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Plan B

Posted on September 20, 2013 by

*bites tongue*

*bites tongue again, harder*


Right. Our chosen meeting place, it turns out, is “off-map” and likely to be frowned on by police, given its immediate proximity to the “VIP area” that we didn’t know existed until 20 minutes ago. And even though it’s probably too late now for many of the people who were planning on joining our group to see this post, it’ll likely cause fractionally less chaos to post it than to not.

So let’s aim instead for Area A, outside the Albannach pub, and where anyone heading for the original rendezvous at Hunter Square will at least have a chance of seeing our flag and not causing the police to have to tell a stream of people over and over again why they can’t go where they want to go.

To be honest, at this point I’d rather just stick the flag in my bag and hide in the crowd, but then what the hell would I do with all these nice badges, eh?

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    216 to “Plan B”

    1. wee folding bike says:

      Sooooo does that mean more chance of a badge for people who read this message…?

    2. Iain Hamilton says:

      Sounds like a plan (b) Stu. See you there  🙂

    3. Fiona says:

      I think you underestimate the devotion of your … er… devotees Rev.
      I’ve been checking this site plus twitter all evening for updates just in case something changed.
      See you there tomorrow  😀

    4. Caroline Corfield says:

      Mwahahahaha! more shiney baj for me!

    5. Ally says:

      Who the fek are VIP? We are WoS!
      We are ALL vip!

    6. gordoz says:

      Great opportunity for the seekers of the badges ! A bit treasure hunter like / Indiana Jones.
      Ok Im just excited about the March.
      Whats the story about the VIP space ?? Is Gordon Brown coming ?

    7. Patronsaintofcats says:

      Wait… I thought Plan B was Kill Everyone!  Now I’m really confused 🙁

    8. cath says:


    9. kendomacaroonbar says:

      See you tomorrow guys
      Onion Badges……yummy

    10. Fiona says:

      Oh shit – so it was!

    11. Albert Herring says:

      So turn up, get killed?

    12. Lynn MacRae says:

      Suits me just fine, easier to find in the crowds and even handier for the Caesar!nnach 🙂

    13. Shirley says:

      I wish I could go but I’ve just taken delivery of a second hand cat today and she needs looking after plus I’m going on an elephant march in Edinburgh in 2 weeks. Have a lovely day.

    14. Tearlach says:

      O/T (Slightly) but just driven through Inverness and saw a very big WoS banner at the Tesco roundabout on the A96. Your work Stu – or a secret admirer?

    15. A2 says:

      but we thought you were a VIP!

    16. David Smith says:

      Easy to find. Just up the steps off the Wavey!
      Be seeing you… Oo

    17. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Wait… I thought Plan B was Kill Everyone!”


    18. David Smith says:

      Sorry, that was a very poor attempt at a penny farthing!

    19. mealer says:

      looking forward to it!

    20. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Your work Stu – or a secret admirer?”

      Well, not mine, for sure. Is it the long thin one with the URL over a Saltire? Someone tweeted it the other day and I RTed.

    21. Ghengis says:

      ach weel adds to the fun. 🙂
      How much do these badges cost your average independista?

    22. A2 says:

      Sigh … Tesco roundabout 🙁
      see that, I leave for 5 mins um 32 years and it’s all bloody tesco and Danny Alexander.

    23. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “but we thought you were a VIP!”

      More like a black sheep 😀

    24. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “How much do these badges cost your average independista?”

      No charge, natch.

    25. call me dave says:

      One for Baillie and Lamont:
      No joy of course for the patients involved.
      Maybe a bit of credit to the SG?
      16,000 cancer patients a year to be denied vital medicine as Government’s specialist drugs fund is wound up

      16,000 patients will be denied drugs when the fund is wound up
      Cancer charities are calling for the Government to pledge it will not go back to days when patients ‘had to beg’ for life-prolonging drugs
      Four out of every five people believe Britons should get cancer drugs that are widely available in other European countries
      The £200 million a year Cancer Drugs Fund which began in April 2011 has led to 30,000 patients in England getting drugs banned on the NHS

    26. Jeannie says:

      I’m just worried, after reading Derek Bateman’s blog, that I’m expected to get married up that Calton Hill as well.  They kept that bit very quiet!  I’m already spoken for, but I suspect that Mr. Jeannie would be only too willing to make the supreme sacrifice in the cause of independence.  A  man’s got to do, what a man’s got to do, after all ……:-)
      See you all tomorrow! 

    27. George Glen says:

      See you there 🙂

    28. wee folding bike says:

      Plan 9…?
      Bela Lugosi’s last film which did involve killing people. 

    29. Alba4Eva says:

      Got my Maw definitely coming along.  It was she who got me voting SNP in 1992 (I was 20) and even though she has always voted SNP without fail and more specifically; always voted for independence, she has never really been too overly political as such and she just has her quiet self beliefs, but I am so pleased that she is going to be there to see what this really means and just how close we really are.
      Have a most beautiful and wonderful day y’all tomorrow… I certainly will 🙂 

    30. TJenny says:

      See you all at the Caesar!nach, inside or out, as it’s not very big.
      Really excited now that’s there’s just one more sleep to go;-)

    31. Resurgam says:

      I’ll be there, with two 16 yr olds in tow. All three of us excited as hell and with a 20 foot high flagpole!

