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Family values

Posted on March 05, 2016 by


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    1. 05 03 16 07:44

      Family values | Speymouth

    160 to “Family values”

    1. Macarts says:

      Oh, that’s a beaut. 😀 LOL

    2. ronnie anderson says:

      Project Fear its Festering.

      Hiv we moved on from the Nuclear Family lol.

      Much fun to be had today with that Toon Chris weil done.

    3. Ken500 says:

      Racketeer, Conman, murderer. Grim reaper.

    4. jimnarlene says:

      Well, that’s Morticia Adams ruined, for me.

    5. The Isolator says:

      Wonderful start to the day.Well done Chris.

      Jimnarlene lol me tae!!

    6. Ruglonian says:

      Congratulations Chris, that Osborne/Wednesday creation is particularly monstrous!

    7. mumsyhugs says:

      The stuff of nightmares – only this is for real!

    8. Socrates MacSporran says:

      This post is off-topic and (kind of) about sport

      I note, in the Wings Twitter feed, somebody going on about the elephant in the room concerning Rangers

      Where Rangers are concerned, there is no elephant in the room, however, that 10,000 lbs gorilla is still sitting in the corner of the Blue Room.

    9. Bob Mack says:

      I think I know where “Thing ” went. Just take a look at the Rev’s twitter picture of Ruth Davidson yesterday grimacing on the podium.

      Where is Pugsley? Come to think of it ,he was also on the Rev’s twitter feed yesterday.

      Thanks Chris,your Gomez Cameron is particularly good.

    10. Grouse Beater says:

      Our cartoonist can actually draw. The opposition’s Steve Bell can’t.

    11. Marie Clark says:

      OOOOOOOOOH! That Wednnesday Addams picture will haaunt me for a while Chris.

      Well done LOL.

    12. Smallaxe says:

      They’re creepy and They’re kooky

      Mysterious and spooky

      They’re altogether ooky

      The union family

      Their house is a museum

      Where people come to see ’em

      They really are a scream

      The union family

      They’re liars and They’re EVEL

      And they only live to thieve all

      The wealth of all the people

      The union family

    13. Macart says:

      Suggestions on a postcard for cousin IT? 🙂

    14. Dunks says:

      Yet more pig-tales from the Westmonsters?

    15. gus1940 says:

      How appropriate to cast Cameron as Gomez as John Astin who played the character was of, all the actors in the world, the unrivalled champion of the ability to do insincerity.

    16. Dunks says:

      Meant to say Westmunsters. Bloody auto correct.

    17. HandandShrimp says:

      As as Wednesday is a tad disturbing


    18. Marie Clark says:

      Macart, How aboot the viceroy Mundell fur cousin IT.

    19. HandandShrimp says:

      That should be

      George as Wednesday is a tad disturbing


      The shock numbed my brain 😉

    20. Bill Fraser says:

      Yes the REAL Adams. Family Well done !

    21. carjamtic says:

      Brilliant Chris 🙂

      The ‘Evelution’ of the Yoon Family

      Spookily disturbing,yesterday had an image of Gascoigne as Churchill,Osbourne takes it to a whole new level…..that said….Classic :-))

    22. Bob Mack says:

      I only hope Fester Fallon has his own light bulb moment.!!!

    23. Smallaxe says:

      Greg Hands has got to be the “Thing”!

    24. Macart says:


      Well, he does speak fluent simpering gibberish. 🙂

    25. Oh, that’s awfu, awfu good, Chris.

    26. Dan Huil says:

      Tories back from the dead? Only in fiction.

    27. heedtracker says:

      Its funny when its happening to someone else.

      “It will take at least 10 years for UKOK land to leave the EU, if you vote Brexit”

      “Scotland will be booted out of the EU instantly, if you vote YES.”

      Same UKOK out right liars, different ref.

    28. Chitterinlicht says:

      Very good

      Off topic. I use links on Wings to go to other pro indy sites.

      Does anyone else get errors with Derek Bateman link? Phishing scam Is what comes up.


    29. Stoker says:

      jimnarlene wrote: “Well, that’s Morticia Adams ruined, for me.”

      My thoughts exactly, thanks a bunch Chris!

    30. Lollysmum says:

      Yes I get the same even if I disable security for that site. Using Firefox browser -haven’t tried Internet Explorer to see if that’s the same though.

    31. osakisushi says:

      It’s a pleasure seeing Mr Cairns work improve over the years – like a sharp knife getting sharper. (This is a complement btw.)

      Chitterinlicht – Yup, getting the same error. I would guess he has a private section of the website and just screwed up one of the access files – done it myself with the same scary result.

    32. Marie Clark says:

      Chitternlicht, yes I get a big red screen saying malware had infected this site, and my computer security won’t go any further with it.

    33. Croompenstein says:

      Nice one Chris, I was looking for Lurch but that was the other one.. My Mrs says it looks like a weegie wedding 🙂

    34. heedtracker says:

      My Slovene girlfriend says vote IN but with reservations.

      “There are things, many things, about the European Union that I dislike; and some that I detest. Its lack of democratic accountability. That it takes on far too much.”

      From a ferocious Project Fear toryboy carpet bagger, now using Scottish democracy to get to house of lords, the greatest anti democratic trough in teamGB.

    35. Grouse Beater says:

      A last opportunity to bone up on the EU In or Out question that is sooo terribly diverting Westminster from governing our country – to paraphrase the sods scorn at IndieRef.

