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Big Sister Isn’t Watching

Posted on April 22, 2023 by

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  1. SteepBrae says:

    Would give ye a red neck!

  2. Dave M says:

    Nice one, Chris!

  3. Stephen O'Brien says:

    Carry On Camping. How many SNP auditors can fit in the bus?

    When the wheels come off the bus, is any party that can’t manage its own finances, fit to govern?

    Obviously not, as will soon become apparent, if no audit. The very name, ‘Scottish National Party’, would become obsolete.

    Nicola Sturgeon. Enough said.

  4. Al-Stuart says:


    & Check Mate.

  5. Dramfineday says:

    Hahahaha…Aye right she didn’t!

    Pull the other one a they say.

  6. Beauvais says:

    Those who specialise in the academic study of cults of personality have some new material.

    To go along with the study of Peronism, Maoism, Pinochetism, Kirchnerism and Titoism. They now have Sturgeonism.

  7. John H. says:

    Brilliant Chris. Big sister is watching you.

  8. SophiaPangloss says:

    There’s an interesting story on the BBC this morning, it’s on the front page just now but to be found in the Australia section. It’s a story about the time the USS Sturgeon unintentionally fired on her allies and sent the whole ship to the bottom of the sea.

    Isn’t coincidence a funny thing…

  9. Stoker says:


  10. robertkknight says:

    I know the clue is in the title, but I’m torn between “1984” and someone tuning all these tellies in to Anglian TV’s Saturday night episode of “Bute House of Horror”.

  11. Jeremy Roff says:

    In the SNP 2021 accounts and 2021/22 review, it says:
    “Referendum Appeal
    By 31 December 2021, a total of £740,822 had been raised through the independence related
    appeals. These donations are also included in – and have been reconciled with – the total
    amount for donations included in Party accounts from 2017 to 2021. Up until 31 December 2021
    a total of £253,335 of expenditure had been applied against this income. The balance remains
    “earmarked” for independence related campaigning.
    Of course, the SNP is the party of independence and, as such, every action we take – directly or
    indirectly – is in support of winning independence. However, we continue to take a very strict
    approach to ensuring that this income supports expenditure directly related to the campaign
    for independence. We will ensure that an amount equivalent to the sums raised from these
    appeals will go directly to our work to secure a referendum and win independence.”

    But the balance sheet only shows total assets of £610,765 at 31 December 2021, including presumably one motorhome (at £80,632, but hidden in computers in Note 18),£199,620 for the 2016 membership system (value zero), and £575,617 of computers, fixtures and fittings (probably worth very little). Cash of £144,975 and debtors of £629,131 are outweighed by creditors and loans of £1,019,689. How can they spend anything on a referendum campaign?

  12. Doug says:

    Turn on, tune in, cop out.

  13. Turnbulldrier says:

    Excellent Chris, although I do have a slight pang of dissapointment that Wings didn’t have to default to Stu’s stick figure colouring skills.

  14. wally jumblatt says:

    That wee innocent confused face there, that’s High Art.

    Chris Cairns -a cross between Rembrandt & Dudley D Watkins.

  15. Astonished says:

    Brilliant, Chris, just brilliant.

    “Sturgeon knew nothing” isn’t going to fly is it ?

    Peddling this lie just makes them all look like imbeciles.

  16. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Jim Cruickshank, on Twitter, asks:

    ‘I wonder if Holyrood has internal CCTV that one could FOI and ask for a copy for that day? Hopefully see where the police went.’

    Seems reasonable enough, eh?

  17. Frank Gillougley says:

    If I hurry up I’ll get to claim my fiver for knowing what this is from! It’s based on that truly sinister PPB of years back. And Shona is just a pondskater. ‘Not A Clue’ what lies beneath her.

  18. PeedOffScot says:

    So, the biggest control freak in Scottish history didn’t know what was going on in relation to the SNP finances – Clyde, bananas and boat. come to mind!

  19. Beauvais says:

    Frank Gillougley @10:45

    Well remembered Frank…and Chris Cairns. I’d forgotten that awful Orwellian SNP election broadcast.

  20. Red says:

    In today’s child endangerment news:

    Thousands of Scots children and adults are on the waiting list for treatment at a gender identity clinic as health leaders warned the toxic row over self-ID has led to a recruitment crisis.

