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Generation and stimulation

Posted on April 30, 2016 by

Yesterday we noted that we still hadn’t received a reply to a complaint we made to the BBC about a false assertion by David Dimbleby on Question Time over six weeks ago, despite the fact that it’s only supposed to take 10 working days.


By coincidence we got the reply today, 36 days late, and it wasn’t worth the wait.

“Dear Rev Campbell

Thanks for contacting us regarding the 10 March edition of Question Time. Apologies for the delay in replying. We do very much regret that we’ve not been able to get back to you as quickly as we, and you, would have liked.

You were concerned about David Dimbleby’s statements during the programme regarding the Scottish Independence referendum. He said that voters would have known there was to be an ‘in/out’ referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

We flagged this up to the editor of the programme who responded as follows:

“David’s job as a moderator is to generate and stimulate debate. That is the nature of the programme. He described a scenario that was possible after the General Election and it is not accurate to suggest that the Scottish electorate would not have known that this was a possibility.”

We hope this helps to clarify matters and we appreciate your time taken in contacting us about this.

Our apologies again for the delay in getting back to you.

Kind regards

Lucia Fortucci

BBC Complaints”

That’s an abominable dodging of the complaint. The entire point was that Dimbleby presented the scenario as a certainty, not a possibility, and while the EU referendum turned out to be a reality it absolutely definitely wasn’t known to be such when Scotland was voting in the indyref. Dimbleby significantly rewrote history.

Here’s the transcript of the relevant parts of the broadcast (our emphases):

“DIMBLEBY: What was the nature of the promise that if Scotland voted No to independence it would mean you were guaranteed to stay in the EU? Because there’d already been the promise of a referendum on that.

RUTH DAVIDSON: People knew when they were voting at the independence referendum that the Conservative Party had said that we would have a referendum on the European Union and everyone would have their say.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: David Cameron *clearly* came up to Scotland and told the people of Scotland ‘If you vote No you will be guaranteed to stay in the EU. If you vote Yes, Scotland will be out of the EU.’ That was a definite repeated threat to the Scottish people.

DIMBLEBY: But these are two different things, aren’t they? One is to say ‘If you leave the UK you’re on you’re on your own, you’ll have to make your own decisions versus the EU and membership’, the other is ‘Stay, but there is going to be a referendum’. I don’t quite get what you’re saying.

JOHN SWINNEY: It was most definitely not expressed in that fashion. It was expressed in the fashion “Vote No and you’re guaranteed to keep your membership of the European Union’. That’s what the Prime Minister promised to deliver.

DIMBLEBY: Well you were taken in, John, weren’t you? Because you didn’t – you’d forgotten the referendum was coming.”

And here you can see the words said for yourselves:

We will of course pursue it further with the BBC. We won’t, as ever, hold our breath.

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223 to “Generation and stimulation”

  1. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    This is one that the pressure can obviously be kept on

  2. Gavin Greig says:

    I’d have more respect for “He screwed up slightly in an as-live recording. He’s sorry. It happens. Bye!”

  3. LesRoches says:

    You are lucky that you got a reply, they never sent one to me over exactly the same follow up question after a first shit non factual reply.British Bullshit Corporation, need I say more!

  4. Macart says:

    The audience member and Mr Swinney were absolutely correct. I lost count of the threats and arguments over EU membership during the referendum. It made a huge cornerstone of BTs project fear strategy.

    In point of fact a good many in the YES campaign pointed out the scenario of the EU referendum and uncertain outcomes as the glaring flaw in the union’s scaremongering strategy. The premise as sold to the Scottish public was vote YES you’re out on your own. Vote NO to retain the certainty of EU membership.

    Working out well for them then.

  5. Vronsky says:

    Isn’t this a bit akin to expecting Goebbels to say ‘Woops, OK, you got me there!’

    They do what they do. They do it because they have to, and they have to hope that it works. And it does – almost.

  6. Thepnr says:

    Send another complaint about the original complaint taking 46 days to answer instead of 10. Threaten to cancel your license haha.

  7. bobajock says:

    Its always telling when the audience corrects the unionist idiots on the panel. Then there’s a unionist who retells the lie from the audience.

    Almost as if … its state TV.

  8. galamcennalath says:

    Cameron was promising his Euro sceptics an EU referendum IF the Tories were elected. That is all!

    It was not a promise to the electorate. The Tory manifesto for the 2015 GE was a long way off.

    Also, the Tories seemed a long way off winning the GE almost a year earlier.

    I would turn the logic completely around.

    Imagine, at the time of IndyRef, it looked certain that the Tories would win the GE and an EURef was firmly planned. There is no way under these circumstances Cameron could have promoted the idea that Yes meant Out and No mean In.

    There was no EURef on the cards!

    Also consider this. If Scots were certain the Tories would win the GE, would IndyRef have resulted in a NO win? Probably not!

    So, if an EURef was a certainty because the Tories were certain to win the GE, Scotland would probably now be an independent country!

  9. Tormod says:

    It’s a waste of time complaining to the BBC. I had the same complaint about Dimbleby but made the mistake of also commenting about the make up of the audience. Their first response to me was a poor defence on how the audience is selected and failed to respond to my complaint about Dimbleby. I complained again about them failing to answer my complaint and again they failed to respond properly and made no comment about Dimbleby.

  10. frankieboy says:

    Dimbleby is yet another ‘iconic’ BBC figure and we know how untouchable they are.

  11. heedtracker says:

    Usual brush off from an extremely powerful outfit. But Dimbelby did seem to keep his “Scots knew there was an EU ref coming in 2014” stuff to himself on Thursday

    2.40 mins, usual ukok toryboy buffoon on Salmond’s left starts lying, 2014, “we knew that the government had committed to an EU referendum.” In Dundee, Dimbleby piled in to Swinney, alongside Ruth Davidson also lying her head off. One month later, Dimbleby says nothing. Why, we’ll never know.

  12. BrianW says:

    Standard BBC ‘nothing to see here’ response.

    I’ve got a Hotmail archive folder full of the same blah blah editorial desicions.. blah blah stimulate debate..replies from them.

    I enjoy complaining to them, if anything, just so they have to take time to reply. I never expect an upheld complaint.

    More chance of finding Lord Lucan riding a unicorn in Narnia.

  13. Tormod says:

    I made the same complaint about Dimbleby. The BBC failed to answer my complaint properly, complained again and they still failed to respond properly. I came to the conclusion they don’t read the complaint or they deliberately don’t answer correctly just to piss you off so you can’t be bothered to complain again.

  14. Iain MacLachlan says:

    The only thing the BBC understands is withholding payment of the licence fee. They are already talking about payment for iplayer because they are feeling the loss of revenue. The more people stop paying them the better for all of us. There are still too many people in the world who believe everything they see on television.

  15. Returnofthemac says:

    Glad you said you wouldn’t hold your breath. Not a good idea to hold your breath as far as the British Biased Corporation is concerned.

  16. Grouse Beater says:

    If only you could hear what I heard condescending staff say when asked to respond. “Not the Scotties again? Pass me my latte, Gilbert, while I think of a plausible reply.”

    It’s time the BBC stopped investigating itself:

  17. dakk says:

    That is a lame response by the BBC.

    Even by the standards of a state Broadcaster sinecure.

    They are not even good at trying to justify the unjustifiable now.

  18. Valerie says:

    What a patronising fanny that Dimblebum is, talking to Merlin like that!!

  19. Neil Cook says:

    The only way to deal with the Beeb is by not watching at all. Do not post anything about there editorials or programmes. Just post about other tv channels, media and don’t make comment.
    I have had the same response and they really are a waste of space.
    It will really rile them if they only get the yoons blowing off all the time. If they cannot get a negative response on there shows it defeats the debate. I recommend no matter what pish they spout do not give them the satisfaction and it would be the same if SNP politicians who go on Question time with the same response” if you say so David” wont get asked back and the show becomes a farce !!

  20. Helpmaboab says:

    The best way to persuade the BBC to be more accountable is via their accounts department.

    By law, if you don’t watch or record television live as it is broadcast, then you don’t require a TV license. You can make a declaration to that effect here:

    The Helpmaboab household stopped paying its license two years ago and, since then, hasn’t been bothered once by the state media’s charmless enforcers.

  21. I have a number of these ‘nothing to see here’ replies and have even sent some to second stage. The bbc is so biased and corrupted they no longer even realise it – its in their DNA. I wonder how long after independence it will be when the BBC is in court answering questions of misinformation, lying and bias towards the people of scotland. Keep all your complaints and ‘impartial’ answers folks.

  22. Ruglonian says:

    Cheers for making the effort on our behalf Stu!

  23. old dearie says:

    Well done all you guys for bothering to complain although you know the typical outcome is the BBC fails to accept any blame or aplogise. I feel quite guilty for not joining you since the volume of complaints seems to matter to them. It will be interesting to see what happens in Aberdeen in 2 weeks. The audience will be stuffed full of Wullie Young’s pals.

    The balance of the audience was shown up on Thursday. Dimbleby made the mistake of asking for people who supported staying in the EU to put up their hands because “I know the audience is equally divided.” In the event only about 3 people put up their hands. How come?

    O/T I am being inundated with Libdem leaflets in Edinburgh Western from Alex Cole-Hamilton. Today was the final straw when what purported to be a handwritten letter arrived thanking me and everyone else for our warm hearted support for him. I have had at least 12 bits of bumph.

  24. David Mills says:

    I think the editor need a new dictionary as a moderator should be controlling the flow of debate not generateing or indeed taking sides in it

  25. Alex says:

    We were taken in, all right.
    Isn’t it interesting that the Unionists are destroying their ‘United Kingdom’ – whatever the hell that is…

  26. yesindyref2 says:

    They say about the USA and the UK “Two peoples divided by a common language”. It seems the BBC’s skills of using and understanding the English language got drownded in the Pond many years ago.

    The BBC pundits couldn’t string a coherent sentence together if they

  27. Sandra says:

    Bit of a coincidence they replied just after you mentioned it on here, don’tcha think?

  28. Clootie says:

    The Empire and it’s agents have never let facts get in the way of protecting the state.
    If a lie works then it is justified because of the users intent to defend the UK from attack ( even from within)

    …ask Carmichael / Brown / Blair etc

  29. Breeks says:

    I worry if you complain to the BBC about their unprofessional propaganda, you merely invite slightly more professional propaganda, which can further claim it has taken on board complaints and responded to criticism. The BBC provokes our fury then revels in the mayhem like a cheap online troll. Why feed it?

    We should instead apply ourselves more constructively to circumventing the BBC, and moving the debate about Scotland’s future away from, and beyond the reach of, the poisoned and discredited channels of communication which the BBC provides.

    It should be a honour for a broadcaster to be given the responsibility to provide the support broadcasting and public forum for Scotland’s elected officials and political commentators to interact with their electorate; it’s important to formulate policy through constructive discussion together. The BBC has sorely abused that priviledge in Scotland, and worse, it has sought to manipulate and influence the business of government when it has neither authority or mandate to do so. They have “successfully” corrupted honest debate, since this was surely their intention, and have thus let us all down, Independentists and genuine Unionists alike.

    All I want to hear from the BBC is their farewell address, just as they are booted out of Scotland. No apology required, just go, and turn the lights off as you leave.

  30. Thepnr says:


    You put some great posts on Wings, always a pleasure to read.

  31. NeoconNat says:

    I sense that people are quite miserable and down today so I thought I’d make a contribution and try and take you over the edge. Here’s the next 12 months of your lives;

    1) SNP will win a majority
    2) Britain will vote to remain in EU
    3) Tory party will disintegrate
    4) Tory Government will be brought down in the autumn
    5) Labour will take over (with Chuka Ummuna leader) and pledge to heal the country’s wounds
    6) A federal system will be introduced making Scottish independence impossible forever
    7) Grouse Beater will win the UK tiddlywinks title

  32. Iain More says:

    Not in the least surprised by the BBCs disdain and contempt for anybody that dares to question them. I will be glad to see the back of the smug arrogant gits and their TV Poll Tax. They are beyond salvage.

