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Call off the dogs

Posted on April 05, 2015 by

Okay, it was a serious breach of the rules, but the culprit’s been punished enough.


Dear God above, we’re not monsters.

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    1. 06 04 15 00:39

      Call off the dogs | Speymouth

    265 to “Call off the dogs”

    1. blackhack says:

      Sounds more like passing the buck…the truth will always out…

    2. Patrick Roden says:


      lol 🙂

    3. Morag says:

      Stu, your mind is not a pretty sight.

    4. wee_monsieur says:

      O, the very thought. 🙁

    5. David Agnew says:

      Wow – that is disturbing on two levels.

      The first is a Viz style innuendo that makes me want to reach for the mind bleach.

      The last is that he has essentially done the dirty on some poor bastard who will have to fall on his sword to protect Carmichael.

      He either knew exactly what was happening, in which case he is too dishonest to hold his post, or he didn’t know, in which case he is too stupid to hold his post. The only conclusion is that Mr Carmichael will have to resign.

    6. Johannah Buchan says:

      Eeooww!! Fingered by Carmichael. I’ll never get that image out of my mind.

    7. Jimmy says:

      Bastards! Seems a bit harsh

    8. Angus says:

      Their rules, as always

    9. Macart says:

      I’ll bet it was a really harsh fingering.


    10. Stevie boy says:

      Of course it was someone else!


    11. Glenn says:

      Macart…does that stand for Fat Finger Syndrome?

    12. Soda says:

      I feel tom and dick…

    13. Stevie boy says:

      Wonder how much this ‘official’ was paid to take the heat.. then probably had to double it to take a fingering from Carmichael! Shocking.

    14. Carntyne says:

      Fingered for releasing the ‘made-up’ note…surely?

    15. Nice to see that now carmichael has been fingered that ….

      there is nothing to see here ….move along.

      Trouble is, peopleve memories and are getting bored with politicians who judge he public based on their levels of (low) intelligence.

      Thanks for everyrhing stu….

    16. tombee says:

      There goes the last Lib Dem seat. Total wipe out of the snivelling bastards.

    17. Lucy says:

      Wording! Oh god, WORDING!

    18. Brian S says:

      Dear god! Imagine being fingered by those fat sausage like appendages.
      Oh the horror!

    19. Patrick Roden says:

      Bleeding hell Soda, you’re worse than the Rev! and who’s Tom?

      “I feel tom and dick”

    20. alexicon says:

      Well that clears that up, it was the official tea boy then.

    21. HandandShrimp says:

      He has fat fingers too

      Bleh! Bleh! Bleh!

    22. Davy says:

      Nae nae, it’s not good enough, we want a name and a reason, NO closing of ranks with this dirty stunt.

    23. Macart says:

      @ Glenn

      Yes, yes it does (cough).

    24. Thepnr says:

      Just keep exposing and laughing at them. They are their own worst enemies and don’t need any help from us.

    25. Robert Bryce says:

      Carmichael is not fit for office on any level. His prospective voters in the forthcoming general election should do the honorable thing and vote for someone else.

    26. heedtracker says:

      Polls do seem to suggest UKOk unionists are going to have to pull the finger out, of, their…

    27. Nana Smith says:

      Oh man alive or perhaps not after being fingered by Carmichael.

      and with that horrible image I’m off to sleep and hopefully no nightmares.

    28. Walter Scott says:

      Does this mean no enquiry?

    29. Scott Graham says:

      So all of a sudden the sacrificial lamb is found
      And the chief culprit gets off. Don’t think so. Scotland office is not fit for purpose.

    30. chossy says:

      As Carmichael says ‘It’s just one of those things’ no biggie…… man what a douche.

    31. Jonny says:

      I just love the fact that the Record’s voting intention widget on that page is currently showing the SNP at 58%!

    32. One_Scot says:

      I am sure someone much wiser than me once said, “Better to be fingered than fisted”, but then again I could be wrong.

    33. Stevie boy says:

      It was an ‘inaccurate’ memo..

      What was inaccurate about it.. blatant bloody lies!

    34. Croompenstein says:

      Big yellow Fozzie let’s his fingers do the walking…

    35. Sooz says:

      Cryin’ with laughter here. Oh my sides. Hahaha

    36. David S says:

      Yes Stu, and the culprit’s only the effing messenger. Who authorised him/her to release?

    37. fletch49er says:

      Being fingered by Alistair Carmichael is something I just don’t wish to even think about 🙂

    38. thedogphilosopher says:

      Didn’t know Carmichael had been to Public School. The burden of so many quaint foibles and eccentricities. Makes you kinda thankful for the tawse.

    39. Crooksy says:

      Ha ha ha. A belter from the irreverent reverend.

    40. Lesley-Anne says:

      So the dodgy Secretary of State for Portsmouth has fingered a Civil Servant now has he?

      Hmm, is it just me or are things getting really hot underneath the seats that former M.P.’s are currently sitting on?

      I’m just wondering if the alleged, now *ahem* identified, Civil Servant at the centre of #nikileaks and #francegate will finally be identified by Carmichael as non other thanhis Senior Civil Servant Chris Flatt.

    41. TJenny says:

      ‘Sniggles’. 😉

    42. Sandy says:

      Whatever happened to accepting responsibility , and protecting your staff?

    43. Marcia says:

      Ooh Matron. 🙂

    44. Anagach says:

      Does anyone know why Scottish Office civil servants write/compose/fabricate memo’s about meetings they do not go to ?

    45. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      I wonder if The Queen will tell the good people of Orkney and Shetland to think very carefully before they vote.

    46. carjamtic says:

      Two days to find somebody to take one for the team,disgusting,any body in Orkney who votes for this horrible person is not welcome in my house…..grrrr

    47. Croompenstein says:

      Scotland Office official fingered by Fozzie…

      Thatcher would say “boys will be boys”


    48. itsme says:

      Brilliant – stick that fingered headline in there – that will get the jokes going and distract from the seriousness of this whole disgusting affair. Go to hand it to those tabloid lowlifes they know their stuff.

      So after his car crash interview with C4 news today where he stated, quite unbelievably, that “It’s the middle of an election these things happen” it’s now “I know the person involved but I’m not going to go beyond that”.

      Without a hint of irony he then has the gall so say that’s it’s a civil servant who’s entitled to the enquirer being done properly.

      Does being “outed” by your own minister count as properly?

      What about those of us who want our fecking election to be free of subversion by his department for which he is responsible do we think it’s ok that “these things happen”?

    49. Ross Lowe says:

      leaked a lie not a memo, note or report…….a lie!

    50. WRH2 says:

      Wasn’t Carmichael the bruiser who was brought in to sort out Scotland? What a joke he’s turned out it be. Makes a huge mess of a “dirty trick” job! Obvious load of nonsense and the best excuse he can come up with, “these things happen”. We could see a real Battle of Agincourt being fought because of his stupidity and incompetence.

    51. Bob Mack says:

      Yes, but did he pass an accurate note ,or ond that was doctored ?.it was also marked as being somewhat confidential.

    52. Sooz says:

      Now that I’ve settled down (ahem) – what the hell? He’s in bloody charge and gets a huge chunk of dough for running it. The least we can expect is that he runs the place efficiently and doesn’t allow official memos to be filed that haven’t been checked for accuracy.

      Plus – don’t I remember seeing on the leaked “memo” as published in the Torygraph that it was not for wider circulation? – and yet there it was, not only passed to Simon “FactChecks’r’NotUs” Whosit in direct contravention of the Consul-General’s request, but published for the world to see.

      “These things happen”, he says, blithely. Well they clearly do in his little fiefdom. What other gross mistakes have he and his office made, if he can be so laid back about it.

      Yes. Lampoon, undermine and satirise him. He deserves nothing less.

    53. Capella says:

      There goes the last safe Liberal seat in Scotland.
      Nicola must be so amused by the sheer incompetence.

    54. susan says:


    55. macnakamura says:

      ronald alexander mcdonald says:
      5 April, 2015 at 11:15 pm
      I wonder if The Queen will tell the good people of Orkney and Shetland to think very carefully before they vote.

    56. Mik Johnstone says:

      i’m no pointing any fingers or fingering anyone to be honest, but isn’t David Mundell the Cuntservative candidate for Dumfries & Galloway in the same orifice ? … oops my bad, sorry …. the same Office …..

    57. Barbara Watson says:

      I don’t know if I want to boak or giggle ha ha

    58. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Good God – if he fingered someone for releasing it, what on earth will he do to whoever wrote it?

    59. Stoker says:

      “Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael has fingered an official in his own department for releasing the note”

      FFS, pass me the sick bucket!

      On a more serious note – these b@st@rds should not be allowed to get away with this.

      Heads must roll and Sally Carbuncles head should be the first or legal action must be pursued against these filthy corrupt Unionist guardians of stiff upper lippery and fair play.

      Take note, London, this is not the 1700s, the world is watching.

    60. One_Scot says:

      I hope he washed his hands afterwards.

    61. Cadogan Enright says:

      One benefit of a coalition is to get control of the Scottish Office and clear the place out = or even shut it down totally.

      “Scottish Office – what we do”

      “We ensure the smooth working of the devolution settlement in Scotland. We represent Scottish interests within the UK government and we represent the UK government in Scotland.”

      Only true bit “we represent the UK government in Scotland.”

    62. MrObycyek says:

      I’m guessing it was a disgruntled Scottish Office civil servant that did the deed. It would be hilarious if it was not so repugnant.

      I must confess I did not think anything could give me the chills more than the zoomer patrol picture with the bulging eyeballs. It seems I was wrong. The thought of Carmichael and his beef olive digits poking someone is truly the stuff of nightmares.

    63. Capella says:

      @ Lesley-Anne
      I remember that committee meeting so well from the Indyref campaign. Doesn’t Alistair Carmichael just ooze smug arrogance. The clip stops short of his petulant flouncing out, but includes the Chair’s brilliant question:
      “…are you Scotland’s man in Westminster or Westminster’s man in Scotland?”
      “I am the Secretary of State for Scotland. This is one of my officials, he is answerable to me.”
      Poor Mr Flatt!

    64. carjamtic says:

      He has brought shame to the Northern Isles,not only before the people of Scotland but the Rest Of World…….only the good people of Isles can decide the punishment.

    65. This was a matter that called into question the integrity of the First Minister Of Scotland, the Consul General and an Ambassador. Carmichael must be made to accept his responsibility as Head of the Dept responsible.

      ‘Call of the dogs’? No, turn them on Labour until a full set of apologies are received..

      Kezia, Murphy, Milliband etc etc

    66. JPFife says:

      Maybe Charmichael was plugging the leak.

    67. Natasha says:

      Sorry to go apparently OT, but I’m reposting this from the previous thread because the same old issue of blaming English Scots for the referendum result is rearing its ugly head again, and I for one am sick of it.

      Rev Stuart Campbell

      “. . . if anyone here’s got a problem with people being born in England, I’ve got a problem with them.”

      29 March 2015, 9pm

      It would be nice to see some action on that.

      It’s fairly clear to me who the racists on this site are; they even seem to be proud of themselves for hating anyone who wasn’t born here. Let’s just try substituting the words “black” or “Jewish” or “Moslem” for the word English in those comments, shall we?