      Next essay is a review of the Coen Brothers ‘Hail, Caesar!’

    36. HandandShrimp says:

      Derek’s podcast still seems OK but something has clearly happened to his main site.

    37. schrodingerscat says:

      been away for a while and have just read this by wgd, inspiring stuff, i just had to share

      We’re not going back to sleep Mar 1 by weegingerdug

      The Scottish public will wake up to the SNP eventually, is the soothing mantra that the Unionist commentariat tell themselves so they can get to sleep at night. Soon, soon, it’s just around the corner. Won’t be long now. Won’t be long. Hush now Daily Mailster and don’t cry. It won’t be long until Scotland returns to the fold like the good sheep we want them to be. They’re mad cultists, those Scots, say the establishment Westminions as they pray for salvation by a Messiah who delivered Scotland into EVEL. They lie tossing and turning, praying for redemption.

      But they have no gods and their precious few heroes sold their souls for an ermine robe and a seat on the board. Stop listening to the spin say the spiders casting webs of lies. Wake up to the SNP, wake up to the SNP, count the Labour sheep and dream. Do as you’re told. Do what we say. Listen to your betters far far away in a place that’s not parochial and inward looking like you are. Now watch this display of royal pagentry. Coo at the photie of Willnkate’s baby. This is the UK, you’re privileged to be a part of the best non-nationalist nationalism the world has ever seen. Watch the Dave and Boris show, Punch and Judy puppets fill the press while the crocodile of capitalism devours your future. Michelle Moan has a peerage, she’s one of yours, why are you not grateful.

      And this, this miserablist vision of narrow prospects and greedy avarice, is the best it’s ever going to get. This is the UK. It’s never going to change. It ate your grandparents and it will eat your children. Be obedient. Be humble. Defer to the lords and ladies. That’s how the UK works, that’s how it’s always worked. That’s what makes Britain grate your nerves.

      We woke up from the nightmare. We were asleep years ago, when we were soothed by the fairy stories and somnolised by the lullabies of Labour, as a nation went sleepwalking off a cliff into the chasm of despair. Just one more General Election, just one more Labour majority, and our numbers would come up in the lottery of life. Tony Blair swore it was true. It was a restless sleep, a fevered dream, enchanted by the magic of lies. The only numbers we see are the numbers of the dead in illegal wars, the numbers of the increasing debt, the numbers sanctioned, the numbers going hungry as they trudged to the food banks, that’s winning the lottery of Westminster life means.

      We woke up in the summer of 2014 and we’re not asleep any more. We’re alive and awake to the confidence tricksters, the false promisers, the perverters of hope and destroyers of the future who abandoned Scotland in the cold dead vacuum of vowter space. Our eyes are open, our minds alert, our feet stand firm under an open Scottish sky, and the landscape lies before us for the taking. We didn’t go away that depressing September day, it wasn’t a defeat it was a pause for breath, a taking of stock, a call to redouble our efforts, the alarm bell that woke a nation. The 19th of September 2014 was the day that half of Scotland said – Naw, I don’t think so. Your card is marked. Yer tea is oot.

      The people who call for Scotland to wake up to the SNP are the same ones who want us to return to our slumber. The want us to surrender to passivity, to accept powerlessness and revel in impotence. They have no answers, no solutions, just the constant cry that the SNP is bad. They call on us to cringe more, complain about Gaelic signs and Scottish news programmes, be the co-dependent in their addiction to power as a route to preference and privilege and enrichment for the few. The only strategy they have is the vain hope that by convincing people that the SNP is as shite as they are that we’ll return to their self-serving embrace.

      They miss the point. We all know that the SNP has its shortcomings. We are not blind. We are not asleep. But we want transformation and change, an escape from the politics of poverty of hope and beggaring of aspiration. The SNP can deliver that. Why vote for Labour or the Tories’ promise to reshuffle Westminster’s stacked deck when you can vote for a whole new game with a new pack of cards. When the gemme is a bogey you don’t vote for those who want to keep playing by the same unfair rules. Why vote for mitigation and paying twice to make up the shortfall for Westminster’s Tory cuts when we can vote for a fair game.

      Devolution was supposed to be a means for Scotland to forge its own path within the UK, not a sticking plaster on the stumps left of the legs that Westminster has cut from beneath us. The only choice they want you to have to is vote Tory to cut your own throat, or vote for Labour to hold you down while the Tories cut your throat. That’s British democracy. Progressive can only mean progress along the path that Westminster decides, the British Parliamentary Road to Socialism that ended in the despair of Blair. But Scotland is hacking its way through the uncharted growth of self-determination, and with every step we take we see a vision of a better country come more sharply into focus. So clear we can touch it, beautiful and shimmering in the light of imagination. All things are possible when you forge your own path, free from the blinkers of those who ride on our backs and whip us. We are climbing the mountain to a better life, and we’re doing it ourselves.

      There’s another tsunami coming in May. Another wave of wakefulness to wash away the lies, another ocean of awareness to drown the deceit. We’re awake. We are alive. We’re terrifying the Westminions and keeping them awake at night.

      And we’re not going back to sleep

    38. FairFerfochen says:

      Tory Charter that aims to stop the politicisation of our Scottish institutions.

      And Tompkins signed up for it!

      Hasn’t he just voted himself out of a job?