  33. Kennedy says:

    The statement (lie) was broadcast so the damage is done. Dimbleby knows the truth he is a professional liar.

    Ruth is also a professional liar.

    I hope Ruth becomes the opposition in Holyrood. Nicola can call her a liar every week; and a tax avoider and a murderer and a Tory poodle and an antiscot.

    lets make a list for Nicola (praise be her name).

  34. Fergus says:

    old dearie wrote: “I am being inundated with Libdem leaflets in Edinburgh Western”

    LibDems are thrashing about spending a total fortune in that constituency.
    Their official Expense returns will be interesting, and worth a good study.

    Also if you think the SNP will beat them anyway click No here

  35. Kennedy says:

    …and a buffalo botherer.

  36. Robert Graham says:

    The people who have complained to the BBC will recognise the format and the standard reply yak yak yak now f/off . The surprising thing is the time taken to reply , they usually reply pretty quickly same shit and outcome – zilch , nanda , nothing , wall brick a to talking like , Pointless .

  37. Orri says:

    To be fair the Tories had tried to bind any incoming government to an EU referendum and were told to get to fuck by the Lords.

    In addition it might be worth listening to the “you were taken in” bit. Cameron, in Dimblebey’s opinion, fooled Swinney, the SNP, those who voted No or the entire electorate of Scotland.

    His remarks about the Brexit side not letting it lie also work against the whole once in a generation vibe.

    If anything the overlapping of the EU and Holyrood campaigns is a pisstake.

  38. Free Scotland says:

    @galamcennalath at 2:41 says

    “Cameron was promising his Euro sceptics an EU referendum IF the Tories were elected. That is all!”

    Excellent point!! He was definitely not addressing the innumerable multitudes of tory voters (ha ha) that exist in Scotland.

  39. heedtracker says:

    BBC exists because it works, blue tory BBC for England, red tory unionist for Scotland. Back in the day, BBC Scotland radio in particular were allowed to really go anti Snatcher Thatcher in their Scotland region, probably because it made no difference to Snatcher Thatcher UK.

    Same BBC Scotland crew have matured into a spectacular UKOK attack machine against Scottish democracy. BetterTogether’s project fearing thrived because of them. They almost single handedly saved the union for the UK. Today its editors like Sarah Smith, couldn’t be any closer to SLabour but ex BBC full timers like Muriel Gray are 110% anti everything Scottish indy. They’re all fighting against SNP probably even more than they were Thatcher, Grey in particular.

  40. NeoconNat says:

    The most disturbing thing about that QT video clip is Ruth’s weird, fake, and evil laughing.

  41. old dearie says:


    Just voted no! It’s 50% each at the moment. Thanks for the heads up.

  42. Kenny says:

    I suggest everyone writing to the BBC to complain about anything — and god knows there is enough to complain about — includes the following paragraph at the end:

    “The above facts suggest that BBC employees do not have the required knowledge of the nation of Scotland and so the BBC is unfit for purpose as our national broadcaster. As a forced contributor to your budget, I ask that you allow an alternative broadcaster to be given the public contract and remit to broadcast in Scotland.”

    It will be interesting if enough people do that — and then to file a FOI request to find out how many requests have been made, asking the BBC to retire from Scotland?

    Of course, the problem is that most gave up anyway on the BBC even before 2014.

    What is needed is an alternative to grow. Something based on the internet and social media. If it can grow, then a case can be made for it receiving 50% of the budget allocated to the BBC.

  43. Cherry says:

    Found this:

    Think it makes clear that the EU question would be in Cameron and co manifesto of 2015 for that GE.
    So unless the population of Scotland had a once in a lifetime mass telepathic moment it was certainly not the talking point of the summer of 2014. But full points to Dumbleby! 😉

  44. John says:

    I think we have spies in the camp Rev., too much of a coincidence that you got a reply from the BBC the next day , must be someone with authority to do that . Lets see what Aberdeen throws up in two weeks time , how hand-picked will this audience be . The election will be over , hopefully we will have a large SNP majority , now that should take that supercilious smirk off Dimblely’s face !.

  45. effijy says:

    All we can do is highlight the lies and deceit that the Westminster Tory ( Red & Blue) Propaganda Channel continue
    to insult Scotland with.

    They are Anti-Scottish, they are a threat to democracy, and they did carry the unfounded scaremongering that tipped the balance away from having an independent Scotland.

    It should be in the SNP manifesto that an independent Scotland
    will appoint an impartial and independent broadcasting ombudsman
    to ensure that no political party, or group of parties can
    create programming to suit their own agenda.

    With our money, these deviants pay out big sums to those in the
    know, so that they don’t dare break their non-disclosure agreements.

    Soon we will have the SBC serving the people of an independant Scotland.

  46. yesindyref2 says:

    “spies in the camp”.

    Surely not? Is … NeoconNat … David Dibbleby?

    I thought he was kind of an events bouncy castle. He gets set up, inflated, and the kids queue up to jump all over him, and at the end of the day he’s throughly deflated and carted off to be at another event.

    Not sure whether that describes NeoconNat as well all the same.

  47. heedtracker says:

    Just another display of tory BBC in action, Obama says YES to the EU, Ligger Neil and his merry band of far right toryboys take Obama apart, paid for by sucka tax payer, Ligger could say, a reason and balanced rebuttal of UK at the back of the US trade agrement Q, if any tory media wonk ever asks and isn’t Farage a really nice guy too.

  48. Papadox says:

    GA Ponsonby at indiref2 requires donations to allow him to finish a project on the bias of EBC. nice to help if you can.

  49. Bryan Weir says:

    Here’s my reply, which I received on 25 March.

    Dear Mr Weir

    Reference CAS-3747204-1LLVJD

    Thank you for contacting us regarding the edition of ‘Question Time’ which was broadcast on 10 March.
    I appreciate that you feel a remark made by David Dimbleby was inappropriate.

    I’ve reviewed the programme for you and the first question, put by a member of the audience, was on the likelihood of another referendum on Scottish independence if the UK as a whole votes to leave the EU.
    Around 15 minutes into this discussion, John Swinney MSP was making his point that Scotland as a whole could vote to stay in the EU but the UK as a whole could vote to leave. He said that, in his opinion, part of the reason why many people voted to remain in the UK was because they believed this would secure Scotland’s membership of the EU.

    A member of the audience challenged him on this statement.
    David Dimbleby then put the question to the panel that, if there had been a promise that Scotland would remain a member of the EU if they voted to remain in the UK, what exactly was the nature of this promise- considering that a referendum on EU membership had already been promised.
    He introduced this statement for discussion by the panel. Ruth Davidson MSP claimed that voters in the Scottish independence referendum were aware there would also be a referendum on EU membership. John Swinney however disputed this point.

    This statement was introduced by David Dimbleby to continue the debate, not to put across any view of his own.

    David Dimbleby is an experienced broadcaster who is highly respected for his professionalism; both within and outside the BBC. He is careful to abide by well-established guidelines that prescribe a scrupulously even-handed approach when chairing the debate.
    However, I do appreciate the points you have raised and I’ve made sure to record them on our audience feedback report.

    This report is sent to the editors behind ‘Question Time’ as well as senior management at the BBC.
    Thank you again for contacting us.

    Kind regards
    Louise Morrison
    BBC Complaints

  50. NeoconNat says:

    Nana, why does Alan Knight say; “with a second independence referendum now almost certain, this documentary will be key to ensuring the power of the BBC is curtailed”?

    Almost certain? Why? When?

    Anyway, I’ll make a donation. I like the look of the video and like Breeks I think the media is the biggest obstacle to independence that we face.

    Of course, I’d privatise the BBC. Even their wildlife programs are political. Anyone notice how they always obsess on ants and their fabulous social systems?

  51. Papadox says:

    Thanks nana I don’t know how to do these high tech moves. I am just a novice, thank you again it’s all for the cause.

  52. Tam Jardine says:

    We are approaching BBC complaints all wrong. We have to go at it from the other end. Make UNIONIST complaints about bias. Complain about Kaye being too hard on Kezia and giving Nicola an easy ride.

    Complain that there were too many Dundonians in the audience in Dundee.

    Complain that Dimbleby was wrong – the EU referendum had not simply been promised but legislation had been put in place before the indyref for the EU referendum to take place.

    MAKE them concede the point

  53. NeoconNat says:

    So, to sum up, they are basically arguing that by voting No we voted to live by the result of an EU referendum that we knew was on the cards.

    This before the General Election of 2015 & before the Tory Party won the totally unexpected majority they needed to hold the EU referendum.

    As if all that isn’t ridiculous enough, the big problem with their argument is that the Tories won one seat in the General Election.

    The Tory Party and their policies were completely rejected in that election. They think we need to honour the vague and uncertain pledges of a Party that won a single seat in Scotland?

  54. One_Scot says:

    Is it any wonder more and more people are no longer willing to fund this corrupt organisation.

  55. Tam Jardine says:

    OT sitting in the Yes Bar. I’m enjoying the fact the bandit is Star Wars themed: “Death Star Assault”.

  56. Clive Scott says:

    Please cancel your TV licence if you have not already done so and take every opportunity you can to persuade others to do so.

  57. Flower of Scotland says:

    I know the guy asking the questions. George is an active member of our team in NE Fife.

    Well done him, continually helping us fight Willie Rennie.

  58. Conan the Librarian™ says:

    “Anyone notice how they always obsess on ants and their fabulous social systems?”

    Aye. Ants have queens too.

  59. call me dave says:

    Auntie’s slip never shows but I suspect it’s a dainty red,white and blue combination from 1922 although she has her handbag and tackie boots if she needs them.

    Demanding money with menaces to keep her in the lifestyle that she demands while force feeding us mostly pap.

    Four plus years and counting since I packed my licence in but I can get radio shortbread and other stuff for free. Then there is the computer and the playback for reference when it suits.

    Not surprised in the least that you were given the bum’s rush and the two fingers in the eye, that’s their style.

    SNP x 2 and a Scottish broadcasting system for all the people it’ll still be mostly pap, but our own pap.

  60. ROBBO says:

    Sorry but I am always surprised at the outpouring of indignation at what the BBC does. Face it the SNP have long lost the battle with the British Media and as I have said more than once it is time to publicly boycott the Channel. If they cannot find a way to distort the news in a direct way then they will do it by stealth as we saw recently during Question Times. The questions are skewed to give the opportunity to twist the knife. The BBC are there to preserve the British establishment Left or Right pure and simple. They will never allow fair play if it endangers this.

  61. Ian Murray says:

    When Scotland gets its Independence The BBC in Scotland will cease to exist
    How much money will Scotland save by not paying for a bloated biased behemoth?
    They will all be out of a job, so in much the same way that the ship builders voted No to protect their jobs BBC Scotland manipulate events to protect their jobs

  62. Nana says:

    @Papadox I meant to post the fundraiser in the morning, was rushing to go out and totally forgot. Glad to have spotted your post as a reminder.

    A very worthwhile project for us to donate to.

  63. Ruby says:

    Surely the issue isn’t about whether or not there was going to be an EU Ref but about the result of the EU Ref.

    Better Together promised that the result of the EU Ref would be that the Scotland would not be ripped out of the EU by a decision made by the English electorate if the Scottish electorate voted NO.

    Better Together’s entire EU argument has a huge con. Voting NO to remain in the EU made up a huge part of their argument.

    Had Barosso, Better Together, the BBC,the European heads of state, Lord Tugendhat, Crawford & Boyle and all the other ‘experts’ who claimed Scotland risked being out of the EU if we voted YES had just once mentioned the possibility of Scotland being ripped out of the EU in the event of an EU Ref then David Dimbleby might have a point but as we all know this did not happen.

  64. DerekM says:

    I think i might know why they took so long its those extra 10 million complaints coming in from England`s brexit mob as they find out its their turn to face BBC bias.