      Sounds good, does it?

      No, I thought not.

    68. Geoff Huijer says:

      Fnnrr, fnnrr…

    69. ErinT says:

      Carmichael is repulsive. That he doesn’t want to name this official makes him utterly complicit and makes him look beyond awful. He may as well have outright stated that he was involved.

    70. Senga says:

      Un-named civil servant fingered by fud over #Frenchgate.

    71. itsme says:

      Still on the upside, fully expect Sir Jeremy Haywood to have something to say on the matter in short order now that he must know who is responsible.

      Then all the political parties can condemn this sort of underhand interference in the electoral process which demeans them all and is an insult to the electorate they claim to want to serve. Can I suggest a joint press conference? Or perhaps a joint statement before the next TV debates? 😉

    72. Andrew Scott says:

      Just got it, I think! (“fingered”?)

    73. Tam Jardine says:

      A leak in his own department, a failure of his staff which ultimately he bears the responsibility for and all Carmichael can come up with is a shrug of the shoulders. Bof. It’s regrettable.

      Absolutely pathetic. Where is the contrition? Where is the respect for the French Ambassador, Consul General or the office of First Minister of Scotland never mind Nicola Sturgeon herself.

      She is the representative of not only SNP members, SNP voters, Yes voters but ever man woman and child in this country. She even represents Carmichael as a Scotsman.

      I’m open to reserving judgement on the individual concerned at the Scottish Office as it is unlikely a civil servant would throw away their career without pressure from above.

      Mr Carmichael treats this matter flippantly as a bit of a fuck you to the SNP the First Minister and by extension the Scottish Parliament and Scottish people – fine. But know this: that safest of the safe seat up there will be the only lib dem seat left in Scotland and that peg is getting shooglier by the day.

      I will be praying he is booted out on his arse – he has done nothing for Scotland but attack her democratically elected government.

    74. Capella says:

      @ Natasha
      You’re absolutely right to bring it to Stu’s attention. It’s divisive and racist.
      The Scottish independence movement is an alliance of all people who want to see democratic change in this country and everyone is equal in that project. A moratorium on the blame game would certainly be appreciated by me.

      I’m only interested in civic nationalism. I believe it is perfectly legitimate for nation states to free themselves from domination from other states/entities. Liberation movements all over the world are based on that principle. It isn’t ethnic. It’s democratic.

    75. Dr Jim says:

      Winston Wolf (I fix problems)

      Yes Yes Mr Carmichael time for you to disappear

      If not we have people who can help you with that

      But, you could confess before you go…Yes Yes

    76. caz-m says:


      A poll on voting intentions from the SNP hating Daily Record.(So far). You can still go online to the Record and vote.

      SNP – 65.1%
      Labour – 21.7%
      Conservative – 8.5%
      Other – 2.8%
      Lib Dems – 1.8%

    77. ErinT says:


      Yeah, stuff like that really isn’t on and I hope Stu removes such comments.

    78. Jake says:

      Its more important to find out who actually wrote the memo rather than who leaked it because its obvious it wouldn’t have been leaked without Carmichaels approval.

    79. ronnie anderson says:

      Ur the 77th brigade on station ( hinternet chindits) any one else notice ,ma posts are going up but remain in comment box,& I could’nt get back out from O/T.

      H i Y a chindits hy fives, or did ah mean the Hives.

    80. caz-m says:

      When I look at Carmicheal, all I can see is “Foghorn Leghorn”.

      “A say, A say, A say boy, did you leak that memo?”

    81. Lesley-Anne says:

      I agree Capella he does look so smug I had to reach for the sick bucket when I watched the video.

      I just loved that question Capella …“…are you Scotland’s man in Westminster or Westminster’s man in Scotland?” I don’t know who asked it but she was definitely asking the question that the whole of Scotland was asking. 😛

    82. Mark McQueenie says:

      Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael has fingered an official in his own department.

      And there was me thinking that last Sunday was palm Sunday.

    83. Tam Jardine says:

      Cadogan Enright

      Spot on – take the Scottish Office over or shut it down completely.

    84. Stevie boy says:

      And to think.. the Establishment had the cheek to question the integrity of the Nigerian election. Makes u sick.

    85. ElmC says:

      Repeat of my comment on previous thread.

      A lot of comment on Referendum voters with English connections.

      I was born in Scotland of an English mother, my wife is Cornish. We have lived in various parts of the world but latterly, for many years, in bella Caledonia. We both voted yes because Scotland is our country and we earnestly believe that taking charge of our own affairs to bring social justice and end corruption in our society in Scotland is paramount.

      Our hopes and aspirations, what we identify with, are bound up with our life here. For us the argument is clear. For others, who may have retired here for a better quality of life after living elsewhere in the UK, and are dependent on UK private and public pensions which they believe are at risk in an independent Scotland, they may feel insecure and want to vote ” to protect what they have”. We need to convince those people that their fears are unfounded. I know that there have been various statements to this effect over the Referendum period but I believe it should be emphasised and repeated regularly on the run up to GE 2015.

    86. charlie says:

      Frankie Howard lives

    87. dakk says:

      Just so i can get my head round this,was the civil servant in question male or female?

    88. Elmac says:

      As said on previous thread:

      A lot of comment on Referendum voters with English connections.

      I was born in Scotland of an English mother, my wife is Cornish. We have lived in various parts of the world but latterly, for many years, in bella Caledonia. We both voted yes because Scotland is our country and we earnestly believe that taking charge of our own affairs to bring social justice and end corruption in our society in Scotland is paramount.

      Our hopes and aspirations, what we identify with, are bound up with our life here. For us the argument is clear. For others, who may have retired here for a better quality of life after living elsewhere in the UK, and are dependent on UK private and public pensions which they believe are at risk in an independent Scotland, they may feel insecure and want to vote ” to protect what they have”. We need to convince those people that their fears are unfounded. I know that there have been various statements to this effect over the Referendum period but I believe it should be emphasised and repeated regularly on the run up to GE 2015.

    89. Stevie says:

      Ha ha

    90. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Rev O the cheek of you chastising us tae keep the party clean & your writing fingering stories, weil am taking ma fingers aff Wings the morra,ah might come back oan the morra night hopefully you,ve cleaned this page wie Dettol by that time.

      Goodnite all.

    91. Clootie says:

      I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something seriously wrong with this thread.

    92. Robert Peffers says:

      @Barbara Watson says: 5 April, 2015 at 11:32 pm:

      “I don’t know if I want to boak or giggle ha ha”

      Och!Lassie, Ye kin dae baith: They canna touch ye fir it.

    93. Cadogan Enright says:

      Natsha, I have been fighting racism since the 1970’s. BUT in the context of this site, the ability to make an accusation that someone is racist should not be the ‘silver bullet’ to kill all debate.

      If it is true that 80% of English residents in Scotland voted no – then it would be wholly irrational not to acknowledge it, and try and figure out what message these people need to ensure that the next time they come over to our side. Can we figure out how to make them feel their pensions will be guaranteed?

      I have also been embarrassed at the fact that so many leading Unionists have Irish names – Murphy, McTeirnan, Curran – the list would be endless. But this observation is not racist. It is vital to try and figure out how one can address the issues that lead the descendants of what would have been Irish Nationalist Catholics to become such robust Unionists in a Scottish setting – is it as simply the need to get ahead? If so can we offer them a better ‘career path’?

      I agree that a few folk need to articulate their frustration and anger more carefully to protect themselves from silver bullets.

      Meanwhile can you guys stop going OT and come back and join the rest of us.

    94. carjamtic says:

      3rd / 4th hand account that’s a lot of fingering fanibawz 🙂

    95. frogesque says:


      Thanks. Being English (or any other nationality) is an accident of birth. Belonging to the peoples (plural) of Scotland is a state of mind.

      Back to the matter in hand, quite simply Alexander must go.

    96. Cadogan Enright says:

      @caz-m 11.54 Its over 70% now

    97. Lesley-Anne says:

      I have come to the conclusion Caz that the Daily Record are completely brain dead. I mean almost day after day they keep putting up these type of polls and day after day they get the same answer … folks are voting S.N.P. 😀

      There must be more than a couple of folks in the Daily Record H.Q. banging their heads off their office walls every day! 😀

    98. ronnie anderson says:

      Carmichael trying tae copy the Wee Dutch boy & fingered the wrang hole.

      Good nite all, did ah say that already,weil ave said it again.

    99. X_Sticks says:

      I just knew I smelled sh1te.

    100. Alistair says:

      He may have been fingered but hopefully he will soon have his arse felt.

    101. Calgacus says:

      Mr. Carmichael should do the honourable thing and resign forthwith.

    102. Robert Peffers says:

      @Natasha says: 5 April, 2015 at 11:41 pm:

      “Sorry to go apparently OT, but I’m reposting this from the previous thread because the same old issue of blaming English Scots for the referendum result is rearing its ugly head again, and I for one am sick of it.”

      Go for it Lass. This old Scot backs you to the hilt.
      BTW: It’s just as bad being a Scottish born and able to trace my male line back to the 1600s and be abused on the site for just being an old guy.

      Until the commenters on the site get it through their thick heads that everyone in Scotland has the democratic right to vote as they damned well please the cause of a democratically free Scotland will remain in doubt.

    103. Kenny says:

      How dare they bring our thousand-year-auld allies into this sordid scandal! The French are discretion, diplomacy and civilisation par excellence. In fact, as the great Voltaire said: “Nous nous tournons vers l’Écosse pour trouver toutes nos idées sur la civilisation”.

      Not quite sure what this means, of course, but academic genius Spud McMurphy (“it’s deja vu all over again”) assures me it is as follows: “better together, world to end if Ecosse votes for independence, now shut up and eat your cereal”. Perhaps something got lost in the translation…

      Anyway, the French consul cannae be expected to understand wee Nicola’s Glesga accent: “Aye, richt, of course we winnae see them Red Tories in Nummer Ten Glebe Street.”

      And for anyone feeling queasy with certain sordid and extremely unpleasant images running through their heids, my advice is: just lie back and think of Jackie Baillie.*

      * Yes, it was childish of me, but it is Sunday night and Stu can delete this if he wants!
      * At least I didn’t mention Cyril Smith.

    104. Natasha says:

      @Cadogan Enright 12.19am

      At no point have I asked for debate to be killed. I have simply asked people not to make racist comments, and quoted Stu’s own comment on this matter.

    105. crazycat says:

      @ Cadogan Enright

      As I pointed out on the previous thread, the problem is not truthfully stating that a certain percentage of a certain group voted a particular way (there are several groups who get criticized from time to time, and as you say, what is needed is an assessment of how to reach out to them).

      The problem is that a small number of people repeatedly use these facts to assert either that members of these groups should not be allowed to vote next time, or that a referendum should be deferred until they’ve died (which relies on the potentially false assumption that no-one who supported independence last year will ever change their mind).

      As for people with Irish names – you mentioned this before and I replied to you, though you may not have seen it. There is also a prevalence of such names in far-right English groups, which I think might be a consequence of the previously-persecuted desperately trying to fit in in order to be accepted, but taking it too far.

