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Blinded Justice

Posted on February 20, 2021 by

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118 to “Blinded Justice”

  1. Willie says:

    Ah, the Scottish Judicial system for all the world to see.

    Says it all Mr Cairns. Very apt.

  2. The Isolator says:

    Boooooom,drops Mic and exits stage left.Fantastic as always Chris.

  3. stuart mctavish says:

    Judiciary looks perfectly fine from this distance.
    Radicalisation of police, medics, education, science, etc. not so much.

  4. Marie Clark says:

    Indeed Mr Cairns indeed. Thank you.

  5. Effijy says:

    I have seen Him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps;

    He hath loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword;

    His truth is marching on.

    Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

  6. Turnbulldrier says:

    the tennis ball ?

  7. Turnbulldrier says:

    that was supposed to be a lol.. hmm, now I have a ‘?’

  8. Lawrence says:

    Have we to guess who is behind the mask???

    I’ll say Peter Murrell.

  9. kapelmeister says:

    Aye, Do Not Cross………do not cross Sturgeon. That’s what Scotland has become.

  10. A Person says:

    I really like how this looks like 3D!

  11. kapelmeister says:

    We were wondering where Wightman’s balls had gone.

  12. Jim Tadgercock says:

    Spot on even the redacted bits.

  13. Muscleguy says:


    The tennis ball is there to blunt the sword of justice. Or out of an excess of caution, lest it harm anyone offiicial.

  14. ahundredthidiot says:

    no point in it

  15. McDuff says:

    Says it all Chris.

  16. Captain Yossarian says:

    This website gets better and better every week. Well done – this cartoon is fabulous. The most apt I’ve seen for ages.

    You might get the benifit od Scottish justice these days if you’re a Holyrood parliamentarian, you have plenty of cash like administrators of RFC or plenty of undue influence like The Spectator.

    If you’re a true patriot of Scotland, like Craig Murray, well you’re fecked, aren’t you.

  17. Cudneycareless says:

    That’s witness H and I claim my £10

  18. Dorothy Devine says:

    Brilliant but made me sadder than ever.

  19. Bob Mack says:

    Marked Fragile .Only to opened when you possess half a million quid!!

  20. Strathy says:

    Lady Justice has been silenced.

  21. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Bob Mack – If you’re been fingered by Sturgeon and Swinney and set-up by Wolffe, then you’re looking at £1.5m. Welcome to the Junta.

  22. Fionan says:

    Stuart, cant see how to contact you – I was reading ‘the flies’ post btl this am, and there was a comment to a link naming an alpha Betty. I clicked the link, then came back to Wings but the comment had then disappeared. Not sure if you had seen and deleted or if this is some funny business so just wanted to mention it in case it needs some action.

  23. cynicalHighlander says:


    At very top of the page. Great cartoon Chris sums up what has become in 6 years, rotten to the core.

  24. Breeks says:

    Justice is like sovereignty. It is a principle. It is binary and absolute condition. A thing is just or unjust, in the same way that sovereignty is binary and absolute, you are sovereign or you are not.

    The weakness isn’t in the principle. The weakness, where weakness arises, lies in the mechanism which is meant to safeguard the principle and defend it’s integrity. It is Scotland’s Judicial Establishment presiding over this quasi-judicial farce of an inquiry which ‘must’ be at fault, just as the buck must stop with the SNP “Government” for the craven failure to defend Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution from unlawful colonial subjugation.

    What Scotland requires is a Judicial Establishment which is fanatical and uncompromising about justice, not swayed by corruption or conspiracy, (that by the way is why the Justice statue is blindfolded. It denotes impartiality), and a Political Establishment which is true to the nation status and constitutional rights of Scotland.

    Before we write off Scottish Justice, we need to remember that so far Alex Salmond and Mark Hirst have been cleared by Scottish justice, and I certainly hope Craig Murray is about to be cleared. The ‘corruption’ we perceive seems active in determining what does or doesn’t go forward for trial, and seems to have less influence in the trial itself. If that is true, it would seem plausible that the Scottish Judicial Establishment might actually find these unholy activities and involvements of the COPFS and Lord Advocate to be just as big a threat to Scottish justice as we ‘the aggrieved’ do.

    Now I’m not saying that is the case, I really don’t know. But I rather suspect that IF the Scottish Judicial Establishment is persuaded to believe an errant and compromised Lord Advocate / COPFS is undermining the integrity of the Scottish Courts, then I really wouldn’t want to be that Lord Advocate.

    Don’t forget the adage… It’s not enough for justice to be done, it must be seen to be done.

    Don’t forget too… if we want a Judge led inquiry into the Sturgeon Conspiracy, that requires us to have a degree of confidence in the Judge appointed to do it.

  25. Frank Gillougley says:

    This is what justice looks like when you can’t determine the sex of a dissected mouse. The absolute fools.

  26. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Breeks – we’ve already had a number of mallicious prosecutions, they’re running at one every three or four months at the moment.

    You need to be a millionaire to fight these and so we are in a very dark corner at the moment with respect to law.

    We used to have celebrity lawyers, now we have celebrity Holyrood parliamentarians and Scotland is fecked as a consequence.