    And everybody knows pig lover was waving about a maybe aye maybe no`s depends vote for me 2015 and see EU referendum,he had no intention of delivering it,it was all to keep the tory vote from crossing into the UKIP camp,Labour shot themselves in the foot and never considered large parts of their vote might choose to use their vote as a protest and since the tories had slimed the lib dums that vote went to UKIP.

    Nice plan by those sneaky tories and nil points for Labour eejits,though there was a flaw in their master plan UKIP instead of having done the job the tories created them for suddenly decided they wanted more and put Dave hamburger hill in the spotlight and made him squirm until he folded like a towel.

    And at no point was it used in our referendum it wasnt even a policy just something a slimy tory had said was a possibility if you voted for him in the GE,it was used as a weapon in the last weeks of the GE on Labour lets not forgot all the yoon sears were predicting Ed would be PM,though we suspected differently.

    Labour lost the 2015 GE because UKIP and the EU referendum split their vote well the English had just seen us have one and in the back of their minds might have been thinking its our turn, and were open to the idea of a referendum already and the way to get that was to vote UKIP if you were a Labour voter that wanted a say on the EU.

    As i said sneaky tories the rest well stupid would be an understatement.

  65. bjsalba says:

    When I was young and naive, I thought Richard Dimbleby was a decent kind of guy. Now I question that.

    When It comes to David Dimbleby, I can see that he is not a decent or honourable guy. There is no doubt in my mind.

  66. sarah says:

    STV also doing their bit to support Unionist parties – their news this evening gave Ruth, Kezia and Willie a free run at Nicola’s “deal” with a dodgy Chinese company.

    Pity they didn’t read the Rev’s recent article nor my letter in the Ullapool News 2 weeks ago where I was able to explain [having been Wings trained] that the Memo of Understanding is on the Scottish Government’s site for all to see.

    And the Memo is NOT a “deal”. Sigh.

  67. Kenny says:

    As usual, the BBC gets everything hopelessly wrong. They simply do not understand Scotland and they never will, because they are staffed by the metropolitan elite — Etonians for down darf and Corbynistas for us Jocks (and we know how much he understands about Ecosse).

    For example, they believed that the best way to wipe out the SNP in the GE2015 was to big up Jim Murphy and interview him every single news broadcast.

    I knew from the minute they started backing him for the leadership of the Scottish Red Tories that they were committing a fatal error. Now they are doing the same as they plan to big up Ruth Davidson as the “saviour of the union”.

    When you see your enemy making a loop from a piece of rope and putting it on a tree — and you know it only will end up in him hanging HIMSELF — do you stop him? Of course not!

    Let the BBC continue with their evil work. They cannot possibly understand that Scots are all clued-up now about politics and so see through their bias, lying questions, toadyism to congenial idiots like Dugdale and Rennie, bigging up of right-wing loonies like Murphy and Ruthie.

    When you see the enemy of your country stumbling (blindly) towards the edge of the cliff — do you stop him and help him back? No! The most you do is give him a gentle nudge and encourage him to continue towards the final, inevitable crash of his evil schemes…

    I have ALWAYS said that, come indy, we need to put up a statue to Jackie Bird. She is no Goebbels and she and the rest of them at Pathetic Quay just DO NOT GET IT!

    Jackie Bird and the BBC have done more to encourage indy than virtually anyone else in the UKOK. Let them continue. We still have to get to 60%!

  68. Illy says:

    Dumb question, but someone on here may know/remember.

    If anyone remembers “pirate radio” (radio broadcast from outside UK jurisdiction, but strong enough to reach people on shore, thereby circumventing broadcast restrictions) is it possible to set up “pirate TV” in a similar vein, and what hardware would be required?

  69. David Smith says:

    This doesn’t surprise me, Rev. GA Ponsonby’s book “London calling. How the BBC stole the referendum” describes a person that had a similar dispute on a subject with them and had to persevere 1 full year to finally be proven correct. Even then they still treated the guy like crap.

  70. Tinto Chiel says:

    Impressed by your perseverance, Rev, but I wonder if any of it is worth it: the BBC are Teflon-coated and break the rules of their Reithian God-Given Charter with impunity.

    I don’t watch live TV and don’t pay their licence so your clip was news to me, but totally predictable. I don’t know how Honest John kept his cool, what with cackling little Bride of Chucky sneering in his left ear. I haven’t forgiven her for her deplorable ganging up on the First Minister along with Jim “Who?” Murphy and Wee Willie Irrelevant when Brewer gave up chairing the debate last year. That’s when the mask really slipped but there’s a lot of money behind her in this campaign and I don’t think I could stand her glorification if she pips Kezia, pathetic as SHE is.

    The BBC is my constant motivation to support independence, until I pop my wee tartan clogs. They are an utterly corrupt, mendacious arm of the Establishment whose raison d’être is the the undermining of Scotland, its culture, history, politics and languages.

    Whenever I think of this bunch of creeps, spaced-out Shelley and Ozymandias come to mind. We in S______d can be the agents of its destruction as we roll back the Unionists next week and finish them off next year. Much frothing at PQ, no doubt, but ultimately, they’ll be toast.

    “Nothing beside remains. Around the decay
    Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.”


  71. Nana says:


    Plenty info on google re pirate stations. Just type in How to set up pirate tv for info.

  72. Effijy says:

    I’m sorry if some people are fed up with me going on about this,
    but there is a very advanced campaign in place that requires 100,000 signatures to force a public inquiry.

    We are only 16 signatures away from the 89,000 mark.

    To reach 100,000 would really kick the Beeb where it hurts, and a
    poxy get lost you are wrong reply would be no good to them.

    Please Please send the link to your Hindustani Granny,
    your Brother in Anstruther, and you Pal in Nepal.

  73. Phydaux says:

    Agree with those who say we are wasting our valuable energies on something that is patently no longer fit for purpose.

    What exactly is the point of their complaints procedures? Let’s pretend we give a shit? Let’s take ages to deal with your sodding complaints? Let’s not even bother to say why we took ages? Let’s keep taking your dosh and pretend it entitles you to have your say?

    What an embarrassing, shoddy and unprofessional way to behave.Message received, loud and clear.

    The fact is that the BBC Board and Trustees is not an independent body.Their structures are set up as a model of centralised control that marginalises dissent and is vulnerable to undue influence by well organised sectional interests.

    It is a liberating thing to switch them off.The silence is golden.

    We have such a diverse, articulate, trustworthy and talented pool of writers, thinkers and artists.They are denied a legitimate platform and means to earn a living.What writers and artists know is that the best way of trying to get to something both true and new, or newly conscious , is often a creative one.

    We know there is never a simple truth.All of us have a perspective which changes and develops.Our writers are the oxygen of free speech, essential for self expression.Unlike the BBC, we will always need them.

    SNP X 2

  74. call me dave says:

    Pirate radio.
    Remember it well Caroline etc even Radio Scotland on the Comet.

    Also keek at: for the state of affairs.

    Section: Today[edit]

    Section: Political pirate radio stations[edit]

  75. carjamtic says:

    The BBC has burn’t it’s bridges with the people of Scotland,the stream of Scotland’s national conscious moves faster now,is more widely spread and it runs deep.

    Other people can post BTL about,how to expand the destiny of mankind,I prefer the posts that concentrate on Indy,they have more value……more gumption.

    The postman always rings twice,first with iScot c/w WBB 🙂 …….second the 131 SNP achievements and counting list. 🙂

    To the Rev and Grousebeater.


  76. thomaspotter2014 says:

    Illy @6.28

    This oldie remembers Radio Caroline and a few others.

    The problem Illy is that the Establishment wouldn’t allow any radio or indeed tv channels to challenge their ingrained propaganda- Scotland doesn’t have these at the moment and that’s the reason.

    Independence will change the status quo which is an affront to Scotland’s basic human rights.

    The only country on the world where the country next to you dictates your radio and tv channels.

    Fucking creepy weirdos.

    Time to rise up.

    The rise of the 99%.

  77. Rock says:

    I wish someone would take legal action against the bastards.

    But it wouldn’t work because the Scottish justice system is rotten to the core and the vast majority of lawyers, especially judges, are the lowest of the low.

    So called “human rights lawyers” included. They trouser hundreds of thousands while people starve in Scotland.

  78. Returnofthemac says:

    Quiet day on the campaign so STV news resurrects the chines deal which isn’t really a deal. FFS what is wrong with these people? Needless to say the 3 muppets chime in with there has to be clarity, there has to be honesty, there has to be a statement from the first minister.
    You would think Ruthie, Kez, and the wee man would say sorry folks we did that story 6 weeks ago and there was no mileage in it then either.

  79. Conan the Librarian™ says:

    Pirate radio…the only time I’ve been in bed with a trannie.

  80. heedtracker says:

    One of the worst most BBC blatant insults to Scotland is the way the Pacific Quay mob bury Andy Murray. One of the world’s greatest athletes, most successful ever British athlete, but treated like he hardly exists by BBC vote Slabour Scotland. Its snot fair being a Scots sports fan let alone a YESer.

  81. Liz Rannoch says:

    I hate Dumbledim!

    Does anybody know if he always leaves loaded questions to the SNP until the end?

    Have contributed to ‘the final push’ and signed the petition.

    Did anybody notice the wee article in the National today about an Independent Scotland being fast-tracked to the EU? Unfortunately it was anonymously by an senior Eurozone official on buzzfeed news.
    However another anonymous from another government said it was ‘premature’.
    Apparently we are a ‘key question in their planning for what would happen if the UK votes to leave’.

  82. Still Positive. says:


    Was helping on the SNP stall in Clydebank today and we had 20+ activists and loads of visitors while the Labour stall had 3 for the most part and then the candidate joined them. A lot of people refused Labour leaflets and came to us for posters, badges etc.

    Just heard that Jackie Baillie was seen in Helensburgh this morning with Jim Murphy!

    While the SNP candidate Gail Robertson had a huge convoy driving through the constituency.

    SNP x 2 and EU Remain.

  83. Tinto Chiel says:

    Nana: when you become Controller of Alba Pirate Radio, can I recommend Ar Canan ‘S Ar Ceòl on Greentrax CDTrax 172?

    Brilliant recordings of “O Teannaibh Dluth, “Soraidh Leis An Ait'” and “Is Gaidheal Mi”, amongst others.

    Soul-food for a New Scotland……..

    Spin those platters, Nana.

  84. Clydebuilt says:

    Rev. Stuart…..Surely it’s a more efficient use of energy etc. To have Dimbley’s lies publicised to as many Scots as possible rather than chase after an apology from the BBC. Wingers know what to expect from that shower…….

  85. Nana says:

    Tinto Chiel I could do that no problem once I get my dodgy fingers fixed!

    I’ve sung all those oldies many times and Soraidh leis an ait a particular fav. Could easily be top of the hit parade in an indy Scotland. Might even get Rev singing along?

  86. mealer says:

    Keep at it Rev.

  87. Tinto Chiel says:

    Nana: hope those fingers keep going. We need your links every day.

    Being a lover of Skye and its hills, Soraidh leis an Ait’ always brings a tear to my eye. I think we should excuse the Rev, though: let him get on with shining the spotlight on those creeping, scuttling things he finds under rocks.

    Horses for courses, and everyone an contribute to our Risorgimento.

  88. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Phydaux –

    Re ‘creatives’ relationship with Auntie Beeb.

    No aspiring screenwriter, or anyone with ideas for sitcoms, quiz shows or anything else should ever send anything to the BBC. I’m one of many who wasted years sending scripts to BBC Scotland, unaware that they have no commissioning power AT ALL.

    GB will confirm this – BBC Scotland is a ‘region’. There are 17 or 18 other regions. The heads of drama development etc have get-the-githers annually where they (allegedly) pitch the best ideas they’ve received in the hope of getting the go-ahead.

