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How it begins

Posted on October 05, 2016 by

It wasn’t easy to find a positive side for this.


But we suppose that it’ll at least be bleakly funny, whenever the second independence referendum comes round, watching Labour try to sell a vote for the UK as a vote for internationalist brotherhood and solidarity.







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    1. 05 10 16 10:56

      How it begins | speymouth

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    1. Blackhack says:

      The beginnings of Fascism in the UK…..They will want foreigners to wear identifiable badges next….Maybe a wee star or something ??

      I don’t want to live in this country any longer…

    2. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Will these foreign workers, doctors, nurses, engineers and their mongrel dependants have to wear an identification mark so we can see them coming and avoid them?

      I am downloading the forms to apply for a French Passport in case Le Pen gets in here.

    3. Breastplate says:

      How on earth did we get to this.
      How long before they roll out a de-lousing initiative?

    4. Mochachoca says:

      Perhaps Rudd could have them all wear an armband or some other easily identifiable marker. You know, just for the avoidance of doubt.

    5. gordoz says:

      “And you Reverend Stuart … Are your papers in order?”

      Chuckles till he hears knock at door!

    6. Adam Davidson says:

      Maybe we could make the foreign workers wear a star on their clothes and the businesses where they work paint a star on their business premises….

    7. Grouse Beater says:

      Foreign doctors working in the English NHS please be advised: Always have your identity documents ready for inspection.

    8. Iain says:

      That will do wonders in encouraging foreign investment in the kingdom of England. I wonder when the deportations of foreigners will start?

    9. cearc says:

      Yep, it indeed is quite scary.

      Thinking the tories were trying to take us back to an idealised 1950’s Britain was vaguely amusing but to 1930’s fascism? Just horrendous.

    10. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      “God save the Queen and her Fascist Regime” as ‘The Pistols’ sang.

      And all within 24 hours of the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street.

      Described as “the most popular anti-fascist victory to have taken place on British soil.”

      And here in Scotland we have GruppenFuhrer Davidson our “self proclaimed FM in waiting” itching to crush our “thieving, vandal, separatist” necks under her jackboot.

      While Faradge (no typo) looks set to return as the “triumphant hero” of the Neo-Fascist Right to lead UKIP against the weak and unelectable Labour and Fib Dem Parties if a snap GE is called.

    11. Les Wilson says:

      Goodbye any thoughts of an easy brexit. Burning bridges more like. Europeans will rightly be furious about this. The further rise of the lunatic right. Yet with the compliant British press spewing out what a good idea this is, the brain dead will follow without a thought.
      They are creating an even worse country than we ever thought possible. Exit please.

    12. Neil Cook says:

      Sale of Jack boots must be through the roof?
      Better start building secret bunkers to hide our EU friends as Ruth & her death squads will be doing the rounds.

    13. X_Sticks says:

      Will Scots get a blue star?

    14. Yes to the S says:

      I recently had a guy (well educated…well read etc) tell me how right wing nationalism was a blight on Scotland, that what the SNP were doing was as systematic as the Third Reich and when we vote for indy, that’s the kind of Scotland we’ll be creating. I showed remarkable restraint in not punching him square in the face, but man, my knitting is truly ripped by this and the thought that foreign born doctors might only be able to stay in post until a British doctor can take over. What a slap in the face to their work and dedication. I hate the hypocrisy of this, the double standards, now more blatant than ever because hey…who is going complain about it? Dear God, I wish Scotland would wake up.

    15. Doug Daniel says:

      What frustrates me is that, no matter how bad the Tories and the UK get, there will always be people who say “but how could we afford to be independent? What about the oil price?” There will always be people who will keep hold of nurse for fear of finding something worse.

      I say that because I suspect a lot of folk see what’s happening and think “surely people who voted No have got to realise they were duped by the vow?” and so on. Let’s be realistic here. Human beings have an extraordinary capacity for ignoring inconvenient truths. A lot of people simply will not listen to reason until Tory policies are actively harming them in tangible ways (ie not just ruining the economy or whatever – anything that can be explained away will be).

      In other words, don’t go thinking there’s suddenly going to be a majority for independence after this Tory conference. They’re basically outlining a blueprint for turning the UK into an isolationist, fascist state, but that still won’t feel real for a lot of people. And a lot of folk who voted No in 2014 will agree with a lot of this stuff anyway.

      Having said all that, some of these policies WILL actively harm people in tangible ways – EU citizens, people who have married EU citizens etc. So there are No voters who will be changing their minds. But we’re still going to have to be patient – even though for many people, every day we’re under this disgusting union is a day too many.

      We’ll get there, but it’ll be by showing people that independence is now a necessity, not simply the desirable future we sold it as in 2014.

    16. heraldnomore says:

      oh, and here’s Edwina to tell us how and why

    17. Breastplate says:

      Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Yoon.

    18. Desimond says:

      Will this apply to foreign owners of newspapers?

      To Breastplate
      I know some folk don’t like song lyrics posted verbatim on here so here is a simple link to World Partys “Is it Like today”…the lyrics seem so sadly apt for this latest turn:

    19. scottieDog says:

      Was in Berlin a couple of months ago with an English work colleague. We were walking down a portion of the berlin wall museum close to check point Charlie.
      It was funny, we were going at a different pace reading about all the history of the rise of the nazi party from the 20s into the 30s.
      I kid you not, at about the same time our first comment was on the striking parallels with the EU referendum. It was quite chilling and the headline above makes it so much more real.

    20. jamero66 says:

      So how do we escape?

      Does Sturgeon announce Indyref 2 at conference or wait till Article 50?

      May will do everything in her power to prevent Indyref 2, can she stop us having our referendum?

    21. Mike says:

      I wonder at what stage of this process Scots Welsh and Irish become “untermensch” and are forced to identify themselves in public?
      Another Indyref No vote would certainly send a message saying we are ready to accept the idea in Scotland.

    22. call me dave says:

      Someone said yesterday that ‘England Changed today’

      Not a bad summing up!
      It’s all coming out in the open now, will folk in Scotland accept it?

      Westminster could unilaterally axe devolved laws post-Brexit, expert warns

    23. Sassenach says:

      Surely this piece of fascist nonsense will finally let people see the real Tory agenda.

      Scotland has to tell the world that we want nothing to do with it – bring on Indyref2.

    24. Grant Girvan says:

      I’m quoting someone else here but the point is still valid:
      “Fascism doesn’t begin with concentration camps, but it does end with them”

      It beggars belief that these people have the bare faced cheek to compare far more moderate, inclusive and fair minded groups to Nazis. I think its fairl evident by now exactly which political groups in the UK have been intently studying Mein Kampf as a political handbook it is certainly isn’t any of the party’s on the left.

    25. Dave Hansell says:

      That’s certainly a novel approach towards being business friendly from those who constantly harp on ad infinitum about freeing up business from state regulation and red tape.

      Moving swiftly on it would seem reasonable to observe that this cannot necessarily be considered a one way street. The Health Secretary appears to be taking the opposite approach by announcing an initiative to financially penalise ‘British’ workers who train as doctors if they go and work abroad within a certain time frame after their training. The point being that limiting the opportunities for UK subjects to work, study and travel freely in Europe might not necessarily be limited to the EC and the remaining twenty seven states. Indeed, the feudalist Westminster regime and Establishment seem keen on imposing such restrictions both ways, and not just in regard to freedom of movement to and from Europe.

    26. handclapping says:

      I have an EU friend who came here, started a business, built his own house. Was scared of the Referendum and fled back to the Continent. Hes back but the house and the business are both up for sale.

      I am afraid he is right.

    27. Papadox says:

      Edwina Curry, allowed to lie that ENGERLISH hospitals and the English NHS is in much better shape than Scottish NHS. IMHO the EBC are taking part in a co-ordinated day of anti Scottish vitriol as a lead in to Ruth the Mooth’s bad mouthing of Scotland at Birmingham prior to the raising of st Theresa to godess of the tolly party. Aye whit a bunch of nasty nasty people.

    28. david anderson says:

      See the BBC has the daily mirror story of the trident subs being built with French steel. This coming just after the UK steel industry was used and abused by the Tories in recent times.

      Now I am a cynic when it comes to most matters of a political nature. The reopening of a steel plant in Scotland, assisted ably, so we are led to believe, by the Scottish Government (though not reported as a success by the usual suspects) would no doubt benefit from at least a part of that huge order, being that we are better together and all that. The steel for trident coming from Scotland, the country to house those war machines, is at least some small recompense for having it foisted on us against or will. Sadly, it is all to familiar and always, always to be expected from the UK Government. It’s all of ever known in my 42 years and all i’ve ever read about from past events.

      This is a wide open goal for the SNP. They have helped save a Scottish Steel plant despite the UK government selling the UK wide industry down the river. Now we witness the UK government giving that order to another country. A country that England and Wales no longer wish to be in politicial and economic partnerhsip with because they want to ‘take back control’ not be forced to put work abroad because of EU rules. Yet this order is placed with France. I have no objection to the order going to any country that we have trading agreements with, them be the rules and all that. I just hope some in those u=industries and the wider public get wind of all the shit done which could be done better if we cut ourselves adrfift from the UK Union.

      All this on the day where the blitz of ‘build it in britain’ ‘buy it in Britain’ ‘British workers for British jobs’ is on full flow in the English Media to pacify the millions of anti EU Engish who were riled up by dangerous political rhetoric and the media focussing on immigration negatively. It’s actually shocking, the whole stinking hypocrisy of it, added to the real impact on the lives of individuals and families, it makes me sick.

      Still, our partnership is one of equals, Holyrood must have agreed to this order going abroad, we must have had input into the decision, surely.

    29. Valerie says:

      Can you imagine how this is playing to those casual racists who emerged from the closet after the referendum? The elderly who were berating Brown faces in the street, the folk who were spitting at furrin looking folk.

      My heart goes out to anyone who.doesn’t have a white face south of the Border. Children?

      A 50% increase in racist crime since June, and this is how they respond?

      I’m so ashamed to even share this island with these people.

      Anyone with a moderate IQ must see the direction. The EU and world are watching this filth.

    30. Hamish100 says:

      kaye adams– bashing Scotland’s NHS supported by tory migrant Edwina Currie– who doesn’t know a salmonella from a clostridium. Each week it appears the bbc branch office imports this person who just said Scotlands NHS is worse than England. Does Kaye question this assertion? No.
      So England wishes it appears to have an all Doctor (brit? white?) nhs. Shame on them. They are beginning to make ukip look moderate.
      Shame on them and well done to our Health secretary who was so badly misquoted by Adams on the brit state broadcaster when she introduced the programme. Quite deliberately. We can’t allow Scotland to be tagged onto a trump style tory party. We are better than that. Even moderate tories must cringe?

    31. Adam Davidson says: “Maybe we could make the foreign workers wear a star on their clothes and the businesses where they work paint a star on their business premises….”

      Already done and dusted. Edward I made Jews wear yellow patches before deporting them to France. His English captains made many walk ashore on sandbanks for “exercise”, before leaving them to drown in the incoming tides. 400 were burnt alive in a York church, seeking sanctuary.

      He borrowed ten times the English National income from the Jewish community to finance his conquest of Wales before ratting and scapegoating thrm.

      Not the kind of stuff for a Jamie Oliver programme?

    32. Breastplate says:

      @Desimond, yes, very apt indeed.
      I think my only surprise about the headline was really how fast we have nosedived to this point in time and how emboldened our politicians have become on the back of the Brexit vote.

    33. Dave says:

      The fascists have already happened in England.

      See this:-

      My next door neighbour called me a “an obese Scottish illegitimate person gypsy vagina” to which the Police said he shouted that whilst on his own property so we can’t do anything about it.

      I tend to find its the villages are worst – must be all that inbreeding – and they can’t even play a banjo between them.

    34. Kevin Evans says:

      First they came for the fruit pickers and I voted yes

      Then they came from the jam and I voted yes

      Then they came for the doctors, I voted yes

      Then they came for my country and we all got off our knees and voted yes

    35. I do think we have entered the realm of political comedy capers. The UK’s major political figures and institutions are now held in derision by an increasing percentage of the informed population and MSM is going down the stank (or siever if your from Hamilton or Larkie)with them.

      I laugh now when I see Ruth Davidson. The huge damage the unionist cause is doing to itself by overpromoting such an eejit will soon become evident. As I put on the previous post Ruth is going through the process of murphification at the moment. As she has nothing to say and no evident political abilities she will become a caricature in due course. When everybody starts laughing she is finished. Give her six months.

      Meanwhile the silence surrounding Kezia deepens. This is significant. Is she politically dead but the body has not been found yet? Has she suddenly realised that the political favours she had expected from MSM and relied upon are now being granted to Ruthie? Does she understand she has been thrown overboard?

    36. Before the pedants pick up on me that should read “you’re”.

    37. packhorse pete says:

      “In other words, don’t go thinking there’s suddenly going to be a majority for independence after this Tory conference.”

      This piece is spot on. And the wretchedness of it all is that there is no effective opposition. Why aren’t the useless labour party organising street demos and the like?
      But, although there won’t be a massive uplift in the polls for independence, as Doug says, the slow insidious sleepwalk to xenophobia will affect directly some of the No voters as they can’t escape the direct impact all this will have on them and their families.

