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Forces of darkness ride south

Posted on September 17, 2015 by


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  1. 17 09 15 14:43

    Forces of darkness ride south | Speymouth

43 to “Forces of darkness ride south”

  1. theMadMurph says:

    Reminds me of this -:

    Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    Not sure if the link will work (apologies if it doesn’t)

  2. Lollysmum says:

    Well done Chris-another belter that raised a hearty laugh here 🙂

  3. mogabee says:

    He’s no Knight in shining armour! But he is shaking the “establishment”, which is always a good thing!

  4. bjsalba says:

    Brightened my day.

  5. heedtracker says:

    Famine, War, Death, Conquest, new New Labour. Never again.

  6. donald anderson says:

    He’s still Labour and the establishment knows how to handle that very well.

  7. MARY VASEY says:

    Fab Chris, thank you

  8. Chris Cairns says:

    This was meant to be a teaser for m’book – but that slacker Moodie hadn’t organised the crowdfunder in time. Any day now.
    Stand by your wallets …

  9. galamcennalath says:

    Excellent. That seems to be the way the neo-fascist southern MSM portray it!

    You know, there have been times in the past when this cartoon would have worked just as well with a certain Mr Salmond on horse number five!

    The establishment do like to talk up anyone they perceive as a threat.

  10. MajorBloodnok says:

    Haha brilliant. That Wilfred Bramble gets about doesn’t he.

  11. galamcennalath says:

    Let’s hope the title “Forces of darkness ride North” does become more appropriate 🙁

  12. galamcennalath says:

    Doesn’t …. Sorry, finger trouble

  13. Davy says:

    brillent, thanks Chris

  14. Macandroid says:

    I’ll buy your book Chris 🙂

    Give Moodie a prod or two (no Orangemen need apply) – whit?

  15. snode1965 says:

    Yup. Corbyn has replaced AS as the fifth rider of the Establishments apocalypse. Nice one Chris!
    O/t, Mundell has made a dependence day speech today, drawing a line in the sand over devolution. Accept what we get from the butchered Scotland bill, or another referendum. Take it or leave. Bold words fae the weasel! Reported in the herald.

  16. manandboy says:

    Jeremy Corbyn may be an apocalyptic figure for the Unionist Establishment but this will only be shown when he has rejected the wave of neo-liberal bribes coming his way. Only by remaining EXACTLY as he is, will his movement and his followers make any political progress.

    Now then, Mr Corbyn, would you care to address a meeting of the NHS Providers Association? The fee will be £25,000. Will that be alright?

  17. call me dave says:

    Another little gem!


    Doppelganger indeed, evil harbinger! It all fits how spooky! 🙂

    Caught your spot in the iScot excellent.

    Straw and Rifkin…nothing to see here move along!

  18. handclapping says:

    Its Ron Soak who left to be a milkman before the Fabled Four became famous.

  19. Iain More says:

    Like the rest of them he slept with the Tories when it came to the Indy Ref. A plague on all their horses I mean houses.

    Otherwise love the cartoon Arold! Arold! Arold! Steptoe Rides Again!

  20. Iain More says:

    Totally off topic. I hope Ingerland wins the Wuggah World Cup. I wont be watching any of it anyway. Hope it gets right up the noses of the Naw voters though and if not then just to piss off Gareth ‘British Lions’ Edwards.

  21. schrodingers cat says:

    Straw and Rifkin…nothing to see here move along!


    what hope for a carmicheal trial? none at all

    what hope for a ruthie trial? none at all

    sticks in the throat!

  22. Capella says:

    Tariq Ali in Democracy Now interview about the “Insurrection” that swept Corbyn to leadership. 40 mins:

  23. JLT says:

    mogabee says:

    He’s no Knight in shining armour! But he is shaking the “establishment”, which is always a good thing!

    I personally …don’t think he is ‘shaking’ the Establishment. If we say the Establishment are the Tories, then in my opinion, I think Cameron and co are absolutely delighted that Corbyn won the Labour Leadership.

    Cameron and Co would have been more bemused if another of the four (say, Burnham) had won instead, and had once again, followed a Blairite path on ‘Tory-Lite’ policies. In other words, ‘pinching’ Tory policies and claiming them as their own. But Corbyn won’t follow that path. And with Corbyn being seen too far to the left for some of the public, while others in his own party WILL refuse to work with him because he just isn’t a ‘Blairite’, then Corbyn has some real battles on his hand in trying to convince people. If he bends (as it seems he has done on row with ‘God save the Queen’), then already it could be perceived that he is slowly folding already. What else could he potentially fold on?

    Tom Watson said that there ‘would be no coup’ …and he’s right; there will be no coup. Instead, the only thing the Blairites need to do to undermine Corbyn, is to NOT vote the way he wants them to vote. Do this quite a few times, and Corbyn will be seen as unelectable by the public. It’s possible the Blairites are quite willing to wait beyond 2020 to elect another leader that suits them and the way the Party should be led.

    If there is a vote on Trident, then that could be the pivotal moment. If quite a number of Labour MP’s vote for Trident or to participate in any future military action; irrespective of how Corbyn wants his party to vote, then that’s it …he’s seen as a lame duck ‘Labour Leader’. At that point, what can he do?

    So …shaking the Establishment. Not at the moment. Corbyn somehow, and I mean somehow …needs to make peace with the Blairites and somehow, get them to sing from his hymn sheet. If he unites he party, then I suppose he might be in with a chance with the electorate.

