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Handshakes, hugs and hope

Posted on September 21, 2013 by

I didn’t take nearly enough photos. But there’ll be more coming from others.


What a day that was.

In the end, despite the last-minute scrog-up with the assembly point, I reckon I managed to meet about 300 Wings readers either on the High Street or on Calton Hill. Here’s some of our team coming down North Bridge.


And some more coming along Regent Road, where the best sight was Tom Gordon of the Herald scurrying madly past the marchers in order to take some pictures of me and tweet the most unflattering one he could find. He didn’t come and chat, curiously.


My supply of 200 badges (100 silver Wings lions and 100 button-badge shield logos) lasted roughly 90 seconds. I’d barely climbed the last step of Fleshmarket Close at around 10.40am, gasping like the unfit old man I am, when an absolute throng spotted the Wings flag and swarmed around me like super-friendly locusts.

The crowd already stretched as far as the eye could see up the High Street at that point, and after shaking a forest of hands outside the Albannach and rashly accepting a generous offer of a pint of Crabbie’s (it’s never too early for a Fusilier), stewards told us we had to get into the road or we’d lose our spot and have to go right to the back, so we tucked in between Yes Aberdeen and Farming For Independence and waited.


The march paused for a good while outside the old Scottish Office building (I think) for no immediately obvious reason, where a couple of the many lovely Ladies Of Wings (no names, just in case) posed for this shot in front of irrepressible SNP MSP Christian Allard on Regent Road, and where we met a surprise guest (below right).


And from then up onto the Hill itself, which was already very busy when we arrived despite our being near the front. We found a spot (a hollow near one of the large video screens, which turned out to be a poor acoustic choice) and surveyed the scene.


Throughout the whole day, streams of people came up and introduced themselves as readers, many of them offering incredibly touching comments and testimonies. Several even insisted on pressing £5, £10 and £20 notes into my hand despite my protestations that it wasn’t necessary and that we weren’t doing any fundraising. I’ll find something good to spend the resulting three-figure sum on.

This site isn’t normally a place of gushing emotions, but I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to come up and say hello, from the bottom of my heart. You can’t possibly know what it means to hear how much people love Wings Over Scotland, and for so many different reasons.

The people who’ve always been for independence, those who’d been converted by things they read here, those who spread the word, and all the others. To all of you – I’m humbled almost (but evidently not quite) beyond these few inadequate words. I gulped down a lump in my throat more than once.


Above is just one section of the crowds away from the main “arena” in front of the National Monument. I was told in the middle of the day that the police put the crowd at 20,000 or so, Nicola Sturgeon said it might be as many as 30,000 from the stage, and the BBC, bless them, estimated 8,000.

I have no idea, it being almost impossible to gauge that sort of thing on Calton Hill unless you were armed with a clicker at the entrance, but it was certainly a lot more than 2012’s crowd, so make of that what you will.


I’ll write more later, and other people will have far better pictures and videos, but I just wanted to put something up right now. The rally was amazing, the speeches by Nicola Sturgeon, Dennis Canavan and Allan Grogan were standouts, and I had an awesome time. You’re all fantastic. We’re going to win. Now I need some dinner.

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    411 to “Handshakes, hugs and hope”

    1. Gallowglass says:

      It was good seeing the flag come out, and it was good to meet you and be first to get handed my badge Stuart.  Most people I had spoke to had heard of you and NNS so you can take much confidence from your reach.  We all need to now push this further, outwards and upwards.
      What an amazing day.

    2. steven luby says:

      I was keeping more than just an eye out for you and as it turns out I could only have been 20 feet in front of you….damn! Anyway,it was simply to thank you for all you and you team have done! Not forgetting many who post here,there is more than just hope out there! Big well done to all!

    3. cadgers says:

      That was a lovely piece Rev.

    4. HeatherMcLean says:

      I was there and looked for you .. searched all over but unfortunately in vain! The march was a fantastic experience, it took us almost an hour to walk from our place in the Royal Mile and up to Calton Hill. We reached the bottom of the hill just as Elaine C Smith was delivering a powerful speech! So sorry we missed a lot of it!
      Nicola Sturgeon, Alan Grogan, Dennis Canavan and Alex Salmond brilliant speeches. I heard 30, 000 was the figure quoted by the police. We all know the BBC can’t count or tell the truth.
      You’re righ Stu, WE ARE GOING TO WIN THIS!  Feeling so optimistic and uplifted! All in all a wonderful day!

    5. Morag says:

      Well where are you? We’re eating at the Barony.

    6. Wee_monsieur says:

      What a great day. My 16 yr old son and his girlfriend were gobsmacked, never having been at anything like it. Two more for the Yes vote!
      It was great to be there and meet some fellow WoS followers, including the man himself.
      Superbly organised, great speakers and entertainers. For me, Alan Bissett was the star.

    7. An Duine Gruamach says:

      Great pics, Rev – and it was good to see you today.

       Looking forward to seeing pics from the wee helicopter flying-cam thing, as well.

    8. Excellent – I managed to avoid being any of the photos! 🙂

      As I’ve just said on the last thread, it was just a real lift to wander down the road surrounded by thousands of other Yes supporters.
      Now lets make sure that next year it’s a birthday party – celebrating the re-birth of our great nation!

    9. Gallowglass says:

      What took me was the level of international support, that was really something else.
      So many different creeds under one church, simply fantastic day of chatting and meeting people from all over the world.
      The last one has to be monumental, and a much longer march!

    10. Actually, I tell a lie! I’m skulking in the background of the photo of our old friend!

    11. MajorBloodnok says:

      By the way, we’re in the Barony having fish and chips fending off the National Collective intermitantly. Just FYI.

    12. Marian says:

      The BBC website and TV News is saying that the police estimate that 8,000 took part but where we stood the numbers appeared to be far greater and the organisers claim of 20,000 to 30,000 must be closer to the mark.I have to say I thought the Calton Hill venue was a very poor choice of venue because of its topography as only a few hundred could actually see the speakers directly and the rest had to rely on the large TV screens to see and hear what was being said. Also the marching route itself was not as impressive as last years was coming down the Mound. In fact I had the distinct feeling that this years marchers were being corralled by the police and routed along a way that kept them as far away from Princes street as possible.Princes Street Gardens Ross Bandstand area as used last year is a natural amphitheatre and therefore was a far superior venue.
      A march starting off from Parliament Square and going right down the High Street and then past the parliament building to end up at a rally venue at Holyrood Park would have been far more suitable and impressive.
      Hopefully the organisers of next years final rally will take heed.

    13. It was good to say hello, even briefly. Everyone I’ve spoke to in the campaign knows Wings Over Scotland. The next year is going to be hard work, but worth it and your part in it is absolutely vital. Thank you for being here and doing it!

    14. smac says:

      Brilliant day!! – we will reach that critical mass and take back our independence!
      Thanks for the wee badge Stu and all that you do for the cause!

    15. heraldnomore says:

      I’m guessing the halt before the hall may have been as the police realised they had seriously under estimated the numbers, and were wondering what to do.  Whilst awaiting our host outside the Caesar!nach  a friendly wpc mentioned they were planning for 10-15k.
      What a great day; managed to lose my flag, but the wings badge remains preciously pinned to the shirt.  Highlights too many to mention but spine-tingling A Man’s A Man and rousing speeches.
      Great to meet up and put names to faces, smiling for cameras from all parts of the globe it seemed, excepet PQ.  Home at last.

    16. Ally says:

      So, what was the mini-helicopter / drone thing then? Any ideas?

    17. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Well where are you? We’re eating at the Barony.”

      I flipping well hiked all the way down there and there was no sight or sound of anyone, and the doorman said “They just left five minutes ago” (goodness knows how he knew who I was looking for, was probably just some other Yes types), so I hauled myself back up the hill, got some chips and sat on the steps of the cathedral eating them. I saw National Collective go by, but these youngsters all look the same to me and I couldn’t tell if it was the nice ones or the twatty ones, so I didn’t bother shouting.

      By the time I finished my chips I was pretty bushed, so I thought “bugger it” and went home.

    18. HandandShrimp says:

      Just in the door, cracking day, and wonderful to meet so many of you. Somehow I managed to miss the Wings flag and ended up marching with Yes Argyll or something with a couple of old friends finally managed to catch up with a few of you on the Hill but there were so many people there it was nigh impossible spotting people (although the Major’s flag was a give away). Left a bit sharp as one my friends was absolutely desperate for the loo and the one area the organisers did slip up on was too few loos (the queue was a form of medieval torture)…presumably they weren’t expecting quite so many either.
      Thought Nicola delivered a cracking speech, she is really growing as a politician, and Alan Grogan was also excellent…I hadn’t realised he was such a good speaker.
      On numbers I have no idea, perhaps the chap with the remarkable gizmo (confess, who didn’t want one) will be able to shed light with his extensive footage from a bird’s eye perspective. The BBC 8,000 figure was out before the march was even complete so goodness knows how they did that….did they write the story last night? If proved wrong I’m a fair chap, the entire BBC News editorial staff should be fired as enemies of the people …..preferably from the gun on the castle esplanade 🙂

    19. Gavin Barrie (Jammach) says:

      What a day. So marvelous to meet so many of you. Big hullo to Rev, Jeannie, Morag, Oldnat, BuggerthePanda, and many others 🙂 today was everything I hoped for, so many enthusiastic, happy, passionate Yes supporters, just gobsmacking. I now have no doubts. We can do this.
      sadly, now at home dosed up on voltarol, damn my back … 🙂 don’t care … Today was terrific and so worth it.
      Rev, very glad you connected, met us all and saw how genuinely engaged, grateful and positive we all are about Wings over Scotland. We are truly involved, committed (not in a help! police! keep away from me kind of thing) and I’m looking forward to the 361 sleeps left 🙂

    20. gerry parker says:

      Didn’t manage last year as I work every weekend, but this year I had it marked on my diary as a day off as soon as it was announced.  What a great day. Will be there for next next year’s too, well done the organisers, and well done Stu, great to meet you.

    21. Wee folding bike says:

      Major B, was that a well loved Tilley you were wearing?
      i had my T3 in my bag, along with some noodles, but it wasn’t raining so I didn’t need it. 

    22. Juteman says:

      I spoke to the chap (Will) with the heli-cam outside the Caesar!nach. He is doing a photo-journalist thing about the Indy campaign.

    23. scottish_skier says:

      Kathleen had her wee WoS badge pinned on her shirt later when she was less shy; you’ll ken what I mean.
      Cheers guys and nice to meet you.
      Next time I need to put the family up in a hotel so I don’t need to drive home early!

    24. tartanfever says:

      Marian – you can’t use Holyrood Park for political rallies – especially of an independence flavour as it’s the Queens Park.

      I know, it’s ridiculous.

      Good to see some photos up, it’s been a long day for us who couldn’t make it – trying to garner any tit bits of news on how things were proceeding. When the BBC announced 8k I had to laugh. Watching the live webcam this morning you could clearly tell it was way more than that.

      Looking forward to hearing more about the speeches.

      Well done the lot of you from my flu-ridden sick bed.

    25. @Ally So, what was the mini-helicopter / drone thing then? Any ideas?

      I saw a guy with a Yes tabard and a big camera with it poking out the back of his backpack – so I’m guessing it was filming taking some ‘overhead’ footage.

    26. GP Walrus says:

      It was great to meet you Stu and thanks for the badge. On the way down I met a young couple carrying Saltires on the platform at Inverkeithing and was delighted to discover they were fellow Wingsers.
      What a great day. Elaine C. Smith’s opening address was also very moving.

    27. Turnip_ghost says:

      It amazing! It was lovely to meet you Rev! You were a very popular man! I also had the pleasure of meeting Scottish_skier! (Namely because he was also being well sought after and his mum was very proud he was a star! 🙂 )
      great rally! Can’t wait for next year!!

    28. david says:

      i think you are right calling them enemies of our people, they really really are

    29. bunter says:

      Glad to meet you outside the pub. (from one of the grasping hands) lol . Thanks a lot. You motivated me, the wife and the kids to do something that we have never done before. Something special is happening. Cheers!

    30. Sorry missed you but in a crowd of 30,000 not surprising. Reporting Scotland a disgrace managing to squeeze in an interview with a couple of bettertogether ladies in an empty street, in the same March report.  Well I’m filled with enthusiasm once more and bring it on.! Standout emotional speeches – Aamer Anwar, Nicola. 
      Let’s do it! 

    31. Helpmaboab says:

      Well,  I failed miserably to rendezvous with the Wings contingent but I still enjoyed the day hugely. I ended up elbowing my way into the “Yes Montrose” group for no other reason than they were a friendly looking lot.
      I spotted Bugger (The Panda) thanks to his distinctive T-shirt. He’s very distinguished in the flesh. There was also an equally-handsome individual carrying a saltire with a portrait of MajorBloodnok….
      1) Seeing the vast range of people who attended. We’re a VERY broad church.
      2) Shouting “YES!” until I was hoarse during the speeches of Eck and Alan Grogan.
      3) Alan Bisset’s recitation of “Vote Britain”. The effect it had on the crowd was astonishing. Laughing one moment; staring thoughtfully at the ground the next moment.
      4) Exchanging pleasantries with Ruth Wishart. I might be developing an innappropriate crush.
      5) Remembering just how gloriously beautiful our capital is

    32. Craig Dalzell says:

      Thank you Stu. I’m glad everyone had fun today. The atmosphere was like nothing I’ve every seen before.

      My group was right up near the back  of the march. You should have heard the roar which happened when, while we were still waiting to move off, we got word that the front of the crowd had reached the Hill. That, to me, is the entire day in a nutshell.

    33. Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus says:

      “Reporting Scotland a disgrace managing to squeeze in an interview with a couple of bettertogether ladies in an empty street, in the same March report”

      They have a duty to present both sides of the debate don’t they?

    34. farrochie says:

      Nice to meet you, Stu, with my brother Gerry up on the hill.

    35. culreoch says:

      Awesome, awesome stuff today.  😮
      Inspired – to see the breadth of support from such disparate corners of Scottish society and geography on the march, and hear such visionary voices from the stage.
      This is winnable.  If only a minority of Yes voters could find availability, ability and motivation to take part today – well what a minority, and what size the wider yes vote?
      Game on!

    36. Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus says:

      “The BBC 8,000 figure was out before the march was even complete so goodness knows how they did that”

      Presumably it was based on the official police estimate of 8,300.

    37. Hotrod Cadets says:

      Great to meet you today Stuart, and thank you for the badge.
      It was a wonderful day. And every one of the 30,000 people there today will spend the next year talking to family, friends and colleagues, encouraging and informing.
      Many of the people who aren’t yet sure will ask questions, think things through, and come to the conclusion that the best way forward for Scotland is for us to make our own decisions from now on.
      WOS is a precious resource, and give us somewhere we can point people to, where they can find an alternative to the twisted view of reality we get from much of the media.
      People want independence, and in the next 12 months we need to take every opportunity to give people the informtion they need, to decide for themselves.
      Thank you for being such an important part of this.

    38. Oldnat says:

      This tweet was a little surprising, though Duncan’s honesty is refreshing.
      Duncan Hothersall ?@dhothersall2h
      Breaking holiday #indyref twitter silence to say am inclined to believe 20k fig from #indyrally organisers rather than police 8k. Well done.

    39. Aw could’ny find yie.

    40. Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus says:

      “i think you are right calling them enemies of our people, they really really are”

      This is exactly the sort of rhetoric we need to avoid if we’re to have any chance of convincing the undecideds to vote yes.

      Your type of comments are more suited to the rabid bile-spewing fanatics who haunt the Scotsman.

    41. Marcia says:

      As I posted on the earlier thread have to say that the European groups there today made it quite a colourful event. I liked the tenement on the Royal Mile that had a big spider that seemed to go up and down – no doubt a reference to Robert de Bruce. We were too late arriving to hear some of the earlier speeches but heard snippits from the big screen near St Andrews House and got half of Margo’s speech. It was good to see people of all ages and all creeds, colours and political animals of all hues. Nice to listen to the Welsh Choir.  My ears are still ringing for getting too close to the PA. I am looking forward to seeing all the photos and videos the Dundee crowd took.

    42. Dramfineday says:

      Don’t you just hate all these wings badge holders and their constant bumming? Grrrrrr (He says, green with envy).

      Lumps in throats are usually caused by the impact of doing something you consider to be interesting but normal; when it is then made clear to you, by people you do not know, that you are doing something extraordinary and that they love you for it (gulp).

      You are giving a voice to us when most of us can only rage against the machine – thank you .

    43. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Standout emotional speeches – Aamer Anwar, Nicola.”

      Aye, Aamer Anwar’s was pretty good too. Suffered a wee bit from coming near the end and retreading a lot of ground covered by previous speakers, but impressively eloquent and passionate.

    44. david says:

      imagine the rally had been advertised and promoted. would have been thousands more

    45. The Water Beastie says:

      Stu – great to meet you – well worth flying back from China for in itself!!  (even if Gallowglass got the badges  :(…..) Alan Grogan and Alan Bisset (wow – that was unexpected!!) excellent – Nicola and Alex I expect to be excellent, but what strick this year (as last) was Alex did a comparatively small speech, making sure he did not unfairly take attention from others.  Amir Anwar’s anger was stirring, and Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh was absolutely cracking!
      Having a hard time thinking of what would be a good enough venue for what might easily be 50,000 at next year’s, as I think we have now clearly outgrown Princes Street Gardens!!

    46. Haartime says:

      Saw who I thought was you near the Tron with the Wings Flag but you were chatting to some people. I went to get a coffee and when I got back you were gone. Wanted to say hello and apologise for my appalling Twitter etiquette. Still haven’t quite got the hang of it. Turned out you must just have been in front of us on the March. Thank you for all your work over the past year. It’s been a great day and seeing as there is so little reporting tonight we need you more than ever for the next year.

    47. heraldnomore says:

      Good report on RT a few minutes ago

    48. scottish_skier says:

      I also had the pleasure of meeting Scottish_skier! (Namely because he was also being well sought after and his mum was very proud he was a star! 
      Was a pleasure too.
      And well it was my Mum…
      She writes a lot better stuff than me (plugs Mum)…

    49. the journeyman says:

      What a very special day even better than last year. it was very emotional on several occasions just great to be part of a people’s movement.

    50. Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus says:

      “imagine the rally had been advertised and promoted. would have been thousands more”

      Why wasn’t it? Does anyone know whether the rally organisers got in touch with their equivalents in Catalonia to discuss how they managed to convince 1 million or so Catalans to attend their independence march last year?

