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Britain really is this stupid

Posted on November 21, 2018 by

And we’re sure these guys are at least partly to blame.

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  1. 21 11 18 15:56

    Britain really is this stupid | speymouth

135 to “Britain really is this stupid”

  1. Dr Jim

    Stupid by itself is unfortunate enough but Brits are obnoxiously stupid

  2. McBoxheid

    Is the Donald really about to arm the trees in California so that they can return fire?

  3. bobajock

    BritNats, heyyy – dumber than dumb.

    What I don’t get … everything.

    Brexit was global warming’s fault.

  4. torquil fflufington smythe

    Has my hearing let me down?

    Mrs May, answering Mr Corbyns second question at todays PMQs to my ears started her answer–Englan withdraws etc etc.

    Please tell me if this be so.

  5. Muscleguy

    Scottish TV news people must be burning in shame after that. Except, of course, we know they have no shame to burn in

  6. Davie Oga

    Stupid and aggressive. A dangerous combination. If “Britain” were someones dog it would be euthanized.

  7. Artyhetty

    You have to laugh or you’d cry, excellent had me in stitches thanks, real stitches from my op didn’t like it though! 🙂
    For ‘Britain’, see England as far as I am concerned, re Brexit. :-/

  8. Inverclyder

    The Dateline people need to get an interview with Ross Thomson.

    There’s no way he’d even twig!

  9. Frank Gillougley

    George Deery is clearly a class act.
    Thanks for my my new catchphrase
    – It’s a Binfire!

  10. Blair Paterson

    It’s very good but the best comedy on the tv must be reporting Scotland with that great comedian Jackie Bird

  11. Dr Jim

    People *play* £2 on the Government National Lottery but they *gamble* £2 on fixed odds bandits in the Bookies

  12. Cactus

    Br UK-exit from Europe is the last and final insult upon Scotland.

    It really is.

  13. Cubby

    Britnat Tories really are this Stupid.

    English Tories – please pay attention. A lesson in knowing your precious precious Union.

    England is NOT an island.
    Scotland is NOT an island.
    Wales is NOT an island.
    Northern Ireland is NOT an island.
    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is NOT an island.

    Great Britain IS an island.

  14. Reluctant Nationalist

    Hoary shite.

  15. Essexexile

    These guys are getting really good at this now.
    The ‘racist one’ in our family likes to trot out the ‘will of the people’ line whenever Brexit is mentioned as if it somehow puts the entire Brexit process beyond debate.
    Whenever I’ve returned north for family gatherings in the last few years it’s always been a pleasure to effortlessly trash his Leave arguments but with a realisation that somehow, having his imbecilic opinions repeatedly exposed only galvanises his belief in them.

  16. Cactus

    The next full moon will be along soon.

    We are upwards at abouts 97%.

    It is a Beaver Moon. 🙂

    Friday then.


  17. Petra


    The Tories really ARE this stupid. Un- bl**dy – believable!

    ‘WATCH: Liz Truss shows astonishing level of ignorance on Brexit.’


    ‘Murdo Fraser slammed for retweeting ‘sexist’ Nicola Sturgeon article.’


    ‘Mike Russell angers Tories with hilarious jibe about Jacob Rees-Mogg.’

  18. Sinky

    Britain is really stupid as newspaper owners pay Boris £94K for a speech just before going into Administration

    GoldenTree Asset management are lead investors in JPIMedia, the consortium of Johnston Press creditors who took control of the company’s assets in a so-called pre-pack administration last weekend.
    And according to the latest Register of Members’ Interests, published on the House of Commons website, they paid the former foreign secretary £94,507.85 for a “speaking engagement” on November 8, 2018.

  19. Bill Hume

    Beaver moon….another American piece of something or other.
    It’s a full moon in November…..I hope it’s nice but as an astronomy buff and a photographer…’s nothing special.
    The political world we inhabit in Scotland this November is however, very special.
    p.s. I like an occasional beaver, I do.

  20. schrodingers cat

    missed the opportunity to post this on last thread stu.

    in response to siu rigged poll, could you not run a quick crowd funder and do a real poll?

    ps. how much does a survation poll cost?

  21. Dr Jim

    Lentil munching sandal wearing melonheads is what Murdo Fraser called the Greens IN the Holyrood parliament

    Even the Greens laughed but it seems the faux outraged Tories and Labour snowflakes pick their moments to decide when to be outraged at everybody else
    You have to laugh at the Tories though, the most racist party in Britain get offended

  22. Haggishunter

    Any plutocratic society is stupid.
    It breeds sycophancy and ignorance.

    We have a lot to learn from Scandinavia, and most of Europe, which is why the Brit establishment want out of the EU

  23. Bill Hume

    Dr Jim…I’m not a lentil munching sandal wearing melonhead. I like my bacon butties and steak pie. That does not mean I want to f**k the planet to make rich people even richer.
    I suspect Murdo would not understand this……he being a complete fool.

  24. Reluctant Nationalist

    @ Essexville

    I’ve got a feeling that somewhere on an anti-EU echo chamber someone is telling a story about their sanctimonious relative who amuses them with their desire for independence from one union, and dependence on another.


  25. Lenny Hartley

    schrodingers cat If Inremember correctly the Rev mentioned before it was about £1000 per question.
    Dont know if there is a minimum number of questions.

  26. Cactus

    Anybuddy for some French soup tonight…

    Gimme a ladle-ladle.

    Stir yer soop…


  27. Cubby


    Can I assume that when I asked you to do me a favour and explain what I missed in your previous post you have decided not to do so.

  28. Cubby

    The Tories are so arrogant that they just keep thinking that as long as they can agree some sort of a deal amongst themselves then job done. They think they can just then impose it on the EU.

    This whole Brexit business is really showing up what a bunch of arrogant tossers the Tories are. They are walking the UK up to the cliff edge of a no deal Brexit. People who vote for this have a self harming problem.

  29. Dr Jim

    Unionist lackey Sir Professor Poultice says (paraphrase) No matter what Nicola Sturgeon does and no matter what happens with Westminster she can’t ever win a referendum ever ever ever….because… ..numbers…the holy spirit

    So we move on to Spain and an expert who wont tell STV what they want to hear which is Scotland can’t join anything coz we’re crap, instead he says Scotland is fine and dandy to join the EU if they want but still help me Rona keeps mumbling *what about Catalonia what about Catalonia* and the expert says *That’s different* But why she says but why
    the expert says because Scotland is Scotland and different to Catalonia, and Catalonia is Catalonia and even Spain is softening their position on that too

    But as we know everything is all so confusing for help me Rona, her head’s spinning she says

    And now football *how come Scotland won a match what’s going on*

    In Venezuela or Turkey or Brazil or, well, tons of places throughout the world the BBC and STV would have been taken out and shot up against a wall by a presidential firing squad by now without trial

    How are these people going to behave in an Independent country without the protection of Westminster that allows them to say and do whatever they like and get away with it
    They’re lucky they’re in Scotland and we don’t do that sort of thing

    Much as I’d like to………. (not the right person for a politician me eh)

  30. Dr Jim

    For the avoidance of doubt: they mentioned Scottish government twice

    How to do a piece on the little known fact that Scotland produces all its electricity from renewables while trying not to mention the Scottish government, well look no further than ITV news who did just that, and so good were they at it by the end of the piece you’d be convinced all of Scotlands energy ideas came from Orkney, yes Orkney who even power *their* ferries with it, and they have tidal power as well, and they sell their excess power into the National grid too, and that’s not all they make Hydrogen, Wow who knew eh

    But I’ve saved the best bit for last as ITV inform the Nation that it was all paid for by British taxpayers money

    How very dare Scotland exist let alone do something England isn’t, and with their money too

    I don’t have enough ammunition

  31. Cactus

    Hear this…

    Before Auld Lang Syne 2018/19

    Scotland will.