    39. handclapping says:

      Quoting WGD during Stu’s fundraiser reminds me that WGD also needs pennies to keep going so if you enjoy his work bung him some moolah too.

    40. Legerwood says:


      It looks like Mr Rennie and the LibDems have done another U-Turn on fracking and noiw support a ban.

      Full circle in less than a week. Is this a record or par for the course with them?

    41. HandandShrimp says:


      I think Willie supported the moratorium – he got ambushed by his own party. I would imagine he still supports the moratorium or even a ban even if the Liberals don’t.

      Still it does show how far to the right the Liberals swung in that coalition. I certainly wouldn’t vote for them. No idea who their candidate is for Holyrood in my constituency – we haven’t seen sight nor sound of them…nor Labour come to think of it which is a bit odd.

    42. call me dave says:

      Nice family cartoon lampoon there:
      Lots of Greens ‘etal’ nudging and urging the SNP forward to act boldly where no Scottish party has been before and we’ll claim your second votes as we hold yer jaicket! but… Geez!

      SNP ‘must reform local taxation to bring down suicide rates and foodbank use’

      Ruth Davidson tells party conference the time is not right to cut taxes

    43. Bob Mack says:

      @ Schrodingerscat,

      What a brilliant motivational post. I can feel your passion leaping off the page to innoculate those who are reading. My chest is puffing out with pride and acknowledgement.

      Kudos to you. Inspirational post.

    44. Dr Jim says:

      @schrodingerscat ref wgd

      Very many thanks for that

    45. Flower of Scotland says:


      What an inspiring post! Thank you. Not feeling great this morning, but this bucked me up, no end.

      I hope you don’t mind me copying it and using it to inspire others?

      Great cartoon Chris as always.

    46. Clootie says:

      The words of the WGD, courtesy of schrodingerscat, are truly inspirational.
      We are awake!

    47. Croompenstein says:

      Why not just put a link on to Paul’s blog where you can even donate to the dug…

    48. Jack Murphy says:

      HandandShrimp said at 10:55 am:-
      “Derek’s podcast still seems OK but something has clearly happened to his main site.”
      Same with me,when I use the Wings Over Scotland Derek Bateman link at top of this page the screen goes brightest red,warning me of dire consequences should I proceed!!!!! 🙂

    49. Legerwood says:

      Handandshrimp @ 12.06

      I think it was the membership who voted for fracking at their conference last week and now the executive have reversed that decision. That should make the members want to go out and canvass – not.

      No sign of anyone doing the rounds here apart from Tory leaflet via Royal Mail.

    50. handclapping says:

      The perils of being a cartoonist when not everybody watches TV (any more); I recognise Gomez and Wednesday as CMD and Gideon but who are Morticia, Lurch and Uncle Fester?

    51. Alan Mackintosh says:

      hand clapping, Morticia is Theresa May, Lurch is Fallon, i think but not sure about the podgy guy on the right

    52. Bob Mack says:

      Fester is Fallon.
      Philip Hammond is Lurch.

      Think you know the rest

    53. handclapping says:

      Thanks Alan. Its a pity they’re all bastards because the Addams were a nice bunch but odd. They gave to good causes. Tories are anything but nice, quite odd and give only to their mates for future favours. Not like the Addams family at all really.

    54. handclapping says:

      And thanks Bob

    55. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Bob Mack, I stand corrected, I recognised Hammond but got the name wrong.

    56. Capella says:

      “A fine bunch of Hogarthian Grotesques” (Tony Hancock). Thanks Chris, for that image. You make life a fairy tale – Grimm. (I think that was John Cooper Clark).

      Another grotesque scenario today is the ratcheting up of the cold war rhetoric aided by BAE Systems subsidiary the BBC.
      “West faces up to Putin aggression.”

      Grotesque Evelyn Farkas spells out how Putin’s “aggression” has to be stopped.

    57. Ruby says:

      Could the ‘podgy guy on the right’ be Rothschild?

    58. Chic McGregor says:

      Another great cartoon Chris.

      Mind you, I think both sides are just as capable of using Project Fear I am sure the Brexits will go full on in that mode if and when they get their act together.

      Project Fear was not born as a concept during indyref1, although it has been portrayed as that, but is rather just the default tactic of Westminster, period.

      So fully expect a future ‘Munster Family’ for the Brexits, for balance you understand. 🙂

      BTW someone mentioned the Ruth lass one’s latest of a long line of inexplicable volte faces. This time on on tax reduction, following Cameron’s recent sojourn North.

      Which suggested to me a cartoon of DC in full Thatcher mode saying to RD “U-turn if I want you too”. Boom boom.

    59. michael diamond says:

      Shrodingerscat 11.09am. Brilliant post.

    60. ben madigan says:

      great cartoon from Chris – makes me wish i could draw!!

      if anyone wants to read anything else about the dysfunctional family of nations, you might like to start here

    61. Ruby says:

      I was watching the Michael Fallon interview (bottom link) on LiarPoliticians Channel on You Tube which led onto this video:

      Fast forward to 14.45 to hear question about Queens involvement in IndyRef.

    62. Chic McGregor says:

      OT Completely concur on WGD’s article, superbly insightful, laying the truth bare for all but the truly unsaveable to see.

      Up there along with Alan Bisset and Jimmy Reid and employing that undefinable yet discernible and seemingly peculiarly Scottish poetic style where in metre and cadance the rhyming of truth takes precedence.