    Don’t know what it’s like at Pacific Quay, but in the old Qn Mgt Drive they used to receive approx 150 original script ideas, outlines etc WEEKLY. If the envelope didn’t have a specific room number on it then the whole thing was chucked in a cupboard. Annually, the BBC hired a skip (one of yon big yins, not a ‘mini’) and had the room emptied. Thousands of manuscripts representing heaven only knows how many hours/years of work, binned, unopened.

    And if you do remember to put on the room number and it gets where you wanted it to go? You always always run the risk of some lowly intern (or someone being paid pin money to read unsolicited submissions) simply stealing your great idea because s/he also happens to be an aspiring writer. And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

  89. Phronesis says:

    The BBC would really prefer the YES movement to be a here- today- gone – tomorrow story and get us all plugged back into what it does best in this programme – ‘infotainment’ masquerading as balanced political debate.

    Mercifully sites like Wings provide a stereoscopic view . It’s easy to see how any positive aspect of Scotland’s autonomy is repressed and excluded in QT from excerpts such as this- there’s clearly a significant back catalogue of similar episodes ,just in time for Indyref 2.

  90. NeoconNat says:

    You have to admire the totalitarianism of the BBC attacks.

    They seem to be genuinely suggesting that the Scottish people need to honour and respect pledges made by a Tory party that got one seat up here. Pledges that were made well in advance of the Tories being in a position to even legislate for the EU referendum.

    It’s very much like Call Kaye arguing that Sturgeon should tell SNP supporters to vote Labour last year. She went nuts when Sturgeon suggested the idea was ridiculous. She really was bawling at her like she was ready to flip.

    Then there’s the ongoing attack on the dire state of the Scottish economy. The 15 billion deficit is all our fault apparently. And by the same token the dire state of Poland’s economy whilst under Soviet occupation was the fault of the Poles.

    The best part is we are all paying to hear this stuff. I suppose that’s always the case with colonies, the occupied pay the running costs.

    What BBC Scotland does is beyond propaganda, it’s a whole new category of treason.

  91. Robert Peffers says:

    @Helpmaboab says: 30 April, 2016 at 3:15 pm:

    ” … You can make a declaration to that effect here:

    Why on Earth would you want to do that, Helpmaboab?

    I am about to be 79 in a few days. That means I have been able to claim a free TV licence for several years, but as I don’t watch TV, I have never bothered to ask for a free licence.

    For years now I have been bombarded with threatening letters that I will be visited by, “Officers”, who will investigate my case and, if I am watching live TV broadcasts, could be fined £1,000 plus court costs, plus the reclamation of licence fee for the time a licence has not been bought for this address.

    It is all a total, and probably criminal, act of coercion or blackmail. Not to mention it could well amount to the crime of stalking me as I have a wad of BBC threatening letters getting on for 2″ thick.

    The truth is that these people are officers of no military or police force. They do not even know what my name, sex, age or circumstances are. All they know is there is an address that does not have a paid for TV licence. All mail is addressed to, “The Occupier”. Not the owner mind you – the occupier.

    Furthermore it is not a criminal or civil offence to own TV sets, (they have other uses than watching live broadcast TV programmes). Nor is there a statutory requirement to inform the BBC of anything whatsoever.

    Now picture this scene. They do eventually get round to sending their officers round to my address. This is what will happen.

    They only have the legal right to enter a private address in order to contact, “The Occupier”. They must stick to the obvious path to the main entrance and knock or ring to make contact. They have no right to even look through windows or search around the outside of the property.

    So they come to my door and ring or knock and ask to speak to, “The Occupier”. My first action will be to inform them they are being recorded on CCTV. Apparently they also come mob handed. So my next action will be to ask them who they wish to contact and they can only say, “The Occupier”. I then ask them which occupier is it they want to speak with and they cannot tell as they do not know. Unless of course they come along with a police officer and have a legal search warrant.

    Next Up I point a camera, (video or still), at them and request they each, beginning with the most senior, identify themselves and state their rank. As they claim to be, “Officers”, to also identify what force they are officers in.

    This for the sake of the evidence I require in order to ask the local police to bring charges of them attempting to demand money from me with threats of court proceedings.

    Then I tell all but the most senior, “Officer”, to promptly vacate my property as it does not require more than one person to comply with the law that says they have a right to enter in order to make contact.

    I would imagine that long before this point they will take themselves off to go bother some other anonymous, “Occupier”, of some other private address. I will, though, complain to the police that I am being hounded, stalked and threatened by people pretending to be Officers of something or other.

    If you do not watch live broadcast TV then they have no right to presume you guilty of doing so. Nor do you have a statutory legal requirement to inform them of anything whatsoever. Unless they come already with a search warrant and accompanied by a police officer. However, by obtaining that search warrant they are proving they are presuming you guilty of a criminal offence but have no prior evidence you are guilty.

  92. heedtracker says:

    What BBC Scotland does is beyond propaganda, it’s a whole new category of treason.

    What happened to your apolitical indy campaign Neo?

    Why are you UKOKist lot such a bunch of bullshitters Neo?

  93. BJ says:

    Nana says:
    30 April, 2016 at 7:21 pm

    A Scottish unbiased political radio station would be fantastic. Might treat myself to a decent radio if that ever happens.

  94. Robert Kerr says:

    Some years ago I was seconded to work in Fano on the Adriatic coast.

    We were advised by the hotel that the road North was closed. There had been a bomb go off.

    But not to worry it was only at one of Berlusconi’s TV stations.

    Not advocating anything like that but SNP should boycott BBC after the election. Turn up and refuse to participate in discussions unless they are given a fair hearing.

    Mock the BBC for all the world to see,


  95. Taranaich says:

    Off-topic, but part of the “media watch” onus of the site: certain sources have been accusing the SNP of “secret plans” to close multiple health services in Inverclyde, basing it on a DRAFT DISCUSSION DOCUMENT which was superceded and rendered irrelevant months before the final report’s publication. If you’re in Greenock & Inverclyde, read this & share:

    I was born in the Rankin Maternity Unit. It was closed down in 2003. I will not be entertaining any false accusations about the SNP “threatening closure” of Inverclyde services from the party which oversaw the closure of my birthplace back when they had control of the UK, Scottish AND council governments.

    I would greatly appreciate anyone in the Greenock & Inverclyde area reading what the *actual* Financial Projections and Financial Planning Process report says, and not a discarded, obsolete draft which is completely worthless following the Scottish Budget.

  96. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Robert Peffers.

    Thanks for the script for my inevitable visit. Glad to hear that you are fine.

    I have to say that my blood pressure has definitely improved since I have pulled the plug on
    The British Bullshit Corporation.

    I don’t know why anyone pays their tax.

    There’s a whole world out there, not dependant on Londinium and its poisonous tosh.

    Sleepers, awake!

  97. Gary45% says:

    When you become the shortbreads favourite DJ.
    How about playing the Pistols, “Pretty Vacant” the title sums up all the yoon parties, especially What’s a Wullie Rennie?
    The BBC is beyond propaganda and treason, it is quite simply,

  98. NeoconNat says:

    heedtracker, you’re just being thick now.

    Criticising the BBC for its lies isn’t a left-right political issue, it’s a democracy and freedom of speech issue, and I shouldn’t need to explain that even to someone as thick as you.

  99. Tinto Chiel says:

    Gary45%: couldn’t we have “God save the Queen” first? Fascist regime seems pretty suitable.

    “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

    Yes, Johnny, we have, but we’ve got a new referendum coming along shortly.

    Can’t stop the future, pop-pickers.

  100. Inverclyder says:

    Taranaich 8:06pm

    Word on the street is that a darft discussion document was leaked by Labour members to Labour members and can be seenin the hands of the Labour candidate on the front page of the Greenock Telegraph today.

    “The source of these revelations was a leaked draft discussion document. The story should have ended right there, because by definition, a draft is a preliminary document which is written with the knowledge and intention that it will, in all likelihood, be changed in future versions. They are the armature on which the final, official document is built – and the final document can sometimes be revised so much that it is virtually unrecognisable from that first draft. It is for this reason that drafts are not published for public consultation – they are irrelevant, outdated, obsolete, and of no bearing on the final document.”

    All the info here.

  101. Inverclyder says:

    Can I also add that Labour brought in PFI across the then Inverclyde Health Board.

    This paid for the Larkfield Unit and staff at the time were shocked when it was revealed it would cost Millions over the years to pay for it.

    This must be having a detrimental effect to services across the now Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board.

    Labour Board members also leaked the same sort of thing for the RAH last week.

    Labour caused the problem, leak the document to the Labour supporting papers and hand them to the Labour candidates who then blame everyone for the mess caused by Labour.


  102. Iain says:

    I have not watched the bbc since the referendum. I have no intention of watching it ever again. Unfortunately my wife thinks differently although she votes SNP she still occasionally buys the Herald. She buys it for the columns and the life style. My arguments fall on hard ground. We have to win Scotland’s future is dependent on it.
    Don’t forget to vote SNP on Thursday

  103. robin says:

    I need advice on how to vote
    Being a card carrying member of the SNP for 42 years (I’m 58) but living in Cambridge do I vote remain as its best for Scotland or do I vote leave so that it would presumably help us get independence assuming Scotland votes remain and UK votes leave

  104. Skintybroko says:

    The BBC are the quintessential British Institution, stiff upper lip and all that chaps, can’t have those sweaty jocks getting upitty, keep feeding them our version of history and they will eventually believe it.

    The stench of corruption still coming from the labour corpse in Scotland will take decades to dissipate, they had 70 years to inveigle themselves into the Scottish establishment, including the BBC and there they will stay until they retire. They are now bringing up the old Chinese story, Nicola must come clean etc., but it’s ok for the Uk to have done an actual deal and not a memorandum of understanding with the same organisation – two faced doesn’t come close.

    Wherever the Scottish Govt try to do good they are continually undermined by those upon supporters still in positions of power. For example for all the Scottish Gov say that the college mergers have been successful, they could have been a damn site more successful if it hadn’t been for the constant undermining of good ideas by idealist arseholes in positions of power.

    The more the people of Scotland stand up for their given right to a free and democratic society the better SNP x 2

    It will be a cold day in hell before I ever vote labour or for any unionist party in any election.

  105. heedtracker says:

    Valedictory up yours from hammer of the vile seps Brian

    He wishes he’d got stuck in to vile seps sooner in our one party state and

    “Scotland desperately needs a strong, critical media and a fearless, competent opposition. We are not a one-party nation in which all are winners and that needs to be pointed out. ”

    We certainly have a very fearless, strong. critical media, all tory, all UKOK toryboy.

    But opposition in his Scotland region really need to get their act together. Why cant they just get bettertogether again into the BetterTogether party, led by Ruth Davidson or all new Baron Darling of Lararouche, Lady Mone of Mayfair, JK Rowling? None are electable but are very powerful. And Scotland’s One party media really loves Ruth and JK.

    Even his valedictory up yours Scotland what wont vote Lab, makes no sense.

    From vote Lab, they’re really big and great and only want to tax and spend bit more because they’re so good at fiscal stuff, no mention of their PFI disasters but give Dugdale a shot,

    “When an antidote is proposed, asking the best-off to pay a bit more, the faux-radicalism of Nationalism is replaced by the hard face of home-bred austerity.”

    to the actual hard face of home-bred austerity Labour style

    Farewell Brian Wilson, handsome, clever and rich.

  106. Iain says:

    You have no choice but to vote leave as you live in England. The official party line does not apply in your circumstances. Scottish freedom is the most important thing in any Scots life.
    Vote accordingly.

  107. Ian Brotherhood says:

    That BBC North Britain tribute (just finished) to Robbie Shepherd on his 80th birthday was well done and genuinely touching.

    A wee glimpse of how just one of several ‘real’ national radio stations might sound.

  108. 1AlanM says:

    Obviously they never mentioned your complaint to Dimbleby, he allowed the same claim to pass unchallenged on last Thursday’s edition (28/4/16).

  109. Robert Peffers says:

    @Tinto Chiel says: 30 April, 2016 at 8:10 pm:

    “Thanks for the script for my inevitable visit. Glad to hear that you are fine.”