    32. HighlandMart says:

      I like the plan. Looks like we’re going on a heist.

    33. Paul Kirkwood says:

      We’ll be there .Banner of Kirkwoods for Independence pic of the family. Hoist your flag or no one will find you

    34. Lanarkist says:

      Off-map? There be dragons!
      Plan B(b)(+++) is start singing “We’ll be coming round the Tron Kirk yes we will” There should be a round of applause for everyone who eventually finds the flag. Plan B(c).
      Will keep checking in as long as possible just in case 12 other groups have chosen “Area A” just so they can cheer the VIP’s, and they have to move B to C,  C to D etc. to accomodate the unusually large assembly of people in Area A until they get to an Area that no one has chosen yet. That way they can re-introduce some semblance of structure to the Rally.
      Wings Assemble, cat-herders extraordinaire.
      Shaping up to be a right good time!

    35. themadmurph says:

      As long as I make the 09:00 train I should make it there for about 10:30, that bloody Cockburn Street is steep!  

    36. scottish_skier says:

      “How much do these badges cost your average independista?”
      No charge, natch.
      Clearly you’re no Tory.

    37. bunter says:

      I will be there, but have to wait for the wife and kids who have an appointment with the pandas at 10. They better not be late!!!!!

    38. scottish_skier says:

      5.9 year old Mini Miss SS well excited.
      (she keeps telling folk she’s five and a half even though she’s six in a few weeks and I’m fickle when it comes to accuracy).

    39. bunter says: 
      20 September, 2013 at 8:42 pm

      I will be there, but have to wait for the wife and kids who have an appointment with the pandas at 10. They better not be late!!!!!
      I won’t labour the point but………

    40. Alex Taylor says:

      Heid high, flag high and we’ll all find you.
      It’s going to be a great day.

    41. JimbotheScot says:

      we’re kind of a big deal on the internet

    42. HandandShrimp says:

      Who are all those people in A to V….we aren’t going to get some security guy coming and going Hoi Wings square Q are we?

    43. Dramfineday says:

      Badges? Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!
      We’ll be there just to “do a thing!”

    44. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Who are all those people in A to V….we aren’t going to get some security guy coming and going Hoi Wings square Q are we?”

      Apparently not. Seems that’s just for when folk come in on coaches and need to be told to go to where there’s room.

    45. Fatweegee says:

      FYI – you may be confusing those who dont know Edinburgh with that map (I know Edinburgh city centrelike the back of my hand and it confused me to begin with) but one of the biggest landmarks in that area if the Bank of Scotland HQ – and you have it marked as Royal Bank.

    46. wee folding bike says:

      The badges line is actually from Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

    47. Si A says:

      Surely Plan B would be meeting at point B? *runs away and hides*

    48. Ben Leiper Lossiemouth says:

      Rev, this goes back a bit but with regards to this:
      Have you seen this? :
      I wonder if AAAli Darling just looked at the pictures when he read the P@J.

    49. call me dave says:

      wee folding bike:    Correct I posted the utube version on another thread.  See you all but wont know names I’m coming on the Glenrothes buses. Enjoy the day!   OH bugger this tablet thing…… 

    50. Thomas Dunlop says:

      Good luck tomorrow.  My spirit is there, although my body is in Finland..

    51. AlexMci says:

      Orders recieved and understood Rev. Eh over and out

    52. wee folding bike says:

      Finland, Finland, Finland
      The country where I want to be
      Pony trekking or campingOr just watching TV
      Finland, Finland, Finland
      It’s the country for me

    53. alexicon says:

      “So let’s aim instead for Area A, outside the Caesar!nnach pub,”
      “To be honest, at this point I’d rather just stick the flag in my bag and hide in the crowd”
      As I said on the other thread; “It’ll be the pub then.”
      I wasn’t much wrong then. 🙂

    54. DonUnder says:

      I can’t be there in person but I will be there in spirit 🙂
      heres hoping for for a magnificent day out and nae SDL types skulking about trying tae cause trouble.

    55. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “FYI – you may be confusing those who dont know Edinburgh with that map (I know Edinburgh city centrelike the back of my hand and it confused me to begin with) but one of the biggest landmarks in that area if the Bank of Scotland HQ – and you have it marked as Royal Bank.”

      It’s not my map, it’s the organisers’ map.

    56. velofello says:

      Where’s W,X,Y and Z on this chart? I’m confused.

    57. Jen says:

      I wish I could be there.  I was their last year with my mum and daughter.  Unfortunately, I have to work. 
      Please make sure you upload pictures and videos to youtube and twitter. 
      Enjoy everyone 🙂 

    58. wee folding bike says:

      This is what the post code for the Caesar!nnach gives:
      I’ll not have a velo with me tomorrow but I might use a Raleigh 20 to get to  the train station.

