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Box office gold

Posted on July 24, 2014 by

We suspect this isn’t one of the ones Mr Darling gets paid £10,000 for.


Still, only putting out 12 seats is one way to guarantee a “standing room only” crowd.

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    1. 24 07 14 23:10

      Box office gold | Scottish Independence News

    215 to “Box office gold”

    1. Andy smith says:

      I see Edinburgh city council have found a use for the old toilets on Morrison St.

    2. Croompenstein says:

      Probably got 20 grand the unashamed Flipper

    3. Tartan Tory says:

      Discounting ‘hired hands’, I make that an audience of about seven. HaHa Darling, you troughing Tory scapegoat!

    4. Doug Daniel says:

      “Would you like to listen to Alistair Darling talking?”

      “No thanks.”

    5. Croompenstein says:

      Flipper is saying “Right I’m not doing it are any of you up for debating with that bastirt Salmond?”

    6. Alister Meechan says:

      In fairness, standing room only at the back.

    7. Barry says:

      In fairness their crowd was cut in half with the volunteers away handing out those horrendous flags at the games.

    8. Drew McMorrin says:

      Saw that earlier I counted 15 excepting the speakers. Nuff said.

    9. tartanarse says:

      Typical Cybernattery. Photo clipping. There’s 350000 people in that room and WOS chooses only to show a a handful.

      Is it just me or is the young blonde looking at the camera with a “please help me”?

      Ally, you know all of the folks in the room. You can’t lie to yourself.

    10. Harry McAye says:

      Where did they put all the brooms?

    11. tartanarse says:

      “In fairness, standing room only at the back.”


    12. Paula Rose says:

      Rev dear – us cybernats are covering the sitting rooms.

    13. Sheena W says:

      Actually, this was when he came to Dundee to open the BT shop? office? and discounting the MP, MSP, Councillors and Labour payroll I make it three! Interestingly, it seemed sorely deficient in LibDems and Tories.

    14. James Westland says:

      Girl in blue and white spots top: Wish he’d finish …….

    15. Brian Mchugh says:

      Is that Darling asking; “who is up for taking the minutes?”

    16. heedtracker says:

      What a god awful depressing room! The whole Scottish nation waits just weeks away and this is all BetterTogether unionism can produce. I think they know they’re on the wrong side of Scotland’s history and it’s not a happy place to be:-)

    17. Brian Mchugh says:

      …it must be, cos the poor lass in the blue cardie with the white spots looks resigned to habing to do it again.

    18. Are they not his staff getting the duty rosta sorted!

    19. Brian Mchugh says:

      habing? ‘having’

    20. Democracy Reborn says:

      It’s like an AA meeting. “Hi, my name’s Alistair…..& I’m a unionholic”

    21. Dcanmore says:

      Somebody should have a quiet word in AD’s ear and say: ‘Alistair, when you have more posters on the wall than people in the audience, it’s time to give up.’ 🙂

    22. joe kane says:

      The very definition of a Better Together sell-out.

      It is standing room only hence defined in the Big Better Together dictionary of astroturfing as a roaring success.

      I’ve heard it’s against Health and Safety to have people so close to Flipper’s stroboscopic blinking in such a confined space.

    23. Murray McCallum says:

      Alistair just seems to ignore the hints about him insisting on making a speech. You can almost hear the groan from the crowd.

    24. Robert Bryce says:

      You’ve got to hand it to flipper. He’s packed out another venue.

      15 ukokers came out the closet today.

    25. Celyn says:

      Well, that looks like a really exciting and vibrant meeting. 🙂

    26. Brian Mchugh says:

      …Aye, standing room only for Alistair, by keeping the number of chairs in single digits… ie 9… check the photo. LOL

    27. dramfineday says:

      Interesting gender / age mix.

    28. Croompenstein says:

      The lassie in the middle is thinking “they told me it was a couple of days temping, Please make it stop!!”

    29. Thepnr says:

      Seriously they tell us No are ahead in the polls?

      This is not possible, where are the enthusiastic No campaigners? There are very few and I’ve never saw one. I do now though everyday see more and more obvious signs of Yes supporters in cars, windows and gardens.


    30. Paula Rose says:

      Boys stop pulling things, the world is watching.

    31. heedtracker says:

      That No thanks branding flip flop’s a freakin disaster too. It’ll Fatboy MacFat with millions of Vitoil cash swilling around and sweaty palm panic setting in. At least with bettertogether, you could kid yourself you’ll maybe get a ride off it but now, No thanks.

    32. Grouse Beater says:

      Don’t kid yourselves!

      The room could only hold 20, the other five thousand are outside on Arthur’s Seat watching Darling on a large screen.

    33. Patrician says:

      Is Mr Darling used to talking to such large crowds? That must 2 or 3 times the size of a usual No Scotland meeting.

    34. Paula Rose says:

      I didn’t mean you Thepnr dear.

    35. Lesley-Anne says:

      That must really be a very interesting talk our wee Darling is giving. How do I know that? Well the grey haired woman in the front nearest the camera is NOT even looking at him she’s looking out the window! 😛

    36. BuckieBraes says:

      Any actor will tell you there’s nothing like a venue which provides that special intimacy with your audience. This seems to be taking it to extremes, though – it’s almost painful to look at.

    37. heedtracker says:

      Its like getting trapped in one of those Spanish time share presentations that you have to attend for a free dinner coupon. If Flipper’s wearing a head mike, they’re stuck in that room til they sign up for something from the miserable old shyster.

    38. Andy smith says:

      Just enlarged photo,what a miserable looking lot,if this is them winning I’d hate to see them on a bad day, or maybe they’re all just celebrating Scotland’s excellent day at the medals! how did that happen,did no one tell those athletes they’re too wee and stupid ?

    39. Luigi says:

      That;s what you call a sold-out broom cupboard.

    40. Paula Rose says:

      Behind you.

    41. R-type Grunt says:

      Is AD the new Doctor Who in this post BBC cutback Tardis? Probably the only job he’ll get after September.