    38. Sharny Dubs says:

      Speechless, just bloody speechless….

    39. Grouse Beater says:

      Doug: “no matter how bad the Tories and the UK get, there will always be people who say “but how could we afford to be independent? What about the oil price?”

      Good post. Some people are addicted to punishment, the same who loved Thatcher.

    40. Dauntless says:

      Did I just see yellow stars being used in BBC graphics? I surely did . During the roundup of the Tory Conference , on Victoria Derbyshire from 09:37.

    41. Breastplate says:

      I think the scenario I posted last week of the Scottish Government being suspended just got its odds shortened.
      Would anyone disagree?

    42. Kevin Evans says:

      To make a twist on the theme.

      Why don’t we list everyone in the uk who voted leave due to immigration and give them a star on an armband and then when they go to hospital needing assistance doctors not born in the uk can avoid them.

      We wouldn’t want them to get treated by someone they don’t want.

    43. Penderyn says:

      Was listening to BBC World last night. Amazing how many “non-British” accents there were, all working for the BBC as correspondents. Will these staff also have to be listed?

      A more pertinent question: In these days of austerity etc., why do we still have BBC World?

    44. Robert Louis says:

      I’m sorry I keep essentially saying the same thing, but this week of the Tory conference has shocked me. Tories seem to be in a race with each other to see who can target ‘immigrants’ more, with their hate -filled rhetoric and lies.

      I think we are literally witnessing the end of the UK, at the hands of these English Tories. They are doing nothing but stirring up hatred, racism, xenophobia and division, with each and every comment or press statement.

      I do not doubt Ruth Davidson is also having a ‘hoot’ as the ‘tame jock’ pandering to the petty bigotry of her English superiors. RUTH: ‘Oh, Scotland’s shite, you know, we’re all thieves’. Tory Party : ‘oh hahaha, well said Ruthie, isn’t it just, you’ll go far in the Tory party.

      All of it shocks me and quite honestly makes me sick. And just where is Labour in all of this? Are they standing up for people in England? No. Are the pointing out that the problems with the NHS, schools and services in England, is NOT due to ‘immigrants’, but due to an out of control rabid extreme right wing Tory Government cutting funding? No.

      Seriously, is there any point to Labour anymore?

    45. Grouse Beater says:

      “our partnership is one of equals”

      Aye, they keep telling us that:

    46. Pitchfork says:

      Wot, no Gordon Brown and British Jobs For British Workers?

    47. Katsoft says:

      I was going to write a small comment using foreigners wearing badges. Beaten to that one. However I am now saddened and angry that the country my father and his generation fought to protect has now started to turn into the fascist state that they defeated. Scotland and Scots must now stand up and be more vocal in condemnation of this increasingly right wing government. I include in this political parties here i.e. SNP, Scot Labour, Scot LibDems, Greens and if she wants to remain credible Ruth’s Tories. With the colonisation of MSM it is up to all of us to tear ourselves from this growing fascism down south.

    48. Sassenach says:

      If the SNP MSPs don’t present Nicola (via suitable ‘questions!) with the opportunity to blow Mooth out of the water at FMQs tomorrow, then I’ll be considering my membership.

      There is this matter and also the “thieves and vandals” episode, how many open goals do they need? Come on, gang, fight back for God’s sake!

    49. Valerie says:

      BTW, will anyone point out that some of the Tory headlines are illegal practice?

      You can’t hold lists of non British staff, it’s simple discrimination. You can’t pick a British person for the job, you pick the best, that’s the law.

      However, we know the Great Repeal will soon take care of all that nonsense.

      You wonder if any of the global community are going to speak up at this blatant discrimination, and inevitable danger and targeting happening to their citizens.

    50. Lochside says:

      Doug Daniel @ 9.22.. Totally agree Doug. I bought my ‘National’ this morning and the nice, elderly woman, who is self-supporting uninvited launched into criticising ‘them on benefits’ having so much money to spend in her shop. I explained that it is difficult to know anyone’s cicumstances, even her regular customers. Anyway, I replied, it’s a problem for the rest of us due to low wages and tax evasion. She nodded. But I don’t think I convinced her.

      She, like many Scots has small ‘c’ conservative beliefs about ‘benefits’. After all the leprous media have been on a campaign to divide those who work from those who do not. That’s why the Tories are now targeting the State Pension. I have met many ordinary people, unenlightened politically perhaps, who hang on to these prejudices and ignore the big lies such as Oil and Scotland’s real wealth.

      But why should we be surprised?. Modern Capitalism has created an atomised society of ‘consumers’. Solidarity between communities and working people has been deliberately destroyed.
      Political consciousness and awareness of the corruption of power are now sadly low driven dowm by fear and alienation.

      That is why the sooner the ‘YES’ campaign gets back on its feet the better. A non-aligned but Independence based civic movement galvanised us two years ago. The 100,000 who joined the SNP, such as I did, were brought together not by the party, but by the cause. The cause of Independence can unite and glue our fragmented and frightened people back together and to face up to the burgeoning Fascist UK State.

    51. Martin says:

      This is depressing. Call Kaye is cringe worthy today. All about not letting those foreigners be doctors, and forcing our true brit doctors into 4 years’ service. We already have a recruitment crisis, getting rid of the foreigners will worsen it. Currently changing jobs within NHS training is inordinately difficult: remove the safety net of being able to go abroad for a couple of years and come back with new skills, and watch recruitment plummet.

      And to have that cretin Edwina Curry on patronising people….it makes my blood boil. I’m now tempted to emigrate. The UK is going to become a very, very unpleasant place

    52. Tam Jardine says:

      This is what the no voters didn’t get. Another Scotland was possible if we voted Yes but equally another, darker, more xenophobic and insular UK was quite possible, even likely if we voted no.

      The shameful poison emanating from the tory conference was predicted by those of us pushing for a yes vote. Hopefully the scales are dropping from a good few voters eyes this morning.

      I would like our parliament to table a motion opposing in the strongest terms the measures being mooted and our resolve to remain in the ESM, the EU and the ECHR.

      This is what we elect our representatives to do- represent us. Jesus- Kezia is appalled by this- she should be leading the charge if she is autonomous.

      Time to stop being led protesting over the cliff edge and take charge of this situation. The time for Holyrood being the victim, being reactive is over. It is time, to start laying down principles which we will not give up. If they are threatening to overrule Holyrood make them overrule it.

    53. Dave Hansell says:

      The gradual, step by step, drip by drip process which is being recognised by that section of the population that is not Brain Dead [ ] can be found in the late Milton Meyer’s account hers:

    54. Proud Cybernat says:

      WARNING: The image linked below is not for the faint hearted.

      The slippery slope…

    55. Big Jock says:

      This was the sleeping giant called English nationalism. Awoken by the Tories and UKIP. It was always there bubbling under the surface.

      The English have always been anti foreign. They tried to destroy Eire and now they want to obliterate Scotland out of existence. Post Brexit don’t expect any of the refranchised EU laws to come north of the border. Tony Blair made his intentions clear by setting up a British Supreme court when no British legal system exists.

      That work will continue at pace. The Tories have their eyes on Scotland’s legal framework. They want to erode this and thus erode the Scottish government.

      For heaven’s sake call the bloody referendum before we lose all our EU friends and our soul.

    56. msean says:

      Remember,this is only the start,they still have until 2020 to go at least. Plenty of time to unleash more of this stuff before then,with enough time to pause so that the electorate has time to forget. Then they’ll begin again when they win in the next general election.

    57. Macart says:

      I contributed a piece on WGD not so long ago stating that the UK was heading for a dark place.

      I was wrong.

      We’ve already arrived.

    58. DerekM says:

      And so it begins (call me dave`s post at 9.30)

      Still doubt what i said before about being left only one solution to independence for Scotland was what they were planning hmmm.

      The extreme yoon sites usually make me feel ill visiting but today the vomit is endless i feel so ill its coming out my ears.

      Think i might polish and sharpen my Claymore just in case.

    59. Dan Huil says:

      England now full of separatists from common decency.

    60. Lochside says:

      How evil is the BBC?…well consider this: letting Edwina Currie on to lie on the ‘Call Kaye’ show about our NHS in comparison to the disaster that is England and Wales’ NHS….but worse that that…this despicable article gave the keys to Jimmy Saville of the BBC to Broadmoor and to other hospitals…..Edwina knew…so did the BBC. let’s close it down….mass non payment of the TV licence must be a priority!

    61. TD says:

      Doug Daniel at 9:22 a.m.

      You have nailed it exactly Doug. We must not fall into the trap of thinking that the greater our outrage, the sooner we will get independence. It is more likely to be a long, slow war of attrition. How long? – I don’t know. Hopefully sooner rather than later. But we need to be realistic. Significant numbers of people in Scotland support the Tories (although they cleverly avoid using the words “Tory” and “Conservative”, choosing instead to position themselves as a Ruth Davidson fan club.)

      There is still a rump of Labour and Lib Dem supporters in Scotland who hanker after a liberal, progressive United Kingdom. These people are key to achieving independence – when they realise that the prospects of England voting for progressive policies are vanishingly small, then some might turn to independence as a way out of their dilemma. But even for this group, conservatism (lower case “c”) is a powerful force and some will never see that the way to get the type of society they want is to break away from the increasingly right wing UK.

      The good news is that the more extreme the Westminster government becomes, the sooner we will be independent. In that respect, things are ticking along quite nicely. But I fear for the pain and suffering to be inflicted on vulnerable people and “furriners” along the way.

    62. Jimmy says:

      What’s the English for “Raus, Raus!!!”

    63. Breastplate says:

      Tam Jardine, I think many here agree with you, it’s about time the SNP started picking fights with Westminster and generally much more abrasive with them and the media.
      Nobody has any respect for a door mat.

    64. JaceF says:

      There will of course be exceptions. Fottballers, Bankers etc.

      Isn’t one of the Whitehall Offices allowed to operate under Sharia law due to the money?

    65. Kevin Evans says:

      Is it just me that feels the momentum towards yes has now went over the tipping point?

      I totally agree that the Scottish goverment has to attack the recent statements emanating from the Tory conference. And actually attack them with vigor. To attack them would not be political but moral.

    66. tartanarse says:

      Suddenly Laura Kronenbourgs accent makes sense. She doesn’t want to be identified as Scotch to avoid deportation.

      Folk are wise to this ruse as poor old Fraser Nelson found out.

      Englands population has risen to 12x that of Scotland since union.

      Either they bred like rabbits amongst themselves or they were helped along by other folk.

      If they kick out everyone with a non English name, Englands going to be very empty.

    67. JaceF says:


    68. handclapping says:

      Just in case you hadn’t spotted it

      Furriners R us

      (even if only one of your grandparents was Scottish you will have to add Jock/Jean to your given name)

    69. call me dave says:

      In the cafe reading that ‘left behind’ Daily Wrecker page 8;9
      Lots of young & old Tories sleeping through the conference dressed in their union jackery apparel. Tory zzzzzz list.

      Tories or UKIP in disguise they ask!

      Older Daily Express reader opposite, we’re on chatting terms, looks worried. “That’s terrible” says she, referring to the May comments…. Aye it is… We break eye contact and read on.


      As long as the Scots electorate are not sleeping that’s the main thing.

    70. laukat says:

      I think Theresa May has decided to make her number one priority the literal change of the Tory party away from being the NASTY party.

      By my reckoning the N and A are staying and she’s almost there with changing the S, T and Y for a Z and I.

    71. Calum McKay says:

      Joking aside, I was shocked at this tory policy and take note this is them moving to be centre ground in England – disgraceful!

      I look a across the table at my German colleague or the polish lady that cuts my hair, etc. How long before the british state asks me as a Scot living in Scotland to report these people for potentially being illegals?

      This was already done under Mrs May with her “Repatiation vans” with shop an illegal immigrant adverts.

      Now is he time to reach out to labour NO voters and ask them to come over to independence, tories in England will be in power for he next twenty years.

      What other reasons could NO voters have this time for not wishing Scots to govern Scotland?

    72. Almannysbunnet says:

      Scottish labour have always resorted to the old chestnut “we will have no truck with nationalists” as a get out for not supporting anything SNP. Well Kezia et al now we have real Tory nationalism banging at our gate and you are in bed with them. It’s not too late to walk away from this, you can’t fight it in England. The only way to stop this contagion is in an independent Scotland. Work together and show the rUK what a true society works like. It’s our only hope and who knows it might be theirs.

    73. Proud Cybernat says:

      It’s no longer simply independence we need. This is now about the need to escape from this.

      Wake up Scotland FFS before it’s too late to escape this tsunami of fascist poison pouring over the border.

    74. fraser says:

      A salesman is someone who works in sales, with the main function of selling products or services to others.

    75. Glen McKeown says:

      I wonder what effect this will have on the all the Football and Rugby Teams in in GB?

    76. ScottishPsyche says:

      Perhaps when the hostility becomes even more apparent towards servile Scottish MSM in London they will realise they are not immune from the xenophobia they have worked to promote.

      I watched the Neil Oliver programme last night. Just before the end he tried to shoehorn in a reference to nationalism, only to be told in no uncertain terms that the white supremacist he was speaking to felt no affinity to a nation, only to their supposed racial kin. It was a nice demonstration of blood versus civic nationalism. Oliver looked disappointed.