    Not so much a script – more a telling of the truth. They start from the very first letter with threats and lies. They use pseudo-legalese like language designed specifically to frighten vulnerable people to comply with their threats.

    If they were anyone else but, “The State Propaganda Department”, they would have been prosecuted years ago. Facts are that their knowledge of each case consists of knowing a TV licence has not been bought for that property.

    Can you imagine the answer they would get from any Judge they requested to issue a search warrant when they cannot even name the person they are accusing of committing criminal acts? Certain public service providers do have legal rights to enter a property if that property has their services in, on, over or under it. For example sewerage, water or gas supply pipes but TV reception is not one of them and the legal ones have to comply with strict rules to get access.

    Thus the only information these vile people can have is only supplied by an occupier at the property telling them that information.

    They have no right to assume anyone guilty of anything without true proof. The lengths they go to, the threatening language they use and the constant, and protracted, persecution they engage in would have any other organisation hauled through the courts.

    What is more – even if you do use their website, phone or write to them to inform them you do not require a TV licence, they will stop bothering you for a while but then begin again from the start and from the start will threaten you with legal action.

    Believe me I know. I first attempted to contact them when I reached 75 Years of age when they bothered me to, BUY, a licence I didn’t want. They have been at it now for around four years. If your case does not fit one of their wee pigeon holes on their on-line forms you will be persecuted as a criminal and threatened till you die.

  110. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Phydaux (6.49) –

    I wrote a lengthy response to your comment, but it’s gone heaven-knows-where…

    The jist of what I was on about is this:

    The boycott of the BBC via non-payment is now well-established, although they won’t release figures. Long time ago I heard a ‘guesstimate’ by a BBC insider that the figure for the UK is approx one million non-payers.

    It’s time to move beyond depriving them of mere cash, which they can and will always have topped-up by WM if need be. No responsible State will ever allow disconnection of its most important mouthpiece.

    The artists and writers you referred to should boycott the BBC completely. Don’t send them scripts, ideas for game-shows, jokes for topical satirical programmes…send them hee-haw.

    GB will confirm this – Scotland is one of approx 17 or 18 BBC ‘regions’ – none have independent commissioning powers. Reps from the regions meet annually to pitch ideas, competing against one another for available funding/approval. That’s certainly how it works for radio drama. No-one in Pacific Quay can commission anything original – it always has to be rubber-stamped in London. (Perhaps it now happens in Manchester?)

    In any event, it’s an unpleasant fact that BBC Scotland, while housed at Queen Margaret Drive, used to hire a skip (one of the big ones) and bin all the unsolicited scripts – which accumulated at the rate of approx 150-200 WEEKLY – whenever the cupboard they’d been flung into (unopened because they didn’t have a room number as part of the address) became dangerously full.

    Aside from complaints, never ever send them anything.

  111. Tinto Chiel says:

    “Farewell Brian Wilson, handsome, clever and rich.”

    And, for a wee while, an apparent champion of the Gaelic language at the West Highland Free Press, until his Britnattery got in the way. In the end, he was as supportive as the Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge. That’s to say, not at all.

    What is it about these people who have been rejected by the SNP?

    Kezia? Kezia?

  112. call me dave says:

    @Ian Brotherhood
    Now there’s a coincidence I caught the last 20mins myself. I was switching on to get radio 4 extra and it was on so I stuck with it until the end.

    I’m not much into the traditional stuff but enjoy it from time to time in small measures.

    A well done Mr Shepherd, a good lively programme over the years 80yrs old. Happy Birthday!.

  113. yesindyref2 says:

    I had time to think about this while doing HMRC stuff – early this time by over 3 hours. And I’m thinking back to when I first became an Indy supporter having not even thought about it before, and it was about 1973 when someone mentioned I should look at the way the BBC treated Scotland – all kilts, cabers and ceilidhs, shortbread and short shrift with English this and that even including Scots as English. Part of the UK? No, part of England.

    I wasn’t brought up with TV we couldn’t afford it, but it didn’t take long for me to realise just how much the BBC put down Scotland and Scots.

    So what I say is complain a lot, yes, put the back up of the BBC and hope they get even worse with Dimbelby getting dimmer and dimmer.

    And then make it compulsory for undecideds and NO voters to watch, perhaps with a running Indy commentary. It wouldn’t be long.

  114. Tinto Chiel says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood.

    Strangely enough, I was talking to a woman on Tuesday whose friend had submitted a script for Waterloo Road (Boaksville, Illinois, I know) and had heard nothing more until she turned on her Pravdavision set and saw her script enacted before her eyes.

    As Frank Zappa said, “Weasels ripped my flesh.”

    Whatchagonnadoaboutit, suckers?

  115. Kenny says:

    Liz Rannoch says:
    30 April, 2016 at 7:13 pm

    I hate Dumbledim!

    Does anybody know if he always leaves loaded questions to the SNP until the end?

    Have contributed to ‘the final push’ and signed the petition.

    Did anybody notice the wee article in the National today about an Independent Scotland being fast-tracked to the EU? Unfortunately it was anonymously by an senior Eurozone official on buzzfeed news.
    However another anonymous from another government said it was ‘premature’.

    Liz, James Kelly on ScotGoesPop mentioned this story. Apparently, the French were so scunnered at Pigface in the recent negotiations he had with the EU to get all those wonderful new powers, they let it be known that in the event of a Brexit and Scotland declaring independence, Scotland would be given VERY favourable terms of entry.

    And I can see why. Despite we Scots only making up 1% of the EU population, our bonnie land has 25% of the EU tidal energy, 25% of the wind power, 10% of the wave energy, over 60% of EU oil production (largest oil reserve in the EU) and 33% of EU total hydrocarbon production. That is before we get into all the fishing stocks and whisky they want to consume.

    Is it any wonder they want us in and we can do very well for ourselves, especially if we have Salmond and Sturgeon negotiating on our behalf, not a load of unelected Tory “lords”?

  116. Kenny says:

    O/T Any Welsh friends on here care to tell us if the Red Tories made a pig’s ear of the launch of their “manifesto” in Wales as well?

  117. call me dave says:

    I posted a link to the poisoned pen farewell letter this morning re: Brian Wilson.

    He and many other well known faces make a brief appearance in this including the long list of labour FMs and other worthies that thought a Scottish parliament would kill the Nationalists stone dead, aye him!

    Donald D. Brian Wilson (9mins in) .Wullie Hamilton. Helen Liddle. Gordon. Tony etc etc Love the Murphy and McConnell contribution. Ian Davidson 🙂 I could go on.

    Pity the burd presents it and do skip the labour history lesson in the first 7mins apart from a brief Winnie victory.

    Otherwise good, young Nicola swearing the oath and a slim young man…Salmond. Popcorn if you have it.

    Just watched it this afternoon to cheer me up after my Hearts team Hibbeed it twice 🙂

  118. The wee shite Brian Wilson was a member of Dunoon SNP as a teenager. He has plush property in New York and Florida now as befits most good socialists.

  119. louis.b.argyll says:

    Frank Zappa also said..

    ‘ there’s a big difference
    between kneeling down,
    and bending over..’

  120. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Tinto Chiel –

    Sadly, that type of tale is far from uncommon.

    I’ve long been thinking of establishing some kind of ‘talent bank’ where people can submit ideas, scripts etc written to industry standards, in with the confidence that their material will be made available to production companies (for a fee, naturally).

    It’s perhaps the type of thing that interested Wingers could get together on, but it would have to be done properly.

    Another important aspect of sending your material to the BBC (or any msm outlets for that matter) is the straightforward theft of ‘original’ ideas/treatments by script ‘readers’ who are usually paid pin-money (if at all) and also happen to be aspiring writers. Or – and this is even more galling – your ideas may be lifted by (or passed-on to) established writers/artists who’ve run a bit dry and need ‘fresh’ material.

    It happened to me (almost twenty years ago – it involved a Scottish broadsheet and a very well-kent ‘crime’ writer) and I went so far as to secure expert legal advice – the chap had a long hard look at the evidence and said:

    ‘Yep. They’ve nicked it lock stock and barrel, but the wording has been changed so we can’t act on it and you can’t speak about it. If you repeat the details of what happened and those comments are recorded or witnessed in any form, they’ll sue you, and they’ll win.’

  121. ScotFree1320 says:

    Forty-five percent (as of 18th Sept, 2014) and rising of the people of Scotland, can see right through the news agenda provided by the state broadcaster.

    Still more will join them this summer, thanks to Stewart Hosie and the circa 116,000 members of the Scottish National Party.

    Scotland will, once again, be an independent nation.

    Be patient and trust in Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.


  122. heedtracker says:

    What is it about these people who have been rejected by the SNP?

    Kezia? Kezia?

    The real world worry is austerity UKOK style is here in Scotland now and it is really bad news for Scotland. Guys like Wilson raged against Scottish devo anything all the way to the line so here we are.

    All Holyrood can do is hike PAYE and all to pay for UK austerity. So on one UKOK hand, yoonster rage at Scotland fires in with their £15bn deficit makes Scotland shite. On the other, The Vow fraud only giving up PAYE, hands red and blue tory yoonsters like Wilson a very big stick to beat the SNP and Scottish voters, they hope.

    SLab say they want to suck even more money out of the Scottish money supply with PAYE tax hikes but its already dwindling and has been for several years. 2014 was a once in lifetime thing to break away from south England centralisation by likes of Wilson but UK national debt and borrowing has only really hurt the worst off. Its not going to stop there though.

  123. CameronB Brodie says:

    The corporation was always an establishment institution, deeply embedded in the security state and subject to direct government control in an emergency. The sexism at the BBC, as Seaton recounts, was appalling, as in many other workplaces, and ethnic diversity non-existent. Around 40% of the staff were vetted by MI5: those who failed the “political reliability” test, often for the mildest of radical connections, were blacklisted – their personnel files marked with the symbol of a Christmas tree. To give a flavour of the relationship, one broadcaster still well-known today had to be brought home from a foreign posting in the 1980s after BBC management became alarmed that his relationship with MI6 was becoming too overt.

  124. Tinto Chiel says:

    lba: quite so. No one is bending over here, thank God.

    Ian: I should add the lady in question was a Nawbag Ain’t The Union Wonderful type, so my schade has never been so freude.

    I appoint you Supreme Creative Commissar in the Scottish Republic.

    Could you just have a wee look at the first three chapters of my Great Scottish Novel?


  125. Ghillie says:

    The BUM, and particularly that glorious and wonderful national treasure, our BBC, (puke) remind of the bullies that always pranced away, just out of reach…until one day, when you had grown just a little bigger… and caught them.

    Well done Rev.

    Keep up the pressure.

  126. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Tinto Chiel –

    ‘Could you just have a wee look at the first three chapters of my Great Scottish Novel?’

    Nae probs, so long as it’s Arial 12-point, 1.5 spaced, with generous margins and no illustrations.

    Oh, and btw, if it’s any good I WILL nick it!


  127. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @CamB –

    You’ll remember – but many won’t have seen – Grouse Beater’s testimony, right here on WOS, about all the ‘Christmas Tree’ stuff.

    It should be a national scandal, right up there with the covert blacklisting of political activists in construction/manufacturing, but who’s going to give it any air-time?

    This ain’t tinfoil-hat territory – this is real, and has catastrophic consequences for skilled workers (be they authors, artists, brickies or steelworkers) who, for whatever reason, are deemed not to be ‘playing the game’.

    The rules will never ever change unless and until we acknowledge how utterly rigged the game really is.

  128. George A. Webster says:

    As the ‘audience member’ quoted from the programme by Wings, I totally agree that the response from the BBC to Wings’ complaint about the specious and partisan direction of the discussion by Dimbleby is wholly inadequate and deflective.

  129. A.D. says:

    My mother who is 87 years old has always supported Labour- a family thing as her father, who was a staunch trade unionist/voted for Atlee after the Second World War,surprised me today to say that after voting for Labour for 65 years said that she was fed up and had enough and that she decided to vote for Liberal- you never know she might yet vote SNP( for independence) in her lifetime…….