    106. itsme says:

      Slab tweet delete operation beginning?

      Kezia Dugdale hinting at the new Labour spin line. Just a desperate variation on the old one.

      “The last 24 hours have been dominated by suggestions that Nicola Sturgeon wants David Cameron to remain Prime Minister.”

      “The real question is, what does David Cameron want?”

      The real question is what do the electorate want and it seems it’s not you. Still time swing big and swing late though…

    107. geeo says:

      Heard a 4th hand rumour that during this alleged ‘fingering’ of a civil servant, Mr Carmichael had to telephone Rona from STV and say to her “help me Rona, i’m stuck here”…?

      Sorry about that, this joke will be into double digits at this rate, and frankly it is too near the knuckle for some

      Saying that, Stu nailed it during the article….(ok, i will stop now…

    108. Iain Gray's Subway Lament says:

      Yes, yes, yes. I was WRONG! Don’t all attack me at once. 🙁

      I posted earlier today on the previous thread at 3.33

      Speaking of the coming inquiry + Could the inept cowardly oaf Alistair Carmichael be preparing to throw his own spad Euan Roddin to the wolves in a desperate attempt to fend off the inevitable?

      Pretty damn odd that his name has suddenly been popping up on lib dem blogs just after the official Cabinet Office investigation was announced into the the leak of the bullshit memo.

      It’s precisely the type of thing Carmichael would do though. If there’s anyone AT ALL he could use as a human shield then he will unquestionably cower behind them and hope they take all the flak.

      That means the Spads and civil servants in the scotland office can all expect to be in the firing line way, WAY before Carmichael takes the slightest bit of responsibilty. They are all ‘expendable’ in his eyes.

      Something they will already be acutely aware of since they will know better than most just how insufferable and bullying Carmichael can be to his ‘underlings’.

      Turns out the coward Carmichael would much rather cower behind a sacked civil servant than his own Spad.

      Ah well, we can’t be right on every single detail. 😉

      Looks very like the smearer Carmichael’s career is finished since the buck stops at him, but then, these things happen, right? right? 😀

    109. Robert Peffers says:

      @Cadogan Enright says: 6 April, 2015 at 12:19 am:

      ” … Meanwhile can you guys stop going OT and come back and join the rest of us.”

      (Ahem!). Just who the hell are you calling, “You Guys”, and who the hell do you think are, “The Rest of Us”?

      Please, Cadogan Enright, take that comment in the spirit in which it was offered – I’m making the fair point there is no them and us on this forum. We are, one and all just, “WINGERS”.

    110. Dave Le Squirrel says:

      I heard that Ed Miliband is deliberately car-crashing his own party for a massive payoff from the tories.
      This of course explains why they discharged anyone who tried to bring real change to the party, and deliberately put the biggest idiot on the island in charge of the scottish branch.

      What? It might be true. These things happen. I didn’t say it. That guy over there did.

      SNP out (of their driveways, onto the motorway and straight down to London.)

    111. Oui Things says:

      Pro union, prostate, same cavity.

      Is this punishment, or payment in kind?

    112. Caledonius says:

      Re: English Scots

      The vast majority of the 55% No were Scots. Put it this way, if every single Scot born in Scotland voted yes, it wouldn’t have mattered what other English/other born Scots voted. Personally if some English person voted No I’ve no real issue with that, it’s Scots born here that voted no that cause me to dispair, are they happy at what Westminster has done to our land?

      Just remember we who strived for Independance were a massive collection of grass roots organisations of various peoples that included Scots by birth and Scots BY CHOICE. We are the 45%. We are strong together.

      How about looking at it this way – if the 20% or so English / English Scots that voted YES had not supported Yes the result would have been even worse.

      It’s not about blaming English, Old people, the next door neighbour for a defeat we can’t change anymore, it’s about convincing any and all of those who voted NO last time to vote YES next time, ESPECIALLY Scots born here. Some recent polls suggest we are no longer the 45% but are now hovering around the 49-50%. That will continue to grow as more of the NO voters ‘see the light’ with our help. We will attract them with understanding and ‘forgiveness’ – they made a mistake voting No, fair enough, welcome to our YES side, let’s move on.

      From this Scot to all English born (yet Scots by Choice) who fought for a YES and now fight for a strong Scottish voice in Westminster, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are all my country men and woman, and I yours. Alba gu snooker loopy!

    113. Iain Barker says:

      Was it just an orange finger or were there red and blue fingers entering the orifice, I mean office as well.

    114. bugsbunny says:

      That poor civil servants ringpiece will be like a battered catflap by now.


    115. Caledonius says:

      Lesley-Anne says:
      6 April, 2015 at 12:24 am
      I have come to the conclusion Caz that the Daily Record are completely brain dead. I mean almost day after day they keep putting up these type of polls and day after day they get the same answer … folks are voting S.N.P.

      You know LA I suddenly have this image from the movie Downfall in my head thanks to you. (bite me Goodwin)

      Those who have seen it, the scene with Eva Braun telling everyone to dance and party even with the battle outside getting closer.

      Now I imagen the daily record reporters hunched over their desks, editors telling them to type up more unionist propaganda and be happy, all is well! Meanwhile their sales continue to decline, their online polls say SNP, other polls say SNP, SNP 105,000+ members, trident rally with 3-4000, a smear campaign thats fell on its arse, their beloved labour now hated by the masses. The end of the unionist/labour era approaches in Scotland.

      But still they seem happy to type up their lies, still not believing anything has changed in Scotland. Lalala all is well… all is well…

    116. What’s the difference between a bowling ball and a Scotland Office official?

      … you can only get three fingers in a bowling ball

    117. desimond says:

      The “OT see previous thread” brigade..try using the contact us to highlight issues to The Rev..makes much more sense than crying OT etc

    118. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      At least one good thing will come out of this sorry debacle.

      I had given up on any chance of Danus Skene being able to unseat Carmicheal on May the 7th as he has a huge majority.

      Now it is game on as why would anyone wish to vote for this numpty.

      Scotland Free from Lib-Dem MPs. What a thought !

      Nearly off thread…

      Vive La France!

      I made a reference to the Battle of Bauge earlier. An interesting fact is that a Scottish knight Carmichael knocked the Duke of Clarence (brother of Henry V) from his horse and the family crest of the Carmicheal family bears the broken launch to celebrate this act.

      The Duke of Clarence was then killed by a Buchannan who then took his coronet and the Buchannan family crest shows the Dukes coronet being raised up.

      And I was told that Scotland did not have any history when I was at school. I think that was the start of my nationalist journey.

      I certainly was never taught of the Scots fighting in the Hundred year war. However, we will be paying for an Agincourt celebration this year.

      Note – Alastair Carmichael is not related to the predessor in any manner!

    119. Paul D says:

      The question is, will Carmichael get his finger(s) out and tell us whether he “found out” before or after the journalist called him on Friday?

    120. Brian McGrath says:

      Shouldn’t HR and possibly the Police be involved if this is how they punish staff? I’m pretty sure fingering staff his high up on the no no list at work.

    121. yesindyref2 says:

      Oh dear, I’m glad I didn’t see this before my Easter Dinner. It would have been enough to put me off my turkey and stuffing.

      Nice one!

    122. Bill Steele says:

      There must be an acknowledgement that the claim was a lie and an apology the the First Minister.

    123. izzie says:

      I see a probe has now been demanded

    124. Tackety Beets says:

      Carmichael interview on Ch 4 posted in earlier thread .

      I concluded we did not need Geoff Beattie to tell us Carmichaels body language said “I know all about it but I’m No tellin No Fecker ”

      Carmichael was clearly lying to Ch4 !

      Now I read he has used his digits instead !

      For me leaking a Document of this nature is very serious.
      I agree with above.
      What was written on document released , if it is as reported then who actually wrote the lies ?

      Read the archived link above , and still Carmichael spouts SNP want a Tory Gvt !
      I watched the YT video as linked above . Notice the guy behind & to the right of Carmichael blue& white stripe tie , his expressions says it all .

      Sorry, I see thro’ Carmichael better than Everest glazing ,quite a despicable man IMO!

      Sorry on I pad and takes too long to name an times o the links above . Hopefully most of you will have done same as me .

      Rev , excellent work as always .

      Ps When’s our ” Goodies ” being despatched ?

    125. Tackety Beets says:

      Sorry Stuart , I’ll call off the dogs , Perks email was in my InBox , Thanks

      Hey ho ! £108k , WOW WOS !

    126. David Mooney says:

      The following quote speaks volumes “Asked if the memo was an example of “dirty tricks” during the election campaign, Carmichael said: “These things happen from time to time. I think it’s regrettable.”

      He added: “I have no idea what Nicola Sturgeon said. We had a third-hand account of it.

      “But we know Nicola Sturgeon would like to have the Conservatives in Government on their own at Westminister.

      “The one thing that matters more than anything else to the Nationalists is getting independence and they would see that as an opportunity to create a wedge between Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom”.

      If this was a third party, fourth hand report, on a meeting not attended by the official concerned and that he (AC) states he “doesn’t know what was said” then how can it be known that “Nicola Sturgeon would like to have the Conservatives in Government on their own at Westminster” every piece of evidence suggests the exact opposite (i.e. a Labour government in power supported by the SNP).

      To shrug his shoulders and say it is “regrettable” and say that “these things happen” is disgraceful and unacceptable. This is an attempted subversion of the democratic process by the crudest mud slinging imaginable FFS.

      As for the last part. No shit Sherlock you f*****g moron.

      Stating the bleeding obvious. This POS has AC’s grubby banana fingers written all over it. NS and the SG should demand his immediate resignation and frankly IMHO he should be prosecuted for subversion of the democratic process during the purdah period (I know it won’t happen but a man can dream). Sadly this is just the beginning folks.

    127. Almannysbunnet says:

      Can the SNP get the Scottish office if they are not in an official coalition? If Carmichael treats his Scottish office staff with the same level of contempt that he has for the Scottish people then mark my words somebody will finger him. Sooner or later somebody will seek revenge…please! Until then we have to keep the heat on this ex MP and do everything in our power to help keep him an ex MP.

    128. Mealer says:

      It’s the same old thing.The Londonists make up a bad story about the SNP.Splash it all over the front page.BBC News pick up the “story” and give the allegations full publicity into everyone’s livingroom.
      Rotten to the very core.

    129. Macart says:

      All fun aside (and this thread has been fun), Mr Carmichael has with this metaphorical ‘shit happens’ statement and attitude, quite graphically demonstrated the utter contempt and arrogance the state holds for its electorate. Basically Westminster’s man on the ground, our Secretary of State for Scotland has stuck two fingers up to the public and said ‘Yeah? So What? What are you gonna do about it?’

      That’s the point though isn’t it? Its all there in one statement. ‘These things happen’. NO THEY DON’T JUST FUCKING HAPPEN! Manipulative, evil, twisted pieces of ordure wearing suits make them happen! They twist public perception with deliberation and calculation, wrecking careers, altering mood en masse. Creating mistrust, anger and hatred when required, apathy and indifference to retain their desired status quo or despair and fear when they wish to retain control.

