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Cringe Of The St Andrew’s Day

Posted on November 30, 2015 by

Chris Deerin in this morning’s Daily Mail:


That’s okay, Chris. We’re embarrassed that you’re Scottish too.

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162 to “Cringe Of The St Andrew’s Day”

  1. bobajock says:

    I wonder if Chris drove around in a popemobile type Mercedes, bantering with chirpy locals who did not realise he was writing for the Tory press.

    Admittedly, its hard to write for any mainstream press that is not Tory, but as a Scot living in England, I can attest that everyone on zero hour contracts are committed to it with gusto. Their lives depend on it, there is no state to rescue them.

    Nobody ever tells English people that Londoners get about 5K per year each spent on their black hole, while Northerners get … 300-500 a year.

    Makes one wonder why the Mail never mentions crap like that.

  2. Dave McEwan Hill says:


  3. scotsbob says:

    On a more positive note, best wishes to all Stu and all Wings readers on this St. Andrew’s day

  4. Capella says:

    What a social commentator Chris Deerin is! He spends “a few days” in an area then incisively sums it up as much better than Scotland.

    Now for a couple of days in Wales – “cheery folk, just roll up their sleeves and get on with life”; Northern Ireland “salt of the earth, hard working optimists” etc etc. I could do it without even bothering to go there.

    He fails to notice that Westminster is the English parliament though, and the North East of England still is in England.

  5. hamish says:

    The Daily Mail brings me out in a rash on the rare occasions when I see it.

  6. Macart says:

    He must have kneecaps made of brass.

    Maybe he should stand up more.

  7. schrodingers cat says:

    you mean….chris “Thomas” deerin?

  8. Inverclyder says:

    With all these articles whether in the DM, BBC, Daily Record etc. it always makes me wonder if the writers of the articles will be brought to account for their previous actions come the day of Independence.

  9. gordoz says:

    Sorry excuse for an individual on all levels. Assume he is embarrassed by his British Nationality ?

    Deerin, what an apologist muppet.

    Many thanks to Angus CM Cundy for the best wishes to all on Saint Andrews Day in the National.

    Now that was a nice touch form a true Scot.

  10. alexicon says:

    I’ve worked with thousands of Teesiders in the O&G industry for years and I would never class them as being friendly.
    In fact they go by another name: Teesniders.

  11. Irene says:

    Apologies for going off-topic but this struck me as odd.

    Sorry for listening to Call Kaye this morning (I was bored), I was astounded to hear an ‘independent defence analyst’ shoehorned in-between Christmas stories and Flora from the Bake Off, telling us what a wonderful weapon the Brimstone Missile is.

    Who, why, what, where, how! Then, with one bound he was gone again.

    This guy is called Paul Beaver ( and I somehow suspect shenanigans on the part of the BBC in introducing this guy for no reason whatsoever, with no counter opinion. Of course, I could be being paranoid…

  12. crisiscult says:

    Chris is lucky. No one need know he’s Scottish if he a) speaks like Tony Blair b) wears a kilt a lot and c) tells people he lives in Edinburgh.

  13. broonpot says:

    Never read the daily wail so don’t know of this person Deerin.

    If this article was published in an edition sold in Scotland the man must be an absolute idiot with a professional death wish.

    Sad that someone can write such drivel and actually get paid

  14. Dan Huil says:

    The Scottish Cringe is limitless. Oh,alas and alack! Why can’t Scots be obedient little unionists! The poor, ruggedly loyal people of the north of England know their place – why don’t the Jocks?!

  15. Bill Hume says:

    Nice put down, I’m pretty sure we’re all embarrased by the nasty little man.

  16. broonpot @ 12.13 pm:

    “If this article was published in an edition sold in Scotland the man must be an absolute idiot with a professional death wish. ”

    How come? Readers of that budgie cage liner in North Britain will be lapping up every word of that.

  17. Helena Brown says:

    Another little cringer, never amazed at the number of Scots (?) who head off to England to make their fortune the decry and ridicule those of us who choose to stay and try and make a better country for ourselves. These people must come across those in England who detest the where comes from, how does he live with himself or does he think they do not mean me?

  18. Robert Louis says:

    Nowhere else in the world, do you find citizens of their own country, perpetually knocking that country. I am convinced Scots who move ‘down south’, do it to ‘fit in’. Oh how much more convenient it is for them to join in with the idiotic ‘whinging Scots/chippy Scots/mean-spirited Scots’ narrative perpetuated from England since 1746.

    The cringing Scots, dancing to another countries tune.

  19. Helena Brown says:

    Meant to add, Happy Saint Andrew’s Day to the people of Scotland, Russia, Greece and not forgetting Tenerife.
    John King, like you I was unaware of the fact that they too had Saint Andrew and the Saltire until I was on holiday way back in the 80’s. We said to our guide, I see you are flying the Scottish Flag, she replied it is our own as well, so we can add another branch of the family. They are not that fond of the Spanish either.

  20. Wuffing Dug says:

    It’s not the Scottish cringe.

    It’s the Britscot cringe.

    What a rim job.

  21. Sinky says:

    From 2013

    London gets 520 times more transport cash than “the North”
    In a London dominated UK predicated on the volatile Stock Exchange the Social Union stops at Watford.

    Analysis of the current National Infrastructure Plan, carried out by the think-tank IPPR North indicates transport spending amounted to £2,600 per head for the capital’s residents, 520 times the £5 spent per head in the North-east of England.

  22. Bob Mack says:

    Deerin represents all I dislike about some of my fellow Scots.
    Like a whipped cur,no matter how badly you treat it ,they still come back to you.

    It is we who “whinge” that keep the excesses of Westminster from hitting us harder whilst the subservient allow anything.

    I know which I prefer to be.

  23. McDuff says:

    Its difficult to respond to someone like Deerin who obviously hates Scots and hates being Scottish and is only happy when running down his own country.
    What a sad sad man.

  24. Sandra says:

    Second cringe of St Andrew’s Day was this comment from Cameron. Like we believe he actually means it.
    UK Prime Minister – Verified account @Number10gov
    PM: Scotland is a constant source of pride and passion and helps put the Great in Great Britain. Happy #StAndrewsDay

  25. ahundredthidiot says:

    C’mon folks, he has a point, sometimes I feel embarrassed to be Scottish. Like, when I read shite like this, drive past Ibrox, walk past the ‘blue bells’ bar, etc,

    Wee song

    Oh, the blue bells are blue, hoo
    And all their customers have a double digit IQ, hoo


  26. John Davidson says:

    Alexicon @12.08

    Seconded. Had quite a run in with some of them last time I was down there.

    This deerin character must be a right fearty.

    I remember saying to somebody down there ‘look there’s your future being asset stripped right in front of you’ as a barge took more of swan hunters infrastructure to China.

    He didnae like it.

    They must like takin a pumpin as long as it’s a British pumpin.

    Oh they love you when you dance to their tune….