    Fuck is a word.

  32. Cactus

    What the fuck is in-da-city C…

    Ahm a merchanty.

    Hey P xx.

  33. Cactus

    iScotland is gonna happen like real like soon now like.

    Fuck the Nightmare Disbelievers…

    Like like.

  34. Cactus

    One is somewhere on Glasgow’s Jamaica Street.

    HOMEward bound.

    Who kens.

  35. Az

    The last two episodes of this have been brilliant. The guys have really hit form. I still laugh every time George Deary says “Hello. Hello”.

  36. Cactus

    Ah’ve jist put mah sunglasses on thepnr.

    We are 4ready.

    Taxi H.

  37. sandy

    Is it only me that cannot understand 99% of Cactus contributions. I reckon that I’m not too bad at cryptic crosswords but, Cactus, you’ve got me beat.

  38. Petra

    Another good one from WGD: ‘Hypocrisy, thy name is North Briton.’

  39. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi Sandy.

    You’ve got to have met Cactus to get an understanding of ‘where he’s at’. Once you’ve had a blether with him at a Wings get-together, his nocturnal comments all fall into place and make sense.

    Does that compute?


  40. Thepnr


    I doubt we’ll ever know the answer to that. Live and let live.

  41. Thepnr

    @Brian Doonthetoon

    No they don’t LOL

  42. Cactus

    Two fucking seventeen Lovers…

  43. Cactus

    Ahm by oor River Clyde Glagow.

    Fuckin, fuck-in, fuckity fuck.

    Anycunt offended like.

    V good.

    “Is Britain really this stupid…?”

    Aye Yes… it is.


  44. Cactus

    Walkity walkity route home frae Eglinton Street like…

    One may return like like.

    Love the fuck.


  45. Cactus

    Walkity walk…

    One has a bottle on Barefoot Blue in one’s fish tank.

    Party at mines Scotland.

  46. Cactus

    Aweright sandy pal.

    We’re good aye.

    Scotland like.

    Almost H.

  47. Cactus

    Ye’re aweright dare sandy.

    Dat’s me back HOME.

    thepnr knows.


  48. Cactus

    Hey sandy, ah’ve just poured maself a dram, whit’s yer flavour?

    Aweright every fuckin buddy.

  49. Cactus

    Thank you Wings Over Scotland… for everything.

    It’s good to be here.

    To Stu.

  50. Az


    On yersel Cactus!

    Nighty night cap

  51. Cactus

    Cheers mon virtual Wings friend Az…

    To oor daynightcap whisky!

    Scotland soon.


  52. Cactus

    Hey there Scotland…

    Get ready to be normal again.

    It will be poignant.

  53. Petra

    @ Brian Doonthetoon says at 2:10 am …. ”Hi Sandy. You’ve got to have met Cactus to get an understanding of ‘where he’s at’. Once you’ve had a blether with him at a Wings get-together, his nocturnal comments all fall into place and make sense. Does that compute?”

    Does that compute, lol? Too bad that the hundreds of thousands of people that we’re trying to convert don’t actually attend Wings get-togethers Brian.


    Too bad too that 55% of Scots voted No to Independence in 2014.

    ‘FM: Scotland is paying price for not being independent in Brexit deal.’

    Theresa May ”He (Blackford) talks also about listening – well perhaps the SNP should listen to the people of Scotland who gave a very clear view (in 2014) that Scotland should remain in its most important economic market, the internal market if the UK.”


    ‘Warning for Herald as it predicts winter crisis for NHS Scotland.’


    ‘New pregnancy and baby payments to offset Tory austerity in Scotland.’

  54. Petra

    ‘A Way out of Madness.’

    ..”Inaction simply isn’t an option anymore.

    Here’s the ten point plan to win independence:

    As the Conservative government collapses, and the British state finds itself in the worst crisis in fifty years, it’s time for the SNP to announce it will stand in a general election on an independence mandate.

    Gain a significant majority and use that as leverage for a full referendum.

    Offer a Labour government a confidence and supply support on the basis of being given a Section 30 order. If the British government, of whatever makeup, refuses a Section 30, Scottish MPs should withdraw and refuse to sit.

    Implement a referendum in as short a time frame as is possible.

    In the intervening period create as much of the infrastructure as possible to win that referendum: a national savings and investment bank, a programme of just transition, a publicly owned renewable energy company, an energy descent plan, and other projects which are forward-facing, sustainable and bind-in resilience.

    Create a campaign that is positive, hard-headed, realistic but imaginative.

    Crowd-source a written constitution.

    Create routes for culture and trade to Europe (both physical and psychological) and act as if we are a small European nation.

    Establish European centres for (re) building the networks that existed prior to Brexit that would act as proto embassies.

    Write a simple but dynamic independence programme based on social reconstruction and recovery from years of misrule, focusing on housing, Bairns not Bombs, green jobs and over-coming poverty and inequality.”…


    ‘Brexit: 24 hours to save EU summit as negotiators scramble to break deadlock.’


    And for a laugh. A question put to you from presenters on BBC Breakfast this morning.

  55. Petra

    Oops I don’t know what happened there!

    And for a laugh. A question put to you from presenters on BBC Breakfast this morning.

    The question is ”what were you doing 15 years ago today?”

    Yes ”you were watching England winning the World Cup (rugby).” Not only that you ”sat down with a pint to watch it.”

    Hands up if you’re guilty.

  56. Sharny Dubs

    Love the “kiddies” picture bit, the music! What was that again, VisionOn? Or Rumparoom?


    Hope the heeds still screwed oan this morning Cactus min.

  57. Breeks

    Petra says:
    22 November, 2018 at 6:47 am
    ‘A Way out of Madness.’

    ..”Inaction simply isn’t an option anymore.

    Here’s the ten point plan to win independence:

    If we stand in a General Election on a pro=Indy mandate, why would we need a referendum “agreed” with Labour? (And hasn’t the SNP already been there and done that anyway? )

    Not a word about Constitutional emancipation under International Law, and the awkward reality of just 127 days to get it all done… whatever “it” is.