  27. Famous15 says:

    It does not help to say England is more corrupt.

    My dream was to help build a Scotland that my children could be proud to live in and be an exampler of good practice.

    My dream is being destroyed by activists who claim to protect the rights of a minuscule minority who they are actually harming and at the same time trashing the rights of the majority.

    Leave GRA to science and end the totalitarian HATE CRIME nonsense , which also makes the life of minorities even more difficult. You do not change hearts and minds with severe punishments you only increase bitterness and create secret bigots.


  28. Sharny Dubs says:

    Nice one Chris.

    How did we ever allow these f*#knits to Gainesville these positions of power.

    Scotland’s shame there for all to see.

  29. Sharny Dubs says:

    F*#kwits ever bloody autocorrect, it’s too early sorry.

  30. Fionan says:

    Cynical Highlander thank you, gawd I must be getting blind in my old age! Was looking down all the side links. Never even noticed those at the top!

  31. Tom Kane says:

    Really packs a wallop Chris… The blunted sword, the saltire across the mouth, the yellow lines in SNP colours, just don’t cross them, the blue police lines, the cotton wool in the ears, the redacted materials being measured… very powerful people are trying to give our system of justice in Scotland and absolute mauling.

    I don’t want them to succeed. Our police officers perform the highest duty of service for citizens – equal to all under the law. Our lawmakers evolve and defend our laws. Our politicians are citizens charged with representing citizens. Out civil servants are servants of the representatives of citizens… None of them should be mauling our justice system and denying citizens access to the crime scene or the evidence of criminality.

    A game is afoot alright… but there’s still a good twenty minutes left in the clock. Time to knock in a few superb goals and turn this thing around.

    Right now I would like to start campaigning to have you lionised as a visual poet laureate for Scotland.

  32. Cath says:

    Scottish justice: an oxymoron

  33. true scot says:

    It’s Sturgeon’s goal to lead Scotland to independence.
    Not through it.
    That’s in the too hard pile. Thought experiment: align current members of the SNP to post indy job titles. The big boy stuff that would need done. Not a lot of fun, is it?

  34. Cath says:

    Anyway, I propose a new Saturday book recommendations slot on Wings to lighten the mood.

    So I’m currently reading an interesting book called The Trial. Not the Kafka one but by some guy called John Mayer. It’s all about a high level stitch up of an Edinburgh advocate by the Crown Office and PFs. It’s fiction, of course but the author seems to know a fair bit about the system and how it can be corrupted. Loads of interesting details in it. Well worth a read this week.

  35. Astonished says:

    Excellent cartoon.

    I hope sturgeon, useless, daddy bear, woolfe et al see this and understands what they have become. And what they have done to the people of Scotland. They will never be forgiven or forgotten.

    It is like the death of Stalin.

  36. Cuilean says:

    Linda Fabiani should be utterly ashamed, and her betrayal of justice will mark her forever in the history annals of Scotland’s fight for independence.

    But, Linda Fabiani retires in a few weeks, and like Pontius Pilate, can wash her hands of the whole sorry affair.

    ‘”Everyone on the side of truth listens to Me”.

    “What is truth?”, retorted Pontius Pilate.’

  37. paul says:

    forgive me:

    paul says:
    20 February, 2021 at 9:57 am

    StuartM says:
    20 February, 2021 at 7:43 am

    @ Skip_NC @ Socrates McSporran

    If you live in the USA

    By and large, we do not

    as a foreigner you are impressed by 2 things: firstly how efficient the private sector is and secondly how inefficient and even corrupt the government sector is at all levels – local, State and Federal.

    Where do you draw the line between private and public sectors?

    The eye watering sums spent on war and drug development are completely government funded.

    Private and public bureaucracies face the same challenges.

    I am always impressed by the medically induced bankruptcy figures, induced by the private sector.

    Show me one from medicare/aid or our flawed but effective SNHS.

    The private sector is efficient because of the robust competition in the US domestic market. That competition is enforced by laws with teeth – company executives have been jailed for anti-competitive acts. When was the last time anyone in the UK went to jail for competition law offences?

    That’s what is said, since the S&L scandal last century, there has been no significant prosecutions

    The government sector is inefficient because of the political system and the primary system of choosing party candidates is a major factor in that. Having to fight two election campaigns means as a candidate you have to raise funds twice and pay for two advertising campaigns. Since municipal, County, State and Federal elections are all held on the same day they are all trying to buy advertising space at the same time so the advertising rates are sky-high. These factors explain why the overall sums spent in US elections are in the billions and why every politician elected to office owes favours to wealthy campaign contributors. This is why US ambassadors are usually campaign donors not professional diplomats, to give one example.

    You are talking accurately about your problems, what has it it got to do with scottish independence?

    But even more insidious is the necessity for each candidate to create from scratch his own campaign organisation. For the primary election the candidate has to recruit campaign workers, strategists, rent office space, hire furniture, computers and office equipment. This all requires money, particularly to pay high-salaried campaign strategists and PR specialists in campaigns for Senator, Governor or President. But above all every campaign requires manpower and that is provided by activists who travel around the country working for one campaign after another. And in the USA there’s always an election going on somewhere. The activists get paid starvation wages during the campaign but the quid pro quo is that the successful candidate has to put them on the public payroll.