      It made me wonder, who would be the plantation owners in todays society?

    77. The Tory’s continue to make immigrants scapegoats for Westminster’s economic incompetence and mismanagement of running the UK.

    78. mike cassidy says:

      Did you think my link to this newsreel yesterday was just a joke?!

    79. Training Day says:

      Doug’s post is, I’m afraid, spot on. But we – those of whatever hue in favour of Scottish self-determination – have to get on the front foot. The cautious, gradualist strategy (which we all understand the reasons for to the nth degree) has a finite shelf-life, and the expiry date on it is looming, if not already here.

      The colonial MSM are a sick joke, but the notion that the SNP has no opportunity to engage aggressively with the enemies of Scotland – and that is what they are – doesn’t wash. We’ve seen numerous examples cited on WoS by contributors in just the last week where open goals have been missed due to the still overweening idea that competence and reasonableness should preclude us from snarling and fighting. Dear Lord, even a bit of teeth-baring wouldn’t go amiss..

    80. Peter Clive says:

      British Nationalism is now becoming openly fascistic and must be resisted for more reasons than just Scottish Independence: they shall not pass!

    81. Bob Mack says:

      Good morning Wingers.
      I have had a very sleepless 24 hours thinking about events over the past few days.
      In every human action there is a cause, especially with politicians. Let me run something by you all. I approached this is a calm detached manner ,trying to put myself in the position of Ms May and the Conservative strategists.

      Firstly, I know Labour is unelectable in England. Secondly I know that the voters in my Conservative heartlands would never forgive me if I failed to carry out their wishes of reducing immigration and leaving the EU. The Tories would also be punished at the ballot box and also become unelectable. Who would profit ?

      The answer to that is I don’t care. It is about retaining power for my Party.

      The divisiveness of the EU referendum did one thing especially that all politicians fear, but require. It unleashed the mob mentality as evidenced by the rise in assaults on foreigners. The problem is , once you have released the mob do you want to be consumed by it or be part of it?

      Politicians know the only way to remain in situ is to lead the mob.

      So, we have Tories at the head of the crowd,laying down laws to appease and show leadership to the unleashed xenophobia on these islands. The problem is that they are now locked in that position and the demands of the mob will become ever greater.

      Take Back Control . Of what? I believe the Tories were looking at a strategy to do exactly that, since the referendum, hence the delay in pushing the button on article 50.
      Moreover, I , if I was in their position would apply the” taking back control phrase “to all of these islands. You cannot govern universally with such an agenda, with opposition attacking you from all quarters . You have to show strength, leadership, purpose.

      That is why I believe there will be a move in the near future to disband all devolved Parliaments. Why else change the EU law ? Give the decision to challenge that action to the Supreme Court rather than an unfavourable European Court.

      We could be in an end game for the Government, but more likely at the start of a desperate fight for freedom.

      Sorry for the length of post.

    82. Glenn says:

      I rarely post political statements on online with the exception of the occasional comment here on WOS. Generally, my friends and family know my views and with the exception of an occasional nod to my desire for Scottish independence, I don’t feel the need to continually push them. That being said I can’t let the news that is today being reported from the Tory party conference go unmentioned.

      According to the UK Home Secretary, employers across the UK should be compelled to produce lists of “foreign workers” on their books in order to “shame them” into employing more British staff – “foreign workers” who are here fully legally, who are contributing vastly more to the economy in tax and spending than they are receiving, and who in many cases are doing jobs that UK citizens feel are “below them”, or who are filling highly skilled, professional positions which the UK are short of or lack the ability to do, or who are simply exercising their legal rights to freedom of movement and employment as European citizens. Forcing employers to produce such lists – or even SUGGESTING that it’s a good idea – smacks so much of fascism that its frightening.

      As I look around my office today, I can immediately see 10 people who would be on such a list. I myself would be on it. These are colleagues – many of whom I’ve worked beside for years – who are people of great character and education, people who use their skills to help inform and improve health protection in Scotland. According to the Tories, our employer and my UK-born collegues are supposed to be ASHAMED of the fact that we are standing in the way of other “Brits” who should be in these posts rather than us.

      With these proposals, the Tory UK government (presumably supported by Labour who have said that they would be even TOUGHER on immigration than the present government) are vilifying every foreign national living and working in the UK regardless of their legal status. By placing us on a list, they are figuratively placing a label on our clothing in much the same way that a previously well known fascist regime did with certain groups of “foreigners” they didn’t like. If people don’t stand up to this bullshit NOW how long will it be before we’re forced to wear the real thing, and to “carry our papers” with us for inspection at any time?

      The arguments for or against tougher immigration controls were used and exploited by the Leave side and the right-wing media during the BREXIT campaign, playing on people’s fears and emotions. I would guess, however, that many who voted Leave will be surprised by how much and how quickly this government have lurched further to the right. It has become intolerable.

      Fortunately, Scotland remains a country with a generally progressive, tolerant, pro-European attitude. The only way for us, as a nation, to truly pursue those values is to gain our independence from a broken, incompentently run United Kingdom which is seemingly on an ever accelerating downward spiral to isolationism and bankruptcy (both financial and moral).

      No apologies for the length or scope of this post. It’s how I feel. And should anyone be inclined to say to me “If you don’t like it, why don’t you go home?” I would reply that this IS my home. Scotland IS my home and has been for almost 80% of my life. I went to school here, married here and bought property here, I watched my grandparents and my mother die here. I’ve worked here all my life, taking from the state a grand total of 1 month unemployment benefit since the age of 17. With that, you can perhaps understand why I am so angry at these proposals to brand me as a person that my friends, family and colleagues should feel “shame” towards. The true shame lies with those who feel that these proposals are acceptable in this day and age.

      I intend to live here the rest of my days. I can only hope that many of those days will be enjoyed in an independent Scotland.

    83. mike cassidy says:

      Nigel Farage will now have to list Mrs Farage as a foreign worker.

      Quelle Dommage!

    84. David says:

      Meanwhile Labour try to out-UKIP the Tories and the Oxbridge and other Russel group Universities, so beloved of the Tories, prepare for a major reduction in non EU overseas students and the major income stream that arrives with them.

    85. Vestas says:

      I’m amused at many of the comments on this topic.

      “England changed today” for example.

      No it didn’t! This is what England has ALWAYS been like outside London. The average white English person is racist, xenophobic and considers anyone not English & white to be inferior to them. They may appear polite but that’s what they believe, its what they’ve always believed. I get called a “Scotch cunt/sweatie/Jock bastard” at least half a dozen times a month & that’s been going on for 27 years. The average white English person despises the Irish, Scots & Welsh and again that’s been the state of things for hundreds of years.

      At least some of you have finally woken up to this, well done 🙂

      Oh and obviously there are exceptions to the above, but what you should remember is this :

      In Scotland if you call someone English an English bastard then that is classed as a “hate” crime – ie its treated the same as racially-motivated crime.

      In Wales the same applies.

      In England you can call someone a Welsh bastard or a Scotch bastard and the police will do nothing because its viewed as nothing more than general abuse. Interestingly calling someone an Irish bastard IS treated as a hate crime but then they’re not part of the UK now, lucky bastards 🙂

    86. One_Scot says:

      Independence is now – ‘a necessity, not simply desirable’

      Now that’s what I call a letter box leaflet.

    87. Ken500 says:

      Will tax evading non Dom Murdoch be listed? A criminal who illegally bribed public officials and hacked phones.

      Amber Rudd is another tax evading crook. Taking over the mantle when her father was investigated for criminal activities three times and banned.

      Westminster caused the migration crisis in Europe. Thatcher, Blair, Brown, Clinton, Cameon and Osbourne deregulating banking and illegal wars destroyed the world economy. May is following the trend. Causing the problems but refusing to help. They are despicable.

    88. Glamaig says:

      My old mum sent tory canvassers packing with a ‘we fought in the war to keep people like you out!’

      And that was in the 80’s. She was a former Tory voter who couldn’t stand Thatcher or what the Tories had become. God knows what she would think of the current lot.

    89. Anne Meikle says:

      No one should be under any illusion that a 2nd referendum will be fought if allowed, in an even more brutish fashion than the first. A brexit England will not survive without Scotland. All the more reason to leave them to the results of their own decisions. Holyrood and our fledgling democracy is in danger and the rhetoric has also begun this week. ‘The SNP don’t speak for Scotland’ is a stock phrase to be repeated ad nauseum. Irony of one tory MP in Scotland doesn’t make the headlines. Strange that.

    90. Dave Hansell says:

      One wonders how long it will be before restrictive quotas are introduced on who and how many serfs on these islands, who are not classified as ‘foriegners’, are allowed to leave – either to work or study outside this failed state or emigrate to escape it?

    91. Nana says:


      Thoroughly depressing for us all seeing what is happening. Dangerous talk from small minded dangerous people can not be allowed to go unchallenged.

      As far as I am concerned Scotland is your home.

    92. galamcennalath says:

      Lab and LibDem in Scotland …. come IndyRef2, you cannot possibly support this union, can you?

    93. Kenlong500 says:

      Cleese was referring to Fraser Nelson. The Tory who never lived in a tenement. Andrew Neil is another alcoholic, lying Tory.

    94. Nana says:

      So upset by it all I forgot to add this statement from Nicola and others re toxic tories

    95. Macart says:


      Very well said.

    96. John H. says:

      Although I agree with Doug Daniels points earlier, I still hope that given this weeks events, enough former No voters will turn away in horror from what Britain’s becoming to give us a decent majority in IndyRef 2.

    97. Edward Bruce says:

      Ed Milliband is concerned that his sons will see Scots as “foreigners” due to Scots running their own affairs as a sovereign state.

      I’m Irish, and have had the experience several times of being told by English people, much to my chagrin, that they don’t really view the Irish as foreign at all, not “proper foreign” anyway.

      So if that’s the case after nearly a century of separation for the RoI and the experience of the “Troubles”, why on earth would the Scots suddenly become “foreign” to them?

    98. ScottishPsyche says:

      All this is to address the split in the Tories that allowed UKIP a voice. There is no need for UKIP now, the Tories have taken back ownership of the policies and views that were prevalent with Churchill and Enoch Powell.

      The Sun was Full English Brexit this morning and I expect the Tories membership to rise as Kippers move back. Slab have to make a choice now because their options are to be with the Tories or not.

      Interestingly, some of the Yoon commentators are trying to blame this on the SNP, really they are. The BNP and EDL, Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen in France all now legitimised by Tory policy and Brexit.

      Really, they are blaming the SNP.

    99. One_Scot says:

      Glenn, you clearly are a man with vast experience and wisdom. A definite asset to Scottish Independence.

    100. DerekM says:

      @ Glenn

      Well said Glenn everybody from anywhere in the world is welcome in Scotland,we Scots can be found in every continent on planet Earth to then deny that right to other human beings who allow us to live peacefully in their countries would bring utter shame.

      We will not stand for it or allow some English xenophobe Nazi to dictate who can or cannot come to our country,i hope the world understands now that we Scots are on the front line against fascism rearing its ugly head once again in the continent of Europe and we need the worlds help.

    101. FIONA TOMANY says:

      British workers for British jobs. theese will be needed for the kids who fail to get a grammer school place in England,

    102. mike cassidy says:

      Grimly, the only part of the Tory Rally I saw was a couple of minutes of Rudd’s speech.

      Blood pressure alert and all that.

      But I was staggered by the complete lack of self awareness in her line

      “Money drives behaviour”

      She should know.

      And for day one of the New Reich.

      Asked whether she was prepared to “name and shame” companies which did not comply by publishing a breakdown of the nationality of their workforce, Ms Rudd told BBC Radio 4’s Today it was “not something we are definitely going to do” but it was “one of the tools” under review “as a way of nudging people into better behaviour”.

      If you want to go to the actual BBC page archived, they are looking for comments!

    103. heedtracker says:

      Spring time, for the tories and Teresa May…

      Scotland’s got a couple of tory twerps like Mundell and Davidson, but the nastiest of that shithead line up is Ian Smart and his Poles and Paki’s tweet. At least the turd’s not been seen in any tv studio since then, or probably has, but neo fascist tv isn’t much fun to watch, if you’re not a nazi that is.

      If it wisnae for the Pacific Quay creep show, where would they be?

    104. ahundredthidiot says:

      as much as it goes against the grain, needs must, time for NS to consider a fear campaign to win the soft no’, who, despite some of the optimistic opinions, still need to be – not ‘won’ over, or ‘sold’ independence – but terrified into it.

      jack-boot days, if not here again, are certainly round the corner.

    105. Clapper57 says:

      Theresa May wants us to embrace and promote our patriotism but only if that is the ‘right’ kind of patriotism.

      Scottish patriotism is seen as divisive,negative,parochial, insular and I think viewed in the same context as ‘foreigners’ are currently being viewed within this new contrived Tory Utopia ‘post Brexit’ vote , which is masking the reality of what Brexit will really mean for the ‘working’ man of Britain when we actually FINALLY leave the EU.

      The proverbial shit has not yet hit the fan and the Tories are desperately trying to continue to con the masses into a united Rule Britannia fever while the masses are still too gullible and oblivious to what has really happened and the potential catastrophic consequences this could have upon their lives.