    I increasingly fear the impracticability of squeezing anything but a snap referendum in the next 127 days, from even that would be from a standing start with no campaign momentum.

    I’m told repeatedly to trust Nicola, the SNP has it all worked out, it’s all going to plan, but I’ve been hearing that for an awful long time. As the window of opportunity for IndyRef2 gets smaller and smaller, it seems to remain the SNP’s only “big stick” option, and a perception can occur that the SNP is still pushing for a forlorn soft Brexit which isn’t on offer or an Independence Referendum which there increasingly isn’t time to complete.

    I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that Holyrood doesn’t see Brexit, the 29th March as the same existential guillotine that every instinct tells me that it is. In my considered opinion there is no mechanism or procedure which is instrumental to Scottish Independence which has its prospects improved if we allow Brexit to happen. There are however a fistful of mechanisms which are crushed or inhibited if it does… EU voting franchise, U16 vote, ECJ jurisdiction… etc. I could go on.

    We are all biting fingernails to the quick waiting for the ECJ’s ruling on Article 50,… but correct me if I’m wrong, is this the ONLY Constitutional Test Case we are pursuing? And why is it pursued by a cross party group? Where is the SNP’s backstop or alternative test case IF the Article 50 case goes badly, or filibustered by the UK Supreme Court for 128 days less the number of days to reach that juncture? All our eggs in one basket?

    Don’t be alarmed I’m told. Ok. I won’t be alarmed as instructed. But for the record, I’m going take all these alarm tokens I’ve been saving up to the cashiers office, and exchange them for “seething blind rage” tokens which I’m gonna keep in a piggy bank that gets smashed on the 29th March if Scotland is ripped out of Europe. To coin the phrase. You won’t like me when I’m angry.

  58. Petra

    Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh: ‘Reaction to UN poverty report sums up Tory take on welfare.’

    ..”He (Alston) points out that those making these policies have not been out in the field to see what is really happening to people living in poverty. Instead they have continued with their “punitive, mean-spirited and often callous” austerity measures, abandoning compassion for an economic system with little humanity at its cold heart.

    He compared the two-child cap on benefits payment as similar to China’s one-child policy because it punished families for having a third child. Not surprisingly, at the time of writing this column, not one Scottish Tory has made a comment on this comparison. They’re still nursing their wounds after the abhorent defence of the two-child cap last month by their colleague MSP Michelle Ballantyne, who commented that “people on benefits cannot have as many children as they want”. ……


    Letter in the National by Peter Kerr, Kilmarnock.

    ‘UN report found UK poverty is a political choice.’

    ‘Having read Aileen Campbell’s article on the UN report on British poverty in Sunday’s National (Why we’ll fight the corner of those failed by Tories, November 18), and the letters in response from messrs Hinnrichs and Clark, whilst I agree with most of what they say, I feel that they all miss the most important, and most chilling, observation from Philip Alston’s Report: that in Britain “poverty is a political choice”.

    We are faced with the stark reality that under the Tories and their reserve team Labour, the poverty we see so starkly highlighted by the UN Rapporteur is the result of deliberate government policy. It is therefore vital that we come to understand, and accept, that poverty in our society is not an accident, an unfortunate by-product of austerity, or an unintended consequence. Quite the opposite – it is coldly and deliberately intentional, the result of calculated decision-making by the Westminster system with the express purpose of impoverishing the majority of the British population.

    Mr Alston concludes that austerity is itself a choice amongst policy options and implemented for a purpose, telling us that “the evidence points to the conclusion that the driving force has not been economic but rather a commitment to achieving radical social re-engineering”. He also tells us that “through it all, one actor has stubbornly resisted seeing the situation for what it is. The government has remained determinedly in a state of denial”. However, this is where I take issue with Mr Alston’s conclusion, because the government is not in any kind of denial, it knows exactly what it is doing. So, why would any government embark on such calculated cruelty?

    To the Tories, economics is a weapon, designed to enable certain goals to be reached and consolidated. We must never forget that the UN has already damned the Tories for what it called “grave and systematic violation of the rights of persons with disabilities”. Note that these violations are systematic and we can recognise a pattern that is again revealed with respect to poverty. In an interview with The Sunday Times in May 1981, Thatcher stated that “it isn’t that I set out on economic policies; it’s that I set out really to change the approach, and changing the economics is the means of changing that approach.

    If you change the approach you really are after the heart and soul of the nation. Economics are the method; the object is to change the heart and soul”.
    Thus, by her own admission, the Thatcher project was the utilisation of economic policy for the purpose of social engineering, and I am the first to admit that Thatcher was particularly successful, not only changing the heart and soul of the nation, but destroying that heart and soul and producing a heartless and soulless society that not only tolerates the poverty that Thatcher so relentlessly pursued by her policies, but in far too many sectors of our society actually applauds it.

    This demand for social engineering is also the driver behind Brexit, and what the Tories mean by taking back control. The impoverishment of the British people is not solely on economic grounds, it includes depriving them of their fundamental rights for benefits, employment protection, environmental protection etc, producing a submissive and malleable population that will never be able to be in a position to prevent them looting the national treasury at their will. To the Tories, poverty is a method of control, a means to an end, a political choice that utilises economic policy to cement their dominance.

    Mr Alston’s report is the best argument yet for Scottish independence. It must be our political choice.

  59. Petra

    WGD: ‘Anti-independence jibes over Brexit deal for Northern Ireland insult Scotland.’

    ..”There is absolutely no reason why the British Government cannot negotiate a separate Brexit deal for Scotland. Theresa May has already established the principle that one part of the UK can be treated differently in order to take into account its needs and the will of its people. There is nothing preventing them doing the same for Scotland. It’s just that they don’t want to, because they believe that they can continue to marginalise and ignore Scotland.

  60. Phronesis

    Political choices made by those who are not fit for office , degradation of human rights and corruption killing citizens over there:

    ‘… Saudi Arabia was too important a purchaser of U.S. weaponry, an exporter of oil, and an ally in “our very important fight against Iran” to take punitive action. “The United States intends to remain a steadfast partner of Saudi Arabia to ensure the interests of our country,” Trump said…
    The President’s comments, which flouted a C.I.A. assessment that M.B.S. likely ordered Khashoggi’s death, provoked scorn, dismay, and outrage from human-rights groups, politicians, and foreign-policy experts. Joseph Cirincione, the president of the Ploughshares Fund, a global-security foundation, told me, “This is, without a doubt, the most uninformed, toady, poorly written, categorically untrue statement I have ever seen a President of the United States make. His statement has provoked such a strong, overwhelmingly negative reaction for good reason: it raises serious questions about the President’s fitness for office.”