    I don’t know many activists being paid starvation wages here, there are minimum wage laws which amount to the same.
    But why should ‘activists’ be paid at all?

    The hirsute,dissolute MP for stirling finds young friends who will do it for nothing.

    (Maybe not nothing, a little nudge toward the emerald(OZ gets better in my memory) city?)

    The result is that the political appointees go multiple levels deep in government whether municipal, State or Federal. Consequently the senior levels of any public sector department are composed of people who have no talent or experience for the job and who are not only inefficient at their jobs but spent a lot of their time engaging in endless turf wars. The experience of having incompetent political appointees constantly slotted in above them demoralises the civil service and ensures that people with talent leave government service. There is also constant churning of staff with changes in political office – when Nixon took over from Johnson it’s estimated that 1 million Federal jobs changed hands. But even when the successor is from the same Party there is turnover since the new occupant has his own “tail” of supporters he needs to reward.

    You keep pointing out your problems, you’ve had 50+ years since you left vietnam and the moon, and you’re telling us what to do?

    US citizens are so inured to this level of corruption that they don’t even recognise it for what it is, instead they call it “patronage”.

    As that is the plan:
    Do something about it then.
    Print out your screed and hire a junk mailer.

    They also regard the inefficiency of their governments as somehow inevitable as illustrated by common sayings like “good enough for government work” ie slipshod.

    Again, your problem, we have a lot of our own.

    Want to introduce a US-style primary system in Scotland? Be careful what you wish for.

    I wish for honest government, honest legislation and honest structures to maintain the first two.

    I have answered you well, but I will always regret not ignoring you twice.

  38. First there was Justice and all was good, then Law came along and blinded Justice so she couldn`t see what deceit Law was enacting in her name.

    Law is the antithesis of Justice.

  39. paul says:

    Scot Finlayson says:
    20 February, 2021 at 10:21 am

    First there was Justice and all was good, then Law came along and blinded Justice so she couldn`t see what deceit Law was enacting in her name.

    Law is the antithesis of Justice.

    Hard to disagree, but law is a codification of an ideal.

    We can make laws, but justice can only inform and confirm them.

  40. Tom Kane says:

    Following on from Cathy’s excellent suggestion… I would highly recommend Hamilton…

    First lines… In hip hop

    “How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a
    Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a
    Forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence
    Impoverished, in squalor
    Grow up to be a hero and a scholar?”

    Story of a 10 dollar founding father of America… Not a silver spoon founding father. Songs, dances, rap, hip hop, pop, soul, r+b… It’s on Disney plus.

    And it’s made by an awesomely diverse caste.

    They made mistakes. They know it. They are aiming to fix them. But they established the United States of America.

    We could do the same for Scotland.

  41. Tom Kane says:

    Sorry Cath… Didn’t mean to say Cathy… Predictive text error…

  42. Boaby says:

    Scottish justice administered from westminster.

  43. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Paul – ‘law is the antithesis of justice’ – law is supposed to offer public protection and that is why it is respected.

    Nowadays, in Scotland, it protects Holyrood and Victoria Quay from the public and that is why it is correctly being called-out as being shite.

    Start naming some of these crooks.

  44. Boaby says:

    The Scottish judicial patient who has had its teeth pulled by the westminster dentist.

  45. Frank Waring says:

    Here’s a Sherlock Holmes moment:
    In a Holmes story, the client brings the great detective a narrative which doesn’t seem to make sense, or which only makes sense if supernatural forces are at work in it.
    Sherlock then thinks long, hard and creatively about the story, until he finds a point of view from which it makes perfectly ordinary sense in the normal and natural world. Then all he has to do is spend a few minutes checking the footprints, or looking up old newspapers, and he can hand the whole affair over to Inspector Lestrade and go back to his cocaine.
    In the present case, a Scottish Parliament’s Inquiry to discover who and what was responsible for the expensive cock-up of the pursuit of Alex Salmond, has been completely disrupted by an increasingly hysterical, and apparently irrelevant, fuss about preserving the anonymity of the complainers in Salmond’s case.
    It needs no special insider knowledge, or great detective powers, to deduce the explanation: one, at least, of the people responsible for the cock-up was herself one of the complainers.
    A banal conclusion, do you think?

  46. Wee Jock Poo-pong McPlop says:

    It’s a sad day when Chris’ cartoons are turned in on ourselves.

  47. robertknight says:

    In antiquity, Justitia was often shown together with her sister goddess Prudentia, who would be portrayed holding a mirror and a snake.

    Given the Dear Leader’s apparent inability to distinguish between virtuous and vicious acts, if Chris were to sketch Prudentia he’d best portray her with splinters from her broken mirror embedded in her eyeballs and sporting a snake bite on her neck!

  48. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Is that Murrels face in the badge just above the knee??

    Hiding behind Justice’s skirt?

    Cotten wool in the ears.. 🙂

    The toon is Justice “telling” the truth by not “telling” it.. very subtle Chris.