      Just how its done though, right? That’s politics! Play the game! These – Things – Happen!

      And Mr Carmichael doesn’t see a problem with that.

      Well I do. I see a big problem with politics as it is practised in the UK. I don’t think its acceptable to lie to your employer (US). I don’t think its acceptable to mislead and manipulate our perceptions for personal political gain and unfortunately for Mr Carmichael on May 7 his employers may have something to say about his poor workplace attitude.

      As appalling as the behaviour of the Telegraph has been in this fabricated deception, the real crime has been state manipulation of the public. The media is a self interested delivery system. To change the culture, you need to change the politics. We missed one opportunity to clean out the sewer that is Westminster politics in September past. We’ve been lucky. We’re now faced with a second opportunity.

      As we hand out p45s to those who have used and abused us for so long on May 7 and as they look for some explanation as to why it went all so horribly wrong since September? I hope they keep one phrase in mind in their shock…

      … These things happen.

    130. Free Scotland says:

      Next disturbing image: Carmichael nervously biting his nails as he contemplates lib-dem wipeout.

    131. john king says:

      Why has my post vanished rev?

    132. call me dave says:

      Can archive Herald any more:(here’s a snippet).
      THE scale of Labour’s foreboding north of the Border has been laid bare on the eve of the first televised Scottish leaders’ debate with one ex-MP and candidate admitting the SNP surge is “like a tsunami” even the world’s best swimmer could not hope to survive.

      As yet another opinion poll suggests a Nationalist landslide on May 7 with the SNP on course to achieve 47 seats, Labour candidates have been brutally candid about their chances of success.

      One ex-MP said: “I’m now set to Defcon f****d. I’m expecting to leave and never come back. It doesn’t matter how good you are or how weak your (SNP) opponent is; it’s over.”

      It came as Alistair Carmichael, the Scottish Secretary, confirmed the leaked memo of a meeting between Nicola Sturgeon and French Ambassador Sylvie Bermann in February was written in the Scotland Office.

      The Minister denied it was embarrassing, saying: “This is the middle of an election campaign; these things happen.”

      The memo claimed Ms Sturgeon had told Ms Bermann that she would “rather see David Cameron remain as PM” and that she did not regard Ed Miliband as ”prime minister material”. The FM emphatically dismissed the claim as “100 per cent untrue” while Pierre-Alain Coffinier, France’s consul general in Edinburgh, also denied it.

      Sir Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet Secretary, has now launched a leak inquiry although a Cabinet Office source could not say whether it would report before or after polling day.

      The latest poll has Labour with just 11 seats out of a previous 40, the Liberal Democrats with just one of its previous 11 and Scotland again becoming a Tory-free zone in terms of the House of Commons.

      Another former Labour MP admitted: “The polls are right. I hear it on the doorstep; my people hear it. We have thousands of conversations and the polls are bang on.” He added: “I’ll be looking for another career after May.”

      A third said: “It is like a tsunami; there’s nothing you can do about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best swimmer in the world.”

    133. Marie clark says:

      So Nicola Sturgeon, the French Ambassador and The French Consul General are all made out to be liars, ” but these things happen in an election”. Em, well, no they should not. Especially if you involve another country.

      That idiot Carmichael should get his erse kicked up his back for a humph for this.

      If he knew on Friday who did this, he should have manned up an dealt with it. The very fact that he did not, is suspicious to me. I think he is behind it and now that he has been found out, a big boy did it and ran away.

      Thoroughly reprehensible being. Ye gods.

    134. Dorothy Devine says:

      You have all put me off my breakfast – for shame!

      I do hope Mr Carmichael has seen the future by looking at Chris Cairns cartoon.

      I don’t think” help me Rhona ” could ,even with the best interests of Westminster at heart and with the most earnest of presentation skills.

      I think everyone should forget the forked tongued analysis of the referendum vote and get on with the job in hand – frightening the establishment to an early demise!

    135. Ken500 says:

      People voted No because the Unionists lied and promises are not being kept. Vote NO you get nothing. That is why people will vote SNP. Scottish taxpayers are paying £100Million for the Scotland Office to spy, lie and brief against Scotland. They are supposed to be supporting Scottish interests and their elected representatives.

      The SNP are the best protection against Westminster liars. Even the Guardian has (slightly) changed it’s tune. People in the rest of the UK are waking up to what is happening in Scotland. They support SNP policies.

    136. Bittie Glakit says:

      After Nicola’s triumph in the debate, the swine couldn’t allow her to bask in popularity for a second. How hateful they are. We need out.

      Here are a couple of images about the last few days.

    137. orri says:

      As I said on another thread, if you run the reported stats for who voted what in the referendum then you’d struggle to reach the final percentage. You’d get a very narrow vote against perhaps with less than a couple of per cent in it.

      One explanation is people lying about how they voted in which case it’s possible that the majority of Scots voted against.
      Another is that there are vast numbers of those who voted who are not in Scotland.

      It’s probably a combination of both. However if the answer is ex-pat voters who registered at a Scottish address then at extreme the ratio is close to 80 per cent NO there.

      Regardless of which accepting the results of that survey at face value without questions feeds the same kind of prejudice as leaking a document did here.

      As to Carmichael claiming to know who leaked, at some point this might be a criminal investigation.

    138. Scotspine says:

      This is as clear an example of the type of lies and subversion spread by Better Together during the referendum. Only this time they have been found out.

      Anyone who is happy to vote for Carmichael after this is happy to be labled a dupe.

    139. caz-m says:


      Here is the latest poll results from the Daily Record online.

      SNP –
      Labour –
      Conservative –
      Other –
      Lib Dems –

      The poll is inside the Nicola Sturgeon “memo” story. I know we shouldn’t go there but we need to show the Record now and again how we are feeling.

      Remember to have a good hose down when you exit the Record website. You never know what viruses are lurking in there. Look at how poor Torcuil has ended up.

    140. Margaret Morrison says:

      i don’t often comment on this page, but I read it all the time, in ref. to Lesley- Ann’s comment on the records poll, mAybe they are not as stupid as you think after all if every time someone goes on to their poll they recieve money, maybe people should think on and stop giving them revenue, surely it’s just as bad as buying their dispicable rag of a paper.

    141. rongorongo says:

      I wonder if I am the only one who has been reading up on “The Scotland Office” and on the role of “The Secretary of State for Scotland” with surprise. To my mind the Scotland Office seems to be like a glorified consulate representing Scottish Interests in Whitehall. Like any consulate I would expect it to be staffed and controlled by people who are selected by, and loyal to the government of the country it represents – basically a southern outpost of the Scottish Government.

      But instead the Scotland Office is run as a colonial operation from Westminster and is put under the control of somebody who is seems to be quite candid about operating against the interests of the Scottish Government – who operates a clandestine briefing program with other nations and who does not appear to be answerable to anybody else.

      Why on earth should the people of Scotland tolerate such an organisation?

    142. Steve Mackie says:

      Just as well ‘the clunking fist’ has retired.

    143. Ken500 says:

      Could Sky News and London Luvies be anymore out of touch?

    144. Author_al says:

      Spot on. Carmichael’s main responsibility is to oversee Devolution. Might as well give the job to Mr Bumble, from Oliver!

      ‘Please, Sir, Can I have some more?’

    145. Capella says:

      @ rongorongo
      Good question! Why was it not disbanded after Devolution. Is it now time to dissolve the Scottish Office and use the money for something more useful?

    146. Macart says:

      Alex Salmond pulling no punches in the National. Worth a read. 🙂

    147. Les Wilson says:

      Well, it goes like this, “We know who did it, but on the grounds it may incriminate me, I am not fffing telling you who, got that plebs!”

    148. Glamaig says:

      God almighty. Avoided media all weekend, now I find they’re still going on about it. Its all about getting the words ‘Sturgeon’ and ‘Tory’ into the same sentence as often as possible. Attempting to implant ideas by word association?

      Also, the word used should not be ‘leak’ it should be ‘fabrication’.

      Calling it a leak implies that its true.

    149. Capella says:

      Good pix from Bairns not Bombs over on RT. Don’t know if BBC covered this.

    150. schrodingers cat says:

      not amused

      can we see this memo?

      who wrote this memo?

      on what basis does anyone have for writing lies about the FM and the French?

      the fact it was leaked is irrelevant, writing lies is illegal, no?

      why is carmichael’s office investigating this? surely it should be the police?

    151. cearc says:


      I believe that was the policy of the ScotLibs last GE.

      ‘See’, they can say, ‘we destroyed the Scottish Office!’

      Labour are looking at losing most of their scottish seats.

      Libs are looking at losing all of their scottish seats AND their status of Westminster’s third party.

    152. Taranaich says:

      In the military, the person in charge takes responsibility for their team’s actions.

      In politics, the person in charge would throw the entire team under the bus before taking any responsibility.

      If it is true that 80% of English residents in Scotland voted no – then it would be wholly irrational not to acknowledge it, and try and figure out what message these people need to ensure that the next time they come over to our side.

      If it is true. Said it before, I’ll say it again: time is what lost us the referendum. Yes did better in areas of higher population concentration, because it’s easier for Yes to get their message across with direct access: something that’s infinitely more difficult in rural areas, where the mainstream media could dominate the narrative.

      @call me dave: The latest poll has Labour with just 11 seats out of a previous 40, the Liberal Democrats with just one of its previous 11 and Scotland again becoming a Tory-free zone in terms of the House of Commons.

      Another former Labour MP admitted: “The polls are right. I hear it on the doorstep; my people hear it. We have thousands of conversations and the polls are bang on.” He added: “I’ll be looking for another career after May.”

      A third said: “It is like a tsunami; there’s nothing you can do about it. It doesn’t matter if you’re the best swimmer in the world.”

      As an SNP member/activist, quotes like this just put me on edge, because I can’t help but wonder if it’s all part of some great trick to lull the SNP into a false sense of security. If that’s the plan, it isn’t working.

    153. heedtracker says:

      BBC r4 really got their Bank Holiday finger out and just spent last 3 hours of their news using Sturgeon wants Cameron for PM Torygraph expose, over and over.

      Endless rereading of a leak memo that says Sturgeon wants Cameron, denied, probably concocted by a big fat man in the Scottish office probably, but BBC keep reading it out over and over, not that bit, the actual facts stuff.

      This level of anti SNP attack is pretty spectacular even by BBC awful standards but also, a world champion Scottish tennis athlete lost a great final in Miami yesterday and it gets one sentence from BBC r4 shills.

      Please stop raging that where you’re born doesn’t matter in teamGB. You’re only making fools of yourselves.

    154. donnywho says:

      I am sorry for the wee man in the “Scottish Office” who will be thrown to the wolves…But I do not think there should be an inquiry at all.

      This is a clear breach of Purdah and is as such a criminal matter. The Scottish Office should be reported to the police.
      Or is it still one law for them? They need to be taught that the law in Scotland will be applied to ALL commers not just the peasants.

    155. galamcennalath says:

      I smell sh..e!

      OK, it’s starting to look like someone in the Scotland Office leaked it. That shouldn’t surprise us as it would appear to be official Colonial HQ.