      And then we have Labour, the ‘silent’ opposition who are, surprise surprise, in agreement with the Tories and concur with the sentiment of ‘the people have spoken so we must respect their decision’. Forgetting of course the lies and misinformation that prompted most to vote ‘leave’. Not surprising really for Labour as they are used to endorsing projects promoting ‘fear’ and ‘misinformation’.

      The world is not Britain’s oyster , without a single market deal with the EU Britain is at the mercy of other countries outwith the EU. What is Britain’s bargaining tool that will ensure wonderful trade deals with the world ? Why should Britain have the best deal just because it’s Britain ?

      The Three Musketeers Johnson, Fox and Davies are f**king clueless and have been promoted way beyond their capabilities.

      Britain is a spent force ( currently being taken over by China) and I think if we do not get out then we too are truly f**ked BIG time , cause our resources are what they are relying on to get a good ‘deal’ with the world post Brexit….so let’s be ‘divisive’ AND F**K OFF OUT OF THIS MADNESS and say “hey if you don’t want our trade post Independence then the World including the EU does ya mugs so Cheerio and good luck … will f**king need it “.

    106. Desimond says:


      In a word: Pish!

      I dont know the circles you are frequenting but over 30 years I lived, studied and worked all over England from Hastings to London to Blackpool and never met any hostility from English folk.

      They were kind, welcoming and open. Maybe its the circles you mix in but your experiences certainly werent mine.

    107. heedtracker says:

      Dave McEwan Hill says:
      5 October, 2016 at 9:44 am
      Before the pedants pick up on me that should read “you’re”.

      Neat hoisting on you’re own petard Dave:D

      You need a PHD if your going to get jiggy with the grammar?

    108. mike cassidy says:

      re my 11.21

      Couldn’t resist it.

      Asked the BBC if they would be complying as we cant have these foreigners like Graham Norton doing jobs British people could do.

    109. Nana says:


      Anyone who missed this morning’s GMS. It is covered here by G A Ponsonby

      BBC the enemy within

    110. Breastplate says:

      @Heedtracker, I was whistling that tune after reading the article.

    111. The Man in the Jar says:

      Apologies if someone has mentioned this further up the thread.

      I cant help but wonder what our “wonderful” MSM and establishment would make of it if Angela Merkel Had made such an announcement?

    112. Hamish100 says:

      Call Kaye programme.

      3 hours of drudgery and political venom against Scotland. Attacks on the Scottish health service by a reject tory and ex English health service minister where it has been claimed was more interested in being pals with thatcher,Sir Saville and as alleged “doing a monica Lewinsky on PM Major”

      Fred McAuley — please come back.

    113. Capella says:

      The SNP has issued a joint statement signed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the Leader of Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood, and Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley, the co-leaders of the Green Party calling for progressive parties to work together to resist the ‘Tories’ toxic politics.

    114. Grouse Beater says:

      “In England all the boasting and flag-wagging, the ‘Rule Britannia’ stuff, is done by small minorities.

      George Orwell.

      Well, you could have fooled me, George.

      And what the hell was ‘1984’ about if not set in a fascist England of the future?

    115. heedtracker says:

      Anyone who missed this morning’s GMS. It is covered here by G A Ponsonby

      Thanks Nana! This is what they do everday of their working lives though.

      “Gary Robertson, or whoever wrote the script he read from, made a conscious decision to misrepresent the underlying reasons for Shona Robison raising her objection. In doing so the presenter ensured that listeners not fully up to speed with the facts of the issue were left hopelessly misinformed.”

      It wasn’t just Gary Robertson who attempted to corrupt this important issue. His BBC Scotland colleague Kaye Adams also decided misrepresentation was more desirable than fact. Listen to this short clip as she introduces the subject on her morning phone-in programme

      According to Adams, Shona Robinson thinks a plan for “home grown doctors” is “short sighted and irresponsible”. This isn’t merely a misrepresentation of the issue; it is a twisted corruption to the extent that one is left wondering what the hell Adams, or her research team, were thinking. Can professional people really be this inept?

      Just another day at the tory BBC propaganda unit in their Scotland region.

    116. Robert Peffers says:

      @Blackhack says: 5 October, 2016 at 9:06 am:

      ” … I don’t want to live in this country any longer”

      Eh! Why would you not want to live in the country of Scotland because the United KINGDOM of GB&NI make idiotic NAZI like laws?

      The largest Westminster Establishment propaganda myth propagated by such as the BBC and MSM is that the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland is a country. Can you not read English, Blackhack?

      Sound it out like they used to teach in primary one U-N-I-T-E-D K-I-N-G-D-O-M Spells United Kingdom. It does NOT Spell United Country.

      The propaganda, since long before the Treaty of Union does not match the legal reality in many, many ways. If you not only accept their lies but continue to use and accept them as truth then you are, a perhaps unwilling, undercover agent of the lying, anti-Scottish, Westminster Establishment.

      Here’s the truths they do not want you to use.

      Britain is am archipelago of many islands that lie of the northern edge of the main European continent.

      Great Britain is the largest of those islands and it contains the three countries of Scotland, Ireland and England. (Ireland, all of it is a country but its government is partitioned between a UK Province and the Republic of Ireland.

      The United Kingdom, (of Great Britain & Northern Ireland), is thus exactly as it describes itself – a Kingdom but nit a single country and The UK of GB&NI is <b< NOT Britain – it is exactly as its title describes it, “The UK of GB&NI”.

      In point of fact there is a difference between, “The United Kingdom of GB&NI Government“, and “The United Kingdom”, per se.

      This is because there are another three, non-UK government states, contained within Her Majesty’s actual United Kingdomi. These three are ndependent of the UKofGB&NI Government, These are the Crown Protectorates of Jersey, Guernsey & Man.

      So there you go, Blackhack, there are eight countries in Britain, Seven countries in the United Kingdom, Three countries in Great Britain, four countries goverened by the government of The UKofGB&NI.

      Oh! And, BTW: there are only two Kingdoms that comprise the United Kingdom of GB and NI.

      When was it you became an undercover agent of the Westminster Establishment and started propagating their propaganda?

    117. frogesque says:

      I can’t wait to be called a ‘foreigner’ . . . in England

    118. Luigi says:

      Doug Daniel @9:22am

      Excellent post, Doug. It is bloody frustrating but, as you said, we just have to be patient. In spite of all the evidence now available, most soft No voters will not convert suddenly. Pennies will drop, but many people need a bag full of them before they are willing to change their belief system. Having said that, I hear the loud clink of pennies dropping every day. It’s coming, for a that. 🙂

      Actually, we have to thank the yoons sincerely, for obsessing about another IndyRef and keeping it high on the agenda and in folk’s minds – it is a certainty that most soft NO voters are already seriously thinking about what they are going tp do next time. They see what’s coming.

      Clinkkkk – there goes another one. 🙂

    119. Hamish100 says:

      SORRY I take it all back Edwina Currie is a pillar of the Brit community (little Englander branch) and has just been misrepresented over the years as a selfish, loathe-some person that Call Kaye can rightly look up to.

    120. Capella says:

      @ heedtrtacker – Spitting Image caught the Tory mood singing “Tomorrow Belongs to Me”. Back to the future.

    121. heedtracker says:

      Breastplate says:
      5 October, 2016 at 11:35 am
      @Heedtracker, I was whistling that tune after reading the article.

      But this isn’t funny. Tory shits are out of control now, red or blue. Imagine what’s its like reading that headline if you’re not British or white in the UK?

      It would make you want to leave probably and the real tory horror is that its meant to.

      Worst part nearly, these people were invited here to the UK. Red and blue tory scumbags know that too.

    122. Nana says:

      Video from LBC’s James O’Brien


    123. dramfineday says:

      Penderyn at 9.50

      Anent your question re BBC world service:

      worth a wee read

      Valerie at 9.39

      Can I imagine? Yes indeed.

      As someone with a black African daughter-in-law and two beautiful Afro-Scot grand-daughters, and whose life was restored by an Indian surgeon and his great team at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, how do you think I’m feeling watching this tidal wave of hatred roaring and foaming all around me?

      Frightened? Terrified more like. Angry? You bet.

      Like one of the other commentators here this morning, I’m hoping that the SNP realise that this is a “cusp” moment and bring the house down on the fools that are promulgating it.

    124. heedtracker says:

      Capella says:
      5 October, 2016 at 11:44 am
      @ heedtrtacker – Spitting Image caught the Tory mood singing “Tomorrow Belongs to Me”. Back to the future.

      The original is much more frightening.

    125. Legerwood says:

      If anyone is wondering where Mr Corbyn is then, according to some press reports, he is on holiday walking Hadrian’s Wall.

      Perhaps scouting out where to put the Guard posts Mr Milliband wanted.

    126. Glamaig says:

      Hamish100 says:
      5 October, 2016 at 11:37 am
      ‘Fred McAuley — please come back.’

      That’s how bad its got, I actually agree that Fred McAuley would be better.

      Remember the days when Lesley Riddoch was doing that slot? Seems such a long time ago.

      Prediction – one of the main Tory tactics in Indyref2 is going to be stirring up anti-immigrant feelings in Scotland. Pure evil, but its one of the few weapons they have left.

    127. “From Dover in the South to Berwick in the North, an iron curtain has descended across England.”
      I paraphrase Churchill’s 1946 warning:-
      “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the continent.”
      England has pulled up the drawbridge, slammed shut the portcullis, unleashed their Final Solution.
      Foreigners are not welcome. The Tory Cuts are the fault of all those duskies, the gyppos, and the Scottish thieves and vandals.
      ‘Spanish Health Service for Spanish Patients!’
      ‘French jobs for French workers.’
      ‘Scottish Houses for Native Scots !’
      Well, we did warn the Scots Unionists.
      My wife is Irish. I’ll miss her.
      The £ is set for parity with the euro.
      All those hundreds of thousands of English silver swallows who moved to the sun in Dordoigneshire and the Costas are Liam Fox’s ‘bargaining chips’.
      Their pensions have been reduced by a third, and they will now pay for medical treatment in their retirement paradise, or head back to their green and pleasant land and wait seven years to be treated by a newly qualified English doctor.
      Fortress England, standing alone against the European hordes, control taken back, to transform England into the Fourth Reich.
      We wait. We watch this poison unfold.
      Two years tops, then we respond.
      Independence and continuing membership of the EU will be seen by most as our only option.
      The devil is marching, and the hounds of hell scurry through the streets of Birmingham. And Ruth Davidson laughs her fuckin’ head off.

    128. Proud Cybernat says:

      @ Glenn

      A zinger!! Bloody well said, mate.

      Everyone in Scotland must know a “furriner” on some level – husband, wife, hirlfriend, boyfriend, work colleague, shop keeper etc, etc. It is OUR responsibility–every person in Scotland–to protect them, our European partners and our friends against this rising facism from England. We cannot afford not to.

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil was that good men should do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

    129. Artyhetty says:

      I guess most of the people who would remember that kind of fascist talk are now gone, but there are still some around.

      If a tory gets ill, do they really expect a non brit Dr to treat them when they have shown such disrespect and contempt towards them. I don’t believe that their private health care facilitiies have only british born Drs either. What about MP’s,MSPs, who may not be british born, or who have partners who are not british.

      Isolationist Fascist britain, that is what all those flegs have been about of recent times, pasted onto everything. It is all a throw back to a rich by any means, white dominated class system, these people are told in the cradle that they are better than everyone else, and that is repeated and repeated at their misuse of charity status, mega rich schools, and colleges.

      My dad was 10 when the war started, his school was closed down and used as an army base, they burnt the books. He never recovered and would be turning in his grave at this rise in fascism, having lost his father in the attempt to rid us of it.

      Without being defeatist, I will be renewing my passport and we will get the hell out if needed.

    130. Desimond says:

      Is it just me that is now thinking “Hold on…this is a ‘Look a Squirrel!’ tactic?”

      Real Tory leads, in these days of spin, simply put up some puppets and grab the headlines with some controversial but ultimate guff non committing conference speeches ( any speaker promises are easily replaced with a “that was her\him, lets move on” plea these days) and all the while in the background even worse plans are being hatched and executed in utmost secret.

      When it all comes out, the question will be “Well you didnt do anything, you were all just running about calling us Nazis is we recall correctly!”

      Very scary times indeed.

    131. Hamish100 says:

      Maybe we should ALL start wearing small saltire, eu or UN badges until indy ref2 day saying “Je suis a migrant” (hope my french is ok?–if not change at will.


    132. Walter Scott says:

      Ian Smart’s comment is the true face of Loyal Unionist Labour. No pretending to be in pursuit of a left of centre workers paradise but in favour of a hundred year reich of conservative rule & wouldn’t countenance a left of centre independent Scotland. Smart is a blood and soil British Loyalist who lays his baggage on the heads of left of centre Yessers to smear them with his own distasteful beliefs. What a creep

    133. Artyhetty says:

      I have badges, but does anyone know where I can buy a couple of Scotland/EU posters for my window?


    134. Capella says:

      @ heedtracker – indeed – “still think you can control them Theresa?”
      The Tories could adopt it as their party anthem after Land of Hope and Glory. It’s a catchy little tune.
      A sad way to mark the anniversary of the anti-fascist Battle of Cable Street.