  49. sog says:

    Frank W – I’d followed the same line.

  50. X_Sticks says:

    The Scottish judiciary has aye been in the pocket of the british establishment. You only have to look at the story of Thomas Muir and the way Lord Braxfield collaborated with Dundas to get rid of Muir (and the other Scottish Martyrs) by Transportation. Little (nothing) has changed.

    O/T Noticing that the National now seems to be oppressing any articles that are critical of the current SNP leadership – the article by Joanna Cherry, which going by retweets I got, would seem to have been very popular has very swiftly disappeared from the front page of the website. The Nat is becoming a reflection of the BBC website in many ways.

  51. Daisy Walker says:

    I wish there was no need for this cartoon. Sadly very accurate.

    This is doing the rounds. Theres a You Tube film doing the rounds called – ‘Free Assange – In Support of Craig Murray’

    Be good if it started trending in Scotland.


  53. Captain Yossarian says:

    @X_Sticks – ‘The Scottish judiciary has aye been in the pocket of the british establishment.’

    Not for at least two-hundred years. This is all home-grown on the tatty-fields of John Swinney’s rural Perthsire.

    Two names for you from different times. ‘Robert Burns’ and ‘Joe Beltrami’. What do you think they would make of this? Would they blame the English?

  54. @paul,

    The only point in Law is to defeat Justice.

  55. Daisy Walker says:

    That is a very good article by Joanna Cherry. She is beginning to lose the lawyerly ‘stuffed shirt’ delivery she first had, and become more relaxed and ‘couthie’ with her message delivery.

    I really hope she gets a bigger part to play in Scotlands Governance soon.

  56. CM says:

    I’m guessing the Salmond appearance will be shown live on Scottish Parliament TV or other platforms?

  57. Neil Wilkinson says:

    Daisy Walker says:
    20 February, 2021 at 11:07 am
    I wish there was no need for this cartoon. Sadly very accurate.

    This is doing the rounds. Theres a You Tube film doing the rounds called – ‘Free Assange – In Support of Craig Murray’

    Be good if it started trending in Scotland.


    Its on the Free Assange channel, titled ” In Support of Craig Murray” apologies for the pedantry, just makes it easier to find 🙂

  58. Cenchos says:

    Recall the story of the boy who cried wolf.

    When someone cries ‘hate’ and uses terms like ‘hell site’ and ‘hate speech’ simply to forward their own agenda, and a third party, out of curiosity, looks to see where the hate is, and finds nothing hateful or hellish there, then that third party may well assume that the next time the hate-crier starts crying, that they are crying wolf.

    And that third party may well side with the falsely accused.

  59. David Caledonia says:

    Justice uses a lot of make up

  60. Orlando Quarmby says:

    It’s blinded justice already – even the cartoon’s no longer visible!

  61. Orlando Quarmby says:

    It’s blinded justice alright – even the cartoon’s no longer visible!

  62. Lawrence says:

    Sturgeon is a sexual deviant/freak/weirdo, who arranged a sham marriage to a male sexual deviant/freak/weirdo.

    Together they planned to lead a political Party and fill it with even more sexual deviants/freaks and weirdos.

    And as fate would have it, she went onto lead the Scottish Government, where she could implement her crazy sexual policies into law.

    She knew Independence would dismantle her Party. So she had to play the game of telling the Voters she wanted Independence, but creating all sorts of hurdles so that she knew it would never happen.

    Alex Salmond was the spanner in the works. He was the real deal when it came to fighting for Independence, so he had to be taken out of the picture altogether.

    But like all mad Leaders visions, they never quite go to plan.

    As Sturgeon is finding out to her horror.

  63. Daisy Walker says:

    Thanks Neil – I did try to cutnpaste it but I’m rubbish at such things.

    Re the updated Timeline, a wee thought and extract. No names of alphabets or speculation re same, for obvious reasons.

    October 2017 ScotGov begins review of complaints policy. Aamer Anwar makes allegations of ‘ticking time bomb’ ‘catalogue’ of sexual harassment at HR.

    Complainer H makes first disclosure of her allegations of sexual assault at the hands of Alex Salmond to her boyfriend of the time. This is thought to be her current partner and a politician within SNP hierarchy.

    31st October 2017 Scot Cabinet meet to discuss Parliament announcement re new actions on sexual harassment in light of #METOO movement. John Swinney later does a speech in Parliament re same.

    31 October 2017 Daily Record / David Clegg receive a tip off from Scot Gov regarding sexual offences allegedly committed by AS during his time in office. David Clegg is known associate of a close member of NS staff. David Clegg openly reports this tip off (and the date of same) in the latter part of 2018 when the Alex Salmond issue goes public following another leak.

    31st October 2017, well before the “concerns” of Woman A and B in the civil case had even been communicated to anybody in Government or Woman H – Ms Anne Harvey’s private phone was inundated with text messages asking for information on Mr Salmond.

    This suggests the fishing expedition had started in earnest well before Woman A and B from the original case or Woman H have officially notified the Government. Anne Harvey worked alongside Alex Salmond over many years and became a vital defence witness. She knows of and was friends with at least one of the complainers.