      If not then it would certainly be a good idea for next time, polls do suggest that far more Catalans support independence than Scots, but nonetheless they must have some good ideas and advertising/promotion techniques for getting more people on the march next time?

    51. Tris says:

      Munguin was delighted to meet you, Stu, and to get his badge which he now wears with pride, and, I’d add, wore when being photographed with Humza Yousaf and later Shona Robison and Stewart Hosie.
      It was one of the best days ever… The whole atmosphere was warm and friendly. We were all together. I spoke to people from so many different places; there were old and young and people of all colours, and we shared, tales, aspirations, flags, biscuits, sandwiches… We just shared the day with people we’d never seen before. 
      I can’t think of another time when I’ve met so many lovely friendly strangers.
      It was just awesome.
      I think it’s high time that BBC news people were paid less money than they now are. If they thought that that was 8,000, they really don’t deserve grown up salaries.
      Still, if it pleases them to pretend that only 8000 people came out, fine. All they do with nonsense like this is reinforce the complacency so many no voters feel. Power to their elbows.

    52. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Lumps in throats are usually caused by the impact of doing something you consider to be interesting but normal; when it is then made clear to you, by people you do not know, that you are doing something extraordinary and that they love you for it (gulp).”

      That’s about it in a nutshell.

    53. muttley79 says:

      Great day, enjoyed march and speeches.  Good to meet Rev Stu and a few others.  If the BBC seriously are reporting that only 8,000 attended, then they really need to have a word with themselves (yes even by BBC Scotland’s standards that is a quite remarkable thing to say!).  That is an outright Jackie Baillie…
      I am afraid to say that if we had went to the Ross Bandstand again there would have been severe crushing.  It would have been impossible.  The choice to change was absolutely the right decision.  Have to say a massive thanks you to the organisers.  Fantastic job.  However, I agree that for a considerable amount of people it must have been very hard to see the stage at all.  I was watching the TV screen.  I hope next year’s route will either end in the Meadows or Holyrood Park.  In saying that, the organisers did a great job, and Carlton hill is a special, historic site in its own right. 

    54. Caz says:

      Had a great time too. Sorry we missed you, had tried to find your banner, but ended up squeezing ourselves in between Argyll and Ayrshire banners. Look forward to next year…

    55. Indy_Scot says:

      Please for the love of God, don’t bite.

    56. JamesLSnook says:

      Re the crowd size, and just for fun (though I see someone is still clinging to the police estimate):

      We know that the front of the march had reached Calton Hill while the back of it was still assembled on the High Street, filling up not just the road but also the area to the west of St Giles. The area of road used for marching between GIV Bridge and the hill totals, on a rough estimate, 16,300 square metres – at the point when the front of the march reached the hill that entire area was populated by demonstrators.

      Now, a standard rule for estimating crowds suggests that a light crowd will occupy space at .92 square metres per person. A dense crowd occupies it at .41 square metres pp. Let’s say this crowd was medium-light in density on average, allowing for the uneven distribution of people at different points along the route. So shall we go for about .8 square metres pp? Then that’s 16,300 square metres of space divided up at .8 square metres per person, which makes a total of 20,375 people.

      Or thereabouts. And if you think this is rough and ready, you can rest assured that plod doesn’t do it in any more exact and scientific a manner.

    57. Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus says:

      “If the BBC seriously are reporting that only 8,000 attended, then they really need to have a word with themselves”

      That’s what the official police figure was (8,300), so presumably they’re basing their reporting on the figure from a neutral organisation that has considerable experience of crowd counting, rather than the estimates from groups who have a vested interest in inflating (or deflating) the figures.

    58. heraldnomore says:

      And wasn’t it good to see Derek Bateman, shedding ten years, unshackled, helped around by Ruth Wishart.

    59. Publius, while bbc are supposed to be neutral, the report today was on the March.  not a debate, not anything to do with #bettertogether 

    60. HenBroon says:

      I got a badge of you Stu many thanks although I never managed to talk to you. The rally was a huge uplifting experience for me/ marching behind the band down the mile and over the N Bridge, for me that was the very best bit.

      The impression I am left with is that the Police went out of their way to spoil this, not the officers on the ground but what ever high ranking twat decided it was good idea to coral us in behind barriers on the mile. To have a VIP area that was as much uses as a chocolate fire guard. Who the fuck in Scotland wants VIPs it is VIPs that got us in the shit we are in. The VIPs should be expected to rub shoulders with the plebs, there was no need whatever for that nonsense. Typical official meddling. We were shunted backwards for about 50 yards at one point, a wholly dangerous and again uneccessary manouvere, as there was pressure from the crowds behind us. Who ever decided that needs bull whipping.
      Then when we arrived at the gates to Calton Hill we were stopped for 25 minutes for reasons that I hope will be explained by the twat that made the decision. Again a very dangerous maneuver as those arriving behind were putting pressure on the front. The mood was not good. We also had the unwelcome presence of a Police helicopter circling overhead, quite low enough to make a very intrusive noise and create an atmosphere of tension. This was peaceful march by peaceful people, not a bloody Orange Order parade. There was no chopper last year why this year?
      The whole thing was disruption and delay so that many people were not on the hill, as the proceeding began. Nice job Police Scotland, your strings were well pulled.
      These antics were not necessary and need to be explained. It made me angry on a day that should have been full of happiness.
      And to cap it all we had Team  Boothman on BBC Scotland Reporting Scotland saying the number was 8,000. My arse. When will the BBC realise that there constant lies and propaganda are an affront to decency, democracy and their Royal Charter. Boothman and Kenny McQuarrie are nothing but puppets, who should be sacked.
      Well done to all.

    61. david says:

      theres an unacceptable amount of jabas

    62. IainGraysSubwayLament says:

      Fantastic job, great rally, and self-evidently a complete success.
      Well done to all involved.

    63. ianbrotherhood says:

      Just home.
      Gutted I didn’t get to meet any of you (was attached to one of the big SSP banners) but I did try to hunt ye’s down after ‘the Hill’, returned to the Caesar!nach but no Wingers in evidence. 
      Did meet Peter Bell again though, which was a great pleasure.
      By the time everyone sends in their vids and audio, plus whatever crops up on Youtube, I’m sure absent friends worldwide will be be able to recreate pretty much the whole day. 
      It really was a wonderful day – won’t ever ever forget it.
      Cheers abody!

    64. heraldnomore says:

      Last year the crowd was generally accepted as being three times the BBC’s reported 3,000.  I’m guessing they’re still using the same abacus.

    65. Fiona says:

      I thought Alan Grogan was brilliant – had never heard him speak before, so a nice surprise. Passionate, hitting all the right notes. Nicola as always was great.
      also I’d never heard Vote Britain before (living down a hole evidently) and I was blown away by it. Great writing and spot on delivery.
      my only regret is I didn’t find the Wings contingent before the march set off. Arrived too late and the place was rammed with folk.
      Proud to have been there.

    66. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “And wasn’t it good to see Derek Bateman, shedding ten years, unshackled, helped around by Ruth Wishart.”

      I wish I had. Kevin McKenna was apparently there too.

    67. Colin Dunn says:

      @ Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus
      “Reporting Scotland a disgrace . . ”
      “They have a duty to present both sides of the debate don’t they?”
      Odd that they only seem to rembember that duty when it’s a Yes event that’s on. When its a BT one they come over all absent-minded.

    68. Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus says:

      As I predicted, most of the media coverage of the speeches is dominated by Salmond and his promotion of the SNP’s version of ‘independence’, with barely a mention of the ideas and views expressed by the other speakers. 

      If only Salmond could have put his ego to one side for once and taken a back seat at the rally and allowed the views of non-SNP people to be covered and publicised then perhaps the rally could have been useful in terms of encouraging more non-SNP supporters to vote yes.

    69. Indy_Scot says:

      Seriously why on earth is anyone feeding him?

    70. Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus says:

      “Last year the crowd was generally accepted as being three times the BBC’s reported 3,000”

      The BBC report on last year’s rally mentioned the police estimate of 5,000.

      Presumably their 8,000 crowd this year is again based on the police estimate of 8,300?

    71. david says:

      i thot nicola sturgeon was close to shedding a tear during her speech

    72. Robert Kerr says:

      Was a very very good day and I eventually met up with Rev.
      Yes I shook the hand that shook the world !
      Glad to meet up with WoS folk.
      @David, Indeed publicity was lacking. I was asked on the train if there was a rugby match on !
      Onwards !
      Hail Caesar!

    73. pmcrek says:

      Just back ourselves, got my wee wings badge from the Caesar!nach, cracking day, lots of great speeches even the polis didnt seem so bad. Only disappointment is finding out Handedshrimp was there and not meeting him!!! 🙁

    74. Wee folding bike says:

      She might not have been alone there. 

    75. david says:

      aye aken, emotional

    76. Doug Daniel says:

      A fun day with lots of excellent speeches. Could have said hello to Salmond, Harvie, Colin Fox, Humza and a whole bunch others, but pussied out. Still, saw Alan Bissett at the station and congratulated him on a stirring rendition of Vote Britain.
      I’ll grow my beard back for next time since it seemed to confuse people that I was beardless!

    77. Marcia says:

      Kevin McKenna was apparently there too.
      David Torrance also graced us with his presence. I saw him arrive when I was in the rather long queue for the loo, more than half of the speeches were over before his arrival.

    78. david says:

      its quite strange being amongst thousands of strangers yet feeling 100 % safe and wanted. good feeling

    79. heraldnomore says:

      Was I the only who thought the little panda with the sharp end of a flagpole stuck up its whatsit might just have been our friend BtP?  But then two pandas wandered up the road as well.  And talking of celeb spotting, I did catch sight of the Major’s flag at the beginning and the end.  But sadly no spotting of Mr Daniel, presumably mobbed for the afternoon by gushing admirers……

    80. Murray McCallum says:

      Quite a mixture of flags at the rally today. The Sardinian flag is particularly unusual.
      It’s great to see international support for a country seeking the universal right to govern itself.

    81. Calgacus says:

      Thank you Rev.Stu for the badge. It will be treasured! 
      Bbc, you are a disgrace and nothing more than despicable liars. 
      What a great day out. Certain of our victory in 362 days after today’s 
      inspiring speeches from all walks of Scottish life. Hail Caesar!. 

    82. Clancheif says:

      Any links for you tube or anything for the speaches yet ?

    83. jim mitchell says:

      It fairly shows up those NO meetings where we were told hundreds turned up and yet the REVs red dot thing showed that to be lies.

    84. heraldnomore says:

      ah, beardless, that must be it; haven’t tried that one since the days of the Garden Festival down Govan way

    85. HenBroon says:

      It is hilarious regarding the numbers when you think that last year the police gave out a figure of 5,000 on a crowd that is now widely acknowledged to have been 12,000 +. Someone in Police Scotland’s Edinburgh division has a unionist agenda and a unionist propensity for lies. The Free Masons grip on Scotland is powerful. I think the Police can reach a very high degree in the FMs.
      The other thing that was hilarious was some stiff necked busy body out side the Caesar!nach complaining to those who were carrying the Royal Standard. He beat a hasty retreat when some fine laddie had a wee word in his ear.

    86. benarmine says:

      A fantastic day, very stirring stuff at times. It was good to spot the banner on the hill and shake your hand Stu. All the best for the hard work of the next 362 days and I know we’ll all be successful.

    87. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Could have said hello to Salmond, Harvie, Colin Fox, Humza and a whole bunch others, but pussied out. Still, saw Alan Bissett at the station and congratulated him on a stirring rendition of Vote Britain.”

      Man, I managed to miss ALL the celebrities. Clearly in the unfashionable part of the field. Shocking beardlessness, and disappearing so fast when I was trying to find you for a post-rally refreshment.

    88. liz says:

      Had a great day. Got the 1015 train from Glasgow and couldn’t get up the Royal Mile to meet WOS but got in with a great group- the Wallace group.
      Managed to meet Silvertay but was sorry to have missed the Rev et al. Maybe next time.
      Thought Alex, Nicola, Alan Grogan and Denis Canavan were superb.
      Brilliant to see so many different groups represented.
      Got a bet on for £10 with the hubby that there will be no mention of the brilliant day in the MSM.

    89. HandandShrimp says:

      Presumably it was based on the official police estimate of 8,300.
      I am highly sceptical. The police usually say about 5,000 or about 7,500. They are not so specific, especially when a march is still under way. I joined near the end from a pub as did a hell of a lot of others. I could not believe how long it took to go past as we were sitting there. For the march to have started filling up Calton Hill when people were still waiting to start at St Giles? 8,000? Someone is having a laugh. Presumably as a committed Yes supporter you were there, could you not see for yourself?

    90. Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus says:

      “Someone in Police Scotland’s Edinburgh division has a unionist agenda and a unionist propensity for lies. The Free Masons grip on Scotland is powerful”

      This is exactly the sort of deluded nutterish conspiracy theory guff that we need to avoid if we’re going to convince the undecideds to vote yes. It isn’t in the least helpful to our cause. 

    91. muttley79 says:

      I saw Kevin Mckenna as well.  No doubt will have a column tomorrow in the Observer about the rally.  Also, saw someone from BBC Scotland there who I don’t think was covering it in a professional capacity (although I am not sure about that obviously, it was not Bateman).  Saw a number of SNP MSPs.

    92. Feil Gype says:

      Aye nice te meet ye Stuart….I didna ken fa ye were at first (I thought ye were the boy that played Robert The Bruce in Braveheart) until some boy telt ma fa ye were. I wanted a badge but ma old man whos nae really ‘with it’ wi political blogs got een off ye….thinking it wis for me wis a mistake so I had te get een for masel ….of course he will noo be a reader o yer blog and he will be back next year. Cheers

    93. Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus says:

      “Presumably as a committed Yes supporter you were there, could you not see for yourself?”

      No I wasn’t. I gave my reasons for not attending the other day.

    94. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “now widely acknowledged to have been 12,000”

      Hmm, I’m not sure that’s true. On the pics from last year it still looks like about 7000 to me. But in so far as it was possible to tell this year was definitely well up on that, and not by 1000.

    95. ` says:

      I looked for you Rev and did eventually find you with the flag curled up in your hand, but you were surrounded, so I decided not to push in and introduce myself and make things worse. I think you know how much your work is appreciated, keep up the good work.

      It was gratifying for me, and probably most people there, to simply be there and talking to like minded people.

      Some really passionate speeches, Elaine C Smith was excellent as was the lady from Women for Independence, both fiery ladies who inspired.  Nicola and Alex were standout too, the rest were good.A very good day.

      Just to point out STV News said 20,000 ( but the police were lower, they said !) I think if it was lower, then they would have been undoubtedly happy to report it!

      They also brought in a negative poll done 9-15th of the month, obviously keeping it as a negative influence lest we have to good a day!

      Then to top it off, an interview with Blair McDougall complete with an obviously staged group of people coming up and taking the Bitter Together leaflets on camera, I could just feel someone waving them in to be filmed one by one.

    96. TJenny says:

      Oldnat – I was just about to post re wee Dunc’s tweet – praise indeed.
      Stu – loved meeting you and thanks for giving me the second last of your wee round badges. I’ll wear it with pride. Keep on keeping on.
      It was great to put a face to BtP, Conan, Morag, HandandShrimp, ManintheJar and Juteman, was that you at the Waterloo with the Dundonian worded T-shirt? Should have mentioned the wee shuggies(?), and meeting many, many others.
      Fantastic day, but ended up havibg to leave early as the Q for the loo was horrendous and by the time we got round to the other loos, we decided to just leave and go to the Waterloo;-) On the plus side of that we met Alex Salmond and a guy dresed as Rabbie Burns and further down, John Swinney and his wife, which was lovely.
      A truly uplifting day;-)

    97. Krackerman says:

      That was one real problem – 4 or 5 cludgies for 20,000 + people! Not a good move for the weak bladdered such as myself….

    98. Murray McCallum says:

      Pubicus parva genetals
      I gave my reasons for not attending the other day
      Polishing your underwear?

    99. JamesLSnook says:

      @HandandShrimp –
      that’s the nub of it: if the whole area between George IV Bridge and Calton Hill was at one point occupied by marchers, you can at least do a rough calculation using standard figures for estimating crowd density, as I did above. 16300 square metres of terrain; at a very conservative estimate, .8 square metres per person. Roughly 20,375 people. As I say, a conservative estimate, since it was probably denser on average than I’ve allowed.

    100. Gavin Barrie (Jammach) says:

      Oi, Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus, people can have whatever opinion that they wish and you are welcome to say whether you disagree with them or not. If all you are going to do is try and impose censor or limits on what people can or cant say, then bugger off. That’s the rev’s job on this web site. NOT yours. 

    101. HandandShrimp says:

      No I wasn’t. I gave my reasons for not attending the other day
      Pity then because you missed a cracking day and bucket loads of good speakers Most of them not SNP (which I understand you a have a mild allergy to).
      My only gripe being that I fancied a burger but the queue was humungous.
      Did anyone try the tablet from the tablet stall…that is how tablet should be made.

    102. Lanarkian says:

      It was nice to press the flesh with you Stu. Too late for a badge but nevertheless I can confirm that you do not have 10 fingers on each hand nor the mark of the beast.
      A great day all round. Dennis, Nicola, & Allan Grogan were inspiring.
      Glad some of us got to tell you personally just how important you are to the cause.

    103. david says:

      your the truth gavin

    104. Gavin Barrie (Jammach) says:

      Also met Alex Salmond and shook his hand. Very pleased. Still glowing. 

    105. scottish_skier says:

      david says:
      21 September, 2013 at 8:50 pm
      its quite strange being amongst thousands of strangers yet feeling 100 % safe and wanted. good feeling

    106. Seasick Dave says:

      Good to meet you, Stu, and thanks for the badge!
      My daughter loved being there and has been Twittering and Twattering furiously ever since.
      A great day, with great speeches, music and, above all, enthusiasm!
      We have 360 odd days to spread that enthusiasm for a new, exciting Scotland around.
      Game on.

    107. Indy_Scot says:

      It sounds like it was a very good day all round. Regretfully I was not there, but I plan to make it to the next one with my four young boys.
      Massive respect for all involved.

    108. Erchie says:

      If the badges were made available in the shop I’d be interested

    109. Seepy says:

      What a day, and what a badge! 

    110. Seasick Dave says:

      Did your daughter have a giraffe outfit on?

    111. Barontorc says:

      What a day! What speeches and what feeling! It was a pleasure to be there and part of it.
      I was told the drone was ‘launched’ by National Collective and being the astute people they can be, it’s recorded film of the crowd will be analysed to come-up with a more accurate attendance figure.
      Also, shared a cafe berth with Derek Bateman – the man himself and can confirm that he is indeed the man behind the new blog – nice chap too and more than deserving of the phenomenal hits he’s had in the past two weeks.
      Can NO match anything like this? – I would hazard a guess – NO!