  130. Tinto Chiel says:

    Och, Ian, your standards are too high for me. I’ll stick with my agents, Nockitoff and Runne. Seem like nice boys…..

    Seriously, your talent bank idea is worth pursuing, and you obviously have experience of the rip-off merchants. An “agent” with integrity could go far in this murky business.

    Think “Broadway Danny Rose”, my boy.


  131. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    This may be a good opportunity to mention the final funding push to complete the film documentary of GA Ponsonby’s most excellent book on BBC Bias – “London Calling – How the BBC Stole the Referendum”.

    Best thing is I am sure Jackie Bird, Glenn Campbell, Eleanor Bradford and co will not like it very much.

    So please chip in a few pounds from all that money you are saving from not paying your BBC licence fees.

    They are not looking for too much and it is one way of getting back at the propaganda pumped out by BBC PQ.

    No point in sending in complaints to the BBC – just fund this project and distribute this documentary far and wide.

  132. Taranaich says:


    Can I also add that Labour brought in PFI across the then Inverclyde Health Board.

    This paid for the Larkfield Unit and staff at the time were shocked when it was revealed it would cost Millions over the years to pay for it.

    This must be having a detrimental effect to services across the now Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board.

    Labour Board members also leaked the same sort of thing for the RAH last week.

    Labour caused the problem, leak the document to the Labour supporting papers and hand them to the Labour candidates who then blame everyone for the mess caused by Labour.


    Thanks very much for that. I was aware that PFI was involved in some health projects in Inverclyde, but I was more concerned by the idea we should pay more attention to a draft than a final report.

    Certainly the fact NHSGGC considered closures is very worrying, even if they ended up not appearing in the final document in February – but the fact of the matters is NHSGGC did not see fit to do so.

    Either the NHSGGC are not being entirely truthful and these closures are still going ahead despite them not being mentioned in the final report (which is a huge deal), or we’re expected to consider what’s in a draft document to be more important & relevant than a final publication. Who do we believe, the NHSGGC or the Other Party?

  133. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Tinto Chiel –


    I remember sitting in the office of a Glasgow-based production company. I was with a film producer friend, and we were trying to devise a last-minute submission for a short-film competition…

    …for hours we sat, mulling, and during the lengthy silences we could hear people across the divider writing a recipe book. It was a ‘job’ – they had to write a ‘new’ recipe book, and were culling a range of published works, coining fashionable names for perennial favourites, changing the ingredients slightly, shaving off an ounce or grammes here and there and/or introducing new ingredients which they thought might be suitable. They were probably on a flat fee, had to get the thing done quickly, but were enjoying themselves mightily by lobbing in the occasional surprise ingredient. I know for sure that one of the culprits was a well-known film director, later to become a major player in one of Scotland’s very few long-running soap-operas.

    Is such behaviour defensible? Well, if you’re ‘between jobs’ and have weans to feed and bills to pay, I guess it is, but I’d like to see that pair justify what they did to whoever attempted Boeuf Wellington for a major family dinner using the recipe they’d concocted!

    It stinks, aye, but hey, as we all know now, it’s nothing compared to what some journalists do on a daily basis with ‘news’.


  134. Conan the Librarian™ says:

    “a major player in one of Scotland’s very few long-running soap-operas.”

    Death is too good for him.

  135. Ghillie says:

    Breeks @3.53pm Agree with thepnr, that was a brilliant comment. The BBC can only hang their head in shame.

    Liz Rannoch @7.13pm and Kenny @9.31pm Thanks for that! ( Aritcle in National re an independent Scotland being VERY welcome in the EU!)

    Even though the comments were anonomous they are very believable! And heartwarming = )

  136. Gary45% says:

    If its the same Brian Wilson ex Labour wanker.
    Then he can now be known as “Brian Wilson the ARSEHOLE wi a hoose in New York and Florida.” He is up there with Bliar remember his son was caught with drugs and good old Tony’s party de-classified cannabis, so (I think it was James, got a lighter sentence), correct me if I am wrong.
    The whole lot of them rotten to the core.
    Just watched B. Ponsonby with wee Nic , he is the only interviewer who seems to be fair. IMO

  137. Liz Rannoch says:

    @ Kenny 9.31pm

    Thanks very much for the link. Unbelievable when you see it all listed like that. (on a Russian Culture site?!)

    @ call me dave 10.36

    I’ve never seen that one before – says it all really – EBC at it’s best, an obituary for their party.

    Thanks guys – night night.

  138. heedtracker says:

    Great definition of hubris on latest front page of Sunday Herald. Just when you think UK hackdom cant get any dumber too. If SNP agreed to this moronic display, its good example of how bad it can get in democracy that’s as dysfunctional as ours.

    WTFuck are they doing!

  139. Valerie says:

    Minister of WeeFrees in Perth denouncing SNP as Satanic.

    Urging people to think very carefully about voting for a party tearing apart our society.

    Basing it on the gender neutral legislation proposal

    Not right keen on people shavings rights or choices, are they?

    I knew I was part of a cult, but Satanic? I’m sitting here bloody freezing too.

  140. Tinto Chiel says:

    Ian, sadly, creativity is not really valued in the “real world”, as I’m sure you know. Too many parasites happy to exploit materially poor and vulnerable writers.

    On here, yourself, Macart, Thepnr, Capella, Breeks, Nana, yesindyref2, heedtracker’s Grauniad rants and SO many others keep me going. I should also add some of Grouse Beater’s essays have been spot-on, in particular the one a year after 19/9/14, his summary of SNP achievements and his recent pro-Europe musings, which were spookily consonant with my own thoughts (dinna fash, GB!). No shortage of talent there. And Phronesis: whoever you are, your rare contributions I have always found stimulating.

    As Cactus said, this is a great site to exchange ideas. We don’t always agree, but who wants group think?

    Oh, I forgot, we are a Cult.

    Actually, the Unionists know the game’s up. It’s just a question of time and how much damage they wish to do before disengagement.

    Remember India.

    Night all.

  141. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Tinto Chiel –

    G’night buddy.

    If the whole ‘talent bank’ thing is something you think you may be interested in, we can always discuss it on O/T.

    In any event, more power to ye.


  142. yesindyref2 says:

    @tinto Chiel; “We don’t always agree

    I don’t agree.


  143. Onwards says:

    @heedtracker says:

    “Great definition of hubris on latest front page of Sunday Herald. Just when you think UK hackdom cant get any dumber too”

    Just wow.
    What the fuck are they playing at ?

    They have a strong editorial line, perhaps trying to win back SNP supporters: “What we want…an SNP majority government and a boost for pro-indy Greens.”

    But then the most self-defeating cover you could imagine.. arrogantly proclaiming that a Holyrood win is GUARANTEED, and perhaps giving the impression it is Sturgeon’s own view.

    I hope they have time to stop the presses and get that changed for a second edition. I have been generally supportive of the Sunday Herald so far, but that is just crazy and the last impression the SNP would ever want to give when they are fighting for every vote.

  144. Tinto Chiel says:

    Ian: just brushing the old toothy-pegs but this may be a suitable subject for a future Wings get-together, I think. Mrs TC is watching a box set of Gray’s Lobotomy so it’s back to the GSN.

    Just keep that Paula Rose away fae me: bent down to pick up my bridie and got skewered by her 6″ heels in Freedom Square last year.

    What a dame!


  145. Grouse Beater says:

    This one?
    It’s stiffened with a steel rod:

  146. Flower of Scotland says:

    I was helping at the SNP hub in Cupar today and we had a lady visitor who insisted that she was a staunch SNP supporter. She also insisted that we should be giving our second votes to another Indy party because the brilliant Prof.Curtis said so on the BBC.

    To cut a long story short, we soon thought that she was maybe a LibDem plant or a very confused Lady. However thanks to the Rev, James Kelly and you Wingers I had enough information to disagree with knowledge.

    She walked out in the huff. Thanks Wings and Wingers!

  147. yesindyref2 says:

    @Heed / @Onwards
    Was my first thought when I saw Heed’s post and looked it up.

    But – if the SH’s readership is perhaps all Indy supporters, then how many non-Indy people will see the smaller print that says “Guaranteed”?

    So I don’t know. Perhaps the idea is to hit Indy supporters with the idea that a 2nd Indy ref is on the way soon, so better vote SNP to keep that chance up.

    I’m confused.

  148. Tinto Chiel says:

    yesindyref2: 😉

    Too late for double negatives!

  149. Flower of Scotland says:

    My last comment sounded big headed. Everyone in the hub chipped in with information, but I for once felt that due to this site, I was able to hold my own and argue with some conviction.

    Anyway, thanks.

  150. yesindyref2 says:

    @Tinto Chiel
    OK then.

    Oh no it is.

  151. Tinto Chiel says:

    Grouse Beater says:
    1 May, 2016 at 12:02 am
    This one?

    Yup, that’s the one.


  152. Marcia says:

    Flower Of Scotland

    You didn’t sound big headed at all. Information shared.

  153. NeoconNat says:

    Onwards: “What the fuck are they playing at?”

    It’s called selling newspapers.

    The only real potential threat to the outcome is a low turnout which we calculate would hurt the SNP most.

    Isn’t it interesting that none of the unionist parties have invited any heavyweights up to help?

    This is one of the oddest election campaigns in the history of vassal states.

  154. Marcia says:


    The SH in my view went downhill after Richard Walker left and I no longer buy it.

  155. mike cassidy says:

    I drew attention previously to how the BBC ‘deal with’ complaints which they publicly claim to take seriously.

    Hardly surprising they are openly contemptuous in dealing with private complaints – even ones where they know it is likely their reply will be made public.

  156. Conan the Librarian™ says:

    “It’s called selling newspapers.”

    The Scotsman tried that approach…

  157. heedtracker says:

    Onwards says:
    30 April, 2016 at 11:55 pm
    @heedtracker says:

    Its so bad, its clearly there to cause as much damage as possible. Or this dude’s just really stupid and no one is this stupid. His “Guaranteed win,” rubbish, as close as D’Hont makes Holyrood, is just hard core political journo cunning and really desperate too.

    sunday herald Retweeted
    NeilMackay ?@NeilMackay 36m36 minutes ago
    What the Sunday Herald wants from the next Scottish Parliament

  158. stephen says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the front pages of the Sunday Herald or Scotland on Sunday,nobody buys them .Its not going to alter the result on Thursday .

  159. call me dave says:

    Second referendum while I am First Minister, predicts Sturgeon

    Nicola Sturgeon contemplates power and independence under her own electoral mandate

    Riddle deepens over Ruth Davidson and allegations of referendum election fraud

  160. Returnofthemac says:

    No longer buy the Sunday Herald.
    6 well fired crispy rolls instead and SNP x2

  161. Inverclyder says:

    Taranaich at 11:02pm

    With the NHS issue I was there in January and had to use an A & E. Excellent service and they couldn’t have done more to help me.

    We have a relative who has to go to IRH regularly and the nurses and staff all look out for him to make sure he is looked after. The extra effort given is above and beyond the care they are required to provide.

    Labour need to be ejected from all forms of Boards, committee’s and anything else where decisions are required. Scotland has moved on and they are stuck in the 60’s / 70’s /80’s and 90’s. Not fit for purpose any more.

    Sadly when it comes to Inverclyde they have lowered themselves to attacking Stuart McMillan of the SNP with their gutter press approach to politics. No point in arguing with them as they have an intelligence deficit that runs deeply throughout the local membership along with no policies, no ideas, no leadership and no hope. They’re finished here.

  162. yesindyref2 says:

    Ah, that’s more like it:

    “Yes campaigners back RISE in fight for list vote”

    Instead of “Some YES campaigners …”.

    I’ve only ever bought a handful of the SH, none recently. Online? I use ccleaner to clear out cookies every 5 articles. Cough.

  163. Onwards says:

    @NeoconNat says:

    “It’s called selling newspapers.