    5th November Complainer H discloses her evidence to Ian McCann of the SNP, for vetting purposes…’we’ll sit on this, in case we ever have to deploy it’.

    8 – 10 November 2017 Comlainers A and B (civil case) first disclose to staff within Scot Gov.

    Draft procedures are re-written. January 2018 A and B make formal complaints under same.

    To put this into some kind of perspective – Woman H’s allegations at the AS trial were the most severe and quite clearly of a criminal nature, way beyond that of civil sexual harassment claims.

    The SNP knew and decided to ‘sit on it’.

    The stitch up is even more layered than if first appears.

    I suspect the plan was to bully AS into accepting the New Procedures in the hope that the matter would ‘go away’, at which point complainer H would then have gone to the Police, and AS acceptance of the civil procedures would have been utilised to substantiate the claims.

    Either way, they were always going to use both civil and criminal legislation to maximise publicity and exposure time.

    To a very great extent, their plan is working, with just the small matter of AS keeping winning in court.

  64. David Caledonia says:

    I was in Greenock sheriff court one day many years ago supporting an innocent man, as I was sitting with him I said, I will need to go for a drink of water as a case was being heard.
    I walked out very quietly, when suddenly the judge shouted out to me, sit down.
    So I sat down, when the case ended he said, you may go now, so I walked out and turned to the idiot and said, I am a diabetic I was only going for a drink of water.
    I think he thought I was there to be tried, and so he thought he had the right to treat me that way.
    That same idiot gave an innocent man 4 months in prison one day for being a methadone supplier, this man had mental health issues and that idiot just ignored it.
    That same man many months later committed suicide because while he was inside he applied and got high court bail and new that he would have to appear in front of that idiot again,
    So the idiot that sentenced him was the same idiot that would judge his appeal, he was so badly ill he could not face going into that prison again
    He effectively killed that man with his total disregard for his health problems

  65. Ian Mac says:

    Here is an absolutely classic example of the utter failure of the SNP to act for the good of the country and in accordance with the wishes of the electorate, enough to make you weep:

    This should be Scotland’s rewilding election

    “A fifth of Scotland is grouse moor: intensively farmed patchworks of heather, burned back again and again by landowners desperate to stop any life from flourishing but that which they can persuade millionaire holidayers to shoot.

    Scotland, he pointed out, has become one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world.

    And it’s a social movement with widespread popular support. A poll released this week showed that 76% of Scottish people are in favour of rewilding, or ‘the large-scale restoration of nature to the point it’s allowed to take care of itself’, with only 7% opposed.

    The problem for the Scottish government is that its cabinet secretary for the rural economy, Fergus Ewing, is part of the 7%, telling the National Farmers Union in 2018 that lynx reintroduction – desperately needed to control deer numbers – would happen “over my dead body”.

    I can guarantee you will hear next to nothing about this vital issue in the coming election, though you will hear tons of nonsense about ID and faux promises of independence. People like Fergus Ewing are obstructions to Scotland and its future, preferring the succour of private landowners to the wishes of Scottish people. What use independence with these hypocrites in charge?

  66. Papko says:

    This current situation in politics is a bit like the Keyser Soze moment in “Usual Suspects”.
    Its like the whole YES movement have suddenly realized what a duplicitous cabal of corruption the current leadership of the SNP is.

    Point is that 2 million NO voters had a similar unease in 2014, and thought best to stick with what they know instead of giving the fox the key to the chicken coop.

  67. X_Sticks says:

    @Captain Yossarian 20 February, 2021 at 11:14 am

    “Not for at least two-hundred years.”

    I can’t speak for Burns as I didn’t know the man. Joe Beltrami, on the other hand lived nearby in Bothwell. He was very much a british nationalist.

    The flame of british nationalism burns brightly in the Scottish judiciary, then and now.

  68. Captain Yossarian says:

    X_Sticks – Joe Beltrami may well have been a British Nationalist, I don’t know, but he practiced Scots Law and its purpose it to protect the public. When one of his clients was found ‘not guilty’ at the High Court, then that was the end of it.

    What do you think he would have made of Rape Crisis Scotland?….what would he have made of the Fabiani Inquiry?….what would he have made of Holyrood and our civil-service?….what would he have made of Peter Murrell?

    The point I am making is that if Scotland wants to be independent then you do not dimantle our centuries old legal system and let spoofs like Rape Crisis Scotland, Wolffe and Swinney loose. You pracice fair law and let it be seen and demonstrated that that is what you are doing. Law in Scotland is available only to the rich. For the rest of us law is some ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ illusion to cover some criminality or other.

    Democratic countries the world over advise their citizens to be cautious when visiting semi-authoritarian lands. Scotland has become one of them and I think many who write into these pages can see that.

    We are a million miles away from re-joining the EU at this rate.

  69. Dave R says:

    What could be behind the redacted scales of justice :-)? Never seen that before! Sad sign of the times maybe.