    135. One_Scot says:

      If I ever have the misfortune of seeing Fraser Nelson banging on about how good the union is, I will be able to say, ah, so that’s what an obedient retainer looks like.

    136. Breastplate says:

      While we are waiting for Article 50, would it be worth having a referendum on repatriation of a couple of powers?
      Obviously one of them being immigration. That will get all the bigots spitting feathers.

    137. Hamish100 says:

      Artyhetty says:

      5 October, 2016 at 12:06 pm

      I have badges, but does anyone know where I can buy a couple of Scotland/EU posters for my window?

      Yip — one for my car please

    138. Breeks says:

      Rye chuckle at the Times…

      Is it pure cryptic coincidence that Ken Clarke looks suspiciously like he’s doing a salute to Hitler?

      Maybe there is hope for some UK journalists…


    139. Stoker says:

      I read that ‘Times’ headline and was immediately ready to comment:

      Bringz outs yar Jewz, we have zee trainz vaiting!

      Then i seen we were all thinking alike, right from the very first comment on this thread from Blackhack.

      We truly truly need to jettison London and its BUM scum ASAP.

    140. packhorse pete says:

      It’ll soon be time for action. Supine disengagement will no longer be an option.

      “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    141. harry mcaye says:

      To whoever said it earlier about using Scottish steel for Trident subs, I believe there is no steel manufactured at Motherwell, it is steel processing ie steel brought in from elsewhere. No UK plant bid for the contract so I don’t know if that means no steel plant in the UK produces the right steel or not.

      Did anyone notice both Sky News (fatty Holmes) and BBC Breakfast (Dan Walker) both ask Ruth Davidson to comment on Ed Balls on Strictly? Why? To give her a chance to be jovial and jolly of course, get those positivity ratings even higher. So obvious.

    142. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    143. Proud Cybernat says:

      Make your minds up ProudScotButs. Surely most of you are better than this…

    144. Capella says:

      Gordon MacIntyre Kemp has a good article in The National on British “blood and soil” nationalism after watching “Look Who’s Back”:
      “For a few years now I have been becoming more and more ill at ease with the rising tide of British nationalism. Economic uncertainty, austerity and personal feelings of insecurity, coupled with increasing dissent with growing inequality have laid the psychological foundations for despair among those of a conservative mind set.”

    145. gus1940 says:

      Oh No!!!

      Maggie May has just given us her version of Thatcher’s ‘2 Little Boys'(Copyright Rolf Harris) But using the Brownlie Brothers.

    146. Phronesis says:

      This BMA report contains many helpful hints to those in government and ex politicians who are given air time but have not yet managed to understand the well established links between health and social care policies within the wider economic framework. Particularly before they share their opinions on the NHS.

      ‘…Evidence and experiences in other countries (such as Iceland, Sweden, Canada and Norway) highlights the importance of maintaining high levels of public spending on social welfare and health as important mechanisms for improving health outcomes and narrowing health inequalities, while also supporting economic growth. This demonstrates the need for: – increased investment in social protection systems – such as unemployment programmes, housing support and income maintenance – to counter the projected future decrease in welfare spending – increased investment in healthcare and public health services in the short and long-term, including adequate funding for evidence-based preventative and early intervention services…

      Higher levels of public spending on social welfare – such as on unemployment programmes, housing support and income maintenance – has been found to improve health outcomes and narrow health inequalities…This is particularly important for those with low educational attainment levels and those with long-standing health problems…While it is often argued that investing in the welfare state undermines productivity, efficiency and economic growth, there is countervailing empirical and historical evidence showing that large welfare states do not appear to hamper economic growth… An important mechanism for improving health and wellbeing, reducing social and health inequalities, and thereby improving productivity and human capital (the economic value of an individual’s skills, knowledge and experience), is therefore through investment in social protection’

      It’s an excellent read,quotes Marmot extensively, references the relationship between precarious employment and premature death, emphasises support in early years and outlines the provision of adequately funded integrated care.

      Politics is hard isn’t it when we expect responsible management of state assets, a holistic empathetic politics, decent capitalism, deliberative democracy recognising that the citizens who are experts by experience are often better informed than their political representatives (the Danes have a good track record in deliberative democracy because their politicians don’t fear reasoned direct discussions with their electorate (

      Understanding that we now live in a globalised world and the big society questions are how to combine economic growth with meeting ecological needs i.e. addressing sustainable energy and food systems through innovative enterprise is the challenge for competent government but is entirely missing from the deeply divisive speeches of a WM government who Scotland did not vote for.

      Focusing on immigration as the cause of all UKOK’s woes is a spurious diversionary tactic and can’t disguise that the maquillage has slipped off the ugly face of UKOK politics. Scotland is too far down the line to fall for that because we now know that decades of internal economic mismanagement and a reliance on the politics of exclusion has brought us to this point- an unedifying end to the UK political scene.

      Mainstream politicians manipulating the fears and prejudices of their electorate and who want us to become inured to current MSM headlines is a despicable politics. Scotland should extract itself from this most toxic of situations as soon as possible. Under the auspices of Indyref2 or SG declaring that this is a broken political system that cannot work for Scotland- either route is acceptable.

    147. ScottishPsyche says:

      ‘Come with me and you’ll be
      In a world of pure imagination
      Take a look and you’ll see
      Into your imagination…’

      Oh my, Teresa May is terrifying.

    148. Changing T.V channels I had the misfortune to catch a few seconds of the Prime Minister’s speech to the tory party conference. Sick inducing.

    149. JaMur says:

      Artyheety and Hamish, you will find flags stickers and badges at


      Highly recommended site with speedy delivery.

      They are scary days folks.
      We can only hope these are the last days of the union.

    150. Andy Anderson says:

      I have been getting frustrated at the political blast from Westminster painting a rosy picture of Brexit. The increase in press and Government comments against immigration saddens me greatly. I know it is all about future votes for the Government and the party. How sad, but I suppose understandable from their viewpoint. ALL Politian’s lie to push their agenda.
      I only hope we do indeed leave the UK soon.

    151. Stoker says:

      Proud Cybernat (12:37pm)

      That is a cracker! I was just thinking before you posted that, that we need to get a quality leaflet printed up and held out to our Polish communities (and others) pleading with them to reconsider voting ‘Yes’ next time round.

      Something along the lines of; If you voted ‘No’ last time around please reconsider and ensure your place in a modern Scotland. Poland and Scotland share a very strong history together and only one way will prevent that history being erased, vote for Scottish independence.

      We really need to capitalise on the evidence we have and we need to play hardball to get our message across. Being nice and friendly wins us friends but it doesn’t win you everything. We need to capitalise on the evidence available and expose the truth.

    152. heedtracker says:

      Ruth grovels to her un-elected PM. Inverness is such a shit hole isn’t it Ruth.

      And “I’m delighted we have such spectacular surroundings,” said Ms Davidson.

      “Usually they put the Scots in a place where nothing can be broken. Or stolen for that matter!”

      Which should be on a big banner behind her tory HQ desk. Still not as much fun as,

      John Cleese ?@JohnCleese Oct 2
      John Cleese Retweeted David Puckridge
      Why do we let half-educated tenement Scots run our English press ? Because their craving for social status makes them obedient retainers ?

      John Cleese ?@JohnCleese Oct 2
      John Cleese Retweeted Larry Malley
      Both ? That’s a remarkable achievement

      Seriously,I’d rather have educated,cultured and intelligent people in charge. Sorry for the elitismJohn Cleese added,
      Larry Malley @Lardo9
      @JohnCleese @DavidPuckridge that’s a bit upper class and classless John.

    153. Bob Mack says:

      I cannot verify that this is totally accurate, but I am getting teachers on twitter in England stating they are receiving requests to list the place and country of birth of all pupils.
      Some are saying they are refusing to co operate. I am sure the truth of this will emerge

    154. Valerie says:

      Joint statement from SNP, Plaid and Greens calling for resistance to toxic Tories.

    155. louis.b.argyll says:

      On previous thread..Andrew McLean,9:54 am.
      ‘Call Kaye allows Edwina Curry to state as fact that the NHS in Scotland is worse than any other part of the UK. ‘

      Isn’t it counter productive to health service moral and therefore productivity, to disrespect staff or ignore real improvement?

      Basic ignorance and offensive bitching is Call Kaye’s raison d’etre.

      They are crooks. Knighted executives maintaining the status quo with lies and connivance.

    156. Nana says:

      @Bob Mack

      Parents urged to boycott requests for children’s country of birth information

    157. heedtracker says:

      Lunch with rancid The Graun. British science wins Nobel Prize, how many are Scots?

      Yes but they’re Scots, not educated,cultured and intelligent people, and they don’t live in Scotland, or England, but that means that they are British…

      It is a bit odd watching our relentlessly britnat chums in the south desperately wrapping union jacks round Scots though.

      “Thouless, 82, who was born in Bearsden in Scotland and now works at the University of Washington in Seattle, was awarded half of the prize. The other half will be shared equally between the London-born Duncan Haldane, 65, at Princeton University, and Michael Kosterlitz, who was born in Aberdeen in 1942. He now works at Brown University in Rhode Island.”

    158. Still Positive. says:

      Bob Mack & Nana

      My grand-daughter started school in Surrey last month and on her second day there was a letter in her tray for her parents to complete which asked for her place of birth and nationality.

    159. Effijy says:

      I’d reject any offer of a free shower while these fascist bastards are controlling the country from Westminster.

      I’d cancel that gold filling too,as they will be after that all too soon.

      You know I wouldn’t put it past them to make us buy a Tartan Star, that must be worn at all times to identify us as inferior beings.

      I am truly sorry to say this, but violence will follow quite soon, right on the back of these pre war policies.

      The Daily Heil must be delighted.

    160. Stoker says:

      heedtracker (12:56pm)

      Any newbies lurking? Please avoid clicking on the direct link within the post by the aforementioned poster.

      Direct links help to put food on the tables of those scumbags who routinely help take it off the tables of Scottish families. ‘Heedtracker’ has a track record of helping them to raise advertising revenues and there is absolutely no excuse for it.

      Many Wingers go to great lengths to archive their links to prevent helping the Unionist cause but some, such as heedtracker, repeatedly throw it back in their faces.

      Please avoid funding the BUM!

    161. Clootie says:

      The title ” How it begins” is actually quite chilling.

      The growing support for British nationalism has lifted the mask that has hidden the racists in politics, the media and business. The comments now being made by the “names” in England are a green light for the bigots in society.

      So if you don’t like the idea of a mid 20th. Century Empire model then be afraid, be very afraid. The British Nationalism that is emerging is the blood and soil variety and the comments about armbands have an uncomfortable predictive feel.

      …the caring side of our PM (May) at the conference this morning also sent a chill down my spine. Trusting the Tories to build a fairer society is on a par with having Jimmy Saville as your baby sitter.

    162. heraldnomore says:

      Still waiting on the announcement about furreners in The World’s Greatest Football League, or in the manager’s office of the The World’s Best National Team.

    163. Dr Jim says:


      Come with me and you’ll be
      He aint heavy he’s my brother

      She squeezed in quite a few titles there, it’s usually what they do when they havn’t got any words of their own they start quoting other folk, like that once popular entertainer Adolf something or other, was a hit in Germany a while back

      Didnae last though

    164. heedtracker says:

      Rancid’s attempt at lip stick on a pig.

    165. bugsbunny says:

      Scottish Psyche@10.40am asks “who the plantation owners would be today?” I don’t know the answer to that, but what would be the answer to, “who would be the overseers?”. Who do you think would wield the whip to subjugate their own people?

    166. Artyhetty says:


      Thanks, will be ordering those Scot/EU posters today.

    167. heedtracker says:

      Murdoch’s goons strike back, slightly different from red tory Graun gits.

      Pete Wishart ?@PeteWishart 45m45 minutes ago
      Pete Wishart Retweeted The Scottish Sun
      Sometimes Scotland’s ‘yoornalists’ are so dimwitted and exaggerated it’s pointless replying to them. #buyapaperPete Wishart added,

      The Scottish Sun @ScottishSun
      ‘On a planet of their own’: Nats blasted for comparing UK Government to the Nazis

    168. heedtracker says:

      Pete Wishart’s pretty straight forward on twitter

      Pete Wishart ?@PeteWishart Oct 4
      ‘Scotland, you may have voted remain. You may only have 1 Tory MP, but you will do exactly what we tell you’.

      Pete Wishart ?@PeteWishart 19h19 hours ago
      The Tories are becoming the ‘strong opposition’ to any sense of decency.

      Pete Wishart ?@PeteWishart 19h19 hours ago
      Pete Wishart Retweeted HuffPostUK Politics
      This is where the Tories are taking us, Scotland. Simply sickening.

    169. Valerie says:

      Artyhetty 12.04

      Not being defeatist, just realistic and prepared. Most Indy supporters foresaw this in 2014, but you hope you will be proved wrong on this stuff.

      I started gathering my documentation 22 June, and submitted my application for an Irish passport in July. I never bothered with it before now. I’m in my 50s,with no ties. I consider myself lucky, I might be able to afford to move to Ireland.

      I love Ireland, but not as much as I love Scotland, but I genuinely fear what will become of Scotland, unless we get out.