    ‘If the bribery that is alleged to have taken place in the GBP 2 billion deal won by GPT Special Project Management to supply communications equipment to the Saudi Arabian National Guard (the SANGCOM deal) is fairly routine, the story of how it came to light is not…Whistleblowers Michael Paterson, GPT’s Financial Controller from 2007 to 2010, and Lt. Col. (retd.) Ian Foxley, who was GPT’s Programme Director from June to December 2010, uncovered evidence of irregular payments for “bought-in services” amounting to GBP 14.9 million between 2007 and 2010. These funds were channeled through two Cayman Islands-registered companies, Simec and Duranton, which they suspected were intended for bribes to Saudi decision-makers in relation to the SANGCOM contract. No legitimate services appear to have been provided by these companies…The more immediate question is whether the UK government will once again, as in the Al Yamamah case, prioritize political considerations to force the abandonment of a corruption investigation to preserve Britain’s arms trade with Saudi Arabia’

    ‘Yemen is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. As the conflict enters its fourth year, more than 22 million people – three-quarters of the population – need humanitarian aid and protection..
    • 79% of the population is poor compared to 49% in 2017
    • GDP per capita has declined 61% in the last three years
    People in Need
    • 75% of the population, 22 million people, need some form of humanitarian assistance and protection
    Food Security
    • 60% of the population, 18 million people, are food insecure
    • 8.4 million people do not know how they will obtain their next meal’

    Political choices made by those who are not fit for office degradation of human rights and corruption killing citizens here:

    ‘Social and fiscal policies that reduce poverty are needed alongside public health and individual-level interventions that address a wider range of lifestyle factors in areas of deprivation.
    There should be a renewed call to government-level action on poverty to reduce health inequalities and reverse adverse impacts from austerity measures’

  61. Petra

    @ Breeks at 6:47 am

    ….”if Scotland is ripped out of Europe. To coin the phrase. You won’t like me when I’m angry.”

    Aw naw, don’t say that Breeks. I don’t think I can stand much more, lol.

  62. Nana


    Here’s the video of the discussion with trade expert in committee that yer man was complaining about confirming competitive advantage of NI fishermen.

    Aberdeen council boss bills taxpayers for almost 100 hotel nights in Aberdeen

  63. Nana

    Nicola says
    Britain deserves a better Brexit than the one May is offering

    More than 350 cracks have been discovered in an ageing nuclear power reactor at Hunterston in North Ayrshire, breaching an agreed safety limit and prompting calls for a permanent shutdown.


  64. Nana

    Bombardier to cut almost 500 Belfast jobs in blow to Northern Ireland economy

    Link to the Tory video from Ch4 in the tweet below
    The UK gov’t has a set of talking points about poverty & employment that 1) don’t address poverty 2) use carefully chosen & misleading statistics to paint a rosy picture 3) ignore the horrible situation in which a large number of Britons live. That’s not the way to find solutions

    Take action rather than criticise, UN poverty expert tells Rudd

  65. Nana

    So what May, her ministers and her chief whip are banking on (to coin a phrase) is that as and when MPs reject her Brexit plan, the stock market and sterling (in particular) would tank – which would so scare Tory rebel MPs (the Cabinet hopes) that they would at that juncture be persuaded to recant and back May’s deal.

    Yemen: up to 85,000 young children dead from starvation

  66. Nana

    These are the last days of the Tories, the quality of their MPs and ministers is absolutely shocking.

    Chancellor concedes PM’s Brexit deal will make us poorer than staying in EU, but says Brexit is not all about money

    Thread by @StillDelvingH: “Who funds the IEA, the TPA, the ASI &co? You know, the RW ‘free trade’ thick tanks advocating tax havens, “freedom” (no regulations like […]” #Trump #Brexit #fakenews

  67. Proud Cybernat

    IndyRef2 simply MUST be before 29th March, 2019. It simply has to.

    The reason is a simple one – most people (political anoraks exempted) are just fed up with politics and just want things to settle down and get back to ‘normal’ (or as normal as things can ever be after Brexit). People don’t like upheaval.

    So the option facing the ScotGov is:

    1) Go for IndyRef2 during the Brexit upheaval i.e. before 29th March and effectively ride on the back of the Brexit upheaval and get all the upheaval out of the way at the same time.

    2) Wait at least 2 years after we Brexit to allow things to settle down and then go for IndyRef2.

    Personally I think ScotGov simply HAS to go for option 1. On 21st March 2019, Scots if Scots are faced with a decision to go indy and stay in the relative economic safety of the EU or stay in the UK and Brexit into a much more uncertain economic future, I think I know which way most Scots would vote given that stark choice. There is no status quo – either vote is a step into the unknown but a YES vote will keep much of what we already have and are familiar with. A NO vote throws everything to the wind.

    We cannot wait beyond 29th March. It’s close to crunch time folks.

  68. galamcennalath

    Jeez, May’s still trying to cherry pick!

    “Theresa May sees the political declaration as an essential tool in the bid to sell her Brexit deal to sceptical Tory MPs. …. persuade her colleagues that the controversial “backstop” plan to avoid a hard border in Ireland will never be needed. ….. Germany, France and other close trading partners of the UK oppose any language which will raise false hopes …. The EU has repeatedly rejected such proposals as seeking to “cherry pick” elements of the single market “

  69. Ottomanboi

    The authorities in the UAE must be quaking with laughter after Jeremy Hunt’s ‘there will be consequences’ remark. After all BritState doesn’t do spying, does it?
    Mi6/SIS cockup perhaps?

  70. Hamish100

    Re the tories and their job stats. I know a guy who tries to work with 3 zero contract jobs. One seasonal one in security stewarding and linked with overnight security guard. All random. The tories will say they are 3 employment opportunities. Foodbanks are free. So stop complaining.

  71. Petra

    Thanks for the links Nana, I’ll take a look at them later.

    Just before I run out I wanted to mention that the BBC are being F-L-Y cute again. You hardly ever see an SNP MP / MSP on the Breakfast programme, in particular just now to discuss Brexit, and yet they had Hannah Bardell on for 4 minutes (Edinburgh Castle backdrop) discussing her playing football (keepy-uppy) in the Commons. Showed the YouTube video too. Made sure that everyone knew that she was an SNP politician. All no doubt to p*ss off those south of the border (UK in general) and discredit the SNP.

    Just to add that she wasn’t the only one playing football at that time. There was 2 Labour MPs and Tracey Crouch former Tory Sports Minister. No sign of them on the show. No mention of their names or political parties.

    Maybe Nicola, Joanna Cherry, Jeanne Freeman, Mhairi Black etc should think of taking up football, as a means to getting a 4/5 minute slot on the BBC.

  72. Ken500

    IndyRef2 will happen when it can be won.

    Brexit will fail. It will not happen.

    All that is happening is the Tories are negotiating a ‘deal’, which will cost more and have no part in the decision making. A worst deal. There will still be migration but it will involve much more red tape. More bureaucracy and red tape for business.

    Another GE soon? No one wants the poison chalice.