      I’m less concerned about the leaking and far more concerned by who fabricated the lie and with what objective? And, was this the act of rogue civil servant, or a conspiracy to pervert the democratic process by dark forces? And in the case of conspiracy, who are these conspirators?

      A simple question, was Carmichael in on the talks and if so where’s his account of who said what?

      Dare I expand the pun and suggest someone has made a fist of it 🙁

    156. Philip Allan says:

      I totally agree, Rev! Why punish the poor sod who did what he was told? Punish the deceitful fat slug that gave him the orders!

    157. donnywho says:

      Wouldn’t you love to see pictures of Carmichael leaving a police station after “helping the police with their enquiries”!

    158. Sinky says:


      Excellent front page on The National to-day and Wingers should subscribe online if they can’t get it at their local shops

    159. jethro says:

      If his own civil servants had leaked a “memo” containing false information with the intention of destroying HIS career, rather than that of the First Minister of his country, would Alastair Carmichael have been quite so laid back about it? Aye, right…..

    160. ScottieDog says:

      I see all the SLAB tweets are disappearing. Luckily I have a screen shot of Mr Docherty’s…

    161. Johnny says:

      On the subject of who voted what, my take (which I acknowledge no-one asked for) is that I really don’t care where someone is originally from and how they voted.

      As Cadogan suggested, yes, we will want to address the concerns of people who just couldn’t bring themselves to vote Yes this time (be they Scottish or any other nationality).

      But the point is that everyone living within these borders deserves the chance to escape the con/swiz/big lies etc of the Westminster establishment and find a better and more equitable way of doing things.

      It may eventually turn out to be pie in the sky but my vision of a good Scotland is one where everyone has a shot at achieving the things they want in life but a chance to enjoy living that life as well. We are not drones. We are constantly told life is precious, then told what we must do with it. I want everyone to be freed from that just a little. If Wales, England, NI etc can come on board too, then great. The people there deserve good lives too.

      But let’s start manageably – Scotland first, but everyone in it. Behaving in any other way is what the establishment wants, because it makes the whole weaker.

    162. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Oh well, that was that – Memogate has vanished. We’ll have to find something else to get bothered about.

      Anyone know where Carmichael is today? Wouuld Le Balon Jaune be grammatically correct?

      “Ou est Le Balon Jaune!?”

    163. Sinky says:

      If the SNP do get the majority of Scottish seats in House of Commons then it is only fair that an SNP MP becomes the Secretary of State for Scotland and that would put the cat among the stool pidgeons that are employed there.

    164. caz-m says:

      When BBC Scotland have nothing bad to say about the SNP, they just don’t bother mentioning them at all.

      It’s bad or nothing.

      There is something seriously wrong with our democracy, when listening to your national broadcaster is comparable to waiting on someone giving you a boot between the legs.

      To add to the agony, you are blindfolded, with your hands tied behind your back and you don’t know when the boot is coming.

      BBC Scotland, is a very unpleasant organisation.

      Good morning James Cook, I hope you slept well.

    165. Brian Powell says:

      A civil servant in Carmichael’s office carried out a major political breach by trying to influence the GE vote and by smearing the FM, the French Ambassador and the Consul.

      That doesn’t happen on an individual level. Carmichael is responsible and should resign.

      Also interesting to see to see Leask defending journalists, saying,although it was journalists at fault, it was journalists who ‘told’ the real story.

      It was social media who brought the real story out into the open, if this had happened 20 years ago, without access to the internet and social media, this story would have been able to run and the likes of Leask would have let it, and done nothing.

    166. Nana Smith says:

      Twitter alive with people joining the snp. I’m not alone in thinking the unionists will be cooking their next dirty trick.

      GAPonsonby tweeted last night

      Watching tweets from some journos. Media may try to dampen #memogate by using Cybernat line. Journalism’s in the dock. Wagon’s are circling

    167. Mosstrooper says:

      From the party of Cyril Smith nuff said.

    168. Nana Smith says:

      Wonder if Carmichael read this.

      When you read this letter, click on letters and there is one shouting ‘don’t vote snp’ mental stuff as are some of the replies.

    169. caz-m says:

      We could end up with Jim Murphy running the Scotland Office after the next election.

      IF the Labour Party end up running the UK Government, and they are not in coalition with any other Party, then Labour will appoint a Scottish MP to become Secretary of State for Scotland.

      Jim Murphy would jump at the chance of having some kind of power of Holyrood and the Scottish people.

      East Renfrewshire cannot allow Murphy to hold that seat.

    170. Jimbo says:

      So, on who’s behalf did he release it, and did he know that he’d be fingered for doing so?

    171. MarkAustin says:

      Capella says:
      6 April, 2015 at 8:50 am

      @ rongorongo
      Good question! Why was it not disbanded after Devolution. Is it now time to dissolve the Scottish Office and use the money for something more useful?~

      That was the intention, the old Scottish Office would be abolished, and its functions were being run down. However, Westminster hastily changed it’s mind after the SNP won majority control of Holyrood.

    172. Jimbo says:

      @ caz-m

      We could end up with Jim Murphy running the Scotland Office after the next election.

      Wouldn’t it be great if Labour had to depend on the SNP’s support in order to form a government and, as a condition of their doing so, the SNP demand control of the Scotland Office?

    173. Nana Smith says:

      This mornings begging letter from Jim

    174. EphemeralDeception says:

      Carmichael should resign.

      The official statement shows he cannot control his civil cervants, he is their boss and is responsible for their actions.

      Resign now.

    175. John Russell says:

      Is it not very strange that Alasdair Carmichael had said so much but really has said so very little of any worth.

      Maybe his feet should be held to the fire until he gives the information that he must give .

      He is a paid MP who is Scottish Secretary only as long as the people who voted him in as an MP want him – he has absolutely no right to refuse to give the name of this “Civil Servant who is also a servant of the Public

    176. Stoker says:

      I wonder if Wee Willy Stinky will be attempting a FOI request.

      C’mon Willy, don’t you want to try and clear the FibDems of corruption.

    177. gerry parker says:

      @ Caz -M,

      You’re giving me nightmares now!

      Sorry I missed you at the Trident demo in George Square, may see you on 13th if I make it to Faslane.

    178. Rusty says:

      its time that fat,abnoxious Bastard Carmichael was voted out as an MP he does nothing for Scotland and never will – Roll on the General Election and the Libdems are totally gone from Scotland

    179. Neil Baillie says:

      For whom was the memo written? In my experience, memos, especially sensitive ones, tend to be written for upward transmission – they are not meant for the information of the tea-boy. Yet Carmichael denies having seen it before the Torygraph ‘story’.

      Thus it would seem to have been written with the express purpose of being later leaked in an attempt to subvert Scottish democracy. I don’t remember seeing that in the official description of the role of the Scotland Office, but it would appear that is how they would interpret their brief.

    180. Stoker says:

      @ caz-m (9.35am).

      If all else fails there is another simple preventative measure.

      The SNP simply demand that he is not given ANY role within government.

      Better still, they should demand that none of the remaining MSP Slaberites are given any role in government.

      This should be done on the grounds of a very serious lack of credibility due to the constant stream of lies they have been previously perpetuating.

      Dim Jim has also clearly stated on several occasions that his long term goal is to weaken the Scottish Parliament further by devolving as many powers as he can down to local councils.

      The SNP, under any circumstances, cannot accept DimJim in any role.

      Adios Dimbo.

    181. Nana Smith says:


      I’ve just been to Munguins and you should all pay a visit just to see the first pic.

      Munguin has a wee collection of tweets from memogate & one is by John Mann.

      He is the mp trying to uncover the child abuse scandal so to see him accuse Nicola with no evidence is truly pathetic. I thought he was a good man?

    182. Capella says:

      I don’t think the BBC could care less where you are born. What they care about is what the oligarchs care about – keeping power and wealth in their hands. With Rona Fairhead (HSBC) as Chair and Roger Carr (Chair of BAE systems, Europe’s largest arms manufacturer) as Vice Chair, I think we can say that their main concern will be to protect the status quo.

      The SNP upsets that cosy scenario. And now, so do far too many people in Scotland regardless of where they were actually born. It’s about decision making power, not ethnicity. But a bit of divide and rule along ethnic lines will certainly help to keep the arms manufacturers in control!

    183. bookie from hell says:

      The Guardian’s data editor, Alberto Nardelli, says Labour’s election chief, Douglas Alexander, deleted his tweets about the Telegraph’s Sturgeon memo story. We’re working on a story about this, which we’ll bring you as soon as we can.

      bfh—labour in a panic

    184. Joemcg says:

      Natasha-I was not ever going to mention the English subject again as I don’t want to incur the wrath of Stu. as you brought it up again I want a right of reply.As far as I can see my post and others just mentioned the fact that a large majority of English people in Scotland voted no going by the available polls then what happened was English site users on here took it the wrong way and started being abusive. Once the E word is mentioned it appears to incite accusations of being racist even though there is no racist comment uttered.It’s a weird phenomenon and happens on the Brit Nat MSM threads every day and it’s started on here too.

    185. almannysbunnet says:

      @Les Wilson says:
      6 April, 2015 at 8:54 am
      Well, it goes like this, “We know who did it, but on the grounds it may incriminate me, I am not fffing telling you who, got that plebs!”
      I think it goes more like this from sausage fingers, “Of course I know who did it you stupid Scottish plebs, the boy has been promoted. Now get out of my way while I flap my coat.”

    186. Brian Powell says:

      After reading Derek Bateman on BBC questions to Stewart Hosie, I get the impression that not only is the BBC running around like a headless chicken, but it is running around with the bloodied stump of the neck stuck deep in its arse!

    187. Bill McLean says:

      Gallamcennalach – you are so right “someone has made a fist of it” but do you agree with me all this talk of “finger” is a bit near the knuckle and getting under folks’ skin. Let’s nail this for good!

    188. rongorongo says:

      @caz-m “We could end up with Jim Murphy running the Scotland Office after the next election.”

      Note that he Murphy has already had a go – from 2008 to 2010 in fact:

      With Labour holding the largest number of seats in Scotland there was a rationale for having a Scottish Secretary of State from that party. I am unclear where the logic of having a LibnDem in the post came from.

    189. bookie from hell says:

      Mirror is a must read—-Kevin Maguire scout in Scotland,must be feeding him duff info

    190. almannysbunnet says:

      So Murphy has sent a begging letter to the Scottish people via the Gruniad, pleading;
      “We can vote out of anger, as a protest, or we can vote with hope, for change,”
      Problem is Jimmy boy the people are voting out of anger AND with hope for change and they ain’t voting for you”

    191. Fireproofjim says:

      Along with abolition of the House of Lords the abolition of the Scotland Office should be on the SNP agenda. It serves no purpose since devolution except to provide an expensive drag on Scotland.
      President Johnson described the Vice Presidents job as as much use as “tits on a bull”.
      Same for A.C.

    192. Kenny says:

      If our oil money is forced to pay for a celebration of something as ridiculous as the Battle of Agincourt, then should get a petition going to pull down one of the statues of warmongerers in George Square and replace it with an image of Joan of Arc.

