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Happy holidays

Posted on July 22, 2017 by

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  1. 22 07 17 08:56

    Happy holidays | speymouth

68 to “Happy holidays”

  1. Cactus says:

    Excellent Chris hehehe 🙂

    Ye cannae turn back the tide!

  2. cearc says:

    Brilliant on so may levels, that raised a chuckle.

    It strikes me that David Davis is a lot like John Bull, in looks as well as intellectual capacity.

  3. Ghillie says:

    That tsunami is about to wipe the silly smirk off his face.

    The perfect picture of delusion.

    Would make a good postcard Chris = )

  4. Cactus says:

    Good morning ladies xx

  5. Ghillie says:

    Hey there Cactus = )

    Just enjoyed watching your top ten adverts. V entertaining 🙂

    Have a lovely day pet x

    You too Chris!

  6. Robert Peffers says:

    Time, tide and BRUKEXIT wait for no woman.

  7. starlaw says:

    Just heard BBC bigging up Corbyn as the new saviour of Scotland on their eight am news. Is there an Election in the offing.

  8. Cactus says:

    Good point Robert Peffers ~

    Britain is of a geographical description (of land)
    United Kingdom is of a political description (of paper)

    UKEXIT it is (officially).

    Look out for that EU Starfish DD, banana skin not required.

  9. galamcennalath says:

    Brilliant. Bull is going to need more than those wellies.

    All Leavers, and a great many Remainers too, have been in denial about what Brexit will mean. like the wave, the only variable is … just how destructive!

    The problem all arose because idiot Cameron allowed one option on his ballot with no prospectus, detail, objectives, nor vision. ‘Leave the EU’ was allowed to mean whatever its loony right supporters and gutter press claimed. Voters were sold ideas which were mutually exclusive to a stable and viable economy!

  10. Ken500 says:

    Brexit will cost more than staying in the EU. It will cost more for less. The Tory way. Consultancies and quangos to line the lying Tories pockets. How anyone can vote Tory in Scotland, after Thatcher is a mystery.

    Hinkley Point, HS2, Trident and Heathrow. All a total waste of money. Wasting £Billions on grotesque projects of no value. Cutting essential services NHS/Education. Starving vulnerable people to death. The elderly are being killed off. As predicted obese, drink/drug are killing off the people. White tge U.K. Gov does nothing about it. The Scottish Gov does. Minimum pricing will overcome deficiencies. A final decision is being made soon in the Scottish Courts, which have to deal with the fall out every single day.

    The UK Gov has cost the EU £Trns sorting out the illegal wars mess. The UK Gov mucking up the world economy. The Westminster Gov causing the worst migrant crisis in Europe. Costing £Trns which the others European/EU countries have to fund. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. The UK Gov mucking up the world economy. There has never been a bigger bunch of corrupt, criminal Unionists. They hide their crimes under the Official Secrets Act. Put ‘D’ notices on the Press. in other countries they go to jail.

    Thank goodness for the (SNP) Gov standing up for Scotland. The Westminster Unionists are taking £20Billion out of Scotland on mismanaged policies. Trident £1Billion, Illegal tax of 40% on the Oil & Gas industry, costing thousands of jobs in Scotland. More has to be imported in. Including fracked Gas from the US. £4Billion+ loss. Scotland has renewables. Scotland loses EU Grants because of Westminster indecision. £4Billion repayments of loans on money not borrowed or spent in Scotland. £1Billion – no minimum pricing. £3Billion lost in tax evasion. Some whisky companies pay no tax at all on vast profits made in Scotland – Scottish water/barley etc. = £13Billion

    Scotland can’t borrow 10% £6Billion to invest in the economy. Bringing further benefits = £20Billion+ loss to Scotland with Westminster mismanagement.

    Scotland raises £54Billion in tax revenues. £533Billion is raised in the UK. £479 in the rest of the UK. Divide by 11(/12) of the UK pop. = £46Billion. Less is raised pro rata in tgevrest of the UK. The rest of the UK borrows and spends £100Billion more. £50Borrowing in the public sector + £50Billion borrowed on the private sector. Hinkley Point, HS2, Heathrow, schemes in London S/E etc. Where the Tories/Unionists take a slice off of public money for them and their cronies. In consultancies and bank charges, investments etc, Funding their Parties with donations indirectly from public money. Illegal. Ie Osbourne £30Billion illegal raid on the Royal Mail Pension. The consulting bank made £Millions in fees. Osbourne’s best man and brother-in-Law made £Millions. Osbourne father-in -Law a consultant on HS2. The only rail line that was built was to Cameron’s Oxford constituency. Osbourne creeping in and out of Aberdeen destroying the Oil & Gas sector. With illegally high taxes. More has to be importe, including fracked Gas from the US putting up the balance of payment deficit in the UK.