    59. scottish_skier says:

      Finland, Finland, Finland
      As Alastair Darling clearly stated, if you vote for independence, British music won’t be yours any more. You’ve been warned.
      Your mountains so lofty, your treetops so tall…

    60. wee folding bike says:

      If they could guarantee no more Andrew Lloyd Webber I’d vote Yes just for that but it would also mean losing Ian Dury, Madness and Bad Manners.
      Queen is OK because Freddie was born in Tanzania.

    61. AlexMci says:

      O/T looks like Jackie Baillie has forced Ed Milliband to make a statement that he will scrap the bedroom tax lol. Who is making the decisions within Labour.

    62. fluffnik says:

      I’d not have shared this on Facebook if I’d known badges were at stake!   😀
      See you  there tomorrow. 

    63. Stuart Black says:

      I’ll be with you in spirit, if not in body, please someone give a wee wave of your saltire on my behalf, I’m stuck in Stavanger, but thinking of you all.

    64. abigdoob says:

      Tearlach says:

      saw a very big WoS banner at the Tesco roundabout on the A96. 
      Went through that today, and completely missed it. I’ll have to go back again. lol

    65. Jimbo says:

      For those unsure – The Caesar!nach is at the corner of High Street/Cockburn Street.
      You mean the “VIP Area” wasn’t reserved for the Wingers? Much disappointment. 😀

      Looking forward to this tomorrow – bag packed – ready to go.

    66. Davy says:

      Enjoy youselves one and all, I have to work and am very jealous of the lot of you, show the world how Scots shout out for independence.
      Best of luck and have a fantastic day, 

    67. kininvie says:

      Looks to me as though it might be standing room only – that’s not a big area – 10,000 yes, but 25,000 and the polis are going to have to start closing off more areas & sending folk up to the castle esplanade…
      At least I’m not going to be there :(- so it’s a bit less crowded than it would be otherwise.
      Rev: Just make sure you hold the ‘banner with a strange device’ somewhere prominent on the hill, and I expect most folks will find you sooner or later!

    68. Christine189 says:

      One sleep left… Butterflies… Looking forward to meeting all my Wings Over Scotland friends! 

    69. kendomacaroonbar says:

      If you visit the Caesar!nach website one has the opportunity to download a 5 quid voucher against food and drink !! :=)

    70. Alba4Eva says:

      I am quite suprised that tonight is the first time I have seen this, as I believe that it is not new… but had me spellbound.  Enjoy the poetry!

    71. Paula Rose says:

      I was hoping to do some shopping before the march, but it seems like the place will be full of nats.

    72. rabb says:

      I keep hearing something about the police “kettling” at marches. I have my Lion Rampant but should I bring some tea bags too?
      We need answers!

    73. Doug Daniel says:

      Stu, this was a very clever plan for ensuring only the most ardent WoS readers would get a badge.
      It WAS intentional, right? Right?

    74. mogatrons says:

      I like a plan B.
      mogatrons and mrs mogatrons will be in attendance …. 🙂

    75. Oldnat says:

      scottish_skier says:
      20 September, 2013 at 8:43 pm

      “5.9 year old Mini Miss SS well excited.(she keeps telling folk she’s five and a half even though she’s six in a few weeks and I’m fickle when it comes to accuracy).”
      She has a career opportunity in YouGov!

    76. kininvie says:

      O/T Just picked this up off Twitter. Unfortunate pixel error….poor Nigel

    77. AlexMci says:

      @Rabb, surely a kettle will not be big enough. Naw I reckon they are going to need an urn.

    78. big_al says:

      Whit’s a this vip stuff?
      Nae vip’s in an independent Scotland.
      We’re all important.

    79. KOF says:

      Sadly I now won’t be there tomorrow. I took a bit of a tumble yesterday when out walking the dog and whacked my head. Still not quite right yet, though to be honest I’m not sure my head ever was. 🙂
      Looking forward to reading the after match report.
      All the best for tomorrow.

    80. Quick the suns oot says:

      Wait… I thought Plan B was Kill Everyone!  Now I’m really confused
      LOL Patronsaintofcats

      Stu, you cannot hide in the crowd, apart from the fact that i want to shake your hand you could be mistaken for one of the scottish journos! Surely Severin, Cochrane et al will be the ones in the hats, dark glasses and trenchcoats, they must be dreading tomorrow, the thought makes me smile! 
      See you all tomorrow 🙂

    81. Morag says:

      I am quite suprised that tonight is the first time I have seen this, as I believe that it is not new… but had me spellbound.  Enjoy the poetry!
      He was there last year and read the whole thing out live on stage.  I think that version is somewhere on YouTube too.  If we’re supremely lucky he might give us a repeat performance tomorrow – or even better, a new work.

    82. Alba4Eva says:

      kininvie says:O/T Just picked this up off Twitter. Unfortunate pixel error….poor Nigel
      …That’s not accidental Kininvie… when you fully awaken to the propaganda going on relentlessly all the time, you start to see more and more.     The events of 9/11 woke me up to the lies 11 years ago… the British propaganda machine is kids play to me now.