    Figures show 3,797 people are waiting for an appointment at the Sandyford service, run by NHS Greater Glasgow Clyde, which is the only one in Scotland that sees children as young as 13.

    Clinics offer a “comprehensive” service for young people who are uncertain about their gender identity and adult transgender and non-binary people considering medical treatment or surgery.

    In February, a message posted on the clinic’s website stated it was unable to offer new appointments to young people due to demand for treatment.

    The health board later removed the message and said the waiting list remained open.
    A freedom of information request by The Herald has shown the extent of pressure on the service.

    A total of 1046 children under the age of 17 were on the waiting list as of April 14 with a further 2751 adults, aged 18 and over still to be seen by health workers.

    We need to shut these places down and prosecute everybody who thought it was OK to sterilize weans.

    St Kilda Supermax when?

  21. Alf Baird says:

    The bigger picture here, also considering recent and ongoing events, is surely that Scotland is now the UKs main area of covert operation, and has been for some time. As Frank Gillougley implies, SNP elites are merely pondskaters skimming the surface of the loch whilst down below aye lurks the fangs of our procurer, ready to strike. This is the nature of the oppressive colonial relationship which only independence / decolonization can end.

  22. Tommy says:

    SNP diehards are a bit like those in the USSR who worried and fretted about all the awful things happening under Stalin… which OBVIOUSLY HE DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT, otherwise they would not be happening…

  23. robertkknight says:

    Of course, the Dear Leader could always try a version of the Nuremberg defense and say she was just following Hubby’s orders…

  24. David Hannah says:

    I see Stuart Mcdonald is the new treasurer.

    Time to release the Russian hacked emails!


  25. 100%Yes says:

    Before the events of recent weeks, what is the one thing everyone has said about Sturgeon? She micromanagers everything, even to the point of doing someone else’s job (Health Minister).

    The SNP has to be STOPPED, even if it means we are run by the Labour party. I’d rather deal with the unionist cos we know who and what they are, rather than the sleepers pretending be something they are not.

    If you had two option, the first, vote SNP because they say they’ll give you a Referendum or second, votes for a Unionist party who says they’ll block another vote on Independence, then stay at home because both of them are saying the same thing.

    The SNP are the enemy, I don’t trust this party one little but they have been deliberately sabotages Scotland right to be Independent since Sturgeon took over the SNP.

  26. Andrew scott says:

    Times reporting today that 4 partners of the snps former accountancy firm have left in past months
    One of them is john todd husband on maree todd msp
    Double mmmmmm

  27. Tommy says:

    “It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.”

  28. Lorna Campbell says:

    Brilliant, Chris. I laughed out loud.

    They all knew, the high heid yins, although they might not have known the extent. They were part of an administration that ran its operations verging on the Gauleiter overseeing the Hitler Youth. Even if they didn’t know that so much iffy dealing was going on, they knew it was no way to run a democratic party. The startled rabbit look is wearing thin.

  29. Geoff Anderson says:

    I think the SNP needed this Stuart MacDonald not the MP to handle those books!

  30. Tinto Chiel says:

    Red asks 11.28: “St Kilda Supermax when?”

    Could we not make it Rockall and just build upwards? 🙂

    St Kilda’s a fascinating place.

  31. Bob Mack says:

    @Andrew Scott,

    Everybody leaving,resigning, being arrested, but absolutely all an unfortunate coincidence of timing surely?

    No. Me neither.

  32. Cuilean says:

    Tommy: misogynist (so far) of the day.

  33. PhilM says:

    Lukewarm Dave has a daily countdown on his Twitter feed for when the SNP lose their short money because their accounts won’t be signed off in time. Today makes it 39 days to go.
    However…I may be entirely wrong but looking into my crystal ball (£2.99 at Woolworths c.1993) is the following a possibility?
    The SNP manage to kick the accounts can down the road long enough to tire out the eager millions watching on all six continents. Meanwhile they do indeed lose their short money, however ‘cometh the hour, cometh the man’, Stewart McDonald’s new role as party treasurer is coincidentally and chronologically accompanied by some significant new sources of money that help to keep the SNP afloat through a ‘difficult patch’.
    Maybe we’ll find that the SNP’s ‘big picture thinker’ discovers some ‘magic sauce’ money that rather strangely didn’t appear to exist just a few months before when the party was riding high under La Diva Sturgeotti…

  34. Charles Findlay says:

    Tommy was only quoting from 1984, I don’t think that makes him a misogynist.