  27. Richardinho says:

    Seems to be a common type: The self-hating Scot. Still, he has a wee bit to go before he can match John McTernan.

    Never quite sure if these people are actually like this or simply pretending to be in order to hold down a gig in the British media?

  28. Doug Porteous says:

    I’ve worked with Geordies and others from the northeast of England all over the world, they have a similar heritage to ourselves depleted industries and rubbish football teams, they also to a man and woman detest the types that infest Westminster but and remember this they are also English. Deerin does not care about Geordies anymore than he does we Scots who voted YES he is just using them.

  29. heedtracker says:

    ‘I felt embarrassed to be Scottish’ grovelers like this clown don’t go down at all well with the English either.

  30. asklair says:

    The only thing I could think of now we Scots should feel ashamed off is having 1 MP who is going to vote to bomb people, thats one too many.

  31. Giving Goose says:

    I bought that edition but unfortunately I wasn’t able to read that piece because it was covered in shit because I used it to wipe my arse.

  32. Peter Macbeastie says:


    I too have been to that area, know a few folk there, and it’s true; they are indeed driven, self reliant people.

    They also consider Tory to be a swear word and if they want everyone in a room to agree with them they say ‘Cameron’s a prick.’

    They’re very, very like Glaswegians.

    Deerin must have edited heavily to get rid of that last bit.

    Scottish cringe. There’s a cure if you suffer from it. Get a big box and a friend… If you have one… to lock you inside it.

    No one else needs to hear yer whiney pish.

  33. galamcennalath says:

    There are a great many reasons why a person might reject the people and the nation of their birth. Many people do. Generally they move away and make a new life for themselves elsewhere.

    Thankfully whingers like Deerin are rare. He is one of those few who refuse to cut the ties and continue to look back moaning about where they came from. Why doesn’t he just get over himself and pish off to where he thinks the grass is greener.

  34. proudscot says:

    I remember many years ago now, reading an article about the Scottish Tory MP Teddy Taylor, who headed off to a safe seat in England after the GE loss of his Pollok seat. The article mentioned that despite (or perhaps because of?) his fierce loyalty to his beloved Tory Party, he was sneered at behind his back by many of his English Tory Party colleagues.

    At least, if nothing else, Taylor had political principles and beliefs which he stuck to, right or wrong. He always stated his pride in being Scottish, quite aside from his political convictions. Deerin and his kind, Alan Cochrane of the Telegraph is another who springs to mind, are probably regarded with the same sneering contempt as was Taylor. However their self-loathing cringe factor no doubt blinds them to this.

  35. Cuilean says:

    In May this year, Derek Bateman described Deerin as follows: ~

    “At the weekend on Twitter I described Chris Deerin of the Daily Mail as a bigot. That was inaccurate and inappropriate. It was unworthy of him and of myself. It was said in haste and I regret it. I offer him my sincere apologies.

    What I meant to say, but couldn’t fit in, was that he is intolerant, unreasonable, incorrigible, one-eyed, zealous, doctrinaire, cunning, dogmatic, artful, partisan, ingenious, and Scotophobic”.

    I think that covers it.

  36. Andrew McLean says:

    Question? is it the Scottish cringe not to tell those who seek to enlighten and educate us Scots to do one, quite frankly if I was as obnoxious on an English independence site I would be given my marching orders pretty damned quick.

    Fact no one is made to live in Scotland, if they prefer other countries then they should leave and go and live there!

    Secondly don’t be so rude as to tell other nations how they should think or feel, your colonial days are over, we neither need or benefit from anything you may wish to add.

    Just because you are my neighbor don’t for a second think I will put up with you’re rudeness, stupidity and anti social behavior.

    The time you could get away with disparaging remarks about my nation are long gone, the Queen is quite correct there are a lot more Scott’s about!

  37. caz-m says:

    People from the Middlesburgh area are known throughout England as “Smoggies”, because of the smoke and pollution that hung in the air from the local industries.

    They are blind and deaf to anything to do with Scottish politics. They know absolutely nothing about Scotland or her people. They have a “little Englander” outlook on life.

    “We bailed out the Irish banks, we bailed out Greece, we give the Scots money, it’s English oil, and so it goes on.

    So, no great feelings for this journalist or the area he was visiting.

    And a wee PS,

    Smoggies are NOTHING like Glaswegians.

  38. Auld Rock says:

    It really saddened me that while catching up on my reading I came across a piece in The National which said that Catalonia was about to tell the Spanish Government to get stuffed and that they were pressing on towards Independence. No one is telling them that they are ‘Too Small, Too Poor or Too Stupid’ to be able to run their own affairs successfully. I only wish that a few more Scots would find their backbone and tell Westminster and its ‘War-mongering Thugs’ that we are quite capable of running our own country without any interference from Westminster.

    Good luck Catalans GO FOR IT – SHOW US THE WAY.

    Auld Rock

  39. HandandShrimp says:

    Deerin may not have noticed but Teeside told his beloved Tories exactly where to go in May 2015.

    However, Deerin is the living embodiment of the cringe so he was probably too busy being embarrassed 🙂

    Chris can be our bellwether. If he doesn’t like it we must be on the right course.

  40. Dr Jim says:

    Who’s Chris Deerin?

    Did somebody else pay for all that petrol to have a nice drive around North Englandshire to see how poor the natives are but put up with it in good spirit because they know it’s their lot in life to accept whatever comes their way from their Inbred Elite masters

    Their Stoicism has touched me deeply and I will instantly model my behaviour on those fine people he has told us exists in that place

    Tugs Forelock and bows like a Shaolin monk

  41. heedtracker says:

    A cringing groveler but a great wit.

    Chris Deerin ?@chrisdeerin 52 mins52 minutes ago
    a pleasant morning blocking cybernats. It’s like brushing the plaque from your teeth.

  42. G H Graham says:

    Wee tip for London centric commentators & pundits: the “Northern Powerhouse” you keep mentioning is about 100 miles SOUTH of the half way point between Shetland & Cornwall.

  43. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Help, please.

    Anyone remember what WOS post featured the cartoon (Scotsman, perhaps?)of a tribe of kilted Nats as a lynch mob? It was a long time ago, but definitely within life of WOS.

    Have been searching, canny find…need it urgently.

  44. orri says:

    Let’s assume he’s talking about the people of Glasgow as being the equivalents. In which case he’s simply some bloke from Edinburgh slagging of the local representatives of the (post) industrial heartland to the west. Last time I looked Labour were in charge at a local level.

    On the other hand does he really thing the handed on a plate line is going to play well in Glasgow or Scotland? Or perhaps it’s that we’re not trying hard enough. Or that we are trying our best but finding the time to moan about it at the same time and actually seek to change not only the symptoms but the cause.