    83. Morag says:

      Well anyway, that’s me back from the Yes Borders meeting at Galashiels.  We had about 85 in the lecture theatre in Borders College, main speaker Blair Jenkins, thoroughly positive evening.  And I’ve just discovered that one of the wee metal Yes badges just adds the finishing touch to my “All our base….” sweatshirt, because it fits perfectly in the O of “our”.
      Message re. assembly point received and understood.  I’ll be on a bus coming down South Bridge, having parked my car just before the point where they start charging money.
      Now I really need my “one sleep” till the march.  At least I live close enough that I can have a wee Saturday lie-in by half an hour or so.

    84. kininvie says:

      There was someone on Twitter yesterday looking for a Gala-based Yes group. I thought of you in the Borders, but Yes Borders don’t have a twitter feed that I could find.  Does your group have a link of any sort that I can point enquirers to?

    85. benarmine says:

      Bus doesn’t get in till 11.30 but hope to catch up at some point. I reckon you could have made a thousand badges and still have left us wanting more. It’s going to be a great day!

    86. Morag says:

      I don’t do Twitter, though I see a lot of exhortations to tweet various events.  Yes Borders has a Facebook page at, and there is indeed an actual Yes Galashiels subgrouping at
      The chairman of Yes Borders is a guy called Calum Kerr.  I don’t know that I should post his actual email address here, but these Facebook pages have a fair bit of info on them.

    87. kendomacaroonbar says:

      any body making any estimates on the size of the crowd ?

    88. Davy says:

      Sorry, I forgot about this and its been driving me nuts for months, but tomorrow could someone find out for me and with everyone there at the rally someone must know the answer. What the f— will the price of STAMPS BE IN AN INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND ???
      It will be much appreciated.

    89. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Post independence ?  boom boom

    90. Peter A Bell says:

      I will have a badge. I will hunt you down.

    91. Hetty says:

      If anyone is lost just ask, we really are quite friendly here…Edinburgh’s quite easy to find your way around, but as there will be lots of folk just follow thw crowd! I’m taking some biscuits and oat cakes and maybe some tea…Carlton Hill is near all sorts o cafes and eateries…

    92. Votadini Jeannie says:

      Change of rendez-vous duly noted.
      Hope the gift shops won’t be sold out of decent-sized flags – not had the chance to prepare much beyond a couple of wee paper ones. Will be waved with all our might though!

    93. velofello says:

      @ wee folding bike: My first bike was a Humber, I was about ten at the time. The Humber had twin front fork tubes and internal expanding brakes – like a motorcycle. Probably weighed a ton but for me it was freedom. I’m much less of a cyclist now, still have a Fred James racer and a Trek mountain bike.Cycling is a most benign activity.

    94. mogabee says:

      Decided to get a bit closer for rally tomorrow and booked into Livingston Premier inn.  All so excited but knackered after drive.
      Hope to get a chance to meet some of you tomorrow…beer beckons!

    95. Tris says:

      The best laid plans….
      Never mind. I’ll try to be there on time… (depends on my driver)

    96. Morag says:

      I bought a sort of rugby shirt thing which is basically a saltire flag being worn.  I’ll be carrying my Wings “A Hundred of Us” bag.
      And wearing one of these shiny badges or I’ll go home and cry.

    97. wee folding bike says:

      As you might surmise I usually use a Brompton, i’ve got a few, but in the winter I move to the Pashley 5 speed sit up and beg which still uses drum brakes. The transmission, brakes and hub generator are all protected from the weather. In the very icy times I use a Longstaff tricycle.
      Benign is very apt. Eaters of grass in a world of torn flesh.

    98. X_Sticks says:

      Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow. 
      I’ll be wearing my X_Sticks hat and my Paisley pattern shirt. The Caesar!nnach it is.
      Hopefully be there about 10-10:30.

    99. Gallowglass says:

      I think you might have to think about getting more of the badges after tomorrow Stuart.   It is a very popular symbol it would seem.  🙂

    100. kininvie says:

      @ Morag
      Thanks for that – I’ll pass those links to any Border tweeters asking for info. 🙂

    101. Linda's back says:

      O/T Labour 2013  consider that folk on £60,000 a year are not rich so won’t tax them more. OK its not as much as Labour MPs at Westminster but in the Hampstead world of Ed Miliband this is real poverty.
      SNP scraps Local Income Tax  Labour copies this policy on eve of election.
      SNP promises to scrap Bedroom Tax so Labour eventually prromises to scrap the Bedroom Tax.
      SNP committed to re nationalise Royal Mail  Labour … watch this space.

    102. Doug R says:

      See you all tomorrow. Ooh, I canna wait!

