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Call and response

Posted on November 05, 2015 by

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    1. 05 11 15 11:44

      Call and response | Speymouth

    62 to “Call and response”

    1. Training Day says:

      And that’s even before Eleanor Bradford, official opposition to the Scottish NHS, has responded.

    2. Kennedy says:

      SNP bad is all they have.

      Labour good = ha ha
      Lib Dems good = ha ha
      Tories good = no. Actually they are evil ba$tard$

    3. heedtracker says:

      There really is no tragedy the BBC won’t use.

    4. Are any of the claims actually true?

    5. mealer says:

      Aye.Nice try BMA.Now,what about minimum pricing? Keep the pressure on.And what about a sugar tax?

    6. Mosstrooper says:

      What’s that you say? After 8 years of SNP government people are still dying?

      Mark my words, as the population of Scotland grows so will the number of people who will die. What is Nicola Sturgeon doing about this? There are people dying today who never died when Labour were in power.
      This is a grave matter.

    7. R-type Grunt says:

      It’s very telling that in the article you’ve linked to there’s no response from the Scottish government at all. So either they weren’t asked to give their version of events (typical MSM) or they specifically heeded the BMA(Scotland) request to keep politics out of it. If it was the latter then surely that in itself is newsworthy? Not for our MSM though.

      As a Scot I feel increasingly as if I’m in an occupied country. The invasion was subtle but the effects are devastating. We must rid ourselves of these ("Tractor" - Ed)s.

    8. nodrog says:

      We know that from now until May 2016 the three parties will do anything and everything to say SNP-BAD. Even handed common sense is not in their make up. Trying to grab every vote they can by foul or fair means is. Although not so much of the fair means as is witnessed by the Trident Trojan Horse play.

    9. Capella says:

      “We have seen a drop in funding totalling over £1bn, fewer medical students, fewer trainee vacancies being filled and now fewer out-of-hours sessions being staffed.”
      says Labour’s Dr Richard Simpson.

      Can anyone confirm this £1b drop in funding? Fewer medical students etc?

    10. scott says:

      I also read about this and thought what a disgrace using it to smear the SNP and also one papers headline was that they had killed the child Mail I think.
      Having watched the program about this great new hospital I thought how lucky and proud the people of Glasgow should be but along come the BBC to rubbish it all new things will have some things go wrong.I just wonder if BBC will be telling us that it was built not built under PFI

    11. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Which introduces a simple point. How many of our hard-working NHS workers or our hard pressed police force are thoroughly pissed off by the continuous attack on their efforts by the Labour Party and the BBC.

      I have heard anger expressed.

      The unionist attack is an attack on them as much as an attack on the SNP goverment and should be described as such

    12. Macart says:

      Its what they do. Undermine trust in public institutions for for political gain.

      The fallout, other than simply trust? How many people, believing political propaganda, avoid using these institutions, avoid seeking treatment or care because they have been led to believe the care they would receive would be sub standard or indeed non existent? People fearful of an SNHS they’ve literally been instructed to have no faith in it.

      There is always a real and public cost to party politicking, but hey that’s never stopped them playing their games before.

    13. One_Scot says:

      If you ever get the chance try and watch the documentary about Aaron Swartz.

      What left its mark on me about Aaron, was that he when he realised how the system/people with the power operate, he could not ignore it, and that he had to do something about it.

      Such a brilliant and gifted guy sadly beaten by the system.

      I like to think that Scotland has its Aarons fighting for our cause.

    14. Valerie says:

      Eleanor Bradford is enough to make anyone sick. I’ve never heard such a doom Laden delivery.

    15. nodrog says:

      heedtracker says:
      5 November, 2015 at 10:49 am
      There really is no tragedy the BBC won’t use

      Let us not knock the BBC after all in a news report this morning they used the phrase – “MI5 secretly collected” – now there’s intelligence for you.

    16. Kevin meina says:

      Yesterday’s Scottish questions at the den of thieves by the Thames was jaw droppingly nauseous.
      Any tractor watching that must surely been embarrassed at the contempt Scotland is held by this bunch of thieves and carpetbaggers.
      Fluffy and the harlaton in red were beneath contempt ,the sooner we follow Parnells lead and walk out of this mob of self indulgent arseholes the better for all concerned.