      And the Brucie Bonus is we won’t get it. Win-win!

    42. Ian Brotherhood says:

      That crowd was tempted in with an offer of tea and biscuits – one packet of Hobnobs was sufficient.

    43. Lesley-Anne says:

      Right one last time to make sure I’ve got this right.

      That’s 4 pints of lager.

      4 Sherries.

      2 Gin and Tonics.

      3 Vodkas and orange.

      1 Coke, you’re under 18 sonny.

      2 bottles of Becks

      2 pints of Guiness.

      Right off we go.

      Oi.. Darling don’t forget my packet of Salt and Vinegar crisps.

      Oh right, so that’s 3 pints of Guiness.

      5 bottles of Becks….

    44. M4rkyboy says:

      That’s some nice paintwork on the doorframe and skirting.

    45. Robert Peffers says:

      Thing is – if your meeting is in a phone box, it’s packed, standing room only, and your sure to have at least 50% of the packed crowd agree with you, (if you vote for yourself).

      Mind too, that you’re going to get a standing ovation.

      I’ve had bigger unplanned meetings just out walking the wee dug. She’s a real cuty and a trained Therapet. She wants to greet and befriend everyone. Very few people can resist her welcome. Great wee campainer for YES.

    46. donald anderson says:

      “Yeah! Revolution man. Get out here and sock it to ’em. Gawd Save the Queen.”

    47. heedtracker says:

      Its actually outrageous that Darling has the sheer gall to call himself a LABOUR MP and its not just him taking money from big health care business too. What the fcuk are they advising private health care companies on the make anyway, What a total fraud on Scotland Labour is.

      “Others who have benefitted include Mr Darling’s former Labour cabinet colleagues Alan Milburn and Patricia Hewitt who were both former Health Secretaries. Hewitt was a former advisor to Cinven and landed a lucrative £55,000 role with the firm after standing down as an MP.

      When in office, Milburn received tens of thousands of pounds from several firms involved in private health care.”

    48. TYRAN says:

      That young female looks entirely out of place in that setting. She is thinking of Yes.

    49. cearc says:

      The VoteNobsuKok donor that keeps on giving.

      I wonder if The Independent have had any mis-spelt letters from his lawyers yet?

    50. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well let’s put it this Tyran. If she was not thinking of voting YES before she ended up in the broom cupboard she is DEFINITELY thinking of it now… or committing suicide if Darling doesn’t shut up in the next 5 seconds. 😛

    51. WRH2 says:

      There is just something bizarre about that room. No Thanks posters all over the place. Just how welcoming does that look? How much did BTUKOKNT pay Saatchi and Saatchi to come up with that logo? I love the big sign behind AD though. It looks like the people who have been given no choice and are having to attend whether they like it or not, are trying to give him a hint but he’s not taking it. Thick or what?

    52. heedtracker says:

      Here we go. Arise Lord Darling, you saved teamGB, take your position at the trough, between Lord Foulkes and Baroness Goldy. Alphabetical troughing for life. Rule Britannia

    53. Lesley-Anne says:

      What? 😛

    54. caz-m says:

      BBC Scotland and STV must have agreed to a joint attack on the YES campaign tonight.

      On Scotland 2014 Smith asked, why bother supporting YES when the bookies obviously know best. She said that the bookies are showing NO well ahead, and that they are never wrong.

      Then over on STV Scotland Tonight, Rona asked Jim Sillars why he was continuing with the fight for Independence, when the Polls clearly show that NO is going to win.

      It was a planned joint attack on the YES campaign by BBC Scotland and STV.

      Jim Sillars reminded her that the Polls were pish and YES would finish with a 55% majority win.


    55. Papadox says:

      A wee pep talk before we spring into action, says Big Al.

      The rest are all thinking “for fuck sake naw another fresh start, is he getting paid for this pish”

    56. Auld Rock says:

      We had around 130 mainly young people with a few oldies at the Yestival Concert in the Mareel Arts Centre Lerwick last night and we didn’t have such a “big name” as AD present, LOL. We also were competing with the opening ceremony from Glesca.

      Auld Rock

    57. Oneironaut says:

      @joe kane
      “I’ve heard it’s against Health and Safety to have people so close to Flipper’s stroboscopic blinking in such a confined space.”

      Not to mention that being trapped in a confined space with him introduces the possibility of either being bored to death by his voice or suffocated by one of his oversized eyebrows!

    58. Grouse Beater says:

      Caz-M: why bother supporting YES when the bookies obviously know best.

      In that case I’ve lost £200, or had I won, £1,000.

      Assistant had to make a call to head office before accepting a bet on Yes. It has a limit. No limit on No bets. Hoo haar!

      The guy behind the glass seemed pleased my bet was on Yes. I asked him why.

      “Because,” he said, rolling up a sleeve, “I’ve been convinced of it since the Nineties.”

      And to my astonishment he had tattooed down his arm two of the best lines from the Declaration of Arbroath, and in the original font type!!!

      Now, that’s conviction.

    59. Ian Brotherhood says:

      WOS will, at some point tomorrow, publish the 250,000th comment.

      Quite a landmark. Let’s be alert, and make sure it isn’t some boring shite from The Troll With A Thousand Faces.

    60. Dcanmore says:

      Just out of shot is a mightily pissed off Gordon the Gopher having been temporarily evicted.

    61. TJenny says:

      Ian – did you not mean ‘the troll with the thousand faeces’? 🙂

    62. David Wardrope says:

      More posters than people

    63. Ian Brotherhood says:

      If AD is so trustworthy, why is the big dude in the front row shielding his baws?

      Also, does anyone know the identity of the munchkin standing to AD’s left?

    64. heedtracker says:

      Brian Wilson doing his Doctor Death vote no stuff with Pat Kane on Newsnight. Bloody hell Wilson’s a dreary old git.

    65. Lesley-Anne says:

      Sorry I’m just loving Pat Kane rip apart Brian Wilson on Newsnight. What a MUPPET Wilson is and Pat Kane is ribbing him stupid over that fact. 😛

    66. msean says:

      Just saw that with Pat Kane on Newsnight,a bit of comedy gold to end the evening.