    The Westminster unionists are still sanctionig and starving people. They are a disgrace. Austerity was totally unnecessary. The tax revenues raised are up. £533Billion 2015/2016 – £628Billion 2016/17. Up £95Billion. The Tories were cutting NHS/Eduction/Welfare £13Billion a year. From 2015 to 2020.

    The Tories are crashing the economy. To line their and their associates pockets, They are despicable.

    The SNP are trying to protecting Scotland from the cuts and damage that Westminster unionists area doing to the economy.

  73. Dave McEwan Hill

    Nana at 8.40

    “These are the last days of the Tories, the quality of their MPs and ministers is absolutely shocking.”

    That will be the case in Scotland if the SNP largely replaces the remnants of the Labour Party and sweeps up the majority anti Tory vote. This is happening.
    Our final battle will be Scotland against the Tories.

  74. Ken500

    Starting to unravel GCHQ spying in Trump for the FBI. The fake Russian dossier instigated by Clinton. Clifton on the internet getting money fior her campaign from the Saudis. There would be another war going in in the Russian border if Clinton was President. She did win by 3Million votes. D’Hond’t. The loser wins.

    Saudi illegal killings. UK/US supplying the Saudi with weapons. Bribery and corruption. The most absolute, despot monarchy in the world. The apartheid state causing death and destruction in the world ruining the world economy.

  75. manandboy


    Might you say that the UK under Theresa May is a bit chaotic and confused – and wondered why?

    Enter, by adoption, Vladislav Surkov, political advisor to Vladimir Putin. His methods of manipulating the electorate in Russia are being replicated, with minor adjustments, here in the UK by Theresa May’s government.

    Surkov’s basic idea is to tell the population as little as possible and to keep them guessing on a constant basis. The effect of this ‘device’ is to deny the voters any means of making an informed decision which then leads them to rely on the status quo – the only thing they know anything about.

    With variable degrees of success, admittedly, nevertheless the May way of doing Brexit politics is simply too close to Vladislav Surkov’s methodology to be a coincidence.

    He did after all come to the London School of Economics several years ago to explain it all.

  76. Ghillie

    Petra, a wee bout of keepy uppy is probably the cleanest game EVER played in those chambers 🙂

    Keep it up!!

  77. galamcennalath

    manandboy says:

    deny the voters any means of making an informed decision

    That, most certainly, has been the establishment approach for some time in the UK.

    Dumb it down, misinformation, deflection, omission, and so on. Politicians will ‘try it on’ but an effective free media would eviscerate them in a real democracy! However, when politicians, media, and vested interests collude, democracy fails because folks fail to make informed decision.

  78. mike cassidy

    Allow yourself a little smiley moment.

  79. Luigi

    Ken500 says:

    22 November, 2018 at 9:28 am

    Starting to unravel GCHQ spying in Trump for the FBI. The fake Russian dossier instigated by Clinton. Clifton on the internet getting money fior her campaign from the Saudis. There would be another war going in in the Russian border if Clinton was President. She did win by 3Million votes. D’Hond’t. The loser wins.

    Saudi illegal killings. UK/US supplying the Saudi with weapons. Bribery and corruption. The most absolute, despot monarchy in the world. The apartheid state causing death and destruction in the world ruining the world economy.

    Rumour has it that there will be a complete social media blackout on 5th December. Lots of news they don’t want people to hear. Only MSM will be there to “help” us, and as we know, they are tightly controlled. The puppet masters are about to make their move.

  80. Luigi

    Of course the SM blackout will be blamed on a “rogue employee”.

    Usual BS. 🙂

  81. Craig P

    I wasn’t that bothered with previous series of Dateline but oh my…

    Dateline Scotland hits the target again!

    Hold on to your talent because mark my words, BBC Scotland will poach George Deary.

  82. Lenny Hartley

    Petra, the England World Cup Rugby mention reminds me of an episode in my life about 2007 .
    I was in Budapest for several days, in the tourist guide I noticed there was a Scottish Pub, ideal I thought for watching Scotland play in the Rugby World Cup, so I set out to find it, spent a couple of hours roaming the streets to no avail. The next day armed with a better map I set off to watch Scotland play, i was staying in Buda and the pub was in Pest so it was about 90 minutes walk in the cold but I eventually turned a corner to see a saltire bedraggled building, got to the door and all I heard was “COME ON JOHNNY” and a loud roar as England scored something i didnt even bother opening the door, about turned and walked the 90 minutes back to my Hotel ?

  83. Breeks

    Nana says:
    22 November, 2018 at 7:58 am
    So what May, her ministers and her chief whip are banking on (to coin a phrase) is that as and when MPs reject her Brexit plan, the stock market and sterling (in particular) would tank – which would so scare Tory rebel MPs (the Cabinet hopes) that they would at that juncture be persuaded to recant and back May’s deal….

    Aye, and you’ll can bet your bottom dollar (coz your last pound will be worthless), that all the Tory Boy hedge fund managers, disaster capitalists and City Financiers are all suitably briefed and lined up like vultures waiting for the nod… All your Rees-Moggs, Farages and Theresa May husband types will be absolutely fine. No need to worry.

    To Hell with the UK and it’s people just as long as the cash register keeps churning and European Banking Rules on ethical conduct are kept at bay.

  84. Nana

    BREAKING: The political declaration on the future relationship of the UK and EU has been agreed. PM to make a statement to the Commons at 2.30pm.

  85. Breeks

    Nana says:
    22 November, 2018 at 10:44 am
    Here it is:

    It’s very useful. 26 pages you can roll up very tightly and use as a cosh to beat up Scotland’s democratically expressed, constitionally Sovereign will that the U.K. should remain in the EU in 2016.

  86. Nana

    What the ‘draft’ political deceleration leaked to @adamfleming says on fishing….

    Looks to me like fishing will be a bargaining chip in wider trade negotiation (‘within the context of the overall economic partnership’). UKG was trying to get commitment to annual agreements on access – looks like they failed. Another Tory sell out of fishing on the cards.

  87. Proud Cybernat

    Just a ‘declaration’ – absolutely nothing legally binding at all in that ‘future relationship. Just word-fudge to get the Withdrawal Agreement through. Both sides can and most likely will diverge from the ‘future relationship’ declaration as soon as the ink is dry.

    Utterly meaningless. And they know it is.

  88. Nana

    Just read Political Declaration. Lots of unicorns taking the place of facts about the future relationship. Fair play to the EU for pushing it as far as possible…but it adds up to a blindfold Brexit. Difficult issues unresolved – so extended transition/backstop almost certain.

  89. Breeks

    Should we interpret “best endeavours” the way we now interpret “not normally” in the Sewell Commission?

  90. Les Wilson

    When you think about all the propaganda we endured in 2014,
    when you consider the “great love in” for Scotland by mini celebs and others.
    We have a number of advantages next time around.