    17. Graham MacLure says:

      mealer says:
      5 November, 2015 at 11:00 am

      Aye.Nice try BMA.Now,what about minimum pricing? Keep the pressure on.And what about a sugar tax?

      I am in total agreement with you.
      The BMA and responsible politicians should be calling for the ban on adding sugar to any foodstuff and having similar health warnings on sugar products as tobacco products.
      Sugar addiction and it’s close relative alcohol addiction cause untold misery and cost to Scottish society.
      Rant over!

    18. Col says:

      OT, sorry.
      Has anyone noticed the disappearance of all those Britain’s Benefits Scroungers style programmes since the UK GE has passed?
      Could it be the broadcasters have done their job in helping out the tories?
      I may be wrong, paranoid. Observant? Who knows?

    19. heedtracker says:

      scott says:
      5 November, 2015 at 11:12 am

      After all the years of vote NO/vote SLabour pressure pouring out of the BBC, this is genuinely horrifying, on many levels.

    20. mogabee says:

      You would laugh if it wasn’t so serious.

      In fact, let’s all “poke” fun out of them all…

      Seriously, media are taking the p**s, press releases from these clowns and no scrutiny is why their readership is falling.

      Polling must be bad.

    21. Johnny says:

      One_Scot @ 11:18am.

      Seconded. Excellent documentary and I felt heart sorry to learn that someone who basically wanted people to be able to learn about the world was treated in the way he was. Disgraceful, really.

      Knowledge should not be shut off from those interested in learning.

    22. velofello says:

      In a lifetime of care received from NHS Scotland I’ve never had cause to complain.

      The level of voter exasperation with the Unionist MSPs, and the 2(!) unionist MPs, and our democratic deficiency – Trident? NHS budgets? DWP? is surely rising. When will Yes break over the political dam and provide Nicola Sturgeon her cause for a second referendum?

      Or, if the SNP gain a substantial majority next May at Holyrood and with 56 of 59 MPs at Westminster will that be the catalyst for the declaration of independence?

    23. Clootie says:

      It is very much easier to run down the competition in any walk of life than to work at improving your abilities and standards.

      When in competition with a colleague for promotion do you strive to do the best you can or do you spend all day spreading rumours about your co-worker.

      The unionist parties live in the gutter every day back stabbing each other. This is just an extension of their normal drive based on self/greed.

      I believe the majority (if not all) of SNP MPs and MSPs are working to improve the lives of their fellow Scots. The majority of the unionist parties (certainly not all) have self and party ahead of people (The Tories for example will look after some people)

      As with the workplace you may gain the position but you will never gain the respect of those below you.

      Scotland is a better place. It has a louder voice than ever (not loud enough until we gain Independence)

      Always remember the feeble 50 Labour MPs who, with decades of authority and power at Westminster, did nothing for Scotland or it’s people when they had the opportunity.

      Many of the feeble 50 now sit in the Lords either abstaining or voting with the Tories (Yes Mr. Robertson we are watching George)

    24. DerekM says:

      A good try by the BMA even though with the UKOK parties they were pissing in the wind.

      This is what they do ,its always been this way see who can lie the biggest about each other in an attempt to win power,then once they get power out the window goes all their promises to the electorate,and they do as they want.

      They know nothing else which is why the UK is run by a bunch of conmen.

      Let them continue to attack the SNP because they have the wrong target and their entire strategy is compromised,why because the people are watching and taking note,something they have no idea how to deal with because they have never had to before.

    25. steveasaneilean says:

      BMA Scotland is one of the leading advocates for minimum pricing of alcohol (still the only thing which has an evidence basis for reducing consumption).

      They also have a clear policy on a “sugar tax” and Scottish Government could perhaps introduce a sugar levy if they chose to:

      Just sayin’

    26. Free Scotland says:

      “BMA Scotland is calling on all political parties to stop using the NHS as a political tool …”

      Maybe Labour’s public services spokesman Dr Richard Simpson and Liberal Democrat health spokesman Jim Hume should stop behaving like political tools.