  45. Luigi says:

    There’s a deep desire to be accepted by his imperial masters lurking in that man’s head. He is probably aware that as a scot he will never be fully accepted by the chosen few. A useful unionist idiot is probably the best position he can achieve in the union he so loves and cherishes. And so he reacts angrily – against his own background and his own people, which he blames for his predicament and rejection. He hates Scotland and he hates Scots even more because he cannot shout it out.

    The self loathing, lesser spotted Scottish tory.

    A rare, inhibited species on the verge of extinction. Can’t happen soon enough. 🙂

  46. Cuilean says:

    Deerin’s choice of language ‘..scrap for every job’ … ‘nothing handed to them on a plate’ rather gives the game away regarding his medieval view on the ’employee/employer’ relationship, or, as Squire Deerin sees it, the feudal ‘cur/master’ relationship.

    Be jolly grateful for my scraps, ye villeins!

  47. De Valera says:

    Articles like this have always annoyed me because firstly they are crap journalism. And secondly it is clear that Scotland is not regarded as an equal partner in the union with the three country Kingdom of England, but rather a region like ” the north” or “the midlands”.

    I suppose thats the way unonists like it.

  48. heedtracker says:

    Reasonable to say that this crew are all Deerins, or, another day of SNP bad, Scots are shite, at everything, please forgive us England

  49. Jamie Arriere says:

    Remember he was visiting the area which voted 77.9% No to devolution for its area in 2004 – so therefore they are completely relaxed with their political and economic position.

  50. Uncle Tam

    A Scotsman who will do anything to stay in good standing with “the English man” including betray his own people.

  51. gus1940 says:

    GHG 1.22

    I agree – I haven’t heard any of the Tories’ banging on about their Northern Powerhouse mentioning Teeside and Tyneside – their uttterances so far seem to restrict it to The Liverpool Manchester and Leeds Axis.

  52. Craig P says:

    Of all the areas of the UK that suffers from underfunding from central government, the most glaring case is the NE of England.

    Failing to attempt to rectify their inbuilt, structural disadvantage suggests to me not ‘laser-like focus’ but ‘a lack of understanding of basic facts’. They could ‘scrap for every new job’ much better if they had a wee bit more money to invest and a bit more autonomy on how to go about it…

  53. Swami Backverandah says:

    Sorry to go off topic, but seeing as we’re talking about all things Scottish, Michael White, and presumably his moustache, has come out in favour of the SNP position against bombing in Syria, although in maintaining true Whitus operandus, he doesn’t give them credit for influencing his position.
    Perhaps Greg Moodie can include him presenting Nicola with some chocs and flowers. 🙂
    Article in Groaniad.

  54. Anagach says:

    The BBC article attacking the Scottish health Service this week is;

    “It found that the average spend per patient per year was £127 in the top 10% of affluent areas compared with £120 in the bottom 10% of deprived areas.”

    With no breakdown on the different load or demands on the service. No attempt to see what the social budget spending in the different areas, just a £7 per person (That is 5% in GP spending) difference between top and bottom deciles. No idea how fine or coarse the measurement is or variation across the other 8 remaining deciles which may have even greater variation.

    Sigh. It almost dumb enough to be a Dugdale FMQ topic.

  55. Kenzie says:

    This clown has enough brass on his neck to make a kettle and enough water on his brain tae fill it.

  56. ArtyHetty says:

    ‘Scottish equivalents’? Could you get more patronising than that. Flat cap, cap in hand, bow to queeni and be grateful for the crumbs we scatter for you, you ungrateful Jocks! Glasgow, friendly but complaining, Scotland, a country, not mentioned as such, as it is another region to be ruined, to the right wing Southerners.

    What are the local ‘politicians and officials’ actually commited to? Aye, making sure the plebs stay in their place, being oh so bloody grateful. Who were these ‘politicians’ and ‘officials’ then? What are they actually doing to help reinvigorate the area and create decent jobs with decent pay? Nowt that’s what, twats. What are they there for?

    I hail from Gateshead, Teeside was more South North East, and very, very industrial. People speak more like those in Yorkshire and the area is poor even though huge industries were plonked there until no longer useful. Now the people are no longer useful to the gits in Westmonster. Oh, sorry, must pray to our fcking masters.

    The people in the most industrial, poorest areas, regions or whatever, in England have been downtrodden, and treated like dirt, but they still feel patriotic about good old great britain, and will hear not a word said against their area. Kept in poverty, voting liebour.

    As my friends in Northumberland, in that huge, very rural, underpopulated very well off county, inferrred, you Scottish have nothing to complain about look at us! Ah, the divide and rule tactic never fails eh.

  57. Andy A says:

    Happy to report on St Andrew’s Day that £200 was raised for SNP campaign funds by auctioning one of the Limited Edition Wee Blue Books at our Constituency St Andrew’s Social on Saturday night. Thanks for that, Stu !

  58. Tony Little says:

    I feel I should come to the defence of (some at least) the NE England. My father is from NE England (my mother Scottish) and I was raised in a small market town, and then for many years lived in both Stockton and Darlington.

    First about the referendum on local/regional powers. the offer was idiotic and would add a talking shop at cost to the locals with no material powers Sound familiar?) It was rejected because it would have done NOTHING to improve the region.

    As for Scotland, I doubt most people in NE England give us (I consider myself fully Scottish) much thought. the majority of people are struggling to make ends meet, and have no need to consider Scotland’s issues. I also believe through many years of talking with locals that they despise Tories and Westminster just as much as anyone here.

    However, there are pockets of extreme wealth in the NE, and these remain Tory strongholds. “I’m all right, Jack” is not confined to the Home Counties.

    Teessideres are not my favorite people, and I do NOT think they are anything like Glaswegians, although Geordies ARE quite close.

    This piece by Deerin is simplistic, stereotypical, and meant to stir up non-existing rivalries and aggression between two parts of the UK that have suffered under Westminster’s inept policies. Typical divide and conquer. Let’s not fall for it.

  59. Petra says:

    Apologies if this has been posted already. I see that the Unionist Dictatorship is planning / hoping ‘to shut us up’!

    ‘Scotland’s online news sites are under serious threat from the country’s unreformed defamation laws, freedom of speech campaigners have warned.

    New media outlets have struggled to thrive as the chill of potential legal action hangs over them, Scottish Pen, the writers’ group which champions freedom of speech, said.

    Examples of the type of new media outlets in question would be The Conversation, CommonSpace, Bella Caledonia and Wings Over Scotland.

    Some have already faced potentially devastating threats from defamation actions, The Sunday Herald can reveal.’

    Other news: Ian Murray has just stated that he’ll be voting against air strikes. Make a pleasant change from him abstaining at every turn.

  60. Clootie says:

    Having spent four decades in the Oil & Gas industry I have worked with many, many people from the NE of England and most supported Scotland during the referendum. However the big difference is that they consider themselves English with pride and unfortunately UKIP has filled the void created by a weak Labour Party.

    Like most in the CorpMedia the author forgets that Scotland is a NATION who wishes to make her own way.

