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Check against delivery

Posted on February 11, 2016 by

The title of this article is a phrase that people use when publishing a transcript of someone’s intended speech, to signify that this is what they INTENDED to say, but that the reader should verify it with the actual speech to check whether they did, because sometimes there are last-minute changes or the person simply forgets bits.


The above is Kezia Dugdale’s scripted speech to the Scottish Labour conference in October 2015, just 94 days before calling for an income tax increase for “hundreds of thousands of working Scots”.

Sometimes leaving stuff out by accident looks like the smart move.

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  1. 11 02 16 13:43

    Check against delivery | Speymouth

46 to “Check against delivery”

  1. bugger (the Panda) says:

    I think she is getting fed contradictory messages from her masters in London.

    They blow hot and cold and then she has to do something, just anything to prove she is trying.

    Blair MacDougall must take a big part of the blame for allowing her to have such an inchoate political stand.

  2. wee_monsieur says:

    Jeez, who actually *reads* Kezia’s scripted speeches? Bad enough having to listen to her!

    Stu, I’m glad that you do at least. It’s what we pay you for is it not? Talking of which, isn’t this your usual time of year for a top-up?

  3. MochaChoca says:

    They really are on their knee’s, scratching around in the dark looking for something that resembles an idea.

    “I think I’ve found one, will they buy it?”…. “Dunno, but we might as well give it a try…”

  4. Papadox says:

    Sometime leaving stuff out intentionally is just another form of a sleekit lie, but quite effective.

  5. Obviously Kezia Dugdale believes in treating the ordinary voter like fungi, keep them in the dark to what her previous policy position was regarding tax.
    which seems to be Labour’s favoured method.

  6. Jim Mitchell says:

    Ach it’s Kez we’re oan aboot, mibby she jist forgot!

    Anyway, if naebody’s listening diz it count?

  7. gus1940 says:


    According to the STV web site Johnston Press are prepared to offload The Scotsman(it doesn’t say if it’s just The Hootsmon or the whole of Scotsman pubs) for £10Million.

    What are we waiting for folks? That’s obviously just their opening price.

    Could we possibly do it with crowdfunding and a little help from the likes of Messrs. Soutar, McColl, Hunter and the Weirs and install Rev Stu as Editor.

    Can anybody remember how much JP paid the loathesome Barclays for Scotsman Pubs?

  8. Robert Kerr says:


    I like “inchoate”.

    just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary.
    “a still inchoate democracy”
    (of an offence, such as incitement or conspiracy) anticipating or preparatory to a further criminal act.

    Such subtlety.


  9. peter says:

    it’s all part of there sleekit plan, to try and force the SNP to up the taxes, how many times in Westminster have we heard the PM ask the SNP , WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO USE THE NEW POWERS TO INCREASE TAXES ???? at the end of the day Kezia is nothing more than a puppet for her masters down south .

  10. Macart says:

    Oh Jeez! Less face palm, more face plant.

    That’s the problem with Labour’s current strategy of basically ‘making stuff up’. Last weeks cast iron policy is next weeks SNP bad.

    They are literally falling over their own sound bites at this point.

  11. Tony Little says:


    About £120 mill if memory serves

  12. Bob Mack says:

    Personally I have given up even trying to understand Labour policy. It is akin to a contest I witnessed in America where a pig was covered in lard and the onlookers got a prize if they could hold on to it for longer than 10 seconds.

    No Cameron jokes please.

  13. One_Scot says:

    What do you do when you are ‘Scottish’ Labour with nothing to offer the people of Scotland, no self worth other than your own self interest.

    I know, why not shout abuse in parliament and call the First Minister a liar, yeah that should work.

  14. Chic McGregor says:

    Kezia using the ‘my parents are teachers’ angle yet again at FMQ.

    Since she mentions them so much, perhaps they should be invited to give their views to the education committee?

  15. Robert Louis says:

    Gus 1940 at 1253,

    Regarding the Scotsman,

    Apparently the independent newspaper, recently sold its sister title the ‘i’ to Johnson press.