    103. ianbrotherhood says:

      Safe trip everyone.
      I don’t know much about music, and I don’t know much about what ‘genius’ really means, and I certainly don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.
      But I do know this – our country has produced greatness in just about any sphere of human activity you’d care to mention – the tragedy is that most of us don’t even know it.
      Here’s a wee example, and it happens to convey a ‘message’ that our adversaries shudder away from, because it’s true, and was crystallised last week by the darling Saffron Dickson – we represent all that is positive and life-affirming and beautiful about ourselves VIA this movement to liberate our nation. It’s not about geography, or economics – it’s way, way beyond that.
      We already know as much as we’ll ever need to know about ‘evil’. Now? We’re about to explore what we really know about ‘love’.
      RIP John Martyn:

    104. Holebender says:

      I have been so looking forward to this event all year but a last minute canine illness will force me to stay home and follow events on Twitter! Damned dog…

    105. twenty14 says:

      Just in from a race night, with the winnings being spent, – so if I get this straight I’ve not to go where I was going to go but somewhere else. The somewhere else being the Caesar!nnach pub – where I’ve know idea where this is – my intention is to leave Waverley and ask the first smiling person where this pub is ( I will be on the briggs  platform heading east about 9 ) – looking forward to this 🙂

    106. Robert Kerr says:

      Just back from drinkies with three cronies. On unknown. One yes one terrified but will come round.
      See you all tomorrow. No. today. Caesar!nach is for freedom.
      Hail Caesar!

    107. twenty14 says:

      Sorry Rev – but are we signing songs _ I like singing 🙂

    108. call me dave says:

      Price of a Scottish Stamp (with queenie) is an unknown at the moment.
      Price of stamp (without queenie) ?
      But I’ll be in the queue to make sure I have a few on first sales day.
      Question : Scottish stamps -who / what would we put on them, the choice is huge.

    109. Embradon says:

      Last year I was worried that, because of the MSM blackout, few would turn out for the march.
      This year, with the same blackout, I’m more concerned that neither High St nor Calton Hill will be big enough.
      Next year Meadows to Holyrood Park? 😉 past the Scotsman Building…..

    110. Doug Daniel says:

      Holebender – Generation Terrorists is an excellent album, but you’ve picked the worst song on it there.
      (I suspect this would be better understood on a Manics forum…)

    111. thebunnyman says:

      i might hop down myself and mingle with a few Wingers. (see what i did there. i’ll get me jaicket)

    112. Oldnat says:

      Oh dear – poor Mags. Understands little, and gets wrong what she thinks she does!
      “On Scots prioritising other issues over the referendum, she added: “I think the polling bears that out. It was Lord Ashcroft’s poll recently which said the Scottish Government has got its priorities all wrong”

    113. Norrie says:

      See you all shortly!

    114. K Mackay says:

      See you all there!
      Rev, I hate to think what you’re hangover’s going to be like on Sunday after everyone on here’s done buying you drinks. Hope you’ve scheduled in a few days recovery before trying to travel 🙂
      Doug Daniel, I like damn dog, I like repeat(uk) better tho 🙂

    115. blunttrauma says:

      Woke up early cos I can’t wait.

    116. alex taylor says:

      Up early and excited for the day.
      Four Taylors making it now. Major bummer, our wee grand-daughter Elyse (finest rally leafleteer in her age group) is no well and canny come.
      We’ll take plenty of footage for her to look at when we get back.
      Hail Caesar!

    117. Keef says:

      So jealous at not being there to soak up that feeling of freedom.
      Weather simply fantastic here in Australia today.

    118. alex taylor says:

      Up early and excited for the day.
      Four Taylors making it now. Major bummer, our wee grand-daughter Elyse (finest rally leafleteer in her age group) is no well and canny come.
      We’ll take plenty of footage for her to look at when we get back.
      Hail Caesar!

    119. willie fae Irvine says:

      I’m on my way. Gonna be a great day.

    120. Juteman says:

      Is it too early to start on the beer? 🙂

    121. john kingj says:

      Soooo you thought you could shake me off by moving the muster point?
      HA  I’ll find you no matter what!
      mhooohhaaaahaa haa haa 

    122. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Is it too early to start on the beer? “

      It’s never too early for a Fusillier.

    123. wee folding bike says:

      Having my porridge here.

    124. john kingj says:

      highland mart says
      “I like the plan. Looks like we’re going on a heist.”
      but if you haven’t synchronized your watch the the whole plan goes to hell in a hand basket, 
      plleeeesssee tell me you synchronized your watch? :-0
      have you never seen Topcapi for gods sake ?

    125. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Sorry Rev – but are we signing songs”

      ME singing songs would see thousands flee in terror. YOU can do what you like 😀

      (Actually, now that I look closer, I see you’re actually offering a service for the deaf, which is nice.)

    126. john kingj says:

      mornin rev I take it your broadcasting from your state of the art outside broadcasting station in the heart of dear old Edinburgh?

    127. john kingj says:

      look I’ve acquired a j well well how did that happen?

    128. Bubbles says:

      Well, we’re up early, the car has been valeted (by me), Proclaimers on the stereo (840W) and we’re good to go. We’ll be leaving Dundee at 07:00 and hope to be in the Capital (I like saying that) by 10:00 via Grangemouth to pick up my dad and his wife. Can’t wait. My dad really isn’t well enough to do this but if I don’t take him he’s getting the train. I just hope someone is willing to take him up the hill while I go park the wheels and join the march. Looking forward to meeting you people.
      SAOR ALBA!

    129. john kingj says:

      wee folding bike says 
      “The badges line is actually from Treasure of the Sierra Madre.”
      We knew that,
      didnt we know that?
      hands up everyone who knew that?