    63. Ruby says:

      I spotted a couple of ‘Grassroots Out’ stalls in Edinburgh today. Nobody seemed to be paying them much attention.

      All the reasons they have outlined in their leaflet for leaving the EU could if you changed Brussels for London be a included in a Indy Ref leaflet.

      The leaflet states if you require further info you should contact Richard Murphy at Grassroots Out Ltd, Venture Court, 2 Debdale Road, Wellingborough, Nottinghamshire NN8 5AA

    64. Lollysmum says:

      Not Nottinghamshire-their postcodes all start with NG
      Wellingborough is in Northamptonshire

    65. Ruby says:

      Lollysmum says:
      5 March, 2016 at 3:29 pm

      Not Nottinghamshire-their postcodes all start with NG
      Wellingborough is in Northamptonshire

      Ruby replies

      Ooops sorry the address is in very small print at the bottom of the leaflet it’s not very clear or perhaps I need to go to the optician.

    66. Lollysmum says:

      Just thought I’d better correct you in case someone decides to ask for more info on OUT campaign lol 🙂

    67. Robert Peffers says:


      Some of you guys are weird richt enuch. Not too long ago I remember someone claiming they fancied Wee Ruthie a wee bit. Now considering that Wee Ruthie swings the ither wey that was weird but Morticia? Cummoan! Get a grip.

      Have to agree, though, Chris has excelled himself with that one. Now that I’m getting my back dated pension, (they had stopped paying me), back again I’ll lob him a wee donation for all his hard work.

    68. Robert Peffers says:

      @Croompenstein says: 5 March, 2016 at 10:37 am:

      ” … My Mrs says it looks like a weegie wedding”

      Arrrgh! Whaur’s the Kitchen Towel an the screen cleaning fluid?

    69. Effijy says:

      Great Cartoon that just sums things up!

      Leave us in the Lurch where things Fester and we don’t have a think come Wednesday and that’s It.

    70. Robert Peffers says:

      @Legerwood says: 5 March, 2016 at 11:51 am:

      “It looks like Mr Rennie and the LibDems have done another U-Turn on fracking and noiw support a ban.”

      Not only that but Mr Harvie thinks the Scottish Government are rather constipated as he claims they need more Greens.

      I hate to think of what their election bumpf will contain as photies.

    71. mike cassidy says:

      The cartoon would be wasted on one Scottish Conservative.

      No sense of irony, you see.

      Kyle Thornton ?@kyleakthornton · Mar 2

      Local democracy appears to be dead. First Minister now dictating council tax rises from Bute House. Economically illiterate policy.

    72. Effijy says:

      Does anyone know how many people attended the Fib Dem and Blue Tory conferences in Scotland? Please don’t use a newspaper number.

      The Nazi Mail has a headline where those damn SNP MP’s, who claim to be whiter than white are claiming expenses that are not qualified? Many of the parliament credit cards have been cancelled due to the actions of SNP members?

      Could someone tell me what really happened?
      I just automatically know that their version of events is the least likely to have any truth behind it.

      I haven’t seen any SNP logos on my local Duck Houses. lol

    73. Sunniva says:

      Does anybody know what has happened to Derek Bateman’s blog? Keep getting an Error 403 message.

    74. Marie Clark says:

      Sunniva, seems to be under some sort of malware attack. I get a big red screens telling me” attackers currently on Derek Bateman’s site might try and gain information about photo’s creditcards etc.” Big no no. computer won’t let me venture any further.

      I’s been like that all day, not aware if Derek Bateman knows about the problem.

    75. mike cassidy says:

      Effijy 5.21

      The credit card issue is a non-story about accounting procedures pathetically dressed up as a poor man’s expenses scandal.

      With added snpbad for good measure!

      If you can stomach it, its actually amusing reading the telegraph’s attempt – especially the order of the mps they write about.


    76. Lollysmum says:

      @mike cassidy at 5.48pm

      Just thought I’d archive your Telegraph link. Don’t want the Torygraph getting lots of indy supporters adding to their advertising revenues 🙂

    77. FairFerfochen says:

      Re Bateman, try Newsnet.

    78. Sunniva says:

      I’ve emailed Derek re blog.

    79. Nana says:

      Brilliant if scary cartoon, what a horror they are.

      Seeing as it’s a quiet evening I thought you might like to see this

    80. Bill says:

      Genuine question,

      Does anyone understand the EU ref enough to say if Scotland’s vote count will be identifiable?

      Will WM be able to say, n% of Scots voted one way or another?

    81. Croompenstein says:

      @Nana – From peatworrier..

      If pressed, Conservatives will often point to Professor Adam Tomkins as evidence of radical renewal. And whatever you make of him, Adam is a smart guy who would bring something idiosyncratic to Holyrood

      I think AT made a typo at the end there it should have been..

      And whatever you make of him, Adam is a smart guy who would bring something idiotic to Holyrood

    82. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Bill.

      “Counting will occur overnight as in a general election, and a declaration will be made in Manchester town hall after votes have been collated from 12 different regional collation centres.

      Results will be declared as soon as they are known by the 382 local counting officers.

      There are 380 council areas in Great Britain plus one area for Northern Ireland and one for Gibraltar. Regional and national running totals will be available. Polling stations should not have more than 2,500 electors and the ballot papers will be white.