  16. mogabee says:

    Bob Mack

    Genius! Of course, that is their policy. Be slippery and invite SNP to chase them…

    Not sure who is the pig though 😀

  17. Jack Murphy says:

    OT. Today’s First Minister’s Questions now Archived.
    Scottish Parliament TV:-

  18. Sinky says:

    labour MPs abstained rather than vote against Osborne’s cuts in July.

    “It’s very clear” Ian Murray backed George Osborne’s Fiscal (austerity) Charter when interviewed on TV by Gordon Brewer at Labour’a autumn Conference.

    Labour’s plans to outflank the SNP as the natural party of social justice were fatally damaged on 26 March 2014 when Scottish Labour MPs including Ian Murray voted in favour of further Tory welfare cuts.

    On 13 January 2015 Ian Murray voted with the Tories for a further £13.5 billion worth of cuts to the Scottish government’s budget over the next five years.

    The last Labour MP from Scotland abstained on 20th July 2015 rather than vote against the latest round of Tory welfare cuts which mean 67,000 disabled people in Scotland will lose up to £1500 a year under the Tory benefit caps.

    Labour says stop cuts to save education but when Labour increased Council Tax by 60% the school results were not as good as they are to-day.

    Interesting stuff on Scottish newspaper sales:

    hen there’s the star of the show, the Sunday Herald, which is up 34.7 per cent year-on-year thanks to its support for nationalism; an achievement which should be congratulated although it still sells little more than 32,000 copies a week.

    But dig deeper into the circulations and you will see that the most shocking figures concern The Scotsman which now manages an average circulation of just 26,783 copies a day…except that’s not entirely true.

    This is because the headline number of its sales includes 2,462 free copies still sent to airlines, trains and hotels while another 6,934 are delivered and sold below the full cover price of £1.40 or £1.60 on Saturdays.

    What this means is that the number of papers bought at full price every day — by readers who really want The Scotsman — is an average of 16,887.

  19. Chic McGregor says:

    PS Couldn’t have been in FMQs but in the SP on telly news.

  20. Andrew McLean says:

    Hold on to you’re lugs
    I am about to utter the biggest lie in Scotland today.

    The Scottish Labour Party.

    Sorry I had to get that swear’y word out, must have Tourette’s.

  21. TD says:

    Can you imagine how we would feel if the SNP demonstrated such a devastating level of incompetence? We would be bewildered, confused, dismayed and despondent about the upcoming election. Now you know how SLAB supporters are feeling just now. It’s not so much the policy itself – it’s the inconsistency.

    The SNP government is not perfect but the contrast with SLAB is overwhelming. Quietly competent getting on with the job versus floundering without direction and making it up as they go along. The only consistency is that they think the SNP is bad.

    Plenty of time for a few policy changes before the election though – keep watching this space. Maybe they’ll come up with a winner yet.

  22. James Barr Gardner says:

    Kezia is just following in the steps of previous illustrious leader Ed Miliband, he forgot to mention the deficit in his speech! Labour what a comedy act, ha,ha,ha…….

    On a more serious note what’s next for Kezia?

    Is she going to back stab some of her colleagues, well you know it’s the Labour way of doing things.
    Aye! Including backstabbing the People of Scotland, what a greedy bunch of self interest tractors.

    Vote 1 X 2 Let’s kick them out! Let Westminster hear the Lion of Scotland roar!

  23. orri says:

    The whole fucking point is that not even the Labour Holyrood administrations increased taxes because without control of the bands there’s no way to reduce the potential, admittedly marginal, impact on the lower paid. That’s why the SNP stopped paying millions for a power that was probably never going to be used regardless of which parties were in power.

    The SLabbers know it. Unless this quickly moves on to them getting or implying that if the SNP had the power over bands then they might be more willing to stick a penny on, or even more, then it’s hard to understand what the point of their argument is other than to put pressure on Holyrood to accept the bullshit that is the proposed Scotland Bill.

    I say more than a penny as I reckon my wife and I are paying roughly 5% of our wages after our allowances to our council tax so if it were to be totally replaced that’s roughly how much income tax would need to rise to match it.

