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Drawing blanks

Posted on August 23, 2023 by

Readers, we’ve got nothing.

Did you all get together and arrange this as a massive prank while we were out at the shops? Because if so, well done, you got us, but it’s time to own up.

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0 to “Drawing blanks”

  1. Ian McCubbin says:

    No it’s apparently true. All usual MSM celebrating the appointment (sic)
    Well SNP now in safe hands to the bottom ha ha.

  2. Ian Brotherhood says:

    So that’s us through the looking-glass and down the rabbit-hole.

    Where next?

  3. duncanio says:

    The deception is complete.

  4. Ian says:

    I know you’re disappointed you didn’t get the job Stu.

  5. Robert McAllan says:

    They are rippin’ the pish noo, BIG TIME!!!

  6. sarah says:

    We never knew who was contractually responsible for employing SNP employees. It was a very relevant issue when Peter Murrell was untouchable as compared with SNP parliamentarians and members. Surely he could have been sacked for many of his actions – yet he wasn’t.

    So who has signed the employee contract with Murray Foote?

  7. Captain Yossarian says:

    Support for independence is still undoubtedly high; around 48% I was reading. SNP are though neck and neck with Labour which means that half of the SNP’s Westminster seats will be lost. Then there’s Humza’s popularity, which is neck and neck with Douglas Ross. Unless something changes, I can see the SNP voters staying at home and the 48% for independence not being reflected in the polls. Any ideas? The best I have heard is Alex Salmond stands at Rutherglen and Kate Forbes challenges for leadership of the SNP. That will exorcise a few SNP liars. Personally speaking and as a former Labour voter, I would be glad to see the SNP, or the Nationalist movement, find their true purpose again. Presented sensibly, by Sillars or MacAskill or someone like that, I find it worth listening to. You need to get rid of the dissemblers and the liars though. They infest your party.

  8. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Is it hush money?

  9. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon’s sold the family silver. She’s sold the jerseys. Nicola Thatcher’s final act.

  10. Dickie Tea says:

    Appears Campbell Martin was correct after all.

  11. robertkknight says:

    Only those who know where the bodies are buried need apply…

  12. Haud says:

    Unfekkingbelievable..or probably not. Fuk the snp

  13. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Decimation at the ballot box followed shortly after by being subsumed by British Labour in Scotland.

    This is the future which awaits the SNP.

    Good riddance!

  14. Breastplate says:


  15. Breeks says:

    If people don’t open their eyes now, then sadly, we must assume they never will.

  16. David says:

    It’s like the Mafia.

  17. Johnlm says:

    1D chess. Wow.

  18. PhilM says:

    When they stop caring how it looks…

  19. Mia says:

    The metamorphosis of the SNP into Labour is almost complete.

    So, when is Gordon Brown is taking over from Michael Russell?

    I wouldn’t be surprised on the least if the next pro-union (con)vow” is signed and released by the crown tools in the SNP rather than the leaders of England’s main political parties.

  20. Captain Yossarian says:

    Sarah – I understand that it was Swinney that employed Murrell.

  21. Skip_NC says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 5:14pm, I suppose the next thing is for the SNP to release the kraken. As that is a Scandinavian monster, it is hopefully pro-independence, so the devolutionists at the top of the SNP should be suitably concerned.

  22. ScottieDog says:

    Assimilation complete. Resistance is futile.

  23. Craig says:

    Fuckin hell.

    The sickening gut feeling of being kicked in the gut that most of YESSERS experienced on the 19th Sept 2014 has just surfaced reading that announcement.

    The architect of “The Vow” is really the next Chief Exec of the NuSNP.

    Wow, to think those years of being a member of the SNP till 5 years ago has been a colossal fuckin waste of time.

    I am so grateful my Grandfather isn’t alive to see this, he would be so crushed to see what his SNP has become and stands for he was an early SNP member.

  24. Jim Tadgercock says:

    They are dead to me.

  25. robbo says:



  26. Morgatron says:

    Drivel Foote and Mouth back to take control? To quote Derek from Derek and Clive live , “Laugh? I Nearly Shat”

  27. sarah says:

    @ Captain Y: so it is the party leader who is the “employer”. No wonder Sturgeon set Murrell such a vast salary and never sacked him.

    The membership should rise up and demand that this system is stopped.

    Better still they should leave the party. It is a betrayal of the entire history of the party they joined.

  28. Alice Timmons says:

    Well, f*ck me sideways with a ragman’s bugle. Maybe he’s got a white horse waiting outside, ready to charge in and clear out all the rot cos he knows JUST where it all sits. If he doesn’t I can lend him a used rainbow unicorn at a good price….

  29. Kenny says:

    Great for the Real Independence movement.
    Bad for all things union.

    Carry on.

  30. Are they aff their fuckin heids?

  31. chic.mcgregor says:


    Naw it’ll be Broonzilla.

  32. Chris Downie says:

    Just out of interest, did anyone (even the diehard SNP apologists) really believe Foote’s Damascene conversion to independence was genuine?

  33. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Had Prince Andrew pencilled in myself.

  34. BLMac says:

    Are Gilbert & Sullivan writing the script for the SNP opera?

  35. Wee Chid says:

    BLMac says:
    23 August, 2023 at 11:16 pm
    Are Gilbert & Sullivan writing the script for the SNP opera?

    I believe they’ve “got a little list”.

  36. twathater says:

    Has this been a setup from the membership numbers debacle, where motorhome Pete agreed with Murray that HE would step down because of the exposure of the LYING FAKE BOOSTED NUMBERS, Murray would resign HIS position to appear as a man of integrity and honesty with a guarantee of promotion to the £95,000 job , if you look at it from that perspective NOTHING has changed within the paedo parties managerial hierarchy

    Sturgeon is still pulling the strings of the moronic but willing adulterous fake FM (NOT MY FM)

    Murrell motorhome hire is still working with sturgeon, swinney, russell and FOOTE to sabotage and destroy any chance of independence , everyone’s a winner

    I know everyone including myself thinks that these clowns and morons have fucked everything up in Scotland due to incompetence, BUT have they really, is it not deliberate Machiavellian acts by a cohort working to a plan , the more I look at their actions I am convinced they are playing out an act involving planned chess piece moves

  37. Willie says:

    Is this the man who gave us the Vow?

  38. desimond says:

    As confusion tactics go, its a belter of a play.
    Who saw that coming?

    The man who did absolutely nothing of value in previous role, elevated to a top dog position. The Jock Principle.

    The game has truly gone. The baws burst and been torn into a thousand shreds by thousands of hungry dogs. The floodlights have been turned off and the bulbs unscrewed. The groundsmans turning the key and heading to the car park.

    Saddest thing is, doubtful anyone at SNP HQ wondering how did we possibly get to the stage where Anas Sarwar could be contemplating sizing up for curtains?

  39. James Che says:

    Labour are running neck and neck with Snp.

    Well in Scotland if thats true, that would give them one one each,
    As I recall neither could identify a women, that half the voters gone,

  40. James Che says:

    Labour are running neck and neck with Snp.

    Well in Scotland if thats true, that would give them one one each,
    As I recall neither could identify a women, that half the voters gone,

    It has been years since I looked at either as a political party, because like tories and greens the snp and labour are all employees of a rigged system for voters,

    They can change leaders PMs and FMs without a public vote,
    No one gets who the vote for, nor can we hold them accountable for their manifesto promises.

    A across the board party politics Scam on the people.

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