  61. galamcennalath says:

    @Scot Finlayson

    An Uncle Tam, brilliant 🙂

  62. ArtyHetty says:

    Re; Jamie Arriere@1.41

    I did think the people in NE England were crazy to vote no to some devolution in 2004. However, they were not armed with all of the info they needed, and I guess saw it as a poison chalice, with no extra funds to deal with the devolved, non powers. So I can sympathise, having said that, they are still happy with the crumbs, and will be indefinitely grateful, while pinning all their hopes on the liebour party. A bit like lemmings really.

    So yes, perhaps a few devolved powers, but it depends which ones, like, tax raising for the well off, the NE of England is not short of a few folks with wads of cash swimming around as well. You see the disparity in all it’s glory just looking along the Tyne Quayside. It was nothing like that when we were kids, all black and industrial, pretty much everyone was poor then, thanks to westmonster.

  63. schrodingers cat says:

    corbyn allows free vote

    war now certain

    what a coward corbyn is, it will allow kez to claim that labour both opposed and supported the war, bbc will decide when and where to report how labour support/oppose the war

  64. caz-m says:


    Sky News:

    This breaking news will bring a tear to your eyes.

    The High Speed rail link HS2, will reach Crewe by 2027 – Six years earlier than planned.

    It’s times like this that it makes you proud to be British.

  65. ahundredthidiot says:

    Tony Little

    I recall not being particularly impressed with the offer of devolution, but grudgingly accepted it was the route to take. I even give thanks to the murderer Blair for making it happen.

    Point is, while i agree a NE assembly would’ve done nothing in the short to medium term it may have grown powers over time.

    It’s like loosening the binds on a prisoners wrists

    Wiggle wiggle

  66. Proud Cybernat says:

    “That’s okay, Chris. We’re embarrassed that you’re Scottish too.”

    Erse handed to him on a plate.

    Now mind the swing of the door, Chris…

  67. Wilhelm says:

    Hmm…it is blatantly obvious that selfloathing Scot Deerin is indeed making his first visit to the North East of England if he can trot out such drivel that there is… “no victimhood….no whining…no self pity” and no resentment regarding London and Westminster on Teesside.

    (Resentment has in fact been stewing away since Thatcher’s infamous 1987 Teesside wasteland walkabout, not that Deerin would know that, as it might take some proper journalism and research.)

    As for the present mood, here is an editorial carried in North East England newspapers, including the Evening Gazette of Middlesbrough, TEESSIDE, around the time of the independence vote…

    Note the very real whining, not just about London/”Westmonster”, but also Scotland, about which the NE media, including those on Tees, have what Deerin might dub a “laser like” fixation.

    “The northern English regions must be treated fairly in order to compete with London and a more powerful Scotland.”

    “We are telling them that a debate is needed to ensure the North of England does not suffer unfairly in the aftermath of the Scottish referendum.”

    “There now needs to be a promise that the Northern regions of England will not be over-shadowed or neglected in the aftermath of the Scotland’s day of destiny.”

    “What we do seek is a stronger voice in Westminster and greater control over our own affairs.”

    “Now that the votes have been counted north of the border, there must be no complacency over the North of England.”

  68. Eddie Munster says:


    Wonderful phrase. Made me chuckle :oD.

  69. dakk says:

    Chris Deerin is about as as Scottish as Tony Blair,Gordon Brown,’Ruth Davidson,Willie Rennie,Lord Reid,Lord McConnell etc etc …

    Not very.

  70. Douglas Milne says:

    I travel down to Newcastle every week for work, and live in Whitley Bay Monday to Friday. I have been doing that for well over a year.

    I’d like to assure Chris Deerin that, in my experience (which is far more extensive than his, and probably more pub based, for that matter – ie, real people), the people of north-east England complain about the effing Tories far more than I hear in Scotland.

    Incidentally, you can really annoy a Geordie by telling them that the real North-east is Aberdeen, not Newcastle 🙂

  71. heedtracker says:

    North East of Scotland’s been critically underfunded compared to the N/E of England anyway. It’ll probably never catch up either.

    Newcastle’s similar population to Aberdeen but its road and rail network is far in advance of Aberdeen. And its all down to cringer unionists, SLab, just like Deerin.

  72. Richardinho says:

    I notice in the news today there’s a story in Brazil about putting up billboards naming and shaming people who make racist posts online.

    Gives me an idea: How about compiling a list of the worst self-hating Jocks and put up billboards near their place of residence showing their picture along side appropriate quotations from them?

    I’m sure they themselves would love the attention; still it might make other folk think.

  73. Robert Peffers says:

    @Sandra says: 30 November, 2015 at 12:41 pm:

    Second cringe of St Andrew’s Day was this comment from Cameron.

    PM: Scotland is a constant source of pride and passion and helps put the Great in Great Britain. Happy #StAndrewsDay.

    This is typical of this totally ignorant conniving apology for a human being. This creepy numptie had the best education that money can buy but is in fact quite ignorant. In the sense that he does not know quite basic English language terms and constantly misuses many such basic terms.

    His idiotic belief that the term, “Great”, in, “Great Britain”, is that defined in the Oxford Dictionary as, “important, pre-eminent; worthy or most worthy of consideration”, when the truth is that the only greatness implied is that described by the dictionary as, “of a size, amount, extent, or intensity considerably above the normal or average”

    That is, “Great Britain”, only defines the largest island in the British Isles.

    This is not the sole basic English term this victim of NPD, (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), is guilty of getting wrong. His persistent misuse of the terms Britain and British instead of The United Kingdom only serves to highlight his severe case of NPD.

    He actually believes he is the Prime Minister of Britain when no such position even exists. He often claims he is Prime Minister of Britain, or worse that it is his government when in fact there is no such position as PM of Britain but only of, “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”. The position is in fact legally, “Her Majesty’s Prime Minister of Her United Kingdom Parliament”.

    People who suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder are very dangerous when placed in positions of power and that includes putting such people in charge of a Nuclear deterrents.

  74. Petra says:

    ”No whining about Westmonster” or the ”effing Tories”?

    My grandmother came from the North East of England and I have a lot of friends / connections there. I’ve found, unlike Chris Deerin, that MOST people I’ve come across can’t stand the Tories / Westminster at all. Hated so much in fact that many individuals that I’ve spoken to have stated that they’d like to join an Independent Scotland …. get shot of Westminster altogether.

    People like Deerin just seem to ‘make it up’ as they go along in the hope that it will sell newspapers …… but not for much longer. We can see that he’s lying and no doubt the people in the North of England will too.

  75. Free Scotland says:

    Did he say he felt embarrassed to be Scottish? Deerin doesn’t sound very Scottish to me. Check out the link.

  76. Fireproofjim says:

    The High Speed Train, HST (which all we grateful Scots contribute to) will reach Crewe by 2027.
    We will be on Mars before it reaches Glasgow.