    193. terry says:

      I think the only significant factor we can take from the referendum is the age demographic – and that reflects the power of the MSM over older people and the positive effects of the internet for the young. Where you are born shouldn’t come into it – my english chummies voted Yes – they want an independent Scotland cos they live here but want change in r UK cos they are sick of Westminster too.

      By the way Milliband jumping on the bandwagon re frenchgate makes me wonder if he’s another tony bliar after all – america’s poodle. If so it will be tough for the SNP to do any sort of informal arrangement with him.

      I wonder how sausage gate will turn out? What a pompous oaf

    194. Fireproofjim says:

      Bill McLean
      Pun master .supreme
      Hats off.

    195. Robert Peffers says:

      The headline claim, “THE MOST DANGEROUS WOMAN IN BRITAIN”,,with a picture of the Scottish First Minister actually beggars a question.


      First of all it cannot be Britain, for her remit, neither as a leader of a dependant or of an independent Scottish Government, has no control over all Britain – only over a part of the either the United Kingdom or of all Scotland.

      Again if it is within the United Kingdom then at most it can only be part of the Westminster Parliament for the SNP cannot form a United Kingdom Government. So no threat to a democratic United Kingdom Government.

      So the only ones in any danger are none other than the, “Establishment”, who are also the people claiming themselves to be, “Britain”, but who are obviously only the, “Establishment”, of the United Kingdom who are the ones who own most of the wealth, land and power and are centred in the south east corner of England.

      The only danger to them is that by losing their hold upon the reigns of power in the United Kingdom they also lose their grip upon the biggest share of wealth, land and power that in fact belongs to all the people of the United Kingdom.

      Who then are the real danger to the United Kingdom’s population?

    196. caz-m says:


      Murphy as SoS for Scotland is frightening BUT it is probably the way things will end up. The SNP must tell Labour that they want an SNP MP as our SoS for Scotland.

      O/T Gerry
      I won’t make the 13th (working) but will def be at the Hope Over Fear Rally in George Sq on the 25th April.

      To hear the song “Hope Over Fear” being sung, is as good a reason as any for turning up on the 25th.

      Brilliant song, Inspiring and uplifting.

      Vote SNP May 7th.

    197. bookie from hell says:

      Twitter joke doing the rounds

      What’s the difference between a bowling ball and a Scotland Office official?

      … you can only get three fingers in a bowling ball

    198. Fred says:

      Dead irritating reading the posts on a hot-topic like Carmichael only to have my train of thought (not difficult) disrupted by folk having a sterrheid-rammy, yet again, as to who is Scottish…grrrrr

      If I remember aright the Walrus at one time stated that the Scottish Secretary’s post should be scrapped?

    199. caz-m says:


      A wee personal plea to help me in my fight to get Mhairi Black elected as my SNP MP for Paisley South/West Renfrewshire.

      If you have any shit relating to the little rodent Douglas Alexander, would you please post it up on Wings.

      ANY contributions will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you.

    200. orri says:

      Joemcg, stop doing the unionist’s job for them. The poll concerned had 73%, not 80%, of voters from the rUK voting NO. The fact that the poll is at odds with the actual result might have escaped your attention but I suggest you do a bit of research rather than allowing yourself be taken in by something designed to sow division. Perhaps your next trick will be inciting protestant/catholic emnity.

      My only concern with the referendum result is just how high the postal vote was, as was the number of proxy votes. If you want to point fingers in a constructive way then you might want to ask where those votes were cast from.

      To repeat, since you seem remarkably slow on the uptake, we can’t jump on a piece of “evidence” that suits our agenda and blame others for doing the same. What I’d find interesting is how given that said “research” was carried out in 3 phases the percentages of who voted YES in each category changed.

      Gonna drop the fuckwittery.

    201. Scots Renewables says:


      BBC apologises to SNP minister over election slur

      Scottish BBC controller to Alex Neil:

      “I have checked the package in the programme and the full interview you gave and it is clear to me that, as you say, you did not state a preference for either Labour or the Conservatives.”

      “On that point, let me apologise on behalf of BBC Scotland for the error in suggesting that you had.”

      Is this a first? Are the BBC going to calm down a bit?

    202. almannysbunnet says:

      @terry says:
      6 April, 2015 at 10:34 am
      I think the only significant factor we can take from the referendum is the age demographic – and that reflects the power of the MSM over older people and the positive effects of the internet for the young.
      This really gets on my tits!! Define your “age demographic.” I keep seeing this same crap on here. Every SNP meeting I’ve been to has a large phalanx of “old people”. I’m 66 and was on the internet before half you cnuts were born! “Power of the MSM over older people?” Bollocks! If the MSM has any power left you don’t need to be old to fall for it, just stupid!

    203. wull says:

      In the article on this website entitled ‘the Accused’ Nicola Sturgeon pinpointed the real issues in this story. She wanted an enquiry into a) who wrote this misleading and inaccurate memo; b) how the inaccuracies got into that memo in the first place and – ‘most important of all’ – c) how the memo was passed from a government department to the Telegraph, and made public.

      This was not an innocuous mistake. It was a calculated move to mislead the public, and the intention was to influence the outcome of the election. Serious stuff.

      Point ‘c’ includes an enquiry into the breach of confidentiality and how (at whose command/ by whose permission, by which ‘nod’ and what ‘wink’?) the memo was released to the Press. It must include whether an offence against election rules, Civil Service procedures or the Official Secrets Acts took place.

      And it must conclude very fast, before the election takes place, to ensure that it is free and fair by preventing any repetition of such breaches.

      A criminal offence may have been committed. In that case, referring the matter to the Department of Public Prosecutions would not be out of order, and it would not be ‘putting the dogs’ on anyone. Democracy depends on the rule of law, and the law applies to all. The publicity surrounding the case, and its seriousness, should be enough to alert the public authorities to respond appropriately.

      If, however, the kind of behaviour displayed in leaking such (mis)information is not against the law, those committed to the democratic process will want to know why. That should include every politician in the land. Safeguarding the rules and procedures that protect our democratic processes are a matter of public concern.

      If any politician is not outraged by such breaches – and Mr. Carmichael’s statement suggest a real breach has occurred – we must wonder why. Does such lack of outrage not raise a question mark about such politicians? Are they worthy guardians of the trust the public is being asked to place in them?

      Nicola Sturgeon should continue to press for the enquiry she demanded. And affirm that she does so not just in view of this particular case, but in order to prevent such things ever happening again. There is a wider issue here. The enquiry is necessary not in order to safeguard her or her Party, but to safeguard every Party, and the whole democratic process.

      In fact, she should demand all the other Party Leaders to join her in condemning what happened. And insisiting that Civil Servants – and the Ministers who instruct them -respect the rules and codes of conduct that govern our democracy.

      On the UK front, the Greens in both England and Scotland and Plaid C’s Leanne Wood will immediately support Nicola. S. Hopefully the others would come round too. But if some of them only manage to gurgle in their throats or make incoherent mutterings, that will reveal all anyone needs to know about them. It’s time we all knew. An increasingly alert public will not be easily deceived.

      There is a real question here of why politicians and Party Leaders of all stripes did not immediately condemn the leak, and to what extent they were complicit in exploiting it as part of their campaign when they must have known something incorrect had happened.

      Why did it take Mr. Carmichael so long to eneter the fray? As the Minister whose department was involved, should he not have been immediately concerned? Why was the story allowed to run in the Media all weekend before he intervened? How did it take him so long to acknowledge that what was being said about Ms. Sturgeon was untrue? And why was his acknowledgement that this thing should never have happened so mealy-mouthed, and half-hearted?

      Even while pointing out that the false allegations were just that – baseless – and the incident ‘regrettable’, Mr. Carmichael still managed to repeat their basic content. He pretty much said that although it’s all inaccurate ‘we all know it’s true anyway’ (that Nicola Sturgeon wants a Tory government). Instead of offering an apology for the inaccuracies in the memo and, worse, for the action of his Civil Servant in releasing it to the Press, he compounded the misinformation by repeating it.

      Isn’t it great the way politicians and reporters have become mind-readers when it comes to Nicola Sturgeon? They keep telling us what they think she is thinking instead of paying attention to what she is actually saying. She has stated categorically that she and her Party will never do a deal with David Cameron or the Tories. And she has said time and again that she is ready to make an arrangement with Mr. Miliband instead. Her Party is trying very hard to win every seat in Scotland, towards that end. Nothing could be clearer.

      But instead of reporting these facts, Mr. Cook in his BBC interview with Nicola Sturgeon took an idea that was in his own mind and continually tried to force it into her mouth. There is a word for that. She steadfastly refused, of course.

      In fact she pointed out it was his idea, not hers. And it is also the idea of whoever wrote the false and misinformed memo. And of whoever decided to give it to the Telegraph. And of the Telegraph’s editor or correspondent. And of every politician who tried to exploit it to damn Nicola Sturgeon. Everybody’s idea, that is, except her own. On everybody’s lips, except hers.

      The crazy notion that Nicola Sturgeon wants David Cameron to remain in 10 Downing Street after the election is an idea clearly lodged (like a bullet?) in the crazed minds of the likes of Mr. Cook and Mr. Carmichael, although it is as plain as daylight to all of us, from all her public statements and commitments, that she is 100% trying to achieve the opposite.

      Trying to force an idea that is in one’s own head into the mouth of someone else, when it is not even in her mind, is a violation. So is trying to make it stick in other people’s minds that it is her idea, when in fact it is yours. Is this way of acting the political equivalent of a very serious criminal offence?

      Could we call it attempted ‘political abuse’? Or is that word too mild?

      It might be particularly serious when it is committed by someone whose job is to inform and clarify (not misinform and confuse) the public about where politicians, and their Parties, stand. And if the state broadcaster is complicit, well …

      A politician knowingly using such tactics to make a political point would not be guiltless either. Granted that our contemporary ‘Punch and Judy politics’ often resemble a boxing match, especially during an election campaign, even boxing matches have always been controlled by (the Salisbury?) rules. Punching below the belt has always led to disqualification, and dismissal.

      Nothing Mr. Carmichael has said so far obviates the need for the enquiry Ms. Sturgeon asked for. It is now more urgent than ever. She is not the issue. The public needs to know what happened, why and how.

    204. john j says:

      Hi Kenny, Sorry can’t resist a bit smart-arsery.

      “Nous nous tournons vers l’Écosse pour trouver toutes nos idées sur la civilisation”.

      Literally; “we turn ourselves towards Scotland to seek all our ideas on civilisation”

      or ‘we look to Scotland for our ideas on civilisation’

    205. T222Deracha says:

      Sorry O/T.

      How do these pollsters know who voted what and when?.

      A vote in the voting booth is done in private, to encourage people to vote how they see fit.

      Talk of how many from any section of the Scottish electorate voted NO, baffles me, how the hell do the pollsters know?. They guess and make stuff up.

      Residency in Scotland was the criteria for the Referendum vote.

      If people voted NO or Yes, at least they let their voices be heard. More than a million voters chose to sit on their hands and do nothing.

      As Mr Carmichael, can you imagine if such an abuse of power occurred and LIES were told about him.

      The media sock puppets really should be ashamed of themselves but they shown they have no shame.