    112. Dubbieside says:

      Just wanted to say that it was great to finally put a face to some great investigation and writing.
      Keep up the good work.
      P.S. Have left a comment on the Guardian web site, its not just the numbers that were there that will count, it what these numbers will achieve on the streets that is the important thing.

    113. liz quinn says:

      Great day! It felt so good to see the numbers. All these years working for Independence and it is now within our grasp. Incredible!
      Only downside was that I didn’t find you Rev although I hunted high and low. Thank you for all your efforts.

    114. pmcrek says:

      The press print what they want, its almost beyond naive to assume they would be full of praise and column inches for Aamer Anwar’s or Patrick Harvie’s great speeches today if only “that” Salmond wasnt speaking.

    115. HenBroon says:

      I think Lord Foulkses subsidised Glenfiddich will have turned to bile in his big mouth as he saw the reports from Calton Hill and the 30,000 supporters of Yes.  We can expect a vile explosion of phlegm from him any time now. He has alreadt has a wee possit:
      George Foulkes ?@GeorgeFoulkes 11h
      “Will be interesting to compare attendance at IndyDemo today with total at Scottish football matches. #bettertogether

    116. Alba4Eva says:

      Can we do it all again next saturday please 🙂
      Was just brilliant. Alex Salmond has said many times in the past that optimism will win over pessimism… hope over fear.  today was basically that sentiment lightly sauteed, served up with fun and shared with many friends.
      Hail Caesar!!

    117. Macart says:

      Big, big smiley thing. 🙂
      Did anyone remember to bring back some rock for the rest of us?

    118. david says:

      its valid to vote yes just to rid ourselves of parasites like lord foulkes

    119. Andy A says:

      Saw the Wings flag a little in front of our Yes Scottish Borders group in the High Street but lost track in the march itself so didn’t have a chance to say hello.  Fabulous day though and some inspirational speakers even if the Calton Hill was perhaps not the best natural auditorium venue. Lots of passion in evidence from the stage and from the crowd ! 

    120. david says:

      i apologise to every living parasite for last comparison

    121. HenBroon says:

      Gavin Barrie (Jammach) 
      Best way to treat pond life is to starve it of oxygen, it will then shrivel and die and sink to the bottom.
      Who was the chap I spoke to outside the Caesar!nnach and identified myself as HB he said he is always on here, who are you pls?
      PS I enjoyed you company, and the guy who kept popping in for a wee Shiraz ;o))))

    122. Caroline Corfield says:

      missed you, but fell in with Yes Musselborough, couldn’t stay for all the speeches but Elaine C Smith was fabulous. Rather emotional, and so glad to have been there. 

    123. Albert Herring says:

      What a day! Fantastic speeches, fantastic crowd – and not a single pollster in sight!

    124. HandandShrimp says:

      Saw Blair McDoom on some link saying that while we were talking to ourselves the Very Bitter Crew were out speaking to people. I thought that was particularly ironic given their tendency to hide their meetings and stop people going in if they suspect they aren’t the right sort. He really is a shabby soul isn’t he?

    125. alexicon says:

      Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus says: aka norseworrior. Away and biel yir heid.
      @Heraldnomore. No chance of getting near the major, he had about 20 groupies in tow. 🙂
      Pleasure meeting many today and I just wanted to say a big thank you to the Rev for keeping a badge for me-which he didn’t.
      Ah well maybe next time.

    126. moujick says:

      As mentioned above, thing about crown today was that it wasn’t people who will be passive over the next year – it was a crowd who will be active in our communities over the next year working for Yes – we can do this.

    127. Gav Bain says:

      Had a great time today, what a fantastic event.  I managed to meet a few of the crew.
      Stu, thanks for the button badge, I think I got the last one.  Any chance of putting a batch of the sliver ones on the megastore?  Otherwise I will be resorting to early morning ambush tactics and other shennanigans next year.

    128. Alba4Eva says:

      …forgot to add… I said to a few folk today, that I think next years march should be in Glasgow.
      Glasgow Green can easily hold 100,000+, it is flat as a pancake and seems a natural tactical manouvre in the rally series.   
      What’s yer thoughts peeps?

    129. Fairliered says:

      Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you all, especially yourself, Rev. By the time the North Ayrshire Yes bus arrived, we were near the back of the march, beyond St Giles. By the time we passed the Caesar!nnach it was 12.35. Highlights for me were Allan Grogan and Nicola Sturgeon.
      If the BBC think there were only 8,000 people at the march, then reduce their pay to £8,000 each. Judging by their counting skills, they wil think they are earning £30,000.

    130. alexicon says:

      Oh thanks Rev.
      Just because I said to you today “why have you got me on pre mod?” Now you take me off it and I can’t correct my spelling.
      You could have warned me. 🙂

    131. Marcia says:

      Good idea, I was thinking the same myself.

    132. Jimbo says:

      Nice to meet (however briefly) Stu, Ally Pally and young Bloodnok (a very discerning gent who remembered and complimented me on one of my posts). Saw dozens of others wearing Wings badges.
      We got talking to a really nice couple who told us Wings is their favourite blog spot – but they don’t post here.
      Saw a group of about 150 people, many among them dancing without the need for music – they were in the queue for the portaloos.
      Enjoyed the speeches. Nicola Sturgeon, Carolyn Leckie, Margo MacDonald, Denis Canavan, Elaine C Smith, Hardeep, Aamer Anwar, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, Alex Salmond, Alan Grogan, Blair Jenkins, Colin Fox (thought he stood out with his historical references to the Hill), all of them in fact – all superb. Just shows the depth of talent in the YES camp. Compare every one of the speakers at today’s event with the drab, dull Darling & Co.
      Agree with HenBroon re VIPs in an equality minded Scotland. If they consider themselves too grand to march shoulder to shoulder with the plebs then they should maybe arrange to have their own wee private march on a different day.

    133. Gill says:

      A truly great day, had wanted to march with you all but missed you at the start.
      Tracked the Wings flag down right at the end of the rally, had intended a handshake but went straight for the hug…amidst my ramblings had also meant to say that Wings has confirmed in my head what I have always known in my heart, an empowering place to be…thankyou.

    134. david says:

      i would love to see a no rally. just to compare, would prob be more yes people than no people at it

    135. Jingly Jangly says:

      Aye missed y’all as well around 40 from Arran, although we had to leave at 5pm as
      Call Mac cancelled the 2200hrs sailing due to forecast adverse weather, the clyde is like a
      millpond, adverse weather more like could not be arsed.
      Unfortunately we heard when we got to Ardrossan that a lady has not heard of the revised time and got left, thanks Cal-Mac they need a heft boot up the arse.
      Apart from Cal-Mac doing its worst  it was a brilliant day and flew by, never known 13 hours on the road being so enjoyable.
      We were about half way down the procession and I asked a Heid Bummer Steward
      when we turned onto Princess street if the tail had left the Royal Mile and he said “Just”
      The Establishment has not got the Internet yet, by saying that there was only 8k there
      people especially those lining the streets in Edinburgh will see that lying is natural to them
      they also forget we live in an interconnected age and the photos and videos will show that
      about three times the official figure was there. Every one person who figures out that they
      have been lied to about the numbers at the march will make the connection to the other
      lies put out by Bitter Together. The game is up…

    136. Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus says:

      “Oi, Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus, people can have whatever opinion that they wish and you are welcome to say whether you disagree with them or not. If all you are going to do is try and impose censor or limits on what people can or cant say”

      On the contrary, I think you’ll find that its me that people are calling a ‘troll’ and trying to censor on here, for the simple ‘crime’ of being critical of Salmond’s attendance at the rally. 

    137. clochoderic says:

      Lanarkist, lPandapaws, Conan, Caesar! – you will not be surprised to learn that i made a raging cunt of it when i left the boozer to try and find my bus – i was halfway to Haddington when i realiised there were nae buses.
        This involved me losing my y fronts and going through Motherwell –  you will  agree that is taking one for the team.

    138. Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus says:

      “The press print what they want, its almost beyond naive to assume they would be full of praise and column inches for Aamer Anwar’s or Patrick Harvie’s great speeches today if only “that” Salmond wasnt speaking.”

      I didn’t suggest that they would praise the speeches, but they’d certainly give them more coverage if Scotland’s First Minister hadn’t also given a speech promoting the SNP’s version of ‘independence’. 

      The Guardian article is a case in point – two thirds of it devoted to Salmond’s speech, with a few sentences on what Blair Jenkins (who is basically SNP too) and Canavan said and no mention at all of Harvie or Macdonald’s speeches.

    139. David Smith says:

      A fantastic day. I’m sorry I couldn’t meet the Wings contingent as I was meeting a friend travelling there alone and we ended up next to the Argyll contingent.
      The turnout appeared truly massive and definitely at the higher end of the 20-30K scale, like a big football match I suppose. 
      Had a good conversation with some Dumfriesshire yessers on the train home and we gave some neighbouring English passengers a bit more insight into the debate too. Not sure we sold them on it but we made them think! 🙂
      You, Stu, and this site are probably the main reason I ended up there today, having partaken of Wings for the best part of two years now.
      For that I thank you sincerely.
      It’s been an emotional rollercoaster at times, particularly of late but now, we have a referendum to win and having felt the energy up on that hill I now know that victory is entirely possible. We can win this thing, I can feel it!

    140. Doug Daniel says:

      Stu – they were all at the right side of the hill where we were! I just happened to be at the path as Eck came striding up so got a few pictures,  then towards the end he was getting pictures with loads of folk. I’ll send you any good ones I got.
      You can buy me a pint at the next one 😛

    141. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “being critical of Salmond’s attendance at the rally”

      Just bored of it. We did it to death last time, and he didn’t grandstand. He wasn’t the last speaker (by a fair way), his speech was one of the shorter ones, and the fact is the crowd absolutely adored him. Best reception of anyone by a mile. So gonnae give it a rest, eh?

    142. Ann says:

      Just a wee question with regards to the crowd.
      Does this tally include those that were already on Hill before the parade started as I would have expected those unable to march would already be there.

    143. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Just because I said to you today “why have you got me on pre mod?” Now you take me off it and I can’t correct my spelling.”

      Huh? I’ve neither put anybody on, or taken anybody off, pre-moderation. Ever, in fact.

    144. Doug Daniel says:

      Incidentally, considering all the flack Stu gets from various groups of folk, it was hilarious seeing folk queuing up just to shake his hand. Second biggest celeb there, after Eck!

    145. alexicon says:

      @Jingly Jangly and those who journey from far afield, including the fit likers.
      I take my hat off to you all.
      I think I’m doing my best by travelling for 30-40 minutes from Edinburgh, but you guys travel so far. My deepest respects to you all.

    146. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Saw Blair McDoom on some link “

      That’d be here:

      That really is a disgrace from STV. I think McDougall got MORE airtime than Salmond, having done sod-all.

    147. rabb says:

      That auld tory fud had a pop at me outside the Caesar!nach. He said I was ignorant and had no idea what that flag was. I told him it was the Scots royal standard and what his point was.
      He said he would get me arrested as the queen wasn’t resident in my house. I said “There’s 2 polis over their pal, go an give them a shout if you like”.
      He then started banging on about how the Governor general could have me. I told him to fuck off down the hill to the palace and get him, and tell all the rest of the fucking pubs & shops flying it on the way down. He was a proper arsehole. The kind of killjoy tit that would stick a knife in a weans baw!
      He walked away foaming at the mouth and nearly fell over one of the bollards. I wish he had!
      Good to see you today rev, the badge has pride of place on my jacket. I’m also glad the hairstyle thing panned out OK in the end for you 🙂

    148. HandandShrimp says:

      Who knows, the 8,000 number seemed to come out of nowhere very early in the proceedings.
      I have been on a few marches over the years – this was a big one.

    149. alexicon says:

      Argh, I’m back on pre mod. 🙁

    150. tartanfever says:

      Caesar! – fair point. I suppose there’s lots of factors. 
      Police co-operation, council co-operation, planned route etc etc.
      Where would you start the rally in Glasgow ?
      It seems that routes are getting shorter and shorter, obviously local councils and the police want as little disruption as possible. The only central Edinburgh alternative I can think of would be to march from the High Street (same start off point) up to The Meadows via George IV Bridge. 
      It would be less than a mile, flat, very wheel chair friendly and plenty of flat open space at the end for speeches etc.
      (Holyrood Park under Arthurs seat has to be out because it’s the Queens Park, as far as I’m aware no political stuff is allowed there.)

    151. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      Just got back to Aberdeen and great to meet you all. The Rev’s pole [flagpole that is] looked suspiciously like a broom handle. Perhaps he will deny in due course. 🙂
      Met Stu, Conan, Jeannie + Mr Jeannie, Morag, BTP, plus many other Wossers who rarely ever post but are avid readers. Wonderful time and in parts quite emotional especially the singing of An A’ That.

    152. scaredy cat. says:

      What a great day. Sorry to have missed Stu et al although I did meet Dramfineday, his good lady, son and adorable wee grand daughter.
      My wee boy had a blast. He was dancing to the music and blowing his whistle for all he was worth.
      The speakers and performers were all fantastic and I think I have a wee crush on Alan Bissett.
      Thanks to all for bringing me into the family Yes!

    153. david says:

      when mr salmond deservedly steps down i will be delighted for nicola sturgeon, i can only imagine how she will feel being her countries first minister, nobody deserves this more than her

    154. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “That was one real problem – 4 or 5 cludgies for 20,000 + people!”

      That was pretty shocking. I kept thinking there must be others elsewhere but there didn’t seem to be. Most guys, and some gals, were just going in the bushes.

    155. callum says:

      if you rewind Reporting Scotland to the bit where an older gentleman has a large wedge of BT leaflets in his hand and hands out to passers by… check it out.  Each of the 5 people are “in step” only a few yards apart and there is no one else on the street.  To the casual observer, it looks like a wee fakeumentary of might have happened if there were real people on the deserted street. 
      The production team at the BBC aren’t stupid; they’d know that people would recognise what was going on here.  So whay are they putting their professional reputations on the line?  .

    156. Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus says:

      “the fact is the crowd absolutely adored him. Best reception of anyone by a mile”

      Yes of course they did, but then the vast majority of the crowd were already committed yes voters weren’t they. 

      The point is whether the people we need to convince to vote yes if we’re going to win – non-SNP supporters – also adored the coverage of his speech and his promotion of the SNP’s version of independence, or whether they’d have preferred to get some more coverage and information on the speeches and views from non-SNP speakers.

      Anyway I’ve said my piece on the issue.

    157. Robert McDonald says:

      Whtt a day that was. I had the honour of taking the Wings flag up the hill and meeting some of you. I was quite emotional. Huge thanks to Stu I guess you don’t really appreciate the effect you have had on so many. I raise my hat to you Sir! Chapeau.

    158. Yesitis says:

      So why are they putting their professional reputations on the line?  .
      Who is going to question the BBC? They know they are untouchable.

    159. HandandShrimp says:

      Talking of Better Together and assorted Unionist wing nuts, I can’t say I saw a single one on the route or on the hill.

    160. david says:

      we make them untouchable

    161. alexicon says:

      david says:
      21 September, 2013 at 9:39 pm

      i would love to see a no rally. just to compare, would prob be more yes people than no people at it.
      Have a look inside Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus’s living room window around 7 pm any night.
      There’s usually one going on then.

    162. Wee folding bike says:

      I was just behind you when Brenda’s friend was having a go at your flag. 

    163. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “The point is whether the people we need to convince to vote yes if we’re going to win – non-SNP supporters – also adored the coverage of his speech and his promotion of the SNP’s version of independence”

      If he hadn’t spoken there’d have been no TV cameras there at all.

    164. David Smith says:

      Anybody see The Biggest Dug in the World there and the wee Patterdale terrier with the blue T-Shirt? Trumped Ryan’s “wee dugs” any day!

    165. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Argh, I’m back on pre mod.”

      No you’re not. What’s going on?

    166. pmcrek says:

      The press would have done no such thing you’re living in a fantasy world mate, the Guardian would have probably ran with a piece lambasting Salmond for not giving a toss.

    167. Gavin Barrie (Jammach) says:

      Rev Stu – “Most guys, and some gals, were just going in the bushes”
      There’s a wonderful thing called a She-Wee. Google it 🙂

    168. Cassandra Lee says:

      Fabulous day, and so inspiring to see such support. Great to meet you Stu and thanks for the badge! I loved seeing all the inventive posters people had done, the classic was pic of Alastair Darling with the inscription, Darling, it’s over we’re leaving. I hope the two pandas didn’t collapse with heat exhaustion inside those costumes because it must have been warm for them. Barnstorming speeches from all speakers, Alan Bissett particularly moving. Looking forward to an even bigger turnout next year, say 10k 😉

    169. AnneDon says:

      Sorry I missed you all, I did look for the Wings banner once I reached Calton Hill, but didn’t see it.
      RE the march route.  The effin’ IOL march down Princes St at 3pm on a June Saturday afternoon – I don’t see why we can’t! I agree last year’s venue was better than Calton Hill, but I’m not sure we would have fitted in!

    170. Jim says:

      Great day.
      The numbers were three times larger than last year and even larger than the Yes Yes march in the capital in support of the creation of our devolved parliament in the 1990’s. It was the largest march for independence in my life-time and must have been 30,000.
      The police are claiming 8,300 because that is the number they had provided crowd safety officers for. They were not expecting such a large number of people to attend.
      Never mind the drone, which apparently belonged to a pro-independence supporter. What was is with the ever-present helicopter? Was this to compensate for the lack of police numbers on the street due to the gross underestimation of  the number of marchers.
      Anyway, lets double it to 60,000 next year!

    171. Monty says:

      Was a great day out and glad to have met you Stu. And some other bloggers as well.  I took some pics ….

    172. Yesitis says:

      we make them untouchable
      And the BBC know that; that`s what makes them untouchable.

    173. Alba4Eva says:

      Ann, I have been to football matches all over scotland and seen 8,000 crowds at Hibs, Dundee U, Aberdeen, Motherwell etc… today was far far bigger!
      clochoderic, the mind boggles!  LOL  hope you are OK and home safe & sound.

    174. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “I took some pics ….”