  77. Davy says:

    Another life lession from a “proud Scot butt”, the problem for Chris Deerin and the rest of his ilk is that once you have drunken your southern masters pish their is no going back.

    You are now and forever a pish drinker, and with Scotlands independence you can denie any of the stuff you have written and said about our country and its people, but the stench of southern pish will always be with you.

    And everyone can smell you.

  78. Free Scotland says:

    Did he say “Westmonster?” Ignoramus!!! It’s Wastemonster.

  79. Haggis Hunter says:

    I worked on the rigs for many years, and sorry to say, I found the Northern English to be lacking in work ethic, ie they did as little as possible and got upset when they did have to work.

    I know this sounds like a generalisation, but it is true, we used to work 12 hour shifts, and they worked their 12 hour shifts in the tea shacks.

  80. ArtyHetty says:

    Re; R.Peffers@2.43

    I read that camoron quote at first as, ‘Scotland is a constant resource’. Strange eh.

    Now that the drums of war are being played, suddenly ‘britain’ is ‘great’. It never was ‘great’, more a parasite and they are not very great to have around.

    Scotland props ukok up, ukok thinks that’s great.

    Happy St. Andrews day, shame it’s not a holiday in Scotland that would show them ukoks.

  81. galamcennalath says:

    Robert Peffers says

    That is, “Great Britain”, only defines the largest island in the British Isles.

    Indeed. I remember reading somewhere that Ptolemy circa 150AD referred (in Latin of course) to the two main islands as Great Britain and Little Britain ie. Ireland.

    The idea that the ‘great’ in some ways signifies the status and prestige achieved by imperial power is widespread. Would surprise me if that notion is actually taught as fact in the kind of school Cameron attended!

    A quick Google. Ptolemy – Megale and Mikra Britannia.

  82. Bob Mack says:

    The message to the Labour membership becomes clearer.

    Your donations are wanted.

    Your support at elections is wanted.

    Your opinions are NOT wanted.

    Welcome to the life of a Scot.

  83. tartanarse says:

    I’ve lived in England for nearly 22 years. Not far from Stu as it happens.

    I still have the same accent I arrived with and have never described myself as British ever. I find honesty the best policy. I have been in the presence of the Britjock on many occasions and let me inform all that they don’t half squirm when they’re subject to the disapproving glares of a real Scot.

    Having worked with many from Teeside I can assure folks that they aren’t all miserable. They are down here for the same reason as me. They too have their accent mocked and asked why they don’t piss off back up north if folk there are so great.

    Folk from north Emgland are a perfect example of Westminster not working.

    Scotland has one more opportunity at most to escape these warmongering selfish buggers.

    Scottish Labour voters need to take a long hard look at themselves.

  84. call me dave says:

    As I commented once before this new Corbynite is turning out to be Kraptonite. He ain’t no Superman.

    A cop-out… in the Herald.

  85. MrObycyek says:

    I have just seen John Woodcock on BBC News talking about the vote on aiw stwikes. I had nevew heawd of this thowoughly odious little wunt until he spoke up in pawliament a few weeks ago calling the SNP wobots. I guess for the wetawded media that qualifies him as some kind of supewstaw and he now is something of a media dawling. Lucky us. Pewsonally speaking I would like to wwing his neck.

    If Corbyn allows a free vote I agree with Schrodingers cat. By not letting them have a free vote Corbyn would be making a principled stand and it would also show up all the dead wood in the party who want air strikes. People like Tom Watson, Chuka Umunna, John Woodcock and Hilary Benn, who looks like Lembit Opik after Jackie Baillie sat on him, are wastes of space and would be better off joining the Tories.

  86. Ruby says:

    I feel sorry for this man Chris Deerin he doesn’t seem to be ‘comfortable in his skin’ as they say in French.
    I think the man is having a bit of an identity crisis.

    I don’t suppose anyone would mind if he said he was English.

  87. Iain More says:

    I am naturally wondering who he was refereeing to when he speaks about the people of the North of England. I think for many in the Sowf East of England the North is everything north of the Watford Gap unless it is a Tory Constituency.

    Oh and how dare he call himself a Scot, we have a global reputation for giving a fair days work for a for days wage, I doubt he does that or ever has done, it might ruin his journalistic finger nails.

  88. galamcennalath says:

    Me @ 3:21

    Haud on, Ptolemy wis Greek. Mibee he spoke Latin, mibee he didnae.

    Onyway. Ireland was Wee Britain 🙂

  89. Ruby says:

    Chris Deerin is an Englishman trapped in a Scottish body.

    He’s transnational!

  90. Iain More says:

    Off topic

    I was drawn to the James McAvoy article in todays National where he claims that he remained silent on the Indy Debate for reasons of “career preservation!”

    I am assuming that he was very much pro Indy from the tone of the article. I think that says a lot about the UKOK paradise.

  91. bugsbunny says:

    So that why he wears Lippy Ruby?


  92. Bill McDermott says:

    O/T from the main issue of the article but important nevertheless as we approach Cameron’s wet dream of joining the airstrikes campaign.

    What a complete prat the Etonian is proving to be.

  93. Valerie says:

    Kenzie @1.58

    Succinct, funny, accurate????

    A suitable response to Deerin’s lazy, intellectually challenged trolling.

  94. Ian Brotherhood says:

    McTernan’s coming on RS Drivetime right now!

  95. MrObycyek says:

    The BBC has now followed on from the Woodcock interview with an interview with John McTernan. He might be an utterly hopeless political strategist but at least he still has his looks.

    Roll on a second wefewendum!

  96. Robert Peffers says:

    People like Chris Deerin remind of Scottish £20 pound notes in a London W1A coffee shop.

    While they definitely have a full sterling face value they are not acceptable by the people of England.

  97. schrodingers cat says:

    I care even less what the people in the north east of England think of Scotland than I do about deerin’s opinion

  98. All these people like Deerin are not really Scottish they may have been born there but they family history will show they are not pure Scottish decent and that’s where the difference shows , I mean it’s like that old saying just because a dog is born in a stable does that make it a horse ?

  99. pitchfork says:

    Did McTernan get the bum’s rush from his job at scot lab?

    I thought he was still working for them, but I’ve seen a couple of comments both here and by scot lab supporters elsewhere that seem to imply he is no longer working for scot lab. Did i miss his departure?


  100. schrodingers cat says:

    I couldn’t care if deerin was a fuckin eskimo

    I dislike and disagree with his politics towards Scotland….not his nationality, supposed or otherwise

  101. Lollysmum says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Deerin work for C Street Partners? The lobbying firm from Charlotte Street in Edinburgh.

    Scotgov resisting C Street overtures maybe?

    Seems like a guy who will take any opportunity to demean his own country. Must be a right cheerful soul to know NOT.

  102. Ruby says:

    bugsbunny says:
    30 November, 2015 at 4:01 pm
    So that why he wears Lippy Ruby?