    Then passes on the debt to Scotland. Taking £4Billion in repayments on money no borrowed or spent in Scotland.

    Illegally taking Scotland’s revenues which should be spent in Scotland and restricting the economy in Scotland by chronic UK mismanagement. The UK Gov does nothing but hold Scotland back. Scotland gets £28Billion in a Block Grant always being cut. Some minute capital payment. £15Billion in (UK) Gov pension/welfare benefits. £3Billion (less than it’s share). Defence

    = £50Billion? A £4Billion raid on finances. Westminster takes in loan repayments? not borrowed or spent in Scotland.. While depriving Scotland £20Billion in UK mismanagement.

    The SNP are standing up for Scotland. The unionists are just colluding is Westminster criminality. Most of them should be in jail along with the sythophantic Press tax dodgers. The MSM owned by non Dom tax evaders. Influencing UK Gov policies, Most countries do not allow non residents to own the Press. Including the US.

    Just keep on voting SNP, SNP. Vote for Independence in the EU. For a better, more equal fairer, prosperous Scotland. Over half of Scotland realises. It just takes the others to waken up. To this unequal union.

    Scotland should be building,frigates, supply boats, ferries and turbines on the Clyde but can’t because of Faslane. Trident (squint) the biggest waste of money in Scotland.

  11. Muscleguy says:

    John Bull is the sort of idiot who when the tide goes out extra far suddenly runs down to cavort on the newly bared sands.

    Wise, informed people see this, remember there has just been an earthquake and grab the kids and run, drive, bike, crawl for the hills.

    Us Yes folk are the wise, informed ones who can see the signs of the surging deluge to come. The Pollyanna Yoons are organising games of beach cricket and surveying for beach huts. In cahoots with Brexiters who are doing the same.

  12. Macart says:

    A classic Chris.

    That has indy postcard written all over it. 🙂

  13. Ken500 says:

    The McCrone Report, Thatcher. The illegal, secret taking of Scotland’s resources to be wasted on illegal wars, banking fraud and tax evasion. The BBC the biggest crooks of all. Reporting on tax evasion. They are the one’s doing it. A corrupt institution. All the accounts should be revealed. ‘Strictly Con Dancing’. One in five of the overpaid prima donnas presenters are in it. Jobs for the boys and gals. £3.7Billion. How does that get spent?

    The Scottish Gov should publish the EU CAP payments. In the interest of openness. Show how the public money is awarded. The Westminster unionists took payments intended for Scotland and did not distribute them. As part of the UK Scotland receives the lowest CAP payments in the EU. The UK Gov takes it.

  14. Cactus says:

    Suddenly made me think of this song…

    Avec 510,124 sultana views, come tiptoe:

    We’re still on holiday, right?

    Happy holidays!!!

  15. Liz Rannoch says:

    Super ‘toon, as usual Chris. He looks so happy, carefree… and ignorant!

    Glad that Hamish is nowhere to be seen.

    @Nana glad to see you and your excellent links back on previous thread. You take care, did anybody put the kettle on?

  16. galamcennalath says:

    Alex Salmond’s wise words on the impending Brexit tsunami ….

    ” IndyRef2 will come right because Brexit will go wrong ….. Thanks to Theresa May they have managed to manoeuvre themselves into a position of extraordinary weakness – there is a deadline negotiation, which when the clock ticks to midnight the UK loses. “

    The UK’s emerging strategy seems to be to have a transitional deal of 2-4 years which amounts to business as usual. However, hurdles of divorce cost and citizen’s rights also need to resolved as part of the pre Brexit negotiations,

    The paradox is … those hard Brexiteers who think a crash and burn exit is survivable are driven by rampant British nationalism, yet that same fervour will be the undoing of their beloved UKOK.

  17. Tinto Chiel says:

    You’ve made a classic image even better, Chris. Says it all about the disaster coming our way.

    Let’s all get in the Scottish Yellow Submarine.

    Next week: The Govester as King Canute.

  18. gus1940 says:

    Re BBC Salaries I was surprised at how low the figure was for Brillo.

    I googled ‘This Week’and it turned out that the program is produced by the independent production company JuniperTV.

    Presumably this means that Brillo’s fee for This Week is paid by Juniper although the money originates with the BBC/ license payer.

    The Juniper web site also seemed to state that they produced Sunday Politics also starring our old pal Brillo.