      I really must issue some sort of edict against photos from behind exposing the baldy spot 🙁

    175. david says:

      i was threatened with legal stuff so had to pay license fee. first time in 5 years tho so well worth it i guess. i believe there is a huge refusal of paying license fees all over the present uk, causing problems for them altho its never brought to our attention

    176. AnneDon says:

      @Publiusso you weren’t there and you’re moaning about a speech you didn’t see?
      Give us a break – Salmond was excellent, and by no means delivered the longest speech.  As for him refusing to go when invited – what message would that send out? Behave yourself. It’s your perspective that’s skewed. And I say that as a non-SNP Yesser.
      Re the police figures – I’ve never been to a demo yet that the police didn’t radically underestimate the figures.

    177. Oneironaut says:

      Best.  Day.  Ever!
      Really glad I went to this now.  Though sad I missed the Wings stall.
      I was mainly along acting as a mobile flagpole for one of the SSP banners and making an attempt to hand out placards early on that no-one seemed to want, despite my repeated assurances that they were free, and non-toxic (although you might get a skelf from the wooden pole!)
      But yeah, best day out I’ve had in ages 🙂  Hope we get to do it again soon!
      (Also I REALLY want one of those flying cam gadgets!!)

    178. lumilumi says:

      Wow, sounds like an uplifting, wonderful day, I wish I could’ve been there! To meet and greet people, to soak up the positive, friendly atmosphere, to hear the speeches…
      Hopefully footage from the march & rally will soon be on youtube. Please post links!

    179. Alba4Eva says:

      Hi Tartanfever, it should be remembered that it is the right of citizens to demonstrate, march and rally…
      How many arrests do you think there were at today’s march?  Would it be classed as a peaceful protest?  😉

    180. david says:

      that was easy treble time for oor police officers

    181. Bill C says:

      It was a pleasure to be with so many folk dedicated to a better Scotland. Only one regret, only managed to find one WoS poster Jon King (good lad, as you would expect), sorry I didn’t meet anyone else, but it was an honour and privilege to be in your company. Just like to say a special thanks to the Rev, thanks Stu.

    182. Derek Johnston says:

      To be fair it’s a better picture than the one in the Daily Record a few weeks ago!

    183. Clydebuilt says:

      Heard from a pal who’d been talking to a policeman, that the cops could only admit to 8500 being there as they only put on enough cops to give cover for 8500.
      That would be a clever trick to keep the number count down.
      Great day , and great idea to meet outside a pub. first time in years I’ve had beer  before 12 in years.

    184. ianbrotherhood says:

      Is you who I think you be?
      Did I point out a sticker on a wall to you – it said ‘This Belongs to Lionel Richie‘?
      If it do be you, cheers mister – if not, sorry for the cryptic rubbish.

    185. rabb says:

      Wee folding bike
      Brenda’s friend? Was he with you or part of the march?
      I make no apology, he was a knob and could do a lot worse than keep his thoughts to himself.
      Anyway, Once the march started it was all forgotten. I only remembered it when HenBroon mentioned it.
      I’m not one for the care free use of superlatives but today was absolutely awesome!
      With regards to the crowd size was it not that the police ‘were expecting’ 8000+ for the rally? I’m sure I read it on twitter somewhere this morning? I reckon the BBC have lifted that figure and ran with it.

    186. Jammach says:

      For those admiring the Quadricopter … it’s very similar to this.


    187. @Rev Stuart Campbell -I really must issue some sort of edict against photos from behind exposing the baldy spot
      You should have worn a hat them, Rev! Perhaps a wee Tam O’ Shanter? 🙂

    188. mogatrons says:

      Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
      21 September, 2013 at 10:11 pm

      “I took some pics ….”
      I really must issue some sort of edict against photos from behind exposing the baldy spot
      🙂 🙂 you and me both Stu … although  I’m fairly certain mine outshines yours in that shot! 🙁

    189. Alba4Eva says:

      Clydebuilt… you are right about the police figures.  It doesn’t take a genius to realise these figures are stoopidly low when you watch this…

    190. Inbhir Anainn says:

      What a great day, march and rally. Me and my better half thoroughly enjoyed ourselves from start to finish.  Highlight of my day though was on seeing the Rev. Stu outside the Caesar!nnach and giving him a welcoming handshake.  Also met the Juteman and one or twa other regular Wings posters.

    191. Alasdair Reid says:

      Thank you for this wonderful post and for all your work. 

    192. tartanfever says:

      Caesar! – funny, I was just having a look at that website a few days ago, thanks for the link anyway.
      Yeah, Holyrood Park is the obvious place to end a march and have speeches, but ‘those in charge’ would never allow it – and as soon as the march is declared illegal then all the politicians etc start pulling out and it just ends up getting a bit messy.
      As for arrests today, i’m sure someone posted that they had asked a police officer that question and they had replied that there were fewer than the number of Pandas there are in Scotland.

    193. Kendomacaroonbar says:

      i have just arrived back home at the Ponderosa in Helensburgh after one of the most excellent days El Kendo has had in a long time. After a truly cunning strategic plan to be holed up in the Caesar!nach very early in order to obtain Wingslanders shiney badge serial number 001 it went pear shape when the Rev was wiped out within 90 seconds……ergo lesson learned…” If you ain’t fast, yer last ”
      brilliant to meet Stu, Scottish Skier and family, the Major , BTP, Conan, Morgan, green bean, albaha,Colin,lanarkist and many other most excellent people. you are all a credit to the cause, and damn fine individuals too !
      group hug !    ( sorry, went too far there..blame the Major and his rather generous liquid lunch expense account! )

    194. Jon D says:

      A great day that was everything I hoped it would be, and more, so full credit to the Organisers. A pleasure to shake your hand Stu; I had to congratulate you on your efforts for us all. Sometimes actions just have to speak louder than words. Had a few good chats with other WoSsers too.  This is a day I’ll remember for a long time or at least until the really big party next year. That was one Happy Hill.

    195. David Smith says:

      Aye, the cops would have a day like that over the football or one of the other lot’s marches any day.
      To be fair, though they planned for a smaller number I’m sure, they weren’t tested or stretched by any means and that’s how it should be.
      Jim. The Police helicopter is a pretty standard thing for events with large crowds. It lets the cops see if there are any problem areas in relation to congestion, traffic problems or whatever. You’ll see them up on football days and the like too.

    196. Off to bed now – sweet dreams to all who were there, in body or in spirit! 🙂

    197. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I wandered about for about an hour on Calton Hill looking for Wings. A big banner would have been a good idea
      I think George Square and Glasgow Green deserve a rally. Spring, autumn?
      Great day but I don’t think the venue worked very well

    198. ianbrotherhood says:

      If you see this, so sorry I didn’t see you today mister – was watching out for you and yer gang, but twas not to be.
      Next time!

    199. Votadini Jeannie says:

      Well, that’s what it felt like.
      Not having done anything like this in my life before, it was an experience never to forget. Shaking the Rev’s hand; seeing Bugger the Panda, Conan, Man in the Jar, Lanarkist, Doug Daniels and the Major in the flesh; looking at the sea of Scottish flags  (no Shetland ones?); the fabulous array of flags from supportive would-be nations – I counted Flanders, Catalonia, Sicily, Venice, South Tyrol, Corsica, Wales and Sardinia; and the speeches….
      Allan Grogan was marvellous, ticks all the boxes for Orator;
      Alan Bisset gave an amazing recital of Vote Britain – I’ve read it, I’ve watched him on YouTube, but hearing it live brought a lump to the throat;
      Dennis Canavan, an old-school speaker who had the crowd in the palm of his hand;
      The half-Indian, half-Czech, half-Welsh lass whose name I didn’t catch, she was inspirational and a great speaker – we’ll all be counting the number of sleeps till the big day now!;
      Colin Fox was an amazingly good speaker, although I don’t agree with most of what he says;
      Nicola and Alex, consummate professionals and give a lot of faith – I just don’t get why people have a problem with Eck;
      Mike, the economist guy at the end whose surname I missed – one of the most vital messages, but so many had left after Eck spoke that there weren’t enough to hear his important points.
      It was a grand day out, and one I’d have enjoyed even more without a bored teenager whingeing most of the afternoon! At least the other son enjoyed it, and I’m supremely proud to have taken part.

    200. JLT says:

      What a brilliant day! A day that I will never, ever forget!
      I’m sore and tired, but really happy. What a day! I near enough killed myself climbing Arthur’s Seat (I’m never doing that again! It’s a ‘No’ from me should anyone suggest it). Became a tourist, and meandered my way up the Canongate, before finally arriving at the Caesar!nach. The strangest thing was, I knew there was people around me who were ‘Wingers’, but I didn’t know where to begin. It didn’t last long though. Ended up meeting everybody!!
      First, Rev Stu…
      Stuart, it was an absolute honour to meet you. Personally, I can’t thank you enough for everything that you have shown or taught me in this last year. Sir, you deserve a medal for everything that you have done!
      To Tony from Broxburn …Hope you had a good day mate. May see you around in old West Lothianshire! Glad to have met you. 
      To DonDeefLugs, with whom I wandered Calton Hill, the Cowgate, the Royal Mile, Waterloo Place, Broughton Street, before finally heading back to Waverley. Matey…you also made my day! I think we climbed all 7 hills and then we did it again for fun !!! A real pleasure to meet you, Sir. We’ll catch up again soon!
      As to everyone else …MajorBloodnok, Scottish Skier, John King, Morag, Caesar!ha, Conan, BtP, KendoMacaroonbar …oh god …there are just too many names to mention. It was brilliant to meet you all. The only disappointment …I never ever caught up and met Doug Daniel!!! …well, maybe next year!

      P.S. Johann, Ruth, Anas are right! ‘Better Together’ is best …I certainly enjoyed being in all of your company …better together, indeed!!
       See you all the next time!

    201. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      On the 19th January 1919 there was the famous Battle of George Square. I think we could repeat it. Some of us remember the terrific Scotland United rally

    202. ianbrotherhood says:

      Where’s the Sunday Herald’s front cover? Eh?
      I’m looking at you Marcia…

    203. Tim F-G says:

      @Rev Stu, I’m currently uploading 12 videos of the Rally to my Youtube Channel. Once they’re all in place, I’ll send you a PM with all links on one page. Perhaps they could be embedded for one future column to ensure they are seen by as many people as possible. Here is the clip of Wee Eck (far better speech than last year I thought).
      Generally: great day but what a shite location for the rally. I was lucky to be at the very front, right in front of the stage but I’ve heard others at the back couldn’t even hear the speeches. I think Holyrood Park or the Meadows should be considered for next year, PM’d Jeff Duncan already about this. The only two people I did not film were Rosie Kane (was too tired by that point) and Kate Higgins who I thought was not going to get a platform for her views on my youtube channel after her recent statements. Anyhow, 30K people attending was a number beyond my (and I’m sure everyone else’s) dreams. I’ve always said to my partner and my friends that we’ll win with a 60% share of the vote and I feel all the more confident after today.

    204. moujick says:

      That Scotland United Rally was great…really fantastic…today was far bigger and better though!!! Shows Indy is achievable.

    205. Alba4Eva says:

      I thought it was you proposing Hollyrood Park Tartanfever?  Anyways, I was suggesting Glasgow Green and noting that there is little the authorities could do to stop it, provided it is classed as a peaceful protest… of which there is no doubt.

    206. creigs17707repeal says:

      There are no superlatives left to describe today. Thanks Stu for the wee silver Wings badge – made sure I got to Caesar!nach good and early. Also did some VoxPops for Wings so hope my contribution helps the cause. Look forward to seeing the result. Loved all the speeches and Alan Bissett’s ‘Vote Britain’  ( ) was genius. 30,000 there easily. We’re gonna win this thing.
      YES Scotland.

    207. Bill Fraser says:

      I was looking for you on the hill but couldn’t find you once I got my breath back. Sorry I missed you Rev

    208. Stan Drews says:

      Long time reader, first time poster. I was there today. And I was there today because of this site.  
      Alas I knew I had to leave at 12.30 to attend something I couldn’t get out of.  I left just as things started moving again after the long pause halfway up the hill. I traced the route of the march all the way back to where we started near Caesar!nnach and only just reached the end of the marchers by the time I got there.  So I estimate there must have been well over 1000 there today! 🙂

    209. Jim says:

      I agree Dave.
      The march would have run peacefully and smoothly without any police. Loads of weans and smiles and great behaviour in abundance. Lots of smiles from some police officers as well. No criticism of the police.
      I do though think that some police chief somewhere has grossly underestimated the figure for a reason other than facts. I appreciate that they always underestimate figures due to organisers not being able to give an accurate figure when applying for permission to march, but reducing the figure by two-thirds is unusual.
      That is then what the media and press report. 

    210. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “The only two people I did not film were Rosie Kane (was too tired by that point) and Kate Higgins”

      Did Higgins actually speak? I totally missed that. (Not with any disappointment, I should note.)

    211. Falkirk_Bairn says:

      I was stewarding right at the back of the march. The numbers were phenomenal. It took 40 minutes for the back of the march to start moving after the front started. the hold up was that they were having to wait while they got the disabled people up. Numbers wise, I’ve been to the Beltane festival on Calton hill, which usually attracts 10k or so, and this was easily at least twice as crowded. 20-25k would be my guess. We really need more toilets and food stalls next year, and it would be handy to position someone along the march route with a clicker or two to give a more accurate estimate of numbers. 

    212. pa_broon74 says:

      Haven’t read all the comments, there are too many.
      I didn’t meet any one, the crowd grew so quickly… It didn’t matter though because being around so many like minded folk, the warmth generated by the shared aim and righteous common purpose of all present was enough for me.
      What a great day it was.

    213. ianbrotherhood says:

      ‘Did Higgins speak?’
      Not that I heard, unless she was very early in the running order. She was in the crowd though – saw her a couple of times.

    214. rabb says:

      Glasgow next year would be a great idea. It would show the most populous city in Scotland (and the Greater Glasgow area) that we’re here, independence is normal and the game is on.
      And I could just jump on the bus 🙂
      Perhaps meet at George SQ walk along to High St then down to Glasgow Green. We’d get 100,000 in their easy!

    215. muttley79 says:

      @Rev Stu
      Did Higgins actually speak? I totally missed that. (Not with any disappointment, I should note.)
      On the website for the march Kate Higgins and Rosie Kane were both down as being speakers, but I do not think they actually had speeches today.  I am not sure why that happened.

      I have to say that I think the independence rally’s should be in the capital city, Edinburgh.  

    216. pmcrek says:

      Votadini Jeannie,
      Aye Alan Bisset was great doing vote Britain live, you missed out my favourite speaker today though Aamer Anwar, thought he was fantastic 🙂

    217. Tim F-G says:

      Re Higgins and Kane; I was assuming that they’d be the last two speakers as it was getting close to 4pm but I left around 3.30ish so couldn’t tell you if they were there or if someone else spoke.

    218. Wee folding bike says:

      Sorry, Brenda is a nick name for her majesty Lillybet the twa. 

    219. Quinie frae Angus says:

      So much I would LOVE to say about today, and WILL say about today, when I have had a good night’s sleep and can think in a sober way of exactly what I want to say. Haven’t had the opportunity to read through all the comments today of all my fellow Wingers. But the most important thing is: 
      Rev Stuart Campbell is a total hero and we owe him such a debt of gratitude, and he will definitely go down in history, when all is said and done.
       I had a lump in my throat when I saw him today in real life, as all of you probably did who had the pleasure of meeting him. We are all feeling so grateful for everything he has done.
      (And Newsnet Scotland as well, of course)
      More tomorrow when I am thinking clearly….
      Night night everyone. xx

    220. creigs17707repeal says:

      Apologies O/T:
      I was chatting to Steven and his wife Kasha (from Poland) in the Caesar!nach after the Hill. Kasha commented that in Poland the use ink pens to mark their ballot papers and not pencils as are used in the UK. Steven commented that at the last Scottish Parliamentary election he wanted to use a pen but was told that his paper would be spoiled if he did so. Has anyone else ever heard of that? It just sounds ludicrous to me and it makes sense that people should use an ink pen. Would this be a matter for the Electoral Commission? Thoughts anyone?
      YES Scotland.

    221. Jim says:

      Great day. And well done Rev. Sleep well.
      And everyone else.

    222. rabb says:

      Wee folding bike says:

      Sorry, Brenda is a nick name for her majesty Lillybet the twa.
      I can’t believe I even thought that actually. Their was no way he was a Yes voter.

    223. Michael says:

      Brilliant day. We must win. People are going to have to work like hell to get us a Yes vote. 

    224. Marcia says:

      It doesn’t invalidate the vote at all. If that was the case most postal ballots would be spoilt, As long as the intent of the voter is certain then the vote will be accepted.

    225. Keef says:

      Awoke this morning to read the comments and checkout the many pics. Brought a tear to my glass eye.
      I’m sure there will be more news and views as the dust settles, the general impression though is one of huge numbers, huge optimism, a greater sense of belief, the need for a far bigger venue for next year and the ‘plea’ for more toilets:-).
      Well done to you all, what a fantastic effort.

    226. The Cat and the Dog says:

      Unbelievable day! Great to meet fellow Wings friends and The Rev (you look a lot younger without the Mohican!).
      We took 4 family members with us and they were totally inspired. Met up with another couple after the event and continued the discussion. They are all converted and ready to pass the message on.
      YES is the only way!

    227. Marcia says:

      For Ianbrotherhood:
      Sunday Herald has the Rally on the front page.

    228. Tim F-G says:

      Just uploaded to my channel: Nicola Sturgeon’s speech today.

    229. fluffnik says:

      I’m wearing my badge with pride!
      What a great day to be alive and Scottish, to gaze into the brightest of futures.
      I am the happiest, and most perfectly refreshed, of bunnies.  🙂

    230. Triangular Ears says:

      Missed out on the badges by minutes I think.  Didn’t get a chance to speak to you Stu, but worked out who you were from the helpful photo in the Sunday Mail a few weeks back!

      Recognised Major Bloodnok’s flag, and maybe Bugger (the panda)?  Disappointed that I didn’t meet some of the others on here, but I was with other folk and that so occupied most of the time.

      Maybe there needs to be a Wings meet sometime?

    231. ianbrotherhood says:

      Cheers Marcia! I can set my watch by your SH front-page post – means I’m pished and have to go bedward!
      Nicht-nicht – what a day it’s been!

    232. Bingo Wings Over Scotland says:

      Can’t believe we missed everyone, wife and I got to the Caesar!nnach at 11.15 and looked for the Wings flag. Gave up and joined a group of our friends right in front of the Ninja Turtles banner, and not far behind the pandas and that wee kid in the giraffe suit (awwww!)  From the pics others have posted we must have been awfy close.
      Saw the flag and Rev Stu during Canavan’s speech and wandered over, but would have had to annoy too many people to get near enough to say hello. We’ll have to agree on uniforms for next year to identify ourselves. What about winged helmets?
      Train was mobbed on the way through, everyone happy and friendly all day long. Feels like we’ve been part of something.