      If you have a parent or grandparent born in Ireland, check out your eligibility. The website and staff are helpful. The Embassy in London deals with your application. First time applications take longer, and they are still very busy.

      It’s a dreadful thought for me, but I’ve never felt like this, and I can assure you, those that know me, describe me as fearless!!!

    170. handclapping says:

      And will Liz Windsor, chair of The Firm, have to list Phil the Greek?

    171. Luigi says:

      Valerie says:

      5 October, 2016 at 12:57 pm

      Joint statement from SNP, Plaid and Greens calling for resistance to toxic Tories.

      And what have Labour and the LibDems to say on this vile subject?

      Have we heard anything yet?

    172. Patrick Roden says:


      That wasn’t my experience and i lived in England for about 17 years.

      It’s going that way now though but this new hostility towards non-English people, and the blaming of them for all of Englands woes, has been getting increasingly promoted by the Tories/Labour and the Right wing press.

      If you are a disabled person, or a Scottish person, if you are from another part of Europe or further afield, If you find yourself living in England at this time, be afraid, be very afraid 🙁

    173. mike cassidy says:

      Luigi 1.31

      The autonomous dug response.

    174. Greannach says:

      Many congratulations to all Better Together UKOKs. You’ve got what you wanted. Enjoy!

    175. heedtracker says:

      BBC r4 lunctime news, Teresa May’s speech is “the fight back of small town Britain.” That’s Mathew Paris, a n other ferocious toryboy. A bit of “steel” in the speech apparently. Rise up small town Britain, get the foreigner.

    176. Scott says:

      I have just received my renewal driving licence for the next 3 years and my oh my we have the union jack printed on it I wonder what my new passport will look like.

    177. HandandShrimp says:

      What is it with Davidson and Muddle and all this “voice of the Scottish people” rubbish? She got 22% and a quarter of them were tactically voting Labour supporters who bizarrely thought that a Tory vote would be a good idea.

      Meanwhile Kezia looks on in horror as Labour try to out UKIP the Tories (while UKIP try to out Labour Labour on the silly leadership battles stakes.

      UK politics has become a joke (a scary joke). We need out!

    178. mike cassidy says:

      Luigi 1.31

      The Willie Rennie response.

      A pretty laboured joke.

      See how its done, Willie!

    179. Ruth Davidson is everywhere Down There.
      She was on Neil’s politics show summarising May’s speech, in pink, looking every bit like the giant blancmange she has become. Wobbly, unsteady, and if we swallowed her sickly goo, we’d immediately regret it.
      I swear her Chocky chubby cheeks have got even chubbier from wining and dining with Boris and Liam.
      She must have put on half a kilo in a week. Oops, sorry, 1.1023 lbs. How very European of me.
      She admits that she is now supporting everything which she fought against during the EU referendum, that she has had a good talk with Boris, and he’s an ok guy now, and although Liam Fox will use EU citizens working here as a ‘bargaining chip’, David Davis countered this by stating that he would ‘make it happen’ that EU workers can stay on, Ruth Blancmange then reminded Semi educated tenement dwelling social status craving retainer Neil, that there were 1.2 million Brits living and working abroad, and that their security would have to be considered in any negotiations. In other words, EU workers right to stay and work in England was a ‘bargaining chip’
      Her giggling self important vacuous performance followed the usual lines, and Neill ended by enquiring if she wanted to appear on ‘Strictly’?
      Giggles laughs, climaxing together. Job Done. Ruth the rising star ,the darling of the English Nazis, as shallow and insincere as the broadcasting team of BBC News Where You Are GMS.
      May looked frail and ill. They’ve botoxed her face, painted out the frowns, but, as she was helped off stage by her hubby, her walk was unsteady, and she needed to use the handrail as she mounted a few steps at the exit.
      I doubt that she will last the Article 50 distance. Boris is in the wings. Worry not, Ruth the shovel face has had a few words with him, and Amber Rudd will let him drive her home after the party.
      As a northern vandal and thief, I look forward to Davidson’s triumphal return to the North tomorrow, and her FMQ stellar performance.
      A word of warning to Jackson, Prof Watp Tomkins and the Queen’s Eleven Murdo, Ruth is heading South.
      In musical terms, you are The Luvvers, to her Lulu.

    180. One_Scot says:

      You would have to think that it must be getting more and more difficult for the low rank and file ‘obedient retainers’ to continue defending this corrupt union.

    181. heedtracker says:

      Britnats in Scotland know who to blame. Its always someone else what does it, red and blue tory style.

      Scott Arthur Retweeted
      Kevin Hague ?@kevverage 14h14 hours ago
      I can’t stomach Scottish Nationalists tutting while gleefully warming their hands against the fire of petty nationalism they started

      We’re all fire starters, from 97′ too.

    182. mike cassidy says:

      Jack Collatin 1.59

      In musical terms, you are The Luvvers, to her Lulu.

      Boom Bang A Bang!

    183. Liz g says:

      In the meantime….. while we are waiting for Indy Ref 2, being triggered,does anyone think or have any idea how to subvert this foreigners on a list stupidity?

      I am thinking back to when I first found Wing’s,one of my first post’s if not my very first was I’m on the list.
      Think I still have the badge.

      Would it be possible and obviously intended to include those across England, and there must be many,to mess up these lists by ensuring that the’re not accurate and a complete joke.
      If and when they are introduced.
      A sort of everybody self identifies as foreign cause we are not Tory kind of thing.

      Which might have the opposite effect of identifying only Tories,if it worked.
      They can’t jail all of us and where they gonna deport us to.
      But mainly it protects anyone who has moved here?

    184. Breeks says:


      May’s Brexit vision “deeply ugly”, and plans for foreign workers are a “disgraceful display of reactionary right-wing politics”.

      “It is a vision the Scottish Government wants no part of, and one which we will never subscribe to”.

      Yeayyyyy. Fightin’ talk.

      What emoji do you use for a bloody great cheer, right from the heart? Whatever it is, fill in three of them… __ __ __

    185. bugsbunny says:

      Peter Lilley MP, (remeber him?) famously had a list away back at the tory party conference in 1992. It went like this…

      He liked to employ foreigners of course. Usually from Morocco where he employed these boys by the hour at 300 Dinars at a time.

    186. heedtracker says:

      This is probably enough of the shitheads for one day, from the crew that brought us Crash Gordo’s dreadful “British jobs for British workers” speeches and that hideous I’m voting Labour for immigration controls for Labour mug up there, bare faced liars at 16% and dropping, shock.

      Blair McDougall Retweeted
      Duncan Hothersall ?@dhothersall 2h2 hours ago
      It is possible to see fault in both the divisiveness of Tory xenophobia & the divisiveness of SNP nationalism. We don’t have to pick either.

    187. Graf Midgehunter says:

      When will they start to burn scottish books?

      When will a fire start and burn down Westminster? Laid by a deranged Scot. nationalist of course.

      When will scottish products be banned from the shops?

      When will a “Sondersteuer” (Special tax) be imposed on all scottish residents to help pay for the Block Grant?

      When will…

    188. mike cassidy says:

      Those pesky johnny foreigners are at it again.

      If only we controlled the whole world!

    189. handclapping says:

      You can understand why Hitler thought he could do a deal with the English

    190. HandandShrimp says:

      I can’t stomach Scottish Nationalists tutting while gleefully warming their hands against the fire of petty nationalism they started

      Looks like poor Kev can see May’s speech for the poisoned chalice it is. Desperate attempt to blame Brexit on the SNP there. Would have worked better had Scotland not so emphatically voted Remain. Nicola would be failing in her duty if she did not put clear blue water between her and May and he knows it. Are you Yes yet Kev? Others are.

      Meanwhile some can line up and cheerlead the sewing of symbols on immigrants coats if they like but I want no part in it. Davidson and May sound more like deranged UKIP leaders with each passing day.

    191. mike cassidy says:

      Foreign sounding man questions their God-given language as a foundation for their superiority.

      Must check out his “World Englishes” book!

    192. heedtracker says:

      The fraud that gave us Project Fear 2014, tries to smear Sturgeon with May’s nightmare UKOK plans for rule Britnatia.

      Blair McDougall ?@blairmcdougall 15m15 minutes ago
      Happy to acknowledge SNP nationalism points finger at different ‘other’ but those pretending it’s not natio…

      Back in the real world, outside the BBC SLab bunker,

      Humza Yousaf
      3 hrs ·
      “Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me”

      I am proud of being both the son of immigrants and also belonging to a political party that doesn’t stoke the flames of division and racism but values human beings for who they are.

      That’s enough sneaky shit red tory stuff today, ed.

    193. Robert Louis says:

      Thank goodness here in Scotland we have Nicola Sturgeon. That joint statement made by her and the greens and Plaid Cymru today, was very important.

      You see these things start with a focus on one group (immigrants), but in a short period of time, we might see others added to the list. These are scary and shocking times.

      Just out of interest, and I am sure their is an innocent explanation, but why wasn’t Patrick Harvie’s name on that statement, as I am sure he would be in agreement.

      As for Ruth Davidson, she’s so popular (so she thinks), that during the Scottish election, she hid the tory party name from her literature. What a charlatan.

    194. Jimbo says:

      From that Times article posted above by Stuart: “Companies will be forced to reveal how many foreign workers they employ under government plans to shame bosses who fail to take on British staff.”

      We’ve got to get out of this Union. I don’t like the road Westminster seems to be taking us down. It’s like we’re heading back to the 1930s. Oskar Schindler would recognise this corrupt, right wing, xenophobic, self serving, nepotistic government in London very well.

    195. K1 says:

      Robert Louis, Patrick Harvie’s name is on the joint statement.

    196. One_Scot says:

      Nic. for God sake press the button.

    197. K1 says:

      Signed by:

      Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland

      Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales

      Caroline Lucas, co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales

      Leanne Wood, Leader of Plaid Cymru

      Steven Agnew, Leader of the Green Party of Northern Ireland

      Patrick Harvie, Co-convener of the Scottish Green Party

      Alice Hooker-Stroud, Leader of the Wales Green Party

    198. Dave Hansell says:

      heedtracker @ 11:45 makes a salient and practical point.

      Whether we are talking about doctors or a plethora of other work carried out by those not considered as ‘native’ born [whatever TF that means] pandora’s box is now open on this issue.

      No worker with a family in this position is going to hang around for an ‘interim period’ waiting for someone else who apparently is ‘native born’ to be trained up to take over the job they are doing. Right now, and in the days and weeks ahead, a large section of our current experienced and skilled workforce across many sectors are having and going to have serious conversations with their families along the lines of finding alternative employment outside of these islands sooner rather than later.

      Two practical facts are obvious. 1. People and families in that position are not going to hang around waiting to be pushed after they have trained someone else up to do their job. 2. Those jobs will not be able to be filled straight from the queue at the bus stop. Whatever work one is talking about requires not just the right attitude and basic training it requires time to gain experience and everyday expertise not teachable in a training environment. That time will not be available because of 1, above.

      The sheer level of ineptitude on display by the Conservative Party and conservative minded sections of the electorate is worthy of criminal prosecution in regard to the damage it has and will do to the economy and the well being of everyone else.

      These numpties are making strategic gaffe after gaffe announcing publically and loudly their negotiating positions. allowing situations as described above to be created.

      Competent Government my arse.

    199. Luigi says:

      Mike Cassidy @1:53pm

      Thanks for the update on Dugdale and Rennie. Are the pair finally growing a pair?

      And as for numpties Hague, Hotherstall and McDougall tying to drag the SNP into the BREXIT horrors, one wee reminder:

      “British jobs for British workers” [Gordon Brown, 2007]

      That’s where it all started.

    200. Robert Louis says:

      It is interesting that somebody above (bugsbunny at 208pm) has recalled the infamous ‘little list’ speech by the odious right wing Tory Peter lilley. It has so many parallels with what the Tories are up to now.

      You see in the humorous operetta ‘The Mikado’, the ‘little list’ was something drawn up of completely innocent people – who were just a bit irritating, on the pretext of using them as scapegoats (execution victims) when the emperor turned up. In reality, that is what the Tories are doing now, blaming their failed economic and social policies on anybody who isn’t white English.

      When Peter Lilley invoked his Mikado based ‘little list’ he seemingly had no appreciation of its true meaning. It is a blame list, a scapegoat list, an anybody but me, list. Whilst the operetta itself was satire, it would seem that today’s Tories still do not understand it.

      It needs added however, that I only know these things, since I grew up in a council tenement.

    201. Luigi says:

      Remaining stocks of Labour’s infamous red, anti-immigration mug will now either be quietly destroyed or they will go into full-scale, populist production. Could be quite collectable in future if they are taken out, but it’s 50:50 at the mo IMO.

      So c’mon Labour. It’s make your mind up time. What’s it gonna be?

    202. Robert Louis says:

      K1, thanks.

    203. One_Scot says:

      Having just watched this from the Revs twitter feed,

      I look out the window and the sun is shining and I think, yes Scotland, there is a better way than this.

    204. manandboy says:

      Vestas says: 10:53 am
      I’m amused at many of the comments on this topic.
      “England changed today” for example.
      No it didn’t! This is what England has ALWAYS been like outside London. The average white English person is racist, xenophobic and considers anyone not English & white to be inferior to them.