    67. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @TJenny –

      If we added up all the submissions from ED, NW, Duggie etc, it would surely be well into four figures. And you’re right – they are ‘droppings’ rather than ‘comments’.

    68. David Wardrope says:

      @ian brotherhood

      I’ll not post tomorrow as my posts are generally inane pish, but it’s a great landmark to hit for a great discussion platform

    69. caz-m says:

      Grouse Beater
      “In that case I’ve lost £200, or had I won, £1,000”

      I have £100 on an over 55% win at 6/1.

      I am totally confident that I will be picking up £700 on the 19th September.

      That will help cover some of the bar bill for our Independence Victory party.

    70. Lesley-Anne says:

      I think Pat Kane was enjoying himself far too much there msean. It was like looking at the black and white of the situation with Wilson being the dourest blackest example anyone could find. I think Pat was just loving the opportunity to constantly rib Wilson stupid. 😛

    71. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @David Wardrope –

      Too harsh on yourself mister.

      Every comment counts – that’s why this site has been so successful, and why the morning-rolls (even the very good ones) fail so spectacularly.

    72. haud on the noo says:

      I’ll pay off the mortgage if its over 55% but not the point.

      Pat Kane owned him, destroyed him and Wilson came over as as an anachronism , bitter nasty evl little shit, hatred oozing from every orrifice, part of the dead past and destined for
      the shit heap of history.

      Despise some of these £#£££ that run their own countrymen down.

    73. Lesley-Anne says:

      David Wardrope says:

      @ian brotherhood

      I’ll not post tomorrow as my posts are generally inane pish, but it’s a great landmark to hit for a great discussion platform

      Well if your posts are inane pish David what the hell does that make mine? Being the village idiot for this site I think my posts are generally accepted as being the most idiotic around. 😛

    74. Tîm Criced i Gymru says:

      Again ‘our state media’ here are a disgrace…condescending link on BB-all-at-Sea homepage states: “PADANIA? Eight places in Europe that also want independence”. Well hello, wake up and smell the Guinness and Welsh cakes(yes, I know, cringingly stereotypical!!), but CYMRU/Wales and the North-east of Ireland at the very least have got something to say about that, notwithstanding Kernow and Mannin and care to name a few others?! Watch this space when you in ALBA break free on Sept.19th…. BTW, getting fed up to the back teeth of the Beeb’s blatant intrusion. Commonwealth Games for a kick-off -ANY feeble excuse to show Union flags, anywhere, everywhere – don’t tell me they’re unbiased in their coverage of anything anymore. BBSeen-to-be-believed…We’ve seen right through your little tricks …you’re pathetic and the sooner the better you realise you’re not going to be the bees knees of broadcasting much longer.

    75. Fay Sinclair says:

      Looks like an extra from Star Trek has accidentally wandered in at the back there. Set phasers to scaremonger!

    76. caz-m says:

      Sky News Press Preview 11.30pm,

      Labour’s Tessa Jowall agrees 100% with the Tory Minister who put a block on the Red Arrows using Blue and White smoke during the Commonwealth Games Ceremony.

      She said,

      “This is Glasgow’s Games not Scotland’s and the Red Arrows represent the whole of the UK not one particular Country inside it”.

      Then she had the usual Labour Party attack on Alex Salmond.

      Labour are really pressing all the right buttons to win over the Labour vote in Scotland, aren’t they. (NOT)

      London Labour are so out of touch with the people of Scotland now.

      They are finished up here.

      Totally toxic.

    77. Defo says:

      Flipper to assembled throng – “…and remember, on the doorsteps, if anyone starts telling you ‘facts’, or says anything about that bastirt Campbell and his lying website, mark down the address & we’ll have our sash wearing friends deal with it. Now fly my pretties, fly. ”

      Ian Brotherhood says:
      “WOS will, at some point tomorrow, publish the 250,000th comment.”

      Why does that remind me of Voyager leaving the solar system?

    78. Lesley-Anne says:

      I usually watch the paper review on Sky News but I refuse to do so when that pathetic excuse of a Labour politician, Jowell, is on I can NOT stand that woman. ARGH!

    79. Defo says:

      Lesley-Anne says:

      “Well if your posts are inane pish David what the hell does that make mine? Being the village idiot for this site I think my posts are generally accepted as being the most idiotic around. :P”

      L-A. Your an inspiration to us all. End of.

    80. Lesley-Anne says:

      Why thank you ever so much kind sir. I doff my hat to you sir. 😉

    81. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Defo –


      Imagine some superior life-form accessing our communications, and the first thing they pick up is ED/Norsey/Duggie giving it “…the SNP has no such mandate…the United Kingdom is constitutionally bladdy-bladdy-blah…” etc.

      After recovering from the intolerable boredom thereby induced, they’d shift their search for ‘intelligent life’ elsewhere.

    82. SquareHaggis says:

      Thorry but,

      Thara Thmith theems dethidedly un-Thcottish.

    83. Hood says:

      Knew I had seen some of Ali’s fans (the Darlingettes) before, see pic

      and probably more.

    84. mogabee says:

      Ian Brotherhood

      That little “munchkin” (good name BTW) is Jim McGovern!

    85. Lesley-Anne says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Defo –


      Imagine some superior life-form accessing our communications, and the first thing they pick up is ED/Norsey/Duggie giving it “…the SNP has no such mandate…the United Kingdom is constitutionally bladdy-bladdy-blah…” etc.

      After recovering from the intolerable boredom thereby induced, they’d shift their search for ‘intelligent life’ elsewhere.

      Well we could always ask these friendly aliens if they wouldn’t mind returning to Scotland in 2016 when as an independent country we’d have a far better and more intelligent politician for them to listen in to. 😛

    86. BuckieBraes says:

      The two pictures must have been taken on the same day in Dundee – as Sheena W indicates above – unless nobody in Darling’s coterie possesses a change of clothes.