    27. Bob Mack says:

      Having worked in many areas if the NHS,I can guarantee youwill not find a more dedicated group of people anywhere.
      They work long hours sometimes giving their own time without recompense to help their patients.

      The NHS is like a giant family each with their own role and contribution.
      What does occassionally spoil this family are the managers and decision makers higher up the management scale who for whatever reason often fail to agree to implement government initiatives and policy.This DOES happen.

      They try to hide problems fron Government ,rather than deal with them. This DOES happen.
      I could tell you stories to make your eyes cross,but all hidden from Scottish government.

      Let us also remember that the NHS is also the collecting ground trade union officials who are affiliated and have loyalty to the Labour Party. They are given a seat at the highest levels of decision making in the Scottish NHS.
      They can be very obstructive in helping new ideas to be taken up by the Health service..Wonder why??

    28. Fred says:

      Phone “Keyhole Kaye” with your horror stories folks!

    29. Marie Clark says:

      Jeez oh, I’ve come to the conclusion that this crapfest will not end until the election next May. In fact, it seems to me anyway, that it just gets worse every day. It does get very wearing and tiresome, but it sure as hell won’t wear me down.

      Had a long conversation with my son the other day, who was thinking along the lines of giving his second vote to the greens. For some reason, and he is an intelligent lad, he was under the impression that he could only vote SNP once and the second vote had to go to someone else. However, after a chat with mother he will now vote SNP/SNP. It’s the only way to beat these buggers.

      It’s just so much white noise now, don’t really pay attention to it anymore. I am aware that it’s not aimed at the likes of me, but at the folk who don’t pay attention to politics and believe what the corp media tell them Hopefully these people are getting fewer in number, and a lot of folk are just fair scunnert with the corp media’s behaviour.

      Hit them where it hurts, in the ballot box. They are giving it all they’ve got to try and get rid of the SNP, who are the only party interested in looking after us and our country. Come on, picture Dugdale as first minister, really!

      I agree, the polls must have them worried, and the corp media gets more demented each and every day.

    30. Iain says:

      I have been surprised in the past about the way in which Richard Simpson’s political partiality sometimes seems in conflict with the sort of consideration, restraint and philanthropy one would wish of someone who has signed the Hippocratic Oath. Simpson has been a highly qualified GP and psychiatrist.

      One incident in particular sticks in my mind: his attitude to the Scottish Government’s release of Megrahi, to die at home. Despite Megrahi being terminally ill and requiring full-time care, Simpson objected to the release, for what seemed no reason other than that it had been sanctioned by the SNP. Nice?

    31. Legerwood says:

      Capella @ 11.10 am

      I do not know if there are fewer medical students as Dr Simpson claims but I do know that the number of places for medical students and therefore the number being trained is a matter reserved to Westminster – and Dr Simpson should know that too.

      When Labour were in power at Westminster they increased the number of places at Universities for medical students by 3500 or so, in part by setting up Medical Faculties in Universities that had not previously had them.

      There are now about 33000 trainee doctors graduating each year and all places are usually subscribed several times over.

      As to the £1 billion cut that depends on how you manipulate the statistics.

      The Scottish Government has increased the budget for the NHSbto £12 billion. This equates to a per capita spend of around £2,200 compared to NHS England’s per capita spend of £1,900 or so. In 2006 when Labour were in power in Scotland I think the per capita spend was £1800 or so.

      As to the BMA and its call to stop using the NHS Scotland as a political football everyone should remember that the BMA is a union and has its own agenda.

      In the article I read today about this, if I have remembered correctly, the BMA made some critical statements about the need to do more to support GPs and need for more GPs. This of course fails to acknowledge the £60 million extra funding the SG recently made available to help support GPs to cope with their workload. It also failed to acknowledge the recent announcement by the SG of the creation of more GP training places. This of course does not ensure more GPs because young doctors are free to choose, or not, whether to become GPs.

    32. Neil Cook says:

      Surely the next SNP government has to close down the BBC or make it non compulsory to pay these charlatans license fee. Its just the biggest joke affecting the Scottish people with all the horsecrap being published. Thank god for Wings bringing reality into journalism

    33. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      These clowns are hardwired as the have no natural functioning neurones.