    233. antmcg says:

      Just wanted to say thanks for the badge, and for being able to finally meet you.
      A great day, great to see and put some faces to names.
      Elaine C Smith was excellent as usual, Hardeep was a great MC, can’t wait for the next one 🙂

    234. Martin Cunningham says:

      Had a good day today, really enjoyed it. Then I come home and start reading piles of pish on my FB page from a Unionist troll. Topped it off with this little nugget in the Torygraph ……

      It’s amazing how ones mood can change so quickly 🙁

    235. ayemachrihanish says:

      Rev, Might be of some use – but I videoed the start of the march from the upstairs window of Starbucks. From the first few steps taken by Nicola Sturgeon et al and then for the next 3 minuets or so looking up the mile of all those passing the Caesar!nach.  Theres a bit of background – muted and unfortunate – but as said, some of it might be of use. Will upload tomorrow/Monday and send the link. 

    236. Paula Rose says:

      Had one of those really shy days, but was there xxx

    237. Patrician says:

      just like to say hi to every one I met today at the march and especially to Stu. I managed to get a badge more by accident than by design.  Anyways the better half commandeered it from me, serves me right for telling her we were going on a shopping trip to Edinburgh 😆 I think everyone had a good time although some looked like they were enjoying the pubs just as much as the march      🙄 

    238. velofello says:

      20,00, 30,00 attending, who cares? It has been a wonderful day.i could have hugged you Rev Stu as you gave out your badges from your wee pokey bag, so low key, so Scottish.No bullshit.
      BBC’s 8,300 attendence statement  is to our advantage, it shows them to be liars.
      We are blessed, we can be part of the history of the Scottish nation, we can vote for independence.

    239. twenty14 says:

      For Sale – shiny new Wings over Scotland lapel badge, one careful owner with Rev Stu DNA embossed – £50 start up bid

    240. Lanarkist says:

      Well that was a blast! Absolute pleasure meeting so many! The folks on the hill were just so friendly and happy and positive. I would love to see what they were like at a victory party.
      Great to shake your hand Stu and to have the opportunity to thank you for your sanity saving contributions over thparastatal few years, you have probably been responsible for saving numerous relationships and several thousand T.V.’s, bloody bias MSM.
      You know what they say, get a head get a hat!
      Special thanks to Conan, BTP, Kendo, Major B, Votadini,  King, Clochaderic)(’twas the last rushed pint whit did it), hope you got home safe.
      anyhoo’s , just great. Can we do it all again next week. The speeches were inspirational but the poet really blew everyone away.
      refreshed and energised, a day to remember over the long winter ahead.
      Glad to have met such a nice bunch of people. Gladdens the heart. Hugs all round.

    241. Stirling says:

      it was great day, 300 wings, BRILLIANT….I missed you guys, there was an issue in Stirling wi the trains, I never got to Edinburgh until 11.40.spent the whole day and night with Allan Grogan and Alec Bell. I got back to Bannockburn at 11.20…..brilliant day, fantastic turnout. I think the bbc are saying 8000,very very wish full thinking on their dishonest it’s it’s hard to believe the level the beeb have stooped to.

    242. Marcia says:

      Bed reckons…….. goodnight.

    243. Ruby Tuesday says:

      Who needs the BBC and the MSM?   The reports, photos & video footage on this site are just amazing.   Vive l’Internet!

      I posted a couple of links earlier of recordings from the Royal Mile webcam and I was about to post another but I got the following message

      ‘This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!’

      I had them on Dropbox. 
      What was interesting about the webcam footage was that the time was recorded and you could see that there were still marchers on the Royal Mile at 12.45

    244. Iain Hamilton says:

      What a great day today was. I’m so pleased at being able to put faces to some regular posters now. Elaine and Margo managed to bring a wee tear to my eye with the sheer level of passion with which they spoke. I suspected that I would be a wreck by the end of the day. I’m up for a wee donder through Glasgow. George Square (looking all lovely and grassy again) to Glasgow Green or Kelvingrove would be a great walk. Spent the last year lurking. reading and reposting where appropriate. I plan on getting a bit more involved this year.

    245. Jock Scot says:

      Hi rev Stu,
      Due to being sidelined on a train ,waiting for an east Coast line and then an express one to pass , I didn’t get a chance to come up and say Hi and shake your hand. You are doing such a wonderful thing with Wings. I saw your banner and was on the way to come see you when I had the opportunity to cuddle with and secure an intro piece to camera by the deputy first minister for my women for independence video which will be able to be seen on Yew Choob on You Tube. I’m sure you will understand why I didn’t reach my intended goal…was with ‘everyone’ in spirit so nothing lost but so much gained on such a brilliant day. All the best to everyone at Wings and mostly your good self. Aye fur Caesar! 2014

    246. creigs17707repeal says:

      O/T –
      Stu – just to let you know, Lindsay (voxpops camera girl) was looking for you around 7pm in the Caesar!nach. Needed to speak to you about something. Not sure if she got hold of you. Just thought you should know in case its important.
      YES Scotland

    247. Doug R says:

      Wow! What a day. Was a wee bit nervous about coming down myself but ended up driving up the road grinning like a Cheshire cat. Well worth the 350 mile round trip.
      Was really good to meet the Rev & the rest of you put some faces to the names. (That’s me with the saltire t shirt & the glaikit look in the 3rd pic). Its safe to say I wouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for Wings Over Scotland & all the fantastic & inspirational comments from everyone. I left feeling more determined than ever to do what I can to help our wonderful country be free again.
      Now celebrating the end of a great day with a selection of fine Scottish ales. Cheers!

    248. Helpmaboab says:

      I might add that without this site I would not have attended the rally today.
      This community gave me the courage to stop sitting on the fence.

    249. John Dickson says:

      It all looks very good but of course we are getting the Unionists trying to trash it by smear and innuendo 
      No comments allowed on this one so it is certainly meant to be an irrefutable attack

    250. Morag says:

      OK.  I’m home.  I’m shattered.  I’m going to bed.
      Fantastic day.  I don’t generally believe the top end of these crowd estimates, but the place was absolutely heaving.  Blew up my Better Together balloon and ceremonially popped it with the pin of my shiny silver enamelled Wings badge.
      I did get a vague feeling we were being hidden away a bit, compared to last year, but it doesn’t matter.  Someone will have aerial shots.  And the quadricopter was an inoffensive cute wee thing belonging to a Yes supporter.  He held it to let me photograph it and showed me where the camera went.  He could be the best evidence there is for the number of people there.  And the police helicopter was for safety – supposing someone had needed an ambulance?  They needed to have an overview of the crowd.
      Fabulous, fantastic day.  I really am going to bed now.

    251. Keyser Soze says:

      Hi Stu , was really glad just to have said ‘hello’ today and shake yer hand.

    252. Ron Burgundy says:

      Great Day loved every minute, the positivity, smiles and good humour made it truly special. Looked for the Wings banner at the revised location but could not see any sign – a pity because I would have liked to congratulate you Stuart.
      However my buddies in my local SNP branch were there as a substitute and they took some finding as well. Many wags were commenting on the overhead helicopter being less to do with “public safety” and more to do with a mass photographing effort by GCHQ but maybe, probably they were being paranoid?
      A paranoia not helped by plod saying there were 8,000 there. Nice if we could expose that as being “economic with the truth”

    253. Tim F-G says:

      Just went live: Labour for Independence’s Allan Grogan gave a powerful speech at today’s rally. By now you know the drill: please watch and share this video on Facebook, Twitter etc and with as many friends, family and colleagues as possible.
      Right, off to bed now, but will upload more videos tomorrow.

    254. fittie says:

      threr was a light and fiendly atmosphere to the day .
      And That explains why better toigether wont have a march and rally .
      consider the groups who would march with better together ,can anyone imagine the menace and intimidating nature of a march with union jacks
      and that sums up the different natures of yes Scotland and bitter together

    255. Ken Mac says:

      Great to meet you Stu and all the crew today. Proud to march with you all. Even got in Monty’s picture of Conan carrying the WoS flag.

    256. Freddie Threepwood says:

      I’m very drunk, haven’t read any other comments but would just like to say I enjoyed meeting the Rev, Morag, Jeanie and others, am sorry I had to herd my own family of cats and lost touch but would like to endorse any other warm and fuzzy views of the day expressed above. It wiz rerr. goinh to bed now. Tara. 

    257. Alba4Eva says:

      John Dickson… The BBC are in full on air-brush-episode mode… #1 story in Scotland today apparently, The GPS tagging of Sex Offenders, followed by a BS piece about pensions (spun the unionist way of course) and then a highly important story about a Yoga Guru being allowed to stay in the UK…  Then… a church consecrating an archbishop (whatever the heck that is?)  followed finally by the Rally today.
      Priceless eh?  LOL

    258. BlueTiles says:

      Found Wings contingent during the assembly, but crapped out of meeting everyone and just stayed in the vicinity. ( God how I hate hindsight!).
      What a fantastic day though. Truly inspiring.
      Fudge the numbers. There were thousands of us. We can do this.
      Blair Mcb’s remarks on STV -‘ While they’re talking to themselves in a field, we’re out speaking to people’.  I have no contempt left to give that man.

    259. GrutsForTea says:

      Considering the Iraq War demo had 50,000 marchers in Glasgow I think 30,000 to support independence a year before the vote is a pretty significant number.
      The Unionists will be worried.

    260. AllyPally says:

      A very good day. Thank you for the badge, and nice to meet you Stu, along with several others, notably the good Major Bloodnock. 
      Quinie frame Angus, I hope you’ll get in touch some time. 

    261. Alba4Eva says:

      Just found Nicola’s speech on Youtube 🙂  …

    262. Evelyn says:

      Wow…just wow….Wings, I saw you but you always had people around you so I left you in peace…..but I’d love to have shaken your hand. You’re doing us proud. Keep up the good work….What a day eh..

    263. Bouncy says:

      The reporting Scotland report with the BT people handing out leaflet just reminded me of Damian Day on Drop The Dead Donkey – sorry if someone else has said this since, but I’ve been reading the comments for an hour, and am only half-way through! Wish I hadn’t been working 🙁

    264. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      A good day.
      Putting faces to monikers.
      Just knowing that what you read in the MSM is SO out of kilter with reality.
      A good day.

    265. tattie-boggle says:

      brilliant day didn’t get a chance to speak to anyone but got a badge ,thanks rev. did any one else see David torrance i was wondering why he was there

    266. Doug Daniel says:

      For those wondering who did and didn’t speak, here’s who I can remember speaking (not precise order):
      Hardeep Singh Kohli
      Elaine C Smith
      Dennis Canavan
      Blair Jenkins
      Carolyn Leckie
      Allan Grogan
      Colin Fox
      Patrick Harvie
      Nicola Sturgeon
      Alan Bissett
      Aamer Anwar
      That Tasmina wifie who used to be in Labour, once stood as a Tory candidate, and is now 3rd on the list for the SNP in Euro elections
      The economist chap at the end
      Rosie Kane and Kate Higgins didn’t speak. The economist dude was announced as the last speaker, and Carolyn Leckie was doing the WFI slot that Rosie or Kate were presumably meant to be doing. 
      Incidentally, Nicola’s speech was awesome and I’ve never been more convinced that she’ll lead this country one day; Allan Grogan started slow like last year but, again like last year, had us eating out of the palm of his hand by the end thanks to his call-and-response bit; Alan Bissett’s rendition of Vote Britain was his best yet and he had no need to worry about following the Eckmeister (or his “support act” as his mum apparently said); the rendition of A Man’s A Man was a bit ramshackle at times, but was still hair-raising stuff; and by the end of Dennis Canavan’s speech, I was ready to take up arms and follow him into battle!
      And I loved the story of Eddi Reader’s flag from the 1930s.

    267. Keef says:

      What was Eddi’s story all about Doug? Pray tell.

    268. Doug Daniel says:

      While I’m here, I thought it was a great idea to have Salmond on towards the end, since last year was a bit like having the main title fight at the start and then hoping folk would stay for the undercard matches. The running order was pretty much spot on I felt, and better overall as last year there were a few that seemed to be just filling out the numbers – mind you, they didn’t know how well it was going to be received last time, and they clearly had much more support from Yes Scotland this time, as evidenced by most of the board of advisers speaking, and the videos on the big screen.
      I hope next year they put it on before the football season starts, although there’s obviously quite a crowded calendar next year anyway. As picturesque as the hill was, I think you definitely want to be doing such things in an amphitheatre type venue really, so that it’s easier for those at the back to see and hear. Dunno if there’s anywhere in Edinburgh which fits that bill, so somewhere flat will probably do instead. And I think some of the more famous musicians and other non-political folk who support independence really need to step up to the plate next year – don’t send in a video saying how much you want independence, come and tell us yourselves! Don’t tell the NME how Scotland should be independent, come and sing at the rally and help boost the numbers! 
      Well done to Jeff and Anne for organising this though. Must have been a gargantuan effort.

    269. Doug Daniel says:

      Keef – she found it in a skip, and it was her great-uncle’s flag from when he marched for independence in 1935 or something. 
      She obviously told it better than me. I’m a polemicist rather than a raconteur! 

    270. K Mackay says:

      Great day, that’s some feeling to be surrounded by 30,000 like minded people. Really glad I got to meet you Rev Stu, Cameron B, Lanarkist (I believe) and Major. Just said a quick hello but was really nice to put names to faces. I met other great wingsers too but can’t remember everyone’s WOS name.
      Much respect to to everyone who travelled from out of town to be there, I live not much more than a mile from the start of the march and still only managed to get there 10 minutes before it set off. No badge for me 🙁 early bird, worm and that. I’m more of a night owl so I guess maybe I get mice.
       Great speeches, amazing atmosphere and I was really impressed with the music, got a few new bands to look up now.
      Oh, and my family made it into the photo with the ‘ukok lady’, the backs of us anyway 🙂

    271. naebd says:

      Tears were welling up as I read your eloquent re-telling of the flag anecdote Doug.

    272. Keef says:

      Thanks Doug,
      despite your obvious economy of words I managed nonetheless to grasp this heart warming tale 🙂

    273. Susan S says:

      I came because I am surrounded by ‘No’ voters.  I work with them, I live beside them.  Soul destroying. 
      Imagine my ecstacy at being amongst like minded folk, from ALL walks of society.  people who like me had travelled for hours to get there.  People who had made flags out of fishing rods and garden canes, and bits of wood, and even cardboard, damn it.  I loved all the ‘Aye have a dream’ placards and the National Collectives ‘If I say Scotland, you say YES!’ chants, the abundance of scotty dogs, and kids.  The young folk we’re all doing this for. 
      When the pipe and base drummer struck up – good God, I nearly burst into tears at the collective roar everyone created.  It was magical.  Made me feel like we could actually do this.  That we could get what we want, and fight to keep it.  ‘Cos no one minds fighting for their own country. 
      Loved Elaine C Smith’s passionate speech, shame Hardeep had to swear (kids, remember) but hey, he’d be nervous and we’re all human I guess. 
      Met a lovely couple from Houston in Renfrewshire, who chummed me up to the hill.  We never exchanged names.  My only regret of the day. 
      Will be dragging my other half to the next one (before the vote, right?). 
      PS:  Agree with Callum further up the thread – the BBC counter piece about the UKOK supporters handing out leaflets outside a random post office, was FIXED.  Street deserted and four punters, ALL No supporters, all perfectly placed behind each other – how feckin’ dare they!!!!  Shame on the BBC.  Shame!! 

    274. gavin lessells says:

      It will be interesting to hear Ken MacDonalds take on the Rally in “Headlines” Radio Scotland at 0900. I suspect he was present. 

    275. G. Campbell says:

      O/T, natch.
      Eddie Barnes’s watch appears to be out by about 8 months.
      Scotland on Sunday
      Scottish independence: Legal warning over North Sea
      22 September 2013
      “ENGLAND and Scotland would face a lengthy dispute over ownership of the North Sea if independence is backed next year, and the rest of the UK could gain control of waters further north of Edinburgh, ACCORDING TO A NEW REPORT.”
      Steptoe & Johnson
      Legal Implications for the Offshore Oil Industry of an Independent Scotland
      29 January 2013
      Full report in PDF form at the bottom of the page
      Scotland on Sunday, 22 Sep 2013:
      “Boundary cases have taken at last three, and sometimes more than ten, years to conclude – resulting in uncertainty in the intervening period,” the paper says.
      Steptoe & Johnson, Jan 2013:
      “ICJ boundary cases have taken at least three, and sometimes more than 10, years to conclude—resulting in uncertainty in the intervening period.”
      Scotland on Sunday, 22 Sep 2013:
      It concludes that in negotiations between the UK and Scotland “an independent Scottish Government and Westminster can be expected to advance overlapping maritime claims affecting licensed areas in the North Sea”.
      Steptoe & Johnson, Jan 2013:
      “an independent Scottish Government and Westminster can be expected to advance overlapping maritime claims affecting licensed areas in the North Sea”
      Scotland on Sunday, 22 Sep 2013:
      Both authors state they “do not take a position for or against possible Scottish independence” and that the paper was written to highlight the “legal implications” of independence to the offshore oil and gas industry.
      Steptoe & Johnson, Jan 2013:
      “The authors do not take a position for or against possible Scottish independence. This note merely highlights some of the legal implications of an independent Scotland which the offshore oil and gas industry and those planning for independence might wish to consider.”

    276. G. Campbell says:

      To be annoyingly fair to Eddie for a moment, the recycled report was published on the Dundee Uni site on the 18th of September, and Project Fear Hootsmon Division obviously missed it first time round. Apart from some minor alterations in the first paragraph, the “new report” is exactly the same as the briefing published in January.
      Jan 2013 :
      Sep 2013 :

    277. Fiona says:

      I just wanted to say Stu I didn’t manage to tell you how much I love this site when I met you. I’m awfy shy in real life and Nicola was about to speak so I managed a handshake and something garbled.  
      I was impressed by the shiny highly-polished (flag)pole though. 
      It was also excellent to meet Morag briefly.  I recognised her from her Wings t-shirt. 
      when we got back to Glasgow we went for tea and found ourselves sitting beside two women who had also been at the march. The Reporting Scotland piece came on the TV with the set-up footage of U-KOK leaflets being handed out. We were all a bit :O

    278. Weedeochandorris says:

      An awesome day, was so proud to be in that massive crowd, right at the front.  The speeches were all brilliant although I missed AS at the end as had to leave a wee bit early, never mind the ones I did see/hear were truly inspiring.  Nicola Sturgeon is amazing and a real powerhouse.  I went on my own but was very happy and comfortable, everybody was having a good time – thanks HeraldNoMore for your grand company and knowledge about all those folks we saw around the place.  Roll on next year.  Oh, and got my badge, thanks Stu!