      ‘Around 50 campaigners squeezed themselves into the small space being rented by Better Together on Panmure Street for Mr Darling’s address,’ purred the Courier last Saturday.

    87. goldenayr says:

      Hey Rev.

      I give thanks to those whaur bold
      I give thanks,we care for the auld
      I give thanks,oor hearts not sold

      But most of all

      With our heart and soul

      I give thanks

      We hae none tae tae fold.

    88. bugsbunny says:

      To be fair after they took that photo, all bar the old dears left, as they others found out they were getting lectured on the importance of the anniversary of WW1 by Alistair Darling, instead of a lecture on the Parody of WW1 by Captain Darling:(of Blackadder Fame, actor Tim McInnerny).

      Mind you, I don’t know who would get the bigger laugh? Alistair telling us were all in it together/better together, or Tim reminiscing about Baldrick’s antics in the trenches? Who needs the writing of Ben Elton, when you have Daily Mail type speech writers? Twats.

      And DR WHO “Scots” writer Steven Moffat having a go at Alec Salmond on the first new Dr Who series on BBC1 on Saturday 20th September, by saying, in a Scot’s accent, (obviously), “With eyebrows like these, they should declare themselves an independent state”. Well Steven “Better Together” Moffat, I will re-write that scene with Darling in mind. It goes something like this?

      “With eyebrows like these, they should declare themselves two faced lying bawbags, who will try every trick in the book to win this election. Because we are “better together cheating lying cunts”.

      How about that Dr “we hate Scotland, even when we are Scottish actors, because like David Tennant, we have no fucking conscience” Who.


    89. goldenayr says:


      Stu,fawr gawds sake gie us an edit…..,,_=[];,.(was that four dots?),or a reply.

    90. Hood says:


      AH ok, missed Sheena W’s post, sorry, was too busy searching for the other pic I had seen before. Just presumed the one Stu posted was recent, oh well just wasted a good 10mins counting them 😀

    91. SquareHaggis says:

      Lassie in second row looking dumfoonert as mr D steps out from behind the display board revealing the angry caterpillars:

      “When thay sias come in for a broo, I didna ken there’d be two of them!”

    92. goldenayr says:


      Don’t know if y’seen it earlier?


      Will repeat it until you agree.

    93. SquareHaggis says:

      Hey goldenayr,

      Nae sweat bud, it was my balls up.

      Unreservedly fae mysel tae yer good sel.

    94. goldenayr says:


      Fae wan f’up tae anither..Aye,it wis you. 😀

    95. X_Sticks says:

      Now, now SQ, don’t mock the afflicted.

      Village idol, more like 🙂

      Really enjoying the English Commonwealth Games, aren’t you? The establishment is doing a brilliant job eradicating all things Scottish from the coverage. The theft of our games will not go un-noticed among those not yet persuaded 😀

      That’s me just caught up and now Zebedee is nippin ma heid. Phew! Night all.

    96. goldenayr says:

      Richt,thats ane apology.

      Ane mair.


      Bigger apology tae you.

      Come Sunday Y’ll ken me by the black tape across mah gub.

      (ah just hope a’body else does the same)

    97. Angus says:

      14 people, the same amount of blinks darling can do per second!

    98. Lesley-Anne says:

      How about village idollic idiot X_Sticks? That has a some what je ne sais quoi about it don’t you think? 😉

      Tell Zebedee to behave or I’ll send Brian in to deal with him X_Sticks 😛

    99. Angus says:

      14 people is the same number of blinks darling can do per second!

    100. goldenayr says:


      Zeb is in my bed.

      X nicked him for a while and I’m claiming him back.

      (Not actually true,in the sixties,seventies and even through to the nineties,code for “bed”,sleep or otherwise,was “Zebidee is calling”)*

      * still not true,there are alternate existences where Zeb displayed the manifold truth…there is no absolute truth.

    101. JimnArlene says:

      WOW! How can we hold back this army of NAE soldiers. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, as those in polite society might say………… Get it richt roond ye Darlin’.

    102. goldenayr says:


      Condensed version would be…


    103. Truth says:

      The girl in the spots is saying: “I was told there was a “wee darling” making a speech today”. “Stitched me up good, so they huv!”

    104. goldenayr says:


      If this is a photo caption?

      Anti-ATOS campaigners ask “Are the caterpillars edible?”

    105. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      Good to see democracy in action and Better Together – No Thanks are packing out their venues as well.

      Alistair Darling has still got that pulling power and charisma of old when he was in charge of the economy of both worlds.

    106. goldenayr says:

      Dr JM Mackintosh

      Richt,that’s twa photie captions…wha’s next?

    107. CameronB Brodie says:

      OT. I have asked where the moral authority rests, compelling Scotland to continue subsidising rUK. Well I thought Oxfordshire born and London based novelist and historian, Tom Holland, might have an answer. He didn’t, other than a shared history of global colonisation. Myopic, metropolitan fail. 😉

    108. CameronB Brodie says:

      moral authority = moral duty

    109. Dr JM Mackintosh says:



    110. goldenayr says:

      CameronB Brodie

      It is now a vision,of what can be?

      As opposed to what will be.

      I’ll let the reader decide on which side fate falls.

      I will say this however.Not long ago I advocated fighting the trolls in cyberspace.I reasoned if no one put the alternate view across,then they would by default.

      I have reconsidered my stance and,based on 12yrs+ argument,all I have to conclude is…

      They feed of our insecurities


      Use information as if it’s manna.


      No matter how good it makes you feel.

    111. goldenayr says:

      Doc Jim

      Goes without saying.

    112. CameronB Brodie says:

      I suppose you could call the article I linked, ‘troll food’. However, I would hope we are close enough to the decision date, that folk won’t get tangled in arguments about ancient history. I just thought I would link to what Brutishness apparently means. An ‘inspired’ final four paragraphs, what? 🙂

    113. CameronB Brodie says:

      Brutishness = British

      Perhaps Freudian, though more like bad eyes. 🙂

    114. goldenayr says:

      Ooh,just reread my 01:52 post(with the new glasses).

      First error.

      “then they would by default”

      Should read.