  24. heedtracker says:

    As usual, local blue tory rags like Press and Journal display most hard core full on UKOK propaganda with today’s P&J giant Corbyn photo double page spread face off with Cameron. If you’d just arrived from another planet, you’d be forgiven for thinking rags like P&J were Labour newspapers. P&J chancers have it all laid out like a JC v Cammers World Wrestling final. No mention of SNP.

    Full on vote JC Scotland, he’s saving the union, hammer of the Scots, roar the toryboys of Scotland, if that makes sense. It is bit disorientating watching local and national UKOK propaganda in action.

  25. gerry parker says:

    @ Ian.
    “A plague on all their horses I mean houses.”

    A plague on all their horses, and a plaque on all their houses.


  26. CameronB Brodie says:

    The cancer is deep.

    Alex Salmond demolishes Jim Gifford on poll tax – UKaye Adams Morning Call (last year)

    Looking at you COSLA.

  27. Bob Mack says:

    The horse of the New guy should be wearing a breastplate inscribed “Obscurity”. That is surely where he will lead Labour.

  28. manandboy says:

    Frit. (Short for FRIghTened)Where did that come from? Cameron used it at PMQ’s when speaking to Angus Robertson and I see it used again in a title on YouTube, from the Taxi driver, who BTW, is really pumped up about Corbyn.

  29. manandboy says:

    BTW – I like that Corbyn’s horse is eating some hay, or maybe it’s grass, with his eyes half shut. Brilliant, Chris.

  30. JLT says:

    Bob Mack says:

    The horse of the New guy should be wearing a breastplate inscribed “Obscurity”. That is surely where he will lead Labour.

    I believe the word that you are looking for is ‘Oblivion’ LOL

  31. call me dave says:

    @Bob Mack
    Aye or ‘A horse with no name’ is just fine. Right into the desert.

    After two days, in the desert sun,
    My skin began to turn red.
    After three days, in the desert fun,
    I was looking at a river bed.
    And the story it told, of a river that flowed,
    Made me sad to think it was dead.

    Mr Salmond stirs the pot a wee bit more.

  32. liz says:

    Nice one Chris, made me laugh and that’s an achievement with all the Corbyn-mania and project fear 2 at the moment.

  33. manandboy says:

    From ‘Takeover’ to ‘Buy Back’.
    Or, how do we get our Councils and Parliament/s back from the control of Big Business, e.g. the Banks, Arms dealers, Oil & Gas Corporations, Electricity and Gas Suppliers, Telecomms Companies, etc.

    Starting with the Gov of Mgt Thatcher, there has been a systematic takeover of British Politics by Big Business. The same is true in other Western countries, particularly in the United States, since the time of Ronald Regan. Think of Donald Trump, currently running for US Presidency on the strength of being a successful businessman. It’s a takeover.

    Most of the electorate are oblivious to what has been going on. We now live inside a mere ‘shell’ of politics. It used to be that the politicians would do what the voters wanted. But since Thatcher, the politicians do what they’re told by the Companies who have ‘bought’ them with ‘incentives’.

    Although it is NOT the main thing, it is this corrupt system of Big Business driven ‘austerity politics’ which the Independence movement is resisting and which Corbyn has also joined.

    It is for this reason that we can say that Democracy has been dead in the UK for 35 years – at least. Neo-Liberalists just don’t believe in Democracy; they let the masses believe in it if they want – ‘mugs them’ is their attitude.

    This is how Labour in Scotland betrayed their voters and supporters, by switching secretly to be like the Tories and instead of serving the public, they chose to serve only themselves and to take whatever was on offer by Big Business – and Little Business. They both use brown envelopes, making them just the same. So the politicians and councillors got rich, while their voters stayed poor – and oh so gullible. Still are, many of them. They’ll vote Labour till they die, muttering blind oaths of loyalty to their smirking politicians.

    Has the time come for a ‘Buy Back’.

    Vote Nicola. Vote SNP. Vote Democracy.

  34. rongorongo says:

    It is definitely the expression on the horses faces that does this for me.

  35. mogabee says:


    Perhaps I should rephrase..

    “stirred not shaken”! 😀

  36. JLT says:

    mogabee says:

    Perhaps I should rephrase..“stirred not shaken”!

    LOL …I have no doubt it ‘stirred’ something in Cameron; he looked like the cat that got the cream during PM’s questions yesterday. If it got any more relaxed, he would have been horizontal along those green seats! Probably the easiest PM’s Questions this side of the millennium…

  37. Bill Fraser says:

    well done Chris .Great as usual.

  38. Grouse Beater says:

    Chris’s talent show us how bad Steve Bell is at drawing!

  39. Fred says:

    For a horse of a different colour don’t forget the return of Frank McAveetie, more apokeachips than apocalipse though!

  40. Will Podmore says:

    So the SNP opposes GM foods – anti-science, anti-progress or what? And therefore it can’t find any scientist willing to become Scotland’s chief scientific adviser.

  41. Fred says:

    Listen up at the back there Podmore. GM foods are not designed to solve the worlds hunger problems. They exist to make massive profits for American corporations and if the environment is fucked-up in the process, tough.

  42. Will Podmore says:

    Dear Fred, Under capitalism, making fire extinguishers and seat-belts makes profits for companies too. Are you going to reject them too? Are you really against the golden rice that prevents blindness in children?

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