    279. scaredy cat says:

      It’s beginning to look as though half of the crowd (8,000 or 30,000 – who cares) were either desperately seeking Stu or lurking in the wings (no pun intended) too shy to approach.

      I heard the next rally is planned for March 2014, so all of us shy/lost people need to get our act together then…and Stu, I hope you have loads more badges.

      Personally, I will be there with a map, compass, satnav, breadcrumbs and a ball of string as well as a little Dutch courage.

    280. Quick the suns oot says:

      What a fab day that was, the kids eventually got fed up pointing out the Yes badges! Thanks to Major Bloodnock (excellent flag btw) for helping me track Stu down in the crowd. 
      I agree there was probably more than 1000 people there! Lets do it all again 🙂

    281. Sneddon says:

      Was it just me or did anyone else spot the drone?  Or was it a UFO I was waving at?  Amazing wee thing beats those radio controlled model planes.  I want one for christmas.

    282. Tim F-G says:

      Starting today with more videos from yesterday’s rally; first one up is Dennis Canavan.  Don’t forget to share this video on your own timeline and with as many friends, family and colleagues as possible.

    283. Atypical_Scot says:

      Fantastic march, (breathes on and buffs button badge) great atmosphere, with a turn out like that, it’s no wonder we don’t believe ANYTHING better not bother says. Get in!

    284. Emma says:

      What a fantastic day we had! When we arrived at Inverkeithing station we immediately knew the crowd would be bigger than last year due to the much more visible presence of marchers. We met a fellow wings reader, GP Walrus, and very much enjoyed his company for the journey. As we arrived into Edinburgh people from other trains were waving to us when they spotted our saltire. A lady on the train, who I think was going shopping, even took the time to wish us well as we disembarked. A welcome surprise and I felt it showed the depth of support for independence.
      The reception for Stu’s arrival and the handing out of the badges was incredible! I think perhaps we all got a little over-excited… I know I was babbling away to you Stu. Hope it wasn’t all too overwhelming. It was lovely to march with other Wings readers but I was probably too shy to say hi to most of you. We enjoyed the company of Gaavster and his friends and family again this year – see you next time!!! 
      I was emotional at the start of the march with the realisation (again) of what this all means, how important it was to march for those who couldn’t make it and for future generations, and how it felt to be part of such a wonderful group of folk, all wanting the best for Scotland. How could anyone vote no? The speeches were good and in a better order than last year. I enjoyed hearing Dennis Canavan, Aamer Anwar, Alex Salmond and Allan Grogan. But Nicola Sturgeon stood out the most for me. It struck me during her speech that it’s her destiny to lead this country. Next year we need some of the country’s biggest musicians and bands to appear…
      The media reaction was of course disappointing. I couldn’t believe it though when we started to hear the 8,000 figure. I should have known better. I saw both the STV and BBC reports at tea time and was disgusted by their sneering attempts to belittle our rally. There was some comedy relief in the form of McDougall describing the hill as a field and the hilariously obviously staged distribution of BT leaflets in one of the reports. Never mind, their silly reaction only shows themselves up and can only make us stronger.
      Thanks to everyone for a great day!

    285. AlexMci says:

      @ Ianbrotherhood , had a wee look out for you and your SSP bunch but alas it was that busy it wasnt to be. Met the Rev outside the Caesar!nnach, brief handshake then left him to it, he was looking like a celeb trying to get away from his fans lol. Had a wee chat with Peter Bell again, who is now an A1 celebrity for sure ( getting asked for autographs) . Met Bugger briefly and a few of the guys and gals from the Horseshoe bar night, hi again. Had a great day and my dad loved it, he had the saltire wrapped round him and various flags to wave, there was 11 of us altogether and we all even had a wee laugh when my niece who brought her friend with her unzipped her hoodie to reveal at T shirt emblazoned with a sparkly Union Jack flag. Teenagers Eh, think the significance of this was lost on them. Was standing on the hill just behind the Rev
      And there was someone flying a flag complete with a picture of the good Major. Think the Major must have been lost and this was a cunning plan to find him. Anyway we have some good photos and as soon as I work out the best hosting site for them I will post them up. 
      Thanks to all who said hello for a great day, and to the others who I never got a chance to say hello to , well I will see you all at next years celebration party.

    286. scottish_skier says:

      Anyone seen any aerial shots from yesterday?

    287. HandandShrimp says:

      Listening to GMS and all the people on were there and having a chuckle about the 8,000 number. I think it was Kevin that said, clearly it was more than 8,000 the only question is how many times more. They also had a wee discussion about the chances of Better Together putting together a rally (not high was the conclusion).

    288. Linda's back says:

      Is this the same Ian Smart who made abusive tweets about SNP?
      Can anyone remind us of these?

    289. HandandShrimp says:

      Certainly a more nuanced and intelligent piece from Smart than his Twitter pieces. I would take issue with his ageing, ill underachieving shtick though. That is true of some inner city areas in Glasgow and surrounding environs. What they call the rust belt in the US but it isn’t the whole of Scotland.

    290. Linda's back says:

      This is the Andrew Gilligan Sunday Telegraph article on SNP hatred

    291. Ruby Tuesday says:

      Link to the webcam situation on the Royal Mile.   In upper left hand corner you will see the date & time.   (I think the clock might be a couple of minutes slow either that or the church chimes are early.)    A good spot to place a big YES banner or a Wings Flag.  It’s 8am Sunday morning and things are quiet yesterday it wasn’t so quiet. 

      Here a 3 recordings I made of the live webcam footage yesterday.

      The first one is before march started 2nd one while march is in progress and last one shows the end of the march leaving St Giles.   Note time.  Marchers are still on the  Royal Mile at 12.42  




      Seeing just this small section of the march is already pretty impressive seeing the whole thing must have been amazing. 

      I wonder how many leaflets you would have to hand out to compete with this? 

      The links I posted yesterday on the ‘London Calling’ article are dead.  I want to edit them but I don’t know how.  I hate dead links!  Dropbox disabled them because they were generating too much traffic. 

      I’m really enjoying reading all the reports seeing your photographs & videos.   The BBC & MSM just can’t compete with all the amazing footage that’s on the internet.  

    292. nelliejean says:

      That was a brilliant day! I feel more hopeful now that things’ll go the right way next year. It was all so positive, and such a great vibe.
      @Rev Stu, thanks so much for the badge. I meant to tell you how much I love the site, but I’m not very good at talking to people so I missed the chance. 
      Next year I’ll try and work on that whole talking-to-folk thing. And I’ll make sure my hair’s the right colour!

    293. Mchaggis says:

      yes, but not sure at what time of day it was taken. I will upload shortly.

    294. HandandShrimp says:

      Ironically it is smear stories like Gilligan’s that is driving what hatred there is. I have to confess I didn’t know Venice and South Tyrol wanted independence until I saw their flags. The Sardinian flag was particularly unusual. I wondered who the red flags with the lions were I know nothing about them. It made for a hugely colourful march but it hardly affects Scottish politics. We are not reliant anyone other than ourselves for this vote and we the politics and politicians we choose speak to our culture and our traditions not those of fellow travellers towards independence.

    295. Xander says:

      Rev, I’m glad that I bumped into you outside the Caesar!nach just before the march and even managed to receive one of your button badges.
      What a day! Energised and reinvigorated is a definite understatement.
      I’d like to give a shout out to the pipers who entered the Guildford Arms after the rally. To hear the pipes bouncing off the walls in such an enclosed space was really quite something. At least until the bar manager took exception to the noise. The addition of a few rebellious bars after their chastisement was priceless. 🙂

    296. Robyn - Quine fae Torry says:

      Just recovering from a fab day.  Enjoyed the atmosphere greatly. My partner managed to get a shiny badge, but we left you to it as it was pretty busy, Rev.  Ended up losing Wings on the actual march but got chatting to a nice guy from Bathgate on the way up the hill.  You weren’t the only one from Bathgate, Rev.
      Regarding the crowd size, it seemed to me over 20,000, it was like attending a major sporting event.  Couldn’t believe it when we were on the hill looking back to see people still coming from the High Street.  There were also many people at the side of streets cheering the marchers on, and not to mention the people who live on the High Street who were supporting the march.  At the start, I spotted a large placard from one window saying “NO Trident, YES Scotland, two girls in one flat with saltire-painted faces and also a guy with a Saltire billowing from his window. 

    297. Robert Kerr says:

      A very brief note to all the silent ones, the “lurkers”. I started posting here and have always used my own name. I added my photograph, sidewise for now as my atavar. Last Friday I came out the closet as it were with my drinking companions and yesterday went on the march. I wore a kilt and my yes badge, a small discrete one. I note the Rev has me on his first photo, extreme lower right, grey hair and glasses. This whole journey has been cathartic. A weight removed. I have finally conquered the “cringe”. 
      Come on, post and be proud.
      This is a people thing…. everyone is included.
      Hail Caesar!

    298. X_Sticks says:

      Man, that was BRAW!
      Great to meet many of you and to shake Stu’s hand. Without Wings and NNS I think I would have gone completely insane by now.
      The day proved to me we CAN do this, people, WE CAN DO THIS!
      And to all the lurkers out there – you know who you are – come on in. Nobody bites (much!). Get those fingers working and have your say. You will feel better for it.
      The feeling I got from yesterday is that “they” (and they know who they are) can’t stop this happening. No matter how they try to ignore us, frighten us, denigrate us or lie to us THEY CAN’T STOP US. We are going to win our country back.

    299. Max Solanis says:

      Never got a chance to see the wings contingent, but it was a brilliant day. We were about halfway up the march, and were told by a lovely police lady, that the start of the march were already up the top of Calton Hill before we had even started marching. Fantastic! 

      Next year? Murrayfield! 😛

    300. Ruby Tuesday says:

      So many good things to read and so little time.    

    301. HandandShrimp says:

      Was a bit knackered when I got home last night but just to say again it was great to meet, albeit briefly, a fair few of the regulars here and put a face to the names. I was delighted have a quick chat with Stu, BTP, Conan, Morag, the Major (and admire the Major’s needlecraft skills) and be introduced to several others MitJ, CameronB etc., and others both active and lurkers (there has to be a nicer name for people too shy to make comments). You are all wonderful 🙂 

    302. Max Solanis says:

      Also forgot to say, I’ve never been on a march before, so this was a brilliant way to jump in. As my mate said to me, There are times when you can feel like your own your own, a solitary voice of discontent among the naysayers. But when your in the march, surrounded by thousands of others who all have the same confidence and aspirations as you, you realise that you can do it! No cannot win, not with this level of support. 
      Official police estimates pointed the figure at 30000, that means 3 times as many supporters as last time. Next time if we assume support to grow again, 90000! Murrayfield may not be big enough! 😀

    303. Balefire says:

      Hey!I’m famous! That’s me, third pic down with the glasses on in the middle of photo. Typically not looking at camera. 🙂 great day. To the two lads in front of me, it was nice chatting with you. Sorry I had to rush off and get my bus.

    304. rabb says:

      scottish_skier says:

      Anyone seen any aerial shots from yesterday?
      Aerial shots would be nice but the biggest thing I took away from yesterday wasn’t the speeches, it wasn’t the occasion and it wasn’t the atmosphere.

      It was standing on Calton Hill, looking over our capital city in all her glory (and I’m a Westie BTW) and seeing people still marching over the North Bridge to join us.

      The penny dropped for me. We’re going to win this!

    305. Max Solanis says:

      “(there has to be a nicer name for people too shy to make comments).”


    306. dee says:

      It was a fantastic rally,  was joined on the rally by my son and daughter, a real eye-opener for them.  it really does give you that boost that you need to get out there and spread the word.  I do hope for next year’s rally that they can find a place that the whole crowd can look down onto the stage area and the stage can see the whole crowd.  Maybe an area to accommodate about 100 000 people. Also get the Proclaimers (500 Miles) involved also Annie (Sweet Dreams) Lennox. Push the boat out and aim high, if they could get that organized then the crowd would turn up. + (More toilets and food stalls). Roll on 2014

    307. Tim F-G says:

      @dee, apparently the Proclaimers will perform next year. Annie Lennox would be quite a coup.

    308. Adrian B says:

      Press coverage from Norway :–Selv-bikkja-mi-skjonner-at-Skottland-klarer-seg-bedre-alene-7317362.html#.Uj6-hhb7r8t

    309. Elizabeth says:

      I got a wee silvery wings badge but didn’t get a chance to introduce myself as Stu was so inundated with folk pressing round him! I thought I would catch up with the Wings group later but lost them in the crowds. It was a fabulous day – inspired and full of hope. Loved Elaine C Smith’s speech  – down to earth but emotional at the same time. Another of my favourite bits was Sheena Wellington and chorus singing a “A Man’s A Man” here it is:
      And thank you Stu for being you! 

    310. twenty14 says:

      Rev, –  myself, Dondeeflugs, JLT and Caesar!ha scoured the Gotham – sorry – Edinburgh skyline for the Wings signal but to no avail. Think the bbc superimposed some clouds to hide signal.
      The sniffer dog took kept taking us in circles round burger king so we eventually had to sought refuge in The Barony were we met Major B, Morag and National Collective.
      Filled me with pride to be amongst so many of my countrymen all with the same vision to bring Independence back to our country.
      Have some good pics of Wings contingent from an upstairs window across from The Caesar!nach and also a few of yourself ( just a man in the crowd ) prior to the march starting but have no idea how to upload them – help anyone

    311. willie fae Irvine says:

      What a fantastic day i had yesterday.
      Had a few drinks with Conan and BTP at the Caesar!nach and managed to get my mitts on a shiny wee WOS badge. Great start to the day.
      Atmosphere on the march was great and enjoyed the speeches as well.
      Downsides, the hill itself wasn’t the best location and the lack of toilets another, but hey ho, you learn from your mistakes as we will when we become independent.
      Crowd numbers were a lot more than last year and i know it will be bigger and better next year.
      X-sticks – watch those front steps at the Caesar!nach they can be deadly. To your credit though you didn’t spill much.
      Have some pics, can someone explain how to upload them here.

    312. squarego says:

      What an amazing day! Great to see Stu’s beaming face as he met the hundreds of real people who usually lurk on the other side of his computer screen. Thanks for the badge, worn with pride and helped me spot loads of fellow Wingers (Wingsers?).
      I was right at the front for the start of the march. Good banter with Nicola Sturgeon, BlairJenkins, Patrick Harvie, etc. They were loving it and thrilled by the turn out. I think it exceeded their hopes. Loads of TV cameras doing interviews O/Bs at the front. French, Japanese, Spanish, TV among them. Russia Today filming too and spoke to a few people in the crowd. No sign of BBC or STV. Maybe not a big enough story for them. 
      Nicola Sturgeon and Amer Anwaar borrowed my flag during the march. (I did get it back later!) Fantastic to be able to get so close to those who represent us. (Can’t imagine that with the Westminster lot) On the hill had brief chats with Patrick Harvie and Alan Bissett, and some lovely people from Barcelona who’d come over just to support our rally!
      It really felt like a day for and by the people of Scotland, it was led by us, not any political party. I’ve never experienced any event that felt so inclusive and positive. The speeches were exceptional and from a very wide spectrum (admittedly there was no right-wing voice!) representing the range of socially aware voices that will ensure Scotland’s success. We will be an example to the world!

    313. X_Sticks says:

      dee says:
      “Push the boat out and aim high”
      Indeed dee. Someone mention that there may be a march in March 2014, which I think would be a great idea (although maybe April or even May might mean better weather). That would give the campaign a real impetus going into the summer. Follow that with a final rally just before the referendum and I recon we’d be home and dry!

    314. X_Sticks says:

      willie fae Irvine says:

      “X-sticks – watch those front steps at the Caesar!nach they can be deadly. To your credit though you didn’t spill much.
      Have some pics, can someone explain how to upload them here.”
      Aye willie, I hope you didn’t get a pic of me falling (or nearly, anyway) over the steps! The “must save beer” autopilot did kick in as it rightly should, and whilst I may have damaged my pride I didn’t lose much beer!
      Look forward to seeing you again next year!

    315. HenBroon says:

      Someone suggested that this event is taken to Glasgow. I totally agree. Imagine rendezvous in Georges Square, with pipe bands, please more bands, and then marching along George Street and down the High Street to Glasgow green.

      Taking the campaign right in to the heart of the Labour Unionist fiefdom that is Glasgow. It would send a very powerful message to Scotland, and our unionist masters. It really is time to do this.

      We have out grown Edinburgh. Iconic and wonderful as Edinburgh and Calton Hill was, we need a venue like Glasgow Green that can give us the room we need. Room to be seen and heard.

      I found Calton Hill was just to lumpy and difficult to get around and to difficult to find people and to see the proceedings. The screens were great but nothing like seeing the real thing live. Either that or a stadium.

      But please people in charge give Glasgow a chance it might be the one thing that will do this for us.

    316. Jeannie says:

      Mornin all 🙂
      Just wanted to say Hi to all the people I met yesterday on the march.  It was just brilliant to be able to put faces to names and shake the hands of fellow posters that I’d otherwise never have had the opportunity to meet -and what a loss that would have been!
      Special thanks goes to Vellofello for being extremely gallant and giving me his Wings badge – I was too late to get one myself as the bus was late getting to Edinburgh and I didn’t get to the Caesar!nach till 11.45.  Mr. Jeannie is also grateful to Vellofello as his kind act stopped me going on and on about it!  He said his ears were bleedin’.  By the way, Vellofello, that’s a lovely son you’ve got there.
      But even more thanks goes to Stu – just for being Stu.  And for being there.  And for working so hard to create this site to inform the debate.  And for giving us the chance to speak our minds and speak to each other.  And for giving us badges.  And for having lovely blue eyes……ooops, getting carried away now.
      I had a great day and a lovely evening in the company of fellow indy travellers back in East Dunbartonshire.  It’s wonderful to be a part of such a fantastic movement.  (Also, met a lady called Kate who was wearing fantastic saltire earrings, made by a friend of hers.  Hoping she’ll remember to get in touch with me to give me the details ).
      One more thing, can we have more music next year – I was well up for dancin’.
      Hope there’s not too many sair heids this mornin.
      And one more time………thanks, Stu.