    206. Louis B Argyll says:

      Kenny… We don’t need petition to get the war-mongers statues down…
      Just get a few folk to start hitting them with shoes and maybe some NATO troops will swing by and help out. Ordered by politicians, who no doubt have some new warmongers waiting in the wings, disguised as infrastructure contractors.

    207. caz-m says:

      May I suggest that the SNP make it a condition of supporting the Labour Party in the UK Government, that they nominate the MP who will run the Scotland Office.

      And when the negotiations are finished and it is agreed that an SNP MP takes up the roll of SoS for Scotland, that they put forward the one and only Alex Salmond.

      How good does that sound.

      Alex Salmond MP, Secretary of State for Scotland.

    208. Robert Kerr says:

      Surely “Age Demographic’ is conflated with postal votes from “retirement homes”.

      Nuff sed.

    209. Author_Al says:

      Joemcg – let me quote what you ‘just mentioned’…

      “Don’t get this outrage when our few (and it is only very few) English posters on here lose the rag about people saying a large percentage of that nationality voted no. Maybe the truth hurts.”

      The tone of this is needlessly needling:- “few (and it is only very few)” – “…truth hurts?”

      Actually this truth did not hurt one bit. I was not/am not bothered or upset by the assertion/fact that English Nos screwed it for Independence. Plenty more Scottish Nos did that too.

      “BTW every English relation to me and every one of them I know voted a big fat no.”

      Are we expected to extrapolate a general English No consensus from that? I can play that game too. Watch.

      BTW Every English person I know here in Scotland voted YES and are very active within Pro-Indy parties.

      So against this, I wrote -“Two of the most rabid pro-Scotland, pro-SNP, pro-Indy, anti-SLAB, anti-Trident people I know are English. And I’m one of them.”

      Then you came back with…

      “Author_al-proved my point. You all take it like its a personal insult! It’s the same on the loony Brit Nat threads on MSM. Strange.”

      Easy Tiger. I felt obliged to provide my pro-Scot credentials… After all, ‘You all’ is rather pejorative…marking English on here out to be ‘other’.

      Let me spell it out.
      I absolutely empathise with Scots who are fed up that English ‘incomers’ have messed it up for a generation or two, re Independence. All I can do is persuade any I meet that Yes is better than No.

      But when people bang on about this subject – in a needlessly combative way – I can see that some English Yessers get riled. I didn’t BUT I find the generalisation that I did really annoying.

      Least said, soonest mended.

    210. Macart says:


      Got it already. 🙂

    211. stewart fae stoney says:

      Just as well it wasnt a serious breach then a good fisting would have been the order of the day

    212. donnywho says:

      The Scottish Office… There’s a case of Orwellian double speak… Like the Ministry of Peace, it stands for the opposite of what the title proclaims.

      He added: “This is the middle of an election campaign, these things happen”

      Which is why they are doubly proscribed during an election, it is a criminal act quite literally, during the purdah period.

      It’s like him claiming that “it’s an old folks home, these things happen” when a nurse abuses a dementia patient.

      The man is a joke and if not complicit his behavior strange as he went “missing”, for 5 days after his department leaked a confidential and inaccurate/invented memo. Worse one that would help the cause of his own party.

      In legal terms, you have, Motive, Opportunity, The Weapon and No alibi he was present.

      His defence is it’s an election, so somehow I am above the law.

      This is exactly why I hate the Westminster politics of privilege! They think there is one law for them and a different interpretation for us.

      Succinctly put by one Tory stopped by the police who responded “don’t you know who I am”.

    213. Luigi says:

      Alistair Carbuncle needs to be lanced.

      Come on Orkney! Do your stuff!

    214. Onwards says:

      rongorongo says:
      6 April, 2015 at 8:34 am
      I wonder if I am the only one who has been reading up on “The Scotland Office” and on the role of “The Secretary of State for Scotland” ..

      During the TV debates I saw Plaid Cymru had a slogan that reflected these feelings:
      Something like: Wales voice in Westminster, not Westminsters voice in Wales

      In the case of the Scottish Office here, it is looking more like Westminsters voice AGAiNST Scotland.

    215. Legerwood says:

      Rongorongro @10.26
      The logic for a Lib Dem Secretary of State for Scotland was quite simple. The Lib Dems were in coalition with the Tories. The Tories had just 1 MP in Scotland and the Lib Dems had 11 in Scotland. Therefore the LibDems got that post in the Coalition Government.


      Caz-m @10.51

      I think your little plea just handed a grenade to Douglas Alexander. Not the sort of behaviour that will be in asnyway helpful to the SNP candidate.

    216. HandandShrimp says:


      To put all this into a calm perspective there are 400,000 people from rUK here and on a pro rata 85% turnout 340,000 voted. 73% voted No 27% voted Yes. If it had been even stevens 78,000 more would have Yes. This was not a decisive factor and it was always going to be a hard ask for the majority of people whose roots are in rUK to vote Yes. The problem was not here but in the manner the tales of doom and fear were used to corral the nervous and unsure Scots (that and the Proud Scot Butts). The problem was in getting over the hurdle of the fear factor not ethnicity. If we had gone for it 78,000 votes would not have stopped us.

      Like others, my Yes shop was manned by Scots, English, Irish and a couple of other nationalities too.

    217. Anne says:

      The torygraph seems to think the Scotland Office is in Scotland, as they claim the memo originated ‘north of the border’

    218. Luigi says:

      For the record, I know many wonderful English people and oldies who voted YES, and many actively campaigned for YES. I am more proud of those people than any other, for going against the flow. Thank you so much. As has been oft said, we also needed more of the young people and scots-born to vote YES, so let’s not start blaming people.

      Just because one group crossed the 50% YES (just) and another didn’t should not matter. What matters is that we still need to increase support for independence across the board. We are getting there, but we are not there yet – unfortunately, some more shit has to happen first. So let’s look forward to May 2015 and reap carnage on the deserving red tories. After the dust settles, we can then start looking at the next move. One step at a time….

    219. Famous15 says:

      Two things

      1.Joemcg is not helping and he does it on many subjects you wonder at his true porpose.

      2. The complaint of abuse of James Cook gives “abuse” a bad name. I have seen stern and intelligent criticism but no abuse.

      An example of abuse is the Britnat tweeter who said that Nicola Sturgeon should swop with Jesus and he should have a platform and she should be crucified.(just realised he must have been a Britnat Christian)

    220. Barontorc says:

      When you write a memo, particularly containing a message citing important facts it is always for upwards consumption.

      Who wrote the memo? Who was the memo written to and (CC) copied to?

      At some stage in the hierarchy of things there will be a duty of care to ensure these details are noted and transmitted up the chain. So, it’s almost certain that political content would have hit the desk of Carmichael or his advisor(s)and their response to such would never be passive, as such, the veracity of information is of career-changing importance.

      Firstly, false / deceptive information would carry such serious implications for any underling pushing it, it would have to be directed from well up the food chain, perhaps nothing short of the top. That is, unless it was wrought from above even that position in the political tree.

      The second issue is the apparent addition of a contemporaneous last para following the FM’s debate success. Thirdly, the memo’s leaking to the Scottish desk of the Telegraph immediately after that seven-sided debate.

      So, who wrote the memo, who was it written to and who was it (cc) copied to?

      Carmichael’s, ‘I know who wrote it but I’m not telling’ line is little less than farcical, given it now embroils the French Government, UK Civil Servants, the veracity of the FM and tosses Sir Jeremy Heywood into the mix as UK head honcho to boot.

      It simply couldn’t get more heavy handed against the Scottish people and let’s not forget, this was the actual smearing of the FM – So, on the face of it, Carmichael has a lot to answer for and there’s no more trees to hide behind..

    221. rongorongo says:

      From the Guardian article: ‘Murphy is expected to say. “It is easy to ride a wave of anti-political feeling, to tell scunnered [weary] voters that they are all the same.”’

      “Weary” is a very polite translation of “Scunnered”. “Disgusted” would be better.

    222. CanWeHAveOurDemocracyBack? says:

      Fnarr Fnarr Snigger That made me spill my coffee 🙂

      Thank goodness we have our sense of humour when dealing with such appalling examples of humanity as Murph, Cameron et al

      Carmichael is the villain here. It was already obvious that the leak came from his department. To protect himself he is passing the blame on to a junior member of staff. Speaks volumes about the kind of man he is. He is cowardly and thoroughly dishonest. Totally unfit to hold public office. I hope the voters see this in May

    223. Joemcg says:

      Oh I see gang up on me time is it? Dinnae question my allegiance because I gave up 3 days of my week every week to help man stalls for almost a year plus leaflet drop. You can have a go at me on anything else but don’t think I’m some troll.

    224. dakk says:

      People hoping for an enquiry are forgetting who we are dealing with here.It ‘s the Westminster establishment remember.

      We’d have the whitewashed results maybe around 2045.

      Dream on.

    225. Capella says:

      @ Caz-m 10.51
      Taranaich’s site Wilderness of Peace has the Devo files with all the background info on the MPs – great resource for campaigning:

    226. Tackety Beets says:

      Morning , I’m self employed , which means like many I work 24/7 just take home minimum wage .
      Ie I work long hours and perhalps I’m in need of a holiday ( constant 70/80/90 hour weeks )

      Anyway can I appeal to all those who want to look back and discuss the Ref result to either go onto OT or can we ask REV to establish a thread for it .

      I have very little free time and want to read every thread / post. They keep getting Hi- Jacked !
      I do not want to read about it !

      My social circle , as I posted before , inc people from Wales , England , IOM, Many European countries , Aus & NZ. ALL voted YES and they can’t believe the NO vote . The Argyle and Bute link from a month or so back ?

      Please , the Ref Result will not change . I appreciate the sentiments of bringing people over .
      We had 2 years pre Ref and some ppl still voted NO , many probably for their own selfish personal prospective , we can’t change that .

      Personally a wee OT post is fine if it’s current / new story.

      I repeat my plea to you Stuart , can you help myself and like minded readers who do not wish to discuss last years result . I do not have time or desire to read those posts.

      Thank you .

    227. Karmanaut says:

      It’s worth reminding people of the issues here.

      The Unionist press needs to rally support south of the border. So Nicola becomes “The Most Dangerous Woman”. A threat to the Union. She’ll break the country apart, they’ll bleat.

      They’ll also want to discourage any Labour voters/undecideds in Scotland from voting SNP and also quell the exodus from Labour to SNP, hence the smears to sow doubt: “Nicola secretly wants a Tory gov.” The Nats are “fascists”, who “hate the English” and so on.

      Until the Election, they will try to:

      1) Link the SNP/SNP supporters to the Tories.
      2) Smear SNP/ SNP supporters as anti-English.

      The second ploy in particular helps them south of the border. So it seems likely that this will become the next focus of attack.

      So, forgive me if I’m suspicious of people blaming the English for losing indyref, as it plays directly into the hands of the Unionists. It’s also wrong – as others have pointed out.

    228. caz-m says:

      Leferwood: Red Tory Troll.

      It’s aimed at trolls like you and your Red Tory Establishment buddies.