    A Scottish Tax Code means that you are deemed to live in Scotland so it only seems fair you contribute something to local and national, as in scottish, services. Which is where, I hate to admit it, IDS might be going with his outrageous suggestion that you have to be a tax payer to qualify for a vote. He may not be serious or think there’s a chance in hell of getting that but rather wants to cut off at the pass any suggestion that we’ve been handed the perfect mechanism to prevent abuse of postal voting in a future referendum. My point would be that even the unemployed have a tax code.

  24. orri says:

    Nearly forgot, the only guaranteed “new” power is one that doesn’t depend on the Scotland Bill passing and is simply an embedding and reintroduction of the 3% Holyrood had removed despite it actually being the result of the same referendum that led to the Holyrood being formed.

  25. chris kilby says:

    Does it really matter any more? Is anyone still listening to them?

    (I’m not.)

  26. TD says:

    Orri at 1:48 pm

    Your point is well made and is exactly what the Scottish government have been saying. If you are going to adjust taxes up or down, then you need to control the tax bands as well as the rate and you need to be able to raise or reduce one band without changing all of them. Only with those powers can you ensure that the social outcome of tax changes is what you want.

    But in a way, this is what SLAB are trying to do with their ridiculous plan to give a rebate to low earners. They only need to do that because the don’t have control of bands and individual rates. So their position amounts to this:

    “We are against full fiscal autonomy with full control of rates and bands. But we recognise the need to “adjust” the social impact of tax changes. So we have come up with a wizzy idea which will cost a lot (we don’t know how much) to administer to achieve the same effect as we could easily and efficiently achieve with full fiscal autonomy. The reason we don’t want FFA is because the SNP are bad.”


  27. MerkinScot says:

    “A Scottish Tax Code means that you are deemed to live in Scotland so it only seems fair you contribute something to local and national, as in scottish, services. Which is where, I hate to admit it, IDS might be going with his outrageous suggestion that you have to be a tax payer to qualify for a vote.”.
    I think IDS said ‘anyone on benefits’.
    What next,’You must be a landowner to vote’, perchance?

  28. Bob Mack says:

    Many people I have spoken to are quite happy to pay extra tax, but all of them feel it should be in addition to, rather than instead of our current Barnett allocation.

    It seems we have our own Junior Doctor situation here, where no matter how much the Scots want to contribute extra to expand services,Westminster will not allow that to happen, and will claw it back.

    This no detriment also means no improvement. Kick it into touch.

  29. Almannysbunnet says:

    You have got to understand Kezia’s world and give her the benefit of the doubt. I assume that in her “mind” the hundreds of thousands of Scots that she wants to pay less tax are different from the hundreds of thousands of Scots she wants to pay more tax. Just like “Scottish” labour policies are different from UKOK labour policies. If I was her defense lawyer that’s about the best I could do before she was found guilty of talking execramentum.

  30. Desimond says:

    This is my second Tax laugh of the day…first was “letter” in Metro asking “Can any SNP voter tell me why a 1p increase in tax isn’t a good idea if it helps Public Service”

    I couldnt decide if it was a labour PR attempt or a double bluff from SNP having a laugh!

    BTW..Anyone see advert for STV Glasgow last night…”Kezia Dugdale reveals the 10 pictures of her life”…how many was she smiling glaikitly in them I wonder

  31. louis.b.argyll says:

    It’s true!

    The Labour Party in Scotland is no longer a political party.

    It has no input from members with new progressive ideas.

    It is now merely a management structure going through the motions.

    It continues to clunk and churn, as if anything it says really matters.

    Although I understand the many Labour supporters, whose personal ties to the party through familily /community history and the deep emotions of collectivism, they now need to move on/up, closer to where the ideas now are.

    It’s brightest members will soon free to express themselves within a soon to be independent.

    Form new parties…after independence please.

  32. Onwards says:

    orri says:

    “A Scottish Tax Code means that you are deemed to live in Scotland so it only seems fair you contribute something to local and national, as in scottish, services. Which is where, I hate to admit it, IDS might be going with his outrageous suggestion that you have to be a tax payer to qualify for a vote. He may not be serious or think there’s a chance in hell of getting that but rather wants to cut off at the pass any suggestion that we’ve been handed the perfect mechanism to prevent abuse of postal voting in a future referendum. My point would be that even the unemployed have a tax code.”