    34. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Just listened to FMQs – what is the point of having a commentator interrupt clear coverage to tell us who’s about to speak when the Presiding Officer has just told us?

      Don’t they get paid for a full shift unless they say something every few minutes? Just STFU, FFS!

    35. Nana says:

      Oh Nicola, get in there girl. Taking no prisoners today just brilliant. Haha

    36. Ian Brotherhood says:

      When Willie Rennie opens his gob my ears automatically fold themselves shut.

    37. We shouldn’t hold our breath, that we will see any time soon Labour refraining from using the NHS as a political tool for its own political advantage.

      However what I found interesting during the 1999/2007 period of the Lib/Lab Scottish Executive at Holyrood.

      Is that while Scotland was described as the Hospital acquired infections capital of Europe and patients were dying as a result, waiting times were either not met,reduced or dropped altogether.

      We never saw Labour and their partners going to the press and TV to criticise or condemn their own performance and tell everyone just how badly they were running the NHS.

    38. Sassenach says:

      I can’t remember Baroness Goldie getting her ‘erse skelped’ the way Nicola did today – great to see – and then to complete the double with Blawbag Baillie.

      Made my day!

    39. Independent says:

      If it was boxing it would have been stopped.
      The haymaker that knocked The Big Beast from the HOL out.
      Annabel Goldie still in Shock!! Needing smelling salts methinks.
      The look on her coupon PRICELESS!!!!

    40. Iain More says:

      Dugdale today was clearly punch drunk. I think she should be admitted to a Scottish NHS BAD Hospital to be screened for concussion after the hook and uppercut combination she took to her already jellied brain today.

      I think I bust another rib from laughing so much, FMQs is getting painful to watch again. I thought Salmond leaving would reduce the blood sport turkey shoot elements of FMQs but it hasn’t.

    41. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

      O/T But at bottom of thread, but apologies still.

      Anyway, James Kelly of the wonderful stats analysis blog is really struggling financially at the moment and is feeling shy about launching a crowd-funder.

      As everyone knows, it is another epic, rigorous site.

      Times are hard for everyone but would Wingers consider a quid per head helping hand as things seem tough.


    42. Breeks says:

      Eleanor Bradford isn’t all bad.

      If you’re decorating, and have some wallpaper to strip, simply play a recording of Eleanor’s reports about the NHS in the room, and after an hour or so, you’ll find the wallpaper ready to pull off, no bother at all.

      Sadly, I can’t find any use whatsoever for Tokyo Kaye recordings. These seem to serve no purpose whatsoever.

    43. Tackety Beets says:


      Heee heee , I have something to look forward to tonight.


    44. I for one would like thank all N.H.S. Workers and police officers all over Britain you are doing a magnificent job and are getting nothing but a bad press from the media and their pet snakes but most people can see through their bile as I say god bless you all i thank you and salute you

    45. K1 says:

      David Mac, tell James, to get the crowd fund going…happy to contribute…if he’s already started one, provide link please? 🙂

      Please O/T on the main thread, so others can respond too?

    46. R-type Grunt says:

      O/T, sorry. I didn’t see FMQ’s today. I looked for it but couldn’t find it. Can anyone point me to where it might be found? Thanks.

    47. Lollysmum says:

      R type grunt

      Here ye go

      You will love it 🙂

    48. Nana says:

      @R-type Grunt

      I hope you and your family find happiness wherever you settle. Take care.

      Here’s today’s parly…

    49. Thepnr says:

      “Call for Scots politicians to stop using NHS as ‘political tool'”

      “Opposition parties used the publication of the manifesto to attack the SNP government’s record.


    50. R-type Grunt says:

      @Lollysmum & @Nana

      Thanks very much for the link. I’ve just watched it and Nicola was superb. However it’s worth pointing out that this was not broadcast on telly or FM radio today. How on Earth are our fellow Scots supposed to know what’s going on?


      The fight goes on no matter where I am, one of the joys of the internet. It would be so good to at some stage come back to a truly democratic & just country called Scotland.

    51. Capella says:

      @ Legerwood
      Thanks! I’m thread hopping and have only just read your detailed reply to my query. Interesting that number of medical student places is reserved to Westminster. Dr Simpson should know better.