      Vestas, when I posted ‘England changed today’, it meant that for the first time in living memory, members of the Westminster Government made public televised statements, which had previously only perhaps been heard in the workplace, in the street maybe, or at a gathering of extreme right wing groups openly displaying racism and xenophobia.

      It is in that sense, that I said ‘England changed today’.

      We have arrived at a point in the history of the Union, at which racism and xenophobia, directed at fellow members of the EU, but also other foreign nationals, has become government policy.

      This begs the question ‘does this policy include the Scots’. The official answer from the Tories will be ‘No’, but after the contempt Scotland has received at this conference, notably from the Scottish Secretary and the Leader of the Unionist Alliance in Scotland, Ruth Davidson MSP, many Scots will feel pretty much like foreign nationals too.

      The Union of the Kingdoms of Scotland and England is effectively over. All that remains is the matter of England’s colonial greed and Scotland’s boundless energy wealth.

    205. Glenn says:

      I’d just like to say thanks to those WOS contributors who commented on my earlier post (10:50am) and supported my position. Much appreciated.

    206. yesindyref2 says:

      Yeah nice, also starts to tackle that reason I heard for voting NO “I’d be a foreigner”. Like the last pic.

    207. Proud Cybernat says:

      Wanted – A Few Good Men and Women to DO Something…

    208. Clapper57 says:

      Create a false enemy and deflect attention away from the real enemy on your own doorstep. Whip up mass hysteria and apportion blame upon the innocent while the real perpetrators of social injustice continue to create a society that is unjust and oppressive to the many while striving to serve only the privileged few. Yes that’s Tory policy in a nutshell.

      How irresponsible of them to be generating such xenophobic feelings at a time when thugs see this as a license to assault people who are ‘Not one of us’. Are the Tories now saying ‘Get back to your own country’ ?

      Is the Tories current rhetoric towards ‘foreigners’ not reminiscent of America’s ‘reds under the bed’ fear propaganda that apportioned all the blame upon a perceived enemy that Americans were only too willing to believe was true rather than admit the failure of their own corrupt system.

      Are the Tories setting this negative tone against foreigners to compensate for their guaranteed failure in future Brexit talks, post article 50, with the EU (nasty foreigners) in achieving a ‘ good deal ‘. Then Da Da the blame for their failure to negotiate a good deal for Britain will be solely due to the ‘nasty’ unreasonable dictating EU foreigners and not the Tories. Job done.

      The Tories are experts at trying to deflect attention away from the sordid reality that they create . Their hypocrisy is so blatant especially in Brexit, where the supposed ‘Remainers’ now seem to be such willing converts to the other (dark) side.

      The stiff upper lip cannot be seen to be trembling , especially when the people are so compliant and pliable to the notion that we will survive triumphant and supreme without Johnny Foreigner dictating to us. In other words where there is doubt whip out the union jack and let’s all sing Land of Hope and Glory , the British Bulldog spirit, Roll out the Barrel and have a good old British knees up, let’s show them who rules the waves , it’s just not cricket to NOT be GREAT Britain what.

      Meanwhile on planet Scotland where there are many who see through the transparency in this political ploy for what it really really is and who choose not to associate with the xenophobic hysteria perpetrated by the supreme dictators of division that is the Tory party. We , the Scots, are told to suck it up , move on and stop being like us i.e. Scottish…..just be British…in name not in entitlement …that is reserved for the English folk.

      The English Tory Goverment’s vision ( or lack of ) post Brexit is of an isolated kingdom. They are pandering to the many bigots and home grown fascists by determining that Britain is NOT open to foreigners. Made in Britain has a new connotation. Hilarious how they don’t want foreign people living here but they want foreign business and investment…..cake and eat it …yes? …..yeh that sounds like the Rule Britannia way.

      Meanwhile in the Tory branch office they seek clarity from the SNP on EVERYTHING and yet defend their own HQ for suppressing information on what THE ACTUAL F*CK is Brexit. Like their contemporaries in the Labour party branch office it is ‘Do as I say not as I do’.

      Politics ! Thank God I have the sense to see through all of the bullshit , hypocrisy and the barefaced irony that is inherent in yoon political life. I also see the blatant role the MSM play in enabling a right wing government to con all of the people all of the time .

      Soon be Xmas….another feckin distraction for the Tories Brexit ….peace on Earth and goodwill to all men post Brexit anyone ?

      Not today in UKOK thank you….or anytime soon.

    209. heedtracker says:

      Dave Hansell says:
      5 October, 2016 at 2:45 pm
      heedtracker @ 11:45 makes a salient and practical point.


      Rancid the Graun’s daily trolling of its Scotland region,

    210. Bob Mack says:

      Well said. I agree with every word.

    211. Clootie says:

      Remember it was Ms May’s as Home Secretary who gave her endorsement to advertising vans telling illegal immigrants “Go Home or face arrest”,

      Regardless of your views on illegal immigration I hope you all agree that this approach is distasteful and was an early indicator of the journey we are now on.

    212. gerry parker says:

      @Doug Daniel, and Grousey.
      Letter popped up in our local paper last week to the effect – Look at the GERS figures, there’s a huge deficit, and look at the oil price, destroyed the Scottish Governments economic plan –

      I replied this week re the facts about both statements.

      Someone this week on ‘ Corbyn will lead Labour’s revival”

      Need to put that one to rest too.

      Up to us all to refute these assertions and wishful thinking at each chance we get, either in conversations or replying to letters in the media.

      Seen someone earlier asking if Treasa May could deny us a referendum.

      If Dave Hill or someone else hasn’t already replied.

      Answer is NO she can not.

      At the rate the pound is declinging against both the Euro and the dollar, it won’t matter a hoot whether we use the pound, Euro or Dollar for our currency.

      Personally I’d like to see a Scottish Pound pegged to the Euro and the Dollar.

    213. Robert Louis says:

      Is it not very telling, that rather than condemn the Tories, Labour’s Scottish branch office are pointing the finger at the SNP.

      Jeez, it beggars belief. Labour shadow boxing with the SNP, instead of addressing these hideous policy statements from the Tory party.

      Is it any wonder why so few people vote Labour in Scotland now?

      Please wise up Labour.

    214. ScottishPsyche says:

      Spanner trying to equate a reciprocal free tertiary education agreement with Europe as xenophobia against English students.

      Blair McDougall tweeting a GIF of the FM saying ‘Fellow Nationalists’ at a party conference as evidence of ?

      No Yoons will attack the Tories, it is utterly bizarre.

    215. Grouse Beater says:

      Here’s more proof of the colonial mentality, this time exemplified by English production companies thinking network programming is superior in quality to all Scottish programming, and that includes the training would-be staff get in Scotland.

      The fact that greater spending in Scotland on indigenous subject matter might benefit indy companies such as Finestripe Productions doesn’t cross her dizzy mind.

      “Katie Lander from Finestripe Productions, which makes documentaries, said the £35m figure for BBC Scotland programming was “completely crude”. It ignored the significant impact that BBC network spending had on training and employing Scottish editors, producers, camera crews and technicians, often working to the more exacting standards needed for network television, she said.”

    216. Bob Mack says:

      @Scottish Psyche,

      Yes the flavour of the minute is that the SNP started this, completely ignoring the fact that it is here,now, at this moment xenophobia is taking over England not Scotland.
      If they think it is going to go away by blaming the Scots they can think again. It is on their doorstep and it has made itself a home in England.
      They created the monster and now they must deal with it.

    217. Grouse Beater says:

      Gerry Parker: “Doug Daniel, and Grousey. Letter popped up in our local paper last week to the effect – Look at the GERS figures, there’s a huge deficit, and look at the oil price, destroyed the Scottish Governments economic plan – I replied this week re the facts about both statements.

      Well done, Gerry.

      They’re piling on the brazen lie Scotland has benefitted from oil reserves – meaning we got the profits – reserves so low now independence won’t thrive.

    218. cirsium says:

      “it won’t matter a hoot whether we use the pound, Euro or Dollar for our currency.”

      yes, it will Gerry (3.35pm). We have to have full monetary sovereignty, that is our own currency, if we are to be free. Australia, Canada and New Zealand would never have achieved full independence if they had not had their own currencies and public banking. They were debtor nations until they got free of the Bank of England/City of London nexus.

    219. Marie Clark says:

      I generally ignore the party conference season as a lot of hot air.Playing to their own supports, talking absolute pish, par for the course.

      This, this charade of the tories playing out before our very eyes is absolutely mindboggling. My poor old dad, god rest him, fought a bloody war against this horror and here we are again.A tory government, totally out of control, no idea where they are going, or how they are going to get there. What do we do now to cause a distraction away from our shambles. Oh I know, let’s blame the furriners. JESUS FECKIN WEPT.I can hardly believe what I’m hearing and seeing.

      The EBC and the MSM are no better, in fact they are active cheerleaders. What the hell has England become. I just said that to my husband this morning that I was becoming very frightened at what was going on.

      The sooner we get the hell outa dodge the better. Or is their next bright idea to do away with the Scottish Parly and for us tae dae whit we’re telt. I don’t bloody think so.

      I want no part of this. I find it bad enough and I’m sixty eight. I fear for what sort of country will be left to my children and grandchildren. None of them deserve this. I want to stay in the EU, people from other countries are welcome, don’t start hounding them.


    220. Grouse Beater says:

      Here’s one for the INFAMOUS LEDGER:

      Another senior TV executive agreed. UK-level shows involved more lucrative secondary broadcasting and distribution rights and were a shop window for Scottish companies at the UK and global level, which regional-only shows could not offer

      Scotland is a region. A region of England.

      [My emphasis]

    221. ScottishPsyche says:

      Duh – Vine not GIF. My children will be so ashamed. Anyway you get the drift.

      Any attempt to spread the muck around is being used. It is the attitude of ‘we may be horrible but you are no better’ using the most tenuous and weak arguments. Same with expenses and scandals involving MSPs and MPs.

      Instead of trying to raise the game they just want to bring everyone down to their level.

      I really hope the SNP wipe the floor with them all next week.

    222. Clapper57 says:

      To the many wingers who are commenting on the bizarre surreal spin that is currently being fabricated by demented yoons frantic to have SNP play the fall guy in all of this shit.

      Well, if mentally stable…and only if, then I would say that this would be one fairy tale too many for any mere mortal residing anywhere on this planet to swallow as a credible conclusion to this f**king farcical f**king farce of all f**king farces.

      Let them cry wolf if they want because eventually , some time very soon, it will bite them in their proverbial collective arses…..let’s be honest, yoon politics is and always will be Black is White and all bad shit will be forever deposited at the doorstep of SNP.

      I am so way way beyond shocked now at anything said or done by the yoons as I know that if anyone buys into this then perhaps they themselves are as much the problem as those who instigate this shit stirring shit.

      Beyond parody and beyond a f**king joke is strong with this lot is it not !!

      We are truly living in a time where fact is stranger than f**king fiction…..yoon fiction…sequel to Pulp !!

    223. Iain More says:

      Well that is Godwin’s Law on holiday in Yoonland by the looks of it. I don’t expect they the Yoons will be going to Spain etc any time soon since those places are chock full of foreigners. Or as one mate already said today about the Yoons not going to Florida because there are more J!!! there than Palestine and they the Yoons might not like that.

      I guess those Nobel Winning Physicists might be glad they are out of Yoonland as their papers might no longer be in order! Well one of them has a distinctly Slavic name?

      I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the Goose-stepping has begun as the Home Office or the Westmidden Office of Racial Purity has been behaving like Gestapo thugs for a long time now.

      To hell with Godwin’s Law.

      I have my little Saltire ready to wear. Just to the left of my Yes badge on the tourie and right next to the Scotland Supporters Club patch. I will make it easy for them to pick me out!

    224. gerry parker says:


      Ok – it won’t matter a hoot to the ordinary person whether we use the pound, the Euro or the dollar when parity is achieved. If a tank of petrol costs 40 quid, or 40 Euros or 40 dollars it means the same.

      It will to others though, which is why I said my preference is a Scottish Pound pegged to either one, or a basket of currencies.

    225. clipper says:

      Proud Cybernat 3.24

      How about you do something about those stickers?

    226. Andrew McLean says:

      A Plea to anyone who voted no at the 2014 referendum.

      With few exceptions most of the arguments against independence are no more, or have been shown to be so much bad faith.

      So regardless of your vote last time ask yourself honestly is this the outcome you expected. Labour unelectable for a generation, in England as well as Scotland, companies forced to draw up lists of immigrants, NHS workers, the backbone of the service being told they are to be replaced. Tariffs on goods imported and exported, a hard border between north and south Ireland, pensions destroyed? the future of your children in doubt, no longer free to travel even to France without being stopped at immigration points. Dearer food, supermarkets unable to supply food from Europe at the price today, Farmers having to put up prices as the EU subsidies stop? No cooperation between European universities and the UK? half of all Scott’s being labelled the enemy within!

      if you voted no, you did so for good reason in your eyes, but it’s time to realise you were lied to. No shame in that, the liars were once trusted people, but the referendum and its aftermath exposed them for what they were.

      So no matter when or where in the world you come from, you are here today, one of us, irrespective of who you pray too, who you love, the colour of your skin, you are very, very welcome, brothers and sisters all.

      Scotland is your home.