      “then they would win by default”

      Second error

      “They feed of our insecurities”

      Should be.

      “They feed off our insecurities”

      (Not sure I was’t right the first time.)

    115. goldenayr says:

      Cam B

      Et tu…iterum?

    116. goldenayr says:

      Cam B

      I’m really good at fucking up.

      The “again”(iterum) was not a reference to you but to the project fear keech.

      Just reread it and realised.

    117. CameronB Brodie says:

      Boing, time for bed. 😉

    118. goldenayr says:

      Cam B

      Did y’miss the “r” in “boing”?

      Oichde mhath.

      Dinnae let the bed bugs bite.

    119. YoungNED says:

      I particularly love how you have to stare directly at this BT office in Dundee (ignoring the giant Yes flag next door) in order to find it because it is so out of the way, corporate and bland looking.

      By contrast, our Yes info hub is blue, big and on a host of bus routes. Dundee is Yes City and I can’t wait for those across the tay to catch up. 🙂

    120. Faltdubh says:

      Dundee and Glesgae will both vote 55% plus for Yes.

    121. macart763m says:

      That cupboard is packed from corner to corner. 😀

    122. donald anderson says:

      “…, then after I left Fettes I went to Uni to become a boy revolutionary, where I joined the International Marxist Group, where my career began zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…”

    123. Arabs for Independence says:

      Notice Marlyn Glen former Lab MSP in photo

    124. Davy says:

      Is that one of those ‘No-Thanks’ public meetings, that you need to get a special invite to attend as nobody knows where they are until the last minute ?

    125. thoughtsofascot says:

      @Tîm Criced i Gymru

      Some more propaganda at work in that BBC link too. Many of the nationalist movements they linked or referenced to were on the far right(Northern League/ Flemish Alliance) , or have used terrorism as a means to an end(ETA/ Corsica).

      The intention is pretty clear. Tar and feather.

      (here is an image with all European independence movements)

      Some of them would be just too close for comfort for the BBC I imagine, so they had to pick some of the worst examples to make their point.

    126. Juteman says:

      The BBC just had to show an article on bowling from the North British Bowling Club in Glasgow. No sign of Broonie though.

    127. Boorach says:

      So that’s what a rally looks like!

    128. Sinky says:

      And they were gone in a blink of an eyelid

    129. Dougie Bee says:

      The grey haired lady has just seen a squirrel…OH LOOK A SQUIRREL…xxx

    130. Amazing how the BBC managed to do this morning’s youth bowls piece from the North British Bowling Club!!

      Pity they didn’t tell the world the name came from the NB Loco Works, whose staff bowling club it once was.

      And how nice of the Renicks Sisters to thank “Breakfast” for having them on after their gold medal wins.

    131. Robert Peffers says:

      The overall feeling inspired by the photo is one of doom, despair and negativity. With all those NO posters on the walls how could it be otherwise.

    132. Free Scotland says:

      Flipper is saying: “Good news, guys. Whats-her-name Lamont has donated a box of wigs and several changes of clothing for each of you, so we should be able to make several photo-shoots like this one and still give the impression of being inundated with offers of support. Also, we have to vary the Irn-Bru bottle thing in case we blow our cover.”

    133. Bunter says:

      On call Kayeee looks like she is going to avoid the big commonwealth games success story over all the front pages of the papers this morning, and instead discuss OAP’s drinking too much.

      I thought call Kayeee just loved regurgitating front page Britnat press stories, but maybe only bad uns connected to indy.

    134. Early Ball says:

      BBC Scotland news website going for it. Main page has no references to Scottish gold at the Games. Does mention Stimpson gold for England and Mo Farrah is out of the games.

      They really do not care any more and a picture of the England cycling team.

    135. caz-m says:

      BBC Radio Scotland GMS seems happy enough to bring the CBI back into the fold again.

      Oh how reassuring it was to hear John Cridland of the CBI get a free, uninterrupted rant on GMS about how the UK economy is going to be the strongest economy in the whole Universe. (So just vote NO).

      BBC Scotland is a fully paid up member of the CBI. And the CBI is a fully paid up member of Better Together.

      So your license fee is being used to support this anti-Independence organisation.

      I wonder how the UK economy would be doing if you took out the figures for London and South East of England.

    136. Tattie-bogle says:

      they are all getting a bollocking for not turning up in glasgow to hand out double sided flags

    137. caz-m says:


      It’s 8.40am so BBC Scotland GMS know that most car radios are turned off because the people have arrived at their work.

      It’s also the school holidays, so all those that do the school run don’t have their radios on either.

      It must be safe enough now then to talk about all the medals we won at the games yesterday.

    138. john king says:

      Is the woman with the white hair looking out the window wishing she were somewhere else, anywhere.

    139. Free Scotland says:

      That blonde lassie is super-cute. What a shame she’s wasting her life sitting around with a bunch of no-hopers!

    140. john king says:

      Anybody ever noticed how miserable tho no crowd are and in contrast you look at a yes crowd picture and everyones smiling,
      whys that then? 🙂

    141. R-type Grunt says:

      That’s 3 weeks now since BBC Scotland’s morning phone-in covered independence.

    142. YESGUY says:

      O/T folks

      Trying hard to plug “Caledonia ” by the The Libations a cracking version and ALL THE MONEY GOES TO FOOD BANK CHARITIES.

      Pleas give it a listen and buy on Sunday 27th July when released.


      Or visit website

      No one is more generous than Wingers and i shamefully ask you to give a wee bit more for a cracking cause.

      21st Century and people are going hungry ….we can help.

      Thank you all .

    143. caz-m says:

      Nicola Sturgeon and Anas Sarwar will debate today on Inequality in Scotland.

      You would have thought that our caring Kaye at GMS would have used this topic on her phone-in today.

      No chance, it might encourage people to vote YES.

      Link to debate,

      Focus on Inequality
      Oxfam Scotland
      Friday, 25 July 2014 from 09:30 to 13:00 (BST)

    144. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Welcome and Induction Reception for the Liverpool volunteers just bused in.