    52. Gary45% says:

      Like Blair Paterson@3.01,
      The NHS, Police and all the other services that are facing cuts from Westminster, I would also like to thank them for the excellent work they do.

      A positive that can come from the continuous barrage of garbage from the media especially “Pathetic Quay” is, these workers are getting more pissed off each day, and they are voters, who the establishment seem to forget they will be voting in the Scottish elections next year.
      If and its a BIG if Slab win next year, we can turn the clocks back 300 years.
      I reckon one of the reasons the Scottish BBC are so up Slabs backside is, BBC pensions are linked to PFI companies etc.
      If Slab do get back in, watch the PFI contracts coming in thick and fast.

    53. McDuff says:

      R-type Grunt
      Spot on, I have long felt that Scotland feels like an occupied country and if the Scottish people don`t vote for independence next time around I doubt if it will ever happen.

    54. Legerwood says:

      Capella @ 5.21 pm

      One other bit of info I forgot to mention is about targets in the NHS.

      The BMA also criticised the targets culture in the NHS but omitted to mention that the Scottish Government has reduced the number of targets from 200 to 20.

      There is a debate to be had about whether the spending in order to meet targets is money well spent but that has to be weighed against the objective of ensuring shorter waits for treatment which in some cases can make all the difference to outcomes. Pros and consulted

    55. Legerwood says:


      Apologies but I was wrong about the number of medical student places being reserved. I did some more research and found my original source was wrong.

      The SG has the power to increase the number of medical student places in Scottish Universities but the funding particularly at seems a bit more complicated particularly in their foundation year and supervision of their training also seems to involve UK wide agencies.

    56. R-type Grunt says:

      @ Lollysmum & @Nana

      I thought I replied earlier but obviously didn’t hit the Post button. Thanks very much for the link. I’ve watched it now and that was a fine performance. It wasn’t on mainstream TV though so the numpties will have to rely on the MSM to give ‘highlights’. I can only imagine how they’ll slice & dice it.


      Thank you for that. I’ll never give up but I need some space. The pressure this year has been incredible. I scattered my Dad’s ashes at Peterhead on Sunday there so there’s no reason for me to be in Scotland now. The fight will go on though, I can’t transfoem myself. Nor do I ever want to.


      Aye, the next time has to work.

    57. Robert Peffers says:

      @Ian Brotherhood says: 5 November, 2015 at 12:38 pm:

      “When Willie Rennie opens his gob my ears automatically fold themselves shut.”

      Funny you should say that, Ian. I think I may have proven
      that the theory of Pavlov’s Dogs works. When FMQ’s are on I usually shout at the receiver, “Sit doon, Wullie, Ya we Nyaff”.

      Over the past while this has been followed by the wee Papillon Bitch barking at the receiver. I’d assumed this was a reaction to me shouting out loud but this time I was drinking from a cup of very hot coffee and didn’t shout at Willie – but the Wee Bitch still sat up and barked at him.

      I’ll have to wait a few times to see if it happens again or was just a coincidence.

    58. Auld Rock says:

      IF, there is a shortage of funding in NHS, Education etc how much of current budget, reduced by the Tories, being further reduced by having to pay exhorbitant amounts of cash for all those PFI contracts that we warned would come home to haunt everybody involved in them. Except that they bury their collective heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge their stupidity. Another fine mess that the SLAB, Lib/Dem coalition have left us.

      Auld Rock

    59. Robert Peffers says:

      @R-type Grunt says: 5 November, 2015 at 4:12 pm:

      “O/T, sorry. I didn’t see FMQ’s today. I looked for it but couldn’t find it. Can anyone point me to where it might be found? Thanks.”

      Cut & Paste the following link into your favourites or bookmarks bar, R-Type –

      That way you won’t have the Orange Blob chuntering away in the broadcast.

      You can also watch all the other goings on in the chamber and also choose one or other of the committee rooms.

    60. Dave the Squirrel says:

      “it is clear that our NHS is in need of intensive care after eight years of SNP government.”

      I mean for fuck’s sake.

      Badoom tish yourselves aff the stage you sad clowns.

    61. Bill Fraser says:

      The two L’s will do anything to try and score political points no matter what.

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