    Ruby Replies

    I don’t know about his lippy but this is what he wears under his kilt

    The man needs help Time for some nationality reassignment therapy.

    He should be out and proud!

    He could perhaps get some voice coaching from Cheryl Cole!

  103. Sinky says:

    The Scottish cringe is still alive and well among our broadcasters. Looking up the TV schedules for this evening other than History of Gay Scotland at 10.35 pm there is no programme on the four main BBC or four main ITV channels to celebrate St Andrew’s Day or Scotland generally.

    Where is the St Andrew’s Day talk by a prominent Scot?

    Where is the Scottish historical drama?

    Where is the Scottish literary / arts programme?

    When was the last regular Scottish contemporary music programme of any genre?

    And don’t get me started on the Great British Sports rip off?

  104. Robert Peffers says:

    @schrodingers cat says: 30 November, 2015 at 2:18 pm:

    ” corbyn allows free vote”

    I see that decision as Corbyn’s letter of resignation.

    The party members are behind Corbyn and the party parliamentarians cannot abide him. By not calling the parliamentarian’s bluff by slapping a three line whip upon the vote Corbyn accedes to the parliamentarians.

    They will take full advantage and not just by voting for the motion.

  105. Valerie says:

    Well, Chris has made me feel very guilty.

    I’ve rectified that by making a wee donation to SNP.

  106. bugsbunny says:

    What an English Visitor thinks of our Scottish War Dead, at then very beginning of the video. Can’t you feel the love? Better Together my fucking arsehole.


  107. O.t. Why are people who blog on here afraid to use their full names ?have you something to hide. ? Or do you not really believe your own blogs ?

  108. Robert Louis says:

    Apparently, the new high speed (really?) rail line HS2 (part funded by Scottish income tax) will reach crewe by 2027.

    Yet another example of how Scottish taxes are being squandered on improving English infrastructure. Time for independence.

  109. Petra says:

    @ bugsbunny says at 4:52 pm ”What an English Visitor thinks of our Scottish War Dead, at then very beginning of the video. Can’t you feel the love? Better Together my fucking arsehole.”

    Stephen it’s been removed.

  110. Ruby says:

    Coal is new black gold under the North Sea

    SCIENTISTS have discovered vast deposits of coal lying under the North Sea, potentially holding enough energy to power Britain for centuries.

    Someone on another thread posted a link to the above article which you can only read if you subscribe to The Times or if you have access to Proquest. You can read it on Proquest totally FOC.

    You all know about Proquest because I told you all about it in an earlier post.

    I don’t suppose there are many people who don’t have access to Proquest but what I was wondering is if it is permissable for me to copy and paste the article here for those who are interested. Copyright could be an issue.
    The article contains 723 words. Perhaps it could be posted in 3 parts.

  111. Luigi says:

    By refusing to take a stance and whip his PLP rebels, Corbyn has handed victory to Cameron on a silver platter. The great man of principle cops out. Corbyn is now complicit in the coming slaughter of innocent Syrians. Blood on the hands – difficult to wash off, Jeremy.

    Gone by Christmas.

  112. tartanarse says:


    Any other way to see that? Video removed by presumably embarrassed owner.

  113. bugsbunny says:

    I gave her a scathing remark 10 minutes ago and since then she has removed the video. That was bloody quick. The video started with her filming in Edinburgh Castle Scottish War Memorial Garden, filming the keep off the grass sign. She read out the sign, and I didn’t catch it all, but it sounded like, “This what I think of you’se before retching up a big grog and spitting towards the sign. And although I didn’t see all the video, about the first half before I commented, I got the jest of it, the rolling eyes in the Crown Room, the guffawing at the commentary about Robert the Bruce. Thanks NO voters. That’s the contempt our history, our heritage and our blood mean to some folks South of Gretna you scum. Unionist Scum. Mind you, you don’t care. Money grabbing nawbag bastards.


  114. tartanarse says:


    Have I got something to hide? You fucking bet pal. My family and friends. Free speech is a wonderful thing.

    What isn’t wonderful is having your life invaded by press, being put on lists by folk called Blair and potentially having your business affected fir expressing opinion.

    I have to give my email address fir this site. If I did anything untoward here I am easily traceable and accountable.

    Your comments on what constitutes a Scot does you no favours either so fucking just troll on you dick.

    Yours, anonymous arse.

  115. Cactus says:

    Hi Sandra at 12:41pm, re the camcringe ~

    “PM: Scotland is a constant source of pride and passion and helps put the Great in Great Britain.”

    “PM: Scotland is a constant source.”

    And now, here’s a Q&A for the new readers of November..

    How many unique visitors were there to Wings in October 2015?

    a) 293,793
    b) 293,793
    c) 293,793
    d) any of the above

    X Merry Scotland Day X

  116. cearc says:

    Irene 12.08,

    Did he mention that they cost 100 grand each?

  117. benignus O'tool says:

    not afraid, just embarrassed, that and my anonymity helps me keep my job

  118. Skooshcase says:

    Deerin is a horrible little trolling shit who is able to get away with his obnoxious behaviour courtesy of being in the employ of the racist and fascist Daily Mail and its proprietors, the Nazi-sympathising Rothermeres.

    What you see there, above, is yet another example of someone who is abusing their profession and position to create and spread lies, misinformation and outright hatred in society to further their own agenda. Should you be inclined to search, you will find many more examples of Deerin’s attitude to all things Scottish that are much, much worse than that above.

    Deerin and other rightwing journalists [sic] in the UK are now no more than trolls when ‘reporting’ and/or commenting on Scotland, its politics, MPs and MSPs. That is how low their once-esteemed profession has fallen. Oh, they’ll fall further still. But by then there will be no way back. And their final fall will be down the toilet-pan of history, flushed away with all the other shite that has kept Scotland back for far, far too long.

  119. Robert Peffers says:

    @blair paterson says: 30 November, 2015 at 4:55 pm:

    “Why are people who blog on here afraid to use their full names ?have you something to hide. ? Or do you not really believe your own blogs ?”

    First of all many of us do use our true first names.

    Secondly there are many very good reasons for people NOT to use their full names including being members of government organisations that require them to sign the Official Secrets Act.

    Thirdly, just because you sign yourself here as, “Blair Paterson”, (but without the upper case initial letters, is no guarantee this is in fact your correct name.

    For all anyone knows you could be, “Alice Lidell”, (the real girl Lewis Carrol modelled, “Alice in Wonderland”, upon.

    As some crap English author once wrote, “What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell so sweet”.

  120. bugsbunny says:

    I tried going into my History. It’s not even there. I didn’t think that was at all possible. Which is not surprising as I can just about switch this notepad on and navigate the google search engine. Well it did the trick. I didn’t think I was that nasty. Honest.


  121. Gerry says:

    So Labour gets a free vote on Syria. Corbyn just blew the best chance he had to challenge Cameron. Even when Corbyn was defying the whip himself in years gone by – the fact that they were whipped at least stated clearly where the party stood.
    This was the first real test of Corbyn’s principles.