  70. Just noticed the cotton wool in the ears.

  71. Captain Yossarian says:

    “The Committee was not set up to re-try the criminal case or impinge upon rights of complainants. Conflating these with its actual purpose – as somebody might tell BBC Scotland – is a ruse, with the complainants used as shields against other questions”. Brian Wilson

  72. ahundredthidiot says:

    I can think of no greater abuse of position than that currently being displayed by Rape Crisis Scotland.

    What a tragedy that is, in of itself.

    The position Scotland is in, right now, is perilous. We have tentatively build credibility and confidence around our new Parliament/Government and it is now in danger of succumbing to the very claims extreme unionists have been making since the beginning.

    That we cannae dae it – we’re too stupid, too tiny, not good enough – England must save us.

    Mesmerizingly, only the SNP is to blame – who the hell would’ve thought that back in 2014/15?

    It’s a shite state of affairs and all the fresh air in the world wont make any fucking difference.

  73. covidhoax says:

    INVESTIGATION: 110K Deaths? NHS Data shows only 3000 people have died of COVID-19

  74. Hatuey says:

    None of you understand it.

    Basically, it’s saying that one of the alphabet “people” is a transgendered [redacted] dealer, hence the scales.

    It’s noteworthy that the saltire face mask doesn’t cover the nostrils – a clear reference to [redacted] picking and flicking [redacted] [redacted] at a recent [redacted] briefing.

    [Redacted] refuses to see the truth and that explains the blindfold.

    Note the muscular shoulders and arms, parts of the [redacted] anatomy that often give the show away, as compared to the “chests” which are easier to fake and more convincing.

    The big theme is tennis. The net has been replaced with tape and the racket with a sword. My reading of that is that Andy Murray is going to give up tennis and get into politics.

    It takes a trained eye to see all this stuff. Bet it all seems so obvious now that I’ve explained it?

  75. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon gloating about disunity in the BritNat Union Unit, oh the irony, she’s more than cause disunity within the SNP, and cost us our independence on many occasions since the 2016 Brexit vote. I wish she’d do an Oliver Lewis and resign immediately.

  76. ahundredthidiot says:

    ‘Not for at least two hundred years’

    Funny – I heard that the other day when someone very clever was asked when lockdown would end!

    Essentially though – during a global pandemic of monstrous proportions – the burger joints are open……yay

  77. Republicofscotland says:

    Of course Sturgeon’s London acolyte Blackford adds his tuppence worth, in the kind of fashion that we’re used to seeing him do at Westminster the “Scotland won’t stand for it bollocks”

    What a sorry state the SNP are in.

  78. Hatuey says:

    Covidhoax, shut it. The lockdown doesn’t go far enough. Even if it only saved one life, I’d lock you all down forever. Actually, I’d lock you down to save an amoeba’s life.

    If crackpots like you can go to extremes, we all can.

  79. @ covidhoax: Do you not realise that people reading your cretinous comment have friends and relatives who have died of the virus, or are doctors and nurses in hospitals who are dealing with people who are dying in the most horrific way of it? Who do you think you’re fooling? What is the purpose of your lies?

  80. Hatuey says:

    Ahundredthidiot “during a global pandemic of monstrous proportions – the burger joints are open…”

    Gotta admit, I thought that was a good line. Funny.

  81. kapelmeister says:

    RepofScot @12:41

    Blackford says “Scotland has changed and is ready for independence”.

    There must be an election soon.

  82. ahundredthidiot says:

    oh Hatuey

    you would’ve done well on mainland Europe in the early 40’s.

    ‘I’d lock YOU all down forever’ – so, pretty sure you are not talking about yourself there, or you would say ‘us’.

    Trouble is Hatuey, to do that, you’d have to be capable of dealing with people like me – and history teaches us that ‘your type’ tend to lose in the long run to ‘my type’.

    When the Allies rolled across Europe, many a blind eye was turned to what was happening behind them. If I were you, buddy boy, I’d be mindful about who I shared my opinions with.

  83. Hatuey says:

    “ history teaches us that ‘your type’ tend to lose in the long run to ‘my type’.”

    Maybe, but we dress better.

  84. Republicofscotland says:

    You gotta admire Stuart Hosie for his chutzpah, he’s got no shame, the man or should I say the Russophobe, who sit on Westminster’s Intelligence and Security Committee, a position you can only attain after the PM has vetted you, says this on his Twitter feed about Dominic Cummings and corruption.

    “This whole thing reeks of corruption and proves that Westminster is rotten to the core.”

    The newly made up to Rt Honourable Stuart Hosie, knows fine well his own party the SNP, and its hierarchy are rotten to the core with corruption yet he keeps quiet about it. We elected the likes of Hosie, Wishart, McDonald and Blackford to steer a path for Scotland to exit this hideous union, however these self serving troughers are now so ingrained at Westminster that we haven’t a hope in hell of seeing them do what we sent them there to do.

  85. Beaker says:

    Great cartoon.

    It is sadly ironic that the one political party who professes to care about Scotland, is the very one that is doing the most damage to it.

  86. Republicofscotland says:

    Kapelmeister @12.48pm.

    That’s spot on, the party’s interests come before the peoples.

  87. covidhoax says:

    @michael laing

    You’ve been brainwashed by lies. Calling me names and acting like a clown doesn’t change the fact it’s all a massive deception / manufactured crisis.