    1, We have the numbers Brexit remainers who were not there in Indy1, they will recognise that we have the option to save ourselves from massive harm, Indy.

    2, The BBC is now recognised as an utterly manipulating Unionist entity, under control of Westminster.
    We know what they are, “most” Scots do, so much less belief in what they say this time around. Same for the MSM, rabid papers this time around.

    3, What Scotland place in this “precious Union” is that we have no place at all.
    It is widely recognised now that Scotland is totally ignored in favour of England’s wishes, no matter how they effect us. It is plain now and can no longer be hidden, the PM has told us, we mean nothing.

    4, We have good vibs re the EU, any EU diplomats and countries now recognise Scotland’s case, much improved from Indy1 times.

    5, The whole country has now seen the utter despot and totally self serving Tory “government”are utterly useless and destructive to jobs and social policies across the board.They will pay the price for the folly of their own making.

    6, We know for sure we can’t trust them, no promises from Indy1 were enacted. The VOW proved to be a con.
    We will not trust them this time.So they have proven their bad attitude towards Scotland. That is now deep in our memory. We will not forget this time.

    (others would no doubt add to this list)

    This time around in Indy2, they have no clothes and they stand totally stupid in the eyes of the whole world.
    We know how they will behave, we know the propaganda machine. However we have so much more evidence against them than ever before. We have it, and we must use it.

    Last time we were so nice and rarely vocally aggresive, knowing all we do now, we cannot be nice this time.

    We know Indy, will be so much better for Scotland and it’s people.
    However we also need people to know just why it will be disaster for us to stay, and evidence to them how the Tories are out to ruin Scotland. How we are constantly robbed, along with their other nasty stuff,and the damage they have caused to our society and our well being.

    This time we have to push that line frequently and loudly.
    Our politicians should push the anti Westminster line in every interview and statement by pointing out the “Union” failures in Scotland. We need to stop being so nice and playing to Westminster rules, we need to win.

  91. Luigi

    Aye, when the Indy campaign finally begins, the gloves really need to come off this time. 🙂

  92. Liz g

    Les Wilson @ 11.34
    Aye Les not to mention…
    We also know that ” just wait till the next election and Labour will defo get in and save us ” won’t fly either.
    Remember that from 2014 ? Even Ruth the mooth was sayin that the Tories wouldn’t get back in!!

  93. Az

    Petra @ 6.47am

    I see you’ve quoted a bit of Bella’s confused meanderings there. I never read that, and haven’t since their fingers-in-the-ears promotion of marinal RISE…

    Nothing new about the confusion though. You typed – and I assume quoted directly, the following:

    “it’s time for the SNP to announce it will stand in a general election on an independence mandate.

    Gain a significant majority and use that as leverage for a full referendum.”

    Well, trust Bella to come out with something like this. If you stand in a general election on an independence mandate, and win that election in Scotland, you do not then seek a referendum! Why are they saying that? It’s utterly illogical. If you stand on a manifesto of independence and win, you then annul the Treaty of Union, and engage in negotiations. You don’t introduce another unnecessary hurdle!

    Gosh, no wonder I stopped reading that site long ago!

  94. Frank Gillougley

    I also read mike smalls article, ‘A way out of Madness’ on the 15th of november re his 10 point plan to independence and thought WTF! as it amounted to having a referendum on a referendum and so on ad absurdum.

    Is this train of thought just to keep journalists forever in a job till the end of time?

    I do wish they’d get real.

  95. Jock McDonnell

    More & more I want May’s deal to pass in HoC.

  96. Sharny Dubs

    @Proud Cybernat 8:46 & mustleboy

    I don’t think people are getting tired of politics, I think they are getting tired of stagnation. I mean how many months have we been dragged through analysis, analysis, analysis?

    Once we see a way forward and build some momentum it will settle down.


  97. Sharny Dubs

    oops! sorry, @manandboy,


  98. Jock McDonnell

    Dick Leonard is a unionist, he fought to retain the union, the union is the context, the straight jacket in which a Scottish First Minister must operate.
    It therefore lacks credibility for dick to criticise a First Minister for working within the confines of Tory austerity.

  99. Sinky

    On this day when Scottish fishing industry was sold out again by a Tory Government it is worth reading this Greenpeace report on the five wealthy families stranglehold on those quotas that actually remain in Scottish hands.

  100. Luigi

    Sigh so much doublethink swirling around this BREXIT mess. Are British politicians really this thick? Some people are already convinced it’s a hard BREXIT, others are sure it’s a BRINO. It’s all still up in the air…

    …or is it?. 🙂

  101. Effijy

    I see a clip from the Express that they have seen UK Fishing Rights have been agreed with the EU.

    Could someone tell the Tories to send Bertie Armstrong and his motley crew another pack of lies.

    Just how many lies over how many years will it take for these clowns to recognise that are actually on a Banana Boat going backwards up the Thames?

  102. Another Union Dividend

    @ Lenny Hartley says: 22 November, 2018 at 10:36 am

    I have been in the Scotti pub in Buapest. There was a End London Rule sticker at the entance. The ceiling is decorated with numerous whisky boxes and a Scottish flaq plus various Scottish football club flags… not just the Old Firm.

    They can’t prevent England supporters drinking there…. nor should they.

  103. Clapper57

    @ sharny dubs @ 12.14

    Hi Sharny dubs…….I think what people are getting “tired of” is the apathy being shown by some people in Scotland towards the Tories and their full English Brexit that we, the Scots, are having to endure….wake the f*ck up people and get off your knees.

  104. mountain shadow

    Clapper57 says:
    22 November, 2018 at 12:47 pm
    @ sharny dubs @ 12.14

    Hi Sharny dubs…….I think what people are getting “tired of” is the apathy being shown by some people in Scotland towards the Tories and their full English Brexit that we, the Scots, are having to endure….wake the f*ck up people and get off your knees.


    There is apathy to the EU too, who have shown not one bit of acknowledgement or support with regards Scotland’s vote in the EU referendum.

    The reality is, neither Westminster nor Brussels give two hoots about us.

    If Scotland were independent I don’t believe I would now vote to joint the EU.

  105. Blair Paterson

    I voted to leave the eu because it only exists for big buisiness I mean they used to move their firms abroad for cheap labour but now they bring the cheap labour here from the eu thus keeping our wages and conditions low they also put a strain on our NHS housing schools hospitals and doctors surgeries and we the tax payers are subsidising this while big business do everything to avoid paying their taxes it’s a win win for them and a lose lose for us and I am fed up hearing we need these emigrants how did we survive all the years before ??? The reason they are needed is because of all the emigrants that have come here already swelling our numbers but again low wages high profits

  106. Glamaig

    Withdrawal Agreement and Backstop summaries

    I notice the transition agreement is until December 2020, it can be extended as long as this is done before July 2020, and it can be extended only once.

    At the end of transition we are OUT of everything (except the customs agreement if no Irish Border solution is found).