  122. bugsbunny says:

    Robert Peffers,

    I always sign my first name, but twice I signed my full name by mistake. In one of them I even put my home village. And as the only Stephen ****** in there I ended up getting spat in the face by an old dear about 60. She told me to deny what I wrote, (about Orangemen), and stupidly I refused to do that. Let’s say I needed to visit the Garage for a new back windscreen for my wee car. Blair Paterson, if that is his name can go and fuck himself. He sounds like a shitstirrer to me, or he lives in a village where everyones a Nationalist? I’ve still to decide what ones the truth?


  123. Sinky says:

    Ruby says at 5 pm.

    Agreed a very good article about next possible North Sea energy bonanza for Scotland but the UCG method of extracting Gas from Coal is controversial and many equate it with fracking.

    However the method is different and already in use in some oil fields but no doubt some environmentalists would have protested against North Sea Oil extraction in the 1970s by putting pressure on the government to ban the extraction of oil from the sea bed.

    But it can’t be beyond a Scottish government to strike the right balance / compromise.

  124. Lollysmum says:

    Don’t Bomb Syria protest -Glasgow
    Live now on Independence Live

  125. Andrew McLean says:

    As one who comments using a real name? Just because I use Andrew McLean as a user name need not be my actual name? I might just think its a really great sounding name, like really cool and groovy. you would hear the name Andrew and think, yeah he is a cool cat! bet he is very handsome in a Daniel Craig sort of way.
    But really what is where you’re born got to do with anything? In fact I may not be Scottish at all? So what?
    I may even be sensible Daves alter ego! You know his intelligent side!

  126. To Robert Peffers I use my real full name all the time nothing hidden you seem to have taken on yourself to reply to all my blogs never once agreeing with me well you know the old saying no one is right all the time but no one is wrong all the time

  127. To bugs bunny and the same to you

  128. galamcennalath says:

    A not so Christmas Carol, Corbyn versus the ghost of leader past in the shape of Bomber Blair.

    I think bit of exorcism is called for to banish that particular spirit.

  129. Gerry says:

    Blair – Why does it matter to you?

    Nobody knows whether you are using your real name or not. It’s sort of the whole fkn point.

    What if you had an embarrassing double barreled surname like “hoof-hearted” ?

  130. schrodingers cat says:

    “hoof-hearted” ? lol

    or ravenhoof

  131. schrodingers cat says:

    ask a stupid question blair…..

  132. Skooshcase says:

    @blair paterson: 30 November, 2015 at 4:55 pm:

    “Why are people who blog on here afraid to use their full names?”

    So, that’s your full name, is it, [b]lair [p]aterson? No capitals, then? Right. Quite unusual for a full name, but not illegal. Then again, you might well be Farquar McPosh Bastard or Kezia MacTernan for all we know, right? But, hey-ho, maybe not, because you have more or less insinuated that (small ‘b’) blair (small ‘p’) paterson is your real name, so that’s okay then, because we all believe you and stuff.

    “have [sic] you something to hide.?”

    Naw, no’ really. But mibeez aye, and mibeez naw. Ye ken? Howz about you, gonnie tell uz all aboot yersel’?

    “Or do you not really believe your own blogs?”

    A bit of a weird question there, (small ‘b’) blair, don’t you think? This is ‘a’ blog, as in singular. People comment BTL articles (mostly) written by one person, namely Stu Campbell. The blog writer/composer occasionally leaves comments BTL. So what’s this “your own blogs” guff your slevering on about? A bit odd (small ‘b’) blair, a bit odd.

    One could come to the conclusion (small ‘b’) blair, that you are either: a) somewhat confused, or b) pished, or c) a numpty, or d) a flamer/troll. So which is it (small ‘b’) blair, please do tell. And don’t take long, we’re all on tenterhooks here.



  133. Proud Cybernat says:

    @ Blair Paterson

    Imagine for a moment that Chris Deering doesn’t truly believe a single sentence of the anti-Scottish crap he writes–but his employers just love it. Now iagine if his employers found out Chris Deerin was really pro-Scottish and posted under the alias of Proud Cybernat, or Paula Rose (no, not Paula Rose – I’m sure she’s really Jackie Burd) or perhaps even Blair Paterson.

    Doubt he’d last too long in his cosy, Scot-bashing job, would he?



  134. Dr Jim says:

    I’ve looked up the definition of a Scottish person and it’s one who voted YES in the Independence Referendum

    Well that’s what it says in my dictionary (honest)

  135. Paula Rose says:


  136. ahundredthidiot says:

    Dr Jim

    A fella was clearly caught off guard when he found out I was a yesser, he said, ‘you’re one of them! – what with your background’

    I was also caught off guard and said ‘I’m scottish’, which while wrong of me, was an honest riposte.

  137. Swami Backverandah says:

    It may be that the Labour leadership reads the mood as swinging away from airstrikes in Syria, and is prepared to risk the vote.
    If the vote is in favour, what margin will Cameron need in order to claim that it is a “significant’ indication of support?

  138. Capella says:

    Or maybe Corbyn is stupid? If it looked like a three line whip on Labour voting against air strikes, Cameron wouldn’t risk the vote. Air strikes vetoed. What’s to lose? If some defy him then they have the whip withdrawn.

  139. thomaspotter2014 says:

    Fuck that snivelling shit Chris Deerin.

    Fuck him.

    And as for Cornyn he’s doing as he’s told by the Establishment bastards who run the show.

    Fuck him as well.

    This is my real name.

  140. Swami Backverandah says:

    Yes, Capella. I can see it from both angles. A whip shows up rebels if there’s a vote, but perhaps would disincline Cameron to offer one.
    Free vote shows up Labour MP’s inclined to vote against the expressed wishes of their Party member constituents and might result in a vote, and it might go Cameron’s way.

    No one really knows the outcome in the Middle East if UK joins bombing in Syria, but it won’t be pretty. Would that result in a backlash against Corbyn? I doubt it. There’s nothing to show a whipped vote would have prevented a vote for bombing.
    He’s weighing up risk, and Cameron doesn’t have the full support of his own Party.

  141. K1 says:

    Cheeky patronising cunt. Like to see him come to Glasgow and say that.

    ‘hoof- heart’…hilarious, no wonder you just use your first name Gerry 😉

  142. The Government do not need Parliament to go to War.

    The Royal Prerogative allows the Government to go to War without the need of a vote in Parliament.

  143. yesindyref2 says:

    I worked in London for quite a lot of years on and off, and around England, and there’s a breed of semi-expat Scot who make advantage of being Scots with their English friends, putting on the accents, actions, to excess at times to endear themselves with the English, but decrying things “back home”, agreeing with all criticism of Scotland and other Scots, the Tartan Army, whatever the whinge of the day.