    130. john kingj says:

      bubbles says 
      GOOD TO GO 
      Are you wearing sunglasses?
      this is important
      everyone knows you have to wear sunglasses 
      its dark !

    131. Caroline Corfield says:

      Oh six fifty, what does the oh stand for? Oh my god it’s early. See you all soon.

    132. john kingj says:

      kininvie says@ 10.26pm
      HA HA HA thats a keeper
      frickin hilarious

    133. Margaret says:

      Been reading WoS since April .
      Would be great to march alongside
      WoS. See you all there . Can’t wait !

    134. john kingj says:

      Just pulled on my wings for the first time, it says
      I feel the power of those words coursing through me
      (bends down) now where are my underpants? 
      whats all the screaming for,
      I’ve got my kegs on, I just felt the need to put my underpants over them 
      I don’t know why really?
      now wheres my cape?

    135. wee folding bike says:

      john kingj 
      If you spent ’70s Saturday afternoons watching old movies with your gran in Pollok you know that kind of thing. I’m getting my own kids used to John Wayne westerns but they haven’t made the jump to Bogart yet.

    136. john king says:

      I see you’ve acquired an extra j in you name john?
      yea I noticed that too ,
      there fixed that for you john
      cheers john thanks 

    137. Shinty says:

      Have a great day folks – here’s the best song there is (and a nice wee video too!)

    138. Arabs for Independence says:

      Badges? We don’t need no steeenkin’ badges.
      Up early as excited about the march; which is a bit stupid of me as I am in Oslo!
      I will wear my Yes T-Shirt and have my own wee march along Karl Johan’s Gate today.
      I wish you all a great day.

    139. Bill C says:

      Setting off, yahoo!

    140. john king says:

      wee folding bike says@ 7.01am
      Treasure of the Sierra Madre 
      A John Houston film 
      starring Humphrey Bogart
      snap I knew all the films (b films included) 
      when I watched the Saturday matinee with my mum all through  the sixties

    141. wee folding bike says:

      I never saw Dark Passage in the ’70s. Bogey and Bacall. Filmed from the first person point of view until he gets the face lift.
      Number One Son got me it in a box of Bogey last year. It’s worth a look.

    142. Robyn - Quine fae Torry says:

      Just about to head off from a blustery Aberdeen.  See you in Auld Reekie.
      Who’s getting the first round in? 

    143. Robyn - Quine fae Torry says:

      And just before you set off, here is a wee funny to give ya all a chuckle.

    144. gordoz says:

      For those who like to ‘rock’ on the March today – Caledonia
      A blast from the past and Scotlands greatest ever vocalist Jimmy Dewar (Paisley)
      James Dewar (12 October 1942 – 16 May 2002) was a Scottish musician best known as the bassist and vocalist for  Robin Trower.
      What a song !!!!!!!! Live the day !!!

    145. cath says:

      Up at 5am this morning, probably more due to jet-lag than excitement. Dug out Yes balloons, Yes T-shirt and a saltire. Judging by the number of Facebook friends going, many of who I weren’t even aware were yessers, and many of whom are going as family days out, I think it’s going to be a pretty big march!

    146. Weedeochandorris says:

      Brilliant Shinty!

    147. Silverytay says:

      Let’s all spare a thought for Scott , who instead of joining us on the march has decided to go on honeymoon instead .
      Congratulations Scott , I hope everything went well , you can always look at all the photos later on if you have nothing better to do .

    148. Frances says:

      Christine 189 – is that you wee sis? See you at the Caesar!nnach later 😉

    149. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Thinking about trying to get out of bed and toddle down to Queen Street Station in 5 mins

    150. david says:

      im hoping for a jawdropping turnout today… good chance

    151. Dorothy Devine says:

      Is that no a wee bit early Bugger? You could be legless before the march
      I intend leaving just before 11 ,so Ill be a wee bittie late ,things to do , but I’ll be there.

    152. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      getting out of br
      bed in 10. Mins.  Now

    153. BlueTiles says:

      Better than Christmas morning this is. 
      So frigging excited for today!
      Snap your cameras till they break folks cause today is gonna be a sight to behold.
      Look forward to meeting up ya’ll in person 🙂
      ( We carrying the Rev up Calton Hill?…..Wings…being poetic and stuff)

    154. call me dave says:

      Double weetabix & banana bus leaves in 1 hour. Have a great day !!

    155. John grant says:

      jings I had forgot all about robin trower,ah well there ye go just going out the door train to Edinburgh to catch hope it’s a good day with a huge crowd

    156. Helpmaboab says:

      A small change of plan? C’est la guerre, mon capitaine.
      See you later. I’ll be the wee, pale man in a Yes T-shirt. You can’t fail to miss me!

    157. AlexMci says:

      well it’s a madhouse here, everyone running about to get ready. They have been told car leaves at 9 with or without them. Going to take doggy a walk coz he will be left in. Would have liked to bring him but he is an over exited 1 year old staffie. Who has to lift his leg every time he sees a pole or sign or human leg. so oscars staying in lol. See you lot soon. Safe journey everyone.