  88. iain mhor says:

    Reminded me of the photoshopped Police Tape the Daily Record pastes across all it’s crime related pictures.

    I only noticed because I knew the place in one of their articles and thought ‘That’s impossible to string a police tape like that across there”
    Went back through some of their “Stories” (even syndicated stories from local papers) it’s the same copypasta they slap on every time, same angle.

    Harmless & insignificant? “The whole street was cordoned off!” – No it wasn’t – “Aye it was, the picture is right here in the papers ya dick” aaand there’s my credibility gone.
    Little things…

  89. Beaker says:

    @covidhoax says:
    20 February, 2021 at 12:30 pm
    “INVESTIGATION: 110K Deaths? NHS Data shows only 3000 people have died of COVID-19”

    Go visit a hospital and tell the staff that to their face.

    I’ll send you flowers…

  90. Hatuey says:

    The Russophobia are choking on their soup these days. It turns out the Sputnik vaccine is better than all the rest… no booster rocket required.

    If they’re willing to print Union Jacks on the bottles for us, there’s a deal to struck.

  91. ahundredthidiot says:

    and btw, I am in no way agreeing with comment at 12:30, Scotland has seen around 7000 deaths over national average for 2020.

    For me though – not enough to justify lockdown or restrictions of any sort. It equates to 0.12% of population.

    In fact – when you look at ‘death rates’ in terms of deaths per 1000 of population – every single year in the 80’s and 90′ (with the sole exception of 1994) had a HIGHER death rate than 2020.

    If that upsets anyone – remember this – Facts don’t care about your feelings.

  92. Hatuey says:

    There’s a pattern developing here. Every time the covid numbers go down, the anti-science anti-grammar anti-vaxxer anti-lockdown brigade jump out and try to sell us another pup.

  93. iain mhor says:

    Google images “Daily Record Crime”
    If anyone is interested, are all photoshopped.

  94. kapelmeister says:

    Hatuey, ahundredthidiot & covidhoax, could you take your flyting over to Off-topic please?

  95. Pete says:

    I do believe there’s something in what you say.
    I do know that a large amount of deaths have been put down to Covid when they are actually pneumonia, flu or other diseases.
    As the average death age is mid 80’s, the majority of deaths are obviously ‘end of life related’
    My wife pointed out an article in today’s Daily Mail by Bel Mooney whose own father’s death certificate stated Covid whereas it was something else but the Doctor stated that they just put down Covid as it was in the care home. Apparently, this practice is widespread.

  96. Republicofscotland says:

    I’m no supporter of the Tories, but this reeks of hypocrisy from Angus Robertson.

    “With only weeks to go until the Scottish Parliament elections the Scottish Conservatives are using Trumpian rhetoric and tactics which should concern everybody.”

    Trumpian indeed, but I have the SNP/Scottish government in mind, on at least 58 occasions Sturgeon has refused to cooperate with the committee, the COPFS is corrupt to its core the Lord Advocate who sit in on cabinet meetings in in it up to his neck, the fitting up of a former FM, make Trumps actions look like Mickey Mouse. The attempted blocking of Mr Keatings actions to find out if we need an S30, the hundreds of millions of pounds wasted on pay out to RFC administrators.

    This isn’t taking into account the persecution of the likes of Mark MacDonald, Joanna Cherry, and Joan McAlpine, or the attempts to push through policies the HCB, GRA Self-Id etc that an overwhelming majority of the public don’t want or feel the need for.

    Robertson will just keep on banging the both votes SNP drum, what sorry state the SNP are with this lot.

  97. ahundredthidiot says:


    you forgot ‘denier’ from your list of name calling – the preferred option for those in danger of losing an argument.

    But let’s play along, if people are ‘anti’ this that and the next thing – then you’ll be pro-government, pro-MSM, pro-Piers Morgan, pro-mr and mrs Gates, pro-big pharma, pro-SAGE.

    and for good measure – ‘facts-denier’

    (I foresee you will mention the words ‘conspiracy theorist’ next – the record is getting old)

  98. Robert Hughes says:

    Looks like a name we recognise from here has just named all the Alphabettys on Twitter

  99. kapelmeister says:

    RepofScot @12:53

    Angus Robertson also served on that Intelligence & Security committee and was made a privy councillor too. All these SNP privy councillors – Sturgeon’s one – and yet the indy movement is subjected to subversion by the state. It’s a bad joke.

  100. ahundredthidiot says:


    I’d take myself somewhere else if it wasn’t for this fucking lockdown!

    But you’re right – so I’m off. Thanks for the nudge.

  101. Lawrence says:

    Covid/Coronavirus reminds me of Sturgeon.

    And anything that reminds me of that corrupt, evil, wee sexual freak, is just a big no no.

    I try to avoid those places at all costs.

  102. Lawrence says:

    Robert Hughes 1.12

    Are these names still on twitter???

  103. Breastplate says:

    If people could evaluate circumstances without the ingredient of emotion then we wouldn’t be in this sorry situation. Emotions are not conducive to logical and reasonable thinking, it quite often directs people in the opposite direction.
    Could you tell me, for instance, that there has been no scaremongering or politicisation of this coronavirus?