      The question on the ballot paper, adjusted on advice from the Electoral Commission will read: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?””

      That’s from:-

    83. Nana says:


      Very good, idiotic fits well there. I wonder if he has a pal called Will Black.

      Last days of empire, how desperate can these clowns get.

    84. Croompenstein says:

      @boris –

      Talking of Glasgow Cooncillors seen this on Bella..

      I suppose we should congratulate the fairytale rise of Scotland’s newest club on getting to the semi-final of the cup. But the songs remain the same… one day maybe..

      The truth will be our weapons of sash reduction… 🙂

    85. Croompenstein says:

      @Nana –

      From oor Will’s petition..

      It’s time the Scottish Parliament was closed down and a referendum should be held to allow people of the United Kingdom to choose whether there tax payers money should continue to be wasted on having a Scottish Parliament

      I wonder if he supports Scotland’s newest football team? mmmm..

    86. Croompenstein says:

      @Nana –

      I was checking for zoomer central but a few areas tied on 14 signatures from yoon zoom…

    87. Nana says:


      You’re sharp tonight! Whoever he is, he’s a loon.

    88. Robert Peffers says:

      @Ruby says:5 March, 2016 at 3:01 pm:

      “All the reasons they have outlined in their leaflet for leaving the EU could if you changed Brussels for London be a included in a Indy Ref leaflet.”

      Their reasons are mince and they are nothing like how the UK treats the non-English parts of the UK.

      They claim that the UK is being governed by the EU just as Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland are ruled by, “The Westminster Parliament of EVAL”. a.k.a. the parliament of England.

      Yet here are some facts. There has been no compulsion, for example, for EU member states to join the Euro. The UK hasn’t done so and neither has Sweden, and they are not the only EU states who have not. Furthermore there are non-EU states that use the Euro.

      The EU generally works by consensus while the UK always claims they have sovereignty over everyone and does use compulsion and enforces their laws.

    89. heedtracker says:

      I was checking for zoomer central but a few areas tied on 14 signatures from yoon zoom…

      Its UKOK mentalist all right but if it took off, they’d need a referendum to abolish Holyrood. Another ref on anything probably isn’t going to UKOK happen though.

      Other news, none.

      Rancid The Graun even bigger UKOK bigots than usual tonight, shock.

      “We’re also building a “state-of-the-art” jail for women and I’m presuming that once built the inmates won’t ever have access to cigarettes, e-cigarettes, Monster, Buckfast, Christianity or fizzy drinks. And all sports will be non-contact. Thus they will be able to go on to “live, longer healthier lives”. Hurrah.”

      The only way up is letting England run Scotland, which they ofcourse do not and have never ever done.

      Abolish Holyrood Now:D

    90. Adam Tompkins might be a clever guy – so clever in fact that he thinks the rest of us are stupid and he can get away with talking absolute nonsense to us all.

    91. heedtracker says:

      Adam Tompkins might be a clever guy

      Adam is hotly tipped to be the next Ruth Davidson, so watch out.

      I quite miss the furious UKOK raging Slovene style, btl Herald and Graun, but it all stopped because its not becoming of a future member of parliament, Holyrood or anywhere, apparently. Plus there’s essays that wont mark themselves.

    92. Sinky says:

      Can anyone explain this from Google search?

      Derek Bateman
      This site may harm your computer.

    93. Gary45% says:

      Everyone think about this.
      Is the establishment starting to panic?, lets face it they try to control the internet and gag information.

      Just a thought.

      When will the establishment realise, unless you can give Scotland a credible opposition, the electorate will vote for the party who looks after them.
      Can anyone honestly say any of the main opposition parties in Scotland are worth wasting a vote on.
      We have been blessed with the SNP governing the country in the past years, because if it had been one of the Yoony parties , the country would have been bankrupt.
      Westminster control them, and they shaft Scotland at every opportunity.
      How many times did Slab underspend and hand the money back to Westminster?
      And as for Ruth Jong Un WTF???

    94. Croompenstein says:

      Remember it’s Mother’s Day…

    95. Still Positive. says:

      Really proud Mum here – my boy posted on Nicola’s twitter last night.

    96. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Re Adam Tomkinski, heres a couple of links. He has suffered a most curious, nay shocking, conversion it seems. A few years ago he was on stage with Tommy Sheridan, Colin Fox and Rosie Kane at Calton Hill arguing for an independent Scottish republic and now it seems he may be the new Great Blue Hope.

    97. call me dave says:

      Seems that Sam’s story first posted by Macart has been picked up by the Herald. Hope something can be done for him.


      He fought for the British Army in Helmand and Basra … so why has this Fijian soldier been left destitute and battling to stay in the UK with his family?
      Won’t archive

    98. Macart says:

      An update on this:

      Sam’s story has been picked up by the Sunday Herald.

    99. Grouse Beater says:

      Re Adam Tomkinski, heres a couple of links. He has suffered a most curious, nay shocking, conversion it seems. A few years ago he was on stage with Tommy Sheridan, Colin Fox and Rosie Kane at Calton Hill arguing for an independent Scottish republic and now it seems he may be the new Great Blue Hope.

      SNP are ‘tame jocks’ are they?

    100. Conan the Librarian™ says:

      Cameron with a spiv moustache…however, Gomez did have *some* likable qualities.