    158. McNic says:

      On the bus wi at least 20 1st timers, see ye there:o)

    159. nelliejean says:

      Right! My Wings shirt is washed and ready to wear, I’ve got bright blue clothes to wear under it, blue sparkly knitting to keep me busy on the train, and my hair is… fuchsia. My trip to the hair-dye shop is coming a week too late, dammit!
      Leaving for the train in just over an hour. I’m all excited and shoogly!

    160. Training Day says:

      On way..

      We’re meeting somewhere in Edinburgh, right? 😉

    161. Conan_the_Librarian says:

      Lazy Bugger.

    162. Steven Duncan says:

      Heading for 9:30 train Gla – Edi.
      then straight up the hill to the Caesar!nnach meeting point.
      the TIME has come……

    163. Famous15 says:

      Looking forward to a very happy day like last year. Remember your camera and a wee saltire or YES badge!

    164. benbeculista says:

      woke up thinking ooo its today, its …
      then remembered i’m in the hebrides and cannae go
      then saw all the comments of folk leaving for the march and got all excited again
      will watch out for you on the news later .. what ? oh aye, mibbies no
      party time, people, only a year to go !

    165. Gallowglass says:

      I’m still a bit drunk from last night.  So I’ve dressed like I’m away with the tartan army and I’ll be looking for a badge.  I have some leaflets, which I thought might be a good idea seeing as we’re moving for the front if I have it right?

    166. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      on my way to the Choo Choo

    167. wee folding bike says:

      Saltire Buff, shaved head, Craghopper fleecy lined pants, Craghopper shirt, Dr Martens 7 up steel toes.
      Tilley T3 hat if it rains.

    168. Taighnamona says:

      Leaving at 9am and will be there by 10.30 I hope…looking forward to not having my toes stood on by wee folding bike!

    169. Seasick Dave says:

      That’s the black shirt ironed and the jackboots polished…
      Time to rock!

    170. themadmurph says:

      On my way to the rally now!

    171. themadmurph says:

      Unfortunately I don’t have a black shirt:-(

    172. twenty14 says:

      Heading for the train shortly – Rev can I be the official photographer, please. Big shiny new birthday camera with loads of buttons. Go one Rev say yes, can even do the running along the street backwards thing 🙂

    173. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Heading for the train shortly – Rev can I be the official photographer, please.”

      Hey, the more photographers the better. MY LEFT SIDE IS MY GOOD SIDE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

      (Ideal shooting distance 800 yards.)

    174. Simon says:

      Best of luck to everyone! I’m sorry not to be able to make it to day but I am thinking of wearing my black shirt with a very smart white and blue WoS armband when I am out working in Dundee this afternoon…. perhaps not on second thoughts. I’ll save it for when there is another rally in six months time!

    175. David Smith says:

      That’s me wi the bunnet, blue engine driver’s jaiket. ‘Number 6’ badge on lapel.

    176. Morag says:

      Right, I’m awake, I’m dressed, I’ve eaten some breakfast.  I’ve got my saltire rugby shirt on, and my Wings sweatshirt in the bag in case it’s chillier than forecast, and my camera and my smartphone and an apple and a bag of crisps and some money, and I’m off really.
      See you soon.

    177. Jon D says:

      Ya Ba Da Ba Doo
      Coz we’re the Boys(and Girls) in Blue
      And it’s Easy, Easy……….

    178. Baheid says:

      Almost in in Embra woo hoo

    179. Edward says:

      For those that cant be there, may like to see live web cam image from the high street opposite St Giles

    180. scottish_skier says:

      Whit! The march is the morn?
      Och crap. 
      Runs away to get ready. 
      ETD 25 mins.

    181. MajorBloodnok says:

      I’ll be leaving the house at 10 for a wee stroll across the Meadows and up to the High Street.  I hear there’s an event on of some kind.  Weather over the old town’s not bad at all.  I see the Telegraph yesterday was expecting around 10,000 – I think it’ll be a lot more than that, a lot more.  See you there. 😀

    182. AlexMci says:

      Just got on the train, with other half and 3 kids be there soon 

    183. twenty14 says:

      And so it begins ……

    184. Lin says:

      Scottish Skier’s mum here. Get a move on.

    185. Thank you Edward – I a 100 miles away in Castle Douglas but I can watch and hear the march assemble via the Royal Mile webcam,

    186. Shinty says:

      Thanks Edward – you are a star.
      Just watched two guys marching up the street draped in Saltires – maybe up for a badge or getting their round in early!

    187. tartanfever says:

      Man Flu sees me wrapped up in a warm duvet. Can’t believe it – tried desperately to get up this morning and force myself onto the bus but two steps out the house I nearly fainted.
      Absolutely dejected.
      So it’s great to see the shots of the High Street on the webcam – thanks for posting the link. Just saw a group from Catalonia walking up the street draped in flags. Wonderful sight.

    188. Checking the Royal Mile webcam and the crowd has def grown since

    189. Shinty says:

      What’s the flag there with the red cross?

    190. tartanfever says:

      Watching the webcam.
      Slightly disturbing group using the St George Cross flag with ‘guerilla black masks’ painted into each one of the quadrants of the flag. There’s quite a few of them.
      Guarantee you thats going to be the Newspaper headline photo tomorrow.