      Anybody who can stick up for that little rodent Douglas Alexander, has wondered onto the wrong website.

      Alexander is pro-Trident, pro-austerity, pro-war, anti-Scottish, pro-Unionist, pro-HS2. I could go on. All I am looking for is political ammunition that I can use against him.

    229. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Robert Peffers
      @ Natasha
      @ Paula Rose

      I left this site last evening in a good mood, upbeat from Saterday,s events in George Square & the positivity thats infectious for Independence.

      The Many WINGERS that congregate round the WINGS BANNER promote Independence through WINGS OVER SCOTLAND






    230. HandandShrimp says:


      There is an office in Edinburgh which is small and would narrow the number of likely candidates to…well probably one or two.

    231. Fred says:

      @ Tackety Beets, afternoon, well said!

      @ Barontorc, no trees on the North Isles big enough to hide that arse of Carmichael’s.

    232. Bill McLean says:

      Author_al -I’m with you on this. Every English person I know voted YES, many Scots I know voted NO. My lovely Brummy wife voted YES – and yes she made up her own mind after 14 years of living here! Stop this divisiveness, stop doing Westminster’s job for them. They are our enemy not people of different ethnicity living here regardless of their allegiances! Joemcg – calm down. Like the rest of us you have an opinion I’d just ask what damage may be done to our cause by following the Britnat example! Fireproofjim – ta for comment. Let’s concentrate on taking the p..s out of the clowns at Westminster not falling out amongst ourselves!

    233. Joemcg says:

      Last word cos I’m fuming, Author _Al love how you take my posts out of context. Why not post the abusive ones and the other posts I was replying to not just your ones? Can see a job for you in the UK government alongside Carmichael on the horizon.

    234. Nana Smith says:

      @Ronnie Anderson

      I spent the weekend Stu was away trying to divert folks from the English bashing. Divisive and nasty in the extreme.

      I have brought a fair few folks to Wings, English and Scots and they are recruiting others. I’m thinking they may well be put off by some posts of late.

    235. caz-m says:

      Capella 12.06 pm

      Cheers for the link.

      Big hugs. x

    236. Karmanaut says:


      Sorry if I’ve been suspicious of your comments.

      We were all gutted at losing the ref, and it’s natural to look for someone to blame. I totally get your frustration. And, yes, the highest proportion of people voting No were born outside the UK. But that’s to be expected. They would have a stronger emotional feeling for the Union. They are every bit as entitled to their vote as we are.

      Most of us have Scottish friends who voted No and English friends who voted Yes.

      The reason we lost is because the media spent two years scaring the hell out of people. The same media who are, right now, poring over the internet looking for examples of “anti-Englishness” to smear us all and keep Scotland in its box.

      Blaming the English really hurts our side, even if you’re just voicing frustration. Folk here are only pointing that out, not ganging up on anyone.

      We’re going to disagree on a lot of things. That’s just what people do. But we need to pull together on this. They want to destroy us. Let’s not help them.

    237. caz-m says:

      Here here Ronnie Anderson. 12.20pm

      There’s a few strange posts appearing lately Ronnie.

      A lot a strangers tying to mix things up.

      “Worth the within”, as they say.

      We even have a Douglas Alexander (Labour) sympathiser on board.


    238. Robert Kerr says:

      Divide et impera!

      The English are not our enemy. The London Establishment and its power structures certainly are.

      Well said @ronnie anderson.

    239. Joemcg says:

      Karmanaut-I have not posted one racist comment in my puff but seem to be getting all the flak for just mentioning polls I have read (not just one) this shite started on another thread by someone else and a couple of English posters totally flew off the handle. I just tried to stand up for the original poster and a shitstorm has hit me. Getting misquoted out of context replying to posts has not helped matters I’m pretty pissed off TBH and scunnered with a few people on here.

    240. ronnie anderson says:

      Here is a Suggestion substitute (English)or any other Nationality for WESTMINSTER ESTABLISHMENT PEOPLE are not our enemy.

    241. Author_Al says:

      “Last word cos I’m fuming, Author _Al love how you take my posts out of context. Why not post the abusive ones and the other posts I was replying to not just your ones? Can see a job for you in the UK government alongside Carmichael on the horizon.”

      I think I might take up your offer and see if I can find that lost memo in his desk.

      People can read the whole thread and get your comments in context. Just leave me out of them from now on, please.

    242. Jimbo says:

      If you have any shit relating to the little rodent Douglas Alexander, would you please post it up on Wings.

      Smear and Fear – Destroy the opposing candidate’s good name and offer fear over hope. That’s the Labour way of running elections.

      I think it’s better to encourage people to vote for a candidate because of his/her capabilities and qualities. Offer them hope over fear rather than ask people to vote for them because some-one has posted shit on the internet about the person standing against them.

      If you feel your your preferred candidate needs to smear the opposition in order to gain an edge because he/she doesn’t have the capabilities and qualities required then perhaps he/she should step aside for some-one who people will have more confidence in.

    243. Cag-does-thinking says:

      Too many people who shuld know better keep bringing a point of debate that disrupts every single thread on here. If I wasn’t a conspiracy theorist I’d think people are doing it on purpose to get the site “immersed in controversy”.

      Please stop responding to them or have a rammy in off topic as it surely is.

    244. Louis B Argyll says:

      Yes..our representatives should reflect our local characteristics.
      Does the typical lib dem in say Stromness still think their Westminster rep better reflects their community needs than an Edinburgh parliament
      My local MP just done another leaflet drop by post..same dozen pics of him with Carmichael, Alexander and Charlie boy..
      They just redo the cut n paste every 4 weeks and hope we think its new.
      Pathetic. Rae Michie rip would be ashamed of this lib dem gravy train lover.

    245. caz-m says:

      Jimbo 3.02PM Another Labour Supportin TROLL

      Are you another Douglas Alexander groupie. I was talking getting political ammunition I can use as facts against Alexander. If you want to support Alexander, then go to HIS website.

      You do what you have to do and I will do what I have to do.


    246. caz-m says:

      This site is full of Red Tory Labour sympathisers. (Trolls)

      Jimbo (Troll)

      Legerwood (Troll)

      to name but two Dougie Alexander groupies.

    247. Jimbo says:

      @ caz-m

      I’m old school SNP. I prefer hope over fear and positive campaigning over negativity. We’ve always left the negative stuff to the Labour Party.

      Having an opinion on how a campaign is run does not make one a troll.

      You have a lovely turn of phrase when addressing other people. It must go down really well on the door-steps. It’s people with your type of nasty attitude that gets us independence supporters a bad name.

    248. caz-m says:


      No, I get frustrated with dicks like you telling me I shouldn’t hit Dougie Alexander with some unpleasant political facts.

      I am fighting to get Mhiri Black voted in as the SNP MP for my area.

      Being nice to Dougie Alexander is a tactic I will NOT be using.

      You say you are old school. And you wonder why the SNP struggled for all those years, with dicks like you letting the Labour Party walk all over you.

      Dougie Alexander is a nasty, dangerous wee bastard. keep that in mind.

    249. caz-m says:


      I am a passionate Scot who doesn’t stand for bullshit from Unionists or trolls like you.

    250. Jimbo says:

      I am fighting to get Mhiri Black voted in as the SNP MP for my area.

      Being nice to Dougie Alexander is a tactic I will NOT be using.

      You say you are old school. And you wonder why the SNP struggled for all those years, with dicks like you letting the Labour Party walk all over you.

      So, whose tactics got us to where we are today? The SNPs positive campaigning or your nasty, negative type.

      Any swing voter reading your moronic posts must wonder what kind of person Mhiri Black is to have such a nasty person like you on her team. It would put them off voting for her. Don’t you realise that posting such bile damages her credibility and her campaign.

      If I was Mhiri Black I’d be rather concerned about having some-one like you door-stepping on my behalf.

    251. Jimbo says:

      I am a passionate Scot who doesn’t stand for bullshit from Unionists or trolls like you.

      You’ve a lot of learning to do, sonny. One can only hope that an older SNP campaigner takes you under their wing before you further damage your candidate’s chances.

    252. caz-m says:


      You are like a wee twisted lassie who has to have the evil word.

      I will do all I can to fight for the SNP, as I am sure you will do all you can to fight for Scottish Labour.

      Not only are you a Labour Party TROLL, but you are also a fuckin pest.

      Are you from Kilbarchan??

    253. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      I’m sorry, it’s my fault, I was ambiguous on the other thread. Any more talk from ANYONE, on ANY thread, about how English-born voters were responsible for the No vote will be met with instant permanent banning.

      Are we all clear?

    254. Legerwood says:


      I suggest you read my original post again and think very carefully before you call people trolls.

      I don’t think any of my posts on this site would lead anyone to call me a troll.

      And there are also enough people on this site who will remember me from Newsnet Scotland some years ago.

    255. fudgefase says:


    256. A MacRichie says:

      Non of the tv media certainly are not reporting the headline still insisting the smear stands until civil service investigation clears it.

      If your looking for reasons why you just had to read the national today George Kerevans piece on Trident everything you wanted to know and more. Alisdair Grey’s piece on NATO, civil rights and the reduction of, democracy and the lack of it and control by the establishment. More people are being informed now than ever before.

      So the smear is maintain by media either by ignoring it or still used to misinform. I never thought STV would actually be worse than BLBC in this.

      The most alarming comments of the day though have been from sneaky Nick who yet again states “He could work with David Cameron” This is a real and present danger for if the Libs get enough seats to carry the Tories across the line……game over. If they get enough seats to carry Lab over the line they will make SNP superfluous as Clegg already stated he wont work with SNP. Thus the establishment survives.

      For a chance for change a huge drop in Libs seats is essential Sneaky Nick must loose his seat Greens must do really well as to many permutations for alliance at the moment.

      Nicki boy though did state “Osbourne is a very dangerous man” the most truthful and accurate statement I’ve heard so far. Pity he hadn’t come to that conclusion in 2010.

      In another reality Osbourne continues to mislead S Britain that the independence issue is “settled”……..REALLY!

      The Guardians of Smurphy.

      I recently wrote about Smurphy and the resident politically correct nut had forgot to take his meds and well………he went nuts.

      Well today Greg Moodie in caption 5 drew the image I had tried to describe re Smurphy.

      Not only did it answer my question.

      Inferred to MI5

      Astute minds think alike.

      Politically correct nut “get it right up ye” AYE

    257. Gary says:

      Leaking to The Torygraph stinks of Tory but that may be exactly why he did it.

    258. Will Podmore says:

      Karmanaut writes, “They want to destroy us.” Who are ‘they’? The English? Unionists? Rhetorical exaggeration, surely? Any evidence for the assertion – I thought not.
      Robert Kerr writes, “Divide et impera.” Yes, that’s what the capitalist class does, divide people along any lines they can, national, Scottish/English, man/woman, race, sexual orientation.
      caz-m is certainly showing the less attractive face of nationalism.
      Unionists are NOT out to destroy anyone. We want us to stay united; by no stretch can this reasonably be construed as wanting to destroy anyone.

    259. the Penman says:

      (Footnote: turns out Carmichael has surprising flexibility and dexterity, when it comes to fingering.)

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