    The only real potential threat to the outcome is a low turnout which we calculate would hurt the SNP most.”

    What will hurt turnout is complacency.
    And one of the biggest threats for the SNP at this stage is a perception of taking it for granted.

    Neil Kinnock is widely thought to have lost the 1992 election after scenes of him celebrating at a triumphalist rally were all over the news a week before the election.

    The whole point of the #BothVotesSNP call is about appealing for every single vote. Not even assuming the first vote is in the bag.

    For a pro-indy paper to give the impression the election is already won – next to an image of Nicola Sturgeon, where it can be misconstrued as a quote from their interview – it just looks terrible. No wonder there are doubters as to the papers intentions now.


    @Stephen – Maybe not many people buy them – but plenty of shoppers glance at the front covers, and that is a poor one, imo.

  164. HandandShrimp says:



    A few people have said to me on the street stall “you have this in the bag” I have replied “Only if you vote”.

  165. Artyhetty says:

    Take absolutely nothing for granted. While canvassing yesterday, too many saying SNP doing so well they are giving 2nd vote to whoever else! I won’t say who.

    It will be very close, too close in fact, due to state run media tactics. God forbid we end up with a unionist gov this time next week. If that happens, renewing my passport, but where to go! My yoon friends boasted that we ‘should be like Norway’ before voting no in the indy ref. Let’s hope they accept immigrants from wasteland Scotland.

  166. DerekM says:

    Daft yoons it isnt going to work maybe you will figure out who you really are dealing with on Thursday.

    Oh and watch out for that truck heading your way not the one that says SNP its the other one the big one with Yes movement on the side.

    hi remember us ? 🙂

  167. Craig Murray says:

    Listen folks the fundraising for the Biased BBC documentary is a bit slow. 52 brilliant people have contributed so far, but we really need everyone to help, even if its only a couple of quid. I know we are always being urged to put our hands in our pockets, but we are together against the full weight of the state and corporate media.

  168. Kevin Evans says:

    God just watching that short clip has brought back so much hatred and unease about that whole broadcast from start to finish.

    Ruth Davidson is sickining with her whole playing to the (set up shipped in unionist) audience. She is such a evil cow. And then willie Rennie trying to hoover up the scraps of unionist applause left over from ruthless Ruth’s last attempt.

    I dunno who’s worse her or willie. Oh hold on I remember who’s worst. That slimy Tory boy on the end of the panel. I mean get him to fuck coming up to a Scottish broadcast smearing his opinion on us.

    I’d have a dig and Jenny marra but she’s pointless so I’ll give her a miss.

  169. FairFerfochen says:

    0333 20 20 401 – Scotland’s Talk-In – she sneaked 9ut of it 3 weeks ago but the Sitting Tory Bull will be on taking questions just b4 mid-day

    Finding it difficult to believe the front page on yesterday’s National.
    How did the LieDems manage to get Farron’s coupon splashed all over it?
    Rennie polling 0% personal rating.
    Something stinks.

    Watch your pensioners folks.

  170. Socrates MacSporran says:

    If there is one thing I have learned from nearly 50-years of writing about Scottish sport, it is: we are most-likely to shite in our own nest when we are at our most-confident – think Argentine 1978.

    That is why things like today’s Sunday Herald front page worry me. We Wingers know, given the slanted playing field of the Holyrood electoral system, the SNP NEEDS every vote they can get to retain their majority and move Scotland forward.

    The BUMS are now trying their age-old tactic of divide and rule. If they can persuade enough of the common herd to give their List vote to party other than the SNP, then they just might be able to deny the governing party a majority, and thereby put Independence on the back burner.

    We Independence supporters simply have to keep persuading people, SNP x 2 is the only way to keep Scotland going forward.

  171. Capella says:

    @ Robin
    vote on principle as Alex Salmond advised on QT. The SNP has said they want Independence but not on the back of Brexit. Although if Brexit is what happens then Independence in Europe takes off.

  172. louis.b.argyll says:

    They may try to divide us. They may manipulate democracy itself..

    But so long as we remain true as a nation and challenge the abuse of power..

    Independence will follow.

    Maybe electoral democracy has had its day.

    Maybe new, sharing, systems of democracy are required, where ancient rules can be replaced with logical thought.

    Funny watching ‘history of ancient Britain’ on BBC , while also reading about how historians are all too quick to explain all away by comparing ‘rulers/priests’ to modern concepts.
    By normalising serfdom, as if it’s all OK, there has always been an elite.


  173. Skintybroko says:

    Spot on Inverclyder

    Labour had 70 years effectively running Scotland as a one party state, they’ve wormed their way into positions of power in every establishment.

    It will take decades before we can see a material change, any policies seen to be advantageous to the SG are undermined by the Labour activists still in place – the merger of colleges comes to mind where people in power are deliberately causing friction within the establishments to make them fail, it’s only the dedication of those staff on the classroom floor that is preventing meltdown.

    We all know the problems with the BBC & BUM but look to you local councils, health boards, and education groups to see endemic incompetence. Vote SNP x 2 in this election and next year root out the incompetent yoon councillors in the local elections.

  174. Liz Rannoch says:

    @ Capella 8.05

    ‘Although if Brexit is what happens then Independence in Europe takes off’.

    I’ve often thought that brexit would take some time and meanwhile more folks could be persuaded to vote for independence. Other countries would begin their own exits which would result in a complete shake up of the EU. We could be independent in a far better EU and rUK would be out on their own. Win, win as somebody said recently!
    Well I can dream…
    BTW Nicola on Andrew Marr this am.

  175. Almannysbunnet says:

    With four days to go we will see the corp media in full on SNP bad mode or at least anyone else good for the second vote mode. I’m sure we will see both.
    Hold your fire until you see the whites of their eyes then both barrels SNP x 2. Don’t waste a single vote on anyone else.
    We are surrounded by EVEL. We win this and anything is possible but if they divide us then a minority SNP government will not be able to deliver what we all want. That voter you convince not to give away their second vote just might be the difference.
    We have them by the grollicks, time to squeeze.

  176. bjsalba says:


    Lib-Dem has a picture of herself with Charles Kennedy all over the front of the latest leaflet here in Highland.

    There is a small picture of Willie Rennie inside.

    Kinda says it all.

  177. Capella says:

    @ Liz Rannoch
    I’m cynical enough to think that the EU ref is for the benefit of the 0.01% aka The City of London. They want Us to be in Europe but don’t want Them to be ruled by Europe. But, as you say, could be win win for Scotland.

    @ CameronB good link to Jonathan Cook article on BBC and Guardian duplicity.

    But for now SNP x 2. Only another 5 days to go but likely to be a media hate fest. Fasten your seatbelts.

  178. woosie says:


    I know. We have a guy works beside us in the Wee Free; Pretend religion which enables promotion within the Orange Odour. Nothing faintly religious about what he wants to do to all nats!

    Talk about cults. The O/O march around in weird costumes praising a 17th century gay hunchback foreigner brought to England by rich traders to rebel against the reigning monarch so they could get richer. Subsequent history adjusted to demonise the real king!

    We nats were recently described as robots. On the contrary, we arrived at our political choices as individuals, not based on false religion or tribalism.

  179. One_Scot says:

    Can you believe the Sunday Herald front page is actually trying to reduce the SNP vote.

    At least the Daily Mail has the decency to stab the SNP in the front.

  180. DerekM says:

    I really dont care which way the EU vote goes, either way i am going to use it to beat them up.

    I have my big stick ready to poke away at the fire because no matter what happens England is about to be dragged into the question of their sovereignty.

    The EU question can not be answered by Scotland in her current position and that will be alarmingly clear after the referendum.

    Unions come unions go trade deals come trade deals go ,Sorry England but we have a better offer.

    What you dont want us to leave make us a better offer then and not one of those pack of lies ,nah forget it you lot just cant be trusted and after 300 years dont you dare say we didnt give the union a chance.

    Now how long before you thick eejits figure that one out is anybodies guess but we are not going to hang about to find out or let you imbeciles decide for us.

    And before anybody screams anti-English any country capable of somehow voting in a government they did not want and spend the next year complaining about it are fucking imbeciles and frankly shouldnt be allowed out on their own never mind make a choice for someone else.

  181. John J. says:

    Not only are the BBC prepared to lie on air they are prepared to lie in print. Their response to the complaint was a piece of Orwellian double-speak.

    The BBC treat us with contempt.

  182. call me dave says:

    Jerry Hassan with his off the wall election diary lightened my morning slightly but not much to write home to your mother about.

    Can nothing save labour from 3rd place or the Greens pipping the Lib/Dems to 4th?

    Remember folks it’s not ‘in the bag’ it’s not over until the votes are counted and the two fat ladies cry ‘uncle’ from the vicinity of the conning tower of a submarine.

    Leave the greens on the side of the plate for a week we can integrate them into our diet when the election is over.

    Someone on shortbread has just said “Rennie has had a fabulous campaign” OH wait! it was a Lib/Dem polling on about 4% or 5%.

    FGS! 🙂

    SNP x 2

  183. gus1940 says:

    Nicola on top form as usual on The Marr Show.

  184. Grouse Beater says:

    Your bank holiday reading:

    A hell of a film:
    A hell of a cheek:

  185. Macart says:

    @Socrates Mcsporran

    Yeah, that was a howler of a front page. Spooky there aren’t any quotation marks on those statements. Poor journalism? Almost certainly. Divisive? Almost certainly. Deliberately so? Probably.

    Has to be remembered that there’s more than one way to harm the SNP. Short term is to split their vote and limit their Holyrood electoral success. Long term is to sow division in the YES movement by alienating allies in other parties, use this electoral campaign to aggravate and widen natural party dividing lines.

    There’s nothing you can do about an adversarial contest such as the current election occurring. The yoon politicos and their media will use it as an opportunity to damage the independence movement one way or the other. Its too good to miss as far as they are concerned.

    Its important to campaign positively for your party of choice, not campaign negatively against everyone else. How you win a thing is as important as winning.

    Eyes on the real prize and just as importantly eyes open for those who would encourage the politics of envy and division.

  186. Kenny says:

    Does anyone else think that the front page of the Sunday Herald is what you would get if you would:

    (1) Give Ruth Davidson a bit more brain power than she really has

    (2) Ask her to devise the front page of the Sunday Herald before the election?

    – Mobilise the 55%? Tick!
    – Encourage complacency in the SNP ranks? Tick!
    – Push waverers to vote for another indy party (the main unionist tactic this election)? Tick!
    – Put off the TORY VOTERS I have met who are prepared to give their second vote to the SNP, especially as they like their policies in the SG yet do not want indy? Tick!
    – Put off those who vote SNP for Holyrood but are against indy? Tick!

    This headline is, most of all, Tory friendly and not Labour friendly. It can obviously be traced back to those in the BUM who are placing all their hopes in the postal-vote-reading buffalo-mounting girl.

    Whatever it is, it is NOT in any way SNP friendly!

  187. Capella says:

    @ Hoss and Craig – OK my contribution to the “How the BBC Stole the Referendum” film is made. It stands at £1,303 of the £5,000 goal. Look forward to seeing it.

    For those of you who don’t watch BBC, there’s a good documentary on the flight of Edward Snowden from Hong Kong with his NSA secrets. Inteviews with all the main characters. Made by German TV. 60 mins

  188. Tinto Chiel says:

    Well, that’s that decided. After seeing the SH front cover, I think I’ll be taking the Returnofthemac crispy roll option in future.

    Without Richard Walker it’s just a bog-standard Yoon lie-sheet.

    It’s going to be quite a week: tin helmets on.

    Both barrels SNP.

  189. galamcennalath says:

    Neil Oliver. Clearly a man completely out of touch with the land of his birth, and out of tune.

    BritNatYoonery at its most demented. Pair wee lost soul.

  190. Gary45% says:

    Distress calls heard coming from Yoon headquarters.
    “May Day!”, “May Day!”.