    This raised the question of who produces The Daily Politics but I couldn’t find any answer to that.

    However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Juniper produced that as well.

    Perhaps we are getting a bit nearer to finding out how much of the taxpayers’ license money reaches Brillo.

  19. HandandShrimp says:

    LOL an excellent take on the old original seaside postcard Chris. Cartooning as it should be.

  20. Cactus says:

    Aweright mid-2-long-time-lurkers ~

    SO Come Have Your Say now.

    Courtesy of Cairnstoon.

    Hi Lorna x.


  21. Cactus says:

    What do you see in the sea?

  22. Nana says:

    Bully looking like he hasn’t a care in the world. He’s not bothered about the rising Brextide, or the quicksand he’s about to walk into. Stupid boy.

    TM off on her hols to the EU, probably worrying about the backstabbers back home.

    They smile in your face
    All the time they want to take your place
    The back stabbers

  23. HandandShrimp says:

    Was listening to Martin Kemp, Cat Boyd, and Kevin Pringle have a pretty mature and sensible discussion on the radio…spoiled only by an increasingly irritated interviewer, Brewer possibly, who kept wanting to steer it to SNP doooomed and “independence passe”. The latter an expression he used about three times but the other three ignored. Presumably with no Col Mad Ruth McMad there he felt he had to keep the No Surrender lamp lit as Kemp was not interested in talking about Unionism.

  24. Grouse Beater says:

    I like the frivolity depicted, Chris, before the tsunami. By sheer coincidence my film review this week is about a beach and Brexit. I hope you enjoy it.

    Your weekend reading

    The Dunkirk spirit:
    Transnational tyranny:

    Enjoy, and thanks again for a fine cartoon.

  25. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    starlaw at 8.17

    Yes. They realised some months ago that the continuous over promotion of Ruth was not going to save the union. Disgruntled Labour support was going to independence support and not to the Tories. So we will now get lots of promotion of Labour
    – London Labour – in Scotland.

    Corbyn is coming up to Scotland to do the sort of stuff we should have been doing – and need to start doing on a continuous basis.

    There has to be a continuous campaign for independence and it has to start now. Only then – when we judge the results of it – will we be able to move for the precise timing of a referendum.

    But a referendum will not be a realistic prospect unless we campaign for independence.
    People can be easily persuaded that we should not have referendum if they are not persuaded that we need independence.

    It is that simple.

  26. Famous15 says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is so “passe”.

  27. Tinto Chiel says:

    Grouse Beater: if you’re still about, could you give a link to one of your best essays, basically about why you’re proud to be a European? I forgot to save it at the time.

    It’s a great counter to the xenophobia and ignorance of the Brexiteers.

  28. Cactus says:

    Here’s a movie about Monday…

    BRUKEXIT is SO bracing, not em.

    Buckle up Britain.

  29. Bob Mack says:

    —–and he doesn’t even have a paddle or a lifebelt.

  30. Capella says:

    BREXIT? What BREXIT? John Bull skips along the sand without a care in the world. “Apres moi le deluge”

    Meanwhile the BBC is concerned all morning about the Whitehouse press secretary, a Mr Sean Spicer, resigning. Does anyone know the names of any other states’ press secretary? Even our own?

    I suppose if we are the 51st state we need to be informed of changes in the Emperor’s staff.

  31. Cactus says:

    Where will you be?

  32. Cactus says:

    There are sixty seconds in between in seventeen.

  33. Ken500 says:

    Corbyn is coming up to Scotland to support the Tories. It is what Labour do. Instead of bringing the Tories down. To try and undermine democracy in Scotland. Brexit.

  34. Grouse Beater says:

    Tinto Chiel: “Grouse Beater: could you give a link to one of your best essays, basically about why you’re proud to be a European? I forgot to save it at the time.”

    You’re welcome. Was it this one?:

  35. Robert Peffers says:

    @Bill says: 22 July, 2017 at 8:15 am:

    “Why is Prof Scott Arthur claiming Scottish Labour built 50k homes? Is your analysis wrong Stuart?”

    Nah! Bill, he’s just been using the same old Westminster Government wonky calculator as the rest of the mathematics challenged YoonYoonists use.

    Danny Alexander used it for a while and when he left office he just left it lying about on that table in between the left and right seats in the Commons.

    It’s programming is based on the Jackie Baillie wonky Abacus. That’s the one that only has red & white beads with all the blue beads deliberately removed in a fit of peak by Wendy Alexander when she proclaimed to the World, “Bring it on”, and they did.

  36. Hamish100 says:

    Wish I could afford a holiday but looking at that beach I’m probably safer where I am that is until I realise that England Wales and DUP are dragging remainers like me to the beach edge.