    191. Edward says:

      Don’t worry it was the flag of Sardinia
      The other flags so far have been for Catalonia, Flemish Flag and the colourful flag of Venice

    192. Breastplate says:

      Hi Major, I think the Telegraph is in for a shock because I’m guessing about 30,000 although I’m sure the media will say that there was 2 men and a dog. I can’t make it but my sister is going through in my place. She is a yes voter but does not follow politics at all so I’ve got to thank her for travelling.
      I told her to meet up with you guys at the albanach as she is alone.

    193. tartanfever says:

      Cheers Edward,
      I was getting a little worried there, so much so that I had taken a screen grab of webcam and was trying to enlarge it a little  – but the resolution was so awful it was turning to mush.
      Glad to be corrected.

    194. benbeculista says:

      see that camvista link ..
      that’s braw that is
      thought i’d only be there in spirit but now its on the computo device
      rerr !

    195. Caroline Corfield says:

      I think I saw a wee group of Winglanders heading away from plan B meeting point however my desire for a cup of tea has won over my shiny things desire. Will find you later. 

    196. lumilumi says:

      Have a wonderful day, all of you!
      I’m watching the webcam, wishing I could be there.

    197. Soda says:

      Sorry i cant make it. The wife lost her gran on tuesday, we said farewell yesterday and its her birthday tomorrow so i’m taking her away for the night, kids safely off loaded to my mums. 
      To all flying the flag of freedom, have a great day. 🙂

    198. Pedro says:
      Thanks for the link to this great cam!
      Hope it goes well for everyone today!

    199. Edward says:

      High street filling up quite nicely. The Webcam is fixed with a view east towards the Tron Kirk with St Giles just opposite the cam (at positions G & F on the map above). Still about 40 mins to go

    200. tartanfever says:

      It is Edward, looking like there’s going to be very healthy numbers attending.
      It’s marvellous watching the webcam, seeing young and old, families, and the competition for ‘whose got the highest flagpole’. 
      Had a quick look for a Calton Hill webcam but no luck via google. Shame that.

    201. Murray McCallum says:

      This web cam is a great call. Wish I was there. Seems to be filling up very well.

    202. Keef says:

      Who are the guys with the black lion rampant on the yellow background?

    203. Murray McCallum says:

      Think that is flag of Flanders

    204. Keef says:

      Thanks Murray.

    205. Edward says:

      The Hootsman running a live blog stating that the crowd have started to march at 1200, yet looking at the cam no movement
      Either the hootsman are guessing or the crowd is larger than antispated…..

    206. Ann says:

      Does that not bring a tear to the eye?
      Makes me proud.

    207. Edward says:

      Finally movement from the webcam area
      Ive also seen pictures taken of the head of the march in Waterloo PLace
      so at the moment of writing the march stretches from the High court down the high street
      down and along Waterloo place!

    208. McNic says:

      That was fablious, what a day!
      And I got a badge :o))

    209. Patrician says:

      That was a good day out, got a badge as well even though the better half has commandeered it now 😀

    210. tartanfever says:

      Well, while you guys were out having a picnic up the hill, some of us have been keeping an eye on the press.

      Apart from the usual downgrading of numbers attending the rally, there’s been pretty dramatic events (ok, not really) at the labour conference in Brighton.

      Milliband went out on the streets today and started promising everything to everyone – like he’s just thrown away the keys to the sweetie shop into a school playground.

      He has:

      ‘pledged to increase the minimum wage to help with the cost of living.’

      ‘not going to increase taxes for those earning up to £150k’

      ‘finance, IT or construction, would be examined to see if they could afford to pay a higher rate to their staff’

      ‘Primary schools would be forced by law to look after pupils from 08:00 until 18:00 to help working parents’

      ‘the housing benefit cut – affecting social tenants in England, Scotland and Wales deemed to have spare bedrooms – would be scrapped.’
      He’s promising everything now as he knows he’s going to lose the next GE. Labour are in complete meltdown.

    211. twenty14 says:

      what pub are we all in

    212. Ann says:

      So the police are saying that the crowd today was only slightly more than their estimated 2012 rally figure.
      Yet the Yes camp claim 20-30K which is 2-3 times higher that 2012.
      I wonder who is nearer the correct figure?

    213. Alba4Eva says:

      Anyone trying to say that the crowd was any less than 30K either wasn’t there or is a unionist.   
      I had an absolute ball.  Got to shake Stu’s hand and met some really cool folk at the Caesar!nnach and on the hill.  Well done to all.   
      Very tired now, so going to have a c an of beer, relax and watch a re-run of the Bengals beating the Steelers last monday night, before sleep and waking up to trawl Youtube for all the best videos of the day.  Brilliant Weekend.  :o) 

    214. Ann says:

      Would love to have been there today.
      Bring on next year.

    215. Well, I missed out on the badges (which disappeared in about two minutes, apparently!) but I got to say hi to Stuart, and had a great day all round.

      Given that it’s not all that easy to spot a fellow ‘Yes-er’ in normal day to day activities, it was great to wander down the Royal Mile surrounded by thousands of other committed Yes supporters. Its given me a right lift!

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