    145. Nana Smith says:

      Thoughts from the twisted mind of a BT no hoper…

    146. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Anybody seen Flipper’s family, apart from Jaker Rolling?

    147. ScottieDog says:

      Looks like there’s a tax payer funded poster on the wall for each attendee to take away…

      Standby for the uk house of cards economy to implode….

      Wouldn’t imagine he’ll do it until after I dared although I might be wrong.

      Good article about the uk ‘growth’ strategy…

    148. ScottieDog says:

      Grr autocorrect..
      Should have read “shouldn’t imagine he’ll do it till after indyref but I might be wrong”

    149. Girl in blue and white spots top > and the killer look.

      ‘NO KIDS’ event !

      ‘Seriously Dad; this was your last chance. Is this meant to be the positive case ? I thought you said this was going to be very grass roots and have ‘all’ the NO kids here, but …’

    150. ronnie anderson says:

      For any of you’s wanting to flex your Intalectual wherewithall,please do so, that includes your knowledge of the Referendum, please do so. BUT for FSaky dont feed the TROLLS, that should have been a good day Yesterdayin discussion on those Questions,but some of you’s allowed a TROLL to distract you. It was so bad yesterday I had to go to YES Scotland Site at least the Trolls there have smaller posts alltho repetative.

    151. scottish_skier says:

      Something that should be made clear to the soft Nos / DKs.

      If you want more petty crap like the red/white/blue arrows stuff, to keep on waking up to ‘Salmond accused’ headlines every day in newspapers not from your country. To be told you’ll be chucked out of the EU, have no currency, be ostracised by the international community, that you are racist, hate the English and watch Braveheart all the time…. That your country is too wee, too poor and too stupid to go it alone… vote No in September. This will ensure another good few years of this s***e day after day in addition to the fringe benefits of Tory rule etc.

      If you want it all to stop and things to become normal so that you can go about your daily lives like people in other countries can… vote for the party you support every 4-5 years or so and see them represented in government…vote Yes.

      This is at least 70 years in the making and has grown every year, from the national covenant in 1949, to the devolution referendums in 1979 then 1997, to the SNP governments in 2007 then to 2011, to the referendum in 8 weeks.

      The only way to end it all is Yes vote. Then life returns to normal and if the red arrows fly past, it will be as a friendly gesture as for wee independent Malta.

    152. Flower of Scotland says:

      O/t thanks sky news. At least they have just had the story of Fallon hijacking the red arrows BLUE and WHITE trails for Scotland, and changing them to The UK colours. It was actually a news item!

    153. Lewy Tee Bee says:

      I walk past that BT office every single day in Dundee.There is never anyone in apart from a lonely looking guy in a suit.
      Says it all really.

    154. Oneironaut says:

      @David Wardrope
      “I’ll not post tomorrow as my posts are generally inane pish”

      That never stops me posting.
      Yes supporter pish is far superior in quality to No supporter pish anyway! 😉

    155. galamcennalath says:

      Faltdubh says:
      “Dundee and Glesgae will both vote 55% plus for Yes.”

      But what about Aberdeen and Edinburgh?

      Just thinking, that will leave even more bitterness if some cities are No, some Yes, and No win. That would leave a lot of bad feeling towards those who let is down!

    156. ronnie anderson says:

      Here’s a thought fur today would you let the Red Arrows BLAW smoke up your arse, dont feed the Trolls.

    157. Macart says:


      We’ve come a long road. 🙂

    158. Finnz says:

      Robert Bryce says:
      24 July, 2014 at 11:03 pm
      You’ve got to hand it to flipper. He’s packed out another venue.

      15 ukokers came out the closet today.

      No. 15 ukokers came into the closet today

    159. heedtracker says:

      Why do the liggers keep using a tattered old Scotland flag photo? Christ knows what people visiting Scotland must think of this farce outfit or Scotland.

    160. galamcennalath says:

      Saw a nice phrase which rather appeals ….

      “Scotland’s time as a caterpillar has expired. Her wings are ready.”

    161. Harry McAye says:

      Sick of this English based media, it really wears you down and does nothing to help my blood pressure. Let’s just be like other countries and produce tv for Scots, by Scots. Is that so craaaazy? Sky papers this morning, words fail you, their sheer contempt for us is breathtaking.

    162. galamcennalath says:

      heedtracker says:
      Why do the liggers keep using a tattered old Scotland flag photo?

      At this stage we must assume nothing is accidental or coincidence. Everything will be packed with subliminal messages.

      Especially from the State controlled B-ministry-of-truth-BC

    163. Haggis Hunter says:

      Seen the bald guy at the back, he was at the Angus show’s No Thanks tent. He seems to be in all the No thanks photos.
      Telt him am voting Yes because I’m sick of media bullying, the more aggressive he got the more I steered him up 🙂

    164. thoughtsofascot says:

      The whole Red arrow debacle, along with the anthem and the flags are Microaggressions. On their own they are small and relatively insignificant, but those little indignities towards Scots build up and stick. The goal of microaggressions is usually to make the target feel not only inferior, but somewhat irrational about getting worked up over small things, which then plays right into the “aggressors” stereotype of the target.

    165. caz-m says:

      Ronnie Anderson

      Did you get any update on PQ3 for Sunday Ronnie.

      And fully agree with you, stop feeding the trolls.

      They are only on here to distract you.

    166. X_Sticks says:

      Macart says:

      “We’ve come a long road”

      Aye, Macart, but the end is in sight, and it ends in Yes!

    167. Silver19 says:

      Looking at the photo of the BT mob above not one of the them look very happy to be there, Also most of them have their arms in a guarded position and have a few have armed crossed not very relaxed. It’s like some have been forced out of the lovely Scottish sun shine to listen to this failed so called MP.

    168. heraldnomore says:

      Who mentioned GMS and KwithanE? It’s times like this, after two weeks away from home, that you realise some things are just habits; like a certain newspaper once was, or smoking; dirty habits.

      Gonna go for it, cold turkey next week.