    Scottish sovereignty is being ignored and the Davidson mundells of the Tory world will do as they are told in imposing Westminster rule.

    Let’s not forget Dugdale and Corbyn are now pro brexit

    We know indyref is coming but timing is everything so let the dumbkopf Davies May Gove Johnson Gove and the Labour Party continue to make the mistakes.

  37. Dr Jim says:

    Yes!! That Dunkirk spirit which, Oooh wait

    turned out to be a big fat lie and never happened the way they, Churchill, the entire British state and the BBC said it did
    They’ve admitted it was all a big propaganda stunt engineered to make the Brits feel good

    But they’re telling the truth about Brexit now aren’t they? well aren’t they?

    Aw not again

  38. Fred says:

    @ Grouse Beater, good article & comments. Todays Long Letter in the National is by Winger Donald Anderson so “Hear, Hear!” all round.

  39. Paula Rose says:

    Just love the washed up starfish.

  40. Dan Huil says:

    Nice one, Chris. Just out of the picture is a bbc weather person nodding in agreement with britnat Bull. Also outside the picture is Michel Barnier having a fun time surfing on that delicious wave.

  41. I suppose that you think this is funny, Cairns?
    Sublime, sad, and oh so tear jerkingly true.

  42. Grouse Beater says:

    Fred: “Grouse Beater, good article & comments. Todays Long Letter in the National is by Winger Donald Anderson so “Hear, Hear!” all round.”

    Must take a look – got a link?

  43. Ken500 says:

    Some young people voted Labour not realising they would let the Tories in.

    They do now.

  44. TheWasp says:

    Ken500 @ 8.56

    Totally agree with you. If there are figures available publish them, and make sure every time they are media twisted or manipulated, just hammer them home again and again.
    I used to work beside a lot of people who had no real interest in day to day politics or independence, but when informed of the real facts and figures started seeing the light

  45. Robert Peffers says:

    @Cactus says: 22 July, 2017 at 9:30 am:

    “What do you see in the sea?”

    Like this you mean?


    We Saw The Sea

    We joined the Navy to see the world
    And what did we see?
    We saw the sea
    We saw the Pacific and the Atlantic
    But the Atlantic isn’t romantic
    And the Pacific isn’t what it’s cracked up to be

    We joined the Navy to do or die
    But we didn’t do and we didn’t die
    We were much too busy looking at the ocean and the sky
    And what did we see?
    We saw the sea
    We saw the Atlantic and the Pacific
    But the Pacific isn’t terrific
    And the Atlantic isn’t what it’s cracked up to be

    They tell us that the Admiral
    Is as nice as he can be
    But we never see the Admiral
    Because the Admiral has never been to sea
    We joined the Navy to see the girls
    And what did we see?
    We saw the sea.
    Instead of a girl or two in a taxi
    We were compelled to look at the Black Sea
    Seeing the Black Sea isn’t what it’s cracked up to be

    We owe the Navy an awful lot
    For they taught us how to do the Sailor’s Hornpipe
    And they showed us how to tie a sailor’s knot
    But more than that, they showed us the sea
    We never get seasick sailing the ocean
    We don’t object to feeling the motion
    We’re never seasick but we are awful sick of sea

    By Irvine Berlin.

  46. Fred says:

    @ Grouse Beater, paper version I’m afraid, mebbes Nana?

  47. Robert Peffers says:

    According to the MSM & UK Broadcasters, SNP voters are not the most persecuted living things on Earth. They claim Pangolins are.

  48. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    We have to establish one fundamental fact. Voting Labour to let Labour in is just as unhelpful as letting the Tories in.

    Why do we continually imply that a Labour vote is less damaging than a Tory vote and then be surprised when folk vote Labour? Labour in Scotland is a unionist party. Any vote for labour is a vote against independence.

    I agree – a very powerful letter from Donald Anderson in today’s National

  49. Cactus says:

    As JB appears to be going underwater up aboves..

    May I suggest some timely Medieval Rock:

    Avec 40,927,812 sultana views:

    I dedicate to Al Harron.

    Mr T.

  50. Craig P says:

    Genius, Chris 🙂

  51. Capella says:

    GOLF update: BBC broadcasting the golf on radio. It’s like the 50s. SKY must have the TV contract.
    Still no mention of the Scottish player Richie Ramsay, who is no. 5 on the leaderboard with -2, above McIlroy.


    -6 Spieth (15:55 BST)
    -4 Kuchar (15:55 BST)
    -3 Poulter, Koepka (15:45 BST)
    -1 McIlroy (15:25 BST)

    I’m wondering if he’ll get a mention if he wins.