    317. Blackford Wheeler says:

      A privilege to meet you and many of our regulars at the Caesar!nach.
      And many thanks for my shiny badge.
      Found some footage of the procession on RT

    318. ianbrotherhood says:

      re next big rally being in Glasgow: can Glasgow Council be trusted to facilitate such an event after their disgraceful treatment of the no2BedroomTax request to march from the Green to SECC? 
      I really don’t know. Just asking.

    319. Embradon says:

      About 100m or so up from the Caesar!nach, on High Street, which was  completely pavement to pavement with people, dugs, Saltires, banners, posters and a huge sense of anticpation and excitement, I overhead a well dressed chap with an English accent ask a policeman – “Whats happening? Is it a demonstration? What about?”
      He must have been from the BBC.
      8,000??  Aye, right.  That’s from the Michael Kelly school of counting. I remember being at Parkhead for Celtic v Dons matches in the eighties and it being later reported that the crowd was 23,000 when there was hardly a space left in a capacity of 53,000.

    320. Derick says:

      Just to say the safe capacity the Stewards were given for the hill is 12,000.  Obviously the gate was closed once it was full and there were several thousand still on Waterloo Place.  20,000 is about right. 
      One of the speakers who is not so good on foot was taken down the hill in a vehicle and it was a hell of a job to do that because of the sheer numbers in the crowd.
      A braw day oot! All ages, lots of kids and a fantastic atmosphere. 
      Vexed didn’t get to meet the Wings crowd – I was round the other side of the monument. 

    321. X_Sticks says:

      Blackford Wheeler says:
      “Found some footage of the procession on RT”
      How telling that you can find some footage on RT, but not a SINGLE frame from our own media.
      Can you imagine if 20-30 thousand people turned up outside Downing Street – it would be major headlines.
      If (and its a VERY big if) the No campaign could field as many at a march we’d never hear the end of it.
      The so-called Scottish media are an absolute disgrace.

    322. Embradon says:

      More brilliant stuff from Derek Bateman. Surely he must be pencilled in for head of news and current affairs in the SBC from 2016.
      On a proposed BT demo:
      “We can play dirty too,” he said. “We’ve already had three expressions of interest from the Save the Union Association in Surrey who can’t be present personally because they’re only allowed 50 days a year in the UK for tax purposes but they’re sending their ghillies.”

    323. Bubbles says:

      I’d like to say a big thank you to Stu for putting up with my garbled praise, well done. Wasn’t it such a fantastic feeling to be surrounded by so many who think alike? My dad was supposed to be with us but he’s really not fit enough right now and looking at the bigger picture is so important; it’s votes we need next year! I met so many people yesterday that I honestly can’t remember all the names. I can’t wait to see the footage from the flying cam thing (and I want one SO badly). I thought the speakers were all excellent but the stand-out for me has to be Alan Bissett’s reading of Vote Britain, awesome!
      My highlight? Meeting Eddi Reader on the bridge on the way back up to the High Street after the rally. I’ve been a fan of hers forever and she didn’t disappoint me. A truly beautiful person.
      I have to agree with many here though and say I thought Calton Hill was a poor choice. It broke the crowd down into sections and that kinda spoiled things a bit. Overall though, a wonderful day. Next time I’m taking the train and getting a hotel.

    324. ewen says:

      Damn. I’ll Defo be there next year. I got home from work yesterday hoping to see a report on the tv. Nothing, zilch According to the BBC  it didn’t happen but there was a lot of inconsequential crap that was deemed more newsworthy.

    325. muttley79 says:

      @gavin lessells
      It will be interesting to hear Ken MacDonalds take on the Rally in “Headlines” Radio Scotland at 0900. I suspect he was present.
      He was indeed there. 
      By the way Lamont is going to say in her speech to the Labour conference that the referendum is already won for the No side!  Have they learned nothing from the last ten years?

    326. Ronnie says:

      Well, what a great day! It was well worth the 12 hour round-trip. So many superlatives have been expressed by others that I cannot but agree with all of them.
      Thank you, Rev Stu for providing this excellent forum for us like-minded folk. And thank you also for the ‘shy knee badgee’ – I will wear it with pride. You were too busy to be able to talk to at the time, but at least you got a chuckle at my blue ‘Y’ fingers!
      Due to a misunderstanding, I also ended up with one of your button badges. I’d be very happy to pass this on to a deserving case on request.
      Having made it up the hill, I and chum needed the support of the Nat Mon at our backs for the remainder of the Rally. The downside of this was that, although facing the stage, we couldn’t see any of the speakers or musicians, so had to be satisfied with the video screen.
      Also, there was some character, who had managed to get onto the Monument before the police could stop him, and was exhorting people to ignore the police and Organisers’ safety commitments with loudly proclaiming –  ‘they can’t stop you’. He redeemed himself slightly by taking pix and vids for people who handed him their cams.
      Finally, was delighted to be able to shake hands with BTP, Conan, Lanarkist, Kendo and A N Other (couldn’t hear) in the pub afterwards.
      Roll on 2014!

    327. handclapping says:

      They cannot learn, they are all teachers and know it all already

    328. MajorBloodnok says:

      What can I say.  A fantastic day and great opportunity to meet you all – though I think the Rev was somewhat overwhelmed by all the adulation (not surprising really).  The speeches were great and I particuarly enjoyed the Alan Bissett poem.

      I wanted to meet as many WoS people as possible and was very sorry that there some of you that I didn’t manage to see.  But it was great talking to WoS posters Kendomacaroonbar, Bugger the Panda, Conan_the_Librarian, Lanarkist (he of the purple half-topper), John King and his wife, HandandShrimp, Beachthistle (with Labour for Indy flag), Cath, The Man in the Jar, CameronB, Morag, Quine fae Angus, Frances, Twenty14, JLT, Caesar!laha, the friendly guy from Caledonia Mugs and many others that I can’t remember.

      It was also a great pleasure to meet Greg Moody (who does the cartoons) and National Collective friends in the Barony later on and to make some totally useless suggestions for his next cartoon.

      (By the way, whoever left the hat and badge in the Barony (John King?) – it should be safe behind the bar…)

      And yes, thanks for all the kind comments regarding my MajorBloodnok flag.  It was meant as a sort of rallying point and because I’m an incorrigible self-publicist at heart (note to self, need longer flagpole for next time).  I was also touched that my functional needlework skills were much remarked upon because, really, once you’ve sewn a flag to your trousers a few times you get the hang of it.

    329. Jeannie says:

      @major bloodnok
      Sorry I missed you.  Didn’t see your flag.  Can we see a picture of it?

    330. MajorBloodnok says:

      Yes, I was hoping to see you too – I had no one else to talk turkey basters with (well I tried, but got some odd looks).  I’ll see what I can do regarding a photo.

    331. Morag says:

      I’ve got some great pics, but unfortunately the battery on my camera is now dead and I won’t be able to do anything with them until I find out what I did with the mains charger!
      Major Bloodnock is a true gentleman.  Walked me back up the North Bridge and saw me safely on the Penicuik bus at half past ten before heading home himself.  Maybe he’ll share the story of finding out in the Barony that a lassie from National Collective had been at school with him – actually in the same class as his sister.
      Great day.  The march would have been better if it had been longer, and the hill wasn’t the best venue there could have been, but hey, it was still absolutely fabulous.  If we’re staying in Edinburgh for next year, just fill the Meadows.  Why not?

    332. Shinty says:

      Blackford Wheeler
      Thanks for the link to RT. Sad state of affairs when we have to look to RT for any decent coverage.

      Shame on you BBC & STV.

    333. Tim F-G says:

      Aamer Anwar at the rally yesterday:
      Carolyn Leckie’s speech and Tasmina Skeih’s clip to follow this evening.

    334. Ann says:

      Having attend the Worlds at Glasgow Green on a few occasions, I quite agree with those that are advocating for this venue in 2014,  this indeed would be an ideal place to hold a rally.
      Central to the train and bus stations and also George Square. 
      Flat and lots of walk around space. Just ideal.

    335. lumilumi says:

      Thanks, Tim, for all your youtube vids of the speeches! Will watch them later when have more time.

    336. proudscot says:

      Brilliant day yesterday. All who attended have already posted that, so I won’t repeat what they’ve all said. Just one point to Publius Pretentious Latin Name, if it weren’t for Alex Salmond and the SNP, all of whom you seem to dislike so much, we wouldn’t have either an independence referendum next year, nor the independence marches of last year and this!

    337. DMyers says:

      I was looking out for the Wings flag when I got to the High Street, but it was so busy that I couldn’t see it and I ended up just going along with the National Collective folk who had a nice selection of chants and songs 🙂  I managed to see the Wings flag just as we were setting off.  The turnout was utterly staggering.  What a great day!

    338. john king says:

      “So, what was the mini-helicopter / drone thing then? Any ideas?”
      Dont worry it was one of  ours taking Ariel photographs 


    339. john king says:

      major bloodknok says
      By the way, whoever left the hat and badge in the Barony (John King?) – it should be safe behind the bar…)”
      Your a toff guv, remembered it half way back to the hotel and went back for it today, the guy in the bar was making sure I was the owner because the only question he didn’t ask me was the hat size 🙂

    340. MajorBloodnok says:

      @john king
      Glad you got it back.  Actually it was Morag’s idea – I was all for flogging it on ebay…

    341. john king says:

      I was so busy looking  for the wings flag I must have walked right past you guys and only when the wife pointed out the Caesar!nach did I see Bugger the Pandas tee shirt (which is really cool then he pointed out the rev by which time I missed the shiney baj but  still every one was coveting the badge with the wings logo and yes on it so all in all a great day it was very humbling to meet the people like the Major, Morag,greenbean, Conan, Bugger, Jlt, Caesar!lha, Man in the jar (thought you would have come to the pub?)Lanarkist, Peter Bell, Elaine C Smith (spoke to her outside the Waterloo) sorry I  missed Handandshrimp and others who’s tags I have forgotten because I got tired and emotional hic, 

    342. john king says:

      on the subject of the Barony Major, who paid for the meal because when Irene went up to pay for ours it was already paid for and she thought I had paid it, any ideas Caesar!lha and morag? 

    343. Helpmaboab says:

      I overheard this on Castle Terrace yesterday morning as the marchers assembled. It was spoken by a middle-aged lady to her husband. They had just got off a coach from Renfrewshire and were discussing their plans.
      “Mind and look oot for Wings.”
      Later, as the marched turned the corner from the High Street to North Bridge I overheard the following exchange between an elderly couple of Morningside stereotypes:
      Her, disapprovingly, “They’re making an awful noise.”
      Him, haughtily, “Making a noise is all they’ll achieve!”

    344. Training Day says:

      Great day yesterday, although only managed to meet one other poster – Conan the Librarian – in the Caesar!nnach.  Still got my Wings badge via a third party though – Colin and Gordon from Dumbarton who both know now about Wings over Scotland!

    345. Doug R says:

      Yeah, lost you when we headed over to the toilets. Queues were awful, definitely more portaloos needed for next year!
      A great day out though. See you at the next one 🙂

    346. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

      Thank you everyone for your pic’s and comments, I am one of many who could not make the trip to march and rally. My Mam is an 86 year old “Yesser & Winger” so I keep her up to date with what is happening. You and the Rev. are doing a Great job. Keep fighting the “Good Fight” for our People and Nation of Scotland.

    347. john king says:

      I have a question, 
      who was responsable for the decision to provide 11 yes eleven portaloos for in excess of 10.000 people considering the rally last yest had that number, it was reasonable to imagine it might be a little more this year, in fact it was easily 30.000 and Nicola Sturgeon gave the (police estimate) from the stage so the provision of enough toilets which would have inadequate for a Cowdenbeath home game was not only an insult to the people who turned up but in my view an attempt by Edinburgh council to minimize the numbers by being able to point out how few toilets were needed what they fail to take account of is the ability of the wings member who had a small helicopter flying over the crowd which would give a very accurate picture of the numbers + a helicopter was hovering over the hill while the marchers arrived, and I don’t think he was site-seeing 🙂

    348. MajorBloodnok says:

      @john king
      Re the Barony – I think it was Morag.

    349. john king says:

      the wife just reminded me of something else, on the side we queued for the toilet there wasn’t even a disabled toilet and we went to help an elderly man struggling to get his wheelchair bound wife into a small portaloo 
      I wouldn’t want to criticize the yes campaign organizers but I’m finding it a little hard to believe it was their decision to have so little provision for elderly and infirm people and so few toilets, 

    350. Helpmaboab says:

      Regarding the helicopter-camera.
      Who was the mysterious photographer who controlled it?
      He was EVERYWHERE during the whole event and, usually, had the heli-camera tucked into his backpack.

    351. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I sincerely hope every body has bought a Sunday Herald today. and if you have not,go and get one now  – or two and give one to your neighbour.
      We need the Sunday Herald to prosper and expose the rest of tthe ratbag press

    352. AmadeusMinkowski says:

      Dear Rev.
      I’m sorry to have not had the chance to meet you in person, and am sorely missing the opportuninty not to have “Wings” on my lapel for the year; I’ve personally recommended your site to well nigh hundreds by this point, and realise that yur wee wings emblem would be helpful, to that end, for the coming year!
      I marched with the “League of Very Sovereign Scots” to support my cousin who had been “commisioned” to compose some folk songs for the march; I’m a wee bit hoarse this morning, particularly due to the song centered around the Declaration of Abroath! 🙂
      Returned to the Caesar!nach after the march and crossed paths with some wings affiliates; shout out in particular to creigs17707repeal ; there may be one to many sevens in your handle, if you have in mind the repeal of the Act of Union 1707!
      Last, in line with the call to action from Margo MacDonald and others, spoke  with missionary zeal to various undecided folks. Outcome: 100% success in getting them moving towards yes, by presenting various facts and figures, and then inviting them to confirm these for themselves on line at their leisure. WoS was of course provided as a generic resource which “pishes out” the incendiary scare stories that are pumped out by MSM on a day-to-day basis, leaving behind only “steaming cinders”; quote from Malcom Tucker in the “Thick of It”!

      Hail Caesar!

    353. Jeannie says:

      Oh…and on the bus coming home, someone from Yes…Motherwell, Airdrie or Coatbridge, I think, left us some small leaflet/cards with a reading list of blogssites on the back.  These are great and can easily be reproduced for putting through doors – just reads:
      All over Scotland, people are deciding that this is not as good as it gets and are discussing how Scotland could prosper as an independent country.  Visit any of the following web sites and join the conversation:
      This is followed by a bloglist that includes Wings over Scotland.
      I’m going to keep some in my bag, just to hand out to anybody that I talk to.  And, of course, I’ll leave some on the bus and train, surreptitiously place them inside menus in restaurants, leave them in loos and take a leaf out of an acquaintance’s book and put them in the pockets of jackets and trousers hanging on rails in shops 🙂

    354. Jeannie says:

      Gawd, I’m really getting slow in my old age – just noticed the wee UKOK wumman in picture 5.  LOL.

    355. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Good Idea, Jeannie. We’ve got several hundred of them. We are going to have some blown up, laminated and put up in pubs.
      Will all you Wings bastards that managed to meet up yesterday shut up about it. With out  bus geting in a bit late I missed you all and couldn’t find anybody at the rally. The more you all go on about it the worse I feel.
      I got 80 folk there on a bus yesterday at £10 a head, £5 for kids and the wee fiddlers on free. We can do this several times next year and I’m sure the momentum will build. What about Aberdeen, Glasgow , Edinburgh.
      Particularly keen on a George Square to Glasgow Green.
      Like to see a John Mclean Demo outside Glasgow Cathedral as the  great and the good gather therein to “commemorate” the start of WW1 (though if they have any sense they will do no such thing)

    356. Morag says:

      Gawd, I’m really getting slow in my old age – just noticed the wee UKOK wumman in picture 5.  LOL.
      I saw RevStu take that photo.  I thought he was just moving back to get an overall view.  I realise now he was trying to include an open space to photoshop in the Lonely Better Together Lady.
      (I quipped that I have him under my mental command, because he was sizing up the shot while standing in front of a step.  I said, sotto voce, get up on the step you moron, at which Stu – well out of earshot – did exactly that.)

    357. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Has anybody got a clip of the rendition of “The Freedom Come A’ Ye” which was absolutely fabulous. This is my choice for a Scottish National Anthem and 5 Hand Reel (ft Dick Gaughan) doing it has been my favourite song for some time.
      (Nothing to do with the tune – the Bloody Fields of Flanders – being composed by a Dunoon man Johm McLellan)  

    358. Jeannie says:

      I realise now he was trying to include an open space to photoshop in the Lonely Better Together Lady.
      The man’s a genius!  

    359. Jeannie says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill
      Hoping somebody puts onto Youtube soon.  It was wonderful.  But for next time,  we really need more music.  Rousing speeches are great, but nothing stirs the soul like music – and if it’s something we can dance to….even better.  Let’s make the next rally a proper party and invite the whole of Scotland.

    360. The Flamster says:

      Didn’t make it yesterday was let down at the last minute – have calmed down now.!! Great to hear all the stories and see the photographs 🙂
      I’m certain that the economist guy at the end would have been Mike Danson – the reason I know this is he was one of my economist lecturers at uni and was there last year.

    361. Eweag MacBeag says:

      Doug R,Balefire
      Great to meet you as well, enjoyed the day and hope to
      see everyone I met next year.

    362. Morag says:

      on the subject of the Barony Major, who paid for the meal because when Irene went up to pay for ours it was already paid for and she thought I had paid it, any ideas Caesar!lha and morag?
      I put the whole thing on my card.  Don’t think any more about it.  Another time, you can pay.  Or if there isn’t another time, it’s nae loss what a frien gets.

    363. The Water Beastie says:

      I think one of the big decisions is that – wherever we end up doing the next March & Rally – we need a large enough venue for WoS meeting!!!  I walked past Caesar!nnach many times (lugging my d****d suitcase, fresh from the airport), scrutinising for some time to see any sign of The Flag…..we need a more open venue (a pub – obviously…) for meeting before en masse marching. Its not just about Stu holding court – a tiny space like Caesar!nnach just doesn’t allow for that option of allowing an online community to translate seamlessly into a community existing within a 3D space.
      All I’m saying, is that that needs to be thought about as soon as the assembly point or march route becomes known.  Its a priority!!  Let’s face it, if there is ANY increase on yesterday’s numbers, then we will need a place to congregate, so that we don’t get overrun by regular marchers!  😀

    364. john king says:

      morag says
      “I put the whole thing on my card.  Don’t think any more about it.  Another time, you can pay.  Or if there isn’t another time, it’s nae loss what a frien gets.”
      you are on , thanks Morag
      and I’m sure there’ll be “another time”
      when Major Bloodknoc asked “what will we do when we’ve won this”?
      I assured him “there are always dragons to slay”
      (and hats to find) 🙂

    365. john king says:

      AmadeusMinkowski says
      “I’m a wee bit hoarse this morning, particularly due to the song centered around the Declaration of Abroath!” 
      Ahve goat a 10 hour shift on the phone and a cannie speak ahm that hoarse, if Alex Salmond had demanded another YES out of me I wouldn’t hiv managed it   , but am recharged,
      and ready fur the good fight 🙂

    366. john king says:

      dave McEwan hill says 
      “Will all you Wings bastards that managed to meet up yesterday shut up about it. ”
      whoo someones jealous!