  35. James Devlin says:

    Surely as the third signatory on the SNP accounts, Sturgeon must be questioned by PS? Anyone who seriously believes she didn’t know what was going on regarding the party’s finances is deluded in the extreme. She has told so many bare faced lies in the past, and the fact that she has never been held to account for any of them is incredible, and says a lot about Scottish politics and our cowed MSM. She is corrupt to the core, and should have been removed from office, instead of being given the luxury of resignation.

  36. Colin Alexander says:

    Stuart McDonald MP and new SNP Treasurer is not
    Stewart McDonald MP of the hacked emails.

  37. Ruby says:

    Great cartoon as always.

    Just one little point. Should it not be ‘Big Cister?’

  38. Ottomanboi says:


  39. PhilM says:

    What a klutz…in my defence…no, still a klutz.

  40. bluegrass banjo says:


    horse racing / golf up the creek

    can only afford womans sport now (i love all sport)

  41. Confused says:

    The SNP should withdraw for a last defence at (the equivalent of) Helm’s Deep and await the arrival of the polish cavalry at daybreak, 3 days hence.

    polish cavalry = patrick harvie on an e-scooter

    or they can put the camper-vans in a circle

    of course a better analogy for the SNP/FM from LOTR is that of Saruman, onetime leader of the good guys, turns to the dark side, just wants to set up his own dominion (Scotland is the New Brighton, a big gay disco in a kilt), with his army of mindless orc-slaves (trannies, wokists, bluehairs, wimmin) but in the end has his own stronghold (Baillieston) sacked by the roused anger of nature.

    The analogy may be better than I first thought – Tolkien’s plotline is nuanced; Saruman still thinks he is a “good guy” and is -fighting- against Sauron/Mordor, but has really just been corrupted by it and become its puppet, enacting its destructive will; his reasoning is subtle – Mordor is too strong, it will win (UK Westminster will never let us go, devolution in some form is the best we can do) – so it is best to be allied with them, in order to manage it from the inside …

    WeeWormtongueDug says – “it’s that Mordor !”

  42. Alisdair Mclean says:

    It is not so much that she-who-must-be-obeyed knew nothing, it is more of a question that she can’t remember. The Sturgeon defence.

  43. covidhoax says:

    Evil Edna from Willow the Wisp was first thing that popped in ma heid seeing that abomination of an advert.

  44. Between block and follow says:

    There’s just something very fishy about what’s going on
    The theatrics
    The headlines
    No charges
    So easy to hide SIM cards, with that much notice
    The demeaning banality of the allegations
    NS doesn’t drive, or cook … was PM going to use the fancy pots and pans in his motorhome?
    A high flying professional couple with no children
    Doesn’t make sense

  45. Cactus says:

    Due to all of these ongoing SNP ‘governance issues’, with transparent denials and nobody taking any responsibility whatsoever… sometime soon, (maybe this coming week) Nicola Sturgeon will be appearing before and in front of a different kind of public body instead of being sheltered behind a screen.

    Shona says:

  46. Richard Sutherland says:

    Shona Robison is also someone who was, and maybe still is, one of Nicola Sturgeon’s closest friends in politics.

    How much are all of these people paid as there seems to be a long list of uncovered events ready to be exposed….

    The senior party leadership paid Angus Robertson lots of extra money without telling anyone according to new reports, completely in secret and for how long would this have gone on and will it still ? It is not surprising the bank account has a low balance.

    “…Angus Robertson, who is now Humza Yousaf’s Constitution Secretary, was paid the top-up after the SNP became the third largest party in the Commons in 2015.
    The SNP confirmed there had been “senior leadership remuneration”.
    Scottish Labour said it showed how a secrecy culture had been left to “fester” in the SNP.
    The leader of the main opposition at the Commons has long been entitled to an allowance to help them perform their extra parliamentary duties……”

    How many other secret payments were made to people on the payroll ? Are there possibly people on the payroll who are like people on the membership list and not quite as real as it would seem as if there are no auditors, who is checking anymore ?

    The list of secrets and secret payments potentially just goes on and on….and will affect the bank balance if more are happening.

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