      Missed them? Didn’t even realise they weren’t there.

      And down here in North Wales some great responses to badges and car stickers, including one fine chap running across a car park to catch us before leaving, just to wish us luck in September.

      If the CG had been in, say, Cardiff, would the Arras have been trailing red, white and green smoke? I think we know the answer to that one; they’d have been more like fire breathing dragons.

    169. Luigi says:

      O/T thanks sky news. At least they have just had the story of Fallon hijacking the red arrows BLUE and WHITE trails for Scotland, and changing them to The UK colours. It was actually a news item!

      It would have been so easy for the red arrows to draw a white diagonal cross in the sky over Celtic Park. Just for the occasion. What a wonderful, firendly gesture that would have been.

      Unfortunately, this was beyond them. I guess those uppity jocks may have taken it the wrong way.

    170. Ken500 says:

      Scotland has 10 medals

      Pro rata top of the table


    171. Dorothy Devine says:

      The lassie in the and white pots is almost as good as the “Dave at the porridge factory ” photos!

      Her desperation is palpable.

    172. Dorothy Devine says:

      SPOTS not pots!

    173. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Nana Smith re S/Reporter comments, ah canny express masel properly, ah canny use word like British Bullshite Propaganda Machine, ave goat tae put( Bullshine )but whit a load of bull from William Loneskiean nay wunner he,s Loneskie spouting pish awe oor the place .

    174. heedtracker says:

      @ galamcennalath, it’s a very nasty if routine insult to Scotland by the BBC but to keep using a tattered Saltire flag, well imagine any where else in the world being treated like this and especially during the Common Wealth games when a lot of people across the world are watching.

      Even if you do want Scotland to remain a UKOK region, it’s still a gross insult to said region. It’s like war propaganda, relentlessly monstering the enemy, while your enemy pays your wages. Or just rule Britannia insanity I tells ye! Reevel Alderson better be get his Scottish P45 on the 19th Sept for this raggedy Scotland flag insult alone.

      It’s actually Canadian visitors here that asked me what was wrong, why such a old flag etc.

    175. Ronnie says:

      I can’t understand why the media haven’t picked up this reminder, in an earlier post, of the occasion when the Red Arrows DID make blue and white smoke only – at the opening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999.

      Incidentally, I think that the ‘blue-cardy’ girl is the one hiding half her face behind AD.

      I’m sure she’d rather have been somewhere else.

    176. Luigi says:

      The big MSM news today is not Scottish success at the games. The big story seems to the be that the economic recovery of the UK is far greater than originally forecast. The green shoots of UK recovery are the best in the world! See how better together we are?

      Don’t mention that at the Food Bank!

    177. Nana Smith says:

      @ronnie anderson

      Ah Ronnie you have a fine way with words….your comment on that british bullshit propoganda article is superb.

    178. Luigi says:

      Pardon my ignorance, but I was not aware that our national flag had tattered edges (and is also much smaller than the Union Flag).

      I stand corrected.

      Thank you, BBC.

    179. MrsIhatetheBBC says:

      Post 19th September will show the world that we are big enough even though England think we are not capable of looking after and running our own affairs that we can, it will be a massive land to Yes keep the faith.

    180. Clootie says:

      I have not seen a lot of the games but the clips I have seen of Scotland’s gold medal winners all have the sound muted for Flower of Scotland? Has anyone seen a clip of it being played full volume with the athlete on the podium?

    181. heraldnomore says:

      How’s the CG coverage from PQ?

      Right now I can watch Wales on the judo mat, Wales on the badminton court, or Wales on the hockey field.

      So I’m assuming you guys have wall to wall saltires…

    182. YESGUY says:

      I noticed a while back that NT voters are the most dour, sour face buggers. Since they have little positive to offer it must be getting them down .

      Sooner or later they are gonna realise that they are on the losing team and watch them turn on each other like the rats they are.

      Bloody BBC were utterly shite during the . And who the f**k is barowmore . A yank pretendy Scot ???

      Auld shouty had me cringing. I have had, on occasion the urge to kick my telly in , but last nights shouty man had me reaching for the off button and i swear i could still hear the bugger and i’m south east of Edinburgh.

      Still we won some medals and now the EBC will spoil our day by concentrating on the British OOOPPs English athletes . So if your reading this “well done Scots” , after indi we will show re-runs of your achievements to the whole world.

      P.S I am having a hard time finding NO voters. I know they are out there coz Wings says so , but where exactly as i canny find any near my area to have a wee debate with.

      Sept 18th….. Landslide for YES +65% and yes i have a wee wager on it with Mr W. Hill.

    183. Muscleguy says:

      Indeed, I can understand the union flag being tattered as that is the flag of the entity under attack. Unless it is a veiled threat to make us just another region after a No vote? That is the only context in which the Saltire being tattered makes any sense.

      Mind you logic and reason seem to be in short supply at PQ at the moment.

    184. liheartScotland says:

      Scottish Skier,
      Both my dads parents signed the ’49 covenant. My dad remembers well how Westminster conveniently ignored the will of 2 million Scots.

    185. David Wardrope says:


      Have to say I know of only one definite no voter, and I work with a large organisation. This speaks more to me than any poll. Also, finally got round to ordering a Yes Saltire, got one for my brother too who was considering putting one up but when the house across his street erected a flagpole with the union flag on it, that threw him over the edge.

    186. Dan Huil says:

      Not quite a quorum. A simulacrum?

    187. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’ve posted this before but I think it might show the power of the MSM, in terms of creating a consensus. Here we are thinking everything is hunky-dory, when Britain is actually one of the least socially mobile ‘countries’ in the developed world (Figure 2).

    188. ronnie anderson says:

      BBC Demo Sunday 2pm.

      Just to remind all the Wingers attending the Demo MARK

      COBURN will be collecting donations for MARYHILL FOODBANK,

      also at the W O S Table we will take donations for same.

      Give as You can afford to give, Thanks.