    367. Morag says:

      My problem was the very low key of the songs.  I can’t sing low notes like that, it destroys my throat.  But it was all just too high to go up an octave.  Too many women seem to think they’re tenors these days.
      Had to sing Freedom Come All Ye to myself this morning to get it properly off my chest in a respectable key.

    368. john king says:

      dave McEwan hill
       didnt mean to take the pi** 
      the wee fiddlers were superb 
      tell them!

    369. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      John King
      Aye. But one of them was so m nervous on stage he was almost sick. You can see it if you watch him. But they got over £100 for their efforts on the street which’ll greatly help the Fiddle workshop. That (SNP ) Councillor Blair in the photos. Does a marvelous job with the junior fiddlers (who are all in the Gaelic Education Unit at Sandbank School on the Holy Loch)

    370. Dramfineday says:

      The Water Beastie says:
      22 September, 2013 at 7:16 pm

      I think one of the big decisions is that – wherever we end up doing the next March & Rally – we need a large enough venue for WoS meeting!!!  I walked past Caesar!nnach many times etc.

      The irony of it is WB it looked as if there was more than enough room at the plan A site (where I got my photograph taken with the gold post box in the background (and better still Mrs Dram didn’t cut my head off this time – these digital camera’s are getting better)). Yes the bands were there, but the top end of Blair street was empty. Still, on the plus side the Drams met Scaredy Cat and her lovely family, just at the corner of the Caesar!nach and Cockburn St.

    371. john king says:

      the amount of people who spoke to me yesterday acknowledging the logo on my tee shirt  (WOS) meant to me the logo was widely known,
       in which case might I suggest others may wish to follow my (AND OTHERS) lead and buy a WOS tee shirt and make it easy for each of us to recognize the others? (and support the site) 
      which in turn means it wouldn’t matter if local difficulties  scuppered the original plan because we could still gravitate towards a group no matter where we congregate?

    372. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I want to see a “Freedom Come A’Ye” done the same way as they did the Bandaid song for Africa
      What a line up we could have  – Eddie Reader, Sheena Wellinton, Annie Lennox, Pat and Greg Kane, The Proclaimers, Rocky Ross and Lorraine MacIntosh, Dougie Mclean, Dick Gaughan, Ronnie Brown, Gaberlunzie etc etc etc 

    373. Morag says:

      Well, would they do it in the key it’s usually written in – which is D, I think?  Nobody should have any problem singing it in D.  They were about a fifth below that yesterday, and it nearly killed me.

    374. john king says:

      Major Bloodnok says
      “By the way, we’re in the Barony having fish and chips fending off the National Collective intermitantly. Just FYI.”
      yea because I would have fought off Fiona’s attentions
      eh naw
       she is  lovely  

    375. john king says:

      Dave McEuwan hill says
      “Aye. But one of them was so m nervous on stage he was almost sick.”
      I played the trombone for 40 years, and the first time I played in public, I thought I was going to be sick with the fear of it ,but the thing you should tell that wee one is that it is never as frightening as that ever again, let him/her know the fear is something they will be able to use to their advantage because the adrenalin rush will make them play  better 

    376. lumilumi says:

      Oh, reading all these anecdotes makes me wish more than ever that I could’ve been there to meet you all!
      Though I might’ve wanted to give wide berth to Morag when the singing was going on. Me? I can’t sing for love or money, just happily belt out whichever great song’s going, and if I don’t remember all the lyrics, there’s always “Hmmm…mmm..errr…uhmmm.” 😀
      I can’t even sing the Finnish national anthem, FFS. Some of us just are not musically talented AT ALL. It’s like being colour blind – you don’t slate them for their slight disability. Why are tone deaf people slated? Not allowed to sing, to express themselves?
      (Talking about colours, my colour eye is impaccable. I can spot Pantone 300 (the official Saltire blue) among dozens of blues. It’s close to the Finnish blue but a bit darker and redder.)

    377. BillyBigbaws says:

      I was there, but Ididnae even see ye’s aboot.  Ye’s wurnae there pals, just admit it. 

      Since attending the march and rally, I have drank a big drink and become drunken.

    378. Andy McIntyre says:

      Apologies for jumping on the end and potentially re-hashing some of the ground covered above (just skim read the posts before me), but finally home and able to use the laptop! My first post thanks to the encouragement of a fellow wings reader I met yesterday called John and his lovely wife (sorry John, I’ve forgotten your surname but it was a pleasure to meet you). My wife and I had a great day, it gave me real hope that we can win.

      As for the attendance mince spouted by the propaganda factory on the Clyde and others, I spoke to the police commander on the ground around 12:30 or so, a superintendent, due to a problem with the disabled access. The figure he had and was working from was 30k and was concerned as the hill can only accommodate 20k and as noted by another poster they had cover for 10-15k.

      Based on the fact that the hill was full and people were still outside St Andrew’s House (incidentally am I the only on that thinks it looks like something out of Ceausescu’s Romania?)  I would suspect the 30k figure is probably the upper limit, but definitely a plausible one.

      Thanks to Geoff and all the organisers for a great day and especially the steward with the “Nelson eye” as it meant that my wife and some of the other less abled got to feel part of things.

      One final point I would like to make; Aamer Anwar and others highlighted that independence will have it’s challenges. Of course it will and to partially misquote and paraphrase JFK, we do these things because they are hard, because the goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, because in my opinion failure carries too high a price.
      We definitely need to arrange a proper WoS meeting next time!

    379. Morag says:

      I can’t even sing the Finnish national anthem, FFS.
      For pity’s sake, that’s appalling!  You have one of the most iconic anthems on the face of the bloody globe.  Though I have to say that when it is sung in church as a hymn tune it is a dirge of the first water and the words are fatalistic claptrap.  (Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy side.)  I hated it for years because of that, but I have seen the light and the light was orchestrated by Jean Sibelius.
      Last week, “composer of the week” on Radio 3 (I know, but I will never desert Radio 3) was Sibelius.  I drove to the march listening to his music on my car radio, and thinking, this guy was instrumental in achieving Finnish independence just by writing music.
      And here we have people liking musical lightweights like Flower of Scotland and Highland Cathedral, and rejecting a tune centuries old, with a huge history for Scots, and words set by our own national poet.  Just because we’re being encouraged to think of it as “anti-English”.  Right, and Flower of Scotland isn’t dealing with the exact same topic, right?  And have you spoken to anyone in France about La Marseillaise yet?

    380. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I’m awful glad you didn’t describe the Freedom Come A Ye as lightweight as the tune is,along with “Lochanside” by the same composer, one of the finest pipe tunes ever written and the words are absolutely compelling.

    381. tartanfever says:

      Morag – here, here. Sibelius is a favourite of mine also.
      Gotta say Tim F-G, you are an absolute star for putting up the videos of the speeches. You seem to have been at it constantly for the last 24 hours. it’s about time you had a rest and poured yourself a beer.
      Many ,many thanks as i missed the rally being taken to my sick bed. It’s been a joy to hear what everyone else had the privilege to listen to yesterday in person.

    382. Tim F-G says:

      Second to last video from the Indy 2013 rally, Patrick Harvie:

    383. Tim F-G says:

      @tartanfever, it was a lot of fun to do. I also covered the 2012 rally and will film the 2014 rally as well. The key thing is to share these videos widely to get the message out. Allan Grogan’s speech in particular I think deserves to be watched by as many people as possible. Could push quite a few disenfranchised and/or undecided Labour voters into the YES camp. As of now, it’s only the fourth most watched video. I’ve got one more video coming up, Colin Fox’s speech. I didn’t upload Alan Bissett’s performance because I already had his 2012 rendition on the channel but a lot of people feel yesterday’s performance was even better so I may still put it up tomorrow.

    384. Morag says:

      I’m awful glad you didn’t describe the Freedom Come A Ye as lightweight as the tune is,along with “Lochanside” by the same composer, one of the finest pipe tunes ever written and the words are absolutely compelling.
      I’m hardly likely to criticise that tune!  But the title is unfortunate, to put it mildly, and the words are already very dated.  Not only that, they’re very “old Labour” – not in a bad way, but it’s not an inclusive text in that sense.  An anthem needs to be timeless, or at least a lot more timeless than that.
      And Scots wha hae is right up there with the best of them – La Marseillaise, Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, the lot.  It only needs to be sung at the right speed and at the right pitch.  It’s even easier to make it work than Finlandia.  It was accepted unquestioningly as our national anthem until very recently – until enemies of Scotland started to undermine its status as part of their comprehensive undermining of Scottish identity.  I’m appalled that people have fallen for this.

    385. Tim F-G says:

      One video from the 2012 rally that I highly recommend you share with your undecided friends and families is Ruth Wishart’s stirring speech which, to me, was the highlight of last year’s event.

    386. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      You’re right about Scots Wha Hae but it’s usually played as a dirge or a waltz when it should be a quick marching song.

      Don’t think that the Freedom’s words are any more dated than the words of countless anthems around the world. The sentiments expressed are timeless.

      As a born and brought up Glaswegian I am a bit distressed by the image Glasgow has among some folk on this site. 

      I can guarantee you that a very large proportion of folk marching about Glasgow on OO businees or republican outings  don’t actually come from Glasgow and most attempts at molestaion of the James Connolly march has happened in Edinburgh. I would have no fears whatsoever about a march in Glasgow. 

    387. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Have just heard that people were indeed prevented from going onto the hill by the police presumably because the hill was over full.

    388. HenBroon says:

      Rabb, thanks for the reply were you the fine looking figure of a man resplendent in full Highland dress order? I overheard you telling the tory fudd you had served 23 years in the forces. I myself served 10 years. I used to wipe crap like that of my bayonet.

      Well done. I noticed he then went on to have a go at a wee lassie until a rather large chap loomed over him and he scuttled of PDQ.

    389. Morag says:

      Have just heard that people were indeed prevented from going onto the hill by the police presumably because the hill was over full.
      On the hill, someone pointed to a relatively sparsely-populated area at the back and said, this isn’t full.  She wasn’t understanding the situation.  The total capacity isn’t calculated to pack the entire hill shoulder to shoulder.  If it were, it would be horrendously unsafe.  But in reality, people were very packed in front of the stage.  Leaving the very back, where you couldn’t even see the big screens never mind the stage, populated by people walking dogs and playing with children.
      In fact, though, the parts that look empty on the aerial view are on about a 45% slope so hardly likely to be crowded!

    390. lumilumi says:

      Thank you, again, Tim for youtubing all the speeches. And I really, really want to see Alan Bisset’s rendition of Vote Britain this year!!! It’s brilliant, he’s brilliant… aah…
      Morag, you make the common mistake of thinking that Sibelius’s Finlandia Hymn is our national anthem. It isn’t.
      This is a very strait-laced and slow redition of our national anthem:
      It’s usually sung faster and with very much more enthusiam and less regard to hitting the right notes.
      Our national anthem is a19th century drinking song type of ditty, composed by a German resident in Finland, original words by the future national poet Runeberg in Swedish. Cheeky uni students started singing that song in the 19th century and it acquired Finnish lyrics, especially after the Rissian Tsar tried to “Russify” us. That silly ditty decame our de facto national anthem. Forget Sibelius, he was one of the drunken students singing the old ditty! Our ditty had been sung before he laid a finger on a piano keyboard. Finlandia and all of Sibelius’s work is great but he did not compose our national anthem!
      The only problem with our ditty of a national anthem is that Estonia adopted the same ditty as their national anthem, with lyrics inspired by the Finnish translation. First in the 1920s and then again in the 1990s. The only way to tell them apart is that the Finnish anthem repeats the chorus.
      Here’s another rendition, trying to make it a fine song, with a trained opera singer, chorus and all. 😀 Pompuous or what? It’s still a ditty. 😀 (This is from an Independence Day concert where the orchestra would’ve played Sibelius before this finale)
      I wish I could find a clip of how it’s usually sung, like ice hockey matches.

    391. john king says:

      Andy Macintyre says
      “My first post thanks to the encouragement of a fellow wings reader I met yesterday called John and his lovely wife (sorry John, I’ve forgotten your surname but it was a pleasure to meet you). My wife and I had a great day, it gave me real hope that we can win.”
      I take it you were the couple sitting behind us at the folly
      having moved from the disabled area ?

    392. john king says:

      major bloodnoc says
      “Glad you got it back.  Actually it was Morag’s idea – I was all for flogging it on ebay…”

      The wife wouldn’t have missed it she says I look like a total a””e in it but she’s not the one with the baldy heid, sunburn on the nappers no very guid, 
      btw Morag I’m very grateful for your kindness and I am very humble and honored that you should address me as your frein 🙂

    393. john king says:

      handandshrimp says
      “Thought Nicola delivered a cracking speech, she is really growing as a politician, and Alan Grogan was also excellent…I hadn’t realised he was such a good speaker.”
      I agree I thought Grogan was exceptional and a symbol of what Labour could still be if it will just see sense,
       btw just missed you when I saw the majors flag you had just gone off somewhere else 

    394. john king says:

      andy macintyre says
      “Based on the fact that the hill was full and people were still outside St Andrew’s House (incidentally am I the only on that thinks it looks like something out of Ceausescu’s Romania?”
      The wife and I were commenting on that when we passed as well, I said it looked like an imperial powers administrative building in a subject country, then realized that’s EXACTLY  what it was 

    395. Macandroid says:

      Here are my photies:
      Enjoyed the day immensely and the atmosphere was friendly but electric !

    396. muttley79 says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill
      As a born and brought up Glaswegian I am a bit distressed by the image Glasgow has among some folk on this site. 
      I can guarantee you that a very large proportion of folk marching about Glasgow on OO businees or republican outings  don’t actually come from Glasgow and most attempts at molestaion of the James Connolly march has happened in Edinburgh. I would have no fears whatsoever about a march in Glasgow.
      It is nothing against Glasgow as a city and place.  I would have major concerns over the GCC.  They would make life as difficult as possible for the organisers.  There is also the Loyalist and Orange Order presence (and their hangers on) in the west of Scotland to consider.  Unfortunately I would have significant fears over holding it in Glasgow.  It is nothing personal against the vast majority of the people in Glasgow.   

    397. Macandroid says:

      Let’s have another go !
      Here are my photies: the day immensely and the atmosphere was friendly but electric !
      Please delete previous effort at your leisure. BTW I’m sorry I didn’t find you on the hill.

    398. Andy McIntyre says:

      john king says:
      23 September, 2013 at 6:02 am

      I take it you were the couple sitting behind us at the folly
      having moved from the disabled area ?
      Yes John, that was me and my missus, she went to cool off and was pleasantly surprised to come back and find that you and a few others had moved your chairs. 
      Also, thanks, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one with a low opinion of St Andrew’s House and yes I could not agree more, it’s another symbol to make sure we know our place within Westminster’s network.
      A great day even allowing for the lack of toilets and some of the other organisational hiccups.
      Just as an aside to muttley79, as a Glaswegian (well just to the south and east) I totally agree, the march itself won’t be the issue it will be the pettyfoggery of a corrupt council that really does think it has a divine right to rule and the idiocy of a small number who can mouth the slogans of Good King Billy, but have no knowledge of the actual events of 1688-90 beyond the myths they so desperately cling to.

    399. lumilumi says:

      Sorry to come back so late, but this is for Morag because I promised a more realistic rendition of our national anthem.
      First 0.55, that’s how our national anthem is usually sung. No Sibelius in sight. 😀
      This is from when the Finnish Lions (nickname for the national ice hockey team) won the world championship for the second time, in 2011. I’m afraid none of the Lions (or the audience!) are good singers 😀
      Personally, I think the first world championship in 1995 was better, we danced on the streets, on bar tables with staff, hugged and kissed total strangers, even the polis, who hugged and kissed back. The next day 100,000 people thronged to central Helsinki just to get a glimpse of the national heroes. (I wasn’t there, the first night was so gooood that I didn’t want to spoil it.)
      In 2011, it’s all gone a bit stale. World championship was an excuse to get drunk for many people (also for the players), and less than half of the 1995 crowd came to the square in 2011.
      The 1995 Ice Hockey World Championship was a defining moment in Finnish history. We’d just had a financial/banking meltdown (bailed out by only Finns, we weren’t in the EU back then) and we’re coming out of a very deep depression, the worst since the 1930s. Just starting to bounce back. Nokia and mobiles were beginning to be on the radar. And finally, finally Finland wins Ice Hockey World Champs. We’d been so close, so close for so many years. Lost the championship to Canada on a 6th penalty shot in 1994. Finally it was Finland’s time, and it really gave a boost to our nation.
      So, Scotland, you don’t need oil, just good ice hockey players. 😀

    400. Ed says:

      Just seen these – easily some of the best photos I’ve seen from the rally:

    401. Jeff Duncan says:

      Despite the best efforts of some Edinburgh officials (who will be named after 2014) to scupper this event and last minute ridiculous efforts to extract an extra £9000 for a public entertainment licence!! (We obtained a £10 occasional licence in the end – does same job bizarrely!) – it is so good to see everyone had a great day on Calton Hill.

      Getting the balance between iconic, accessible and just darned powerful for resulting photography and video is one of the trickiest tasks of organising an event like this.
      What is amazing is that this whole event was brought together with zero budget – all publicity paid for by donations of everyday folk – no organisations gave us a penny for the promo of the event).

      When I dreamt up the idea of 3 x events in late 2011 I never doubted we would be successful but just how it captured people’s imaginations and the range of groups both politically and internationally plus just how ready people were for this was surprising.

      From older folk in their 70s and 80s to 17 yr olds ringing to get flyers to leaflet their streets.  What is clear is that the hunger for Independence goes back a long time and has lasted regardless of the passage of time – I suspect these events will further affirm the resolve of those who both attended and those unable to, that regardless of results and the passage of time – we will be an independent country – sooner or later.

      Anyhoo – a HUGE thank you to everyone for being part of the March and Rally in 2012 and 2013 – we know everything wasn’t perfect but we did the best with what was at our disposal at the time.
      What do we want? …….. [ fill in the blank ]

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