  191. Valerie says:


    Just wow a proper hate fest from Neil Oliver

  192. Tinto Chiel says:


    Wow! Thanks for that. Oliver is surely a contender for the Scotch Cringer of the Year award. Mind you, there’s plenty of competition.

    A long career in the warm embrace of the BBC is assured, no doubt.

    “Was I a good boy, Auntie, was I?”

    If not, there’s always adverts for Pantene Pro-V, I suppose.

  193. Sinky says:

    Not just Farage running with the myth that Brent Crude oil is only $37 the Scotland on Sunday this morning claims it is now $30.

  194. Dorothy Devine says:

    Galamcennalath,I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you for that tossers ( hair!) article.

    Yeah , a happy puppy right enough , wagging his tale for the union.

    Where do we breed all these ProudScotsbut?

  195. Liz Rannoch says:

    Effijy posted this yesterday, please also have a look:

    Aye, tin hats and seat belts – mind check your ballot papers and take a pen!

  196. Gary45% says:

    Neil Oliver, is basically just a wee, bigoted, London wanabee.
    I find this sort of apologist Scot a complete embarrassment, I have had the misfortune to come across many of them in my lifetime, who are as much of an embarrassment to England-shire.
    They are so far up their own arses, they don’t realise that although they think they are “luvvy darlings” they will never be truly accepted. (that is what happens to the “Sweaties” in the Shires)

    They always come back to their land of birth, when the “Shires” are finished with them, and expect to be lauded by the masses as some sort of hero, yer man Oliver will be no different.
    His main gripe is the fact his EBC employer is losing the fight with the Scots who woke up in 2014, hence his diatribe against the SNP.
    As far as Alex Salmond being a “Yesterdays Man”,
    What’s the point of a Neil Oliver?

  197. HandandShrimp says:

    Ah the bitterness is strong with Oliver. However, I can’t actually look at Oliver without thinking of the Murphy spoof. That chap had every thing to perfection including the strange gait.

    What is strange for a supposed historian is that he is not old enough to remember the 70s when the SNP won rather frequently yet he conveniently airbrushes it from history. A tad naughty in my view.

    Brian Wilson could have written that piece.

  198. Papadox says:

    Neil Oliver: bought and sold for anyone’s gold. A true son of the Londonium markets. You get what you pay for.

  199. NeoconNat says:

    I think a few of you are misunderstanding the Sunday Herald front page. The decision to back independence was in itself a business decision, just as this front page is a business decision. To be absolutely clear, then, these are business decisions by a company that is truly no friend of Scottish independence.

    On that basis their business decisions are consistently business-like. There’s no way the plan with the front page was to screw the SNP up. They may have been aware that this front page might not help the SNP or neglectful of the implications altogether, but their main aim in all of this is to sell more newspapers and advertising space. That’s the busines they’re in.

    For personal reasons I’ve never bought the rag in my life. I actually wonder why anyone would. Same applies to The National and all the others. If you’re going to buy and read lies why not buy lies of high quality like the FT — you might even get an idea of how the world works instead of some fanny trying to work out what you want to hear.

    Anyway, it’s not obvious to me that this front page would help or hinder. It might affect about 20 people one way or another, that’s tops. People are suckers for success and like to be part of it so it could work both ways. What happened with Labour in 1992 was too different to compare.

  200. call me dave says:

    That Neil Oliver piece nearly tops Captain Ahab when he was cursing Moby Dick.

    Look what happened to him. 🙂

    Shocking but we always knew where he stood (or bowed the knee to).

  201. Orri says:

    Love how Davidson is defending herself against something she wasn’t being accused of personally. No one that I’ve heard said she counted votes in person.

    However I may be wrong but what she hinted at was an organised and deliberate attempt to elevate accidentally reading a ballot from reverse into counting them. Something that would be easier with plain white paper.

    That might not break the actual letter of the law but it certainly verges on the corrupt. In the present Hitler was a Zionist before he went mad mileu, which amounts to him rounding them up and dumping them in the middle east, he wouldn’t have been cleared of responsibility for the Holocaust simply because he only gave the orders.

    On a more rational level. No one is saying Davidson deliberately counted postal ballots. The allegations are that it was a deliberate and organised effort on some of those observers from the No campaign. There are obvious defences to that. The easiest being that they didn’t bother mixing the postal ballots in with the rest and started counting them as soon as the polls closed. Another would be that the information from the observers was compartmentalised and only passed on after the polls closed. Saying it “wusnae me” doesn’t remove suspicion that t wasn’t someone else.

    McTernan, on the other hand, might just be talking the truth. Given the history of the polls you can make a guess of how the postal ballots are split as they come in. No need to peek. You might need to allow for polls not covering the entire electorate but as a first approximation it wouldn’t be bad. There’s actually footage of him giving some of that explanation. Remember Darling was very keen to end the debate when postal voting began. He wanted people to vote when No was ahead.

    The point is that if postal voting is going to be as prominent part of elections then late swings in the polls will be dampened in the results. It also means that last minute scandals are less effective.

  202. Legerwood says:

    From the Neil Oliver article:

    “To my way of thinking, you can only have one referendum on any given topic — and we’ve already had it. The idea of keeping on — demanding one after another until eventually the planets align in your favour and you get what you want — is to utterly compromise the integrity of the very notion of the plebiscite. You cannot ignore a clear result just because it’s not the answer you wanted to hear.”

    One referendum per topic? Really? How many have we had on the European issue?

    Clearly he cannot do history, recent or otherwise.

    No I am going to have a shower. I need it after reading that article.

  203. Almannysbunnet says:

    Wow! That Neil Oliver piece is appalling. What a greasy wee toad he is. I’m not sure if he is vying for King of the Scottish cringe or just the court jester. A clear case of why you need checks and balances when an archaeologist turned amateur “historian” starts writing his version of history.

    I still think this is his best piece, although it might have left a bitter mark on Oliver.

  204. Capella says:

    Neil Oliver – what a fraud. Presents history programmes but clearly hasn’t a clue about history.
    “Union is a dream shared by a people and kept real only by their imagination and conviction.”
    He’s obviously never heard of the vote in the 1706 Scottish parliament paid for in gold.

    “Since Scotland’s small electorate would probably have expressed strong dislike of the Union it was decided to avoid a direct election.”

    Nor is it the “best of three”, or five or however many indyrefs there are for Oliver to scoff about.
    We only have to be lucky once, you have to be lucky every time. (to paraphrase from another time and place).

  205. carjamtic says:

    NO article

    Another example of how to ‘fall up the Yoon ladder’.

    This is another self serving ‘baboon’, (must need a job),this type of thing seems to be the way to do it,many,many recent examples.

    Same old Yoon formula,(though it must be said,it’s more efficient than sending out a cv).

    ‘I did it master’ touches forelock.

  206. Orri says:

    Oliver seems to be in the position of an “expert” on one topic being afforded the right to vent his spleen on another.

    At least he’s considered competent unlike Garage who was a stockbroker but doesn’t keep track of current market prices. Or Cameron who seems to be more of a blatant spiv than a PR guru.

  207. cirsium says:

    Macart (9.53), howler? I would call it an Alan Cochrane.

    Poor journalism? Absolutely. Deliberately so? Definitely.

  208. yesindyref2 says:

    Wow, read that Neil Oliver piece.

    His history of Scotland always did seem flat and unemotionless, no heart in it, no soul, and then he came out for a NO vote so I thought, no wonder.

    But this rabid totally knee-jerk blind piece about the SNP shows a total inability to be dispassionate, which would be a neccessary qualification to actually look at history at all. It needs both passion about it and neutrality to balance it.

    Basically the guy, as a historian, is a fraud.

  209. Bill McLean says:

    Unfortunately, my wife and I were within a couple of yards of Oliver in York square a few years age. My wife, who is English, even found him a total embarrassment to the land of his birth. Bought and sold – another historian who knows little history but has nice hair!!!!

  210. Mick DIAMOND says:

    Oliver is a typical unionist gobshite. O/t i enjoyed my day in glasgow yesterday at yes2’s march for independence.

  211. starlaw says:

    Oliver is more about ‘look at me’ than anything else. As a historian he makes it up as he goes along, I gave up on him at the time of the referendum, when he clearly sold out for BBC gold. A complete narcissus of a man.

  212. Luigi says:

    starlaw says:

    1 May, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    Oliver is more about ‘look at me’ than anything else. As a historian he makes it up as he goes along, I gave up on him at the time of the referendum, when he clearly sold out for BBC gold. A complete narcissus of a man.

    He is a boring monotone who tries hard not to speak monotone. He would give a brilliant Rev Jolly message for the day, but sorry he just doesn’t cut it as a TV presenter.

  213. G H Graham says:

    When you choose to pay the optional BBC License Fee (TV tax), you are directly financing proBritnat propaganda as well as the salaries of jingoistic extremists such as David Dimbleby, Neil Oliver & Kay(e) Adams.

    The most powerful protest you can make against these type of people then, is to stop funding them.

  214. schrodingers cat says:

    snp confidence in indyref2 is growing, nicola and salmond are becoming progressively more and more emphatic about it. this process is mirroring the rise in the polls of an eu out vote.

    the unionists are also becoming more panicked, see olivers rant today, no substance, no analysis just “once in a lifetime”, they will be screaming this by 24th june to drown out their fellow brits in london insulting the scots…

    we are winning

  215. Jack Murphy says:

    Re the Main Article,all I can say is the BBC is the Biggest Beast on the Block and it behaves like it.

    It’s Royal Charter is coming up for renewal next year and certainly doesn’t want to upset the ruling UK Establishment who,through the UK parliament,decides it’s future.

    Trust what you hear and see from the BBC and it’s Branch in Scotland?—-more fool you! 🙁

  216. Ghillie says:

    A silly oli.

    That’s all he is. A silly oli.

    Don’t watch his broadcasts anymore. Can’t believe there is any truth or integrity in Neil Oliver’s reports of our past.

    We need to be able to believe our historians every bit as much as our contemporary journalists. If they lack integrity and intellegence then their offerings are worthless at best, rotten and damaging at worst.

  217. Ghillie says:

    Read N.O.’s thoughts in full in archived Times.

    He is not a silly oli. He comes across as a really nasty wee man.

    How sad for Neil Oliver to carry all that bile inside.

  218. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    @capella and yesindyref2

    Neil Oliver is not a historian – he is an archeologist.

    However, he is also a bigoted Britnat who has a hatred of half of his country and that is why he has been chosen by the BBC to be their go-to “historian” of choice.

    Professor Tom Devine is a true Scottish historian and the leading authority on recent Scottish History. However, he is an independence supporter which is why he doesn’t present BBC Scottish history programs.

    Do not fund the BBC. Please fund this instead if you have any spare cash. This is one small way to get back at them…

  219. Colin Souter says:

    It has been perfectly clear, from the pitiful approach to complaints made by the public, that the BBC cannot competently handle such complaints in an impartial and objective manner………but then, they don’t want to……’s not in their interest…… And the viewers who pay the licence fee?…… They perpetuate the problem….. The Establishment Propaganda Machine and the BBC are one and the same……’s all about maintaining the status quo……Tory or Labour….doesn’t matter really……
    Outsource complaints of bias to an independent body…… the only solution….but they’ll never do it…. Transparency and accountability ? We don’t do that, mate!!!………..

  220. Effijy says:

    Nicki Campbell on EBC radio this morning
    Has some old Tory fart proclaiming that the
    Breed undertook a massive survey to gather
    Public opinion on how the Beeb operates.
    It seems that everyone loves them????

    I know that I and many others tore them apart
    For being a manipulative channel of propaganda.

    Do you think they deleted everything from Scotland?

    Nice to see the Brexit crew squirming under
    media bias and calling foul. They deserve
    Every bit of it after watching Scotland drowning
    In lies and scaremongering.

    Really loved the Remain claim that we will
    be at war in Europe again, if we leave? lol

    The poor sods even rolled out that Clown
    Jaw Drop Brown. It only leaves them to come
    Up with a comment from the Boggie Man.

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