    What do you mean?

    Will a Scottish tax code be used to identify Scottish residents in future elections ?

    If the Scotland Bill goes through, would a UK tax payer with a holiday home in Scotland get to vote in IndyRef2 ?

  33. orri says:

    My point about IDS was that I’ve advocated limiting votes in any future independence referendum to those with a scottish tax code on the basis that it’s a clear indication that you actually live in Scotland or are willing to pay towards it’s upkeep. If Council tax is scrapped and replaced by an increase in income tax it becomes even less likely that someone in the rUK would see Scotland as some kind of tax haven and pretend to live here. The strange thing about any telephone polls of how people voted in the referendum is that either there’s a lot of lying going on or when you eliminate postal ballots from the rUK the result was a damn site closer than 45/55. Having said all that I don’t advocate people need to actually be paying tax in order to vote.

    Now it’s entirely possible that IDS is being perfectly serious in what he proposes, especially if by benefits you include tax credits. Being a cold hearted bastard it’d have been fun explaining to Cameron that if being on benefits stopped you getting a vote then if his kid was still alive he, his wife or both wouldn’t be getting one.

    OTOH unionists love playing the hypocrite card so this may partially be a ploy in order to head of any suggestion of limiting the ability to stuff the ballot box of what may be seen as the inevitable next referendum.

  34. louis.b.argyll says:

    The Labour movement, is, politically speaking, old-ISH.

    The Scottish independence movement is about 1000 years old.

    WE are going nowhere… When will YOU change?

  35. Papadox says:

    Watching and listening to SLAB at FMQ’s today was embarrassing. The fact that EBC tries to sell this shambles as a going concern along with the Tories and Wullie fray Fife really beggars belief and suggests the powers that be in EBC believe we are all brainless morons.

    EBC, Tories, SLAB and the libliers are all toxic residue from ENGERLANDS colonial experiments on my beloved wee country. FREEDOM!

  36. DerekM says:

    Ha Kez doesnt know what she said she just reads out stuff by her spads ,who quite frankly if they were working for me would be well sacked.

    But then Kez doesnt know she is being set up,the onions have already decided which three legged blind horse to back and it aint Kez or Labour.

    Bring on the tories its the way its meant to be,no more SNP v Labour,this time its Scotland v the tories and this time we are ready for them.

  37. Fred says:

    Some scoundrel used unparly language at FMQT & the heidmistress wants the offender in her office this afternoon. Ma money’s on James Kelly!

  38. Macnakamura says:

    Neil Findlay gets my bet.

  39. Truth says:


    The trouble with the Scotsman is that the price tag, though low in comparison to what JP paid for it, does not reflect the massive pension liabilities.

    Your going to need many millions more to put it on an even keel.

    I’d say that JP have little chance of finding a “greater fool” to use financial parlance.

    The best thing they could do is attract paying customers, but with disgusting Twitter trolls on the payroll, and a frankly mental editorial stance on the constitution, they’ve no chance of that either.

  40. Liz g says:

    That stuff about IDS is fake if you go on to the “about us”
    link on the site it tell’s you they are are a satirical blog
    but since the Tories are so awful the are often taken as factual

  41. Rab Kay says:

    “A still inchoate politician”, perfect description of Kezia Dugdale.

  42. Rab Kay says:

    “A still inchoate” perfect description of Kezia Dugdale.

  43. gus1940 says:

    Trth at 3.55

    I may be wrong but surely by purchasing the Scotsman Pubs titles and what little is left of their goodwill the purchaser has no legal compulsion to take on the pension liabilities or for that matter the employees who presumably are members of The JP Pension Fund.

  44. Fred says:

    @ macnakamura, U win kid, wrang arsehole!

  45. Malcolm MacInnes says:

    Excuse me if this has been raised before but wasn’t John Swinney criticised in the last parliament for allowing the Scottish Govt.’s ability to raise tax under the current system to lapse. The HMRC were looking for a large chunk of money to feed into their updated system, as I recollect, & JS wasn’t up for it. Presumably that’s still the case & for SLAB to introduce the additional 1p on tax will have a large start up cost, which doesn’t seem to have been factored in.

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