      Forget the past, Next time make it YES.

    227. Macandroid says:

      Effijy @ 1:16pm

      Perhaps we should all now wear Tartan Stars just to show them what we think of them.

    228. Robert Peffers says:

      @Legerwood says: 5 October, 2016 at 11:55 am:

      “If anyone is wondering where Mr Corbyn is then, according to some press reports, he is on holiday walking Hadrian’s Wall.”

      Silly old fool probably imagines that Hadrian built the wall to keep out the Scots from England. I suppose, like most of the English people he thinks that it separates Scotland & England.

      Fact is when it was built there was no country of Scotland and no England either. What is more it is quite some way inside England.

      1 h 34 min (64.5 mi)
      via A7


      Scottish Borders

      Head southwest on A699 toward Hillside Terrace/A7

      2.2 mi

      Turn left onto A7

      8.8 mi

      At the roundabout, take the 1st exit and stay on A7

      1.1 mi

      At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Commercial Rd/A7
      Continue to follow A7

      0.6 mi

      At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Buccleuch St/A7
      Continue to follow A7

      34.0 mi

      Turn left onto Albert St/A6071
      Continue to follow A6071

      11.2 mi

      Turn left onto The Swartle

      2.2 mi

      Turn right

      0.9 mi

      Continue straight
      Destination will be on the right

      3.4 mi

      Hadrian’s Wall, United Kingdom

      These directions are for planning purposes only. You may find that construction projects, traffic, weather, or other events may cause conditions to differ from the map results, and you should plan your route accordingly. You must obey all signs or notices regarding your route.

      It is 77.4 Miles, or a journey of 1 Hr and 47 miles by road on the A7 and

      1 h 47 min (77.4 mi)
      via A68 and B6318

    229. gus1940 says:

      Does anybody think the following could be a possible Tory strategy.

      With every day that passes their attacks on the possibility of INDYREF2 become more strident indicating that they are terrified that the vote will be YES.

      They therefore accept that they are on a possible loser.

      Given that there are bound to be a few hotheads amongst the supporters of Indpendence who could be provoked into illegal action possibly of a violent nature our Lords and Masters embark on a strategy of provocation (perhaps it has started already)with the help of one of their old tried and tested tools in the form of agents provocateur.

      This would result in outrage at WM with hysterical anti independence shrieking from their fans in the broadcast and print media.

      Demands for action perhaps with introduction of martial law with English army units – the end game being shut down of Holyrood and Repeal of The Scotland Act. They did it in NI.

      Job Done and Fat Boab apppointed Gauleiter of Scotland (that last bit was a joke).

    230. Robert Peffers says:

      @Legerwood says: 5 October, 2016 at 11:55 am:

      “If anyone is wondering where Mr Corbyn is then, according to some press reports, he is on holiday walking Hadrian’s Wall.”

      Silly old fool probably imagines that Hadrian built the wall to keep out the Scots from England. I suppose, like most of the English people he thinks that it separates Scotland & England.

      Fact is when it was built there was no country of Scotland and no England either. What is more it is quite some way inside England.

      It is actually a journey of 64.5 miles or 1 h 34 min via the A7

      Alternatively it is 1 h 47 min or 77.4 miles by the A68 and B6318.

      If the English wish to gift that segment of England to the Scots I’m sure we will accept that little bit of their green and pleasant land with good grace.

    231. Thepnr says:


      Two good posts, cheers.


      “Given that there are bound to be a few hotheads amongst the supporters of Indpendence who could be provoked into illegal action possibly of a violent nature our Lords and Masters embark on a strategy of provocation (perhaps it has started already) with the help of one of their old tried and tested tools in the form of agents provocateur.”

      Yes of course that is a possibility and one that must be stamped out immediately. No one posting on Wings advocating an approach to Independence that involves violence should be tolerated.

      They are not welcome here and can feck off and start there own site where violence is the road to Independence.

      Many people have been here for many years “fighting” for Independence but that fighting has NEVER meant violence.

      You are right to raise this because there is nothing the media would love more than to name this site as full of violent nutters who want to hurt maim and bomb, then shut it down. When nothing could be further from the truth.

      You police this site, the contributors and the readers and we need too. Just check the state of the comments on the Scotsman for example.

      I certainly don’t speak for the Rev but I believe he would agree with every word. No talk of violence, it’s self defeating.

    232. Inbhir Anainn says:

      Are these right wing Tory bams going to steer the UK into a ‘Sakoku’ period last seen in the Tokugawa shogunate reign in Japan, it smacks of isolationist Britain.

      Text from the seclusion edict of 1636:
      “No Japanese ship (…), nor any native of Japan, shall presume to go out of the country; whoever acts contrary to this, shall die, and the ship with the crew and goods aboard shall be sequestered until further orders. All persons who return from abroad shall be put to death. Whoever discovers a Christian priest shall have a reward of 400 to 500 sheets of silver and for every Christian in proportion. All Namban (Portuguese and Spanish) who propagate the doctrine of the Catholics, or bear this scandalous name, shall be imprisoned in the Onra, or common jail of the town. The whole race of the Portuguese with their mothers, nurses and whatever belongs to them, shall be banished to Macao. Whoever presumes to bring a letter from abroad, or to return after he hath been banished, shall die with his family; also whoever presumes to intercede for him, shall be put to death. No nobleman nor any soldier shall be suffered to purchase anything from the foreigner.”

    233. Legerwood says:

      Robert Peffers @ 5.21

      I am well aware that Hadrian’s wall is in England but not sure how many people in England are aware of it given the number of times we are told to get back over the other side of it i.e. the Scottish side which of course us still in England.

      But if they want to cede some territory then who are we to refuse.

    234. gus1940 says:

      Scott at 1.48

      I applied on-line for renewal of my over 70s license a couple of days ago.

      I was asked where I was born.

    235. cearc says:

      If they’re protecting their troops from ‘leftie’ prosecutions, does that mean they’re tearing up The Geneva Convention as well?

    236. Fiona says:

      still reeling after today’s events at Tory party conference.

      a couple of questions:

      – do we know how many EU citizens based in Scotland voted No in the Indyref? presumably we can count on a yes from them next time around?

      – say the polls show that 60+% of Scotland support independence and we want to have another Indyref before Brexit, can Teresa/ Westminster actually refuse to allow us to do so? in practical terms what would we do then?

    237. John says:

      Can we get some clarity here?

      Is the definition of a forigner a ‘reserved matter’?

    238. @ gus 1940

      Over 75’s license you mean ? I got excited there.

    239. Undeadshaun says:

      It’s even more important now that we fit in with timetable Eu has advised on independence, to ensure if needed we have eu protection going forward..

    240. Who woke up Blair MacDougall?
      ‘Give me men about me who are fat, men who sleep o’ nights.’
      Well, Kezia has plenty of them.
      I’m certain that this rotund idiot realises that 65% of Labour voters in the North of England, land of Dope and Tory, voted to leave the EU, and ‘immigration’ was cited as the principal driver?
      Who is paying this idiot nowadays?
      As I say, my everlovin’ is Irish. Her case is packed, awaiting her place on the goods train to Cairnryan.
      I’ll miss her.
      Corbyn’s Labour is Stalin’s Russia. May’s Tories are Hitler’s Nazis.
      Better Together they are now the National Socialist Party. The Nazi Party for short.
      It has a certain ring to it, non?
      Still got your Immigration mug, Blair?

    241. Robert Louis says:

      Robert Peffers,

      regarding Hadrians wall, it is worse than that, since the line of it actually neatly divides Newcastle upon Tyne in two, running as it does all the way to wallsend (hence the name), at the eastern end of Newcastle.

      Mind you, and you can probably put me right, Newcastle was for a wee while part of Scotland anyway.

      So, anyway, as you point out, folks down south talking of re-building it are just pig-ignorant of a wall which is entirely well within their own country.

    242. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      The writing was already on the wall, er no, on that mobile billboard circulating around to tell furriners to give themselves up PDQ for deportation. All arranged by the UK Home Office under the direction of… now who was it again…?

    243. Davy says:

      I believe this Tory conference has simplified the situation we now have only two choices as labour in Scotland has shown itself to be insignificant towards Scotland.

      Tell people straight its :-

      —— either the TORIES or SCOTLAND ——

    244. heedtracker says:

      Scottish toryboy strikes back at Cleese. Nothing worse than uppity retainers though.

      “Set aside the non-existence of the “English press” (the people of these islands are cut from the same cloth, which is why so much of our media is national).

      Did he know that The Spectator was created in 1828 by Robert Rintoul, a Perthshire printers’ apprentice? Or that the chairman is Andrew Neil, another tenement Scot? Are we all intruders into his little England?”

      Poor wee torboys. No idea why the editor of far right Spectator’s grinching/cringing in the torygraph though.

      Ultimately, dudes like Fraser the Retainer have no qualms at sitting in BBC tv and radio studios waffling very hard on behalf of planet toryboy and rule Britannia, totally unopposed or queried, by anyone really, not even the odd rebel red tory.

      UKOK free press means no one dominates the UKOK media harder than the UKOK toryboys, anywhere in the west. And yet the wee tory souls cant even hack the odd slam once in a millennium. Fraser the Retainer should be honoured that Cleese actually reads his tory grot.

    245. Willie says:

      We fail to resist this hatred and resentment against foreigners at our peril.

      Democracy does not work in this country and voting counts for nothing. The castigation of foreigners is the start of our Kristalnach.

      If the SNP will stand idly by then we must take the steps to resist thie chaos and hatred that lies before us. Our trust was placed in the SNP but what are they doing.

    246. yesindyref2 says:

      The SNP are condemning it. As is Dugdale of Labour and Willie Rennie of the LibDems.

    247. Big Jock says:

      Yes but Willie is right. Action not condemnation is required. Nicola really needs to do something concrete. I have been in the SNP all my life and can’t believe we have all this power and franchise. But are scared to upset some people in Scotland by standing up to the Tories.

      Never mind waiting for Brexit get on and decide what Scotland needs. Ultimately it’s independence or a slow death in the Union.

    248. yesindyref2 says:

      @@gus1940 + @Thepnr
      Yes, we need to watch out for agents provocateur. Including older threads like this one.

    249. heedtracker says:

      Our trust was placed in the SNP but what are they doing.

      Likelihood of England ever having a centre left government is probably impossible. Since Thatcherite tories got in, England’s gone more right by the decade. Labour want back in, so they’ll bullshit they’re not red tory but they wont get in again if they’re not red tories.

      BBC 2 Newsnight tory liggers all really happy tonight with May’s closing speech. Ligger Neil’s BBC 2 late night Politics show on now, all really happy too. England is toryland. So its up to Scotland to decide if we are too and if we want to keep subsidising tory England.

    250. Big Jock says:

      Regards the comment about the Tories inciting Scots to illegal behaviour. Firstly I don’t believe May’s cabinet are that clever. Secondly I think they actually believe what they are saying and they just have no scruples or morals.

    251. Ian murray says:

      Scottish labour and the lib dems should declare independence from their U.K. Masters and encourage all their supporters to vote independence
      It would be a win win for them in the long run

    252. yesindyref2 says:

      @Big Jock
      Well, the sensible thing is after Article 50 is invoked.

      That’s unless some dramatic change in the polls happens I guess, or the whole of Holyrood stands up and demands it (Davidson excepted).

    253. heedtracker says:

      FT says

      UK immigration
      Proposals on lists of foreign workers cause outcry
      Economists see little to link migration and unemployment

      and also

      UK immigration
      Amber Rudd will ‘flush out’ employers who fail to recruit Britons
      Businesses react with anger at proposal to publish proportion of foreign workers on their books

      “Flush out” gets the old tory juices going. FT’s as creepy as the BBC really.

    254. Vambomarbeleye says:

      I have posted his before.
      English friend living in Germany over visiting his old mum in Kent. Abused because he was driving a German register car. It was just take for granted that he was a kraut. These people are pond life. Once started very hard to stop.
      Tomorrow belongs to me. Stuff.

    255. Titler says:

      Come on Stu, of those Labour links, only 1 is more recent than 2 years ago, and that one comes from the Nu Labour spivvery of the Press Team. I think we can all admit that there’s been a leetle change in Labour’s wider direction more recently than 2014, yes? I mean, the Shadow positions are still being filled as we speak…

      At the very least, if we want to protect our international chums from incipient Fascism and getting asked to “Take it outside” by UKIPers, if we’re actually committed to the principle of a welcoming country in general, and not just an excuse to say “Vote for Indy Scotland”, we should be trying to form as many alliances as we can to fight against Little Englandism; After all, move the clock forward 2 years, still the rough sort of timetable before a likely IndyRef2, and an awful lot of damage to innocent people can be done in that time by normalising the hatred. And refusing to acknowledge any movement a party makes towards the Left, just means they’ll always prefer to be noticed by moving to the right instead…

      Which in fact is what they were indeed doing 2 years ago in your links, when that was still the dominant assumption. That media narrative has changed since then though; Can we at least have a teensy, tiny bit of acknowledgement of that, even if we are south of the border, eh? And we Southern Socialists will do our best to be so much nicer to you in turn than the UKIPers would be if you do decide to leave us too. Solidarity and all that? It’s not an ugly word y’know, please don’t help make it so.

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