    101. Ruby says:

      The most curious thing about the EU Ref is why a government who are opposed to Brexit are having a referendum!

      It’s a bit like Unionist parties having a referendum on Scottish Independence.

      That might be something Kezia should consider in her 2016 Holyrood manifesto.

    102. Ken500 says:

      Tomkin got married. He is on the spectrum. He found another obsession. Irrational. He can’t help it. It looks like a turncoat, but is part of the personality trait which will not succeed. Can’t empathise.

    103. Robert Kerr says:

      @Grouse Beater,

      Perhaps the good professor has had a talking to! A quiet word. It’s the Yoon’s way.

      Enjoy the day.

      SNP SNP EU

    104. Ruby says:

      Re Derek Bateman blog. What I reckon is Derek Bateman’s blog has been hacked and someone has planted malicious software which has been picked up by Google.

      Video worth watching.

      Story in Herald about hackers

      ‘Hackers direct users of Scottish Catholic website to online pornography in series of cyber attacks on church’

    105. Ruby says:

      I can’t stand Adam Tomkins, Kevin Hague or JK Rowling!

      All three would probably claim that is because I am anti-English and nothing to do with all three of them being obnoxious prats.

    106. Ken500 says:

      The Tories are importing fracked Gas from US. People in the UK are using it to boil their tattles. Osborne is taxing the Oil sector at 60% losing thousands of jobs and £Billions of revenues in Scotland. Giving the US fracking industry an unfair advantage in the UK against Scottish (UK) industry. Putting up the balance of payments deficit (imports) and Increasing the debt. Osbourne and the UK tax system is not fit for purpose. Osbourne is bad for British industry and favours foreign firms who do not pay tax in the UK.

      Cameron/Osbourne are trying to ruin the Scottish economy, after making false promises. for spite. To line their own pockets. They have cut taxes in the rest of the UK and expect Scotland to bail them out. The Tories are charlatan and liars who cost Scotland £10Billion a year, which could be better spent.

    107. Ken500 says:

      Bateman’s blog has been inaccessible on a tablet since the layout was changed. Accessible on a phone. Bateman deletes and bans. Very BBC. The site has technical support issues. Less (limited) posting reduces google (or whatever) support. More site traffic produces more support from Internet providers. More support means more donations to keep the site going.

      Bateman is not a business man. An ex-BBC staffer with (technical) issues. Arrogance can cut off the nose to spite the visage. A good experience commentator but an non versatile view.

      BBC too unbiased to give a true report. BBC need for balance can outweighs accuracy – BBC bias.

    108. Dorothy Devine says:

      Och! I always loved Lurch!

      I am behind the times and wish to donate via the Revs bank where can I find the info?

    109. Bob Mack says:


      The instructions can be found under DONATE at the top of the page Dorothy.

    110. Nana says:

      O/T links

      Will we ever learn the truth?



    111. Grouse Beater says:

      Your weekend entertainment – a Coen Brothers comedy:

    112. Nana says:

      O/T links

      Gateshead-pensioners-given-food-destined for landfill

      Democracy- keep the plebs in the dark…

      Prolonged and repeated failure

      Glasgow labour

    113. Nana says:

      O/T links

      Mother’s day


      For a slow Sunday

      Publish secret police corruption report

      The inside story, cops criminals and corruption


    114. heedtracker says:

      SOG says:
      6 March, 2016 at 9:21 am
      He’s a loose cannon, but Boris ought to know…

      Bojo is adored by BBC creeps, he’s all over their tv news 24 and Marr this morn.

      The impartial and unbiased Broadcasting Boris Corporation. Bojo doesn’t half waffle some shite too.

    115. Legerwood says:

      Nana @ 8.54 am

      Re your link to North Sea storage of carbon dioxide, the Norwegian Statoil have been capturing carbon dioxide from North Sea gas to reduce its CO2 content and storing it under the North Sea since the 1990s.

      If the plans to turn Longannet into a Carbon Capture and Sequestration power station had gone ahead then the captured carbon dioxide would have been pumped out to the GoldenEye platform to be stored under the North Sea.

    116. heedtracker says:

      The impartial and unbiased Broadcasting Boris Corporation. Bojo doesn’t half waffle some shite too.

      Christ what boring liar Bojo really is. One more toryboy stuffed shirt, non entity, promoted miles above his ability. Or another toryboy BBC led media propaganda triumph of UKOKology.

    117. Sunniva says:

      I hope Derek’s blog can be fixed. I really enjoy reading it.

    118. Nana says:


      I read that some time ago and may even have posted the link or a similar one.

      I put a link on the great separatist thread yesterday morning you might like re storage, posted around 7.30am.

    119. Nana says:

      I get Derek’s blog from here

    120. galamcennalath says:

      Re Bojo on Marr.

      As Posh Toryboys go, he scrapes the barrel, jeez. Comes across as someone who just says what will facilitate his next career move. Marr trying to highlight Bojo’s U turns, but met with a deluge of waffle in response.

      Every cloud, silver lining. If Bojo is PM at IndyRef2, he is probably worth a good swing to Yes alone.

    121. Bill McLean says:

      Nana – I used the link you gave to get to Derek Bateman’s blog but it is only up to March 2014-maybe I’m doing something wrong.

    122. KenC says:

      I’ve been reading Iain MacWhirter’s columns for years now.