  107. Robert J. Sutherland

    Sinky @ 20:47 (21.Nov),

    I fear you haven’t read that quite right. The current owners of The Scotsman, who it seems lately paid a whacking £94k to Boris, haven’t gone into administration. That happened on the watch of the previous owners.

    So the paper is now owned, it would seem, by a English group who are big pals with a Tory Brexiteer who lusts for the job of PM. No doubt it will serve some end, but not one which will do us any good (or indeed the paper itself in the longer term).

  108. Dr Jim

    Attritional stagnation is the UK way and always has been, they numb and bore you to death for so long you give up hope and die of misery and hopelessness

    It’s the UK way

  109. Lenny Hartley

    Another Union Dividend , tell me where I say that England Supporters should be banned from drining in the Scottish Pub in Budapest? I didnt, i also did not infer that they should be banned, pubs can serve who they want, as I can choose what pubs to give my custom too.

  110. yesindyref2

    So, if to look at it from the point of view of a non-politico who just wants to work, play and do stuff, here’s the status:

    1. There’s going to be a Brexit, or there isn’t.
    2. We’re going to leave the EU, though we might not.
    3. We’re going to leave the Single Market and Customs Union whatever they are, but we might not.
    4. This might only be for a tranistion time of a year or two, but it might not it might be longer or we might not have one at all.
    5. Theresa May is going to stay on as Prime Minister or it might be BoJo or Rees-Smog.
    6. There might be a General Election and we might get Labour instead who might cancel Brexit or they might not or it could just be the Tories again.
    7. I might lose my job or I might not.
    8. Supermarket prices might go sky-high or they might not or they might be no food to buy or there might be plenty.

    Glad that’s all clear now.

  111. Confused

    Book Club. The first rule of book club is …

    ? read … the … books?
    – and talk about them. Talk about book club.

    The 1D political spectrum model was always a load of tosh. But its what people used – even if it gets in the way of straight thinking.

    Today the model is ever more useless as “left-right”-ness needs at least 2 dimensions, economic and social.

    The “left” stopped talking about economics about 40 years ago, became a “social” only thing – identity politics and all that excreta from postmodernism. Its been debunked to infinity – esp. the Sokal affair, but to the average person it just seems, for example –

    “theres a lot of MAD SHIT about TRANNIES these days”
    “why do young people get so INSANE about trivia”

    – which is unfathomable to them. Anyway, for anyone who has not been aware of these currents over the past 30 years – here’s a new book from a once true believer who turned apostate and blew the whistle on all the madness

    I also have another book, this time economics from Michael Hudson, a renegade. The debate about Scotland and its economic future – going bankrupt, no money, shut out from markets etc … is clearly nonsense and has been addressed by many people, even within “orthodox” models – but this is deeper.

    To me, the real jackpot is if – you DO NOT simply say – Independence! – YAY!
    – lets setup our own bank and currency and markets
    – now signup to the Anglo-American central banking cartel and do Neoliberalism and Austerity
    – setup the tax system so the rich dont have to pay and corporations have their own welfare state (- 1 .. 2 .. 3 .. 4 what are we fightin for?)

    There are good reviews of these books online.

  112. Sharny Dubs

    I certainly think that once we get independence our relationship with the EU will take a different hue and should or will need to be reconsidered.

    But as for apathy? I’ve been a supporter of indy since I was a boy (and that was not yesterday!) and even I find myself thinking how long? How long?

    I don’t think it’s apathy more than just lack of any movement, that’s why the rallies are so popular, get’s a feeling of actually achieving something.

  113. yesindyref2

    Heavens above.

    9. There might be another EU Referendum which might have some questions in it
    10. There might be an Independence Referendum some time.

  114. Essexexile

    Sorry, don’t have a chance to look in very often and a gazillion posts have usually happened in between.
    If you can direct me to what you’re referring to I’ll have a look later.

  115. Clapper57

    @ Mountain shadow @ 12.55

    Your choice.

    @ sharny dubs @ 1.31

    Fair enough.

  116. Jack Murphy

    OT. TODAY. The Scottish Parliament.
    ‘Broadcasting Scotland’


    Just scroll along to 19:05 for the start.

  117. izzie

    Blair Paterson @12 56
    Firstly it is immigrants – emigrants leave the country.
    Secondly Scotland’s birth rate has fallen since the good old days ten years ago at a meeting of NHS professionals it was stated that we would shortly need every school leaver to work with the elderly in order to maintain the then levels of care.

  118. Capella

    Alex Salmond Show covers topical issues such as the DUP’s anger over the BREXIT deal and the People’s Vote. There’s also a good interview with Brian Cox.
    Apologies if Nana has already posted the link upthread.

  119. manandboy

    Adam Curtis explains in “Oh Dear” how we are all being led like lambs. Anyone not know where lambs are led to?

    Everything that this Government, fronted by the Tory Stooge, Theresa May, is telling us about Brexit is designed to blind us to the truth. Brexit was not the work of the Tories, but it has been high-jacked by the government/Establishment for their own purposes, which will be the biggest transfer to date of public wealth into the private hands of the wealthy elite.

    The 17.4 million people who voted Leave in the EU referendum in June 2016 had that simple intention in mind,to Leave the EU. But the Elite quickly realised that they could turn this event of leaving the EU into a massive opportunity to make multi-billions for themselves through the virtual abolition of the public sector by privatising it – beginning with the NHS.

    But that is only the start of a comprehensive conversion of the UK from a community-based philosophy into one based on individual responsibility for everything. It’s the survival of the fittest. The Law of the Jungle, where the predators rule from the top of the food chain ie. the elite, those with power and wealth.

    To achieve this next stage of Margaret Thatcher’s Tory Dream, Theresa May has to get to March 29th 2019 at 11pm.
    This is the reason behind her desperate clinging to Power.

    If she, and the Tories, are not stopped, then the vast majority of the UK are about to suffer not only a very degrading and humiliating fall in their standard of living,
    but also the loss of many human rights.

    We have already lost authentic Democracy, and, a free Press, and with it the loss of truthful information, and with that, the ability to think for ourselves based on the facts.

    A Tory Government untethered from the social responsibility demanded by the EU, will quickly dissolve the social contract and dismantle completely the Welfare State in favour of the United States system, in which the individual pays for everything he or she needs or suffers the consequences.

    But the Tories will keep one thing – your taxes.

    Have a nice day, y’all.

  120. geeo

    All you need to hear about Treeza’s speech ongoing at WM

    “We will leave the ECJ and make all our laws here, at WM, and in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, AND THEY WILL BE ADJUDICATED ON BY UK COURTS.

    That can be seen as a complete bypass of Scots law, giving the WM UKSC final arbitration over ALL law in disputes.

    This alone is reason to hasten our ending of the union before March 29th.

    Everything else is waffle so far.

  121. Breeks

    geeo says:
    22 November, 2018 at 3:07 pm

    “…This alone is reason to hasten our ending of the union before March 29th.

