up a trout stream they’d be after me pronto. I think they are still busy trying to protect their own servers though…
    And on mention of SEPA, does anyone now the reason the head of SEPA stood down a while back?

  145. SusanAHF says:

    Genuine q: how do we know climate change is anthropogenic and not natural?

  146. Kcor says:

    craig murray says:
    4 April, 2023 at 12:51 pm

    “It is perfectly true that prohibition on homosexuality was introduced into many colonised countries, including much of Africa, by the colonising power, very often the UK.”

    Could it also be the case that homosexuality was introduced into many colonised countries, including much of Africa, by the colonising power, very often the UK.?

  147. fruitella the hun says:

    “Genuine q: how do we know climate change is anthropogenic and not natural?”

    I looked up the work of the scientists who are paid day in day out to study it. They’re pretty sure. I trust scientists more than oil company PR people.

    Apologies for the patronising white hetro mansplaining. Genuine answer.

  148. crazycat says:

    @ SusanAHF at 8.09

    Genuine q: how do we know climate change is anthropogenic and not natural?

    It’s both, but
    a) anthropogenic vastly outweighs natural in terms of effects, and
    b) we can’t do anything other than mitigate against natural change, but we might still be able to reduce our own impact. Or it might be too late and require too drastic/unpopular a change to be realistically feasible.

  149. SusanAHF says:

    Thank you for that answer crazycat. I guess we need to look to China and India for most of the emissions, along with the USA. I don’t see how banning beef farming in Scotland is going to influence events that much, especially as the land and climate are more suitable for pastoral than arable farming

  150. SusanAHF says:

    Fruitella are these the same scientists who aver it is possible to change sex and that sex is a spectrum. My problem is that the Green cause has totally wrecked its credibility over this. Why should I believe people who think humans are clownfish

  151. fruitella the hun says:

    “Fruitella are these the same scientists who aver it is possible to change sex and that sex is a spectrum“

    You serious?

    No they’re not. You can check and get back to me with evidence I’m wrong,. After all it’s only a guess.

  152. SusanAHF says:

    I have no evidence Fruitella that’s why I asked.

  153. fruitella the hun says:


    I’m perplexed. What are you proposing, as an environmentalist? You sound like an offshore worker who has earned enough from pumping oil to buy a smallholding and has developed a love of current wildlife. I do want to find kindred spirits, given that necessity for democratic work.

    (Have taken a drink, forth. attempt to post this. Typos in the credentials. No work tomorrow at my age to worry about)

  154. fruitella the hun says:

    Fruitella are these the same scientists who aver it is possible to change sex and that sex is a spectrum.

    You posted this:

    “Yes JGedd, it is social engineering, destroying societal norms – which are social constructs and thus ripe for destabilising – for the benefit of deviants. It makes it harder to argue for controls therefore “queering” society to the extent that most people no longer know what to think. Right is wrong, black is white. That’s what transgender ideology is too, the thin end of the wedge. Men can be women. Adults can be children and act and be permitted to act accordingly. We’ve got to stop this. Unfortunately, and I say this as a lesbian, there IS some overlap with the LGB on this.”

    Reckon you know how science is divided up.

  155. Joe says:

    ‘a) anthropogenic vastly outweighs natural in terms of effects’

    Utter bullshit.

  156. Joe says:

    RE: Climate change

    One thing that the last few years should have shown everyone is that science and scientists are just as easy to purchase as politicians.

    And just like politicians the few who try to speak the truth are given little air time and are deliberately side lined.

  157. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Sky news 58 year old male arrested by Police Scotland in connection with SNP finance’s enquiry.

    Really oh I wonder who that could be.

  158. Dan says:

    @ fruitella

    I’m simply proposing that if there is a genuine desire to reduce our society’s reliance on burning fossil fuels, then we should factor in economies of scale which would identify and allow us to focus on what viable changes we could implement in short and longer terms.

    Nearly every house in Scotland is connected to the electricity grid, so with the abundance of renewable power generation coming online, then folk could use that and transition away from burning oil, gas, coal, (and I’ll include wood for particulate emissions) to heat their homes if the economics of doing so made it beneficial and viable.
    But that won’t happen unless there is the political will to stop the unit price fixing which closely ties the price of power generated by renewable means to that of fossil fuel derived power.
    And because of that we see the rollout of questionable sticking plaster initiatives like subsidising heatpump installations which are not suitable on many properties for a variety of reasons, but still get installed as it ticks the “green” box.

  159. fruitella the hun says:


    I’ll brew up a proper response once the current hullabaloo dies down but here are the basics. Climate change through CO2 emitted when burnt is an urgent problem and we need to adapt our systems now. It is not the biggest problem, that is the damage we do to ecosystems by using industrial methods based entirely on cheap energy. Functioning ecosystems are the basis of sustainable and desirable communities (for most people – there are folk who would gladly colonise Mars)

    So cutting carbon emissions is not enough, we have to cut energy consumption too in agriculture and building and transport infrastructure. This will create quite a different world but one our grandkids might enjoy much more than what’s in store for them if we carry on with current notions of “development”.

    I’m aware this is electoral suicide until people realise the benefits. I’m also aware there is a massive PR system dedicated to keeping people in ignorance and ridiculing any deviation from the model that makes the billionaires into gods and the middle classes fatted and protected from the mayhem hitting poorer countries, and the poor in rich countries. There are possible tactics though.

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