      I have disagreed with his comments on many occassions, but today’s offering in the Sunday Herald is such a nakedly obvious advert for a Labour party who deserve no plaudits, I was raging!

      Coupled with sly digs at the SNP which have no substance, I will approach his next Sunday effort with some care.

      It would appear that the forthcoming Scottish elections have brought out his inner Labour supporter.

      I have no problem with that, but I expect a more balanced approach from a journalist I have respect for. They are a dying breed.

    123. Bill McLean says:

      Nana – Good morning. I used your link to get to Derek’s blog but it is only up to March 2014. Am I doing something wrong?

    124. Nana says:

      @Bill McLean

      Bill, I didn’t notice the blog hadn’t been updated. There must be something up. I wonder if anyone has tweeted Derek to let him know there’s a problem.
      Seems somewhat sinister.

      Off to spend the day with my boys so hopefully when I get back his blog will be updated.

    125. Bill McLean says:

      KenC – Like you I am a long time reader of Iain McWhirter articles. In the past two or three years I have found him very difficult – he seems to be confused about his own views – probably because of conflicted feelings about Scotland’s future. He is sometimes factually wrong as the comments about Scottish growth lagging the UK – he of course takes no account of the fact that Scottish growth is included in UK figures thereby skewing the comparison.
      The shibboleth of “the oil and gas sector tanks” is ill-assigned as surely he knows that it is the UK economy that loses from loss of revenue.

    126. Legerwood says:

      Ken C @ 11.21 am

      I agree with you about Mr McWhirter’s column in today’s Sunday Herald. I have noticed over the past few months that his usual balance seems to go into full-blown, grumpy old man mode. That he dredged up the Al-Megrahi release was a sure sign of his desperation.

      Nana @ 10.05 am

      Thank you for the link. I have been following the energy scene since the early ’80s partly as the result of an OU course that I did at the time.

      Interesting that the Canadians now have a working CCS scheme built around an ageing coal-fired power station which they refurbished as part of the scheme. It is having some teething problems but what new technology doesn’t when it starts out?

    127. Almannysbunnet says:

      Herald Headline:
      “Labour heads urge the SNP not to back Sunday trading bill for England and Wales”

      I thought EVEL would have excluded the SNP from voting on this. Does this means we are not even allowed to support, oppose or give an opinion on something outside of the hallowed walls of Westminster. Maybe Labour are scared we influence EVEL votes, very strange.

    128. Bill McLean says:

      Thanks Nana!

    129. Jack Murphy says:

      Nana at 9:01am etc with LINKS.
      Many,many thanks Nana for these—-it’s not easy finding all that material—I know!
      Some I pass on. 🙂
      I just want to add my thanks for what can sometimes be a Herculean task.

    130. Sinky says:

      Once again Ian Murray’s Party Political Broadcast assertions go unchallenged by BBC on Sunday Politics.

    131. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Well, I’ve just booked one of the bars in Waxy O’Connors, provisionally, from 3-closing time on Sat March 26th. I’m going in tomorrow to give it the once-over. It’s their last space available for that day.

      Capacity is 70.

      If anyone objects to this, speak now or forever hold your proverbial.

    132. Flower of Scotland says:

      Hi everyone, Derek Bateman on the Newsnet site is up to date with a post today.

      What a laugh this morning on all political programmes! Project Fear is everywhere.

      Our one illustrious Labour MP Ian Murray is , seemingly, off to Canada to learn how to come second in an election instead of third. You just couldn’t make it up. A great laugh for Mother,s Day.

      Have a great day to all you Mothers out there!

    133. Macart says:

      Take it folk have noticed that Labour have turned to Joseph Stiglitz as an advisor on economic models?

      Mr Stiglitz also appears to approve of the Scottish governments handling of our economy, even within the narrow constraints of Scotland’s current constitutional arrangement.

      Just to be clear though, when Mr Stiglitz was an advisor to the Scottish Gvt. for the past several years anything produced by the CEA was rubbish according to… pretty much everyone in the Labour party and today?

      Wonder what changed their mind?

    134. FairFerfochen says:

      I’ve been tuning in to Ally Bally’s phone in show on Northsound for a few moths now, it’s on from 10am -1pm Sundays.
      Some of the topics have been pretty good for example, today they opened the lines to comments on the BBC 1 hour Scottish news proposals. One guy phoned, Jim from Dundee saying what’s the point? Scots don’t have a different perspective from English people FFS.
      Also talked about dog chipping and some MSP moaning about Holyrood coffee.
      90% of callers went for dog fouling & coffee!!
      A good opportunity wasted once again.
      I despair and pray some day someone will call them up with at least a semblance of intelligence.

    135. Chic McGregor says:

      Oops, this was meant to be posted here.

      Some fun questions re the US Presidential race.

      Given Trump’s predeliction for naming his possessions after himself, if he wins, will the USA or NYC become Trumpton?

      If Clinton wins, will Bill become known as the First Gentleman of the Whitehouse?

      If Sanders wins, which organisation would have first dibs at assassination?

      If Cruz wins will they rename the missile?

      And daft questions for the UK:

      Which of the 4 would increase and which would decrease Boris’s chances most?

      If Boris wins will he indulge in Ping Pong diplomacy with Pyong Yang, or just build a wall to keep the Wiff Waff out?

    136. tartanarse says:

      Quick question. Can the SNP ban fracking and if so how is it to be done?