    189. Kev says:

      Well folks im boycotting the English Broadcasting Corporation Coverage of Scotland’s games today, taking a half day and going to soak up some of the atmosphere around town. Kind of hoping i bump into a BBC camera so I can give them a piece of my mind, but after last night’s shocking coverage in the pool I am not tolerating another nite in, I nearly bricked ma telly and no doubt upset the neighbours with the abuse I was hurlin at it.

      The BBC will pay a heavy price for this, people are fuming, overheard people on the bus today complaning about it, I hope folk descend in their thousands on PQ on Sunday, its the very least we can all do, how dare they do this to a nation, enough!!

    190. Training Day says:

      Looks like Pippa, Poppy and Prue imported from BBC London to Pacific Quay to ‘enhance’ BBC Scotland’s referendum coverage thought it would be a sporting wheeze to depict the Saltire in a state of disrepair.

      On second thoughts, there’s enough rats in Pacific Quay already to revel in the degradation of Scotland’s flag.

    191. heedtracker says:

      @ Muscleguy, a ragged Scotland flag at this time and during the games is an astonishing achievement, even for these bizarre characters but there’s no pretence of BBC neutrality now. Vote no or else.

      If we do lose, I hope there’s at least some way of devolving broadcasting in the future because we can’t go on being forced to pay to be routinely mocked and insulted day after day by the BBC. Nowhere in the world would any country or region tolerate the BBC attacking them.

    192. Macart says:


      If this referendum can rouse a cynical old fart like me to bang on a drum, I know we can do it. 😀

    193. ronnie anderson says:

      @ caz_m we,re at the Imax as you said, the Arc bridge is open, we intend to be there by 12.30,wear a top with plenty pockets to hold badges,Gerry has left 2 new Wings banners with us as he,s in Dunnoon but hoping for a lift on Sunday if you have a decorators folding table the would be great, Bob has said he would bring a folding table, see you,s Sunday.

    194. ronnie anderson says:

      Am affski tae source some hand Saltire,s for Sunday,&

      visit Maryhill foodbank while Im in the Toon, catch you,s laters people.

    195. Derek M says:

      you know there is a wee bit jealousy about our saltire as they just dont understand why we Scots see it as being a precious thing of beauty and a symbol of eternal Scots and something we are all proud to wear ,wave and display and it is because our cousins down in England have been so brainwashed into believing the union flag is the flag of our “nation” instead of the St Georges cross being the flag of England and its such a shame,be proud England wave your flag its your right and you will not see us criticize you for doing so ,bin those butchers aprons UJ`s and show your pride to be English.

    196. caz-m says:

      Cheers Ronnie

      Be there about 1pm.

    197. Dougie Bee says:

      weel use an old hae an ee in yer haid like a stinkin herrin..well done…xxx

    198. Andy smith says:

      Recently returned from short holiday to find 3 of my neighbours flying large saltires in their gardens,one of them a yes flag. And thanks to the yessers who put some more cards and stickers thru my door,and yes,I will be replacing the worn sticker on my bin.

    199. Derek M says:

      oops i posted on the wrong thread my bad 🙂

      deary me does flipper know how to drag the last morsel of happiness from people they all look like they are extremely unhappy in that photo ,is he some kind of killjoy vampire.

    200. Ian rag says:

      Big exposé in yesterday’s Independent’ across three pages about Ian Taylor of Vitol named as ‘one of the Tories biggest donors’ and one of Britain’s biggest tax evaders who also contributed £500,000 to BT and his links to Darling. Also featured in the ‘I paper. Waiting to see how many of Scotland’s papers run with the story! The article details how Vitol paid only 2.6 per cent global tax on earnings of over £500 million. The article quotes how Taylor met Darling in Lewis where he is also a big backer of Brian Wilson’s Harris Tweed operation – seamless Unionists together. Well worth spreading the news folks. Apologies if this has been featured by other posters since I was travelling yesterday.

    201. Ianbeag says:

      I’m not ian rag – finger trouble!

    202. Brian Powell says:

      Tessa Jowell: “This is Glasgow’s Games not Scotland’s and the Red Arrows represent the whole of the UK not one particular Country inside it”.

      Labour spokes’person’ opens an orifice and noxious wind comes out.

      I wonder what she thought all the stuff about Scotland’s achievements were for.

    203. Graeme Doig says:

      Fellow Wingers. Proud of you all. We will do this.

    204. Brian B says:

      I think what’s important to note in all of this however is that a short distance away, 2 days later – this happened:
      Yes Dundee Launch

      Sadly there was no riveting speeches from Alistair Darling at ours, just smiling faces and lots of letters to deliver to happy Yes Voters across the city. (Oh and Tunnocks Tea Cakes and Irn Bru)

    205. Barontorc says:

      Let’s look at the old tattered BBC-esque Saltire from the perspective that it is historically a much older flag than the pristine, but cobbled together Union Jack, which is taking on less and less dignified meaning, being daily trashed by the kind of politicians and extreme outfits, we want to be well rid of in our proud wee country, that our tattered Saltire has seen many hardships and come through them all, battered and bruised maybe, but still flying high, “abune them a'”.

      Ain’t oor great young swimmers doing us all proud? Real proud Scots!!!

    206. Oui Things says:

      They look inspired!

    207. Andy-B says:

      There’s more NAW posters than people at that meeting, it would have been cheaper for NAW to hire a telephone box.

    208. Wullie B says:

      2 of that crowd were in the Portree audience for the independence referendum debate, and just proves that No voters are bussed in to the debates the one in blue(blonde) and an older lady beside her

    209. james westland says:

      Where was this BT/NT event? Was it advertised to the public or was it just a select few being given a pep talk? Or was it a side show as part of something else?

      Still cant get over the look on that blonde girls face. Feel like telling her “Hey, get yourself down the road – there’s a big Yes event on, loads of fun, positivity and uplifting speeches. Craic to die for. Go on, you know you want to. I can tell….”

    210. Paula Ward says:

      I just realised what the “No Thanks” logo reminds me of (well the red version anyway):

      honesty.exe has encountered an error and needs to close.

    211. Dr Ew says:

      Coming soon – two men and a dug.

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