  104. Alf Baird says:

    This sounds familiar:

    “ is obvious the agents of government speak the language of pure force” and where “the elite shows itself in its true colours – it is nothing more than a gang… the tin-pot bourgeoisies that colonialism has already placed in the saddle” (Fanon).

    And this too:

    “..the movement…after a striking initial success it loses momentum….it has come to a standstill, and if it is to start again, the peasants must throw their bourgeoisie overboard” (JP Sartre).

  105. Robert Hughes says:

    Lawrence – I’m not on Twitter , it was my partner who saw it , not sure if it’s still there . Even the actor was named ! I’ve never known the identities of these women but it seems many do . It will all come out eventually

  106. Jacqueline McMillan says:


    Are you not going back several days? I haven’t seen anyone post all of them, or heard anything about it.

  107. Cenchos says:

    The SNP these days seem obsessed with privy members, rear-guard action, and trying to lose their Cherry.

  108. Breastplate says:

    I don’t know as I haven’t seen the tweet but there are people commenting on Wings from out with the U.K.
    They may or may not be breaking the law but as I’ve said I don’t know.

  109. Athanasius says:

    On an initial glance, I thought Chris was as sick of lockdown hysteria as I am.

  110. Saffron Robe says:

    I like it Chris. It wasn’t until I enlarged the image that all the finer details came to light – the crime scene tape, the Saltire gag and earplugs (deaf, dumb AND blind), the redacted scales of justice and the blunt sword.

    Justice has been abused so much in Scotland by the SNP administration that she has not just been blinded, she has been defenestrated and left in a field for the carrion birds.

    It is ironic that justice is depicted as blindfolded because she must remain impartial at all times, dependent only on the facts. It is not that Justice cannot see, only that she should ‘see’ only the evidence. The maladministrators of the SNP cannot allow the evidence to be seen and therefore, not content with trying to bend Justice to their whim, they need to blind her altogether to prevent the evidence from ever seeing the light of day.

    However, your illustration sums it up far better than my words ever could Chris!

  111. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:



  112. Don says:

    Pete 20 February, 2021 at 1:09 pm
    “Covidhoax,I do believe there’s something in what you say.
    I do know that a large amount of deaths have been put down to Covid when they are actually pneumonia, flu or other diseases.”

    Wow , perhaps you need to try thinking harder Covid is the “Disease” but it causes mainly different symptoms including Lung problems which lead to pneumonia, Covid can also cause thickening and clotting of the blood in the lungs which when they escape the Lungs into the bloodstream can lead to Heart Attacks and Strokes. Is it really difficult for you to work out for yourself thatthe majority of Covid deaths among that age group is because of the co-mormidities that are already carrying and due to their poor health and fraility Covid pushes them over the edge to oblivion ? There is clearly something far wrong in Education in Scotland when so many people think that Scottish Doctors are falsifying Death Certificates, they are not, so perhaps you could try understanding the process better ? also

  113. Don says:

    @ ahundredthidiot 20 February, 2021 at 1:00 pm
    “and btw, I am in no way agreeing with comment at 12:30, Scotland has seen around 7000 deaths over national average for 2020.
    For me though – not enough to justify lockdown or restrictions of any sort. It equates to 0.12% of population.
    In fact – when you look at ‘death rates’ in terms of deaths per 1000 of population – every single year in the 80’s and 90? (with the sole exception of 1994) had a HIGHER death rate than 2020.

    If that upsets anyone – remember this – Facts don’t care about your feelings.”

    The problem is that you are not quoting any facts, so the only feelings likely to be hurt are your own. “As at the 14th of February, there have been a total of 9,053 deaths registered in Scotland where the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was mentioned on the death certificate”

    Scotland in 2020 suffered the biggest number of excess deaths since 1891

    While Scotland had had 9000 deaths from Covid “with” a Lockdown and vulnerable people shielding, without a lockdown the likely deaths would have been 3-4 times higher. Without a lockdown the case numbers would simply have kept on growing and death numbers would have grown in tandem with 2-4 weeks time lag.

  114. Don says:

    @covidhoax 20 February, 2021 at 12:57 pm

    “You’ve been brainwashed by lies. Calling me names and acting like a clown doesn’t change the fact it’s all a massive deception / manufactured crisis”

    In more than 200 countries in the World including many that are hostile to each other ? 200 Governments in the World are all acting together as one unit along with all the Doctors and other medical staff ? Thats what your trying to tell us ? Why would they do that ? For what reason ? Ever considered that its YOU that has been “brainwashed by Lies ?

  115. @ covidhoax: So every nation in the world and all the medical experts and practitioners are wrong, but you’re right? Will you still be insisting it’s all a hoax when you are choking to death?

  116. @ Don: I don’t know you and I swear I wrote and posted my comment before I saw yours!

  117. twathater says:

    My wife loves the cartoons every week and she gets grumpy when holiday boy disappears, I showed her this weeks and she commented “did Sturgeon tell the polis and judiciary to do that”

    Great commentary on the current situation Chris

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