    137. heedtracker says:

      I thought EVEL would have excluded the SNP from voting on this. Does this means we are not even allowed to support, oppose or give an opinion on something outside of the hallowed walls of Westminster.

      Its up to the Speaker of the House, Bercow

      Wiki says

      Bercow graduated with a first-class honours degree in government from the University of Essex in 1985.[9] Professor Anthony King remembers: “When he was a student here, he was very right-wing, pretty stroppy, and very good. He was an outstanding student”

      Great choice. No bias there.

    138. Sunniva says:

      Tartanarse: Alison Johnstone MSP (Green) did come close to proposing a ban on fracking by proposing a three mile exclusion zone around any houses. This would mean no fracking in Central Scotland, where there are houses. But the SNP on that committee turned it down!

      The Scottish government controls planning, and environment, these are devolved areas. Alison thought her motion was competant.

      But the UK government controls energy policy – that’s not devolved – and they have been selling these fracking licences to all and sundry.

      Don’t know why SNP won’t go beyond a moratorium. Maybe they fear some legal or constitutional wrangle?

    139. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Tartanarse, as I understand it, an outright ban would be challenged in court as the UK gov has given it permission. (Oil and gas is reserved). A moratorium,on the other hand is a temporary, albeit indefinite timescale, stop.

      There was a blog post about it on “its not easy being green” or something like that, where they asked a lawyer similar questions

    140. Sunniva says:

      Derek Bateman’s site still not allowing access from my iPad.

    141. tartanarse says:

      Thanks Sunniva.

      Sure I read somewhere that Nicola Sturgeon said she would ensure it wouldn’t happen. Perhaps she plans to get SNP all behind her with it. This might be difficult if it is left to local authority who may want it.

    142. ArtyHetty says:

      Re; Sunniva

      The Scottish government cannot ban fracking. I don’t know how many times I have to tell this to people. Apparently P.Harvie is going to challenge Nicola Sturgeon on this, surely he knows that the UKok gov can take the SNP gov to court if they try to outright ban fracking?

      If we look at what the Scotgov were and still are trying to do regards renewables, while having funding cut for wind power by westmonster, and all kinds of UKok sabotage happening, then I think we can all put 2 and 2 together, and probably take a guess that the SNP are not pro fracking in their own country.

    143. Richardinho says:

      Seems to be some rather bizarre unionist meltdowns this weekend: Ruth Davidson saying she never wants to live in England and Michelle Moan complaining about anti-Scottish prejudice in the HoL.

    144. Capella says:

      @ Nana
      You’re earning your gold badge this morning!
      The link to the Salon article on Ukraine is very enlightening. Spells out the neo-nazi forces at work, in cahoots with the American arms industry, the Whitehouse, the IMF and NATO.

      Who is going to take away their licence to kill?


    145. heedtracker says:

      Derek Bateman’s site still not allowing access from my iPad.

      Someone linked this earlier. Its actually 2 years old. No change, other than yoon media is an even bigger laughing stock and BBC Scotland even more biased, and they won 2014.

      Actually no, there is a big difference today. BBC, yoon press in England land etc have a war time like black out on anything Scotland now.

      Might work.

    146. Macart says:


      I wonder what Ms (Baroness) Mone thought she would find vis a vis the HoLs attitude toward Scotland? Its kinda always considered Scotland property and its population disposable assets/serfs near as I can tell. (shrugs)

    147. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Artyhetty, I would guess the greens are using fracking as a stick to beat the snp prior to the election. I dont see why people cant see that if the Scot Gov dont impose an outright ban (which I dont think they can do as its reserved) it cant be challenged in the courts. You can bet there are fracking companies, if not the UK Gov, waiting for an opportunity to go to court to win. The moratorium puts things in limbo.

    148. Bill says:


      Thanks for link.

      So we need to vote Stay!


    149. Richardinho says:


      Who would have thought that a bunch of Tory peers would treat a working class Glaswegian with sneering contempt. The mind shurely boggles!

      Sadly I expect that the lesson here will be lost on Ms Moan, but hopefully it will be instructive to the rest of us.

    150. Dorothy Devine says:

      Bob Mack,thank you

      On my lovely Mothers Day I have been mopping up the kitchen as my washing machine flooded the place – just what I wanted to be doing!

    151. Chic McGregor says:

      Fracking cannot be outright banned because the UK have accepted it, yet we hear recently that it will be banned in 40% of England (mainly SE natch.). Which should invoke EVEL in the HoC.

      So would the implementation of of EVEL banning fracking in England be in any sense justifiable if the SP were not allowed to follow suit re Scotland?

    152. call me dave says:

      Happy mother’s day to all who are eligible.


      ‘Rob’ Roy

      There’s more:

      Branch office angry as Head office books Corbyn event in Edinburgh on eve of the Holyrood poll.

    153. Roughian says:


      HoL are only interested in Michelle Moan’s two assets!!!

    154. JLT says:

      LOL …best picture to date! Oh Chris …you could have had a real field day with this one!


      – ‘Cousin It’ (could that be our Donald Trump, our American cousin over the water’

      – Pugsley (Must be Boris – would fit the character perfectly)

      – Thing …well, it’s a hand ,and who usually has a hand in everything – Mandelson! After all, did he not quip up during the week!

    155. O/T. Feel free to kill me with hammers, Rev. Sorry about my last unedited rant. JC

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