    Then when they come “back home”, they tell their family and friends what a dump Scotland is, how pubs ought to open later than 10 o’clock and such like anachronisms. By and large the family and friends just ignore them, it’s only a day or two they have to put up with it I guess, sometimes only at Christmas or Ne’er Day.

    It’s always been like that, Chris Deerin, Alan Cochrane, Andrew Neil are just public examples of the breed.

    They do it to fit in, it’s a sign of adaptation, but also weak character.

  144. To skooschase the reason i never used capitals in my name was I am 76years of age my grand son a tabletand I ‘freely admit I have not yet mastered it but I am trying to learn but. The good news is I have decided to give up bloging on this site as my views and questions do not seem to go down well on here but unlike some on here I have never once used swear words or. Tried to belittle fellow bloggers so farewell Blair Paterson no more

  145. Valerie says:

    Listening to Tommy Shepperd in HoC on debate on Middle East

    This from Torygraph, May 2015

    Meanwhile, delays caused by budget cuts to the RAF’s planned upgrade of its fleet of Eurofighter Typhoon fighters means it does not yet have the range of capabilities necessary for bombing operations against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).
    Severe cuts to the defence budget implemented by the Coalition in 2010 have meant the RAF has struggled to find enough operational Tornados to participate in the air campaign against Isil fighters in Iraq and Syria.
    Having initially been able to deploy only four serviceable Tornado fighters to Cyprus at the start of the campaign, the RAF was eventually able to increase the number to eight.


    This is what makes Cameron’s Willie waving such a joke, like we are a superpower. How deluded are these people, and I despair at their support.

  146. Grouse Beater says:

    When a Scotsman thinks his countrymen’s desire for greater democracy makes him a second-class citizen it’s time he visited a therapist, or moved south.

  147. yesindyref2 says:

    At least one of the squadrons that used to use Tornados was stood down coming back from Iraq, and making preparations apparently for the F35-B. I think the training squadron at Lossiemouth was also losing their Tornados, so possibly just the marine corp support supposedly keeping them.

    I guess some of that has been reversed, they’re frantically cleaning out the cobwebs, kurusting the rusty bits and chasing away the moths from the moth-balled Tornados, getting pilots up to speed again, and sending the off in Tornados as they get it sorted.

    Delays over Typhoons might be because they were ordering more Tranche 3 ones, the ones suitable for ground attack. Tranche one is just capable for Paveways, I forget what T2 ones are capable of, the RAF does have some of those.

    Interesting, I think the RAF Marham website has missing pages, sure they were there at the weekend. I guess they must be updating them. 31 Squadron is there, apparently still using Tornados, I think that was different at the weekend, could be wrong though, it was a quick look I had. A squadron would typically have 12 (to 15) jets. Haven’t kept up to date since the Ref though, so I could be wrong.

    Marham must be a scene of frantic activity. Perhaps Cameron can use a spanner?

  148. Paul Dempsey says:

    Chris Deerin, you’re a fuckin wanker.

  149. Elizabeth Windsor of South of the Border says:

    You blasted Scottish serfs. I’ve been commenting as vassal_chewer up until now but I can see that my true identity is crucial to my posts being taken seriously.

    Must go. Someone on the roof.

  150. De Valera says:

    Last month he wrote an article that he ended by saying he wished he was a Yorkshireman.

  151. Ken500 says:

    People in the North East of England vote Tory. They get for whom they vote. People in Scotland don’t but they get Tories mucking up the Scottish economy. Scotland votes SNP but gets Tory policies. Secretly and illegally taking Scotland’s resource. Wasting Scottish taxpayers money on Trident/illegal wars, tax evasion and banking fraud.

    Illegally taxing Scotland’s Oil sector at 75% when the price has fallen over 50%. (Foreign) multinational making vast profits tax evade in the City of London, losing Scotland revenues. Scotland has to pay for Westminster borrowing and spending in the rest of the UK and increasing the debt. Scottish taxpayers have to pay for Westminster economic polices which muck up Scotland (UK) economy.

  152. Ken500 says:

    Chris Deerin certainly is an embarrassment to Scotland

  153. Ken500 says:

    The North East of England didn’t vote for an Assembly because they were not offer any real powers. They thought it would be just another (irrelevant) layer of Gov. The Northern Cities get (pro rata) more funding than Scottish Cities. Greater Manchester 1.5Million pop gets 2.3Billion. Greater Glasgow 1Million pop gets £1Billion. Greater Edinburgh pop 1million gets £1Billion.

  154. heedtracker says:

    Cringer boosts cringer. Scotland, its all about me y’see, me, me, me, Im a Scottish journalist me, me, me.

    “Scottish nationalism leaves me cold because there is no philosophy to it. It is about being Scottish — or more accurately Not British — and nothing else. There is no ambition for us or our place in the world, just a transfer of assets and brass plaques.”

    What was UKOK Project Fear’s philosophy? Taking back your country from an elite in another is what many philosophy free countries have done but Scotland’s blessed with so many cringers, it could be her thing.

    The Scottish philosophy of the greatest Cringers ever seen. So vote No.

  155. ScottishPsyche says:

    I often wonder if Unionist journalists really believe in what they write. To me, it is similar to those Plastic Surgeons who operate endlessly at the behest of dysmorphic individuals churning out the same ugly plastic look.

    The surgeons are well trained and could do ethical decent work but they choose a paymaster’s direction even if they know it is wrong, justifying it to themselves some way or other.

    Of course they could all just be narcissistic sociopaths.

  156. arthur thomson says:

    @Paul Dempsey 8.01pm

    Those were exactly my thoughts Paul. Together with LOL.

  157. Chic McGregor says:

    @Bugsbuuny & Petra

    Sorry, too late to catch the clip, but I do remember Liam Fox suggesting Scottish soldiers were less brave than English. Can’t get a much greater example of cringe than that.

    BTW, here was my view of the cringe and Wings during indyref1:

  158. punklin says:

    “I worked my way around Darlington, Middlesbrough, Sedgefield and Stockton…”

    Define “worked”.

  159. Ghillie says:

    If Chris Deering likes us so much then he won’t mind us going then, will he?

    Does he know that alot of the good folk of the North of England have asked to come with us too?

    And am I missing something or is all this flattery and love bombing designed to make us change our minds?

  160. Andrew McLean says:

    Chic McGregor says:

    loved that!

    Ghillie Says:

    I looked at a comments section on a Carlisle newspaper, and have never read such uneducated rubbish in my entire life, it actually was frightening reading the violent hostility to the nationalist cause.

  161. Philip Maughan says:

    I’m originally from the North East (Sunderland) and like Chris Deerin, visited it recently. Where I agree with Deerin is how run-down and depressed it all felt. Unlike Deerin, I was profoundly glad that in Scotland we have the SNP fighting our corner. All the NE has is Labour. My sympathies were also tempered by the knowledge that they had the opportunity to take some measure of control when in 2003 they had a referendum on ‘more powers’ and blew it.

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