    Everything else is waffle so far.”

    Or to acknowledge this as a formal and definitive breach of the Union Treaty, which protects Scots Law in perpetuity, not just until Westminster arbitrarily decides to undermine it.

  122. Ian Mccubbin

    Brit nats and no hopes with a following of union Jack wearing stupid non thinkers.
    Time we more canny and concerned in Scotland left this no longer a union.

  123. Essexexile

    @Mountain Shadow @12.55

    I agree with you about the public’s apparent indifference towards the level of Brexit we now face and those that are deciding it.
    I get the impression most people are completely sick of hearing the B word and will accept any deal almost regardless of how they voted.
    There’s a definite parallel there with the subject of independence. It’s why NS and the SNP don’t actually mention it very much. They don’t want indy to become a long drawn out affair that gets very heavy and bores people into indifference (Some Unionists will claim that this is already the case, no doubt).
    It’s rather similar to the four months of marketing that leads up to Christmas these days. By the time Christmas finally comes along, it’s not surprising many people are less than enthusiastic about it.
    Indyref2, if and when it comes, will be a quick, intensive campaign to keep voter interest and the positivity towards yes high.

  124. Terence callachan

    Scottish people are not getting fed up with politics or Scottish independence they are nervous about the way Westminster is behaving ,they want a vote on Scottish independence ASAP .
    The SNP are clever politicians who have been around the block and know a thing or two about how Westminster behaves, they know the lies double speak and trickery are never ending .
    We Scottish people have to be patient, we have given our trust to Nicola Sturgeon and colleagues and need now to hold our nerve because Westminster can and do change things almost on a daily basis.
    It would not be in Scotlands interest to jump in too quickly at a time when all the facts are not yet available.
    The Brexit agreement will likely be concluded just before Christmas so that Westminster can spring it on people then run away for a wee holiday giving her plan time to anger annoy and upset people and time for those people to calm down before she is available to answer questions.
    Steady as she goes Scotland.

  125. MotherGeek

    Stupid is as stupid does…. oh wait 😐

  126. K1

    My god there are some walloping arseholes btl these days. Do fuck off and shove your waffling shite back up where it came from.

    There’s not a single person worth their political salt in Scotland who has lost interest in Brexit and its effects on our country…it’s not ‘boring’, it’s nothing like the ‘lead up’ to fucking anything, it will have seismic reverberations that will last long past our generation and the next.

    Any arsehole can come on here and make their opinions sound like banal trite pish…but it we wanted to read those we’d just watch the fucking news and listen to the fuckwittery emanating from the political commentariat.

    Don’t come on here telling us ‘what’ ‘the public’ are thinking or feeling, you have no fucking clue what anyone thinks apart from yersel.

  127. Essexexile

    Thanks K1.
    Another Wings poster who responds to polite, reasonable points with direct foul mouthed abuse.
    Getting pretty bored of it to be honest.
    Is Wings over Scotland a serious political forum or just a meeting point for angry individuals with a hair trigger temper and poor vocabulary?
    Look on any daft ultra Unionist forum and you’ll find your counterpart spouting equally low brow drivel albeit from the opposite point of view.
    Conjure up an image of the most stereotypical slavering hardcore Yoon, draped in Union Jacks and holding a ‘Fuck the SNP’ banner. You, K1, are that exact same person but with opposing views.
    The Rev has worked hard to make Wings the serious contender in online political forums it is today, a reputation that is tarnished by every pillock who posts expletive laden tripe. If you’ve got nothing mature to add to the debate, go and troll the hardcore Yoons on their ridiculous websites. At least you guys speak the same language.

  128. K1

    You ‘bit’

    Y’know what, see this ‘holier than thou’ attitude that your typical snob adopts as a form of ‘high moral ground’ to lecture others about their ‘language’ et al, all it does it show you up for the superficial twat that you truly are.

    To also ‘create’ ‘false equivalence’ is another of your typical ‘holier than thou’ type ‘go to’ ploys.

    Interestingly enough ‘you’ and your type whilst busily getting your wagging finger out at others who ‘you’ in your utter arrogance believe you are somehow ‘better than’ because you didn’t use a swear word and as if that somehow ‘signifies’ a ‘mentality’ that ‘you’ are ‘above’, whilst indulging in your little ‘ego spasm’, you forget to address the salient point.

    In other words you are talking completely waffling shite in terms of your comment that I was clearly referring to in my post above?

    You cannot presume to ‘know’ or ‘feel’ that you ‘know’ what the ‘public’ thinks or feels regarding Breixt and you certainly cannot ‘assert’ what you believe the people in Scotland ‘think or feel’ about it.

    You literally just indulged in what I described ‘accurately’ in my initial post:

    You have epitomised this:

    ‘Any arsehole can come on here and make their opinions sound like banal trite pish’

    What say you about the context of the post? Nada, too busy fashioning a patronising condescending typical ‘hurt wee boy, cause I saw a swear word on an Internet forum’ reaction to your ego getting skelp.

    I give one tiny no fuck whatsoever what the likes of your mentality ‘thinks’ on here, your are not here to ‘debate’ you are here to ‘berate’ and talk inanities on matters you have shown you have no knowledge or understanding about.

    Go be bored elsewhere.

  129. Essexexile

    Just us left then….!
    You seem truly incandescent about me mildly expressing an observation (hence my use of the phrase ‘I get the impression’) and then mildly rebuking you for your foul mouthed personal attack.
    If it wasn’t for the fact that you clearly chose to hit the purple tin before going online AT 3 IN THE MORNING I would’ve strongly advised you to seek some anger management counseling.
    Instead I’ll ask you to sober up.
    And get some real, daytime friends.
    Or a job.
    If this is how you react to people ever so slightly disagreeing with you, you’ve got some serious questions to ask about yourself, I think.
    Anyway, enough already. I’m sick of being told to **** off by the inordinate number of angry bampots on this site.
    I just came here to play the ball….

  130. K1

    Look, I don’t drink, what I am, is angry, yes you got a skelp of that anger, about our current situation, I’ve no time for people treating what is happening as if it will just pass and ‘the public’ will just get fed up.

    I think it’s naive and trite to speak of Brexit in those terms.

    You are pretty insulting yourself on the back of my sweaty rant, do 2 wrongs make a right in your book? You can’t have it both ways, you can’t be complaining about me taking you to task in the manner I did and then proceed to do exactly the same in response.

    Then play the ball. 62% voted to remain in Scotland, it’s not even imaginable that the public in Scotland would be ‘switched’ off and we’ll all just treat it like some Xmas lead up.

    If you are going to join in then join in with insight and some craic, don’t just snipe away at peoples ‘grammar’ and stop insinuating just because someone can express their heartfelt through language you have been conditioned to react to as ‘bad’, that makes them ‘less than’. it doesn’t. But mostly don’t be ‘trite’.

    G’day tae ye.

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