  52. Highland Wifie says:

    @ auld highlander
    David Mundell has proved himself to be a total irrelevance so why would FM bother having anything to do with him?

  53. Ken500 says:

    Scottish Office cost £Millions to brief against Scotland. Increased alarmingly under Mundell/Davidson. Now unelected representation. Mundell is raking in £Millions of Scottish taxpayers money. Multimillionaire May gets over £2Million in perks.

    The elected Scottish Gov is expected to deal with an unelected Tory over Brexit.

  54. Robert Kerr says:

    I always calculate exchange rates as local currency to GBP. A habit I picked up working in Paris and Kuwait.

    Anyway for what it’s worth now that Trezza is holidaying in Switzerland and Italy the pound has dropped a tad this week.

    Last weekend 1 Euro was equal to 87.6 pence, now 89.7 pence.

    The Swiss Franc was equal to 79.2 pence, now 81.4 pence.


    But Trezza doesn’t need to worry about such trivia.

  55. Artyhetty says:

    Excellent image Chris, Simple, yet effective, like the britnats taking us all off the cliff. Effective in their utter incompetence. I see Treeza is going to holiday in Italy and Switzerland, bet she is eyeing up property so she can escape the yookay when the s**t she has created really hits the fan, like her pals as well. Brexit won’t hinder their lives in any way, the rest, start growing veg in your back garden now!

    Ohhhhhhh Corbyn, woo hoo, so honoured he is gracing us with his presence in Scotland. Is he too important to meet with Nicola Sturgeon as well. Will he be asked by the bbc and STV where he stands on brexit, trident, hinkley point etc? No.

    These unimportant imperialists think they are above meeting with our First Minister, they could hardly be more arrogant and self important.

    They may well be trying to call the SNP’s bluff, by acting as if a GE is imminent, unlike last time when they played a con trick in pretending there would be no snap GE. Even the Labour party knew there would be, and May kept the SNP in the dark. Sinister, undemocractic and dirty tactics.

    They are playing games, as usual, holding Scotland to ransome, treating the SNP with nothing but contempt, and in the process treating the people of Scotland with total contempt. Nothing new there, but with 100% of media and big money backing them, we have to counter their attempts to undermine and destroy our democracy.

    That can only be done by keeping up with campaigning and staying engaged in whatever way is necessary to bring more people into the, independence is normal and extremely beneficial, mind set.

  56. mike cassidy says:

    Gus 1940

    Daily and Sunday Politics are in-house productions.

    Looks like Juniper produce two of the English regional opt-out segments of the Sunday Politics show.

    Presumably this means Marr’s BBC earnings exclude what Juniper pay him directly for “This Week”.

  57. Tinto Chiel says:

    Grouse Beater: yes, that’s the one. A heart-felt essay that sums things up really well. Don’t think Davies and Gove would understand it.

    Worth another plug!

    (Previous reply seems to have disappeared.)

  58. Cactus says:

    See since we’re all on a holiday weekend, here’s two tunes that came up on me playlist I thought I’d share with ye, if yer interested an it’s cool.

    They continue in the same key. (Foreigner) (UFO)

    Could also be the key of Dio.

    Love Scotland Yes.

  59. Grouse Beater says:

    Tinto Chiel: “Grouse Beater: That’s the one. A heart-felt essay that sums things up really well. Don’t think Davies and Gove would understand it.. Worth another plug!”

    And another!: (Shameless)

    After three continuous years of writing about Scotland’s rights and hopes I’ve reached the stage when, if an argument is familiar, I zap out the appropriate essay to save myself the trouble of debate!

  60. Tinto Chiel says:


  61. Ghillie says:

    Artyhetty @ 1.00 pm. Spot on.

    Worth a read folks = )

  62. “Apparently a woman rang the BBC saying there was a hurricane on the way. Well if you’re listening, don’t worry. There isn’t.
    Having said that most of the strong winds will be down over Spain and across into France.”
    Michael Fish 1987?
    Or David Davis 2017?

  63. MorvenM says:

    Link to Donald Anderson letter in the National:

  64. Dr Jim says:

    There is a song that sums up the Imperialist attitude very well for me and it’s a lovely song from Pocahontas called “Colours of the wind”

    If someone could link to it I would be grateful because I couldn’t link to a sausage for my breakfast

  65. Dr Jim says:

    Thank you Nana

  66. Thepnr says:

    @Dr Jim

    You have a soft side to you too Jim that I’ve never noticed before 🙂

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